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ISSUE 1 | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

9 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

30 Graphic art 34 Illustration 36 Iness Kaplun Impressum JaamZIN Creative UXScoops Pte. Ltd. Singapore Registration No.: 201601782G


Seda Akay As a Turkish citizen currently based in Aarhus, Denmark, sometimes I feel monachopsis. That’s why I like to use manipulated films to take some shots with views, objects and people so that I can feel my hidden and desired places through the unexpected results. My passion for analog photography started almost 8 years ago with Lomography and after several work experiences in creative industries, I found my comfort zone in manipulated film and they always feel right at the end.

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Bruno D’ALIMONTE (Italian b. 1969 Brussels - Belgium). Bruno D’Alimonte lives and works in Brussels. His photographic predilection is for social and urban notions that he likes to phase with the passing of time. He is also known for years in the Belgian press area for his portraits. Photography is naturally a testimony that freezes a past moment and slows the passage to oblivion. My intimate photographic work pays a tribute to fragility through an ongoing indecisiveness that reflects chaos surrounded by chimeras. My latest works are the fruit of an unstable but necessary choice depicting a pictorial and metaphoric tension in the narrative. The images created are undefined and vague; they play with the narrative codes of everyday images yet are deeply intertwined with the ineffable. The world I show is poetically puzzling, it reflects our evanescence beyond any form of vanity.

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Luke MacBride

My name is Luke MacBride and I am a Canadian Photographer based in Accra, Ghana for the last 4 years. I have lived and worked in New York City, Valencia Spain, Toronto Ontario and Shanghai China. I have traveled to over 70 countries in the past 20 years and I always have my camera at my side. I have had my work displayed in Toronto, Valencia and various online and virtual galleries due to the Covid pandemic.

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OHKUCHI KATSUHIRO Since ten years I have been photographing under the title Miniature Size Landscape, researching methods of making small worlds appear larger. Landscapes of Grasses, Mosses, Ditches, and so on that spread at our feet. The small world hides a strange and beautiful landscape. A dwarf that is a 1-inch tall go on an adventure in a familiar place. I use photographic art to capture that kind of imagination as a child. As we grow up, we get busy that we forget to imagine. I hope my work reminds you of the dreamy imagination you had as a child.

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Gary McGillivrayBirnie Gary McGillivray-Birnie, photographer and light creator based in Stavanger, Norway. I’m a visual artist who uses a camera to create. Focused on aesthetics of visual storytelling to define a style with the aim of transforming light to create powerful emotional images. Inspired by black and white photography, manipulating studio and natural light, makes me stand out as a photographer.

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Crystal Miwa My name is CrystaI and I am a Freelance Photographer, Graphic and multimedia designer. I studied Bachelor Visual communication for five years with various different design perspectives and established my freelance studio “Crystal Design� in 2020. I am originally from Japan and moved to New Zealand when I was 14 as an international student. I have since established myself in Christchurch, where I currently live. My multi-cultural background makes up a large part of my design styles, which are inspired bytraditional Japanese culture, European black and white photography and Minimalism as well as other modern abstract art. I enjoy making collage style as well, I find gathering small ideas and the contexts of pieces into one big shape helps to understand much bigger images and concepts. I value hand made pieces, not mass-produced, and I want to have a conscientious approach to sustainable, ethical and beneficial activity in the world. My end product is guided by the design process, and I aim to make art, not photocopies.

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Jvdas Berra One of Mexico's most celebrated photographers, Jvdas Berra loves narrating tales through his photographs. Recognised as “Artist that revolutionised fashion photography in Mexico” by Forbes, Jvdas is an unconventional storyteller.

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Ezra Bejar Ezra Bejar is a painter from Mexico living in San Diego California. After discovering the arts and the sciences at an early age, he spent two years at San Diego State University, College of Art and Design participating in advanced painting and multimedia studies. Ezra received a Ph.D. in Pharmacology (Medicinal Chemistry) from University of the Pacific in Stockton. Catapulted by his own personal transformation, after a temporary loss of vision and thirty years of scientific research, Ezra perceives nature and urban spaces in a distinctive way, extracting an alternative reality rich in color, texture and geometries. His original artwork, created with a blend of traditional physical (drawing and painting) and modern methods, is harmonious, and yet intriguing, with some dissonant elements. Ezra’s expressionistic paintings are well appreciated, exhibited and collected in the US, Europe, Asia and Mexico.

