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IVI DMC² Los Cabos Yazmin ELOSEGUI, DMCP Destination Managing Director

IVI DMC² Cuba Alejandro DEBASA, CMS Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Costa Rica Ligia VARGAS, CIS Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit & Central Mexico, Jaime NELO, CMS, DMCP Destination Managing Director

IVI DMC² Dominican Republic Ramon RIJO, CIS Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Panama David JOHNSON, CIS Associate Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Cancun & Riviera Maya Raquel MIJARES, CIS, DMCP Corporate Marketing Director


Message From Headquarters Dear reader, Hike, climb, canoe, cycle, perfect surf breaks, white-sand beaches, deep forests, and the opportunity to scuba dive in the best spots on Earth ‌ there are endless ways to explore a destination if you've got a knack for adventure. But which of these pulse-hastening activities fall into the 'don't-leave-without' league? In this 2 excerpt from IVI DMC ’s Atlas of Adventure, we detail some of the action-packed activities that define a place, from kayaking through sea caves to ziplining over jungles and rivers. Our destinations await the adventurous since Latin America is draped in stunning landscapes and is so overflowing with biodiversity, challenges, and cultural rewards. Sincerely, Jose-Manuel (Manolo) GARCIA, CIS, CMS, CCM President IVI DMC2 Enterprises

Our Objective

Our Vision

Always aim for 100% overall customer satisfaction.

Associates: Keep the ideal place to work, where our multicultural staff give their best, every day Customers: Offer an innovative high-quality service that exceeds expectations Partners: Consolidate our network of honest and successful partners Utilities: Maximize the return of investment to shareholders

Our Mission

Planet: Inspire responsible resource management by means of our work

Serve customers through our international certifications ISO 9001 and ADMC; ensuring 100% customer satisfaction of incentives, conventions, and special events; providing memorable experiences in each of the destinations in which we operate; maximizing return of investment to shareholders.

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Some of those who visit Los Cabos are looking for something more than beautiful sunsets, great beaches, or an incredible tan. That's why Cabo offers a wide variety of activities, tours and excursions that you can enjoy during your stay; the options are designed to satisfy a wide variety of tastes and hobbies, from the most active to the most relaxed, from the extreme to the extremely safe. Baja is known for its stunning paths snaking through the desert and it challenges pilots as they explore the beauty of this rugged environment. What can we offer you? Let ‘s see …

ATVs & UTVs Explore Los Cabos’ beaches, desert landscapes, sand dunes, mountains, and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean driving these cool vehicles. During the season, it’s possible to enjoy whale watching. Feel the rush of fresh air and ocean breeze touch your face while speeding through the beach and enjoying the sight of the waves crashing down. You’ll travel through one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Baja desert; while exploring it, you’ll see over 50 different kinds of cacti, many of them endemic of the Baja Peninsula, and also see different kinds of animals such as the famous roadrunner, fox, deer, etc. Duration: About 2 hours Location: San Jose del Cabo, Corredor Turistico, and Cabo San Lucas


ZIP LINES Come and enjoy the Baja desert by flying through its vast canyons; to that end, zip lining is the perfect activity for you. You will ride on an aircraft-grade steel cable using a pulley and a safety harness with a main safety strap which can carry over 20 times your own weight and a second one acting as a backup. You will displace using gravity because the cable has a slight tilt downward; this makes the cables unidirectional which means they only work one-way and not back. You may now wonder about the brakes, well, your pulley has a friction brake which stops you at the end of the zip line and there is always an instructor waiting at the end to assist you. This simplicity is what makes it so safe. Duration: About 2 hours Location: San Jose del Cabo, Corredor Turistico, and Cabo San Lucas

HORSE BACK RIDING Horses are magnificent creatures known for their grace and beauty. If you have ever thought about it, or would like to experience riding a horse across beautiful beaches, you can. We offer one of the grandest horseback riding experiences in the world! Sit atop a powerful, gentle, and well trained horse as you gallop alongside a professional horseback guide while enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of Mexico’s Pacific Ocean shoreline. Duration: About 2 hours Location: San Jose del Cabo, Corredor Turistico, Cabo San Lucas.


CAMEL SAFARI Camels are one of the friendliest and most loving animals you will ever meet. When you are with them, you lose track of time and get entranced by their gentle, peaceful and fun personalities. The experience is packed with fun and includes a challenge field where you can participate in many games and activities that will teach you about this wonderful species; have fun petting and interacting with them! Set out on a voyage of unique proportions as you journey through the Baja desert atop a friendly camel. Discover the natural wonders and the rich Baja California culture of the region from our expert guides. Get introduced to your camel by name before hopping on the hump and setting off to explore! Camel riding is a truly unique way to take in the picturesque scenery of Baja California. Duration: About 2 hours Location: San Jose del Cabo, Corredor Turistico, and Cabo San Lucas.

