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Leading European manufacturer of flexible packagings designed for specifically arduous applications with 25 years of experience • Development, production and sale of four-point flexible intermediate bulk containers, container liners, bags for liquids, sewing threads and woven webbings • Production of flexible containers with LDPE liners and inner liners with barrier properties – with EVOH, polyamide or aluminium layer • Geographical position in the heart of Europe contributes to prompt deliveries just in time • Food approval production according to ISO 9001 and in conformity with HACCP standards • Personal approach and high quality.

LANEX Packaging s.r.o., Hlučínská 93, 747 23, Bolatice, Czech Republic, Phone: +420 553 751 111, Fax: +420 553 751 347, E-mail: padákové šnůry.indd 1

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SGORBATI 4 Growth through innovation



RADEMAKER 42-43 Rademaker: bread line and baguette production We’ll exhibit at... INTERNATIONAL PRESS STAND SOMMARIO FP 6-13.indd 2

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Machineries, plants and equipment for food and beverage industry­­­­­­ year XXV - issue n.6 - December 2013

LABELPACK 64 Labeling systems for food industry

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MODERN BAKERY 85/87 The bakery of the 21 century at Modern Bakery Moscow 2014

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hirty-year of experience gained through daily contacts with farmers and processing companies operating in the preparation of vegetables and fruit: these are the conditions that have made Sgorbati Group a firm believer that a comprehensive line of processing can not be made up by machinery and equipment of a single manufacturer. There are so many variables and elements involved in a production cycle, that every manufacturer tends to specialize in one of the phases that compose it. This is in order not to dilute their experiences and resources in achieving those levels of absolute performance and reliability that the market currently demands. In view of these considerations, Sgorbati Group was established to combine experience and relationships with market leading partners, providing technical advice needed to identify the best

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equipment for each job, and supplying such equipment complete with the necessary links to compose a perfectly integrated and efficient system. Whatever the product to work and the state in which it is to be reduced at the end of processing (cooked,

raw, frozen, whole, sliced, in form of sauce or preserve ...), Sgorbati Group, thanks to the freedom from any production constraints, ensures the achievement of all the targets set by the customer, both from operational and economical stand point.

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Complete solutions for Fruit & Vegetable Processing pigo.indd 1

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PIGO: FROM EXPANSION IN THE AMERICAN MARKET TO TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS The industry-leading company presents its technological innovations and projects for the upcoming year


n this issue we present some of the innovations by Pigo, world-wide leader in designing and manufacturing equipment and machines for fruit and vegetable production. There are three main news items: Pigo’s expansion in the American market; the development of new machines; and the improvement of cutting-edge machines, the Pitting Machine PG 103, and Easy Freeze.

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We are also publishing the company’s updated trade show calendar.

EXPANSION IN THE AMERICAN MARKET Pigo plans to further expand in the American market. The objective for 2014 will be twofold: to confirm its solid presence in North America and Canada,

culminating with registration in the NWFPA (North West Food Processors Association) and the FPSA (Food Processing Suppliers Association); and to win over the rest of the United States. Pigo was present in the major trade shows in the U.S., particularly the Chicago Process Expo from November 3-6; in Michigan for the Great Lakes Fruit Expo, December 10-12;

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and finally, it will be present in Portland for the 2014 Expo, January 12-14.

THE NEW MACHINES; INNOVATION IN CUSTOMER SERVICE Pigo has developed new machines such as:

EASY Dry SPYRO, the best solution for drying various products. With similar construction, Easy Dry SPYRO offers the same advantages as Easy Freeze SPYRO in terms of hygiene, ease of use, and energy efficiency. WASHING MACHINE PG 018, is the new washer for fruits and vegetables with an innovative system of nozzles, valves, and filters. CAULIFLOWER MACHINE PG 415, separates pieces of cauliflower, cutting at the base.

EVOLUTION THROUGH IMPROVEMENT Always looking to improve its

PIGO FP 6-13.indd 4

equipment, Pigo has even invested in innovating its cutting-edge machines: A centralized lubricating system was installed on the PITTING MACHINE PG 103, which allows for fast, perfect lubrication. A new, fast and effective automatic-wash system was installed on

the EASY Freeze, allowing for a quick,thorough wash. The innovative centralized lubricating system was also installed here.

NEW TRADE SHOWS SCHEDULED Pigo added two trade shows to its calender: FRUIT ATTRACTION in Madrid in October; and SEAFOOD PROCESSING BRUSSELS (2014).

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nnovative packages are the key in the fight against food loss and wastage. More effective barrier layers, germicidal films and freshness indicators are intended to help products to keep for longer and halt consumers’ throwaway mentality. However, despite all these improvements, companies have to keep a constant eye on process efficiency and on costs. In the developing countries, one child in six is undernourished, which amounts to an absolute figure of 100 million. The United Nations (UN) estimates that undernouri-

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Helping others to help themselves: some years ago, in India, Bosch Packaging mounted packaging machines developed especially for local conditions on trucks in order to demonstrate the advantages of packaged foods to farmers and representatives of local authorities. (Photo: Bosch Packaging Technology) shment causes the deaths of 2.6 million children under five years old per year. This means that hunger is still one of the biggest scourges of humanity. Yet no one should have to go hungry. Every year some 1.3 billion tonnes of food worldwide ends up in the bin – a conclusion of the current report “Food Wastage Footprint: Impacts on Natural Resources” of the Food

and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). If food losses were reduced by using food more prudently, famines could be curbed. 54 per cent of wasted food, says the report, is lost during production, post-harvest treatment and storage. Particularly badly affected are the poorer countries of Africa and Asia where shortcomings during harvesting and logistics destroy 6 to 11 kg

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Cans to combat wastage: in emerging and developing countries, a great deal of food spoils due to shipment in its unpackaged state after harvesting. Simple anti-spoilage packages like these cans could prevent this. (Photo: Messe Düsseldorf/Tillmann)

Films under the microscope: the better the barrier properties of a packaging film are, the longer the contents stay fit for consumption. Scientists all over the world are therefore searching for new materials. (Photo: Fraunhofer IVV) of food per capita each year. Exposed to heat, fruit and milk spoil, and meat is rendered inedible by contamination with dangerous germs. On the other hand, wastage during processing, transport and consumption is more a problem of the industrialised nations. In Europe and North America, some 100 kg of food is thrown away per person and year although it is still fit for consumption.

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Demands for a change of attitude are therefore coming from the highest authorities. At his general audience during World Environment Day last June, Pope Francis called for an end to consumerism and the wastage of food. Central theme of interpack 2014 Industry has already got the message. According to a current study

by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, suitable packages are capable of reducing food loss considerably. Developers are therefore working hard on new concepts for packaging machines, the related process technology and “smart” packages. A total of 100 companies from the entire food value chain, from production, retailing and packaging through to logistics, are now participating in the SAVE FOOD Initiative, a joint project of the FAO, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. Its goal is to foster dialogue between industry, research, the political sphere and civil society on the subject of food loss. Reducing spoilage will also be the central theme at the Innovationparc Packaging at interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf. Exhibitors at this special show will be presenting their ideas on how food can be protected better from 7 to 14 May 2014. Furthermore, during the SAVE FOOD Conference at Messe Düsseldorf’s Congress Center South on 7 and 8 May, experts from politics, industry and society will be exchanging views on food loss and wastage. The sector has a lot of work ahead of it. Farmers in Africa first have to be convinced that it is better to package their produce at source than to send it off unprotected. It is not high tech that is called for here, but education locally. Representatives of companies like Bosch, for example, therefore toured emerging and developing countries with mobile packaging machines some years back in order to demonstrate to farmers the advantages of packaged foods. The throwaway mentality of the Western world, on the other hand, is even more difficult to combat. According to a survey by Berndt + Partner management consultants, 20 to 25 per cent of food in Europe is binned even though it is still fit for consumption. One contributory factor is the “best before date” that has to be

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The new-generation Slicer 906 is one of the most advanced cutting machines in Weber Maschinenbau’s product range. It operates more efficiently and hence more sustainably than its predecessors. (Photo: Weber Maschinenbau)

Everything under control: high speeds are essential for efficient production. MULTIVAC has a variety of automation solutions for food packaging available. (Photo: MULTIVAC) printed on all food packages. Once it is reached, food is often thrown away. However, “best before” does not mean that food is no longer edible after this date, but merely that its colour and consistency may change. The currently still widespread big packs exacerbate the problem. The best before date is often reached before the package contents have been consumed. Smaller, customised packages should help to solve the problem. “In our view, portioned packages for one-person households, for exam-

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ple, can help to stem food wastage,” says Christian Traumann, Managing Director of Bavaria packaging specialist MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller.

Creative package solutions Reporting continuously on a product’s state of freshness, time/ temperature indicators are another approach in the battle against spoilage and waste. The useful thing about them is that they render visible any breaks in the cooling chain, for instance. BASF and the Swiss

Freshpoint company are already producing labels containing a special pigment which are printed straight onto the package. The colour changes when the contents spoil. Research is also being conducted on active packages that interact with their contents. PET bottles are treated with oxygen absorbers like iron so that oxygen sensitive beverages such as beer and fruit juice keep for longer. Then there are films enriched with preservatives like sorbic acid that combat germ proliferation on foods. Critics claim that the additional chemicals on active packages impair the products’ natural quality. In their search for a remedy, scientists of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) in Freising, Bavaria, are developing antimicrobial materials based on plant extracts, e.g. from rosemary. “This way, food manufacturers can go further towards meeting the consumer’s wish for natural, healthpromoting products,” says IVV materials developer Sven Sängerlaub. The downside of many food-saving packages, however, is that they are relatively expensive to produce. If, for example, a “stronger” package calls for more material, it uses up

02/01/14 12.37

more resources. The sector is therefore trying to offset the expenditure on “smarter” packages by economising elsewhere along the food value chain. The manufacturers of packaging machines therefore endeavour to boost the efficiency of their lines by increasing the degree of automation and optimising their processes. MULTIVAC, for example, offers its customers innovative technologies that ensure among other things that as little film waste is generated during production as possible, Marketing Manager Valeska Haux explains. This is achieved with the aid of advanced machine tools, she continues, citing cutting tools as examples. The integration of handling modules in the packaging line as well ensures package-by-package quality control for maximum consumer protection, says Haux. “We boost the efficiency and hygiene of our production lines and prevent waste arising during production,” explains Mathias Dülfer, Managing Director of Weber Maschinenbau. This company specialising in high-performance cutting machines is constantly refining its range of lines. In the latest machines, innovative blade technologies, intuitive operating concepts and an open design ensure ease of operation, good accessibility and inspectability, and simple cleaning. “All this helps to make production even more efficient, more reliable and hence more sustainable,” says Dülfer. Packaging foods more securely and with higher throughput – this is also the aim of Spanish machine manufacturer ULMA Packaging. The company covers all packaging technologies from tubular bag packages to deep-drawing machines. At interpack 2014, the Spanish company will be showing new deep-drawing systems for skin packages, among other things. The main function of this kind of packaging is to extend shelf life while also preventing liquid loss due to evaporation. This retards germ growth. ULMA has also developed a new control for all machine models with user-friendly software. The newly developed control promises “a huge boost to productivity on all systems”, the company claims. The innovations from the manufacturers demonstrate that a whole battery of packaging strategies for preventing food loss is already available. And that they can be realised on the industrial scale at acceptable cost thanks to on-going improvements in the efficiency of the production technology. At interpack from 8 to 14 May, food manufacturers will have the chance to see them for themselves.



08 –14 may 2014 interpaCK.Com

every innovation Has its


point Messe Düsseldorf GmbH Postfach 10 10 06 _ 40001 Düsseldorf _ Germany Tel. + 49(0)2 11/ 45 60-01 _ Fax + 49(0)2 11/ 45 60-6 68 INTERPACK FP 6/13.indd 6

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n line with the philosophy established by the brothers who founded it, Filippo and Francesco Pagani, the company has always been committed to promoting innovation while retaining its competitive edge and respecting individuals. This is the secret of Fratelli Pagani S.p.A., a company set up over a hundred years ago, with a focus on herbs and spices and the ability to grow a business based on tradition thanks to professionalism and good business instincts. Growth has been steady, building on food development and innovation, made possible thanks to the continued work of its inhouse Research and Development laboratory, which is responsible for Quality Control, and is steered by seven experts and new techniques that are constantly being updated. The company has ambitious objectives, which it achieves thanks to the consistent, committed involvement of the shareholders, who span four generations, and to the ongoing professional development of its employees: this is why Fratelli Pagani S.p.A. is able to assess and anticipate its customers’ demands, guaranteeing the most beneficial and appropriate solutions, customised to suit their needs. With these firm foundations, imbued with innovation and excellence, some twenty years ago Fratelli

Pagani S.p.A. decided to expand into seasonings and functional ingredients for the Food Industry, drawing on its own cutting-edge technology: air-conditioned, dehumidified premises, standardised processing times, the highest qua-

lity of packaging materials and consistent quality. This area has grown, and now accounts for around 75% of the company’s turnover. Backed up by a strong infrastructure, with around eighty employees working at the Italian head offices

SKYBRIDGE PROJECT We are already well underway to achieving this ambitious goal thanks to a range of applications: › Cooked ham, injected and reconstituted products; › Mortadella; › Wurstel, Pariser, cooked sausage with an incredibly smooth fil-


ling, smoked or unsmoked; › Dry salami and matured meats; › Sausages, Hamburgers, Fresh Meat preparations using traditional mincing methods; › Ham, Speck and Whole and individual Cuts; › Pagani Chef, for deli and meat speciality products.

