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ISSUE 1 | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

Visual artists, painters

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, illustrators, cartoonists

MUSIC Musicians, singers and songwriters

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

14 Painting and graphic arts Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

17 Design, illustration IIllustrators, designers, digital artists

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Max Modén IMax Modén born in Stockholm 1974. Found my fathers old darkroom in boxes in the basement when I was 12 years, that’s when I decided to be a photographer. After school I assisted photographers in 8 years in Stockholm, New York and Paris. I started my own business in 2004, mostly fashion and commercial photography.Working with clients like HM, Marc O’ Polo, C&A and others most of my work I do abroad.

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Javier A. Bedrina

I With a long career in the management of multidisciplinary teams, I offer experience and dedication in every projects I undertake, without forgetting that I am also part of a whole, being the first to roll up my shirt.

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Daniel Yonekubo Daniel Yonekubo is a self-taught Brazilian photographer who uses photography as a way of expression. His works are based on his reflections and daily experiences, where he seeks to understand the beauty of feelings such as the pain of loss and fear in a subjective way, so that he can show his viewer something totally intimate and poetic. His work is developed in the field of Fine Art Photography and has as its main visual inspiration elements of the Pictorialist Movement and also works by Baroque and Dutch authors.

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Nasos Karabelas Nasos Karabelas is a fine art photographer and film director based in Thessaloniki, Greece. He was born in 1992 in Pyrgos, Greece. He started dealing with photography the last seven years and he has produced five short films and one feature film(OSMOSIS) which took part in festivals, in Greece and abroad. One of the main features of his work is the frequent use of “long exposure� technique through which he tries to explore, from a new point of view, his various subjects. Using the human figure as his main theme, he aims at creating new forms and giving a new meaning to them.

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Manon Alary Manon Alary, 23 years old I am a marquetry artist and I have always been passionate about photography. I usually take pictures of inspiring women, friends... I like to highlight the female body and its radiance, its strength. My favourite subject is the transcendence of the body in phenomenology, its deployment in space.

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Igor Golosov My name is Igor Golosov. I'm from Russia. I’m an amateur photographer, may be artist, inspired by nature. Last year I started to choose the photos for manipulation used the basic instruments only (color, contrast, density, etc) and this is interesting for me. I don’t use the Photoshop or any other heavy programs.

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Ana Gilbert I am a photographer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since 2005, I develop an authorial work in photography in parallel to my activities as a clinical psychologist and researcher.My interest in this form of artistic expression arose from studies on practices of looking; my involvement with images, words and imagination took me to an intersection between photography and literature, working with images as narratives.

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Marina Lauar Marina Lauar is a Brazilian visual artist. Born in 1993, in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, she was never able to dissociate herself from art as an emotional tool. Today she is torn between photography and motherhood, understanding herself and the world differently. She develops her artwork in Fine Art Photography, where she uses a pictorial language to construct of her narratives. As a plural artist she appropriates elements that expand formal photography and allow the mix of printed photography with other gestures and techniques. She finds in the portrait an appropriate field for her discussions and critical reflection, which she builds through minimalist and potent images. Her research currently circulates between the deconstruction of already rooted stereotypes and her own self-perception.

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Eunique Deeann Eunique Deeann is a writer + visual artist who explores the breakdown of human connection. Â "I am launching an ongoing project called [self] love is free that is designed to provoke going inward + selfconnection through the details of human form and portraiture."

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Teresa Afonso I´m Teresa from Portugal (Caminha or “Little bed” is the name of my village). I like to travel, I like to feel, I like to dream, I like to smile. I hope my photos do just that: make you travel, make you feel, make you dream, make you smile.

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Kaushik Dolui

Born in Howrah, West Bengal, India but currently I am working and living in Kolkata. I am graduated and completed Master Degree in Economics from Calcutta University. In my childhood days, I did the drawing and painting, later in my mid-twenties I developed an interest in photography. I participated in different photographic salons under FIAP and PSA patronages and won many awards/acceptances over the time and it is still continuing and received Excellence FIAP Honors from Federation de l’Art Photographique in 2009.

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Thierry Lathoud I started photography very young. Then I put away my camera, abandoned the lab for thirty years to resume it digitally. I like to translate my vision differently, whether in color or in black and white that I particularly like. I love above all the work of Daido Moriyama or Tahara Keïchi, Fukase but also Titarenko. It is as an author that I practice photography today. Urban cacophonie The “urban cacophony” series is a reflection of violence in the cities. One morning, in Varanasi, I had this desire to translate, to interpret by the photo these noises and these silences that I perceived from my room. That we can close our eyes, hear, smell, jostle etc ... May all our senses be awakened. This series is presented in two parts. In the first, you gradually enter the city with its population where you become an actor. In the second we find the absence of life, the void, highlighted by the verticality.

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Nicole Tapia Torres My name is Nicole Tapia Torres. I’m a part-time visual artist. I was born in Lima, Perú, but moved later on around the age of 8 to US. I’ve always loved art as a child, ever since i could remember. It all started with one day i got gifted my first canvas, along with a paintbrush and some acrylic paint, since then my creativity just begin to flow naturally. Next thing I knew my whole room was filled up by my artwork.

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Oleg Agafonov The artist was born in Suvorov, Russia. His works are based on the history of power, disappointments, wins (victories) and broken dreams, big promises, and performances, beautiful and wise people. His art is based on the concept of how to be a child of big and great history. The artist was born in the Soviet Union but he grew on its remains, he wandered in withered villages that were surrounded with great space of blossom forests and herbs.

