International Youth Arts Festival Kingston 2013 (IYAF) Brochure

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6 TH - 28 TH JULY 20 1 3

W E L C OME TO THE INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ARTS FESTIVAL 2013 our communities to thrive. Our mission therefore remains to equip any young person who has that idea, that dream, that passion with the skills to take that thought and make it real.

Well here we are, in 2013, hosting the fifth of Creative Youth’s International Youth Arts Festival. I am delighted as the new Festival Director to introduce you to this year’s programme. The festival has grown faster and larger than any of us could have imagined. And we believe the reasons for this are few and simple, a passionate energetic team, the greatest volunteers you’ll ever meet and so so importantly, some of the highest quality arts you could ever wish to see, hear, touch, experience, participate in and enjoy. The mantra in the Creative Youth’s office always being that youth arts should be celebrated, not tolerated, and the mere fact that you are holding this brochure and reading these words, means you are making this mantra a reality – thank you!

It started like any other job, you meet the people involved, you try desperately to look like you know what you’re doing, you make friends and get a sneak peak behind the scenes of one of the most exciting festivals in the country. After what felt like meeting over a thousand people in my first week I started to realise that this was a lot more than just an arts festival, people were stopping me in the street, wishing me luck, telling me how much they cared about the festival – and I better get it right – it was all a bit terrifying. I realised this festival means so much to the community it’s built around, a community of local and international young people, art lovers, families and volunteers.

Creative Youth as a charity is growing too. We are now beginning to see real results and successes through our Creative Talent programme (see page 76) which now mentors 10 young creative companies, with many of them touring nationally, receiving funding, developing highly praised work and creating innovative business models. We are developing exciting partnerships locally and nationally which will see our unique model of youth engagement reaching far wider than we had ever dreamed. In the last 2 years we have worked with over 60 interns and 200 volunteers, many of whom have drawn from our focus on innovation and entrepreneurship and sprang into successful careers in a huge multitude of industries.

At the time of writing we are just under 3 months away and I’m fully immersed in IYAF, never has a job so quickly become something I care about and something that has brought me so much laughter and joy (and this is before the festival!) Sitting here looking at all the great shows scheduled (over 300 in total!) I challenge everyone to go out, buy a festival pass, see as many shows as is humanly possible, check out the free events, sign up to a workshop and explore the animated streets and paths of the town. Make sure to visit ‘The Nest’, our new festival hub in Kingston’s Market House, you’ll be able to buy tickets, chat to volunteers and maybe catch an impromptu performance. At the end of a busy day, swing by the festival bar in the Rose Theatre’s café and soak up the free performances with friends.

At a time when youth unemployment remains frighteningly high (21.9%) and cuts to the arts rage on despite a recent study proving that for every £1 invested in the arts £4 is returned into the economy we are convinced that those with ideas, those with creativity, those with passion, energy and dreams will be the ones that will help

- Jeremy Sachs, Director, International Youth Arts Festival.



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1. All Saints’ Church & Gardens The Market Place, Kingston, KT1 1JP T: 020 8546 5964

2. ACT Studio Kingston College, Kingston Hall Road, Kingston KT1 2AD T: 020 8547 5205

3. Bentalls Department Store Wood St, Kingston, KT1 1TP

4. The Bentall Centre Wood St, Kingston, KT1 1TP

5. Eagle Brewery Wharf Kingston Riverside, KT1 1HL

6. Kings Field Skate Park Church Grove, Hampton Wick KT1 4ET

8. Cass Art 103 Clarence Street, Kingston KT1 1QY

9. Market Place Town Centre, Kingston KT1 2PS

10. The Nest: Market House Market Place, Kingston, KT1 1JS / T: 020 8547 1221

11. The Odeon The Rotunda, Clarence St, Kingston, KT1 1QJ T: 020 8974 5197

12. Rose Theatre 24 - 26 High Street, Kingston, KT1 1HL T: 08444 821 556

13. Tiffin Studio Tiffin School, Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston, KT1 6RL

14. The Ram Jam Club 46 Richmond Road, KT2 5EE tel: 020 8541 4328

7. Las Iguanas 25-29 High St, Kingston KT1 1HL tel: 020 8546 2245 5

15. Studio 22 (Fusion Arts) Eden Street, Town Centre Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1BW / tel: 020 8541 5152



Monday 22nd July @ 7.30pm Wednesday 24th July @ 7:30pm Thursday 25th July @ 2.30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for all ages Rope Walk Theatre is a brand new company that fuses classic theatre with contemporary practice, founded by its two directors Ben and Simon.


Afterglow tells the story of a girl named Hotaru Takegawa, who every summer visits the beautiful Japanese countryside. One day she gets lost in a forest inhabited by mountain spirits. Desperate to find her way out, she meets a mask-wearing, human-like entity named Gin. Happy to be shown the path back home, Hotaru wants to hug Gin, but he tells her that he will disappear forever if he is ever touched by her...

Saturday 13th July @ 7:30pm Sunday 14th July @ 5:00pm Wednesday 17th July @ 7:30pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 16+ The Shoestring Players are the theatrical producing entity at the University of South Carolina - Upstate in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. Through the production of a diverse array of theatre genres, we shape students into inquisitive and imaginative theatre artists. All About Ives is a collection of short plays that define the world as it appears to playwright David Ives. With playful and creative use of language, comedic absurdity, and the possibility of alternative realities, the audience is swept away into an enchanting, perplexing, intelligent, and absolutely hilarious universe. “Theatre that aerobicizes the brain and tickles the heart...Ives is a mordant comic who has put the play back in playwright” - Time 6

EVE THEATRE AN EVENING OF SPEAKEASY THE ACT MAINHOUSE Monday 22nd July @ 6:30pm (doors open at 5:00pm) Tickets: £8 / Duration: 4hours Suitable for +16 Step into a 1920’s speakeasy for an evening of Cabaret hosted by EVE Theatre Company. From burlesque to poetry, clowns to the live house band, EVE are gathering a variety of international acts to perform for the IYAF festival for one night only... not to be missed.

B&N A PLAY TIFFIN STUDIO Thursday 25th July @ 5:30pm Saturday 27th July @ 8:30pm Tickets: £5.00 / Duration: 30mins Suitable for 12+ B&N is a collective of performers and writers, founded by Alisa Nirman, Josh Murchie and Rikke Dall-Hansen. Focusing on philosophical concepts in theatre, B&N produce satirical, engaging and funny new material, usually on the absurd side. A Play is a comedy about making theatre and the creative process. After a performance, actors often find themselves stuck on stage. In their attempt to make sense of the situation and with the help from theatrical stereotypes they encounter on the way, they seem to be creating more boundaries than breaking them. If theatre reflects life, then surely it should have no plot and perhaps, even no meaning?


ROSE YOUTH THEATRE ARABIAN NIGHTS ROSE MAIN HOUSE Saturday 20th July @ 11:00am Monday 22nd July @ 7:00pm Tickets: £5 - £15 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 6+ Since 2008, RYT has earned itself a great reputation. Representing some of the best local talent, our young actors are central to life at the Rose. They regularly perform exciting and captivating work on our mainstage and in our studio. In war-torn Arabia, a young woman risks her life to save her town. Each night she must melt the dark heart of her husband with tales from her childhood of a very different Arabia; a magical land of genies, enchanted caves, exotic spices and the searing desert sun. This radical new reworking of Arabian Nights glows with imagination, storytelling and a great cast of young, local actors.

‘ANDON THEATRE BITS & BOX ROSE STUDIO Sunday 14th July @ 7:30pm Monday 15th July @ 6:00pm Tuesday 16th July @ 7:00pm Ticket: £8.00 / Duration: 50mins Suitable for 10+ With two decades of shared memories, ‘AndOn Theatre go beyond daring imagination and truthful stimuli to performances that are poignant, honest and refreshingly humorous. Epitomising energy, dynamism and unrelenting commitment, they live for those magic words: ‘AndOn with the show... Imagine an hour with a box... imagine the possibilities. Two guys, too much mess and a cardboard box. ‘AndOn Theatre present Bits & Box. Amidst its playful immaturity, laugh your way through an energetic glimpse into the imaginations of two people with far too much time on their hands. Honest, funny and yet pointedly child-like, this short play will, if nothing else, leave you prepared for when boredom comes a-knocking!


T24 BLACK COMEDY ACT STUDIO Friday 19th July @ 2:30pm Sunday 21st July @ 7:30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 12+ As we approach our 50th year, join T24, the University of Kent’s renowned theatre company for a theatrical production unlike any other. Brindsley Miller, a young sculptor, is nervous; in a single evening his future, both professionally and personally will be decided. In order to avoid disaster, Brindsley must impress both a famous art collector and his formidable future father-in-law, the Colonel. An ill-timed power cut at Brindsley’s South Kensington apartment, a gaggle of meddling neighbours and the unexpected arrival of a particularly vibrant former flame, conspire to ruin the most important evening of poor Brindsley’s life! Theatrical conventions are turned upside down in this hidden gem from Peter Shaffer’s repertoire. When the characters can see, the actors perform in darkness, but when the characters struggle to cope with the effects of the power cut, the stage is flooded with light so that the audience can witness the mayhem! As the disasters accumulate and the momentum builds, this one act farce will keep you laughing until the final blow.

FULL HOUSE THEATRE COMPANY & BEDFORD AND DISTRICT CEREBRAL PALSY SOCIETY BOXED ACT MAINHOUSE Sunday 21st July @ 3:00pm Tickets: £8.00 / Duration: 50mins Suitable for 12+ BDCPS enables people with cerebral palsy to live their life their way. Full House uses imagination and humour to create interpretative, issue based and educational entertainment for audiences of all ages. Boxed is a newly devised production performed by an ensemble of young actors from the BDCPS. This ferociously powerful piece has been created through collaboration with Bedford based Full House Theatre Company. 9

THE SCHOOL OF MEDDLERS (GLENTHORNE DRAMA ACADEMY) ‘CHATROOM’ BY EDNA WALSH ACT STUDIO Monday 22nd July @ 4:30pm Tuesday 23rd July @ 7:30pm Thursday 25th July @ 7:30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 1hour 15mins Suitable for 14+ The School of Meddlers is a young and talented ensemble of students from Glenthorne High School in Sutton. The group is committed to challenging themselves and their audiences by exploring contemporary issues through compelling narrative. SMOKING APPLES AND LITTLE CAULIFLOWER CELL ACT MAINHOUSE

“In these rooms words are power… you have all the right words…”


In an internet chat room, six teenagers discuss suicide, religion and Willy Wonka as they search for a cause. As the events of Edna Walsh’s powerful play unfold, the rules of the ordinary world are challenged, revealing a darker side to cyberspace.

Wednesday 24th July @ 7:00pm Thursday 25th July @ 8:00pm Friday 26th July @ 7:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 30mins Suitable for 12+ Smoking Apples use both puppets and live actors together on stage with an identifiable and unique style of movement. Little Cauliflower produce touching and heartfelt productions, often using large elements of kinetic set-design in their shows. CELL is about a man’s loss of physical animation through Motor Neurone Disease. We have been exploring this through the external, physically degenerative quality and the internal expansion of the mind and imagination. Smoking Apples and Little Cauliflower have been undertaking a collaborative process of thought and puppetry to bring you CELL. The show is a ‘work in progress’ and has been generously funded by Arts Council England.


HIGH HAT THEATRE DOCTOR DARKLING’S DEVICE ACT MAINHOUSE Thursday 18th July @ 7:30pm Wednesday 24th July @ 3:30pm Thursday 25th July @ 1:30pm Tickets: £8.00 / Duration: 50 mins Suitable for 9+ High Hat Theatre has created exciting performances, colourful spectacles and international workshops since 1999. Their inventive style of movement-based theatre, mostly without words, brings bold imagery and fantasy to audiences both indoors and outdoors.

OASIS HADLEY DRAMA COMPANY CLOCKWORK ORANGE ROSE STUDIO Monday 15th July @ 2:30pm Monday 15th July @ 8:00pm Thursday 18th July @ 12:00pm Tickets £8 / Duration: 45mins Suitable for 7+

Doctor Darkling, a wandering outlaw mesmerist, invites you to defy the laws of the Dreamless State and witness spacetime manipulation, unauthorised dream fabrication and the unveiling of his new creation, the Oscillating Dream-Device. Meanwhile the ever-present Psi-Police are at his heels….

A criminal by the name of Lex and her threating all-female gang The Droogs, take you on a theatrical experience that you’ll never forget. Set sometime in the near future, Lex’s criminal life is turned upsidedown when she is offered a get out of jail card: The Ludovico Technique.

This surreal, quirky show mixes mime, movement and steam fantasy.

The price is losing her freedom of choice: What happens when your love of music turns to nausea; or when self-defence causes selfparalysis? With Oasis Academy’s interesting use of comedic-stylised characters and actors taking on multiple roles, this is not the Clockwork Orange that you would anticipate. 11

CONCATENATE THEATRE COMPANY ERRONEOUS ACT STUDIO Wednesday 24th July @ 5:30pm Friday 26th July @ 5:30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 16+ Concatenate Theatre Company was formed in 2012 in South West London and consists of a group of ten passionate performers with an eye for physical theatre. Driven by artistic insights that explore ways of finding and expressing naturalism within our collaborative process, they devise unique productions for a wide range of audiences. Erroneous tells the story of Harold Wallace, an elderly patient in a care home who not only discovers that his ex-wife Regina has passed away after many years of estrangement, but that she gave up their child for adoption. Forced to abandon his hermit lifestyle, Harold embarks on a quest that brings him into contact with a host of characters in pursuit of the child he never knew.

CHARLES LEWIS MEYRICK GALACTIC IDIOM; EPISODE VEE RAM JAM CLUB Saturday 20th July @ 9:00pm Saturday 27th July @ 9:00pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 35mins Suitable for 18 + After graduating from Kent University & the Central School of Speech & Drama, Mr. Meyrick began writing radio comedy, alongside a career in unemployment. He sites Woody Allen & Spike Milligan amongst his influences, although they both vehemently deny this. ‘Galactic Idiom; Episode Vee’ is a live radio comedy and thus relies on no visual cues. Captain Mann and the crew of the S. S. Elridge are on their fifth mission, which promises moments of ill-advised surrealism and anarchy. This abstract yet traditional performance comes via odd voices & crudely executed live sound-effects, courtesy of the talented comedians blackmailed into performing them. After this, television will look two coconuts short of an invisible horse. “You couldn’t pay me to go and see this I mean again” (East Farleigh Gazette) “It cured my rash! But now I miss the rash” (Jean-Paul Satre, speaking from beyond the grave) “What a treat! It had everything, tragedy, laughs, a talking dog; I didn’t think I could get away with watching Netflix during the performance, but no one seemed to mind” 12 (man representing Netflix)

T24 GEORGE’S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE ACT MAINHOUSE Monday 15th July @ 3:00pm Tuesday 16th July @ 4:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for all ages George’s Marvellous Medicine tells the enchanting story of a young boy’s accidental invention of a magical medicine and the astounding effects it causes! George’s wicked Grandma, (not to mention a few unsuspecting chickens) had better watch out!


