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This article provides a brief overview of some of the relevant information for the builder if the project receives assistance from the government’s Financial Assistance Package (FAP). The Financial Assistance Package has been introduced to ensure more time and money is spent on repairing leaky homes instead of disputing the problem. The FAP offers homeowners the certainty of a financial contribution and helps get more leaky homes fixed faster. ASSESSORS REPORT To qualify for the FAP homeowners will need an Assessor’s Report on their home which will identify the weathertightness damage to the building and provide an estimate of the scale and cost of the work needed to repair it. Note that the Assessor’s Report will not identify nonweathertightness issues with a dwelling, such as structural problems arising from the original work although these may also need to be addressed in order to obtain a building consent. The recommended scope from the Assessor’s Report forms the basis of the Repair Plan and consent documents. Once the Repair Plan is agreed, the owner will seek quotes from at least two, preferably three, builders. The homeowner’s preferred quote must be submitted to Building and Housing using the Quote Template found on the Building and Housing group’s website. QUOTES It must include an invoicing schedule specifying the expected amount and timing of invoices. The invoicing arrangements are a matter between the builder and homeowner and are not necessarily linked to the Building and Housing group payments to the home owner.

Quotes must be fully priced but rather than include very large sums for contingencies, builders may be better to price certain activities such as removal and replacement of timber by an hourly or per lineal metre rate. FAP assistance only covers work needed to reinstate the building to an acceptable level of weathertightness. Any building work beyond this is called “betterment”. It can be undertaken, but is not eligible for FAP contributions. The builder needs to quote separately for any betterment and needs to identify betterment also in any invoices. Builders will need to include with the quote a signed Contractor’s Statement. This Statement includes various undertakings in relation to: site access for the Building and Housing group and council staff; payments, variations and scope changes; invoicing arrangements; recordkeeping; confirmation of your contractor’s all risks insurance cover. INSPECTIONS Buildings will be inspected by the Building and Housing group immediately following removal of cladding, to confirm that the Repair Plan will address all of the weathertightness issues. If there is significant change of scope then the owner

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For feedback contact: ITM Support Office, PO Box 101556, Rosedale, Auckland., Ph: 09 415 2787

will need to review their Repair Plan and may need to update their quotes to include any newlydiscovered repairs that are needed. The Building and Housing Group will pay contributions to qualifying owners throughout the repair process, following inspection and sign-off by councils at agreed milestones. These inspections may occur at the same time as Building Consent Authority inspections, but they are conducted solely for the purposes of confirming that contributions can be paid to the homeowner. The final contribution payment will usually be made once the Code Compliance Certificate has been issued and copies of all invoices have been provided to the Building and Housing group. Larger, more complex buildings will often need a customised and phased approach to the Repair Plan and building elements. The Homeowner can still pursue other parties under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006, and a builder could be asked to provide evidence in a claims process. Good documentation is therefore critical. Also remember that since March 2012, repairs to leaky buildings must be carried out by licensed building practitioners or under the direct supervision of a licensed building practitioner (LBP).

S FOR LLOW UP AREA SUGGESTED FO TION MORE INFORMA ing Building & Hous e: Groups websit z/ws-infowww.dbh.govt.n essionals for-building-prof for builders Information pack website) (from the B &H plate m te • Quote Statement or ct • Contra ations The B&H public ign Remediation Des to • Guide of is os Diagn • Guide to the gs in ild Leaky Bu Timber in Leaky • Dealing with Buildings FERUARY COMING UP IN will discuss ries of 9 articles se e th in h 4t e Th ing for ider when tender ns co to s ue iss e th ediation work. weathertight rem

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ITM CEO Gordon Buswell

Photo credit: Ross Land

ITM is the naming sponsor of the ITM400 Auckland, the country’s sole round of the international V8 Supercars Championship, for the next three years. The ITM400 Auckland will be staged from 12 to 14 April at a revamped Pukekohe Park Raceway, the third round of the 2013 championship. “We are excited at the plans and development for Pukekohe Park Raceway which has played such an integral part in the history of motorsport in this country” said ITM CEO Gordon Buswell. V8 Supercars legend and Pukekohe round winner in 2006, Mark Skaife, now chairman of the V8 Supercars Commission, is overseeing the upgrading of Pukekohe Park which he believes will add considerably to the racing spectacle as well as return the country’s best known circuit to international standard. “I love Pukekohe and have been privileged to be successful here. I believe the changes we are making will not only make it a safer race track, but enhance it and provide more passing opportunities.” “The great thing about this place is the character of this race track. I am passionate about how fast it is, I’m passionate about leaving in the bumps, and I am passionate about the way the cars move around here.” “It is one of my favourite race tracks in the world. All we have to do is make it modern in terms of its safety, and in doing that we are going to make it more exciting.”

