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Ivy Press Books That Make a Splash Autumn 2010


Specification XXXXX


Specification XXXXX


Specification XXXXX

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Coming Soon ccc Cookery

Specification x 210mm x 185mm 80 pages

140 pictures full colour throughout paperback with flaps

Zombie Cupcakes September 2010 Cooked up in the darkest of graveyards, Zombie Cupcakes presents a ghoulish army of delicious creations that appear anything but sugar-coated. Recipes range from Zombie Flesh to Zombie Brain, from Gravestones to Night of the Living Cupcake. All the cooking and icing techniques are included, and every recipe features step-by-step instructions for the baking and icing, alongside devilish illustrations and photography.

ISBN: 978-1-907332-27-2 xxxxxxx £x.00 £7.99

zombie cupcakes zilly rosen

Zilly Rosen trained as an artist before taking up a career as a gourmet baker and cake decorator. She runs her own business producing bespoke cakes for any celebration.

from the grave *

16 graveyard recipes for delicious, gruesomely decorated cupcakes

to the table with

16 cupcake corpses

Step-by-step instructions that even a zombie could * follow

* Perfect not just for children, but adults too * A fiendish addition to anyone’s cookbook shelf

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Coming Soon Crafts ccc & Activities

Specification 204mm x x 204mm 80 pages, 80 pictures

full colour throughout ISBN: xxxxxxx ISBN: 978-1-907332-45-6 paperback with back flap ÂŁx.00 ÂŁ9.99 containing gatefold background

Knitivity heralds a fresh slant on the traditional nativity scene. Designed for people with all levels of knitting skill, it encourages all family members to contribute. Patterns are supplied for Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men, Shepherds, Ass, Ox, Sheep, Angel, and Star. To make this more than just a knitting book, the story of each character is recounted next to the instructions, and the Christmas narrative winds its way through the book alongside beautiful combinations of artwork and photography.


Knitivity October 2010

Laura Long gained a first class honours degree in textiles at Central St. Martins, and has worked with designer John Rocha. Create Your Own Christmas Scene

Full instructions for hand knitting all the figures for a * traditional nativity scene Includes a fold-out background of the stable scene * and manger Something for all the family, from beginners to * experienced knitters

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Coming Soon ccc Popular Science

Specification x 195mm x 145mm 128 pages

250 pictures full colour throughout hardback

How Many Mountains in a Molehill August 2010 If we were to tell you that a blue whale weighs 170 tonnes, you would know that it’s a lot bigger than your average fish. But does the number really convey its size? If, instead, we were to say that the whale’s tongue weighs the same as a single African elephant, then you might grasp its magnitude. This book reveals the world through visual equivalents – so that size, speed and mass make instant sense. Marcus Weeks has contributed to many encyclopedic titles and is an avid collector of dictionaries and compiler of crosswords.

ISBN: 978-1-907332-26-5 xxxxxxx £x.00 £9.99

H w Many measurIng


MoleHills n In


* Reveals what you don’t know in terms of what you do Visually tackles subjects such as length, volume, mass, * time, distance, energy and speed Find out how many kittens you would need to pull * over one sumo wrestler and how many microwave ovens

WhaT YOu DOn’T



Mountain? m











it would take to generate the same power as the Sun

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Coming Soon ccc Humour

Specification x 190mm x 150mm 400 pages

350 pictures full colour throughout paperback

ISBN: 978-1-907332-31-9 xxxxxxx £x.00 £9.99

Darkside Zodiac August 2010 Before you buy, look at the title on the cover. What does it say? Darkside. There are no jolly Brightside platitudes, because there is enough of that kind of thing in the world and every silver lining must have its cloud. Anybody who is but a fragile blossom on life’s maelstrom had better put the book down now! Turn to the Darkside Zodiac any time you’re feeling dark or when your partner, friends, co-workers, kids, boss or anyone else annoys you. Stella Hyde has always felt that zodiac groupies get off too lightly. She thinks everyone should confront their evil twin. Hyde is a grudge-bearing Cancerian who resides in England.

Hilarious exposé of the less-nice aspects of * astrological destiny Find out why Geminis rate a huge A++ on the Bitch * Rating scale, and why Taureans will always get a date Each zodiac sign is beautifully illustrated with both * photographs and illustrations


sex 3 hard, fast, competitive

Sex is just another extreme sport as far

You have to do it harder, faster, longer,

as you are concerned, and you don’t like

and quicker than anybody else, and

to waste time; foreplay is for wimps. You

of course you always have to come

are strictly a notches-on-the-bedpost

first. (You silently count your partner’s

kinda guy (or girl), so you like to

orgasms just to make sure you are

multitask sometimes. Your Little Black

not being outclassed.)

Book is almost ready to be cataloged by the Library of Congress. You always need

DARKSIDE DATE Not getting a date is not an option. You are a stranger to low self-esteem. You are so insensitive and persistent that people usually give in and accept, just for a quiet life. Mind you, then the game is half over for you; what you like best about dating is the chase.

You are oppressively ardent and romantic, forever sending vulgar bouquets or organizing platoons of troubadours to warble all night long under your love object’s window, even after the noise police have been summoned. Your ideal date, achieved after much enjoyable

hunting, is with a gorgeous socialite who is way out of your league, so that you can show off in front of your rivals. This glittering prize must not criticize anything you do, or look at another person in your presence, but when you are bored, they can leave.

The worst. It’s the winning, you see; the fighting off of all rivals, or defeating

had, ever; you don’t bother to do the

overwhelming odds (you are in Hawaii,

social math that proves this is impossible

they are in Alaska; they are Amish, you

without virginity becoming a renewable

are a Texas Ranger, etc.); once you’ve got

resource. Your affairs burn with a gemlike

the prize, it’s no longer what you want.

flame for, oh, several days, during which


What kind of love rat are you?

to be told that you are the first (and, naturally, best) lover that your partner’s

abandoning the poor sap who believed you when you said you’d slash your wrists

out for a comfort break. Lust does not,

with a rusty blade if they did not come

however, quench your competitive spirit.

with you to be your love.

64 how bad could it get?

q 27

So what sort of criminal would you be, if

the getaway vehicle keys, or even the

sociopathy became the new world order?

vehicle itself. Your short fuse and physical

How would you spend your days (or

which is fine by you, but you report only

Darkside? Well, you are the zodiac’s tough

to Mr. Big. You are far too impatient for

dude, and you’re not telling me that in your

cerebral stuff like fraud, but safe-blowing

younger days you weren’t pretty darned

might be alluring. not as such. It’s just that you just can’t

for instance. Threatening behavior. Assualt

stand being told what to do. So you do

And after you had paid society’s price



Many a Mr. Big relies on your notorious Irritable Thug Syndrome when clients get out of order; but you can get overenthusiastic and end up, quite unintentionally, on a manslaughter charge. Doh!

Burn, baby, burn! Herostratus is your role model: he was the tenth-rate architect who burned down the Temple of Artemis squillions of years ago, just so that people would remember his name. That’s not crime; that’s art.

It’s not that you disrespect the law,

scene of various juvenile crimes. Ramraiding, and battery. Burglary. WHEN RAMS GO WRONG

strength make you a useful bit of muscle,

maybe your nights) if you really lived on the

lucky not to be caught red-handed at the

Aries crimes nearly always get spectacular media coverage, mostly because you almost always get caught (unless you’re working with Scorpio). What did I tell you about attention to detail and keeping quiet? And do you listen? However, there are a couple of little jobs…

crimes and misdemeanors

You wander off to find a new challenge,

time you are extravagantly possessive and jealous every time your prey steps

for your infant crime spree, you would

as you like. Then you end up before the judge, where you can’t stand being told what to do, again, and get extra time for

be well connected enough to set up a

contempt of court. And when you can no

gang of your own. Mind you, this might be

longer get bail and are locked up, you

a bit of a disaster, as you lack the cool

may find it’s not so bad. You love a

brain and meticulous planning gene that

challenge, and pretty soon you will be the

typifies a criminal mastermind; your big

leading light of the escape committee,

heist would go wrong because you lost

going over the wall at regular intervals.


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Coming Soon ccc Humour

Specification x 165mm x 115mm 160 pages

85 pictures full colour throughout hardback with diploma

ISBN: 978-1-907332-25-8 xxxxxxx £x.00 £7.99

How to Win Fiends and Influence People August 2010 Nicholas D. Satan was just another angel until he quit the firm – the firm Ament, that is – and got down to running a business. This book is a take-no-prisoners management and manipulation manual for the home and the office. Satan offers practical advice based on the Seven Deadly Sins, to acquiring the diabolic habits required for dominance in life and in the workplace. Lord Satan is the author of The Devil’s Diaries. He lives with his wife, children, and some goats in the quieter circle of Hell.

* Includes a fold-out demonic diploma A master’s guide to freeing yourself from restrictive * ethics ‘Inspirational, uplifting, and informative, this is the * book we’ve all been waiting for’ – Marquis Donatien de Sade

Principle vi

THE FROSTING ON THE CAKE Some of the worst of the self-help manuals—you know, the ones that give pious advice about leading a good life and virtue being its own reward, that kind of bullshit—put a deal of emphasis on job satisfaction, and I have to admit, they’ve got a point. But not the way they have it. I don’t mean basking smugly in the glow of a job well done. No, Greed brings its own rewards too, but in ways that are sometimes overlooked. The successfully Greedy person is, of course, materially better off and can enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle but, more than that, he or she can get an inordinate amount of pleasure from simply knowing they’re better off. Especially if they got there at someone else’s expense. Don’t underestimate the joy of Schadenfreude, the delight in seeing others not getting what you’ve got is “wunderbar”!


