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November 6-8, 2012


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IVAN KRISTOFF PRESENTS FORTIS AT DUBAI HELISHOW The aerial expert will showcase his innovative concepts for the world of helicopter operations on super high-rise buildings. His name is embedded in the word InnoVAtioN. Come to his C109/C110 booth and see what that means Following a successful presence at the Dubai HeliShow 2010, Ivan Kristoff will present the concept of creating a Highrise Emergency Aerial RescueTeam for Dubai, at the Meydan Hotel, Meydan Racecourse, Dubai, UAE. Based on his vast experience on the world’s tallest buildings, his idea is not only to make a world record, but to introduce innovative concepts for emergency response on high-rise buildings in UAE. His vision of creating a Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team for Dubai (H.E.A.R.T.) will be presented during Dubai Helishow 2012 in November, where Kristoff has a booth and two multi media presentations of innovative concepts for vertical and aerial rescue.

Ivan Kristoff for FORTIS watches “I became a fan of the Fortis MONSTER EXTREME B-47watch. This year, during the 100th Anniversary of FORTIS Swiss Made Watches, I am going to bring you the world novelty at your feet. Literally...”, says Ivan Kristoff





H.E.A.R.T. - HIGHRISE EMERGENCY AERIAL RESPONSE TEAM Ivan Kristoff presents a new concept for the vertical emergency response operations. For more information, see:Â www.verticalrescue.com and www.eiger.cc About the presenter: Ivan Kristoff is an aviator, rescuer and rope access expert in vertical and helicopter operations. His focus is on exploring new frontiers for helicopter and air-to-air rescue operations. Thats why, at the Dubai Helishow 2012, he will present the Mid Air Rope access System ( M.A.R.S. ) project. For more information, please visit: www.ivankristoff.com and www.ivan.bg


AERIAL AND VERTICAL RESCUE Solutions for emergency response on the exterior of super high rise buildings I would like to introduce a new concept for

Because situations

the high rise development industry in Dubai. In

differ from building to

the last few years Dubai became the tallest

building, or bridge to bridge,

vertical city in the world. For a very short time,

it’s crucial that this team be

the landscape in Dubai achieved the pinnacle of

prepared to perform in the

vertical engineering and the challenge to provide

most unpredictable

efficient emergency response at extreme heights

environment. In the

lay ahead. That is why at the Dubai Helishow

case of an emergency,

2012, a lot of these issues will be discussed.

they could be called

In 2010, at the Dubai Helishow, I had the opportunity to showcase the presentation of

H.E.A.R.T. in Dubai

anywhere, any time, and with the cooperation of the

“Creating a Highrise Emergency and Aerial Rescue Team (H.E.A.R.T.)” in front of representatives of the Dubai Police Rescue Department and international governmental and private emergency services. With more than a few thousand high-rise buildings, and growing building development in U.A.E., I will explore the opportunity to create and train urban highrise rope rescue unit, which can respond efficiently to emergencies in inaccessible places.  Dubai is said to currently have 15-25% of all the world’s cranes. The Dubai Waterfront, when completed, will become the largest waterfront development in the world. It is crucial to be prepared for the unexpected. Accidents have become more complicated. The solution for preventing them, or efficiently responding when they do occur, is to organize an emergency response team that is trained and equipped specifically for this task. This could be a team of highly qualified professionals and rope access technicians with knowledge in rigging and rope rescue, first aid, communications and bylaws. They could meet regularly to discuss, upgrade, practice and teach safety, rescue and emergency procedures in conjunction with other emergency services.

emergency service providers (or on their own) commence high-

Highrise Rope Rescue Institute and an

angle rescue operations. In no time, the rescuers

International Vertical Access Network (I.V.A.N)

can descend, if necessary, on the location where

for Rope Rescue Multimedia Database.

the accident has taken place, and videotape the site, or any details for the investigation. Living on the edge is what “ropers” do for a

The HEART have the skills necessary for high-angle and high-altitude rope rescue operations. Beyond that, the HEART members

living. With an industry, being ranked as one of

strive to develop technically innovative concepts

the most dangerous, I want to give the vertical

and advanced skills in the use of high-tech

access workers a chance for a safer future. I am,

equipment and communications.

therefore, currently organizing the Highrise

HEART members donate their time for

Rescue Team, an independent non-profit

training and emergency operations. They train

organization that consists solely of highly

and practice a wide variety of skills in the field of

qualified professionals. We are, by necessity,

rope access including rock and wall climbing,

cost effective and efficient.