Watch this space for details on tickets for the ITM Grandstand.



G IB A qu Wet A aline rea Sy stems ®

CBI 51




7 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUILDING OR RENOVATING A BATHROOM These recommendations are not to be a substitute for the full information contained in the GIB Aqualine® Wet Area Systems literature. Please refer to this literature before proceeding with any project. 1. Always use GIB Aqualine® on walls and ceilings to help protect against moisture and steam damage.

ww w.

gib .co

.n z

4. Fix GIB Aqualine® horizontally where possible to reduce joints and improve the finish.

2. Use waterproof membranes in the right areas – such as to the edge of showers, baths and vanities to be tiled. For example:

5. Use 13mm GIB Aqualine® on ceilings to protect against moisture and steam. 6. When tiling*, fasteners are required at 100mm centres to the perimeter of the sheet and to all intermediate studs.

Unenclosed shower over bath

Code Requirement Good Practice

Screws as specified 100mm centres

GIB Aqualine®


3. To provide stability, a 32 x 32 metal angle must be attached to the internal corner of timber framed shower walls. Vertical corner 32 x 32 x 0.55mm galvanized steel angle to a minimum height of 1800mm

7. Bracing systems must not be located behind showers or baths because of durability requirements, renovation likelihood and other practical issues relating to fixing bracing elements.



Fixed Shower Screen (min 1500 mm long)

Bath mm

® 150







GIB® is a registered trademark. *10mm GIB Aqualine® is for tile weights up to 20kg/m2 and 13mm GIB Aqualine® up to 32kg/m2. Most wall tiles weigh under 20kg/m2.

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BITUPATCH has a number of unique benefits not found in other products: • It can be used in all weather conditions even when a pothole is filled with water • There is no mixing required, nor is an emulsion tack coat needed • Sealed bags have a shelf life of 12 months if stored in a cool environment

• The repaired area can be trafficked immediately after installation • There is no wastage of material - the bag can be resealed and used later • No special equipment is required

GARAGE PLY INEXPENSIVE NON-STRUCTURAL INTERNAL LINING Are you building a home, lining a hallway or fitting out a garage which needs to handle the rough and tumble of the modern kiwi lifestyle? Then look no further than Garage Ply, a NEW product developed by Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts. Available in either a tongue and groove or structural square edge, both options are inexpensive and offer high impact and exceptional durability. Panels are untreated and feature a CD surface finish (face may contain surface filler) with a ‘V’ groove profile running along the length of the sheet at 100mm centres. GARAGE PLY BENEFITS: • Cost effective • Versatility, suitable for kiwi batches, garages, hallways, sheds and utility buildings • Strong impact resistant giving you years of hard wear • Can be left uncoated or applied with common coating systems including clear coatings, penetrating stains and acrylic paints (including film forming stains) • Easy to install

For more information on Garage Ply, see your local ITM store or visit or call CHH Woodproducts customer service on 0800 746 399 Note: Garage Ply is not suitable for use in wet areas or where the use of structural plywood (such as wall bracing) is required. Where structural plywood is required use Ecoply® or Shadowclad® branded plywood.


YOUNG RETAILER OF THE YEAR CONGRATULATIONS TO TUMU ITM NAPIER’S MANAGER, JAMIE WEBSTER, FOR BEING AWARDED THE YOUNG RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARD IN THIS YEAR’S HARDWARE AWARDS IN AUCKLAND Jamie began working in the industry when he was just 13 years old and judges said his exceptional service, outstanding leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of the industry earned him the top spot.

As the winner, he gets a study grant for an Auckland University Business School’s Short Course programme of his choice and also a travel grant to attend an international industry trade show.