Join T24, the University of Kent’s longrunning theatre group, for this mischievous and delightful performance. Innovative puppetry, live musical jingles and a talented ensemble forge a new take on this Roald Dahl classic, which promises to thrill young and old alike.

Sunday 14th July @ 7:30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for 14+ Touched Theatre specialises in telling original, human stories through contemporary puppetry and visual theatre. Headcase uses dance, puppetry and spinetingling new music and was made in collaboration with young people who use MIND’s mental health services. Cassie’s locked herself in her room with only a goldfish for company, and maybe she’ll never come out again. But someone’s knocking at the door. Headcase is a richly visual theatrical duet, sharing the real experiences of a made up, mixed-up teenager as she struggles to come to terms with what’s going on inside her own head. “A very beautiful and moving show” – y Theatre


“Inventive, thought-provoking and really quite heart-warming” – **** Latest 7

WHAT IF WORKS HOLOCAUST: A LIVING JOURNEY-BOOK ACT MAINHOUSE Saturday 13th July @ 7:00pm Sunday 14th July @ 7:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour 20mins Suitable for 10+ Miami’s What if Works and Solent Southampton University return to IYAF for another stirring and thought-provoking collaboration following their 2010 debut on human trafficking. Featuring nine young US and UK actors, this searing new docudrama promises an intelligent and original examination of the Holocaust, one of the darkest periods in human history. If history retreats into obscurity as the world rushes forward at breakneck speed what are we left with to help avoid making some of the same mistakes? This is the question posed by Holocaust: a Living JourneyBook. Accompanied by archival film, music and inspirational testimonies, these young actors, weave a spellbinding human tapestry of action through the five versed “Choruses” of German poetess, Nelly Sachs - the first Jewish woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize; Gustav Schroeder, Captain of ill-fated SS St Louis; Anne Frank who recorded her eye-witness account from an Amsterdam attic; Antoni Dobrowolski, Polish school teacher and the oldest living survivor from the camps at Auschwitz and Sir Nicholas Winton, known to many as the “British Schindler” for his courage in engineering the rescue of some 2,700 Jewish children.




Saturday 20th July @ 7:30pm Tuesday 23rd July @ 8:30pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour 10mins

Friday 12th July @ 7:30pm Saturday 13th July @ 7:00pm Monday 15th July @ 8:30pm Thursday 18th July @ 6:30pm Tickets: £5.00 / Duration: 45mins Suitable for 12+

Suitable for 15+ E-Theatre is an independent theatre group based in Shanghai. E-Theatre was founded in 2009. All members are or have previously been students or teachers at Shanghai Theatre Academy. Our name in Chinese means ‘simple, ever changing and eternal’. These are the principles we try to follow in our work.

Collision is collaboration between a group of young theatre makers aged 12-18 years and theatre practitioner, Claire Bloomfield, to create contemporary performance. They cocreate work that responds to the everyday and explore young people’s position in the world. Follow them on twitter: @CollisionYT

This is a devised piece about Shanghai. For some Shanghai is a bright, exciting and luxurious place. For others it is one of the world’s most polluted cities, a place that has lost itself in greed and despair. This piece brings up fragments of everyday life in Shanghai, for rich and poor, at high and low. It’s crazy, it’s ugly, it’s magical, it’s Shanghai.

How does insomnia blur reality as you fight the battle of sleep? In Silence We Sleep is a dynamic exploration of five individuals’ nightly fight of being stuck in the world of sleeplessness. “An exciting production by a committed and intelligent company” - National Theatre on Collision’s The Mobile Show.


CHICKEN KNITTERS KESHO AMAHORO (PEACE TOMORROW) ROSE MAIN HOUSE Friday 26th July @ 12:00pm Saturday 27th July @ 7:30pm Sunday 28th July @ 12:30pm Tickets: £5.00 - £15.00 / Duration: 2 hours Suitable for 6+ Founded in 2009, the Kenyan Chicken Knitters create innovative, challenging and thought-provoking musicals that raise awareness of social issues. Two groups of young performers from Africa and the UK will come together to bring this sensational musical to life. Kesho Amahoro is a true story, based on real people in the Rwandese refugee camps of northern Tanzania in 1994. Esperance and her siblings join the resilient Kasulu street kids and together they face incredible setbacks and deep heartache, but manage to look positively to the future. This is a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit and is dedicated to refugees, all over the world. May we all, with them, believe in peace tomorrow.

KIERTOTÄHTI IT TAKES COURAGE ROSE STUDIO Monday 22nd July @ 5:30pm Thursday 25th July @ 5:30pm Sunday 28th July @ 3:30pm Tickets: £8.00 / Duration: 40mins Kiertotähti is a group of (a little bit shy) young ladies from Finland, who have challenged themselves by creating a play about the moments of life when you need courage. Kiertotähti belongs to Theatre Narri, which is part of Helsinki Youth Services. It Takes Courage is made of individual scenes that talk about the moments in life when you need a lot of courage. Trips to the moments of courage are shown mainly without words. “You need to have courage to intervene in injustice. You need to have courage to stop the harassment towards you. You need to have courage to express yourself as you are, even if the others don’t respect it.” 16

HSA KICK IT! TIFFIN STUDIO Friday 26th July @ 3:30pm Sunday 27th July @ 1:00pm Tickets: £5.00 / Duration: 20mins Suitable for all ages HSA (Helen’s School of Acting) provides exciting and creative drama tuition. Director and writer Helen Albert has performed in the West End and Rose Theatre, Kingston. Beau Brown (aged 7) is one of Helen’s students and performs in Kick It, alongside two others.

THE SHUTTLECOQ COMPANY KITCHENETTE PARTY ACT STUDIO Thursday 18th July @ 4:30pm Sunday 21st July @ 2:30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for 14+

Kick It! is a comedy set inside the home of the Uptons. It’s about mum, dad and their eight year old son Tom. While mum has been away for a week, dad and son have been left to their own devices - creating a more ‘relaxed’ style of living.

Shuttlecoq is an ever-evolving company of 15-to-21-year-olds whose work ranges from Shakespeare to self-devised plays in English. The company is celebrating its 20th birthday this Spring with three productions, one of which is coming to IYAF. The company returns to IYAF with Kitchenette Party, the final part of The Belle of Snodland trilogy, their trademark production. This one act play features four couples reuniting for a party. Old rivalries and new jealousies threaten to overshadow the reunion as the fragility of the four relationships becomes only too obvious. Their sense of humour never fails them, giving them something to cling to before the answer to their problems comes from unexpected directions.




Wednesday 24th July @ 8:30pm Thursday 25th July @ 4:00pm Friday 26th July @ 8:30pm Tickets: £5.00 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for 11+

Saturday 13th July @ 10:00pm Sunday 14th July @ 8:30pm Duration: 1hour Suitable for 12+

Henry Raby is a performance poet based in York who has gigged up and down the country, won various slams and performed at a number of festivals. Following in the footsteps of John Cooper Clarke, his work ranges from comics and cartoons to protest and politics.

Mischief Theatre is an award-winning comedy theatre company based in London and formed in 2008 by a group of drama school graduates. Since then the company has created and presented numerous sellout productions across the UK and beyond. A rip-roaring triumph! Join Mischief Theatre for their cheeky, award-winning, improvised movie live on stage. Oscar has every film ever made… every film you could ever imagine. You choose the genre, location and title. Oscar finds the DVD. The movie is created before your very eyes. Oscar pauses and rewinds the best bits and cuts to hysterical DVD extras. Fringe Sell-Out 2009-2012.

In Letter to a Man (From the Boy), Henry Raby performs a collection of poems, each with a distinctive look at the stages of growing up. Meanwhile audiences are invited to craft their own time-capsule-style letter to their future selves, to be opened at some unknown date. It’s a gentle reminder of who we used to be, and how that informs who we want to become, through wry, comic and anarchic spoken word.

“Side splitting – hysterical.” Broadway Baby 18

GROUP 64 MATILDA LIAR ACT STUDIO Monday 15th July @ 5:00pm Tuesday 16th July @ 7:30pm Sunday 21st July @ 10:00am Tickets: £5.00 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 14+ Group 64 is a dynamic and exciting young people’s community theatre company, based in the heart of Putney. They create powerful, thought provoking theatre and in 2012 were chosen to perform at the National Theatre as part of NT Connections. SCALE CAKE MARSHMALLOW ACT STUDIO

Matilda Liar is a powerful and moving play that combines a gothic cautionary tale with a glittering fairy-tale. At the heart of her dysfunctional family Matilda lies and lies, until one day everything changes and she finds she can only tell the truth. A stylish piece of physical theatre, which will keep you gripped as chaos ensues!

Saturday 13th July @ 5:30pm Saturday 20th July @ 8:30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 25mins Suitable for 12+ Scale Cake is a newly formed company committed to producing original and inspiring work from young writers, bringing together passionate individuals to work together in creating new pieces focusing on various issues and ideas. Marshmallow is the story of Dawn, a young woman, who has only ever dreamed of being one thing: a princess. One minute funny the next heartbreakingly moving, this one woman show is a window into the excitement and absurdity of Dawns’ wedding preparations as her fairytale wedding threatens to become a less than magical reality.





Friday 19th July @ 7:30pm Tickets: £5 - £15 / Duration: 1hour 20mins

Friday 25th July @ 8:30pm Saturday 26th July @ 4:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour 30mins

Suitable for 12+

Suitable for 8+

Founded by Sir Richard Stilgoe in 1998, Orpheus provides unique opportunities for young disabled adults (18-25) with a passion for performing arts. We promote transition and personal development through performing arts so students gain the skills to live independently in the community and to make informed choices about their futures.

Dumbshow is a diverse company of artists who produce bold, ensemble theatre which explores stories about the human condition. Performed with passion, life and a sense of mischief. “Dumbshow - the latest young company to watch.” -

Two races live in the remains of a world devastated by war, their only hope for peace is a passionate young girl – but she is locked away, hidden from her dangerous and powerful father! Set amongst the rubble, the Musical of Small Remains takes you on an epic journey of love, betrayal and vengeance, revolutionaries and generals. This exciting and highly innovative production is a new work entirely created and performed by students at Orpheus.

Moon is about a boy who finds his true colours… and his place in the spectrum. Set in 1980s London, this is a story about growing up, staying young, keeping the wonder, staying true, and never forgetting: the moon is always lonelier than you. Following the success of Clockheart Boy, Dumbshow will be developing their new show for children and families throughout the festival and invite you to be the first people to see it. Moon is followed by a feedback session.


TIFFIN SCHOOL ORCHESTRA AND CHILDREN’S CHORUS PERFORM THE MUSIC OF MI!MS ROSE MAIN HOUSE Monday 15 July@ 5pm Tickets: FREE / Suitable for all ages Duration: 1hour The Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University is dedicated to the development and production of interdisciplinary contemporary art and design practice and presents a regular onsite, offsite and online programme of fellowships, exhibitions, participatory projects and events.

EVE THEATRE NEW WRITING, 4 New Plays by EVE ACT MAINHOUSE Wednesday 17th July @ 2:30pm Saturday 20th July @ 6:00pm Tickets: £8.00 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 14+ EVE is a vibrant collective of young women who love to act, direct and produce new writing for the theatre. Over the past year they have produced over 15 productions in and around London which have included works by Simon Stephens, David Greig, Anders Lustgarten and local Kingston playwright Graham Follett. They are very much looking forward to their IYAF debut with their own new writing. This is showcasing the first of four of EVE’s new writings for the stage. The first displays three very memorable weddings, the second the damage truth can do as it unfolds, the third a trial and the fourth a hedgehog pie. Four fabulous productions for the price of one, all in the space of an hour and a half, it’s not to be missed. 21



Monday 15th July @ 12.00pm Tuesday 16th July @ 11:00am Tickets: FREE / Duration: 30mins Suitable for 3+

23rd July @ 7:30pm 25th July @ 4:00pm 27th July @ 12:30pm 28th July @ 7:30pm Suitable for 12+ Tickets: £8 cons: £5

Born from a love of telling stories and an obstinate desire to have fun, Tiger Boat Theatre Company combines beautiful puppetry with storytelling and music to create wonderful new worlds for their young audiences.

Pants on Fire is a multi award winning international theatre company based in London. We create original, dynamic and innovative physical theatre with actormusicians. Our productions embrace a magical lowtech style using multimedia, mask, clown, puppetry and live original music. Award winning actor-musician company Pants on Fire follow their international 5 star hit Ovid’s Metamorphoses, with a unique take on Carlo Collodi’s original tale about a wooden fibber. Setting the adventures in a 1950’s Sci-Fi Horror B-Movie, with a barbershop dubstep mash-up soundtrack, man-size puppets, live songs and flamboyantly lo-tech extravagant storytelling, all traces of Disney are obliterated in this gloriously dark account of the marionette with behavioural problems.

Pierre watches his father set off to sea, wishing he could go too. But he’s just a small boy, and the sea is a big place. So he wanders the beach, until he comes across a small sunfish trapped by the tide... Even the smallest of people can make a big difference! “A lovely play for young children... using delightful puppetry with warmth and charm.” - Jonathan Kennedy, Tara Arts on Inside I’m a Lion


CARMINA MASOLIVER SHE GRRROWLS SPOKEN WORD RAM JAM CLUB Sunday 22nd July @ 6:00pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 3hours Suitable for 18+ Carmina Masoliver is a writer who bridges the page and stage. She has been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies and is the editor of Poetry&Paint. She won the award for Best Loss Poem at Glam Slam 2011.


“She Grrrowls Spoken Word” features an allfemale line-up of fantastic performers. Keep your eyes peeled for confirmation of the lineup. You’re sure to witness poetic ponderings, sassy stories and funny forms.

Wednesday 17th July @ 1:00pm & 8:00pm Thursday 18th July @ 12:00pm & 8:45pm Tickets: FREE / Duration: 30mins Suitable for all ages

Anyone is welcome to sign up for the open mic session.

Tin Box, a Birmingham based theatre company, collaboratively devise theatre which explores inventive uses of storytelling, visual theatre, puppetry and site-specific performance. We are theatre makers on the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s Foundry Programme 2013.

