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airways Contents Meet the Director An insight into our new Director, Thomas Carter and his life on and off the radar screen.

Message from the Director The welcoming message to airways, and his overview of the Division over the previous month.

Facebook Competition Winners A look back at the screenshot winners from the 2012 – 2013 period

Featured Content Dan Nicholas explains the changes to phraseology from “line up and wait” to what…?

Destination Guide This month’s guide is for Manchester, the location of our Real World Meet Up in October.

Events Update An update for the Events coming up this month on IVAO United Kingdom

Real World Meet Up A quick guide of where to go, what happens and when…









airways Meet the Director Hello, I’m Thomas Carter. I am 21 years old and am currently the Director of the United Kingdom Division where I am also the Training Coordinator. I have been involved in Flight Simulation since 1998, but started flying online in 2004 when I found it to be a way I can meet new friends and see new faces. I was appointed as the Training Assistant Coordinator with Adam Hillier in 2010. It was when Adam became the Director that I moved to the position of the Training Coordinator. I’ve always been interested in aviation from an early age, and so, in 2004 I joined the Air Cadet Organisation to be more involved in aviation. I am still apart of the Air Cadets today as a Civilian Instructor and aim on becoming an Adult Sergeant soon. I am currently a Postman in the real world. My real life ambition is to become an Air Traffic Controller, or to be involved with aviation. If you need any help you can usually find me controlling on London during the evenings but if not then please feel free to email me at

Message from the Director Dear Members, Welcome to the October issue of the monthly update! It’s now Winter and the temperature is getting colder and colder. We're rapidly approaching Christmas and with that come new events and new challenges for the division. There has been a lot of changes over these past weeks but its all been done to benefit the members and to make the network more enjoyable for them. If you have any comments or suggestions about anything, we are always here to listen. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at any time. Best Regards,


airways Facebook Competition Entrants Earlier this year we asked you, the members, to send us your favourite photo/ screenshot of UK aviation. Here are the entrants‌ Congratulations to Josh Hall (Picture 1) who became the IVAO United Kingdom Facebook Cover.

British Airways Airbus A320 parked at Heathrow, by Josh Hall (429785)

Red Arrows passing the new Royal Air Force A330 MRTT, by Ben Leonard (329627)

More on Page 5‌.


airways Facebook Competition Entrants (cont.)

Concorde, by Joshua Stephenson (373994)

A Royal Air Force Hercules C130 in the turn, by Dan Lewington (405424)

British Airways Boeing 747-400 by Jonny Treston (372390) Thank you to everyone that entered. Keep an eye out on the forum for our next screenshot competition coming soon! 5

airways Featured Content Things Air Traffic, by Dan Nicholas (218083) With the newest edition (5) of the manual of air traffic services part one (CAP493), firmly annoying the air traffic community, Working Phraseology Group have decided to make further changes. This time , to appendix E. Currently we use the phraseology; "G-CD, after the landing A320, via A1, runway 27, line up and wait" This is to be changed and become effective in the next quarterly amendment to the mats Pt 1 on the 14th Nov to; "G-CD, BEHIND the landing A320, via A1, runway 27, line up and wait BEHIND" Further amendments in the pipeline are implement wake turbulence departure separation timings when a heavy is followed by a heavy. Want your article placed in the next edition of airways? Then visit and submit your article today!

Destination Guide Manchester (EGCC) Manchester is the 3rd largest airport in terms of passenger figures in the UK, opening in 1935 as Ringway Airport. It hosts two 1000ft runways orientated 23 and 05 with 3 terminals, hosting a range of airlines, from Ryanair and easyJet to Delta, United, Virgin and Emirates. Manchester really does have a flight to suit anyone; Short Haul to Heathrow or Edinburgh or Long Haul to Dubai, New York and Las Vegas. For pilots, the main runway 23R/ 05L, has a ILS Approach on Both runways. Runway 05R has an ILS Approach but 23L only has an RNAV procedure when runway 23R isn’t in use. Manchester is a great destination with easy approaches, excellent scenery and as always, great controllers who are ready to welcome you.


airways Events Department Update, by Alexander Clover (298770) and Andrew Tunstall (347951) As we close in from what has been a successful year with our events we have a few more left to get through. The first one is the Heathrow - Copenhagen Airbridge which is happening on the 17th October from 17z - 21z. For more information about this event then please visit:

Our second event this month is quite big, when we say quite big we actually mean very big with the Atlantic Crossing Eastbound event. You know everyone loves a good old overnighter so why not join us from 5 major airports in the US/Canada to a one of the European airports. You could even fly to your division’s airport if they are attending the event. More details on this event can be found here: Well that’s it for October but we have 2 good events for November that we will bring you in our next section of the article.

Real World Meet Up, by Thomas Carter (334859) This year, we will be heading to Manchester airport on the 19th & 20th October 2013. This event is a perfect opportunity for members of IVAO UK and our partner VA's to get together in one location, have a good day and a good laugh. The event itself will start at about 10:30am on the 19th, and we will meet in the beer garden of the Airport Hotel. The pub car park does require a £5 charge but you can redeem £4 of this at the bar once you purchase something. We will probably run through until mid to late afternoon and then try and be out in Manchester for about 20:00. Please remember to bring some form of ID with you, as many places in Manchester demand to see ID to gain entry. Full details can be found in the forum: 7



IVAO United Kingdom | Airways | October 2013  

The October Edition of airways, the IVAO United Kingdom Members Magazine.

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