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Jose-Manuel GARCIA, CDS Visionary, Founder, & Master Coach


Jose-Manuel (Manolo) GARCIA, CIS, CMS, CCM Second Generation, Innovator & President

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Francisco BAEZA, DMCP Vice President

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Destination Offices Mexico


Central America

South America

IVI DMC² Los Cabos Yazmin ELOSEGUI Destination Managing Director

IVI DMC² Cuba Alejandro DEBASA, CMS Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Costa Rica Ligia VARGAS, CIS Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² South America Jorge OROZCO, DMCP Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit & Central Mexico Jaime NELO, CMS, DMCP Destination Managing Director IVI DMC² Cancun & Riviera Maya Raquel MIJARES, CIS Corporate Marketing Director

IVI DMC² Dominican Republic IVI DMC² Panama Ramon RIJO, CIS David JOHNSON, CIS Regional Managing Director Associate Regional Managing Director


Message From Headquarters Dear reader, “PANAMA, bridge of the world.” Many years ago, this motto was mentioned in a radio program in this Central American country. Today, it has come to express the feelings many have about our destination. It is perhaps best known for its canal—a waterway that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. And because it connects North and South America, Panama also links people. It is home to a melting pot of races and cultures. This richness is what you can expect when you bring your program here. With a torrent of deserted islands, chilled Caribbean vibes on one side and gigantic Pacific swells on the other, Panama sits poised to deliver the best of beach life. And a whole other world begins on mainland. Seize both worlds by holding your corporate event with us. Panama’s modern infrastructure, direct flights to the most important cities in the world, world-class attractions, outstanding gastronomy, a vibrant metropolis with more than 100 banks and an exciting nightlife, all make it the perfect place to meet all your needs. Sincerely, Jose-Manuel (Manolo) GARCIA, CIS, CCM Second Generation, Innovator & President

Our Objective

Our Vision

Always aim for 100% overall customer satisfaction.

Associates: Keep the ideal place to work, where our multicultural staff give their best, every day Customers: Offer an innovative high-quality service that exceeds expectations Partners: Consolidate our network of honest and successful partners Utilities: Maximize the return of investment to shareholders

Our Mission

Planet: Inspire responsible resource management by means of our work

Serve customers through our international certifications ISO 9001 and ADMC; ensuring 100% customer satisfaction of incentives, conventions, and special events; providing memorable experiences in each of the destinations in which we operate; maximizing return of investment to shareholders.

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PANAMA How is it possible that one small country can offer so many world-class attractions? It is because Panama has over a thousand islands on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, highlands covered with cloud forests, flower-filled valleys and prize-winning coffee farms, the most accessible pristine jungle and rainforest anywhere, historical sites that never fail to intrigue history buffs and a capital city with access to easy cosmopolitan living and an effervescent night life.



It was Vasco Nunez de Balboa who became the first European to see the Pacific Ocean in 1513. And it was the thin stretch of land we know as Panama that he crossed to reach it. Panama's geographic location and shape have been strategic elements in its development as a nation: its narrowness prompted the U.S. to build the Panama Canal in 1914 an then the Government of Panama to expand it 2016 , allowing passage between the Caribbean and Pacific. Today, the Canal is Panama's best-known attraction, though the land has much more to offer. Few, for example, are aware of its fifteen hundred islands; or of the lovely alpine town of Boquete, near Volcán Barú. And with its thriving modern capital, Panama City, only a stone's throw away from the ancient ruins at Panamá Viejo, Panama provides to visitors a wonderfully varied travel experience. See what our playground is about ...


Since its inauguration on June 26, 2016, the expanded Canal has increased the waterway's capacity to thus meet the growing demand of maritime trade using larger vessels such as Princess Cruises, Caribbean Princess & Disney Cruise Line. As we can see, there is a benefit not only in trade, but also in tourism. The expansion of the Panama Canal is one most important civil engineering works of this decade.



The old town of Panama City, declared a Historical Monument by UNESCO, is not just about history, it is also an area ideal to sample different foods and drinks in open-air cafés. It is a charming site where the restaurants and bars’ music fill the air and entertain with various shows. Casco is experiencing a renaissance. In 1997 the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site and gave financial incentives for restoration projects. And while the historic district is still somewhat of a work in progress, that’s exactly what makes it exciting; so we invite you to discover Panama City’s best kept secret: The Old Town Of Casco Viejo!



From laid-back Caribbean Islands to world-class beach resorts, Panama is a beach and island lover's paradise with more than a thousand islands and two coasts - you can surf in the Pacific Ocean in the morning and bathe in the Atlantic on the same day.


Singapore. Rotterdam. Shanghai. Panama. When we talk about global logistics players these are some of the first places that come to mind. Our nation has earned a privileged position as an essential component in the ever-evolving global trade system, a position it has been able to leverage into a competitive advantage over neighboring (and larger) nations and also into an engine for sustained economic growth.

FINANCIAL STABILITY AND SAFETY For the last 30 years, Panama has developed as the largest international banking center in Latin America. The infrastructure in Panama City is the best in the region. Panama as a whole is a safe, stable, affordable country that uses the U.S. dollar as its currency, meaning no exchange-rate risk for dollar holders. The standard of living is comfortable, even reaching luxury standards in some instances. Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America for tourists. Tourism crime especially is low . You won’t have to be constantly on your guard for pick-pockets or purse robbers like in other countries.




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Travel Tip: Making a Case for the Suitcase A vast variety of luggage choices exists. To find the type that suits you best, consider: • • • • • •

How much does the bag weigh empty? How much will I be using it – once a week or once a year? How much will you be packing – overnight clothes or a set of law books? Will you be using the suitcase for business or for pleasure? Or both? How will you carry the suitcase – by the handle, on your shoulder, or by its wheels? Soft-sided versus hard? Soft is lighter, but easier to damage; hard is heavier, but it holds up better to baggage smashers. If you purchase soft-sided, make sure it has reinforced corners. It’s just an observation, but handlers throw tapestried luggage harder – And don’t catch it. – Hal Rubenstein and Jim Mullen. (Taken from page 76)

James Feldman, (a.k.a. Doctor Travel) is a Certified Facilitator and internationally recognized professional motivator, author, television host, and radio personality. His company Incentive Travelers Cheque Int’l provides individual and group incentive travel awards for many Fortune 500 companies. His book “Doctor’s Travel Cure For The Common Trip” is an entertaining and invaluable travel guide whose purpose is not to tell you where to go, but rather to help you get ready for the adventure. CommuniQuest is pleased to share some of Mr. Feldman’s travel wisdom with our readers, who from time to time must deal with lines, cancellations, lost luggage, and a person in the adjacent seat making extensive use of the air sickness bag. Reprinted by permission from the Author:

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interesting. I wish you the best of success in your quest, whatever it may be. Jose-Manuel GARCIA, CDS Visionary, Founder, & Master Coach



CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest - February 2018 (Semimonthly)  

"Breaking News, Travel Tips, and More for the M&E Industry"

CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest - February 2018 (Semimonthly)  

"Breaking News, Travel Tips, and More for the M&E Industry"