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ISSUE 1 | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

16 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

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Gleb Kozlov My name is Gleb Kozlov and I am a Krakow based photographer who mostly specialises in black and white photography. My work is often abstract and incorporates elements of surrealism, geometry and high contrast. I am a fan of moody cityscapes and street photography. I prefer film over digital when choosing my gear. Currently my goal is to explore visual possibilities of the world around me. Peace!

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Kaushik Dolui Born in Howrah, West Bengal, India but currently I am working and living in Kolkata, I am graduated and completed Master Degree in Economics from Calcutta University. In my childhood days, I did the drawing and painting, later in my mid-twenties I developed an interest in photography. I participated in different photographic salons under FIAP and PSA patronages and won many awards/acceptances over the time and it is still continuing and received Excellence FIAP Honors from Federation de l’Art Photographique in 2009.

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Michael Nguyen Through the subjective lens, Michael Nguyen gives all a new perspectives, a new soul. "Michael Nguyen's photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible - worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life.

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Javi Lorbada

As an adventure and travel photographer, Madrid-based Javi Lorbada has witnessed some of the most breathtaking landscapes around the world.

For six months he traveled across South Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, from this trip, came up this project. A series of aerial views of the Ocean, focusing on crystal clear waters, cliffs, and surfers who tame the waves.

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Conrad Valone Conrad Valone is a twenty two-year-old fine art photographer based out of San Francisco, California. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018, and in the time since she has turned her attention to telling personal stories of abuse and loss through visual metaphor.

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Sherif Soldatov

I was born in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. I grew up in Northern Italy but I currently live in London and study Graphic Design at University of Greenwich. My love for visual arts started during my early teenage years thanks to Manga and Anime. Being a skateboarder brought me closer to street culture and street photography, which then evolved in other photographic styles like architecture photography and portraits. Photography is the best way I have to share emotions with the outside world, and even if I usually focus on black and white shots, when I don't, I want my photos to look like a dance of colours.

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Luc Girouard Luc Girouard lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.A seasoned graphic designer, it is only recently that he discovered his newest passion -- photography. Luc Girouard's professional photographic début came in the form of Dead Airport in 2013, a series of compelling photos that made him instantly and widely known on the web. From Above followed in 2016, a series of works that embraced reversed perspectives, as Luc discovered the drone, which sent his artistic imagination skyward. In 2015 and 2019, Téléquébec's popular arts show, La Fabrique Culturelle, dedicated two segments to a pair of collaborative projects -- Walking Mary and Dead Airport. In 2018, Luc published some of his photographic works in two books -- Montréal bleu, which presented Montreal and its landmarks under a gripping, nocturnal light, and Mon Fuji, which offered a visual illusion evoked by the mountains of abandoned mines in Thetford Mines. Since then, he has also participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec, and continues to present his photo projects online through Behance, Facebook and Instagram.

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A N Quittner In September of 2019 I met a professional photographer who told me that the fundamental principle of photography in one simple phrase is: Fill the frame. When he said these words something extraordinary occurred within me and I began taking 500-700 pictures a day. I have become a dedicated street photographer ever since. I had never understood photography as an art form until this time. I consider myself a poet first and a photographer second and I sometimes like to mix the two together.

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Mitch Rouse Mitch is a transportation entrepreneur and photographer based out of Cody, Wyoming. Mitch began exploring the realm of aerial photography, with high tech drones. Unsatisfied with the limitations of drones, he began photographing primarily straight down from fixed wing aircraft. Mitch has now found the sweet spot between the two by developing a system that incorporates a Bell 429 helicopter, with a Shot Over gimbal mounted to the nose, which holds a 150 MP Phase One Industrial camera. This state-of-the-art system provides outstanding image quality and output superior to either of the previous iterations.

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Chanda Hopkins I am a multi talented, multi disciplinary artist. I love creating beauty. It's something that is such a part of me I can't help it. Hair and makeup were my first loves, with photography coming in a close second. As a child I was always drawing and sketching fashions. People called me an artist, but I felt very separated from the title because I had a very narrow view of what art was. After many years of living in NYC and selling my creations, I realized that I am an artist in every sense of the word. I paint, draw and create collages. Photography is one of my favorite forms of expression. It helps me express what words can not.

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Nathan Joyce I’m a freelance photographer, illustrator & packaging designer based in London, UK. I previously worked as an in-house creative at Propercorn where I worked on everything from packaging to photography to illustrating 100 collectible monster cards for the Kids range! In 2019 I became freelance, with the aim of developing my product photography & illustration portfolio. Since then I’ve been getting messy pouring peanut butter & flinging fish around my studio to create photos & stop-motion animations with a sense of movement & playfulness. Wether I’m taking pictures or illustrating, I love working with bold colours & playful shapes to create vibrant & entertaining images.

