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EDITORIAL Editorial Happy New Year!


n behalf of the Virtual Sky Magazine Team, I

would like to wish a marvellous year to the entire IVAO Community, particularly our dear readers, and also deliver best wishes to our supporters, partners and sponsors. During the previous three editions, you were used to see Fernando’s signature under this editorial; However, he has decided to step down of the Magazine Team. I personally have been the best witness of his uncomparable enthusiam. Through this floor, I want to thank you, Fernando, for the boundless time you spent working on the Magazine and believing in its mission. For this Edition, we have selected the Tours theme. As you know, in the beggining of every year, IVAO World Tour Department and all Divisions compete on releasing and promoting their meticulously-prepared tours. In the following pages, you will read about the main tours and words from some of their authors makers. It would be a blunder not to thank the Magazine Team, Henk for his scrupulous proofreading & Robert for his creativity and dynamism. Thanks also go to John & Stephen, for their continuous availablity and support. Moreover, I wish to thank all who contributed with their comments on our Forum threads and every single Staff Member who has been delighted to write something for Virtual Sky, despite to the huge amount of IVAO volunteering work s/he has on the shoulders. Finally, I conclude by hoping you like the fruit of our efforts, by thanking you, for following our humble work, and again, have a joyous year ahead!

See you in April. Happy Flying!

Fares Belkhiria Virtual Sky Editor

Magazine Team A. Manager 384422


Virtual Sky

Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Publisher: International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO) VZW Editor: Fares Belkhiria (384422) Magazine Team: Stephen Howarth (305511) - PRD John Swaney (449737) - PRAD Fares Belkhiria (384422) - MTAM Henk Wolsink (164835) - MTA1 Robert Pepio (404098) - MTA2 Layout and Design: Fernando Hippólyto (219971) Fares Belkhiria (384422) Front Cover Design: Robert Pepio (404098) Front Cover Picture: Mauricio Ratti (375351) IVAO Website: Disclaimer: Any information, suggestions or illustrations published in this magazine are exclusively for use with computer flight simulator. All views expressed in this magazine are the views of respective authors. The publisher does not accept any responsibility for those views. Copyright: None of the information in this magazine may be reproduced in any form without prior permission from the publisher. Contact:

CO N T E N T S     VIRTUAL SKY MAGAZINE                                    4 Join IVAO VZW General Assembly Invitation to join IVAO NPO along with the application & candidacy process explained by Giorgio La Pira, NPO Governor and real life A380 pilot.

5 Magazine Restructure John Swaney, IVAO Public Relations Assistant Director, writes to the Magazine about the new Magazine Team restructure, IVAO PR plans & activities and more.

8 World Tours Plans

»» p.20

Our American guest in this edition, IVAO’s Worid Tour Director, Robert Nagy will be guiding you through a beautiful walk in the history of World Tours, in addition to talking about his department’s plans and insights for 2016 »» p.13

16 Division Writings The Oceanic, French, Polish, New Caledonian and Chilean pen about the upcoming tours they will be launching in the coming days.

Designed by

23 Are Badge Hunters Bad for IVAO? »» p.26

»» p.19

»» p.4 »» p.9

On our monthly inquiry, we asked IVAO members on the forum whether pilots/atc who chase badges in events/tours to fill their profiles with, are bad or rather good for the network.

24 VA Hangar Guest : Head of KLM VA SPONSORED BY

»» p.18

Board of Governors Become an Effective Member of IVAO VZW IVAO is currently operated as an NPO (Non-Profit Organisation), by a group of IVAO users that work hard to improve our resources and our network. IVAO would not exist, as we know it today, without a legal framework like the one that we have established. Maintaining the NPO alive is crucial for our community’s future, and that is exactly why it is an honour, but also a great responsibility to be an NPO member. The NPO is currently formed by 83 members, but this number changes on a yearly basis, as we elect or remove members during the scheduled General Assembly Meetings. The election is normally carried out in February, and the procedure to become part of the NPO as a GA member is as follows: The Board of Governors will open an application period for the candidates to apply, and that will be announced on the forum. Each candidate will be invited to discuss and debate his application on a specific forum board, where other GA members will be allowed to ask questions about their ideas, projects and experience. This gives us a much better and in depth understanding of who is every candidate, and makes the whole process a lot more personal too. Based on this interactions, each GA member will form his opinion and will decide who to vote, amongst the list, to join the GA. Note that we don’t have a limit of positions every year... the more the merrier, as long as you fill the requirements, make your yearly contribution (set by the BOG each year - 15€ in 2015) and you are willing to work for the community. Being a GA Members means that you will be involved in the long-term strategy definition of our network, as the future of the community is in the hands of those few members. All the decisions are taken democratically, with a transparent and clear voting process that is run in agreement with the Belgian Law. The GA members are free to express their opinion and suggest different courses of action for all the challenges that our network faces... hence the necessity for the GA to be a diverse and multicultural group of people. Having a legal framework and a legal representation allows us to interact with other institutions, as well as to establish agreements, collaborations and contracts with third parties. The contributions and donations system, which is only viable when legalised and strictly controlled in a legal framework, is also the core of our network, and it allows us to keep developing and offering free resources to our members.