› Growth based on tradition and respect for individuals. › Development and innovation thanks to our Research and Development Laboratories and internal Quality Control. › Commitment to international growth.

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in Milan and three subsidiaries in Romania, Slovenia and Croatia, plus a network of distributors in Europe, in 2004 Fratelli Pagani S.p.A. launched the ambitious Pagani Chef project, for ready-to-cook meat products: the initiative enjoyed instant success, and continues to grow at an impressive rate. The goal is to offer customised technical support to every customer, thanks to our network of technical sales representatives and a quick, efficient internal department offering refresher courses to certain

customers using the latest technology for ingredients and seasoning products designed to suit specific needs. Our strategy for future growth is based on three main areas: developing the division dedicated to Functional Ingredients and Seasoning for medium and large companies in Italy, consolidating the Pagani Chef line, and third and most importantly, the concerted consolidation of our international expansion, which is set to represent an increasingly large proportion of the business in

the next few years.Our most important new products. Our products are already able to face the challenges laid down by the markets. For example, in terms of functional proteins for specific uses, we have pork, poultry and beef whose origins are guaranteed. Then there is the new Kutmix for Wurstel and our “kutter” products, together with our mixes for quick maturing salamis, mixes for cooked hams and “bars” for pre-sliced products, which hold the slices brilliantly, even when there is a low sodium content.



nnovativ zu sein und dabei wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben und die Menschen zu respektieren, die unser Unternehmen ausmachen und es erneuern, so haben es uns die Firmengründer, die Brüder Filippo und Francesco Pagani, gelehrt. Das ist das Geheimnis der Firma Fratelli Pagani SpA, die bereits seit über hundert Jahren im Bereich der Gewürze und Kräuter tätig ist und ihre dank des professionellen und unternehmerischen Einsatzes erreichte Weiterentwicklung mit dem Respekt für die Tradition zu verbinden wusste. Ein konstantes Wachstum durch Entwicklung und Innovation in der Lebensmittelbran-


che, die auch durch das stetige Engagement der für die Qualitätskontrolle verantwortlichen internen Forschungs- und Entwicklungsabteilung ermöglicht wurde, die von sieben, sich ständig weiterbildenden Fachleuten und neuen Anwendungstechnikern geleitet wird. Ehrgeizige Ziele, die seit vier Generationen durch die direkte und ständige Beteiligung der Eigentümer und die kontinuierliche berufliche Weiterbildung der Mitarbeiter erreicht werden konnten. Dadurch kann Fratelli Pagani SpA die Kundenbedürfnisse verstehen und diese zeitnah erfüllen, sowie angemessene und vertrauliche, individuelle Lösungen

anbieten. Basierend auf diesem gefestigtem Ausgangspunkt, der sich durch Innovation und Exzellenz auszeichnet, hat das Unternehmen Fratelli Pagani SpA vor etwa zwanzig Jahren beschlossen, seine Aktivität auf dem Gebiet der Aromen und funktionalen Inhaltsstoffe für die Lebensmittelindustrie dank seiner Spitzentechnologie auszubauen: klimatisierte und entfeuchtete Räume, standardisierte Verarbeitungszeiten, hochwertige Verpackungen, Beständigkeit bei den Qualitätsmerkmalen der Waren. Es handelt sich um ein wachsendes Segment, mit dem die Firma heute rund 75% ihres Umsatzes erwirtschaftet.

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Fratelli Pagani SpA beschäftigt am italienischen Stammsitz in Mailand insgesamt etwa 80 Mitarbeiter und verfügt daneben über drei Auslandsniederlassungen in Rumänien, Slowenien und Kroatien sowie ein umfassendes Vertriebsnetz in Europa. 2004 hat das Unternehmen das ehrgeizige Projekt Pagani Chef

für küchenfertige Frischfleischspezialitäten ins Leben gerufen, eine ausgesprochen erfolgreiche Initiative, die derzeit intensiv an Interesse gewinnt. Ziel ist eine individuelle technische Kundenbetreuung, dank eines Händler- und Technikernetzes und einem schnellen und effizien-

ten internen Service, im Rahmen dessen den Kunden auch Weiterbildungsveranstaltungen zu den besten Technologien für Zutaten und Aromatisierung angeboten werden, um deren spezifische Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen. Die Wachstumsstrategie für die Zukunft basiert auf drei Hauptbereichen: der Weiterentwicklung des Bereichs funktionale Zutaten und Aromen für mittelständische und große Unternehmen in Italien, der Weiterentwicklung der Linie Pagani Chef, aber auch einer entscheidenden Stärkung der Expansion auf den Auslandsmärkten, die in den kommenden Jahren einen immer größeren Prozentsatz des Gesamtumsatzes ausmachen werden. Unsere wichtigsten Neuheiten Schon jetzt nehmen unsere Produkte die Herausforderung der Märkte an, wie zum Beispiel auf dem Gebiet der speziellen funktionellen Proteine, die spezifisch für die jeweiligen Verwendungszwecke sind: Schwein, Geflügel und Rindfleisch mit garantierter Herkunft. Oder die neuen Kutmix für Würstchen und andere Produkte, die mit dem „Kutter“ (einer Art Fleischwolf) hergestellt werden, zusammen mit dem Mix für Salami mit schneller Reifung, dem Mix für Kochschinken und Aufschnittstangen mit einer ausgezeichneten Scheibenhaftung, auch bei Produkten mit niedrigem Natriumgehalt.

PROJEKT SKYBRIDGE Dieses ehrgeizige Ziel wird bereits heute für die verschiedenen Herstellungsarten angewandt:: › Kochschinken, injizierte und gepresste Produkte Mortadella › Wiener Würstchen, Brühwurst, Brühwürste mit feiner Masse, geräuchert und ungeräuchert


› Salami und andere Dauerwurstarten › Wurst, Burger (Hacksteak), frische Hackfleischzubereitungen nach herkömmlichen Verfahren › Schinken, Speck, Fleischprodukte im Ganzen sowie einzelne Fleischschnitte › Pagani Chef für küchenfertige Frischfleischspezialitäten

› Weiterentwicklung mit Respekt für die Traditionen und die Menschen › Entwicklung und Innovation dank der Forschungs- und Entwicklungslabore und der internen Qualitätskontrolle › Internationalisierung des Unternehmens

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The food industry focuses on clean energy. Two excellent examples promoted by Energy Resources: Cbm Fileni and Vis Industrie Alimentari


argeting international development trends, Energy Resources’ mission desires to translate the vision into a much more solid approach by designing technologies, systems and products that really mean zero impact for each human activity, from producing energy from renewable and inexhaustible sources to the use of energy to supply buildings and sustainable mobility systems. With more than 110 megawatts of total power installed in plants exploiting renewable energies, Energy Resources is one of the leaders in the Italian renewable energy market. In six years the company has reached a turnover of more than ₏ 350 million. To date more than 600 among the most important Italian companies have chosen ER to create photovoltaic and geothermal plants, Green Buildings and for renovating the energy systems as well as integrated systems for sustainable mobility. Energy Resources is also a green energy producer with 8.5 megawatts of owned photovoltaic plants which open the Italian energy market to foreign investors. Food is converting to renewables. A host of companies in the industry are renovating the energy systems in their facilities. There are two aims: restore old plants, often featuring asbestos roofs which require reclamation, and cut heating and electricity consumption thus reducing costs for the companies. Renewable energy is the answer to


these pressing needs. Vis Industrie Alimentari and Cbm Fileni are two good examples created by Energy Resources in Italy. With Ministerial Decree of 19 February 2007, Italian companies and private individuals were given the chance to make a real contribution to protecting the environment, by installing solar panels on roofs and on the ground. There are not only financial savings involved. Many people and companies jumped at the chance, also considering that photovoltaic panels insulate roofs better, with no risk to their waterproofing. Renewable energy is an excellent investment in terms of communication and green marketing: today’s consumers are more and more

16/12/13 15.07


interested in a company’s impact on the environment in addition to the sustainability of its production chain. This value directly reflects on the end product, increasing the perception of quality and authenticity. «Every plant installed for our customers – explains the chairman of Energy Resources, Enrico Cappanera - is like a tailor-made suit, designed and created on the basis of the real needs and potential of the structures we work on. We are talking about efficient, effective and safe investments».

C.B.M. FILENI This well-known chicken farm conceived two separate projects for energy development at the chicken houses and warehouses located in San Marcello (An), by installing a 200kw photovoltaic system with the Net metering formula (90% guaranteed coverage of the company’s electricity require-

ment), supported by another 1Mw system to complete the transfer of energy produced to the network. The panels almost cover the entire surface of the roofs. The opportunity was seized to replace the now obsolete roof with 8-centimetre “sandwich” insulation panels that provide significant thermal/acoustic insulation as well as an additional overall energy saving of more than 10%. Almost two years from commissioning the panels, the production of “green” energy has exceeded 1,542,888.608 kWh, equalling 819,274.04 kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere, and 336,261.90 litres of petrol not used: the equivalent of 106,000 new trees.

VIS INDUSTRIE ALIMENTARI In 2011 this leading company specialised in the production and wholesale of frozen food decided to transform the roof of the facility in Noale (VE)

into a true solar-power electricity production plant while reclaiming the old asbestos covering. Energy Resources proposed the most competitive bid in technical and financial terms. This allowed Vis Industrie Alimentari to benefit from the incentives to the production of green energy in addition to a further bonus for reclaiming the asbestos. The 292.5 kWp photovoltaic system guaranteed a new source of revenue by producing considerable savings by slashing electricity consumption. Almost two years from commissioning the panels, the production of “green” energy has reached 400,000 kWh, equalling 200,000 kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere, and a saving of around € 90,000 per annum. Thanks asbestos reclamation, the incentive recognised to VIS was among the highest obtainable from the GSE (Energy Services Manager).


Die Lebensmittelindustrie setzt auf saubere Energie. Zwei exzellente Beispiele aus dem Hause Energy Resources: Cbm Fileni und Vis Industrie Alimentari


ereits auf die Dynamiken der internationalen Entwicklung ausgelegt, möchte die Mission von Energy Resources die Vision in einen sehr viel konkreteren Ansatz übersetzen, und dabei Technologien, Systeme und Produkte entwickeln, die in der Lage sind, eine wirkliche Null-Auswirkung für jede menschliche Tätigkeit zu erzielen, von der Stromerzeugung aus erneuerbaren und unerschöpflichen Quellen, bis hin zur Nutzung desselben für die Energieversorgung von Gebäuden und nachhaltigen Mobilitätssystemen. Mit über 100 Megawatt installierter Gesamtleistung in Anlagen zur Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien ist


Energy Resources einer der TopLeader auf dem italienischen Markt der erneuerbaren Energien. In sechs Jahren hat das Unternehmen einen Umsatz von über 350 Millionen Euro erwirtschaftet. Bis heute haben sich über 600 der bedeutendsten Unternehmen des Made in Italy zur Verwirklichung von photovoltaischen und geothermischen Anlagen, Green Building und energetischen Requalifizierungen, nebst integrierten Systemen für die nachhaltige Mobilität, für ER entschieden. Energy Resources ist auch Erzeuger von grünem Strom durch 8,5 Megawatt eigene Photovoltaikanlagen, die den italienischen Strommarkt für ausländische Investoren öffnen.

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Die Lebensmittelindustrie sattelt auf erneuerbare Energien um. Zahlreiche Unternehmen der Branche setzen auf die energetische Requalifizierung ihrer Strukturen. Dabei wird ein zweifaches Ziel verfolgt: Die Sanierung der alten Werke, die sich oftmals noch durch Asbestabdeckungen auszeichnen, die saniert werden müssen und die drastische Reduzierung des Heizungs- und Stromverbrauchs zur Senkung der Betriebskosten. Die Antwort auf diese dringenden Bedürfnisse kann nur von den erneuerbaren Energien kommen. Es gibt zwei virtuose Beispiele, die Energy Resources in Italien verwirklicht hat: Vis Industrie Alimentari und Cbm Fileni. Durch das Ministerialdekret vom 19. Februar 2007 hat sich die Möglichkeit für die italienischen Unternehmen, aber auch für Privatpersonen eröffnet, durch die Installation von Photovoltaikpaneelen sowohl auf Dächern, als auch auf dem Boden, einen aktiven Beitrag für den Umweltschutz zu leisten. Mit Blick auf die Einsparung, und zwar nicht nur aus wirtschaftlicher Sicht. Und sehr viele haben die Gelegenheit beim Schopf gepackt, auch in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass die Photovoltaik für eine bessere Isolierung des Daches sorgt, ohne Gefahren für die Abdichtungseigenschaften der Dachböden. Die erneuerbaren Energien stellen im Übrigen eine ausgezeichnete Investition in Bezug auf Kommunikation und Green Marketing dar: Der moderne Verbraucher wird immer aufmerksamer und achtet neben der Nachhaltigkeit der Produktkette auch auf die Umweltauswirkungen des Unternehmens, einen Wert, der sich direkt im Endprodukt widerspiegelt, und die Wahrnehmung von Qualität und Ursprünglichkeit steigert. «Jede für unsere Kunden installierte Anlage - erklärt der Präsident von Energy Resources, Enrico Cappanera - ist wie ein Maßanzug, geplant und gebaut auf Grundlage der tatsächlichen Bedürfnisse und Potenziale der Strukturen, für die wir


arbeiten. Wir sprechen hier von effizienten, effektiven und sicheren Investitionen».

Erdöl überschritten: Das entspricht 106 Tausend neuen Bäumen.


