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airways CONTENTS MEET THE STAFF A quick insight into the life of the Special Operations Assistant Coordinator, Craig McLaren.

MESSAGE FROM DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS The welcoming message to airways, and the Directors overview of the Division over the previous month. DESTINATION GUIDE This month’s guide is for Liverpool John Lennon Airport, the 12th busiest airport in the United Kingdom. AIRSHOW SEASON The Airshow Season has truly kicked off! We look at what we are looking forward to this month.

YOUR KIT We look at some of the Kit you run with pictures sent into us on the IVAO UK Facebook

EVENTS UPDATE An update for the Events coming up this month on IVAO United Kingdom.

AWARDS Congratulation to all the members who have gained an award during the month of June.

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BY CRAIG MCLAREN (GB-SOAC) Hi to you all! My name is Craig McLaren & I’ve just taken up the post of Special Operations assistant co-ordinator. I`m from Stirling in Scotland & I am a former member of Her Majesty`s Armed Forces & have served in Germany & the former Yugoslavia amongst others. I am very pleased to meet you all & very pleased to be on board here at IVAO-GB. I`m currently employed as an engineer in the Plant Hire business & my hobbies, other than flight simming include football, I`m a follower of the famous Glasgow Rangers, motor sports & I’m also a keen musician & play many instruments including guitar & harmonica. After coming to flight simming with no aviation knowledge at all, about a year & a half ago I discovered IVAO & as they say, I`ve never been the same since! I hope to bring enthusiasm, experience & knowledge of Military ops to the division`s Spec Ops dept. with a vision to really push the tactical side of things & I`m looking forward to working with my good friend William to achieve the best we possibly can to boost the profile of the GB-SOD & the division as a whole on the IVAO network. So watch this space!! I`m friendly & readily approachable so feel free to contact me at if any of you guys have any questions or requests regarding anything in the military side of Spec ops or any other issues, I`m only happy to help. As I said I`m glad to be a part of the team & I look forward to seeing some of you at various events in the virtual sky`s! All the best!

MESSAGE FROM DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS BY CHRIS PROPHET (GB-DIR) My first input as the new DIR of the UK and Ireland division in the airways magazine, thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and a huge thank you to Jack Plumb for all of his hard work and time he committed to this division, I hope to continue his good work. The month of July sees the GB and IE merge complete making us the first Multi country division on IVAO We welcome Marcel Maas as our new webmaster, Gary Hubbard joins the training team as TA6 and Mr Clover has stepped up to the Training coordinator position after my resignation. The new Multi country division brings many opportunities that can only make us stronger and better but with it will come a few teething problems and maybe some delays until things settle down So please bear with us



BY DANNY RICHMOND Liverpool John Lennon Airport Liverpool John Lennon Airport has come under many names: Speke Airport, RAF Speke, Liverpool Airport. Today it is names after the musician John Lennon from the Beatles and Liverpudlian. The airport is South East from the city centre and serves a number of scheduled and domestic flight around Europe. Between 1947 and 2007 it was one of Europe’s fastest growing airports, nowadays is sits in 12th for the busiest airport in the United Kingdom. The airport is very popular for flights to Ireland, with Belfast and Dublin being the top 2 for flights out of Liverpool. The airport as 1 Runway (09 – 27) with a taxiway running parallel to it. Both approaches will take you over the River Mersey with a Cat I ILS (111.75) and a number for Visual Reference Points (VRP) will make it very homely for VFR aircraft. The airport actually has a specific apron for General Aviation (GA) and also 1 Terminal and 4 Hangers. All together the airport has 33 parking spots. To control on the IVAO network at Liverpool you do not need a lot of experience. For tower and ground you require a AS1 which is the rating you start with at IVAO. To be on approach you need a AS2 which you gain after controlling for 10 hours or more.


The Airshow season is well underway with some amazing displays hitting Airshows across the United Kingdom. Throughout July you have a lot to look forward. Being the middle of the summer, July is the best time to get yourselves down to an Airshow without the worry of weather grounding the fun. One Airshow we are all looking forward to this month is the World’s largest Military Airshow, The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT).         