Being part of the GA is not comparable to being a Staff Member... It’s a lot more, and symbolises the highest degree of engagement that a user can have with our community.

Are you ready for it?

Giorgio La Pira NPO Governor 135071


Virtual Sky

Vol. 8 - Issue 1


Public Relations Dear Members, Please allow me to be one of many who wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! We value immensely your readership and support of this publication. Without your submissions and contributions, our team would not be able to fulfill their desire to produce a quality magazine for you. Over the eight year history of Virtual Sky Magazine, we have strived to deliver content that is inspiring, timely, and meaningful for you. Editors and team members have come and gone and it is upon their shoulders that we continue to build an ever improving magazine for the flight sim community. In this vein, I give great thanks to Fernando and his leadership in restarting the magazine and putting in countless hours of hard work to produce the last three issues. We wish him well as he continues to serve in the DevOPS department producing MTLs for all members to enjoy. Over the next few issues, you’ll begin to see what we hope are continued advancements in the quality of our magazine. First, we’re moving to a quarterly magazine with issues being published each January, April, July, and October. This will allow the magazine team greater time to research their own articles and solicit content from you. We are going to continue to craft themes and related content that fulfills our goal of being timely and relevant to our community. We also have a goal of expanding the reach of our magazine beyond IVAO to be a premier flight sim magazine that both highlights our beloved network and the members in it.

Our department is also in continuous talks with flight sim companies to provide benefits to our network and to you, as individual members. This began with a renewal of our Official Sponsor agreement with Aerosoft who provides financial support for our network as well as monthly prizes for various divisional activities. Aerosoft has been a proud supporter of IVAO for a number of years and we look forward to a continued relationship. We are talking with other providers as well to see how they and we can partner with one another. Finally, in conjunction with the IVAO Events Department, we are continuing to seek out opportunities for live events that can be designated as Official Public Display Events (PDE). Those events that meet basic requirements involving IVAO members in a live environment. One such event is happening on 12 March involving IVAO VZW and IVAO DE along with Aerosoft at the European Flight Sim Conference. Another PDE will be in June at the US FlightSimCon. Keep your eyes open to the forums and IVAO website for more details on these activities. Thanks again for your support and readership! We wish you clear skies and fast tail winds in 2016!

John Swaney Public Relations A. Director 449737

In the Public Relations department, Stephen and I are continuing to work to bring a unified branding to our points of contact. This began with the website and forum and will continue as we help the different IVAO departments brand their documentation and bring the tools and resources necessary to accomplish this goal.

Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Virtual Sky


HQ DEPARTMENTS Award Working Group The Award Working Group (AWG) was created on January, 2015 by the HQ Membership Department with the purpose of discussing and proposing not only the creation of new awards but also changes on the existent ones. The group is formed by Staff Members (HQ and Divisional levels) and IVAO regular Members, this allows them to have different points of views regarding changes and innovations on Awards always seeking the continuous please of the IVAO Community. Several conclusions have already been reached and we expect to resume the AWG activities in the beginning of 2016, besides also presenting their ideas to the Executive and to the BoG and implement them on the network. Happy New Year!

Rafael Korn Membership Director 327921

World Tours Evolution. It is a word that encompasses the process of changing, formation, something for the better. That is what IVAO is going through. As a result of this process, the new department of World Tours was born, with a vision of facilitating the creation and management of specialized tours for the benefit of our community. As most of us know, our network has had tours since 2002; that is more than a decade of tours. Whoa!!! It all started with an IFR Tour, then VFR followed a few years later and so the story goes. A lot of dedicated and passionate people put a lot of time and effort over the years into the shaping of all the tours we now have on IVAO.


