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airways CONTENTS MEET THE STAFF A quick insight into the life of one of our instructors, Gary Hubbard.

MESSAGE FROM DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS The welcoming message to airways, and his overview of the division over the previous month.

FACEBOOK BANNER COMPETITION A look at some of the amazing screenshots you have been sending us.

DESINATION GUIDE This month we look at the oldest airport in the United Kingdom, Shoreham.

EVENTS UPDATE An update for the events coming up this month on IVAO United Kingdom.

AWARDS Congratulation to all the members who have gained an award during the month of July.

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BY GARY HUBBARD (GB-TA6) Hello to you all, my name is Gary Hubbard and I'm 30 years old. I've lived in Dublin, Ireland for all of my life and within 5 miles of Dublin Airport, which subconsciously has sort of been the influence of what I'm about and where I am at today. It was from an early age looking up into the sky with amazement and inquisitiveness that formed my love to this day of the world of aviation. I've been a member of IVAO now for over 6 years and in that time I've have learned so much. I started my flight simming on FSX multiplayer and it was from there that I found out about IVAO and the way it tried to replicate a simulated real world flight simming experience. I like most started out as a rookie and over a number of years found myself the Director of the Ireland Division. That was such a challenge for me and running it for the few years took a lot of time and effort and a lot of help from close friends. It was after a long time of going around in circles that we started the discussion of merging the two divisions into one to become what we now know as the IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland Division, something I'm very happy to have been part of, and now after the merge is complete I am looking forward to fulfilling my role as a Training Advisor for the division. Some information about me: I'm a flight Planner for Ryanair in our Dublin head office. We create the flight plans that the pilots throughout our whole network use on a daily basis. I started off at Ryanair about 5 years ago as an operations trainee, and from there I have progressed through roles as Ground Operations Controller, Crew Controller and now working in flight planning, but it has all been within the central operations room at our head office here in Dublin. If any of you need anything from me do not hesitate to contact me for whatever reason, I like to consider myself as very approachable and helpful and I look forward to seeing this division merge and progress well into a bright future. Thank you.

MESSAGE FROM DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS BY CHRIS PROPHET (GB-DIR) Hello all, well summer is in full swing now and the weather is being kind to us, last month saw the Luton/ Glasgow air bridge which turned out to be a great success thanks to all involved. August sees the first event involving our newly merged division, on the 3rd August we will have Dublin Overload which looks like it's going to be great fun! Late in July William Bruce and Craig Mclaren left the SO team both have had a huge input into the SO side of the United Kingdom please join me in thanking them for donating their time, in light of this I am delighted to welcome back two well seasoned dogs back into the game Jack Plumb as SOC and Dan Lewington as SOAC, great to have the back.


airways FACEBOOK BANNER COMPETITION As you may know, on the IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland Facebook Page we only use banners created by you, our members, and every so often we have a competition to get that picture on the page. The time has came around again and we require your pictures. All you need to do is follow these simple rules:      

You must own the picture! 1 entry per person (staff may enter) Must be a suitable size for a facebook banner (minimum 851 x 314 pixels) It can be virtual or real It can be of aircraft or air traffic control Entries must be in before 2259zulu, 30th August 2014

Voting will begin when the next edition of “Airways Magazine” is released (scheduled for 6th September 2014) and will be posted on the forums under the “UK Screenshot Competition” for voting. To enter you can do one of two things:  

Email with your name, IVAO VID, and the picture attached to the email. The subject of the email must be “Facebook Banner Competition” Private Message (PM) via the forums to “Danny Richmond” with your name, IVAO VID and link to the picture. The subject of the PM must be “Facebook Banner Competition”

Good luck and remember entries close on the 30th August 2014.

Last years winner, Josh Hall



BY DANNY RICHMOND (GB-MAC) Shoreham Airport Shoreham Airport (EGKA) or Shoreham (Brighton City) Airport was founded in 1910 making this the oldest airport in the United Kingdom. Shoreham has a CAA public use licence allowing people to fly for public transport and flying instruction. The airport was officially opened on 20th June 1911 but the first aviator to fly to Shoreham was Harold Piffard in 1910. In 1913 the airport became the first flight school. The airport is used by privately owned light aeroplanes, flying schools, and for light aircraft and helicopter maintenance and sales. A number of operators provide sight-seeing and pleasure flights, including the experience of flying in two T-6 Harvard World War II training aircraft. The airport has four runways: 02/20 Asphalt, 07/25 Grass, 13/31 Grass, 02/20 Grass. Every year Shoreham Airport is host to the RAFA Shoreham Airshow. The Airshow hosts a number of static and flying displays and has raised over £1.2 Million over 21 years for the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) (Image Above: © Copyright Jeff Tomlinson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence)

Unloading the bags at Gran Canaria – Adam Davis

Stable FL390 heading to Shannon - Diego Melendez


airways Sunset in Belgium - Ashley Redfearn


BY ALEXANDER CLOVER (GB-EC) Dear Members, With the recent merge of the IVAO UK and IVAO Irish divisions being completed, IVAO UK & Ireland are pleased to announce there first joint merge event. On the 3rd August from 1700z till 2000z. IVAO UK and IVAO Ireland members will be joining up in force to fully staff Dublin airport. The overall aim of the Overload is to get the airport filled out with as many IFR inbounds and outbounds as possible. Whether it's an IFR flight inbound from the States or and IFR outbound into Europe or the Middle East we will be ready for you. Dublin is the busiest airport in Ireland with flights going all around the world to places including New York JFK, Frankfurt and Dubai. Also ever thought of the challenge of having to do a 5.5 degree glide path into an airport which requires no mistakes? Now here's your chance as on the 26th August 2014, IVAO UK and Ireland welcome you to their latest London City Event. Your challenge is that you with one of the certified aircraft's that can fly into London City (List is here: you will have to conduct the 5.5 degree glide path on the approach to London City. If you mess up and have to go around then no worries, the controllers will be able to slot you into a gap to get you back in on final approach. The other challenge is departing from London City as well, with the skyline of London so close to the airport you will need to have a good climb out but don't bust you're level as you will fly straight into the London Heathrow Arrivals. This event is about pilot skill to see who is successful in landing or departing from one of the toughest airports in the world.


airways AWARDS

BY CHRIS PROPHET (GB-DIR) On behalf of all the staff and members here at the United Kingdom division, congratulations on gaining one of the awards. The following people have gained an award for completing a UK tour during July 2014:

Sander Coumans completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (05 Jul 14) Matthew Moy completed the 2014 Special Operations Tour. (05 Jul 14) Hossein Jafari completed the 2013 Ireland Helos Tour.(06 Jul 14) Georges Parquier completed the 2013 Ireland VFR Tour (06 Jul 14) Eric Tavares completed the 2013 Ireland VFR Tour. (06 Jul 14) Joshua Rees completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (09 Jul 14) Clement Vitre completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (07 Jul 14) Paul Burch completed the 2013 Ireland VFR Tour. (09 Jul 14) Fabio Scruri completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (12.07.2014) Otavio de Aguiar completed the 2013 Ireland IFR Tour. (12.07.2014) Ivan Traseira Pineiro completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (17.07.2014) Zsolt Kovacsai completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (17.07.2014) Riejo Reudink completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (17.07.2014) Eric Tavares completed the 2013 Ireland Helos Tour. (17.07.2014) Thomas Foschini completed the 2013 Ireland IFR Tour. (14.07.2014) Josh Lusher completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (23.07.2014) Oliver Hope completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (23.07.2014) Marcelo Farah completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (29.07.2014)




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The August Edition of airways, the IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland Members Magazine

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