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Ethan takes Heart

HEART attack teen Ethan Turner returns to school

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NEWS ‘Don’t Bully Me’


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MARK Chiverton is questioned by the council about his plans to stand in the general election

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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


HARRISON MARSH (16) has recently become the first person from the Island to get into the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and he’s now hoping to be able to join the Royal Marines as a musician. The talented youngster has been principal tuba player in the National Children’s Brass Band for over three years. Last year for his 16th birthday he guested with the Black Dyke Band at Leeds Town Hall. On the Island Harrison currently plays for the IW Concert Band, Cowes Concert Band, Wight Brass, IW Youth Orchestra, IW Youth Wind Band and the IW Youth Brass Band. Under the tutelage of his teacher Robin Tweddle, Harrison achieved grade eight last year. Now he is in the process of auditioning to become a

Royal Marines musician and if he gets in he’ll also get the chance to play his favourite sport – rugby. Harrison played for Hampshire under 16s and the London Irish Silver Academy last year.

ONE OF the things that High Sheriffs can do is to sit with judges. I have sat with all but one of the circuit judges who have come to sit in the Crown Court in Newport during my year in office. Usually the Judge says: “Not the most interesting of days in court today I’m afraid,” but they are always wrong. They are wrong because for me it is always interesting. It is not familiar to me and as I am not a magistrate I have very little experience of being in court for any reason, so watching the coming and going and the process of justice is fascinating. Sometimes the matter in hand is also very interesting, but admittedly some cases more than others. Today I was sitting with His Honour Judge Peter Henry and the day began

the judges as they moved around the country to sit at the assizes. These days High BY GAY Sheriffs sit on the bench with EDWARDS the Judge but take absolutely no part in the procedures. with him kindly agreeing The accepted form of to be photographed for The Gazette. Once work began the Judge’s job was to take the jury through his summing up of the case before they went to deliberate. The way it turned out, they took some hours to do this so the Judge sent them home to return behaviour is to keep a blank tomorrow to reach their expression and not to catch verdict. They must have been the eye of witnesses, jurors tired by the end of the day. or the defendant, nor would The reason High Sheriffs we ever discuss the business sit with judges on the bench of the court elsewhere. It is is because once upon a time one of the occasions when we they dispensed some of the dress up in our shrieval suits law themselves and, once (only the men have a proper judges were invented, it was uniform), feathered hats, the Sheriff’s job to guard bling on shoe and so on.

Harrison Marsh and Robin Tweedle “Harrison will get to do the two things he enjoys most in the Royal Marines – playing the Tuba and playing rugby,” said dad Steve who runs TJs gym in Lake with Harrison’s mum Tina.

WHITWELL has one of the worst groups of potholes on the Island according to local sources. Just outside the village on the way to Godshill are the holes pictured and people are avoiding the road to spare damage to their cars. Landlord of the White Horse pub in Whitwell, Adam Arnold, said that it was the main topic of conversation in the pub. “Everybody talks about it. I can’t say that it’s effected our business, but people certainly go on about it,” said Adam. “I bought a £30,000 car and I won’t take it out now. It needs sorting out.” Whitwell Garage said that they had had quite a few cars in with split and flat tyres, dented rims and other damage to their tyres since the pot holes appeared after the thaw. “It’s like a patchwork quilt between here and Godshill,” said a garage spokesperson.


SITTING WITH JUDGES “Watching the process of justice is fascinating.”

I find the whole day thoroughly agreeable and a splendid privilege. Recently I was invited to sit with Mr Justice Teare, a high court judge hearing a murder trial in Winchester. I had not sat with a ‘red’ judge before, nor had I sat in Winchester. As usual when on Hampshire territory as High Sheriff, I asked the Hampshire High Sheriff for permission to be on her patch, granted as always, but it is polite to ask. As I drove to Winchester I was given a parking space under the courts and was jolly impressed to find one marked High Sheriff. As Clare Bartlett, Hampshire’s High Sheriff, was not using it herself that day I was able to. Although the Newport court always give me a parking space none of them is marked

High Sheriff, and I am not suggesting it should be. In some courts when the High Sheriff sits with the Judge, the barristers in court

make a speech of welcome. This happened early in my year and I was delighted that the bar seems to enjoy the link with the distant past.

His Honour Judge Peter Henry sitting with High Sheriff Gay Edwards

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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010




HORRIFIED residents in Binstead are demanding action after finding a blood-filled drugs syringe in a local car park. Residents in Sherbourne Avenue have had to put up with the fear of getting their feet stabbed with a ‘sharps’ for nearly a year, and now want a clean-up campaign. “Enough is enough,” said Samantha Scott, who lives nearby. And Sheila Wilson, who has lived in the area for 30 years, claims the ongoing drug incidents are disgusting. She said: “I used to walk my dog around the street, but I am now too scared, and also I do not want my dog standing on the needles. I feel it is wrong as there are kids who walk down the road to get to school. I don’t go out that much because I don’t feel safe anymore.” Samantha and husband Tom, who have two children, claim they have found needles by the parked cars. “We do not let our kids out to play because of the needles. The IW Council and the police should be doing more to prevent these incidents,” said Samantha. “By going public hopefully more will now be done about it as the council have not really bothered doing

BY JASON KAY anything in the past.” Dennis Firth, chairman of the Residents’ Association, said: “I have people contacting me all the time about the needles. Recently I had a neighbour with a heart condition contact me saying his car had been vandalised by drug takers. “The drug takers normally

drop syringes into secluded alcoves, but have now recently been dropping them into the road, and cars are then running over them causing them to split.” He added: “I have picked up clean needles and people’s faces were in shock when I did this. The problem has been going on about 10 months. The police were involved to begin with but have said that they cannot really get involved anymore. “The Council have done absolutely nothing. I would like to

Jill Kingsley and Helen Firth with a selection of the syringes to be found outside their houses


POLICE have charged a man who left a trail of graffiti over the Newport Crown Court building. Graffiti was daubed on the doors and wall of the Grade two-listed building in Quay Street, Newport on Wednesday night just after 1am. Police were alerted to the damage after the man rang them and told them

what he had just done. It is believed that Clarke had been before the County Court over a matter relating to Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital Trust earlier in the day. A police spokesman said: “A man was charged by police after a report of graffiti on property belonging to Her

Majesty’s Courts Service (HMCS) in Quay Street, Newport. David Jack Clarke, aged 58, of Blackthorn Close, Ryde, Isle of Wight, was charged with criminal damage. He was bailed to appear before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court on Tuesday, February 9, 2010.

get the drug action squad involved and maybe then the culprits will be caught. “I have CCTV installed for my own safety because of the drug taking but also the drug takers are doing various other things around the area like vandalizing.” Ian Stephenson member for Ryde West said “I have not received any concern with reference to needles in Sherbourne Avenue or indeed in any part of Ryde West, and was surprised that this problem has been ongoing for ten months. As an IW Councillor who actively seeks ways forward for Island residents I have, since being notified by The IW Gazette of this abhorrent problem, been involved with both Police and Isle of Wight Council Officers, initially to chase up any reports, dates and actions. I will definitely urge requests for appropriate future action when complaints and concerns are lodged. Loryna O’Donnell, Isle of Wight Council

Head of Community Safety said, “It is really important that people report syringes littered in public places to the council by calling 821000 so that arrangements can be made to dispose of them safely. “When the members of the public report syringes to us, as well as being able to monitor the area for evidence of drug use, we can alert our drug and alcohol action team (DAAT) who can, if appropriate, offer increased support and advice for drug users in that area. “The Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) has been working with the Island pharmacies on a pilot project to increase the number of used needles returned safely. Currently, the pharmacies provide a needle exchange service to drug users who are in receipt of treatment which is funded through the DAAT. “This service helps to ensure the safe return of used equipment. In addition to this, since December 1 2009, Boots Pharmacies in Ryde and Newport provide

facilities for anonymous drop-off points and bins were provided by the DAAT for these stores. If the needle return pilot is successful and increases the levels of safely disposed needles, it is planned that additional bins will be placed in other Island Pharmacies during 2010.” East Wight Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector Bill Pinnell said: “Police can confirm they are investigating a number of reports concerning used syringes left discarded in Sherbourne Avenue. The Ryde Safer Neighbourhoods team arranged for the safe disposal of the syringes. Extra police patrols are being carried out in the area as part of ongoing enquiries to establish whether any criminal offences have been committed.” Anyone with information or concerns is asked to phone Ryde Police Station on 101. People who wish to remain anonymous can phone the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111. In an emergency, phone 999.



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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

Left to right: Matron Linda Chalkey, Ethan Turner and PE teacher Melanie Thomas

ETHAN STEPS BACK TO SCHOOL YOUNG heart attack victim Ethan Turner was back behind his desk this week, reunited with the staff at Ryde High School who helped save his life. While Ethan began putting his life back together, his parents and school staff recounted the crucial battle against time to keep him alive. Ethan, 16, collapsed at school last November while

Ethan with mum and dad, Meryl and Derek Turner

Ethan with Deputy Head Paul Holyome

“I have never had to deal with anything like it before.” playing indoor football, as we revealed in The Gazette last week. Quick-thinking teacher Melanie Thomas and school matron Linda Chalkey combined to give Ethan vital medical assistance until paramedics arrived. Now Ethan, whose heart is thought to have stopped several times, is eager to get back to as normal a life

BY JASON KAY as possible. He said: “Being back at school is great. I was doing internet based lessons at home, but it’s not really the same. “I know I will be a bit restricted in jobs I do in the future, and cannot do heavy lifting, or play contact sports.” Teacher Melanie Thomas and Linda Chalkey, alerted by fellow staff member Ian White, rushed to help Ethan when he collapsed. They gave him CPR and Melanie said this week: “I have never had to deal with anything like it before. As a royal life saving society trainer and assessor, I assess and train people in life saving skills, but it was the first time I had to put it into practice. “I did all the checks on Ethan and realised there was no pulse so I went straight into CPR. It is completely

different on a live casualty, but I didn’t really have time to think about it - it was just an automatic response.” Linda, who has been at the school 22 years, added: “I took one look at Ethan and knew it was serious from the colour of his skin. I phoned for ambulance straight away. “The paramedics came and did all their checks and they carried on with CPR, while they monitored him. It came as a bit of a shock as I didn’t expect something like this to happen to someone so young.” Ethan admits he remembers little about the drama that unfolded around him. He said: “I was told I was playing football and just collapsed. The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital.” He was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the enlargement of heart muscles, this causes enlargement of the heart walls and prevents the heart from functioning properly. He spent 16 days of his five weeks at Southampton

General Hospital, in intensive care, but the drama did not end there. While being treated he, caught a chest infection which resulted in fluid on his lungs, and was put into an induced coma for five days to protect his brain. Thankfully Ethan’s life is now returning to normal. His parents Derek and Meryl

“I was told I was playing football and just collapsed. The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital.” Turner said: “We just got a call from school saying Ethan had collapsed. The staff were amazing in the way they helped save his life, and we cannot thank them enough. The professor who operated on Ethan said the school did a fantastic job.”