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Jack Savage Jack Savage is a fine art photographer and digital artist and a certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC and trainer. Winner of Gold at Tokyo Foto Awards 2018/2019; Silver from The PX3 Awards - The Prie de la Photographie 2019, Silver from Moscow Foto Awards 2020, and Winner of the Pangea Prize, 1st Place from Siena Photo Awards 2017, and winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award - 1st Place in the Fine Art category at The Spider Awards 2017, 1st Place at The Chromatic Awards 2017 - amongst many other international honours. He currently is the owner of a spacious studio in Northampton, UK where he teaches both Photography and Photoshop classes and workshops.

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Sinéad Tones Based in Perth Western Australia, I am a visual artist with a passion for the interplay of light and shade in photography. Having studied a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and a Diploma of Photography I enjoy creating a story through graphics and digital photography. In this photo below, the subtle play of light reveals the day coming to a close.

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Roland Krämer Born and raised in southern Germany Roland always had a strong connection to nature, which later in his life lead to a photographic passion in documenting nature. Roland loves exploring the raw nature of his surroundings and capturing the moment of joy you feel being outside. Always on the search for interesting compositions, patterns and objects that represent the beauty in the simple His work focuses on minimalism, simplicity and abstract structures in nature. In his pictures he showcases parts of nature in an artistic way that tend to be overlooked. Parts of nature that show their beauty at the second glance. The Strange Series is a study of experimental infrared photography. The series was created with the help of a modified full spectrum camera that captures the combination of visible light and infrared light. The combination of both spectrums made it possible to create pictures with unusual, unfamiliar or peculiar colour renditions that still have a touch of reality to them. Strange colours. Strange shapes. Strange objects. A strange combination of nature & urban life. This pictorial series of infrared photos is a visual representation of the strange times we are currently facing. Strange times that don't feel like reality. But still are.

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Ellen Dieter Ellen Dieter has painted, been an artist, created her whole life. Dieter grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and then moved around from city to city. She lived in Paris for a decade - exploring Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, eventually settling back in the US, in San Diego, CA.

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GyoBeom An I was born in 1973, and my parents were farmers. In 1999, I got enrolled into an art college with a dream of becoming an artist. I am currently a father, a husband, and a painter. The duality and struggle between a domestic life of being a parent and spouse with a working life became a subject matter to my work. My work expresses conflicts and emotions aroused from distinct social roles through figurative subjects that ranges from distinct social roles through figurative subjects that ranges from models and cartoon characters, to gods.

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Ramiro Silva-Cortes Originally from Chile, born and raised in the town of Los Andes, in the central Valley of the Aconcagua. Moved to Santiago to attend college at the University of Arts, Science and Communications and worked as an art director and designer in the advertising industry. Currently based in Chicago, IL (USA) since December 2013. The work is the observation from a far, from self-isolation, as a witness of a society happening and evolving in the distance; the relation between depression, social anxiety and human interactions; the need of belonging and being a functional fragment of a whole. The use of geometrical shapes and a dreamy color palette aim to dehumanize the subject matter and enhance the fantasy of a perfect society. A metaphor to an unattainable beautiful dystopia.

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Katherine Statsenko Katherine Statsenko is an abstract painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA. Her work is a combination of painting and collage that references the linear structure of architectural elements. Derived from physical spaces and utility markings, it explores the language of negative space of the built environment. Exuding manipulated graphic and architectonic grids through formal elements of painting.

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Jessica Saterstrom Eichman Jessica Saterstrom Eichman is an artist who works and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. A native of Natchez, Mississippi, Jessica earned degrees in Art and French before living and working in Paris, France; Corvallis, Oregon; and Boston, Massachusetts. Jessica’s early career in graphic design and illustration gave her a love of visual composition, and an awareness of the communicative power of shape, line, and color. These elements took on new life in 2011 when she began to shift her creative focus to public art and painting. She is now a full-time working artist.

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Chito Padilla Chito Padilla is a self-taught artist who recently started painting one year into retirement. A Washington, DC resident for over thirty years, he is now a permanent resident of Marshall, VA. My style is influenced by the abstract expressionist movement which denotes the non-representational use of paint as a means of personal expression. There is no particular system I follow when I begin a painting. Each painting has its own way of evolving. One may start with a few color areas on the canvas; another with a myriad of lines; and perhaps another with a profusion of color. Once I sense the suggestion, I begin to paint intuitively. When the painting is finished the subject reveals itself. This approach is liberating to me and has allowed me the freedom of expression absent of boundaries.

