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Volume 5 Issue 3 • Fall 2011

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Lon & Rich Records Company: Target Specialty Products Location: Western and Central Regions, U.S. Position: Lon Records: President Rich Records: VP In your current position with Target Specialty Products what are your primary responsibilities? Rich: As Vice-President and Regional Manager I work with sales and operations in Southern California out of our Santa Fe Springs location along with our San Marcos branch plus new locations in Texas and Oklahoma. Lon: I serve as President for the organization, maintaining and communicating our corporate values, implementing our strategic planning, and providing leadership to our management team and staff. How were you introduced to the game of golf? Rich: A grammar school friend and his father would play at Bixby Village Golf Course in Long Beach on Saturdays. They let me tag along and taught me the game. Lon: I took up the game later in life, when Target entered the specialty ag chemical distribution business. There was a need to help superintendents solve course fertilization, pest and training problems, which brought us to some of the finest golf courses…and the rest is history! What has been your involvement with the CGCOA? As an affiliate member since 2004, Target has made its presence known at CGCOA meetings through our attendance and/or sponsorship participation. We also make a point to attend the Golf Industry Show. We enjoy lending our support and see value in the organization.

and skill levels. Kris Strauss, director of sales and marketing for OB Sports has it right when he says “Now, we have a weekly event that keeps the community buzzing about the facility” (about Angel Park GC in Las Vegas). In other words, give them a reason to want to come back. Giving back to community is part of your corporate culture. What organizations have you supported? Target sponsors an annual golf tournament benefiting the American Cancer Society and the Santa Fe Springs Relay for Life. Twice a year Target also sponsors the Adopt a Platoon program sending care packages to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are also forming a corporate team to support the Red Cross Disaster Relief Program and will continue to support the American Heart Association. In reference to giving back, we also support the golf community as CGCOA and GCSAA sponsors…and because of our concern about the future of golf in California, we are involved in the California Alliance for Golf (CAG) an organization that serves as the united voice for the golf industry.

What are the biggest challenges facing the golf industry today and how can course operators and suppliers best overcome these challenges? Rich: In addition to water and labor, regulatory issues are a big concern along with managing risk from the greens to the clubhouse. Owners should use the resources available from their suppliers and get involved with our industry Political Action Committees. Lon: Growing the game still remains a challenge and If you had to describe your brother by prominent it is critical to the success of any golf course operation. traits, what three would best describe him? Community involvement is key with a plan in place Rich: When thinking about Lon the first word that (Continued on page 5) that will attract golfers of all ages, gender, ethnicity,

California Golf Course Owners Association

CGCOA Conference left: Harvey Silverman with Pellucid Corporation addresses fellow CGCOA Members at Chapter Meeting at Metro Golf Links in Oakland, CA. middle left:

CGCOA Member Tom Isaak, CEO of CourseCo, provides insight on the current status of Sharp Park GC.


Scott Hunter, inspirational speaker, business coach and author shares his wisdom with course owners at a recent CGCOA meeting.

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Patrick Kemball Motivational Speaker Scott Hunter encourages CGCOA member participation during his presentation Unshackled Leadership: Building Businesses based on Faith, Trust, Possibility and Abundance.

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Sharp Park: A Benefit for All By:Carole Groom and Adrienne J. Tissier 10/02/11 With Special Thanks to the San Francisco Examiner for Printing this Op-Ed Column Every so often, circumstances present to government the potential for a win-win, an opportunity to create something that benefits people today as well as generations to come. That might be a cliché, but models do exist of successes and of squandered opportunities. Building a world-class ballpark at China Basin—despite opposition from one-third of March 1996 voters—launched the creation of a vibrant neighborhood in San Francisco. That was a win. In 1961, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors withdrew from the then-proposed Bay Area-wide, electrified commuter rail system. That lack of vision was a fail. Right now, San Francisco, San Mateo County and Pacifica stand before a collective choice to win or fail regarding Sharp Park Golf Course. Opened in 1931, the 18-hole, par-72 public course was designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie, who created some of the most famous golf courses in the world, including Cypress Point in Monterey and Green Hills in Millbrae. The former surgeon also co-designed Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga., home of the annual Masters tournament. Sharp Park’s coastal location also is home to the San Francisco garter snake and the California red-legged frog, both federally protected species. Forces natural and man-made are threatening habitat and breeding areas. By all appearances, Sharp Park is the latest Flanders field between the stereotypes of rich, white, middle-aged golfers and the ponytailed, sandals-and-socks set. However, Sharp Park does not have to become the philosophical moonscape of trench warfare, where slogans and sound bites obfuscate reasoning. Sharp Park can be a place where golfers from all socioeconomic strata successfully co-exist with sensitive coastal species. Actually, San Mateo County and Pacifica already have the framework of a plan to do exactly that. The golf course can be reconfigured to support the endangered snakes and threatened frogs, while recapturing some of MacKenzie’s original layouts. Additionally, San Mateo County has already identified private sources willing to underwrite most — if not all — of this proposed peaceful co-existence. The final act remains with San Francisco, which owns Sharp Park Golf Course. There are those in San Francisco City Hall who would rather eliminate the golf course and “give” Sharp Park in its entirety to the National Park Service to oversee as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. However, the park service has stated that it will accept the property only under very specific conditions — expensive conditions; expenses that any budget-conscious local government should carefully consider. Meanwhile, San Mateo County is prepared to accept Sharp Park as it exists today. The county will work with Pacifica and all appropriate experts and stakeholders to ensure

