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building business Registered Master Builders 2013 House of the Year Nelson Marlborough West Coast Region Category Winner and Gold Award, ITM Renovation Award $250,000 - $500,000 Scott Construction Ltd for a Nelson home Also winner of the Supreme Award and Nelson Marlborough West Coast Registered Master Builders 2013 Renovation of the Year.





A builders survival guide for the future

structural flooring systems from NZ WOOd products

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WEathertight remediation

LEAKY BUILDINGS Back to basics.

Series of Articles on Weathertight Remediation: Article EIGHT of Nine

Written by Harry Dillon

Our industry has borrowed from leaky building veterans Canada and adopted the 4 “D”s first principles of design. THE 4 D’S OF DESIGN These principles can be applied to all types of building projects but have particular relevance to an already failed building. The first of these is deflection. A house with eaves, for example, can create a weather shelter to areas of the cladding. If less of the cladding is being exposed to moisture there will be less of the building with potential to let moisture in. This is also supported by the analysis carried out on WHRS assessment reports which shows that houses with no eaves feature at a disproportionately higher percentage than they appear in the overall building stock. Two of the other “D”s, drainage and drying, are equally

fundamental. A majority of the costly damage to a “Leaker” is from trapped moisture where any moisture that has breached the cladding can’t escape, and insufficient ventilating air is present to permit drying. The last of the “D”s is arguably the most important: durability. Making durability a primary concern when designing and constructing a building will often dictate the use of the other basic principles. We have many standard detailing solutions, including in E2/AS1, which if used is enough to demonstrate design compliance in certain situations. Is using these ALWAYS the best way to enhance durability of a building in all situations or is there sometimes a better way? In many cases it may not make a material difference to the overall cost.

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As positive pressure travels to negative pressure what does that mean for building wrap at external wall corners or wall to roof junctions? Should we be choking them to avoid moisture driven air being potentially sucked through the corners of a cavity system, under parapets tops or into roof spaces via barges? Similarly, air seals around windows effectively choke the high pressure outside with possibly moist air being sucked through to the low pressure interior. CLADDING CAVITIES Properly installed cladding cavities are excellent at assisting with all of the 4 “D”s, as well as providing redundancy in the system and simplifying detailing solutions. With the 2011 changes to E2/AS1 there are now very few situations where an Acceptable Solution design will not require a cavity. The “Dry” side of a cavity is the framing side of a cavity with the “Wet” side being directly behind the cladding. Ideally all moisture should be kept to the outside of a cladding system, however if a design detail does not make this possible then moisture should be contained on the “Wet” side.

a change to the specifications. In serious cases it may even be advisable to flag and document your concerns to the home owner and Consenting Authority. By doing so it may assist in showing you have done your best to fulfil your obligations in case the detail fails later on.

WEathertight remediation

AIR PRESSURE Differential air pressures and their effect on a building can really affect the durability of a building. High air pressure always wants to go to lower pressure, as does positive pressure to negative. Positive pressure on a building (e.g. wind pushing on an elevation) will create negative pressure (uplift) on both sides of 25 degree pitch roof. Similarly on the other three elevations of the building air is effectively sucked off the building, negative pressure.

The author: Harry Dillon has been involved with the repair of more than 300 homes as a builder over the last ten years. This article represents Harry’s views which may not necessarily be same as the Ministries.


Our final article in the series will summarise our past articles and look at areas for further information.

If moisture is allowed to easily and regularly get to the “Dry” side where the structural framing is, it potentially compromises durability. BRANZ research has found that the size of the vents in a wall cavity is the single biggest factor in the systems drying rates. If building wrap is baggy (especially if pushed out by insulation) or the cavity batten installation hinders the airflow how does that affect the drying capabilities of the cladding system?

w up areas for Suggested follo n more informatio Housing website: o Building and z/ws-info-forwww.dbh.govt.n nals building-professio and Housing o The Building publications: ediation Design • Guide to Rem Diagnosis of • Guide to the Leaky Buildings Timber in Leaky • Dealing with Buildings Issue 1: • Code Watch October 2011

Changes to the original design of a building such as a different cladding type, installation of eaves or a pitched roof could also be considered by a client for better adherence to the 4 “D”s, resale value or just aesthetic reasons. DO YOU SEE A BETTER WAY? In consideration of all of this, as builders we need to ask the question, is there a better way of achieving a durable weathertight building? If you believe the specified detail may fail or could be improved, talk to the designer and request


ITM are proud to sponsor the Registered Master Builders 2013 House of the Year. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.


PRODUCT knowledge

ceiling the deal To save time and achieve a better quality finish choose GIB® products and systems for your next ceiling project. A superior finish with 13mm GIB® plasterboard • Easily installed at 600mm • Use less battens, screws and glue compared to fixing battens at 450mm centres • Save up to 3 hours labour on the average job • Helps achieve a better quality, flatter finish A straighter ceiling with GIB® Rondo® Metal Ceiling Battens • Holds no moisture so will not bend, twist or warp • Minimises the chance of cracking, popping and peaking • Less movement and fewer problems • Simple systems available, no matter what the design or situation Note: Given the wet humid conditions prevalent across many parts of New Zealand ceiling sag can be amplified. To meet the high expectations of the New Zealand market, Winstone Wallboards ceiling recommendation is 10mm plasterboard at 450mm batten spacing and 13mm plasterboard at 600mm batten spacing.

For more information about ceiling installation, contact the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442 or visit Our experienced technical team can provide you with all the support you need to complete your project.

