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JUNE 2018

Modern Suits FOR

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Our goal at Integrity Law is to get you compensation sometimes without litigation.




Call us for a FREE case consultation. If we’re your attorneys, there is never a fee unless you are compensated for your injuries.



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Legal support for Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Nonprofits.

AREAS OF PRACTICE Business Strategy • Not-for-Profits Liability & Risk • Mergers & Acquisitions

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Cummer Museum CummerMuseum.org

Downtown Jacksonville JacksonvilleArtWalk.com

Every Tuesday enjoy free admission to the Cummer Museum. Thanks to the generous support of Florida Blue, guests can enjoy free admission to the Galleries and Gardens. Each Tuesday evening, the Cummer Café is open for Tapas Tuesday sponsored by VyStar Credit Union.

Produced by Downtown Vision, Inc. rain or shine, the monthly First Wednesday Art Walk spans more than 15 blocks. The walk includes more than 40 galleries, museums, cultural venues, restaurants, bars and businesses. You can also catch dozens of artists in Hemming Park, street performers and live music.

June 24

June 16


Sweet Pete’s SweetPetesCandy.com


Celestial Farms CelestialFarms.org

Class participants will make delicious gummies in a variety of fun shapes and create a sour mixture coating! Candy makers will lead each class through a “gummy flight,” sampling gummies exclusive to Sweet Pete’s to understand the variety of gelling agents used in gummy making worldwide.

Celestial Farms is hosting an open house to demonstrate how farming can give children physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual benefits. The tournament will feature disc golf, fishing and corn hole. Concessions and other activities will also be available. The event is free, but donations are welcome.



the most interesting person i’ve interviewed this month

Most scientists agree that Earth is warming rapidly. Glaciers are melting, causing a rise in sea waters which some scientists believe will effect millions of coastal dwelling people in the coming decades. Some scientists believe that taking swift action with radical new technologies, such as geoengineering, can save the planet’s environment. Those are some of the concerns raised by award-winning First Coast author, Jennifer Swanson, in her new teen/young adult book titled “Geoengineering Earth’s Climate: Resetting the Thermostat.” Swanson’s new book takes a look at the scientific field of geoengineering as a potential solution to the negative impacts posed by global warming and allows teens to gain a deeper understanding of the environment. “I love science, and I love making science accessible and exciting for kids,” says Swanson. “In researching this book, I talked with the top scientists in the field. And what I’ve found is that young people are really engaged in this topic. And they want to help and be part of solutions. We need to focus on what’s being done to solve this problem and the next generation is going to be a huge part of that.” Swanson’s book will cover ideas from thickening clouds with chemicals to reduce the amount of sunlight to pulling carbon dioxide from the air with machines. Swanson also discusses how some scientists believe that geoengineering could backfire, creating even worse weather. Is geoengineering too risky? Or is it the planet’s best hope of survival? Swanson has published more than 35 nonfiction and fiction books for children, including several books in the “How Things Work” series that were named to the 2012 Booklist’s Top 10 Books for Youth. Learn more at JenniferSwansonBooks.com and tune into First Coast Connect on 89.9 FM WJCT each weekday morning at 9am to hear from compelling newsmakers of the First Coast. 6

JUNE 2018

5 MINUTES WITH by Jeff Shufford of Tech on Vets

CHRISTON “THE TRUTH” JONES Welcome to the BUZZ Christon, can you give our audience a brief breakdown of who you are and what you stand for? Hey, Jeff, I’m Christon The Truth Jones. I am a business mogul, best selling author, investor and international keynote speaker. People always ask my mom how did your son become a CEO. Well, the old 40/40 plan no longer works. Working 40 hours/week on a job for 40 years. Most of those people live paycheck to paycheck and retire on a fixed income. Truly never walking in their TRUTH and living out their dreams. How did you get the background and skills necessary to start & run your business? I started my business in 2015, at age of eight. I incorporated my company, Return On Investment in 2017. My business skills and knowledge come from mentorship, coaching, failing fast, setting goals, and taking action. I have

learned a great deal from my mentorship and coaching sessions, but failure has been the best teacher. How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business? I market my business on LinkedIn and word of mouth. I definitely capitalize on my mother’s military status to connect with military families around the world. My mom’s military status and connections have made me a global brand. Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years? In the next year, I see me automating my business, in five years my business will be a household name, and in ten years I will have a successfully helped 100,000 families retire on a passive income of 100k/annually. Why would you hire me? Like most Entrepreneurs, I don’t just sell my services; I teach a process that’s worth the return on investment. That’s a privilege that I will not take for granted and one that I would love to earn.

JUNE 2018


MAKING A DIFFERENCE Nonprofit leaders in our community


Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida BGCNF.org




he Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida strive to assure every child graduates on time, with a plan for their future. The clubs aid welcomed youth in leading a healthy lifestyle and development of good character through a safe environment and supportive relationships. Their mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need guidance most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

COMMUNITY FOCUS A closer look at our local nonprofit community Communities In Schools of Jacksonville originated from a key recommendation included in a school dropout prevention study by the Jacksonville Community Council Inc. The program first appeared in Duval County Public Schools in 1990, serving 50 students at Jefferson Davis Junior High School—a school that had one of the highest dropout rates in Duval County. “We have served for 28 years in the Duval County Public School System,” said Erin Mangan, Director of Development for the organization. Communities In Schools works to provide personal one-on-one relationships with caring adults, safe places to learn and grow, marketable skills to use upon graduation, a chance to give back, a healthy start and a healthy future. “We embed staff into the schools to provide drop out prevention services and other programs,” said Mangan. “We work with the school administration, teachers and parents to identify students who may benefit from what we do.”