Virtual Sky

Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Some of these tours have become so popular year after year, that they became some sort of legacy for this network. Rightfully, the newly formed department was bound to continue on that legacy, and continue to create the IFR, VFR, LH and other tours, we all came to enjoy throughout the years, tours that became standards for our network and a trademark amongst flight simulator networks. But we don’t stop there. We have many ideas for new tours, for tours that not only will have a simpilot fly the legs, but also become engaged and participate in the outcome of the tours. We will keep our legacy tours, while also spice up some of the ideas to create new, more challenging tours. We all have dreams and the creation of this department and being able to belong to it is dreams come true for all of us. Our current lineup encompasses all walks of life, from students with aspirations and ideas to make it big in life, to professionals of many areas that have or are in the process of settling down. Same goes for our demographics, young and younger and very much culturally diversified. Our first few years, we envisioned to have our department go through some rapid transformation in order to recognize the needs, the standards we need to set and eventually work out routines to make our times on the network enjoyable. As the saying goes, “Hard work is not easy”, we expect to have quite a busy few years ahead of us. At this time we are wildly engaged into, the creation of the new tours, with all the bells and whistles that go with it. One important aspect this year is to take the tours to airports and places that are not mainstream, so diversification of places and airports where these tours will take the simpilots is a priority on our agenda. Also we will parse some of the tours throughout the year, this way avoiding simpilot frenzies at the beginning of the year, while also keeping a little bit of suspense in the air, as to what will be next. This approach should also help the department in dealing with a surge of reports that might have a big impact in some other areas (like validation time, server processing time, etc) By now, you probably wonder what we have up on our sleeve to kick off the New Year. Let me tell you, it is not easy to keep a surprise, if you need to go into detail, so obviously I will not do that. But

HQ DEPARTMENTS Picture Courtesy of Vincent Bazillio (138779)

maybe a little bit of elaboration is good and it can also be perceived as good advertising. One of the tours we had and was a success was the Vintage Propeller Plane tour. That was in 2011 (yeah, time flies!). We brought back this tour for 2015, bigger and better. It is encompassing different eras, with historically accurate routes and legs that were part of the most dynamic period of passenger and freight aviation that this world had. It will continue to entertain pilots whom either have not had a chance or did not dare to fly the old birds. WT IFR 2015 went through some cosmetic changes. We incorporated a number of clues into some of the legs, raising the level of involvement from the simpilot beyond the planning aspect and flying the legs. The 2016 edition will be back in its basic format, but from a routing point of view it will be somewhat different than any previous year.

tour listing called the “Cargo Tour”. It is a different concept than the Long Haul Tour and we hope it will be a hit on our list of tours. We stopped short in bringing back the Pilot Skills World Tour last year, but it will be added to the listing for this year. We will also have a new MotoGP season to follow. Last but not least, we will have the guys from SO surprise us with their new installment of a quality tour catering for those that like to fly fast and high. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of those who have not flown a tour on our network just yet, to give it a try. It is fun, and you might bump into your next “new friend” flying it. It surely sounds like a busy year ahead of us, but we like to keep busy, because it brings us to what we already mentioned at the beginning of our article, Evolution.

Our VFR tour will continue in the tradition we started, by concentrating on a particular continent. This years’ protagonist will be Australia and New Zealand.

Robert Nagy World Tour Director 168985

There’s also going to be a new addition to the Pi Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Virtual Sky


HQ DEPARTMENTS Development Operations IVAO is lucky enough to have its own, custom software, developed by dedicated individuals. Being able to offer software that is specifically tailored to suit IVAO is one of the things that makes our network so great. Having customized software also means that we must be able to provide customized software support. With thousands of daily users, it is inevitable that someone will experience issues with the IVAO software from time to time, even if it works flawlessly most of the time. As a part of the DevOps support team, my job is to assist users who are facing issues with our ATC client, IvAc or our pilot client, IvAp. The list of potential issues is long, and grows exponentially with every possible combination of operating systems, hardware setups, flight simulator versions, antivirus software and more. Luckily, most of the questions we receive, either via the dedicated support forum or via email, are answered easily, by making users aware of solutions that already exist. This means that in most cases, when a user contacts us with an issue, we can provide a solution within 24 hours. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to suggest a solution right away. This can be due to a variety of factors; maybe we are not able to precisely identify the problem, because we have not received enough information from the user. Or maybe a solution is simply not presently available. If the latter is the case, this can be very frustrating, both for the users and for us. We communicate directly with our software developers on a daily basis, making them aware of any issues that might require special attention. While the developers are already working overtime, creating new and improved software for the IVAO network, we are usually able to figure out a solution, even if it takes some time. This ensures that everyone can continue to enjoy our great online community using our own, specialized software.

