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airways Contents Meet the Staff An insight into our Membership Coordinator, Ben Leonard and his life inside and out of IVAO.

Message from the Director The welcoming message to airways, and his overview of the Division over the previous month.

Manchester Meet Up




An insight into the Manchester Meet Up from Members and Staff

Destination Guide This month’s guide is for Gatwick, the location of our new Training Aerodrome!

Events Update An update for the Events coming up this month on IVAO United Kingdom

Staff Vacancies We’re currently seeking applicants for exciting roles, are you suited for one?






airways Meet the Membership Coordinator My Name is Ben Leonard and I am the Membership Coordinator and Training Assistant. I have been active on IVAO for 18 Months ever since the VA I am with, Virtual Ministry of Defence moved operations to the network. Over the time I have gained my PP rating as well as my ADC , I also hope within a few short months I will be able to go for my APC and SPP rating s. I have been involved in Flight Simulation since 2009, however from an early age I have been an aviation enthusiast. I had always wanted to progress into Air traffic Control which was heightened when I completed 2 stints of Work Experience during my time both at School and College, however rafter attempting the entry tests I wasn’t successful. Outside of IVAO I work in Airline Customer Services, my hobbies include flying where I hold a NPPL (SSEA) license, photography and sports, supporting the mighty Luton Town (Please don’t laugh). If you see me online please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have or drop me an e-mail

Message from the Director Dear Members, As the cold, wet and windy weather continues, we have all been busy working away to improve the division. Firstly I would like to say Thank you to everyone who attended The Manchester Autumn Meet up 2013! It was great to meet up with new members of the division as well as those who have previously attended the event. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make the meet up more enjoyable, then please email myself and the Assistant Director at and We are compiling a member’s survey that we hope you will take the time to complete, this is your division and we want to make sure that we are providing the kinds of services and support you want. Feedback from members is something which we value enormously so that we can try and improve things to make your online experience the best it can be. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for the feedback given to us over the years. If you have any comments or suggestions about anything. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at any time. Best Regards,


airways Manchester Meet Up The 3rd weekend of October saw IVAO UK Staff and Members head for Manchester, and what a weekend we had! We crammed this edition of airways with different blogs/ accounts from members and staff into why they love the weekend so much!

An interesting weekend, by Jack Plumb (288437) A sunny Friday morning in Essex saw me head north for the town of Flitwick, playground and home to GB-MC, Ben Leonard, where we swiftly swapped cars and headed into the dreaded ‘north of the country’. Standard rules applied en-route, a quick trip to a Welcome Break and a face full of XL Bacon Double Cheese burger (the only meal I get from BK because I hate picking the salad out of the rest, I’m health conscious really!). Heading up on the M1, we decided to not take the M6 early and instead carried on and passed the sights of East Midlands Airport before cutting across and joining the horrific M6. Traffic came and traffic went, but we got there, at 1830, 7:30hrs later… A quick check in and back out where slumped on a seat sat GB-DIR, Thomas Carter ready for dinner. We headed off but first, intelligence (a post of the forum) told us that Danny Richmond was staying in the hotel, so a quick shout of ‘DANNY’ to someone who looked like him before looking away confirmed the intelligence. After an ‘interesting (Jeremy Kyle Storyline) meal at Pizza Hut we came back and met Danny for a drink. 2330, time for bed! 0945, awake, shower, all you can eat (not a mammoth task for me) breakfast and we headed for the Airport Hotel (Carter less because he ‘had to work’ (apparently walking around and putting letters through some doors is work!)) and low and behold Paul Jones and Jordan McTiffin were already front row and bums firmly placed on seats inside, Jordan accompanied by a ginormous Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows whilst Paul had an entire radio shop hidden under his top, feeding us information about aircraft. The day passed, the drinks flowed and the aircraft flew, during the morning Martyn Tobin, Carl Chamberlain and Stephen Howarth joined us united with Thomas Carter, Nigel Paye and his lovely family in the afternoon. We left about 1700, back to rooms, showered, changed and chauffeured into Manchester City Centre where we met Dan Craddock, ate lots, drank copious amounts and soaked Martyn’s trousers with beer before packing him, Carl and Ollie back to Loughborough University (scarred with some horrific photos of Martyn’s legs on the return journey). Chilled out pubs, rock bars and victorian toilets (it’s a bar now, but they were loos once!) were the aim of the game before giving up at 0130hrs and retuning back to the hotels. 1000hrs, and we met again at the Runway Café by the side of the runway… Got a few shots of the Dreamliner, new Monarch scheme A330 and a few others before setting off back to sunny Essex!


airways The Manchester Meet up, by Jordan McTiffin (218083) The IVAO meet ups are brilliant. If you are able to come then I would highly recommend you do so, as you won't regret it. The atmosphere there is great coupled with the many new faces you meet; a great time is had by all. Being quite a popular airport Manchester you also see some of the newest aircraft like the A380 and Boeing 787, both of which I had never seen before up close until going to one of the meet ups. Honestly of you've got the time please come to the next one! Hope to see you there!