Jamie says his philosophy is “treat them the way you would want to be treated and you can’t go wrong”. The Tumu ITM Napier store opened in November last year and Jamie said the experience gained from this probably helped him stand out from the other contenders.

Congratulations also to Tumu ITM Havelock North for being a finalist in the retail store of the year up to 4,000m2 and Motueka ITM for being a finalist in the trade store of the year.


18V Twin Pack

4-Piece 18V Combo Kit

• 4.0Ah ultra high capacity li-ion batteries • Impact drill and impact driver • Smart charger and carry case

• Impact drill, impact driver, circular saw and 115mm angle grinder • 2 x 4.0Ah ultra high capacity batteries • Smart charger and site bag



$679 EXCL GST 18V Cordless Impact Driver Drill



$979 EXCL GST FREE Hitachi 18v Jobsite Radio

Extra Heavy Duty Extension Lead

(via redemption)

• 4.0Ah ultra high capacity li-ion batteries • Smart charger and carry case • 22 stage clutch #DV18DSDL

For info on 4.0Ah

Jamie accepting his award

• 30m

• 20m





$54.95 EXCL GST


18V Cordless Random Orbital Sander

18V 13mm Cordless Hammer Drill

• • • •

• All metal, 3-speed gearbox • Two built-in LED lights • Ergonomically designed soft grip • Single sleeve keyless chuck allows for fast, one-handed bit change

Compact design Ergonomically designed rubberized grip High orbital speed and 2.8mm orbit diameter Hooks directly to vacuum or dust box




18V Cordless Multi Tool • • • •


Up to 20,000 oscillations per minute Optional dust extraction system Accepts OIS - Makita, Bosch and Fein accessories Accepts Makita 3.0Ah (BL1830) and Compact Series (BL1815) batteries



18V Cordless Impact Driver • New generation brushless series • Super compact • Maintenance free motor # BTD129Z

WHAT ARE SKINS? It’s the same tool but without the batteries.

For info on Makita skins


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18V Cordless Planer

18V 13mm Cordless Driver Drill

• Utilises standard TCT indexible blades 82mm • Safety switch • Easily adjustable depth of cut control • Designed for use with Makita 3.0Ah Li-ion batteries

• Battery charge indicator • Enhanced dust and drip-proof performance • 21 Torque settings in clutch mode • The very latest in Makita cordless technology with overload protection for both battery and tool





18V 155mm Cordless Angle Grinder

18V Cordless Blower

• Small circumference motor housing with soft grip • Warning lamp warn of overloading and low battery • Designed for use with Makita 3.0Ah li-ion batteries

• Can be used as a blower or a vacuum • Variable speed up to 2.3m/min • Ideal for clearing holes in masonry for chemical anchor installation and dusting off machinery #BUB182Z






For most building work you are required to obtain a building consent from the Council. The Council (or “building consent authority”) is the organisation charged with ensuring that every building or structure is safe to occupy and use, and will perform to the minimum standards required by law. They check this in three ways First, by reviewing the plans and specifications before issuing the building consent, and in many cases insisting on changes. Secondly, by inspecting the project during the course of construction. Thirdly, by issuing a code compliance certificate (“CCC”) on completion of the project. The CCC is supposed to be the final sign-off from the Council that the building work you have just done, complies with the building code. The CCC concept was introduced under the 1991 Building Act, but it never fulfilled its promise, largely because there was no particular incentive for building owners to obtain the CCC, and no effective penalty if they didn’t. That tended to

The CCC is supposed to be the final sign-off from the Council that the building work you have just done, complies with the building code

defeat the purpose of having CCCs in the first place, so in the 2004 Building Act the Government tightened up the rules. Now, building owners must apply for a CCC as soon as the project is complete. If they don’t apply within two years of receiving the building consent, the Council must do something about it. However the new rules don’t apply to building projects where the consent was issued before 31 March 2005 (which is when the 2004 Building Act came into force). There are plenty of buildings built under consents issued under the 1991 Act, that don’t yet have a CCC. That only becomes a problem when the Council puts the heat on you to obtain a CCC, or you want to sell the building, or mortgage


