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ISSUE 1 | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

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Craig Scoffone Diversity in style is something that San Francisco Bay Area photographer Craig Scoffone has a great abundance. Looking at the work of this photographic artist's work, you could easily assume it could be the works of different photographers, the range is that expansive.

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Marius Surleac Marius Surleac is a Romanian photographer. Most of his photography adopts a minimalist abstract architectural style, but aside from that, he is also interested in street, macro/close-up and bird photography. Surleac’s artwork has been selected in collective exhibitions, published in international magazines & curated galleries around the world, and has been awarded by prestigious international competitions such as ipa, mifa, bifa, ND Awards, MonoVisions Photography Awards, Chromatic Awards, among others.

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I'm Meritxell Cid, a photographer. Graduated in Art History, photography has been with me all

Meritxell Cid

my life. My images are born from an intimate search for the exploration of feelings through my experiences. I develop two lines of experimentation that, although they seem very equidistant to me, complement each other, "The World" and "My world".

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Janka Stemmle Janka Stemmle is an artist from Zurich where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts specialized in Media Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts. Since then she was working as an independent artist in various studios living in Barcelona for almost two years exhibiting her work in Switzerland and abroad.

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Masamune Kikuchi Contemporary art with an old soul flows out of Yidan’s journey of many thousands of miles from her birthplace in China to her Idaho home. That passage, with its universal instincts for survival, search for happiness, and fulfillment of dreams, has grabbed and compelled Yidan’s soul. It continues to inspire her work in which she sets humans and creatures of nature in settings that reveal their inner story to the person who pauses to participate by reading a story in the painting.

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Peter Wood Born a “Moonraker” not far from “Stonehenge” in Wiltshire, England, 6/6/51, the son of an R.A.F. family. His parents descended from Hampshire smugglers and Sussex horse dealers on his father’s side and Sussex aristocracy on his mothers. His skills now encompassed teaching all of the fine arts, drawing, painting in many mediums, ceramics and sculpture, woodcarving, mixed crafts, taxidermy and more. His personal interests also include a wide taste in music, he makes and plays certain folk instruments, cooking, swimming and angling, natural history, photography and travelling.

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Victor Tkachenko Victor Tkachenko, is a Ukrainian-Canadian artist living in Toronto, Canada. Victor received professional art training beginning at age ten and was one of a few graduates to complete the extensive and rigorous program from the renowned Art School in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. Following his fine art education Victor gained architectural training (graduate level) at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine.

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Anastasia Fedorova Anastasia Fedorova is an established Canadian Ukrainian oil painter. She was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she resides and works. Anastasia learned oil painting and drawing from celebrated Ukrainian painters for more than a decade before attending the Institute of Art and Design in Kiev. She later studied Art History at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

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Fabian Perez Fabian Perez is an Argentine artist living in the city of Los Angeles since 1997. He left his hometown Campana, Buenos Aires at the age of 20 and began to travel the world looking to develop his artistic talent inherited from his mother. Over the years Fabianhas explored different paths searching for greater self expression and artistic truth. His tenacity and dedication have led him to be recognized at an international level as one of the best portrait painters of the century and considered by the media as the bestcontemporary figurative artist of his generation.

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Raúl Alberto Fernández Menéndez There are those who equate constructions to living beings, whose metabolism is so slow that it is not possible to perceive with a naked eye, but that definitely changes over time. This idea has been abundantly exploited in literature. Let us cite as an example the story by Edgar Alan Poe “The fall of the house of Usher” or “House taken over” by Julio Cortázar, and has been filmed countless times, where evil houses show no mercy to their inhabitants until those frightened persons interpret what it wants them to do.

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Lisa Caulfield I have a Bachelor Honours Degree in Animation with a love and passion for painting in Large Scale Oil Ón Board. Currently working on 12pieces of each 4ftx3ft Oil Ón Board, inspired looking through the eyes of my son Tommy who is non verbal autistic.

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Rong Pham Rong Pham began his professional career in his early 20s by illustrating picture books and cover arts for many local publishers. Starting in 2018, Pham began illustrating children’s books with several publishers in China, Malaysia and Korea, thus started to expand his journey to share his view of arts beyond his country's border.