The Youth Crisis Center YouthCrisisCenter.com

Communities In Schools offers three programs to students across the county: after school care, case management (intensive support services) and literacy tutoring. “I would love it if we could reach more students in Duval County. Currently, we work with 7,000 students in grades K-12. Tens of thousands could benefit from what we do.” For more information about Communities In Schools, call (904) 366-6350 or visit CommunitiesInSchools.org 8

JUNE 2018

The Youth Crisis Center provides short term crisis care, mental health counseling, skill-based group training and transitional living services programs for children, teens, young adults and their families. Nationally recognized as setting a standard in youth services, YCC has been ranked as one of the top five programs in the United States by the Youth Policy Institute in Washington D.C. The center focuses on building a healthier community by empowering young people and families to rise above adversity.



Cummer Museum CummerMuseum.org

You and your little one can make art and enjoy the gallery/garden visits on the second Saturday of each month. Students in the class learn about design elements by creating a large-sized post card of their favorite thing to do at a museum. Open to all children ages three through five.

June 5 June 23


Florida Theatre FloridaTheatre.com

In his new stage tour, magician and endurance artist David Blaine will push his limits as he attempts new feats for the first time. An experiment in and of itself, no two shows will be the same. There’s no telling what he will do live on stage!


June 11-15


FSCJ Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts FSCJArtistSeries.org

The 18th Annual Camp Broadway introduces young people to the world of life on-stage and behind the scenes. Classes include training in acting, scene study, improvisation, music theory, solo singing, ensemble singing, movement and dance. Triplethreat workshops give one-on-one instruction in singing, dancing and acting.

Florida Theatre.com FloridaTheatre.com

The stage play, Not In My House, comes with suspense, twists and much drama. What we as people may do in the streets, we cannot bring into our house. This production features B-Slade (formerly known as Tonex), Michael Wayne Thomas, Darryl Edwards II, Melissa Case, Jennifer Weeks, Teresa Smith, Lolita Flagg and a host of others.



Thrasher-Horne Center has just announced its third season of Broadway Orange Park sponsored by Garber Automall. This season includes four nationally touring shows filled with laughter, tears and heart-warming stories. The season starts with the hilarious creation of the world’s first musical in “Something Rotten” on Sunday, January 6, 2019. Broadway Orange Park then leads Elle Woods into her very fun transformation in “Legally Blonde” on Tuesday, March 5. The classic musical “The Sound of Music” returns to the Jacksonville area on Saturday, March 16. The season closes with movie turned musical, Finding Neverland, about J.M. Barrie’s creation of the character Peter Pan on Tuesday, March 26. Gaining in popularity over the past few years, Broadway Orange Park offers additional options for nationally touring shows for Northeast Florida. Easy to get to and with ample free parking, it’s a great choice for musical newbies and Broadway die-hards alike! Learn more at their website, THCenter.org. Sound of Music photo by Matthew Murphy

JUNE 2018



Jami Childers PortraitArtistJamiChilders.com

Jacksonville based artist, Jami Childers, has been painting and drawing almost all of her life. Childers draws inspiration from Florida land and seascapes when creating her mixed media portraits. By using varying levels of visual transparency and interesting textiles, Childers adds depth to her work that draws viewers in. Childers enjoys putting the focus on the eyes of her subjects and often paints her portraits faces with up-close perspective. Childers experiments with various forms of fluid art mediums and enjoys letting the paint work its magic. Bright, vivid colors swirl and crash together on her canvas, each time leaving Childers surprised by the outcome. Alcohol ink is another medium Childers has incorporated into her practice. The ink is unpredictable and forces the artist to relinquish control, letting the painting tell her what it needs. There is usually such

precise work done in portraits that this new medium provides a breath of fresh air to her work. After taking a two-year break, Childers is excited to get back to teaching. She is teaching acrylic pour painting with The Art Center in their new studio at The Union located in the Downtown Jacksonville area. She also teaches classes at Jami’s Barber Shop and Art Studio. Childers has won many awards with The Jacksonville Watercolor Society, St. Augustine’s Art Society, Jacksonville Coalition of Visual Arts and was recently awarded 2nd and 3rd place in two shows at The Southlight Gallery. You can find all of her new work in St. Augustine at Hightide Gallery.

Pablo F. Rivera PabloRivera-Art.com

Rivera is a graduate of Cooper Union Art School and has attended workshops at School of Visual Arts and Educational Alliance, both in NYC. Rivera has exhibited works in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, California and Florida. Locally, he has shown work with St. Augustine Art Association, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Jacksonville, The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, Art After Dark, The Art Center of Jacksonville, The Coalition of Visual Arts, The Adele Grage Cultural Center in Atlantic Beach and The Southlight Gallery.


JUNE 2018



Integrity Law P. A. 1934 Retaw St., Jacksonville, FL 32210 | (904) 224-2100 | IntegrityLawJax.com