that Sharp Park is a sustainable natural habitat and a San Mateo County-managed, affordable public golf course. There is no reason for Sharp Park’s future to include winners and losers. Sharp Park is a rare opportunity for San Francisco, San Mateo County and Pacifica to work together to create a win-win benefiting people today and for generations to come. Carole Groom is president and Adrienne J. Tissier is vice president of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.

To learn more about the fate of Sharp Park Golf Course and how you can be of assistance in helping keep this historically significant course open for public golfers, please visit

Business Leadership: The Real Meaning of Cause and Effect By Scott Hunter, author and business coach One of the real problems that people in general and those with leadership responsibilities in organizations have is that the principle of cause and effect is reversed in our minds. That is, we believe that circumstances are happening to us and are responsible for our pain, misery, distress and lack of success. In truth, our circumstances are happening from us 100% of the time. If you haven’t immediately tuned me out and stopped reading because this sounds completely farfetched, consider this. If you rang a bell, you would likely hear a ding. So the bell is cause and the ding is the effect of the bell. That’s pretty obvious. You wouldn’t go chasing after and try to change the ding if you didn’t like it. You’d go back to the bell. We are the same way. We are cause and our circumstances are the effect. Yet, when we don’t like the circumstances, we try to change them instead of dealing with the source. And why are we the source? I can explain this in many ways so here’s one. As Deepak Chopra, the prolific author explains, we are living in a sea of infinite intelligence. That assertion is fully validated by quantum physics. Every thought we have plants a seed in that sea and therefore must return to us in kind. If you plant potatoes, you’re not going to get corn. If you plant corn, you’re not going to get apples. So it is in life. There is no such thing as an idle thought. Every thought you have sends a pulse of energy out into that sea of intelligence and ultimately manifests. This is why, fundamentally, you are the source of the circumstances you experience. The simplest way to relate to this is that whatever you believe, you get to be right about. So be careful about what you choose to believe. A very wise teacher of mine once said that the basic problem with human beings is that they have undisciplined minds. I agree. We are not careful about what we allow ourselves to think about. Think things are hard and they will be. Think life is tough and it will be. Think you can’t be successful and you won’t be. But think there are lots of opportunities out there for you and there

will be. Be optimistic and you’ll be justified. Be appreciative and you’ll have lots to appreciate. Be confident and you’ll be richly rewarded. It’s all up to you. Stop chasing the ding. ABOUT SCOTT HUNTER Scott Hunter’s keynotes and coaching have been transforming organizations for two decades. Since the late 1970s, he has been researching what it takes for people to produce extraordinary results in their personal lives and careers. Through his studies, Hunter realized that the ability to create a rich, meaningful, quality relationship is key to accomplishment and just about everything else a person wants in life. Until people know how to create such relationships, they cannot fully achieve their goals, including their business goals. This insight led Hunter to apply what he learned about relationships to his work in the business arena. As a consultant and coach, he has conducted over 100 corporate retreats and delivered more than 1000 speeches where he has the innate ability to touch people’s hearts–and turn emotions into practical action; to rattle cages and challenge the status quo – then provide a roadmap for audiences to follow; to discuss broad life values – and connect them to work-related values. Business leaders turn to Hunter when they are looking for breakthroughs in enthusiasm, productivity, and profitability. He is the founder and CEO of The Hunter Partnership Alliance, a team of individuals committed to providing organizations with unique tools, strategies, and resources for the development of extraordinary relationships and teamwork in the workplace. He is also the author of Unshackled Leadership a book based on his 23+ years of working in and analyzing organizations of every type and size. Hunter believes all successful organizations have enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, appreciative and happy people who work together on behalf of a future they have all committed themselves to.

To learn more about Scott Hunter and the services he provides to individuals and organizations, visit

Lon & Rich Records (Continued from front page) comes to mind is integrity, add to that perseverance, and he also possesses excellent leadership skills. Lon: As for Rich, he is a man of great character, one of good judgment, and you can’t miss his amazing sense of humor.

Lon: The fact that he’s been able to put up with me!