It’s a win–win situation—the better you’re doing, the better you feel about it; and when you feel good, you do better. More than that, the satisfaction you’re getting from wealth and success does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem, which in turn not only promotes even greater success, but also makes you a more attractive person. You’ll be in demand in a way that no loser could even dream about, and in no time will have a host of fiendish acolytes. This domino effect snowballs, and before you know it will have mushroomed into a situation where you can’t go wrong.

Principle i

GREED IS GOOD, GLUTTONY IS BETTER Once we can overcome our prejudices against Greed and accept it as an indispensable motivating force, we can begin to adopt strategies to utilize it. I value it so highly that I’ve appointed my most trusted demon of greed, Mammon, to oversee its operations in my own organization. Hunger—not just for food, but 35 also for material wealth, luxury, and dominance in social hierarchies—is a natural instinct. It is the need to satisfy that hunger that drives us to achieve. A greater appetite will thus lead to greater achievement, and going beyond merely satisfying that hunger (i.e., being greedy) will lead to even greater success. Now, when did you last hear of someone overachieving? Right, never. There’s no such thing as overachievement! But few people realize that it’s likewise impossible to want too much. Therefore greed is good—and gluttony is even better. It stands to reason.

CASE STUDY: IVAN BOESKY AND MICHAEL MILKEN Boesky, the “Great White Shark of Wall Street” is the guy who first came right out and said “Greed is good” at an address to the Berkeley Business School, and so became the inspiration for Gordon Gekko in the film “Wall Street,” despite ending up in jail for insider trading six months after his famous speech.

Loser :-(

In a futile attempt at plea bargaining, he informed on his friend Milken, the “Junk-Bond King,” who also ended up serving time for fraud and racketeering. Unlike Boesky (who disappeared from the scene—but I’ve still got his number), Milken didn’t let that get in the way of his success: after serving a couple of years it was business as usual, and his net worth today is in excess of $2 billion.


Of course, most of the time, there’s only so much to go around, so somebody’s got to lose out somewhere along the line. But it won’t be the greediest. Oh no—he’s more likely to be the top dog, and the thrifty guy with modest needs and expectations is going to be at the bottom of the heap. To paraphrase Karl Marx (who got it nearly right):

“From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.” 16

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Keep that gr you have eed coming on, ev se per se is no tbacks. Oh, and en if sn sure you t a bad thing—on itching benefit fr ly make om it.


boy !!! That’s my

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Coming Soon ccc Humour

Specification x 166mm x 136mm 144 pages

300 pictures full colour throughout paperback

ISBN: 978-1-905695-07-2 xxxxxxx £x.00 £4.99

Hotel Hobbies September 2010

Best Seller



Marcus Weeks restores musical instruments and works as a writer, which is how his time is mostly occupied these days – except, of course, when something new comes along.


Marcus Weeks

ingly expensive cable bill or getting arrested can be found in this book. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations guide you through an array of arts and crafts, rituals and recipes, games and pastimes. All you need are the items found in your hotel room, some creative thinking, and plenty of time to kill.

Hotel Hobbies

You are in a hotel on your own. How do you pass the time? Hotel Hobbies brings together the experience of conference connoisseurs and hotel veterans to create 50 blameless ways to occupy you, using only the items found in any hotel room. From the art of towel origami to the adrenalin whoosh of ensuite Buy for the international executive in Don’tfree-running. enDure anotHer boring Hotel stay it again! Everything you need to know to keep yourself your life – even if that person is you. amused without running up an embarrass-

Hobbies 50 things

50innovativeideasforturningyourhotelroom intoahotbedofactivity


 Projectsincludeminibarmixology, soapscrimshaw,toilettennis,andtowelorigami

that won’t get you arrested

Marcus Weeks

* 50 innovative ideas for turning your hotel room into * a hotbed of activity Don’t endure one more boring hotel stay again!

Price: £4.99

New Edition

m a k er s of beau t iful book s


23/03/2010 11:52


Projects include minibar mixology, soap scrimshaw, toilet tennis and towel origami

HOTEL HOBBIES | Arts & Crafts

DEAD FINGERS TALK Collect together as many different pieces of text as you can lay your hands on, and lay out a few sheets of hotel stationery as your base. Sit quietly and try to clear your mind of all rational thoughts.


If you’re a fan of William Burroughs or John Cage, you’ll love this sort of artless art. The basic philosophy is to create something unintentionally: you just do the drudgery, and luck will provide the aesthetic content. Taking mundane sources such as local guides, in-house magazines, and yesterday’s newspaper, you can

NAKED TEAPOT Cut random words and phrases from your texts and store them in a clean, dry coffee- or teapot. Give this a thorough shake, and pull out cuttings one by one, sticking them neatly onto the paper in the order they come— don’t be tempted to read them at this stage! Continue until HOTEL HOBBIES | Edible Pleasures you’ve run out of words, paper, or patience. Now try reading the result. Weird, huh?

deconstruct the texts and imbue them with new meaning by reassembling them randomly on the page. Depending on your point of view, the result could be great literature, inspired nonsense, or total garbage, but with a bit of luck you’ll find some kind of bizarre logic in there somewhere. Warning| The creator of this form of literature was notoriously inspired by his use of illicit substances, a practice we cannot condone. Neither can we recommend hitting the minibar to achieve that truly haphazard result, as you may wake up not only hungover but with random words and phrases stuck on various parts of your body, the bed, etc.


Here is a selection of delicious cocktails. See if you can guess which ones we made up.

Minibar Cocktails

MANHATTAN 11⁄2 oz. whiskey or bourbon, ⁄4 oz. sweet vermouth, dash



See how many different, very tiny cocktails you can make using only the contents of the minibar. Make a Manhattan first (see recipe, opposite) to get the juices flowing, then make as many offthe-wall drinks as you can think of. Try and remember to write down the recipe each time (before you drink it), then grade it on a scale of one to ten. Put the list somewhere safe. That way, when you play this game again, you will not duplicate your hangover. Whoever makes the widest variety of cocktails out of one minibar is the winner. You won’t remember that you’re playing solo.




I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 7

Some suggestions to get you going . . . You could certainly attain a Screwdriver, and although there’s usually only one kind of rum and no brandy in your average minibar, you could attempt a sort of half-Zombie—more of a Heavy Sleeper, really. But it’s more fun to make it up as you go along. Don’t forget to think outside the minibar, and be fearless about adding new and unusual ingredients to the mix. These will get more innovative and exciting as the evening wears on, but you may not notice.

of bitters (if available) Build in a rocks glass, or stir over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry. NEXT TIME, I’LL EAT THE CHOCOLATE Your complimentary chocolate (left on pillow by bed-making operatives) cut up small (use your nail file), 2 oz. Baileys, I oz. rum, ice Put the chocolate shards in a long glass with the Baileys. Cover with a coaster and shake hard. In another glass, pour rum over crushed ice, then slowly add Baileys mixture. Stir. BRITISH ICED TEA Ice, tea bag, any alcohol you have left, club soda Put ice in glass, drape tea bag over it. Add alcohol and club soda. Leave to infuse for 40 minutes, or until dark brown. Remove tea bag (save for eye pad in the morning). Sip.

SCREWDRIVER 11⁄4 oz. vodka, orange juice Serve over ice in highball glass or coffee mug. MINT DESPERADO Spoonful or cube of sugar, 2 oz. whiskey, squeeze of toothpaste Put sugar in glass, add whiskey. Squeeze in toothpaste to taste. Stir slightly. Drink. This is good as a nightcap: it automatically cleans your teeth for you. ADHD Energy drink, red wine, cola, half-glass of sugar Shake ingredients together and drink in one slurp. Now try En Suite Free Running (see page 74). ZOMBIE 2 oz. light rum, 1 oz. dark rum, 1 oz. apricot brandy, splash simple syrup, pineapple juice, and 151% rum Blend first two rums, brandy, simple syrup, and pineapple juice with ice. Pour into collins or hurricane glass. Float the 151% rum on top.

continued on page 38


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Coming Soon ccc Humour

Specification x 166mm x 136mm 144 pages

300 pictures full colour throughout paperback

Office Pastimes September 2010

ISBN: 978-1-905695-12-6 xxxxxxx £x.00 £4.99

Best Seller

New Edition

Most of us have to provide our own entertainment in the office, snatching fun from fun-free zones. Let Office Pastimes inspire you with its selection of 50 ingenious ideas for career-boosting crafts, off(ice) Broadway musicals and watercooler sports. Make your downtime your uptime, and never use the word ‘boredom’ in the office again. Marcus Weeks restores musical instruments and works as a writer, which is how his time is mostly occupied these days – except, of course, when something new comes along.