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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COUNCIL CUTBACKS ON CARDS VIRTUALLY every Islander, including many with learning disabilities, could feel the backlash of proposed financial cutbacks by IW Council in the coming months. Motorists, pensioners and even dog owner could feel the backlash when the Council’s cabinet meets on Tuesday to try to thrash out a way to make major savings to its budget of nearly £12million. The cutbacks are inevitable even though the financial ‘black hole’ will be offset to a degree by a rise of 2.5 per cent in council tax. The wide-ranging cuts could hit the vulnerable particularly hard. It is understood that a number of organisations that help Islanders with learning disabilities could have their contracts terminated by the

Council. Without the grants they could be pushed them to the brink of closure. Those under threat include the Medina Centre and Meadowbrook Day centres, Haylands Farm, Osel, the Riverside Centre and Stoneham Housing as the Council try to make savings of more than £5.5million in support services. Motorists are also bracing themselves for a major hike in car parking charges across the Island, and the council is looks to increase the cost of the Residents Parking Permit from the current £75 a year to £200. Pensioners will also be worse off with the scrapping of their permits, along with those for low emission vehicles. And even those who do not buy permits will have to fork out more with the cost of parking at ticket machines

set to rise by 10 per cent. The cost of taking a car across the floating bridge between Cowes and East Cowes is also set to rise by 20p to £1.80, and there are also likely to be substantial rises on the Wightbus fares. There are also suggestions dog owners may have to provide their own bin bags in the future, instead of them being provided by the council. And Islanders could have to take their refuse bins out further with the council planning to cut its backdoor collection service. Except in exceptional circumstances householders would be asked to put waste out on the kerb side for collection. The Cabinet’s decisions and approval will then go for discussion and almost certain ratification at the next full Council meeting on February 24.


LEE WESTWOOD’S autographed head sun visor and a the signed gloves of Portsmouth and England keeper David James are among the latest items going up for auction in Shanklin tomorrow night (Sat, Feb 6). Westwood is Britain’s leading golfer, and is currently ranked No4 in the world, while James is expected to be England’s first choice keeper for this summer’s World Cup finals. Their personal items are part of an auction and grand draw being held at the Mad Cow pub, High Street, Shanklin, to raise funds for the Breast Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital, and to help pay for an operation for Cerebral Palsy sufferer Gracie-May Fuller, from Shanklin. James was only too pleased to donate the gloves he wore for Portsmouth’s recent Premier League game at Manchester City, and he duly signed them to add to the value. He said: “I am pleased to help such a good cause, and I hope the event proves a huge success.” There is also a boxing glove, signed by Frank Bruno, among the items up for grabs. Bruno was the iconic British heavyweight fighter, who had a famous rapport with TV commentator Harry Carpenter.

A action picture of Carl Fogarty, autographed by the most successful superbike racer of all time, is also due to go under the hammer, along with signed shirts from Portsmouth, Southampton, Aston villa, Sunderland and Charlton football clubs. Other lots include a signed Amir Khan boxing glove, a baseball cap autographed by England keeper Ben Foster and a mini cricket back with the signatures of the Hampshire squad up for grabs. There are also golf lessons at both Shanklin and Sandown and Westridge Golf Clubs, kindly donated by respective club professionals Peter Hammond and Mark Wright. Music at the event is provided by “The Mix” and

anyone wishing to make a sealed bid on any of the items in the auction should contact John at the Mad Cow pub on 01983-864111 before 6pm tomorrow (Sat). The auction is due to start at approximately 8.30pm, and there is also a raffle, as well as an extra draw for a special prize of a ‘para-military experience’ for a crew of three over the Island in an ex-military helicopter.

Top: Golfer Lee Westwoods autographed visor, one of the items to be auctioned.. Above: The autographed gloves of goalkeeper David James are up for auction too

FIRE CREWS LEAP TO THE RESCUE FIRE CREWS from East Cowes and Newport led a blind man to safety from his smoke filled flat early Saturday morning (Jan 30). The fire broke out in the living room of the man’s warden-controlled flat in Victoria Road, just after 2.30am Fire crews entered the property in breathing apparatus with a hose reel, but no water was fired. Other residents in the block were

evacuated to the communal hall whilst fire crews dealt with the incident. Station Manager Melvin Richard led a 55-year-old man to safety. An ambulance attended to check over the man as it was thought that he had inhaled smoke from the blaze, but the man did not require hospital treatment following his ordeal. Jeff Walls, Duty Officer for the IW Fire Service, said: “A retained crew from East

Cowes and a crew from Newport dealt with the blaze. There was minor damage to the property. A man was led to safety and the property was ventilated. The flat was fitted with a smoke alarm. The man was first alerted from the smell of smoke in the flat. He than called the fire service. We work closely Medina Housing Authority to plan for incidents like this and on this occasion the plan worked well.”



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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


The Flaming Lips

BESTIVAL have announced their first clutch of performers with Dizzee Rascal, The Flaming Lips, Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem at the top of an almost 50 act list. Chase and Status, Simian Mobile Disco and the perennial pranksters The Cuban Brothers are of course in evidence. And for an eighties flavour Echo and the Bunnymen feature along with Gil Scott Heron and Marc Almond. There’s even Rolf Harris –but will he bring his digeridoo? “It’s an early release of some of the key acts but I’m not doing the headliners yet because they aren’t confirmed,” said Rob Da Bank when we spoke to him yesterday. “It’s just a list of the acts that are confirmed and that we are unleashing on the world. “It’s a bit more fluid at Bestival. On Friday night I’ve got co-headliners and co-headliners on Sunday. I’ve got a big headliner coming for that in March. “It’s going to be another big theme like Space was a big

theme. I think we’ll announce that in a couple of weeks. There’s this announcement and then there’s a big announcement of one of the Saturday headliners ad two other key big acts – that will be in mid Feb and then there’s the fancy dress theme and then on March 4 there will be the Sunday headliner. We’re in the same category as the IW Festival now – we’re not a small boutique festival anymore which is good and bad. I like the fact we’re in a different league but that brings it’s own pressures as well. “The stage is going at the bottom of the main stage field or the 24 hour field or whatever you call it so the Big Top and the Main Stage are swapping. We’re doing a lot of drainage work so that the bottom of that field won’t ever turn into a quagmire again. “There’s a new finale and the Sunday headliners will be involved in it (The Castle In The Sky Bonfire Extravaganza)– it will be quite spectacular.”

The full list reads: Dizzee Rascal, The Flaming Lips, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Gil Scott Heron, Chase & Status, Echo and the Bunnymen, Simian Mobile Disco, Rolf Harris, Marc Almond, Ellie Goulding, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Four Tet, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, Stornoway, Tinie Tempah, Vitalic, The Cuban Brothers, Beardyman, Tunng, Hurts, Gaslamp Killer, The Vegetable Orchestra, Ulrich Schnauss, The Twinkle Brothers, High Llamas, The Antlers, Archie Bronson Outfit, Beth Jeans Houghton, Mixhell, Glen Matlock, Samuel and the Dragon, The Japanese Popstars, The Lost Brothers, Goldhawks, Countryside Alliance Crew, Laura J Martin, A Genuine Freakshow, Bookhouse Boys, King Charles, Worship, Sisters of Transistors, Spindle and Wit, Starless & Bible Black, The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, Telegraphs, Tim and Sam Band, Unicorn Kid

Dizzee Rascal

DJ Sets From Rob da Bank and: Annie Mac Presents, David Rodigan, Ewan Pearson, Dixon, Greg Wilson,
Huw Stephen, Jack Beats, Mary Anne Hobbs, Jaguar Skills, Joy Orbison,
Horse Meat Disco, DJ Derek, Greg’s Greats, SBTRKT, Ramadanman, Seth Troxler, Untold, The Broken Hearts, Back To The Phuture.

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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THE ISLE of Wight Festival has announced another four bands to their eclectic lineup for this year’s festival. Florence and the Machine will play the main stage prior to Jay-Z on Friday night. Their chart topping album ‘Lungs’ has won praise from critics and Florence has a reputation for spellbinding shows. The Big Top on Saturday will host La Roux and N-Dubz and rocking the mainstage on Saturday before Paloma Faith will be Brooklyn based The Hold Steady. “Florence and the Machine have had the number one album for the last three weeks,” said IW Festival organiser John Giddings when we spoke to him yesterday. “I would be stunned if she didn’t win a Brit this week. “And The Hold Steady are one of my personal favourites. I’ve been trying to get them for a couple of years and they’re one of the best new rock bands around. “N Dubz are for younger people in the Big Top while Biffy Clyro are on the main stage and our young lady La Roux. And what of the rumours that Lady

La Roux

BY JO MACAULAY Gaga was going to play the festival this year? “Lady Ga Ga is going back to the States because it’s her sister’s graduation,” said John. “We did talk to her representatives about three months ago and they couldn’t extend it (her tour) but since then she’s exploded hasn’t she?” “I promise that when I book a Sunday night headliner I will announce it to the world. I have not booked a Sunday night headliner as we speak. I am in negotiations with a couple of people. “I think I’ve got a wider audience this year with P!nk, Strokes, Jay Z. There are definitely younger people buying tickets and there will be a Field of Dreams up by the campsite this year where people can watch the football matches because England play America on the Saturday night. Melanie is going to be playing the main stage on Saturday too. “I love Melanie,” said John. “She played here in 1970.”



