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The Jeanne de Matel Heritage Circle A RECOGNITION OF STEWARDSHIP Jeanne ChÊzard de Matel, foundress of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, was also a mystic, author, teacher, spiritual director and theologian — at a time when women were not highly recognized in any of these roles. At an early age, she developed a strong prayer life, a deep faith, and a spirituality centered in the person of the Incarnate Word. In 1852 the Incarnate Word Sisters came to America from France at the request of the Most Reverend Jean Marie Odin, Bishop of Texas, to teach the Catholic faith. In 1871, four Sisters came to Corpus Christi to establish a convent and open Incarnate Word Academy.

Heritage Circle in 2003 to recognize individuals who have indicated their intent to include Incarnate Word Academy in their estate plans. Membership provides donors an opportunity to give testimony to their commitment to the future of Catholic education at IWA. Planned Giving provides opportunities for donors to continue enhancing Catholic education at Incarnate Word Academy. Over the years, many friends and benefactors have shared their treasures to make a difference for those who would come after them and to leave a legacy of Christian stewardship and generous support.

In the prayerful, courageous, and determined spirit of Jeanne de Matel, the Sisters faced the challenges of providing adequate facilities, obtaining current educational materials, professional training for the faculty, and financing the school. From the beginning, the Sisters welcomed children from all social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds and devoted their efforts to obtaining funds for operating the school and providing an education for those unable to afford the cost. Realizing the need to establish a more structured and organized way of providing funding of the school into the future, the Sisters established the Incarnate Word Academy Foundation in 1989. Contributions to the Foundation include bequests, scholarships set up by donors, and tuition assistance from the Congregation. To carry on the Incarnate Word mission in the spirit of their foundress, the Sisters launched the Jeanne de Matel

Jeanne Chezard de Matel


President and CEO of IWA Sammie H. Grunwald

Expressing her strong belief in Catholic education and dedication to Incarnate Word Academy, Sammie H. Grunwald, IWA President and member of the Jeanne de Matel Circle stated, “Estate gifts of all sizes have an impact, and it makes me feel good to know that mine too will contribute to the extraordinary legacy of the Incarnate Word Sisters and to the remarkable school they created for our community.”

Former IWA faculty member Dianne Raska shared, “One of my greatest blessings has been the opportunity to be part of this outstanding institution, which provides for the education of the whole child. I want to do my part in promoting quality Catholic education now and into the future.” Dianne Raska

“I would encourage others to include IWA in their estate plans,” remarked Dr. Bob Bezdek, former IWA School Board Director, “because this is an academic institution in our area that significantly addresses the spiritual, educational, and personal needs of the students.” Dr. Bob Bezdek

Patricia Riek

Grateful for her blessings of Catholic education and strong faith, IWA Alumna Patricia Riek stated, “I am confident I made the right decision to include IWA in my estate plans. I believe that future generations will benefit tremendously from an outstanding Catholic education at IWA with emphasis on forming lives for leadership, service, and achievement.”

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The Planned Giving Program provides opportunities for donors to promote and enhance Catholic education at Incarnate Word Academy as part of their legacy. One of the popular and exciting plans that partners use to strengthen our mission is the “IWA Forever” program. The IWA Forever program gives loyal alumni, families, and friends of Incarnate Word Academy the ability to ensure that their average annual giving continues forever upon their death. To advance the mission of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word in making Jesus known and loved through education, the IWA Forever initiative allows alumni, family and friends of Incarnate Word Academy to leave a lasting legacy that extends their Catholic education partnership into the future.

Scholarship Recipient Student Profiles I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.

- Philippians 1:3-4

Ashley Salinas

Diego Basaldu

Class of 2018 Sister Dorothy Anhaiser Scholarship

Class of 2018 Busker Memorial Scholarship

“I believe that each of our donors heard Christ’s call to good stewardship — thereby giving us, the students, a chance at an education centered on the person of our Savior, Jesus Christ.” – Ashley Salinas

“I share in the belief that education is one of the most unparalleled gifts that one can receive. I am honored and grateful for the support of donors and the investment in my education here at Incarnate Word Academy.” – Diego Basaldu

Scholarships Recently Made Permanent: • Scott and Josephine Temple Scholarship • T.L. Creamean Scholarship • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Carl Elter and Maxwell Meyers Scholarship

• Sister Judith Marie Saenz Scholarship in memory of Roy and MaryEmma Ward Nicholas and Eugenia Gamez Langston


Sr. Judith Marie Saenz (left) joins Dennis and Marie Nicholas in a scholarship signing ceremony

Sr. Annette Wagner (right) presents the Pearl Level Award to Richard and Mary Ann Chilen Davis ’57

On April 26, 2018, the Incarnate Word Academy Foundation hosted the 15th Annual Donor Appreciation Luncheon for the Scholarship Recognition Society. Approximately 200 student recipients, benefactors, and Sisters joined in celebrating the gift of a Catholic education. At this event, scholarship recipients had the opportunity to meet and interact with the generous contributors who made their education possible. The program featured

Sr. Annette Wagner (left) signs scholarship certificate of recognition with Terry and Judy Kuntscher Temple ’64

student speakers as well as recognition and signing ceremonies. A recognition ceremony was held for honorees: Dennis and Marie Nicholas and Richard and Mary Ann Davis, who were inducted at the Pearl Level into the Precious Stones Supporting the Mission Scholarship Donors Recognition Society. To affirm the permanent status of the Scott and Josephine Temple Scholarship, Terry and Judy Kuntscher Temple participated in a scholarship signing ceremony.

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IWA Advancing the Mission - Spring 2018  

The Incarnate Word Academy Foundation (IWAF) newsletter, Advancing the Mission, provides the IWA community with information and updates rega...

IWA Advancing the Mission - Spring 2018  

The Incarnate Word Academy Foundation (IWAF) newsletter, Advancing the Mission, provides the IWA community with information and updates rega...

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