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02 04 2010

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Yo u r L i n k t o t h e P l a s t i c s W o r l d

L a b o r M i n i s t e r V i s i ts HIPF The new Labor Minister HE Mr. Adel Bin Mohammed Fakieh and his team visited HIPF on the 5th of October. The Governor of TVTC HE Dr. Ali AL-Ghafis, Dr. Saleh Al-Amr, the Deputy Governor for Development, Dr. Fahd Al Tuwaijry, the Vice Governor for Joint Training, and Dr. Hamad Al-Oqla, the Deputy Governor of TVTC for Training were present on this momentous occasion. The Excecutive Director of HIPF Dr. Khalid Al-Ghefaili welcomed them with due honors. His visit is a support for the HIPF mission. The efforts put in by HIPF towards effective Saudization of the plastics industry is bearing fruit. Many companies including SABIC have hired trainees from HIPF.

HE Mr. Adel Bin Mohammed Fakieh at HIPF

N e w I n s p e c t i o n S ys t e m


PET P r e f o r m s

The Intravis GmbH introduced a new system, which is called Sample-Prewatcher for comprehensive inspection of PET preforms. Sample- Prewatcher is designed to provide a continuous in-line quality analysis, thus assuring users ‘defectless production’. The Inspection comprises measurement of critical dimensions, spectrophotometric color analysis, and analysis the presence of UV blocker and barrier material. The system also checks the core coaxially, measures the length of the injection point, and checks both the body and thread area for contamination, crystallization, short shots, scratches and other typical preform defects. One highlight is the cavity oriented statistics capability. Each preform is examined precisely and the result is assigned a separate cavity number. In this way, at all times, there is clear overview as to which cavity causes an error. This system can also be used as an “off-line” stand alone set-up, thus allowing use as a quality checking system to support more than one injection molding machine. QUARTERLY ISSUED BY THE

S pecial P oints of I nterest:


• Recent Path Breaking Innovations in the field of Plastics.


• Selected International Plastics centered events and exhibitions.


• Labor Minister Visits HIPF

Sample Prewatcher Automatic Preform check ensures good quality

I n T his issue : • • • • • • • •


Labor Minister Visits HIPF New Inspection System for PET Preforms Hot runner Balancing for Multicavity Molds Silica Additive Reduces Cycle Time Induction Barrel Heating Trends in Hot Fill PET Bottles International Plastics Events Contact Details

H ot R unner B alancing for M ulticavity M olds

Multi flow system Hot runners are balanced automatically to get even flow.

Hot runner balancing- Achieving the same part quality in all cavities of a multicavity mold requires equal filling conditions – i.e. an identical pressure profile in all cavities. Now the automatic hot runner balancing is possible for multicavity molds with Kistler Multiflow system. The Kistler introduced a Multiflow system for fast and reliable balancing of hot runner system by sensing the cavity pressure in mold. Usually injection molders balance pressure in hot runners manually, by varying part weight or degree of fill. These manual methods are very complicated in practice and time consuming. Hot runner balancing with Kistler Multiflow system completely eliminates the need for time consuming manual optimization and adjustment of the hot runner temperature during production setup.

Pressure sensors were equipped in mold, by measuring the cavity pressure during injection and holding pressure phases, the Multiflow system software analyses the pressure curves in all cavities cycle by cycle. The synchronous rise in pressure in all cavities is achieved by automatically calculating the optimal setpoint temperature for each hot runner tip. During production, Kistler Multiflow system automatically corrects the hot runner temperatures to ensure continuously stable filling conditions in all cavities – without manual intervention, at the same time, with the aid of the cavity pressure curves, the system monitors the quality of all of the parts produced and automatically separate rejects.

S ilica additive reduces cycle time Additives lower injection molding cycle times

Injection molders make more profit if the cycle times are lower. Since cooling times are longer than other actions in the cycle, the best place to reduce the time would be the cooling phase. Unfortunately reducing the cooling time leads to changes in dimensions and built-in stresses. To overcome these drawbacks as well as provide a faster cooling an new additive named Nan-O-Sil ASD has been introduced by Energy Strategy Associates, Inc. It is a high purity, ! amorphous, colloidal silica in the form of a

w w w . h i p f . e d u . s a

white powder. Several tests with different materials showed best results for crystalline and engineering plastics. The injection molding cycle times were reduced by 20% to 40 % in PE, PP, nylon, PBT, and Acetal, PC, PPS and PEEK. In addition, other benefits such as reduced flow lines, improved color dispersion, and improved dimensions are achieved. Addition of just 0.8% silica shortened injection molding cycle times for tensile test bars by 22% to 31% for unfilled acetal copolymer, PPS, PEEK, and glassfilled PC. Mechanical properties were generally maintained or improved. The additive is available in pellet masterbatches and in powder form.


I nduc tion B arrel H eating


New ways to save energy and keep costs down during times of rising energy costs is the need of the hour. Xaloy nXheat™ induction barrel heating sharply cuts energy costs and improves temperature control for better quality and less scrap compared with conventional heater bands. The nXheat ™ barrel heating solution uses an optimized high-frequency power supply and a thermal insulating layer interposed between the barrel and coils to reduce heat loss by which efficiency approaches 100 % and temperature control response is significantly improved.


