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New Titles 2012/2013

2 Totally Epic Headdresses

20 Feltie Friends series

3 Temporary Tattoo Studio

21 Feltie Fashion

4 Extinct

22 Secret Origami series

5 Eye Benders

23 Fairy Tale Yarns series

6 Paper Pets

24 Super Gliders

7 Cards That Pop

25 Paper Mayhem series

8 Flowerpot Farm

26 30 Second series

9 Outdoor Wonderland

27 The Greatest Show in the Universe

10 Fontastic

28 Wall Art series

11 This Belongs To Me

29 See and Say series

12 My Life In A Book

30 Little Learners series

13 Explore series

31 Little Learners series

14 Paper Play

32 City Strips series

15 Make a Mobile

33 Shred! Basic Scooter Tricks

16 Shrink Charms

34 Test Lab

17 Glam My Watch

35 Kids’ Kitchen Chaos

18 Once Upon A Style

36 Contacts

19 Fashion Rookie

2 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Totally Epic Headdresses Age 7+

Fabulous headdresses to assemble from press-out pieces

Cool, contemporary designs by Hattie Newman

A fun paper craft and costume activity

Forget flimsy paper hats. Be the coolest kid at the party with one of these totally epic paper headdresses. Inside the pages of this book are the push-out pieces to make five awesome headgear creations, including a Native American feathered headdress, a Mexican Day of the Dead skull, a dreamy midsummer’s night fairy crown, an imperial pharaoh’s headdress and a fabulous fruity carnival bonnet. Following the simple step-bysteps, with just a dab of glue and some sticky tape kids can whip up a mega piece of costume to wear for a party, a festival, a parade, or just for fun. Specification 279mm x 216mm, 76pp, 4-col throughout, paperback, 40 perforated pages

Ivy Kids 3

Fall 2013

Temporary Tattoo Studio Age 7+ Get (temporarily) inked with the Temporary Tattoo Studio. This bumper book of body art comes with two temporary tattoo pens that are totally safe for illustrating your skin. The book is packed with cool designs to copy, and tear-out stencils for kids who aren’t so confident with their freehand skills. Choose from a range of classic tattoo design styles, including romantic hearts and flowers, scary skulls and eyeballs, traditional tribal patterns, cute cartoons, and more. The stencils can be used as a basis to create more elaborate designs, and once torn out, can be stored in the book's back pocket. Specification 279mm x 216mm, 64pp, 2-col throughout, paperback, two tattoo pens included

Hundreds of cool tattoo designs

Free temporary tattoo pens in red and black

Tear out stencils help kids achieve a slick looking tat

4 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Extinct Age 10+

Horribly fascinating subject!

Graphic novel style artwork gives a contemporary feel

Are your days numbered? This fascinating title takes a look at the real and possible ways natural disasters could extinguish life on Earth. Apocalyptic scenarios include supervolcano eruptions, Gulf Stream shut-down, methane burps and more. Concise, factual text explains the science behind the catastrophes, backed up with clear diagrams and illustrations drawn in a cool graphic-novel style. Experts in each field give their verdict on the likelihood of the impending Armageddon! This high-interest book will enthrall kids while touching on curriculum science and geography topics.

Specification 279mm x 216mm, 80pp, 4-col throughout, paperback

Touches on curriculum information

Titles Extinct Pandemic

Ivy Kids 5

Fall 2013

Eye Benders Age 10+ Astound your eyes and amaze your brain with this crazy book of optical illusions, and learn the science behind why they work. Find out why printed pictures appear to swirl madly in front of your eyes and why two colors that appear completely different are actually the same. Discover why your brain sees invisible faces appear in surprising places, and see whole images arise out of random patterns. This astonishing science book will engage and entertain, and leave you wondering: can you ever believe what you see?

Boggle your brain with a selection of incredible illusions

Understand the scientific reasons behind why you see what you see

Specification 230mm x 180mm, 64pp, 4-col throughout, paperback

Learn why not to trust the evidence of your eyes!