MOUNTAIN BIKING Do you need mountains to go mountain biking? Not necessarily. Just about any offpavement riding will reward you with fresh air, great exercise, and fun! Feel the cool ocean breeze on your face as you ride alongside virgin beaches. Ride through a desert landscape for an up close and personal encounter with the flora and wildlife that flourish in this seemingly harsh environment. Pedal over sliding, sandy trails and up and down rolling hills in this unique adventure tour in Cabo! Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, this adventure is an exciting way to tour the outback. Duration: About 2 hours Location: Cabo San Lucas



Cactus lined along sandy trails, hilly terrain and a beautiful, soft-sand beach beside the glistening Pacific are all part of the picturesque route on Electric Mountain Bike Adventure. Have fun on the new, easy-to-use electric bikes with specialized, wide wheels that handle well through both sandy and bumpy mountain trails. With a specially designed electric motor, the bike does all the work for you! Cabo San Lucas mountain biking has never been easier, or more enjoyable! Mountain biking is an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors in any setting. Depending on the terrain, mountain biking can also be quite physically taxing. In a region as beautiful as Cabo, working too hard on your mountain bike can divert your attention away from some truly amazing landscapes. With the electric bikes on electric Mountain Bike Adventure, that problem is a thing of the past. The electric motors on the bikes take over for you when the terrain gets tough, allowing you to relax and enjoy the beautiful Cabo San Lucas scenery. Duration: About 2 hours Location: Cabo San Lucas

FLY LIKE A BIRD Fly on a powered hang glider and admire the astonishing view of Cabo San Lucas bay. The flight will start with the coastline of Mar de CortĂŠs and the view of the hotels and their swimming pools, the big yachts at the Cabo San Lucas Marina, and downtown. After that, you will fly over the Pacific Ocean, from up there you will see the residential areas. You will fly right over the rocky formations called "the End of the Earth," where the two oceans meet. From there too, you will admire "Divorce Beach", "The Pirate's Cave", "Lover's Beach", and the famous "Arch" with its sea lions and seals lying upon it. During the trip there's the chance of spotting turtles, manta rays, sea lions, fish banks, dolphins and, in the winter time, whales.

Duration: About 1 hour Location: Cabo San Lucas



Thanks to its privileged location and its natural beauty, Cancun and its surroundings have wonderful attractions such as the majestic mangroves, the exuberant jungle, and the mystical cenotes where countless of adventure and ecotourism activities take place. The magical feeling that produces being surrounded by the verdant jungle is fantastic, and hopefully you’ll spot some animals such as the momoto bird or the red fox among many other species. That's why if you like adventure and extreme things, the Riviera Maya has a lot to offer to guarantee fun to the fullest. Let’s look at our options of activities.

ZIP LINES Fly over the jungle canopy to behold the landscape! Appreciating the dense jungle from an aerial view is a unique experience. Different heights, lengths, and speeds make each zip line an individual opportunity to let yourself be surprised and enjoy the fresh air you breathe at high altitudes. Enjoy the ride since a bird’s-eye view like this is rare. Soak it in.

If you like height and adventure, Selvática is the best option for you! You will go through a circuit of 9 zip lines and fly over the jungle; the last line has the option for water landing. Afterward, enjoy a combination of a set of different suspension bridges where the balance and equilibrium will be combined to create a memorable activity. You will then jump a 40 ft high Bungee Swing. The adventure continues with two monster zip lines of almost 165 ft high. Feel like a superhero reaching speeds of about 30 mph!


ATVs Venturing into the jungle aboard an ATV at high speed will generate an exciting adrenaline rush that will warm you up to face the adventure. Don’t forget to speed along winding trails, over rocky paths and feel the power under your feet. At Emotions Park you will live the emotion of driving an ATV or Polaris vehicle through jungle trails. Enjoy pleasant walks immersed in a protected natural area, explore caves, fly above the canopy with zip lines, discover archaeological vestiges, learn about the lifestyle of the first inhabitants, and plunge into in a beautiful, crystal-clear water cenote.