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• For general concrete projects not requiring fast setting times • Recommended uses: steps, slabs, footings, pathways, driveways, deck posts, signage, mowing strips, garden edging, fence posts

• For general concrete projects requiring very fast setting times with low structural requirements • Sets within 15 minutes

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Masonry Mortar Mix

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• Mortar designed for the trade • For all block and brick mortar projects • No additives required • Contains carefully graded and processed sand fractions

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Tough like us. Tough like us. Tough l Made for New Zealand. The weatherboard that Made for New Zealand. weathers well. The weatherboard that weathers well.

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Advanced Material Advanced Material Made from an advanced lightweight cement composite with

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Scyon® Linea Weatherboard

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weatherboard with deep lines. Pre-primed easyToto Technical Fire shadowRot Damage and Easy Cut Supportinstall, Scyon® Linea®Resistant Resistant Resistant Weatherboard is the weatherboard that Technical Fire Rot Damage Easy To Cut weathers well. Support Resistant Resistant Resistant

The designer says The designer Advanced Certified Made In Nz Material Tested says The 16mm thick profile creates &consistent


deep shadows. The 3 widths available and the The 16mm thickfinishing profile creates range of corner provideconsistent design deep shadows. Thedifferent 3 widthslooks. available and the flexibility to achieve James range of corner finishing provide design Hardie provides me with a great online flexibility different via looks. James technicalto & achieve design resource Hardie me with a great online It gives provides me the confidence to design with the technical & design resource via range of Scyon products. It gives me the confidence to design with the range of Scyon products.

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Made from an advanc duty performanc to damage from fire, m Gun-Nailable gun-nailable. heavy Gun-Nailable

The builder says The 4.2m long boards TechnicalThe builder Fire are bevel Rot Support says back to sit flush with Resistant the stud. TheResistant The 4.2m long boards are bevel enhanced durability and stability back toless sit flush with the stud.time The means callbacks, saving enhanced durability and & money. The product is stability backed means callbacks, saving by greatless customer service & time & money. support The product is backed technical to ensure I by great customer service & It is complete the project on time. technical to ensure a productsupport that I trust to buildI with. The 16mm complete thick profile thecreates projectconsistent on time. It is deep shadows. The 3that widths available the a product I trust to buildand with. range of corner finishing provide design TM flexibility to achieve different looks. James Hardie provides me with a great online technical & design resource via It gives me the confidence to design with the range of Scyon products.

The designer says

Ask James Hardie Call 0800 808 868 1

When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie technical literature current at the time of installation



125mm Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

130mm ‘Godzilla’ Sabre Saw

• • • •

• 1050 watts • Aggressive ‘Swing’ Action cutting mode • Variable speed on dial and trigger, allows superior control • Tool-less blade change • Carry Case

Ergonomic design High powered, heat resistant, 730 watt motor Strong alloy gearbox Carry case





18V Heavy Duty Li-ion Driver Drill

185mm Circular Saw

• 13mm keyless chuck 22-stage adjustable clutch • 2-speed gearbox plus variable speed • Supplied with 2x 1.5Ah Li-ion batteries, charger and carry case

• 1800 watts • Carry case included • Die-cast magnesium base • Twin, built in LED lights and blower function • Increased bevel capacity of 56°





125mm Random Orbit Sander

Bluemak TCT Blade

• Powerful 300 watt motor • High durability • Rubber switch cover prevents ingress of dust • Base dust system • Dust bag included

• 185mm 24 Teeth • BlueMak coating resists “pitch” build up, eliminates corrosion and prevents friction. • High grade Tungsten • Thin kerf for less waste and reduced feed pressure



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Impulse FrameMaster-LiTM Framing Nailer

2000W Digital Inverter Generator

• Lithium-Ion battery technology • Up to 6,000 nails per charge • Charge in 1 hour • Battery on/off position • Five depth of drive settings #B20543



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FAll prevention made easy Humpty’s Fallbreaker system is designed to prevent injuries from falls from heights. It is dramatically improving safety on building sites throughout New Zealand. The “Humpty” is a high density polyethylene sheeting manufactured to the shape of the house plan with an overlap around the perimeter. This membrane is nailed on top of the external frames and beneath the truss packer. Once assembled, a downpipe dropper is then installed in each large room to act as a drainage point – a blue water sock can then be attached to completely take the water off site, keeping the build area dry.

When the roof is on and fall prevention is no longer required, Humpty’s Falbreaker is simply removed by cutting out around the inside perimeter of the building. Engineer’s testing shows this fabric will withstand 165kg falling on to it from 1.5 metres. Independent testing has shown it will take a fall from up to 5 metres. The building framing is damaged from the impact but the fabric remains intact. Humpty’s Fallbreaker has been manufactured and certified by engineers to meet New Zealand and Australian building regulations ASNZ 4389.

When compared to other products being used to improve safety when working from heights, Humpty’s Fallbreaker has many advantages: 1. Safety is ensured over the entire building platform. Other options such as giant beanbags cover certain rooms but then have to be moved. They also don’t fit in small areas. 2. If working at ceiling height, falls from a missed footing are prevented completely 3. There is no tripping hazard – rope nets and wire netting can cause spills. 4. There is no safety impediment on the ground – people have difficulty walking around inside construction sites filled with bean bags – creating another safety issue 5. A soft landing – a plastic membrane which “gives” is much safer to land on than chicken wire or large wire mesh which has caused serious injuries 6. The fabric has also met engineering requirements to be re-used as a waterproof membrane under the concrete slab of the next house the builder is working on – thus there are no waste issues. It is also recyclable by plastic recyclers. 7. Greatly decreases the danger to builders working at ground level from the risk of something being dropped from height. 8. Keeps frames dry. No lost days due to wet timber framing.