Das bedeutende, auf die Herstellung und den Großhandel von Tiefkühlwaren spezialisierte Unternehmen hat 2011 beschlossen, das Dach des Werks in Noale (VE) in ein wahres Kraftwerk für die Erzeugung von Solarenergie zu verwandeln, und dabei gleichzeitig die alten Asbestabdeckungen zu sanieren. Energy Resources hat das sowohl technisch als auch wirtschaftlich gesehen wettbewerbsfähigste Angebot abgegeben und der Vis Industrie Alimentari dadurch ermöglicht, nicht nur auf die Fördermittel für die Erzeugung von „grüner“ Energie, sondern auch auf eine weitere Prämie für die Asbestsanierung zuzugreifen. Die 292,5 kWp Photovoltaikanlage stellt eine neue Einnahmequelle dar, da sie für deutliche Einsparungen durch die starke Senkung des Stromverbrauchs sorgt. In fast zwei Jahren nach Inbetriebnahme der Paneele, hat die Produktion von „grüner“ Energie 400.000 kWh, entsprechend über 200.000 kg nicht in die Atmosphäre abgegebenem CO2, sowie eine wirtschaftliche Einsparung von etwa 90.000 Euro pro Jahr erreicht. Dank der Asbestsanierung zählt die der VIS zuerkannte Förderprämie mit zu den höchsten, die man von der Energieagentur GSE bekommen kann.

Das bekannte landwirtschaftliche Unternehmen, das im Bereich der Verwaltung von Geflügelzuchten tätig ist, hat zwei separate Projekte der energetischen Requalifizierung von Ställen und Werkshallen in San Marcello (AN) entwickelt, und eine 200 kW Photovoltaikanlage mit der Formel des Stromtauschs vor Ort installiert (Garantie für eine 90%ige Abdeckung des Bedarfs des Unternehmens an elektrischer Energie), neben einer weiteren 1 mW Anlage, deren erzeugte Energie vollständig ins Stromnetz eingespeist wird. Die Paneele decken nahezu die gesamte Fläche der Dächer ab. Man nutzte die Gelegenheit, die nunmehr veralteten Abdeckungen durch 8 cm dicke „Sandwich“-Isolierpaneele zu ersetzen, die sowohl für eine ausgezeichnete Wärme-/Schalldämmung sorgen, als auch eine weitere Energieeinsparung von insgesamt mehr als 10% ermöglichen. In fast zwei Jahren nach Inbetriebnahme der Paneele, hat die Produktion von „grüner“ Energie den Wert von 1.542.888,608 kWh, entsprechend über 819.274,04 kg nicht in die Atmosphäre abgegebenem CO2, sowie 336.261,90 Liter nicht verbrauchtem


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hanks to forty years of experience, F.B.L. is now a leading company in the glass and metal packaging industry (jars, bottles and tins) for food products such as jam, honey, tomatoes and tomato products (sauces, pureed tomatoes, tomato paste, ketchup), foods preserved in oil, pickles, fruit juices, mayonnaise, etc… F.B.L. is specialized in the manufacture of the following machine: Automatic depalletizer totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, for empty containers as metal cans, glass jars and glass bottles. Blower machine (universal or twist model) totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to clean by air or water or steam injection, the inside part of empty

FBL FP 2/13.indd 3

containers as metal cans, glass jars and glass bottles. Linear vibrating filler machine totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to fill glass jars and metal cans with food products as olives, small onions, cucumbers, artichokes, capers, mushrooms, cherries, mixed vegetables, fruit salad, etc… Rotative vacuum filler totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 in the parts in contact with food product, suitable to fill under vacuum preserving liquid as olive oil, sunflower seed-oil, saltwater,

vinegar, syrup, etc… Rotative piston filler totally buildup in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 in the parts in contact with food product, suitable to fill thick or semi-thick food products as jam, tomato paste, honey, sauces, cream, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc… Linear capping machine totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to close under vacuum by steam injection, glass jars/bottles provided by twist-off metal caps of different size. Tunnel pasteurizer-cooler totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for the thermic treatment of metal cans, glass jars, glass bottles filled by fruit juice, beer, jam, tomato paste, vegetables sauces, pickles, etc… Vacuum detector suitable to check if glass jars/bottles provided by twist-off metal caps with “safety button” are well closed with vacuum.

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xperts for freezing solutions from GEA Refrigeration North America were on hand at PROCESS EXPO 2013 to discuss the advantages of carton, spiral, tunnel, and impingement freezer solutions for applications in the food and beverage industry. In addition, other GEA professionals were available to introduce visitors to the company’s broader product line – including ice systems, chillers, screw and piston compressors, compressor packages, custom-engineered systems, controls, and more. One of the most exciting trends is faster freezing for increased product quality. If the surface of the product is frozen very quickly, moisture is captured inside. In addition, fast freezing avoids formation of large ice crystals, whereas slowly frozen foods lose more moisture while thawing. These are the reasons why GEA Refrigeration Technologies has improved its impingement technology. The result: GEA HVF (high-velocity freezer) with its advanced nozzle design. It can quickly and efficiently freeze hamburger patties, thin fish fillets, shrimp, and other flat products. In addition to freezing the whole product, such impingement freezers are likewise used for crust freezing. In such cases, it is not critical to assure a deep-frozen product core – a hard frozen surface, instead, is essential here, since it is beneficial for slicing meat. In many applications, versatility plays a key role: e.g., for freezing various ready meals, packed foods, etc. It is beneficial to operate a freezer that varies its retention time depending on product characteristics and weights – e.g., implemented in

GEA FP 6/13.indd 3

High-velocity freezers (HVF) from GEA enable freezing of flat food products faster than with conventional impingement freezers. the form of GEA I-VRT carton freezers. These freezers apply variable retention times to achieve high quality in the freezing process without wasting time and energy. Another versatile solution is the GEA Maxi-Stack spiral freezer. It offers special benefits when a greater throughput of frozen products is desired on a given footprint – or when compact equipment dimensions are specified as criteria for the production floor.

Faster freezing of flat food products High-velocity freezers (HVF) from GEA Refrigeration Technologies, based on impingement technology, enable the freezing of hamburger patties and other flat food products, as well as crust freezing of a wide range of food products. The throughput time is shorter than with conventional impingement systems. These innovative HVF systems from GEA utilize special high-velocity air nozzles, which ef-

fectively enable fast penetration of the insulating boundary layer of the goods to be frozen, and fast reduction of the temperature at the outer layer. The result is fast freezing of the product surface. Since the freezing process takes place faster than with conventional freezers, this minimizes dehydration losses of the food products. The benefits to food processors include higher food quality, less cellular damage, longer shelf life, shorter freezing time, 10 to 15 % greater production capacity, and greater yields – all with less energy consumption. With its HVF, GEA has raised the concept of impingement freezing to a new performance level and has implemented essential hygiene characteristics: e.g., fully welded seams and sloped unit floors. The GEA HVF freezer is available with one conveyor belt – or, as option, with two belts whose variable speeds can be separately adjusted.

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Chilling and freezing packaged goods inline With its two series I-SRT and I-VRT, GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers two effective solutions for chilling or freezing of packaged foods. These systems enable efficient cooling down to required temperatures of food in cartons, in shrink film, or in plastic packages. These systems are designed for uninterrupted operation and are easily integrated into plant logistics systems, since they are fed from conveyor belts. This makes intermediate storage unnecessary, and the chilling or freezing process fits seamlessly between processing and packaging stages. Systems in the I-SRT series are designed for goods with fixed retention times (SRT = single retention time). Processing takes place sequentially according to the first-in, first-out principle. After the system accepts the packages from the conveyor belt, the SRT unit places them automatically on an empty placement tray, and then positions them into the chilling stream of air. The process assures sufficient interval to the adjacent trays, to allow effective heat transfer. One positive result is short retention times. After completion of the retention time, the goods are gently transferred to a conveyor belt, where they pass to palletizing and to consignment storage. The I-SRT systems can be designed for output of 1,400 to 13,600 kg/h. The I-VRT systems (VRT = variable single retention time) enable chilling or freezing of various products alternatively, since they allow variable retention times. They can be effectively used, for example, for food products of various weights or forms. When the product reaches the end of the set retention time, and has achieved the previously specified exit temperature profile, the placement tray is removed and unloaded. Here as well, loading and unloading of the freezers with conveyor belts assure smooth inte-

GEA FP 6/13.indd 4

GEA carton chillers and freezers are designed and available for fixed or variable retention times. The picture shows an internal view of the GEA I-VRT. Uptake and output sections with conveyor belts enable seamless integration of the units into plant conveyor systems. gration into plant logistics. The GEA I-VRT freezers or chillers are available for throughput volumes of approx. 4,500 to 41,000 kg/h.

More freezer capacity for the same footprint GEA Maxi-Stack offers great freezing capacity on a small footprint. These freezers are available for output up to approx. 3,500 kg/h (depending on product). Their compact size is possible as a result of their self-stacking, patented GEA Q-belt™ conveyor belt, which makes unnecessary the slide rails that are conventionally used with low-tension spiral freezers. This means more conveyor belt surface area with the same external dimensions. GEA Maxi-Stack is available in various numbers of tiers, thereby enabling the user to adapt his freezers to the product being processed. GEA Maxi-Stack uses the latest advanced features from the GEA freezing product range: e.g., the fully welded modular insulated floor and stainless steel structure, and a fully welded stainless steel case as an option. All these design features enable the GEA Maxi-Stack

to be cleaned efficiently by a CIP system (clean-in-place). The evaporator is manufactured in-house with stainless steel tubes and with 0.6 mm aluminum fins. GEA Maxi-Stack offers special benefits when increased throughput of frozen products is desired on a given equipment footprint – or when compact building dimensions are being implemented for the production floor. The option of a snowremoval system allows extended operating time between interruptions for defrosting. The recirculating CIP option offers highly efficient cleaning and saves water and detergent.

With its GEA Maxi-Stack model, GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers an extremely compact spiral freezer for output up to approx. 3,500 kg/h.

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INNOVATION: CUSTOMIZED  SOLUTIONS  & PROJECT IN SORTING EQUIPMENT  Over 20 years old, Italian sorting equipment company Protec has made its mark worldwide. With Its research and development department at its core, the company continues to innovate, by his President & Owner Mr. Luigi Sandei


bsolute safety Protec Sorting Equipment’s technological commitment is imbued in efficient machines offering many advantages. The company Protec was founded in 1990 and has become a leader in the design and production of dual-vision sorting machines for the food industry. Protec has always invested in ideas and resources and the over 3000 plants installed worldwide are evi-

PROTEC FP 6/12.indd 3

dence of the company’s thorough and targeted managerial policy, which aims to have a team of professional people whose main target is offering their customers reliable, accurate and efficient solutions. The company’s technological commitment can be found in a machine called Duett, which is the first dualvision sorting machine for fresh salads proposed by Protec; it enables examining produce on either sides, indicating defects or foreign

bodies. In addition to this, some cameras and an exclusive visual and fluorescent lighting system allows identifying the chlorophyll that all vegetables usually have. Polluting agents, such as plastic, paper, cardboard and insects as well, can be easily kept apart. The particular configuration of the inclined conveyor belt enables separating defective produce by means of air jets. The visual system makes use of the most up-to-date electro-

16/12/13 14.10

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05/07/13 18.59


nic technology and exclusive software for processing images. Duett can be easily put in production lines because not only is it waterproof but also resistant to the usual cleansing sanification products. Protec has always focused on technological innovation and the investments of the past years have enabled the company’s team of engineers and designers to perfect this new technology at one of the most important European producers of IV range produce. To this regard, it is worth of special mention the fact that in addition to being a leading company on the market, Protec is also leader in tomato sorting, and in the past years it has developed high technology for IV range products, such as ready salads, corn, peas, and more. In addition to tomatoes, it is now possible to sort whole fruit, tomato and fruit pulp, extrusions, purees, jams, leaf vegetables (fresh or dehydrated), legumes, diced fruit and potatoes (in almost every form). As a result, a simple product such as a tin of peas or a pot of jam, which people buy everyday, embodies a high-level technology aimed at achieving the highest quality, the one that Protec has always targeted UVA. Protec is happy to present the X-TRI line, optical ari-jet sorter for winemaking grapes. The development is the result of efficient investment. Protec, a company which has been active since

Sorter for whole tomatoes, fruit, potatoes and vegetables.

PROTEC FP 6/12.indd 4

Optical Air-jet sorter for winemaking grapes.

1990 in the sector for optically sensing sorters. The x-tri line consists of a destemmer, a vibrating mat for even distribution and an optical unit. Belt elevators may be needed to connect between different levels. How x-tri functions: the fruit exiting the destemmer is distributed on the vibrating mat, in preparation for feeding the optical unit. The optical sensor recognises the different defects (stalks, leaves, leaf stems, insects and foreign matter) and expels them using a jet of air. The good produce is discharged directly for subsequent processing

Air ejection sorter with 2 or 4 vision cameras system for fresh vegetables, fresh-cut and fruit dices. Inspects the product on both sides.

into the pressing unit. The optical system also makes it possible to recognise less ripe fruit (having a different colour), which can also be expelled along with the other defects. The defects to be rejected can be programmed using a touch screen. The x-tri line can handle up to approximately 15 t/hr of grapes. The capacity depends on a number of factors, such as the type of grape, the degree of ripeness, the number of defects, etc. For more information, please to contact: Mr. Rocco Sandei (sales manager) r.sandei@

Suction ejection sorter with 1 to 4 cameras for pulps, compotes, liquids, for tomatoes and fruits. Special citrus version.