It is said that an adoption is like grafting a new branch onto a family tree. Every adoption changes history by creating new family relationships. Integrity Law assists with several varieties of adoption in Florida. Private Adoptions are usually done by consent of one or both birth parents. In this type of adoption, the birth parent(s) selects the person or couple to adopt the child. The selected adoptive parent(s) will need to have a home study conducted to determine their fitness and ability to care for the child. Private adoptions are a two-step process. First the birth parents’ rights to the child are extinguished in one judicial proceeding. Next, the adoptive parent(s) petitions the court to adopt the child. Financial assistance is sometimes provided by the adoptive parent(s) to the birth parent(s). Stepparent and Relative adoptions follow a different procedure. These adoptions are an expedited, one-step process whereby a stepparent or relative within the third degree of relation to the child petitions the court to adopt. The birth parents’ rights are extinguished and the adoption is granted in a single judicial proceeding. Also, the requirement for a home study is usually waived. Sometimes the adoption is contested by one or both birth parents and the adoptive parent must prove to the court that the child should be freed for adoption. Some children become available to adopt after the State of Florida has stepped in to protect the child from abuse, abandonment or neglect. After the child is freed for adoption by the State, anyone may apply to adopt the child. Besides providing a forever home to a child, there are additional benefits that come with adoption through the dependency and foster care system. These benefits may include health insurance for the child, free public college tuition and monthly stipends. The State also covers the cost of filing and attorney’s fees for the adoptive parents. It is a high honor for us at Integrity Law to assist individuals and couples of all backgrounds and orientations expand their family. If you are a birth mother seeking solutions or an individual or couple seeking to expand your family, we can help. Call us today at (904) 674-3460 for your free consultation. The information presented herein reflects only the opinion of the author and not iwantaBUZZ Entertainment Magazine, it’s owner, or publisher. All information in iwantaBUZZ Entertainment Magazine is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for any advice given to you by your lawyer.










1934 Retaw St., Jacksonville, FL 32210 The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based on advertising alone.

JUNE 2018





Marineland Dolphin Adventure Facebook.com/events/394539177680082

Children’s events, games and educational programs each Sunday in June, plus admission for two kids free with one paid adult.

June 8


Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens JaxZooDinos.org

Start your exploration at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens’ newest exhibit, Dinosauria. March 1 through July 7, you can explore animatronic, life-size, life-like dinosaurs. Follow the winding path into a woody and swampy environment filled with more than 21 dinosaurs of all species. Bring friends and family to enjoy Jacksonville as it might have been!


JUNE 2018


June 30


Jarboe Park Diglocal.org/gardens/ childrens-gardens

Sweet Pete’s SweetPetesCandy.com

Workshops incorporate multi-age group activities on seasonal garden themed topics, an activity centered on gardening and the arts, and hands-on gardening experiences. Make sure to bring a bag to take home your goodies! All donations are gratefully accepted and go directly back into supplies for future children’s garden workshops.

A candy expert leads each tour on a sweet trip through the company’s history. Participants will view the live production facility, going behind the scenes to see the packaging room and caramel wrapping machine. After the tour experience, enjoy a decadent chocolate bar customized for you!

JUNE 2018



Grub Burger by Anna Eatz Jax

Two Thumbs Up How Good Food Should Taste

discuss a few menu items.

Starting with the cheese fries: a ginormous plate of skinny fries, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese the facts sprinkled with generous amounts of bacon and When: 4906 Town Center Pkwy #408 • Price: $ • Contact: GrubBurgerBar.com jalapeños. Fries were crisp and salty, the heat from the jalapeños added just the right kick. Next, the My friend and I were recently treated to a feast of mac “n” cheese nicely surrounded by cheese sauce tasty, well-imagined burgers, salads, side dishes and bacon. and adult milkshakes. Where you ask? The newest addition to the St. Johns Town Center, Grub Burger Next up we sampled the delightful and tasty Bar. Fast, casual food that offers options for the California Chicken Bowl packed full with a well-grilled hardcore carnivore as well as those who prefer chicken breast, crispy bacon, black beans and corn meatless or plant-based alternatives. There is a full medley, lettuce, Campari tomatoes, queso fresco and bar offering up craft cocktails and well-imagined ancho lime vinaigrette. The California bowl would be a great vegan dish minus the chicken. The bowl was adult milkshakes. ample enough to feed both of us. With a wide selection of burgers, salads, sandwiches, bowls, tenders and sides you can’t go wrong visiting Then the stars of the event began arriving. In no this restaurant. Customer service was top notch, particular order; The Lockhart Legend is their most with every team member offering expert care and popular burger, and when you see and taste this item friendliness. We were served a variety of items from it’s easy to see why. Loaded with Applewood smoked each category, and I honestly have not been able bacon, cheddar cheese, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, two to pick a favorite, they were all that pleasing. Let’s onion rings and sliced dill pickles, a two-fisted burger 14

JUNE 2018

for sure. Then the Mac ‘N’ Cheeseburger, what’s there to say about this? Messy for sure but who cares, we had copious amounts of paper towels and delighted in each bite. Last to arrive was the VooDoo Mushroom Burger. Personally, I fell under its spell; Absinthe sautéed mushrooms, Swiss and Tabasco mayo. An unusual flavor of licorice-infused the mushrooms leaving a most pleasant heat in the mouth. We finished off with two Milkshakes; the Kitchen Sink loaded with pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds and potato chips. Plus the fantastic spiked adult Bourbon and Caramel adult bevy. The name says it all. I must add, since this visit we have been back and ordered every side on the menu that we did have before. In my humble opinion, the brussel sprouts are on fire, a close second was the waffle cut sweet potatoes, and then the beer battered hand-dipped onion rings. This restaurant is a natural choice for families, a casual lunch or a quick meal at the bar.

GOOD EATZ by Anna Eatz Jax


By Keith Rydh of FoodiesUSA


St. Johns Town Center Facebook.com/RushHourKitchen Asian Fusion of authentic Vietnamese and Sushi right in the heart of the St. John’s Town Center. Try their Pho noodle soup, Vietnamese fried rice, pad Thai, poke bowls, desserts, smoothies and of course their spin on sushi.

