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Year 10 Trip- in Lesson plan (connect > activate > demonstrate > consolidate) LO/Outcomes

Resources Required

To learn a new revision technique To practice summarising information and your learning To produce flash cards on a particular given topic

Science fact/topic sheets (NMp) Blank index cards (RCa) Model index cards (RCa) Coloured pens/pencils (RCa)




Connect Introduce concept of flash-cards • What are they • What do they include • Why are they useful



Activate NMp to cover material specifically related to the Science topics

Task/demonstrate Pupils each create a flash card about the topic specified for their group. Pupils work in pairs using the information resources provided on their table for their topic. Each child will produce two flash cards on their give topic.


Plenary/consolidate Pupils share their revision-cards with the other members of the group


Pack away & lesson ends @9.50am

Year 10 - flash cards  

Lesson plan for lesson on flash cards