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Are your looking for a packaging equipment? Visit 600.000 visits a year, 177 countries visiting, 3.428 companies, 4.000 keywords in the first Google pages

Do you want to be found? Place your company in


EDITRICE ZEUS Via P. Ballerini, 66 - 20831 Seregno, Italy tel. +39 0362 244.182 - 0362 244.186 -

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German-based company MIWE counts on continued successful collaboration with HEIDI Chef Solutions


ranular activated sludge anaerobic technologies represent an effective and profitable methodology of treatment of wastewaters with a high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) content, allowing at the same time the recycle and the energetic valorization of them. These technologies are based on exploitation of a biological process – anaerobic digestion – able to bring down pollutant organic substances contained in these wastewaters, producing biogas from that it is possible to get electrical and thermal energy. Anaerobic technologies are applicable to wastewaters containing classes of organic compound easy biodegradable (as sugars, starches and

TECAM FP 6/13.indd 3

alcohols) as those of chemical-pharmaceutical industry, food and beverages industry, distilleries, breweries, sugar refineries, papers mills and to liquid biomasses. Between technologies employing granular activated sludge, one of the most used is the UASB (Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket). Plants that apply it, called retained biomass and high-flow UASB reactors, contain a granular activated sludge bed one or two meters high made up of methanogenic bacteria. Wastewater, pumped from bottom, goes across the bed of bacteria, that, thanks to digestion of carbon, can lower the level of COD present in it, producing biogas (a mix of water vapour, carbon dioxi-

de (CO2) and methane). The biogas so obtained is drawn out and piped to a cogeneration engine that produces electrical and thermal energy. Treated water, with a low content of COD, can be recycled in the production process or discharged into surface waters, if necessary after application of further treatments for reduction of other pollutants or of remaining COD. Granular sludge anaerobic technologies help the pursuit of the main aims of EU BREFs (Best available techniques REFence documents): maximization of recycled water amount, reduction of wastes produced (minimization of muds production in comparison with aerobic technologies), increase of recycle process’ power

23/12/13 13.54


efficiency. TECAM, company operating in the field of industrial primary and waste waters treatment, is able to realize systems of treatment combining different technologies on the base of an evaluation of relation between environmental and economical benefits of each technological choice. In the case of UASB technology application, the system of treatment has to be designed with the aim to optimize energy production from it, by a careful analysis of the wastewater’s characteristics.


can be removed through a flotation or a sedimentation process; ammonia nitrogen through stripping, precipitation or selective separation; high salts concentration by wastewater dilution. Too low temperatures as well don’t allow methanogenic bacteria action. This problem can be overcome heating the plant, but this choice isn’t of course always convenient from economical point of view. Anaerobic digestion has an efficient application on wastewaters with COD values from 2.000 to 20.000 ppm (the ideal value is 8.000 ppm). Of course, higher is COD content of wastewaters, bigger is biogas and then energy quantity generable by the digestion process (0,35 m3/h of methane for each kg of COD). If COD level is too low it’s possible opt for a concentration of wastewater, if too high for a dilution.


FACTORS LIMITING ANAEROBIC TREATMENTS APPLICATION AND RESOLVING PRE-TREATMENTS Extension of granular sludge anaerobic technologies application to different types of wastewaters has been possible not so much due to improvements made to anaerobic processes themselves, but rather owing to the match of pretreatments aimed to remove from wastewaters substances that inhibit methanogenic bacteria action, such as: ❱ suspended solids; ❱ ammonia nitrogen; ❱ salts in high concentration; ❱ COD in very high or very low concentrations. Presence of suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen and high salts concentration prevent methanogenic bacteria survival. Suspended solids

TECAM FP 6/13.indd 4

Normally washing waters of PET plastic and glass from differentiated wastes collection are treated only with solids separators (sedimentators, flotators): because of the high values of COD remaining in water so treated, it’s not possible reintroduce in the washing cycle more of 20-25% of it. Amount of the water reusable is then very low and the COD content of the rest of water to treat is considerable (for example, for a plant able to wash 1.500 Kg/h of PET, pollutant load is of 1.500-2.000 Kg/day of COD). An anaerobic treatment of wastewater applied after suspended solids separation treatment allows a lowering of COD load, with considerable environmental and economical benefits as the increase of recycled water (from 20-25% to 90-95%), the reduction of residual COD quantity (from 1.500-2.000 Kg/day to less of 500 Kg/day for the case considered) in wastewaters to send to following depuration treatments and the valorization of treated wastewater thanks

to production of biogas, from that it is possible generate electrical energy (about 150 kWh in the case considered), factors that permit to speed up Return On Investment of the treatment system.


Quali-quantitative characteristics of leachate produced in a municipal solid wastes landfill – besides to be influenced by the wastes nature, collection ways and potential pretreatments as selection, shredding, compaction – undergo in the course of time noteworthy variations in relation to the evolution of biological processes happening in wastes during landfill management. In general, after a starting period of aerobic degradation, occur next phases: 1)acid fermentation, during which leachate is characterized from: ❱ an acidic pH (because of high concentrations of volatile fatty acids): 5-6; ❱ high concentrations of BOD5 (because of a strong presence of organic acids): > 15.000 mg/l; ❱ high values of the proportion BOD5/ COD: > 0,7; ❱ high concentrations of ammonia: 500-1.000 mg/l; ❱ high concentrations of heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Mg, Zn, Ca), since acidic pH conditions favour solubilization; ❱ high concentrations of inorganic ions (Cl-, S042-, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+); 2)unstable methanogenic fermentation, during which occur methano-

23/12/13 13.54


genic bacteria growth, characterized from following phenomena: ❱ diminution of sulphates concentration by biological reduction; ❱ progressive conversion of fatty acids; ❱ progressive increase of pH and alkalinity; ❱ diminution of solubility of heavy metals (that can be precipitated as sulphides); ❱ release of ammonia (that it’s not converted from anaerobic process): l.000-3.000 mg/l; 3) stable methanogenic fermentation, during which leachate is characterized from: ❱ pH near to neutrality; ❱ relatively low BOD5 concentrations; ❱ very low values of the proportion BOD5/COD: 0,05-0,07 after 15-20 years; ❱ significant ammonia concentrations: >3.000 mg/l; ❱ low concentrations of heavy metals; ❱ low concentrations of total dissolved solids. ❱ Landfill leachate in general reaches maximum pollutant load values during the first and the second year of running, period after that they progressively decrease. This trend is registered in organic (COD, BOD, TOC) and microbiological pollution parameters and in the presence of inorganic ions. In conclusion municipal solid wastes leachate presents an inorganic load constituted by high concentrations of ammonium (1.000 - 3.000 ppm) and chlorides (1.000 - 5.000 ppm) and by the presence of different ions (zinc, lead, etc.). These substances can inhibit for different reasons biogas generation of the normal anaerobic fermentation processes of municipal solid wastes or of a granular sludge anaerobic treatment of leachate in a third party platform. Also in this case TECAM suggests a pre-treatment of leachate with membranes technologies (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) permits to obtain a wastewater with an high COD and a

TECAM FP 6/13.indd 5

low nitrogen and salts load, ideal for the anaerobic digestion in a granular sludge reactor. Concentrated coming out from membranes treatment, rich in nitrogen, can as well be valorized as fertilizer.


BENEFITS AND DISADVANTAGES OF ANAEROBIC TREATMENTS: The main benefits of anaerobic treatments in comparison with aerobic ones are: ❱ low power consume and energy production: an anaerobic reactor brings down about 90% of inflow COD without power consume, rather producing biogas;

❱ reduction of wastes produced: anaerobic treatment produces about a tenth of quantity of muds produced from aerobic systems, with consequent lowering of their disposal costs; ❱ maximization of recycled water amount; ❱ optimization of aerobic treatments: anaerobic pre-treatment of wastewater increases its global biodegradabi-

lity, allowing to aerobic finishing section to commit itself to abatement of more biorefractory species.

The main disadvantages are: ❱ plants dimensions (an UASB reactor can reach an height of 8 meters); ❱ possible need of further depuration of water by a finishing treatment prior to discharge.

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n spite of the current economical crisis, the food industry market continues to be extremely dynamic and we can see how new production units are still realized. It is important in this context to have highly experienced companies in the field of food processing plants to rely on. Established in 1881 Sordi Impianti is a guarantee of reliability and competence, being in the field of food processing plants since over a century. Sordi Impianti was among the first companies in the world to propose indirect UHT milk processing plants, both plate “Steriplak-S” and tubular type “Steriplak-T”. UHT plants are equipped with aseptic tanks suitable for the most different food products. The process capacities of Sordi drink milk plants, may vary from small size units (milk units at the farm) to high capacity processing lines, with highly sophisticated automation levels. Sordi plants for drink milk cover the whole range of equipment from milk reception, storage and pasteu-

SORDI FP 5-13.indd 3

rization until the chemical cleaning CIP units. “Steriplak” is an extremely reliable and versatile UHT unit equipped with a set of safety devices enabling the production of sterile and safe food products. Steriplak-T (tubular) main advantages are: ❱ Fully-welded product contacting surfaces ❱ Easy inspection of product and media sides ❱ High pressure stability ❱ High heat regeneration ❱ Process flexibility both for products with and without particles ❱ Similar speeds of product and heating media with reduced product exposure to thermal stress ❱ High reliability ❱ Low maintenance costs ❱ Competitive price The tubular exchangers use the corrugated pipes technology. Because of the corrugation, the heat exchange yield is increased, enabling in this way: ❱ Reduction of the contact time of

product to be processed (higher organoleptic quality of the final product) ❱ Reduction of the product holding time inside the exchanger (higher nutritional quality of the final product) ❱ Possibility to work at high pressures and temperatures ❱ Reduction of the cleaning times thanks to the higher mechanical action, generated by turbulence The key point of “Steriplak-S” (plate) is represented by the plate heat exchanger whose main charateristics are: ❱ High heat exchange efficiency. The advantage of the heat exchanger is given by the very large exchange surfaces and coefficients even with small Delta-values ❱ High turbulence condition ❱ Versatility. An increase of capacity on the same unit is obtained by simple plates addition ❱ High level of hygiene of the plate exchanger as all its parts are easily reachable for visual inspection.

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Making industrial food attractive: and the lines become TV stars


hat happened in food industry? Now there are two main methods of giving food for people-homemade & restaurants and industrial food production. Restaurant food made from the same components as industrial one but much more attractive and innovative. Why not to make industrial food so much attractive and surprising as restaurant? For that technology at food plants should be flexible and technologists should be innovative as chiefs. Restaurants surprise customers every day-food factories may have the same ability. So excited with this idea we made creative complex for innovative snacks production which is used successfully in many plants in EU, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan... The target customers are sweets, bakery, confectionary producers, dairy, cheese and ice-cream plants, meat, fish, salads, chicken, snacks, convenience food, vegetables, pizza and frozen foods producers. So all food plants worldwide who make industrial packaged ready or semi-ready food.That Neofood line consists of modules which can be used as a separate machines for production of old-style products. For example Intelestamp can be used for production of centerfilled balls and bars from nougat, gingerbread

NEOFOOD FP 6-13.indd 3

dough, halva, meat, cheese... Many customers still want to use the machines just as ordinary forming machines to upgrade their existing lines. We advertise that machines in Classified for certain application. But always remind customers that in future these blocks can be united to obtain combined products – so system upgradeable.

In this issue we will talk about a very innovative company: just a look at their videos and one can realize that - http://www.

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In this issue you will find the innovative machinery for industrial production of Dairy snacks.

Dear Sirs! It is high time for you to expand your product range. You want to launch something crucial which will totally change your current market situation? How? We have got the answer. The first and foremost thing is that we have carried out a market research in many Asian & European countries. According to the data we have compiled, we can come to a definite conclusion that for the next years sweet cheese cakes are to experience a boom of its popularity all over the world. Dairy production in Russia, Hungary, Israel, Baltic sea countries and the CIS countries has already seen this tendency. We are real experts in this field as we have tested the water for five years! The countries and companies which started their cooperation with us in due time took the most advantage by manufacturing sweet cheese curd thus boosting their sales for several times which triggered to generating more and more income. Doctors hold the view that the most

“All our lines become TV stars!” says Alex Solovyev, Neofood CEO. We had a talk with him to bring to you his ideas and his new concepts for the food industry. worthwhile thing about cheese The variety of sweet cheese curds curd is that, this product posyou can manufacture is huge. This is sesses numerous advana real market tool and an incentive that undoubtedly works to attract target customers. tages. It has a very deliSet your imagination free!!! cate taste. It is healthy and contains a lot of calcium. During the last several years cheese curds have been so popular that this product has become an integral part of a daily ration of Find the suitable shape children. and taste to your liking!!!

Round shaped Heart shaped Balls with different fillings Different kinds of fillings: jams confiture condensed milk  soft caramel and a like.

You can go even more further ! Three cheese curd balls with three different fillings and all coated with different color glaze or sprinkled with coconut chips and all in one package.

Chocolate tulip filled with curdled cheese mass !

NEOFOOD FP 6-13.indd 4

Enrobed cheese cusds filled with small biscuit balls.

A product of FANNI, the leading dairy product manufacturer in the Ukraine. Our regular customer!

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ARE YOU INTERESTED!! We remain in close friendly contact with all our customers and together with them create and invent new products. That is why we invite all our new or prospective customers to visit factories and see how these products in reality are manufactured and ready to give them the recipe and technology of their production. We help to create new products too for our new customers. There are lot of other milk products, like cheese cake, which can be produced from “Cottage Cheese”, a raw material used for making “Sweet Cheese Curds”. Economically the product is very profitable as production cost varies from 0.06€ to 0.30€, for a 35-

A product of WIMM BILL DANN, Russia’s leading producer of dairy products. Our regular customer and one of the best friends. 40gm packaged product, depending upon the consistency & quality of ingredients used. We can teach, how to decrease the cost of the product from 0.30€ to 0.06€ , where the retail price remains 0.50€. Looking at the given profit margin, the product is one of

the famous milk product among milk product manufacturers and fastest selling milk product because of its popularity among not only children, but adults as in every adult there is a hidden child as well as those who have not tasted it in their childhood, will definitely take the advantage of eating it at older age. It is an healthy product rich in calcium and recommended by the doctors for all age groups.