Humptys Fallbreaker is available at your local ITM store, just ask your sales rep for details or give him your plans for an estimate and lead time. For further information, please visit or email or call (0275) 743 394.



THRILLING FINISH TO “LOG OF PLYWOOD” CLASH Players and ITAB apprentices compete at the ITM Cup launch to build an ITM Cup VIP throne in the shortest possible time.

Hawke’s Bay may be deeply disappointed by losing the Ranfurly Shield to Counties Manukau after holding it for just six days, but they can take great pride in the fact that the prestigious ITM “Log of Plywood” is secure in their trophy cabinet after one of the most thrilling clashes of the season.

Cameron Kanaris on Jeremy Thrush (Wellington) “We actually came first but Hawke’s Bay won on a technicality. The judges were too busy looking the other way so they didn’t see us finish. Jeremy’s a top bloke and he knew how to use a drill. He already had the screws in his mouth before the start whistle went.” Rating on the tools: 7+ Biggest highlight: “Just meeting all the sportspeople was a highlight for me. They’re the sorts of people I like to look up to. I love watching the rugby but I’m too fragile to play it.”

Held at the Unitec Building Apprenticeship Stadium in Auckland, the match-up saw 14 of the country’s top building apprentices teamed up with captains from the 14 NPC rugby teams. The apprentices were in charge of strategy, while the actual assembly of the thrones had to be carried out solely by the rugby players using only a drill. Hawke’s Bay skipper Mike Coman and ITAB apprentice Clark Wondergem claimed the iconic trophy, beating the Wellington Lions combination of Jeremy Thrush and apprentice Cameron Kanaris by 3.5 seconds. But it was a close call and the final decision was based on a video replay (see it at So how did the apprentices rate the building skills of the rugby players? Here are some examples: What is ITaB? ITAB is the Industry Training Association of Building. It is a training association set up by a number of large construction companies, Certified Builders Association of NZ and franchised Polytechnics. One of the main goals of ITAB is to maintain and improve building industry training standards.


Bradley Erceg on Nathan Harris (Bay of Plenty) “He was a great bloke, he even gave me his Leatherman. Each of us got a small bag of goodies from ITM and he had a Leatherman in his and he just gave it me. I was rapt. He was a bit rough with his drilling skills but we got it done.” Rating on the tools 6 – 7 Biggest highlight: “The whole thing was great humour. It was hilarious telling a rugby captain what to do when he’s when he’s usually the one giving out the orders.”

Biggest highlight; “Putting our throne together and finishing was the highlight for me. It was a bit of shock seeing all of the media there… I found that pretty cool.”


Shaun Maddren on Robbie Malneek (Tasman) “He’s a good dude, real down to earth, a bit shy at first. I’m quite a loud mouth so we had a good laugh in the end. He hadn’t had much experience with a drill, but we went through it so many times before hand so he couldn’t really screw up. We were 3rd, but I’d like to see the footage” Rating on the tools: 7

Sonny Anwar on Hadleigh Parkes (Auckland) “He was a very nice guy, we got on great. He could do with a bit more practice on the drill, but in terms of speed, he was fine. It was a bit nerve racking at first but heaps of fun.” Rating on the tools: 6+ Biggest highlight: “When I met him, we cracked a few jokes before it all started and we both said to each other, yeah this’ll be great, and it was.” Watch the throne-building chaos at

Outdoor living, 5 2 without the glare


FREE fixings (50 unit jars) of Suntuf Standard Galvanised Roof Screws with every Suntuf Diffused OrderEqual to sheets purchased, as recommended on jar label.

New Suntuf Diffused from PSP Building Brands

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a builders survival guide for the future A regular column by Geoff HArdy aN AUCKLAND Commercial Lawyer

The building industry has gone through a considerable number of changes that affect your profession. Here are a few suggestions on how to stay on top and be protected in this increasingly accountable environment. Over the past 10 years, a lot has happened in the building industry. Just think of the leaky building crisis, the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service, Hartner Construction, the Construction Contracts Act, the 2004 Building Act, the review of the Building Code, the BIA becoming the DBH and then disappearing into the MBIE, builder licensing, the Building Practitioners Board, BCA accreditation, the demise and revival of apprenticeships, changes to building consent

Builders now have to do a lot more paperwork and have to manage a lot more risk than they had to in the past.

exemptions, the Global Financial Crisis and the slump in building, the Christchurch earthquakes and the rebuild, earthquake strengthening, Mainzeal, risk-based consenting, increased consumer rights and remedies, and housing affordability.


Many builders have had to defend leaky building claims, and I think these claims will become a permanent feature of the landscape. So will disputes over alleged defects, delays, and budget overruns. There is now a bewildering array of laws a homeowner can rely on, and an overabundance of dispute-resolution options. People are becoming more stressed, more emotional, less tolerant, and less honest. If something goes wrong, they are more inclined to hold back the money, and/or to look for someone to hold accountable. MORE ADMINISTRATION, FASTER CHANGE Builders now have to do a lot more paperwork and have to manage a lot more risk than they had to in the past. A licensed builder has to submit documents at the beginning and end of a residential project and must earn CPD points to maintain his licence. A residential builder will shortly have to hand over disclosure statements and checklists to potential clients, use written building contracts, and rectify defects without question for 12 months. Banks are increasingly insisting on third party guarantees covering potential default by the builder, and builders are increasingly turning to liability insurance. OSH is becoming more intrusive.

