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April 2019

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About the Cover


The Brood Cow

This months cover photo was provided by a combination of Lana Hightower, John Oliver, and Felix Serna. They are photos of what each breeder considers to be an ideal brood cow. If you have a photo you think would make a good cover photo, please email your image in jpg format to staff@itla.com for a chance to be featured. Please include the photographers name, and the date and location the photograph was taken, as well as any other information needed to properly credit the photographer if the photo is selected.

Drover Longhorn

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Letter from the

President IT’s ALL IN THE NAME Records show that the ITLA membership is up almost 10 % over this time a year ago with members coming from all over the world. The ITLA is making nice strides by continually offering premier services to those who have an affection for Longhorns no matter where they reside. The naming of the ITLA was well thought out by our forefathers when we were formed almost 3 decades ago. In 1990 intelligent individuals knew that including “International” in the ITLA’s name would show the world that we do not draw lines and that our association is open to everyone. At their 2019 Annual General Meeting, the Alberta Texas Longhorn Association unanimously voted to request affiliation with the ITLA. The ITLA Board of Directors unanimously approved this request by our friends in Alberta and we welcome our newest affiliate. The Alberta Texas Longhorn Association is a very progressive group that is family friendly hosting field days, shows, sales, and has recently brought forth a newly formed youth group. The ITLA name assures that we have no boundary or limits for the member services we provide which make it of no consequence how great the distance is from the headquarters in Glen Rose, Texas. What is of consequence is that when you stay on course and take the good path the Longhorn world comes calling.

2019 Officers Larry Smith II

Lizz Huntzberry

Vice President President Term: 2019 Term: 2019 Smithsburg, MD Celina, TX 240-291-1952 254-396-9185 larrypsmith2@yahoo.com lizzhuntzberry@yahoo.com

Russell Hooks

Secretary Term: 2020 McGregor, TX 409-381-0616 russellh@longhornroundup.com

John Moxley

Treasurer Term: 2021 New Market, MD 240-446-9950 crosswrenchranch@msn.com

2019 Board of Directors John Moxley

Joel Dickinson

Gordon Musgrove

Dan Grove

Dick Lowe

John Nelson

T.J. Farnsworth

Terry Brink

Connie Olive

Russell Hooks

Joe Dowling

Mike Tomey

Director at Large #1 Term: 2021 New Market, MD 240-446-9950 crosswrenchranch@msn.com

Region 2 Term: 2019 Bailey, NC 252-373-2926 dan@grovecattle.com

Region 5 Term: 2019 Mountain Home, UT 435-503-5229 tj@chapman-const.com

Region 8 Term: 2020 McGregor, TX 409-381-0616 russellh@longhornroundup.com

Director at Large #2 Term: 2020 Barnsville, OH 740-758-5858 joel_d@texaslonghorn.com

Region 3 Term: 2020 Horton, MI 517-688-3030 info@rrrlonghorns.com Region 6 Term: 2020 Frederick, OK 580-335-5732 brinkauction@gmail.com

Region 9 Term: 2021 Caldwell, TX 979-273-0277 dowlingoe@yahoo.com

Region 1 Term: 2020 Patricia, AB 403-363-1729 onetreeranch@gmail.com

Region 4 Term: 2021 Wellington, CO 970-897-2441 jnelson@enganalytics.com Region 7 Term: 2020 Big Sandy, TX 903-780-0665 connie_olive@aol.com

Past President Director Term: 1 year Bedford, IN 812-583-4622 tomeyfarms@yahoo.com

Meet your Directors Region I Be sure to read the next issue to get to know more of your Board of Directors!

Gordon Musgrove

Region 1 Term: 2020 Patricia, AB 403-363-1729 onetreeranch@gmail.com

Gordon Musgrove has been in the cattle industry all his life, raising mostly commercial Herefords and crosses. He also ran a small band of registered quarter horses. He and his wife Charlene sold out the cattle herd in 2008 – their attempt to semi-retire but it didn’t take ...... with a few head left over and the start of their Longhorn herd in 2007. A little story about the beginning of their Longhorn herd: His Aunt and Uncle had been raising Longhorns for many years. They sold out, retired and moved to the city. They came to Gordon and Charlene’s farm for a summer visit and asked if they could take them to a “Longhorn Pedigree picnic” about an hour away. There was a fundraiser raffle and Gordon’s aunt won the heifer! Within a few months and a few sales, they were in the Longhorn business. They now run a herd of Registered Texas Longhorns. They currently sell bulls to ranchers, heifers to purebred producers in the 3 Western Provinces and meat to the general public. They have shown their Longhorns at the Canadian National Texas Longhorn shows in Red Deer, AB, at Agribition in Regina SK, and with the NILE in Billings, MT.

Besides their Longhorns they have an active Auction Company (including online) which does everything from Consignment Auctions, Farm Auctions, Specialty Livestock Auctions. They have three grown children and three Grandkids, they are spread all over, Erin lives in Leduc, Alberta with two of their grandchildren, Jeff in Beavermines, Alberta with their other grandchild, and Kari in San Francisco, California. Gordon was fortunate enough to become an ITLA Director in the summer of 2015. They enjoy their Longhorn Cattle, the people in the Longhorn industry, and the many places their Longhorn adventures take them.

Region II

Dan Grove is the ITLA Region 2 director. He and his wife own and operate Grove Cattle Company out of Bailey, NC. They maintain a herd of approximately 50 Longhorns. Their program centers on raising breeding stock animals and getting new people involved in the breed. Over the years they have shown cattle, been active with youth taking 7 youth to World Show and earning back to back All Age Female titles. They have been successful in futurities and at sales. They partner on bulls to live cover their cows, but also utilize AI and ET to help push their program. Although his term is up this year, he has enjoyed serving ITLA.

Dan Grove

Region 2 Term: 2019 Bailey, NC 252-373-2926 dan@grovecattle.com

Grove Cattle Company LLC is proud members of: International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA - presently a seated board member), North East Texas Longhorn Association (NETLA), Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), Founding member of Texas Longhorn Cattle Association (TLCA), North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association, and Goodness Grows in North Carolina.