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Pablo Gutiérrez Martínez Pablo Gutiérrez Martínez is a Spanish visual artist born in 1980, whose creative productionfocuses on portraiture and figurative painting presented in a contemporary way. Self-taught by nature, Pablo seeks inspiration in the classic figurative painting of the great masters, creating a new interpretation by building a more contemporary universe, with a focus more on emotional content than on narrative.

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Lorna Scheepers Like many women in art, I embraced art as an adult, but it was not until I relocatedto the USA five years ago, that I started working as a full time artist. My creativity begins with an appreciation for the beauty in the everyday, oftenreflecting my emotions and memories and interwoven with more idyllic andimagined elements of the environment. Layers and a love for pattern informs mypractice.

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Satu Laurel Satu Laurel is a Finnish painter who celebrates the richness of nature and creativity in her paintings. Ideas derive from surrounding nature and the painting process transforms these ideas into a combination of real and imagined worlds. She has had several exhibitions around the world.

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Francesca Tesoriere My preference for nature and the outdoors, drive me to natural colors and sunlight themes. Actually working also in product-adv, brand art, and greeting cards designs as I'm very interested in growing my activity in the Art Licensing field.

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Priscilla Vettese My artistic approach is rooted in nature itself, like an intimate dialogue with the landscape that is offered to me, whatever it is. This is based both in the figurative and in the abstract on a relationship between the different tones of colors, shapes and textures.Painting is a resilience echoing my inner cosmos over the course of my lived experiences and embedded in my mind and influencing the outer world that I perceive.

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Andreina Nacci I am an Italian expatriate in France. When I was 18 years old, a day my heart decided to stop. I had a cardiac arrest. Fortunately I survived, and this accident left me, apparently, just an implanted defibrillator and a bad scar. Although I didn't have any health problems and I shouldn't be afraid anymore, that day changed my view of life. The feelings were more powerful and for a long time I lived every day as it was the last. I traveled a lot and I experienced lots of changes in my life. One of them took me to France.

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Verònica Fernández I'm Verònica from Barcelona (Spain) and I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid, this is my biggest passion. Even though I've been dedicated to fashion and communication, I figured out how much I love painting and I started to create my artworks during my free time a few years ago.

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Parul Mehra

Parul Mehra is an architect by profession & an Artist by expression. Her creative learning started in college, where she practiced sketching & building 3D models, enhancing her experiences with colours, materials & dimensions.

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Erika Sanada

Mayuka Yamamoto

Mayuka Yamamoto is widely recognized as one of Japan’s leading second-generation contemporary artists, whose works depict children sporting animal features and enigmatic expressions. The artist’s oil paintings often appear reticent and introspective. The emotions of the child characters in Yamamoto’s works, or “animal boys” as she often calls them, are meant to be a mystery to the viewer.

Erika Sanada creates beautifully creepy creatures in relationships that are often sweet and sometimes sinister. As a perpetually worried soul, her works are a way for the artist to confront the darker side of her nature as well as an outlet for the sensitivities etched on her personality through the bitter experiences of youth.

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Herman Kuypers For about thirty years now the drawings and paintings of dutch artist Herman Kuypers are dominated by mostly chairs. His watercolours and pencil-drawings are very detailed and show his interest in perspective. Out of a constructive mind he creates a world of his own consisting of and constructed with, as mentioned, almost only chairs. By using his great technical skills he reaches a high level of perfection which is essential in (t)his case.In an original, curious and sometimes even magical way he creates original points of view on subjects of science, biology, astronomy, human relations and of course art itself.

"While it may seem to be a limitation, it is precisely because of this that I can playfully explore great depths, and I always come up with something new again." Looking at his works you'll see that art can be fun.