As consenting, procurement of materials, and communication with clients and their advisers is increasingly done on-line, it will be essential to master computer technology and the internet. We will see more environmentally-friendly, energyefficient buildings. There will be new technologies, more off-site prefabrication, more mass production and kitset homes, and more terraced houses and high-rise apartments. HOW TO STAY ON TOP All that change is as daunting as it is exciting. To prosper in this brave new world, builders will need to lift their game and become more sophisticated. Here are just a few suggestions on how to do that: 1. If you are not part of a large corporate building company, a group home company or a franchise, then you need to join a trade association such as Certified Builders or Master Builders. It will be too hard to go it alone. They help you get licensed, they keep you up to date with the latest developments, they educate you and answer your questions, they provide you with state-of-the-art building contracts, house plans, payment claims, variation forms, licensing documents, websites, insurance products and guarantees, and they build a powerful brand that you can use to your advantage.

To prosper in this brave new world, builders will need to lift their game and become more sophisticated.

2. Disputes with customers are becoming more frequent. Adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act is the best solution, but it will still cost you. You are at your client’s mercy when you have done the building work but they are still controlling the money. So your most powerful protection by far, is to get payment up front, sufficient to cover the final invoice. 3. Your second most powerful protection is to use a sophisticated building contract. The one you inherited from your dad or your mate, or the one you patched together yourself, or the terms of trade you got from your debt collector, is no better than a raffle ticket.

4. Be very wary of giving estimates on charge-up jobs, because you may be held to them, even if you have a cost reimbursement contract. At the very least you must qualify your estimate with some very careful disclaimers, in writing.


Building consents will shortly be divided into four different categories, with less Council involvement and greater reliance on builders and consultants.

5. Leaky home remediation is more risky than normal building work, because if the leaks re-emerge within 10 years, whoever owns the building at the time will inevitably sue everyone responsible. So if you do this work, only do the quality jobs. Never do the non-consented patchup jobs for an owner who is just going to give a hospital pass to an unsuspecting purchaser. 6. Builders have traditionally taken out contract works and public liability insurance. Neither of these protect you against liability for defects in workmanship or materials. Liability insurance is starting to appear on the market, so look into it.

Gather competent tradesmen around you, and delegate the building work to them.

7. Get used to the fact that you are going to spend less time on the tools and more time on the computer. Gather competent tradesmen around you, and delegate the building work to them. The more time you have to bring in the customers, price the jobs, administer the contracts, procure the materials, train the staff and supervise the subcontractors, arrange the inspections, pay the bills, chase up the late payments, placate the disgruntled clients, and do the paperwork, the more profitable you will be. 8. Finally, prepare for the worst. Carry on business through a limited liability company, but be aware that that won’t save you from personal liability if you work on site. The only reliable protection is to get your lawyer to set up a trust for you, and put all your valuable assets in it. Do it early, before the creditors are breathing down your neck, and have your lawyer or accountant administer the trust for you so it isn’t a sham.

Geoff Hardy has 37 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer and is the senior lawyer in the Auckland firm “Madison Hardy”. He guarantees personal attention to new clients at competitive rates. His phone number is (09) 379 0700, fax (09) 379 0504, and e-mail This article is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.




HYNE BEAM 17C • The heavy weight solution • Used for main weight bearing beams including lintels, bearers and ridge beams • Stiffer than other laminated beams of similar dimensions • Manufactured from Australian slash pine


Fast and easy to install Light weight Long lengths up to 12m Ability to cut large holes in the web which provide for ducting, plumbing and cabling

RIMBOARD HYNE EDGE BEAM / HYNE LGL • Laminated timber beam • Ideal as a trimmer or lintel

for more info visit: 12

• LVL, LGL and plywood perimeter / boundary board • Available in 21mm, 35mm and 45mm thickness • A dimensionally stable perimeter board that will carry the load evenly

Why include IBuilt™ in your next project? have been specially designed to make it easier and faster to install while also giving

after sales service from the expert IBuilt team.

PRYDA HARDWARE • Full range of Pryda Hangers, nails and screws are provided to match the I-Built range

STRANDFLOOR • A cost effect solution • Convenient 3600 x 800 panel • Tongue and grooved, 20mm thick

J-PLY PREMIUM PLYWOOD • The strong stiff premium plywood solution • Strength and durability of plywood • Manufactured in NZ to ASNZS2269:2004 • Available in 2.4, 2.7 and 3m lengths • F8, F11 and F14 structural rating

SERVICES LAMINATED VENEER LUMBER (LVL) • Applications include: bearers, lintels, joists, rafters and rimboard • Range of thicknesses– 35mm, 45mm, 63mm and 90mm (capability to provide up to 120mm) • Range of engineered strength – MOE of 5.5, 9.0, 10.7, 13 and 15 MPa

Large diameter holes can be accommodated through the I-Beam web providing versatility and ease of installation for plumbing, ducting and electrical wiring.



public liability insurance: What you’re not covered for Article three of three

In part three, the final in our exclusions series, we explain in plain language the last of the most important exclusions for builders and tradespeople to be aware of. Public liability insurance is one of the most important policies that a tradesman should have. It is intended to protect you from the cost of damaging other people’s property or causing them injury (in some cases). Like any insurance policy, there are exclusions to make clear the things that are not intended to be covered by the policy. Defective/Faulty Workmanship Some polices won’t cover the cost of fixing any workmanship that causes damage. Others exclude cover for faulty workmanship only if it results in water penetration of the building envelope (see the explanation of the “Building Defects” exclusion in last month’s article). “Downstream” damage that occurs as a result of faulty workmanship may still be covered however. Specialist insurers, such as Builtin, allow you to purchase an extension to cover your liability from faulty workmanship. The issue of faulty workmanship is one of the trickiest areas of liability for builders and specialist tradespeople. We recommend that you understand how your policy covers you for faulty workmanship and switch to a policy with a more “builder friendly” wording and options. Liability You’ve Contracted Into The policy is not intended to pay for things that you promised to do in a contract but then failed to do, that’s your problem. So unless you would be held liable for it under the law anyway, any liability you contract into is excluded from cover. Loss of Use The policy won’t cover you if a client can’t get into their house (or use any other property) because of a delay or product failure that you’re responsible for. They may hold you liable for extra rental, hotel and travel costs for example, but these can’t be claimed on your policy. Defamation You are not covered if someone takes you to court because you said or published things about them that were untrue and damaged their reputation. Can be included in cover as an option.


