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ISSUE 1 |  VOL 2  |  JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

Visual artists, painters



Graphic artists, illustrators, cartoonists

Musicians, singers and songwriters

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

8 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

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Jean-Pierre Damen My name is Jean-Pierre Damen. I am an urban photographer from Berlin in Germany.I document urbanity in its broadest sense: from street impressions to abstracts views on the city, from atmospheric night shots to (life in) urban space and architecture.My work is multi-commended at international photo-awards. General recurring themes in my work are the relation between hyper-individuality and isolation and existential anxiety caused by modernity. She Said

This photo is an intimate moment where two girls whisper to each other while walking the platform of the subway. The intimacy is felt because of the closeness but also because the two girls visually morph into one another.

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Dave Harvey While primarily a musician, I find photography an important second mode of expression; specifically film photography. Digital art forms too frequently show us our world in stark, literal terms. Analog arts – still film photography, motion picture shot on film, music recorded on tape, and more – reflect our world back to us in a transformed manner. It's not a literal reality, it's certainly not a virtual reality, but more an enhanced reality. There's a natural artistry that analog processes draw out. Of equal importance is the element of chance, or even the element of chaos. It's harder to control manual analog processes, and so one ends up with more happy accidents, less perfection. Perfection is an enemy of art. Most of my favorite photos are the ones that didn't come out as I imagined – perhaps there's a light leak, or poor exposure, or the camera itself malfunctioned. These are all things I won't find out about until getting the film developed. Were I shooting digital, I likely would have deleted the image and tried again. It is, of course, possible to make great art in the digital realm, and even possible to inject an analog aesthetic into it. It's just not the way I've chosen to approach my photography, and music as well.

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Peter Marek I was born in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. I live in a part of the former Czechoslovakia - in Slovakia. After a series of many mistakes and erroneous decisions, I have devoted myself to photography for decades. I work in the National Gallery, teach photography and devote myself to my free creation. I am not a landscape photographer but I use the natural environment to express my feelings. I do not solve problems through photography. Own or others. I just want to give the image a feeling. Message. About the need to seek peace and harmony. Feeling of the perfect presence of God all around us. The series I have been working for a long time is called "Lesografie" (Les = forrest, grafie = drawing with light). From it are also these photos. I like luxury when I expose 200 rolls of film and from 2400 shots after 5 years I choose 6 photo. I'm slow.

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Mariela My name is Mariela, I’m a Female Photographer, and alternative model. Over 10 years of experience specializing in Fashion & Portraits photography, previously based in the Dominican Republic, North Carolina and currently based in New York where I also reside with my daughter.

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George Appletree Born in Spain, I adopted my artist name and live now in the south of Portugal.I'm a self taught independent photographer educated as a Naval Architect.  Since the 90´s I've been taking photographs into several directions, for later focusing towards street photography, and at the end practising my own style, which includes analog, digital, pinhole and alternative photographs. Though  some, departing from photography, want to embrace fiction thanks to technology, I rather keep attached to the real and believe the process doesn't make the style.

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Frederic Chais As a visual artist, I have worked a lot on the change of the image's meaning through loss of legibility of its subject, achieved through different processes such as alteration. The pictoric ambiguity of the photography can then make us become aware of the ephemeral aspect of the image, but also of the distance between reality and what we keep from it. In the same way that a memory keeps building permanently, an image's reading evolves according to our emotions. We constantly re-create our own story, in the same way that we invent our own reading of the images presented to us. Reality is only an excuse for the creation of a shared space between the photography that proposes and the viewer that re-invents a meaning exclusive to himself or herself. Fragility, loss and impermanence come to reinforce the awareness of the fact that the subject is no more, inviting us to rush and grasp the few bits that still remain.