Who would you include in your dream golf foursome? Rich: Arnold Palmer, plus my grammar school friend and his father (the ones that initially introduced me to the sport). What do you admire most about your brother? Lon: My friends and colleagues: Ted Horton, Ed Smilow and Steve Rich: He has high expectations and gives people the resources and Plummer. support to achieve them. Target Specialty Products is a leading wholesale distributor of specialty agricultural chemicals, application equipment, products, supplies, services and education. Target serves the western and central regions of the United States from 13 conveniently located branch locations and provides products and services to the following industries, in both the private and public sector: structural pest control, landscape construction and maintenance, golf course maintenance and turfgrass maintenance, production nursery, industrial vegetation management, aquatic, forestry and vector control. To learn more visit

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October 11, 2011 Cinnabar Hills Golf Club October 18, 2011 Los Serranos Golf Club

schedule of schedule events of events 7:30 - 8:30 Networking 7:30 - & 8:30 Continental Networking Breakfast & Continental Breakfast 8:30-10:30 Morning 8:30-10:30 Session #1Morning Session #1 8:30-8:45 Welcome 8:30-8:45 from George Welcome Kelley,from President, GeorgeCGCOA Kelley, President, CGCOA 8:45-9:10 Turf Reduction 8:45-9:10and Turf Water Reduction Savings and Water Savings John Harbottle – North John Harbottle – North Todd Eckenrode-South Todd Eckenrode-South 9:10-9:35 Irrigation 9:10-9:35 System Performance Irrigation System Performance Ted Horton CGCS, Ted CIAHorton CGCS, CIA Senior Consulting Superintendent Senior Consulting Superintendent 9:35-10:00 Mobile9:35-10:00 Site Assessments Mobileand Site Underground AssessmentsSoil andSensors Underground for Precision Soil Sensors Turf Management. for Precision Turf Management. John Fuller, Golf Product John Fuller, Manager Golf Product Manager Toro Irrigation Division Toro Irrigation Division 10:00-10:25 Sound 10:00-10:25 Soil Agronomy Sound andSoil Physical Agronomy Properties and Physical to CreateProperties Outstanding to Create Conditions Outstanding Conditions Greg Fernald, Golf Business Greg Fernald, Manager Golf-Business North Manager - North Stephen L. Mercuri,Stephen AccountL.Representative Mercuri, Account - South Representative - South Target Specialty Products Target Specialty Products 10:30-10:45 Break 10:30-10:45 Break 10:45-12:00 Morning 10:45-12:00 Session #2Morning Session #2 10:45-11:25 Proactive 10:45-11:25 Risk Management Proactive–Risk Limiting Management Your Liability – Limiting Your Liability Rick and Gary Sigel,Rick Owners, and Gary GolfSigel, Insurance Owners, Services Golf Insurance Services Ed Smilow, Golf Course Ed Smilow, Law Golf Course Law 11:25-11:45 How to11:25-11:45 Stay in Regulatory How to Compliance: Stay in Regulatory Making Compliance: it Easy Making it Easy Corina Zurcher, Regulatory Corina Zurcher, Affairs, Regulatory Target Specialty Affairs, Products Target Specialty Products 12:00-1:20 Lunch12:00-1:20 & Supplier Lunch Showcase & Supplier Featuring Showcase CGCOAFeaturing Sponsors CGCOA Sponsors 1:20-1:50

Keynote 1:20-1:50 Address -Keynote An Alternative Addressto- Golf’s An Alternative Decline to Golf’s Decline Scott McNealy and Scott Pat Gallagher McNealy and Pat Gallagher Alternative Golf Association Alternative Golf Association

1:50 to 3:45 Afternoon 1:50 Session to 3:45 Afternoon #3 Session #3 1:50-2:10 Impact1:50-2:10 Your BottomImpact Line! Your Bottom Line! Dawn Prebula, Senior Dawn VicePrebula, President, Senior VGM Vice Club President, VGM Club 2:10-2:30 Golf Car 2:10-2:30 Fleet Maintenance Golf Carand Fleet Image: Maintenance The Evolution and Image: of Golf TheCar Evolution GPS to of today’s Golf Car “Smart GPSCar” to today’s technology “Smart Car” technology Kevin Carpenter, Visage Kevin Carpenter, Visage 2:30-2:50 Can you 2:30-2:50 handle the Can truth? you Listening handle the to the truth? voice Listening of the golfer to the voice of the golfer Harvey Silverman Harvey Silverman Pellucid Pellucid 2:50-3:05

Break 2:50-3:05



Online 3:05-3:40 Technology Online Sales &Technology Marketing in Sales the & “New Marketing Economy” in the “New Economy” Reed Thompson, TapIn ReedSolutions Thompson, TapIn Solutions Mike Loustalot, Golf Mike Channel/ Loustalot, Golf Channel/


Q&A /3:40-4:00 Wrap-Up Q&A Ed / Wrap-Up Smilow

Ed Smilow




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The fall edition of the CGCOA Insider features an interview with Lon and Rich Records of Target Specialty Products.