it as security for a loan. The standard form agreement for sale & purchase of land contains a warranty by the seller that a CCC has been issued for any work the seller has had done on the property. And banks typically insist on one as a condition of the mortgage. So many owners of older buildings find themselves in the position of asking the Council for a CCC, many years after the building was completed. OLD BUILDINGS ARE NOT CAUGHT BY THE NEW RULES If that happens, the law is quite clear. The application for the CCC must be processed as if the 1991 Act still applied, and the Council must be satisfied that the building work complies with the building code that was in force at the time that the original building consent was issued. The building code (Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 1992) has not changed significantly since it was first introduced, but in many cases the acceptable solutions have. For example, clauses B2 (durability) and E2 (external moisture) have been there since the code first came out, but drained external wall cavities are now the acceptable solution in many weathertightness cases, when they were not previously. The real problem is that it is very difficult for a Council to check code compliance many years after the building work has been completed, and it is very easy for them to get it wrong. Faced with this difficulty, and worried about potential liability, many Councils have tried to pass the buck by simply refusing to issue a CCC, without taking any active steps to solve the underlying problem. They have been doing this by suggesting or insisting that the building owner obtain a “determination” on the issue from the Department of Building and Housing (now part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment).

The determination procedure is supposed to be a cost-effective means to break deadlocks between the building owner (or a neighbour) and the Council – to be used as a last resort where the parties have exhausted all their arguments and still cannot reach agreement. For a GST-inclusive fee of only $287.50 (for residences) or $575.00 (for other buildings) you can get a prompt, thoroughly-researched, authoritative ruling that is often backed up by experts’ reports and legal opinions.

The solution adopted by the DBH (MBIE) in those cases is to retrospectively modify the original building consent by imposing a condition (pursuant to the Council’s power to modify the building code in appropriate cases) that the durability periods run from completion of the building rather than issue of the CCC. Even though the legality of that may be questionable, it is a pragmatic and common sense outcome.

COUNCILS HAVE BEEN SHIRKING THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES You can see why this process is attractive to Councils. They don’t have to incur the expense of inspecting the building and the risk of making a wrong call. But they have come under strong criticism from the DBH (MBIE) for not being more proactive. The DBH determinations have

The real problem is that it is very difficult for a Council to check code compliance many years after the building work has been completed

consistently said that the Council should have sent their experts in to investigate the building work and identify all the defects (ie. non-compliance with the building code in force at the time of the consent), and then issued a notice to fix. The owner should then put forward a proposal (backed up by professional advice) as to how they propose to rectify the defects. Only if the parties cannot agree on the proposed solutions, should a determination be applied for. The Councils get some sympathy when it comes to clause B2 of the building code (durability), however. Although most components of a building are supposed to last a minimum of 50 years, some (such as cladding) only have a 15 year minimum lifespan, and others (such as gutters and protective coatings) only 5 years. These periods run from the date of issue of the CCC. Where the Council is being asked to issue a CCC some 10 or 15 years after the building was completed, you can understand their reluctance to effectively guarantee the extended durability of components that might already have exceeded their intended life.

Geoff Hardy has 37 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer and is the senior lawyer in the Auckland firm “Madison Hardy”. He guarantees personal attention to new clients at competitive rates. His phone number is (09) 379 0700, fax (09) 379 0504, and e-mail This article is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.


FALL PROTECTION CLARIFIED CBANZ HAS EMBARKED ON A NATIONWIDE EDUCATIONAL ROADSHOW TO ASSIST BUILDERS WITH PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO NEWLY INTRODUCED HEALTH AND SAFETY LAWS RELATING TO PROTECTION AGAINST FALLS FROM HEIGHT Many builders have complained that the current published guidelines are light on detail and that they often get conflicting advice on site by health and safety officials. The roadshow includes a detailed presentation about practical steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of workers on residential building sites and to make sure the site complies with health and safety laws.

Interior scaffolding used to stand and manoeuvre high pitch trusses.

PRACTICAL EXAMPLES In developing the programme, the CBANZ Technical Advisory Group consulted widely with industry representatives with the goal of coming up with solutions that were simple, practical and cost effective. The initial ideas were aired at a public meeting and then further developed by building a test house to establish more “real time” practical examples. “Early planning meant we were able to build safety into the construction from the outset,” says advisory group spokesman Allan Shaw. “At the manufacturing stage, nogs were gang nailed into the truss webs to enable a working platform within the high pitch trusses. Stud set-out was done from exterior into the centre of the house allowing for strengthening of nogs to take a working platform on the interior of the external walls. “Frames were constructed using two 90x45mm which eliminated the need to walk on top plates to nail off the 140x35mm extra top plate. All strapping and truss set-out was marked prior to frames being stood in place.