Maggie is a perpetual wanderer. Desperate to see new places, meet new people and collect their stories, she is travelling the country one pub at a time. Join her for a drink, some hearty food and a chance to hear the story that shaped her journey. “An involving, utterly wonderful story” Audience member, Pint Dreams (2013) “Innovative, poignant, incredibly touching” Metro, Stop the Clocks (2011)


LIFELIKE THEATRE SISTERS ROSE MAIN HOUSE Monday 15th July @ 8:00pm Thursday 18th July @ 3:00pm Sunday 21st July @ 8:00pm Sunday 28th July @ 3:30pm Tickets: £5.00 - £15.00 Duration: 1hour 35mins Suitable for 14+ Lifelike Theatre produces new writing by graduates of the Royal Court Writers Programme such as Ben Clare and others. The writers tell great stories about life, here and now…

YOUAREMINE SCHUMPETER’S GALE ROSE STUDIO Tuesday 23rd July @ 5:30pm Wednesday 24th July @ 5:30pm Thursday 25th July @ 3:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 50mins Suitable for 15+

In a big house on a remote island, three sisters bitch, laugh and dream of a new life. Then the army comes back to town, passions are reignited, jealousies stirred, and their world is changed forever. A funny, heartfelt family drama inspired by Chekhov’s Three Sisters.

Youaremine, is a multi-disciplinary performance company that creates culturally-inspired pieces with a unique visual aesthetic. Youaremine like to watch the world around them. Youaremine tell stories. “I realised I had fallen apart, I was lost. But I had this feeling that, somehow, I’d be able to collect up all those pieces and start afresh. Kind of create something new, empowered, out of those ashes of what happened before.” Real stories about love, having your heart broken, and finding yourself. An intimate, honest verbatim piece fusing movement, live music and recordings in an exploration of that beautiful binary of love and destruction.


SANKARIT THEATRE COMPANY TAMA ON RYOSTO - THIS IS A ROBBERY TIFFIN STUDIO Tuesday 23rd July @ 4:30pm Wednesday 24th July @ 3:00pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 25min Suitable for 5+


Sankarit Theatre Company is supported by Helsinki Youth Services and consists of a group of young people from Finland. Despite the disabilities of these young artists, they are strongly capable of creating stage plays and performing them with intense charisma.

Tuesday 16th July @ 5:00pm Thursday 18th July @ 8:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for 12+

This is a Robbery was created by the group as they explored the wider theme of “what is wrong in the world”. From many subjects they explored, stealing was chosen as something the group wanted to understand better. During the creation process, Sankarit researched the reasons, routes and consequences of stealing.

Short in Comparison is a collaboration between two young artists specialising in physical, devised theatre and puppetry. Created with a lot of care and a sense of humour, we aim to share our love of alternative storytelling. This is an alternative version of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot performed by two women combining the disciplines of puppetry and physical theatre. One tall, one short, this new duo invite the audience into a world where things don’t always make much sense but time passes nonetheless.

This group has the ability to move your heart.

This adaptation will turn the text on its head and push the boundaries of Beckett’s work by using puppetry to highlight the absurdity of simply watching people wait. 25

SHAKESPEARE NAPA VALLEY THE COMEDY OF ERRORS ROSE STUDIO Sunday 21st July @ 4:00pm Monday 22nd July @ 7:30pm Wednesday 24th July @ 7:30pm Saturday 27th July @ 3:30pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 10+ Shakespeare Napa Valley is a seasonal theatre festival based in northern California, dedicated to inspiring artists and audiences by creating bold and entertaining interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare’s beloved comedy of mistaken identity is intimately staged in the round with an international cast of skilled young theatre artists from the United States and across the United Kingdom.


This cheeky 90-minute adaptation is sure to tickle your funny bone and pluck at your heartstrings – and don’t be surprised if you become part of the action!

Thursday 18th July @ 11:00am Tuesday 23rd July @ 9:00pm Wednesday 24th July @ 12:00pm Tickets: £5 - £15 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for 4+

“Shakespeare Napa Valley is wine country’s theatrical gem.” - Napa Valley Register

Page One Theatre is an exciting young company making devised theatre for children. They combined puppetry and projection with expressive movement to create vivid and atmospheric experiences for children and families and adults alike. The Bridge tells the story of Lucien, a lonely city rat who watches the pigeons from under Waterloo Bridge and wishes he could join them in the sky. One day he spots the most beautiful pigeon and follows it into the big city. Join Lucien on his adventures through lights that shine in red, amber and green. A poignant tale of longing, loneliness, and love to inspire children and adults alike. 26

FILSKIT THEATRE COMPANY THE FEATHER CATCHER ROSE STUDIO Saturday 20th July @ 3:30pm Friday 26th July @ 11:00am Tickets: £8.00 / Duration: 50mins Suitable for 3+

Filskit Theatre is an ensemble with a passion for micro-projection. With their innovative use of technology they create their own Filskit blend of a show that ignites the imagination of children and their families.


The Feather Catcher is a fun, playful story of friendship, the power of working together and a bundle of mischievous feathers.

Friday 26th July @ 4:00pm Saturday 27th July @ 6:30pm Sunday 28th July @ 4:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 2hours Suitable for 15+

Filskit Theatre Company invites you to join unlikely friends Freda and Greta on their feather catching quest created through live music, movement, shadow and playful projection. If you’re lucky you might even catch a feather of your very own. A visually stunning, original story for children aged 3+ and their families.

The Untold Theatre Company specialises in creating original and exciting work in all genres of performing arts. Founded by Fiona O’Malley (Writer) and Adam Wollerton (Director), The Untold Theatre Company aims to uncover new and organic talent to bring their productions to life. The Daily Fail: The Musical! is an original, satirical musical inspired by the Leveson Inquiry and the Hacking Scandal. Two girls, London and Dim, are desperate to be famous at any cost but the only problem is they don’t have any talent. When their wish is granted, courtesy of their devilish Fairy Godmother (Rupert Murdoch), things don’t go as planned and they find they cannot handle the pressure of fame or the scrutiny of the press. Featuring hit songs such as ‘Hugh Grant Is My Ideal Man’, ‘We Could Be Famous’ and ‘Making A Sex Tape’, this musical is sure to be talk of the press this Summer! What would you do to become famous?


“A lovely story innovatively told…” - Eliza Wilson, Head of Education (Stratford Circus)


SAVVY THEATRE COMPANY THE GIRL ON THE PLATFORM ROSE STUDIO Saturday 27th July @ 6:30pm Sunday 28th July @ 6:30pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 30mins Suitable for 7+ SAVVY is an award-winning company that actively pursues projects that bring disparate groups and isolated members of the community together with a focus and commitment to new work, collaboration and creating innovative ensemble-based theatre. Originally a reminiscence theatre project, The Girl on the Platform is a full-face mask show based on the memories of Brenda Norfield, an East End girl who was evacuated at the onset of the Blitz. Brenda’s recollections can be heard throughout the show as she recalls friends and characters from her childhood and narrates us through her experiences and understanding of that time.


“Utterly charming. Captures the era perfectly.” - Audience Member, Brighton Fringe 2012

Friday 12th July @ 7:30pm Sunday 14th July @ 2:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for all ages. KCHE HNC are a group of innovative young performers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences who explore and create bold and challenging verbatim work.


This gritty whirlwind performance is based on David Hare’s critically acclaimed work The Permanent Way and explores Britain’s fateful decision to privatize the railways and the searing national wounds of the Ladbroke Grove and Hatfield train crashes.

JADA YOUTH THEATRE THE INVISIBLE MAN ACT STUDIO Saturday 20th July @ 6:00pm Sunday 21st July @ 5:00pm Monday 22nd July @ 8:00pm Tuesday 23rd July @ 5:00pm Tickets: £5.00 / Duration: 35mins Suitable for 8+ JADA Youth Theatre are a group of young people aged 14 - 21. They create high calibre work using varied performance styles including physical theatre, ensemble, puppetry, dance, circus, combat and live music. The Invisible Man uses physical theatre to explore the loneliness and monotony of life through puppetry and object theatre. With live music and poetic text, the audience is taken on a journey of what it is to feel alone in a busy world, and the need to find love.

TROY VELEV THE MISANTHROPE ACT STUDIO Wednesday 17th July @ 7:30pm Friday 19th July @ 5:30pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 1hour 50mins Suitable for 12+ This year brings another collaborative work between Kingston University and the director Trayan Velev, brings an opportunity for many young students to present their creative and personal potential. Moliere’s play, The Misanthrope, tells a story of Alceste, the aristocrat and his vision about the corruption in society. Alceste identifies hypocrisy as one of mankind’s worst flaws and insists that truth and honesty, no matter how painful, are essential to true integrity. What remains is whether anyone is really listening. The Misanthrope promises an exciting and engaging exploration of Alceste’s pursuit of honesty in an artificial and repellent world. Can and should honesty be disintegrated and compromised in such a place? 29

ROOSTER COMPANY THE PILLOWMAN ACT MAINHOUSE Wednesday 17th July @ 6:30pm Friday 19th July @ 8:00pm Saturday 20th July @ 3:30pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 2hours Suitable for 16+ The Rooster Company is a group of Kingston University graduates who seek to push their limits and challenge their audience with every new piece of work they create. The Pillowman is a dark story about a small town writer whose stories suspiciously begin to mirror the lives of the characters in his work. Suspected for a number of child murders, the play examines the dark recesses of the mind of a tortured artist and the impact his suffering has upon the interrogators who surround him.

BY MOONLIGHT THEATRE THE PARDONER’S TALE ROSE MAIN HOUSE Monday 22nd July @ 4:00pm Wednesday 24th July @ 9:00pm Saturday 27th July @ 2:00pm


Tickets: £5 - £20 / Duration: 60mins Suitable for 14+ (Some strong language) By Moonlight Theatre’s production of ‘The Pardoner’s Tale’ is true to their critically acclaimed blend of mime, Total Theatre and music. With a new twist on the Chaucerian narrative they unlock the comedy and fun of the original tale, combined with the unsavoury nature of the characters that Chaucer created. **** ‘This rumbustious, fun-loving performance faithfully fills in the essentials of the story, without ever letting it get in the way of a gleeful romp through an entertainingly modernised version of Chaucer’s England.’ - Richard Stamp, Founder of Fringe Guru




Saturday 20th July @ 7:00pm Sunday 28th July @ 7:00pm Tickets: £5.00 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for 14+

12th July @ 19:30 Suitable for all ages Founded in 2009, THE REC! (formerly known as The Roundhouse Experimental Choir),

Cab Productions is dedicated to showcasing new writing in and around the Kingston area. The People’s Champion is a new work by writer Andy Currums who won plaudits for his IYAF 2011 show, Survivors.

Have established themselves as the choir everyone wants to collaborate with. With 15 members and direction from Danilo Jr (DJ Walde), whose musical expertise includes opera, beat boxing and instrumental work, a variety of influences are brought to the creative process giving the choir a unique sound and focus Most pieces are improvised and performances have a real energetic and spontaneous quality that will always surprise.

“Andy Currums surely has the makings of a professional” - Remote Goat This one man show reveals the many sides of a flawed genius, Alex Higgins. Alex ‘The hurricane’ Higgins was a storm from the moment he arrived on the professional snooker scene. At once a hero and a villain, a triumph and a failure, a sinner and a saint, Higgins broke records, rules and noses in his turbulent and tumultuous career.

In the four years they have been together they have already performed at various venues and events including, Shunt, Tate, Latitude Festival, the Roundhouse, Union Chapel and Turning Point festival. Not to mention the impressive list of collaborators including the London Contemporary Orchestra, Ghostpoet, Wildbirds, Peacedrums, Shlomo, Ana Silvera and The Magnets.

The People’s Champion isn’t about snooker – it’s about a man who could have had it all.


NYA PARALYTEATERN ‘TIL DEATH DO US PART’ ACT MAINHOUSE Monday 15th July @ 8:30pm Thursday 18th July @ 4:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 90 minutes Suitable for 12+ Nya Paraplyteatern (New Umbrella Theatre) is a non-profit association in Falkenberg, Sweden working for everybody to have the opportunity to learn and feel the joy of exploring the world of classical and improvisational theatre. Our theatre has produced a wide range of talented actors / actresses that we are very proud of.


“They say love conquers all…but is it worth it?”

Wednesday 17th July @ 4:30pm Thursday 18th July @ 10:00am Friday 19th July @ 10:00am Saturday 20th July @ 1:30pm Tickets: £8 / Suitable for 4+ Duration: 15min pre-show, 40min show

This strong play gives an insight into a woman’s life that is characterized by domestic violence; the man of her life turns out to be anything but right. The central event is lined with close bonds, triangle dramas and the fear of being alone.

Formed in 2011, CAPTCHA Theatre return to spread the word on how magical re-using your goods can be... Because everything can make something of itself, literally!

“I cried, I agonized, I wanted to help and I wanted to understand why anyone could do this to another human being, amazing creation!”

The GringGrings are back with a brand new voyage into the world of recycling with everyone’s favourite EggBox: Ebert! Can you help solve the mystery of where all the rubbish in Tipsville is ending up? Orchestrated with songs to get your feet tapping, detailed puppetry and interactive games, Tipsville has a strong educational emphasis. Think The Muppets meet Tim Burton! A pre - show exhibition on recycling will take place to spark educational ideas and immerse the audience in the magic of the world they are about to enter!


“This is not just a show, it’s an experience for all the family - Tipsville is very artistic and the kids are itching to see it again!” - IYAF audience member, 2012



Sunday 21st July @ 7:30pm Monday 22nd July @ 1:30pm Tuesday 23rd July @ 1:30pm Tickets £8.00 / Duration: 1hour 25mins Suitable for 8+

Wednesday 24th July @ 4:00pm Thursday 25th July @ 7:00pm (Gala Night p.35) Saturday 27th July@ 10:30am Sunday 28th July @ 7:30pm Tickets: £5 - £15 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for all ages

La Petite Famille was created in 2007 in a French middle school. Specialising in musical theatre, the company performs original works in France and abroad, in the spirit of intense artistic adventure.

Founded in 1976 by Jeremy James Taylor, NYMT has enabled young people from all backgrounds and across the UK to develop their creative and personal potential, leading Andrew Lloyd Webber to dub it “the best youth music theatre in the world”.

Lively, sparkling, sensitive and sometimes delirious, this original musical focuses on the central themes of love, friendship and hope. Tomorrow’s Dawn reflects the concerns of today’s young people, while exploring intergenerational relationships in all their complexities in a funny, poignant but resolutely optimistic portrayal of future hopes and dreams. Performed in English.

