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Luminaire Arts Ltd is a leading arts consultancy company and gallery space, found in the heart of Pimlico, London. ‘At Luminaire Arts we represent over 300 extraordinary artists from every breadth of the UK and beyond. We help and assist designers and art lovers find artworks that are perfect for their needs and desires. We are thrilled to be sharing with you our £1,000 AND UNDER BROCHURE, which features A highly curated selection of fabulous AFFORDABLE artwork, which can be commissioned in practically any size! The result is an unparalleled selection of contemporary artwork that can be delivered anywhere in the world, normally within 2-4 weeks!’ Paresha Raj Burnett, Chief Curator & Director 3

Ownership of Artist relationship You agree that the business relationship between the Artist and Us is entirely owned by Us. You will not approach the Artist directly or correspond with the Artist in any way, except with express written authorisation from Us regarding their Artworks. Copyright All works are subject to availability. Copyright to all material and/or works of art comprising or contained within this brochure is held by Luminaire Arts and/or other copyright holders. It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, adjust or otherwise use any of the images or information in any manner or form without the express written permission of the copyright holder. For further information or details of any of the works listed please contact us.


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Consideration I

Consideration II

IA Original Art on canvas


Ophelia I

Original Art on canvas

Ophelia II

Rosalind I

Rosalind II

IA 7

Portia I

Portia II


Misty View I

Titania I

Titania II

Misty View II

Original Art on canvas

IA 9

Viola I

Viola II




Cordelia I

Cordelia II


Gardenia I

Gardenia II

Goneril I

Goneril I


Exporian I

Galaxian I Galaxian II

Exporian II


Cantankerous I

Cantankerous I

Mystify I

Mystify II

Disordered II

Disordered I

IA Original Art on canvas


Turbulence I

Turbulence II

IA Original Art on canvas


Perception II Perception I

IA Original Art on canvas


Violet Crush

Burgundy Crush

IA Original Art on canvas


MARIA LW Within Maria's canvasses she looks to the turbulence and beauty of mother nature for inspiration. Through this overarching omnipotent force, our love, our pain and our experiences are shared. Her work plunges the viewer into blissful space, where for a moment, nothing but the beauty and power of nature need be seen. Her work is intended to soothe the busy mind and instil a sense of peace and harmony within the viewer. All works are acrylic paint on either wood or canvas. The colours and structure of her paintings is informed by ambient music, such as Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins, and aims to take the viewer to the same ephemeral, euphoric spaces as these electronic pioneers.


Aponogeton Deep Waters


Antarctica I

Fine Art Prints



Antarctica II

Antarctica III

Cosmic Rug I

Cosmic Rug II

Cosmic Rug II

Fine Art Prints

A 20

Tropical Water


Fine Art Prints


Turquoise Wave II

Turquoise Wave I

Neopolitan Carp

Cosmic Rug IV

A 21

JOS “You're never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” - C. S. Lewis A scientist by training, I decided I needed to exercise the right side of brain and fulfil my absolute joy of painting. I am an enthusiastic artist. Big, bright and bold is my style; I can’t seem to tone it down really, in fact I'm getting slightly too exuberant occasionally. I enjoy painting animals, landscapes and flowers. I strive to capture the luxuriance of blousy peonies and roses in a fresh and contemporary style. I constantly experiment with unconventional combinations and thick swathes of paint to create a semi-abstract swirly style of painting. I’m absolutely delighted when it works.



A 23


Birds Just Wanna Have Fun

Thinking Out Loud

Fat-bottomed birds

Hey Bird Don't Bother Me

Dancing In The Moonlight

There's A New Bird In Town

A 24


Forget Where We Were

Hunger Of The Pines

Moving On

New Rules

Something Good


A 25

LAURA B Laura is a London based Italian artist. She studied painting in Venice at the Academy of Fine Art and sculpture at TAM Art Metal-Working School in Pietrarubbia (PesaroUrbino), Italy, supervised by sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. The tendency towards nothingness is inexorable and universal and even the things that have corporeity not have an illusion of stability. As things start to transform become more irregular and interesting. Nothing that exists is free of imperfections, and everything is in a constant state of becoming or dissolving. When things are close to non-existence become naturally more delicate and evocative. In my work, I am intrigued to see how science and art are connected; I try to strike a balance between painting, collage and installation. It revolves around the concept of Wabi-Sabi, transformation, time and connections. In my recent paintings I worked from a mix of papers and my own photographs, either transcribed intact or altered to create a new composition. Through the painting process I try gently to heighten the qualities in the picture that first caught my attention.


