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LIFETIME GIVING JA Free Enterprise Society JA Heritage Society


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WELCOME Dear Friends of Junior Achievement: We are pleased to share with you Junior Achievement USA’s 2020-2021 Annual Report. The past year was a challenging one for JA, as it was for most organizations in light of the global pandemic. Our main objective is to inspire and prepare young people for success. This was especially difficult at a time when many schools were struggling to deliver basic educational programming while balancing needs for health and public safety. For JA, this put us in a position of having to be more creative and innovative in order to get our learning experiences to students. While JA has been in the process of a digital transformation for a number of years, the pandemic forced us to accelerate that transition as we adopted a “digital first” approach. This meant quickly adapting existing content to online platforms, embracing virtual volunteering, trying unique educational experiences, and finding new ways to engage stakeholders by sharing our progress through stories, virtual presentations, and thought leadership. As a result, our pandemic response has been recognized with prestigious honors from Learn X Live!, The Brandon Hall Group, and the Communicator Awards. You will learn more about our “digital first” approach in this annual report, as well as our work in promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), success stories of our impact, and much more. Suffice it to say, we are very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish during these challenging times, but none of it would be possible without the investment of time, talent, and resources of stakeholders like you. Thank you for your support of Junior Achievement. We appreciate everything you do to make a difference in the lives of the young people we serve. Sincerely,

Jack E. Kosakowski President & CEO Junior Achievement USA

James M. Carroll Chairman, Junior Achievement USA Senior Vice President, Global Government Relations Honeywell International


ABOUT JA We are the nation's largest organization

programs-in the core content areas of

dedicated to giving young people the

work readiness, entrepreneurship and

knowledge and skills they need to own

financial literacy-ignite the spark in

their economic success, plan for their

young people to experience and realize

futures, and make smart academic and

the opportunities and realities of work

economic choices. Junior Achievement's

and life in the 21st century.



To inspire and prepare young people

Belief in the boundless potential of

to succeed in a global economy.

young people Commitment to the principles of

A BRIEF HISTORY Junior Achievement was founded in 1919 by Theodore Vail, president of American Telephone & Telegraph; Horace Moses, president of Strathmore Paper Co.; and Senator Murray Crane of Massachusetts. Its first program, JA Company Program®, was offered to high school students on an after-school basis. In 1975, the organization entered the classroom with the introduction of Project Business for the middle grades. Since then, Junior Achievement has expanded its activities and broadened its scope to include in-school and afterschool students.


market-based economics and entrepreneurship Passion for what we do and honesty, integrity, and excellence in how we do it Respect for the talents, creativity, perspectives, and backgrounds of all individuals Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration Conviction in the educational and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on learning

PROGRAM REACH Junior Achievement's unique delivery system provides the training, materials, and support necessary to bolster the chances for student success. The impact is measurable, too. Students who participate in Junior Achievement programs demonstrate a significant understanding of economics and business concepts. We invite you to take a closer look at our programs!

2,503,926 STUDENTS

11,116 SCHOOLS


(each counted only once)

86,452 CLASSES

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THE ALLSTATE FOUNDATION According to a new study by Junior Achievement (JA) and The Allstate Foundation, nearly 1 in 3 U.S. teenagers aged 13-18 (31%) have experienced unhealthy financial warning signs in a romantic relationship. Both teen girls and boys reported being prevented from going to school or work or being told what they could or could not purchase by a partner. Well over half of teens (61%) trust their parents or guardians the most to teach them about healthy shared finances with a romantic partner or friend. However, a majority of teens (55%) have heard their parents argue about money within the last 30 days, and a third (33%) agree that their parents spend money on things they don't need instead of supporting the family. Despite this, a significant percentage of teens (30%) have spoken with their parents or guardians on how to share expenses with a friend or romantic partner. To help high school students recognize and avoid unhealthy financial relationships, Junior Achievement and The Allstate Foundation have partnered to redevelop JA Personal Finance 2.0, a financial literacy program for teens. The redevelopment includes new discussion topics and activities focused on aspects of both healthy and unhealthy financial relationships.


"Financial abuse is a form of domestic violence and one of the main reasons victims can't leave their abusive partners," said Francie Schnipke Richards, vice president of social responsibility at The Allstate Foundation, "We know that relationship violence can start at a young age, and the results from this study underscore the importance of teaching young people about healthy financial relationships early. We're proud to work with Junior Achievement USA to better equip young people with this education to help prevent violence before it starts." Junior Achievement USA is grateful for The Allstate Foundation’s dedication to the JA Personal Finance program and the redevelopment of its content to include a focus on healthy financial relationships for teens. These lessons will allow high school students to explore how their financial decisions can affect others and will provide guidance on healthy ways to manage shared financial decisions and conflict with a partner.



JANUS HENDERSON Junior Achievement USA and The Janus Henderson Foundation, the philanthropic giving arm of global asset manager Janus Henderson Investors partnered to bring the new JA Titan®, an online simulation that allows teens to start and run a virtual business, to JA classrooms all over the world. JA Titan is a simulation-based program in which high school students compete as business CEOs in the phone industry, experiencing firsthand how an organization evaluates alternatives, makes decisions, analyzes the outcomes of those decisions, and then strategizes next steps. With a focus on financial literacy and insights into the workforce, JA Titan brings business economics to life. As students work in teams, or independently, to make financial decisions about production, marketing, research and development (R&D), and corporate social responsibility (CSR), they begin to see how every choice made in an organization relates to its future success. Within the new JA Titan program, a variety of sessions are offered to meet the wide range of needs for students in grades 9–12 based on their previous knowledge and experience with business concepts. These include an introductory tutorial session, topical sessions for the major business departments within the JA Titan company, and deep dive sessions used outside of the simulation for hands-on practice with business concepts. Students implement what they have learned by competing in a challenging, fast paced, and exciting in-class competition for the title of JA Titan of Business.



CHICK-FIL-A Junior Achievement USA and Chick-fil-A, Inc. partnered to bring the new, redeveloped JA Be Entrepreneurial program to JA students throughout the United States. This reimagined program, which has been part of JA’s high school programming for nearly 20 years, challenges students to understand the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship by introducing them to concepts such as creative problem solving, how to think like an entrepreneur, and innovating for the social good. Students use design thinking, a problem-solving approach, to create business ideas as they navigate the three program modules. This program aims to empower students to transform their ideas into concise, effective, and actionable one-page business plans. Thanks to Chick-fil-A’s support, all JA students who participate in JA Be Entrepreneurial have the opportunity to compete in a new national virtual competition, JA Social Innovation Challenge, which provides a platform for them to share their innovative ideas for improving their communities and to compete for national honors. The student teams with the top ideas are eligible to participate in an exclusive, virtual workshop experience in which Chick-fil-A innovation experts and entrepreneurs provide additional guidance and resources for transforming students’ ideas into reality. Chick-fil-A is also a national supporter of JA 3DE programming, an innovative high school model proven to increase student engagement and accelerate academic outcomes through learning that is more relevant and authentically connected to life beyond the classroom walls.


