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airways CONTENTS MEET THE STAFF The life and soul of the party? We chat with ATC Operations Coordinator Dan Nicholas

MESSAGE FROM DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS The welcoming message to airways, and his overview of the Division over the previous month.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT UPDATE A sneak peek of what our Special Operations department has in store for us during March.

DESINATION GUIDE This month’s guide is for London Heathrow, the UK’s busiest airport and home to our up and coming Real Flight Event. EVENTS DEPARTMENT UPDATE An update for the Events coming up this month on IVAO United Kingdom.

AWARDS Congratulation to all the members who have gained an award during the month of February/ March.

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BY DAN NICHOLAS (GB-AOC) Hello, I'm Dan Nicholas, I'm 22 and live in the sunny city of Bristol. Not exactly in the center though, I live in an area where the M32 meets the M4. This comes in handy for work; driving to and from Gloucester Airport where I am a trainee air traffic controller. I have completed almost 90% of my courses and am on track to getting my licence at the beginning of august, permitting me to go and talk to real aeroplanes :) As for the network, I hold the role of GB-AOC. This means I am responsible for setting the FRAs and updating the quickviews for airports which is currently in the process of being done. I liaise with Events management to ensure they are putting the correct person for the job on suitable positions for the events they release. I also communicate with the training department and enforce real world situations for them to include in the training schedule so we are all getting the correct and clear training possible. There are a few updates to certain documents coming in the next few days which will make for a tasty read. One of my other jobs on the network is to look after you when you've done your exams. Up until you've passed your rating, training are pretty much the ones to help you along the way but when you've got that star you've been working for, I'm the one who gives you the guidance along the way from there on in. Which leaves me to say, any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me at and I'll be sure to get back to you and answer your issue. So that's a little about me, hope you have a good day and see you on the 29th for some holding stack and holding point madness


Welcome to the March Edition of airways! Another exciting month for us here at IVAO UK as we can finally scream and shout about the big event we’ve been planning for months, the Real Heathrow. I’ve enjoyed having a personal frontline role working with Alex and Jason as Jason designed our new Flight Booking System already under use and we’ve not seen half of it yet! We have also welcomed Dan Nicholas to his new role as GB-AOC and say goodbye to Thomas Carter who has devoted a lot of time to the network. Let’s hope for another successful month as we move onto our next AP course, AP15 has been announced and is open for enrolment by those who has completed an ADC course. Until next time, keep flying, keep controlling and enjoy!



airways The last few months have been very busy for IVAO UK’s Special Operations department, as 2014 meant that it was time to celebrate the 50th display season of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team- the Red Arrows. To celebrate this important milestone, the department held a fly-in and mini air display that attracted visitors from all around the world. There were many fantastic displays put on from the attending pilots, however the highlight of the day had to be Ala 78 Virtual from Spain, who took formation flying to the next level. An in cockpit video from the team can be found HERE , which gives a pilot’s eye view on the display. In February, we held a very different kind of event called “Lap of the Loop” which was held in the Machynlleth Loop “Mach Loop” in Wales. Based on an air race, the aim was to complete a “lap of the loop in the fastest time possible”. Aircraft were split into various different categories; Fast Jet, Light/Historic and Multiple engine. The winner of the fast-jet completion was Eddy Evans from IVAO South Africa in his Saab Gripen and the winner of the light/historic category was Eddy Ruythooren from IVAO Belgium in his P-51 Mustang Next month will see a short break I Special Operations event, but fear not, we will return in April with an exciting event, celebrating the 98th Birthday of the Royal Air Force.


BY: BEN LEONARD (GB-MC) London Heathrow (EGLL) Heathrow is the premier airport of the United Kingdom. It handles 70 million passengers a year running at 99% capacity with a movement on one of the 2 runways every 90 seconds. Heathrow has 2 parallel runways over 12000ft. Both are aligned 27/09. The airport is not only the home of both British airways and Virgin Atlantic but also a major destination for many airlines of the world. Arrivals will come from one of holding stacks which are located in a square around the airport, it is so busy controllers will regularly use 2.5 miles spacing so it’s vital pilots vacate as soon as possible to allow the next arrival to land. RNAV approaches are also available for those who can simulate them. When flying in to Heathrow you can always expect the area to be very busy so if ATC wants you to slow down, it’s because there will be lots of others both in front of you and behind you! Heathrow will soon have 5 terminals again, as the new terminal 2 is slowly being opened after being rebuilt. Heathrow, the gateway to the United Kingdom and one of the world’s busiest airports.