Competition increases within the dairy and confectionery industry. How do you make sure you keep the edge in such a demanding market? We believe the answer is to offer your customers innovative products made on Neofood highquality equipment which makes your production effective, flexible and gives consistently accurate product weights. Well, well, you want more? Here you are!!! Enrobed sandwich like cheese curd with filling on biscuit base. Cheese curds in a form of a daisy with a filling in the center of it on a biscuit base. Enrobed and decorated.

NEOFOOD FP 6-13.indd 8

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Senza titolo-1 1

19/04/13 11.12



In view of the current ‘trilogue’ discussions, the European dairy industry puts forward an effective safety net as an alternative to any form of supply management. This safety net should primarily operate through an intervention purchasing system, which has already proved itself to be effective and cost neutral to the EU budget in the past. EDA urges therefore the negotiators in the trilogue to make the appropriate modifications to the safety net to make this a viable measure against extreme price volatility.


n several occasions, the European Dairy Association (EDA) has voiced serious concerns about proposals for supply management in times of crisis by the EU in the dairy sector. The European dairy industry is not in favour of such measures for a number of reasons: first of all, it will not result in the desired price effect and second, it would primarily assist other, non-European, countries to profit from the growth in world market demand. There are also important concerns with regards to the efficiency, competitiveness, investment, budget, timeliness and administration of such a system. Yet freely operating markets are inherently volatile, and can cause needless destruction to productive potential. As there are no valuable private sector solutions in place yet, the EU should play a continued role in market management until these solutions become available.

EDA FP 6/13.indd 3

EDA is of the opinion that the provision of an effective safety net, primarily through the operation of an intervention purchasing system, would be a more effective means of addressing price volatility than supply management. Intervention purchasing has proven to be effective in 2009 in placing a floor in the market. It has also shown itself to be cost neutral to the EU budget. Concretely, the European dairy industry is asking policy makers to, as a part of the CAP reform, expand

and modify rules governing the use of intervention to: › Ensure that support prices can be adjusted to take into account relevant factors › Reassure the market that intervention will not be exploited to create artificially high support prices. This system would not prejudice the ability of the Commission to take action in response to emergency situations. Also, an appropriate intervention support price for the future would need to be determined by the Commission via exhaustive econometric analysis. “We feel that supporting and strengthening the safety net will equip the EU with a cost effective instrument for addressing price volatility whilst still giving all stakeholders confidence to expand and take advantage of the growing global demand for high quality dairy products,” concludes Joop Kleibeuker, SecretaryGeneral of EDA.

16/12/13 14.16


have the solution The best of rigid and flexible films! Ottimi film rigidi e flessibili! We offer a diverse and advanced product catalogue comprising shrinkwrap films, skin films and reclosable films for the food industry, medical products, pet food, the chemical industry as well as special customized applications. With more than 40 years of experience, BUERGO.FOL provides unique know-how in the development of modern packaging solutions.











Anz Buergofol A4 Italy.indd 1

16.04.13 13:48


WIXTA Industries Srl and FENCO SPA are glad to announce that the first lab scale prototype for the FCHR pasteurization and homogenization process has been implemented and the tests on milk and juices started.


Fluid foods pasteurizer and homogenizer based on Centrifugal Hydrocavitation Reactor


he FCHR project, submitted in the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission under the ‘Research for the Benefit of SMEs’ call on 6th December 2011 has received funding from the Research Executive Agency and officially started on 1st September 2012.

The FCHR Consortium › WIXTA INDUSTRIES, as Project Coordinator and first proposer of the FCHR technology › FENCO, the industrial partner manufacturing food processing plants › ELECTRICARS, company located in Malta, responsible for electronics and control system, of the reactor › EPLEBLOMSTEN, Norwegian producer of apple juices, › GLENILEN FARM, Irish dairy industrie

› The research of the FCHR project will be carried out with the support of the RTD performers University College of Cork, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata and Labor Srl.

The Project Objectives In FCHR project we propose the implementation of an integrated pasteurizing and homogenizing system for fluid foods based on an alternative approach induced only by mechanical means: controlled

hydrodynamic cavitation, which consists in the generation of huge amounts of energy in the form of shock waves, due to the turbulence produced in a fluid by pressure fluctuations. This means that the pasteurisation process can be carried out at low temperature preserving the nutritional content and quality of food The growing need for innovation addressed by the project is mainly related to the customers’ need for novel, more efficient and more sustainable

Reactor simulations, FCHR small scale prototype CAD design and photo of the prototype.

FCHR FP 3/13.indd 3

16/12/13 13.08


food treatment processes › This innovative FCHR process thus aims at bringing the following advantages to the dairy and the Food & Drink EU companies: › Preservation of food quality : being the process carried out practically without heating the product, the organoleptic aspects will be preserved › Energy saving: in terms of electrical power and calories with respect to the actual milk and juices processor; › High scalability: the system will be easily scalable, with potential for use of parallel reactors with flow rates of several thousand liters per hour.

Our preliminary results As a conclusion of the first period of the project, we are proud to announce that the preliminary FCHR prototype for laboratory tests on the microbiological and chemical/physical properties of the processed food has been designed and implemented. This R&D activity carried out in the first 9 months of the project

implementation was supported by the parallel work of the Italian RTD performer UTV (Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata), which developed a numerical model for simulating the fluid-dynamics inside the reactor, and a parametric 3D model of the conceptual geometrical features of the reactor. This allowed the Consortium to adapt the existing designs available to the Project Coordinator Wixta, taking into account the specifications setup with the industrial partners at the very beginning of the project. This led to a new, food-oriented design of the reactor constituting the core of the prototype. The prototype, assembled and pre-tested by the Italian performer LABOR, is now placed in Cork, at the School of Food and Nutritional Science Department of the University College, where the RTD performer UCC will carry out preliminary tests on milk and juices. The main objective of the tests sessions which are currently under development in Cork is that of trying

different operative conditions for the pasteurization and homogenization process and to acquire information from the analyses potentially guiding the design of the final industrial FCHR prototype, expected at the end of the project. The tests will also permit to perform evaluations on the FCHR machine efficiency in processing high protein and high viscosity fluid foods, and to assess this innovative technology both from a technical and en economical point of view.

Next steps of the FCHR project From June 2013 on, the FCHR Consortium will be involved in a continuative tests activity, supporting and driving the final design of the reactor which is expected in February 2014, together with the simulation work that will suggest modifications or improvements of the reactor shape and geometry enhancing the pasteurization and homogenization processes for different types of fluid foods.


FCHR FP 3/13.indd 4

16/12/13 13.08




ietribiasi Michelangelo was established between the end 1960 and the beginning of the next decade. From the beginning the family-run company specialized in the construction of equipment for the dairy industry and developed later into the field of soft drinks, juices and beverages in general. Today the Pietribiasi name is among the more well-known in the dairy and beverages sector and the company is internationally acknowledged, particularly in the realisation of “turn-key” projects, and in the specific processing sectors, such as production of cheeses, pasteurisation and packaging ones. Looking more closely at the company’s product ranges, the Pietribiasi division covers the research, project design and supply of complete systems for the process of milk (HTST – HHTST – ESL – UHT), cream – fermented products from milk process (yoghurts in the various known versions, sour cream, Smetana, kefir, leben, etc.), fresh soft cheeses, as well semi and hard cheeses, “pasta filata-pizza cheese” (such as mozzarella, kashkaval, etc.) and other products processed from cow – sheep and goat milks. In this field the company has a wide experience and can cover all equipment needs from small to bigger plants for the production of: pasteurized drinking milk, yoghurt, different kinds of cheese, butter, etc. Pietribiasi designs and produces plate and tubular heat exchanger for pasteurization and thermal treatment (cooling and/or heating) of different liquid foods (milk, cream, ice-cream mix, fruit juice, eggs mixture, beer, wine and many others).

PIETRIBIASI FP 6/13.indd 3

In the beverage field, the range includes pre-mix units, sugar dissolving systems, filters, mixing and storage tanks as well as of course the complete thermal treatment up to the filling. These kinds of plants are “tailor-made” and designed according to customer’s specific demands. The company is also renowned and appreciated for following products: Batch pasteurizers; discontinuous cream pasteurizers; butter churns (available in a wide range of models from 20 L to 3000 L total capacity); semi-automatic butter forming machines. Its fifty-year experience in the food-stuff field, its long lasting cooperation with many European organisations and companies, the specialised knowledge in these processing fields, equipment and technologies, skilled

1. Example of flash pasteurization line, capacity 5.000 L milk/h, composed by constant level tank, centrifugal pump, flow meter group, plate heat exchanger, holding pipe, flow diversion, hot water group, stainless steel control panel, complete of self cleaning separator, homogenizer, round insulated holding pipe 2. Ripening/fermentation tank for yoghurt, cream, kefir, etc.

level of staff operating in Pietribiasi, a flexible and friendly management and lead of company by ownership, are the powerful basis of the success of Michelangelo Pietribiasi company.

Insulated mixing tank with hot/ice water circulation, complete of hot water preparation group, stainless steel control panel, on base frame 3. Example of UHT plant for the high temperature processing of liquid food for long shelf life, in this case for fruit juice with pulp; complete of degassing unit/deodorizer, control panel with PLC control – TUBULAR VERSION

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he company B.S. srl manufactures and offers the market the new food slicers AVN140 multislices and AVM250 for bacon, designed and built to deposit the sliced product (cheese, ham, cooked ham, speck and other cured meats, cooked meat, vegetables, fish) with a thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 15 mm. AVN140, the smallest of the series, has an area of cutting of 125mm x 125mm suitable for cutting small calibers such as those used for sandwiches or rolls. Although very compact and easy to handle, the machine achieves very high cutting speeds always ensuring a perfect storage, with the multislices mode too. The loading of the product, in various lengths, is performed continuously and in succession in the cluster. The sliced product is deposited directly on toast, bread, cakes, pizzas, trays that will be moving continuously or rhythmic pace. The machine is also equipped with an innovative system that allows a rapid and complete sanitation, without using any tools. AVM250, mainly suitable for pizza, mortadella and product of large size, reaches sizes up to 250mm x 600mm. The standard AVM250 was renewed for cutting slices of bacon with an output of 160 cuts per minute on 2 rows. Each cut slice will be subsequently divided into two parts, then to obtain a total of 640 pieces perfectly aligned on the conveyor belt. To ensure high precision of the thickness of the slice, the two shear zones will be managed independently by a proper engine and from the

BS FP 6/13.indd 3

operator panel you can adjust different heights. On the same line can be connected to each other more slicers, this allows to align the mechanism of the two machines and thus have product rows perfectly in series. The loading of the product takes place continuously and in succession in the cluster. On all BS slicers, while maintaining the same characteristics, it is also possible to install a ribbon to achieve the “portions� with amounts of slices to be chosen that can be stacked or staggered by a programmable distance. The ribbon becomes

very useful if you want to deposit more slices on a sandwich, or to prepare the trays with a specific amount of product. All operations can be programmed and stored in order to be able to draw in the shortest possible time data related to a processing previously executed. Finally, the machines are presented ductile thanks to the wheels of which are equipped that allow adaptability to different lines in a short time.

16/12/13 15.11





ademaker are specialists in sheeting technology which provides important benefits above the traditional bread system. Sheeting makes it possible to handle a great variety of dough types, from ‘green’ to pre-fermented dough, all at high capacities. By using stress-free dough sheeters and laminating technology, users can achieve basically any dough and bread structure desired. The Rademaker Crusto breadline concept allows users to combine traditional bread types with artisan bread types, all produced on one sheeting system. Baguettes, both basic French baguettes and artisan looking baguettes produced out of prefermented dough and containing a high water %, can be produced by in two ways on the Rademaker Crusto bread line:


Cut baguettes: After sheeting, the dough is shaped in rows by rotating knives or guillotine. Here the baguettes are cut at the desired length. Besides cut baguettes, this method is also suitable for ciabatta, triangles, square buns, hexagonal, cut baguettes, cut petit pain, barra rustica, flatbreads, pita and even pizza.


Rolled baguettes: After the sheeting stage sheeting, the dough shaped in rows by rotating knives and is cut at the desired length using the guillotine. Next, Rademaker’s moulding technology is applied to roll and shape the dough. Other products beside rolled baguettes can be produced in this way, f.e. rolled petit pain, barra rustica, free standing bread, tin bread, toast bread (open & closed top, 4 pieces), brioche and rolls.

RADEMAKER FP 6/13.indd 3

02/01/14 16.44


The Rademader Crusto bread line is capable to handle capacities up to 6.000 kg/hr. The standard Rademaker Crusto bread line can cut 85 strokes/minute, ending up with 10.000 half baguettes or 5.100 long baguettes per hour. Special bread lines can produce up to 30.000 baguettes/hour, at 125 strokes/minute. Rademaker can guarantee an impressive weight accuracy on the baguette production; +/- 2,5 - 3% (+/-5 gram) on the total product weight. An even


higher weight accuracy is achieved by Rademaker’s patented weighing conveyor which can run up to +/1,5%. The structure of the baguette, which is of course very important for bakers, is achieved through the Rademaker Moulding technology. The moulding table transfers dough slaps or pre-rolled slaps into consistent, smooth rolled dough products at the required diameter and length. The slaps are first coiled by a pre-moulding unit. This

unit also ensure that the rolled slaps enter the moulding board in a straight alignment. The upper moulding belt guides the products to the guiding strips. This shaping method imitates the hands of the baker when he smoothes the seam and stretches the dough. The guiding strips contacts the product ends and calibrates the final length of the product. The Rademaker Moulding Board is able to process products between 1 ounce (30gr) and 5 pounds (2.3kg).