Florence and the Machine

The Hold Steady

Biffy Clyro



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RNID (Royal National Institute for the Deaf) are arranging drop-ins for hearing aid maintenance at the Isobel Centre on the first Tuesday of the month between 9.30am and 11.30am. They can provide batteries, fit new tubing and steam-clean hearing aids. This will avoid the need to travel up to the hospital or to one of the drop-ins held in other areas. This is a free service. More details on RNID services ring 529533

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


AN ARTIST’S sale in Cowes last weekend proved very popular with people passing by the Regatta Office in Bath Road. Organised by artist Hilary Thorpe, the weekend was the fourth sale she has held in Cowes. “It seems to hit the spot,” said Hilary. “People just want to cheer themselves up.” Hilary’s work was on sale and she paints mainly on location. “The paintings are worked quickly in acrylic using palette knives, fingers and brushes. The spontaneity of the work captures the essence of the moment and I extract just enough information to make the painting something you can recognise, yet catch the mood, activity, and the sounds,” said Hilary. Elizabeth Anne Habens of Textile Workshop in Niton brought her wonderful knitted creations - large chunky and colourful knitted scarves, hats, bags, cardigans, jackets and even socks. She specialises in natural fibres and yarns are sourced worldwide, from New Zealand and Australia to Africa. A new addition to her collection were gauntlets – soft long mohair gloves

BY JO MACAULAY for keeping out the cold. Elizabeth’s hats are particularly good for keeping out the cold wind on long winter winds and they’re very individual. You’ll always get complements if you wear Elizabeth’s handiwork. Kate Richardson is based in Cowes and had a selection of her figures and figurative drawings and paintings. Her work has previously featured at the Mall Galleries. The figures Kate had on show were made from ciment fondu and coloured with oil paints giving the impression of being made of bronze. Others were made from bronze resin – which has bronze powder within it. Kate sold a few of her drawings and will be exhibiting in London shortly. See more of her work at Marine artist Tony Westmore took his acrylic and oil paintings to the sale. “I’m getting a lot more blobby in my old age,” said Tony of his more abstract and colourful canvases. His detailed traditional paintings

Kate Richardson of ships and marine scenes are also much in demand. Tony was selected for this year’s National Open Art Competition, and had a painting on show at the finals, which were held at the Minerva Gallery Chichester in November 2009. Michael Till from Gurnard had brought a selection of his work: fine prints in all mediums. A member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, Michael works in relief, in intaglio, lithography and silk screen printing. He also had photographs, paintings and pastels. Michael is also very involved in sailing and will be rear commodore Sailing of Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club from April.

Hilary Thorpe



PHONE FOR DETAILS ON 562525 OR 07942 824151

Elizabeth Habens

Michael Till

Tony Westmore

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Mark Chiverton (left) with Andy Straker THE IW Council have reacted strongly to claims that employee Mark Chiverton must stand down as Labour’s prospective Parliamentary candidate at this year’s General Election, or face losing his job. Mr. Chiverton is also branch secretary of Unison and there were suggestions that there would be a conflict of interest if he pursued his aim to become the Island’s next MP. However, the council have stringently denied they have told Mr. Chiverton that if he does not stand down as a candidate he must quit his job. IW Council chief executive Steve Beynon said: “The council has not told Mark that he must either resign his job, or stand down as a candidate. “However it has to be remembered that Mark’s salary as a full time union official is met by the IW

Council. Consequently, as employers, we have asked Mark to confirm that he intends to stand at the forthcoming general election and, if so,

role as an employer. “Rather than discuss this in detail through the media, the council - which I stress has not issued an ultimatum to Mark - will

“The council have stringently denied they have told Mr. Chiverton that if he does not stand down as a candidate he must quit his job.” how he anticipates his campaigning will affect the time he is able to spend on work for which he is paid out of the public purse. “Until we have had a discussion with Mark over his plans and availability for work during an election period, we cannot say what stance the council may take. “The council cannot by law do anything that provides support for a political party and there are also other factors the council must consider in its

be sitting down with him to discuss this matter and I am hopeful we can arrive at a solution that is acceptable to all parties.” But in an interview with The Gazette Mr. Chiverton said he was given the absolute impression conveyed at the meeting with the senior manager that he was being given the ultimatum to either resign as a councilor or to resign from his job. He claimed he emailed the senior manager the next day to confirm that he

was being given the choice of either resigning from the council or from his other job because of the conflict of interest. In response to this it was not denied. He now says they the council have contacted him and are prepared to meet with him and the union representative to come up with a protocol about how to operate during the election campaign. He has welcomed this outcome and would have been happy for this proposition to have been put forward in the first place. Mr. Chiverton said that he had felt bullied, but had received ‘plenty of support’ from around the Island and especially with the trade union to which he belongs. He also pointed out he has been very committed to the council and has been working with the council for 37 years and has never been disciplined. He still intends to run for election, rather than stand down.




SHANKLIN Rotary’s mammoth sale at Lower Hyde raised an amazing £41,720 this year – an increase of £4,200 on last year. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank certain people who without their help and support the shop would not be able to operate,” said Sales Co-Ordinator Barry Platt. “All the volunteers who worked tirelessly for the period of the shop, Richard and all the staff at Park Resorts, Tom of Value Cars at Sandown who supplied the vans for three weekends, Spithead Estates who allowed us to park the advertising trailer on their premises, Kevin from Traffic Lights which was a great help this year, Neil Cole from Man & Van who is off to Rumania in April with all leftover clothing

from the sale and JMP Partnership who supplied the advertising trailer. Everyone on the Isle of Wight who supplied all our stock and last but not least all the people who came to our sale and bought thousands of items.” All of the above provided their premises equipment and services free of charge. “We will start collecting for next years sale in April,” added Barry. “Thanks to everyone.” Shanklin Rotary has set aside £25,000 from the sale and are inviting bids from charities in the area to compete for the ‘Dragons Gold’. For more information or a bidding pack go to one of the following: www.wightrotary. org, www.shanklin-rotary-org or



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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

Hospice News Hospice Fundraising: Telephone - 528989 Good quality clothes urgently needed PLEASE consider donating your unwanted good quality clothes to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Our shops rely on donations for resale and supplies are rather low at present. Ideally please take your donations to our Hospice Warehouse on Newport Industrial Estate, it is opposite the Royal Mail Offices. You can call the warehouse on 244230. If you have clothes, shoes, belts or handbags, that are rather tired or a little worn and are therefore not suitable for resale in our shops you can still support the hospice by taking these worn goods to one of our recycling collection points across the Island. For a full list of places and a detailed account of how recycling old clothes can help the Earl Mountbatten Hospice please go to and look in our “Latest News” section.

Valentines Hop at The Buddle Inn, Niton Sat Feb 13 “DANCE Until You Drop” at The Valentine’s Hop on Saturday February 13 at The

Buddle Inn, Niton from 8pm. Tickets are £4 each and are available from The Buddle Inn and from the Hospice Fundraising Office. It’s a period fancy dress event, (optional) and there will be a prize for the best outfit. Music will be from 1949 – 1971. The bar will be open all evening and there will be a raffle on the night.

Valentines Day Music at Ventnor Wintergardens, February 14 FRANCES MASON and Jennie Broom are due to perform with violin and harp at Ventnor Wintergardens on Valentines Day afternoon, starting at 3pm. The concert is free to attend and a closing collection will be taken in aid of the Hospice at the performances end.

Fun Music Quiz Friday March 5 THE MARCH Music Quiz will take place at The Sands in Sandown on Friday March 5 at 7.30pm. It is £10 for a team of four to play and there will be a prize for the winning team and a raffle on the night. The bar will also be open.

Mobile community police station, Sandown Bay safer neighbourhoods with the council ENO (Environmental neighbourhood office) Mike Rowland, PCSO Louise Shorter, PC Dan Renshaw, Karin Sparrings, Rebecca Hansson and Fay Almgren

SANDOWN HAS ITS SAY POLICE officers and PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) were in Sandown High Street last Saturday asking residents in Sandown for their latest opinions on the main issues affecting the town. Between 11am and 4pm last Saturday (January 30, 2010), the team was canvassing residents for answers to the three questions: 1. Crime has decreased in your area in the past year, what are the differences you have noticed? 2. As a resident in Sandown, do you feel safe being out and about during the day, and night?

3. How can the police and partner agencies improve your neighbourhood? Residents had the

said: “Feedback from residents is essential to tell us about the community’s most important issues

“We’ll be giving updates on how we’ve listened and responded to public feedback over the past year.” opportunity to speak directly with police officers PS 5812 Davidson, PC 20719 Renshaw, PC 21746 Vaughan and PCSO 14411 Woods and PCSO 13234 Shorter. PCSO Stuart Woods from the Sandown Bay Safer Neighbourhoods team

and concerns so their local police can put in place the right measures at the right times. “We’ll be giving updates on how we’ve listened and responded to public feedback over the past year. This includes our work with the community

to reduce reports of anti-social behaviour, public disorder and criminal damage. Overall crime in Sandown is going down. There were 201 fewer crimes between April last year and January this year compared to the same ten months a year earlier. The Sandown Bay Safer Neighbourhoods team can be contacted by phoning 101 and e-mailing sandownbay.snt@ hampshire.pnn.police. uk

For more information about the team, go online to www.hampshire. and type in your postcode.