“Our association is stronger when we all work together.”

Region III Dick Lowe

In 1993, Dick Lowe bought the neighbors farm, then came the decision of what to do with it. They checked into Llamas, Emus, Ostriches and Cattle. The only exception that Peg had was, no horns! He ran across an article about the comeback of the Texas Longhorn, did some checking and got excited. They visited a ranch with longhorns and fell in love. They purchased their first 12 longhorns the summer of 1997. Then had to build some fences to keep them in. They took delivery in November 1997. They are working with a blend of the Seven Families to produce cattle with size, conformation, color, gentleness and lots and lots of horn. Being from Michigan they have real good grass in the summer and bailage hay and corn silage in the winter months. He and Peg love the cattle and spring is the best time of year when the new calves are hitting the ground.

Region 3 Term: 2020 Horton, MI 517-688-3030 info@rrrlonghorns.com

Region IV John Nelson

John and Darlene bought their first Texas Longhorn cattle almost exactly 20 years ago. They had decided to start a small ranch. John’s grandmother had moved to Minnesota from Sweden in about 1910. In 1920 they bought a farm and the previous two owners were Mr. Clover and Mr. Bluhm. They named their farm Cloverbloom farm after the two previous owners. It was only natural that they should name their ranch that. John spent a good part of his life milking cows on the farm and always liked cows. So when they moved out of town it was a given that they would have cows. A friend got them interested in Texas Longhorn cattle. He gave their name to Darol Dickinson and that sealed it. After buying their first few cows, they decided to start a good AI program and concentrate on really good cattle. They bought semen from Bulls such as Hunt’s Command Respect, Respect Me, Top Caliber, Cowboy Chex, Rowdy HR and others. One of their best bulls was out of Cowboy Casanova. They named him Caballero Don Juan (get it?). Their cattle have taken top honors at the Heart of the Rockies show and the National Western Texas Longhorn Show in Denver.

Region 4 Term: 2021 Wellington, CO John and Darlene hail from the Midwest. John was a professor of Civil Engineering at Colorado State 970-897-2441 jnelson@enganalytics.com University from 1968 to 2007. In 2008 he started an engineering consulting company along with three

other partners. He still works there part-time, but is “in transition” to retirement. John and Darlene are both quite active in the National Western Texas Longhorn Show which is part of the National Western Stock Show in Denver. They also are active in the Mountain States Texas Longhorn Association the local affiliate of the ITLA.

Letter from the

Youth Director Howdy! Spring is in the air, so you know what that means, right? It’s time for Spring ITLA shows and events like the CTTLA show, in McKinney, TX. that will be held on April 26th – 28th, 2019. They will be giving away two youth steers that were generously donated by John & Christy Randolph. You can contact the CTTLA President, Danielle Mershon, at danielle@whistlingtxlonghorns.com for more information or simply follow the CTTLA and ITLA Youth pages on Facebook to stay up to date on all the youth and show activities. Want to join in on the ITLA fun? It’s easy and very cost effective. Simply go online to www.ITLA.com and fill out a membership form. Youth is only $15.00 annually and adults/ranches are only $60.00. We are working hard to bring you more exciting events and shows, so, what are you waiting for? Come join all the ITLA fun. Have you heard all the buzz about the miniature longhorn breeders joining the ITLA? You’ve heard right! The ITLA now accepts miniature longhorns in the registry and at our shows. We are in the process of ironing out all of the details, but we are working on having the minis become part of the ITLA Youth in their very own mini youth show, so the exhibitors can be rewarded the same as our standard longhorn youth showman. We have welcomed multiple new mini members and assisted them in registering their mini herds. More details on how the mini shows will be arranged is coming soon. We would like to recognize any hard working ITLA youth in each addition of the Longhorn Drover. If you would like to nominate a youth that you feel exhibits hard work, sportsmanship, work ethics, or simply just always goes above and beyond to help others in or out of the show barn, you can nominate them by emailing me at Rafter-M-Ranch@hughes.net with the youth’s information. See you all down the trail! Cori Garcia ITLA Youth Director Rafter-M-Ranch@hughes.net

ECR Houston Tari (Houston Solution x Phenomenal Tari), Felix Serna, El Coyote Ranch

Selecting a Brood Cow By: Kacie Ging

In order to succeed with a Texas Longhorn breeding program, it is important to know and understand the ideal qualities of a longhorn brood cow. Different breeders will value different traits, so it is important to consider which traits would best fit in with their program. A brood cow is cow that is utilized for calf production. As with all aspects of ranching, selecting a quality brood cow will depend on what the breeder is wanting to produce.

“I believe that any successful breeding operation starts with a plan and the selection of cattle that will accomplish the end goals that you have set,” says Lana Hightower of G&L Cattle Company. “You can breed for the show circuit, futurities, horn competitions, ropers, a lean beef program, cross breeds, trophy steers, miniatures or just yard art for your own enjoyment.” No matter what the breeder’s decision, it is important to understand

the proper structure of a Texas Longhorn. “In terms of conformation, a good brood cow has depth of body and plenty of room between hooks to pins,” says Felix Serna of El Coyote Ranch. “She is also feminine with length of body, and good feet and legs that allow her to travel well.” The Texas Longhorn is known for its calving ease, which comes from the adaptation of its hooks and pins bones. The hook bones are the large “hip-looking” bones, and the pins are the bones located just under the tail head of a cow.

OL Winstar (Win Win x OL Super Star) John Oliver, Oliver Longhorns

John Oliver of Oliver Longhorns says there needs to be length and slope between the hook and pin bones. This width and slope allow for the cow to give birth with ease. When examining a potential brood cow, Hightower also recommends considering bone mass. A higher bone and body mass will likely lead to the cow producing a herd sire as opposed to a roper. The structure of a cow can also affect how long a cow is producing. “Structurally correct and productive animals remain in the herd longer and have a larger number of offspring saved for replacements,” says Hightower. Serna and Hightower both recommend looking into a cow’s genetics for structural clues as well. If a cow’s pedigree reflects several generations of quality producing females, then it is likely that she will also be a quality producer.