helicopter rappelling and ascending, use of

Our purpose is to minimize loss of life,

technical rope rescue systems in extreme

injury, property damage and risk to the high-rise

situations, aerial video and photography, radio

environment and maximize the rope rescue

communication, and first aid.

efficiency through innovation. To fulfill our mission, our objective is to

In collaboration with participating government and volunteer organizations, we

enhance public safety through rescue and safety

intend to provide high-angle rescue and

education, provide emergency response and

airborne support for:

assist in providing post-accident reports (with

- Emergency Services

laptops, digital cameras and communications

- Super Highrise Rope Rescue

systems on-site) in inaccessible places. HEART is preparing an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for project and property

- Enhancing community-based emergency response services HEART is about people helping people. We

managers, as well as Accident Prevention

relish being in extreme situations and seek

Programs for rope access workers. We are

every , opportunity to exercise our skills. For

currently in the process of establishing a

more informations, see www.verticalrescue.com






M.A.R.S. - MID AIR RESCUE SYSTEM - THE ULTIMATE AERIAL RESCUE Visit Ivan Kristoof’s booths C109 and C110 at the Dubai Helishow and see his presentation during the M.A.R.S. Wireless Video Conference. During this event Ivan will present, for the very first time in the world, the concept of the Ultimate Aerial Rescue. M.A.R.S. is a pioneering project for the aerospace safety and high-rise industry. The project is initiated by Ivan Kristoff after the completion of the very first rope access work on the Antenna Mast of CN Tower (553m.), the world’s tallest structure in 2003.  For this job Ivan had to create innovative high rise Emergency Rescue Plan and rewrite the rules for conventional air rescue from super high rise buildings. The plan includes aerial extraction of Ivan’s team from the top of the Skypod Observation deck and the vertical wall of the 100 meters tall Antenna mast.  The  approximate height for this job was at the elevation of 500m.The job had to be performed in winter, in very harsh environment. At that height, extreme weather condition, frozen ropes  and strong winds, there were too many challenges and unprecedented scenarios to deal with. Any work efforts and time planing had to be multiplied by 3.  Even though, Ivan Kristoff succeeded and completed the job on time. He shaped the way and the smart risk line for rope acces s work on the exterior of the Antenna mast of the Canadian Wonder of the Modern World.For more information,see: www.ivankristoff.com and www.verticalrescue.com


SEA - Air - Land rope rescue


During this water rescue exercise, Ivan Kristoff arranged his cinematographic equipment to capture visual documentation of the most important areas for “trailblazing”.

Multi camera set up for rescue and emergency response photo/video monitoring Ivan Kristoff leads the way with his aerial images.  This photo

Ivan Kristoff”s profession as a rope access technician has taken him

depicts his passion for visual expression and describes best his extreme

to the top of some of the tallest structures on the planet. His journey as

sports and volunteer rescue activities.

a volunteer aerial rescuer and addiction to the high adrenalin and

Nearly 10 years ago Ivan Kristoff stepped firmly on top of the world’s tallest structure. As work at extreme heights entered the mainstream, Ivan was at the forefront to tell the stories of many achievements in the vertical engineering. American, Canadian, Arabian  and other TV stations from all over the world have turned to Ivan to bring them startling and

places has made him do things that others have not done in the

Exclusive product placement for partners

memorable video coverage of his world records and special

world, as well as in magazines and newspapers. Through his work Ivan shows places where no one has been before. Now he holds workshops throughout Europe and MENA. He is also making a documentary film on the 100th Anniversary of the Bulgarian aviation and writing a book that tells the stories

events. He has also worked with companies such as Cannon,

behind some of his most powerful images.

Nikon, Sony Ericsson, IBM, Swiss watches and Nike, to shape advertising campaigns.


air. His photographs were exhibited in galleries around the

This airborne stunt takes the audience on a heart-pounding and action-packed ride as Ivan Kristoff sets off on a thrilling visual journey...





