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A WORD FROM OUR PRESIDENT. Dear reader, Delicious food is made all over the world and every region has its own characteristics. From the hot and spicy Asian kitchen to the barbeques of Northen America, you can be ensured to never go hungry if you are open and willing to try new taste experiences. On your next Meeting or Incentive trip be sure to explore some of the tastiest and most popular dishes in Latin American cuisine, including regional specialties full of flavorful ingredients and spices. Discover new cultures through its dishes alongside our leading quality of service. Our accomplishments and enthusiastic attitude are what upholds up our motto, in your business, “We make YOU look GREAT”!


Jose Manuel (Manolo) GARCIA, CIS, CMS, CCM, CES President IVI DMC² Enterprises

Our Objective: Always aim for 100% overall customer satisfaction.

Our Vision: Associates: Keep the ideal place to work, where our multicultural staff give their best, every day Customers: Offer an innovative high-quality service that exceeds expectations Partners: Consolidate our network of honest and successful partners Utilities: Maximize the return of investment to shareholders Planet: Inspire responsible resource management by means of our work

Our Mission: Serve customers through our international certifications ISO 9001 and ADMC; ensuring 100% customer satisfaction of incentives, conventions, and special events; providing memorable experiences in each of the destinations in which we operate; maximizing the return of investment to shareholders.


While sitting down for a feast anywhere in Los Cabos, your bound to have a delightful culinary encounter. Learning what goes into the crafting of your food will make it an even more enriching experience.


ust as it is Los Cabos is a rural region with common

t o vast acres of farming, ingredi-

think of Mexican ents at restaurants tend to be food as tacos, local and as fresh as can be. burritos, chips,

and guacamole, there is quite a lot more to it. Being at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California, Los Cabos is home to some of the most exquisite seafood. Additionally, because Page 5

Where to eat in Los Cabos The Very Best Maria Corona This Restaurant is dedicated to Grandmother, María Corona, born in 1916 in Mexico City. A venue that serves her recipes and cooking secrets paying homage to family tradition, Mexican cuisine, and one that serves as a guardian and preserver of Mexico’s culinary roots.

Hacienda Cocina y Cantina Truly inspired by the style of the luxury of a Mexican Hacienda and a one of a kind service coupled with the gorgeous backdrop that offers its location, right by the seashore of Medano Beach. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy its delectable Mexican Cuisine and the traditional dishes of Los Cabos.

Edith’s Restaurant Edith’s is a wonderful combination of the Cuisine of Baja California Sur, but with a Guerreran flair, featuring a regional fusion of steaks and seafood with authentic local ingredients.

Panga Antigua Has been a culinary icon in The San Jose dining scene for the past 12 years. Their passion for seafood begins by purchasing from local fishermen: Cabrilla, Pargo, Roballo, and White Sea Bass. Panga Antigua also owns an organic farm nearby Rancho Pescadero which produces the vegetables and fruits that are served in their splendid dishes.

El Farallon Be charmed by the cliffs of The Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Listen to the waves crash below while enjoying your selection from the ocean-to-table menu. Executive Chef Gustavo Pinet offers only the best selection of the local catch. Page 6

Sur Beach House From the creators of the Bahia Hotel & Bar Esquina, SUR Beach House brings new life to another historical Medano property perfectly situated on one of the most attractive beaches in Los Cabos. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere accompanied by its inspired cuisine by international flavors, but grounded in the traditions and tastes of Mexico, and with an emphasis on the Baja’s best seafood.

Manta Restaurant | The Cape Chef Enrique Olvera conceived Manta with an intriguing double meaning: The manta ray that symbolizes the Kitchen’s focus on seafood, while manta means blanket in Spanish and conveys the chef’s emphasis on comfort. The key is to retain the inspiration that Chef Olvera celebrates from Perú and Japan while sustaining a tastefully casual Baja sensibility but lingering a commitment to sourcing local ingredients from Baja California Sur.