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Namita Panchal I am a professional artist, based in Ankleshwar, India. Currently, I have started my Art business "Sublime Arts" which deals with my paintings and art commissions. I have completed M.A. Painting from Coventry University, England and Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting) from India’s renown university, The M.S. Uni. of Baroda. During my study, I have explored Indian as well as English landscapes and intermingled both cultures in the nature through colour, form and visualisation. Furthermore, I have mastered Still life, figurative paintings, interior and architectural compositions, contemporary abstract art and installations.

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Ronald Hunter Ronald Hunter worked for many years as a graphic designer until he made the full time switch to painting. As a result of his background, Ronald’s colorful, vibrant paintings have a distinct graphic, street art style. He finds inspiration in layers of street posters, that create their own abstract compositions of colors and shapes as they are posted on top of each other and torn down in urban spaces.

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Michelle Hold Hold’s artistic career consists of a multitude of significant turning points - she started studying architecture in Austria, was a successful fashion model in Milan, Paris and New York, studied textile design in London, subsequently working actively in Milan before finding her feet in abstract painting. Each experience has added a new dimension to her paintings, which embody the structured layering of architecture and a trained understanding of the minute differences in color hues. You can read our interview with Michelle Hold in the Special Edition of JaamZIN Creative magazine.

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Liesbeth Serlie Liesbeth Serlie, is an artist, born in Leiden, in 1967. From an early age she has been stimulated by the creative in the form of drawing and painting. The art academy has always had her interest and the passion for painting remained. From 2011-2017 she attended Higher Degree in Painting studies at the Arendonk Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium and graduated with honorable mention. Subsequently a year of specialization.

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Annelie Ruebmann

I am Annelie, 26, from southern Germany and I have been an enthusiastic painter for more than 15 years now. Most of my colourful paintings are created by the direct application of the acrylic colours with the help of large palette knives, some as big as cake shovels. I also use watercolour and oil paints to add a special expression. I often choose different parts of bodies because it is usually not only the colour that gives the picture the energy but also the shadow and the light. Another passion is abstract painting. In all works, the harmonious selection of colours and forms contains a certain contradiction, which always invites to discover something new.

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Kima Whipple-Jackson I am an emerging artist, in the sense that I recently decided to make a living as a Full-time artist. I have been an artist all of my life, but left it sitting on the back burner of a stove, in an abandoned basement of a house, covered in blankets and a thick layer of dust! I managed to uncover again, and am rediscovering my love for art. I am a Photographer, Painter, and Sculptor residing in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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Kogiso Kyoko I studied oil painting at MAU Art University Graduate School in Tokyo. Now I have 2 children, and I paint everyday. I sometimes paint my kids. I love them, and I love painting. No art, no life for me.

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Anja Stemmer Anja Stemmer is a German abstract artist located on Munich. Her paintings derive their power from a mix of untamed emotion, vibrant yet differentiated color, and layers of decisive gestural brushstrokes –she frequently uses acrylics and pigments in various binders. Educated in physics before finding her calling in art, her artistic research is grounded in philosophy and often comes with allusions to the natural sciences.

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Andrea Vandoni Andrea Vandoni is an Italian painter born in 1972 in Novara, near Milan, the city where he currently resides and works. Since he was a child he showed his passion and his predisposition for drawing, took painting lessons, visited the best museums, art galleries and art cities in Italy; this is how his love for art and history is born and grows.Later he joined this also the love of music, obtaining his violin diploma at the Conservatory of his city and thus also performing as a musician.

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Stefanie Leigh Kirby Stefanie began her creative journey in her late teens where she fell in love with the fluid and luscious nature of paint. She obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in 1997 from the prestigious Mount Allison University School of Fine Arts where she was awarded the title of best drawing in 1994. Stefanie also is a Nurse Practitioner and holds a Masters degree in advanced nursing practice. She manages a delicate and rewarding balance between both her artistic and health care careers in her hometown of Ottawa. Stefanie has exhibited her artwork across North American and has been included in private and corporate collections globally.