5th-6th – RAF Waddington International Airshow, Lincolnshire 11th-13th – Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire 12th-13th – Flying Legends Air Show, IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire 12th-13th – Wings and Wheels, North Coates Airfield, Lincs 13th – City Airport Family Fun Day, City Airport, Barton, Manchester 14th-20th – Farnborough International Airshow, Hampshire 25th-27th – Sunderland International Airshow, Tyne & Wear 26th – RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day, Somerset 26th-27th – Old Buckenham Airshow, Norfolk

See the full list of displays here: Click Here


airways YOUR KIT Thank you to the members that sent us a picture and a small description of the hardware they use when flying. Elliott Davis (461866) Elliott is getting used to his kit after only having for over a month. He currently runs the current kit:     

Saitek Saitek Saitek Saitek Saitek

Pro Flight Cessna Yoke Throttle Quadrant Rudder Pedals Multi Panel Radio Panel

Callum David Conroy The picture of Callum’s setup is him flying a Jetstream 4100 into Leeds (EGNM) and he is currently using the following kit:   

Saitek Yoke System Saitek Throttle Quadrant Saitek Rudder Pedals

Thanks once again to Elliott and Callum for sending in your set-up. If you would like to show off your kit then send it in to the membership department ( to get it published on next month’s Airways.



BY ALEXANDER CLOVER Farnborough Fly-In With the completion of the merge, IVAO UK and Ireland are pleased to announce the first Multi Country Divisional event, come and join IVAO UK & Ireland for a special fly-in to celebrate the Farnborough Airshow. On the 12th July 2014 from 18z till 21z Farnborough will be fully staffed for your delight so why not get your business jets or VFR aircraft out. With top down cover during the event you can expect it to be busy and a challenge for both the pilots flying and controllers online due to local procedures in place for Farnborough. London Luton and Glasgow International Airport Airbridge IVAO UK and Ireland are also pleased to announce our latest airbridge event. We will be staying in the UK this time with one of the most popular routes up to Scotland. On the 23rd July 2014 IVAO UK & Ireland will be providing a fully staffed route between London Luton (EGGW) and Glasgow International Airport (EGPF) ATC services will be available at both airports and enroute from 17z - 21z which is enough time for pilots to fly in both directions. More details on this event will be released soon! We will be celebrating the merge next month with an overload event that will be great fun for the pilots as well as the controllers. We will also be announcing what the RFE airport will be for later this year as well as if the online night is changing, so don’t miss the next updated from the events department.


In light of the NOTAM issued this month I would like to make a few things known. Firstly, I openly apologise in the way the NOTAM was worded and careful consideration and co-ordination shall be applied from now on. Secondly, I stick slightly with what was said in the NOTAM. We are all using the network as a hobby and are all learning as we progress. I feel we need to make the UK coverage somewhat more prominent by opening more than just one aerodrome, encouraging more domestic and international air traffic, which in turn beckons ATC. Please consider opening a different aerodrome should one already be open with little (one or two movements) or no traffic. It is best practice to ask another controller at the aerodrome you're wishing to control at if they are happy with more ATC at the field even should it be empty.


airways AWARDS

BY CHRIS PROPHET (GB-DIR) On behalf of all the staff and members here at the United Kingdom division, congratulations on gaining one of the awards. The following people have gained an award for completing a UK tour during June 2014:

Werner Friedl completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (07 Jun 14)

Cameron MacGregor completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (07 Jun 14)

Fred Stopforth completed the 2014 VFR Tour.(09 Jun 14)

John Higgs completed the 2014 VFR Tour (09 Jun 14)

Detmar Schoklitsch completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (16 Jun 14)

Govinda Moy completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (30 Jun 14)

Gosling Peter completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (30 Jun 14)

Bas van Loenhout completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (30 Jun 14)




IVAO United Kingdom | Airways | July 2014  

The July Edition of airways, the IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland Members Magazine.

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