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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

5 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

14 Digital art 17 Sculpture 18 Interview

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Kiia-Bettina As a photographer, Kiia-Bettina works in various different subjects. Her photography style is very timeless. Her image are very simple, and very highly controlled entities. She likes to work in black and white photography and tries to created disharmony in her images. Kiia-Bettina gets her inspiration in shapes and simplicity. She works with one thing at a time and removes everything else away from the image.

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Dan Baumbach Dan Baumbach grew up in New York City where in his teens and early 20s he wandered the streets making candid photographs of people. After college he drifted into advertising and fashion photography for a short time before leaving photography altogether for a different career. Many years later living in California and now Colorado he returned to photography making intimate photographs in nature. Now he mainly focus on abstract and semiabstract photographs of grass, leaves clouds and anything else that might grab him.

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Cynthia Ortu Born in France in 1988, Cynthia grew up in Madagascar, between an island and a boat, surrounded by water and nature. It was to study Design that she decided to leave her island for Paris and then Paris for the world, which she explored alone with her first camera. From this loneliness, she draws a look, the one she casts on anonymous, on sensual gestures, on moments stolen from disorderly bodies.

Usually placed as an outsider from the situations, she likes to capture textures, light and colors like a painter, with touches of irony, to isolate the moments of our movements and invite our mind to lose itself in its own interpretation.

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Stamatis Laskos Born in Volos in 1985 and studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2002-2007) and graduated with a first-class degree. He has taught in special education (2010-21) and he also works as a painter with Jordan Nike Inc. an Oregon and as an illustrator of The New Yorker magazine in New York. In his works(which range from canvases of very small dimensions to very large wallpaintings) he draws his inspiration from the contemporary urban art.

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Nanda Type Colombian Lettering Artist based in Barcelona, focused on the handmade letter shapes, through Calligraphy, Lettering & Sign Painting. I believe in the emotional, sensorial and social value of the handmade, in the beauty of imperfection and of what takes time, as well as in the letter forms power to tell stories, preserve thought and question the status quo. I like to transform the identity of old and discarded objects, giving them a new purpose through handcrafted lettering. My work is about of the handmade relevance, in an era of increasing robotization, which imposes on us the yoke of immediacy, overproduction and excessive consumption. I see the need for a decolonial thinking and a contemplative life, contrary to the era of acceleration and hyperactivity.

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Gursharn "Sharn" The Mood Series is a visual representation of the inner work we do as it relates to the various energy centres or chakras of our bodies as we progress through life. The Blue throat chakra has an especially powerful role in the impact we have on the world. Known as the ‘Vishuddha’ in Sanskrit, this fifth chakra is located in the mid-point of the neck, and it’s the energy centre that gives us our abilities around self-expression and communication. Yellow represents our solar plexus or Manipura, which deals with human ego, emotions and self-love.

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Ernest Compta Llinàs Catalan artist and architect, I live and work in Barcelona. My works try to express social and emotional diversity through the face. Over the years I have moved between styles and formats, but I have always worked with the same theme: facial portrait. I work mainly with acrylics on canvas and paper, although some pieces are made with charcoal, oil, pastel and inks.

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Aleksandra Cherepanova My name is Aleksandra Cherepanova. I am an international and professional artist. In 2007 I received my master's degree from the Academy of Painting. I have many exhibitions all over the world and many victories in competitions. Some art works in museums and private collections.

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Johnny Otto Johnny Otto is a self-taught contemporary artist based in Los Angeles. He was born in Bay Village, Ohio in 1966, the grandson of Czech and German immigrants. Often compared to Basquiat, Haring and Picasso, Otto’s work is actually influenced by a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts, which he visited as a child and where he was exposed to their vast collection of African Art.

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Svetlana Talabolina I am Svetlana Talabolina, a Los Angeles based artist. I was born in a Russian family in the land of Estonia during the Soviet Union era.

My love for art was born at the very beginning - it all started with my mom, Tatyana. When my sister and I were little, mom used to paint fairy tale characters on the wallpaper in our room. Princesses, Mickey Mouse, etc. they were always as large as the entire wall, starting at the bottom of it, nearly reaching the ceiling. Loving novelty my mama often would rearrange our furniture and replace the wallpapers, painting new characters every time it happens. It was magical and absolutely admirable! Being an extremely emotional creature, I am absolutely mesmerized by human nature, the whole of that we are - our physique, feelings, connections with one another and the unique reasoning behind it all. I myself live on raw emotions and strive to capture them with my brushes. I deeply enjoy exploring different subjects, but we - the people, remain my true obsession. What you see in my artwork, is the tale of my story, but it possibly is your story as well.

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Haydn Dickenson Haydn Dickenson was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom where he still lives and works, specialising in large, subtly exuberant free abstract pieces. In his unique work on canvas and board, collage, acrylics, oils and other media collaborate in a suggestive dance of colour, texture and form at times urgent and vital, at others calm, meditative and spiritual. Haydn is inspired by the natural world, and by Humanity, Psychology, Mysticism and Spirituality. Musical references also appear – His former career was as a Concert Pianist.