G&L Painted Feather (G&L Painted Savage x G&L Sassy Siren) Lana Hightower, G&L Cattle Company In addition to structure, udder size ease. Mothers with proper udder and milk production are important development will be able to feed traits that directly impact a cow’s and grow their calves into strong, ability to produce calves. producing adults. “I like a uniform udder with four equal quarters, and that has good Serna says that the udder of a front and rear attachments,” says Texas Longhorn will not be as Oliver. “Teats need to be properly large as the udder of other breeds. spaced in the center of quarters, This is because longhorn milk has small and symmetrical in shape a higher butter fat content than and medium in length.” other breeds milk, meaning the This size and shape allow for milk quality is stronger. a newborn calf to nurse with

To determine whether or not a cow has good udder, Hightower recommends evaluating your cows right after calving because the udder is full making it possible to detect any problems.

ECR Houston’s Rio Rose (JP Rio Grande x ECR Houston Tari), Felix Serna, El Coyote Ranch

Iron Hot Fireball (Drag Iron x Hot to Trot SS) John Oliver, Oliver Longhorns

Beyond bone structure and udder development, brood cow traits are subject to the breeder’s goals. One of these traits is length of horn. “Horn is a very important factor if your plan is to raise purebred, registered Texas Longhorns,” says Oliver. Serna, on the other hand, believes horn to be an added bonus in a brood cow, but believes the genetics of a cow are most important. If a cow has horn reflected in her genetics, then she will produce good horn says Serna. He warns breeders against breeding for a single trait. Another trait to consider is disposition. The behavior of a cow can influence an entire herd. “For a cow to remain in my herd, she must have a gentle and workable disposition,” says Hightower. “If she is nervous or aggressive, she can pass those traits on to the rest of the herd or her offspring. Life is too short to tolerate bad behavior!” When selecting a brood cow, it is just as important to know which traits to avoid as it is which to select. Certain traits can be passed down that negatively affect a herd and damage a breeder’s production rate.

G&L Maid of Iron (Drag Iron x G&L Spellbound)Lana Hightower, G&L Cattle Company

Serna says heifers with serious structural abnormalities should

CK Rubies and Pearls (CK Obediah x CK Miss Tabasco) John Oliver, Oliver Longhorns be avoided. Fine boned cattle tend to struggle with age. The shape and placement of bones can also affect the general health of the cow. “Consider tail head placement, if it is too far forward you may run into breeding problems and may have to fight more infections of the urinary tract,” says Serna. Serna also warns against too much slope from the hooks to pins, as extreme slope is considered unfavorable. He also says to avoid females with too short of a neck because it may be a sign of future mobility issues. Texas Longhorn cattle are an extremely versatile breed. Their ability to thrive in different, often harsh climates, makes them an ideal breed for

any program, even beyond longhorns. Longhorn brood cows should be considered by all breeders looking to enhance their programs, no matter what breed they primarily raise. “Texas Longhorn cows are adaptable, hardy and fertile,” says Oliver. “They have very few calving problems and are very protective mothers. They also cross well with other beef breeds and can produce until their late teens.” Serna says that longhorn brood cows should be considered beyond the Texas Longhorn breed because they produce more with less input. They can benefit the beef industry as they are known to produce good, quality carcasses.

Selecting a brood cow inevitably comes down to what it is the breeder wants to produce. Bone structure and udder development will be important no matter the end goal, but once those traits are established, breeders can begin looking for less vital traits such as horn and disposition. “The original Texas Longhorns came to us through natural selection and that selection has brought us cattle that are efficient with regular calving ease and longevity,” says Hightower. “I know of no other breed that offers the diversity within itself for a breeder to choose what program they want to develop.”

Obituaries Our sincere condolences go out to the family and friends in the loss of Ms. Marjorie Bashor of Longhorn Creek Ranch of Noel, MO. Marjorie Woodhouse Bashor, 97 of Noel, Missouri passed away on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at the Freeman West Hospital in Joplin, Missouri.

beloved Longhorns. She also enjoyed the outdoors, fishing and gardening. Marjorie loved her animals especially her dog, little Ron.

Marjorie was born on July 12, 1921 in Sedalia, Colorado to the late Frank and Marguerite (Burnett) Woodhouse. She lived most of her life in Colorado, moving to Noel, Missouri in 1993. She was a Home Economics Teacher at Castle Rock Junior High in Colorado. Marjorie raised horses and registered longhorn cattle. She was a Lifetime member of the International Texas Longhorn Association since May 14, 1990. Over the years Margorie showed her Longhorns at numerous ITLA show across the country. She won numerous championship titles and awards with her

She was preceded in death by her parents and two brothers. Marjorie is survived by her two daughters, Mona Stenson and husband, Mark of Newcastle, Wyoming, Pamela Packer and husband, Paul of Sedalia, Colorado; four grandchildren, Katie, Matt, Phyllis and Penny; eight great grandchildren, Jaxon, Tegan, Pacey, Kyler, Kinley, Aubree, Drayton and Morgan; along with a host of other relatives and friends who will dearly miss Marjorie.

Please keep the Bashor family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

join itla Today! ITLA offers active memberships for $60.00 and youth memberships for $15.00 that are renewable for a full year, no matter what the date of the renewal is. There are no extra charges for late renewals either. ITLA is also working to grow its youth programs, and emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, fun, and family. ITLA Registration Certificates offer the option to include an O.C.V. number, birth weight, and even a photograph of the animal. ITLA has affiliates active all across the globe. They host sales, shows, and countless other events. In order to enhance the education of people on the importance of the Texas Longhorn, ITLA offers Judges Clinics, seminars at the National Convention, and monthly articles in the Longhorn Drover magazine. The ITLA operates with a functional board of 12 members plus the President, Vice President. Secretary and Treasure. Each year, all ITLA members vote in the annual elections to select members to fill these positions by sending a ballot in the mail, During the annual elections, all members also vote on major issues concerning the association, ensuring everyone has a voice and is heard. Click here for your membership application!

itla luncheon

Interested in learning more about the ITLA? Join us at the ITLA office for a free luncheon and social! Meet up with longhorn friends, enjoy a free meal, and explore all that the ITLA property has to offer. When: Millennium Futurity Friday, May 10, 2019 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Where: 1600 Texas DR Glen Rose, TX

Longhorn News

ITLA Welcomes its Two Newest Board Members

A huge thank you to Terry Brink and Connie Olive for stepping up to serve the ITLA and its members as the new directors for Regions 6 and 7.

