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Friday September 24, 2010 Issue 72




A HEARTLESS traffic warden stunned car boot sellers by slapping tickets on six blue badge holder’s cars this week in Ryde The ticket hungry warden swooped on six cars parked on double yellow lines despite all having disabled blue badges on display and their owners, some on zimmers, returned to find their ticketed vehicles with considerable dismay and confusion. The uncaring jobsworth gave £50 penalties to six cars - but was chased away by furious sellers at the Ryde car boot sale after trying to put a ticket on a car with a disabled woman actually sitting in the car. Onlooker Tony Halloran said: “You could see the gleam in the warden’s eye. He saw six cars and thought it was his lucky day. He obviously hasn’t a heart in his body or a brain in his head.” Continued on page 3




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The Gazette, Friday, September 24, 2010



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SHOPKEEPERS and their customers were sharpening their knives for a battle with pig headed Council officials, over plans to close their essential lay-by in Wootton High Street. The IW Council plans to put a traffic light controlled entrance to New Road, because of an increase in traffic due to a new holiday lodge development and say that the lay-by just outside the small row of shops in Wootton High Street will have to go. Owner of the butchers shop and the laundrette, Bob Cheek, used to own the land on which the lay-by stands and he is not happy. “I gave it to the Council for the purposes of being a lay-by in around 1980,” said Bob. “I get rather cross when they don’t consult with me when they decide to do away with it. “That lay-by is essential for the butchers and other shops. It’s not just about my rent - Wootton needs those shops. If nobody uses the shops they’ll close. “Hamiltons has a car park at the back but if someone wants to come in from Ryde and another car wants to go out towards Newport it will block the whole road. “A refrigerated truck will have to park illegally on the road because the entrance to the car park is too small for a large truck. “Why do they start talking about it without consultation? What’s really annoyed me is that our Councillor, Barry Abrahams, said that he went to Highways and he all but said they refused to talk to them. “I think that’s a disgrace. It’s time the officials at County Hall were made to realise that they are the

Sean Edgington, Wally Edwards and Simon Lawton servants of the public.” Cllr Barry Abrahams said: “My personal opinion is that I didn’t agree with this five years ago when it was part of the planning permission granted for the holiday village and I certainly


don’t now. “Highways say it would be unsafe to keep the lay-by but it works quite well at Seaclose. “I would like to see the money spent on New Road to strengthen the foundations of the road.

“I fully support the holiday village but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of local small businesses. “Wootton High Street already looks like Blackpool illuminations without the new lights.”

RECYCLE THE ISLAND 2010 is on again this weekend. The fun cycling event is taking place tomorrow (Sept 25) to generate public awareness of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance charity and their textile recycling schemes in partnership with Bag It Up Ltd. Last year’s event saw 50 cyclists of all ages taking part, enjoying the wonderful Island scenery, whilst raising over £5,000 in sponsorship money, to help keep the Air Ambulance flying and saving lives. A spokesman said: “We need your help and pedal power to generate more life-saving funds this year, so why not enter online now at http://www. cfm/recycle-the-island-2010.”

There are two routes available; a shorter 15 mile BLUE route, and a 50 mile RED route for those wanting a bigger challenge, and they will pass several of the textile recycling banks during that raise significant funds for the Air Ambulance. The Air Ambulance will be based at Tesco in Ryde for the day. If operational commitments allow, cyclists will have the opportunity to look at the helicopter, meet and chat with the paramedics and pilot who carry out the life-saving missions. Please visit http://www. to find to find about more about the event, plus details of how you can recycle to raise funds for your Air Ambulance.

The Gazette, Friday, September 24, 2010

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BLUE BADGE HOLDERS are permitted to park on double yellow lines when there are no other parking spaces available as long as they aren’t obstructing other road users, but this over zealous traffic warden had other ideas. John Lamb was driving for his disabled father in law and blue badge holder, Mr Sidney Prewer, who is in a wheelchair. “My father in law suffers with a disease that affects his legs. He only came out of hospital last week and we came to the Island for him to recuperate,” said John. “We come every year and we stay at Sandy Hills at Whitecliff Bay. “We thought we could park there as there were only double yellow lines – there were no signs to say it was a clearway or that disabled badge holders couldn’t park there. “On the green there were all the boot sale cars and there was a sign saying: “Do not park on the grass or you will be ticketed.” The rules were blatently being broken on the other side from us. “We only parked there because half a dozen cars were parked there already. We weren’t causing


an obstruction and people could pass us easily. “The traffic warden said that it was in the blue book, that we couldn’t park on yellow lines in a car park, but we weren’t actually in the car park area. “We did look for a space in the car park and if it had said we couldn’t park where we did we wouldn’t have done. “There were no lines on the kerb going down onto the road, which would mean that even blue badge holders cannot park on those lines. “There was a woman who was sitting in her car and he still ticketed her. “It should be properly labeled up,” said John. “I’ll be appealing against the ticket issue.” Nuala (Nicky) Kimber, who has to walk with a wheel trolley, was also ticketed at the car boot sale and was very upset about the whole incident.

A FRESHWATER man has escaped a prison sentence after causing a double road death in Chale. John Hoath, 24, was given a three-year driving ban and a suspended prison sentence after admitting two charges of causing death by careless driving. On the Military Road, near Chale, back in January of this year, 24-year-old John Hoath from Camp Road in Freshwater was the driver of a VW Polo when it crashed into a motorbike. Emily Buley, his 23-year-old passenger, and Andrew Newnham, 22, the motorbike rider both died as a result of the crash. Yesterday (Thursday September 23) John Hoath pleaded guilty to two charges of causing death by careless driving and was sentenced to four months in prison for each charge, to run concurrently, and suspended for two years. He has also been disqualified from driving for three years and was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service. Hoath will also have to re-take his test after the ban and pay £100 in prosecution costs.

“ I couldn’t even sleep last night – it was going through my head all the time,” she said. “I go to the car boot sale every week but I really can’t walk very far and if I had to park too far away I couldn’t go to car boot sales, which is probably the only exercise I get these days. “I got run over 15 years ago and it’s got steadily worse –I’ve had my badge since around 2000. “I was standing by the car and he (the traffic warden) walked past me twice. Then when I left he came back and ticketed me. “I was very annoyed – I wouldn’t have minded if he’d said I couldn’t park there. I wasn’t anywhere near a corner and I was parked safely. “He looked new. Maybe he just didn’t know. But he was very officious. It was nasty. “I don’t understand why we can’t park there – we always have before. I even asked a policeman the first time I parked there about two years ago and he told me that it was alright as long as I was parked safely and not obstructing anyone. “I’ve only parked there a couple

of times in the last two years, when I can’t find a space in the car park. “I’ve sent a letter to the council. It says in my book that I can park on double yellow lines.” Peter Hayward, head of highways and transport, said: “While blue badges do give holders some concessions, there is a requirement for those with blue badges to comply with the appropriate parking regulations like any other motorist. “It would simply be unfair on all motorists, including other blue badge holders, if the council turned a blind eye to misuse of blue badges. “In this case, the ticketed cars were parked on double yellow lines as opposed to designated bays and that is not allowed in a car park in order to make sure they are free-flowing and easy to use. This is stated on signs at the car park. “There is an appeals process for anyone who disputes the issuing of a ticket. We will, of course review any appeal thoroughly and fairly should any appeal be made.”

Andrew Newnham

Emily Buley

IW Gazette 72  

The Isle of Wight Gazette for the week beginning Friday September 24 2010

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