Garlic baguettes Rademaker is also capable to inject par-baked baguettes with garlic butter by using a special injecting system.

RADEMAKER FP 6/13.indd 4

02/01/14 16.44





uyer and manufacturer despite a global market and all the means of communication available today, are often reciprocally unknown or unable to meet up. The globalization and consequent competition urges the foreign buyer looking to diversify his sales offer to bet on new purchasing channels and sources, which not always are reliable and safe. While knowing how to buy and buying well are musts, it is also important to have representative products, create one’s own product line, which prove to be decisive factors, in brief, to be a hit, you have to “have the right product, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price, for the right customer”. A complex procedure that involves different professions, talents and

FAMOR FP 5/13.indd 3

experiences, market realities and situations. It is therefore indispensable to have a thorough knowledge of the market and its continuous evolutions, as well as great intuition, initiative and gumption. And this is where the Buying Office comes into the picture, being an organization that works in the interest of a foreign client and for this service receives a fee. Its field of action is consumer goods and operates as a purchasing office for foreign traders: whether department store chains, wholesalers or importers, small-scale distribution of specialty stores. The buyer who looks to the European market for his purchases thus finds a knowledgeable and reliable guide in the Buying Office, that does not perform the functions of agent for

European producers; it is instead the buyer’s veritable European branch-office, offering him a thorough knowledge of the products in the various product categories, from the agricultural and food industry, to gift and tableware, to FMCG. The BO thanks to its experience can therefore select potential suppliers, evaluate their reliability and soundness, and is in a position to evaluate effective respondence of the suppliers to their public image, so as to better orient the buyer. The BO is dedicated to serve the interest of its Clients offering an all-round service that ranges from planning buyers’ trips – including operations planning – to market research, in terms of singling out the product and the qualityprice ratio; accompanying buyers during their visits to suppliers.

29/11/13 17.02





ARKET AND PRODUCT RESEARCHES The BO spends a great deal of time with manufacturers, reviewing merchandised produced all over Italy. It also develops particular “private label� lines which are geared to the individual needs of their Clients. This takes into consideration quality, price points required and market research is the most important contribution and investment for our Clients.

RELIABILITY OF SUPPLIERS The BO will select suppliers based on a long lasting experience and evaluation of their past performance, as well as thanks to the diffused knowledge of the market in terms of products and manufacturers.

PRICES AND BUYING POWER Pricing policies greatly vary, according to the merchandise and geographical areas. Thanks to its experience the BO will guide the Buyer through this, obtaining from manu-

FAMOR FP 5/13.indd 4

facturers the best possible prices for any product. This is possible through the Buying Power that we have as a BO that generates from the sum of each individual Purchase of all our Clients and that surely is bigger than any single Customer buying on its own. This includes terms and conditions.

ORDERS AND ORDERS FOLLOW-UP A) Place the orders with suppliers; B) Manages the follow up of all incoming orders, from the production to the delivery of the goods in the time frame requested by the customer; C) Consolidates small orders at the lowest possible price, avoiding when possible the use of external warehouses, and reverting to our internal warehouse for the stuffing of mixed containers; we have namely more than 1000 sq warehousing facility, that we regularly use for mix containers, offering the Client an additional service at the lowest possible cost, enabling him to order

up to few pallets. This is especially important when launching a new product on the market, so that trial orders can be handled easily and at low cost. D) Gathers all the export documentation for every single supplier, checks it and then sends it via express courier or as for shipping documents through telex releases for B/L, along with the original shipping documents and all the other documents needed for the custom; E) Updates the customer on orders and shipping status in real time.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE As part of the BO service we also offer to our Clients financial assistant, which translate into a central invoicing system. All suppliers invoice the BO and on return the Client receives invoices only from the BO, which means: a) only one custom in export/import, hence reduced costs for the Client; b) only one invoicing company, hen-

29/11/13 17.02


ce reduced financial costs for the Client for wiring transfers and bank expenses; c) better terms from suppliers, possible thanks to the credibility and solvency that we have as BO with all our long year suppliers and with the banks.

DELIVERIES The BO will carefully look after to all the orders and make sure that deliveries are on time, keeping contact with the manufacturers and advising the buyer of the status of orders in production.

QUALITY AND QUANTITY CONTROL Evaluating correctly the quality of the products requires an expertise and only those who have been exposed at length to the Italian market are really able to do so! Quality and Quantity control is carefully effected by the BO random as procedure, or on request, either spot or total checking, on both production and finish products. Professional QC protects the interests of the Clients and it the key to successful selling.

FORWARDING OF GOODS The BO can also assist you with the delivery of the goods, thanks to its knowledge and experience having chosen reliable partners for the forwarding enabling the supply chain being always under control and the landed cost of the goods competitive. Too often happens that every cent saved in purchasing the product, is then lost in a wrong or too expensive forwarding. XFA ITALIA, being part of the EFFEITALIA group to which also Famor Italia belongs, is Famor Italia preferential partner for most of the forwarding activities. Our experience and knowledge however includes also other freight forwarding agency, that support our activity with the aim of increasing volumes, which can only occur if the landed cost is competitive.

FAMOR FP 5/13.indd 5


CONFORMITY OF DOCUMENTS AND MERCHANDISE TO CUSTOMS REGULATION The BO will make sure that the goods are properly labeled according to the Client’s Country regulation. Also it makes sure that documents are correctly issued and that packing is in line with International rules.

COMMUNICATION The communication is key point of any business; the BO will have regular and constant communication with the suppliers, saving the buyer’s time and money, but at the same time updating him constantly on the developments of the business. Also now more than ever is imperative to be able to communicate in real time with the customers. For this reason we have studied, in collaboration with our IT specialists, an on-line system which allows us to offer an active communication, available 24/7, to all our customers, in every corner of the globe. Each customer can namely access it through the web and thanks to a personal log-in and password he will find a dedicated space where he can easily reach all the needed information, even when, due to time zone, he would not find anybody in the office. This new system joins the traditional communications, such as fax, telephone and e-mail: each staff member has his personal mail

account, through which he can communicate directly with costumers and suppliers. The system can be accessed 24/7 and stores all information regarding: • Products, price lists, pictures; • shipping lines, both sea and air, and relative schedules; • order’s preparation (interactive with the BO); • order’s status; • accounting and invoices (interactive with the BO); • claims • archive (where are hold all previous information and documents, registered per year)

PLANNING OF THE TRIPS / ATTENDANCE TO FAIRS The BO will inform you on the best possible time to come and visit the European market according to the buyer’s needs. It will assist the buyer in arranging hotel reservations (having special rates in all the major hotels) and transportation around Italy/Europe. When the buyer arrives one of the market representatives, experienced in the merchandise category of interest, will meet him and assist for the length of the trip. In addition to this the BO staff regularly attends domestic and international show, updating the buyer sending detailed reports on the products, manufacturers through sending catalogues and if required samples.

29/11/13 17.02

food_processing_en_de_tr.indd 1

7/27/2012 5:17:54 PM





LI Group is the world leader in vibration technology, with more than 250.000 industrial vibrators sold every year, that can be used in numerous fields of application, e.g., vibrating equipment or flow aids systems. Thanks to its global presence with 7 manufacturing plants, 16 trading subsidiaries and 36 warehouses, OLI is able to meet the customers’ needs in terms of quality, availability and support, any time, any place. Since its foundation in 1961, OLI has been committed to delivering market-oriented products. The

food processing industry has become an important business partner, and a good customer base is involved in research and development of continuous improved and specific solutions. As a result, valuable OLI products have found their application on conveying, feeding, screening and sorting equipment. In this sense, OLI is proud to present its new range of vibratory motors, specifically designed for food processing applications.

Main features: ❱ CLEAN: Special corrosion resistant construction with stainless

steel mass covers; ❱ SAFE: ExII2D Atex certification for use in hazardous locations; ❱ FLEXIBLE: Wide range of voltages available in 50Hz, 60Hz and single phase; ❱ PROTECTED: IP66 enclosure, tropicalized; ❱ RELIABLE: Class F insulation class; The new range covers applications that are not perfectly suitable for the standard range, such as use in salty atmospheres, operation of aggressive detergents, Or applications that require highest hygiene standards.



LI Grouppe ist globaler Marktführer im Bereich der Vibrationstechnologie, mit jährlich über 250.000 verkauften Industrievibratoren, die Ihre Anwendung in den verschie-

OLI FP 5/13.indd 3

densten Bereichen finden, wie z.B. Vibrationsausrüstung oder Materialflusskontrollsystemen. Dank einer weltweiten Präsenz mit 7 Produktionsanlagen, 16 Filialen und 36 Lagern, kann OLI gänzlich

auf die Bedürfnisse seiner Kunden bezüglich Qualität, Verfügbarkeit und Service eingehen - egal wann, egal wo. Die Entwicklung marktorientierter Produkte hat seit Gründung des

16/12/13 15.48


Unternehmens im Jahr 1961 oberste Priorität. So ist die Lebensmittelindustrie über die Jahre zu einem wichtigen Geschäftspartner herangewachsen, und OLI kann einen guten Kundenstamm aufweisen, der stets in die Forschung und Entwicklung besserer und spezieller Lösungen einbezogen wird. So wurden z.B. Anwendungen auf Förderungs-, Fütterungs- und Sortieranlagen entwickelt. In diesem Sinne ist die OLI stolz darauf, eine neue, speziell für die Lebensmittelverarbeitung designte Baureihe


präsentieren zu können. Haupt- Eigenschaften: ❱ SAUBER: Korrosionsbeständige Konstruktion mit Edelstahl-Deckeln; ❱ SICHER: ExII2D Atex Zertifizierung zur Anwendung in explosionsgefähr-

deten Bereichen; ❱ FLEXIBEL: Vielzahl an Ausführungen in 50Hz, 60Hz und Einphasenstrom; ❱ GESCHÜTZT: IP66 Schutz, tropenfest; ❱ ZUVERLÄSSIG: Iso-Klasse F; Die neue Baureihe ist speziell ausgerichtet auf Anwendungen, bei denen die Standardbaureihe nicht geeignet ist, wie z.B. Nutzung in salzhaltigem Klima, Verwendung aggressiver Putzmittel oder mit Einhaltungspflicht eines hohen Hygienestandards.

RPC SHARES A MOMENT WITH THORNTONS RPC Containers Blackburn and Halstead are supplying a bespoke jar and lid as a Christmas gift pack for Thorntons premium twist wrap brand ‘Moments’ - a selection of favourite flavours smothered in delicious milk chocolate, ideal for sharing but even better as a sneaky treat for yourself. There are six different varieties in this new pack format. Included are Soft Caramel, Creamy Fudge, Double Chocolate Croquant, Crunchy Praline, Orange Crisp and Chocolate Truffle, so it’s tough to pick a favourite. The 600g PET jar, conceived by Thorntons in conjunction with RPC Design, echoes the look of a traditional cookie jar to create on-shelf differentiation and promote the sharing nature of the brand. At the same time the glass-like clarity of the PET enhances the appearance of the attractive multi-coloured wrapped chocolates, which reflects the quality of the Moments chocolates. The jar has been designed to rest at a 45° degree angle making the large opening more accessible. The black polypropylene cap from RPC Halstead features a colourful label and there are also labels in two recessed panels at either side, supplied by Thornton Print and applied on line by RPC Blackburn. A unique feature of the jar is that it is stackable in this angled position, enabling Thorntons to maximise in-store display in retail outlets, with pallets of the product positioned near entrances. To enable the jars to stack correctly, a recess in the base and a raised area on the top has been integrated into the design. “The twist wrap confectionery market is highly compe-

OLI FP 5/13.indd 4

titive, especially at Christmas, so we wanted to create a pack format that was modern and fresh with a nostalgic feel that would appeal to customers. It was also important that the pack format, conveyed the quality image with which Thorntons and the Moments brand is so closely associated,” explains Hannah Legg, Brand and Customer Marketing Director at Thorntons. “The RPC solution delivers on all these points and we are sure it will make an important contribution to the continued success of the Moments range.”

