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Issue 7 l Vol 4 I July 2021

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

JaamZIN Creative

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

6 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

11 Illustration 16 Digital art 19 Music 20 Event, Special edition Impressum JaamZIN Creative   UXScoops Pte. Ltd. Singapore Registration No.: 201601782G


Nani Pontello “The light that touches me is what I express in my photography”, that's how the photographer Nani Pontello begins a description of her work. Having inspirations and deepest aspirations reflected throughout on her production, she explores her own shadows in the captured lights: pain and anguish are constantly amplified in her imagery repertoire. Bringing a melancholic and contemporary vision as a language, she works essentially juxtaposing elements such as materiality and the oneiric, to be taken as an example, as emotional reflections.

2 JaamZIN Creative


Maureen Zacharki My background is in acting, costume/ set/ lighting design, playwriting and in art. 6 years ago I developed Trigeminal Neuralgia... an extremely painful nerve disorder of the face. Even though I take photographs of a variety of subjects, I seem to focus on self-portraits. I'm fascinated by the fact of what we hide behind our faces, even though we may be truly suffering inside... physically or emotionally. And in the future I would like to expand on various themes on this subject.

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Jonas Daley Jonas Daley is a freelance photographer from China and used to work as a visual director and production designer. A modified infrared camera would be his most loyal partner on a travel. He often observes the world via the infrared camera viewfinder. Fantastic colors have brought him great inspirations for creation. Jonas Daley integrated the ideas inspired from observation into his own creation, finally giving birth to such a magical realism style: a distinctive and independent color that uses rich imagination and artistic exaggeration to stage “special performance” of real life and turn the reality into a kind of “magical reality”. For Jonas Daley, that magical reality is his sustenance of ideal beauty and dreams!

4 JaamZIN Creative


Olivier Valsecchi Hasselblad Masters winner, Olivier Valsecchi uses photography as a medium to incarnate the emotions of his psyché. Directing nude models like a conductor, he orchestrates perfect fantasmagorical images where bodies, outlined in dramatic chiaroscuro, are deprived of gender or identity to be merely used as elements of a narrative. Born in 1979 in Paris, Olivier initially studied music as a teenager. As he began creating cover art for his record sleeves, he became passionate and engrossed by photography. He then spent the next ten years taking portraits for his own enjoyment and mastering his skills upon entering the ETPA photography school to perfect his technical skills. His work is dark and mysterious, oozing the magic of nature, and uniquely represents the peculiar cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. As a way to translate his emotions, Valsecchi doesn't magnify one's body but rather, uses it as an empty vessel to channel his own subconsciousness, therefore compose pictures that he qualifies as self-portraits, although he doesn’t necessarily physically appear on the photos. He finds his whole working system, from visualizing a certain image to capturing the moment, to be based on his personal instinct. With his striking black and white images and almost statuesque models, Valsecchi’s work truly brings beauty and character to aspects of life that are rarely thought of as alluring.

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Terence Moronta My name is Terence and I am a visual artist that creates various works through drawing and painting. Though I mostly use pencil and paper as my preferred medium, I will experiment with other materials such as watercolor or oil paint. The goal of my work is to have fun while I work and share that sense of fun with the viewer. I thoroughly enjoy creating a multitude of distinct images and figures for both myself as well as the viewer to have fun with and start a conversation. I also enjoy hearing what others have to say about my work, how they interpret my work or what they enjoyed about my work. I want my work to provide the viewer with an interesting experience that I can discuss with the viewer.

6 JaamZIN Creative


Marina Venediktova I did not choose the name "Molecule" for this large bright painting by chance. I was inspired by the eponymous fragrance of the perfume. Its creation was an important event that changed and enriched the history of fragrances. The chemical composition of the perfume consists of molecules of the same type, but at the same time, an aura of a unique fragrance emanates from each owner.

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Viviana Laperchia Viviana is an Italian-Canadian artist based in Berlin, Germany. She paints, draws and photographs the tension between nature and cities, northern lights and southern sunsets, the Canadian wilderness and the Mediterranean shrubland. Viviana works with blurred contours and large strokes to evoke oneiric imagery.

8 JaamZIN Creative


Tony Woods

Tony Woods is an Irish artist who favours painting abstract dimensions inspired by feeling and emotion. His many works range for the countryside and seas in his native Ireland and indeed from his travels to distant places like South Africa and Alaska.

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Joanna Zylla I have a weakness for surfaces with patina and traces of the past. The complexity of the Surface and free, intuitive use of color are my tools. The new ensemble is created and complemented by impressions from trips at home and abroad. For me, creativity begins on the way. The subject is perceived in the places visited and stored in the emotional memory.