Three farm children discover a mysterious man hiding in their barn. Convinced he is Jesus, they, alongside nine friends – The Disciples – pledge to protect him and keep him secret from the adults. Who is he? NYMT’s 1993 production of Richard Taylor’s magnificent musical won high acclaim. With over one hundred of the UK’s most talented young performers, Whistle Down The Wind is “So good, even Jesus might return to earth for a ticket!” (Yorkshire Post) “The heart-warming must-see show of the season.” - Standard ”Remarkable” - The Times


SMOKING APPLES THE WORDCATCHER ACT MAINHOUSE Friday 19th @ 6:00pm Saturday 20th @ 9:00pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 50mins Suitable for 12+


Smoking Apples combine puppets and live actors together on stage with an identifiable style of movement, non-linear narrative and characters, weaving them together in an intricate web. “Smoking Apples is a company to watch” Linda Lewis, Puppet Centre Trust Two people meet, nothing extraordinary yet, except… She can’t speak and he can’t read but through chance, miscommunication and the help of coincidence, two people meeting becomes extraordinary. This is a bizarre tale told through Smoking Apples’ identifiable style of puppetry, physical theatre and original music. For those of you who missed it last year or want to see it again, this is your last chance to see the show at IYAF 2013! Smoking Apples perform Cell at the ACT Mainhouse on the 24th, 25th and 26th July & The Wordcatcher on the 19th and 20th July






A limited number of Gala tickets are available at £50 which include:

Thursday 25th July @ 7:00pm plus pre show reception National Youth Music Theatre p.33

- Pre-show champagne reception with canapés in the VIP bar mingling with stars and royalty! - Best seats in the house - Complimentary drink during the interval in the VIP bar - Post-show reception - A warm feeling in your heart for having supported the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs and creative businesses.

Join us for our annual Gala night on 25th July in the presence of Creative Youth’s president, HRH The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO and a glittering array of our patrons, supporters and stars. This is an extra special event this year as The Earl of Wessex is not only the president of Creative Youth, but also of the company performing during our Gala night! This year our audiences are in for a real treat as The National Youth Music Theatre (NYMT) performs “Whistle Down The Wind” NYMT’s 1993 production of Richard Taylor’s magnificent musical won high acclaim. This production is set to be even better.

£50 Gala tickets are ONLY available by contacting our Development Manager, Phil Hetherington at


R A I S E T H E R OOF RAISE THE ROOF! OPENING NIGHT CONCERT CREATIVE YOUTH ROSE THEATRE, MAIN HOUSE Friday 12th July @ 7.30pm Tickets: £5-£15 Suitable for all ages Kicking off the performance side of the festival with some real style, this variety concert features highlights from some of the very best acts coming up in the weeks ahead. Exhilarating dance, joyous music, gripping theatre and spectacular circus are brought together in an awe-inspiring evening which will leave audiences desperate to see what the next 16 days will bring!





SITESPECIFIC KINGSTON TAKEOVER Throughout the festival Tickets: FREE / Suitable for all ages

Saturday 12th July- Friday 26th July Tickets: FREE. Suitable for all ages

sitespecific is a new artist led collective formed by Amanda Henriques and Bobi Robson with an objective to bring together artists, charities and communities to produce publicly engaging, site-specific art that is accessible to all.

Maëlle D is a French amateur photographer who is interested in every kind of art, whatever form it takes. If she finally chooses photography it probably because it is her favourite way of relating to the world. This exhibition presents two series, “Exquisite Pain” and “Create Memories”. Both in black and white.

Our projects span a broad spectrum of contemporary visual arts by artists of varying practices. We aim to encourage, develop and celebrate creative activity within public spaces, whilst operating as a platform for talented emerging artists to exhibit within the public domain.

The first one, “Exquisite Pain” is made of digital photographs. It’s a hunt for conscious and unconscious reactions, that we could have when facing pain.

This summer, sitespecific are launching a number of projects that will revitalise underused sites across Kingston’s town centre. These collaborative projects will excite public participation and enliven everyday urban spaces through creative action.

The second exhibition, “Create Memories”, is a project made from film photographs. “I only take samples: parts of a body, specific movements, prints, reflections…or just suggestions of the possibility of life. I am sharing my daily experiences and memories. I hope that others will recognise their own in them and appreciate them, creating their own responses.” - Maëlle D

sitespecific have invited a number of visual artists to exhibit their works as part of a sculpture park to be located in Kingston’s Memorial Gardens. This project aims to transform an underappreciated green space into a site of creative activity. This free exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 10th to Wednesday 24th July. Keep an eye out as public art takes over Kingston this summer! 37

YOUNG PEOPLE AT FELTHAM, YOI (YOUNG OFFENDERS’ INSTITUTION) WALL HANGING PROJECT ROSE THEATRE Saturday 12th July- Friday 26th July Tickets: FREE. Suitable for all ages This decorative wall hanging has been created by a group of 15 – 18 year old students supported by CFBT Educational Trust and KDFAS (Kingston Drawing & Fine Art Society). Inspired by images of Kingston provided by Sue Buller of Kingston Camera Society, the hanging will reflect the town’s heritage in a variety of media incorporating paint, pastel and various fabrics. This collaborative project will contribute towards the accreditations awarded to the students and will assist them in their personal development. The wall hanging will be entered for the Koestler Annual Arts exhibition in 2014 where it will be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.







19th July @ 8:00pm Tickets: £5.00 Suitable for 18+

Tuesday 23rd @ 7:30pm Friday 26th @ 7:30pm Saturday 27th @ 10:30am Tickets: £5 / Duration: 30mins Suitable for all ages

Brand new for IYAF 2013, I-LAUGH is a comedy showcase bringing you the best young comedians on the circuit from in and around London. Prepare to be rib-tickled into submission as you enter the world of the absurd, surreal and sometimes darn-right rude. So, let the beers flow, let the heckling commence and let the riotous laughter spill out into the streets.

Vital Signz is an all style street dance company who choreograph unique, show stopping performances with talented dancers from all backgrounds. They focus on expressing individuality through dance, music and aim to deliver the story within. Bored, tired, fed up with your day-to-day job, always wanted to live your dream, but felt you never had the chance……or that you were too scared. Dance in the Work Place is a vibrant exhilarating performance that will leave you wanting more. Filled with passion, the performance captures the reality of dayto-day life through street dance. Come and enjoy the experience of Dance in the Work Place.


KRISTI’S DANCE ACADEMY PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ EAGLE BREWERY WHARF Sunday 21st July @ 1:30pm Tickets: FREE / Duration: 5 mins Suitable for all ages The Academy was established in January 1995 by Kristi Jones in Hampton, Middlesex and offers classes for students aged 3 years+. The Academy enters candidates for ISTD & RAD Examinations and currently has a 100% pass rate in all faculties. Pupils are also given the opportunity to perform in shows, carnivals and charity events.

CARPE DIEM DANCE COMPANY PUSHING BOUNDARIES TIFFIN STUDIO Monday 22nd July @ 3:00pm Tickets: £5 / Duration: 20mins Suitable for all ages

Choreographed by Kristi Jones and inspired by the style and era of music, Puttin’ on the Ritz is a technically challenging and complex tap dancing piece.

Carpe Diem Dance Company is a group of dancers from 12-35 years that have trained in all backgrounds in dance ranging from Break to Classical Ballet. They create new works for every performance, incorporating all styles of training.

All the tap dancers appearing in the performance are over 16 years and have been tapping for a number of years.

Carpe Diem will explore the boundaries of stereotypical dance styles to create new and individual choreography.


KINGSTON UNIVERSITY STUDENTS PRESENT TEA DANCE ROSE MAIN HOUSE Saturday 20th @ 10:30pm Tickets: £10 (or free if you take part in the workshops p.62) Suitable for all ages A Tea Dance in the Rose Main House – come strut your stuff until late! Learn moves at the Lindy Hop and Charleston workshops (p.68), then party the night away…

CONSTELLA BALLET AND ORCHESTRA SOLDIER’S TALE: A LUNCH TIME CONCERT ROSE THEATRE MAIN HOUSE Monday 15th July @ 1:00pm Tickets £5 - £15 / Duration: 1hour Suitable for all ages Constella is emerging as one of the UK’s finest young orchestras, with performances hailed by The Times as ‘imaginative and beautifully shaped’. Following a critically acclaimed debut season they are now expanding to perform a series of ballet collaborations. Soldier’s Tale is a musical parable by Igor Stravinsky, to be read, played and danced. The story tells of soldier who trades his violin to the devil in exchange for a mysterious book. As the tale unfolds, the soldier and devil devise mischievous schemes to outwit each other. With new choreography by Jaered Glavin accompanied by narration and music by The Constella Orchestra, this promises to be a witty, entertaining production for all.



Saturday 20th July @ 8:00pm Tickets: £5 - £15 / Duration 2 hours Suitable for all ages

PARABLE OF THE ‘BAMBOO’ The Peekok YouthART Initiatives (PYI), based in Nigeria, create, implement and enhance artistic exposure, self-discovery and youth commitment to art education in every part of the country. PYI also help individuals to develop artistic skills as a mean of selfexpression, thereby enhancing a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

KINETIC VISIONS: AN EVENING OF DANCE. ROSE MAIN HOUSE IYAF’s big dance night KINETIC VISIONS returns this year with an array of different young dance companies. Featuring different disciplines right across the genre, from classical to contemporary, street to aerial, this is always a highlight of the IYAF calendar. The event has been programmed and project managed by interns from Kingston University Dance Department. Featured acts include:

This performance is a package of dance featuring a fantastic drum ensemble, showcasing the greatness of high energy movement and the rhythm of carved bamboo sticks known as clappers.

EDDANCE BEAST OUTDOOR STAGE EDDance, under the creative direction of choreographer Edd Mitton, is a dance company devoted to making intelligent, beautiful and accessible work for performance. We have performed indoors and out in the UK and abroad, and are pleased to be supported by Creative Youth. Fairy tales, legends and B-Movie horror collide in this dance about a strange transformation from human to animal and back again.


CIRCUS SUBURBIA/ STARFIZ SPINNING SKILLS Saturday 20th July @ 8:00pm Duration: 7 mins Suitable for all ages


Saturday 20th July @ 8:00pm Duration: 10/15 mins Suitable for 5+

This aerial duo specialise in beautifully synchronised, creative dances on skills and in hoops, as well as through wire work and dance. Having trained together since the age of eight, Leyla Rees and Katie Hardwick “make an attractive, perfectly synchronised pair” in the words of The Stage.

Choreographed by Lee Griffiths, ‘The Movement’ is a company that produces abstract work by fusing the influences of hip hop and contemporary dance. Our work is centred around the versatility and power of our dancers’ individuality, passion and energy expressed through their dance theatre work.

Spinning Silks is a unique three-dimensional, rotating aerial dance. Created with the help of the Emma Insley Aerial Creation Fund Award, Starfiz has created an exciting new combination of synchronised and duo silks movements, woven inside a dramatic turning motion.

In Their Mother Matrix dark alliances form as the end of the world approaches and the fight to be the last person standing becomes an epic struggle where everyone fights for survival.

Photography by James Loudon





Duration: 10mins First Light is a UK wide organisation that provides opportunities for young people to become involved with filmmaking activity; writing, acting, directing and editing their own short films, equipping them with a range of technical, production and ‘life’ skills.

ALL DAY CINEMA FREE All Saints Church 16th July from 13:30 All ages

Its projects enable young people to work alongside industry professionals to produce high quality short films.

This year we are turning All Saints Church into a drop in cinema! When you’ve run around all the venues, seen as many performances as you can and need some of that precious down time, why not pop into the church on 16th July from 13:30 where we will be looping short films brought to you by young people up and down the country!

THE BIRDIES FILM FESTIVAL KINGSTON ODEON CINEMA Monday 8th July @ 6:00pm Tickets: £5 / Duration 3hours Suitable for 12+


The Birdies Film Festival, founded in 2011 by students and graduates of Kingston University aims to give young people the opportunity to showcase their films, whilst providing a unique opportunity to network with Film Professionals. The summer of 2013 will be bringing the third Birdies Film Festival to you all. We will be looking for young aspiring film makers worldwide to enter their short films as part of the contest. 5 awards are up for grabs this year in our biggest Birdies yet! Submissions of short films (15 mins) are being accepted in the following categories: - Animation - Alternative / Experimental - Comedy - Documentary - Drama

BALIK ARTS SHAKESPEARES VEGETABLE GARDEN & SHEEP SKIN Duration: 10mins Balik Arts was established in 1999 with the aim of advancing the education of Turkish speaking children, young people from the Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot communities in order to widen opportunities available to them in the UK. BEACON HILL ARTS HOTEL TALK TO THE HAND Duration: 9mins Beacon Hill Arts supports young filmmakers with learning disabilities to produce and exhibit their own work. The award-winning project guides the young people through the entire production process, enabling them to develop skills and challenge stereotypes through their talent and creativity.

PLUS a special award for this year: - The Birdies Audience Award To submit a film and for confirmation of the final awards screening visit 46



ALBERT AND FRIENDS CINDERELLA ROSE MAIN HOUSE Saturday 13th July @ 8:00pm See two fantastic circus shows for just £20 (top price offer) on this date Albert and Friends and Circus Suburbia Saturday 27th July @ 4:30pm Tickets: £5 - £15 / Duration: 45mins Suitable for all ages CIRCUS SUBURBIA YOUTH CIRCUS PERSEPHONE ROSE MAIN HOUSE

Albert & Friends Instant Circus exists to develop the creative potential of young people, irrespective of their socio-economic environment or physical ability, through practical engagement with circus and theatre arts.

Saturday 13th July @ 9:00pm See two fantastic circus shows for just £20 (top price offer) on this date Albert and Friends and Circus Suburbia Thursday 18th July @ 7:00pm Tuesday 23rd July @ 5:30pm Tickets: £5- £15 / Duration: 1 hour Suitable for 8+

Albert & Friends Instant Circus presents its modern take on the classic fairy tale ‘Cinderella’. In the town of Far Far Away a talent show is staged to decide who will win the heart of the handsome Prince Charming. Using their unique brand of innovative circus skills, comedy and theatre, Albert & Friends

Circus Suburbia Youth Circus has trained locally since 2010. The company, featuring performers aged 11 to 16, trains in aerial dance, acrobatics, juggling, unicycle and hula hoop, and uses performance spaces in innovative ways, working with narrative to create dynamic shows.


The myth of Persephone and her abduction by Hades is brought to life with circus, dance, projection and music in the company’s first indoor show. Circus Suburbia Youth Circus transforms The Rose Theatre’s cafe and main auditorium into the brutal and sometimes very human world of the Greek gods. It is a journey which explores what happens when love is taken by force, exploits the heights and corners of the theatre and creates beautiful imagery with circus skill and props.


The Bentall Centre teamed up with three different young companies from the Creative Talent program run by local Kingston charity Creative Youth.

Saturday 27 July 2013@ times to be confirmed Tickets: FREE

Their brief was to create a bespoke event, a key focus for the IYAF closing weekend. Two visually striking spectacles were conceived; inspired first by The Bentall Centre architecture.

For the first time ever at the Bentall Centre, an aerial sky ribbon dance will be performed, with artists suspended from the shopping centre ceiling.