A Quiet Afternoon


A Quiet Journey

Musical Whale

Chasing the Blue

Blue Symphony

A Original Art on paper




Into Grey


Description of a Moment


A Original Art on paper


Into One

Blue Zimmer




Through My Eyes

A Original Art on paper


LIZ “I am a self-taught artist born in the UK and now located in Warrington, having lived in Mauritius during my career. I am interested in the intangible, that which we feel but cannot translate. My paintings begin with feelings derived from alternative perspectives bordering on a spiritual level. Inspirations for me are found within the colours of nature; such as the iridescence of a paua shell or reflected light underwater. Working the contrasts of depth, texture & luminosity and a slightly obsessive edge, intricacy & layering. I choose to take you on a journey of the cosmos around me and the discovery of art being a spiritual experience.�



A Original Art on canvas


Amazonite Reflection

Extreme Lure

Amazonite Waters

Amazonite Waters

Iridescent Pearl

A Original Art on canvas


Crashing Force New Work 2

Dappled Iridescence Autumn Layers

New Work

Metallic Scales

Evasion 2

Dawn Flight

Rain on Red Hills Deep Purple Rain

In Yellow Unison

Evasion 1

A Original Art on canvas


VIVIENNE Vivienne works with a combination of hand drawn design and CAD, often incorporating processes such as screen prints in her work. “I have a BA (Hons) degree in ‘Contemporary Surface Design & Textiles' and I am a freelance artist-designer based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. I like to hand draw my designs, but I am also expert in the use of computer assisted design (CAD) technology. My portfolio of work incorporates the use of screen printing, luxury surface patterns, digital printing, hand / machine embroidery, hand / machine knit, and threedimensional constructed textiles. I specialise in bespoke art work and contemporary costume jewellery products. These include brooches, bracelets, necklaces, hand printed luxury silk scarves, framed artwork which can be made to order. I invite commercial and private commissions tailored to the clients specific requirements.�


A Pretty Delphinium A Single Stem

Twenty Butterflies

A Original Art – 3D Mixed Media


No. 11

No. 8

Fly Away

Blooming Flowers

Original Art – Mixed Media

A Papillion Dream

A 36

No. 9

No. 6

No. 14

No. 10

A Original Art – Mixed Media


GEORGINA “I was born in 1983 here in the UK and grew up in a medium sized town in Cheshire, a lovely place with old empty mill buildings, a gorgeous Victorian park and a rich visual history. I always loved looking at the buildings around me as I grew up, imagining how things were in the past - I still do in fact. With my paintings I aim to evoke thoughts of nature, gardens and skies in those viewing them, but simultaneously I like for the works to retain an element of ambiguity, of total abstraction, thus leaving them completely open to interpretation - I love hearing what people see in my work! Alongside for my passion for natures sits a deep-seated passion for spontaneity and expression , which finds its form in the brush marks and spiralling gestural lines which come to rest on top of the soft atmospheric veils of colour which make up the body of my paintings. My more abstract work focuses on just that, abstraction! But also colour and speed, simply enjoying the colours and the paint. I sometimes like to switch my processes around, allowing myself to work in a much freer, simpler abstract style.



A Original Art on canvas




Eleanor Maria 2




A Original Art on canvas










Hayley Caitlyn

Original Art on canvas



A 41

FREDERICK Frederick attended Salisbury Art College and studied Graphic Design and Foundation at Art. Leaving his studies he pursued a career as a commercial artist, muralist and interior designer. Over the past decade, he has produced commissions for Colfax and Fowler, Cabbages and Roses and Taylor Wimpey amongst many other reputable companies. Frederick creates art that has an all-absorbing quality, one that makes it hard to tear yourself away. ‘I want the viewer to feel like they are standing in front of a banquet and their eyes want to gorge themselves on everything in sight.’