FLEXIBILITY Jason McClintock, Operations Manager says that while the concept of working internally up to purlin stage worked for the test house, some CBANZ members were having success with full perimeter exterior scaffolding incorporating a drop platform of inside planks. “This flexibility allows installation of soffits no matter what the terrain of site might be. The builders on our test house were surprised at how much time was saved by having some simple additional provisions in place. We saw some recovery of the initial cost of scaffolding as work progressed and of course we had no incidents which meant there was no erosion of margin due to down time. “This roadshow drives home the need for a more holistic approach to site safety than the sector has considered in the past, and clarifies some terminology in the new legislation such as what does ‘all practical steps’ really mean?” ON-LINE HELP The roadshow presentation goes through a menu of compliance examples, showing various options with scaffolding both internal and external. It covers falls inside the building, catch platforms, edge protection and gives some recommendations to address the age old question: Are saw stools in or out? Through the Certified Builders Associations website, members have access to a template to create a site-specific safety plan and a menu of compliance options. CBANZ will continue to work on developing more practical and cost effective compliance options as the fall from heights campaign evolves. Remaining Dates for the Risks and Hazards Road Show 10th December, Monday at 6.30pm Taranaki • Ugly Duck • 601 Devon Street East 11th December, Tuesday at 7pm Manawatu • Darwick Street, Foxton Beach 12th December, Wednesday at 5pm • Wairarapa Tumu ITM Building Centre Masterton • 34 Railway Cres. 13th December, Thursday • Wellington TBC: Contact Certified Builders for details INVITATION OPEN TO ALL

“Other safety options like simple catch platforms on bottom cords and internal scaffolding were used with great success.”


Become a Certified Builder today online at or call 0800 CERTIFIED

RED HOT OFFERS OFFER 1 Purchase a pallet of Scyon® Linea® Weatherboard and receive a

FREE HardieBlade™ Saw Blade worth $250 (via redemption*)

OFFER 2 Purchase Scyon® Secura™ Flooring to a value of $2000 and receive a

FREE HardieBlade™ Saw Blade worth $250 (via redemption*)

*Purchase your James Hardie products from ITM Building Centres and simply just send in your purchase invoice with your name and contact details to: ITM Promotion, PO Box 12 070, Penrose, Auckland 1642 or email to Offer valid: 3rd - 24th December 2012. © 2012 James Hardie New Zealand Ltd. ™ and ® denote a trademark or registered mark owned by James Hardie Technology Limited.


HOW DO Y0U PRICE YOUR JOBS? HOW DO YOU MEASURE UP WHEN IT COMES TO PRICING A JOB? COULD YOU DO IT BETTER? WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON REASONS WHY COSTS ESCALATE? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST YOU WHEN THINGS GO PEAR SHAPED? WHEN ITM ASKED SOME OF OUR BUILDERS ABOUT PRICING JOBS, THE FLOODGATES OPENED. HERE ARE SOME OF THEIR STORIES: MID FLOOR MIX-UP Quantity surveyor: “On the architectural drawings, it just said standard timber for the mid floor where on the engineer’s drawings, it was prescribed as engineered timber. The difference was close to $8000. The plans and engineering drawings were in conflict so it was noted in the tag sheets but overlooked by the builder.” FOUNDATION CHANGES Phil: “We had to change the footings because of the contour of the land. So instead of having six courses of blocks on the footing to bring it up level with the rest of the house, we needed ten so you’ve got extra courses and that ended up costing a lot extra. If you’re pricing just off the plans and you don’t get a good look at the land, you’re pricing blind.”

PLASTERBOARD Merchant: “You can get two builders that do the same house, but their quantities for lining can be 15 or 20% apart because one may be very proficient at measuring out and using the sheets efficiently, using off cuts from one room in another area, while the second builder might not take the same care.”