Together the team devised a summer sky dance, celebrating the light airy space of the Bentall Centre, a joyful celebration of summer, and the end of International Youth Arts Festival.

Shoppers and audience will be invited to experience the sky ribbon dance performance at any level, angles and view points inside the centre. The audience are invited to be wrapped up and engaged with the playful celebrations from where ever they stand.

Visit for more info


METTA THEATRE MONKEY & CROCODILE EAGLE BREWERY WHARF Saturday 13th July @ 4:30pm Tickets: FREE / Duration: 45mins Suitable for 3+ Metta makes beautiful, imaginative & compelling theatre, using all the story-telling tools at our disposal – including words, music, projection, puppetry and circus. We make work in theatres (mostly), cafes, playgrounds & museums, in London and all over the UK. Share an apple with friendly Monkey and her new best mate Crocodile. But all is not what it seems and clever Monkey must keep her wits about her if she is to escape the clutches of Crocodile’s mean Mother. Metta Theatre bring this old Indian fable of friendship and betrayal magically to life. Fun for all the family this charming show features aerial circus, acrobatics, juggling, skateboarding, live music and over one hundred apples!




Tickets £5 - £15 July 14th @ 3:30pm July 16th @ 7.30pm Duration 1 hour Suitable for all ages

Kingston Music Service (KMS) aims to enrich the lives of young people within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames by providing opportunities for them to become actively involved in a wide variety of high quality music activities and performances.

Since its foundation in 1957, the Tiffin Boys’ Choir has been one of the few state school choirs to have been continually at the forefront of the choral music scene in the UK. This hour-long programme sees them celebrate the Britten centenary in a characteristically innovative way, together with the Tiffin Dance Company and Chamber Orchestra. “magnificent musical Britain” (Classic FM)


On 16th July hundreds of infant aged children from Kingston schools will be coming together in a musical spectacular “The Kingston Infant Music Festival” hosted by the Kingston Music Service. The performance themed “Space” includes a number of songs and musical pieces which the children will be performing (suitably dressed in Space themed costumes). Prepared to be dazzled by the wonderful talent of our local young people!


“the excellent Tiffin Boys’ Choir” (The Times) Britten’s staged cantata The Golden Vanity, originally written for the Vienna Boys’ Choir, is presented in a new staging by Jeremy James Taylor. His work for prisoners of war, The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard, is sung by the older members of the choir and is followed by the wellloved Simple Symphony, accompanied by choreography from the Tiffin Dance Company. Britten’s realisations of songs by Purcell complete this popular programme, conducted by Simon Toyne.


OPEN MIC WEDNESDAYS LAS IGUANAS RESTAURANT 10th July ,17th July & 24th July @ 8.00pm Tickets: FREE Las Iguanas is an adventure where you can discover new tastes and fall in love with new flavours – feel the warmth and welcome of South America. Groove Academy presents Open Mic Wednesdays, showcasing the finest young soloists, duets and trios, all in the atmospheric surrounding of Las Iguanas

GROOVE ACADEMY PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC EAGLE BREWERY WHARF 20th July 2:30pm , 21st July 2:30pm Tickets: FREE / Duration 2hours Suitable for all ages Groove Academy is an award-winning community music school founded by Mark and Angela Ramsay in 2004. They work with 11-18 year olds in Richmond upon Thames and the surrounding area, specialising in soul, R&B, nu-jazz and funk, alongside other genres. They promote creativity through song-writing. Play that Funky Music is a groovy, highenergy performance, designed to get you up and movin’ to the groovin’. It covers a range of disco funk from the seventies to the nineties. So dig out those platform shoes, bellbottom trousers and psychedelic shirts and join the fun in this funky feel good fiesta. You don’t want to miss it!



TIFFIN BOYS TIFFIN SWING BAND ALL SAINTS CHURCH Friday 12th July @ 8:30pm Tickets: £8 / Duration: 1 hour 30mins Suitable for all ages

Tuesday 16th July @ 8:00pm Tickets: £5 /Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 5+

The Tiffin swing band bring you a fantastic night of Big Band classics, with tunes ranging right through the genre. Expect to hear the best of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and featuring classic Sinatra, all brought to you in the atmospheric surrounding of All Saints Church, Kingston. This is the second time the band has featured at the festival and it’s bound to be a date for your diaries.

Schlagwerk Nordwest was founded in 1999 as a project of Musikschule Oldenburg Germany (Twin City of Kingston). Since its creation the ensemble has proved to be one of Germany´s best young percussion ensembles. The group has won prizes and awards in the final round of the annual national music competition ‘Jugend Musiziert’ which involves about 6000 participants every year. Come along and enjoy a wide range of different musical styles from ethnic Afro drumming, pop and jazz related tunes on marimba and vibration as well as contemporary music mixed with musical comedy. A very entertaining evening with lots of diversity and an amazing variety of sounds.




Our Friends Records are a Kingston based music events company who specialize in having as much fun as is humanly possible. Established in 2007, we’ve since built up a track record of creating diverse, successful and enduring live music and community events.

Our Friends Records is a Kingston based music events company who specialize in having as much fun as humanly possible. Established in 2007, we’ve since built up a track record of creating diverse, successful and enduring live music and community events.

OFR & RUMPSTEPPERS bring you a night of 1920’s fancy dress, brilliant live music from THE CORRESPONDENTS and TANKUS THE HENGE, plus all the hottest retro remixes and biggest gypsy jams! This is sure to be a glamorous night of decadently dressed damsels and gallantly garbed gentlemen, all hotstepping to the coolest sounds from as near as East London and as far away as

OFR present the biggest barn dance Kingston has ever seen! From seasoned pros, to those with two left feet, this night is all about letting loose and moving your body! Last year’s hoedown left blisters on many feet and smiles on all faces, and this year’s is sure to be even bigger. Plus a brilliant lineup of support acts including The Green Rock River Band! Headliner TBC - check the OFR website for more details: OURFRIENDSRECORDS

Friday 26th July @ 7:00pm Tickets: £10 Duration: 2 hours Suitable for All Ages



x o b e z e e u Sq . Featuring..


17th JULY












expected later this year, so become a friend of Creative Youth on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive updates and details of the spectacular launch.

As part of the new Riverside development in Kingston upon Thames Creative Youth in association with Canadian & Portland Estates are converting to a delivery area and car park behind the new development of restaurants at Bishops Palace into a part time multi-purpose performance arena. The conversion is supported by the Mayor of London’s Outer London Fund which aims to strengthen the vibrancy and growth of London’s High Streets. Together we are creating a new, flexible and dynamic performance space which animates a previously underused and unattractive area of the town centre. The space will be used for contemporary circus, urban sports, aerial and structure-based performances. Work is already underway and completion is 56




Sunday 14th July @ 10:00am Duration: 10.00am - 4.00pm Tickets: FREE / Suitable for all ages


Lyndsay Russell and Kay Fairy Galbraith have joined forces to create The Enchanted Garden. Lyndsay is a bestselling author and established artist with a love of all things magical; Kay has worked with earth energies for many years and has a special interest in the mystical, especially faeries, unicorns and dragons.

Friday 12th July @ 11:00 Duration: 11:00am - 6:30pm Tickets: FREE / Suitable for 5+ Digital Drama develops young people’s talents and encourages engagement with their local community.

In the Enchanted Garden Festival, expect to find all things magical under the reign of the beautiful Faerie Queen. Amid stalls selling potions, cup cakes, wands and wings, there’ll be an array of minstrels, storytellers, magicians, jugglers, and wizards. As well as A True Love Tree and a Wishing Well, there will be a competition to find the best Dancing Sprite and Wicked Goblin. Dress up and enter this enchanted kingdom, as prizes will be awarded for best costumes for children and adults.

Using digital technology, projects are designed, produced and promoted by young people, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, explore social challenges and to celebrate their achievement. Young people interpret the rich heritage of Kingston’s Market Place through audio drama, animation, blogs, oral history and reportage. Three local schools – King Athelstan, St. John’s and St. Joseph’s – celebrate the magic of the Market Place through the eyes of a child, using digital technology to create and share. This engaging, interactive project will be available to experience in the Market Place and to download on the digital platform ( from 5th July.


SITESPECIFIC KINGSTON TAKEOVER Throughout the festival Tickets: FREE / Suitable for all ages sitespecific is a new artist-led collective formed by Amanda Henriques and Bobi Robson with an objective to bring together artists, charities and communities to produce publicly engaging, site-specific art that is accessible to all. Our projects span a broad spectrum of contemporary visual arts by artists of varying practices. We aim to encourage, develop and celebrate creative activity within public spaces, whilst operating as a platform for talented emerging artists to exhibit within the public domain. This summer, sitespecific are launching a number of projects that will revitalise underused sites across Kingston’s town centre. These collaborative projects will excite public participation and enliven everyday urban spaces through creative action. sitespecific have invited a number of visual artists to exhibit their works as part of a sculpture park to be located in Kingston’s Memorial Gardens. This project aims to transform an underappreciated green space into a site of creative activity. This free exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 10th to Wednesday 24th July. Keep an eye out as public art takes over Kingston this summer!


CAR N I VA L MARKET PLACE & CLARENCE STREET Procession to meet at the Market Place, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1JP 14th July @ 3:00pm Tickets: FREE Suitable for all ages Let’s fill Kingston’s streets with laughter, colour, music and creativity in July. Join giant puppets, musicians, and contemporary carnival performers for the much loved IYAF Carnival parade. The Parade is a wonderful opportunity to catch a sneak peak at many of the great performers and companies that will be performing during the festival. Come along, grab flyers for shows, muck in and we’ll dance our way through the town. The carnival will end in the Market place where the outdoor stage will pick up the party. Make sure you slip on your comfy shoes for dancing in the streets! Feel underdressed for Carnival? FEAR NOT! We have multiple workshops during the first week of the festival in which you can get creative and make you very own carnival costume and accessories! (see workshops p.)




Tickets: FREE

11:00am to 6:00pm Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July Tickets: FREE / Suitable for all ages

Join us at this stage for the ultimate riverside venue. Take a seat by the Thames and enjoy the relaxed festival atmosphere while watching some of IYAF’s most exciting performers and shows.

Every genre of music you can imagine will be on display here at IYAF’s outdoor stage in Kingston’s historic Market Place. Musicians and bands will congregate on this stage to bring you the ultimate summer entertainment.

Aimed specifically at dance, circus and outdoor street theatre, this will be a fantastic stage to spend the summer days applauding, laughing with friends and enjoying some of the best young performers from around the world”

Watch out for street performers and theatre troupes who will be giving you a glimpse of some of the shows going on at this year’s festival.

Don’t miss the IYAF Grand Finale HERE on Sunday 28th July from 7:00pm!

Why not come along and catch a show and some sunshine at this free outdoor stage? Sponsored by:



W O R K S HOP S Booking is recommended unless stated. In order to book a workshop please contact us on: or by telephone: +44 (0)20 8549 2120



Smoking Apples combine puppets and live actors together on stage with an identifiable style of movement, non-linear narrative and characters, weaving them together in an intricate web.

EDDANCE BEASTS- CHOREOGRAPHY IN PRACTISE Part of CREATIVE TALENT p.83 EDDance is a London-based contemporary dance company. We aim to make work which is beautiful and intelligent but always accessible. We have presented dance theatre work in the UK and abroad to great acclaim. This is our second IYAF, and we are pleased to present our new piece BEASTS, commissioned by Creative Youth. Wednesday 10th July 6:00pm Cost: FREE / Duration: 2hours Suitable for 14+

“Smoking Apples is a company to watch” Linda Lewis, Puppet Centre Trust Smoking Apples’ Carnival Puppetry Workshop will teach participants how to puppeteer on an EPIC scale. 10 ft festival favourites Xalia and Zong will be used in this two hour workshop to cover the skills required for large scale puppetry. This will include animation, public interaction and building character.

This is a creative workshop with EDDance choreographer Edd Mitton and company dancers, exploring choreographic process in action. You will have a physical warm up and be taught some repertoire from BEASTS. We will then play with some practical creative tasks to help you develop some of your own choreography based on the themes of the piece. There will be an opportunity to have a short Q and A with Edd and the dancers.

The company’s work with outdoor puppetry includes puppeteering the two giant lion heads that fronted up the Olympic and Paralympic Our Greatest Team Parade.


CASS ART KIDS ACTIVITIES Activity 1 Fabulous Fingerprint Forest Saturday 6th July 12:00pm Cost: FREE / Duration: 2hours Make your own scene from a fairy tale woodland by using your imagination, finger tips and paint colours. Activity 2 Beside The Sea Sunday 7th July 12:00pm Cost: FREE / Duration: 2hours Transform your favourite seaside scenes into miniature telescopes and make your pirate hats for a hearty good time. Activity 3 Bird Spotting Tree Saturday 13th July 12:00pm Cost: FREE / Duration: 2hours Bring your friends and create a selection of cut-out birds using pastels, felt tips and colour paper to form a tree filled with delectably bright birds. Activity 4 Jump For Joy Sunday 14th July 12:00pm Cost: FREE / Duration: 2hours An easy and fun way to make jumping animals using paper cups and elastic bands. Create your animal and make it jump! 63

CIRCUS SUBURBIA CIRCUS SUBURBIA WORKSHOP ALL SAINTS CHURCH GARDEN Tuesday 9th July @ 10:00am Cost: FREE / 10.00am - 5.00pm Suitable all ages



Saturday 20th July from 11.00am Tickets: FREE / Duration 3hours Suitable for all ages NO BOOKING REQUIRED!

NO BOOKING REQUIRED! Kingston Music Service (KMS) aims to enrich the lives of young people within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames by providing opportunities for them to become actively involved in a wide variety of high quality music activities and performances Join us for an afternoon in the Market House to enable children and adults to come in and try out all types of musical instruments with the potential of signing up for lessons with Kingston Music Service in the future.

Circus Suburbia is a local social enterprise, bringing high quality circus classes to the suburbs. Our teachers include some of the UK’s top artists and teachers, providing oneoff workshops and regular evening classes for adults, as well as a Youth Circus. In addition to this drop in workshop, throughout the festival Circus Suburbia will be running workshops from master classes to free drop-in sessions. Whether you are passing the outdoor stage and want to have a go at trapeze, or improve your co-ordination skills with a hula hoop, you can learn from our talented teachers in a fun and interactive setting.

CARMINA MASOLIVER “FROM TO STAGE” WORKSHOP STUDIO 22 Saturday 6th July @ 6:00pm Cost: £10 Duration: 1 hour Suitable for 14+

Please look out on the festival and Circus Suburbia websites for the full timetable.