6 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Paper Pets Age 8+

10 characterful pets to press out, fold, and glue

Simple step-bysteps make the model-making fun and easy

10 themed accessories—one to accompany each pet

Young animal lovers can enjoy pressing-out and making these cool paper pets. And the best bit is they require no feeding and make no mess! Just like a real pet, each paper pet has its own character and distinctive style. A few of their “likes” and “dislikes” are listed to give a flavor of their personality. Cassidy the cool, ice-cream loving pup loves his beach-hut style kennel and Biba the stylish, fun-loving kitten loves to play but hates water. A wide range of pets are included: puppy, kitten, rabbit, mouse, lizard, guinea pig, pony, parrot, fish, and tortoise. Specification 279mm x 216mm, 68pp, 4-col throughout, paperback, perforated pages

Ivy Kids 7

Fall 2013

Cards That Pop Age 7+ In this beautifully illustrated papercraft title, paper artist and engineer Lydia Crook’s appealing artworks can be cut out to create 12 super-stylish pop-up cards. Clear step-by-step instructions explain the assembly process. The card interiors and covers are designed with some creative customizing in mind, whether it’s coloring in Lydia’s distinctive artwork, or suggestions for young artists to create their own designs. Choose from a wide selection of machines, including a Vespa scooter, a glorious ferris wheel, and a cool ice-cream van. 12 envelopes are also included. Specification 279mm x 216mm, 78pp, 4-col throughout, paperback, perforated pages

12 stylish pop-up cards to make and send

Easy to assemble and fun to customize with illustration prompts

8 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Flowerpot Farm Age 4+

A first gardening book for gardens of any size

Cute, characterful artwork illustrates step-by-step instructions

Rewarding ideas for serving up your home-grown goodies

This adorable first gardening book takes young farmers through sowing, growing, and eating their very own delicious fruit, vegetables, and edible flowers. Sweet illustrations and simple text explain to little ones the processes of planting and growing, and information on pollinators, pests, and garden predators is covered too. However big your garden or window ledge, there is plenty of fun to be had tending to your own flowerpot farm. Specification 220mm x 220mm, 64pp, 4-col throughout, hardback

Ivy Kids 9

Fall 2013

Outdoor Wonderland Age 7+ Whether it’s bug hunting in a city backyard, counting stars, planting a window box, or building a cool woodland wigwam, this innovative activity book will open children’s eyes to an awesome outdoor playground. With activities based on different themes, including backyard, the woods, rainy days, and night-time, it is packed with ideas to encourage kids and their families to explore, enjoy, and engage with the natural world and become accomplished outdoor adventurers.

A brilliant activity book for children and their families

Packed with ideas for adventurous fun outdoors

Specification 279mm x 216mm, 96pp, 4-col throughout, paperback Encourages kids to explore, enjoy, and engage with the natural world

10 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Fontastic Age 9+

8 fun hand-drawn font projects, with sketchbook pages for practicing

16 inspirational alphabets designed by illustrator and typographer Matt Stokes

Handwriting has never been so hot. Inside this book are eight “fontastic� hand-lettering projects, featuring 16 inspirational alphabets for creative kids to customize and copy. Projects that utilize the fun fonts include making your own zine, making a giant banner for a party or event, and making a vinyl sticker for your skateboard. Sketchbook pages inside the book give children space to practice their hand-drawn fonts before moving on to the step-by-steps and using their lettering skills for real. Finally, kids are encouraged to create their own totally individual alphabet to use wherever they want. Write on!

Specification 297mm x 210mm, 96pp, 2-col throughout, paperback Create your own unique font to reflect your personal style

Ivy Kids 11

Spring 2013

This Belongs to Me Age 9+ No one wants their stuff to look boring and plain. Luckily, with this book to hand it doesn’t have to! In this title, kids are introduced to a range of design styles and techniques, given space to practice their own unique designs, then shown how to apply them to their stuff. Not just great fun, this book also helps kids express themselves and their personal sense of style.

Specification 297mm x 210mm, 128pp, two colour throughout, paperback

From sneakers to wall decorations via bags and bed linen—nothing is left uncustomized!

Helps children develop their own visual identity and personal sense of style

Rights sold US, Canada, UK, ANZ Introduces children to design concepts through experimentation

12 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

My Life in a Book Age 9+

Perfect for pre-teens and teens to record their thoughts and feelings

Directed content mixed with blank pages inspires but allows for creativity

This high quality journal is a treasure in its own right

With a great mix of blank journal pages, monthly markers, questionnaires, and ideas pages (including All About Me, Weirdest Dreams, How I Sign My Name, My 366 Word Biography—one word for every day of the year plus one extra), My Life in a Book is sure to get teenage girls scribbling and doodling! It’s stylish, aspirational feel makes it the perfect way for the young journaller to capture a special time in their life that they can look back on in years to come ... probably with a mixture of fondness and horror!

