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ISSUE 1 | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

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11 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

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Gleb Kozlov My name is Gleb Kozlov and I am a Krakow based photographer who mostly specialises in black and white photography. My work is often abstract and incorporates elements of surrealism, geometry and high contrast. I am a fan of moody cityscapes and street photography. I prefer film over digital when choosing my gear. Currently my goal is to explore visual possibilities of the world around me. Peace!

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Kaushik Dolui Born in Howrah, West Bengal, India but currently I am working and living in Kolkata, I am graduated and completed Master Degree in Economics from Calcutta University. In my childhood days, I did the drawing and painting, later in my mid-twenties I developed an interest in photography. I participated in different photographic salons under FIAP and PSA patronages and won many awards/acceptances over the time and it is still continuing and received Excellence FIAP Honors from Federation de l’Art Photographique in 2009.

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Michael Nguyen Through the subjective lens, Michael Nguyen gives all a new perspectives, a new soul. "Michael Nguyen's photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible - worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life.

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Brian Michael Barbeito I am a poet and photographer from Southern Ontario, Canada. The majority of the current photography, and also prose poem work, seeks to frame nature landscapes. I have found that the four naturally changing seasons provide interesting different vistas and that the environment is an interesting and inspiring character in itself.

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Shreyak Singh My name is Shreyak Singh. I am a fashion photographer from Hyderabad, India. I'm a self-taught photographer who picked up a camera in 2012. I have been an artist and storyteller since I was little but then life got in the way. Making pictures is my way of reclaiming my artistic side. I dropped out of engineering to pursue photography and have never looked back. After exploring most of the genres in photography I came across Fashion Photography. I have been featured in many of the publications.

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Gus My name is Gus, I was born in a small village in the north of Spain but now I live in the Balearic Islands. Since I was very young, photography and art have always attracted me, I grew up seeing and reading books and works of great artists; Cartier-Bresson, Adams, magnificent impressionist painters. I suppose that my lack of skill in painting is what has led me to do my work as I present it today, careful editions of my photographs, where I want the viewer to interact with them. I always start with my own images and usually combine two or three images. The majority include people because I consider the human being to be a fundamental part of the environment in which we live.

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Sonali Dalal Sonali has been fortunate to work with artists of repute from various countries across Europe and America who were  invited to India and offered studio, materials and congenial environment.Each one had his/her own style of work, medium and philosophy to experiment. They enjoyed working with local material in a local milieu which inspired them and excited their imagination.Sonali has been a witness to the birth of art at first hand like a fly on the wall in the studio. Sonali watched this transformation from materials to art and was amazed by the creative process at work. She sat in the studio unobtrusively and let her camera eye roam about and record materials, tools and personal gear which produced the masterpieces and made who the artist is and his art. In the bargain, she let her camera record not only the process but also the creativity from her abstract viewpoint. The inspired pictures she recorded have been art in its own right coordinating with the art and the artist in front of her.With this group of photos, Sonali presents the work of two artists who worked mostly with handmade paper and pigments. She has interpreted the artist and his creative process in her own mould.The series represents Art inspiring and creating Art.

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Tim Albrecht

So.... Let me introduce myself. My name is Tim Albrecht. I’m a simple artist and photographer. My mother told me that I was born with a pencil and paper in my hands. This is how creativity become a part of my life. We’ve been on the sametrain for thirty- four years and who knows when our paths will go wrong. Time doesn’t stand still, and so do I. New ideas, new ways are born, changes take place and someone notices and accepts them, and someone, on the contrary, reject them.My work can sometimes show a small part of me. And to see this, you have to strain hard. But it is not important. What matters is what you see.

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Dick Quinn Between ages 16 and 65, I put a quarter million miles on motorcycles. I mostly rode solo, in western and Rocky Mountain U.S. States and Canadian Provinces — from the Mexican Border north. My favorite bike was my last Honda Gold Wing — a yellow 2001 Gold Wing 1800, which I called “Bumblebee” (license plate “BZZZZZ”). My Wing’s quiet, fuel-injected, 1832cc, 6-cylinder engine put out 119 horsepower @ 5500 RPM and 123.2 foot-pounds of torque @ 4000 RPM. It had dual-disc ABS brakes, a smooth shaft drive, and a 5-speed manual gearbox. Passing slower vehicles was always fun. Traveling behind a line of cars and trucks at 65 MPH, I simply shifted from 5th to 4th, turned the throttle, and accelerated to 100+ MPH in a flash.