Crane Ramen

The much anticipated opening of Crane Ramen, in the Five Points area of Jacksonville, happened on a Wednesday night and within the hour, the house was full. Crane’s reputation precedes it due to the popularity of the Gainesville location. In the Jacksonville food community, the word spreads like wildfire. Lucky for me because of my proximity to the restaurant, I managed to have a sneak preview and ever grateful to the, Fred Brown, for the opportunity. Let’s look at the menu offerings I sampled. My first choice was the pan-fried Pork Dumplings. Nicely browned, but not so much it dried out the skin. The stuffing was moist with well-flavored meat, served with a soy-based dipping sauce. These were top-notch. My second choice was a new item for me. The Roasted Kabocha Squash, with a meaty texture similar to a Hubbard Squash, was somewhat sweeter, with a nutty flavor. I was thankful it was cooked al dente, as I like my veggies firm.



Downtown CowfordChophouse.com

Jax Beach KazuSushiBurrito.com

We’re sure by now you know about the iconic Cowford Chophouse, but did you know they released a new dessert menu on May 9th? We were invited to a private tasting and we’re sure you’ll love the new treats!

Please welcome the newest location of Kazu Sushi Burrito to Jacksonville Beach! Try their balance of Hawaiian flavors using age-old Japanese techniques. You’ll find the freshest of ingredients in their flavorful poke bowls, burritos, and salads. THAI & LAO BISTRO

Arlington ThaiandLaoBistro.com Looking for some new and unique tastes in Jacksonville? Look no further! The Thai & Lao Bistro recently opened in the Regency area and is sure to please with a variety of authentic Thai and Lao cuisine.

I sampled two types of Ramen. First, the light and flavorful Paitan, consisting of a creamy ginger-scented chicken broth, chicken meatballs, bok choy with ovenroasted tomato, soy-marinated egg, pickled onion, nori and scallions. I am a big fan of anything containing ginger, so this dish was well appreciated. My next choice took me in an entirely different direction. I enjoy milder flavored foods, yet tend to gravitate to anything that has the five pepper icon next to the name. This Spicy Pork Shoyu Paitan delivered the heat with the well-balanced ingredients of soy sauce, the thick and creamy paitan-chicken broth with a habanero kick. It was perfect. The soup was topped with chopped pork, soy-marinated egg, enoki mushrooms, sweet shitake pickle, bok choy, and scallions. It is the perfect example of craft ramen. I am happy to say I have been back on two other occasions and found the service efficient and the staff knowledgeable for a newly opened restaurant. The team did their homework and managed a house full of hungry patrons like the pros they are. I wish you the best, Crane Ramen.



Jax Beach KathysTable.com

Jax Beach TheHomesteadRestaurant.com

Gluten free and by the sea, more than just a meal plan service! Welcome the second Kathy’s Table location to Jax Beach. Swing on by to enjoy fresh cold-pressed juices and see just how delicious healthy can be!

The Homestead is back offering their original southern classics and seafood favorites. They brought back the Coppertop Pub “Skinny Bar” too. Stop on by and see what made the Homestead famous! JUNE 2018



JUNE 2018




experience the hanley home team approach We are a dedicated group of professionals efficiently working every aspect of the buying and selling process for our clients.

YOUR SOUTHSIDE REAL ESTATE EXPERTS! Call Us at 904.515.2479 or visit HanleyHomeTeam.com to buy or sell in the Southside area.


TOP GOLF TopGolf.com/Jacksonville

Topgolf is your perfect summer destination for the whole family. Topgolf isn’t just for adults, it’s perfect for all ages! The game is fun for players of any skill level, and there are tons of other activities to keep the whole family entertained - pool tables, interactive video games, giant Jenga and much more.




SEASONS 52 Seasons52.com

BLACKFINN AMERIPUB BlackfinnAmeripub.com

TAVERNA YAMAS TavernaYamas.com

Whether you’re having dinner for two or twenty, Seasons 52 is the place to eat. The menu is seasonally-inspired and is guaranteed to excite and surprise everyone’s palate. For the ultimate experience, partake in the Chef’s Table Experience.

Take a lunch break and head over to Blackfinn Ameripub. Whether you want to relax on the patio or do business in the grille room, the different dining locations will certainly meet your every need.

Soak up the Greek atmosphere at Taverna Yamas alongside belly dancers on Friday and Saturday nights as well as salsa Thursdays. Enjoy food, fun and friends on a night you will never forget.

Photo by Monica Stouder

AFTER WORK COCKTAIL III FORKS 3Forks.com This modern steakhouse is sizzling with style, and is complemented by an energized bar and lounge. III Forks is the perfect spot to unwind after a long day. JUNE 2018


Sports & Health Picks



The Jacksonville Landing 1stPlaceSports.com

Who doesn’t love pie? Especially if you get one for running! 200 pies will be given at the finish based on the following times or until they run out. Men must break 20 minutes (gun time) and women must break 24 minutes (gun time) to qualify.


Jacksonville Beaches PuttNCrawl.com

What happens when you take equal parts mini-golf and drinks, add a dash of fun and philanthropy, and let bake for a day in the sun? In a true recipe for success, we are proud to cook up an entertaining weekend for any funloving Jacksonville resident or visitors. Putt N’ Crawl has been bringing people together in Jacksonville Beach since 2005. With over 10 years of putting & crawling, we never stop adding excitement.

June 13-17

June 16



Veterans Memorial Arena JaxEvents.com

Baseball Fields of Jacksonville JaxEvents.com

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp embraces the heart of Jacksonville’s identity and heritage. As Florida’s largest city, yet in many ways a richly connected and close-knit community, Jacksonville is truly a Big Small Town. It has unique water geography as the River City on the First Coast. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp represents those themes and expresses the affordable family fun of Minor League Baseball.