Property In Your Care Claims related to any property that is in your physical care or that you have hired may be excluded or subject to a lower limit and higher excess. That’s the last in our exclusion series. In our next article we’ll cover other important aspects of your liability policy, including what insurers generally define as “damage”, what is an “event” and what “consequential loss” or “resultant damage” means. This article is intended to clarify some of the exclusions contained within most general/public liability policies available from major insurers in New Zealand. Some exclusions can be removed by purchasing an extension to your policy, so it’s important that you check what your own policy does and doesn’t cover. The specific wording from different insurers will vary and you should seek the advice of a professional if necessary. This article is not comprehensive and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Insurers will interpret and apply their own policy wording depending on the specific circumstances of each individual claim.

Builtin New Zealand is a specialist in construction liability insurance, with policies tailored to meet the needs of builders and tradespeople. For more information visit or email Ben Rickard at or call him on (07) 579 6259 or 0275 212 014.

Applying these practical hints to your next concrete job, could make a big difference in the quality of the finished product. 1. Use Only the Best Materials • Fresh Golden Bay Cement ensure bags are stored in a dry place. • Quality Builders’ Mix - ensure stones and sand are free from clay, silt, soil or other foreign matter. • Fresh water - fit for drinking. 2. Mixing • Measure quantities accurately. • Use as little water as possible to obtain a workable mix - excess water weakens the concrete and makes it less durable. A small increase in added water increases the water/ cement ratio and reduces 28 day strength.

• Be safe - use an isolated transformer or residual current device (RCD) with electric mixers.

include flooding with water, covering with wet hessian or polythene or the use of a curing membrane. • Avoid using paths for 3-4 days and driveways for 10-14 days, longer in winter.

3. Placing and Finishing • Compact the mixed concrete thoroughly by tamping or vibrating. • Screed off evenly. • Finish with a wooden or steel float as soon as the water sheen has disappeared from the surface. 4. Curing • Curing is a process designed to allow satisfactory hydration of the cement. • Cure thoroughly and as soon as practical, for at least a week. Methods




Builders’ Mix

Footpaths, mowing strips etc

1 part

6 parts



1 part

5 parts


Fence posts bedding, clotheslines etc

1 part

8 parts

Foundations, walls etc

1 part

5 parts

Masonry Mortar, wall plaster

1 part

3 parts sand




Builders’ Mix

/4 part

6 bags


/3 part

7 1/2 bags


1 part

5 bags


/4 part

8 bags


To suit

10 bags

1.20m3 sand


The Golden Bay Cement range of products are tailored to New Zealand conditions and all of their products meet the environmental standards and obligations under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. Golden Bay Cement products are available in multi-walled paper sacks from your local store.


Issues year



Reading this will contribute to your LBP skills maintenance requirEMENTS Its quick and easy to subscribe online



ITM supporting builders through the ITM LPB Programme

15 15

PRODUCT knowledge

concrete making tips




r u o f f one o BQs iB


Purchase any BOSTIK product from any ITM Building Centre between 1 October - 10 November 2013 to go into the draw! Simply complete an entry form and drop it into the entry box by 10 November 2013. Enter the draw † as many times as you wish, provided that each entry contains a unique invoice number from an eligible Bostik purchase at any ITM Building Centre. FOR FULL DETAILS AND TERMS & CONDITIONS PLEASE SEE ENTRY FORM IN-STORE. †


Draw date will be 25 November 2013


Wallboard Gold Original

Gold Ultra

• Flexible, high strength, gap-filling wallboard adhesive • Suitable for LOSP treated timber • Suitable for timber and metal frames • Non drip, non slump • Interior and exterior applications

• Flexible, high strength, construction adhesive • Suitable for timber and metal frames • Non drip, non slump • Non toxic, low odour, low VOC, solvent free • Safe for polystyrene and other solvent-sensitive substrates

#30804108 - 375ml



#30804346 - 600ml



#30804056 - 375ml


#30804054 - 600ml


Maxbond™ PVA Wood Glue

Maxbond™ Construction Adhesive

• Ideal for joinery, craftwork and cabinet making • Cross linking formulation for a stronger bond • Water and heat resistant • Sandable and paintable

• Multi-purpose panel and construction adhesive • Interior/exterior use • Fast initial grab, high bond strength #602932401 - 375ml

#6025650099 - 1 Litre



Sturdibond™ Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive • Heavy duty construction adhesive • Bonds damp, poorly seasoned or treated timber • Water resistant, reduces squeaks #6029394179 - 375ml


Sika BlackSeal® Plus • Liquid applied bitumen waterproofing membrane • Waterproofing basements and retaining walls • Easy to apply, covers approx 2m2/ litre/coat #291894 - 4lt


$3499 EXCL GST

Gorilla® Pro Gaps Gap Filler

Gorilla® Nailpower® Pro Expanding Foam

• High solids flexible gap & crack filler • Formulated for interior & exterior use • Touch dry in 20 minutes • Can be painted and sanded

• Gun foam with unique Click n Fix adaptor • Stops air, sound and heat transmission • Ideal for installing windows and door frames #20088 - 750ml

#01403 - 310ml



$1799 EXCL GST


The only flat pack kitchen range with design flexibility.