Energy savings for barrel heating of up to 70% compared with heater bands • Additional energy savings - upto 35% more - due to reduced air conditioning load • Additional energy cost reduction from reduced peak power demand • Fewer heater failures to cut downtime and maintenance costs • Immediate cooling and heating response to improve quality and reduce scrap • Quicker heat-up to boost productivity • Higher barrel temperature capability to mold high-temperature polymers, or metal • Cool exposed surfaces for increased operator safety. The system is available in two forms: 1) All-zone nXheat™ in which induction heating completely replaces conventional heater bands is the ideal system for larger machines; 2) nXheat-Hybrid™ in which power-saving induction technology heats the barrel’s feed zone only and can be used for smaller machines.

New induction heating of the barrel gives better energy efficiency.

TRENDS IN HOT FILL PET BOTTLES Sipa of Veneto, Italy is a global leader of PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines for the production of PET bottles and has developed lightweighting technologies for ‘hot fill’ PET bottles used in the juice, tea, isotonic and flavoured water markets. The new technology is claimed to have bottle weight reductions of up to 30% and capable of being filled at up to 90°C. As an example a Sipa customer in Vietnam is producing a 26gm, 500ml bottles filled at 88°C using a 38mm noncrystalline reinforced lightweight neck finish. Typically the same bottles are in the 32-35gm range.

sustained hot-fill performance at 96°C, suiting it to viscous foods like apple and pasta sauces, jams, jellies, and tomato-based products. What’s more, typical hot-fill containers shrink 1.5% to 4% after hot filling, according to the company, whose new jars reportedly shrink less than 1%. The result is less challenge to finish/seal integrity and labeling. ThermaSet is based on a proprietary Liquid Container process that raises PET’s glass-transition point (Tg) substantially.

Amcor PET Packaging, Manchester, Mich., claimed to have the smallest hot-fill PET bottle, a 2.5-oz container for specialty healthcare drinks. According to Amcor, this new hot-fill size required considerable development, including equipment modifications. The first customer for the bottle is Hormel Health Labs, using it for its Healthy Shot highprotein drink. Sidel of France had developed the world’s lightest 0.5L, hot-fill PET bottles. Weighing just 18.9 g, they come in two new designs—“Curvy” and “Skyward”—which have special features to resist vacuum after cooling while using less material. Both have a standard 28-mm finish. Liquid Container, W. Chicago, Ill., launched its ThermaSet wide-mouth PET stock and custom jars that boast the highest hot-fill temperature capability on the market. ThermaSet reportedly is the first to offer

PET used for Hot Filled Liquids

w w w . h i p f . e d u . s a



I n t e r n at i o n a l P l a s t i c s E v e n t s


K Plastics and Rubber International Exhibition

Dusseldorf ( Germany ) > Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre

27.10 - 03.11 2010

CHEMPLAST ASIA Central Asian International Industrial Exhibition of Chemistry, Plastics & Rubber

Tashkent ( Uzbekistan ) > Uzexpocentre

16.11 - 18.11 2010

COMPOMAT LIGHTWEIGHT International Composite and Lightweight Materials and Technology Expo & Conference

Milan ( Italy ) > Fiera Milano Nuovo Polo

17.11 - 19.11 2010

DMP - CHINA (DONGGUAN) International Plastics, Packaging & Rubber Exhibition

Dongguan ( China ) > Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

17.11 - 20.11 2010

WATERPROOF MEMBRANES Conference ……...technical developments in the international Waterproof Membranes industry

Cologne ( Germany ) > Maritim Hotel

30.11 - 02.12 2010

EUROMOLD World Trade Fair for Mold making and Tooling, Design and Application Development

Frankfurt ( Germany ) > Exhibition Centre Frankfurt

01.12 - 04.12 2010

PLASTICS & RUBBER INDONESIA International Plastics and Rubber Machinery, Processing and Materials Exhibition

Jakarta ( Indonesia ) > Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo)

01.12 - 04.12 2010

PLAST EURASIA International Istanbul Plastic Industries Fair

Istanbul ( Turkey ) > Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center

02.12 - 05.12 2010

FIRE RESISTANCE IN PLASTICS Conference …Technical developments and trends in Fire Resistance in Plastics

Dusseldorf ( Germany ) > Düsseldorf

07.12 - 09.12 2010

POLYESTER CHAIN World Congress dedicated to the Global Polyester Chain

Zurich ( Switzerland ) > Swissôtel Zurich

12.12 - 15.12 2010

ARAB PLAST Plastic Related Machinery & Raw Materials

Dubai ( UAE - United Arab Emirates ) > Dubai International Exhibition Centre

09.01 - 11.01 2011

INTERPLASTICA International Trade Fair for Plastics & Rubber, Raw Materials, Machinery and Equipment

Moscow ( Russia ) > Expocentr’ Krasnaya Presnya Fairgrounds

25.01 - 28.01 2011

Higher Institute For Plastics Fabrication

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PLASTICS LINK Your Link to the World of Plastics The establishment of HIPF aims to prepare Saudi youth to participate as skilled technicians in the booming plastics industry of the Kingdom and to develop the technical knowledge and skills of Saudi workforce towards localization of plastics fabrication technology. The Editorial board of the Newsletter would like to remind the reader that the articles in this newsletter are collated from the various sources of information. HIPF does its best to verify the sources and confirm the authenticity of the articles published in the newsletter. The HIPF will not assume any legal liability for the content, quality, accuracy or completeness of said information and materials. The sources of the articles and the ‘terms and conditions’ of the newsletter ‘Plastic Link’ are available with the board of Editors and are available on request.s

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PLASTICS LINK Your Link to the World of Plastics The establishment of HIPF aims to prepare Saudi youth to participate as skilled technicia...

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