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Eric Bourdon While Eric Bourdon is a painter, his work is basically a kind of creative doodling, with paint on a canvas. In other words, the French artist creates something from nothing. It's all about improvisation, it's what you do with a pen on a piece of paper when you have nothing to do, in the bus, in the subway, at a restaurant, in a waiting room, everywhere... You draw some quick doodles without thinking, without any goal in mind, or any idea of what you're going to draw, just for fun, and sometimes one of them takes shape, and seems funny. Eric Bourdon just pushes this everybody's game a little bit further, and the fun of it!

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Katherine Story-Sutter To me, color is beloved, and each piece of earth stands by waiting to be seen and interpreted. I do my best to walk quietly through it with simple ambitions; and I do my best to notice. Painting provides me a way to catch conversations in color. Painting provides a way to preserve the earth.

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Johnny Draco Johnny Draco is a self-taught visual artist hailing from Atlanta Georgia who specializes in post-pop art. With bold lines and contrasting colors, Draco’s art acts as conductor of one’s eye and perspective. His work aims to unlock the inner child, and provide the ultimate nostalgia for his viewers as he applies his personal truth “being a child is the purest form of creativity”.

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Anirudh Sood Anirudh Sood is a London artist who was born in Punjab, India. He is fascinated by the body and painting models from real-life – observing the tension between the figure and character, the skeletal structure and the fleshy exterior. As a trained architect, patterns bring a spatial and architectural dimension to his art. A collage of surfaces - where the base is textured and patterned - restricts the marks to regions of light. This mapping of light on top of the pattern informs and draws attention to the contours of the body.

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Maxence Doré Graduate of the School of Architecture and Landscape, Maxence Doré invites visitors to discover his series of paintings in which the interlacing is master. Mixing analytical drawing and the practice of graffiti, Maxence Doré affirms an accomplished, fine and colorful aesthetic. Like topographic maps, even geological maps, we read in these oils on wood hydrographic networks, cumulonimbus clouds that intermingle and even faults that collide. Real work where cosmology is defined by an accumulation of lines which evokes the black hole, the horizon, the asymptote of life. His work is neither esoteric nor kabbalistic, we must no longer feel a search for his ‘Me’ by contemplating the flat areas of curvilinear colors.

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Franc Kaiser Franc Kaiser, born 1975, is a Swiss national residing in Shanghai, P.R. China, since nearly 20 years. He is a self-taught painter, working with acrylics on large cardboards, and creating haunting, realistic creatures, interspersed with fantastic tropes. His subject of choice are small domestic animals combined with grand surreal or sci-fi themes. He explores themes such as our repressed consciousness of the food chain and the ruthless biology of life.

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Susan E. Kavanagh Susan E. Kavanagh is a designer and visual artist from Milan, Italy, currently based in the United Kingdom. Her illustration work is primarily inspired by dreams and nightmares, other than architecture, geometry, nature and music.

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Mark Grace My name is Mark Grace and am an Artist and Illustrator based in Austin Texas. I do a lot of pencil sketching and Digital Illustrations. I grew up in the “Rat Fink’ era of Hot Rod Art. It is something that has always stuck with me, Monsters and Hot Rods, such fond memories of growing up. Now I relive those days through my Artwork.

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Tomoki Uematsu In 1997, Tomoki Uematsu earned a bachelor's degree in art from the NY Department of Illustration at the Parsons School of Design. In charge of visual branding for global companies such as Google, NIKE, and Amazon. He is also involved in the planning and production of the logo and signature of Tadao Ando's architectural "Church of the Forest". He has won numerous advertising awards, including Cannes Lion, TCC, and, ADC. Creative Director of the German branding design company Peter Schmidt Group Japan.

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Masaki Hirokawa I create graphics while working on iPhone/Android app development. I also contribute graphics to magazines.

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INTERVIEW Abstract portraiture painter Abigail Tessier Abigail Tessier is a 2020 graduate with a Bachelor’s in Art Studio. After graduation, she moved to Ithaca, NY to seek an artist community and career, but with the current state of our world, her plans have changed slightly. So instead, she's been an essential worker while she continues to sell her art online. She mostly paint portraiture in a style that she describes as fluid, colorful, and abstracted. We have conducted a short interview with her.