Sunset Monalisa Originally named Ristorante Da Giorgio in Honor to Giorgio Battaglia from Florence, Italy. The charming nature of this Shore has been witness to the birth of this legendary restaurant which is also a monument to romance and Mediterranean food in Los Cabos. This magical place is now in the hands of the Chef Casiano Reyes, who has a vast trajectory in the gastronomy world.

Pitahayas Restaurant Opened its doors on May 21st of 1995 with a culinary concept of a fusion of ingredients and Asian products of the rim of the Pacific Ocean. After the second remodeling in 2015, the image of the restaurant was updated, and there was a decision made on the modification of the menu. It also chose to maintain the fusion but with a Mexican and Asian flavor combined, utilizing local and imported products. Page 7

Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar by Richard Sandoval The Toro concept comes from acclaimed chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval, recognized as the “Father of modern Mexican cuisine,� who has an international collection of 40 Latin American-inspired restaurants worldwide. At Toro, he masterfully blends Pan Latin cuisine with South American, Japanese and Chinese influences.

La Deriva This new Restaurant in Los Cabos opened its doors in February of 2019 with a very refreshing representation of Italian food. Chef Emanuele Olivero who was born in Cuneo, Italy is inspired in a philosophy of tradition and a long history passed down from generation to generation. His objective is to preserve the authentic flavor of Italy with its northern influence.

Comal | Chileno Bay Resort & Residences The name Comal comes from a cast-iron cooking and baking pan that has been used in Mexico, often passed down through generations in the same family. Here, you can find various combinations such as braised short rib with cacao soup and a selection of the freshest ceviche. The mood in COMAL is an upbeat, refreshing, contemporary and undeniably romantic venue, so if you are looking to book a dinner for two, request one of the tables closest to the water for unobstructed sea views.

Metate Metate is the creation of, Jorge Bazignan and Abraham Tamez. They dreamt about opening their own place and now, not only did their dream came true, but it is also gaining quite the following. The entire restaurant is outdoors with the front area under a cover all surrounded by trees and a very unique landscape. Delicious Traditional Mexican Food, fresh entrees, and snacks such as crab smashed tostada with cucumber & avocado or the irresistible melted cheese.

Page 8

A culinary journey in Cabo’s treasured venues Mezcal | Montage Hotels & Resorts Mezcal is a gastronomic journey through a menu that is creative, fresh and authentic. Guests are invited to indulge in a lively and sophisticated space that pays homage to Mexico’s history. If the Chef is offering a “ tasting menu” be sure that it is highly recommended. Enjoy Lobster ceviche with local passion fruit, preserved lemon puree, and Manzano pepper or Elopozole that is made out of organic corn, chicken, green beans, pork, and other flavorful ingredients.

Carbón Cabrón Carbón Cabrón, also known as the grill of the Californias. The wood, the darkened bricks, and the iron weld are the identity of the premises. This place is a creation of Chef Poncho Cadena and architect Ignacio Cadena. An inspirational den of fiery fantasy where experimentation, flavors, and textures collide into a sensory delight.

Acre Located on over 25 Acres of agricultural land. Their food delights with a blend of global inf luences and local ingredients of the different regions of the peninsula of Baja California, making this restaurant a must during your trip. This place is surrounded by palm trees and 5 acres of vegetables and gardens of herbs which provide fresh and seasonal ingredients for t he pre pa r at ion of t hei r d i she s a nd d r i n k s .

Flora Farms The original Restaurant was called “ Café Flora” and it was the first organic restaurant in Cabo offering breakfast and hosting some of the first charity events. The current Flora’s Field Kitchen restaurant at the farm opened in 2010 and is providing cooking classes, private dinners, and charity events, Spa and Hotel Services. Award-winning Chef Guillermo Tellez is the Executive Chef of Flora Farms and excels in cultivating incredible dishes from organic ingredients grown at the Farm. Page 9