16/12/13 15.48




FEFCO, the umbrella organisation of the European Corrugated Board Industry, is launching an impactful advertising campaign this spring to reinforce perceptions about the many benefits of corrugated packaging. The campaign is be fronted by ‘Mr Corrugated’, an animated character made from corrugated board. The aim is to engage key influencers on an emotional as well as rational level. Print and video executions emphasise the vast array of advantages associated with corrugated packaging, including its recyclability, its renewability, its versatility and its popularity with shoppers. As well as introducing ‘Mr Corrugated’, the campaign will also drive interested parties back to the organisation’s “Corrugated of Course” website (, which brings together the latest news and stories from

THE CLASSICAL TASTE OF ITALIAN OIL ENCOUNTERS TECHNOLOGY The MONINI oil mill has been bottling and marketing high quality extra-virgin olive oil in Italy’s and the Mediterranean’s major production areas for 3 generations. In the Poggiolo mill, the company is committed to developing the culture of extra-virgin olive oil, raising awareness, examining and controlling all the parameters of the production chain: from the selection of the plants to grow to the verification and adaptation of harvesting, processing, and pressing methods. Over the past few years, P.E. LABELLERS has supplied the Monini oil mill with three cold glue labelling machines for their 8,000, 18,000 and 10,000 bph lines. The P.E. LABELLERS cold glue units stand out for their cutting edge structural and conceptual features: sturdiness, durability, reliability, thanks to the widespread use of low wear materials and almost no maintenance required. Besides the cold glue stations, the last labelling machine, supplied in 2012, is equipped with three adhesive stations, out of which one is for applying the U-shaped seal. The installed adhesive stations are among the most advanced available on the market. All parameters can be adjusted from the control panel with the possibility to store up to 200 different labels.


across the supply chain to highlight how corrugated packaging can bring value in all areas. Ben Blydenstein, Marketing and Environment Director at FEFCO, comments: “Our industry’s corrugated packaging solutions have many benefits: they minimise waste by protecting products on their journey through the supply chain. They reduce the costs of logistics and handling and sell the products they display. All this is achieved using a fully renewable and recyclable material. Also corrugated board’s adaptability means that it’s a great material to innovate with. Our challenge is to get these messages across clearly. With ‘Mr Corrugated’ we have a fun, impactful and appealing way of achieving this.”


Bad Soden in Taunus (Hasselkus PR – January, 2013) – The agency Hasselkus PR organises the press and public relations work for Proexport Colombia, the Colombian foreign trade base for the support of export, investments and tourism with headquarter in Frankfurt am Main, during the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013 in Berlin. We invite you warmly to get to know Colombia and his exotic fruits and herbs. A cook will present the fresh goods and indicate the processing. Test dry and fresh fruits and enjoy the small Colombian Catering at the booth! At the FRUIT LOGISTICA from the 6th to the 8th of February 2013 in Berlin Proexport Colombia presents itself on a subject booth “Colombia” together with seven enterprises that grow and export exotic fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. The aim is to open new markets in Europe. A part of the enterprises present their products afterwards at the fair BioFach 2013 in Nürnberg from the 13th to the 16th of February 2013 in hall 4A/250. Proexport Colombia and the other exhibiting enterprises are available as contact in hall 23/E-01 at the FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin from the 6th to the 8th of February 2013. Hasselkus PR will be present on the FRUIT LOGISTICA. We coordinate with pleasure your interview inquiries with Proexport Colombia and the enterprise representations. From Proexport Colombia Mr. Sergio Calderón, the Manager of Proexport Colombia Germany, is available as your interlocutor.

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MINI MOTOR “STARTS AGAIN FROM ONE MILLION”. On the eve of its 40th anniversary, the Emilia-based company has just produced its one millionth geared motor.


he news came just a few days ago: the Mini Motor production department rolled out the first geared motor with a six-zero code. Company founder Gianfranco Franceschini, along with his children Andrea, Lorella and Marco – all employed in the family company – received with well-deserved satisfaction the news of a production goal that in the constant daily flow of work came almost by surprise. The first instinctive reaction is to correlate the number 1,000,000 with the years of activity of Mini Motor, which began business in 1974: the Emilia-based company has thus produced one million geared motors on the eve of its fortieth anniversary.

MINIMOTOR FP 6/13.indd 3

Apart from the simple numerical data, certainly significant for a smallmedium sized company, this result inevitably leads us to reflect on the business values that have made it possible to achieve. Values that still today are identified in the quality of construction that starts with the choice of materials, in the precision that ensures reliable operation of the geared motors over time, and in the efficiency that makes it possible to achieve the best service thanks to excellent performance features combined with low consumption. Added to these values, which are effectively illustrated in the recently released “Mini Motor corporate video”, is a fourth that responds to the concept of customisation. An-

drea Franceschini, Mini Motor export manager, stated in this regard that the main objective of Mini Motor – as well as the main reason for its decades of success in Italy and abroad – has always been supplying tailor-made products able to satisfy special requirements in terms of dimensions, the severity of the application, and extreme temperature conditions; in short, anything that goes beyond the standard offer of the market. SO WE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY OF THE UPCOMING HOLIDAY SEASON TO EXTEND “A MILLION BEST WISHES” TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS FOR A POSITIVE 2014 TOGETHER WITH MINI MOTOR.

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DAIRY TECHNOLOGIES Dairy production - seamlessly integrated, universally successful Seamless interaction of dairy production-related processes is vital to successful operations. We can provide you with complete dairy technology solutions to meet your production requirements - from milk reception to finished goods, from field level to the ERP level. This breadth of dairy production expertise ensures that your dairy workflow achieves perfect quality with increased flexibility and at reduced costs

Efficient dairy operations with sophisticated engineering tools Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system provides advanced engineering tools for dairies and cheese makers that allow you to meet all technological requirements of the dairy process. In addition to standard functions, our tools handle dairy industry-specific functions in an

SIEMENS FP 6-13.indd 3

extremely efficient manner -Â ranging from raw material reception through finished products. See for yourself the benefits you can gain from the PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset tailored specifically to dairy operations, and the Advanced Process Functions (APF) engineering tool, a cross-industry functional enhancement. The integrated process control system specifically for your industry The SIMATIC PCS 7 and the dairyspecific software concept let you carry out all the standard functions of dairy operations efficiently and throughout the complete process.

Safe material transfer The Process Line Manager works on a job-specific basis. Therefore, this manager ensures that material transfers reach their goals safely and at the correct quality level. The individual jobs - recirculation, heating/ cooling or mixing, for example - can

be entered manually or run automatically using the SIMATIC PCS 7 recipe archive or a host system. In order to ensure a reliable process, an internal plausibility check is carried out before the start of the job (1.) with the Tank Manager for the source and target tank, (2.) with the Pipe Module and optionally (3.) with the Route Control System. If the Process Line Manager receives the go-ahead, it assigns a unique batch ID for all tanks and valves that are involved (to ensure efficient product traceability) and transfers all order-related data to the archive manager. These procedures conducted by the Process Line Manager ensure the process is reliable and provides support for efficient tracing. Reliable tank management The Tank Manager module of SIMATIC PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset works closely with the Process Line Manager and our SIMATIC IT Unilab laboratory information mana-

16/12/13 15.47


gement system. Together they monitor all the specifics relating to tanks and mixers – physical parameters, contents, all releases,relevant status information And CIP requirements. Traceable material movements The Archive Manager for SIMATIC PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset records each individual material movement within the systems. When a transfer begins, all relevant information about the source - starting time, quantity reference value or destination - is stored in the user archive. At the end, the finishing time, quantity required and status are also stored. The process visualization allows monitoring and tracking of the corresponding material movements at all times. Host IT systems can also use the interfaces of SIMATIC PCS 7 to access this data. The same quality worldwide If you want to bring innovative products to the market more quickly, then you must ensure consistent product specifications worldwide and at all times. The Interspec module acts as a complete product specification database for the company as a whole and creates ideal prerequisites for intelligent Product Lifecycle Management. It also enables product specifications to be exchanged and standardized on a global basis.

Everything for the dairy industry Milk quality is tested and sorted; the milk undergoes a gentle treatment and an equally gentle transport process; then intermediate products are prepared for possible further processing. And of course, quality is guaranteed at every stage. We supply you with the appropriate range of automation products, systems and solutions for all processing steps.

Achieving goals with perfectly coordinated processes Whether it’s milk, cream, butter, soured milk and yogurt, cream cheese and rennet cheese or concen-

SIEMENS FP 6-13.indd 4


trates and powders, you have to coordinate a large number of process steps en route to the end product. These include heating and cooling, adding cultures, homogenizing and fermenting. You also have to meet numerous simultaneous requirements, which include safe product quality, production optimization, and efficient process line utilization. Throughout all of these responsibilities, we will be there to support you with our solutions that help you achieve your goals safely. Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system and software tools with predefined functions provide you with processes that seamlessly integrate and operate economically. MES solutions also use dairy-specific engineering tools and support you with process expertise requiring minimal engineering effort. Further modules complete the range of offerings from high-speed local area networks to high-end process instrumentation. These allow us to provide you with solutions using optimally coordinated components, and allow you to react perfectly to unanticipated incidents and deal efficiently with all production challenges.

Flexible cleaning-in-place (CIP) system for perfectly clean dairy operations Hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely essential for ensuring your dairy products only contain what they should - and this applies throughout the entire production chain. We have the perfect answer to this challenge with our solution for your CIP system automation. Since CIP systems often vary greatly in practice, our flexible CIP system is a standardized software solution that supports easy creation of individual cleaning programs, automatic implementation, and flexible changes as needed. Your operations staff can define relevant program sequences quickly and

easily, and without any programming knowledge. Cleaning types that are typical for dairies and cheese makers are stored in the Online Engineering Tool, enabling quick processing during operation. This added benefit pays off throughout the complete life cycle of your CIP system for dairy. With precise dosing and capabilty for continuous optimization, a flexible CIP system will achieve optimal cleaning and disinfection while saving time and minimizing consumption of cleaning materials. These capabilities are integrated into Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 system, which means our flexible CIP system for dairy can deliver significant cost savings of between 20 and 30%.

Cut costs with Optimized Packaging Line The filling plant and packaging department represent high cost factors on the path to ready-to-deliver dairy packaging. This results from heterogeneous and isolated solutions. We offer an efficient alternative with our Optimized Packaging Line, the integrated automation solution for dairy filling and packaging lines and machines. The Siemens Optimized Packaging Line integrates filling and packaging systems in a common automation and communication standard. Our packaging standardization and integration of individual machines delivers cost- and energy-savings throughout the entire production line. Integration risks are lower and allow the use of scalable production data acquisition and evaluation systems from Optimized Packaging Line like line overview, diagnostics, OEE, tracking and tracing, and energy recording and management. Moreover, the costs of training, operation, and servicing can be reduced significantly with Optimized Packaging Line. Additionally, dairy packaging line efficiency, productivity, and availability during operation are all noticeably improved.

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Larger aperture handles bigger individual products, packages and cases


ood processors can now better meet product inspection needs of larger individual products or packages, as well as filled cases, with a new X-ray system designed specifically for detecting metal, glass, dense plastics and other foreign objects in large food packaging. The Thermo Scientific Xpert C600 X-ray system features a 50 percent larger aperture and wider X-ray beam than that found on the previously-launched Thermo Scientific C400. The 22-inch wide by 10-inch tall aperture enables larger food products that do not fit through standard X-ray machines to be examined for contaminants or inspected for missing or damaged pieces. Examples include larger diameter pizzas (individual or stacked in multipacks), bagged or cartoned items, bulk packages and/or those already placed in corrugated cases. “This larger aperture unit addresses several market needs. For example, some food processors prefer endof-line detection because after a product is sealed and cased it can no longer be con-

THERMO FISHER FP 6/13.indd 3

taminated. Also, with many brand owners supplying larger-sized items to big box stores and warehouse clubs, the Xpert C600 gives them a way to meet retailer-mandated inspection requirements,” said Bob Ries, lead product manager, metal detection and X-ray inspection, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The new Xpert C600 reflects Thermo Fisher’s continual investment in product inspection enhancements designed to meet customer needs.” The system can analyze an X-ray

image to estimate weight and fill or determine whether a packaged item has missing objects. Its highly-sensitive detectors are available in 0.8mm resolution, and its suite of algorithms is designed to find small contaminants in complex images with few, if any, false rejects. The Xpert C600 also features a high power 160W X-ray source for better penetration of large objects. The unit’s flexible software design also allows up to eight lanes to be simultaneously fed through the aperture to maximize throughput and reduce cost of inspection. Like its predecessor model, the Thermo Scientific Xpert C600 is designed to run around the clock in harsh environments with less maintenance and fewer repairs than other systems. It operates over a wide 5° to 40° C temperature range and is available in both IP54 and IP65 dust and washdown ratings. Because of its modular design and built-in remote support capability, technicians can troubleshoot and service the system quickly, minimizing expensive downtime.

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LA MIGLIORE TECNOLOGIA PER IL CONFEZIONAMENTO THE BEST TECHNOLOGY FOR MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE PACKAGINGDEI OF SALUMI CHARCUTERIE IN ATMOSFERA CONTROLLATA L’attuale scenario dell’industria salumiera propone prodotti estremamente diversi in relazione all’area geografica di produzione. Anche poca distanza può determinare sostanziali differenze substantially over just a short distance. peculiari del prodotto finale. In order to meet the particular challenges of these products, TecnoPack PackS.p.A. mette aitsdisposizione la propria tecnologia di Tecno state-of-the-art FP 027 packaging vertice con FP 027 per creare un vestito su misura ogni tipo machine to create custom-made wrappers for each typeper of charcuterie. di salumi.








aunlong shelf life ofdithe lungo tempo product, during vita del prodottowhich its initial qualities mantenendo remain unaltered. inalterate le qualità iniziali. •• Protezione: Protection: auna reinforced package that confezione blindata even protects the product che preserva il prodotto from external agents including anche dagli agenti esterniimpacts and handling. quali urti e spostamenti. Traceability: sistemi di codifica del film stampabile e di etichettatura assicurano sempre • • Tracciabilità: and completeness of sensitivedei data as weight, price, prezzo, barcode, packaging time shift,diexpiration, etc. la correttezza e completezza datisuch sensibili quali peso, codice a barre, oraand e turno confezionamento, scadenza, etc..