Abigail Tessier

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INTERVIEW Why did you choose to work on abstract portraiture painting?

I guess that after trying semi-realism for a few years, I got bored of it. In my sophomore year of college, I created a painting inspired by Happy D; we were assigned to pick an artist and imitate their style. I think the objective was to learn how they accomplished the appearance of their painting, but instead I ran with the inspiration and experimented. My style has evolved more since then, but that was a defining moment.

Car Trip (2018)

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INTERVIEW Which is your favorite media?

I enjoy oil painting more than anything, just because I get so lost in it. I think that’s why my style keeps changing. I treat painting as a therapeutic and spiritual practice, so I give myself a lot of room to play around before setting a goal for the painting. The thing about oil paint is that you can always paint over it if you want to change something. It’s not as easy with acrylic especially if you use it like a watercolor like I used to. Plus, oils allow for thick impasto, which is my favorite.

Pastel Bliss (2018)

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INTERVIEW When do you consider is your most successful in correlation to your accomplishments in art?

I don’t understand the wording of this question but I’ll answer the best I can. I think my best years have been 2016 and 2019. 2016 was the year I won my high school’s first national award for my painting Bird Brain. I was focused on acrylic wash paintings, which is just using acrylics and water like watercolor. I always sketched out my paintings first and this allowed me to fill in areas of shadow and color without having to make corrections as I built the paint. So my work was pretty realistic and definitely caught my peers’ eyes. 2019 was more of an epiphany year for me. I decided, I really need to start painting bigger. 2019 birthed my paintings Swirl Girl and Manic Swamp Monster which are fan favorites and earned me my place in the Frederic Remington student juried art show which started in February this year. 2020 is looking like a weird year for artist accomplishments, but I have high hopes for 2021!

Swirl Girl (2019)

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INTERVIEW What is your art style presently and what do you hope to achieve in the near future?

My style wavers between colorful surrealism and something that I can only call “squiggly” painting. When I started painting in these wiggling, colorful marks, my college friends would always make remarks about me making “squiggles.” If I had my own cubism, it would be called squigglism. (I secretly hope someday I’m known for it). I really like to paint dreamy, semi-realistic portraits as well, but I am leaning into this unique style because I haven’t really seen it anywhere else before.

Who influences your art? Some of my main influences have been Tanya Shatseva, Charmaine Olivia, Noa Knafo, James B Hunt, Ludovic Nkoth, and many others. I promote my artwork primarily through Instagram, which is also where I discovered all of these artists. How do you cope in the 'failing' moments?

I try to keep my creative energy flowing instead of allowing it to stop. Just because a piece is going wrong, doesn’t mean the artist should be stumped. If I seriously need a break from a painting, I’ll do something else: sketch, sculpt, make jewelry, even take photographs or videos. I also remind myself that my best works have taken lots and lots of time, including time apart from the piece. Say, you go to the studio 4 days in a row and take 3 days off. When you come back after a few days off, you have a fresh perspective of your work that you haven’t stared at in a few days. Taking time off from my work can feel like failing, but it actually contributes to my success.

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INTERVIEW What would be one advice you will give to a young/new aspiring artist?

I actually had the chance to do this at my new job this week. I’m training at Dunkin, and they hire a lot of high schoolers in the small towns around Ithaca. This girl, we’ll call her G, was talking to me a little while we watched our training videos, and she said she’s an artist. She said she was contemplating going to school for art but that she wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea. Having gone to SUNY for art studio, I had to give my raw opinion. I recommended that she doesn’t go to college for art, or that if she does, she should at least double major in business, psychology or something else. My reasoning for business is that artists are inherently entrepreneurs; we have to sell our art ourselves. She liked the idea of psychology because she could do art therapy. I’ve considered that too! I think young artists should be strategic. If they’re not going to college, they need to seriously invest in their work and put in the time and effort. With enough motivation, a portfolio or body of work can be developed in a short period, and then time can be spent seeking clients either online or through galleries. I say that like I know everything... but it’s just what’s working for me! And I have a lot left to learn.

at Frederic Remington Museum, Reminiscing on a Tie Dye Sky (2020)

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