THREE Isle of Wight lifeboat crews are among eight within the Solent and 60 nationwide who will be joining forces on February 26 to raise awareness for lifeboat stations that operate outside the jurisdiction of the RNLI. Ryde, Sandown and Shanklin and Freshwater, along with Solent colleagues Gosport, Hamble, Lepe, Southsea and Stanswood were tasked to over 500 incidents by Solent Coastguard in the Solent area last year. The figures underline how important the units are in this region. They come under the umbrella organisation of the SSRO and meet twice a year to discuss operations and fundraising.

But apart from that they are all left to their own devices to maintain their stations and raise the funds required to keep them afloat - literally! Training is to the same high standard and all rescue craft must adhere to the same strict code as the RNLI, but there is one major difference. Unlike the RNLI the Independent units do not have a big head office full of people working on their behalf. The team seen out on the boats and in the watchroom windows are the whole team, not only responding to emergencies at sea and on the shores nearby, they are also responsible for their own fundraising, training and

maintenance of equipment. On February 26 events will be held throughout the region to highlight the work that these lifeboat units do and to help raise money that will go towards the £30,000 running costs that each unit faces annually. Anyone who has an independent lifeboat near them is asked to support them on “Go Orange Day” by wearing orange or holding an orange fundraising event and donating the funds direct to your local unit. Most independent lifeboat crews are more than happy to visit local schools and youth groups and educate children on sea safety. Many of these units open their doors and invite the groups to them

to promote safety at sea through education. In return they would love your help in making it a hugely successful “Go Orange” Day. Here are a few suggest- ions – but can you think of even better ones? How about: · Get your business or school to wear an orange piece of clothing for the day. · Dye your hair orange. · Sponsor someone to sit in a bath of “orange” baked beans for the day. · Hold a coffee and cake morning. · Wear an orange ribbon in support. · Hold a party evening wearing a bright colour...such as orange! · Arrange a collection in your local community for your local

independent lifeboat. · Hold a sponsored event; walk, silence, dance...anything that raises funds for these units. Michaela White, chairman of Ryde Inshore Lifeboat, is event co-ordinator for Go Orange Day. She said: “We want everyone to know that we are independent, and need funding to keep going. If you visit the coast for a day out or holiday you never know when you may have to call upon lifeboat volunteers, so to ensure that they are there please show your support.” Anyone who wants to get involved in Go Orange Day, or wants more details should contact Michaela White on 812178.

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Managing director of Greyhound Coaches, Alex Warner with Callum Churches-Wingrove



Islanders meet Alex Warner at Sandown Leisure Centre


Michelle Churches with son Callum Churches-Wingrove

Callum Churches-Wingrove gives Greyhound a thumbs up

ISLANDERS wanting to travel by coach on the mainland can look forward to cut-price deals thanks to Alex Warner, managing director of Greyhound Coaches in the UK. When Mr. Warner brought one of the famous Greyhound Coaches to the Island he reckoned he was overwhelmed by the response he received, and now he says he has a real passion for the place. And in return he has launched a deal that will give Island residents a special offer if they travel on Greyhound Coaches from Southampton or Portsmouth to London. He said: “If people on the Island use Wightlink they can register details and use promo code ‘Wight saver’. Or if they travel by Red Funnel they can use promotion code ‘red25’. Both will entitle them to a 25 per cent discount.” Mr Warner says he is happy to work with any transport company, and is keen to discuss opportunities with other

Island transport services for future integrated transport services. There are plans to run links from Ventnor, Sandown, Newport, Ryde and Fishbourne so anyone travelling across the Solent on passenger ferries can be picked up at either of the mainland terminals. He said: “The ultimate aim is to be able to get a ticket from say Ventnor straight to London with no nonsense the ‘golden ticket’.” He continued: “I think people were very pleased we brought the coach over to the Island and they seemed heartened by the fact we have tried to unlock potential on the Island for Greyhound coaches. “There is potential out there and if we work hard at driving up support within the community and local businesses and offer a good integrated service then the world is our oyster.” And he has promised we will be seeing more of Greyhound on the Island in the next few weeks. He said: “We will be over on the Island promoting deals and offers. “You will see Greyhound coaches outside the Isle

of Wight College, and we will be handing out leaflets in nightclubs and bars, to show reduced travel costs to London.” Mr Warner believes it is very important to be ‘hands on’ with customers. He has his email on the website and attempts to answer any queries that customers may have. He smiled: “You can’t switch off in the transport business; it’s a 24 hour job.” He takes pride in sharing his mobile telephone number with customers and says: “I have customers ringing me all the time. I also

“You can’t switch off in the transport business; it’s a 24 hour job.” receive and read emails from customers regularly. It’s all about customer service. Mr Warner further adds the personal touch by saying: “If there is a delay with the coaches, we strive to give customers great service by buying them sandwiches and crisps and drink, to keep them

happy. We will do whatever possible if there is a delay to keep the customer as happy and comfortable as possible. “At the moment we do not have refreshments on the coaches as we want to keep the fares as low as possible, but it is something that will be looked into. One customer has suggested Greyhound bottled water and this is something we will certainty look into for the summer, as well as having ipod chargers on the coaches. We welcome any suggestions.” The company are already looking at better connections with ferries, with coaches going right up to the ferry terminal in Portsmouth. Greyhound run 44 services on Friday and Saturday and 40 services from Sunday to Thursday, with the first coach at 5.10am from Southampton and the first one from Portsmouth at 5.45am. On Fridays and Saturdays they return as late as 11.30pm from London. More details are on internet link www. People can also purchase tickets on the coaches but can only pay by credit or debit cards and not take cash.



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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

Elizabeth McCourt, Brian Richardson, Julie Richardson and Ammabel Richardson

Beryl Johnstone, Fallon Irwin, Sandy Stephens, Ian Stephens, Pauline Burford, Howard Burford

A TASTE OF SCOTLAND paraded around the room and pie with a topping of neeps presented to the Scottish Mrs and tatties. “This is the way Isabel Rayner who toasted people are serving haggis these days,” said the organiser Rose Healey. “We also had an alternative of beef cobbler for those who don’t like haggis.” Sweets comprised of a choice of scotch pancakes with warm blackcurrants and crème fraiche or a raspberry the haggis with a Burns poem. and white chocolate tart. The Instead of haggis the 72 meal was rounded off with diners were treated to haggis shortbread and pan drops – which is the Scottish name for mint imperials. The Scottish Fiddlers provided the entertainment for the evening whose soloist sang some of Robbie Burn’s poems accompanied by the music. There was a competition for the best lady and gentleman dressed in tartan. Winner of the best lady was Ammabel Richardson and her father Brian Richardson won best IW Scottish Fiddler, Jenny Robinson, Helen Rapley gentleman. (flute), Pat Larrington (violin)

A BURNS supper at Ryde Methodist Church raised £295 towards church funds. This was the second year that the church had hosted a supper in memory of the famous writer and poet, Robert Burns. Organised by Rose Healey, the evening kicked off with traditional cock a leekie soup. Following this a haggis was traditionally piped in by bagpiper Trevor Wheeler,

Isobella Ranner, Ruth Realey

“This is the way people are serving haggis these days.”

gazette the isle of wight



Monica Brooks, Judith Clarke, Janice McCourt, Myrtle Feek, Simon Realey

Myrtle Feek, Gloria Rolfe, Dudley Rolfe, Molly Deakin, Karen Rolfe, Paul Rolfe, Eric Hobson, Isobella Ranner





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The Island Concert Band

THE ISLAND Concert Band performed at Medina Theatre last Sunday afternoon and raised £375 for Naomi House. Guests of honour were Chairman of the Council Arthur Taylor and his wife Doreen. The afternoon’s entertainment included Amparito Raca, Orpheus in the Underworld, Waltz from Masquerade, with the first half ending with Rhapsody in Blue with piano

soloist, Ann Gardner - a truly outstanding performance. The second half of the afternoon included, Washington Post, What a Wonderful World, with soloist Tony Martin, a selection from Mamma Mia, Amazing Grace, Island Flight composed by Clive Malabar, who also performed on the percussion, with the band. The Island Concert Band was founded in November 1995, to

meet the needs of the Island Musicians who had become over the age for the I.O.W Youth Concert Band. The band also welcomes new members, over the age of 21 years, of a good standard. They meet once a month, on the first Thursday, under the baton of Robin Tweddle. The concert proceeds were given to Naomi House, a purpose built children’s hospice

in Wiltshire. Naomi House is dedicated to providing respite and terminal care in a welcoming and homely environment for children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, and their families. Children and young people from the Island are able to use the facilities. Rev A. Swanborough spoke about the support that is needed for these young people and a raffle and collection was held.

Chairman of the IW Council Arthur Taylor with his wife Doreen, and Ryan and Dayrl Kirby


NEWS BUZZARD CONCERN FOR RED SQUIRRELS A CONCERNED reader rang The Gazette to tell us that she had seen a buzzard with a red squirrel in its talons. This is not an isolated incident according to the Wight Squirrel Project’s website which reads: “Buzzard numbers have grown tremendously and there have been reports (as yet to be confirmed) that buzzards have had a huge impact on some populations on the Island to the extent that no young have been seen in an area hitherto highly populated with red squirrels.” Helen Butler of Wight Squirrel Project said: “Buzzards are still causing concern and I had seven reports of people actually seeing a buzzard take a squirrel and reports of tails below buzzard’s nests. I am still waiting for a photograph or someone to show me where these nests are though! It is a natural process and buzzards are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 so they must not be harmed in any way. It is upsetting for squirrel lovers but natural processes will dictate the rise and fall of any animal population and doubtless the number of higher predators will drop eventually.” On buzzard numbers on the Island, Press Officer for the RSPCB (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Birds) Sophie McCallum said: “Buzzards eat principally small rodents but also take birds, reptiles, amphibians, larger insects and earthworms. Prey up to 500g is taken by active predation, anything heavier is usually carrion or seriously enfeebled individuals. “There has been an increase in range and population in the south east (including the IOW) but this is a natural return as they move from the west, not due to re-introductions. The last report of bird sightings by the IOW Ornithological Group includes sightings at Brading Marshes and Newtown NNR.”


