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ISSUE 1 |  VOL 2  |  JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

JaamZIN Creative

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

4 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

12 Illustration 21 Graphic art 23 Interview Impressum JaamZIN Creative   UXScoops Pte. Ltd. Singapore Registration No.: 201601782G


Marina Lauar Marina Lauar is a Brazilian visual artist. She develops her artwork in Fine Art Photography, where she uses a pictorial language to construct of her narratives. As a plural artist she appropriates elements that expand formal photography and allow the mix of printed photography with other gestures and techniques. She finds in the portrait an appropriate field for her discussions and critical reflection, which she builds through minimalist and potent images. Her research currently circulates between the deconstruction of already rooted stereotypes and her own self-perception.

2 JaamZIN Creative


Simon Paul Simon resurrected his interest in photography in late 2019 following a long break. He uses an Olympus Pen F, predominantly with the superb 17mm f1.8 lens. The Pen F's monochrome mode 2 is a virtual copy of Kodak Tri X, his favourite film of old. Simon just shoots wherever interests him which includes a lot of natural subjects. Subjects that are particularly quirky or show natural subjects in a different or interesting manner tend to captivate him.

JaamZIN Creative 3


Christel Haag Christel Haag has a deep passion for creating abstract art. Nature inspires and drives her work. Whilst the many marvellous impressions she takes home from her travels frequently appear in their abstract form in her paintings. Haag also expresses the mood and feeling of a particular moment in time. It is first and foremost the joy of painting, of colours, of the creative process itself and of the energy of being that drives her artistic creation.

4 JaamZIN Creative


Hélène Longval Hélène Longval lives and works in Montréal in the province of Québec, Canada. Her formal research is based on abstract language, including gesture lines, contrast, depth and mass proportion. She uses acrylic, collage and drawing on canvas, wood or paper support. Eager to go to the depth on her formal research, she studies the notion of space, silence, breathing as an echo of her present preoccupations. She feels the urge to distance herself from the material overabundance of our society. She relies on strength, energy and sensibility to convey her plastic language and her own perception of the world in which we live.

JaamZIN Creative 5


Ana Patitú Hi I’m Ana Patitú, I was born in Argentina. From 2016 I live in Barcelona. I worked as a graphic designer more than 10 years. Meanwhile I studied painting, creativity and mural painting with renamed artists. But in 2018, I left design to pursue my real passion: painting. I have always been interested in the study of the human figure. It is awesome how human body can be a vehicle to express deep thoughts and moods which we go through during our lifetime. Before I start painting I study the proportion of the subject and draw a grid that helps me to place the face on the canvas. .

6 JaamZIN Creative


Kristin Moore I’m a realist painter currently residing Dallas, TX. My work explores the various landscapes and highways of Texas, California, and in between. I attended St. Edward’s University in Austin for undergraduate, where I studied painting, drawing, and art history. I received my MFA from Otis College of Art + Design in 2016. Working primarily in acrylic on panel, my work explores atmosphere and nostalgia through architecture and cityscapes.

JaamZIN Creative 7


Antonius Kho My works, like my culture, are mosaic: they consist of vignettes of tropical and earth tones scattered across the canvas in an obsession patterning of human figures and masks. When looking at it, though, it is impossible to focus on these individual patterns or sub-patterns, one’s attention is drawn away, made to run from one color surface to the other. dance across the canvas from one tone to the other. until this visual search identification signs: eyes. Eyes lurk everywhere in my works, “They are the ultimate presence or truth” , therefore the life behind the mask-and, from an aesthetic point of view.

8 JaamZIN Creative



Varsha is a novice artist from Kolkata who after completing her Chartered Accountancy course is engaged with a consulting firm. She enjoys painting during her leisure time and describes her passion for painting as "While locked up in my cage, painting my heart out lets me unfurl my wings in the sea of imagination these days. I generally try linking my abstract paintings to real life stories which every individual is able to relate to!"

JaamZIN Creative 9


Kasia Pawlak I am a Singapore based artist originally from Warsaw, Poland. When I was in my 20s I developed my interest in painting while watching my mother paint. After settling in in Singapore, I discovered acrylics, my favourite medium and began my love for and devotion to painting. In my portfolio you will find landscapes and pure abstracts, but it is the cityscapes that I am drawn to the most, especially places I used to live in, like Tokyo. My originals and prints have been sold across the world, from Europe to Japan, Australia and the U.S. I never know what my paintings will look like at the end as the process is spontaneous and fast, and I hope you too can feel all the good vibes and love that I put into these works of art.

10Â JaamZIN Creative


Calvin Teng In Calvin Teng’s abstract artwork, you can see fluid lines and brushstrokes that are like distinct rhythms, inversions, harmonies, counterpoints or variations expressed in music. In Calvin’s lyrical space, he uses forms, clusters and colors to exhibit the beauty of landscapes in the modern art arena. To testify his aesthetic belief, Calvin Teng adopts unique approaches to depict the sublime beauty of landscapes through transcending their original outlines into abstract forms and spirits.