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Anthony Caffy My father taught me how to draw when I was a kid. Soon, I became obsessed with drawing. At any moment, I would find a way to sketch while my friends would play football in the school courtyard. A whole world of dreams and imaginary characters inhabited my mind. Growing up, I decided to extend my means of expression by painting, sculpting, photography and film. I am French, based in Berlin. I recently finished my PhD in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. . My studies are the expression of my passion for art and the understanding of the human mind. My art is the expression of everything that my studies will never be able to grasp through the use of words.

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Corné Akkers Young as I was when I started drawing and painting I started my professional art career at age 35 after ending a succesful carreer as a business lawyer. I kept on handling my brushes and pencils after childhood but never dreamed I could make a living out of art. The internet offered me an online showcase through my own website and many affiliate websites focusing on displaying and selling art, such as Singulart, Saatchiart and Artfinder. Since then my work can be seen in many countries all over the world I employ a variety of styles that all have one thing in common: the ever search for the light on phenomena and all the shadows and light planes they block in. My favorites in doing so are oil paint, dry pastel and graphite pencil. It is not the form or the theme that counts but the way planes of certain tonal quality vary and block in the lights.

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Adrian Platkovsky Adrian Platkovsky was born in Cieszyn, Poland in 1986. In 2007 he finished Publicity and Media Profesja School in Bielsko Biala, Poland. Since 2012 he lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Since 11 years he works with street art and since 6 years he makes abstract compositions using conventional painting techniques.

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Sarah Morrissette Sarah Morrissette is a native of California, living and working in Vienna, Austria. The daughter of two architects, she had a childhood surrounded by art supplies. Throughout her unconventional childhood on a Greek island and in Northern California on a commune during the 1970s, she continued to carry her drawing paper and pens everywhere she went.

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Veronika Kyrychenko Veronika Kyrychenko is an abstract artist focused on representing the emotional state of a person through the evolvement of colour and experimentative painting techniques. When working as a therapist Veronica learned to release the personalities of her clients, their worries and perspectives with their art.

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Olena McMurtrey Olena McMurtrey is a contemporary artist based in California and specializing in cityscapes, seascapes, and landscapes. Olena lived in several large cities on both sides of the world and finally settled in California. The inspiration to furthering art education came while the artist lived in Los Angeles and later she completed the Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

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Christina Twomey Christina's artworks represent her experience with environment and atmosphere, which she draws upon to bring life into her paintings. Just watching clouds or looking at the ocean or exploring the forest brings her constant inspiration. Christina's work is an abstract reimagining of the environment she experiences, with each piece being a creation and representation of sky, land, ocean, and everything in-between.

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Barb Sherin Barb Sherin is an entrepreneur and self-taught painter, who at a very young age, was bit by the fashion bug. Her interest in designing had her juggling both senior year in High School and training at The French Fashion Academy in New York City. She attended Parsons School of Design and was shortly introduced to the music industry. At the same time, she pursued her passion for painting. Her collaboration with Pioneer Hip Hop Photographer, Al Pereria, landed her paintings in magazines with recording artists, Schoolly D, MC Ren, Yoyo, Tevin Campbell, Wu Tang Clan, and more.

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Eileen Lunecke My name is Eileen Lunecke, I am a visual artist, and I consider myself a collector of places and moments. I am from Chile, South America, where I currently live. I would define my work as realistic with inclinations towards pop art. Real places and moments inspire my creations, using my own experiences as a starting point. I visit these places, imbue myself with the feeling of actually being there, I take notes and additionally make a photographic record of each place. This way, cities and people are the starting point for my artistic research, which revolves around the observation of urban spaces and individuals, with the aim of interpreting the characteristics of each one of them, deconstructing and reinterpreting them.

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Carlos - Julian Manrique Engels I am an Artist from Germany i was born into a Artist family my Father is a freelance Artist and my Mother sculptor Artist. My brother is a drawer to. I have learn a lot by myself, i was in different Schools there was Courses about the History of Art from the 1900 - 1990 that i was study.That was very important to me. I would like to create something new that no one has done. And I have heard that the visual Art is to die.