Specification 210mm x 148mm, 160pp, 2-col throughout, cloth bound hardback, ribbon marker and elastic band

Ivy Kids 13

Fall 2013

Explore series Age 6+ Explore Patterns is the first title in a series of fun and offbeat art activity books for curious kids. Designed to get children looking, noticing, thinking, and drawing, it contains a range of engaging activity suggestions. From drawing an abstract pattern with your feet, to imagining what a “stupid� pattern might look like, these ideas will have kids looking at patterns in the world around them in a whole new way. Through fun drawing and coloring activities and lovely illustrations, the Explore series gently introduces educational art concepts such as the color spectrum, pattern elements, and shading. Specification 260mm x 260mm, 48pp, 4-col throughout, paperback Titles Explore Patterns Explore Colors Explore Lines and Shapes

A selection of quirky art activities will get kids exploring their world

Introduces educational art concepts in an accessible, fun way

Features Owen Davey's beautiful illustrations

14 Ivy Kids

Spring 2013

Paper Play Age 7+

Every page can be used to play with and create

Beautiful artwork guides the fun, innovative activities

A page in this book is so much more than just a simple piece of paper! Roll it, rip it, fold it, snip it, and it could become a snowflake, a paper chain, a fortune teller, a magic trick, a hat, or any one of a hundred other things. Beautiful artwork prompts children to play games and make fantastic creations by using the actual pages of this hugely creative and innovative book. Specification 297mm x 210mm, 112pp, one color throughout, paperback Rights sold US, Canada, UK, ANZ

Shows children the possibilities hidden within a simple piece of paper

Ivy Kids 15

Spring 2013

Make a Mobile Age 7+ A beautifully illustrated papercraft title, featuring 12 paper mobiles to cut out and hang. With stunning artwork, and clear stepby-step instructions explaining the assembly process, this title provides a wonderful crafting project for children age seven and up. The artwork themes range from ballet dancers to planets, so there is a mobile to suit any child’s room.

Specification 297mm x 210mm, 78pp, 4-col throughout, gatefold pages, paperback Rights sold US, Canada, UK, ANZ

Features 12 cute and quirky mobile designs

Easy and inspiring craft projects for children

The colorful mobiles make a gorgeous addition to any child’s bedroom

16 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Shrink Charms Age 7+ Ten themed bracelets in this jewelry-making title include the tasty Tutti Frutti, bursting with orange, strawberry, and cherry delights, to the cool Rock Chick featuring an electric guitar and shades. The materials to make one whole bracelet are included to get you started. It’s the perfect title for budding jewelry designers who want to make a gorgeously personal bracelet, for themselves or for friends.

Featuring 10 strikingly beautiful themed charm bracelets 10 on-trend charm bracelets to trace, bake, and make!

Includes 3 sheets of shrink plastic to start you off

Perfect for creative kids who are proud to customize their look

7038-K-SHCH_BLAD.indd 1

Specification 210mm x 210mm, 48pp, 4-col throughout, paperback, shrink plastic, chain and links included 16/08/2012 14:21

Ivy Kids 17

Fall 2013

Glam My Watch Age 7+ Create your own totally unique watch to match any outfit with this fun jewelry-making title. 12 cool ideas for creating your own bespoke watch strap are featured, explained in clear step-by-steps. The book includes a free watch face plus the pieces to make one of the 12 fab designs to get you going right away. And when you get bored with your look—just change it up and make a new one! Specification 210mm x 210mm, 48pp, 4-col throughout, paperback, watch face, buttons and thread included

12 on-trend watch strap designs to make

Free watch face, buttons, and elastic included

Tips for customizing the designs to make them totally unique

18 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Once Upon a Style Age 7+

Features 15 pretty princesses modeling the stylish look of their day, from Ancient Egypt up to 2000

This charmingly illustrated activity book features a colorful parade of fashionable princesses from history. Each princess appears in her favorite outfit and accessories for children to copy, color, and complete, alongside interesting bite-size facts about styles from the past. The book also includes useful templates for wannabe fashion designers to create their very own range of fabulously stylish princess outfits.