Jonathan Hougaard Development Operations Support 291132

Chile Division We invite all IVAO members to participate in the Tour planned for 2016, these were designed to make our country and live the experience of flying under extreme conditions, VFR and IFR. We present our Tours; - Helicopter Tour 2016: The Tour can fly only as the name says Helicopters flying through wonderful landscapes of Chile. - Tour ULM 2016 A Tour also to enjoy because it is ultralight at low speed and low altitude. - Executive Tour 2016 Transport Executives nationally and internationally increasingly becomes better because you can meet great foreign locations. - Amphibious Tour 2016 Amphibious Tour lakes are flights to meet and to land on them and see their beauty, not only in lakes, but also in small parts of the sea. - Glider Tour 2016 Just take off without accompanied by a Cessna that pushes you to a specific point engine is an incredible adrenaline and an excellent experience. - IFR Tour 2016 Chile CL has 2 IVAO IFR Tour 2016, the A and B where you have the opportunity to meet domestic and international airports. - Long Haul Tour 2016 The long-haul flights are the best flights, as are flights where you can enjoy too, such as flying through Russia to Alaska, in your simulator can enjoy the aurora borealis. - Dangerous Tour 2016 You feel able to land Special Conditions and Hazardous Airports, try it for this tour. - Special Operations Tour 2016 Feel the air of military aircraft and loud, also in this incredible Helicopter Tour. - VFR Tour 2016 Visually Landscape enjoy flying and low altitude.

Paulo Villagran Naranjo Chile Public Relations Coordinator

10 Virtual



Vol. 8 - Issue 1



Virtual Sky 11

The Members Say What Was the Best 2015 Tour You’ve Flown? Float Tour Canada; “Altitude restrictions on each leg mean you need to find a way through valleys and canyons/also the vile weather” Chris Prophet 179311

Special Ops World Tour; “It has taken me to parts of the world that I have never flown before and this tour has challenged me to new height regarding flightplanning and flying of course.” Ronald Vermeij 145185

Pilot Skill Tour France; “One of the most beautiful place to fly, even on our computer (Carribean), tricky and challenging rules and airports.” Joey Salzmann 200696

Skills Tour Netherlands Antilles; “Unusual destinations. I’ve always dreamed to make an IGS13 approach on “Kai Tak” with my 777 for a touch and go then land on VHHH.” Richard Jean 483565

Around the Nordic Region VFR Tour V1; “Four countries in one round.” Alexander Leonov 483565

Wide Body Tour Germany; “Great legs various distances, easy leg reporting, fast validation and clear rules.” Jelle Dikmans 196509

12 Virtual


Vol. 8 - Issue 1


Congratulations to Ilyes Sayad

Congratulations to Mohammed Mokhtar Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Virtual Sky 13

WT Banner Contests

Congratulations to Mohammed Mokhtar

Congratulations to Mohammed Mokhtar 14 Virtual


Vol. 8 - Issue 1

WT Banner Contests

Congratulations to Mohammed Mokhtar

Congratulations to Marcel Neuheiser Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Virtual Sky 15

Divisions Oceanic Division

Czech Division

By Popular demand Oceanic Region (previously Australia Division & now incorporating




continue to support the popular Search and Rescue Tour in 2016. This tour was designed and prepared with over 12 months work. Specialty scenery has been created to give full realism to the 20 missions. Pilots really need their instrument and map reading skills , as well as have

IFR Tour In our division this tour started at the beginning of the new season. Traditionally it includes the regional airports, the larger hubs and last but not least several dangerous airports. It is about instrument flying. IFR Tour is in two variants: you not receive exactly legs - ie. not specified the exact sequence of airports you receive exactly legs - ie. it is specified the exact sequence of airports

a keen eye to complete each mission to

Airlines Tour

earn their wings and have their name on

This tour is focused on instrument flying. It is a

the “Hall of Fame”.

smaller variation of the classic IFR Tour. There

You will need to intercept and/

are a total of ten destinations flown by various

or follow very specific navigational

airlines. Individual extension of the tour there

references to locate and identify specific

is no need to fly in a specified order. It is only

objects along the way.

necessary to observe the continuity of individual

The default Cessna C72 or any

flights, ie when flying to some destinations,

helicopter (with minimum equipment

the next flight is needed from the destination

2xVOR 1xDME) is perfect.

undone. For each flight, it is necessary to follow

Although this tour is not for the faint hearted, it also serves and an excellent training tool to really hone new pilots skills. There are still quite a few pilots out there that haven’t made the grade yet; perhaps now you’ve got the skills and ready to get back into it ! Do you have what it takes ? Check out this amazing tour now at http://

Shane Thacker Oceanic Assistant Director 380740

16 Virtual


Vol. 8 - Issue 1

the prescribed type of aircraft used callsign established airlines. VFR Tour VFR Tour is synonymous with flying under the rules of vision. This tour covers flying between airports with a visit always some interesting places - different transmitters, castles etc. It is necessary to apply those aircraft, observe maximum





altitude. During the flight not use GPS. It is about comparative navigation.