June 23

The philanthropic mission of Chemo Noir is to host and inspire wine-centric events that raise money to provide financial support to the families, friends and fighters in their battle with Cancer. This 1 mile run and wine tasting event will be the classiest 1 mile fun run event ever! The race will begin at the Jacksonville Beach Pier on a course that will be ½ mile out and ½ mile back.


Veterans Memorial Arena JaxEvents.com

Enjoy a Jacksonville Sharks arena football game, complete with the Attack Dancers and Mascot Chum! Make sure to wear your red and black to support your sharks! A Sharks game is an event from the moment you arrive at SharkFest until the postgame autograph session concludes. If you’re a fan of fun, the Sharks will deliver.

GAME FACE: Local Athletes of Jacksonville


JUNE 2018


Sports Director for Action Sports Jax



What a win for the hometown caddie at the 2018 PLAYERS Championship. Tesori has been on the bag for some big wins in his two decade career, but this was the biggest when Webb Simpson took the crystal in May. Tesori is a former pro golfer and a former Florida Gator who grew up in Jacksonville. Tesori has used his platform to start the Tesori Family Foundation.

The JU baseball coach has his Dolphins on the verge of the NCAA Tournament and it might have happened by the time you read this. Hayes is Jacksonville raised attending Englewood HS and played baseball for the Dolphins, served as an assistant at JU and now is in his second season as the head coach. The Dolphins beat top ranked Florida earlier this year - second year in a row they’ve beaten the Gators.



The junior pitcher and slugger from Bolles might be the best baseball player in the state of Florida. That’s how good this kid has been for the Bulldogs. Barco committed to Virginia as a freshman, but he may never see a college campus. He’s projected already as a top five pick in the 2019 MLB Draft. Barco has led Bolles to a couple of state titles already and has a chance to add another one in June.

The most decorated track and field runner in school history at the University of North Florida continues to add to her resume. Meyer won her 4th ASUN Championship in the 10,000 meters recently. She won the race by 46 seconds! It’s the first time an athlete has won the same event four times in ASUN history.

JUNE 2018




St. Augustine Amphitheatre StAugAmphitheatre.com


Harry Connick, Jr., is a world-renowned American swing and jazz singer, musician and actor from New Orleans, Louisiana. The former American Idol judge will perform his new show, “A New Orleans Tricentennial Celebration,” at the St. Augustine Amphitheater on June 8.

June 22

The Alhambra Theatre and Dining AlhambraJax.com

The Bird Dogs bring a genuine and youthful Everly Brothers experience to the stage. The Zmed brothers, Zachary and Dylan, celebrate the genetic intimacy so ever present in the harmonies created by Don and Phil Everly. When the guitar became electric, the Everly Brothers bridged the gap between Country and Rock n’ Roll with countless hits and classics. The Everly Brothers inspired bands like The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, The Kinks, Buddy Holly, and many groups that utilize the blend of two part harmony. Their career spanned three decades and continue to influence artists around the world.


Phil Keaggy’s solo career began in the 1970s, after his time with the band, Glass Harp, came to an end. He has released over sixty solo albums and continues to sell out concerts over the United States. Keaggy will be performing at The Murray Hill Theater in Jacksonville on June 16.


Florida Theatre FloridaTheatre.com

Pixies are an American alternative band formed in 1986. The band was associated with the alternative rock boom in the 1990s. Their sound combines music elements from punk rock and surf rock. Pixies will perform at The Florida Theatre on June 24.

JUNE 2018

Veterans Memorial Area JaxArena.com

Murray Hill Theatre MurrayHillTheatre.com

June 24



Go see Luke Bryan on his What Makes You Country 2018 tour as he performs for the city of Jacksonville at Veterans Memorial Area. He will be joined by two other Country music acts, Jon Pardi and Morgan Wallen. The three artists will be performing on June 22.

June 30


Daily’s Place DailysPlace.com

Music fans wanting something different this summer have the opportunity to see Poison’s “Nothin’ But A Good Time 2018” tour. The rock band, with all original members, will be joined by Cheap Trick. Come out and celebrate 80s nostalgia. The groups will be performing on June 30.





June 24 | StAugAmphitheatre.com

A dozen years into Rebelution’s stirring career, the release of the California reggae band’s fifth album Falling Into Place finds them more energized than ever. Touring relentlessly since 2014’s Count Me In debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae chart, the band’s members have expanded their songwriting horizons and recorded 11 tight new tracks that fuse an ever-youthful attitude of celebration with the mature perspective of men of the world. The lyrics of “Lay My Claim” get right to the point: “Let it all unfold straight from the soul.” It’s about working hard and then reaping the benefits, says singer/guitarist/lyricist Eric Rachmany – about “being present with the music instead of just thinking about the outcome and the limelight. We’re not making music to hit a certain demographic. We’re just making music that we enjoy!” For Falling Into Place, Rebelution’s four core members – Eric Rachmany, keyboardist Rory Carey, drummer Wesley Finley, and bassist Marley D. Williams – got some refreshing new perspectives by writing with different producers and writers and recording at multiple studios. For Rachmany, the creativity began with an inspirational trip to Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae, where he did some of the writing. Dwayne “Supa Dups” Chin-Quee (Bruno Mars, Eminem) produced many of the tracks. Others feature the studio wizardry of Yeti Beats (Kool Keith, Los Rakas, and Rebelution’s two previous albums), while Donovan “DonCorleon” Bennett (Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel, Morgan Heritage) produced two. Locking it all together are rock-solid musicianship, a “sun splashy sound” (Relix), an intense work ethic, and constant devotion to their art. “We named the album Falling Into Place because all of our varied inspirations and experiences came together into one cohesive collection of music that we really love,” says Rachmany. As Billboard writes, “Their dynamic brand of original music weaves hypnotic threads of alt-rock and pop, retro-funk, blues, dub, even traditional Middle Eastern strains. Rachmany’s expressive voice wraps his soul-searching lyrics in beguiling melodies.” Rebelution came together in Isla Vista in 2004. The college friends evolved into one of the brightest lights of modern reggae. Their debut album Courage to Grow, was named iTunes’ Editors’ Choice for Best Reggae Album of 2007. Bright Side of Life, released on their own 87 Music label in 2009, hit #1 on the iTunes Reggae chart. It was also the third most downloaded album in the U.S. in all genres, and reached #1 on the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart and #34 on Billboard’s top 200. The triple-album Peace of Mind, released in 2012 with acoustic and dub versions, marked an even higher chart debut: #13 on the Billboard Top 200. It hit #1 on both the Reggae and Independent charts, and was the #4 iTunes album overall. Island Sun Weekly called the next album, 2014’s Count Me In “an energetic melding of catchy reggae sounds, sunny vocals and a pulse of alternative flare. It’s full of positive vibes, bounding island melodies, and inspiring reggae beats.” Sure enough, it made an even bigger splash, entering the Reggae chart at #1 and the Billboard overall chart at #14, thanks to the band’s best-ever week of sales. It also premiered in the top 5 on both the Independent Albums and Digital charts. On the road for at least half the year, Rebelution continues to bring its intense, sun-drenched California reggae to widening audiences all over.