The caption-style text supplies information about long-ago fashions

Specification 279mm x 216mm, 128pp, 4-col throughout, flexicover

Imaginative fill-in drawing and coloring activities will keep children absorbed

Titles Once Upon a Style Dance Divas

Ivy Kids 19

Fall 2013

Fashion Rookie Age 10+ A must-have book for fashion-forward kids wanting to get started in fashion design. The Fashion Rookie handbook is packed with facts and information on the design process, and features blank and guided sketchbook pages. The blank pages can be used for creating moodboards and jotting down ideas whenever inspiration strikes. The guided sketchbook pages are complete with figure outlines for instant, professional-looking illustrations. Let the creative process begin!

 The perfect book for fashion fanatics

Introduces kids to the design process, with lots of practical tips and advice

Specification Fashion Rookie book: 210mm x 148mm, 128pp, 4-col throughout, paperback

 Guided sketchbook pages help kids draw instantly professional illustrations

20 Ivy Kids

Fall 2012

Feltie Friends series Age 7+ kids get crafty

Felt, Buttons and Thread Inside!

A series of simple first sewing activity books for children to make with adult help

Encourages craft and design skills, and stimulates imaginative play

Each feltie has a sweet character profile with likes, dislikes, and habitat

characters to u te 8 c stitch and stick

Sarah Skeate

A themed series of stitch and stick first sewing books with step-by-step instructions for making eight appealing characters. The inner cover pocket includes the materials to start you off. Star Felties Sew and stick eight adorable little aliens from a far-away solar system. Forest Felties Meet Piboo, Tiny Leaf Minch, and their cute forest friends.

Specification 210mm x 210mm, 48pp, 4-col throughout, paperback

Titles Star Felties Forest Felties Rights sold Star Felties: US, Canada, UK, ANZ Forest Felties: UK, ANZ

Ivy Kids 21

Fall 2013

Feltie Fashion Age 7+ Stitch and stick eight adorable fashion accessories featuring your feltie friends. Make a pair of warm and cosy penguin earmuffs to keep out wintry weather, or stay cool in summer with sweet sailor pup flip-flop decals. In this first craft title, the clearly illustrated step-by-steps take kids through the projects, with inspirational photography showing how the finished accessory should look.

Specification 210mm x 210mm, 48pp, 4-col throughout, paperback, felt and thread included

A simple first craft sewing title featuring 8 fashion accessories

Enough felt and thread included for one whole project

Features super-cute characters that children will love

22 Ivy Kids

Fall 2012

Secret Origami series Age 7+

Simple origami designs that are fun to fold

10 themed, patterned pieces of origami paper included

Promotes dexterity and hand-eye coordination

Shhh! Learn how to smuggle your secret messages by folding them into beautiful paper shapes with these fun origami books. Clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through the process of writing a hidden message, then folding your note into a cool origami disguise. Origami X Pass on details of covert ops hidden inside origami shapes, and learn cool spy skills. Origami XOXO Send love notes or precious secrets folded into sweet origami shapes, with ideas for cute activities. Specification 210mm x 218mm, 48pp, 10 sheets origami paper, 4-col throughout, paperback

Titles Origami X: Paper Folding for Secret Agents Origami XOXO: Paper Folding for Special Secrets Rights sold US, Canada, UK, ANZ

Ivy Kids 23

Fall 2013

Fairy Tale Yarns series Age 3+ Meet Mother Pig and her three cute little pigs: Percy, Perry, and Poppy. Just like the little ones who will enjoy cozying up and sharing this lively retelling of a classic story, the little piggies are happy and adventurous—and they each have a special knitted blanket to snuggle up to when they get tired. With the arrival of a menacing big bad wolf, all the elements are in place for a great big adventure! There’s building a-plenty, huffing and puffing galore, and a resounding piggy triumph with the big bad wolf ending up as a tasty casserole. Specification 260mm x 260mm, 24pp, 4-col throughout, paperback

Titles The Three Little Pigs Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Features best-selling knitting author Fiona Goble’s charming characters

The picture book format is perfect for cuddling up and sharing

Original retellings of enduringly popular classic fairy tales

24 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Super Gliders Age 8+

Amazing model planes will fly long distances

Fly high with the Super Gliders, and take modelmaking to the next strata! The planes in this book are a world away from a single, flimsy, folded piece of paper. Instead, by pressing out and glueing several stiff paper pieces in layers, you can create aerodynamic miniature planes that will fly for long distances and to impressive altitudes. Flying techniques and instructions for tweaking your models are also covered. The push-out glider pieces are printed on neon paper so you can see your glider even as it flies for miles!

