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Enjoy FREE Park Ranger sessions during your stay. Book at reception

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Complete the activities inside to become a Great Adventurer!

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The Cornwall countryside is crammed full of bugs and beasties, nooks and hidey holes and delights to be discovered – to find them you’ll just need a little help on where to look. The Trevella Park Ranger knows Trevella like the back of his hand. He can help you identify plants and spot the animals that we share our space with. Ask a grown up to book you onto our free Ranger sessions at reception.

Free Park Ranger Activities include:

                     Use our Trainee Adventurer’s Guide on pages 3 and 4 to explore on and around Trevella Park. As you complete each adventure tick them off your list, draw pictures, take photos and bring back findings from your day out - when you’ve completed any 8 adventures you can claim your Great Adventurer Certificate from reception!

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Learn to Fish Crabbing on Crantock Beach Nature Walks Pond Dipping Moth Trapping Bat Walks Big Bug Hotel Building

See the board at Reception for daily activities

Traine,e s r e r u t Adven t s i l k c e h C Complete and keep for adventurous memories

1. Go for a barefoot walk (...tell us where you went and how it felt)

Tick off these adventures as you complete them. When any 8 boxes are ticked take this booklet to reception to collect your Great Adventurer Certificate. You’ll need a grown up on hand to try lots of these adventures, and always tell them where you are going and what you are doing.

5. Go on a NATURE WALK AT NIGHT 6. Ride a bodyboard (...were you able to surf into shore?)

2. Make a daisy chain (...ask a grown up to send us a picture of you wearing your chain:

book fo free r (part of our Ranger Sessions) rece in (...draw a creepy crawly you spotted here) ptio n

3. Find a creepy crawly

7. DISCOVER WHAT'S IN A POND (part of our Ranger sessions) (...what could you see?)

4. Catch a crab with a net (...and put him back! Ask a grown up how to safely avoid a crab’s claws)

  ’ 

Our Ranger sessions are free to take part in, but places must be booked in advance. Check the Ranger Notice Board to find out what’s happening, when, and to book your places. Children (under 16) must be accompanied by adults (over 21 - one adult to maximum three children) and remain the responsibility of parents or guardians at all times.

8. Spot a shooting star

11. Start a shell collection

(...if one doesn’t appear you can still tick this box if you tell us how many stars you counted)

(...where will you keep them?)

12. Go on a night time BAT WALK

book fo free r i rece n ptio n

(part of our Ranger Sessions)

(...were you scared? How many Bats did you find?)

9. Go on a long bike ride

13. Go snorkelling in the sea

(...where did you go, and how far was it?)

(...what was the strangest thing you saw?)

10. Write your name in the sand

14. Identify the leaves from three different trees

(...send us a photo of you standing by your name:

(...stick them to this page)

AST E L T A eted Compl entureS? take w 8 adv o N ! tions tion and a l u t a p Congr rm to rece at o re your f ect your G icate! coll ertif c s ' r e tur Adven Grown ups: share your Adventures in Cornwall with us on Twitter at #CornwallAdventure,

  ’ 

or on our Facebook Page Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE, at all times on site and during Ranger activities, children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians. Children (under 16) will only be allowed to attend Ranger sessions if accompanied by an adult over 21 (1 adult to a maximum of 3 children).

Trevella Park Adventures  

The ultimate guide for trainee adventurers

Trevella Park Adventures  

The ultimate guide for trainee adventurers