Terry Brink Region 6

Connie Olive Region 7

ITLA Board Supports Members DNA Testing

The ITLA Board of Directors recently approved a plan to support breeders who perform DNA tests on Longhorn cattle. Breeders are welcome to submit DNA results to the ITLA office. The DNA test results will be placed in the animal’s file to remain as a permanent record for utilization by the current or future owners as desired.

$10.00 Bull Registration As a way of showing our appreciation of our members, ITLA has made all Bull Registration $10.00 for the year of 2019.

Attention Members

Emails provided during registration will only be used for ITLA related business such as the release of the monthly Longhorn Drover, association news, reminders about upcoming ITLA events, etc. Any email claiming to be from the ITLA Office or an ITLA Director that does NOT pertain to any ITLA associated news or event is spam and should not be trusted. If you receive an email or message you are not quite sure about, feel free to contact the ITLA office at 254-898-0157 or staff@itla.com.

P&C Cattle Pens ITLA would like to recognize P&C Cattle Pens’ Longhorn Cage as the official chute of ITLA For more information: www.pccattlepens.com (918) 507 - 2222 info@pccattlepens.com

The Off i c ial Chute of the ITLA

Longhorn Cage This is a squeeze chute made for Longhorns. Side entrance and exits so the horns slide in easy. Palpation gates front and back for working either end. The framework is made from 2 3/8” Heavy Wall Pipe (.190 wall) and the gates made from 2 3/8” Sch 30 & 14 ga. Pipe making this the toughest longhorn working chute on the market.

Longhorn News

Education with a Twist

It is always great to see what breeders are doing to represent the breed beyond the industry. DBS Longhorns owner and Nimitz Elementary parent, Vern Stahl promotes the Texas Longhorn by teaching Nimitz Elementary school kindergarteners about the breed in a hands on and fun environment at the school’s annual Texas Day event. Texas Day is an annual event that the Nimitz Elementary School Kindergarten students participate in. Students spend the week studying Texas symbols and Texas history. On Texas Day, the students get to participate in traditional Texas dances, listen to some music that was played on the trail rides and by Native Americans in Texas, play with some toys that were native to the area, and taste “pan de campo” and peach cobbler that was cooked in a traditional Dutch oven over a campfire. The students also listen to Coach Fifer. Coach Fifer is a retired history teacher and currently a Texas Folklore Entertainer. Coach Fifer is local to Kerrville and shares many exciting stories that have been passed down from generation to generation about the cattle drives that originated out of the Kerrville area, the Comancheria, and the historic YO Ranch started by Charles Schreiner, four generations ago. The students love Coach Fifer and his cool old stories about Texas. The highlight for the students is getting to meet Texas Longhorn cattle. Vern Stahl, a Nimitz parent and owner of DBS Longhorns in Kerrville Texas, brings some of their show string to school. He talks to the students about the history of the Texas longhorn, the fundamentals of why cattle are branded, and holds a question and

answer time about Texas Longhorn cattle today. The students have many great questions, such as; “Do only the boy cows have horns?”, “Does the brand hurt them?”, “What do the cows eat?”, “How big does the bulls and cows horns grow?”, “What is the ring for in a bull’s nose?”, and “are they mean?” After the lesson on the Texas Longhorn, the students are introduced to the show string calves. The calves that were brought to Nimitz this year belong to Christian Stahl (13-year-old), Joseph Stahl (7-yearold), and Levi Stahl (5-Year-old). Levi is currently in kindergarten, so he was able to help show off his Texas Longhorn calves to his classmates and answer their questions.

DBS Presents & Candy Canes is a one year old red and white heifer that the boys call Candy. She goes everywhere that Chewey goes and is often sniffing at Christians pocket looking for a snack or to get some attention. Candy is a friendly little heifer that was very curious and wanted to follow the students around as they toured the different exhibits of Texas Day.

The Three Calves are: DBS Chewbaca, a two-year-old brindle steer that has won at many shows in Texas and earned Christian his first buckle. Chewey, as he is called by the boys, is more of a friend and pet to the boys than most

people’s dogs are. Chewey loves spending time with the boys and is great in the showring with them. Chewey was the lead ambassador at Texas Day and let all the students pet him and he licked many of them in return.

DBS Clearly A Boomerang is the youngest on the show string. She is a 6-month-old black and white heifer that is currently being halter trained. She has only been on the show string for about 3 weeks, so the boys haven’t settled on a nickname for her yet. Vern Stahl DBS Longhorns owner Nimitz Elementary parent

facebook highlight Larry N Toni Stegemoller March 2, 2019

We have always known that our BL Sage Hen is a very smart cow. She has been difficult to pen for working. Not wild in any sense, just seems to always know what’s coming before the rest of the herd and will take her calf and walk away, regardless of what the rest of the herd is doing. This morning she showed us how smart she really is. Last night we noticed she had a stick lodged in her hoof. You could tell it was painful as she limped and wasn’t moving around much. It was almost dark and she was in a pasture that is not close to the pen and chute, so we decided to wait til morning and check her. This morning first thing, she hobbled in to the pen with the rest of the herd, for cubes. We could see the stick still lodged tightly in the hoof. So we decided we had to do something before it developed in to a major problem. Then an amazing thing happened, she walked calmly into the lane leading to our chute. We walked quietly behind just to make sure she went the right direction. Not another animal, except her baby with her... She went in to the chute, we squeezed her a little for stability and then Larry pulled out the stick with pliers. Then off they went. We love our Sage Hen!

began talking to them about it on a more serious note. By the time it was over, we made plans to go see what they had to offer, and I couldn’t quit talking about how excited I was. I ended up buying my first bull from them and it was all down hill from there. My entire family is excited about our new adventure.