JaamZIN Creative 11


Lee Kow Fong Lee Kow Fong, or Ah Guo, graduated with a BA(Hons) in Chinese Studies from National University of Singapore and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Interpretation from Nanyang Technological University. He received his MA in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, UK in 2011. Since then, he has been actively involved in the promotion and creation of picture-book in Singapore. Presently, he is putting in full-time effort in pursuing his passion in illustration, writing and picturebook. He is also a regular columnist on LianheZaobao and provides adjunct teaching at several institutions including Ngee Ann Polytechnic and National Institute of Education.

12 JaamZIN Creative 


Mathieu Laprie

Mathieu Laprie is a french artist based in London. In 2014 he completed a BA design degree in Bordeaux (France). Since then, he has worked as an assistant designer, established his own business and worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. He is now focused on motion design to make vibrant, minimalist and colorful animations. As a cinema-lover, Mathieu is inspired by films but also by childhood passions like astronomy, oceanography and comics.

JaamZIN Creative 13  


Kärt Hennoste Kärt Hennoste is an Illustrator/Graphic Designer based in Estonia, Tallinn.Kärt’s artworks are mainly inspired by moments in everyday life - simple thoughts and observations are being formed into pictures. She mainly loves to use lines and clean colours, to keep everything simple and clean in her art. Kärt tries to link illustrations as much as possible in to her everyday work projects. She says, it adds uniqueness and character to the outcome. She especially loves to work with museums. So when visiting Estonia, you can have a good opportunity to see her illustrations and exhibition designs in museums.

14 JaamZIN Creative  


Li Shan Born and raised in Singapore, Li Shan is trained and majored in Surface Design in University of Arts London. During her studies in London, she had various opportunities exploring with different methods of print making, such as linoprinting, screen-printing on fabric and also hard surfaces like paper and ceramics.

JaamZIN Creative 15Â


Lisa Saputra Lisa is an indie children books illustrator coming from Indonesia.She as well does some amigurumi (Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures) for personal projects. Lisa started drawing back in elementary school. She used to doodle on her textbooks (especially cats) and the (bad) habit continued until she graduated from high school. That is the main reason why Lisa choose to study visual design later.

16 JaamZIN Creative  


Francesca Gaby Van Daele Francesca Gaby Van Daele is a Belgian illustrator who currently lives in Barcelona. She specializes in vibrant visuals, celebrating life and its diversity, both digitally and on canvas. Francesca Gaby works with various mediums including different types of paint and clay. Her work includes different filmmaking projects and has been exhibited internationally at different festivals and conferences.

JaamZIN Creative 17


Hashmukh Kerai Hash originally started up his creative career in Film and Production, but then followed up his love for VFX mainly in Motion Graphics and 3D Illustration. He has always had a real passion for imagery splattered with bright colours, and loved creating art that can’t always be made in the physical world. The notion of creating something that is impossible in reality is at the forefront of his work. He is constantly working on self-initiated projects to keep his mind and skills fresh, and to gain a better interpretation of art and play, day by day.

18 JaamZIN Creative  


Arina Kokoreva My name is Arina Kokoreva, I’m a nomad artist and illustrator currently based in Moscow, Russia. Drawing addiction and big love for collaborating with musicians, filmmakers and other artists are two things that brought me into creative industry. My work is focused mainly on poster/cover design, short animation and editorial illustration while general interests are spreading across the fields of experimental narratives, cinema, music and the occult.

JaamZIN Creative 19  


Dario Moschetta My name is Dario Moschetta and I am an artist and illustrator from Castelfranco Veneto, a small town near Venice, Italy. I create digital paintings, but I also use traditional techniques. I work with acrylics and inks. I love to do portraits, I like to draw in black ink on paper to have a high contrast. I have participated in some art fairs in London. My artworks are present in collections all over the world. I have collaborated and still collaborate with art galleries in London, Italy and Tel Aviv.

20 JaamZIN Creative  


Anastasiia Vasylenko Anastasiia Vasylenko is an emerging graphic designer and student of Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland, coming from Kyiv, Ukraine. Anastasiia is fueled by her passion for art in all of its forms. Her favorite art movement is impressionism and the favorite artist of hers is Vincent Van Gogh. Just like her role model, she aspires to develop her own, unique style in art. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, photography and creating digital designs by which she expresses herself and her feelings.

JaamZIN Creative 21  


Mona Choo A conceptually driven artist, Mona Choo’s practice sits in the intersection between science and spirituality. Her work is centred around the enigma that is consciousness, as she explores existential themes and investigates, through her experimental art, what lies between the intangible and the physical. Fusing sculpture, drawing and print in both traditional and digital forms, Choo’s work is informed and influenced by theories of quantum physics, sacred geometry, hidden dimensions and the human condition.