For more information regarding JA Be Entrepreneurial, please follow the following links: https://jausa.ja.org/programs/ja-be-entrepreneurial-creative-problem-solving https://jausa.ja.org/programs/ja-be-entrepreneurial-rapid-business-planning https://jausa.ja.org/programs/ja-be-entrepreneurial-think-like-an-entrepreneur


U.S. PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD The U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award is a presidential recognition program created in 2003 by the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation for individuals of all ages who contribute a significant amount of time to volunteer service. In 2006, Junior Achievement became an official certifying organization for this award because of its national reach and standing. This status allows JA to bestow this honor to corporations with a U.S. presence that provide volunteers to teach JA programs anywhere in the world. Junior Achievement appreciates the incredible efforts of the following partners for their commitment and return to volunteerism in the 2020-2021 year. We are proud to announce the recipients of the 2020-2021 U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Awards:


Accenture LLP Citi Deloitte Ernst & Young LLP HP Inc. HSBC Bank USA, N.A. and HSBC Holdings plc Johnson & Johnson KPMG LLP Marsh McLennan, Inc. MetLife National Credit Union Foundation

Silver AIG AT&T Bank of America CIBC Bank USA ExxonMobil FedEx JPMorgan Chase & Co. Mastercard PwC LLP Salesforce SAP America The Home Depot The Travelers Companies Truist U.S. Bancorp


Acuity Brands ADP, LLC Barclays BMO Harris Bank Boys & Girls Clubs of America Capital One Caterpillar Inc. Citizens Daimler AG Deere & Company Delta Air Lines, Inc. First Horizon/IBERIABANK GE General Motors Grant Thornton LLP Huntington Bancshares ManpowerGroup Inc. Microsoft Corporation Oracle Regions Bank Santander Bank, N.A. State Farm TD Bank, N.A. The Dow Chemical Company The Hartford UBS UPS Walt Disney World Wells Fargo



FULL CIRCLE THROUGH JA Evan - Student of JA of Lincoln Ah, elementary school! It’s supposed to be one of the best times in your life, and in all fairness, I had a pretty good experience: I was surrounded by kind teachers and I went to an awesome school but if I’m being truthful, my favorite part of the day was at 3:38, because I was moments away from running into the comfort of my mom’s arms, right outside the school door. We’d drive home, the place where I felt I could truly be myself. It wasn’t always easy for me. A lot of time as a young kid, I felt like an outsider. I was curious and wanted to talk about the world around me. I simply wanted to make friends with everyone I met. I had big ideas! Most days, it was no big deal, but some days, I felt really alone. Then, in the 5th grade, my perspective changed drastically after receiving a classroom visit from a Junior Achievement volunteer. That volunteer was different than anyone I’d met at school, and guess what? She was there to talk about all the stuff I found so interesting! Leadership! Marketing! Mock design! All the good stuff. It made me more curious than ever but rather than making me feel like my questions were weird, she answered them with a warm smile and made me feel included...like what I had to say mattered. “This is what it feels like to feel at home while at school,” I remember thinking. The gears were turning, I started thinking about some of my big ideas and imagining ways to bring them to life.


Fast forward to high school and the feeling of relief that first week of Lincoln High. I was finally in the right place and began to find “my people.” I also realized I was developing a true love for plant science and applied to the Ag Bio program at The Career Academy, a special offshoot of learning through Lincoln Public Schools that allows students to pursue their passions while gaining real world experience. I started spending half my days at Southeast Community College for Ag Bio classes, and the other half at LHS. I started to feel like I truly belonged, and like I was learning cool stuff I could share with others. I also remembered how my elementary school experience with Junior Achievement had made such an impact on my life. I started to wonder if I could do the same thing for students who felt the way I once did, only by sharing my love of plants and community! I decided to create Branching Outward, a project supported by a local nonprofit, Blixt Locally Grown. Our mission? To work alongside schools and communities to grow produce and possibilities! This spring I’ve been fortunate to work alongside the Community Learning Center at Lefler Middle School with an amazing group of students in their outdoor garden space. We spend half of the class learning about plant science, and the other half exploring our own humanity and the important role each student plays in our community simply by being themselves. Together we grow, just like the plants. The main goal of our time together is to help people who haven’t yet found their people, to find their people, which is exactly what Junior Achievement did for me in elementary school. By rewarding my curiosity, and helping me feel like my ideas were valid, JA helped me feel a new kind of belonging that stayed with me. I became more confident in my ideas and found friends who felt the same. Now I try to share that feeling of confidence and belonging with middle school learners at Lefler and beyond!




Gavin Williams - JA of North Central Ohio

My experience with JA has been nothing short of amazing. As a kid, I always dreamed of starting a business, and JA provided so many opportunities for me not only to succeed but to thrive in pursuit of that dream. When I started Finlit, I was touched by the immense support, guidance, and leadership provided under the JA organization. It’s not so often to meet a group of people, let alone an organization that is focused on helping others succeed. This level of compassion was vital to Finlit’s success. As a company, our goal was to teach financial literacy in a fun, interactive, and engaging way. Throughout the brainstorming process, we decided to develop a board game that teaches three core aspects of finance: budgeting, saving, and investing. While we knew this would be a great product, it was going to take a lot of work. Within three months, we managed to develop a board game, design all the components, as well as partner with a manufacturer overseas where the boards were printed and pressed on an assembly line. While this was in the works, our “prototype” consisted of hand-drawn boards and cards using construction paper. That means we had to hold up pieces of hand-drawn paper to convey our idea to professional investors, while other companies had their product in hand. In fact, we lost our first initial investment because the investors didn’t believe we’d have the finished product ready in time.