* Don’t endure one more boring day in the office! 50 ingenious ideas for career-boosting crafts, games, * challenges, sports and pastimes Projects include bulldog-clip art, a cubicle makeover, * office free-running and sticky-note pranks

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Coming Soon Humour ccc

Specification 165mm x x 115mm 160 pages

200 pictures ISBN: xxxxxxx ISBN: 978-1-907332-24-1 full colour throughout £x.00 £7.99 hardback with Santa flight-plan

You might think it’s a piece of cake, but being Santa is a 24/7, 365-day-a-year job. It has its downsides: I eat too many sugary snacks; it’s difficult to track down all the presents that children want; the reindeer need constant positive reinforcement training, and the sleigh is always in the maintenance unit. So, why do I do what I do? Because I love the challenge, and nothing makes me more jolly than knowing that the world’s children will wake up on Christmas Day to a little bit of magic.

Santa’s Diaries August 2010



Team Tannenbaum is a dynamic, high-concept image consultancy; Santa’s Diaries are part of its relaunch of a muchloved household brand.

* The first unexpurgated edition of Santa’s candid diary * Discover the man behind the beard, in his own words * Features a facsimile pull-out of Santa’s flight path ‘Includes some very useful tips on sleigh-team * management’ – The Reindeer Observer


A Year of Mayhem, Merriment, and Miracles at the North Pole Nicholas F. Christmas delivered by

J.M. & V.C. Tannenbaum


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Coming Soon Pets ccc

Specification 185mm x x 115mm 96 pages

50 pictures one colour throughout plcj with ribbon marker

ISBN: xxxxxxx ISBN: 978-1-907332-29-6 £x.00 £ 8.99

Trott’s Porcine Miscellany August 2010 There is something compulsive about pigs. We use them as metaphors to describe personalities ranging from the stubborn to the gluttonous, and emotions stretching from happiness to sickness. The pig occupies our dinner plate, our farmyard, our imagination and our literature. Trott’s Porcine Miscellany is a celebration of the pervasive pig, created entirely for pigs, pig lovers and the pig-headed. The result is an irresistible outpouring of porcine facts, embracing the essential, the trivial, the intriguing and the extraordinary.


Mike Darton is a writer and editor with a passion for words, a love of animals and a fascination with animal-related words and phrases.

* An eccentric dip-in collection of porcine facts Discover reasons why there is an absence of pigs in * the constellations, and why we ‘sweat like a pig’ Follows two successfully published miscellanies * by Ivy Press: Spott’s Canine Miscellany and Socks’


Feline Miscellany

Trott’s Porcine Misc e l l a n y

T r o t t ’ s P o r cine Miscellany



I t w a s i n t h e m i d -1960s that viewers of US TV police crime-anddetection series might have been (at least initially) shocked to hear the police being called not just ‘the cops’ but ‘the pigs’. ‘Pig’, after all, is in quite a few languages (including French and German) a term of abuse, but this usage was perhaps more carefully casual than abusive, although it must still have been resented by the police officers of the time. Yet ‘pig’ as a term for a law officer is far older than the 1960s. In fact, the earliest printed record of the term in that usage dates from 1811, apparently in London, England, in relation to a Bow Street Runner.

The healthy pig is active and alert, and appears highly interested in life. It eats well and consistently, it has a sleek haircoat, and its tail is tightly curled. Its body temperature is 39.2ºC (102.5ºF). There are many visible signs that a pig is, conversely, feeling under the weather. Apart from not eating well, a rough haircoat and listlessness, there may be symptoms such as diarrhoea, coughing, and/or an unwillingness to move. On the occurrence of any combination of these signs, the pig’s temperature should be taken. If it is two degrees or more above normal, a vet should be called. These days, most common pig disorders and ailments can be successfully treated and cured with the appropriate medication – if the treatment begins early enough.


 The Hog’s Back – part of the

North Downs, Surrey, southeastern England, between Farnham and Guildford.  The Hog’s Back Falls (officially but rarely called the Prince of Wales Falls) – a cascade of artificial rapids on the Rideau River in Ottawa, Canada, just north of where the Rideau Canal splits off.  Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa – a scenic tourist village and nature reserve near three prominent mountain ridges said to resemble bristles on a hog’s back.

 The Hogsback – a precipitous

section of mountain road in southern Utah, USA (between Calf Creek and Boulder).  Hogs Back – a promontory on the isle of Sark, in the Channel Islands, off northern France, which can be reached by a narrow causeway with precipitous cliff sides.  Hogsback – name of a steep climb on the south side of Mt Hood, Washington State, USA, not far from Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier.  Hogs Back – a virtual reality for MechWarrior4: Vengeance games.



he movie Babe – of which ‘A little pig goes a long way’ is the subtitle – was made in 1995 primarily in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia, and features the story of a young pig who wishes to be a sheepdog. A combination of real and animatronic pigs and border collies, together with award-winning visual effects particularly for the dialogue, give a startlingly ‘realistic’ presentation. The movie was released on video in 1996 and on DVD in 1999. By 2001 it was also possible to buy on DVD the 1998 movie sequel, Babe: Pig in the City (subtitle: ‘In the heart of the city, a pig with heart’). –12–

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 10

THE PIG & THE PIBROCH ‘I understand the inventor of the bagpipes was inspired when he saw a man carrying an indignant, asthmatic pig under his arm. Unfortunately, the manmade sound never equalled the purity of the sound achieved by the pig.’ Alfred Hitchcock (1899–1980), film director

THE GOLD-BRISTLED BOAR In Norse mythology, Gullinbursti (‘the gold-bristled’) was a boar that had been magically forged in the furnace of the dwarf brothers Brokkr and Sindri (also known as Eitri). They had been set a wager by the god Loki that they could not fashion anything so marvellous as the three items he had purloined from the chief god Odin (a spear), the great goddess Freya (a ship) and the giantess Sif (her golden hair). The forging took much time and effort, as detailed in the Prose Edda, but the finished creation was indeed marvellous. What was so special about Gullinbursti was not just – as Brokkr boasted – that the boar could travel through air and water better than any horse, but that the bristles in its golden mane glowed with light that lit up the trees on the earth, the sky above and the sea away below. In one version of the story, Brokkr gave Gullinbursti to Freya’s brother Frey, who used the boar as one of two that pulled his divine chariot. But in another version it was Freya herself who received the boar and was able to travel on its back from her own hall of half of the glorious slain to Odin’s hall of the other half of the glorious slain (Valhalla), using the light emanating from its mane to penetrate the darkness on the way. –13–

Trott’s Porcine Miscellany

Trott’s P o r c i n e M i s c e l l a n y



In modern astronomical catalogues and charts there are no constellations at all named after any of the family Suidae. This is another unusual feature of the uniquely individual pig, for most mammalian forms are represented in the night sky in one form or another. The situation is similar with the names of individual stars. However, because many star names derive from Arabic, this piece of pig trivia may not be quite so surprising since the Arabs (like most Semitic peoples) regard the pig as an animal generally unworthy of special attention. But away from Arabic influences, pigs were not always left out in the cold, astronomically. The two known pigs in the heavens are: j the star cluster called the Hyades (in the constellation Taurus), which rural folk in Italy during ancient Roman times called Suculae, ‘the piglets’ j the constellation Orion, which the Anglo-Saxons seem to have given the alternative epithet of ‘the boar-throng’.

T h e l a r g e s t p i g in recorded history would seem to have been ‘Bill’, owned by Burford Butler of Jackson, Tennessee. In 1933, Bill weighed a massive 2,552 pounds (1,157.59 kg), was 9 feet (2.47 m) long, and with his belly dragging along the ground – he was physically unable to move otherwise – was 5 feet (1.5 m) tall. More recently, a pig reared in China was officially measured at 1,980 pounds (898.1 kg), 8 foot 3 inches (2.51 m) long with a girth just less, and tusks 5¾ inches (14.6 cm) in length. Chinese statisticians (not to mention politicians) were hopeful that all records would be beaten – when in 2007 the pig suffered heart failure through lack of exercise, and expired on the spot.


and to a child when it cries, ‘Give to a pig when it grunts and a bad child.’ and you will have a fine pig Danish proverb



THE PIGS’ FOUNTAIN T h e c i t y o f A a r h u s (Århus), Denmark, prides itself on being the cultural capital of Jutland, a shining example of the nation’s heritage. At the foot of the tall building that is the City Hall, in the main City Square, is a fountain known as Grisebrønden, ‘the pigs’ fountain’, which features a multiplicity of jets of water spurting

in many directions. The basic sculpture of the fountain is a contented, if somewhat unusually sharp-nosed, sow with a number of piglets in close attendance. The ensemble is brightly described in tourist literature as ‘drooling and peeing’. Enough said. But it is nothing like The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

icro pigs are bred from miniature pot-bellied pigs crossed with Tamworths, Kune Kunes and Gloucester Old Spots. They are tiny but perfectly formed pigs that in two years from birth are fully grown yet only some 13 inches (33 centimetres) tall and a maximum of 65 pounds (29.5 kilograms, 4 stone) in weight. Advertised as ‘fantastic pets ... low-maintenance ... easy to toilet-train ... very loving’, they have since the mid-1980s become popular as house pets for the wealthy youth of North America and northern Europe. But there are some severe drawbacks to having a micro pig as a house pet, as outlined by more than one expert on pig husbandry. Pigs are essentially outdoor animals and may become aggressive and destructive when kept indoors, biting their owners and wreaking havoc with furniture and curtains. Moreover, in most countries they are classified as herd farm animals and must be registered and licensed as such, which further involves the continual keeping of records on medical health and treatment, on feeding regimes (with schedule and quantities), and on any changes of location.

