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European Capital of Culture 2018 On the 6th of September they announced amazing news: Leeuwarden is European Capital of Culture in 2018! It’s an amazing performance, everyone is so happy and proud. People laughed, danced and jumped excitedly when they announced it. Four year before the event the European Parliament are talking about what country and some great cities they’re going to choose. They make a group of judged who’ll judge the city very strict by its cultural side. Every year are two cities a cultural city, in that year they need to show themselves from their best cultural sides. Leeuwarden was the city who used the least money and the whole plan was devised by just a few students! The motivation to be an European Capital of Cultural is mostly because it promotes the city international. More motivations are to get local people more interested in culture, improve the cultural sector, develop a better relationship with other cities and cultures and promoting creativity and innovation with local very talented artists. Many cities have renovated historic buildings under ECOC or existing buildings such as museums expanded. This not only affects tourism bus also provides more satisfaction with the locals. From this year to 2018 there going to be many changes and events here. In December is Serious Request here and here is a new Starbucks! And we won this with a plan from some bored students. Iza van den Bosch

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