You choose the FLEXI-WIDTHS for key cabinets


Creating a modern designer kitchen for your next project is easy with Uno Kitchens.


immaginé immaginé




Ultra-gloss door range

Why Choose UNO? Flexible You choose the flexi-width for key cabinets Easy All in a box - cabinet, doors, handles, hardware and instructions







Popular The best kitchen colours in New Zealand - now expanded to 12 popular core colour options and 4 new woodgrains. Want a colour outside the range? Just ask in-store. Quality Moisture resistant New Zealand made board Modern Co-ordinated European design Quick Made to order - dispatched quickly



5 Ye a r



PLUS these key features • Soft close hinges on doors • 128mm slim bow handles included • Cutlery trays included in 4-drawer cabinets • Solid durable 16mm back construction



Quality kitchens designed for the trade


c t u ri n g

Ask at your ITM store for your step-by-step planning guide or go to




why is hazard management important for Me? There are number of key reasons why you should manage hazards on your site. 1. You want to go home unharmed at the end of every day In the last year, HazardCo clients have reported 474 accidents. Of these, 101 were serious harm accidents resulting in injuries that put individuals out of work for weeks. Of the 31 falls from height, 1 resulted in death, 5 in spinal injuries and the rest in numerous broken bones and internal injuries. As you can imagine, this is traumatic and stressful for the individuals, families, workmates and employers of those involved.

What is Hazard Management? Below is a summarised overview of the four steps of hazard management:

2. You are a professional Hazard management is a necessary step to ensure everyone is working safely on site and that no one visiting the site will be at risk of being harmed. As a professional, you pride yourself in doing a good job - hazard management is part of that. Instead of assuming that you won’t have an accident; ensure that you don’t by having active health and safety management in place.

3. Controlling a Hazard Controlling significant hazards is a legal requirement and you must always eliminate them if you can. As we know, elimination isn’t always practical, so often the best option is to isolate the hazard. If you can’t isolate the hazard, then you must minimise the risk of harm occurring through measures such as good procedures, training, wearing PPE etc.

3. Accidents are costly! Injured employees off work on ACC, being investigated by MBIE, or having to appear in court as the result of a serious harm accident are all bad for business and bad for the unfortunate people involved.

1. Identifying the Hazard Prior to starting any work, a hazard ID should be completed for the work site to identify any significant hazards. 2. Assessing the Hazard To assess a hazard you need to decide that if nothing is done could it cause injury or serious harm either now or in the future.

4. Monitoring the Hazard After you have put in place the appropriate hazard controls, it is important that you regularly check they are working.

Available from your local ITM store. Purchase a site pack today!

Hazard management needs to be done in a systematic and regular way. The HazardCo system gives you the resources to manage and control hazards on your work site. For further information or assistance on hazard management or health and safety in general please contact HazardCo. Phone: 0800 555339 Email: Web:


PRODUCT knowledge

Seismic SE Steel & Tube’s new generation Seismic SE Grade 500E Ductile Reinforcing Meshes are made to fully comply with AS/NZS 4671:2001. The Seismic SE range has been developed using Pacific Steel micro alloy steel to ensure a fully compliant, New Zealand product.

As at June 2012

Guaranteed Fully Compliant

Seismic SE lap 225mm 200mm

Being a fully New Zealand product, quality traceability and rigorous manufacturing controls are maintained and monitored ensuring every sheet conforms to the new building code. Test certification is available on each and every tagged sheet of Seismic SE – guaranteed. Given that Seismic SE range of meshes comply fully with all dimensional requirements of the AS/NZS4671:2001, Seismic SE is efficient, making them one of the most cost effective meshes currently available to meet the new standard.


Seismic SE diameter and spacing Diameter: SE62 6.1mm SE62res 6.1mm SE72 7.0mm SE82 8.0mm SE92 9.0mm


You can rely on: Cost Effective Seismic Mesh Fully AS/NZS4671:2001 Compliant Ductility Class: E (Earthquake/Seismic) New Zealand Micro Alloy Steel Grade 500E New Zealand made Independently Tested & Certified

Superseded Hard Drawn Wire Meshes Seismic SE 62 Seismic SE 72 Seismic SE 82 Seismic SE 92

665 / 147 / 510ML 663 / 212 662 / 264 661 / 295

Product Specifications Seismic SE

Wire Size


Cross Sectional Area

Yield Stress (≥ 500Mpa)

Minimum Weld Shear



2.294 kg/m 2

146 mm 2/m width

73 kN/m width

745 kg force



2.294 kg/m


146 mm /m width

73 kN/m width

745 kg force



0.299kg/m 2

146 mm 2/m width

73 kN/m width

743 kg force



3.020 kg/m 2

192 mm 2/m width

96 kN/m width

982 kg force



3.946 kg/m


251 mm /m width

125 kN/m width

1282 kg force



4.994 kg/m 2

318 mm 2/m width

159 kN/m width

1623 kg force




Standard sheet size is 2440mm x 6100mm (12.76m2 effective cover) with SE62res sheet size being 2440mm x 4900mm (10.12 m2 effective cover). Minimum uniform elongation = 10%. Ratio Ultimate/Yield = ≥ 1.15.