Over the last 50 years, the accidental (or deliberate) release of domestic pigs into areas and environments where they constitute an alien species has caused considerable local disruption. The pigs’ omnivorous diet, their aggressive behaviour in unfamiliar surroundings, and the way they rootle with their snouts in and on the ground may all together overturn an intricately balanced ecosystem that has no residual defences. Pigs may eat small animals that do not know to see them coming, and they may destroy the ground-level nests or scrapes of birds that are accustomed to quite different forms of predator. The Invasive Species Specialist Group, a commission run under the auspices of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, includes feral pigs on the list of the world’s 100 worst invasive species. Feral pigs have become a real menace in North and South America, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.




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Coming Soon ccc Pets

Specification x 210mm x 185mm 80 pages

180 pictures full colour throughout paperback


Alison Jenkins

Wacky Doggy Knits shows you how to create 10 outfits to indulge your dog’s every mood, whether their yen is for a cool sailor top, a superhero suit or a chic designer jacket. The patterns are easy to follow, so even if you’ve never picked up a pair of needles before, you’re sure to get a neat result. Clear, flexible sizing within each pattern means that whether your best friend is a tiny terrier or a Great Dane, the outfit will be perfect. Alison Jenkins trained in fashion design before turning to a successful career in styling. She has many craft books to her name including Wacky Baby Knits and Jurassic Towel Origami.



Wacky Doggy Knits August 2010

ISBN: 978-1-907332-30-2 xxxxxxx £x.00 £7.99

Alison Jenkins

* 10 patterns, from cuddly buzzy bee to a salty sea dog A Knitting Basics section with clear, illustrated step-by* step guidance * Pattern sizes adapted to all breeds Colour photos presenting a line-up of adorable * furry supermodels Superhero THE SKY’S THE LIMIT “Is it a bird, is it a plane?—no it’s Superdog!” He can leap tall buildings in a single bound too! This is an outfit where you can really ring the changes: the basic caped shape can be given a completely different character simply by changing the color combinations. Choose your favorite superhero and adjust the color scheme to match. For added “superhero-ness” you could add an eyemask, too. “Up, up, and away!”

YOU WILL NEED pair of US size 6 (4 mm) needles pair of US size 4 (3.5 mm) needles 4 [6:8] x 11/2 oz (50 g) balls of DK yarn in color A (sky blue) 2 [3:4] x 11/2 oz (50 g) balls of DK yarn in color B (red) 1 [1:1] x 11/2 oz (50 g) balls of DK yarn in color C (yellow)



stitch holder tape measure

Knitting up

safety pins bodkin scissors glass-headed pins


Change to US size 15 (10 mm) needles. Cont in k1 p1 rib until wrk meas 51/2

Pin the outer edge of each shoulder

Hooded vest is worked in k1 p1 rib throughout.

[8:101/2] in (14 [20:26] cm) from

seam to the marker on the back

cast-on edge.

armhole/shoulder edge. Join neckband


and shoulder seams.

9 sts and 12 rows measured over a 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm) square of stocking stitch 38

worked on US size 15 (10 mm) needles.

Am I feeling frivolous enough for vivid contrast colors—or should I go for a subtle look?

Using US size 101/2 (6.5–7.5 mm)

Bind off 1 [1:1] st at beg of next row,

needles and col A, pick up 30 [40:50] sts

wrk to end, then dec 1 st at same end

around the armhole edge.

of next then ev foll 0 [2:2] rows 0 [1:2]

K 3 rows then wrk k1 p1 rib for 3 rows.

Using US size 10 /2 (6.5–7.5 mm)

or short lengths of yarn to indicate how

times. 8 [12:16] sts rem.

Bind off.

needles and col A, cast on 26

far to stitch the front shoulder along

Cont until wrk meas 11 [16: 201/2] in

Work other armhole band in same way.

[36:46] sts.

the back armhole edge.

(28 [40:52] cm) from cast-on edge,


meas 1 /2 in (4 cm). 1


Change to US size 15 (10 mm) needles.

Cont working k1 p1 rib on remaining


Cont in k1 p1 rib until wrk meas

sts at back neck, until wrk meas 22

Bind off 2 sts at beg of next row and

51/2 [8:101/2] in (14 [20:26] cm) from

[291/2 :381/2] in (55 [75:98] cm) from

at same end of ev alt row 3 [4:5}

cast-on edge.

the cast-on edge.

more times.

Bind off all sts.

Break off the yarn and draw it through the last st to finish.

Bind off 1 [1:1] st at beg of next 2 rows,


Work right front in the same way

dec 1 st at both ends of next, then ev

Using US size 6 (4 mm) needles

reversing all shapings.

foll 0 [2:2] rows 0 [1:2] times.

and col B, cast on 78 [110:140] sts.

24 [32:40] sts rem.

Cont in st st until wrk meas 22


Cont until wrk meas 11 [16:201/2 ] in

[291/2 :381/2 ] in (55 [75:98] cm)

(28 [40:52] cm) from cast-on edge,

from cast-on edge.

Using a US size 101/2 (6.5–7.5 mm)

ending after a ws row.

Bind off all sts.

circular needle and col A, pick up and

Mark both ends of this row with safety pins or short lengths of yarn to indicate the beginning of the hood section.

A bit chilly outdoors today. Will somebody help me put my hood up?

ending after a ws row.


I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 11


Mark these two points with safety pins


K 3 rows then wrk k1 p1 rib until wrk



(See page 11 for general abbreviations.)

Work with rs of all pieces facing.

knit 52 [70:88] sts along the right front


edge up to the hood seam. Pick up the

Using US size 101/2 (6.5–7.5 mm)

same number of sts from the hood

needles and col A, cast on 9 [13:17] sts.

seam down the left front edge.

Measure 23/4 [4:5] in (7 [10:13] cm)

K 3 rows then wrk k1 p1 rib until wrk

Wrk k1 p1 rib for 4 rows, then k 3 rows.

down each side from top of work.

meas 1 /2 in (4 cm).

Bind off.



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Coming Soon Mind, Body & Spirit

Specification 215mm x 150mm 160 pages

190 pictures full colour throughout hardback

ISBN: 978-1-907332-37-1 £9.99

Crystal Prosperity July 2010

facilitator and

Judy Hall is the author of over 30 books, including * The Crystal Bible The Crystal Bible has sold over one million copies and * is the best-selling crystal book in the UK Offers a fresh take on what prosperity actually is, and * how crystals can help generate and attract it

C r y s ta l P r o s P e r i ty

Judy Hall

• Beautifully illustrated, with comprehensive profiles of the major and minor prosperity crystals Judy• Hall is an internationally known crystal Includes practical visualizations, affirmations, rituals authorprosperity who lives in and thediagrams UK. • Offers personal insight into the issues affecting your potential for wealth and success

Crystal ProsPerity

Discover how to bring prosperity

abundance into your Today, and everyone worries about moneylife and it’s hard to know how to attract more money into our lives. Maybe we took up Wouldordering’ you like to discover inner sense of security only to find it hasn’t ‘cosmic withangreat enthusiasm that is not dependent on outer circumstances? What if yet delivered. Wouldn’t it allbekinds beneficial to find an inner sense you could attract abundance of into your life? Crystal Prosperity shows you how. It reveals the elements, of security that is not dependent on outer circumstances? in addition to money, that can enrich you: skills, talents, Crystal Prosperity showsbalance. how Ittoshows attract abundance of all kinds relationships, and time-work how crystals can help you make, and enhance, your own fortune, into one’s life and includes visualizations, affirmations, rituals replacing energy-sapping emotions such as fear and worry and with layouts. profiles the majorand and minor crystals, all selected positiveItfeelings of self-confidence self-esteem. to help you to make, and enhance, your fortune.

Create abundance in all areas of your life

Judy Hall


LH-CRCP-LvCvr-PLC-AUZ.indd 1

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Coming Soon Health, Family & Lifestyle

Specification 220mm x 180mm 160 pages

50 pictures two colour throughout hardback

The Joy of Mindful Sex is a journey into deeper intimacy and greater spirituality in our sexual life. Based on the simple wisdom of mindfulness practices, the book shows how a joyful and attentive participation in the present moment can help us attain a more vibrant and delightful relationship with our sexuality, our partner and ourselves. The book draws on spiritual traditions, such as tantra, and shows how to combine values, awareness, fun and pleasure for a truly satisfying experience. Claudia Blake has authored two fiction titles, as well as several popular culture titles published under different pen names.

Brings mindfulness and sexuality together to help * lovers attain greater emotional and sexual harmony

* * Helps couples build trust and deepen communication * Illustrated with sensual photographs

The Joy of Mindful Sex July 2010

ISBN: 978-1-907332-36-4 ÂŁ12.99


JOY of


S EX Be in the moment & enrich your lovemaking


Filled with exercises based on mindfulness techniques

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Coming Soon Lifestyle

Specification 200mm x 130mm 144 pages

one colour throughout flexibound £7.99

Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping October 2010

Mark Magill is a long-standing and avid beekeeper as well as a journalist, author and editor.

