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Work Experience: Information Planning Basic info Name of business Type of business(public/private?) Address

Contact name Contact telephone


Hours of business?

How will I get there? Use and to help you plan your journey. Tip: Print off a map of the local area so that you know where you are going. What form/s of transport will you use?(bus/train/walk/car)

Write your travel plan: include bus numbers, train stations, public transport times, timings Example travel plan Time Description Time taken 06.55am Walk from home to Southbury road 07.05am

Get the 121 (07.11am) bus from the bus stop by the river to Hertford Rd


Walk to Enfield College

(10 mins) (22 mins) (1 min)

Your travel plan

Recording your experience You may want to record your work experiences, writing about the tasks you had and the skills you learnt. This will help you reflect on your achievements and when you come to write your CV, you have listed many of the things you might want to include from your work experience. To record your experiences, you could •

Keep a reflective journal

Blog about them

Record them in your diary

Write Facebook updates

To help you write a CV, take a look at the books in your Library or check out BBCCV writing tips ( BBCGet that job ( My Choice London CV builder ( Connexions (

Researching a career Research the career paths you are interested in and plan what you need to achieve. Ask yourself the following questions •

Do I need to get specific GCSEs?

Is there a particular college course I need to do? What grades will I need?

Do I need to go to university? What qualifications do I need to do (A-levels? B-TECs?Etc.) to get onto the university course?

Should I get an apprenticeship?

The following websites will help provide you with information: BBCStudent Life ( Connexions ( My Choice ( City and Guilds ( Need 2 Know ( Careers Box ( Apprenticeships ( ) UCAS:University Applications (

Work Experience - Planning Worksheet  

Planning worksheet for year 10, to complete during their session on information.

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