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Epson Photo Stylus1400 V700

Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican

Fortis watches B-47 Big black watch

Cameras D7000 D5000 J1 F80 D1X


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Ivan Kristoff’s projects for Dubai Aerial and remote access photographer, Ivan Kristoff, has traveled the world to capture visuals in countries such as USA, Russia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and England on projects ranging from Discovery Channel documentaries to short commercials. As a new filmmaker, Ivan seeks to combine his passion for extreme sports and activities with powerful story telling. This was most recently recognized by a Swiss Made watch company inviting Ivan to become an executive promoter and Brand Ambassador for Swiss Made professional watches. Ivan is writing, directing and producing short films for the world’s tallest buildings, in the narrative category. The project will be called “WWW”, the abbreviation of Web Wrapping of the World's amazing buildings. “WWW” sequence will be filmed for the very first time in Dubai, UAE. In a few sequences, some of the films will tell the stories of Ivan Kristoff’s experience with local emergency services personnel. One of them is with the New York State Park Police in Niagara Falls, where Ivan was responsible for the safety of the Discovery Channel TV crew. Ivan has studied IT communications in the University of Toronto and Cinema & TV Production in the New Bulgarian University. Rope access at extreme heights

In his new project, a short film documentary called “III″, Canadian filmmaker Ivan Kristoff is taking us on his journey of creating a new form of art that sets new trends in the rope access environment and vertical access operations at extreme heights. The name “III″, comes from the abbreviation of the “Introducing Inspiring Innovations” concept. “I already have in mind how to follow up with a sequence called “333″ (a new world record measured in meters) and “2012″ (commemorating Dubai Helishow 2012 and the 100th Anniversary of Fortis Watches). The premier of this sequence can be shown during the Dubai Helishow 2012 and follow up with a world wide film release. Cinematography This films will be filmed exclusively on Nikon Digital Imaging Systems. Ivan Kristoff is a member of the elite Nikon Professional Services (NPS) team. Soundtrack Music and extreme sports are the focus on our campaign to promote volunteer rescue initiatives. This combination gathers a team of singers, musicians and Ivan, who aim to attract young audiences, show them through inspiring and motivating ways a positive and useful direction for some community based activities. See the video clip "Fire Off" at www.ivan.bg


Face to face with Ivan Kristoff, Canada’s “Spider-man” Why do reporters call Ivan Kristoff “Spiderman”. It’s because, like the comic superhero, Ivan seem’s more at home at the top of a highrise building or dangling from a helicopter than on the ground. Originally from Bulgaria, Ivan is an expert mountaineer who has used his climbing knowledge and experience to set up a high9altitude rescue team called the Eiger HEART (Highrise Emergency Aerial Rescue Team). The Eiger team teaches rescue technicians how to save who are stuck in hard to reach places. Ivan volunteers his time to do rescue work, while operating a business that also takes him high in the sky. he scales high-rises and huge office towers doing repairs and inspections hundreds of meters off the ground - on the outside of some of the tallest buildings in Canada! Ivan did come down to earth recently, just long enough to answer these questions from KIDSWORLD Magazine. When did you start doing high-rise work?

I used to do that in Bulgaria, because I used to do a lot of mountain climbing and rock climbing.... So when I came here (in 1990), one of the things I liked most about Canada was the high-rise buildings. That was a great motivation


for me, just to be in the air. Do you remember your first rescue? When I was about 14 years old, (our caving club) had to go in a cave 300m deep, and I was assigned to be the leader of the group... After we’d spent about 8 to 10 hours in the cave, I was just about to exit and I saw this girl, she was frozen, like post traumatic stress. She was bent over and I called to her, but she wan’t responding to me. My friend came, realizing something must be wrong, and he wanted to help. So, even thought the girl was well trained, we had to treat her like a five year ild, teach her how to walk, how to step. It was very difficult, because some places were 9 meters dee, and she had to traverse horizontally. If she had slipped, she would have been history, it would have been a tragedy. What type of project do you enjoy most? I am involved with digital photography in inaccessible places... See: www.ivankristoff.com

Real life Spiderman Ivan Kristoff

HIGH ABOVE DUBAI Ivan Kristoff, aka the Canadian Spiderman, will organize a Rope and Remote Access Photography Workshop in Dubai, a few hundred feet off the ground. He will provide his climbing, specialized remote access and professional photography equipment to students, so that they can learn how to capture unique images.


Profile for Ivan Kristoff

Ivan Kristoff Magazine  

IVAN KRISTOFF PRESENTS DUBAI HELISHOW Following a successful presence at the Dubai HeliShow 2010, Ivan Kristoff will present the concept o...

Ivan Kristoff Magazine  

IVAN KRISTOFF PRESENTS DUBAI HELISHOW Following a successful presence at the Dubai HeliShow 2010, Ivan Kristoff will present the concept o...