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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Kirsty Walker, Gay Edwards (High Sheriff), Emily Mullen, Sean Schofield, Mark Southwell (Operations manager, Cowes lifeboat) and Stormy Sam at Gurnard Pines



Christian “Errie” Ktomi as Stormy Sam with Melanie Rock,


A SUCCESSFUL SOS day to raise money for the RNLI at Gurnard Pines last weekend raised over £2,000 in pledges and donations. People eagerly took up the challenge to play their part in an unusual circumnavigation challenge set by Cowes and East Cowes members of the RNLI. The idea was that their combined efforts in the gym cycling on the static bikes, rowing on the rowing machines or swimming in the indoor pool should equal the equivalent of a 60-mile circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight. But there was such a response to the unusual challenge that the distance achieved during the six-hour event on Saturday (30) came to a staggering 530 miles, not far short of circling the Island nine times. Among the sponsored lifeboat station members was Operations Manager Mark Southwell, who notched up an impressive two miles in the pool. Simon Riley, a delivery van diver for Medina Foods, did a whole circumnavigation of the Island, mainly on the bikes and

swimming. Simon, who is a triathelete, took just under two hours to complete the 62 miles. “I just did it for the fun of it. I’ve always competed,” said Simon. “But the reason for doing the RNLI challenge is that when I’m not competing is that I like doing a lot of surfing on the Island and if I got into difficulty

“The success of the day exceeded all my expectations.” I would need to call on them,” he explained. The SOS day runs across the whole country and all the branches on the Island were asked to participate. This year the day was arranged by Cowes RNLI, which is consists of Cowes Station, Cowes Guild and East Cowes branch who joined together to arrange the mammoth fundraising spectacular. “People were coming and going all day,” said Helen Wilkinson

one of the event’s organisers. “The lifeboat crew also went out and about in Cowes on the Saturday night and raised £314. East Cowes and the station raised around £1,400. “The Ladies Guild raised a further £511 on the Saturday and a further £280 was collected at Morrisons in Newport on Friday.” “The success of the day exceeded all my expectations,” said Cowes lifeboat station administrator Jenny Clune. “What’s more, everyone at Gurnard Pines seemed to really enjoy themselves. We are so grateful to the management of the holiday village for providing their facilities, and delighted they have agreed to have us back again next year.” Jenny also appreciated that High Sheriff of the Island, Gay Edwards, found time to drop in during the morning, accompanied by her son and two young grandchildren. She also had a special word of thanks for Cowes crewmember Christian Ktomi for becoming the RNLI’s Stormy Stan mascot for the day.

Operations manager Mark Southwell and Simon Riley

Jess Suddell Amelia Rushling and Sophie Rushling



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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

HORSE SHOW BIG SUCCESS THE IW HORSE of the Year show 2010 was held at Brickfields last Sunday. Organiser Sue Lacey said: “With over 90 entries the show has received good reports all round. An excellent build by John Day went down a storm. “There was a little bit of a delay with some of the earlier classes as we were caught out by the frosty weather. So the riders had to warm up inside, but it was all taken in good part. We finished at 7.30pm so it was a very long day. “

Class 1. 2ft 3ins Jumping 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Lilly Lee My Man Minton Scooby Doo Stoneybrook Boy

Amanda Ridler-Lee Lorna Neale Emma Storey Jai Ward

Class 2a. Novice Horse Of The Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Princess Xsara Homesley Kings Jester Stoneybrook Boy Baluga

Nicola Whiller Emily Thearle Jai Ward Luke Johnson

Class 2b. 2ft 3ins – 2ft 6ins Jumping 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

La De Da Tornado Island Life L.K Riff Raff

Steph Gleeson Melissa Jolliffe Emma Tharme Ella Greenslade

Class 3. Progressive Horse of the Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Neutral Tint Lilly Lee Harlequinn II Jnes

Hayley Webster Amanda Ridler-Lee Lindsay Burt Hayley Webster

Class 4. 3ft Jumping 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Georgio Rocco Max L.K Riff Raff Dubai Star

Jodie Warrick Francesca Hinds Ella Greenslade Karen Begley

Class 5. Intermediate Horse Of The Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Neutral Tint Max Lepard Pepard Harlequinn II

Hayley Webster Francesca Hinds Morgan Curtis Lindsay Burt

Class 6. Open Horse Of The Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Georgio Rocco Pedro Digiman Mondriaan

Jodie Warrick Hayley Webster Ray Penn Karen Begley

Class 7. Senior Show Jumper Of The Year 1st =2nd =2nd =4th

Larigo Mondriaan Maricopa Pedro

Jodie Warrick Karen Begley Hayley Webster Hayley Webster

Jodie Warrick

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


Dutch Passion

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Karen Begley

Class 8. 18 ins Jumping 1st 2nd

Catkin Bartholomews Pride

Lauren O’Rourke Grace Beeny

Class 9a. 12.2hh and Under Jumping 1st

Peter Rabbit

Kayleigh Chilver

Class 9b. 13.2hh and Under Jumping 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Bramble Banoffee Toffee Priory Twiglet Catkin

Sophie Colson Alanna Lamb Kate Young Lauren O’Rourke

Class 10. 2ft Jumping 1st

Bartholomews Pride

Grace Beeny

Class 11. Novice Pony of The Year 1st 2nd 3rd

Priory Twiglet Silverlea Simply Gold Darcy’s Dusky Lady

Kate Young Kelly Read Joanna Wheeler

Class 12. Intermediate Pony of the Year 1st

Silverlea Simply Gold

Kelly Read

Class 13. Open Pony Of The Year 1st 2nd 3rd

Silverlea Peppermint Tommy Boy II Colour Fusion

Georgia Hedley-Ward Kelly Read Mia Rowden

Class 14. Junior Showjumper Of the Year 1st 2nd

Tommy Boy II Silverlea Peppermint

Kelly Read Georgia Hedley-Ward

Nicola Whiller





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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


RYDE DARTS League members will be taking part in a charity 12-hour marathon throw in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice on Saturday February 13. The event will take place at the Ryde Town Club, 25 Star Street, and any team or individuals wishing to take part should contact Shane Scott-Denness on 01983-617784 for details.

Brenda, Joan, Rose, Mark Peddle and Lynn Hibberd

JUMBLE TIME AT PAN BARGAIN hunters filed into the Isobela centre on Saturday to try and pick up a bargain. Pan Together Project opened the centre to raise funds to go towards the scheme current projects. Mark Peddle chairman for Pan Together said: “It’s been a great day there has been a lot of support from people who live in Pan and that is what is important. It’s about getting the community together and working together. We have raised about £35.)

Jamie and Kaiden Mallon


HELLO AGAIN, I’m back. The long dark winter of my soul is beginning to disperse. And I’m sure this is connected to the fact that I actually made myself do some exercise this week. Or maybe that ought to read, “Steve Marsh of TJ’s

Gym made me do some exercise,” because I joined their Boot Camp on Monday and then I tried Zumba on Tuesday with Tina. I thought I was going to just mosey around to the gym and work my way gently into a fitness routine on the exercise machines but Steve was having none of this. “You must try the Boot Camp. C’mon it’ll be fun,” he cajoled. But surprisingly it was fun – in a total shock to the system sort of way.

And the best thing was that we were made to work – it’s like having your own personal trainer (from the SAS). No I’m joking it wasn’t that bad – but you do get pushed which

mistakes I was making during my somewhat self-conscious gyrating but I was really happy by the time the class ended. And a bit exhausted, but in a good way.

“You must try the Boot Camp. C’mon it’ll be fun.” is what you need when you’re as out of condition as I am. Afterwards I felt fantastic and the next day I felt full of beans and ready to tackle the Zumba class. This is more of a dance class with lots of belly shaking and shimmying – you can even wear a coin covered Zumba scarf that moves with your hips and I want one. I found I just couldn’t do the Zumba without smiling – even laughing. I don’t know if it was the upbeat music or the numerous

I didn’t get time to go in yesterday and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. I might not get a chance today either but I’ll definitely go back tomorrow. Why is it that we know that something will make us feel better but we just don’t do it? I’ve been putting this off all winter. Today I went up in helicopter. There’s nothing like getting terrified to make you feel alive. I’ve been down so long it looks like up to me.

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Don’t Move, Improve


Don’t be fooled by the name of Isle of Wight Bathrooms because it is so much more than just a bathroom fitting company. Based in Shanklin’s St Pauls Avenue, Martin Buswell’s company can also fit kitchens and do general plumbing, heating and electrical work and you can be assured that an established and reliable team will do all of your work reliably and efficiently. Martin Buswell has been established for 20 years and is City and Guilds qualified. A lot of the work he does is

by recommendation or word of mouth and so it was just an extension of that network for him when he joined www. in 2004. On checkatrade’s website you can read all of the glowing recommendations given by Martin’s happy customers. This is from a customer in Ryde in December last year: “Martin is the best tradesman we have ever employed. He thoroughly deserves the accolades others have given. He stuck to the estimate, completed all he had agreed

Quick sale wanted 3 bed caravan, St Helens, Very well looked after, includes all of 2010 site fees, Lovely caravan, only £24,000 CALL 07920 536987

and worked hard to achieve the very high standards he sets for himself. Martin is not technically challenged with any task, involves and advises the customer well. Added to this he is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, courteous, honest and good fun.  We were very happy to have him working in our property for two weeks and are delighted with the outcome. We would have no hesitation in recommending him.” After every job the customer is asked to fill in a card and the results go onto the website.

Stunning 2 bed top of the range caravan with full sea view over Bembridge Harbour, on a lovely Holiday Park, £35,500 Call Matt on: 07851430704

“Wet rooms are popular at the moment and we can also fit underfloor heating,” said Martin. “We also do a lot of disability bathrooms and walk in baths. “Because we have low overheads we think our prices are very competitive. I’m also looking to open a showroom this year.” The company can deal with insurance claims and give free quotations for all work. See examples work and more recommendations at www.