It was during this time in which Finlit was forced to consider pivoting to a different product in order to make the seasonal deadline. But we managed to push through. We had done a demo at the North Canton Middle School using our hand-drawn prototypes. Over forty students played “Budget or Bust” as part of a financial literacy class. The kids absolutely loved the game. During the demo, students were recognizing the importance of conscious financial decision-making and risk tolerance. After the demo, kids would come up to me and my team asking where to buy the game, and they begged the teacher to have us come again. This experience had a profound effect on our team, and we refused to pivot. We saw our impact first hand and we knew we could expand our footprint beyond North Canton. What I will never forget is that JA believed in us the entire time. Even on the brink of failure. With immense focus and hard work, we managed to develop the final product. Within the first two weeks of launching our ad campaign, we sold over 100 units through preorders alone, reached 50,000 people nationwide, and sold in 13 states. JA saw our success and pushed us even further, providing opportunities to participate in competitions and trade shows. Through JA, I had the opportunity to speak on WKYC twice, and the incredible privilege to speak to prominent individuals in the business world on CNBC. These moments were incredibly special, and it wouldn’t have been possible without JA’s support. Perhaps the greatest memory was the national JA competition. Since COVID guidelines were still in effect, the competition was held virtually. My mentors from the local JA branch in Ohio worked together to set up a space for my company to hold the presentation for the national competition. During the final day of the competition, the room was filled with my company’s family members, mentors, and teachers. Everyone who had watched us grow throughout the year was in that room. I’ll never forget when the winners were announced. I was in a separate room, a tiny office space. There is absolute silence as Jack Kosakowski announces the first place winners. “In first place we have… none other than… Finlit!”. The building erupted in cheering and shouting. I thanked everyone who had been with us throughout our journey. I thanked my mom, who raised me as a single mother in Akron, where we lived on foodstamps and welfare. After the speech, my team rushed in to give me a hug. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. As I write this, I still get emotional. My experience with JA has been nothing but life changing. After winning the competition I’ve been able to give back to aspiring young entrepreneurs. Just recently I had the privilege to speak to incoming CEO’s at Kent State University. Currently, Finlit is registered with the state of “Ohio as Finlit Enterprises LLC”, and we are continuing our mission to teach financial literacy across the nation. As an 18 year old, I have managed to achieve my dream and make an impact. I feel an immense level of fulfillment and support all thanks to my teachers and the JA organization. From a hand-drawn prototype to award winning-product, and an Akron kid with a dream to a CEO, what a testament to prove that humble beginnings can lead to magnificent journeys.




Nafeesah Williams

Nafeesah Williams is a Commercial Support Specialist with Bank of America in Fresno, California. She has been involved with Junior Achievement of Northern California for nearly eight years and in 2020 was recognized as their 2020 Volunteer of the Year. Nafeesah first became involved with JA as an employee volunteer at Bank of America when she was invited by a colleague to join their volunteer efforts at a local elementary school. “I was so terrified at first,” says Nafeesah. “But I’m so glad I did. Without seeing for myself, there’s just no way I would have known that in a single day I can impact the lives of 20 or more kids.” Nafeesah believes that Junior Achievement is making a significant impact on our youth, by helping them understand the basics of financial literacy at an early age. Through her volunteering experience, Nafeesah says that JA has an impact on students’ lives that you can see immediately. “There’s no greater feeling than seeing their smiling faces when you leave that classroom,” Nafeesah adds. Junior Achievement ensures that underserved communities are reached first and that kids who may not have a positive role model can experience them through JA’s programs. “It teaches them early on that they can accomplish anything that they put their minds to and that they work hard for,” concludes Nafeesah. “If you haven’t ever volunteered for JA, do it. You won’t regret it.”


DIGITAL FIRST For most of its history, Junior Achievement delivered its learning experiences in-person using a paper-based curriculum. This approach began to change in 2013 with the adoption of a blended-learning approach that used the best of in-classroom teaching with digital content delivery. As a result of this transformation, Junior Achievement incorporated design-thinking practices and a collaborative approach to innovation that proved invaluable in JA's response to the global pandemic. Soon after schools began to limit in-person learning in March of 2020 due to the first wave of COVID-19, Junior Achievement instituted a "Digital First" strategy. This meant JA accelerated several technology-based initiatives that were in the works, such as virtual volunteering and remote learning. In addition, JA prioritized numerous projects aimed at moving traditional paper-based programs to digital platforms. This, combined with R&D projects undertaken at the local level by JA offices across the country, resulted in a paradigm shift in JA's delivery of learning experiences. In 2021, Junior Achievement was recognized for its pandemic response. In August, JA, along with its learning technology partner CrossKnowledge, received two Bronze Awards for Excellence from the Brandon Hall Group for "Leading Under a Crisis" and "Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning" – joining other organizations such as Amazon and General Motors in the category. Then in November, JA received a Diamond Award for “Best Pandemic Response” and Gold for “Best Learning Technology” from educational design leader LearnX. While in-person delivery of learning experiences will always be a priority for Junior Achievement, the changes necessitated by restrictions associated with the pandemic put JA in a position to understand better how technology can be used to promote positive outcomes for students. This knowledge will help JA reach more young people in more impactful ways as we look to the future.


DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION Junior Achievement USA is committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is at the center of everything we do. We at Junior Achievement are dedicated to providing a positive, enriching learning experience free of bias that promotes greater economic opportunity and equity. Junior Achievement welcomes K-12 students, volunteers, educators, staff, and other partners and stakeholders, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristic.

Through JA’s strong curriculum and well-trained volunteers, my students were not only able to see themselves as entrepreneurs, but also as confident leaders... - Astra Zeno, Educator

JA USA has sponsored the Junior Achievement Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Network. The JA JEDI Network is an employee-led group designed to foster diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion across the JA USA network of offices. The group is primarily formed to: Provide a platform for JA associates to discuss issues, share best practices, and advance initiatives that promote diversity and equity and to make JA a more inclusive organization; Engage a broader range of JA associates in projects and initiatives that have an impact beyond individual JA offices; Encourage advances in diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, anti-sexism, and intersectionality in individual JA Areas and at the JA USA National Office. Foster a professionally equitable working environment for JA Areas and JA USA National Office. Encourage and promote acceptance of all associates in JA Areas and at the JA USA National Office. The JA JEDI Network Advisors is a group of JA Area Presidents and JA USA Senior Managers who will provide general oversight, advice, and counsel for the formation and operation of the JA JEDI Network and for individual projects initiated by the group. Looking ahead, we are committed to engaging our network of associates, board members, and partners in ongoing education opportunities, more diverse and inclusive programming resources, and the continuation of open dialogues across multicultural communities.



PROJECT AND ANNUAL FUNDING Junior Achievement could not prepare young people to succeed in a global economy or empower young people to own their economic success without our investors. Every single dollar makes a difference and all donations to JA USA help to continually evolve JA's enriching programs at a national and local level. The corporations, foundations, and individuals listed below have provided Junior Achievement with funding in 2018-2019.

CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION $1,000,000+ Accenture LLP* and Accenture Employee Giving Campaign Charles Koch Foundation* Chick-fil-A, Inc.* CrossKnowledge* Discover Financial Services* and Cashback Campaign Ernst & Young LLP* Jackson Charitable Foundation* Janus Henderson Foundation* KPMG Foundation*, KPMG LLP & KPMG Employee Giving Campaign RSM US Foundation* and Employee Giving Campaign Taco Bell Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999 Allstate Insurance Company* and Allstate Insurance Employee Giving Campaign The Hartford Financial Services, Inc., & Employee Giving Campaign ICE NYSE Foundation, Inc.* The Starbucks Foundation*

$250,000 - $499,999 AIG AT&T and AT&T Foundation Employee Giving Campaign Bank of America Charitable Foundation & Bank of America IGEN Employee Network Group Citi Foundation* Citizens Financial Group* and Citizens Charitable Foundation Employee Giving CNA Financial Corporation and CNA Foundation Employee Giving Campaign ManpowerGroup* Santander Bank, N.A. Truist* Voya Financial, Voya Foundation, and Voya Employee Giving Campaign

18 * Recognition for multi-year pledge

$100,000 - $249,999 Alliance Data Ally Financial American Express Foundation* American Honda Finance Corporation* El Pomar Foundation* Fairwinds Foundation Fidelity Investments HSBC Bank USA, N.A. and HSBC Holdings plc PMI Educational Foundation* PwC* and PwC Employee Giving Campaign The TJX Foundation, Inc. The UPS Foundation and UPS Employee Giving Campaign Verizon Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999 BitMEX Delta Air Lines, Inc. FactSet FedEx Horace A. Moses Foundation JPMorgan Chase Foundation Structured Finance Association

$20,000 - $49,999 The Achievement Foundation Bridge Investment Group Carrier Corporation Deloitte Ecco Select Morgan Stanley Moss Adams NBCUniversal LLC Robert Half International SAP America, Inc - SAP Charitable Fund Employee Giving Simmons Bank State Farm


$10,000 - $19,999 American Council of Life Insurers Emerson First Western Financial, Inc. Hilton Grand Vacations MUFG Union Bank Foundation RBC Global U.S. Bank

$5,000 - $9,999 Huron Consulting Group Inc. Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Onedigital Sherman & Howard LLC Unum Group Employee Giving Campaign

$1,000 - $4,999 Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America Apple Computer Employee Giving Campaign Avangrid, Inc. Employee Giving Campaign Barron's Group Cisco Systems, Inc., Employee Charitable Giving Program The Edward D. Jones & Company Foundation Employee Giving Enterprise Holdings Foundation LandrumHR / hrQ, Inc. Lockheed Martin Corp. Employee Giving Campaign Logistics Management Institute Redbox Automated Retail LLC Employee Giving Campaign UnitedHealth Group, Inc. Employee Giving Campaign USAA Employee Giving Campaign Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign


Under $1,000 Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign Alcon Lighting, Inc. A-LIGN Compliance And Security, Inc. Amazon.com, Inc. Employee Giving Campaign and Amazon Smile American Family Insurance Employee Giving Campaign Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Employee Giving Campaign Ball Corporation Employee Giving Campaign CDW Corporation Employee Giving Campaign CHEP USA Inc. Coke Cares Employee Giving Campaign Cousins Family Foundation Dell Direct Giving Campaign Deluxe Corporation Foundation Employee Giving Campaign Facebook, Inc. Employee Giving Campaign Great West Financial Employee Giving Campaign Ipsos Insight LLC Lincoln National Corporation Loop & Tie Madison Microsoft Corporation Giving Campaign Orchard Yarn & Thread Company, Inc. Randstad Holding DV Shuffieldlowman Attorneys and Advisors Stanley Black & Decker Employee Giving Campaign TD Ameritrade, Inc. Employee Giving Campaign TIAA Employee Giving Campaign Tulsa Community Foundation Wohlsen Construction


INDIVIDUAL $100,000 Denman K. McNear

$25,000+ Catherine S. Brune James M. Carroll Diane and Jack E. Kosakowski Rodney O. Martin The Stiles Nicholson Foundation

$20,000+ Paul E. McKnight

$10,000+ Evelyn and Frank Angelle Alan S. Armstrong Monica Howard Douglas Arnold B. Evans Amy Fuller Patricia and James R. Hemak Clyde D. Keaton Gunjan Kedia Bill Kracunas Larry A. Leva Laura M. Newinski Helen C. Pekny Jonas Prising Marna J. Ricker Dino E. Robusto Buzzy Thibodeaux


$5,000+ Gina P. Blayney Raymond Deeny Tina and Tim Greinert Walter Loewenstern Wendy and Cesare Mainardi James Munroe Douglas D. Olson Margaret J. Richcreek Lawrence W. Sidwell Muriel F. Siebert Foundation

$1,000+ Melanie and Sam Adams Howard Bartner Sandra Beach Lin Donna S. Buchanan James Burch Dianne Chinnes Ronald D. Cody Ray E. Darby Frank W. Evans Mark A. Fiore Becky Frankiewicz Michelle Green James B. Hayes Pam and David A. Hicks Kyle H. Hybl Tom Landsness Marty Lee Jeanette and Ron Lee

Randal Mays Frank J. McIntosh David Moore Richard Murray Jerry V. Mutchler Shawn B. O'Hara Leslie Pierce Kris and Garrett Ponciroli Edward M. Priem Jeannine Reilly J. Scott Riddile Linda Santinoceto Julie and Steve Schmidt Gerald D. Scott Laurie Stearn Bill Stroecker Foundation Clay Teramo Alan C. Veeck John R. Weil Kimberly and Daniel Wenzel Hudson Whitenight Julie Ziff

To $999 Ryan Aanerud Carolyn and Boyd Adams Jennifer Anderson William S. Annino Kathy Arnes Susan Arrington Nancy L. Arsenault Pete Atha Melissa Belkin Robert Berndt Diane L. Birkeness Katherine Blanchette Robert H. Blanchette Edwin Bodensiek Theo Boots Roma Borland John M. Box Douglas G. Boyd Ruby Bright Eileen Burnley Bonnie Burt Betty Capaldo Steve Carlson Kendall M. Carlson Kristina Cassiday Susan Cohen Larry Colbert Lisa Conley Lisa M. Connor Chase Crump Jackie and Rick Dant Jennifer Dellinger Mark A. DeWitte Deborah L. Dingwall Anita Dinwiddie Thomas Doehrman David Earle Gary W. Edwards