Hunter Wilhite Hollingsworth

My name is Hunter (Wilhite) Hollingsworth, I am 17 years old and I live In Hico, TX. I am currently a sophomore in high school and my passion is FFA. I have always enjoyed being outside, showing pigs, AG mechanics, CDE’s and LDE’s. My parents have known Rick and Cori Garcia for years (my dad went to school with Cori and her sister) and they had put the idea of showing Longhorns in our heads several times. However, my parents raise beef cows and knew nothing about it so I continued showing pigs. While we were in San Antonio this past year showing, my parents and I went to see Rick and Cori over in the cattle barn. We all felt so much more relaxed and comfortable over there so we

I joined the TLBAA and the ITLA in February of this year and can’t wait to see what the next two years have to offer. I think Longhorns are such intriguing animals and it’s so interesting to see how fast they change. I had the privilege to go to Austin on March 16th and show a heifer in the open show for them and placed second in that class. I had the best day and learned so much. Everyone was so nice and was more than happy to help and mentor me. I can’t wait to start training my new bull Sully and see what our future holds.

EVENTS Never Miss a Single One !

Texas Longhorn Judging Millennium Futurity Clinic Webinar Part 1 on April 23, 2019 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. CST Part 2 on April 30, 2019 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. CST Registration is $100.00 USD Includes judges manual. The deadline to register is April 10, 2019 Click here to register!

Chisholm Trail Texas Longhorn Association Spring Fling Double Day Double Points Show

April 27 - 28, 2019 Featuring: • Two haltered open shows • Two non-haltered open shows • Miniature longhorn show • Youth show Myers Park and Event Center McKinney, TX For more information contact: Danielle Mershon (254) 630 - 0053

May 9 - 11, 2019 Featuring: • Heifer and Bull Futurities • Millennium Futurity Heifer Sale • Crawfish Boil • ITLA Luncheon Glen Rose, TX For more information contact: Christy Randolph (512) 360 - 4299 | (713) 703 - 8458 lpinesranch@aol.com

The Dianne Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo

d e n o p t

June 4 - 9, 2019 Will Rodgers Memorial Center 3401 W Lancaster Ave Fort Wort, TX For more information contact: The Autobahn Motorcar Group Youth Scholarship Tour (817) 390 - 3130 pdodson@abahn.com


Great Northern Longhorn Classic June 21 - 22, 2019 Montello, WI For more information contact: Dan Huntington (715) 853 - 7608

Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association

Chisholm Trail Texas Longhorn Association

Futurity July 19 | Open Show July 20 Wooster, OH For more information contact: Amber Dunmire bonnieglenfarm@gmail.com (330) 231 - 0345

September 14, 2019 Wise County Fairgrounds 3101 FM 51 Decatur, TX 76234 For more information contact: Danielle Mershon (254) 630 - 0053

Buckeye Classic Futurity

Midwest Texas Longhorn Association Summer Show

July 26 - 27, 2019 Bloomington, IN For more information contact: Courtney Tomey (812) 797 - 8609

Rocky Mountain Select Sale and Futurity Sale

August 9 - 10, 2019 Latigo Trails Arena Colorado Springs, CO For consignment information contact: Charlie Searle (719) 649 - 0058 charliesearle02@gmail.com Stan Searle (719) 649 - 9590 stan@searleranch.com Sale Manager: Gary Lake (719) 314 - 8294 gary@searleranch.com


August 9, 2019 Entries: Marlene Reynolds (719) 510 - 2151 cowgirlmama83@gmail.com

Fall Show

ITLA Championship Show and Convention October 9 - 13, 2019 Featuring: Open Haltered Show Open Non-haltered Show Youth Show ITLA Futurity International All Star Futurity Hopkins County Regional Civic Center 1200 Houston Street Sulphur Springs, TX For more information contact: ITLA Office (254) 898 - 0157 staff@itla.com


A futurity is a competition in which cattle are presented one at a time before a panel of five judges. The judges will have a range of numbers from which they will select their score for the animal. For example, average cattle will receive a number score from somewhere in the middle of the range, while excellent cattle receive a score on the higher end of the range. The judges then submit their scores. Both the highest and lowest scores are dropped. The remaining three scores are added together. The calf with the highest score wins.

What futurities does ITLA have to offer?

ITLA Futurity

The ITLA Futurity is special because it occurs just two days before the All Star Futurity, and is the last chance to qualify for the International All Star Futurity.

International All Star Futurity The International All Star Futurity is a competition of only the best of the best in the breed. To compete in this event you must first qualify by placing first or second at a qualifying futurity. Once qualified, competitors must submit their entry fees. From the entry fee, 70% will be paid back in cash awards. Find a qualifying futurity near you today!

The combined payout for these two futurities was over $21,000!

Affiliates Alberta Texas Longhorn Association

Midwest Texas Longhorn Association

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Cody Bailey, President Phone: (780) 361 - 8871 Email: albertatexaslonghorn@gmail.com

John Dvorak, President Phone: (620) 382 - 2067 Email: jpdcrd33@netks.net

Deb Lesyk, President Phone: 306-867-3039 Phone: 403-575-0114 Email: office@ctlalonghorns.com Website: www.ctlalonghorns.com

Tim Mills, President Phone: 419-606-6184 Email: mountainview_longhorns@yahoo.com

Marlene Reynolds, President Phone: 719-510-2151 Email: cowgirlmama83@gmail.com Website: www.MSTLA.org

Jodi King, President Phone: 717-475-5819 Email: latimorevalleyfarms@earthlink.net Website: www.netlalonghorns.com

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Danielle Mershon, President Phone: 254-630-0053 Email: danielle@whistlingtxlonghorn.com

Johnny Hicks, President Phone: 269-721-3473 Email: hicksamericanbulldogs@yahoo.com