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Pedro Martinez Marín, “M” In "Medusa (or on the eve of a lost world)” as well as in his serie "Natives", "M" tells us about ephemerality (of the human race, about life in general) suggesting remnants of an ancient and remote civilization extinct and lost, perhaps inhabitants of a "Lovecraftian" macrocosm of outer space or could be the representation of a microcosm, the depths of the magnified interior of the human being, molecules, bacteria, microbes, neurons ?... snippets of life in the final, what, even though it accompanies us throughout our lives, is actually so alien to us.

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Ping Lu HPing Lu is a Taiwanese designer, who studied Multimedia Design and used to be a Visual Designer and UI/UX Designer. And she is not only passionate about user interface design but also loves to experiment visual, 3D and abstract so that she is able to create a new kind of art. The only thing she has is the great passion for this industry. The concept of her projects is the different format of design and applies to many aspects of composition, including shape and colour.

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Paola Bazz I am an Italian-born (padua) and UK-based (Manchester) artist. I create 2d and 3d collages using paper that has been previously employed elsewhere like magazines, leaflets, advertising materials etc. I use different techniques, from traditional analog collage to original and innovative ones, like my ‘strips collage’ or ‘concertinas collage’. My work explores the constant change of our identity.. I use printed-paper because it is one of the mediums through which advertising and consumption messages are spread. consumerism is degrading the stability of ecosystems, so the use of printed-paper is a way to emphasise the role that consumption has in the construction of our identity.

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Paula Zuñiga My name is Paula Zuñiga, I live in Santiago, Chile I have studied Graphic design and I work in this área since I graduate in 2005. Also I am one of the creators of the Proyecto Ensamble project, a series of publications relatives to paper toys and illustrations. So, as a graphic designer I dedicate part of my time to make illustrations and drawings, that´s is something I like to do to express and enjoy myself.

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Julien Wulff Julien Wulff is a Swiss graphic designer based in Tokyo since 2013. After graduating Design School in Lausanne/Switzerland, he developed his design sense through professional experiences in Switzerland, Germany and Japan. Creativity combined with structured design could define his projects.

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Ian Ball My name is Ian Ball. I am an artist from Bristol in the UK. Psychrome is the name of my on-line presence and personal brand. I mainly make cartoon-style work that is heavily character based, light-hearted and fun. My work is slightly edgy and appeals to a younger audience.

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Neoqlassical My name is Crystal, also known as Neoqlassical, and I am an artist from Wisconsin, US. I've been drawing people almost every day for as long as I can remember. They endlessly fascinate me! The main focus of what I create is to showcase people in larger bodies (like myself) in a positive light, as most current and past media representation of fat people is either negative or silly. We are either portrayed as a villain or as a punch line. But we are the heroes of our own stories as well!

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Tamara Has I'm a young artist living and working in Belgrade, Serbia, recently graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Currently working exclusively digitally, exploring what I can achieve with this media.

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Stefano Borella Stefano Borella (b. 1991) is an Italian artist and Illustrator known for his Black & White works made especially on paper and canvases. His artworks are inspired from the complex world of emotions and from their links with human identity. He love to draw human shapes, especially faces, open books over the intimate world of persons; faces which tells stories of joy, sorrows of the daily life which melt themselves into the other people’s experiences building the silent connection between creatures. For this reason his creations are usually made by flows of lines which connect all the elements of the composition, underlining this mystic union of everything.

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Aliki Buendia IAliki is an independent illustrator based in Athens, Greece. As a kid, she was spending her time doodling on the walls in her room and scribbling during classes. Her mind couldn't help creating stories, so growing older she became a regular in art schools, libraries and film clubs, searching for ways to express herself. She dabbled in different artforms, which gradually led her to the world of illustration, which she stuck with.

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Klarens Malluta My name is Klarens Malluta. I am a visual artist from Albania and I have a started a challenge to create something everyday. Currently I am on the third year of doing this and it has helped me a lot to improve my work by experimenting all the time. On my artworks I just try to be expressive with abstract shapes and colors rather than add any meaning to it.

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Marica Martella Marica Martella (06th August 1992), is a digital visual artist and graphic designer based in Italy. She graduated in Art and New Technologies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo. Her work is deeply influenced by cyberspace’s contamination of contemporary culture, the contrast created between the material object and the immateriality of the web, between people of art and accidental audience. She did exhibitions all over the world, from New York to the VR museums of the Internet, from Zaragoza to an old castle's underground cellar in Italy.

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Philip McKay I am an award winning self-taught digital artist from Liverpool, UK. I create surreal art. All ideas when I create my art come from my own imagination. The Belgian surreal artist Rene Magritte and Storm Thorgerson are a big influence on my work. My art has been exhibited in many galleries across the world also I have created book cover art for famous authors.

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IzzyBLL My name is Israel Benloulou but I became known as IzzyBLL on social media.I am a digital artist, I take photography to a new level with software such as Photoshop and other similar photo manipulation software where I take my imagination and add life to it which turns into a concept of digital art or better known as Visual art. Editing has always been a second nature for me as I have always been into drawing but since I could remember I've always looked for another step to take from where I already was.

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Jack Rothwell I'm a self-taught artist living in Brighton, UK. I mainly work in digital 3D but am making more and more work with code and software I've created myself. Lots to explore. When I'm not at a computer I enjoy drinking tea and spending time with my cat - also, learning more and more about programming and digital graphics. I also have a VR experience coming out early next year.

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