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YOUR IUP EDUCATION CAN BE VERY AFFORDABLE, DEPENDING ON HOW YOU PLAN AND THE CHOICES YOU MAKE. First, take a look at our per-semester tuition and fee estimator at IUP.edu/cost. Read on for details about financing the most important investment you’ll ever make—an investment in you and your future—an investment that will last a lifetime. Call us if you have questions. We’re here to help every step of the way. 724-357-2218 Or, drop by IUP’s financial aid website for dates, deadlines, and all kinds of financial details that will help you get ready to come to IUP. We begin informing students about their aid package starting in late November. IUP.edu/getaid

FINANCIAL AID BASICS No matter what your financial circumstances are, you should complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for loans, grants, and federal work study. Completing the form may make you eligible for IRS tax credits. The sooner you complete the FAFSA, the better—you can do this starting October 1. Visit FAFSA.gov to find all kinds of useful information and to complete the application. IUP’s FAFSA code is 003277. After you complete the FAFSA, be sure to check with your state grant agency, too. For Pennsylvania residents, that would be PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency). At PHEAA.org, you can apply for grants—assistance you don’t need to pay back.


You have to pay them back with interest. GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MERIT AND NEED IUP has an array of scholarships funded by alumni and friends. The following are some of our larger scholarship programs.

You don’t have to pay them back. WORK STUDY

Work on campus to help pay for college.


You will automatically be considered for IUP scholarships when you apply. No SAT scores are required, but you should apply early for maximum consideration. PROMISING SCHOLARS PROGRAM

Exclusively for Pennsylvania residents who have a 3.0 GPA or higher, this scholarship program includes a financial award that ranges from $2,000 to full tuition. COOK HONORS COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS

Students who enroll in IUP’s Cook Honors College earn four-year, renewable scholarships. They also have access to an achievement fund that helps them cover expenses associated with study abroad, internships, and more. Learn more about the Cook Honors College experience at IUP.edu/honors. You can apply to the Cook Honors College after you are accepted to IUP. Pro-tip: Many of our majors have honors programs that also come with scholarship awards. If an honors program interests you, please ask about scholarships.


Corporations and organizations across the US award scholarships, and it can be worth your time to look for them. We recommend Fastweb.com as a legitimate source of scholarship opportunities. If you don’t apply, you’ll never know!


Because we have an array of room options and meal plans, the costs of living on campus vary, so be sure to check the cost estimator at IUP.edu/cost. As you consider those options, take into account that living on campus increases the value of your education. There are three different types of living-learning communities—some connected to academics, some connected to social interest, and two that provide you with connected course work that leads to certification in either scientific communications or global scholarship.

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT Some students manage their time well and like having a job to earn extra money or to help pay the bills. If that’s you, you’ll find all kinds of options for employment on and off campus. To make your search easier, IUP keeps running tabs on employment opportunities for students.


If you’re an active member of the military or a veteran, our Military and Veterans Resource Center will help you access and make the most of your benefits—and help you connect with others who have served. Army ROTC at IUP is an option if you want to gain the leadership skills that come with military service, along with the financial benefits afforded for your service. Ask the Office of Admissions about both options.

BE SURE You wouldn’t be the first person to ask if a university education is worth your investment of time and money. As you might expect, we at IUP believe in the power of a college degree. After all, it’s a super-competitive world out there. Unless you’re a phenom like the late Steve Jobs, the degree and experience you have when you enter the job market can be what sets you apart. In fact, Pew Research Center determined that graduates with a four-year degree stand to make about 39 percent more annually—and are more likely to be chosen for employment—than those who don’t earn a degree. Graduates also say their experience helped them mature and grow intellectually. Still, you might wonder about your future.

Ask yourself these questions. A R E YO U P R E PA R E D A N D R E A DY TO P U T I N T H E W O R K ?

We’ll help you, of course, but college is hard work. We will challenge you through intense academic experiences, and we’ll ask you to push your boundaries to learn and grow. With tutoring and mentorship opportunities by your side, you can make it. And in the end, all the hard work will pay off, as it has for so many of our 150,000 alumni. D O Y O U L I K E T O T R Y N E W T H I N G S , S O LV E P R O B L E M S , A N D C O L L A B O R AT E W I T H O T H E R S ?

The IUP experience will broaden your view and prepare you to interact with people of all backgrounds. You’ll learn to navigate situations that are new to you and to tackle any problem you face—right after graduation and decades later.

If you answered yes to both questions, then IUP is for you.

Get the Facts and Don’t Guess IUP’s offices of Admissions and Financial Aid want to help you put all the financial pieces together. No question is silly or too basic. In fact, we’ve heard them all. We’ll help you. Just ask! Admissions 724-357-2230 admissions-inquiry@iup.edu Financial Aid 724-357-2218 financial-aid@iup.edu

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Your Investment, Your Future  

Your IUP education can be very affordable, depending on how you plan and the choices you make. Learn more through this publication.

Your Investment, Your Future  

Your IUP education can be very affordable, depending on how you plan and the choices you make. Learn more through this publication.

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