An engaging modelmaking activity title

Specification 279mm x 216mm, 64pp, 4-col throughout, paperback, perforated pages

Introduces kids to some basic concepts of aerodynamics

Ivy Kids 25

Fall 2012

Paper Mayhem series Age 8+ This series of paper toy books unites model-making and gaming in one kick-ass combination. Each title introduces 20 cool characters to press out, fold, and glue. Each toy also has its own profile, set of battle ability ratings, and game card, enabling players to stage battles of epic proportions. Robot Rumble Meet a ramshackle band of runaway robots from Rumbletown. Alien Anarchy Get ready to battle with the craziest bunch of mixed-up aliens you’ll ever meet. Specification 279mm x 216mm, 96pp, 20 perforated press-out toys, 20 perforated press-out game cards, 4-col throughout, paperback

Titles Robot Rumble Alien Anarchy

Easy and engaging papercraft titles

Fun, colorful artwork makes highly collectible toys

Rights sold US, Canada, UK, ANZ Includes press-out gaming cards that can be played by a number of children

26 Ivy Kids

Spring 2013

30 Seconds series Age 8+

An attention-grabbing approach to curriculumlinked reference subjects

This fresh and energetic series takes a rapid-fire “look and learn” approach to curriculum-linked subjects. The 30 key topics in each title are explained in neat 30-second soundbites, supported by 3-second flash summaries, facts, and cool artwork. And if that’s not stimulating enough, then the 3-minute active missions included throughout will challenge lively young minds. Titles Space Myths

30 key topics, 30-second soundbites, 3-second summaries, and 3-minute challenges

Computer Science Ideas that Changed the World The Human Body The Romans Castles Planet Earth Natural Disasters

Lively design and fun cartoon-style artwork

Rights sold Space: UK, ANZ Myths: UK, ANZ Specification 230mm x 180mm, 112pp, 4-col throughout, hardback

Ivy Kids 27

Fall 2013

The Greatest Show in the Universe Age 9+ A simple and accessible introduction to physics, this book presents the smallest and most amazing performers in existence—the atoms. The creative circus theme, and informative, fun artwork and photos make this an attention-grabbing approach to a complex science concept. The book explains how this cast of star performers has shaped our universe and everything in it—ourselves included—since the Big Bang.

Fun, circus-themed introduction to physics

Educational, informative, and designed to encourage scientific thinking

Specification 275mm x 215mm, 96pp, 4-col throughout, flexiback

Curriculum linked

28 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Wall Art series Age 6+

Unique concertina format features 40 scenes to color and complete

Finished frieze can be fixed to the wall

Vibrant illustrations by Guy Parker-Rees, acclaimed children’s book illustrator

Each scene of these imaginative, concertina wall art books features one animal ready to be colored, as well as space for the child to draw their own animal and fill in the background with extra color and detail. When all the pages have been filled in, simply cut the frieze from the binding and create a unique artwork for your child’s bedroom wall. Around the World in 80 Animals Go on a wild journey round the world, from the plains of Africa to the icebergs of Antarctica. Jurassic Art Meet wooly mammoths and dangerous dinosaurs on a prehistoric adventure.

Specification 297mm x 210mm, 84pp, 2-col throughout, hardback cover secured with elastic

Titles Around the World in 80 Animals Jurassic Art

Ivy Kids 29

Fall 2013

See and Say series Age 18 months+ The rhyming text and captivating illustrations in this adorable series of die-cut early learning board books will help children aged 18 months and up with number and shape recognition. Ten Chicks in a Tree Sweet rhyming text takes children through counting to 10. With the turn of each page, another chick is revealed through an extra die-cut hole. Seashore Shapes A trip to the seaside reveals a different die-cut shape on every page. Specification 177mm x 177mm, 20pp, 4-col throughout, board