The Ordinary Boys June 9 1904 Music Hall

The Ordinary Boys are a tribute band to The Smiths and Morrissey. Originally known as Next in Line, the band pulls music elements from hardcore punk to Britpop. Now, their name derives from an old Morrissey song, “The Ordinary Boys.” They performed their first show at Churchill’s Pub in Miami, a gig that led to their success. Their fun and energetic sets includes hits such as ‘How Soon is Now?’, ‘There is a Light’, ‘Irish Blood, English Heart,’ ‘Ask,’ ‘Big Mouth’, ‘Queen is Dead,’ ‘Panic’, ‘This Charming Man’, ‘Suedehead’ and lots more.

The Great Atlantic Country Music Festival June 16 GreatAtlanticFestival.com

The Great Atlantic Country Music Festival is a great way to connect with live Country music. Bring your family to this free event, hosted by WQIK, and enjoy all the food and crafts. Beach, boots, bikinis and brews says it all! Join Jax Beach Festivals in the VIP area for some great country music at the beach! There will be displays, demos, foods and activities all geared toward the entire family. VIP wristbands give you the enhanced festival experience that includes armchairs, front of stage seating, private port-alets, beverage servers, sidestage food and beverage (where the musicians are available!) and more. There’s something for everyone, including inflatables in the kids area. The festival starts at noon. JUNE 2018



They are, undoubtedly, the group that changed the face of hip-hop as we know it. They gave women across the globe a voice within their communities and the music industry as a whole. They are Salt N Pepa. Legends, icons, trailblazers, pioneers, innovators and trendsetters are just a few words often used to describe Salt N Pepa. From GRAMMYs to MTV Video Awards, they have won them all. Whether it’s the top of the charts or on stages at sold out coliseums across the country, they have done it all. Salt N Pepa, which consists of Cheryl James and Sandy Denton (“Salt” and “Pepa”, respectively), and Deidre “Dee Dee” Roper (DJ Spinderella). As the first ever female rap crew, Salt N Pepa, broke barriers and opened doors that were once closed to women in hip-hop. They gave women a voice in a male dominated industry and transformed the way the music world saw women forever. With the hit songs “Push It,” “Shake Your Thang,” “Shoop” and “Whatta Man,” Salt N Pepa would defy everyone’s expectations and catapult hip-hop to new levels. You can’t list or mention the top rap songs of all time without their hit songs showing up, and you can’t talk about music history without mentioning their names. Their contributions to a culture and to the world of hip hop have influenced the landscape and look of music as we know it today. Among the first groups to tame rap’s hardcore mentality into a positive, message-oriented music suitable for teens and mass audiences, Kid ‘n Play debuted in 1988 with the platinum album 2 Hype, which the duo later spun into a deal involving films and a Saturday-morning cartoon show, the first involving a rap act. Though their recording activity became limited during the ‘90s -- 1991’s Face the Nation was their last album -- the group managed two sequels to their original House Party film, as well as the 1991 teen flick Class Act. Kid (born Christopher Reid; Bronx, NY) and Play (born Christopher Martin; Queens, NY) first met while performing in rival high school groups (the Turnout Brothers and the Super Lovers, respectively) and initially teamed up as Fresh Force. Play’s former bandmate, Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor, became the duo’s manager and signed Kid ‘n Play to Select Records in 1987. Despite the predominance of James Brown samples during the mid-’80s, Azor gave 2 Hype a production job more rooted in disco and pop; thanks to the near-Top Ten R&B hit “Rollin’ with Kid ‘n Play,” the album eventually reached platinum status. Coolio, born Artis Leon Ivey, Jr., was one of the first rappers to balance pop accessibility with gritty, street-level subject matter and language. Yet despite his nods to hardcore, his music was clearly more happy-go-lucky at heart; he shared the West Coast scene’s love of laid-back ‘70s funk, and that attitude translated to his music far more often than Dr. Dre’s Death Row/G-funk axis. Most of Coolio’s hits including “Fantastic Voyage” and “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)” were exuberant, good-time party anthems (save for his moody signature song “Gangsta’s Paradise”), and he created a goofy, ingratiating persona in the videos that supported them. In the process, Coolio took the sound of West Coast hip-hop to wider audiences than ever before, including those put off by -- or too young for -- the rougher aspects of G-funk. Tone Loc soared from obscurity into pop stardom in 1989 when his hoarse voice and unmistakable delivery made the song “Wild Thing” (using a sample from Van Halen’s “Jamie’s Cryin’”) a massive hit winning Grammy’s and countless other awards. The song Wild Thing was co-written by Marvin Young, better known as Young MC, as was the second single smash, “Funky Cold Medina.” The album “Loc-ed After Dark” became the second rap release ever to top the pop charts and one of the most popular of all time. Thea Austin is an American female dance/house singer/songwriter/composer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was the lead singer of five Top 40 hits around the world and she sang lead vocal on Snapp!’s cross-Atlantic hit “Rhythm Is a Dancer” among several other SNAPP! hits. C+C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams is an American musical group formed in 1989 by David Cole and Robert Clivillés. The group is known for their hit singles: “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)”, “Here We Go (Let’s Rock & Roll)”, “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...”, “Just a Touch of Love”, and “Keep It Comin’.” C+C Music Factory have earned a total of 35 music industry awards worldwide, including five Billboard Awards, five American Music Awards, and two MTV Video Music Awards. In December 2016, Billboard magazine ranked them as the 44th most successful dance artists of all-time.