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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


There was a beanstalk growing in Bembridge Village Hall last week and Jack’s mother was none too pleased about it either. The Wight Island Players presented Jack and the Beanstalk to an audience full of children on Saturday afternoon. “Oh no they didn’t.” “It was a traditional family pantomime and we had quite a few new young people in the production and also families,” said producer and choreographer Jo Rae. “It’s very family orientated. We have

one mother and father with a son a daughter in the cast and another mother, father and daughter too.” Jo has been involved in amateur dramatics for 23 years since moving to the Island. She worked as a professional dancer/ choreographer and assistant in production before coming to live here. The Wight Island Players formed around ten years ago and this is the third time they’ve put on Jack and the Beanstalk. The group is

(Sgt Spink and Cpl Span) Mathew Stuart and Domonic Hough

based in Bembridge and all performances are staged in the village. This year’s performances had to be postponed by two weeks because of the snow and icy conditions. Members of the group were unable to get to rehearsals. “We started rehearsing in September,” said Jo. “But we do only rehearse once a week. Some of the members have been with the Wight Island Players since it formed. They’re a very good bunch and very talented. “

The cast of Jack and the Beanstalk performed at the Village Hall, Bembridge

(Dame Trot) Chris Stroud with (Mrs Blodwyn) Anna Shiner

Fleshcreep & Vegetable Fairy

(Daisy the Cow) Danielle Williams with (Silly Lilly) Sally Jones

R-L (King Satupon) Andy Hough, Jo Ray, (Princess Melanie) Hannah Lefore (Jack) James Mathewman

The Dredded Dragon

The Skeletons

The Villagers

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Budding brides should make a beeline for Gems Bridal Show, which will be held at Cowes Yacht Haven on Sunday February 21 from 11am till 4pm. With catwalk shows of Gem’s latest bridal wear at noon and 3pm, you’ll be able to see their brand new collections. The catwalk shows will feature new creations from Mark Lesley, Maggie Sottero, Veronia, Alexia and Romantica. Gems also have lots of new bridesmaids dresses in adult, teenage and tiny tots sizes – all in complementary styles and colours. New colours for bridesmaids this

season are coffees and creams, purples and blues although pinks, burgundies and reds are always popular. They also have a wonderful collection of coloured wedding dresses. One of the new wedding dresses is a princess styled dress with tulle overskirt by Verona in a brown and pink colourway with matching bridesmaids’ dresses. Verona also has a pink version of this beautiful dress, again with matching bridesmaids’ dresses. The new White Rose Collection is aimed at the curvier bride and the shop stocks sizes 20 to 26, although all of Gem’s ranges can

be ordered in up to size 30. As always reduced priced gowns are available at the shop on the upper floor. Outfits for the mother of the bride or mother of the bridegroom along with special occasion wear are also available and many dresses are suitable for prom wear too. A lovely range of shoes includes those with platform heels and Gems have a wide range of tiaras. Much of the Gems range will be on view at the Bridal Show and you will also be able to browse the numerous stalls offering everything you’ll need for your special day.

Photos by Duncan of the mobile portrait studio




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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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An ex-pirate and traveller, Darius Sedgewick, was visiting Newport Library last Saturday with his fellow storyteller Scary Mary to tell tales of magic and morality Tales Fourtold, a new interactive storytelling company based on the Isle of Wight, presented the Tales of Darius Sedgewick to children using the library. Daniel Snocken (Darius) and Maria Hamblet (Scary Mary) present storytelling sessions

consisting of four stories told through a cross between traditional storytelling and performancebased methods, including the use of costume, props, gags, voices and rhymes, and audience participation. The stories are set in a make believe universe called the Hermacles Divide. “The stories in the shows are aimed to support the learning and interest of children in English Literature, and also to promote skills in

development, communication, articulation, listening and problem solving,” said Maria Hamblet. “Our stories are completely original and come from a book that we have written called: ‘The Tales of Darius Sedgewick’. This book will be made available, hopefully by the end of February, for people to purchase, and will accompany the sessions. “The stories are also told by two characters; Darius and Scary

Maria Hambeltt (the horse), Daniel Snocken (Jack)

Mary, who will also be appearing in full length children’s novels, also written by ourselves; a series of books called: ‘The Hermacles Divide’. “We both began our careers as actors, touring with various theatre companies, including Bitesize Theatre Company and Solent Peoples Theatre. We performed in plays for children of key stages 1 and 2, theatre in education workshops for key stages 3 and 4,

and various other performances for all ages. We’ve now started our own company to share the many stories we have written over the years, and in doing so recreate the fairytales of old, keeping the morals, for a new generation.” Tales Fourtold are visiting primary/middle schools, libraries, and arts centres, performing one-hour sessions. For more information see the website at:

Children sit down for interactive story telling at the Lord Louis Library, Newport


Back row: Dan Scott, Kevin Tanner, Andrew Robinson, Damon Larter. Front: Joanne and Oliver Orlik-Tomdor

GENEROUS staff at Ryde Ice Arena went all out to help raise much needed funds this week. Ice arena manager Lorna Cotton and her team at the Ryde Ice Arena, with the help of the Island’s Wightlink Raiders, held an auction and raffle in the arena bar to raise funds for the junior ice hockey teams. Auctioneers for the evening were Raiders players Dan Scott and Andrew Robinson who swapped hockey sticks for hammers. Local businesses from around the Island donated items to auction and lots included a Raiders hockey stick signed by all of the players, which went for £150. An hour training session with Raider number 61 Dan Scott was fought over with bids bouncing around the room and

ended up achieving over £180. Other lots included a weekend away at a Premier Inn, food at the Appley Manor, photo makeover experience from Wight Studios in Ryde and a MOT and service from Newport Nationwide Auto Centre. The event attracted more than 70 people and over £1,200 was raised for the junior hockey team, which will go towards providing much needed kit and ice time for the teams. Sue Herbert, treasurer of the IW Junior Ice Hockey Teams, said: “It has been a great evening and I am really pleased that we have been able to raise so much money to help the juniors to continue playing. We can also afford to buy some proper trophies to present to the teams – we’ve been having to use pucks!”

Kevin Tanner with his winning prize from tombola

DROP IN WITH YOUR GOOD IDEAS Budding entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea up their sleeve, or anyone thinking of running their own business, should visit the Isle of Wight’s drop-in advice session on Thursday (February 11).

Newport Jobcentre Plus is holding a self-employment open day for residents to get support and information set up their own business between 10am and 4pm. Advisers from

Jobcentre Plus and other organisations, such as Business Link, will be on hand to talk about the help available in planning a business, raising finance and also the legal and financial requirements of

being self employed. If you’ve have claimed Jobseeker’s Allowance for six months or more, Jobcentre Plus has a package of support which includes a self-employment credit of £50 a week for up

to 16 weeks. Kerrie Honey, Jobcentre Plus manager, said: “Maybe you’ve got a great idea or passion that could be turned into a new career. Maybe you want to work from home to fit in better

with family commitments. If you get it right, being self-employed can be exciting, rewarding and challenging and Jobcentre Plus can help in the early days of you setting up on your own.”

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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


As part of an ongoing fundraising drive for Gatcombe Church the IW Youth Concert Band, under the guidance of Martin Stroud, put on a Musical Evening at the church last Saturday and raised £418 towards the church’s coffers. “The IW College Band came and played in the summer on Rookley playing fields for the village association and the church and offered to bring some of their young people to perform in the church to raise money,” said churchwarden Hilary Jones. “We had about 75 people attending and considering it was a cold dark winter’s night we enjoyed a feast of entertainment from very talented young

people.” Performing with the IW Youth Concert Band were two young parishioners. Elizabeth Peace recited two monologues and soloist Eleanor Taylor was accompanied by Lyndon Jones, the church’s organist, who also played a large part in organising the performance. Other soloists during the evening’s entertainment were Daniel Callcut, Amy Joyce, Richard Henshaw, Kimberley Brett, Amy Joyce, Michael McCree, Robert Nichols and Alana Spence. Refreshments of mulled wine and sausage rolls were served and there was a raffle, which raised £208.

Back row L-R Richard Wiseman, Richard Henshaw, Rob Nicholson, Michael McCree, Daniel Callcut Front row L-R Vicky Bishop, Alana Spencer, Kimberley Brett and Amy Joyce

Eleanor Taylor

L-R Daniel Callcut with Michael McCree

Richard Henshaw

Amy Joyce

Rob Nicholson

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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010



An Antique Fair at Medina Leisure Centre last weekend brought collectors from far and wide. Items on offer included quirky and out of the ordinary items along with ceramics, glass, silver and other precious collectables. Mrs Laura Swift has been into antiques for over 40 years, and brought the boat in the photograph from somebody who was closing their shop in Reading. “Everything has to go eventually. I wanted to sell it because I thought collectors would be along to buy things that they are interested in,” said Laura. “I’m interested in china. I used to do Devonware, and I recently gave my daughter lots of Devonware. I don’t do car boot sales. I do a

lot of charity work in the summer and go to church fairs and fetes and pick up things I find interesting. I’ve picked up good bargains over the years on the whole. People believe they do know a real antique because of these antique shows on telly, but they’re only interested really in a special name.” David Burnett has collected phones since he can remember. He used to have an antiques shop on the Island in Ryde called Nooks and Crannies. “I just do fairs - going to the fairs is a hobby,” said David. “Because I’ve been collecting for so many years I’ve learnt to repair them. They’re getting difficult to come by and there’s not really a lot of call for them. It’s mostly for the older generation

rather than younger generation.” Celia Tansley had brought her Portmeirion china. She used be to a childminder and her husband is a teacher, and she sells antiques and collectables as a hobby. “People are more educated about how much antiques are worth because of antique programmes it is harder to sell in some ways and easier in others because people more educated about what things are worth. “Most people haggle,” said Celia. ”My Portmeirion is cheaper than it is worth in shops. “I can’t do much with price but I do haggle. I’ve been involved in antiques for two years and I just do antique fairs on the Island.” Silvia and Bob Cawston

became involved in antiques because they like old and interesting collectables. “Some are our own collectables that had brought in the past for our daughters and they don’t want them anymore. The books we brought from various places. We pick up collectables and antiques from around the Island and don’t go to mainland for collectables. “We used to live in Lancashire and moved to Island because we love it. People haggle as they love a bargain and people are more educated about antiques. A lot of programmes find prices on the mainland that we don’t get on Island and we get a lot of mainland dealers on Island who try to take advantage of Island sellers,” said Bob.