Combines practical information with lyrical prose and * meditative insights based on Buddhist practice

Mark Magill

Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping

As bee populations around the world decline, beekeeping is gaining in popularity, even in urban areas. Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping explores the remarkable roles bees play in keeping wildlife thriving and cultivated crops blooming, and offers practical information on beekeeping, while harvesting the environmental and spiritual lessons we can learn from the bees.

BEEKEEPING: ISBN: 978-1-907332-39-5 CHICKENS: ISBN: 978-1-907332-38-8

Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping The Way to Bee

Perfect for the surging interest in local, seasonal * produce and sustainable living Interest in bees and beekeeping is at an all-time * high due to media coverage of the worldwide decline

Mark Magill

in bee populations

Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens October 2010

Clea Edelblute lives in Colorado with her husband, two children, four sweet chickens and suburban organic garden. She is a Reiki master with a background in Acutonics Sound Healing, somatic psychology, and Expressive Arts Therapy.

Expert author who keeps chickens, gardens organically, * and practises an eclectic blend of Buddhism and earth-

Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens

Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens explores the entertaining, rewarding, and – yes – enlightening art of raising chickens in an urban backyard. It examines why keeping chickens has become so popular, as it addresses environmental issues, the locovore movement, and a shift in the way we want to live.

Clea Edelblute

Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens The Way of Hen

based spirituality

* Discusses the joys of starting out as a chicken owner Explains ways in which hen-keeping can be easily * fitted into a busy lifestyle. I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 14

Clea Edelblute

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Coming Soon Lifestyle

Specification 200mm x 130mm 144 pages

one colour throughout flexibound £7.99

Madonna Gauding is a freelance writer with a special interest in Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, and healing. She has authored numerous books on personal transformation.

Madonna Gauding

The Mindfulness Budget

Perfect for the current economic climate, this book will help readers use mindfulness techniques to improve their financial and emotional balance sheet. The reader will learn the basics of mindfulness, explore common beliefs about money, and set up and follow a ‘mindfulness budget.’ It includes guidelines for using mindful awareness to set healthy financial priorities and to avoid compulsive spending and excessive personal debt.

The Mindfulness Budget September 2010

BUDGET: ISBN: 978-1-907332-41-8 DIET: ISBN: 978-1-907332-40-1

The Mindfulness Budget Using Mindful Techniques to Improve Your Financial Health

Filled with practical tips and techniques, including * meditations and journal exercises

* Author blog site provides a built-in marketing platform First book to link mindfulness to solving personal * financial problems The Mindfulness Diet September 2010

Madonna Gauding is a freelance writer with a special interest in Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, and healing.

Madonna Gauding

The Mindfulness Diet

The Mindfulness Diet is a practical guide to using mindfulness to bring awareness and healing to one’s relationship with food. The reader will learn the basics of mindfulness, explore common beliefs about food, and set up and follow a ‘mindfulness diet’ that supports their emotional and physical health. The book encourages a gradual shift towards natural, locally grown, and organic foods, and is perfectly in line with today’s values.

Madonna Gauding

The Mindfulness Diet Using Mindful Techniques to Heal Your Relationship with Food

Filled with practical tips, techniques, meditations, * journal exercises, relaxation techniques and things to do Provides support for readers struggling with food * issues such as emotional eating, weight loss, nutrition First book to link the simple wisdom of mindfulness * to conscious and eco-aware eating

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 15

Madonna Gauding

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Who can resist the tantalising aroma and wonderful taste of a home-baked cake? The

Whether you call them cookies or biscuits, there is no doubt that these popular treats

depth of flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture is enough to tease the most disciplined

appeal to children and adults alike. They are simply delicious alongside a cup of freshly

members of your household. Try serving a slice of home-made cake to your visitors, or bake

brewed tea or coffee, or why not serve some home-made cookies as a grand finale to

a sumptuously rich cake as a grand finale to a dinner party.

a dinner party? They are just as ideal popped into a lunchbox or picnic, and also make excellent gifts for loved ones and friends.

Cakes is lavishly illustrated with beautiful full-colour photography, and offers:

Cookies is lavishly illustrated with beautiful full-colour photography, and offers:

• A tempting array of enticing recipes, from sticky gingerbread and a gorgeously rich

• A tempting array of enticing recipes, from Italian biscotti to the ever-popular children’s

chocolate fudge cake, to banana teabread and a delicious lemon drizzle cake.

favourite, peanut butter cookies.

• Clear, easy-to-follow steps.

• Clear, easy-to-follow steps.

• Practical tips on preparation, baking and decoration.

in England she was awarded The Nestlé Travel Scholarship in Switzerland, which gave her the opportunity to study food

and cookery in Europe. This set her on the road to travelling and, after graduating, she continued to travel widely in the search for innovative recipes.

and cookery in Europe. This set her on the road to travelling and, after graduating, she continued to travel widely in the search for innovative recipes.



25 mouthwatering recipes

Gina Steer

15/9/08 1:47:23 pm

Cupcakes are irresistible: these delicious little creations have all the tantalising aroma and

Muffins are incredibly easy to make and a delicious food for any occasion. Whether you

mouthwatering flavour of a home-baked cake, but in miniature. Their small size makes

are looking for the ideal breakfast muffin to provide a satisfying start to the day, a nutritious

them the ideal portable treat and they are wonderfully versatile. The best news of all is

muffin to pop into a lunchbox, or a tempting treat to serve to friends, you are bound to find

they are extremely simple to make.

the perfect recipe in this book.

Cupcakes is lavishly illustrated with beautiful full-colour photography, and offers:

Muffins is lavishly illustrated with beautiful full-colour photography, and offers:

• A tempting array of enticing recipes, from the popular toffee fudge cupcakes and

• A tempting array of enticing recipes, from those all-time classics blueberry muffins,

banoffee cupcakes, to children’s favourites such as little princess cupcakes.

• Practical tips on preparation, baking and decoration.

Gina Steer is a successful cookery writer with over 20 international titles to her name. She has also written for a number of consumer magazines and is currently the Cookery Editor of the UK’s largest women’s weekly magazine. Through her love of food and passionate belief that anyone who can read can cook, she has developed easy step-by-step recipes that

Stephanie Evans

• Clear, easy-to-follow steps.

• Practical tips on preparation, baking and decoration.


Stephanie Evans 15/9/08 1:28:30 pm

to popular treats for children such as sticky toffee muffins.

• Clear, easy-to-follow steps.

are geared for all levels of experience.



Cakes ISBN: 978-1-905695-71-3 Cookies ISBN: 978-1-905695-74-4 Cupcakes ISBN: 978-1-905695-72-0 Muffins ISBN: 978-1-905695-73-7 £6.99, Cookery


25 mouthwatering recipes

Gina Steer

Specification 220mm x 220mm 64 pages, 30 pictures full colour throughout hardback


Susanna Tee is the author of many cookery books covering a wide range of cuisines. While studying Home Economics in England she was awarded The Nestlé Travel Scholarship in Switzerland, which gave her the opportunity to study food



• Practical tips on preparation, baking and decoration.

Susanna Tee

Susanna Tee is the author of many cookery books covering a wide range of cuisines. While studying Home Economics

Susanna Tee

Susanna Tee

Home baking is on the rise, part of a nostalgia for days past, and a desire to cook with healthy ingredients. Today’s home baker seeks reliable recipes with beautiful photography and infallible instructions. This series showcases 25 delicious recipes in the most popular baking categories: cakes, cookies, cupcakes and muffins. Each title has advice on equipment, ingredients and decorating.


Susanna Tee




Home Baking


Stephanie Evans has managed to combine work with pleasure by editing and writing books and articles on food and wine for two decades. She has lived and worked in Paris, Normandy and Burgundy in France, and in London and Sussex in the UK where she currently resides. She has also worked as a chef’s assistant and private caterer.

25 mouthwatering recipes


muffins 25 mouthwatering recipes

16/9/08 9:31:35 am

13/9/08 1:17:21 pm

The Cupcake Book Cupcakes are an indulgent treat for a family occasion, or perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. The Cupcake Book has 25 exquisite recipes: classic – gingerbread and carrot cake; luscious – strawberry and lemon; and decadent – gooey brownies, chocolate cherry and white chocolate chip. Includes advice on equipment and decorating ideas plus stencil templates for a truly stylish finish.

Specification 220mm x 220mm 64 pages 80 pictures full colour throughout

hardback ISBN: 978-1-905695-63-8 £6.99 Cookery

The Cupcake Book & Baking Kit Cupcakes are the little darlings of the cake world. Tempting and delicious, they are presented here in a stylish giftpack. So why fritter your cash on an expensive cupcake bar when you can create your own unique and indulgent little mouthfuls using this kit?

Best Seller

Pack contains: icing kit, 12 icing templates, 24 baking cases.

Specification Book: 115mm x 115mm 64 pages 80 pictures full colour throughout

paperback Pack: 188mm x 172mm x 42mm ISBN: 978-1-905695-38-6 £9.99 inc VAT (£9.12 ex VAT) Cookery

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Scoop Ice cream is one of the simplest treats you can make, and an expensive ice-cream maker is not required. With the right recipes, a huge range of frozen delights is within your reach, using just a bowl, a whisk, a handful of ingredients, and the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Whether your taste is for a creamy vanilla or a lemon meringue ice cream, Scoop shows you how to make it.