Ace Manchester Meet up, by Paul Jones (351319) Just want to thank you all for another great Manchester Meet up.....Loved being there. Like watching planes and being able to talk planes. Was an awesome laugh as per normal... Being able to ask questions is great as I have learnt loads. Attending the events and do so hope to attend more… Heathrow RFE Next Bring it on.

Destination Guide London Gatwick (EGKK) Gatwick Airport is the second largest international airport in the United Kingdom, after London Heathrow (EGLL) and has recently been announced as the latest Training Aerodrome for the Division. It has two runways, 08L/26R and 08R/ 26L which, due to lack of separation between the two, cannot be used for dual operations. The main runway, 08R/ 26L are equipped with a CAT III ILS approach. The secondary runway (08L/ 26R) is commonly known as the ‘northern runway’ originally created and designed as a taxiway which has been widened over the years. Although very uncommon, the northern runway can be used if 08R/26L is out of use due to maintenance or an accident although it is not equipped with an ILS it does have a combination of Distance Measuring Equipment and assistance from Approach Controllers using surveillance radar, or if capable and approved, an RNAV approach.


airways Events Department Atlantic Crossing Dear members, In October we had what could be described as one of the biggest events for the second half of this year, The Atlantic Crossing Eastbound. Sitting here with my can of Red Bull that I need to try and wake myself up I would just like to say a few words. First of all, it was a pleasure to create such a successful and well organized event. But there were a few people who I couldn't have done it without. First of all the Shanwick team. Simon, Wilm and Lars what would we do without you? You really work you butts off to get the routes ready and to sort out the Shanwick team for the evening. It was a pleasure controlling into the small hours of the morning for the team. Secondly I would like to thank the two divisions on either side of the Atlantic. GB/IE/CA and US. If we didn't have the help of all the controllers we wouldn't have been able to get the aircraft's to the Atlantic and the streaming of the aircrafts the other side of the Atlantic. Especially the GB guys. They had to cope with routes crossing over each other heading to other areas and they did it with a safe and professional job so thank you. Finally I would like to thank every division that attended the event. The event wouldn't have been this successful without you. We have had so much fun organizing and running the event with you so it was a pleasure. Oh and I also need to thank ALL THE PILOTS who flew last night, we really did have fun last night and we all hope that you all did to. Time to plan for the next one in a couple of months. (I won't say when) Regards, Alexander Clover IVAO UK Events Coordinator

November Update Moving onto the November update we have another two great events for you. First will be a very special event for IVAO UK. Yes on the 9th and 10th November a certain little division on an Island in the Atlantic will be celebrating their 14th Birthday. Now how are we going to do it? Well we are going to do a two day Online Day. For you pleasure airports like Manchester and Edinburgh as well as the major airports in London: Heathrow,


airways Gatwick, Stansted and Luton will be staffed along with a multiple number of Area sectors. You can help IVAO UK celebrate their 14th Birthday by flying in and out during 10z to 22z. Whether you enjoy just doing a small hop between two UK airports, a flight into Europe or even a long haul flight to Asia or the US this event is for you. Then on the 26th November, 10 years ago to that day a certain aircraft that was made to decrease flight times by going over the speed of sound retired. Yes we are talking about the Concorde. To mark 10 years of the Concorde being taken out of service IVAO UK is pleased to announce the Concorde's 10th Anniversary event! On the 7th September from 17z till 20z, Heathrow will be fully staffed from Area down to the aerodrome controllers to allow you to fly your Concorde's into Heathrow. You can either fly one of the old classic routes that the Concorde used to fly or you can fly from where you like. We hope that you like the events and we’ll be back in December to tell you about the events that will round out what has been a successful year for IVAO UK.

Staff Vacancies IVAO United Kingdom is currently seeking motivated and inspirational members to assist the current Staff Team in the development of the division. All applicants are required to have been active on IVAO for at least six months and should read the full job descriptions at We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

GB-AWM (Assistant Webmaster) Assist with the maintenance and development of the IVAO United Kingdom website.

GB-AOC (Air Operations Coordinator) Responsible for all ATC operations that fall under commercial or civil categories in the division. The AOC shall be responsible for coordinating ATC positions with the EC regarding events within the division.

GB-FOC (Flight Operations Coordinator) The Flight Operations Coordinator is responsible for all procedures directly concerning pilots.




IVAO United Kingdom | Airways | November 2013  

The November Edition of airways, the IVAO United Kingdom Members Magazine.

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