Rising to the Surface


Shape Of Life

Voice Of Formation


Broken Boundary

Corallium Rubrum

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

A 44

Lost Circumstance


Liquid Texture

Hopes Of Innocence

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


PAUL G Paul's work looks at Phenomenology... the structure of different forms of experience including perception, thought, memory, imagination, emotion and desire. Through the use of multiple exposures the work depicts the joining together, combination and amalgamation of many different images, the same way knowledge is built up through perceiving. This layering also allows him to capture all of the available light and shadow from the landscape, which merges together to create images that are both beautiful and mysterious.


Oculus 7 Oculus 8

Oculus 6

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Oculus 1

Around the Landscape 6

Absorbtion 5

Around the Landscape 7

Around the Landscape 3

Shadow Light Prevails 3

Around the Landscape 2

Around the Landscape 4

Shadow Light Prevails 4

Occulus Series 1

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas

Shadow Light Prevails 6

Shadow Light Prevails 4

A 48


Absorption 3

Through the Landscape 8

Oculus Series 2 No 2

Oculus Series 3 No 3

Through the Landscape 10

Oculus Series 2 No 4

Through the Landscape 3

Through the Landscape 6

Oculus Series 1 No 2

Absorption 4

Absorption 2

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


MIREIA “Since my youth, I have been passionate about art which I found was a balance to my interests in more pragmatic subjects, such as maths and science. This very much reflects my personality which also explains my profession as an architect; a profession that is both regimented and boundless. Art gives me the control to break rules and paint by instinct. Painting is my chosen medium, but I am equally fascinated by sculpture and find inspiration in works by Rodin and Michelangelo. I especially admire the manner in which Rodin seemingly left some of his pieces unfinished or rough around the edges to better express movement and life. This is a style I also enjoy in paintings, best exemplified by Turner, an artist whose use of light and tone I feel has greatly affected me in my personal and artistic capacity.�


Frozen Landscape Frozen Landscape

Frozen 1

A Original Art on canvas


Shipwreck 1

Winter Thorns

Earth Series 8


Textured Landscape

Earth Series Landscape


Original Art on canvas

Shipwreck 2

Earth Series 3

Earth Series 2

Red Sunset

Earth Series 1

A 52

Seaside - as a tryptic

Turquoise Dream


Frozen Landscape

A Original Art on canvas


RACHEL “I started to paint simply for pleasure and very rapidly, to my surprise and delight, my work generated a great deal of interest. This inspired me to experiment with innovative techniques and mixed media to develop my own style. I aim to create bold, vibrant, emotive and energetic canvases. The paintings range from representational images to textural abstracts, from wildlife to majestic coastal scenes with a great deal in between. I like to think that the use of striking colour is the defining indicator of my work.� Rachel has participated in many exhibitions throughout the UK to wide acclaim; and has been published on calendars and Christmas and greetings cards. She is regularly invited to exhibit at the Art Shed Gallery in Ware, Hertfordshire. Recently her work has been displayed at the Picture Craft Gallery Holt, Norfolk. Rachel paints both for exhibition and by private and public commission's


Autumn Aurora

After Party

Fire Aurora

Autumn Australis

Golden Aurora

Liquid Gold

A Original Art on canvas


Neptune's Playmates

Pacific Seahorses


Original Art on canvas

Neptune's Playmates (detail)