Sheila Fishlowitz Donald T. Floyd Lili Forouraghi Cathy Francomano Stephen G. Gaylord Dennis P. Gilfoyle Kimber Glorioso Tami and John Godsey Milton Goldwasser Laura A. Goodman Julie S. Gordon Jim Guay Kim L. Hacker Kevin R. Hattery Deborah Hendrix Dale Huffman Cindy D. Johnson Arthur Johnson Dale Johnson Brad Kaufmann Katie M. Keane Matthew A. Kemper Morton Allen Kirtley Janet A. Griffin Koehler Edward Kowit Crystal Law Benjamin B. LeCompte III Sharon Lents Peter Liang David A. Loose Gail and Bruce Luckett Sally L. Luttrell Jennifer Malenky Marcia Marshall Nancy McCarty Carolyn M. McDole Matthew McDonough James McNamara

John A. Meister Larry Messing Edward L. Miller Sally Moynihan-Stamper Carol Mozak-Wolff Greg Munson Edward P. Murray Manjula Nandasiri Bruce Nasby Frank Nelson Michelle Ng Lucy M. O'Donnell Laurie Onstott Doris Pagelkopf Mark N. Pankner Sarah R. Parker Joanne M. Pastula James R. Perrin Jeannie K. Porter Michelle Quaif Lisa Riley Linda L. Rimer Lisa Ring Mike Roer Irene L. Rose Ada Sanchez Elaine Saunders Andy Schenck Jennifer Schnieders Linda Schoelkopf Pamela M. Seaholm Richard Skelton Wayne A. Smith Beverly Speer Elizabeth Stansel Frank G. Stryganek Jackie Summers Allen E. Tate


Samuel Taylor Jan Tesch Joe Thomas Maggie Thomason Natalie Thornton Teresa S. Vaccaro William X. Vance Arlene Wanninger Judy and Ken Wasoba Shannon Weinstein Thomas D. Weldon Cindy Westfall John Worcester Sally Worden Donna L. Wright Gail D. Yates Shatia Young


LIFETIME GIVING We are proud to honor our Lifetime Supporters who have ensured that Junior Achievement will be able to educate and inspire students for years to come.

JA FREE ENTERPRISE SOCIETY Established in 2000, the Free Enterprise Society recognizes individuals from around the world who demonstrate outstanding support in helping Junior Achievement inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Recognition is provided to individuals and families who have made gifts of $10,000 or more between July 1 and June 30 each year to any JA affiliate. Individuals who make gifts of $1 million or more to JA over their lifetime are “Legacy Members” and entitled to permanent membership in the Free Enterprise Society.

Legacy Members Gifts of $1 million or more over the donor's lifetime Anderson Stewart Family Foundation The Bechtel Trusts Otto Bremer Trust Capdevilla/Gillespie Foundation Dr. Phillips Charities The Clayton Family Foundation Mike and Lynn Cottrell Daniel G. Crockett The Mike Curb Foundation George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation Richard and Marie Edgerton* William and Tina Flaherty John M. Sr*. and Lyla Fluke* Tom and Mickie Fox The J.B. Fuqua Foundation * The Goizueta Foundation* Susan Hascall Haslam Family Foundation Dick and Ethie Haworth James R. and Patricia Hemak Hollingsworth Foundation Elizabeth K. Holloway Trust H. Wayne Sr. and Marti Huizenga Dennis M. Jones Family Foundation The Jones Family Foundation Peter J. King Family Foundation Mallouk Family Foundation

The Marcus Foundation The McGrath Family Foundation Miller Family Philanthropy Burton D. Morgan Foundation Pamela and Leslie Muma Nasgovitz Family Foundation Carole Curb Nemoy and Dr. Norman Nemoy The Stiles-Nicholson Foundation - Lynn and David Nicholson Esther B. O'Keeffe Charitable Foundation Harry S. Patten, The Patten Family Foundation Dr. Philips Charities, Inc. Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation Richard and Geri Prows George F. Russell Jr. William "Bill" Schawbel Hugh K. Schilling Stephan Sharf The Sunderland Foundation Albert E. Suter* Lorraine Thomas Jim Victor Mrs. Delores Barr Weaver WEM Foundation Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation Estate of John Brooks Williams The Zeist Foundation

25 * Deceased

Endowment Level Gifts of $500,000 or more David Farr

Emeritus Level Gifts of $250,000 or more George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation J.C. and Tammy Huizenga Esther B. O'Keeffe Charitable Foundation

Ambassador Level Gifts of $100,000 or more Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Foundation Dick and Linda Antonini Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation Bianconi Family Foundation The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Inc. Lynn and Terry Chastain Cloud L. Cray Foundation The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Richard Haslinger Hough Family Foundation Inc. R.C. Kemper, Jr. Charitable Trust & Foundation Anna Kirkland Laurie and Tom McCarthy Denman K. McNear Redgrave Family Foundation William "Bill" Schawbel LJ "Midge" Verplank


Chairman Level Gifts of $50,000 or more Judd S. Alexander Foundation Otto Bremer Trust Louis J. Casale Jr. Charitable Foundation Inc. Mark E. and Mary A. Davis Family Foundation The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, Inc. Michael Deniszczuk Julie and Steve Dolcemaschio Sandra and Robert Flick Janet and Shawn Johanson Dennis M Jones Family Foundation The Kahlert Foundation, Inc William S. Knight Foundation Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation Sarah and Jeff Lorberbaum JE and LE Mabee Foundation Georga and Paul McGunnigle The Jim Moran Foundation The Harvey E. Najim Charitable Foundation Emily and John Ness The Stiles-Nicholson Foundation - Lynn and David Nicholson James P Runnels Angela & Neal Sharma Kay and Sam Sheth Jasvindarjit Singh Thomas and Marsha Slaight Carolyn and John Tipton

President Level Gifts of $25,000 or more James and Dorothy Baer Foundation The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Catherine S. Brune The Batchelor Foundation, Inc. Mary Beth and James M. Carroll Lynn Hopton Davis and Greg Davis Sallie and Don H. Davis Jeffrey Eden The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation David Fowler David Freitag A. Friends' Foundation Irving S. Gilmore Foundation Robert Goodroe B.A. and Esther Greenheck Foundation Hilary and Scott Hill Phillip and Holly Huffines Tammy and Brian Izzo Michael and Sue Jandernoa Mary and Ted Kellner Norm and Teri Klein LeeAnn and Jeff Kole Diane and Jack K. Kosakowski William M. Lambert James and Suzanne MacDougald Kate and Neil Malik Marriner S. Eccles Foundation Rodney O. Martin The Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Foundation Vikki and Frank McMahon Herman Meinders The David B. Miller Family Foundation Marian and William J. Nasgovitz Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation Doris Orechwa in Memoriam of Alan Orechwa Kelly and Abhilash Patel Bruce and Cecilia Petersen Foundation Trust Tom Quindlen Riley Education Foundation, Inc. Rodger Riney Harold C. Schott Foundation Laura and Steve Sharpe Marcel Smits and Virginia Perez Southern States Educational Foundation Tantillo Family Foundation Cindy and Don Waters Yvonne and James Ziemer

