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Visual artists, painters

Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

JaamZIN Creative

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

6 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

16 Illustration 18 Digital art 20 Design

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Rico X. Just like the other 7.8 billion people on this planet, Rico believes he is also idiosyncratic or original or special or one-off or unique, oh as well as “woke”. “ironic” adjective 1. using words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning; containing or exemplifying irony: (an ironic novel; an ironic remark.) 2. of, relating to, or tending to use irony or mockery; ironical. 3. coincidental; unexpected: (It was ironic that I was seated next to my ex-husband at the dinner.)

International sleuth Rico X. is out here literally trying to be your National Geographic, TIME magazine & Bored Panda all in one, but still doing it on his own dime, where his cheques at?

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Bailey Blue Bailey Graham (Also going by Blue) is an artist with an eye for the eerie! In her work, she uses real deer antlers, as well as her own unique sculpting style to bring life to her sculptures and hand crafted woodland crowns. Blue's work revolves around growth and earth element, commonly featuring fungi and bone-like elements. 'I want my work to feel like it is straight from the earth. Like you've just picked it up off the grounds of Pan's Labyrinth' she says.

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Zora Franco Born in Venezuela, currently living in Argentina, where my passion for visual arts and photography was born or rather, awakens. During this time and through introspection, spiritual search and personal processes, I have discovered photography beyond the visual field, as a means to bring qualities and attributes of the invisible and intangible to the visible world. With an immersive gaze I immerse myself in details, subtleties and abstractions, without the intention of defining or showing reality, but, leaving space for mystery, perception and revelation. Currently I share my profession of Engineering with the visual arts, in the search to combine the objectivity and subjectivity that characterize them, with the motivation to open new paths to produce something that has meaning for humanity and transforms realities.

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Giuseppe Francavilla Born in Palermo, Italy, in 1974, I have been having a natural flair for the shot since I was 10, using a Polaroid 1000 model borrowed from my brother. The real revolution begins in 2001 owning a Kodak's bridge camera with a 24x zoom which trained my eye to look for the hidden details of things, as in an imaginary game in which there is always something hidden from reality that may tickle the wonder of surprise. Since 2006 international honors have dropped with some regularity and this has pushed me to challenge my skills more and more. Currently I dedicate myself mainly to street and documentary photography.

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Hsun Hsun, born and live in Taiwan. Have a high interest in painting since childhood. Talent, I think I have. Once engaged in IT work for a while. Be a programmer, system analysis, and project manager. Fully entering the field of painting is a turning point in life. I decided to have a second child, so I turned off all the work at hand and focused on raising children and painting. I have studied painting with several Taiwanese artists. Color pencils, ink, watercolor, and oil painting are all involved. As for digital works, it's not hard for me.

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Silvia Anan I am a Turkish self-taught contemporary abstract artist and have been involving in the art for many years. However, actively creating art since 2019 October. For long years I pursued my business career until I got married. My work was hectic and required a lot of travelling, so sadly there were no time and no space for me to do art. In a way after our union with my husband, he pushed me to follow my passion which I am grateful to him. Soon after I created my ‘’Incubation'' Series over 9 months time consist of 40 paintings. I use several mediums but mostly acrylic. End of Incubation series we had our son and after his birth in 2020 Aug I started to digitize my artworks and joined to the NFT Community and became a verified artist on Foundation.app platform end of March 2021. I am in a constant learning process of transforming my art into digital forms by giving them different languages to speak to the viewers until I have the spare time again to paint as I motherhood takes over.

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Nada Nadj I was born in Bosnia and am an artist living in Vienna. In my work, I do not stick to one particular kind of technique but rather combine them in different ways to express myself freely. I move between abstract and figurative painting because one offers me the freedom and the joy of color and the other offers the possibility of expressing feelings and playing with techniques that are different each time. I especially like to use lines.

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Clarafosca Clarafosca is a versatile artist from Barcelona, open to curiosity and always travelling and living around the world. Her fine art background led her into the graffiti world from 2004 to nowadays. Although her professional career has taken her to different fields of the visual arts, from illustration, street art, to tattooing. So the inspiration comes from her own life and emotions. She’s focused on painting aesthetic female forms, complemented with vivid colours from graffiti and the transcendent fusion of natural shapes. Nowadays she steeped in her passions, and she also got into NFT doing digital artwork pieces.

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Patrick Duffy The Concept of Space plays an important role in my process of painting. It reveals itself in the form of paradoxes, appearing on the surface of the canvas or paper in discrete forms combined into a network of images. Through the use of mediums such as archival ink, flat and glossy acrylic and oil paint, I am able to deconstruct the work, breaking it down to each element. It is then that I can reconstruct the imagery, creating an unspoken dialogue based on the relationships and interactions between them.