SNORKELING IN PARADISE If you have never snorkeled or you already love the activity, the Mexican Caribbean offers the second largest barrier reef in the world to admire the underwater world. We have a plethora of snorkeling and diving spots that will leave you in awe. Without a doubt, it’s an activity you don't want to miss!


CENOTES AND CAVES SWIMMING Cenotes are a wonder of nature and are a well of freshwater believed by the Mayans to be the portal to the underworld. Feel the rush of true exploration by snorkeling in the refreshing, cool waters. Inside the cenotes you can admire the caves, snorkel or just sit and relax and enjoy quietness at its best.

Rio Secreto is the perfect meaning of swimming in a cavern, since the activity will take you to a walk to the center of the Earth; going through amazing caverns where the life of the planet was written, where unique and incredible formations of calcium - of at least 2 million years - become magnificent pieces of natural art. The stalactites and stalagmites will become a familiar sight as you continue on this fascinating journey.


CUBA Saying that Cuba is a trendy destination is an understatement. The island is top on the bucket list of many travelers and it is considered one of the safest destinations in America. Come, relax and enjoy all its perks!

CRUCERO DEL SOL - CAYO BLANCO Feel and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean Sea that surrounds Cuba on a comfortable catamaran leaving from Varadero. Music on board, and open bar during the whole excursion. Swim and snorkel in the tempting waters of Cayo Blanco, a small desert island where you can enjoy a delicious seafood lunch while listening to traditional Cuban music. You will have time to enjoy non-motorized water sports or just relax.

JEEP SAFARI NATURE TOUR A safari adventure aboard a Jeep manned by you through the Cuban countryside to discover nature at its best: 150 km of embankments and dirt roads, through quarries, palm groves and rural villages. Dive in Coral Beach. Stop and enjoy free time to take a refreshing plunge in the "Cueva de Saturno". Navigate on a fast boat along CanĂ­mar River where you will drive your own boat. Visit a farm in the middle of the mountains and partake of a typical Cuban lunch. Horseback ride through the valley and enjoy nautical activities in the lake.


A VISIT TO GUAMA Visit the Zapata Peninsula, the largest wetland in the Caribbean and tour the crocodile farm which is considered one of the largest in the American continent. Jump on a boat trip through the treasure lagoon to the Guama tourist center where you can visit a replica of a Taino Village and learn about the life of the natives when Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1492. Also, visit the "Cueva de los Peces" and then transfer to Caleta Buena, a protected natural pool where the waters of the Caribbean Sea enter through underwater caves. After a welcome cocktail, you will have free time for snorkeling or just to behold the sea in this natural lagoon full of tropical fish. Lunch at a local restaurant and return to Varadero. On the way back we visit the Fiesta Campesina where you can see a wide variety of animals and plants native of the region.

VALLE DE VIÑALES Considered one of the most emblematic landscapes of Cuba. Walk through the Viñales Valley, declared as a cultural landscape protected by UNESCO and a National Natural Monument. Visit Casa del Veguero where you can taste a welcome cocktail and also admire the tobacco plantations that are cultivated there; visit Los Jazmines viewpoint, a place that offers a beautiful overview of the Viñales Valley; visit Cueva del Indio on a boat ride through river that runs inside; lunch at a local restaurant; visit the Mural of Prehistory in the Sierra de los Órganos.


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ZIP LINE ADVENTURES Our expert canopy guides will teach you all you need to know about the ride and the gear. You will start at the welcome center where a safety briefing will be conducted. After, you will reach the first platform, and then be ready to face the challenge of flying from one platform to another. You will be safely attached with climbing gear to the cables; the longest line being 800 meters long. Your tour consists of 16 platforms and 12 zip lines stretched across the length of the mountain range, throughout 2 kilometers; 2 of these lines are considered the longest in the Caribbean. So, just let yourself glide from platform to platform and swing through the air with a privileged bird’s-eye view of the lush, tropical mountains.

JUNGLE RALLY A VIP Jungle Rally tour on an air conditioned, 5-star deluxe safari with your own personal guide. Here’s your chance to buckle up and enjoy personalized VIP treatment on the Jungle Rally VIP Safari Adventure. They’ll drive you out into the countryside on 4×4 Rally Jeeps fitted with special off road suspension and loaded with a fully stocked bar. Your driver guide will tell you all you need to know about the Dominican Republic in our own inimitable style; he’ll also become your personal butler and friend by the end of the day as he caters to your every need. It includes a visit to a country house, a local school, a coconut farm, a coffee and cacao plantation, and a butterfly garden. Bring along some cash to purchase local products at local prices such as organic coffee, cacao, and more. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take pictures of the folks and the local flora and fauna.