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Isabel Otten I am an illustrator from London who graduated with a degree in BA Illustration from the University of Brighton in the UK. Influenced by the whimsical works of Dr. Seuss and the cartoons I watched growing up, I enjoy creating characters and stories that enchant and bring laughter. Using vivid colours and inspired by nature and animals as well as my love of food, my illustrations are bright and lucid and bring the world in my imagination to life.

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Luca di Napoli

I focus my work on the human figure that I use as a tool to express ideas. I suppose that my works could be considered as visual metaphors that explore more complex concepts.

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Irene Tangsereesuksan Irene Tangsereesuksan is my full name, but you can call me “Irene”. I am a Thai illustrator and a founder of "Me Now Illustration" since 2015. I was born and raised in Bangkok, but in the past few years I have lived in Germany due to my master’s study. I have never been in any art school and my major has nothing to do with illustration or painting. However, I love drawing since I can remember things. It’s been a long journey since then until I discovered my illustration style.

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Mari Kaneko Mari Kaneko, a Tokyo based freelance illustrator has been working in a wide range of editorial fields such as books, magazines, newspapers, and corporate PR magazines. She also specializes in metaphorical illustrations for book covers and column articles. In creating her original works besides commission works, she is inspired by the trivial or subtle changes and discoveries she gets from nature such as wind, light, rain, clouds and plants that exist in our daily life.

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Maner Shi Maner Shi, a graduate of RMIT University, grew up in China and now lives in Australia as a freelance illustrator. Maner Shi has been working in a wide range of illustration areas, such as brand visual identity, advertising, magazines, etc.

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Christopher Ahearn Not living freely as one artist would hope, jumping from job to job whilst honing my craft, but there is barely anytime to do so. No way could I have imagined that I would turn to A.I. to fill in the gap of the art process that I love so much. That credit goes to the people behind DeepDreamGenerator.com. I feel new life in me that I thought was lost in the drudgery of the mundane day to day has rekindled to when I used to sketch everyday.

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James Carter I'm a fanatic for details, and some may say obsessive, I adore the challenge of realism, and I put 110% effort into every bit of work I do. I love drawing, and I believe that practice makes progress, so intended to practice to progress my skills further.

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Carl Knobloch As a traditional artist I use a mixture of media. This includes ink pens, coloured pencils, oil pencils, pastel pencils and watercolour pencils. I also produce the occasional digital piece, where I replicate my traditional style. My style is straight forward and strong with an overt and strict devotion to horror down to every detail.

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Irina Novikova Drawing began to interest me from an early age, the first subjects for me were Fantastic birds and animals. By my first education I am an art critic (State Academy of Slavic Cultures), by my second I am a graphic designer (MGTA).

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Interview with artist Ale Osollo Ale Osollo was born in Chihuahua (Mexico) in 1979. Her childhood, adolescence and youth were spent in a society bursting with Mexican customs and traditions. In her mind and spirit dwells the magical fantasy that has accompanied her in dreams since she was a child. Art gave Ale the outlet to capture this other world using materials that were within her reach at the time - such as vegetables or fruit from the refrigerator and even toilet paper. Today, her works are narratives, rich in symbolism that draw on heritage.

Artist: Ale Osollo

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INTERVIEW What is important in an artist's attitude towards art that makes the piece of art outstanding?

When creating an artwork, I become a part of the piece. I leave the noise of the everyday behind and concentrate on the here and now. I am present. I feel it. One of the best experiences is immersing my hands in whichever material I am working with at the time. I enjoy the sensation of handling a piece of clay, for example. Like a blank canvas, it's not until an artist uses their hands and tunes into their emotions that it becomes something special. It is a way to express your feelings, embrace them and be aware. Like the saying, "cooked with love", I create with love.

“When creating an artwork, I become a part of the piece. I leave the noise of the everyday behind and concentrate on the here and now. I am present. I feel it.” ~ Ale Osollo

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INTERVIEW Why are you inspired by magic fantasy?

Magic fantasy is my source of light. For me, it is alive and also lives in me. Tuning in to this world saves me, it reverses all the negatives in my life and turns them into positive, healthy thoughts and teachings. My fantasy world is something I enjoy exploring and developing every day. It's like playing or rewriting something that you think has been set in stone. I think we all have a magical fantasy world, but some are not comfortable admitting to it or using it for fear of being judged or labelled as a crazy romantic or a dreamer.