Graham Booth

Laura and Brian Swift

Mr and Mrs Coghland

David and Sally Burnett

Celia Tansley


Siliva Cawston, Bob Cawston


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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

THE FOOD OF LOVE Planning to take your loved one out for dinner this Valentine’s night? Then book now – all the best places will be filling up fast. By Valentine’s Day you will not have a chance to find a table in any restaurant in town. If you do it will be next to the loo, very early in the evening and the waiting staff will hover over you to try and get you out before the next couple or at practically closing time when all the good menu choices have been eaten. Or it will be somewhere no one else wants to go – and neither will you when you get there. Make the evening special from start to finish. Buy him or her flowers – guys like flowers too, especially if it’s a single red rose or something that’s not too flashy. But don’t inflict flowers on him if he’s got to get the bus home. That’s just sadism. If you’re going by car and your girlfriend isn’t a raving feminist (and there aren’t that many of them on the

Island let’s face it) then open the door for her to get in and out of the car for a change. We all like to feel special sometimes. It’s probably best not to do this for your boyfriend if you’re driving though. Most restaurants will have candles and a rose on the table but it’s worth checking with them when you book. If you want to propose restaurants will arrange to put an engagement ring in her champagne glass but it’s a very good idea to insure the ring first, just in case she swallows it. Pay your partner compliments. It’s the way to anyone’s heart to hear that they look beautiful or handsome. If you can’t force yourself to go that far say you like her dress or his shirt. Be pleasant. Talk about positive things. Talk about when you met and the lovely things that have happened since then. Don’t talk about money, ex partners or the kids.

If he or she chooses a dish with garlic choose one too – and vice versa. There’s nothing worse than sharing a bed with garlic breath and as for the next morning…. If you’re a guy say that you’ll have a pudding even if you don’t really want one. Women always want one, even if they say they don’t, and if you order one and she doesn’t, she’ll probably eat yours. Let her. Don’t berate your partner for eating too much, the wrong things or for their table manners. Even if it’s against your religion you could even share food a little – it worked for the aristocats. But remember that eating suggestively when other people in the restaurant are watching can be off-putting for the octogenarians in the corner. When you leave the restaurant help her into her coat (see car door), unless the waiter/waitress does it for you. In which case don’t muscle in on the act.

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Your Valentine’s guide to giving your loved one that special gift...

Valentine’s Day specials are here. Have you thought about what to gift that special someone on Valentine’s Day? 1. Flowers, of course. A guy can never go wrong buying flowers on Valentine’s Day – after all, it is the number one gift to give. A nice touch is to buy a variety of her favorite flowers, since the traditional red roses might be over-priced for the holiday. 2. Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Even if your girlfriend is on a diet, nothing says “I love you” like chocolate. If you’re on a budget and Godiva is out of the question, head to a sweet shop and buy her three of her favorite chocolates. You could even buy her favorite chocolate bar and wrap it with a bow on top. Remember, chocolate equals happiness. 3. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not your wallet’s. Ah yes, a girl’s all-time favorite is jewellery, but if you’re on a budget and can’t afford the glamour of diamonds, stick to sterling silver or imitation jewellery. You’ll be surprised how some people can’t even tell the difference and your girlfriend will love you. There is definitely something special about a girl receiving jewelry on Valentine’s Day. 4. Table for two, please. A romantic dinner should always be on the agenda for Valentine’s Day. Again, if you’re on a budget, plan something small, like maybe cooking dinner or planning a picnic. You could also check out some inexpensive places where you both could enjoy a sweet, romantic dinner. 5. Perfume anyone? Your

significant other’s favourite fragrance is a good gift idea for him or her. Not only do we want to look our best when we are with our better half, we want to smell good too. 6. Say how you feel in writing. Write a romantic poem or love letter. Don’t think of this idea as being too old fashioned, your girl or boyfriend will appreciate words that come from the heart. So go ahead and make your own Valentine’s card. 7. It’s true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Be creative and find an irresistible picture of yourself, or of the both of you, frame it and gift it. This shows that you took time to find the perfect photo. And guys, your girlfriend will love you for it. 8. Make a CD with all of your favorite songs. This is an intimate and romantic gift. If you’re no Shakespeare, find the lyrics that make you one. This is a gift that you will both be able to enjoy later while on a drive or in the bedroom. 9. Bake for your special someone. Make their favorite dessert or stick with the traditional heart-shaped chocolate cake. Just like our mothers said, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For the guys, just stepping into the kitchen and trying to cook is enough to score you points. 10. Light up their world. A good idea on Valentine’s Day is to light up your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s room with scented candles and rose petals. This will create the perfect romantic scenery and will definitely surprise your significant other.

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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010


Job title Location Description Wages Duration

Jobcentre Plus Reference Number. How to Apply:



No previous experience required as training will be provided. Duties will involve general cleaning of the store to include vacuuming, dusting, mopping and cleaning of toilets.

£5.80 per hour. 12 hours per week, Monday to Saturday between 6.45am & 8.45am


NIW/9936 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number.



Previous experience in a similar role essential. Duties to include emptying bins, vacuuming floors, cleaning toilets, cleaning kitchens and all other associated tasks as required.Vacancy is for an hour each day which can be either early am or after 5pm.

£6 per hr. 3 hrs per week Mon, Weds and Fri


NIW/9832 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number.

Various Seasonal Vacancies

Shanklin (2 Sites)

Holiday Park requires staff for multiple vacancies. Experience not required for some roles as training will be given. Possible live in available for some positions.

Wage meets National Minimum Wage. Various full and part time hours

March – October

Call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser to obtain more details and how to apply.

Various Seasonal Vacancies

St Helens

Holiday Park requires staff for multiple vacancies. Experience not required for some roles as training will be given. Possible live in available for some positions.

Wage meets National Minimum Wage. Various full and part time hours

March – October

Call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser to obtain more details and how to apply.

Various Seasonal Vacancies


Holiday Park requires staff for multiple vacancies. Experience not required for some roles as training will be given. Possible live in available for some positions.

Wage meets National Minimum Wage. Various full and part time hours

March – October

Call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser to obtain more details and how to apply.

Welder/ Fabricator


Applicant must hold a full driving licence. Previous experience in MIG welding is essential. Applicant must be able to work on own initiative. Duties include fabricating steel work, railings, fire escapes and any other duties as required.

Negotiable wage depending on experience. Mon – Fri 8am – 4.30pm.

Temporary initially – may lead to permanent

RFM/6100 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number

Tailor/ Tailoress


Previous tailoring experience is essential. Must have excellent customer service skills. Duties include aspects of tailoring and any other associated tasks as required.

£6 per hr plus commission. 14 hrs per week between Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm


RFM/6107 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number



Must be computer literate with good telephone and communication skills. Experience is not essential as full training provided. Duties involve taking holiday bookings, dealing with holiday makers and any other associated tasks as required

£6 per hr. 16 hrs per week between Mon – sat 9am – 6pm. (Full time hrs may be available)

February– End October 2010

RFM/6159 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number

Short Order Chef


Must have City and Guilds 706/1/2 or NVQ equivalent with a food hygiene certificate. Duties will include the day to day running of the kitchen, Will involve food preparation and cooking, supervising staff and ensuring the kitchen area is clean and tidy.

Exceeds Nat. Minimum wage depending on experience. 40+ hrs per week Initially split shifts then continuous shifts in height of season.


NIW/9931 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number



Excellent customer services skills and flexibility is a must for this busy position. High standards of personal presentation and enthusiasm to deliver an excellent customer experience are essential. Previous experience in the leisure our tourism industry is an advantage.

£6 per hour. 24 hrs per week over 4/5 days


NIW/9972 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number

Catering Services Manager


If you are a strong manager, able to take the existing business forward and make it profitable; catering for a varied client base including holiday guests, leisure club members etc then this is for you.

Negotiable wage depending on experience and merit. Live in available for the right candidate. 40+ hrs per week – must be totally flexible


NIW/9975 - Visit or call 01983 276803 to speak to an adviser quoting the reference number

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Wightlink Tigers hosted the Lee Valley Lions, having seen them off 8-1 at Lee Valley the previous week, and romped to another impressive win. The Lions scored first as the Tigers were penalised with an early penalty hitting the back of the net. Responding to the wake-up call the Tigers replied inside 30 seconds with a strike from Richard Nembhard from Joe Osborne. This then opened the floo gates as the Tigers scored four more in the period. Graham MacFarlane fired home from Ricky Attrill and

Jason Coles, and six minutes later Tony Blaize netted from Chris Randall and Martin Goddard. Attrill bagged the final two of the period with Macfarlane and Coles assisting on his first and then Coles and new signee Ricky Rutherford grabbing his first point on his debut assisted on the second. The second period got off to an almost an identical start to the first as the Lions converted their second of the night but again the home-side struck back within a minute with a lone strike from Coles. Goddard got on the score

sheet for the second time on the night, this time netting from Blaize, while Nembhard and new boy Rutherford showed signs of quickly settling into a potential lethal partnership as the two were involved in the Tigers’ eighth. Coles, MacFarlane and Attrill were flowing well as Coles and MacFarlane scored a short-handed goal, and Coles then hit his hat-trick assisted by Attrill. Net minder, Aaron Knight was replaced just past the game halfway marker to give his team mate Matthew Russell his first

major slice of ice time for the team. Last goal of the period came from Rutherford, assisted by Coles & Jamie Lee. Five minutes into the third saw Russell’s clearance to MacFarlane set him up on an end to end coast for the Tigers 12th. Macfarlane and Coles assisted on the second hat trick of the night as Attrill hit his third goal. Despite their short bench the Lions didn’t show any signs of tiring during the third period and Lions man of the match, replacement net minder, Robyn Maby gave little space for

the Tigers to score. Nearly 10 minutes later the Tigers found the net again, eventually scoring through Man of the Match Martin Goddard, assisted by Randall and Blaize. The final goal from Rutherford assisted by Nembhard and Lee. The Tigers are expecting a bumper crowds for their next two home games. They face the Cardiff Satans on February 14, then on February 21 they host current league leaders, Solent & Gosport Devils. Face off for both games is 5:30pm.