Entrepreneur Level Gifts of $10,000 or more Andrew Adelson Robert and Elizabeth Allsop Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation William Anderson Sally Andreaco Evelyn and Frank Angelle Alan S. Armstrong Avedis Foundation Kim and Andy Baber Brian and Sherri Becker Russ and Trish Becker James D. Benson Kathy and Ken Bernhardt Karl and Patti Betz Alice Ann Bien Foundation John and Cindy Bloomhall The Boldt Family Fund Craig Boyan Bozone Family Foundation Ben Braun Charles and Mary Ellen Bremer The Holly and Doug Brooks Family Foundation Dana Brown Charitable Trust Jonathan's Landing Cares Greg Chapman Vance Checketts The Philip Chosky Charitable & Educational Foundation Phil Cofield Cathy and Steve Cook Casey Cowell Colleen and Robert Cowen Randy and Claudean Cox Anne and Ted Crandall Cross Charitable Foundation, Inc. Terri and Paul Danola Mike Davis The Matias De Llano Charitable Trust Monica Howard Douglas Allison and Billy Dukes Tad Edwards Jane and August Elliott Arnold B. Evans Daniel Farley Peter and Michelle Farruggia Feldpausch Foundation Scott Ferguson Tim and Kristen Figge Filstrup Family Foundation


Entrepreneur Level Gifts of $10,000 or more Andrew Adelson Robert and Elizabeth Allsop Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation William Anderson Sally Andreaco Evelyn and Frank Angelle Alan S. Armstrong Avedis Foundation Kim and Andy Baber Brian and Sherri Becker Russ and Trish Becker James D. Benson Kathy and Ken Bernhardt Karl and Patti Betz Alice Ann Bien Foundation John and Cindy Bloomhall The Boldt Family Fund Craig Boyan Bozone Family Foundation Ben Braun Charles and Mary Ellen Bremer The Holly and Doug Brooks Family Foundation Dana Brown Charitable Trust Jonathan's Landing Cares Greg Chapman Vance Checketts The Philip Chosky Charitable & Educational Foundation Phil Cofield Cathy and Steve Cook Casey Cowell Colleen and Robert Cowen Randy and Claudean Cox Anne and Ted Crandall Cross Charitable Foundation, Inc. Terri and Paul Danola Mike Davis The Matias De Llano Charitable Trust Monica Howard Douglas Allison and Billy Dukes Tad Edwards Jane and August Elliott Arnold B. Evans Daniel Farley Peter and Michelle Farruggia Feldpausch Foundation Scott Ferguson Tim and Kristen Figge


Filstrup Family Foundation Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation Kathy and James Fuchs Mr. Christopher P. Giermek Dennis Gipson Jim and Ashton Goodfield The Greehey Family Foundation Jenny and Larry Grischow D. D. Hachar Charitable Trust Fund Hunt and Diane Harris Family Foundation at the Quad City Community Foundation Haughton Family Charitable Fund Mason Haupt Dale T. Hazlett Patricia and James Hemak Daniel S. Henderson Michael Hirons Venable M Houts Impact 100 Palm Beach County Carol R. Jackson Lori Jacob Thomas A. and Mary S. James Foundation Heidi Jannenga Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation Kenneth Johnson Emma Eccles Jones Foundation Jerad and Kathryn Justesen Wood Kauffman Clyde D. Keaton Gunjan Kedia Tamara and Kent Kelley John and Nancy Kennedy James and Margo Keyes Patrick and Audrey Knipe Bill Kracunas George Kress Foundation, Inc William M. Lambert Scott M. Lammie The Lenna Foundation Harry P. Leu Foundation Larry A. Leva Frank J. Lewis Foundation Richard Spencer Lewis Memorial Foundation John and Nancy Lindahl Michael and Kathy Lloyd Lubar Family Foundation Carolyn and Louis Lucido MacKinnon Family Foundation

Debbie and Bryan Macon The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation, Inc. Richard H Marriott, Jr Katharine Matthies Foundation Mays Family Foundation Diana and Matt McCutchen Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund Patricia B. McKeithan Paul E. McKnight Beverly and Bob Meng Harry C. Moores Foundation Anne and Thomas Mootz Harry T. and Elizabeth J. Morehead Sky Morey Pamela and Leslie Muma Lynn and Robert Ness Laura M. Newinski Bob Ontiveros Vickie Ann Palmer-Pruter Jennifer Panian Kathy and Rod Panter Helen C. Pekny in Memorium of Frank Pekny Eddie and Anne Perkin Jeanette Hernandez Prenger Jonas Prising Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust Alison Rand and Allan Zachariah Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Robert and Cynthia Reeg The Reinberger Foundation Karen and Joe Reinkemeyer Rich Products Family Foundation Justin Richter Marna J. Ricker Ms. Suzanne Ricklin Dino E. Robusto Holly and Brad Schlossmann Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies Irene C. Shea Charitable Foundation Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation Sherman Family Foundation Larry W. Sidwell The Siemer Family Foundation Russell L. and Vera M. Smith Foundation Beverley Taylor Sorenson Foundation Sorenson Legacy Foundation Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Shaun Stoker Norman J Stupp Foundation Commerce Bank Trustee Stephen Sullivan Diane Sullivan

Vivian and Timothy Sullivan Sheryl and Joe Teague Anna and Richard Teerlink Roland & Hiroko Temme Buzzy Thibodeaux Beth and Scott Tinsman Tippins Family Foundation Holly and John Tomlin The Tompkins Family Foundation, Inc. Eugene Toombs Triad Foundation U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation, Inc. Henry H. and Marion Uihlein Foundation Tony Verplank Emily and Joe Viola Robert and Mary Weisbrod Foundation The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation Scott White Kelly and Raymond Wilson James B. Yard Matt J. Yokitis The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Kim Zavislak The John Steele Zink Foundation