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Scott Gieske I constantly feel like most humans try to control the uncontrollable. To counter this notion with my art, I began getting input directly from nature. I leverage the natural world to influence and create beautiful images. I do not control the formation, just like we do not really control life. I started sending sheets of paper into the heart of nature, leaving them to the wind, the streams, and the forests. I left them in the natural environment for extended periods of time, letting mother nature imprint upon them what she would. The interplay between color and texture, creates intriguing and indescribable ambiances.

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Bazévian Delacapucinière Bazévian Delacapucinière is an artist, now based in France who painted vibrant figurative painting with vivid colors. Norwegian, Brasilian, Korean, Bazévian spent 10 years on the road, meeting a lot of artists and people. Bazévian focuses mostly on portraits, because the face is a vital part of how we express ourselves. «Face is language and meaning. It is obviously the location for the expressions and emotions which gives information about the character. However, the face is also the only part of the body that is normally exposed and naked. We can't hide it in our society. Finally, it belongs to social issue".

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Rossano Liberatore Artist Rossano Liberatore was born in Maratea -Basilicata, Italy in 1969. After completing his studies at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome, he began an intense exhibition activity. He now lives and works in Salerno, teaches painting and art history and collaborates with the USI, the Swiss Italian University in Lugano. His artworks are part of various collections in Italy and in the United States. One of his paintings is kept among the Vatican treasures, since it was donated to John Paul II during 2000 Jubilee.

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Steve Mauldin I was born in Nashville, Tennessee on July 4, 1952. I spent a rather idyllic childhood living in the country near Macon, Georgia where I started drawing at about the age of seven, got my first oil painting set at about ten, and some time in-between, first saw an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s engineering exploits. I was sold; I wanted to be an artist and thinker.

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Luigi Quarta Luigi Quarta, Italian surreal artist, based in Parabita - a small town in the province of Lecce- has a knack for dreaming up surreal masterpieces. his work is constantly and surprising. In 2012 a friend convinced him to start a basic course in digital photography. He started this course as a hobby, two years later he continued with more advanced courses, finally, that hobby became his passion and, these days his profession.

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Ivan Romanho Cid I was born, raised and educated in Santiago de Chile. I moved to the States to pursue a career on Television but my priorities changed and I became a Contemporary Artist to fully express myself. I am interested in social issues related to justice and inequality, presenting characters as witness of social disparity, with a narrative that speaks with passion in every brush stroke, taunting directly to the eyes of the viewers and make them think and get inspired.

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Scardecc Ryan Scardecchio is a 25-year-old visual artist from Philadelphia, who specializes in creating digital collages. With the use of bold colors, psychedelic patterns and spacey images, his imagination comes to life in each collage he makes. “There are no rules or guidelines to follow, anything is possible, any world can exist as long as the right pieces come together�.

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ROMAN CIGI DJ/Producer ROMAN CIGI has long ago stepped out of the box as a music maker and mixer. He can re-contextualize any music in a creative and novel way, and has a breadth and depth of knowledge, of different genres through which he can flow effectively.His new single ROMAN CIGI - Countdown To Fight (RC Edit). "When I started to create my own music, I didn't take a music production course, I taught myself. All I needed was just English , Google, Youtube + my imagination. When I release my first songs it wasn't the best , but I did it. I received some feedback - positive, negative, and all this did teach me a good lesson. I know where I did mistakes , what should I change , in short - another experiences. Now I want to concentrate more on quality than quantity + video production. When I create a song or album, all I use is my imagination and creativity. Then works with a lot of samples (for example wav or midi) + use memories from the past."

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Natalia Montecinos Natalia is an award-winning director based in LA. She has more than 10 awards with film and commercials. Her projects have been selected for more than 25 film festivals around the world, including With a BA in Advertising and communication, and an MA in Graphic Design and Technology from IED Barcelona, Natalia built a successful career as an Art Director and consultant for advertising companies. Her latest short film "Voiceless" is a film about a Mia, a 9 year old girl who suffers from Selective Mutism.

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