Divisions Special Ops Tour

Conditions for ATC: Because the equally important

This tour is offered participation in the military,

component of the training ATC is coordinating

police and rescue operations, not only over the

with other positions, everyone ATC opportunity

territory of the Czech Republic. There is fulfilling

to also participate. (Cast post one level above or

tasks in the form of new transport aircraft flights

below the post of training).

of national importance, monitoring flights, flights to save human lives, firefighting and other


flights that are not part of the normal passenger

This tour will present a certain similarity with

transport. Individual extention is needed to fly

SpecOps Tour, but uses a different system - the

in the exact order as they are intended. For each

client netScenery. It is necessary to have the client

mission a written briefing, which contained the

downloaded from CVARS (Czech Virtual Air Rescue

exact specifications and procedures for the task.

Service). Each mission must be to fly in the order and the day can be made only 1 years.

Training Assistance Tour This tour is all about supporting our members

Events Tour

on the airline or ATC training sessions and

This tour has become one big event held every

examinations. Tour is designed to ensure sufficient

month. In total it is ready at least ten events

numbers of motivated pilots or controllers to

throughout the season. To obtain the award is

events organized by our training department.

need to reach at least 10 points. Conditions for

The system automatically detects the presence

awarding points for participation are specified for

according to given criteria and their fulfillment

each event separately.

automatically assigns point. Points are awarded to all, regardless of whether the person has a point

Heli Tour

of interest or not. Participation starts when the


start time of the event (time on the banner). Points

Individual leg is necessary flying in the order

can be obtained at any stage of training, even if it

specified. For each leg is a special scenery, along

is online the ATC. Event ends with a few minutes

with the task of the mission (eg. Find the group

after disconnecting them from the ATC.

object identification, etc.).


Conditions for the pilot:





Veronika Drimalova

Active participation in training means a departure, arrival or local flight in the same place where ATC

Czech PR Assistant Coordinator

training that duly recognized as training or test


ATC at the division site in the category Events.

Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Virtual Sky 17


18 Virtual



David Herrera Lopez 341225

Virtual Sky 19


20 Virtual



Juergen Kopelent 133382


Virtual Sky 21

22 Virtual



AEROSOFT Edition Inquiry Do You Think Badge-Hunter Members Are Good or Bad for the Network ? Stefan Metzler | Netherlands Training Advisor - 319745 “Badge hunter come in two varieties: Ones which stick to procedures, rules and regulations and love badges as it gives them a purpose for flying. These people also improve the network usage and traffic numbers. The second group is the one every controller hates. They sandbag for hours, fly world tours without charts or brains. They criticize every long haul flyers who disconnect over the oceans to get some sleep whilst they themselves sandbag over them[...] So in my opinion you can’t but a bad or good stamp on badge hunters as one group. Badge hunters increase traffic which no one can dislike really, problems occur when they elbow their way through and don’t follow the rules, regulations and procedures which one would expect any IVAO member to follow.”

Frederico Cardoso | Member - 374369 “Honestly, it depends. The point, in my opinion, is quite simple, if Badge Hunters do not hurt anyone else the

thruth is that they create traffic and are active pilots in the community. I do World Tours not for the badge itself but to have a “purpose” of flying, in this case trying different airports, countries, destinations and the badge can be considered a “prize” on the end[...] On the other end, there are some badge hunters, who are most of the times sandbagging or they simply do not follow the basic rules, and are only flying for the “useless” image on the profile. [...] There are “good and bad” Badge Hunters, depends on the pilot itself and their intentions.”

Frederic Bonnefoy | Member - 309868 “We are only playing a game !

I will never understand why some one hates badge-hunter, from the moment where they don’t disturb the network.[...] When I am on approach and a pilot arrive without charts, it’s the better moment to practice vectoring ! See the better side of the situation, not only the bad side. OK it’s easy with 5 pilots, and I understand that with 20 it’s not the same. So, let badge-hunter where they are and ask yourself the right questions, because with this topic you are more negative for the network than badge-hunters.”