Pu er to Val l ar ta & Ri v i e ra N ayar i t The third Gastronomical Destination in Latin America Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit features a variety of dishes, either typical regional, Mexican and International. It is not too adventurous to mention that “exceptional� may be the word that best describes the variety and the quality of the dishes available in this Double Destination. Page 10


his is the third most important


Destination in Latin America. A mixture of international chefs,

discerning gourmands that have made the city their home town, a long-running gourmet festival, the local Mexican food traditions that are centuries old plus quality ingredients from sea and land combine into great food, great prices and an ever-expanding list of options. Puerto

Vallarta and the surroundings boast over 400 restaurants and smaller places you can dine at. Seafood is a favorite, plus the local dishes are very interesting for the newcomers too, these include dishes that are part of Jalisco’s traditions (the state in which Vallarta is located), especially from Guadalajara, the state capital, as well as Mexican, Tex-Mex, Austrian, German, Japanese, Thai and much more.

Page 11

Festival Gourmet International Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Tepic Twenty-four years of the Gourmet Festival! In 1995 Thierry Blouet and Heinz Reize came up with the idea of promoting and helping raise the culinary level of this region to competitive international standards, interacting with new methods and creativity of highly qualified Chefs. The purposes of this great festival were to strengthen the gastronomy of Puerto Vallarta as an exemplary showcase and to promote the destination through the excellence of a good table. The first Gourmet Festival was held in 1995 with six hotels and six independent restaurants. The original format remains unchanged, each participating restaurant invites a celebrity from the culinary scene. In the year 2000 our friend Chef Roland Menetrey joined in and since then, the organization is directed by the three musketeers. The changes in twenty-three years can be seen in the expansion that has been made to the Riviera Nayarit and Tepic. This year twenty-seven participating hotels and restaurants of the highest category. Nowadays, half a million foodies have been delighted and nearly six hundred celebrity chefs have taken part in this event. This paradigm continues and the culinary standards just get more distinguished. Today the region is known as a world-class culinary destination and the number of guest chefs decorated with Michelin stars are more and more every time. This exchange of good food and culture has benefited everyone, from local chefs, master guest chefs to tourists and a whole society. The Gourmet Festival has allowed widening the epicurean reputation of our region and even of Mexico, but the most important and the best is the promoter of the great Mexican hospitality and the best experience that gourmet cuisine in the world can produce.

Message from the Three Musketeers ‘’It is the passion for culinary arts, identity with this beautiful region and the sincere friendship that has bound us to the mission of promoting the culinary creativity. Create a gastronomic medley from a good cook, products of the highest quality, the excellence of a restaurant and lovers of good eating and living. Exchange ideas and talents and be wing forefront of being the tourist destination with the best cuisine in Mexico.’’

Page 12

Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles! The multi-faceted cuisine of Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta are the center of attention this summer

This food festival in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit takes place every year from May 15th to June 10th. During these two weeks, the participating restaurants offer innovative three-course menus, with three options available for each course to delight both residents and visitors alike seeking to explore this destination’s outstanding cuisine at a reduced price.

Both destinations delighted more than ever with animated festivals, chic events, and unique cuisine. Less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta is Riviera Nayarit, the treasure of the Mexican Pacific and the latest destination that became the center of attention. With several culinary events such as the 6th annual Punta Mita Beach Festival and the Masters of the Kitchen Culinary Fest on the August calendar and endless culinary highlights that range from an AAA Five Diamond winning restaurant to beachfront tacos Destination offers authentic skills throughout the year. This summer, Riviera Nayarit was better than ever durhing the 6th annual Punta Mita Beach Festival from August 4th - 5th, a family event that celebrated sports, gastronomy and much more in the luxury community. Following the focus on Riviera Nayarit, the Masters of the Kitchen Culinary Fest took place from August 8th - 11th. Supervised by the famous Food Network chef and Sysco Foods Culinary Sales Consultant, Penny Davidi, the 2018 edition of the festival was a celebration of the region’s diverse cuisines that gave visitors the opportunity to taste the culinary delights in restaurants quality along the coast, as well as discover some of the best chefs and cocktail experts in the world.