BY ALEXANDER CLOVER (GB-EC) IVAO UK are pleased to announce that we are giving you two great events for the month of March, we’re starting with the Rolls Royce Celebrations, why not fly a Rolls Royce aircraft into East Midlands to come and celebrate


airways 100 years of the engine supplier. More information can be found here: But the big event everyone is talking about is The Real Heathrow, ever since the early 2000's, The Real Heathrow has been a massive hit on IVAO. This year IVAO UK are bringing you the best yet. With the new 7 hour time period IVAO UK will be bringing you over 500 movements during for the day. All flights can booked using our NEW RFE website. We expect it to be busy, so we ask all pilots book their flights – expect delays if you don’t have a booking. Make sure you are fully prepared for the busy environment at London Heathrow, have a read over our Pilot briefing guide. If you like to be number 6 on the ILS, taxi behind 4 other aircraft towards the runway or join a holding pattern with several other aircraft, then this is the event for you. Flying with IVAO does not get more real than this. Due to the expected volume of traffic only flights listed on our schedule will be guaranteed a landing slot at Heathrow. The only exception will be VA flights which have made prior arrangements with the UK Events staff. All other flights may be accepted subject to slot availability but could be diverted to Amsterdam, Brussels, Gatwick or Stansted.

AWARDS BY JACK PLUMB (GB-DIR) On behalf of all the staff and members here at the United Kingdom division, congratulations on gaining one of the awards. The following people have gained an award for completing a UK tour during February/ March 2014: Abdullah Alkharif completed the 2013 IFR Challenge Tour. (03 Feb 14) John Croxford completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (09 Feb 14) Silvano Orlati completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (11 Feb 14) John Chu completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (14 Feb 14) Kjell Andreas Norheim completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (02 Mar 14) This month we have also had a number of controller exam passes. Congratulations to the following that have completed a controller rating: Craig Tyler gained his Aerodrome Controller Rating. (22 Feb 14)


airways If you did not feature in this month’s awards section and gained an award during February through IVAO UK then send an email to Danny Richmond ( and we will post your name in next month’s Airways Magazine.

DATES FOR THE DIARY BY BEN LEONARD (GB-MC) We regularly arrange divisional meet up, here at IVAO UK, where we meet the members, new and old at different venues across the country. We asked members to express where they wish to meet and we’ve come up with the following dates: RIAT 2014 (11-13 JUL 14) Once again the Royal International Air Tattoo is being held in July. We’ve yet of for a meet up however the forum will play host to the arrangements for this great show. RED BULL AIR RACE (16-17 AUG 14) It’s back after several years, this time the stage is the famous Epsom racecourse. I’m sure there will be many members attending this spectacle of racing. Full meet up details will be confirmed on the forum nearer the time. Alongside these, there will be many more opportunities for members to socialise. Keep an eye here and the on the forum for the latest news.



GB-AOAC ATC Operations Assistant Coordinator


Roles & Responsibilities: Assisting the AOC in: -


Setting the facility ratings of the division in conjunction with other departments Supervising and delegating tasks to the FIR chiefs. Creating and maintaining sectorfiles in conjunction with FIR Chiefs Approving and publishing LOAs in conjunction with FIR Chiefs Publishing and maintaining airport procedure pages in conjunction with FIR Chiefs Compiling SOPs for ATC positions

airways - Setting ATC training/exam standards in conjunction with the Training Department - Maintaining the airport database - Publishing and maintaining airport quickviews - Creating AFCAD files for major airports in conjunction with the Flight Operations Department Position requires a minimum ADC ATC rating, although APC+ is preferred.


GB-AWM Assistant Webmaster


Assist with the maintenance and development of the IVAO United Kingdom website. Requirements: Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL. Experience with AJAX and Object Oriented programming would be helpful. You may be requested to provide a sample of source code that you have written.

You can apply and find more vacancies on our website, and find your most suited job.




IVAO United Kingdom | Airways | March 2014  

The March Edition of airways, the IVAO United Kingdom Members Magazine.

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