Alexis Martin | Member - 334383 “I am a big fan of aviation in general and enjoy IVAO. The medals are for me the ultimate lure of flights taken.”

Andrew Menshenin | Member - 365463 “For sure badge hunters are good for IVAO. They are most motivated pilots, who trying to fly as much tours and events as they can. Somebody could say, that the badge is not the most important thing in IVAO, but... c’mon! Try to remember your feelings when one more “medal” adding to your profile. Sad about that? No, sir, only pure happiness!” Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Virtual Sky 23

VA HANGAR What Do We Do to Promote Tours and Encourage Our Pilots to Fly Them ?


Tours and events form one of the more important ways for our VA to create and sustain the “company spirit” among our pilots. Therefore, we as the KLM-VA staff try to make participating as easy as possible. First of all, like in all flights for our VA, you do not need any additional software to be able to fly for us: your flight simulator software and of course IVAP is enough to enjoy the benefits of our VA. Also, participating in an event or a tour does not pose additional problems to a pilot. With his existing knowledge and experience he is completely prepared. And, just like in all our other flights, we try to leave as much responsibility and choices as possible with our pilots: they may decide which plane to take, how much fuel to load and all the other parameters that make virtual flying so much more free than in reality. Then it all depends on the kind of challenge there is in a tour or event on the one hand and the reward on the other hand. To start with the latter, we just recently have adapted our company points system to be more attractive to new pilots by making it possible to earn more points by taking part in a tour or event. Flight hours however does not have any direct influence in our new system, they only form a kind of threshold for some rankings. Rewarding successful participation by a badge on the pilot listing has proven to be an effective way to reward participants. Our staff doesn not mind badge hunters, on the contrary, we try to create nice badges for every important event or tour. Coming to the other part: the challenge. We are very happy that we simulate the oldest existing airline company in the world. Therefore we have a lot of important historical flights available, because in the development of international airline networks, KLM has always played an important role. Many of the famous historical flights, we have meanwhile converted into interesting endeavours for our pilots: fly to Batavia with a Fokker F VII or even with a Constellation for instance. Or try your luck in the DC-2 to Melbourne in the handicap race. But we do not forget about today: our Tour de L’Europe and our Workhorse tours are very popular among our pilots. The 737 Workhorse Tour for instance, gives our pilots the opportunity to relive a day in the life of one of KLM’s workhorses, its aircrafts. Typically, such a day for a 737 consists of many short hops between major European cities, mostly beginning or ending at our home airport Amsterdam Schiphol. By the way, Amsterdam Schiphol is a challenge in its own for many of our pilots. Although not obligatory, we even have seen pilots who fly such a Workhorse tour in one day, starting at 4.30 AM and continuing until 9.00 PM just like in reality – except that there is a crew change scheduled in reality…. One last remark: creating tours and events is a two-way-business: we to listen very carefully to the ideas of our pilots and monitor precisely what kind of event to create, depending what kind of response. And then we tune to the taste of our members or, sometimes, do quite the opposite: doing the unexpected can often trigger pilots that are not used to participate: the more the merrier!

24 Virtual


-VA Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Jan Jongen Chief Executive Officer KLM-VA.NL 261366


Senior Staff Vacancies

(last updated January 7, 2016)

Active members

PHP / Web (Server Side) Developer

Pilots: 24,879 Students: 21,180 PP: 2,211 SPP: 781 CP: 640 Higher: 67

Web (Front-end/client-side) Developer

ATC: 15,741 Students: 13,554 ADC: 1,273 APC: 514 ACC: 357 Higher: 43

IVAO Crowded Skies Statistics Total number of connections during the day:

2015: 16,565


2014: 13,376

Top number of simulatneous connections:

2015: 2,604


2014: 2,530

Total number of CS Badge Holders :

ATC : 1361 Pilot : 4246 Top 5 Airports Departure :

Destination :

EHAM (440)

EHAM (387)

EDDF (355)

EDDF (325)

LFMN (300)

EDDM (282)

LPPT (280)

LFMN (269)

LEPA (274)

SBGR (231) Vol. 8 - Issue 1

Virtual Sky 25

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Virtual Sky


Virtual Sky Vol 8 Issue 1  

Virtual Sky is the magazine publication for the International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO.

Virtual Sky Vol 8 Issue 1  

Virtual Sky is the magazine publication for the International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO.

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