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Christophe Carton The spirit of the place

At the origin of Christophe Carton's works, there is the desire to show the influence of landscapes, and in the broader sense of our environment, on our mental space. So concretely in his approach he begins by drawing from his memory images of places for which he has a particular affection. From these images he builds an imaginary place, a sensory atmosphere which corresponds to these memories. The question of figuration in his work is not the subject. According to him “an abstract work could only be a detail of a figurative work, a piece of reality seen on a different scale (seen from the sky, or microscopic view) that depends on the more or less precise sensory trace that the place leaves in memory.

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Neha Agarwala I am an Indian artist heavily influenced by the Renaissance greats. My works attached to this article are my earlier works which were influenced by my Indian heritage. Currently, I am pursuing a specialization in oil paintings, mainly focused on portraiture (viewable on my website and Instagram account).

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Maurizio D'Andrea My creative work spans various artistic fields such as painting, digital graphics, sculpture, generative art, photography and video art. My creativity is expressed through an energy that has its roots in the subconscious. It animates all my creations. My pictorial works arise from the need to give form to private emotional images and are interpretations whose symbolic content is in continuous dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious mind. They are acrylic compositions, both geometric-abstract and lyrical, marked by vivid, powerful colours and by a movement that penetrates the observer's soul. I analyse, investigate, delve into my inner self in search of new solutions and new techniques.

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Otto Laske As I have grown into a visual artist, I have come to consider each finished work as a potential template for another, more simple or complex, one, that could emerge from it. This way of viewing finished work derives from an awareness of the many part-whole relationships embedded in a work, a way of viewing some part of the work as a new, undeveloped whole. It is a perspective nurtured by an awareness of the almost unlimited changeability of digital works, an awareness of opportunities which, for an experienced digital artist, lie ready to hand.

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Ana Richter Ana Richter, oil/digital artist. Starting at a young age I’ve always been interested in painting/sketching but decided to take it more seriously only a year ago. Now I do traditional oil paintings and digital ones, constantly experimenting with new objects, movie scenes, landscapes, and #artchallanges. What differentiates my style from the others is my brushwork, creating a bold, thick texture that is pleasing to the eye.

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Inger Brown Illustrator Inger Brown has released 2 new Bobbling stories in her children's book series. The first book "The Bobbling and the Dragon" is a sweat adventure where he has to save his new friend Woo the Whippet from the terrible dragon. The second story is ready for Christmas where The Bobbling moves into a longer adventure of a chapter book. He needs to help Rudolf the reindeer find Santa who is lost in the enchanted forest. The Bobbling has had a huge over hall with a new permanent character introduced and lively, fun illustrations.

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Artztur Artztur is quite the character. He has spent over 10 years traveling around the world, selling his paintings and making a living making sure he's not missing out on freedom! He is originally from Barcelona, where he grew up skateboarding the narrow streets of the old city. He was even sponsored by a few brands at the age of 15 but he soon got overwhelmed by the Skate-scene, so at the age of 22 he decided to travel the world, with barely any money and not too many plans. He began his journey in the Americas, where he was selling little hand-painted postcards and bigger paintings on wood using recycled paints, to be able to sustain his travels. Always inspired by the social aspects of the environment around him, he brings his own dose of cartoony street-art style pieces, influenced by the madness of cities and the surrealistic side in nature and humanity.

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Denys Golemenkov Golemenkov, Denys is a Ukrainian-born, Toronto-based visual artist. Denys specializes in bright, abstract paintings, as well as vibrant digital works. He is inspired by the geometrics of every-day things, by Toronto's modern and historical architecture, and by the lights and colours in nature. He has a passion for creating impactful works of art, and adding vibrancy to the world. His original works, as well as their reproductions in print, are available for sale. Custom art can be commissioned in a multitude of sizes and media.

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Marion Julius Marion Julius her latest drawings and paintings the style is of like STAR WARS characters like Darth Maul. Characters which are from the dark lords of the sith that is Marion's favorite characters from stories. She is from Australia the artist Marion Julius who has an interest in art drawing and painting. Her art work has been featured in magazines and local art galleries and she also competes in art competitions now and again.

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Natalia Berglund Natalia Berglund is a Los Angeles-based (Minsk-born) multidisciplinary visual artist who works in a variety of mediums, with a primary focus on portraiture. Her latest body of work is inspired by Orthodox iconography and fashion photography. Drawing parallels between the high drama of ancient icons and contemporary representations of women in the media, she explores the tension inherent in modern ideals of femininity.

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Adhemas Batista I am a Brazilian-born, American-adopted Director of Design and artist based in Los Angeles. My passion is fusing a robust and strategic foundation with beautiful craft to create meaningful concepts. Self-taught, I started my career at the age of fifteen as a web designer. Over the last two decades, I’ve developed a distinct visual style across the variety of media I work in (illustration, typography, animation, photography)—which has led me to work with most Fortune 500 brands.

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