Carmina Masoliver is a writer who bridges the and stage. She has been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies and is the editor of Poetry&Paint. She won the award for Best Loss Poem at Glam Slam 2011. “From Page to Stage” is a workshop designed to combine skills for writing and performing poetry and stories. The theme for the workshop will be ‘loss’ and this will be explored in a variety of ways, both comedic and tragic. Participants will get the opportunity to share their work after writing, and feedback will be encouraged. 64

FACING HISTORY AND OURSELVES, MICHAEL MCINTYRE : For Teachers and Educators ROSE STUDIO Friday 12th July @ 1:00pm Tickets: £25 / Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for Teachers and Educators only ON THE LEVEL GRAFFITI WORKSHOP & URBAN FASHION

Facing History and Ourselves is an international professional development NGO founded in 1976 in Boston, Massachusetts. At Facing History and Ourselves we set out with a defining purpose that’s both humanistic and civic: to help teachers and students confront the complexities of history in ways that promote critical thinking, academic achievement, and moral development. Facing History uses the tools of education to combat bigotry and nurture democracy, and in turn, transforms teachers, students, and schools.

Sunday 7th July @ 11:00am Closed Workshop Duration: 5 hours Suitable for 7- 18 IYAF is continuing to grow at a rapid rate with our levels of participation. This year we have identified Refugee Action Kingston as an outreach partner. We will facilitate workshops aimed at young refugees from North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka as well as other communities. On the Level will deliver Graffiti and Street Art workshops engaging the young people by creating a collaborative mural using spray cans, stencils and other urban arts techniques. The results of the young people’s work will be displayed throughout the festival in the Rose Theatre for all to enjoy.

Through an exploration of the causes of the Holocaust, other genocides and examples of 20th century mass violence, we enable teachers to empower their students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them to participate positively to create a more civil society. Facing History will explore aspects of the Holocaust and the US Civil Rights movement to help teachers think about how they can teach difficult and controversial histories in sensitive and meaningful ways.



METTA THEATRE CIRCUS SKILLS- JUGGLING MARKET HOUSE Sunday 13th July @ 9:30am Cost: £10 / Duration: 3 hours Suitable for 8- 14

Thursday 11th July @ 10:00am Cost: £7 / Duration: 2hours Suitable for 15+

We make imaginative, visual theatre combining words, music, projection, puppetry and circus to create meta-theatrical work, telling stories that include the audience in the act of telling. Vibrant, joyous and playful – we wear our theatricality on our sleeve.

Collision is a collaboration between a group of young theatre makers aged 12-18 years and theatre practitioner Claire Bloomfield to create contemporary performance. They cocreate work that responds to the everyday and explores young people’s position in the world. The ethos of the freedom This workshop contemporary company.

Run away to the circus for an afternoon with the stars of Metta Theatre’s playground extravaganza Monkey & Crocodile. Join us for this two hour workshop including juggling and acro-balance, led by international circus artist Rosie Rowlands. Includes a free apple!

the Collision is to have to work without limits. will explore this and the theatre practice of the

Within the two hour workshop we will share with you our devising techniques and work with you to develop your performance skills. You will work alongside other participants and Collision to co-create your own micro scratch performance to be presented within the workshop setting. Follow us on twitter: @CollisionYT


OURFRIENDSRECORDS MAKE AN ALBUM IN A WEEK HOOK RECORDING STUDIO Monday 8th - Friday 12th 12.00pm until 6:00pm Cost: £35


Our Friends Records are the principle music coordinators for IYAF. We also run a number of other events in the local area. We want to expand on what we do by starting to mentor and train younger kids to do what we have done and have fun and success in the music and production industry.

HENRY LEWIS LONGFORM IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP STUDIO 22 Saturday 6th July @ 4:00pm Sunday 7th July @ 4:00pm Cost: £10 / Duration: 3hours Suitable for 14+

This workshop will allow a group of young people to come together for a week and learn what it takes to get a CD into production. The project goes from booking the artists for the recording, via recording the material, all the way through to ordering the CDs and designing the artwork. The CD is then launched during the International Youth Arts Festival with all proceeds going towards future Creative Youth projects.

Henry Lewis is the director of awardwinning theatre company, Mischief Theatre, who produce comedy and improvised work across the UK and beyond. Last year one of his productions was nominated for Best Production in the Off West End Awards. Henry teaches improvisation at LAMDA. This is a three hour practical workshop looking at the core skills of Longform performance improvisation. Learn the core skills needed to improvise narrative, generate scene structure and use the power of your own and other people’s imagination to the fullest extent.



We offer tuition to young musicians to give them experience playing in a live performance situation. Our aim is to improve technique and confidence whilst also putting young people in real world situations.

Wednesday 10th July Cost: £10.00 Duration: Whole day

Tutors on the course are all recent graduates from music degrees.

Ever been to a show and thought ‘I want to do that’? Well now you can.

Musicians will be separated into their instrument groups: drums, bass, guitar or vocals. With an instrument tutor they will study the parts from a popular song and discuss playing techniques. When the track is learnt groups will be formed from the performers and we will work on the presentation of the song. By the end of the day a number of tracks will be sounding fantastic, in time for a performance for friends and family at the end of the workshop.

EVE Theatre Company invite you to join them for an exclusive insight into their process from page through to stage. Over a morning and afternoon session the company will look with you at their work performed at IYAF and how they made it all possible. An informative workshop for new theatre makers.


STORY STALKS PRE-SCHOOL STORY WORKSHOPS ROSE STUDIO & ROSE CAFÉ Monday 8th July @ 2:30pm Rose Theatre Culture Café: Toddlers and Walkers (up to 5 years) Tuesday 9th July @ 10:30am Rose Theatre Studio: 3 – 12 month olds Tickets: £5 for first child, £2.50 second and third child (max- 3 children per adult) Using songs, dance and music our storyteller brings to life a traditional fairytale, helping the children to become the characters within it. Written by a comedy writer, these workshops are as much fun for the grownups as their children.

TEA DANCE DANCE WORKSHOPS ROSE CAFÉ Saturday 20th July Charleston Workshop: 2:30pm – 3:30pm Saturday 20th July Lindy Hop Workshop: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Tickets: £5 each (or £10 for both and free entry to Tea Dance at the Rose Theatre that evening)

This year we’ll be telling the story of The Frog Prince. During the workshops we’ll sing songs, use props, play percussion instruments and dance. Everybody is encouraged to join in and have fun. Come along for some magical story time.

NO BOOKING REQUIRED! Organised by interns from the undergraduate Dance course at Kingston University We are holding a series of workshops in Lindyhop and Charleston during the day, with a Tea Dance after the main performance at the Rose Theatre. After the workshops, why not join us for a night of dancing at the Rose Main House, where you can show off your new moves until late? (see p. 42 for further details).


THE CRAFT INN THE CRAFT INN CULTURE CAFE & IYAF CARNIVAL SPECIALS MARKET HOUSE Tuesday 9th July @ 2:30pm - 5.00pm (Rose Cafe) Saturday 13th July @ 1:00pm - 4:00pm (Market House) Saturday 13th July @ 5:30pm - 7:30pm (Market House) Cost: FREE Suitable for all ages NO BOOKING REQUIRED! The Craft Inn is an artist, designer and maker-led organisation, conceived by Bobi Robson, a fine artist with a passion for the act of making, craft and community. The aim of The Craft Inn is to embrace the act of making, inviting one and all to become involved. Set up in June 2012, The Craft Inn began as a single monthly evening craft event in South West London, and has since run duplicate monthly events and occasional pop-up events and workshops in schools across Kingston upon Thames. Choose between a social craft event at The Rose Culture CafĂŠ or carnival workshops to create your rara skirt, mask or headdress for the IYAF Carnival on the 14th July! Designed and produced by Bobi Robson, the craft projects are sold in pack form with easy to follow hand - illustrated instructions and all the materials needed to complete the project.




Saturday 13th July @ 12:00pm Saturday 13th July @ 4:00pm Cost: £8.00 / Duration: 1 hour Suitable for 14+

Thursday 6th July @ 10:00am Friday 7th July @ 11:00am Cost: £5.00 / Duration: 3 hours Suitable for 16+

Touched Theatre make applied visual theatre with puppetry at its heart. We tell stories that belong to audiences, investigating original visual dramaturgies that recast contemporary experience in imaginative, surprising and beautiful performance.

Tin Box, a Birmingham based theatre company, collaboratively devise theatre which explores inventive uses of storytelling, visual theatre, puppetry and site-specific performance. We are theatre makers on the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s Foundry Programme 2013.

Led by Darren East, Associate Artist at Little Angel Theatre, the workshop will introduce and explore core puppet animation exercises and offer a chance to simply make your own expressive table-top puppets. We will explore how to express emotions and ideas visually.

Offering a starting point for participants to make their own site-specific work, this workshop will look at techniques used by Tin Box Theatre in their previous site-specific shows: Stop the Clocks (2011) a promenade piece set in a disused coffin fittings factory, and their current piece for pubs, Pint Dreams. Using an inventive and playful range of devising techniques, the workshop will explore how the site can be used as a stimulus to create performance.


BYMOONLIGHT THEATRE TOTAL THEATRE AND PHYSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP ACT MAIN HOUSE Sunday 7th July @ 6:00pm Monday 8th July @ 6:00pm Cost: £5.00 Duration: 1hour 30mins Suitable for 11+


Max number of participants: 30 By Moonlight Theatre was formed in 2010 with the aim of bringing together the creative minds of its members to produce inventive and accessible adaptations of classic texts.


byMoonlight Theatre’s Artistic Director, Tanju Duncan, will be running a workshop introducing young people to the world of total theatre, physical theatre and mime. Through play and experimentation the students will realise their inner lunacy and create memorable characters and scenes.

Monday 8th July @ 10:00am - Yoga Tuesday 9th July @ 10:00am - Yoga Wednesday 10th July @ 10:00am - Yoga Thursday 11th July @ 10:00am - Yoga Friday 12th July @ 4:00pm - Yoga Saturday 13th July @ 6:00pm - Vocal Cost: Yoga £10.00 / Vocal FREE Duration: 1-2 hour / Suitable for 10+ NO BOOKING REQUIRED! Singer, dancer, yogi and musician, Hannah Rose has been touring internationally with world music choirs Village Harmony and Northern Harmony from the age of ten; working as a community choir leader since 2007; and running yoga classes since 2010. Hannah Rose will be offering five days of yoga classes during IYAF, and a singing workshop open to all – keen singers, shower divas and the terrified! Hannah’s singing workshops empower people to enjoy, explore and develop their voices, no matter what level of experience or encouragement they have had. Those who currently believe they “can’t sing” are also welcome! Hannah’s yoga classes are also inclusive, as she adapts practices to suit participants. Breathe, stretch, sing! 72

Proud sponsors of

Be Inspired at Kingston University We offer courses in Dance, Drama, Film, TV, Media and Music. Whichever you choose, you will mix hands hands--on, practical experience with in in--depth study, developing yourself as both a creative professional and a scholar. Find out more today about our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at:

School of Performance and Screen Studies 73



Sunday 28th July @ 4:00pm Ticket: £8 / Duration: 2hours 30mins Suitable for 15+


The Untold Theatre Company specialises in creating original and exciting work in all genres of performing arts. Founded by Fiona O’Malley MA (Writer) and Adam Wollerton MA (Director), The Untold Theatre Company aims to uncover new and organic talent to bring their productions to life.

24th July @ 8:30pm Tickets: free / Suitable for all ages OFR brings you a multi-arts night of music, poetry, dance, comedy, circus and theatre! Mosaic has been running since January 2013 and has already seen some amazing performances by many of the Creative Talent companies. During IYAF we will be moving from the culture café to All Saints Church to bring you a night of multi sensory entertainment. Facilitating an audience etiquette that respects each artist’s performance. we’ve created an event full of top quality performances that is free for you to enjoy!

The Daily Fail: The Musical! is an original, satirical musical inspired by the Leveson Inquiry and the Hacking Scandal. Two girls, London and Dim, are desperate to be famous at any cost but the only problem is they don’t have any talent. ANDY HOLDEN, ROGER ILLINGWORTH AND TIFFIN SCHOOL PERFORM THE MUSIC OF MI!MS Rose Main House Monday 15 July, 5-6pm FREE


Stanley Picker Fellow Andy Holden has teamed up with Roger Illingworth, fellow band-member from The Grubby Mitts, to compose and arrange several pop songs which are being recorded with Tiffin School Chamber Orchestra and Tiffin Children’s Chorus. This project, commissioned by the Stanley Picker Gallery, will culminate with the launch of a record released through Holden’s Lost Toys Records label and a public performance as part of IYAF 2013.

Friday 12th July @ 7.30pm Tickets: £5-£15 Suitable for all ages Kicking off the performance side of the festival with some real style, this variety concert features highlights from some of the very best acts coming up in the weeks ahead. Exhilarating dance, joyous music, gripping theatre and spectacular circus are brought together in an awe-inspiring evening which will leave audiences desperate to see what the next month will bring!

The Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University is dedicated to the development and production of interdisciplinary contemporary art and design practice and presents a regular onsite, offsite and online programme of fellowships, exhibitions, participatory projects and events.

THE UNTOLD THEATRE COMPANY THE DAILY FAIL: THE MUSICAL! ACT MAINHOUSE Friday 26th July @ 4:00pm Saturday 27th July @ 6:30pm


Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Bentalls Department Store Tuesday 23rd @ 3pm - Tiger Boat Theatre A puppet show for the young and old, telling heartfelt inspiring stories of adventure and wonder.

One of IYAF’s key sponsors, Bentalls Department Store, Kingston, brings you free in store mini shows. This promises to be some of the most intimate performances throughout the festival featuring spoken word, puppetry, projection work and more, every Tuesday and Thursday during IYAF.

Thursday 25th @ 1pm - Henry Raby A spoken word artist who has performed up and down the country. He is bringing his one man show to this years festival and dropping by Bentalls to do a one off performance of his poetry.

DATES INCLUDE: Tuesday 16th @ 3pm - Tim Fulker Beautiful guitar melodies & moving tunes. Tim is the guitarist for the infamous ‘Tankus the Henge’ (one of the Creative Talent companies). Here he takes a step back from the rock n roll world and gives an intimate set of wonderfully crafted songs.

Thursday 25th @ 3pm - Filskit Theatre Another Creative Talent company that uses projection to tell wonderful stories and tales, expect a unique and magical performance from this truly fantastic company.

Thursday 18th @ 3pm - Page One Theatre One of the most exciting young companies at this year’s festival, this company uses puppets, projection and fantastic ensemble performances to delight and entertain audiences old and young.

So after a hard days shopping, seeing shows and live music swing by The Bentalls Store for a small break for all the family. We wish to say a big thank you to our sponsors, the Bentalls Department Store for making these wonderful performances free and available to all.