FUN BUGGIES Rev-up your engine as you drive one of our dune buggies and set off to explore the exclusive region of Macao or Cap Cana area. Visit the Macao Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and stop for a refreshing swim in the ocean. Or discover the exuberant Cap Cana beach, one of the jewels of Dominican Republic, and have a relaxing time at Juanillo beach.


Have you always had the desire to drive a convertible? We’ll help you fulfill that dream! Feel the sun and the breeze while enjoying the spectacular scenery on a mini cooper. Visit quaint villages and learn about Dominican culture. Join the caravan and relish all of this and much more when driving one of these convertibles. What are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper for a drive around the most beautiful parts of the Dominican Republic!

ZORBING - Downhill Revolution

Are you up for the challenge? Roll down the 150meter hill course inside a giant flexible, inflatable ball, where you are safely secured inside its double cushioned walls. It’s a fantastic experience all the way to the bottom!


Get ready for a mountain bike adventure! Up to two hours of trail riding, passing by two natural lagoons, a 5 km stretch of Caribbean sand, and a ubiquitous old abandoned resort in the middle of nowhere! Bikes available for all ages.



Zip, climb and swing … Come and enjoy the most exciting air trip of your life! A circuit of 2 lines, 1 suspension bridge with 3 types of challenges, and a fast line with a speed of 34 mph! Our zip lines offer double cable lines, plus a safety lifeline that will follow you throughout the entire circuit.


If you want more adrenaline, start with a 12-meter, climbing wall get to the first zip line. A circuit of 7 lines, a hanging bridge of 130 ft. high and a fast speed line of 34 mph are waiting for you!

BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE - Crazy Jumper A 100% of adrenaline RUSH! Jump up to 32 ft. off the ground in a bungee dome! The 4 jumpers move simultaneously through the large central void, generating a spontaneous choreography that provides a unique experience of acrobatic jumps, high in the air!


Feel like flying? Then try this flight simulator for up to 3 people; it’ll take you up to 80 ft. high! Once you’re soaring, enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view. It’s great for families or groups of friends.


Discover this spectacular pirate ship! It has a rope course with 26 types of challenges in 4 different levels, at heights up to 50 ft. Great fun for teams of co-workers, friends, and families, regardless of age! Give it a try and test your limits!

SEG WAY - X-treme Driver

Tired of boogies? Don’t wait to ride a bike? Try driving the latest SEGWAY PT X2! It is especially equipped for all terrain adventure as it’s the case of a circuit within a natural park of over 110 acres! We can program speed limit control for children.

PAINTBALL - Rapid Shooter

Ready for some ACTION? Enjoy a blast of excitement and fun, feel the rush and adrenaline throughout the entire field! Hide inside bunkers, sneak through obstacles, and find the best hiding spot to aim your shot!



Exhilarating and exciting are two words that describe better any and all of the ten main adventure activities that you can live in Costa Rica. It is no secret that many people that visit Costa Rica do it seeking adventure under unique conditions. Twenty different micro climates and an abundance of natural attractions in such a small and beautiful country make for daring settings. Think that one day you can be breathing the crisp and pure air of the mountains while you soar over a cloud forest, and the next day you can be diving with sharks in the Pacific. There are so many adventure activities you can try in Costa Rica, but we will give you ten that for sure will delight the adventurer and nature lover in you.

ZIP LINING Zip lining is the top must-do activity in Costa Rica. It was first developed right here. Gliding over the jungle, rainforest or canyon is an unforgettable experience! There are many options to do this all over Costa Rica; find the right one for you!


RAPPELING This is not an activity for the faint of heart; the rewards are really worthwhile, since the scenery is unspoiled and grandiose. The options in La Fortuna/Arenal San Carlos are the most outstanding ones because of their beautiful and challenging waterfalls; and there are more options elsewhere, such as those in Monteverde, Turrialba and Jaco. These are activities that give to those who dare to try an amazing, real sense of accomplishment and confidence.

WHITEWATER RAFTING What an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica as you paddle down roaring rivers surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are many rivers for rafting, Class I to Class V rapids, so depending on how much you want to paddle that day, you can opt for a leisurely or action packed rafting day. Three of the preferred rivers for this: Pacuare, Río Balsa, and Saavegre. National Geographic Magazine rated the Rio Pacuare as one of the top five locations to raft white water in the world, and so it is no surprise that it is here that the hard core rafting fans head to upon arrival. Pacuare is Costa Rica’s most scenic and diverse waterway encompassing densely vegetated primary rain forest, lowland tropical forest, and raging waterfalls.