“Pelele”, Mixed media on canvas, 2018

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INTERVIEW Arty-Fact: "Pelele is a character in my imagination. He has been a presence from the time I began human figure studies. He has appeared again and again to take life in my imagination. He is a reflection of me. What is echoed back in the canvas is an interpretation of my soul. The scene depicted in this work comes from an imaginary world reflected in a puddle of water. A portal into another world. From there, you can see what the mind invites you to create, each with their imagination can see what their reflection suggests." ~ Ale Osollo

How do you feel every time you get inspired?

Every time I am inspired, I get goose bumps. The pores of my skin change and my cells rejoice! I feel empathy when faced with sad topics, and it makes me want to fix the sadness. Coincidences are not just random moments. They are part of a puzzle when once put together makes total sense. I take them as signs. I may be walking on an uncertain path, but something inside me encourages me to follow it, knowing that I am not alone, but part of humanity. We are all connected. Sometimes there is no happy ending, but at least I felt it and tried.

“En El Mismo Barco”, Mixed media on canvas, 2020

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INTERVIEW Arty-Fact: "The premonitory silhouettes appear and disappear depending on the view of the perceiver."Considered within an impressionistic and figurative style, the work suggests to an indefinite group of people, sometimes more, sometimes less, travelers in a boat."Together or apart, there is an interconnectivity in their food, culture, race - we are all part of the boat."Honouring unity with my life, knowing that we are one."Honouring my unity with life, realising that everything is one."As individuals, not all of us are alike. We have different lifestyles, beliefs and perceptions."When we begin to understand this concept of life in unity, the idea of a personal "I" will lead us to the universal "I"." ~ Ale Osollo

What is your favourite process?

My favourite process is the middle part between imagining and landing a concept. It is where ideas rain down, and my mind searches desperately and quickly for the materials to turn these thoughts into reality. It's the process of imagining what the concept must be, the order that my puzzle needs to be solved to make a composition. I find it is much more productive if, during this moment, I add music, smell, warmth, a cup of tea or coffee. Immersed by a concept where my mind is focussed solely on this, I have mistakenly taken a sip of my dirty paintbrush water instead of my coffee. I have always had a problem with expressing myself vocally and ensuring I explain myself adequately and concisely in a dialogue everyone understands. That is why I feel that a piece of art is where I am free to express the more complex and empirical thoughts like in my mind where everything is expressed without hesitation. Painting is my language.

What is an unexpected tool / equipment that you discovered to make your art?

Well, life presents different things to me, the most usual thing is a brush, but due to my multiple art activities, I have had to force myself to find everything. I have gone through homemade spatulas, rollers, mops, brooms, mirrors, threads and fabrics. In terms of liquids, it is a huge list since every day I explore new ones. I love going to the hardware store or learning about different processes and materials. It is forever a learning experience. This is why I am fascinated by my artistic friends and acquaintances as they share their techniques, and I share mine. My more spiritual tools include music, holy water from churches, candle scents, aromatherapy oils, the herbs of a good tea ... the same smells that the paintings give off. A tool can be the terrible painful whirlpool your soul is going through. It can also be the support of a friend who comes to listen or accompany you, the laughter of the people who enter and leave the house, or the children running and playing, the current situation of your country etc. I am accompanied by my life partner who is passionate about art. The unconditional company of my children surrounds me. The love that I feel from my family also becomes a tool for my creations.

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INTERVIEW Whose art influences you the most?

Van Gogh was a passionate, misunderstood being. He saw beyond this world which distorted his impressionist works in a very heartfelt way. I admire him a lot. Gustav Klimt has an unprecedented elegance in the bearing of his works. His works feel alive to me, and his compositions are exquisite. My countrywoman Frida Kahlo is a woman who made her pain her most potent tool. She raised my country with her art and is an icon. I always think of these characters and feel that in some way, they live in me when I paint. I have eternal admiration for them. I could never copy them because I don't have that capacity, but I do like to remember their essence because they inspire me, and that is also reflected in my works.

“Rarely are things black and white.” ~ Ale Osollo

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