Robert Van Liew, President Phone: 405-420-1720 Email: vanliewranch@gmail.com

The Longhorn Posse Mikeal Deatherage, President Phone: 817-999-1836 Email: luvmyholsteiner@yahoo.com

Amber Dunmire, President Phone: 330-231-0345 Email: bonnieglenfarm@gmail.com

Don Flemmington, President Phone: 519-323-7982 Email: don@trelanefarms.com

Shadow Seaman, President Phone: 208-420-2484 Email: victoryranch@earthlink.net


Alberta Texas Longhorn Association


The ITLA gladly welcomes its newest affiliate the Alberta Texas Longhorn Association. We look forward to many years of growth and friendship together. We hope this union provides breeders with many new opportunities, and allows for greater promotion and improvement of the longhorn breed. We encourage all members of the Alberta Texas Longhorn Association to explore what ITLA membership has to offer. The ITLA is here to serve you as we begin our new journey together. Happy Trails, The International Texas Longhorn Association

For more information on the ATLA: Site 7, Box 2 RR 1 South Thorsby, Alberta T0C 2P0 (780) 361 - 8871 albertatexaslonghorn@gmail.com www.albertatexaslonghorn.com

The weekend of March 14-17, Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association had a booth set up the Ohio Beef Expo in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio Beef Expo is the premier event for Ohio’s beef industry, attracting over 30,000 participants from 25 states and Canada each year. The Expo includes breed sales, shows and displays, educational events, a highly competitive junior show and a trade show with over 140 exhibitors. The Beef Expo ranks annually as one of the top five largest conventions in central Ohio. Andy Dunmire, Jeff Morris and Ed Callan were all very instrumental

in getting the booth ready for the show. Amber Neuman, Linda Callan and Amber Dunmire also helped set up the booth and work the event. We were able to make some good connections and chat with many people about the longhorn breed. We had a video showcasing longhorns along with the ITLA pamphlet and an Ohio breeders list. We also had a longhorn mount to take pictures with, which was a huge hit with the kids. It was a great weekend to chat with farmers and ranchers of other breeds about our cattle and their benefits.

Canadian Texas Longhorn Association The current Board of Directors recently agreed to postpone the Spring Select Sale from April 13th to June 1st after reviewing comments from members and everyone going through a very difficult winter. The consignment deadline is now April 20th, entry forms can be found on the CTLA website. That day will also include the CTLA Annual Meeting and the Spring Yearling Heifer Jackpot. Money and prizes up for the final four of the Heifer Jackpot and the beautiful buckle to the overall winner, is sponsored by Hy Pro Feeds. Hope to see you there.

Bring on Spring with new calves, blue skies, green grass, and our Spring Fling Show held at Myers Park and Event Center in McKinney, TX on April 27th and 28th!! Our Spring Show is shaping up to be one of our best events! We will be offering youth, miniature, and open classes! We will also be giving away two steers that were generously donated by John and Christy Randolph to two youth who participate with the show. There is still time to get your entries in! There are also plenty of opportunities to help sponsor the show! We will have lunch provided on Saturday. There will also be a silent auction! New this year, we have added a new show this fall on September 14th in Decatur, TX. We will be offering Haltered, Youth, and Miniature classes! This is a casual come as you are show! No bathing, no show halters, and no show clothes needed. This will be an exciting and fun event! Watch for more details!

Thanks, Danielle Mershon CTTLA President 254-630-0053 danielle@whistlingtxlonghorns.com

Best of Trails Texas Longhorn Association

Mo-Kan Spring Sale Golden Heifer Futurity Buckle the Grand and Res. Grand Champions won. Janet Eppard. 2019.

There were lots of longhorn cows, calves, bulls, and ropers offered for auction that was registered and commercial longhorns. It started off with the Golden Heifer Futurity on Friday afternoon on March 8, 2019. The judge for the Golden Heifer Futurity was Roger Cole DVM from Marshfield, MO. He arrived just in time to judge the heifers. After the futurity heifers were judged, the owners of the Mo-Kan barn furnished all of the cattle consigners and buyers a fabulous meal of ribs, sausage, and brisket. It was cooked perfectly. After the meal, the futurity heifers were announced.

Roger Cole DVM, judge for Golden Heifer Futurity. Janet Eppard. 2019.

The next day on Sat., the B.O.T.T.Mo-Kan longhorn auction began. The B.O.T.T. Association has a scholarship called the B.O.T.T., Mo-Kan Sale, and Dr. Joe Graham/ Mi Tierra Ranch Scholarship. They receive donated items and they auction them off and use the money to put back into the scholarship for the next school year. The 2018 scholarship winners were Dexter Balley and Cody Croxford.

The scholarship donated items sold first, then the registered sale cows sold, the commercial longhorn cows, the ropers were the last to sale. A lot of the registrations from the sale went back to ITLA to be transferred into the new owner’s name. We had 7 new members sign up with ITLA when they transferred their cows. It was a great turnout. The next B.O.T.T. -Mo-Kan sale is Sept. 14, 2019. Be sure to plan on attending and buying some great cows and having a fabulous meal with new and old friends.

Class 1 1st Flash’s Betty owned by Mike and Jamie Tomey 2nd MTR Rising Sun 46/17 owned by Cynthia Graham 3rd AA Wow Surprise owned by Jim & Jodi Small Class 2 1st Ralf’s Nosey owned by Lucinda Christian-Cormier 2nd AA Wow’s Foxy owned by Jim & Jodi Small 3rd MTR De’ja Vu 75/17 owned by Cynthia Graham Class 3 1st Ms. Smiley owned by Weston Hetland 2nd Nice N White owned by Craig Kroeker 3rd Annex’s Rodeo owned by Mike and Jamie Tomey. The first, second, and third place winners received a check and then the Grand Champion and Res. Grand Champion was announced. The Grand Champion and Res. Grand Champion received a check and a fancy belt buckle.

Scholarship Winners, Cody Croxford and Dexter Balley with President of B.O.T.T., John Dvorak. Janet Eppard. 2019.

Friday Night Dinner. Janet Eppard. 2019.