Water Music 3

Bronze Wave


Aquatic Explosion

Parched Earth

Arguntum Wave 1

A 56

Sea Anemones

A 57


Kaleidoscope No. 2

Sunlight Collection No. 4

Blue Odessey

Blue Rain

Water music No. 3

Argentum Wave Collection 2

Wave 11

Warm Aurora

Marsala Reef

Original Art on canvas

Tropical Wave No. 3

A 58


Neptunes Folly

Nautical Depths II

Nautical Depths V


Rippling Waters


GLENN Glenn’s work is about marks in their simplest form. Using ink on paper, oils or soft pastel pigments, his art is elemental and unadorned. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, both contemporary and ancient. While using a very contemporary visual language Glenn's work also conveys a sense of Oriental and Arabic arts, and a universal feeling of timelessness. Time suspended... moments out of time. It is an art with a deep, contemplative quality. References can be found in the patterns and decoration of ancient pottery or parchment fragments, or the unusual marks incised into ancient clay tablets. Pictures of landscapes and animals also appear, or traces of cities from long ago. There is movement and there is calm, and we sense a thread running throughout of the presence of the natural world: water, or light passing through leaves, or horizons of distant hillsides. Stories are suggested, but we can never be certain. Glenn was born in West Yorkshire, UK. He received a Degree in Painting from Central Saint Martins in London and his work has been exhibited and applied in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He now lives in Bordeaux, France.



A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper




Limited Edition fine art prints on paper




A 62

Nineveh 1



A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


MICHAEL H I studied A level art at Blackpool and the Fylde College where I learnt the basics of drawing and painting. I progressed my work further by studying at The Cumbria College of Art & Design where I achieved a degree in fine art. My style changed dramatically from a traditional style to a kind of semi abstract expressionist style of landscape painting to total abstraction which is where I feel most comfortable. I use a variety of techniques and applications which may include painting, airbrush, photography and digitally collage. I’m interested in the effect of shapes and forms and how they can be arranged together over interesting grounds to create space and movement.


Calmer Sense 1

Calmer Sense 2

Black Coffee

Calmer Sense 3

Sea Flower

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Expressive Blue-Grey

B&W Circular 1

Expressive Blues

B&W Brush Strokes 2

Deep-Red-Beige Textures

B&W Brush Stroke 3

Expressive Browns-Pink

B&W Brush 4

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Distant Horizon

Urban Dancer

Breaking Ties



Distant Mountains

Amp 1

Edition 11

In a Frenzy


Red Erosion

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


RICHARD S By embracing the infinite depths and textures of a non-objective and abstracted style, Richard delves deep into the human psyche where he captures and conveys stolen moments of the emotive experience. His work immerses the viewer in a conceptual yet soulful representation of the human condition, and subtly invokes whispers of vulnerability and fear. The canvases are formed through the dynamic layering of ink, aerosol, oil and emulsion, which traverse a labyrinthine expanse of projection and consciousness; and whilst hosting such an authentic and beguiling aesthetic, the viewer becomes engulfed within an assiduous approach to sacred geometry and visual composition. With an inspired acknowledgment of such pioneers as Boccioni and Lowry, Richard manifests both depth of movement and emotive expression whilst retaining a crafted economy of rich simplicity.



A 69

The Silence Between Us. Study 1

The Silence Between Us. Study 2

The Silence Between Us. Study 3

A Crushing Repose

All is still

Beyond the Unspoken

The Silence Between Us. Study 4


Break the Silence 70


Empty fury

Untitled 16217


Untitled 20217


It waits for no one

Through Auric Fields

A 71

ANGELA After a long career in higher education I discovered two new passions in my life in 2006: art and psychotherapy. I retrained as a therapist and have been continuously working towards improving my artistic output ever since that ‘Eureka’ moment. Much of my earlier range of work was influenced by my psychotherapy training; the pieces were concerned with memories and dreams peeling away at them layer by layer. The work that followed were abstract representations of landscapes finding inspiration in the beauty of the outside world: gentle landscapes in the UK, the Arctic Circle, the warm and fiery tones of Mediterranean countryside, dramatic skyscapes and the movement of the sea and the dramatic beauty of flowers. Viewers often comment on the strong colours that I use in my work. Observing nature offers the inspiration for the vivid greens, magentas and yellows that are frequently found in my work. Try as I might I struggle to work in monochromes – colour always creeps in and takes over.