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Carolina Prieto Moreno I am a painter and designer from Madrid, Spain. Actually living in Madrid. I got my Fine Art degree in this city in 1999 and have worked as an artist, designer and teacher since then. I have also lived in Edinburgh, Scotland (2000-2001), where I made a course of serigraphy in Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop. I have made numerous personal and collective exhibitions of my work in Spain, and some in Edinburgh.

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Ece İkinci I am a Turkish artist and a Milan based designer. All of my artworks consist of an expression of my experiences or a mirror the way how I see outside. It is a mixed style by watercolor, pen, and markers. All the works have a soul I tell about my future plans or even things I regret in life are all inside of works. The reason why I am doing art is to run away from the boringness and monotony of life. I mostly use bright, clean colors to enhance the joy. By the pen and markers, works become more detailed by some figures and create a story behind every single touch. There is a particular fact, all works are different from the first sight when you look deeper you got into a new scene and that's the style of me. The complexity behind the complete.

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Yubisart Hi my name is Yubirna Paulino,i go by my creative name Yubisart. I am a visual artist who is a self taught artist who has been drawing and painting for 8 years. I draw and paint my artworks using various mediums such as watercolor, graphite, colorpencils, and acrylic, but my favorite medium I like to use the most to create my artworks are colorpencils.

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Naki Narh Naki Narh is an artist and MA Contemporary Art graduate at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She is an artist of Ghanaian descent of two homes- London and Accra. Her works have been sold internationally with the majority of her clients residing as far afield as France, U.S.A, U.K as well as Ghana, Nigeria and Angola. Her work currently draws inspiration from a plethora of tropes and concerns which are quintessentially Ghanaian.

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Serguei Zlenko Whether exercising his extraordinary prowess for unusually stirring portraiture, defining the uniquely elegant flavours of ballet, providing the viewer a sense of presence in his chosen landscape or capturing fanciful whims of human imagination with charm and warmth, Serguei Zlenko characteristically delivers scenes of striking depth and passion.

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Ella Zheng Ella Zheng is a Singaporean designer and illustrator who enjoys experimentation, craft, and the endless pursuit of self-improvement. Trained in both Fashion and Graphic Design, she hopes to be able to nurture Singaporean’s mindset towards Design.

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Yubin Lee I am a student at School of Visual Arts in New York City and my major is Illustration. I was born in South Korea and grew up mostly in Seoul and have lived in England and the United States. Growing up, I always had a passion for drawing, painting, and storytelling which naturally led me to pursue art.

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Ko. Machiyama EKo. Machiyama was born in Japan, in 1980. His works are used for books, magazines and advertisements. He is a painter too. When he works as painter, he uses the name Kotaro Machiyama.

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Sui Park Sui Park is a New York based artist born in Seoul, Korea. Her work involves creating 3-dimensional flexible organic forms of a comfortable ambiance that are yet dynamic and possibly mystical or illusionary. She had several solo exhibitions and public art projects including Pompom in Georgetown, Washington D.C. in 2019 and Floating Imagery at the Pelham Art Center, Pelham, New York in 2018. She participated in over 100 exhibitions, including an exhibition, The 5th Textile Art of Today at Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, Slovak republic where she received the Excellent Award in September 2018. Park’s artwork has been acquired by numerous places including Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Oregon and Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship Store in New York in the United States.

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Alvin Tham As a highly dynamic and multidisciplined designer, i strive to invoke and stimulate creative processes with unique yet strategic ideas focusing on emotive and experiential touch points. When looking for design inspiration, i often find myself painting and creating random illustrations from everyday objects to landscapes, allowing me to look for and create inspiring forms, surfaces and details, and translating them to human centric designs.

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Carolyn Sehgal I am hardworking and determined. I like clean and simple design and love that modern design allows for the ability to say more with less or simpler visual elements. I am constantly trying new areas of art and design because you never know when skills from one area of art and design can be useful in another area. I have been drawing and creating since I was very young and I feel creatively fulfilled by working on art and design in some form or another.

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Rafał Tyński Rafał Tyński is a self-taught artist from Cracow, based in Gdynia (Poland), currently working as a graphic designer on television industry. He spends his free time exploring the possibilities offered by digital art.

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John Battalgazi I am John Battalgazi, a British digital artist living in Tokyo. I started using digital tools seriously around 5 years ago. Up to then I was into photorealistic pencil portraits mainly as a hobby. I created a drawing course on Udemy which has hundreds of students although now I focus only on digital drawing.

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