Grand Champion Golden Heifer went to Ms. Smiley owned by Weston Hetland. Res. Grand Champion Golden Heifer went to Ralf’s Nosey owned by Lucinda Christian-Cormeir.

Great Lakes Texas Longhorn Association Hope you are all enjoying a little warmer temps and all the mud! Spring is finally on its way in (I think). This winter has been a rough one and so long! We are having a meeting at the home of Josh and Meghan Shaw on Saturday, May 4th. The address is 4212 34th street Dorr, MI 49323. We plan on meeting at noon, enjoying a potluck lunch, having our May meeting, and rounding out the day with a ranch tour. We look forward to seeing everyone!! We’ll be discussing several things, but most importantly we’ll be working on planning for our “fun”turity to be held June 29th! Keep track of us on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GLTLA/ We have our meeting schedule on there as well as pictures from our members! Looking forward to a good day of fellowship with our cow friends! Have a great day! Missy Hicks GLTLA Treasurer

Cattle Barons Futurity Results All first and second place winners now qualify for the International All Star Futurity

Princess Class June - July 2018

19 Entries


Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

Miss Waneta June Snap Crackle Pop Tiny Dancer PLB BCR Yes I Izz 811 BCR Patches 818

June 30, 2018 July 4, 2018 June 17, 2018 June 20, 2018 July 7, 2018

David & Angie Wulf John & Christy Randolph Phil & Lisa Baker Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen

Class 1 April - May 2018

16 Entries


Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

Tango Twist 852 Dunn Said Enuff Extra Adorable BCB DBL-K High Sena Wind FHR The Duchess

April 15, 2018 April 23, 2018 April 13, 2018 April 13, 2018 April 14, 2018

Bob & Pam Loomis Nancy Dunn Brent & Cindy Bolen Kathy Palladini Dale Metz

26 Entries Class 2 February - March 2018 Place

Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

Everything Nice BCB Dream Big BCB MB Ersa Dunn Pretty Enuff CK Swag’s Million

March 18, 2018 March 10, 2018 March 1 , 2018 March 10, 2018 February 2, 2018

Brent & Cindy Bolen Brent & Cindy Bolen MB Longhorns Nancy Dunn Brett & Teresa Krause

10 Entries Class 3 December 2017 - January 2018 Place

Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

Magic Swagg BCB Dunn Fast Lane SR Clout’s ISLA 800 Riverforks Real Rare Crystal Kettle

January 5, 2018 January 2, 2018 January 10, 2018 January 16, 2018 January 13, 2018

Brent & Cindy Bolen Nancy Dunn Lynn & Josie Struthoff Terry & Tammy King John & Christy Randolph

12 Entries Class 4 October - November 2017 Place

Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

Swaggers Flower Girl HCL Dunn Dinero Dunn Portfolio Dunn Fire Alarm Maggie May DSM

October 23, 2017 November 1, 2017 October 30, 2017 November 1, 2017 October 24, 2017

Mikeal Beck Nancy Dunn Nancy Dunn Nancy Dunn Whistling Longhorn Ranch

8 Entries Class 5 August - September 2017 Place

Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

BL Bwana’s Tango BL Kaylie SR Clout’s Ellie 796 ATR Red’s High Heels SKH Emerald Splash

August 1, 2017 Sept. 21, 2017 Sept. 6, 2017 August 13, 2017 August 8, 2017

Bob & Pam Loomis Bob & Pam Loomis Lynn & Josie Struthoff Don Bartlett Stephen & Kim Head

Class 6 June - July 2017

8 Entries


Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

Kettle’s OJO Dunn Destiny JTW Kindle Fire DC Blanquita OL Catchit’s Girl

July 2, 2017 July 30, 2017 June 16, 2017 June 29, 2017 June 10, 2017

John & Christy Randolph Nancy Dunn Mikeal Beck/Austin Rohr Baker & Fairchild Partnership Michael Owen

Class 7 March - May 2017

14 Entries


Animals Name



1 2 3 4 5

Dunn High Cotton Senamon Spice CK Buzz N Bee Happy SR Clout’s Adele 725 Rowdy Spirit BCB

May 27, 2017 April 11, 2017 April 5, 2017 April 1, 2017 April 21, 2017

Nancy Dunn Kathy Palladini Brett & Teresa Krause Lynn & Josie Struthoff Brent & Cindy Bolen

4 Entries Class 8 December 2016 - February 2017 Place

Animals Name



1 2 3 4

RB Stormy Morning Princess Enuff BCB WA Star Factor Impartial

February 22, 2017 January 26, 2017 Dec. 17, 2016 January 17, 2017

Terry & Kathy Bruner Brent & Cindy Bolen James & Helen Cloakey Gary & Lisa Rossow

4 Entries Class 9 October - December 2016 Place

Animals Name



1 2 3 4

Riverforks Oh So Pretty Sweet River Queen BCB DG Sittin’ Autumn Kettle’s Jazz

October 23, 2016 October 11, 2016 Sept. 1, 2016 Nov. 9, 2016

Terry & Tammy King Brent & Cindy Bolen Mark & Charity Ray John & Christy Randolph

Class 10 June - August 2016

1 Entry


Animals Name




GLR Beautiful Memory

August 16, 2016

Gary & Lisa Rossow

Thank you

THANK YOU to ALL the Sponsors of the 2018 ITLA Championship Show, Futurities and Convention. It is your support that helped make this event a great success. Your continued support of your association and it’s events is what has kept ITLA strong over the years. We are looking forward to an even better 2019 ITLA Championship Show and Convention in Sulphur Springs, Texas on October 9th -12th.