STEEL CONFUSION Red: “The plans were for a home in a coastal area but the price given was for galvanized brackets and strapping, where in a coastal area, they have to be stainless steel and that’s between triple and quadruple the price. So we were miles out. It should have been specified on the plans, but it wasn’t.”

CHANGING PLANS Mike: “The builder quoted the plans before they went to council. Council demanded more detail on the plans and as a consequence, additional materials were required. But the builder wasn’t informed and went ahead based on the original plans.”

BATTEN BLUE Quantity surveyor: “There were over 100 pages of plans, and on one page, it showed a small detail of a machined batten, but all the other pages showed standard battens. The cost difference between standard and machined battens was huge, around $4 a metre versus $25 a metre. There were several thousand metres of it.”


In the next issue (February), we look at the major causes of errors when pricing jobs.



LAMINEX® AQUAPANEL® AVAILABLE IN TWO NEW DECORS Whether you want to create a simple backdrop or spruce up a tired bathroom, Laminex® Aquapanel® provides a stylish yet functional wall solution. Because Aquapanel® is non-porous and grout free, it can be easily cleaned in both domestic and commercial environments. Simple clean lines are achieved with the new 100 x 100mm tile pattern in either metallic look

Magnolia or for a more traditional look, Polar White Gloss. Colour matched aluminium jointers are available to compliment all Aquapanel® sheets. Laminex® Aquapanel® is available from your local ITM. For product and technical information contact The Laminex Group on 0800 303 606 or visit


Polar White Gloss


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Trombone Shower Door

Mimas Hand Basin

• A fully adjustable door to fit various size openings • Five door sizes from between 640mm to 1000mm • Features a full length aluminium handle • Integrated magnetic closure • Made in New Zealand

• Polymarble basin • Reversible left or right hand tap positions • Soft closing doors • Available in all Clearlite colour finishes #7MIM Tapware and accessories not included.




Sierra Shower

Riviera Acrylic Shower

• Sure seal shower tray with easy clean waste • One piece wall lining available flat or moulded • 6mm safety glass • Door can be left or right hand opening • Made In New Zealand #0S8F009902-9X9 2S Flat White #0S8M009902-9X9 2S Moulded White Tapware and accessories not included.

• Available in chrome or white • AquaCHECK corner drain system to prevent water damage • 1850mm high door and returns • No silicone inside shower • Waste, glue and sealant pack included

FREE Upgrade to Side Moulded Wall Only

#RIV915RNDACMW #2RIV915RNDCW Tapware and accessories not included.




Equaliser Shower Mixer

Primus Builders Pack

• Operating pressures of 17-600KPA Pressure • Unequal/Equal/Mains • Chrome

• • • •


PSM5 Shower Mixer PMB5 Basin Mixer PSL8 Slide Shower Unequal/Mains Pressure




Primus Sink Faucet

Primus Sink Mixer

• WELs Rating: Mains - 3 star 9L/min Low/Unequal - 4 star 7L/min • 5 year warranty • Wall hole adjustment 100mm to 230mm

• WELs Rating: Mains - 3 star 8L/min Low/Unequal - 3 star 8.5L/min • 5 year warranty #PMX1


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Kitchen Package

$1899 EXCL GST Ceramic Hob

Stainless Steel Canopy

• • • •

600mm Timer function Residual heat indicators 2 x 1200w and 2 x 1800w elements • 30 Amp electrical outlet required • Bevelled edges

• 600mm • 3 Speed fan control • Air movement capacity up to 500m3/hour • 5 year warranty #RCAN-6S-500


600mm Stainless Dishwasher • 5 wash programs • 12 standard place settings • WELS compliant

Stainless Oven


• 5 function • Stainless steel • 5 year warranty #OV-2-6S-5

Design your own flat pack kitchen at

Scan here for more details.