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Anna Marie Savage Anna Marie Savage was born in 1966 and is a Fine Art graduate of the University of Ulster, where she received a First-Class Honours Degree in 2009. She has most recently been accepted for Frontier Work which is part of the ‘Decade of Centenaries’ project supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Artlink, Fort Dunree, Donegal. She was awarded the Creative Spark/Create Louth Residency Award 2015; Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc Residency Award 2013; was shortlisted for the RHA Tony O’Malley Studio Residency Award 2011 and recipient of SIAP, ACNI Award 2012, 2015, 2019. In 2019 she was accepted for Drawn from Borders, which was part of the ‘Understanding the Decade of Centenaries’ project in collaboration with the Nerve Centre and the Tower Museum, Derry. Her work, in collaboration with landscape writer, Dr. Martin Cromie was shown at In the Open Asle-UKI & Land Conference 2017: Cross Multi Inter Trans, Sheffield and WAY-MAKING The Steel Rooms Gallery, Brigg, Lincolnshire UK, 2019.

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Jasmin I've worked in Photoshop for many years but only really started getting into digital collage last year. Lockdown has an upside. Influeced and inspired by nature, the real and unreal. Images are often the transmutation of emotions.

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Laura Romero I consider my work to be quite intimate. Under the scope of my own experiences, I elaborate a story about everyday life, I expose situations we all face day today. My intention is to bait the audience into taking a second, closer, look; it is an invitation to reflect on everything that goes by in our journey unnoticed. I am Spanish, but I have been living in Mexico for the last six years. I began to work with the city as a self-portrait since I arrive from an urban environment to a more rural one, and I began to search for myself here, with a view to the unknown and the new, to find my self in what was in front. These last years through art, I have been questioning the territory I live in, building a new identity, my identity. The cities with which I work in this series, “Intervals”, represent the mirror as an image of the reflection on one´s own identity. This duality between Narciso and the Vampire of what Fontcubert speaks about in his book “The Kiss of Judas: photography and truth” “someone pursues the reflection of the one he lacks”. We are in a constant paradox searching for ourselves. The horizon of the utopia is one being. A none horizon.

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Ben Nealon G’day, I’m Ben Nealon. I created Aielfire, an Australian Art & Design startup from Orange , New South Wales, Australia. I have ambitious goals of completing the #100daysofprocreate challenge on Twitter as well as three art collections I plan to release in September, These will all be released on canvas along with a digital copy + NFT.

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Garret Kane Garret Kane (he/him) is a sculptor, animator, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work explores the confluence of art, nature and technology and the effects on humankind and the world. Inspired early on by sci fi, his work invokes issues of our times like climate change and he donates 10% of profits from artwork sales to environmental charities. Kane graduated from SUNY Albany and first began a career in advertising. While working as Creative Director for over a decade, he studied and learned traditional and 3D sculpting techniques. Currently, he is writing a science fiction novel and the characters are based on his sculptures. Ultimately, he hopes it will be adapted into a series of interactive videos that are shot with a mix of in-camera sculpture and 3D animation.

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Interview with artist Charlie Haydn Taylor A vibrant undertaking of some of society’s most pressing issues, the work of Charlie Haydn Taylor uses the intimacy of home interiors to discuss personal human dilemmas and broader issues ranging from government surveillance to the effect of mental health on individual behaviour. A modernisation of the classic British pop art of the 1960s, Charlie utilises key themes from wellknown artworks to relate to the central idea of each piece; from Damien Hirst’s spot paintings as a reference to pharmaceutical use, to Francis Bacon’s feature as a comment on the depicted figures struggles with their human condition.

“I’m happy that my work seems to be transcending time and space. I really just want to create time stamps, so that people notice the world we’re living in.” – Charlie Haydn Taylor Read on to learn more…

Artist: Charlie Haydn Taylor

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INTERVIEW Reflected in your artwork are some of society’s most pressing issues. Why did you choose to work on these?

I think a lot of it comes down to various issues that affect, or are beginning to affect, people from my generation - meaning that I am involved both directly or indirectly by them. For instance, we are now living in a time where mental health has become more prevalent in its affliction, whilst our methods of helping those with these issues have also become prevalent. It feels natural to talk about such a current subject while contrasting it against how we used to perceive such problems.

“You Can Only Be So Happy, But You Could Be Dead” by Charlie Haydn Taylor, digital collage on aluminium, 2020

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INTERVIEW What is so interesting about personal human dilemmas and the mental health aspects? What do you hope to achieve or convey with your art?

I believe that people – individuals - are what make up society, not groups. I’m just interested in exploring the issues affecting people. That could be misogyny, climate change, mental health. And then I like to look at how those same issues might have appeared in the past; how we all, as individuals, respond in our unique ways to such matters, which is, in itself, fascinating.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

A surprising response I received recently was from a collector who had been through personal struggles with drug and alcohol use. He mentioned that my work resonated with him and felt as though he could relate to it on a deep level, as though he could almost replace the depicted figure in the work with his former self. You never know how people will respond, which is what I love about art. Someone else may have been through similar issues yet may not like my work as it reminds them negatively of those times, which is also understandable.

“Narcissus” by Charlie Haydn Taylor, digital collage on aluminium, 2021

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INTERVIEW What role does the artist have in society?

I don’t think the artist has to play any particular role in society. That’s the beauty of it. Some artists work extremely personally, with their art almost an extension of their subconscious, such as Tracey Emin. There are also artists like me who use art to hold a mirror up to society. Both are engaging, just in two completely different ways. I’ve never felt pressured to create work that sets me up with a specific role in society as I believe we all, as individuals, have different ideas to express, and these ideas may change as our lives go on.

“Fool’s Paradise” by Charlie Haydn Taylor, digital collage on aluminium, 2020

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Never create work that you think will sell. Never. It just never works, and you will quickly see that your art no longer resembles you as a person once you take a step back. Attempted commerciality is one way for artists to lose their voice altogether. Create work that interests you or feels as though you are true to yourself.

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