Saturday, June 16 at the St. Augustine Amphitheater




JUNE 2018



Hoptinger Five-Points Hoptinger.com


Theatre Jacksonville TheatreJax.com

The story-telling magic of ABBA’s timeless songs propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship, creating an unforgettable show. A large cast, non-stop laughs and explosive dance numbers combine to make Mamma Mia! a guaranteed smash hit for any theatre.

June 8-9


Comedy Zone ComedyZone.com

You know Tom Green from his innovative, anything-goes run as the most unpredictable personality on MTV, and his unforgettable, deliciously loony roles in uproarious film comedies including “Road Trip” and “Freddy Got Fingered.” Experience one of the great comic minds in the field of entertainment when Tom Green delivers his brilliantly cracked view of the world around him on screen, online or live on stage. It’s non-stop laughter, any way he brings it.

Come see why Trivia Night Live is the best in trivia entertainment every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. at Hoptinger 5-points, hosted by Brandon Tomasello. Generous prizes totaling over $100 worth of Hoptinger gift cards.

June 29


Mudville Grille Music Room MikeShackelFord.com

Mike has been a staple presence at the Mudville Grille Music Room for years. Enjoy his self-described “country-flavored rock” on June 29 at 7:30 p.m. You may listen to samplings of his beautiful music on his website.

JUNE 2018


CATCHIN' A BUZZ Interview by Anna Eatz Jax

Cory Berlin, the Bar Manager at Bistro Aix is the epitome of what any employer would want running their business. Moving up through the ranks of Forking Amazing Restaurant Group this engaging and funny person is a significant asset to the team. He is dedicated to everything about the business and making Bistro Aix the go-to place for food and beverages here in Jacksonville. I for one am happy to have had the opportunity to sit and talk with him about bar life at Bistro Aix.


Bistro Aix

product and variety we offer. We invested heavily in staffing seeking out some of Jacksonville’s best bar staff, and are were particular who we chose. Each one of our team brings a unique talent to the program making a positive experience for the patrons.

What is your busiest night of the week? It can be a toss-up between Friday or Saturday, but I’ll go with Friday. We have a lively happy hour crowd after work that rolls into dinner service and perhaps a nightcap after.

What is unique about the Bistro Aix bar? What I focused on with our cocktail program this time was taking classic cocktails and imparting a French twist. One example is a drink we call the Parisian Sour a play on the New York Whiskey Sour or the Manhattan on Rhone using spirits such as Bastille Blended or Single Malt Whiskey, Bauchant Orange Liqueur and other French spirits.

What does your staff enjoy the most about working here? I think it is the reputation the restaurant has maintained since opening. They feel that are a part of something, especially after getting the space opened after the flood. Possibly even more than that is being a part of the culture and what it has to offer Jacksonville. We strive to be in the best of the best Jacksonville has to offer.

Do you offer Happy Hour or weekly drink specials? Yes, we do, Monday through Friday we offer drink and food specials from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. During that time we offer discount prices on our house Classic Martini, selected cocktails, plus all draft and bottle beer discounted as well as our wine.

What do you want more people to know about your business? I think I would like them to know that we are back, the same restaurant with a new “lifeblood.” We are back bringing new ideas, new menu and staying aware and dedicated to our clients’ wants and needs.

Do you serve any local spirits or brews? All the draft beer is local, plus we have a rotating tap beer; still local but changes on a regular basis. Currently, we are offering a Southern Swells product. The spirits we source from Marlin and Barrel located on Fernandina Beach, 2nd Street Gin and the Venture Vodka also a Marlin and Barrel products. We also carry Manifest Distillery spirits.

Tell us about your best-selling drink. I would have to say the Aixoise Martini, made with Marlin & Barrel Venture Vodka, Dry Vermouth, garnished with Bleu Cheese olives. The second on the list would be the Woodford Workhorse: Woodford, Lemon Rosemary Simple Syrup, Yellow Chartreuse, ginger beer, candied ginger, and lemon. Third is the Brooklyn, which contains, Bulleit Rye, Carpano Antica, Luxardo, Orange Bitter, and orange peel served on a gentleman’s ice cube.

Do you plan on offering entertainment? We have not started yet, but it’s an area we considered bringing back. It would be a Friday and Saturday night event, starting at the ending of the dinner service. We would utilize the bar entrance for those who are only interested in the music and bar offerings. We want to offer our regulars a place to come on a Friday and Saturday night for dinner and music after.