Titles Ten Chicks in a Tree Seashore Shapes

Helps to develop essential early learning concepts

Supports educational guidelines

Simple rhyming text allows child to "read" along

30 Ivy Kids

Fall 2012

Little Learners series Age 3+ A series of interactive play and learn packs that supports key educational concepts for ages 3–6. Each pack contains a set of delightful board books and a series of fun activities for parents and children to share. Helps to develop and build first literacy skills

Supports educational guidelines

Neat pack design

Colors • Nine mini story books • Double-sided activity frieze • Color play activities • Notes for parents

Specification Pack h 291mm x w 291mm x d 20mm, Frieze h 225mm x w 1125mm Notes h 225mm x w 225mm 4-col throughout

Books h 76mm x w 75mm, 10pp, 4-col throughout, board Rights sold UK, ANZ

Ivy Kids 31

Sizes • Four shaped board books (big, small, long, tall) • Double-sided activity frieze • Ideas for sizes games • Notes for parents Rights sold UK, ANZ Sizes books 1) 57mm x 57mm 2) 170mm x 170mm 3) 56mm x 170mm 4) 171mm x 54mm 12pp, full color throughout, board

Titles Alphabet Sizes Colours Shapes Numbers

32 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

City Strips series Age 7+

Stimulating drawing books that will encourage storytelling as well as drawing skills

Over 50 feet of linked pages

Can be displayed as wall art when finished

The unique landscape format, imaginative theme, and over 50 feet of linked pages to doodle, color, and draw on, make these titles a must-have for creative kids.

Boarders Customize your favorite boards with icons, drawings, doodles, and designs. The book starts you off with a set of completed boards and then you’re free to fill in the rest!

Street Join Jack as he skateboards through the empty city and turn a dull journey into an adventure! The graffiti taggers have already made their mark on the walls—now it’s your turn to fill the streets with color, detail, and action.

Specification 120mm x 305mm, 108pp, concertina-bound pages, 2-col throughout, hardback cover secured with elastic

Titles Street Boarders

Ivy Kids 33

Fall 2013

Shred! Basic Scooter Tricks Age 8+ This easy-to-follow tricks manual is the perfect introduction to the hottest action sport right now, freestyle scootering. Using fantastic frame-byframe photography to illustrate each stunt, it shows kids all the essential moves and tricks needed to impress. Also features important information on getting started, safety, skate-park etiquette, and choosing and customizing your scooter and gear. Get ready for the ride!

Specification 279mm x 216mm, 80pp, 4-col throughout, paperback

Freestyle scootering is one of the fastest-growing action sports

Clear frame-by-frame photography breaks down exactly how tricks are performed

Titles Shred! Basic Scooter Tricks Shred! Intermediate Scooter Tricks

Essential info covered in a comprehensive introduction

34 Ivy Kids

Fall 2013

Test Lab Age 8+

Contains 20 supercool and exciting science experiments

This supercool science book contains 20 fizzing, whizzing, and exploding experiments that will amaze every aspiring young scientist. Using everyday equipment and ingredients, and illustrated with clear step-by-step instructions, the experiments are supported by explanations, fascinating facts, and fun challenges. So discover how to make mega bubbles or an exploding lunch bag and see just how much fun science can be!

Lively, distinctive mix of photography and illustration

Specification 279mm x 216mm, 96pp, 4-col throughout, flexicover

Themed sections focus on various topics

Ivy Kids 35

Fall 2013

Kids’ Kitchen Chaos Age 8+ Everyone knows that messy cooking is fun cooking! This book contains 30 fun, messy recipes that are guaranteed to get kids in the kitchen, from sweet treats such as messy mud pie, to savory favorites such as slurpy lurpy splaghetti. Kids can also enjoy the fun games and crazy challenges that accompany the recipes, everything from sandwichbuilding contests to chocolate button checkers. Let the kitchen chaos begin!

Contains 30 fun, messy recipes that kids will really want to cook

Imaginative, attention-grabbing mix of photography and illustration

Specification 279mm x 216mm, 96pp, 4-col throughout, flexicover

Features fun food challenges and games

36 Ivy Kids

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Ivy Kids Catalogue - New Titles 2012/13  
Ivy Kids Catalogue - New Titles 2012/13  

Cool books for creative kids