Mining The Earth II

A 73

Green Light

Dream Variations

From the Wilderness II

A 74

Painting the Sky Red

Black and White Landscape

A Purple Haze

A 75

DAVINA Davina’s vibrant world of abstract and impressionistic work is developing constantly. To her, the most important thing about a painting is an exploration of oneself. Her paintings reflect the mood, environment and memories to create atmospheric nature of landscapes and seascapes, or whatever is in the imagination at the time. With the freedom of movement and the beauty of colours and texture, the desire is to awaken the imagination of possibilities within. Many of her painting have sold worldwide to variety of customers, some to collectors and businesses. She has exhibited her works in galleries and various venues in the UK.

A 76


Seedpod Howitt A G Oxby

A 77

Anchoring Purple


Victorious Red


Cornflower Sapphire

Latent Heat



Persdian Blues 78

Colourburst Neptune

A 79

CRISPIN Following his studies in BA(Hons) Fine Art, Crispin furthered his creative knowledge by working for several years in the graphic design and print making industries. He returned full time to his first passion of painting in 2015 and continues to produce stunning work from his SW London studio. Crispin’s interest lies in the definition of form and application of colour theory to create intriguing and challenging compositions. His thought process is inspired by everyday visual experiences and the idiosyncratic nature of human observation. All of his work is conceived and drawn on paper before being painted by hand onto canvas or board. Particular attention is then paid to the finer details of edge definition and tonal consistency until the paintings are as flawless as can be achieved. Crispin’s paintings are process heavy, meticulously produced and extremely precise. His methods result in bold, striking images that provoke the viewer to question what they see, bringing visual pleasure and igniting individual reflection. "Where the Old Masters created an illusion of space into which one could imagine walking, the illusion created by a Modernist is one into which one can look, can travel through, but only with the eye." Clement Greenberg


Shimmer No7

A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Stripes No18

Focal Peaks

Shimmer No6

Scaled No1

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas

Swirl No8


A+ 82

Pyramid Progression No2 Pyramid Progression No3

Untitled No17

A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


TM As a self taught artist all my artwork is inspired by the music I make as a producer & the music I listen to as a DJ, and also from what I see on an everyday basis, from colour & texture to shape & form. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the worldwide graffiti scene & the lifestyle & culture that is hip hop. The various colours & textures that I see in everyday life from an old rusty door to flaking paint on walls, and these inspirations build into multi textured pieces. I draw inspiration from inner city life and the natural decay of urban spaces.


Feed the Fade

A Long Way Down

A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


We All Feel Pain


Time for the Machines


Time to Reflect


A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Structure Refix 19

My Name is B

Structure Refix 21

My Name Is No. 5

Next Angle

A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


LISA Lisa is a contemporary abstract artist. Sharing her time between North London and North Yorkshire. “Although I have A ‘levels in Art and History of Art, I am mostly self taught. My speciality is acrylic and mixed media and I take my influence from the patterns and textures of our amazing world. I love the feeling of freedom and energy that the use of different mediums allows. Often, something as simple as a variation in texture or direction can create something totally unexpected.” “Each of my paintings reflects the different layers and adventures in life that create our own unique individuality. It is for this reason that I leave it up to the owner of the painting to decide which way it should hang.” “We all see something different!”


Flowerworks III Flowerworks !!

Flowerworks IV

A+ Original Art on canvas


Turquoise Tranquility

Copper Eruption

Gold Eruption

A+ Original Art on canvas



A+ Original Art on canvas


VAUGHN Vaughn creates his three dimensional art with materials such as plywood and acrylic. “Patterns interest me: they are the background, the fabric and the landscape in which we live. Patterns are made by the weave of thread in cloth, the repeated laying of bricks in a wall, the individual decisions of a billion consumers or the single pixel of a digital screen. They record a process of thinking and making inside every product created by men. Patterns are blueprints, used to move data across space and time. Complex patterns inside nature remember a million years of Darwinian history. Patterns of human settlement, grids of streets and pavements remember the interests and politics of people now long gone. The pattern of a fingerprint records identity, controls our access to space and allows movement across national boundaries. Form, identity and icon are spectacles which can be constructed. In a world of spectacle, pattern is silent and barely noticeable. It is often invisible, often unintentional. It is manifested in elegance, logic, beauty, brutality, music, weather, language, planning, coincidence and accident. Patterns are dynamic, stable and restrictive in every measure. I work with patterns because they construct and constrain reality, for better and for worse. Although they are quiet (because they are quiet) they are very powerful. Made visible by art, they can be exposed, interrogated and challenged.�


Masterplan251 01

Masterplan251 02

A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


Masterplan251 06

Masterplan251 11

Masterplan251 07

Masterplan251 12

A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


Masterplan251 08

Masterplan251 10

Masterplan251 05

Masterplan251 08

A+ Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


CASS I was born in Exeter, Devon in 1972; and educated at Exeter College. Currently my practice involves ink drawings and abstract painting. My influences are literally all around me, from crowded city to isolated moor, I enjoy walking, extensively over Dartmoor, in local forests and on the south Devon coast. I am a self-taught artist who whilst recovering at home from slipped discs, found my attention drawn to my household paints and old wallpaper stored in the garden shed. I experimented with dripping and then vigorously swiping gloss paints over a large cut section of wallpaper. Impressed with the results I researched local art opportunities, and my work was shown in a local gallery where it was warmly received. My paintings are produced from a standing-above position, I lay my canvas/board on the studio floor, dip thin bamboo into paints, and then from a 360° position begin work.


Algal Bloom

Green Day

Original Art on canvas

A Storm is Brewing


Coral Reef


A+ 97

I Saw a Tiger Lines 1

Lines 2 Shallow Water

Original Art on canvas


A+ 98

Studio Floor Wires

White Noise

Tutti Fruiti

Sun Spots

Original Art on canvas


A+ 99

GRACE “Grace is an independent fine artist working in London. She has exhibited extensively, including at “The Biscuit Factory”, “Vyner Street” and “The Royal British Institute”. In 2009 she was awarded a chance to appear alongside Paula Rego and Peter Blake in an international auction of art-works in the ‘Newcomers' section and in 2011 worked alongside Katerina Seda at the Tate Modern. Most recently she was selected as a featured artist for Rise Art's Top 100 artists of the future. Grace's abstract landscapes act as a sort of escapism from city life and a channel into the natural world. In particular, Berlin and the ideology surrounding the forest has strongly influenced her work. The poet Tom Westerman reviews Grace's practice from a recent exhibition: ‘Through the artist's experience of natural beauty spots within cityscapes and raw pastoral settings the sense of awe these paintings instil work as a powerful reminder of the infinite colour, diversity and multi-dimensionality of human experience.' Grace works with Interior Designers, private collectors and galleries. Her paintings can be found all over the world including London, Oman & New York. Representation includes The Hornshaw Gallery, Degree Arts, Luminaire Arts & Rise Art.”



Luminance Become



A+ Original Art on canvas


Scarlet Mountain Turquoise Mountain

Viridian Blue

Original Art on canvas

A+ 102

Water Blooms I

Water Blooms IV

Original Art on canvas

Water Blooms II

Water Blooms V

Water Blooms III

Water Blooms VI

A+ 103

ELENA Elena is a London based contemporary abstract painter. Praised for her natural feel for colours, she is an astute observer of interpersonal relationships, which inspire her to create thought-provoking works. A self-taught painter, Elena was born in 1980 in a small town in Transylvania. She lived in Paris and travelled extensively before settling down in London a decade ago. Elena's paintings are abstract poetical representations of friendships, love stories, family or professional relationships in our cosmopolite and multicultural society. In order to represent feelings, she continuously develops her own language that is dominated by bold colours and shapes. Elena enjoys the versatility of the acrylic mediums and paints, using pouring, spraying, glazing and other techniques to create layers and depth. She loves to explore the way the paint moves and colours blend and to experiment with the textural qualities of the paint using original and unconventional application tools. Elena is proud to participate in prestigious exhibitions like the SWA Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London and also to have works residing in private collections in USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Belgium, France and the UK.