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Christian Bazant-Hegemark During the Corona lockdown I started a series of highly fragmented, monochrome pencil drawings. I used them to portray friends; in the case of the works presented here, you get to see Alex, Jasmin and Lilo. When I see these drawings now, half a year later, I see horror vacui and an obsession to fill every inch of the paper. I also remember this deep urgency to not stand still -- when the lockdown made movement impossible, I could still move the pencil, over the sheets of paper. This offered me some sort of structure, and a valid reason to stay within the moment. More than anything, these drawings are the result of a deep, maybe meditative focus.

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Viktoria Kovats I live and work in Hungary, in Budapest. I successfully completed a graphic designer exam and got the qualification this year, though I still work as a kind of business analyst. Art is my passion, and I’m looking for the opportunity to work on this area to use my knowledge. My portfolio includes a lot of different styles, a wide range palette. I love drawing but nowadays I prefer working with photos. I like to discover new techniques, tools and use different styles during the creation process.

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Siv Storøy The female personas, either presented on their own, or as part of a larger narrative scene, inhabit dreamy landscapes or worlds, inspired by stories, myths and fairytales, carrying a sub-tone of mystic illusion. Creating images with a technique structured and developed over years, her work allows her to constantly explore new ways of presenting them. Indeed, Storøy has developed her own visual vocabulary and distinct style; with details and precision she invites us to view the world as a mystical, ethereal and almost obscure illusion. Her works have been exhibited in London, Munich, Rome and New York.

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Andrej Zvirelo My name is Andrej Zvirelo and I was born in the small town which is in the middle of the forests and the lakes area in Lithuania. Currently live in London.In my works, I focus on two main points with the help of which I try to open my inner world.

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Nadia-Rose Hanna My art often reflects what's going on inside of my head. Because I think too much, I have to exult those thoughts. My anxieties, my politically engaged ideas, the mirror of a brutal society. I take refuge in art to express a thought, while remaining hidden from the world. I do not feel in control of the situation, however, being able to print in multiples allows me to express my opinion by having a wide distribution means in view of the fact that they are not unique pieces. My creations are then hidden everywhere in Brussels, only those who have a keen eye will be able to find them.

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Alexandra Ramirez Alexandra Ramirez is an artist, illustrator, designer and animator based in London. She works in traditional and digital media, murals and paintings, visual branding, graphic design, textiles and printmaking. Her endless energy storms out with vibrant colours and dynamic line and shape. Her inspiration comes from the big city life with its small stories to tell, its dwellers rushing back and forth, its crazy fast heartbeat. She's a passionate activist and mental health awareness advocate.

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Iness Kaplun: One-Minute Read Catching even a glimpse of Iness Kaplun’s paintings means to be instantly drawn into the bright colors and elaborate design of her collages, reminding her fans simultaneously of variations of Niclas Castello’s lips and Mimmo Rotella’s decollages. Somewhat reminiscent of works of Robert Indiana, Iness’s paintings always contain the word love, either displayed in big letters or tucked among textual or pictorial elements. At the same time, the energetic presence of Iness’s paintings—part of her own personality, no doubt—already fills the rooms of many homes in the United States, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Russia with blissful positivity, but watchful observers would notice how the numerous bits and pieces of her collages strip away the layers of immediate reality, creating in the observer a strange electrifying comfort.

Figure 1: This 36” x 36” mixed media/ collage with epoxy says what many girls often need a little bit of help saying, “I Don’t Need Your Funny Love,” and some ladies may need it as a constant reminder, in vibrant colors.

Follow Iness on Instagram: @Iness_Kaplun. Her website is InessKaplun.com

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Iness Kaplun: One-Minute Read

Figure 2: This painting, 8x8”, is the artist’s many-layered impression of her favorite city through lips and the landscape collage of associated mental images.

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Iness Kaplun: One-Minute Read

Figure 3: This is another affirmation for ladies, 30x40”—a recommendation from Marilyn Monroe herself—about something that they should always remember, but it is also something that, while being spun in the hustle and bustle of every-day life, they sometimes forget. . . .

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