JA HERITAGE SOCIETY Junior Achievement established the Junior Achievement Heritage Society to recognize and honor ardent supporters who include the organization in their estate planning. Founding members are those who notified Junior Achievement of their inclusion of JA in their estate planning by June 30, 2006. Select tab below to view its members:

JA Heritage Society Bradley B. Wegner and F. Ashley Allen Junior Achievement of Central Florida

James and Pam Anderson

Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Evelyn and Frank Angelle Junior Achievement USA

Arthur and Judith Angood

Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan - a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Brendan and Carol Just-Bannigan

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

David and Donna Beach

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

John and Muriel Bernhard

Junior Achievement of Greater Washington

Jack and Debbie* Blitch

(1951-2020) Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Sylvia R. Bova

Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Joe Brancucci

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Harry and Jane Briscoe

Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas

Donna and Terrance Buchanan* (1945-2017) Junior Achievement of Georgia

Brian and Marcy Chermside

Junior Achievement of Northeast Michigan

H. Derek and Paula Cockrell

Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Ronald D. Cody

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

Maryanne Gallo Courtney

Junior Achievement of Greater Cleveland

Janell Damon

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Charles and Ann Dana

Junior Achievement of Northwestern Ohio

Russ and Susan Darrow

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Mike H. and Terry Davis

Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Jeffrey and Suzanne Delahaut Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Jonathan Dewar

Junior Achievement of Eastern North Carolina

Jeremy Dicker

Junior Achievement of Southern California

John* and Sam* Dickinson (1929-2016) (1931-2005) Junior Achievement USA

Adam and Deborah Dingwall

Susan Bulkeley Butler

Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan - a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Howard and Sue Carver

(1923-2010) Junior Achievement of Western Connecticut

Sam Chechele

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Junior Achievement USA and Junior Achievement of Arizona – Southern District Junior Achievement of Southwest New England Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

30 * Deceased

♦ Founding Member

Dr. George R. Dunbar* Emily Duty

Mark Eagleton

Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

Herbert* and Arlene Elliott*

(1915-2005) (1919-2010) Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Doug and Cynthia Evans

Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain

Sharon and Dale Fiehler

Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

Gilbert P. Folleher


(1940-2016) Junior Achievement USA Pioneers Trust Fund

Mona and Ted Fox

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Ambassador Sam Fox

Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

Michael H. Freund

Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

Susan Fronk and William Thiel Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

James and Kathy Fuchs

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Dolores and Ralph Garcia

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Lillian and Raymond* Garcia

(1952-2020) Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Donald* and Adele* Garretson (1921-2019) (1924-2012) Junior Achievement USA

Pamela J. George

Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan - a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Joe A. Hollingsworth, Jr.

Junior Achievement of East Tennessee

James and Carol Horstmann

Junior Achievement of the Heartland

♦ Gene* and Mabel Johnson ♦ Woody and Ginger Howse

Junior Achievement of Washington (1920-2003) Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation Junior Achievement of Arizona

Dennis Jones

Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

Gina Jorge

Junior Achievement of Southern California

Katie Keane

Junior Achievement USA

Peter M. Kelley

Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan - a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

John and Leah* Klumph

(1952-2012) Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Barbara Koch

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

Junior Achievement USA

Paul and Michelle Koch

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

John and Nancy Koss Sr.*

Gloria and Richard Giunta Jeffrey J. Greig

Junior Achievement of Great Kansas City

Dr. Michael* and Diane* Grossi (1974-2016) (1968-2014) Junior Achievement USA and Junior Achievement of Rhode Island

James R. and Patricia Hemak

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

Dave and Kathy Hensch

Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Ryan Herington

Junior Achievement of Southwest New England

Lance and Sharon Heuer

Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Gary* and Linda Hickman

(1952-2014) Junior Achievement of Southern California

Harold P. Higgins*

Rob and Diane Holmquist

(1932-2015) Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

(1932-2018) Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Gary and Christy Kunz

Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Barbara Dowell Lancaster and Cameron Lancaster

Junior Achievement of Southern California

The Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation

Junior Achievement of Western Connecticut

John and Sue Lawson

Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Dr. Sarah and Al Layton

Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Carter* and Kaye LeBeau

(1926-2013) Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Robert E. Lee and Peggy A. Lee

Junior Achievement of the Heartland


John Legato

Gene and Joanne Pastula

Robin Lester

Helen Pekny

Junior Achievement of Southwest New England Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Sandra and A.D. "Sandy" MacKinnon Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

John and Sue Madden

Junior Achievement of Mid-Michigan – a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Charles and Renee Maniaci

Junior Achievement of Mid-Michigan – a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

John and Leslie Martin

Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

Don Matrone*

(1931 – 2010) Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan - a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

Matt and Aileen McConnell

Junior Achievement of Rocky Mountain

Denman* and Barbara* McNear (1925–2021) (1925-2012) Junior Achievement USA

Glenn* and Kathleen Medhus

(1928–2021) Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Jamie Mills

Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Ronald and Karen Modreski

Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Harry T. and Elizabeth J. Morehead Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Daniel P and Carol Mulheran

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

Jerry V. Mutchler

Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas

Pamela and Leslie Muma

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Dougal and Pam Nelson

Junior Achievement of the Heartland

GLORIA J. OLIN* in Memory of Thomas F. Olin, Sr.*

Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Debra Stinton Othitis Junior Achievement USA

Mark N. Pankner

Junior Achievement of Northeast Michigan


Junior Achievement of San Diego County In Memory of Frank P. Pekny Junior Achievement USA and Junior Achievement of Southern California

Dr. J. Mitchell and Robinette Perry

In Memory of Frank P. Pekny Junior Achievement of Southern California

♦ Mike and Carol* Plunkett ♦ Randy and Tami Phillips

Junior Achievement of Southern California (1938-2012) Junior Achievement of the Heartland

Kris and Garrett Ponciroli

Junior Achievement USA and Junior Achievement of Chicago

Julie C. Preslar

Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas

Kent and Liz Price

Junior Achievement of the Triad

Scott Price

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Joe Reinkemeyer, in memory of Marie Reinkemeyer* Junior Achievement of Georgia

Larry R. Richardson

Junior Achievement of Mid-Michigan – a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Charlie and Mary Rogers

Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Sandy and Leslie Rothe

Junior Achievement of Rocky Mountain

Amanda Sattler

Junior Achievement of Southern California

Lewis* and Kay Saxby

(1924-2012) Junior Achievement USA and Junior Achievement of Northwestern Ohio

William Schawbel

Junior Achievement of Northern New England

Hugh Schilling*

(1925-2020) Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

Julie and Steven R. Schmidt

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Scott Schnuck

Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

Michael S. Schoedinger

Junior Achievement of Central Ohio

Phillip Schwalb

Steve and Robin Wise

Mark and Kristi Shaffer

Cynthia and Michael "Todd" Young

Stephan Sharf*

Jim and Joan Zawacki

Junior Achievement of Central Florida Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain (1921-2013) Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan

Michael S. Sheppard

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Alex Sink

Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain

Junior Achievement of Greater Washington

Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Robert K. Zelle*

(1924-2010) Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Wayne and Mary* Smith (1948-2009) Junior Achievement USA

Barbara Stein

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Kathy Strandberg

Junior Achievement of Rocky Mountain

Frank G. Stryganek

Junior Achievement USA

Dr. Judith Stimson*

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Susan L. Stuart

Junior Achievement of Mid-Michigan – a division of Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Sheryl and Joe Teague

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Buzzy Thibodeaux

Junior Achievement USA

Ron and Susan Tilton

Junior Achievement of Rocky Mountain Gene Toombs Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

Michael and Pamala Towers Junior Achievement USA

James and Judy Vaughn

Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain

Jim Victor


(1946-2018) Junior Achievement of the Heartland

F. Ashley Allen and Bradley B. Wagner Junior Achievement of Central Florida

Delores Barr Weaver Forever Event Fund Junior Achievement of North Florida

Linda M. Wendt

In Memory of Martin "Marty" J. Wendt Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan

Kelly and Raymond Wilson

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

Adam Scott Wise

Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain


JA USA FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Junior Achievement USA consistently receives high grades for accountability and transparency. View the full version of JA USA's Audited Financial Statements.

Revenue Detail $23,610,209 12,500,000





In co m e O th er

In ve st m en tR et ur n

Pr og ra m


Su pp or tF ee s

Sa le s M at er ia ls

Co nt rib ut io ns

In -K in d

Co nt rib ut io ns


Expense Detail $22,095,882







Fu nd ra isi ng

G en er al

M an ag em en t&

Re so ur ce s

H um an

De ve lo pm en t

M ar ke tin g &

Co m m un ica tio n

Fi el d

Se rv ice s


Note: Junior Achievements total net assets as of June 30, 2021 is $27,670,607. *3DE National, LLC was a newly formed single member LLC of Junior Achievement USA effective January 1st, 2019. Per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, single member LLC’s must be consolidated for financial statement purposes. Thus, the face of the financial statements reflects both Junior Achievement USA and 3DE National, LLC financial activity for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2021. Please see pages 33-38 of the 2021 Audited Financial Statements for a breakout of the financial activity for each entity.

BOARD MEMBERS Mr. Jack E. Kosakowski (Ex Officio) President & CEO Junior Achievement USA®

Mr. James Carroll , Chairman Senior Vice President, Global Government Relations Honeywell International

Mr. Asheesh Advani (Ex Officio) President and Chief Executive Officer JA Worldwide®

Mr. Robert Lloyd

Ms. Evelyn Angelle, Board Treasurer

Ms. Sandra E. Lopez VP/GM/CMO, Microsoft Advertising Business Microsoft

Mr. Alan S. Armstrong, Vice Chairman President & CEO The Williams Companies

Mr. Rodney O. Martin, Jr. Chairman and CEO Voya Financial

Dr. Adam Arroyos Chief Executive Officer SERVE2PERFORM

Mr. Paul E. McKnight Senior Vice President (Retired) Emerson

Mr. Ashley D. Bell Partner Dentons

Ms. Niloufar K. Molavi Global Leader, Oil & Gas, Partner PwC, US

Ms. Catherine S. Brune President-Eastern Territory (Retired) Allstate Insurance Company Mr. Arnold B. Evans Executive Vice President – Ethics Officer Truist Bank Ms. Akberet Boykin Farr Vice President, Diversity and Social Responsibility Emerson Ms. Becky Frankiewicz President North America ManpowerGroup Mr. Charles P. Garcia Chief Executive Officer Tendrel Mr. Kyle Hybl, Board Secretary Chief Executive Officer El Pomar Foundation Mr. Christopher L. James President & CEO National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) Mr. Clyde D. Keaton President & CEO K-Crest Management, LLC Ms. Gunjan Kedia Vice Chairman, Wealth Management and Investment Services U.S. Bank

Ms. Laura Newinski Vice Chair KPMG LLP Mr. Roy A. Ng Co-Founder & CEO, Bond Financial Technologies, Inc. Mr. Douglas D. Olson President and General Manager Meredith Corporation Ms. Tracy LaFlamme Ortega Founder and CEO Bell Group Ms. Jeanette Hernandez Prenger President & CEO ECCO Select Ms. Marna Ricker Americas Vice Chair – Tax Services EY LLP Mr. Dino E. Robusto Chairman & Chief Executive Officer CNA Financial Corporation Mr. Alex Sevilla, Ed.D. Vice Provost, Career Advancement and Engagement Vanderbilt University Mr. Lawrence W. Sidwell Sr Vice President, Global Credit and Risk (Retired) John Deere Worldwide Financial Services Ms. Maggie Thomason Head of Global Operations Standards and Analytics Citi

Mr. Bill Kracunas Principal, Management Consulting RSM US LLP

Mr. Cesar Villalta Managing Director, Accenture Security Accenture

Mr. Larry Leva Global Vice Chair – Quality, Risk and Regulatory (Retired) KPMG International

Mr. Cid Wilson Chief Executive Officer Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR)


LEADERSHIP Jack E. Kosakowski President and Chief Executive Officer

Buzzy Thibodeaux Executive Vice President

Beth Beene Vice President of Marketing

Jeanette Lee Vice President - Development

Jackie Dant Senior Vice President - Operations

Sharon Lents Vice President - Field Program Services

MC Desrosiers Senior Vice President - Education and Learning Technologies

Susan Luu Senior Vice President - Business Improvement

Mark Fiore Vice President - Compensation and Benefits Lisa Frye Vice President - Employment/Employee Relations Laura Goodman Vice President - Volunteer Engagement Tim Greinert Senior Vice President - Development Ed Grocholski Senior Vice President - Brand Katie Keane Vice President - Development Christy Kunz Senior Vice President - Operations Tom Landsness Vice President - Infrastructure and Service Management


Leslie Pierce Senior Vice President - Talent and Organization Development Kris Ponciroli Vice President – Donor Relations and Development Services Edward M. Priem II Chief Financial Officer Jeannine Reilly Vice President - Educational Delivery and Technology Solutions Steve Schmidt Senior Vice President - Operations Julia Stewart Vice President - User Strategy and Learning Experience Management Joe Thomas, Ph.D. Vice President - Evaluation & Research

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