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Page 15

Mexican Caribbean A unique taste fused with the flavors of Mexico

Page 16

International Cuisine Delicious food is made all over the world and every region has its own characteristics. From the hot and spicy Asian kitchen, the exquisitely staged dishes of France to the barbeques of Northen America, you can be assured to never go hungry if you are open and willing to try new flavors. It is impossible to objectively decide which cuisine is most delicious, but if you trust your taste buds, they know what will make your mouth water.

Grupo Cenacolo (Italian) For 30 years the Amati family has been providing the spectacular experience of savoring handmade pasta prepared in front of you, in a family atmosphere of casual elegance. Their “Ospitalitá Italiana” Certification makes them the only ambassadors of Italian tradition and quality in the Mexican Caribbean. They have a selected wine cellar served by expert sommeliers; all this is paired with live piano music, creating the perfect atmosphere

Porfirio’s (Mexican) Porfirio’s is passion, pride, and excellence. A restaurant that praises the best of Mexico, transforming its traditional flavors, textures, and aromas into the most exquisite dishes of Mexican haute cuisine. A place that renews the concept of contemporary urban cuisine, balancing homemade recipes with accents taken from every corner of Mexico, which translates into bold flavors resulting from a careful selection of ingredients and an environment where music, decoration, and seasoning are harmoniously intertwined.

Sasi Thai (Thai) When it comes to Thai food, Sasi Thai is your best choice! It has everything you need to create an unparalleled experience that very few restaurants offer. They invite you to find the magic of impeccable, elegant service, flavors, and aromas that achieve the ideal balance between world-class service and a unique atmosphere. Located at the entrance of the Marriott Cancun Resort, this restaurant presents a menu that combines elements of a successful fusion and has become a must-visit venue.

Page 17

Habibi (Leebaneese) Sink into the ostentatious world of the Middle East and feel the reassuring warmth of both the soft, golden surroundings in the company of your inviting hosts. Admire the colorful twirls of a live belly-dance performance, place yourself in their confident hands and experience the hot and cold ‘mezze’- style of dining, where everything must be savored and there’s simply no room for a ceremony. State your preferences and find your cozy table miraculously filled with tantalizing options anywhere from creamy olive-based Labneh and classic Hummus to an assortment of enticing skewered kebabs, where the Kafta (lamb) is king

Tora Cancun (Japaneese) Nigiris Tora Mexico Fresh ingredients and products which are fundamental in Japanese cuisine. Tártara Dúo Tora Mexico Creative presentation of dishes, making them a visual pleasure for the diner. Barra Tora Mexico Handmade plates complement this concept, with the creation of unique, asymmetric pieces, rough and inviting to the touch and with variable designs, with a clean, minimalist style.

Bistro @Casa Velas (French) Their interpretation of a French bistro with traditional dishes such as Cazuela de caracoles Bourguignonne, Vichyssoise and Ossobuco of baked lamb, without forgetting some of their favorite places, such as Aguachile mixed shrimp and callus, perfumed with chili chile guillines with octopus, pulón, shrimp Al ajillo, and crunchy epazote.

Puerto Madero (Argentinian Steak) Argentinean restaurant in Mexico with prime quality meat, imported fish and seafood including the best selection of wines; as well as in-house mixology. Page 18

Quick Hits! Convention Center ​at Haven Resort And Spa opening in Fall 2020. A new Convention center will open in 2020 at the Haven Resort and Spa. The perfect venue for your next event with Corporate gatherings and incentives allows a more relaxed cadence in an environment that delivers the perfect ambiance. ​With breathtaking ocean views, captivating outdoor areas and sophisticated meeting venues. Its adults-only luxury offers an intimate and inspiring setting for business and leisure events that will create lasting memories for your guests.