Talk to your local ITM store about your reinforcing requirements or call Steel & Tube on 0800 800 9473

Buy a pack of seismic mesh and receive two bags of bar chairs FREE. Offer available until end of October 2013


TIME TO ENGAGE Right now the management of the fishery hangs in the balance and we need to be more engaged than ever. Normally I’m stretched for time because of production work on The ITM Fishing Show, sponsor commitments, charity work and even a little time crammed in for my family. But right now it’s snapper that’s consumed me, not catching or eating them, but doing my bit to help save them. You’ve probably seen and read a fair bit recently about the proposals to manage snapper in area one, so I won’t use this space to tell you of the importance of snapper to the people of New Zealand – you know this! Besides, the submission period is now closed, but now the management of the fishery hangs in the balance and we need to be more engaged than ever. In some way I’m pleased that cuts to recreational daily bag limits have been proposed and elicited outrage from recreational fisherman, because it’s been a hard road over the last few years convincing people we need to rally together to have some collective clout in fisheries management. Here’s what you can do if you really want to help and the way we are considered and consulted in future fisheries management consultations: Engage with your local MP, these are the people elected to represent you. Let them know plainly, and respectfully, how you feel about what the MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) has proposed to help rebuild the fishery. You may have copied your MP on a submission, but I’ve been told from MP’s that have been inundated with form emails that a call, letter or personal email will carry more weight.

Engage with others. Tell your mates, even if they don’t fish, even if they live in Southland, this affects them too. This is not simply a threat to East Coast snapper fishers, nor an isolated threat to fishers, it is a threat to our Kiwi culture. So spread the word with everyone you know, whether it be at BBQ’s, at school, at sports clubs, church groups, at work – put it in your company newsletter. So while I’m currently bogged down in politics, I’ve been encouraged by the mobilization of anglers. In the last couple of days I’ve felt a change in the tide, in terms of the outcome of this process. But the momentum needs to continue, not just in the following weeks and months, but also for the foreseeable future. I’m not suggesting you give up countless hours to campaign and learn all the complexities with fisheries legislation, just contribute to LegaSea so those that are doing the work can be well resourced. So before you buy your next packet of soft baits, or put gas in your boat, ask yourself ‘would this money be better spent on making sure there are some fish for tomorrow, and that I will have access to them?’... And then stop mucking around and make the contribution that will make a difference! Next time – no politics…maybe some pics of fish, and some fishing tips!? Till then, keep ‘em tight

Matt Get informed. There is plenty of info available on line at, but if like me, you’re not one for reading so much, we’ve made some short videos and posted online for you all to watch and get a feel for the issue.

CATCH IT! 5.30pm Saturday TV3

WHAT’S COMING UP IN OCTOBER? 5th October - Niue Fishing Part 2 (Yahoo for Wahoo) 12th October - Kayak Fishing Far North 19th October - Fishing into the Night 26th October - Matt’s First Kingfish!?



Carpenters Nail Bar • 300mm • Made from high carbon steel #DG300


1200mm Builders Level • 3 x easy-to-read shockproof vials • Shock-absorbing endcaps • Aluminium box profile, epoxy coated

FREE ITM Tape Measure


$2499 EXCL GST

$9499 EXCL GST

Claw Hammer

Stud Sensor

• • • •

20 oz All steel claw hammer Shock reduction grip One piece forged


• Locates edges and centre of studs up to 19 mm deep • DeepScan® doubles depth to 38 mm • WireWarning® indicates live, unshielded wiring up to 51 mm deep #ZN-I65

$5999 EXCL GST

$5999 EXCL GST

1200mm Digital Level

Fubar Demolition Bar

• LCD screen with easy to read measurements • Mode function gives degree/ percent/mm-cm • Memory recall (9 measurements) • Buzzer at 0°, 45° and 90°

• For ripping, cutting, prying and nail pulling • Strikeable surface for cutting or prying materials • Second nail puller to maximise leverage #STHT55134


$14499 EXCL GST

$3999 EXCL GST

30m Fatmax Chalk Reel

Fatmax Retractable Knife

• Includes chalk reel and 4 oz. bottle blue chalk • Water-resistant, highimpact case • Chalk view™ sliding door for quick refills

• Pop-up blade dispenser • Supplied with FatMax® blades • Push-button blade change- no tools needed #10-778


$2199 EXCL GST





tools for the trade

Electresafe Power Centre

Extra Heavy Duty Extension Lead

• Ideal for construction sites • 4 outlet portable power device • Includes RCD safety switch • Built-in mini circuit breaker for overload protection • 10 amps #REPC410

• 30 metres



$5499 EXCL GST


700mm Heavy Duty Toolbox

400mm Heavy Duty Tool Bag

• Water resistant • Structural foam increases structural durability • V-groove with ruler on top holds materials for cutting

• Multiple tool compartments for various tool types • Magnetised external pocket tabs for securing smaller metallic items • Water resistant, polypropylene injected base



$7999 EXCL GST

$7699 EXCL GST


Bay of Islands ITM Haruru 09 402 7703 Dargaville ITM Building Centre 09 439 8730 Far North ITM 09 406 0048 Waipu ITM 09 432 0203 Whangarei ITM 09 437 9420


Albany Timber ITM 09 415 6889 Dayle ITM Avondale 09 828 9791 Dysart Timbers ITM Building Centre Glen Innes 09 521 3609 Hillside ITM Building Centre Glenfield 09 443 8101 MacClures ITM Building Centre Henderson 09 836 0088 Mahia ITM Building Centre Takanini 09 267 0234 Matakana ITM Building Centre 09 422 7525 Smith Timber ITM East Tamaki 09 274 4942 Thomsons ITM Drury 09 294 9410 Tuakau ITM 09 236 8226 Waiuku ITM 09 235 7289 Weck’s ITM Patumahoe 09 236 3684 Western ITM Kumeu 09 412 8148 Western ITM Swanson 09 832 0209 Western ITM Whenuapai 09 416 8164