Specification 180mm x 130mm 128pp 75 pictures two colour throughout

hardback ISBN: 978-1-905695-64-5 £9.99 Cookery

Crobots Crobots contains 20 original designs, each with his or her own character: from Babybot, just growing into his silver suit; to Geisha, with her downcast gaze and blushing demeanour; and Dogbot, the crobots’ best friend. These little dolls are only 8–10 cm high, all finished with a host of details, from switches and dials to improbably long eyelashes.

Specification 210mm x 185mm 96 pages 130 pictures full colour throughout

paperback ISBN: 978-1-907332-01-2 £7.99 Crafts & Activities

Balloon Engineer Balloon Engineer provides step-by-step guidance and all the materials needed to build 10 extraordinary balloon models of the world’s most magnificent sites. Puff up with pride as you erect, among others, the White House, the Rialto Bridge, and the Niagara Falls. Pack contains: balloons, an air pump and illustrated book.

Specification Book: 210mm x 185mm 80 pages 140 pictures full colour throughout

paperback Pack: 214mm x 188mm x 41mm ISBN: 978-1-905695-83-6 £9.99 inc VAT (£9.60 ex VAT) Crafts & Activities

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The Biggest Ever Book of Paper Planes Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the biggest book of paper planes ever made, the greatest origami air show on earth, the supersized collection of models from Vulcans to Stealth bombers. The Biggest Ever Book of Paper Planes is the jumbo of the paper plane world, with giant templates designed to supersize your passion, it contains everything you need. To enormity, and beyond!

Specification 420mm x 300mm 48 pages inclusive of 12 perforated templates 100 pictures

full colour throughout paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-84-3 £14.99 Crafts & Activities

The Biggest Ever Book of Origami THE BIGGEST EVER BOOK OF ORIGAMI



Nick Robinson

with 12 giant templates Nick Robinson

Of course origami is popular. It’s irresistible, it’s ingenious, it’s... so infuriatingly tricky and so damn small! The Biggest Ever Book of Origami changes all that: 12 pull-out templates with intricate designs for instant enormous models. It contains everything you need to create the mammoths and monsters of the origami world. If you think the book is impressive, wait until you see the models!

Specification 290mm x 300mm 48 pages inclusive of 24 perforated pages 100 pictures

full colour throughout paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-85-0 £14.99 Crafts & Activities

Desktop Table Tennis The most popular game on the planet. Yes, it’s true, more people play ping-pong than any other game. So when you’re away, take this desktop version with you and play it anywhere, any time. 

 Pack contains: two mini bats, one mini net, one mini ball and a games & rules book.

Specification Book:
110mm x 110mm 32 pages 30 pictures full colour throughout

concertina fold Pack: 184mm x 184mm x 46mm ISBN: 978-1-905695-09-6 £9.99 inc VAT (£8.83 ex VAT) Crafts & Activities

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25/03/2010 13:08

Hot on the heels of the little crochet creatures that are amigurumi come ‘felties’. Just as adorable, and probably even easier to make, they are crafted from felt rather than yarn. Felties offers you inspirational pictures and clear step-by-step instructions for creating 18 exquisite characters, including Polaroo the polar bear, Babushka the Russian doll, and the stylish Samurai cat.

ntiis ium and afghans amWith harisover n. xcerferum nutritional Bus a que alorie! gia verovi.

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-87-4 £7.99 Crafts & Activities

Nelly Pailloux

Gourmet Crochet


Gourmet Crochet



Nelly Pailloux

Specification 210mm x 185mm 80 pages 140 pictures full colour throughout

How to Make 18 Cute and Fuzzy Friends


Gourmet Crochet A yummy yarn cookbook

A smorgasbord of delicious crochet options, from sushi to dim sum and crudités to sandwiches

Offbeat and charming, Gourmet Crochet is an offshoot from the amigurumi craze: 20 bite-sized treats that only appear deliciously edible. None of them takes more than an hour or two to make, and each is clearly explained with easy-to-follow instructions for making up. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, there’s a chapter of treats to enjoy from the cutest cupcakes to a whole gateau.

Cute, quirky and uncannily realistic, these little pieces are fun to create – and make great gifts, too


Packed with time-friendly projects – whether you want a quick snack or a full meal, you can make the right pick to fit the time available

Specification 210mm x 185mm 80 pages 120 pictures full colour throughout


Paper Chess


Printed in China

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 19

full colour throughout paperback with chessboard flap ISBN: 978-1-905695-82-9 £14.99 Crafts & Activities

PaPeR cHeSS Create your own chess set with a detachable board and 2 full sets of punch-out pieces

Paper Chess is the per levels to the fascinating It has everything that yo an instruction book, a de paper templates for cons A guide to chess offe of the basic rules, coveri and special moves of eve using them to great effe and step-by-step diagram beautiful paper chess se With all the materials yo complete masterclass in

Kell BlacK

Specification 280mm x 280mm 80 pages inclusive of 64 pages perforated templates 500 pictures


Paper Chess celebrates the game of chess, while adding a brilliant move of its own. As well as all the rules and strategies, it contains Paper Chess is not merely a book, it’s a complete chess set! Press out the parts from everything you need to construct a set oftogether elegant chess pieces. the templates, glue them and add a coin to weigh down each piece. The result is a collectible set of stylish black and white chess pieces. Your board is contained in the book cover, and and strategiesand are all included. much fun to make as Each piece is designed to be weighted bythe rules a coin, theAsback it is to play, this book is the perfect introduction to the world’s greatest board game. cover of the book converts into a chess board. It is the perfect way to introduce the next generation to this timeless game.

paperback with flaps ISBN: 978-1-907332-02-9 £7.99 Crafts & Activities

Kell Black is Professor of in Tennessee. A veteran pa in the permanent collectio

Kell BlacK witH joHn SaundeRS

John Saunders is the ed the world’s oldest chess p represented Wales in inter

25/03/2010 13:08


Paper Yachts

PAPER YACHTS streamlined designs and water-resistant templates to make and sail

nic compton & nick robinson

Specification 220mm x 220mm 80 pages inclusive of 40 pages of templates 100 pictures


Loaded with gorgeous photos and a nautical introduction to four of the world’s most famous ocean races, Paper Yachts is more than origami; it’s big boat racing on a small scale. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations and 16 water-resistant templates in stunning livery enable the reader to create and sail paper miniature imitations of the most competitive racing yachts on the planet.

full colour throughout hardback ISBN: 978-1-905695-86-7 £14.99 Crafts & Activities

Nic comptoN & Nick RobiNsoN

Shadow Art Using only your hands and a torch, the game of casting shadow animals has an enduring charm. So, if modern party games seem soulless, bring out Shadow Art. Just an hour’s practice will have you demonstrating the roar of a lion and the snap of a crocodile; soon you’ll be putting on an entire show. Friends will become competitive and children will queue to learn how to create their favourites.

Specification 165mm x 137mm 288 pages 200 pictures two colour throughout

aBoUt tHe aUtHoR

PoPular science/hobby


Soda-Pop Rockets contains 20 easy-to-launch rockets to makeRockets from plastic bottles, old inner tubes, clothes hangers, and a few plumbing fixtures from a DIY store. Step-by-step instructions, full-colour illustrations and templates accompany each project, beginning with how to construct a reusable launch pad. Paul Jarvis is a full-time engineer and a trained pyrotechnician. Making soda-pop rockets allows him to combine both of these disciplines, with appealingly explosive results. With this book he hopes to show that the art of bottle rocketry needn’t be rocket science.

Move over diet coke and Mentos, the soda-pop bottle has gone ballistic! the rockets in this unique guide will fly up to 90 feet into the sky, propelled by water pressurized with a bicycle pump. after learning how to construct the basic model, you’ll discover new ways to modify and improve the designs with built-on fins, nose cones, cluster bases, and more. Designs include:

W A Long-Tailed Rocket using a bottle-andpipe combination W A Rocket with Nose Cone and Parachute that will return it safely to earth W A Rocket Car for low-altitude missions

soda-PoP Rockets

Soda-Pop Rockets

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-45-4 £7.99 Crafts & Activities


Rockets 20 sensational projects to make from plastic bottles

W A long-bodied Five-Bottle Rocket W A Water-Cooler Rocket of gigantic proportions W And much more!

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 20

paperback with flaps ISBN: 978-1-907332-05-0 £7.99 Crafts & Activities

Paul Jarvis

Specification 195mm x 145mm 112 pages 150 pictures full colour throughout

Soda-Pop Rocke easy-to-launch ro from discarded p inner tubes, cloth plumbing fixture store. Clear stepwith full-color illu accompany each how to construct If you’d like to rockets’ perform it even includes instructions on h build a clinomete measure their al and trajectories. don’t have to be rocket scientist t build these proje but who knows w career path you’ take after you do

Paul Jarvis

25/03/2010 13:08




paperback with flaps ISBN: 978-1-907332-04-3 £9.99 Crafts & Activities



jurassic t o w e l


Specification 225mm x 190mm 160 pages 220 pictures full colour throughout

m i

o r i g a m i


w take elebrate models, moth


The amazing machines in this book cover a range of skill levels. From a balloon-powered boat to a light-following robot, there are simple projects to make with children, complex ones to make on your own, and others that call for group effort. Step-by-step instructions ensure that whether you’re sawing wood or making a circuit board, every project goes off with a bang.