What compliments do you hear most often from your customers? Oh man, people are loving everything; the food the service and the new look. The most compliments surround the modern decor and the updated menu items. The color palette is somewhat lighter than before and lends itself nicely to the entire venue. For the most part, we have maintained the most popular dishes from the old menu and offered a lighter version than before, plus there are several new exciting offerings on the menu.

The Brooklyn 2 oz. Bullet Rye 1 oz. Carpano Antice (Sweet Vermouth) ¼ oz. Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur In a large beaker with ice combine all the above and stir briskly. Pour over a Gentlemen’s Cube

When customers are having an enjoyable time at your business what are they doing? I believe it is the whole package, the room, the bartenders, the quality 24 JUNE 2018

Rub a slice orange peel over the side and rim of the glass to coat with the aromatics, dress drink with orange peel.


By Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®

Jacksonville Beach’s first microbrewery, Green Room Brewing, turns seven in June! Over the years, several changes have taken place at the brewery on Third Street, including the addition of a new front deck, interior renovations, new restrooms and, recently, new front signage (the latter thanks to Hurricane Matthew; see cover photo). The beach-and-surf inspired brewery theme might best be known for co-owner Eric Luman’s creative beers and popular bottle releases. Those who have attended a Green Room bottle release party can attest to the flavored variants on tap in the back brewery bar, and, yes, there’s usually a coffee version! The Seventh Anniversary bash happens on Saturday, June 16 beginning at noon, with the annual bottle release of the Secret Spot Imperial Stout Anniversary Ale. Haven’t been to Green Room Brewing? Walk in the front door, and you’ll immediately sense the laid-back, chill, surfing vibe. The brewery takes its name from the barrel of the wave that surfers prize. And that “Secret Spot” name? According to Eric Luman, the name for the annual beer is a reference to one of the most popular local surfing spots, The Poles (not so secret any more.) The Secret Spot anniversary beer isn’t Green Room’s only annual release. Each December since 2012, the brewery holds another party for the release of its Quetzalcoatl Imperial Mayan Red Ale, made with cassava root, poblano and serrano peppers and chocolate. Taking things one step further, the first Saturday in May brings “The Return of Quetzalcoatl,” with a tequila barrel-aged version of the beer. Cheers to Green Room Brewing and seven years of beer! Be sure to join the party on June 16. And, hey, if you’re looking for even more background about Green Room Brewing, take a look at a few of the articles on BrewNymph.com!


by Kyle, Astrologer Extraordinaire

ARIES (MARCH 21- APRIL 19) The grass is looking a little greener on the other side of the fence this month Aries. If you’re already in a relationship, odds are, you’re going to be getting yourself in some trouble. If you’re single, then hey! You finally might hook up with someone. It might be with another Aries who is about ready to cheat on their mate. TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20) The Moon is getting its groove on, and so should you. Start something new, try a new place to hang out, or even a new person than the usual. If you usually drink coffee, have a beer in the morning instead. You like milk, try a white Russian. You get it? Mix it up!

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 22) You sure are attracting some attention this month. For a change, you are the person that others are digging. If you wait to long, you could spoil the chance at multiple ‘opportunities,’ if you know what I mean. Get that Libra train a moving. SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21) This month brings a Taurus eclipse into your seventh house of partnership and Venus burrows into your eighth house of soul connections. Sounds more like Dungeons & Dragons than a horoscope, but what does it all mean? Hmm, partnerships and soul connections. Looks like a hook-up is on the horizon.

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 21) Ouch. Happy Birthday to no one. With Venus in Taurus, any chance at love has shut the door in your face. Now it’s not totally hopeless. There could be a few people out there this month. On second thought, just wait until next month.

SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21) Double up Sagittarius. As much as you enjoy your freewheeling ways, you’re in the mood for love, but with more than one. This could be a little sketchy to some and adventurous for others. You may find it exhausting trying to please more than one person. Others can be so needy.

CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 22) All I see is conflict. Not looking too good for you crab. Bad decisions are on the horizon, and we already know how moody you can get. Let’s try a new approach and make no decisions. The way I see it, your damned if you do, so don’t make any at all.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19) Well, well Capricorn. I have nothing to say to you. Now I know this doesn’t upset you because you aren’t the type to deal with confrontation. If you are reading this and you disagree, then apparently you don’t know your sign and you should try reading one of the other eleven written that better suits you.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22) Getting frisky this month Leo. The signs point to some risky friends-withbenefits happenings. Sounds fun, but some people aren’t as tight-lipped as you, loyal lion. So choose your benefited friends wisely, or some choice monikers may fall upon you.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18) This month things are going as great as they are for Limp Bizkit. Wait, that can’t be good you say?! Your right. It isn’t. We don’t care about what happened to Bizkit, but we do care about you Aquarius. And hopefully next month things will be better than “forgotten about.”

VIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22) Not looking good for you Virgo. June will treat you like the spam emails we all get. You either will need a loan, need to buy some sort of an enlarger, or pills to keep you up because your fortune is down.

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20) Apparently it seems your life is a mess this month. I would suggest cleaning it up, but you’re not the cleaning type. I would just revel in your mess and wait for someone to clean it up for you. JUNE 2018


Bring a little VEGAS to your next event We offer Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em, Craps and even Slot Machines with our High Rollers Casino Night. Our dealers are friendly, helpful and well-versed, and most of all FUN! That makes you the big winner.


Contact Us Today 904.990.3869 JacksonvillePartyCompany.com 26

JUNE 2018

JUNE 2018



JUNE 2018

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