Acorn ITM Building Centre Riverlea 07 856 6789 Cambridge ITM Building Centre 07 827 0953 Katikati ITM Building Centre 07 549 0689 Matamata Post and Rails ITM 07 888 8189 Opotiki ITM 07 315 5984 Oregon ITM Mount Maunganui 07 575 3126 Oregon ITM Te Puna 07 552 5770 OTC Timber ITM Otorohanga 07 873 8079 Rotoma ITM Building Centre Rotorua 07 347 7023 Taupo ITM Building Centre 07 378 9899 Tauranga ITM 07 541 1232

Thomsons ITM Building Centre Te Rapa 07 849 3674 Thomsons ITM Building Centre Whatawhata 07 829 8518 Timmo’s ITM Building Centre Te Awamutu 07 871 7545 Triangle Timber ITM Building Centre Tokoroa 07 886 6611 Whakatane ITM Building Centre 07 307 0031

Crighton ITM Building Centre Seaview 04 568 3896 Northpac ITM Building Centre Newlands 04 478 5489 Parapine ITM Building Centre Upper Hutt 04 527 6800 Tawa ITM 04 232 5999 Tumu ITM Building Centre Masterton 06 370 6060



Bargain Boards ITM Kopu 07 868 9829 Barrier ITM Building Centre 09 429 0466 Coromandel Timber ITM 07 866 8848 Pauanui ITM 07 864 8579


Central ITM Feilding 06 323 3400 Central ITM Marton 06 327 5458 Hometown ITM Building Centre Foxton 06 363 8049 Manawatu ITM Building Centre Palmerston North 06 356 9490 New Plymouth ITM Building Centre 06 758 8939 Standard Timber ITM Stratford 06 765 7800 T. Braithwaite ITM Taumarunui 07 895 6881 Tumu ITM Building Centre Dannevirke 06 374 4260 Turangi ITM Building Centre 07 386 5736 Waitara ITM Building Centre 06 754 8822


Total ITM Building Centre Hastings 06 879 7850 Tumu ITM Building Centre Gisborne 06 868 9599 Tumu ITM Building Centre Hastings 06 873 0999 Tumu ITM Building Centre Havelock North 06 872 7100 Tumu ITM Building Centre Napier 06 872 6222 Wairoa ITM 06 838 7332


Building World ITM Wainuiomata 04 939 4486 Crighton ITM Building Centre Greytown 06 304 7193 Crighton ITM Building Centre Levin 06 368 4057 Crighton ITM Building Centre Paraparaumu 04 298 9726

Blenheim ITM 03 578 3049 Havelock ITM Building Centre 03 574 1018 Kaikoura ITM Building Centre 03 319 5447 Motueka ITM Building Centre 03 528 7254 Nelson ITM Building Centre 03 548 5487 Picton ITM Building Centre 03 573 6888 Takaka ITM Building Centre 03 525 8222


Basher's ITM Building Centre Amberley 03 314 8311 Darfield ITM 03 318 7474 Dyers Road ITM Building Centre Bromley 03 373 6049 Geraldine ITM Building Centre 03 693 9397 Greymouth ITM Building Centre 03 7680441 Hamptons ITM Waltham 03 374 3333 Helmack ITM Building Centre Ashburton 03 307 0412 Hillside ITM Building Centre Hornby 03 349 9739 Kaiapoi ITM 03 327 8829 Leeston ITM Building Centre 03 324 3300 McMullan Timber ITM Hokitika 03 755 8519 Rangiora ITM Building Centre Rangiora 03 313 4862 Timaru ITM Building Centre 03 688 8074


E H Ball ITM Building Centre Invercargill 03 218 3787 Fraser Hardware ITM Balclutha 03 418 0170 Garden Place ITM Mosgiel 03 489 8885 Southbuild ITM Building Centre Winton 03 236 6055 Southern Lakes ITM Building Centre Cromwell 03 445 0081

For your nearest ITM Store phone 0800 for itm

PRODUCTS ON PROMOTION: All prices exclude GST. Prices are valid from 1st October - 10th November 2013, unless specified otherwise. Some products may not be available in all ITM stores, but can be ordered in for customers. FREE ITM CUP RUGBY training kit CONDITIONS: Applies to purchases made between 1st October - 10th November 2013 or while stocks last. Please note that the $250 (excl GST) qualifier for the ITM CUP RUGBY training kit applies to each supplier’s product featured and cannot be made up of smaller amounts spent on individual supplier’s products e.g. Customers will qualify for a giveaway if they purchase $250 of Hitachi products, NOT if they purchase $200 of Hitachi and $50 on Makita products. Purchases must be made on one invoice/account. Offer is limited to two per customer. All prices exclude GST.






✔ Less itchy so easier to handle ✔ More rigid so easier to install ✔ Less dusty and internationally certified for indoor air quality* ✔ Specific products made for New Zealand conditions ✔ Non-combustible so it won’t catch fire or melt easily With over 50 years experience developing the largest range of insulation products for New Zealand conditions, we are backed with technical support specialists, advice on the building site and our Builders Buddy Hotline (0800 PINK BATTS). All this from a brand that’s made right here in New Zealand. Make Another Good Call and choose Pink® Batts® insulation today.

*Internationally certified for indoor air quality (Finnish M1 and North American GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®). The colour PINK and Pink® are registered trade marks of Owens Corning used under license by Tasman Insulation. Batts® is the registered trade mark of Tasman Insulation.

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