Breakfast at El Tovar I

Breakfast at El Tovar II

A+ Original Art on canvas



Pink Pool Lounger

She Wears Purple

When On Holiday

First Time I Met You


For Old Times Sake

A+ Original Art on canvas


The Anatomy of Culture 18

The Anatomy of Culture 12

The Anatomy of Culture 13

The Anatomy of Culture 16

Original Art on canvas

A+ 107

BAGUEPS Born into a family of artists, Bagueps studied applied arts in Paris at Oliviers de Serre, specializing in interior design. After graduating, she worked for a French cabinetmaking firm for seven years, where she gained her experience in creating materials and finishes. In her paintings, she strives to translate the peaceful feeling she gets from the inspiration of nature, in particular the beauty of the sky. Having painted since childhood, Bagueps aims to capture the colourful vibrations of the everyday; the sky is a constantly changing canvas she wishes to replicate. Her principal subject is the inbetween; the flux between two states. She begins with an initial inspiration and then lets the painting guide her. Mixing different materials such as acrylic, oil, marble powder and silver powder, the colour and texture takes on its own form.





Passage Delicat

Original Art on canvas





Etre en Passe Deux

Green wave




A+ Original Art on canvas




Endre Deux



Blanc de Passage

Black Night

A+ Original Art on canvas


SUMIT A self-taught artist, Sumit has pursued Master of Science in international fashion marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. He has worked with online art galleries and exhibited his works, both group and solo shows across the UK and India. Sumit enjoys making artworks from different mediums that please the mind and soul of the individual. Describing his style of work, the Delhi-based artist avers, “My main genre of work is nature and abstraction, which is prominent in most of the works. I love abstraction and the fact that everyone perceives it differently. It brings me pleasure to see how people relate to different shapes and colours, and interpret them differently.� Sumit works aren't restricted to one style or medium of work. His works range from contemporary art to abstract art, digital art, mixed media, wall sculptures and photography.


Untitled No. 47

A+ Original Art on canvas or paper


Untitled No. 3



Exploflora Series No. 54

Untitled no. 49

Disccoloured 2


A+ Original Art on canvas or paper



Untitled series no. 5


Exploflora Series no. 53

Lowres Ruby Habitat

A+ Original Art on canvas or paper


LYRA The appeal of Lyra's ‘scapes' is in the creation of atmosphere through her connection with colour. She creates abstract but instinctively balanced compositions through an open and experimental approach to her practice. “Colour has always played a big part in my life and art career - loving the way it can transform how we experience and live in any space” “With my paintings, I aim to create atmosphere rather than realism, they are built up in layers using a unique non-brush technique”


Intuition 2

Intuition 1

Intuition 3

A+ Original Art on canvas


Colorado 3

Colorado 4

Coexist 2

Coexist 5

Original Art on canvas

Clouds Melt with Colour

Coexist 11

A+ 118

Colours Say Love

Strata 2

Existential 8

Strata 3

Original Art on canvas

Existential 12

Terra Chroma 6

Terra Chroma 7

A+ 119

NEIL Conceptual visions using a variety of mediums from digital to photography and abstract panting. Exploring colour and texture to create from. My work is more from the subconscious no real plan as such but grows from a seed, a single point which looks to create form from chaos. My photography is an exploration of shape and light I look for reflection, contrast and work mostly in black & white. Abstract painting is my expression a dance on canvas. Digital is what I am known for drawing from anime and concept art in my early days, space and cityscapes to textured abstracts which I create today. I have no one style no one medium but a continuing evolution through experimentation.


The Blue City

A+ Original Art on canvas


Ascension II

Waves, acrylic on canvas


A+ Original Art on canvas


City Street Sunset


In the Minds Eye

Original Art on canvas

A+ 123

£1,000 AND UNDER

Original Art, Limited Editions, and hand embellished canvasses and prints TRADE CLIENTS ONLY


Profile for Ivan Lewis

£1,000 AND UNDER  

A superb range of original art, hand finished prints, and Limited Editions, all under £1,000

£1,000 AND UNDER  

A superb range of original art, hand finished prints, and Limited Editions, all under £1,000

Profile for ivanlewis