Creative Youth and IYAF are only successful because of the commitment and passion of a wonderful team of volunteers, who can be seen around town during the festival wearing our colourful t-shirts with a smile on their faces assisting many of our visiting companies, members of the public and taking on various other roles that include taking snaps of the festival buzz, working alongside the technical team and reviewing the many shows and events! FR O N T O F H OUS E M EET AN D GR E ET


Give one to one advice to company members and other volunteers that may need that extra guidance. You’re definitely going to have a brilliant experience so why not help others do the same?

An opportunity to use your best interpersonal skills! Welcome visiting companies to the festival, look after them throughout the day and assist in the management of the box office and front of house duties during performances.


Our events managers help us organise volunteers and companies in various events both during and leading up to the festival whilst bringing their own creative flare to the table thinking of new ideas and features to include. Like a challenge? Then this role’s for you!


Document and capture the magic and spirit of the IYAF and other activities organised by Creative Youth throughout the year! MA R K ET I N G A N D P U B LICITY


Both in advance and during the festival helping us publicise over 350 events is a big job! Distribute flyers and posters, assist in mail outs, help with press and media, manage the Facebook / Twitter accounts and come up with your own ideas as to how we can market the festival.

We’re always in need of extra hands in the office. Positions are also available running our production office during event times. Strong, organised heads able to deal with bags full of chaos are needed here. Continues p.78...


Help build the stages, rig the lights and mix the sound! You must have some previous technical experience to volunteer in this area.


All of our volunteers work towards their Vinspire Award, a nationally recognised volunteering award. Volunteers meet regularly and our volunteer co-ordinators keep everyone in touch and make sure everyone is happy! Positions are available throughout the year. If you would like to volunteer, please contact FO L LOW T HE F EST I VAL

Keep up to date with all the latest news, events and opportunities.











TA L E N T Continuing support: OUR FRIENDS RECORDS Our Friends Records are a Kingston based music promotions company who have been working with IYAF since its inception in 2009. Our support has allowed OFR to receive training and mentorship from internationally renowned festival programmers, Continental Drifts, has assisted in expanding the number of events they run monthly in the borough to 8 per month and has assisted in supporting their business development into new fields such as PA hire in order for them to move towards being a self sufficient organisation. Recently our support has secured a new funding stream which has introduced an unique, new monthly event to the Kingston events calendar, Mosaic, which showcases a diverse range of artforms and allows OFR to collaborate their programming with other Creative Talent companies.

In 2010 Creative Youth launched its CREATIVE TALENT programme, supported by The Foyle Foundation. Over the last three years this programme has continued to expand and now supports 10 young companies. The Creative Talent programme identifies young and emerging artists and organisations who have the potential to become excellent creative practitioners and gives them the artistic, business and strategic support to become flourishing, challenging, exciting organisations of the future. The programme provides year long support as well as developing and mentoring their core skills and products. Importantly Creative Youth works in partnership with sponsors and partners to ensure that these young companies are equipped with key business skills allowing them to turn their visions into commercial ventures ensuring that the arts continue to prosper and be a fundamental part of the future of Britain. Through Creative Talent we are investing in the future of the arts and putting our faith in the young people who will inspire future generations. All of our young companies have agreed that once they have graduated from the programme, they will provide mentorship and support to the next generation of companies.

This year they are once again programming a huge number of events, and importantly training a new generation of young programmers to take over their mantle! “Creative Youth have helped OFR grow in more ways than we could possibly detail. They have introduced us to the most valuable industry contacts we know, helped us

The ten companies that Creative Talent is supporting are:


Youth Circus and the chance to teach them about the entertainment industry.”

organise and streamline our company, and most importantly, they have been brilliant and fiercely loyal friends.” CIRCUS SUBURBIA Circus Suburbia are a dynamic, young, contemporary circus company providing high quality entertainment at events and festivals as well as circus training, workshops and community engagement. Creative Youth’s support has allowed Circus Suburbia to co-ordinate a community circus show, develop their training and teaching locally and raised funding to allow the research and development of a aerial act which they could continue to tour nationally and generate income for the company. Most recently we have secured funding from the GLA Mayor’s Outer London fund to convert a delivery yard of the new Riverside, Kingston development into a contemporary circus space which Circus Suburbia will take responsibility in programming and animating.

SMOKING APPLES Smoking Apples create inspiring and freeing theatre using a combination of puppetry, physical theatre and live music. Their work is specifically aimed at adults with the intention of engaging their imagination. Creative Youth has supported and encouraged new collaborations in Smoking Apples’ work with other Creative Talent companies, which has expanded their skill sets, produced sell out runs and most recently secured Arts Council England funding for a collaboration to be premiered at IYAF 2013! In the last 6 months Creative Youth has worked in partnership with Fusion Arts and Smoking Apples to refurbish, manage and curate Studio 22, a flexible arts space in the heart of Kingston which is reaping huge benefits for all of our young companies.

This year Circus Suburbia’s youth circus will for the first time perform a full circus show at the Rose Theatre, as well as programming the Circus and Dance stage at Eagle Brewery Wharf every weekend of the festival “Before we met Creative Youth we had plans to grow a small entertainment company, and to teach evening circus classes in Surbiton. This however all changed when Creative Youth began to really push us and challenge us. Creative Talent projects have consistently given us new challenges, be they creatively or logistically, which have given us the confidence and experience to take on challenging work from commercial clients and to progress our own work creatively. The supportive nature of the charity means that we can try new ideas, take risks and find out what works, but most importantly, allows us to give performance opportunities to our

“We are very proud and keen to include the charity in the work we do where possible, and to repay their faith in us by showing dedication to our creative work.” Smoking Apples perform Cell at the ACT Mainhouse on the 24th, 25th and 26th July


Smoking Apples DUMBSHOW


Dumbshow is an ensemble of actors, directors, writers and musicians who come together in various combinations to make theatre with a vibrant physical aesthetic, using live music alongside text to create and tell stories. Creative Youth is currently providing support to Dumbshow for their run during the Edinburgh Festival by assisting with the vast fundraising challenges that lie in any Edinburgh trip! Dumbshow will perform The Pearl in Edinburgh which was developed and premiered at IYAF 2012 through the Artists in Residence programme. Michael Bryher, Artistic Director described Creative Youth’s help as a ‘godsend.’

Little Cauliflower is a Canterbury based company founded in 2010 and are the resident Graduate Theatre Company of the School of Arts at the University of Kent. They aspire to make theatre for all ages that leaves our audience feeling uplifted and entertained. “We love to make things and as such our work often features animated objects, puppets and elaborate sets.” Creative Youth have assisted Little Cauliflower in securing Arts Council England funding and brokered collaborations with other Creative Talent companies.

“We couldn’t have achieved what we have done without them,” he said. “To put trust in a young company to develop their work is so, so important. IYAF took a leap of faith in us, for which we are extremely grateful.”



in order for the company to begin generating a stable income and are currently focusing on their workshop offer. We have recently worked with them to secure local funding allowing them to offer free workshops to hard to reach young people locally, especially those living close to or below the poverty line.

StemKu Dance Company is a London based dance company, which has emerged out of Kingsotn University’s Undergraduate Dance Degree, and are their touring resident company. They are a collective of dancers and artists from various training background, who work together to create exciting, fun and engaging performances. Patrons include Matthew Bourne and Jonzi D. Creative Youth have recently assisted StemKU in securing funding to create a dance company for teenage boys combining parkour, free running and dance which will culminate in a site specific dance performance.

NEW FOR 2013! FILKSIT THEATRE Filskit Theatre are an all-female ensemble with a passion for micro-projection. With our innovative use of technology they create work that ignites the imagination of children and adults alike. By mixing original music with shadow work, adding a dash of light and a sprinkle of movement, they create their very own Filskit blend of show. Creative Youth is working with Filskit to develop their business plan and focusing on methods of generating income.

BYMOONLIGHT byMoonlight’s aim is to create exciting, innovative and fearless theatre to encourage audiences to re-visit classic texts with them in fresh settings. Their engaging and open ensemble style is full of energy and movement which is quickly becoming its trademark. Creative Youth have worked with byMoonlight to develop their business plans


“Joining forces with Creative Youth has helped us to think about ways in which we can turn our theatre company, our labour of love into a sustainable business. The mentoring and support that Creative Youth offer, enables us to turn our ambitious plans into a reality.”

TANKUS THE HENGE The world of Tankus the Henge is uplifting and wild, dark and heartfelt. A six piece powerhouse of a band drawing visual and musical influences from old time Fairgrounds to modern day Circus; The Beatles to Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello to Radiohead, they embody a look and a sound that lies somewhere between their South East London home and the carnival town of New Orleans. The first band the Creative Talent programme has adopted and we don’t think we’ve ever had so much fun....

Filksit Theatre EDDANCE EDDance is a London-based company of dance artists under the direction of choreographer Edd Mitton who enjoy working in a variety of styles and spaces, but always share a commitment to making work for performance which is beautiful, intelligent and accessible.

All Creative Talent companies will be artists-in-residence for the duration of the festival. They will each be performing already established shows and work during the festival at various venues and will also b e collaborating, developing new work, leading workshops for the public and testing new work in ‘scratch’ nights. If you would like a tailor made workshop, a Q&A session or any advice and tips from any of our artists in residence then please get in touch at and we will do our best to accommodate your

“Its wonderful to have the support of Creative Youth. Their experience of management, budgeting and all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff that goes into producing art work is really valuable as a young artist, and our regular meetings and mentoring sessions help keep my process on track. Ultimately, their confidence in me and my work is a real boost.”




201 2

“Thanks for giving me a reason to go to Kingston to do something other than shopping! Love the spontaneity and surprising elements of the festival!” — Festival audience member

“What an EXCELLENT event you put on tonight! Your young team were outstanding both front of house and backstage. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I can only imagine the madness. Our choir had the best time ever and were high as kites on the way home.” — Ali, The KAOS signing choir for deaf and hearing children

“the young people in the group have really benefitted from the experiecne, it was wonderful” — Tania Kenny, Jacksons Lane Youth Theatre

“It was a great, feel-good event which put a smile on people’s faces and made them realise that Kingston town centre can be a vibrant, interesting and cultured place. The finale was by far the best received event that I have witnessed in the town centre. I was amazed to see people who are usually very cynical of such things thoroughly enjoying the whole spectacle and singing your praises for weeks afterwards.” — Dom Clarke, Owner of Woody’s Bar & Kitchen 88

“The Dancing Umbrellas canopy in Emms Passage down the side of the theatre was a constant source of merriment for loads of people. I was forever seeing people stopping having spotted them, walking down the alleyway, posing in front of them for a photo, looking up and commenting – all smiling. Several people were disappointed to hear they wouldn’t be up for longer. We are missing them and the smiles they brought!” — Liz James, Stage Door, The Rose Theatre, Kingston.

“I had a huge amount of fun volunteering at the festival. I met a load of new people, built my skills for future jobs and got to know my town better – I would recommend anyone who has some free time to help our during or even in the run up to the festival.” — Stacey Johnson, Front of House Volunteer

“Can I say a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to everybody at IYAF for a fantastic two weeks of shows. A particular well done to all the untold volunteers who were very good and approachable, and a great crowd. And of course all the performers. I didn’t see a bad show and some were magnificent. What I particularly like is the chance for the performers and the audience to experiment. Everyone’s IYAF will be different - however I suspect most peoples experience will have been exhilarating! The Festival passes gave me and my family two weeks of eye opening, mind altering, laughter inducing, tear making fun at next to no cost. What a thrill to be able to see a different show every night in your own town. Bliss.” - Chris Brooks, Audience member

“Inspirational and moving. A delight to see the Rose hosting work like this. Many congratulations to everyone who made it possible.” — Professor Gail Cunningham, Director of Cultural Liaison and Operation, Kingston University


T H E NE S T THE NEST: MARKET HOUSE MARKET PLACE, LONDON KT1 1JS New to this year’s IYAF is ‘The Nest’, our festival hub in Kingston’s Historic Market House. This beautiful Victorian building has stood in the centre of the Ancient Market Place since 1840 and was once home to the Town Hall. It is now a focal point of Kingston town centre and has been given Grade II* listed status thanks to the building’s striking architecture and historical significance. During the festival it will provide you with all you need to know to get the most out of your festival experience. You’ll be able to pop in during the day and collect information about shows, talk to volunteers and ask advice on events, and once you’ll made up your mind about what great shows to see you’ll be able to buy your tickets there too! The Nest will be the heart of the festival, open to everyone throughout July. Look out for impromptu performances from musicians, workshops and if you’re lucky a cuppa tea!





In Person: Rose Theatre 24 - 26 High Street Kingston KT1 1HL

Concessions: Available for most productions - please check at box office when booking your ticket. Concessions are available for full time students, unwaged, deaf and disabled patrons and senior citizens.

Over the phone: 08444 821 556

Participating companies: Young people (under 26) participating in the festival automatically receive a festival pass allowing free entry to any production (must be exchanged for a ticket from The Rose Theatre box office with proof of participation on the day of the event).

Online: Workshops: For those workshops which require prebooking, please email or call 0208 547 5417 to request a booking form.

Schools and colleges: £1 off all tickets for school groups of ten or more. One free teacher ticket with every ten paid.

FESTIVAL PASS: ‘Early Bird’ Festival pass until 7th June: £70 adults / £35 concessions

Groups: £1 off all tickets for groups of 10 or more.