When you come to Costa Rica you must definitely enjoy marine adventures and there’s no better way to experience the ocean than by going on a boat tour! There are many fabulous spots on both the Pacific and Caribbean to beach hop, snorkel or just sit back for the ride. You can also see marine wildlife such as humpback whales, dolphins and fish. But you can also in a more independent way, try kayaking in the many different spots along the Pacific and its beautiful coves.

EXPLORING WATERFALLS Beautiful and surpassing the hundreds are the waterfalls in Costa Rica. Visiting them is always thrilling and unforgettable for any adventure lover or nature buff. There are waterfalls of all kinds, from ones you can swim in, jump off of or simply behold.

SURFING Warm waters, beautiful scenery, secluded spots and a friendly welcome makes Costa Rica a favorite place for leisure surfing and beginning surfers. World class surfing can be found all over such as in these beaches: Playa Jaco, Hermosa, Tamarindo and Playa Grande; if you don’t want to be fighting the crowds to catch a wave, there are tons of under the radar beaches.

HIKING The best places for hiking are the national parks since they have well maintained trails; our destination is so mountainous, that you can enjoy a good hiking in any of the hundreds of peaks and ranges in the territory.

FISHING It’s a must-do activity for fishing lovers; there’s plenty of catch, competitive or otherwise, and many ways to do it. Satisfaction is guaranteed to hard-core fishing buffs whether in open sea fishing or shore fishing.


SNORKELING AND SCUBA DIVING Snorkeling is colorful and fun; people will enjoy it although it is not compared to the snorkeling you do in world class coral reefs but people and families will get a true feel of the ocean and marine life and come out satisfied. Scuba diving at Cocos Island is one of the best in the whole world. The best spots for snorkeling are CaĂąo Island, Gulf of Papagayo, and Cahuita National Park. Great spots for scuba diving are Cocos Island, Cano Island, Bat Islands and Catalinas.

WILDLIFE WATCHING The now famous biodiversity characteristic of Costa Rica makes this truly a rewarding adventure if you do it right. Keep in mind, tropical fauna is elusive and in great part nocturnal, but it’s common to hear monkeys howling, see macaws fly by and spot an iguana crossing the road. And bird watching is of course world class, as good as Panama, and that says a lot to connoisseurs. We highly recommend taking a tour and hiring a guide to see wildlife as they have trained eyes and know how to spot them. In Corcovado National Park, you can see tapirs, pumas, toucans, monkeys and much more. Ours is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth!

ATVs All-terrain vehicles activities are extremely popular and fun, so much so that our clients always enjoy it to the fullest because of the marine scenery and mountains nearby and the feeling of freedom of doing it. A must for most of our clients.



PanamĂĄ city is a vibrant place that you will love since there are so many things to do; there is also an abundance of options in the countryside for adventure seekers that will bring you great delight as well. Our fun activities include hiking meandering trails and camping in aweinspiring national parks, zip-lining in rain and cloud forests, visiting autochthonous indigenous villages along Panamanian rivers, or in islands and jungles. We also highly recommend excursions on ATVs and off-road tours in 4WDs, eco-tours, fishing and charters tours, nature and wildlife sightseeing excursions, and adrenaline and extreme adventures. And right in the very city in the Old Quarters, there is a biking tour that you will be delighted with.

Panama is a country where the concept of exotic is imbedded in its name. The indigenous language describes the name Panama as a place with an abundance of fish and butterflies. The meaning of this unique name becomes true as visitors quickly discover it for themselves. An abundance of wildlife can be found in Panama’s many national parks. 20

Here is one example of one full-day tour available to you: Soberania National Park and Monkey Island is a full-day tour, one example of many options. This tour is led by a professional guide; you will marvel at the fascinating tableau of native wildlife as you explore lush jungle replete with hundreds of exotic bird species. Climb aboard a boat destined for Monkey Island, a verdant enclave home to many different monkey species, and then visit an authentic indigenous village to learn about the area’s rich local culture. So there you have it, a plate full of options for the adventure seeker and the nature lover.

PANAMA’S CARIBBEAN Twenty years ago, the Caribbean coast of Panama was practically unknown. Nowadays, travelers, surfers, and adventurers alike find crystalline waters, exotic flora and fauna, and a rich cultural heritage in destinations such as Bocas del Toro, San Blas, Portobelo, and many others.




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