ITM CUP SETS NZ RUGBY RECORDS CANTERBURY SET A NEW BENCHMARK WHEN THEY SWEPT ASIDE AUCKLAND IN THE ITM CUP FINAL, BECOMING THE FIRST TEAM EVER TO WIN THE NATIONAL PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIP FIVE TIMES IN A ROW The previous record for successive premiership wins was held by Auckland who won the NPC four times on the trot from 1987 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996. The Canterbury-Auckland clash set a new record for the most points scored by one player in an NPC final. Canterbury full-back Tom Taylor notched up 23 points (two tries, two conversions, three penalties), beating the previous record of 20 points held jointly by Andrew Mehrtens and Daniel Carter. It was also a record performance for coach Tana Umaga and the Counties Manukau Steelers, who took

out the Championship honours. It was Umaga’s first season as Counties Manukau coach and the first time Counties Manukau has been in a final for almost two decades. The surge in South Auckland rugby was cemented with Counties Manukau B winning the Northern Region Championship, and the CMRFU recording the largest growth of the game within New Zealand. The Counties Manukau Steelers ascend to the ITM Cup Premiership in 2013, taking the place of wooden spooners Hawkes Bay.


NEW ZEALAND MADE MAKES A GOOD ECO-OPTION PINK® BATTS® INSULATION HAS BEEN PRODUCED IN NEW ZEALAND SINCE 1961 AND TASMAN INSULATION CURRENTLY MANUFACTURE IN BOTH AUCKLAND AND CHRISTCHURCH PLANTS Unlike products imported from overseas, Pink® Batts® does not create additional impact from shipping. This also means the production draws from New Zealand’s electricity supply, about two-thirds of which is generated from renewable sources: more than most of the countries where the competing product is imported from.

COMMITMENT TO SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS Tasman Insulation has also ensured the product meets many of the highest independently assessed industry standards for health, safety and environmental sustainability.

ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE Independently assessed on: • Waste minimisation: Recycled content, and recycling of process waste • Energy management: effective energy management policies and procedures • Manufacturing process: Not manufactured using blowing agents with a global warming potential (GWP) or ozone-depleting potential (ODP) • Product characteristics: Durability and performance.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY The independent Finnish RTS M1 certification sets standards for Indoor Air Quality, including Volatile Organic Compounds and formaldehyde levels. With this certification Pink® Batts® insulation products have been proven to be safe to install in homes.

BIO-SOLUBLE The glass wool used to manufacture Pink® Batts® insulation is a safe bio-soluble formulation that is not the same as fibreglass or asbestos. In the event any glass wool fibres are inhaled into the lungs they will dissolve in the body fluids and be rapidly cleared from the body. The glass wool is classified under the same category as caffeine, tea and chlorinated drinking water by the International Agency for research on Cancer.

DID YOU KNOW? Over one year a fully insulated home will reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to that emitted by driving from Cape Reinga to Bluff three and half times. Over 50 years, a complete home’s supply of Pink® Batts® insulation will save more than 200 times the CO2 emission than that emitted during its production.


For the last decade Pink® Batts® have been made from up to 80% recycled glass, and from the beginning of 2012 our Auckland plant became one of the first plants in the world to consistenlty make insulation using 83% recycled glass content.

NEW ZEALAND ASTHMA FOUNDATION’S SENSITIVE CHOICE PROGRAMME Certified safe to install in the homes of those suffering from asthma, as well as offering other health benefits.


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QUEENS SERVICE MEDAL FOR ENERGIZER BUNNY IT’S NOT UNUSUAL FOR FOXTON BUILDER RODNEY CALDOW TO START WORK AT 4AM, AND HIS DAILY “TO DO” LIST USUALLY STRETCHES WAY INTO THE NIGHT, EMERGENCIES NOTWITHSTANDING KARMA IN BUSINESS Another friend recalls an incident when Rodney’s decisive actions were especially reassuring. “I had an accident, got caught up in a forage harvesting machine. My leg was bent around back to front, broken in nine places, and I had tines through my leg, and it wasn’t flash. “All of a sudden, I heard Rodney yelling at people telling him what he wanted done, and I just knew then that everything was going to be fine. And it was.”

Rodney runs one of the largest building companies in the Foxton Horowhenua region, is president of Manawatu Certified Builders, a volunteer fire fighter for 36 years, a volunteer with Coastguard for 28 years. And if that’s not enough, he’s always one of the first people to step up when someone needs a hand, say his mates (he was instrumental in helping organise re-building in Samoa after the Tsunami). “He’s just like the Energizer Bunny,” says one friend. “He just goes and goes and goes…” 100% FULL ON “Yeah, I suppose I am hyperactive,” says Rodney “but I’m just doing my bit, you know, for my fellow people. You do it because you can.” Rodney was awarded the Queens Service Medal in the New Year honours for his services to the NZ Fire Service, but people in the community say there are many other reasons why he deserves the award. Fred McBrydie from ITM Foxton says his many achievements are due to his dedication. “He’s just so full on 100% dedicated. He’s dedicated to his business. He’s dedicated to the Coast Guard, to the fire brigade; he’s dedicated to everything he gets involved in. “Plus he’s straight up front, no beating round the bush, so you know exactly where you stand.”