Festival pass after 7th June: £90 adults / £45 concessions The festival pass allows you entry to every production and event at IYAF and entitles you to membership of the Festival Club. Festival Club membership gives you: • First to receive offers and discounts. • Opportunities to meet cast and production team of various productions. • Festival wristband • Free IYAF t-shirt • 25% off all bottled beer / cider and glasses of wine at the Rose Theatre Culture Cafe



T HA NK S The work of Creative Youth and the International Youth Arts Festival would simply not be possible without the generosity, spirit and hard work of so many wonderful individuals. A special thanks goes to: Phil Hetherington, Robin Hutchinson, Jonnie Westell, Callum Ostell, Kathryn Woodvine, Molly Freeman, Sophie Wardlow, Amelia Jane Day, Jeremy James Taylor, Ann Hutchinson, David Nield, Brett Alderton, Alan Stevenson, Gail Cunningham, Chris Leach, Tina Leach, Colin Bloxham, Chiké Okonkwo, Joce Giles, Matt Lloyd, Rosie Hardwick, Katie Hardwick, Stuart England, Kim Darton, Geoff Howard, Jarek Zaba, Frank Whately, John Miles, Barry O’Mahony, Sarah Lee, Peter Mayhew Smith, Wayne Parry, Paul Marshal, Matt Robinson, Dave Starmers, Jennifer Chatfield, Jess Mullins, Brett Foulser, Frank Saunders, John Osmon, Ben Crawford, Robert O’Dowd, Stephen Unwin, Derek Osbourne, Mary Reid, Ian Tyrell, Paul Comerford, Aston Line, Annie Terz , Aliyah Zaidi, Trayan Velev, Leo Luis, Kevin Loader, Jon Pringle, Simon Toyne, Ian Sedgley, The Lord Bowden, Brigitte Pfender, Steffen & all our friends in Oldenburg, Kay Galbraith, Sarah Baps, Sarah Macdonald, Pip Whately, Eloise Shaw, Rosie Hardwick, Little Cauliflower, Smoking Apples, byMoonlight, Dumbshow, Circus Suburbia, Our Friends Records, StemKU, Tankus the Henge, Eddance, Filskit Theatre, Justin Howard and team, Suzanne Lofthouse-Jackson, Janie Harland, Dom and the Woody’s gang, Liz, Adam, Millie, Mr Kemp and all the staff at The Lamb, The Community Brain, The Seething villagers, Just Harry photography, Tangle Photography ... and the biggest thanks of all – to our team of wonderful team of volunteers and to all the young performers, producers and participants who make this festival very, very special. 93

E V E NT S D I A R Y WO R KS H O PS 6TH JULY 10:00am - 1:00pm The Site and Its Stories. p.71

2:30pm Pre-School Story Workshops p.69

11:00am - 1:00pm Carnival Puppetry Workshop. p. 62

6:00pm - 7:30pm Total Theatre and Physical Theatre. p.72

12:00pm - 2:00pm

9TH JULY 10:00am - Yoga. p.72

Fabulous Fingerprint Forest p. 63 4:00pm - 7:00pm Longform Improvisation Workshop. p.67 7TH JULY 11:00am - 4:00pm Workshop and Urban Fashion p.65 11:00am - 4:00pm The Site and Its Stories. p. 71

12:00pm - 2:00pm Beside The Sea. p. 63 4:00pm - 7:00pm Longform Improvisation Workshop. p.67 6:00pm - 7:30pm Total Theatre and Physical Theatre. p.72 8TH JULY 10:00am - Yoga. p.72 12:00pm - 6:00pm Make an Album in a Week p.67

10:00am - 5:00pm Circus Suburbia. p.64 10:30am Pre - School Story Workshops p.66 12:00pm - 6:00pm Make an Album in a Week p.67 2:30pm - 5:00pm The Craft Inn at the Rose Culture Cafe. p.72 10TH JULY 10:00am - Yoga. p.72 12:00pm - 6:00pm Make an Album in a Week p.64 6:00pm - 8:00pm Beasts - Choreography In Practice. p.62 Whole Day New Writing Workshop, From Page to Stage. p.68


11TH JULY 10:00am - Yoga. p.72 10:00am - 12:00am In Silence We Sleep - The Devising Process. p.66 12:00pm - 6:00pm Make an Album in a Week p.67 12TH JULY 12:00pm - 6:00pm Make an Album in a Week p.67 1:00pm - 2:30pm Facing History and Ourselves p.65 4:00pm - Yoga. p.72 13TH JULY 9:30am - 12:30pm Circus Skills - Juggling. p.66 12:00pm - 1:00pm The Secret Life of Puppets p.68

12:00pm - 2:00pm Bird Spotting Tree. p. 63 1:00pm - 4:00pm The Craft Inn IYAF Carnival Special. p.70 4:00pm - 5:00pm The Secret Life of Puppets p.71

5:30pm - 7:30pm The Craft Inn IYAF Carnival Special. p.70

7:30pm - 8:15pm In Silence We Sleep. p.15

6:00pm - Vocal. p.72

8:30pm - 10:00pm Tiffin Swing Band. p.52


12:00pm - 2:00pm Jump For Joy. p. 63 20TH JULY 11:00am - 2:00pm

Come and Play Day p.64 2:30pm - 3:30pm Charleston Dance Workshop p.69 4:00pm - 5:00pm Lindy Hop Dance Workshop p.69

P ER FOR MAN CE & OTH ER 6TH JULY All Day Create Memories & Exquisite Pain. p.37 All Day Wall Hanging Project p.38 8TH JULY 6:00pm - 9:00pm The Birdies Film Festival p.46 10TH JULY

8.00pm Open Mic Wednesdays p.51 12TH JULY 11:00am - 6:30pm Digital Drama p.57

7:30pm - The REC. p.31 7.30pm RaiseThe Roof! p.36


11:00am - 6:00pm Circus, Dance and Street Theatre. p.60

11:00am - 6:00pm K-Town Live. p.60 1:30pm - 1:35pm Puttin’ on The Ritz. p.41

4:30pm - 5:15pm Monkey & Crocodile. p.49 5:30pm - 5:55pm Marshmallow. p.19 7:00pm - 8:20pm Holocaust: A Living Journey Book. p.14 7:00pm - 7:45pm In Silence We Sleep. p.15 7:30pm - 9:00pm All About Ives. p.6 8:00pm - 8:45pm Cinderella. p.47 9:00pm - 10:00pm Persephone. p.47 14TH JULY 10:00am - 4:00pm The Enchanted Garden Festival p.57

11:00am - 6:00pm Circus, Dance and Street Theatre. p.60

11:00am - 6:00pm K-Town Live. p.60 95

3:00pm Carnival. p.59

3:30pm - 4:30pm Britten 100: A Celebration. p.50 5:00pm - 6:30pm All About Ives. p.6 7:30pm - Bits & Box. p.8 7:00pm - 8:20pm Holocaust: A Living Journey Book. p.14 7:30pm - 8:30pm Headcase. p.13 15TH JULY 12:00pm Pierre & The Sunfish. p.22 1:00pm - 2:00pm Soldier’s Tale. p.42 2:30pm - 3:25pm Clockwork Orange p.11 3:00pm - 4:30pm George’s Marvellous Medicine p.13 5:00pm - 6:30pm Matilda Liar. p.19 6:00pm - 6:50pm Bits & Box. p.8 8:00pm - 8:45pm Clockwork Orange p.11 8:30pm - 9:15pm In Silence We Sleep. p.15 8:00pm - 9:35pm Sisters. p.24

8:30pm - 10:00pm Til Death do us Part. p.32

16TH JULY 11:00am Pierre & The Sunfish . p.22

11:00am - 12:00pm The Bridge. p.26


12:00pm -12:45pm Clockwork Orange p.11

All Day Cinema. p.46

11:30am & 2:15pm Infant Music Festival. p.50 4:00pm - 5:30 George’s Marvellous Medicine p.13 5:00pm - 6:00pm That Passed The Time. p.25 7:00pm - 7:50pm Bits & Box. p.8 7:30pm - 9:00pm Matilda Liar. p.19

8:00pm - 9:30pm Drums and More. p.52 17TH JULY 1:00pm - 1:30pm Pint Dreams. p.23 4:30pm - 5:25pm Tipsville. p.32 7:30pm - 9:20pm The Misanthrope. p.29 6:30pm - 8:30pm The Pillowman. p.30 7:30pm - 9:00pm All About Ives. p.6

8:00pm - 8:30pm Pint Dreams. p.23

8.00pm Open Mic Wednesdays. p.51 18TH JULY 10:00am - 10:55pm Tipsville. p.32

12:00pm - 12:30pm Pint Dreams. p.23 3:00pm - 4:35pm Sisters. p.24 4.00pm - 5:30pm Til Death do us Part. p.32

8:00pm - 10:30pm The Pillowman. p.30

8:00pm - I-Laugh. p.40 20TH JULY 11:00am - 12:30pm Arabian Nights. p.8

11:00am - 6:00pm K-Town Live. p.60 11:00am - 6:00pm Circus, Dance and Street Theatre. p.60

4:30pm - 5:30pm Kitchenette Party. p.17

1:30pm - 2:25pm Tipsville. p.32

6:30pm - 7:15pm In Silence We Sleep. p.15

2:30pm - 4:30pm

7:00pm - 8:00pm Persephone. p.47

3:30pm - 4:20pm The Feather Catcher. p.27

7:30pm - 8:20pm Doctor Darkling’s Device. p.11

3:30pm - 5:30pm The Pillowman. p.30

8:00pm - 9:00pm That Passed The Time. p.25

6:00pm - 6:35pm The Invisible Man. p.29

8:45pm - 9:15pm Pint Dreams. p.23

7:00pm - 8:00pm The People’s Champion. p.31

19TH JULY 10:00am - 10:55pm Tipsville. p.32

8:00pm - 8:07pm Spinning Silks. p.44

2:30pm - 4:00pm Black Comedy. p.9 5:30pm - 7:20pm The Misanthrope. p.29

6:00pm - 6:50pm The Wordcatcher. p.34 7:30pm - 8:50pm Musical Of Small Remains. p.20


Play That Funky Music. p.51

8:00pm - 10:00pm Parable Of The ‘Bamboo’ p.43 8:00pm - 8:15pm Their Mother Matrix. p.44 8:00pm - 10:00pm Beast. p.43 8:30pm - 8:55pm Marshmallow. p.19 9:00pm - 9:35pm Galactic Idiom; Episode Vee p.12

9:00pm - 9:50pm The Wordcatcher. p.34 10:30pm - Tea Dance. p.42 21ST JULY 10:00am - 11:30am Matilda Liar. p.19

6:30pm - 10:30pm An Evening of Speakeasy. p.7 5:30pm - 6:10pm It Takes Courage. p.16

3:00pm - 3:25 Tama On Ryosto This Is A Robbery. p.25 3:30pm - 4:20pm Doctor Darkling’s Device. p.11

6:00pm -9:00pm She Grrrowls: Spoken Word p.23

4:00pm - 5:30pm Whistle Down The Wind. p.33

Circus, Dance and Street Theatre. p.60

7:00pm -7:30pm Arabian Nights. p.9

5:30pm - 7:00pm Erroneous. p.12

11:00am - 6:00pm K-Town Live. p.60

7:30pm - 8:30pm Afterglow. p.6

5:30pm - 6:20pm Schumpeter’s Gale. p.24

2:30pm - 3:30pm Kitchenette Party. p.17

7:30pm - 9:00pm The Comedy of Errors. p.26

7:00pm - 7:30pm Cell. p.10

2:30pm - 4:30pm

8:00pm - 8:35pm The Invisible Man. p.29

7:30pm - 9:00pm The Comedy of Errors. p.26

23RD JULY 1:30pm - 2:55pm Tomorrow’s Dawn. p.33

7:30pm - 8:30pm Afterglow. p.6

11:00am - 6:00pm

Play That Funky Music. p.51 3:00pm - 3:50pm - Boxed. p.9 4:00pm - 5:30pm The Comedy of Errors. p.26 5:00pm - 5:35pm The Invisible Man. p.29 7:30pm - 9:00pm Black Comedy. p.9 7:30pm -8: 55pm Tomorrow’s Dawn p.33 8:00pm - 9:35pm Sisters. p.24 22ND JULY 1:30 - 2:55pm Tomorrow’s Dawn. p.33 3:00pm - 3:20pm Pushing Bounderies. p.41 4:00pm - 5:00pm The Pardoner’s Tale. p.30 4:30pm - 5:45pm Chatroom. p.10

4:30pm - 4:55pm Tama On Ryosto - This Is A Robbery. p.25 5:00pm - 5:35pm The Invisible Man. p.29 5:30pm - 6:30pm Persephone. p.47

8.00pm Open Mic Wednesdays. p.51 8:30pm - 9:30pm Letter To The Man (From The Boy). p.18 9:00pm - 10:00pm The Pardoner’s Tale. p.30

5:30pm - 6:20pm Schumpeter’s Gale. p.24

25TH JULY 1:30pm - 2:20pm Doctor Darkling’s Device. p.11

7:30pm - 8:00pm Dance In The Workplace. p.40

2:30pm - 3:30pm Afterglow. p.6

7:30pm - 8:15pm Chatroom. p.10

3:00pm - 3:50pm Schumpeter’s Gale. p.24

9:00pm - 10:00pm The Bridge. p.26

4:00pm - 5:00pm Letter To The Man (From The Boy). p.18

24TH JULY 12:00pm - 1:00pm The Bridge. p.26


5:30pm - 6:10pm It Takes Courage. p.16

5:30pm - 6:00pm - A Play. p.7

7:00pm - Royal Gala Night p.35 7:00pm - 8:30pm Whistle Down The Wind. p.33 7:30pm - 8:15pm Chatroom. p.10

7:30pm - 8:30pm Britten 100: A Celebration. p.50

27TH JULY Time TBC - Sky Ribbons. p.48

11:00am - 6:00pm K-Town Live. p.60

1 10:30am - 12:00pm Whistle Down The Wind. p.33

12:30pm - 2:30pm Kesho Amahoro (Peace Tomorrow) p.16

10:30am - 11:00am Dance In The Workplace. p.40

3:30pm - 4:10pm It Takes Courage. p.16

11:00am - 6:00pm

3:30pm - 5:05pm Sisters. p.24

Circus, Dance and Street Theatre p.60

8:00pm - 8:30 - Cell . p.10

11:00am - 6:00pm K-Town Live. p.60

8:30pm - 10:00pm Moon. p.20

1:00pm - 1:20pm Kick It!. p.17

26TH JULY 11:00am - 11:50am The Feather Catcher. p.27

2:00pm - 3:00pm The Pardoner’s Tale. p.30

12:00pm - 2:00pm Kesho Amahoro (Peace Tomorrow) p.16 3:30pm - 3:50pm Kick It!. p.17 4:00pm - 5:30pm Moon. p.20 4:00pm - 6:00pm The Daily Fail: The Musical! p.27 5:30pm - 7:00pm Erroneous. p.12 7:00pm - 7:30pm - Cell. p.10

7:00pm - Folk’n’Roll - p.53 7:30pm - 8:00pm Dance In The Workplace. p.40 8:30pm - 9:30pm Letter To The Man (From The Boy) p.18

3:30 pm - 5:00pm The Comedy of Errors. p.26 4:30pm - 5:15pm Cinderella. p.47 6:30pm - 7:00pm The Girl On The Platform. p.28

4:00pm - 6:00pm The Daily Fail: The Musical! p.27 6:30 - 7:00pm The Girl On The Platform p.28 7:00pm - 8:00pm The People’s Champion. p.31 7:30pm - 9:00pm Whistle Down The Wind. p.33


6:30pm - 8:30pm The Daily Fail: The Musical! p.27

SATURDAY 6TH JULYFRIDAY 26TH JULY : - Create Memories and Exquisite Pain p.37

7:30pm - 9:30pm Kesho Amahoro (Peace Tomorrow). p.16

- Wall Hanging Project. p.38

8:30pm - 9:00pm - A Play. p.7 9:00pm - 9:35pm Galactic Idiom; Episode Vee p.12 10:30pm - 11:00pm Dance In The Workplace. p.40 28TH JULY 11:00am - 6:00pm Circus, Dance and Street Theatre. p.60



We are incredibly grateful to Canadian & Portland for funding the printing of this brochure.

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