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How we engage our stakeholders Membership Companies of the Shareholder Regularly liaise on a range of business/operational issues, and assist in capacity advancement with staff secondments and Joint Shareholders’ Audit of HSSE processes

Through these activities we seek to engage a wide stakeholder audience on the issues that impact them and are most important to our business. By focusing on these material issues, we support the core business strategy and are better positioned to monitor and manage our impacts and relationships with our stakeholders.

Our Material Issues

Government and Regulators Support the development of the government’s Carbon Emissions Strategy and other relevant national stakeholder engagement activities, maintain strong relationships with local government entities, as well as regulatory and state representatives

Suppliers/Service Providers Build capacity and enhance operational safety with initiatives such as Atlantic Safety Villages, and facilitate benchmarks and guidelines for best operational practices with recognition of exemplary leadership through the CEO’s Awards

• Local and National Programmes

Employees Drive career development via various programmes and opportunities for professional and personal advancement. Additionally, communication is strengthened with innovative internal channels and performance excellence is honoured at the CEO’s Awards

Our approach to defining our material issues

Local Communities

• Material issues identified by the member companies of the shareholder

Continuously engage in dialogue with key communities to identify and address grievances. Communities are assisted directly with investment, sustainability and employee volunteering programmes

Media Develop relationships with media via direct and transparent engagement


To determine our material issues, we first consider the following: • Core business sources such as our corporate strategy, corporate performance contract and risk management process • Qualitative and quantitative research • Issues identified by our stakeholder groups (please note that we did not hold focus groups on our 2015 Sustainability Report) We also seek feedback on the initial prioritisation of issues from our stakeholders, including employees, community representatives, service providers, students and media. Coming out of this exercise, we review the relevant feedback and determine the issues that are of the highest priority for our business.

Atlantic sustainability report 2016  
Atlantic sustainability report 2016