JaamZIN Creative magazine December 2020 issue

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Interview with artist Rasha Eleyan Rasha Eleyan was born in Dubai to Palestinian parents. From an early childhood, she was mentored by her father, the great Palestinian artist Nasr Abdelaziz Eleyan, in the art of drawing and oil painting. Rasha went on to graduate with a BA in Fine Arts from the Yarmouk University in Jordan, and advanced painting and nude drawing from the Libera Accademia Di Belle Arti of Rome. Rasha’s artistic career began as an illustrator for children’s story books at just 18 years of age. She later became an associate producer at Walt Disney. After having a very successful career as an illustrator and television producer, Rasha is now solely focussed on her art and combines her classical style with her love of cartoons to create a truly unique style. Read on to learn more about the very talented Rasha Eleyan…

Artist: Rasha Eleyan

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