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Olga Cardoso Pinto Passionate about drawing and realistic & fanciful illustration, Olga, Portuguese born in Angola, dedicates herself daily to projects that give body and color to texts and ideas, whether in books, advertising or portraits in composition. She graduated in Fashion Design, a profession to which she dedicated herself for years and which gave her the ability to see beyond simply dressing and adorning the human body. Olga loves to interpret elements and compositions with Nature and symbolism. The artist shares her passions on her blog A Cor da Escrita, which are revealed in short stories, poems and fiction writing, accompanied by illustrations of his own. In 2020, she participated in both editions (May and December special) at the Illustrators Virtual Wall of Bologna Children's Book Fair. Occasionally participates in exhibitions and written and illustrated projects.

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Manting Hsu From Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Most of the inspiration comes from music, literature, animation and photography, as well as various imaginations. I hope to draw a feeling of freedom, tranquility and peace through soft and delicate brushstrokes, portray a unique world full of imagination and perception, and take the viewer to farther places.

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Mark Gregory I have always been inspired by the natural world around me, preferring to work from life where possible, sketching outdoors whenever I can. Some of my work is commissioned for jigsaws, posters and wall murals. These pieces require more work and many sketches are made before I am happy with a design. Only then will I start the final painting. I mostly use acrylics at the moment, but remain very fond of watercolour (especially for botanical work).

One of my many favourite artists is Albrecht Dürer and I have always loved the work of the PreRaphaelites. Having made many paintings of dinosaurs for some of my commercial work, I have become a fan of the paleo artists Julius Csotonyi and Raul Martin, who have become a great inspiration to me.

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Tatsuro Kiuchi Clarafosca is an illustrator from Barcelona who is highly motivated and passionate about art in general. She has a Fine Art background that led her into graffiti, painting and illustration for many years, nowadays mixing a combination of both passions; illustration and graffiti.

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Rosie Dore Though I am comfortable working within a range of themes, animals and wildlife are an especially strong focus for much of my work, as well as a personal fascination of mine; I love learning about the animals I draw through both research and real-life observation, and capturing their liveliness and behaviour in my illustrations as I see them. I particularly love creating animal characters, and enjoy the challenge of portraying more anthropomorphic features and expressions in an animal form in a way that still feels natural and believable for that creature. I work mainly with watercolours, glass pen and ink, often manipulating my drawings digitally with my own hand-painted scanned textures to create interesting, multi-layered effects. I aim to produce work that is expressive, engaging and characterful, and to spark appreciation and interest for the many creature subjects that I draw.

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Christopher Ahearn At many times and at many places while searching for meaning in what I've seen in life, nothing ever comes full circle than the creation itself. What we have seen is not foreign to us at all at any level, especially with our five senses. What a wonderful thing it is to be surrounded by everyday mundane things and perceive that they may not be so far off from the supernatural as we think. I believe in seeing past things that are merely mundane, or ordinary. There are wonderful truths we cannot escape from. I love every passing minute of it, and if I could, stretch it out by seconds trying enough to enjoy the fullness of life that pain and hardship mixed with goodness and joy grant me by my savior; with the climatic good triumphing over evil, the absence of what is evil is so much more rewarding to see than what our own wickedness and perverseness brings to the table. That is the aim of my art, is to enjoy what is and what isn't there in my creations, Life. Soli Deo Gloria

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Sonya FU FU Man Yi (a.k.a. Sonya FU, b.1982) is a visual artist from Hong Kong. Growing up in the former British Colony where East meets West, Fu is influenced by both Oriental and Western culture. Being heavily inspired by her dreams and spirituality, Fu blends her subject matters with symbolic metaphors and the unseen beauties she encounters in both her dreams and the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. All of these combined introduces an eerie and obscure atmosphere in Fu's visual narratives.

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Holger Lippmann I'm developing software to generate images for print and animation. mainly abstract, inspired by nature (landscape, trees, flowers,...) and electronic music. I love to read; influenced by Hermann Hesse, Eckhart Tolle, Ayn Rand,...

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Terrence Léon Debuting in 2015, Terrence Léon is a singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. His first EP, “The Richest Man in Babylon”, received raving reviews and reception starting on SoundCloud. While finding his foundation from the relaxed, nostalgic aesthetic of traditional 90s R&B, his distinctly vibrant, ethereal sound is a derivative of today's modern influences. Switching between R&B, AltR&B, and Pop Adjacent productions, Terrence takes from life experiences to either create a sonic refuge or a place to process.

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Ane Howard: California, A Love Affair From July 9 through August 31, 2021, the International Art Museum of America (IAMA) in San Francisco will present a major exhibition of works by the celebrated expressionist artist and painter Ane Howard, born in Montreal, Canada and residing in Southern California. The first museum exhibition in the U.S. of Howard's abstract expressionist mixed media and paintings on canvas, Ane Howard: California, A Love Affair.

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