Things That Go Boom

towel origami

The craft that bath time forgot! Alison Jenkins

Jurassic Towel Origami The craft that bathtime forgot, Jurassic Towel Origami offers you the opportunity to indulge in a spot of prehistoric towel-folding. Amaze your houseguests and celebrate your ancestors by creating any one of 15 distinctive models, from a brontosaurus or a woolly mammoth to a soft-furnished Stonehenge. Night-time is the right time to discover your inner caveman or woman.

Specification 210mm x 185mm 80 pages 180 pictures full colour throughout

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-78-2 £7.99 Crafts & Activities

Origami Love Notes Origami has a long and cherished tradition as a means of sending love notes. The choice of the origami pattern and the design itself can symbolize a message: the selection of colour and shape both help to convey the true emotions of the writer. 

 Pack contains: instruction book, 40 sheets of paper, 20 envelopes.

Specification Book:
110mm x 110mm 48 pages 80 pictures full colour throughout

paperback Pack: 184mm x 184mm x 40mm ISBN: 978-1-905695-14-0 £9.99 inc VAT (£9.06 ex VAT) Crafts & Activities

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 21

25/03/2010 13:08


Towel Origami

Towel folding needs no special skills or equipment, other than a pile of fluffy towels (perhaps with a few buttons and an accessory or two), a little patience, and the ability to follow very simple instructions. In just a few steps you can create any one of 16 delightful animal models to adorn the foot of a bed or the shelf in your bathroom, for the pleasure and amusement of your family and house guests. You can choose from the following animals:

• • • • •

hardback ISBN: 978-1-905695-16-4 £7.99 Crafts & Activities

GI-SSFTR1-PLC.indd 1

Towel Origami Discover the Wonderful World of Towel Folding

Deanna Campbell

Specification 210mm x 185mm 80 pages 185 pictures full colour throughout

Penguin • Cat • Scorpion Crab • Mouse • Snake • Snail Rabbit • Whale • Crocodile Hippo • Donkey • Turtle Pig • Panda • Elephant

Towel Origami


Towel folding needs no special skills or equipment, other than Origami a pile of fluffy towels and the ability to follow simple instructions. In just a few steps, you can create any one of 16 delightful animal models to adorn the foot of a bed or the shelf in your bathroom, for the pleasure and amusement of your family and house guests. Towel Origami is the ideal guide to this fascinating art.

Deanna Campbell

19/11/08 10:39:27

Wacky Baby Knits Wacky Baby Knits has 20 fabulous designs to outfit any baby fashionista. Try the Elvis Hat with the Tiny Biker Jacket or the Ballet Top with Tulle Tutu. Monster Boots and Mitts are perfect for days when your little one seems more mischievous than angelic. With step-by-step instructions, these colourful projects will ensure your baby is the hippest, most wittily dressed child around!

Specification 204mm x 204mm 112 pages 50 pictures full colour throughout

paperback ISBN: 978-1-907332-03-6 £9.99 Crafts & Activities

How to Clean Absolutely Everything How to Clean Absolutely Everything reveals the secrets to keeping your home immaculate. Packed with advice on how to clean kitchen appliances, windows, carpets, clothes, bedding and furniture, it also has hints on how to win the hygiene war in specific situations: small children, for instance, or a partner who is confused by the vacuum cleaner.

Specification 166mm x 136mm 320 pages 600 pictures full colour throughout

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 22

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-69-0 £8.99 Reference

25/03/2010 13:08


hardback ISBN: 978-1-907332-06-7 £7.99 Reference


Specification 178mm x 110mm 128 pages 100 pictures two colour throughout

supply of the strengths it takes to overcome life’s daily challenges, and this handy pocket guide is your direct link to those who can help you out. Best of all, there’s a web link to a free website from which you can download icons of your favourite saints to your mobile phone or computer.

A sAint for All reAsons

How often do you need help that is beyond the call of

How often do you need help that is beyond best mortal friends?friends? if you’re like most of us, the answer is “Very often.” Practical and easy to use, A Saint for All Reasons offers you can call upon to help you out in just Saints have patience that is inexhaustible, and here are 100 to help100 saints thatabout every situation, such as: with almost any crisis. Browse through the seven life areas or go to The big game is on TVClareandofyouAssisican’t find the remote: Your love life has gone dead: the emergency section, where saints are indexed by name and Augustine Your car breaks down more often than you brush your teeth: occasion. Best of all, there is a weblink to a free microsite from where Christopher these inspirational figures possess a nearly inexhaustible you can download icons for your mobile phone or computer.

Price: £7.99

I-OCSA-IVY-PLC-Cvr.indd 1

A Saint for all Reasons

for All reAsons A pocket bible of 100 saints for every situation

tim muldoon

makers of beautiful books

06/01/2010 16:07

Kitchen Kama Sutra

Take up Kitchen Kama Sutra when you’re short on time but not adventurous spirit. It offers ideas of things to do around the home with your partner – and we’re not talking housework. Includes suggestions that will transform every room into a seductive scene. From the washing machine to the kids’ climbing frame, the shower to the dining room. Home will never be humdrum again.

Specification 180mm x 130mm 128 pages 75 pictures two colour throughout 2mm Boards.

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-10-2 £6.99 Popular Culture

How to Plant a Tree

hardback ISBN: 978-1-907332-19-7 £7.99 Home & Garden

h ow to p l a n t a tree

A S i m p l e C e l e b rat i o n o f trees & tree-Planting Ceremonies

 Da n i e l B u t l e r Price: £7.99

GI-TREE-PLCCoverUK.indd 1

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 23

h ow to p l a n t a t r e e

Specification 178mm x 110mm 128 pages 100 pictures two colour throughout

trees hold a special place in our hearts, as symbols of nature’s strength and longevity. this symbolism lends the act of planting a tree a particular significance as the transformation from seed to sapling to fully grown tree draws parallels with our own lives.this beautifully illustrated book celebrates the simple act of planting a tree. it not only explains how to plant and care for a tree, but also explores the symbolism of trees alongside a miscellany of facts about the world’s favorite species. By examining global traditions and ancient rituals, it shows how a variety of suitable species can be used for commemorative tree-planting celebrations.

Da n i e l Butler

Trees hold a special place in our hearts, as symbols of nature’s strength and longevity. This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the simple act of planting a tree. It not only explains how to plant and care for a tree, but also explores the symbolism of trees alongside a miscellany of facts about the world’s favourite species.

h ow to p l a n t a tree

makers of beautiful books

Foreword by Simon Toomer, Director of The National Arboretum at Westonbirt

04/11/2009 15:19

25/03/2010 13:08

Planning a sensitive send-off for your dear, dead Fluffy, Fido or Flipper is one small way of assuaging the inner hurt and sending him or her gently into that good night. This book has been written to guide you through this most difficult life experience – from the moment you realise that your pet’s days are numbered (or have passed), right through to the sticky details of deciding between an old-fashioned interment or a spectacular cremation. Covering all aspects of established funereal practice for every type of pet, Dead Pet is the essential manual of practical techniques to ensure that the deceased is always dispatched with both dignity and haste.

Specification 180mm x 120mm 128 pages 200 pictures one colour throughout

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-81-2 £6.99 Humour

Andrew Kirk became a pet embalmer after the tragically premature death of his Chihuahua, Lucky. He is currently studying at the Institute of Animal Cryogenics in Alaska.

Jane Moseley was inspired to write this book after losing a much-loved, if shortlived, pet goldfish, Sigmund. She is also the author of a book on keeping mythical pets, How to Live with a Unicorn.

A layman’s guide to pet undertaking

Andrew KirK &

KirK & Moseley

• Preparing for the End – and making sure the End has really come • Customised coffin ideas for pets of all shapes and sizes • Heart-rending readings to accompany the send-off • Burials on land, at sea and in the sky • Séances and Internet memorials • What to do with your pet’s worldly goods

dead pet

Cover design by Wayne Blades. Cover image by Ivan Hissey

The first complete pet-undertaking guide for both professional and amateur

dead pet

Dead Pet covers all aspects of established pet funereal practice for every type of pet. There is expert advice on everything from embalming and vigils, to headstones and wakes. Whether you are saying farewell to Fido or laying Tiddles to rest, this is the comprehensive manual of practical techniques to ensure that the deceased is always dispatched both with dignity and with haste.

JAne Moseley

Printed in China

The Devil’s Diaries Satan The Devil’s Diaries

book s

Dead Pet

These recently discovered journals contain Satan’s random musings on key events from the Fall to the Apocalypse. The Devil’s Diaries reveals Satan’s part in human history. The Dark One reveals his disquiet at the way some of his finest ideas have been hijacked and his frustration that much of his best work goes unappreciated.


Devil’s Diaries the

Specification 165mm x 115mm 160 pages 160 pictures full colour throughout

complete works

Nicholas D. Satan as transcribed by

Professor M.J. Weeks

Get Stuffed

hardback with Devil’s contract ISBN: 978-1-905695-96-6 jacket price: £7.99 promotional price: £6.66 Humour

16/10/2009 17:05

Here’s the book for all animal lovers and home taxidermists. Bursting with ideas on how to keep your critters with you for always, it has 24 inspirational projects. The first book to help enthusiasts put their skills (and pets) to practical, long-term use. Projects include a hamster tea-light holder; and a faithful-until-the-end canine TV remote holder. No animal too small, too large, or too unusual.