Don Bartlett took advantage of a rare break in the bleak winter conditions to win Division One of the Monthly Stableford at Shanklin and Sandown Golf Club. Don scored 38 points to edge out Terry Jarman (37), with third placed Gary Meszynski and Paul Butler in fourth, a further one point back. Division Two was far clearer cut with Simon Bligh picking up 43 points to finish five ahead of runner-up John Carter. Mike Cooper (36) took third place, just one ahead of fourth placed James McClelland. Westridge Golf Club’s midweek medal competition saw Malcolm Prouten win Division One with a highly

impressive gross 68, which with his handicap of 18 went down to just 52! Alan Seager, off 14, carded a 70 for a net 56, just one shot ahead of Ollie Kearney, who scored 74 off his handicap of 17. The net in Division Two was even lower thanks to the efforts of Jean Daniels. Playing off 34, Jean scored a gross 83 to finish with an amazing 49 – eight ahead of nearest rival Lorna Pritchett, who carded 92 playing off 35 for a net 57. Lorna was just one ahead of Alan Harnett. He went round in 79, so playing off 21, returned a 58. Mike Wilson, playing off 11, scored +8 to win Westridge’s Division One PAR competition. Ming Choi

(16) and Alan Seager (14), both finished on +5, with Ming taking runners-up spot on countback. Jill Prouten (29) won Division Two with a score of +5. She beat Walter Mallinson (21) and Nick Geeson (30), who both had +3 with Walter taking second place on countback. Osborne Golf Club are holding a ‘So You Think You know The Rules’ quiz evening on Friday March 26, starting at 7.0pm. It will provide the opportunity for members to test their knowledge on the rules of golf and general knowledge. Teams of four are invited at £6 per team, for men, ladies, mixed and junior teams.

Cowes Sports grabbed a vital point in their battle to avoid relegation from the Sydenhams Wessex League Premier Division when they visited fellow strugglers Alton Town. A rugged scrap ended all square a 2-2 after Cowes had Martin McDonough sent off, but the home side were cut to nine men with two dismissals. The Yachtsmen looked to be heading for a bitter defeat when they trailed 2-0 at half time. And their cause looked hopeless in the opening minutes of

the second period when McDonough was shown a second yellow card of the game, and ultimately the red. But the Island side refused to buckle, and after they found themselves with a one-man advantage, they rallied to take a point thanks to two late goals from Mark Augustus. Newport also picked up a useful point when they held league leaders Bemerton Heath Harlequins to a goalless draw qt St George’s Park in a game of few chances.

Brading Town’s visit to the mainland proved disappointing as they were beaten 1-0 by Bournemouth Poppies, the only goal coming in the first half. East Cowes Vics surrendered the lead in their Division One match at home to Warminster Town. A Casey Tyrell free kick gave team the edge, but the game turned following the sending off .Nathan Bett. The visitors were already level at that stage, and then made the extra man count to score again and claim victory.


Ryde Rowing Club competed in their first pre-season head race, travelling to the 2012 Olympic Regatta venue at Dorney Lake, Eton to race in the Marlow Rowing Clubs Trial Head. A time trial, over the full 2000m course, was for crews in three divisions with races for all categories. With over 500 crews and scullers competing this was

one of the largest events of this type held in the country and racing was of a very high standard. Ryde, sponsored by Wightlink, entered a coxless quad of Mick Jenner, Russell Page, Tom Clark and Nick Pike who raced in the intermediate category in division two and their time of 6 mins, 44 secs gave them victory over what was admittedly fairly limited

opposition. Three of the crew then competed in Division 3 in the Veteran C section and achieved an impressive set of results with Nick Pike finishing first in 7 mins 55 secs, just half a second ahead of Mick Jenner in second place – with the third Ryde sculler – Russell Page finishing third. Allan Evans also competed in this division in a

single, in the Veteran F category and also won his event. Nine club juniors also competed – a J14 Boys development crew of Harvey Kirkby, Andreas Hicks, Harry Batchelor and Max Reeve, with Dale Buckett coxing raced in a coxed quad in Division 2, a first race at this level for most of them. They finished in 11th place in a very competitive section. The

more established Boys’ J14 crew of Max Reeve, Sam Corney, Dave Buckett and Christian Lacey with Bryony Reeve coxing raced in Division three – but in the same event, finishing sixth. Holly Evans and Bryony Reeve completed the Ryde team – racing in division two in the Girls J16 double scull where they finished in ninth place.



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The Wightlink Raiders ice hockey team picked up two vital wins to ensure they bagged a maximum four points from back-to-back games with old EPL rivals the Chelmsford Chieftains. It proved one of the most successful weekends of the season for the Raiders after Chelmsford arrived on the island with high hopes of adding to their convincing win over the Island side Raiders back in November. However, the Raiders opened the scoring as captain Danny Hughes led by example and hit the back of the net at 10.34 with assists from Alex Murray and Stewart Tait, in

what was to be the only goal of the first period. Alex Murray made it 2-0 midway through the second period, before Chelmsford got themselves on the board five minutes later beating Matt Colclough in the Raiders net. Head coach Jeremy Cornish continued his points run with a goal at 37.33 to give the Island side a two goal lead heading into the second interval, with assists from Murray and Niall Bound picking up his first point as a Raider. The third period opened with more hard hitting hockey from the Raiders, allowing Chelmsford little room to get back in to the

game. It didn’t take long for Murray to find his second goal of the night, with a high-speed wrist shot after picking up a well-placed rebound from Danny Hughes previous effort. The Raiders secured their 5-1 success with the last goal of the game through solid defence man Luke Reynolds, assisted by the Island trained Steve Gossett and a second point of the night for Jeremy Cornish. The Raiders then made the long return journey to Essex for the returns the following day, with fans still celebrating the previous

night’s victory. And they were delighted as the team repeated on Chieftains’ home ice. It was not looking good Raiders in the first half, having conceded three from Chelmsford without reply. But at 32.46 coach Cornish decided to make a start with a well taken shot assisted by Steve Gossett, to get the team on the board. The third period belonged to the Raiders with Dan Scott bagging his fourth goal of the season early in the period with the single assist going to Steve Slater. In the final minutes Danny Hughes pulled the score level

with afeed from Dan Scott. Then impressive playmaker Tait slotted home the winning goal with less than four minutes left, with an assist from his captain Danny Hughes. The Raiders have no home game this weekend, however they take on the Bracknell Hornets at the Hive in Bracknell on tomorrow (Saturday), and the team are urging as many fans as possible to travel to the game and help the team continue their run of good form.Spaces are available to travel on the team coach to the game, at a cost of only £10. Contact Steve Price to book your seat.


Cowes Week, one of the Island’s showpiece summer events, is still seeking a major sponsor. But organisers of Cowes Week, which attracts leading sailors from all over the world, this week announced the expansion of its sponsorship portfolio with the introduction of a number of new sponsorship options. Although the search continues for a main sponsor, following the withdrawal of Skandia, a number of new exclusive hospitality and primary sponsorship packages are being introduced for this year, providing highly cost-effective opportunities for companies to get onboard with one of the world’s best-known sailing regattas. Michelle Warner, Sales & Marketing Director for

Cowes Week Limited, said: “We wanted to offer potential sponsors a wider and more flexible range of options. The new suite of sponsorship packages also provides potential headline sponsors with an opportunity to test the water with the event in what continues to be a challenging market”. Felicity Croft, account director at leading sports sponsorship agency Octagon, added: “The new sponsorship programmes offer some great opportunities for partners in this challenging environment. Sponsorship remains at the forefront of a brand’s marketing strategy with a key focus on measurement and returns. The packages offer a unique opportunity for brands to create bespoke programmes with a premium property that

will ensure targets are exceeded and objectives are met.” A total of five new primary sponsorship packages have been introduced, including exclusive hospitality packages, extensive brand exposure opportunities and a Community Youth Project. Cowes Week organisers say they look forward to

continuing to work closely with its family of sponsors and further enhancing the event through new relationships in 2010. Anyone needing more information should contact Michelle Warner on 01983 295744 or email HYPERLINK “x-msg://293/michelle. warner@cowesweek.”michelle.warner@

The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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Amateur boxing arrived at Ventnor Winter Gardens for the first time last weekend, and it proved a knockout success. Ventnor IW Boxing Club staged the 11-bout programme watched by a capacity crowd of around 300. Boxers from Ventnor, Ryde and several south coast mainland

clubs took part in the event which also saw awards for two host competitors. Danny Harper won the award for the most improved senior boxer in 2009, while Danny Green, 16, won the accolade for most improved junior during last year.

The event was watched by several leading boxers, including Sylvester Mittee, the former ABA lightweight champion who represented Britain at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976. Ventnor IW head coach Darren Green said: “We were delighted

at the way the event went, and the fantastic response from Island enthusiasts. It exceeded all our expectations. “It was the first time boxing had been held at the Winter Gardens but I am sure it will not be the last. We are hoping we might be able to stage another tournament

in the not too distant future.” Darren added: “Our club has really taken off over the past year. We now have lots of youngsters, both boys and girls coming along to practice their skills under the supervision of our coaches. Hopefully we will continue to go from strength to strength.”

Dan Grainger, Rob Smith, Joe Harper, Richard Keay Danny Green (Most Improved Senior) Daniel Harper (most improved junior)


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The Gazette, Friday, February 5, 2010

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