Convention, Class and Buckle Sponsor P&C Cattle Pens the official chute of ITLA Randy & Marsha Witte Tom & Linda Nading Kevin Bryant John Randolph Struthoff Ranch Debbie Bowman TJ & Tammy Farnswoth Dick Lowe in memory of Peg Lowe Larry & Heatherly Smith Dick Lowe John & Darlene Nelson Dale & Gina Francisco Best of Trails P & C Cattle Pens Roland West/David West Robert Snyder Gordon & Charlene Musgrove Dale Metz & DeCarlo Noble Roger Cole DVM Enid Convention and Visitors Bureau Best of The Trails Texas Longhorn Association Brett & Teresa Krause Longhorn Posse Association

Craig Kroeker Debbie Bowman Catherine Ritter/Carolyn Smith JW Longhorns Dick Wier Debbie Witham Tanner Longhorns Mike Thiel Patrece Ramey Matt & Courtney Tomey Mike Beijl Jessica Morris Harv Brandt/Josh & Megan Shaw Deb Etsey Andy & Amber Dunmire Great Lakes Texas Longhorn Association Cindy Manion Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association GNTLA Neil Glasgow Kathy Lewis Shayne Pemberton Crescent Falls Ranch John & Christy Randolph

Rick Baldwin Dora Thompson Oak Hill Longhorns Stan Tidwell JR Richardson Ranch Carl Wood Randy Alvarez D3 Farms Sayre Auctions Wes Watson Van Liew Ranch Cathy Hawk Catherine Ritter Brad & Robin Hancock MeMe’s Inc. Robert Hanshaw Forrest Walker Pam Kinsel Jeremy Johnson B4 Cattle Company Lizz Huntzberry Pat Walsh

Heifer Sale Donors M2 Cattle Company/Bryant Cattle Co. Joe Dowling, L.D. McIntyre & Gwen Demato Joe Dowling & L.D. McIntyre Scott Simmons & Bryant Cattle Co. Bill & Elizabeth Hudson Joel Dickinson/Dickinson Cattle Co. Kevin & Jodi Bryant/Bryant Cattle Co. Triple R Ranch/Dick Lowe. In memory of Peg Lowe Joe Dowling John King/ J&J Longhorns John & Suzanne Moxley / Cross Wrench Ranch

Kathy Palladini/Double K Longhorns P&C Cattle Pens Darol & Linda Dickinson/Dickinson Cattle Co. Stockton/Burton Ranches Keith Scott & Gretchen Cain/Duck Creek Cattle Mike & Jamie Tomey/Tomey Farms Mac & Holly Stewart/Sleepy Hollow Longhorns Adam Case/Case Cattle Co. Randy & Marsha Witte/Red Ink Ranch Bryce Chaffee/ Savannah Schar David & Missy Hackney/Double H Farms

International Texas Longhorn Association Board of Directors Meeting Conference Call January 8th, 2019 7:00pm C.S.T. Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Larry Smith II Invocation was given by President Larry Smith II Board Attendance was taken by Madeline McGuire. Quorum established Motion: was made by Region 4 Director, John Nelson to appoint Terry Brink as Region 6 Director. Seconded by Region 8 Director Russell Hooks. Motion passed unanimously. At this time, Terry Brink joined the conference call. Motion: was made by Vice-President, Lizz Huntzberry, to reinstate the by-law for the past President to serve a one-year term to assist the new President. Seconded by Region 3 Director Dick Lowe. Motion passed unanimously. At this time, Mike Tomey joined the conference call. Motion: was made by At Large Director #1, John Moxley, to approve the financial report. Seconded by Region 8 Director, Russell Hooks. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Region 8 Director, Russell Hooks, to accept the minutes with the amendment to the meeting minutes from 10/27/2018, corrected to read President Larry Smith II reminded the membership of the board vote to have the convention in Texas for 2 years then out of state for one year. The Convention has not been in Texas in 6 years. Seconded by At Large Director #1, John Moxley. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Region 2 Director, Dan Grove, to present P&C Cattle Pens a lifetime membership and designate P & C as the official Chute of the ITLA. Seconded by Region 9 Director, Joe Dowling. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by past President, Mike Tomey, to remove Trish David From the Frist Financial Bank Safety Deposit Box and replace her with Madeline McGuire, Judy Williams, and Larry Smith II. Seconded by At Large Director #1, John Moxley. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Vice- President, Lizz Huntzberry, to approve the Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association as an ITLA Affiliate. Seconded by Director At Large #2, Joel Dickinson. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Vice-President, Lizz Huntzberry, for ITLA to start registering Miniature Texas Longhorns. Seconded by John Moxley. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Vice-President, Lizz Huntzberry, to add five miniature classes for females and 2 classes for males to the Show Rule Book. Seconded by At Large Director #1, John Moxley. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Vice- President, Lizz Huntzberry, to approve the Futurity Committee’s recommendations for the rules and regulations of the ITLA and All-Star Futurities. Rules and Regulations approved are as follows 1) Change the All-Star Futurity entries from an 80/20 split to a 70/30 with 70% of entry fees going for awards and 30% retained by ITLA. 2) ITLA and All-Star Futurities shall follow the ITLA Show Rule Book to include a calf must be at side or palpated safe in calf after 30 months of age, no calves at side over 210 days of age, dispute resolutions, etc. 3) Recommend the judging panel include 5 judges whose high and low scores are discarded. 5) To allow the Futurity committee to develop a standardized score sheet that the judges agree to follow Seconded by At Large Director #2 Joel Dickinson. Motion passed unanimously. Not approved, 4) Recommended that the Grand Champions be selected by taking the highest score of all the animals. Approval for item 4 when it is changed to Recommended that the Grand Champions be selected by the group of first place class winners. Motion: was made by At Large Director #2, Joel Dickinson, to develop a DNA questionnaire during the next 3 months and present the questionnaire to the board at the April meeting. Seconded by Region 6 Director, Terry Brink. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Region 8 Director, Russell Hooks, to accept Cori Garcia as the ITLA Youth Director. Seconded by Dick Lowe. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by At Large Director #2, Joel Dickinson, to offer a discounted rate of $10.00 for any bull registered with the ITLA in the year of 2019. Seconded by Dan Grove. Motion passed unanimously. Motion: was made by Region 3 Director, Dick Lowe, to adjourn. Seconded by At Large Director #1, John Moxley. Motion passed unanimously. Submitted by Madeline McGuire Approved by Secretary Russell Hooks

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