Specs 1,350 sq. mts. 14,531 sq. ft. of meeting space, the highlight of this meeting room is that it has no columns or obstructions, the design we find there is a Flexible design it can be configured into different break out rooms. Another thing that makes this different compared to other convention centers available is the Ceiling height, with an outstanding 6.5 mts. 21.3 ft. with no chandeliers or obstructions. Structure is to ensure the best productivity possible, you do not need to concern with additional providers since it has a fully integrated with the latest audio-visual technology and it has available a Spacious pre-function area, it features natural light. Other available areas are: • • • • •

Registration area Staff offices Storage Dedicated kitchen Service area for efficient, premium catering

The best of all is that there is only a short walking distance from all guest suites and hotel facilities and a Close proximity (15 mins) to Cancun airport. Page 19

Costa Rica Costa Rica, there are 3 tourist destination areas (Central Valley, Central Pacific, and North Pacific) where gastronomy is up to par and expectations of the most selective preferences of clients in incentives and conventions. There is a wide variety of restaurant options, which offer from the most traditional dishes, markets with extensive dining options to exuberant fusion cuisine.

Gastronomic Market El Mestizo El Mestizo is the first Gastronomic Market in Costa Rica, a new concept of Gastronomy and Leisure, where you can enjoy, in one place, extraordinary culinary experiences, full of culture and cuisine with rebelliousness. It is a meeting point that will allow you to see the world through incredible exclusive creations, made by the most talented, creative and experimental chefs.

Corteza Amarilla Fine Dining When you arrive at the Corteza Amarilla restaurant, your magical journey will begin in this majestic place. You will see art everywhere and food is no exception. Presentation, recipes, and flavor are essential, but they add one more ingredient and it is LOVE to the foods that they cook. The restaurant is very popular with locals looking to enjoy a good meal in a great place. Corteza Amarilla Fine Dining is one of the best restaurants in the city, with a varied menu of fusion cuisine that can satisfy even the most difficult palate. The romantic and informal atmosphere makes it unique and memorable.

Page 20

Panama Gastronomy in Panama has been recognized worldwide and is ranked on the list of the best Latin restaurants. Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants a distinguished event held in Mexico City recently awarded restaurant Maito, owned by Panamanian chef Mario Castrellón. A variety of Panamanian cuisine; Italian, French, Peruvian, Mexican, American, among others, are some of the options that can be found in the range of restaurants that exist in the country.

Page 21

Maito Chef Mario Castrellon’s tasting menu is a tropical journey through Caribbean, Indigenous, Asian, Creole, Afro-Antillean and American cuisine that expresses Panama’s multicultural identity like no other.

Cabana Inspired by the scent from the kitchen of Agadir in southern Morocco, intertwined with the flavors of the Mediterranean and certain typical products of the Caribbean and Central America.

Madrigal After helming some of Madrid’s most renowned restaurants (Balzac, Alboroque), Spanish chef Andres Madrigal moved to Panama. The passionate chef, who has fallen deeply and madly in love with his new country, uses more than 90 percent Panamanian ingredients in a unique style that blends modern Spanish and Mediterranean.

Tantalo The menu features flavors from all edges of the map, from Spain, India, France to Venezuela, and also options for Vegetarian & Vegan; for a fun original dining experience.

Azahar The restaurant evokes a refined culinary flavor, with blends of tone influenced by cities like New York, Lima, Florence, Athens, and Hong Kong. It also offers diners a unique and refined experience with a proposal haute cuisine to please the most discerning tastes of its valued clientele.

Tauro Tauro is an exciting interpretation of the classic steakhouse with a French twist. Enjoy world-class signature steaks and marketfresh seafood in the heart of Panama City.

Gaucho This Argentine restaurant in a Spanish-style house is for serious carnivores who like their steaks big, tender, and juicy. The meat is USDA, but the cuts are mostly Argentine, such as the bife de chorizo, a thick sirloin cut, or the filete en trozo, a 16-ounce slice of filet mignon. Page 22

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Serving the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions industry since 1986. Find us in over 31 destinations throughout: • Mexico • Cuba • Dominican Republic • Costa Rica & • Panama

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CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest - Year 10 Vol. 1, Issue 187  

Latin American cuisine continues to fire up the restaurant business, influencing chefs and food sales around the world with exquisite flavor...

CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest - Year 10 Vol. 1, Issue 187  

Latin American cuisine continues to fire up the restaurant business, influencing chefs and food sales around the world with exquisite flavor...

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