RODNEY IS A GREAT BELIEVER IN KARMA “Good people do good things for good people, and what goes around comes around. Karma is a great thing. It’s definitely part of our business success.” And the business is very successful. A recent article in a local Manawatu newspaper included the caption: If people think there’s a slowdown in business, they obviously haven’t been to Caldow’s Builders Yard. “Yes, we’re really busy,” says Rodney. “We have 13 staff and everyone’s just flying out in the mornings, we’re going flat tack.” LOOK IN THE MIRROR Rodney believes success is due to attitude. “I did a business course because I had to change from being a bloody good carpenter to being a bloody good business manager. And I always remember what the business coach said to us: If you want to identify the biggest problem in your business, look in the mirror. And how does it feel being awarded the QSM? “Everyone in the family was stoked. They all came down to Government House for the award, along with some of my good mates. And yeah, we had a few beers afterwards. “I’ve got really good family support and fantastic staff. It’s bloody easy to look good when you have a whole bunch of really good people behind you.”


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IT SEEMS CRAZY THAT WE’RE CURRENTLY FILMING FOR SERIES TEN OF THE ITM FISHING SHOW, I STILL FEEL LIKE WE’RE LEARNING HOW TO MAKE A TV SHOW Once again we’ve come up with a couple of new filming techniques, one underwater and one in the air – all I will say for now is that you’re going to see some entirely new angles on fishing next series. On the content side of things we’ve got some great stuff in the can, on the last shoot I believe we got the best footage we have ever shot – think 500kg of Bluefin Tuna getting airborne as it smashes a bait only a few metres from the boat – all shot from the air above the action, from the boat, a head cam, underwater cams and on a super high speed camera that gives crystal clear slow motion, it’s enough to make a guy…well, lets just say I’ve seen a few fish and this action gets me pumped. HAVE YOUR SAY I can ask ten fans of The ITM Fishing Show what they want to see, and I can get ten different answers. So we’ve put together a viewers survey to give everyone the chance to have their say on what they want more of, less of, and tell us the sorts of things they’d like to see us film. ITM FISHING COMPETITION We’ve got some exciting up-coming shoots, including one with a bunch of All Blacks (very





exciting for a rugby head like myself). And we’ve got our ITM Fishing Comp in Whitianga this summer. I’m hoping to see all the regulars there again and hopefully some new faces. So get in touch with your local ITM store if you fancy fishing with us in Whitianga. But aside from that we’ve deliberately left this summer wide open to film what our fans want us to film - so tell us by completing the survey. It only takes a minute and you’ll find a link at And while you’re waiting for the new series to come through, you can watch our classic episode replays at 5:30pm, TV3 on Sundays, or our summer series episodes on Sky Sport. Till next time Keep ‘em tight

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Ear Muffs - Class 5

Safety Specs - Go Specs IITM

• Maximum comfort • Low headband force • Soft wide head cushions • Steel headband tolerates temperature extremes without losing force

• • • • •



Protection in windy and dusty environments Strap and side arms included Ballistic impact resistant moulded lens SuperCoat™ anti-fog coating Digital camo frame

#GG-45GCAM - Grey #GG-45CCAM - Clear



Blue Eagle Safety Specs SM-3100

$29.95 EXCL GST

$18.90 EXCL GST

Vehicle First Aid Kit

Ecoviz Polo - Hi Viz

• The perfect kit for all vehicles • Compact and easy to refill • Kit includes plasters, bandages, gauze pads, burn cream, towelettes, tape, gloves

• Coolguard moisture management treatment • Colours: Orange or Yellow • Sizes: small to 6XL • Standards: AS/NZ 4602.1906 day use only



$34.95 EXCL GST

$19.99 EXCL GST


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