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Serious reguest Leeuwarden 2013 ‘’Let’s clean this shit up’’ is the motto from serious reguest 2013 ! Every year are 3fm and the red cross coming in action to help people in poor country’s. There are three dj’s who going to be locked in a glass house for 6 days without food. The dj’s may only drink and they gone make all day long live radio. Every year they are coming in action for something else. This year it is for the 800.000 victims (mostly yong children) each year of diarree. A lot of thing we find normal, they don’t have in that kind of poor country’s. There is a huge lack from fresh drinkwater, sanitary fittings, soap and they don’t know something of the importance from hygiene. When the ill children not get the help they need the yong children die from shortage of drinks. The red cross is trying to help the people with everything thing they need to get better. This year it is the turn on Leeuwarden 1e alinia: wie is serious reguest en wat doen ze e 2e alinia: wat gaan ze dit jaar doen 3e alinia: waar 4e alinia: opbrengsten

Serious reguest leeuwarden 2013