22 JaamZIN Creative  

INTERVIEW Abstract expressionist painter Samantha Redfern Samantha draws inspiration from her surroundings. Living in the affectionately dubbed “Garden City”, her work is her abstract take on the buildings and the lush, tropical greenery of Singapore. Playing host to visiting family and friends and showing them the sights of Singapore has surfaced her passion for skylines, and the interplay between the built environment and the natural environment. “Here, the jungle is always just being kept at bay and can creep in at any moment. I love that.”  Using a combination of gestural, impulsive movements, layering and detailed work, Samantha has a style that is all her own. Read on to learn more about abstract expressionist painter, Samantha Redfern.

JaamZIN Creative 23

INTERVIEW What inspired you to become an artist?

My father is an engineer professionally but has always produced the most amazing photo-realistic drawings and paintings. I haven't inherited his skill in terms of photorealism, but I have inherited his passion for art. Growing up, we had art literature full of outstanding and inspiring artworks. One of my earliest memories of pre-school is being asked to paint a picture of the weather. I remember receiving praise from the teacher, how I'd done such a lovely job, and I think that gave me the confidence to carry on.  I have always been passionate about art and English. But I knew I wanted to do my degree in art. I've always loved the freedom of creating. Now I am finally putting my Fine Art degree to good use. My parents are delighted. Although I had a part-time job, it was them that kept me in art supplies and canvases.

Garden City

24 JaamZIN Creative  

INTERVIEW What are the most fascinating aspects of 'city' that became your inspiration?

It's interesting because I find my love of the city and my love of nature conflict. I find it hard to know that every time we expand or build, it's at the cost of nature. At the same time, I love the city because I enjoy people watching. Just sitting and watching the world go by. I love to walk down Orchard Road (the central shopping belt in Singapore) and feel part of the iconic surroundings and history. But I also need to escape to the jungle to get in touch with nature and absorb the quiet. Growing up, we lived just across from an enormous expanse of woodland. As a child, my parents would take us there, and we'd play in all the seasons. As an adult, I would take my beloved dogs and eventually my children to Caesar's Camp (an old Roman fort) and find peace hunting for conkers or watching squirrels burying acorns. Through my paintings, I am trying to find a harmony between nature and city, just in the way Singapore does. Singapore is so green and beautiful. Everywhere you look there are beautiful plants. It is a balance, and it needs to keep its green lungs to keep the air safe for its inhabitants.

Burning Sky

JaamZIN Creative 25  

INTERVIEW For creativity reasons, some artists use tools or mediums in a different way than intended. Is there a particular tool or media that you prefer to use differently?

I'm not sure I do anything particularly profound with the media I use. But I do try to use it in multiple ways. I paint in acrylic, and I use it mixed heavily with water to create washes, I also use heavy body acrylics, and I mix paints with mediums to increase their transparency. I use brushes, pencils, a straw from Starbucks and my hands to apply and blend in some paintings. I discovered acrylic inks recently, and I often apply them straight from the pipette to the canvas and let gravity control the drip, or I'll intervene and blend the colour with the colours already occupying the space. I want to experiment more with texture and mixed media in future works.

City of Fortune

26 JaamZIN Creative  

INTERVIEW Who are your top 2 favourite artists? What's in their style that captures you?

That is a tough question because I don't so much have a favourite artist. I am pretty fickle because I think I like someone enough to commit them to the status of favourite artist and then my head gets turned. I'm like a kid in a candy store. When I went to Rome, I was amazed by the works I saw by artists such a Michelangelo and Raphael. Although the style and subject matter is worlds away from my own, the artwork is breathtakingly beautiful. It's stays with you. Ansel Adams was a huge inspiration to me. His composition of the landscape with the surrounding trees perhaps has influenced the design of my work. I spent much of my degree taking photos and developing them myself. One of the exhibitions that stays with me the most in recent times is the one by Yayoi Kusama. The vibrant colours and boldness of the works I found so inspiring and energising. I bought one of her pumpkins from an art gallery when I was exhibiting in Taiwan. The gallery owner would buy them when he visited Japan and bring them back.

The City That Never Sleeps

JaamZIN Creative 27  

INTERVIEW Why is your art process so unique? What determines your artwork is ready to sell?

Unique is a very strong word. Especially in the art world. You try your best to produce from your heart, but how do I know my art is unique? With all artists, song writers, composers, novel writers etc. we are all trying to bring something new to the world. Sometimes there will be crossovers or similarities. It's inevitable I suppose. I do know, however, that my work is very spontaneous. I could never copy a piece of my work. I often think how will I produce another when I can't remember how I created this one. I use many layers and a mixture of matt, gloss and metallic paints so that from each angle of light, you see something different. I love details. I once was told my work was too busy, but I love it being that way. I love a painting you can keep staring at or notice something new. I will display my work around the house and live with it for a while. If I can't see any room for improvement, I'll know it's done. If it's just not singing to me, I'll continue to work on it. As an artist, there is that ever lingering dread we'll overwork a painting and ruin it. So you need to learn when to let it be.

Neon City

28 JaamZIN Creative  

Profile for JaamZIN Creative Studio

JaamZIN Creative magazine June 2020  

JaamZIN Creative features contemporary visual artists.

JaamZIN Creative magazine June 2020  

JaamZIN Creative features contemporary visual artists.

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