Specification 140mm x 140mm 64 pages 40 pictures full colour throughout

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 24

hardback ISBN: 978-1-905695-26-3 £4.99 Humour

Best Seller

25/03/2010 13:08

How to Live with a Unicorn Bored of dogs? Sick of cats? How to Live with a Unicorn is a practical guide for pet keepers with a good imagination. Install mirrors in every room and a Gorgon can become part of the furniture, while for those with one eye on help around the house, a Cyclops may be practical. With advice on availability and feeding, this book is essential for anyone seeking an epic pet.

Specification 195mm x 145mm 128 pages 200 pictures full colour throughout

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-34-8 £7.99 Humour

nted D rAi

The Slightly

Now that health and safety regulators have begun to address our every concern, risk-taking and walking on the wild side are history. The Slightly Dangerous Book for Wimps is divided into sections, graded according to danger. Refuge pages are provided, as well as suggestions for creating a wimp kit, and a final self-assessment section enables you to ascertain just how far you have come.

The Slightly

vers rry ham

Book for

Book for


book s

The Slightly Dangerous Book for Wimps

Be very AF

AN e P A r rv o u S Capta o D y Fa in Ha

Specification 220mm x 150mm 128 pages 175 pictures full colour throughout

Acts of Derring-do for the Faint-Hearted

hardback ISBN: 978-1-905695-93-5 £8.99 Humour

25/03/2010 11:29

The Original Vampire Diaries “A bloody good read” The Whitby Chronicle

“My type of celebrity diary” Al Gore “Unconvincing on bat care” Bats & Batmen

“A full-blooded insight into the life of a mesmerising and charismatic vurld figure” V. Dracula

Written in his own vurds, these diaries are a distillation of the past and present of Count Vlad Dracula. He is allowing them to be published in response to the current media frenzy over all things vampiric and undead. These trivial entertainments are but feeble moths fluttering about the penumbra of Vlad’s dark star; for something you can really sink your teeth into, read The Original Vampire Diaries.

Specification 165mm x 115mm 160 pages 160 pictures full colour throughout

hardback with family tree ISBN: 978-1-907332-00-5 jacket price: £7.99 promotional price: £6.99 Price: £7.99 Humour

I-VAMP-VampDiariesPLC(revised).indd 1

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 25

the original vampire diaries

Velcome to my diary. Perhaps you are vondering vy I am writing this diary. Remember, I am of the undead. Ve have plenty of time to kill. Vy am I allowing my most intimate thoughts to be shared with you? Because I know that you vill be humbled and seduced ven When you can live for ever, why not keep a diary? you read about my thrilling unlife, my exquisite vives, my fabulous castle, my supernatural strength, and my extensive blood cellar.

t h e

o r i g i n a l

vampire diaries

About the author: Count Vlad Dracula is the best known vampire in the world and a pillar of undead society. This is his first essay into print. He lives with his brides and mother (Mutti) in Carpathia’s fashionable Borgo Pass.

m a k er s of beau t iful book s

28/01/2010 09:29

25/03/2010 13:12

Unlocking the Secrets of Chinese Fortune Telling Follow the age-old techniques used by the Chinese to map out their lives and find answers to short-term dilemmas. Learn how to analyse your paht chee (eight characters) chart, how to read palms and faces, and discover a range of fortune-telling devices.

Specification 260mm x 194mm 224 pages 300 pictures full colour throughout

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-30-0 £12.99 Mind, Body & Spirit

Dog the Wag This lighthearted but lovingly researched book explores most of the ‘dog-centric’ expressions in our everyday language – from feeling dog tired to letting sleeping dogs lie. With punning photography from the waggish bloodhound Mr Jeffries, Dog the Wag reveals amazing facts about each expression – its linguistic origins and history and how it came to have the meaning it has.

Specification 195mm x w 145mm 128 pages 60 pictures full colour throughout

paperback ISBN: 978-1-905695-51-5 £6.99 Pets

Spott’s Canine Miscellany The perfect gift for dog lovers, Spott’s Canine Miscellany is a ‘pawrody’ of the much more original Schott’s Original Miscellany, revealing how it might have appeared had its creator been canineobsessive. It parodies the randomness of entry and stylish design of the original, but is created entirely for dogs and their doting admirers. The result is an outpouring of canine facts and trivia.

Specification 185mm x 115mm 96 pages 50 pictures one colour throughout

I-FAIR-Ivy Publishing Catalogue_Autumn 2010.indd 26

plcj with ribbon ISBN: 978-1-905695-70-6 £8.99 Pets

Spott’S Canine MiSCellany

a Pawrody

25/03/2010 13:08

Socks’ Feline Miscellany is an irresistible outpouring of feline facts, embracing the essential, the trivial, the intriguing, and the extraordinary, created entirely for cats and their owners. Named in tribute to the Clintons’ White House moggy (and every other cat that inherited the presidential moniker), this is the perfect laptop or coffee-table book to give as a gift for cat lovers.

Specification 185mm x 115mm 96 pages 50 pictures one colour throughout

canine couture word processing & computer skills

teach your dog the l at e s t s o f t wa r e & keyboard shortcuts

plcj with ribbon ISBN: 978-1-905695-88-1 £8.99 Pets

a great idea is always worth coPying


Dog’s life stimulating canine challenges to ensure every dog has its day

tAlk to your dog in his


own language

online shopping with your dog

pick a fight with a rottweiler today

don’t say




Part loving homage, part parody of Benrik, this life-enhancing guide presents 365 challenges for your dog – help him or her become a cat for a day, learn to skateboard, or host a bone-tasting event. By the end of the course, you and your dog should have successfully subverted the canine stereotype.

teach your dog clear pronunciation & reward him with a dictionary of canine colloQuialisms

make a hiphop record with your dog

This Book Will Change Your Dog’s Life

s a charle di bonio parody Lampoon, travesty! say sincere flattery, homage, tribute, resPect!


canine karaoke


doggy dating release your best friend’s alter ego by pretending he’s a cat; Purr at him, rePlace his favorite ball with a mouse, and teach him to climb trees


P 10 & 11


Specification 230mm x 180mm 224 pages 750 pictures full colour throughout

ultimate guide to AnARchY for dogs!

Why Does My Cat / Dog Do That? Why Does My Cat Do you want a black line around the biscuit?

Why is your dog always more interested in the wrong end of a new canine acquaintance? And why is your cat eating the houseplants? Find the answers to the questions most frequently asked in these handy books. Not only is your pet’s behaviour placed in context, but so is yours, allowing you to broaden your understanding, and learn to see things from your pet’s point of view. Why does your cat always head straight for visitors who can’t stand feline company? Why does he chatter his teeth when he sees a bird and prefer pond water to fresh? This book will help you solve the

riddles of your cat’s behavior—and put your own into context, too.

Presents a wide range of situations and explains them from your cat’s point of view, including how your cat sees you.

Reflects the very latest thinking on cat behavior, and offers intriguing insights into your cat’s reasoning and feelings.

innovative strategies for dealing with common problems.

Catherine Davidson is a writer and cat owner who lives in the south of England. Her most recent book, Cats, was published in 2008.


Gives clear, practical, and entertaining advice, as well as

Why Does My Cat Why Does My Dog Do That? Do That? Why does your dog get so possessive over the sofa, or so excited when someone calls at the front door? And why does he bark at bicycles and growl at men in hats? This book will help you solve the riddles of your dog’s behavior—and put your own into context. Presents a wide range of situations and explains them from

Comprehensive answers to the 50+ questions intriguing insights your dog’s reasoning and feelings. thatintoevery cat owner asks your dog’s point of view, including how your dog sees you.

Reflects the very latest thinking on dog behavior, and offers

Gives clear, practical, and entertaining advice, as well as


innovative strategies for dealing with common problems. Sophie Collins is a writer and dog owner who lives in the south of England. Her most recent book, Tail Talk, was published in 2007.

BG - Animals/Nature

Printed in China

Why Does My Dog Do That?


hardback Cat ISBN: 978-1-905695-76-8 Dog ISBN: 978-1-905695-75-1 £7.99 Pets

flexibind ISBN: 978-1-905695-77-5 £12.99 Pets

Why Does My Dog Do That?

Why Does My Cat Do That?

Do That?

Specification 195mm x 145mm 128 pages 170 pictures full colour throughout

Socks’ Feline Miscellany

Comprehensive answers to the 50+ questions that every dog owner asks SOPHIE COLLINS

Job:E07-05036 Title:Why Does My Dog Do That (160)E07-C46980 Dtp:119((P) Page:Cover

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25/03/2010 13:08

Coming Soon ccc

Ivy Press

Specification x

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UK Distribution Grantham Book Services Trent Road, Grantham NG31 7XQ, UK phone: +44 (0)1476 541080 fax: +44 (0)1476 541061 email:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia & Switzerland Michael Geoghegan MG European Sales Agency 14 Frognal Gardens London NW3 6UX, UK phone: +44 (0)20 7435 1662 fax: +44 (0)20 7435 0180 email: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Gibraltar, Greece & Cyprus Penny & Jenny Padovani Padovani Books 56 Rosebank, Holyport Road London SW6 6LH, UK phone/fax: +44 (0)20 7381 3936 email:

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Ivy Press Publishing Catalogue Autumn 2010  

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