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HUGE SUCCESS Hear from our events department and a number of members who attended the Heathrow RFE on the 29th March. PAGE 4

airways CONTENTS MEET THE STAFF A quick insight into the life of the Events Assistant, Josh Hall.

MESSAGE FROM DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS The welcoming message to airways, and an overview of the Division for the previous month.



THE REAL HEATHORW Hear from our Events Department and a number of members who attended the Heathrow RFE on the 29th March. AWARDS Congratulations to all the members who have gained an award during the month of March.

DESTINATION GUIDE This month’s guide is for Edinburgh Airport, where Scotland welcomes the world.

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airways MEET THE STAFF BY JOSH HALL (GB-EA1) Hi all! I'm Josh Hall, 16 and live in a village in Leicestershire. Currently I'm having flying lessons at East Midlands Airport in a Cessna 152 (G-BGGP) with the aim of getting my PPL. I’ve had about 10 hours at the controls now so will be going solo soon. I'm just finishing my GSCE's and going onto study A-levels this year, my aim is to become a commercial pilot... well we can all dream right? I’ve been into simulated flying since Easter 2009 finding FSX in a shop for a fiver (not knowing a thing about aviation or even being on a plane!) I thought why not and the hobby has grown from there, I joined IVAO about a year ago and flew on a range of VA's. I work at a local theme park on most Sunday's and during holidays which is helping fund my lessons as we all know it’s not the cheapest hobby! My other hobbies include Football (not saying who I support though with this week’s score!) and Go-Karting up on the petrol carts local to me. As for my staff role, I'm the Events Assistant to the UK division. With my main responsibility being the tours whether it’s the IFR, Cargo, Special Ops or the VFR tour your flights will come through to me. I can see every minute of your flight courtesy of an IVAO tracker so no cheating ;). The tours are going along well we have had 682 total legs reported on the 2014 tours already with 13 people finished one so what's keeping you? Apart from validation my role is to modify and create new tours as appropriate. On top of that I have to assist Alex (GB-EC) and Andrew (GC-EAC) with the running of the events department as well as help in the planning of events. And boy have I learnt how much needs to go on to the planning of events. There are some great events coming up this year but the events aren't anything without all of you so keep your eyes tuned on the Events Announcement part of the forum. So that’s a brief summary of me, don’t forget if you need to contact me about tours or anything else in the events team my email is I check it daily so I’ll be sure to get back to you in good time.

MESSAGE FROM DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS BY JACK PLUMB (GB-DIR) Welcome to April’s late Edition of Airways! We’ve been extremely busy these past weeks getting this edition packed and ready to go! March saw us welcome Chris Prophet as the new Assistant Director and welcome Josh Hall (featured above) as our new Events Assistant. We hope April brings some exciting news across the Division as we bring in new adaptions and announce new ventures. Until then, keep flying and controlling and most of all, ENJOY IT!


airways THE REAL HEATHROW BY ALEXANDER CLOVER (GB-EC) Now that the RFE has passed it's time to reflect on what has happened. On the day we had 434 flights out of 540 booked, which easily made us the busiest RFE in IVAO UKs history. The day started at 10am when we got the access I to the second floor of York House, Stony Stratford. Of course and RFE wouldn't be an RFE without a problem. The ports for the internet weren't working so we had to get a new one which got to the venue 1 hour before we started. But luckily we had it all ready and where underway at 13:00z. The first deal was to deal with the traffic which had arrived early into Heathrow; we spent around 30 45 minutes dealing with the traffic. But once the first hour was out of the way we were able to get back on track and concentrate on the rest of the event. But the internet died on us and we all had a rush to get everything back online as quickly as possible. We do apologies for those aircraft that had a fuel problem after waiting for so long but something like that does happen. Finally after 7 hours of controlling we were done and I must say a huge thanks to all who attended. Especially, Jack Plumb who got us the rooms. Dan Nicholas who dealt with the ATC positions on the day. Stephen Howarth who got us there new ports for the internet. And especially the pilots who flew into and out of Heathrow on the day. The event couldn't have been successful if all the pilots didn't attend. IVAO UK has two events this month so please keep an eye out on the forums for them. One is definitely going to be exciting for all the pilots to attend. Thanks, Alexander Clover


airways THE REAL HEATHROW (cont.) We asked members to send us some of their fantastic screenshots from the Event. Here are two that were sent in from members:

By Bence Kovacsai

By Rob Brown


airways THE REAL HEATHROW (cont.) We also asked some of the people that attended the RFE to sum it up in one sentence, here is some of the feedback we received:

An amazing experience with a buzz of excitement is one thing I will say, I look forward to the next RFE especially the social event in the evenings! Jack Plumb

A brilliant event for the members by the members. There was a genuine buzz of excitement all day including a real sense of camaraderie to see off the challenges of being the biggest RFE yet. Graeme Wright

The RFE was a brilliant time and I was able to meet a lot of the staff and members and also get pi**ed out of our faces while we watch the GB-AOC drink 8% cider out of a kettle. Dylan Baines


airways AWARDS BY JACK PLUMB (GB-DIR) On behalf of all the staff and members here at the United Kingdom division, congratulations on gaining one of the awards. The following people have gained an award for completing a UK tour during March 2014: Chris Prophet completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (10 Mar 14) Nicolas Tautiva completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (12 Mar 14) Dirk Zander completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (17 Mar 14) Fares Belkhiria completed the 2014 Special Operations Tour. (17 Mar 14) Pablo Silvestroni completed the 2014 IFR Cargo Tour. (24 Mar 14) Fred Schouten completed the 2014 VFR Tour. (24 Mar 14) Mark Hopper completed the 2014 IFR Tour. (27 Mar 14) This month we have also had a number of controller exam passes. Congratulations to the following that have completed a controller rating: Ben Leonard gained his Approach Controller Rating. (16 Mar 14)

DESTINATION GUIDE BY DANNY RICHMOND (GB-MAC) Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) Edinburgh Airport is one of the busiest airports in Scotland and overall the 5th busiest in the United Kingdom and handles just under 9.8 million passengers a year. The airport is owned and operated by the same company that owns Gatwick and London City Airport. Edinburgh has a number of popular routes outside of the UK, hence the motto “Where Scotland Meets the World”. Edinburgh’s most popular route is Amsterdam followed by Dublin. Edinburgh has two runways with a CAT III B ILS approach, Runway 24/06 is the main runway at 2,560 metres in length and runway 13/31 is the airports crosswind runway and is 1,829 metres long.




IVAO United Kingdom | Airways | April 2014  

This issue we look back at a great Heathrow RFE.

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