All the formats:FP the027 FP 027 allows • • Tutti i formati: permette una flessibilità enorme che consente di spaziare dal cacciatore alla “cacciatore in salami” “bologna mortadella pochito minuti con sausage” in just a few minutes using the same la stessa macchina confezionatrice horizontal packaging machine which orizzontale totalmente servo completely power-assisted. • Performances: alte velocità • operative Performance: high flessibilità operating ci speed e grande consentono, a dipesa dei formati, di package your ilproduct, regardless of the confezionare Vostro prodotto con formats, at rates of over 100 packages/ cadenze fino ad oltre 100 confezioni al minute. minuto.

producing •• Cost-effectiveness: Economicità: realizzando buste completely hermetic bags awith perfettamente ermetiche tre saldature da film barriera si ha un cost package than any other costoper confezione nettamente inferiore packaging system such rispetto a qualsiasi altroassistema come, thermoforming. ad esempio, la termoformatura. •• Long for prodotto: your product: Lungashelf vita life al tuo

• Two wrappers for the priceprezzo: of one: • Due vestiti allo stesso withgrazie high-precision control of the al controllo di alta precisione gas temperature, Tecno Pack is able Pack della temperatura dei gas, Tecno to guarantee two packages with the con riesce a garantire l’ottenimento, samelamachine: the conventional stessa macchina, sia della package and the vacuum-packed version. confezione esteticamente abituale,

• Sanitization: the cantilevered che della versione con effetto construction of Tecno Pack, packaging sottovuoto. le confezioni flow pack in atmosfera machines allows complete separation packages guarantee tested and proven • Sanitizzazione: la costruzione controllata garantiscono testate machine’s groups, Tecno long product storage, a sbalzo dellemoving confezionatrici e comprovate certezzeensured di lungaby the of the motorizations and electrical system; hermetic seal obtained and by Pack, detta anche cantilever, consente conservazione del prodotto grazie this makes cleaning and sanitization preheating the gases introduced una separazione assoluta fra i gruppi anche al preriscaldamento dei gas of the easy le into the bag. in machinery movimentoquick dellaand macchina, immessi nella busta ed alla tenuta for the end user. motorizzazioni e l’impianto elettrico; ermetica delle saldature. questo sistema consente all’utente MANY WRAPPERS ARE POSSIBLE: finale una facile e rapida pulizia e The wide range of Tecno Pack, packaging machines in various versions and sanitizzazione del macchinario. TANTI VESTITI POSSIBILI: La vasta gamma delle confezionatrici Tecno Pack, nelle varie versioni ed • Classic Flow Pack all formats: allestimenti, offre le for seguenti opzioni:

• Flow pack classica per tutti i formati: tre saldature con pinna centrale con • L-Shaped Flow Pack forinsmall-medium sizes: o senza effetto vuoto M.A.P. or without vacuum effect in MAP. • • Open Flowand pack “L” per tagli medio piccoli: tre saldature con pinna laterale conand close Flow Pack: three seals with zip, recommended for small o senza effetto vuoto in M.A.P. medium sizes in MAP. • • Heat-shrink Flow pack apri e chiudi: L-shaped bag:tre saldature con zip consigliata per tagli medi e piccoli in M.A.P. in order to show the product to the consumer and preserve from handling, • no-MAP. Busta a “L” termo retratta: tre saldature con film a pelle sul prodotto per presentare al consumatore e preservare dalla digitazione no M.A.P. nuovo eng.indd 1

Via Lago di Albano, 76 · 36015 · Schio (Vicenza) Via Lago di Albano, 76 · 36015 · Schio (Vicenza)

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hree decades have passed since in the early 80’s, in a small factory located on the outskirts of Schio, two eager and enthusiastic engineers began to try their hand at used packaging machines, with a view to restoring them to an acceptable working condition. This operation was called an overhaul, a term which has now gone out of use in today’s “disposable” world. It was exactly this constant disassembling, replacing, modifying and testing of old machinery that led to the decision to create new and modern machines. In 1985 the first packaging machines of the newly established Tecno Pack were introduced on the market, immediately enjoying great appreciation among the clientele. Thus began the company’s long journey, focused on responding promptly and professionally to the ever more demanding needs of the market, advancing with courage and determination down the challenging road of automatic packaging

MASTRO FP.indd 3

systems. These were years of commitment, sacrifice and constant research, but also great satisfaction and growth. In the meantime, Tecno Pack moved to a new headquarters in the Schio industrial zone, an area better suited for the company’s evolving and growing logistic production needs.Since 2011 the continuity of our work is ensured in a new 6000 m² site also situated in the traditionally hard-working town of Schio, industrially nicknamed “the little Manchester of Italy” since the second half of the nineteenth century. Machine after machine, system after system the story continues, inevitably entwined with professional and personal affairs without, however, affecting the company’s ideological continuity which has been guaranteed over time by constant investment and commitment in research and innovation, the solid genesis of success which led Tecno Pack to qualify as a full-fledged market leader. Tecnopack is pleased to inform that during IBA 2012 it is presenting

the vertical pillow-pack machines on completion of its already wide range of machinery.

Tecno Pack S.p.A. the best technology for the packaging of food in CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE The present of food industry offers products as diverse in relation to the geographical area of production. Even a short distance can ‘determine significant differences peculiar to the final product. Tecno Pack S.p.A. provides its technology summit with FP 027 BB create a tailor made for each type of food . The packaging system can be obtained with flow pack machines Tecno Pack can ‘ensure: SHELF LIFE: a long lifetime of the product while maintaining the quality ‘initial PROTECTION: an armored box that also protects the product from external shocks and movements such as mechanical and TRACKING‘: coding systems of

22/04/13 12.38


printable film and labeling will assure the correctness and completeness of sensitive data: - Weight, price, barcode, time and shift packaging, expiry etc etc. WHY ‘PACK YOUR MEAT with Tecno Pack FP 027 BB ALL SIZES: FP 027 allows a flexible ‘can range in a few minutes in the same horizontal packaging machine totally servo. PERFORMANCES: high speed ‘and

Simply... New Entry FV-025 multi axis

MASTRO FP.indd 4


great operational flexibility’ allows us to depend formats, to package your product at rates up to 100 packs per minute. COST‘: realizing envelopes perfectly sealed on three sides by barrier film is packaging has a cost much lower than any other system such as, for example, thermoforming. LONG LIFE TO YOUR PRODUCT: The flow pack packaging in controlled atmosphere tested and proven

certainties guarantee long preservation of the product thanks to the preheating of the gas injected into the envelope and the tightness of the welds. TWO DRESSES AT THE SAME PRICE: thanks to the high precision control of the gas temperature Tecno Pack can guarantee the achievement, with the same machine, the packaging is aesthetically usual, that the version with a vacuum effect. SANITATION: The cantilevered construction of the packaging Tecno Pack, also known as cantilever, allows a complete separation between the groups in movement of the machine, the motors and the electrical system, this system allows the end user an easy and quick cleaning and sanitizing of machinery POSSIBLE MANY CLOTHES: The wide range of Tecno Pack packaging, and fittings in various versions, offers the following options: › Flow pack or classic for all sizes: three seals with central fin with or without a vacuum effect in MAP. › Flow pack or “L” for medium and small cuts, three welds with side fin with or without a vacuum effect in MAP. › Flow pack or open and close: three seals with zips recommended for medium and small cuts in MAP Envelope or “L” thermo retracted: film-to-skin three seals on the product to present to protect the consumer and not typing MAP.

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ashkent, Uzbekistan: Starlinger has supplied the equipment for the first complete PET recycling project in Uzbekistan, installed by Uzbek recycler Geleon Link. The Tashkent-based company has purchased a Starlinger recoSTAR PET 125 HC iV+ recycling line (including a viscoSTAR 120 SSP unit) for processing post-consumer washed and dried PET bottle flakes. The line has a total output capacity of around 8,000 t/y. The recycled food-grade PET material is destined mainly for the domestic market.

STARLINGER FP 6/13.indd 3

16/12/13 16.01



Food-grade rPET with the characteristics of virgin resin The recoSTAR PET 125 HC iV+ line produces food-grade regranulate suitable for various applications. The recycling/decontamination process fulfills FDA/EFSA and brand owner requirements and delivers rPET with ultra-low VOC and AA content (< 1 ppm). Constant residence times and FIFO processing during pre-heating ensure ideal preparation for the extrusion process. The high-vacuum degassing extruder reduces viscosity loss during extrusion and purifies the melt from volatile contamination. During the continuous solid state polycondensation process in the inline vacuum SSP reactor the viscosity of the PET pellets is increased to the desired level. The special FIFO design of the reactor ensures that each individual pellet undergoes uniform treatment during the chosen residence time to achieve the viscosity and decontamination levels required for food-contact applications.

Producing locally instead of importing While in Western Europe the installed rPET production capacity already starts to exceed the market volume, Eastern European countries, where plastic recycling activities are only getting on their way now, are beginning to recognize the potential that lies in using secondary materials – or waste products – to replace primary materials. In addition, the Geleon Link project also fits into the framework of the socalled “Policy of Localisation” Uzbekistan is currently pursuing: To reduce the spending of valuable foreign currencies for importing goods, the government supports businesses which manufacture such goods locally. In the case of PET granulate, Uzbekistan is importing around 70,000 tons a year at an average price of US$ 2,000/ton1.

STARLINGER FP 6/13.indd 4

To produce part of this quantity within the country creates a huge savings potential in hard-earned foreign currencies. With their project, Geleon Link is a pioneer on the Uzbek recycling market and not only contributes to waste reduction and environment protection, but also helps to create new jobs and increase the productivity of the domestic economy.

About Starlinger recycling technology A division of Starlinger & Co GmbH, world market leader in the field of machinery and complete lines for woven plastic packaging produc-

tion, Starlinger recycling technology provides machinery solutions for the recycling and refining of a wide scope of plastics such as PE, PP, PA, PS, BOPP and PET. Starlinger PET recycling systems produce food-safe rPET and are approved for use in food applications by many brand owners as well as various national and international authorities. The worldwide sales and service support network as well as the technical consulting service help customers to achieve optimum results in the manufacturing process. In 2012 Starlinger celebrates 25 years since the installation of the first recycling lines.

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eading global food packaging specialist, tna, demonstrated its flagship high performance seasoning, bagging and conveying solutions at PackExpo 2013. Experts presented the new tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 seasoning system, the tna robag® FX 3ci high speed vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagger and the tna roflo® HM 3 conveyor, as well as highlighting the benefits tna’s controls and integration capabilities can bring to production lines. For the first time in the US, visitors could see the latest evolution of tna’s leading intelli-flav® seasoning range, the new tna intelli-flav® OMS 5. Delivering the ultimate flexibility in on-machine seasoning (OMS) applications, the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 offers consistent coverage and flavour for both wet and dry seasoning. Fully integrated with both oil spray and flavour injection systems, tna’s new OMS system provides total control of adhesion and fast flavour changes for snack lines. Further performance benefits are achieved through the enhanced position of the scarfplate on the infeed. Mounted to the edge of the drum, the scarf now better directs the product into the spraying and flavouring area, providing high quality seasoning performance. Additionally, the newly designed scalloped infeed conveyor allows more product to enter the seasoning drum, while also helping to control product direction for greater accuracy and reduced waste. Also on-stand was the tna robag® FX 3ci high speed VFFS packaging machine, which offers unmatched

TNA FP 6/13.indd 3

throughput rates of up to 150bpm on potato chips, and is suitable for high volumes of a wide variety of other products. With innovative new features including the new tna intelli-weigh® 0314 omega multi-head scale, the tna hyper-detect® metal detector and tna flo-thru former®, the tna robag® FX 3ci provides manufacturers with up to 30 per cent improvement in performance. tna’s experts presented the company’s innovative horizontal motion conveyor, the tna roflo® HM 3. This conveyor benefits from total control of speed and direction to ensure optimal performance, and smoothly distributes goods to minimise losses and breakages. Particularly suited to heavy coated products, as seasoning does not build up on the pans, the tna roflo® HM 3 has an easy-to-clean design

to ensure that manufacturers comply with strict HACCP and QA standards, deliver the highest quality products and reduce waste. tna also highlighted its controls system expertise by demonstrating the integration of tna’s equipment into a production line. Through the collection of detailed and reliable data from as many parts of the manufacturing process as possible, tna’s specialist solutions can target a variety of inefficiencies, such as poor product quality, material wastage or unsustainable processes. tna supports manufacturers in the design, installation and integration of their control systems to maximise productivity and maintain food safety, quality and traceability. tna installs production equipment in more than 120 countries and offers 24/7 support project management services to customers globally.

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eading polyolefins additives supplier Milliken will greet K 2013 visitors with a full package of value-adding product innovations and services focused around the industry’s priority themes of clarity & aesthetics, productivity improvement, property optimization, and sustainability. Milliken’s additive solutions on-show at K 2013 embrace the performance and productivity requirements of plastics processors, offering outstanding optical and physical properties balanced with productivity increases and energy efficiency for injection molded, blow molded and extruded polyolefinbased applications. They advance low temperature processing and set new benchmarks in the aesthetics and performance of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), contribute to new opportunities for inter-material replacement, enable lighter weight parts, and promote more sustainable end-applications based on advanced polyolefins. “Sustainability is a key driver across Milliken’s portfolio,” comments Allen Jacoby, Business Manager, Plastics Additives Milliken. “Customers using Milliken additives can save material, save energy, save time and save money, all while achieving high quality end products. In addition, the assurance of reliable supply and technical support helps our customers maximize their processes and applications. Processors, designers and brand owners attending K 2013 will get a valuable insight into the exciting possibilities generated by our cutting-edge development, for applications from food storage containers and beverage cups to interior automotive components.”

MILIKEN FP 3/13.indd 3

Products representing these benefits at K 2013 will include: Millad® NX™ 8000 and NX 8500E clarifying agents for PP; Hyperform® HPN 68L, HPN-20E and HPN-600ei nucleating agents for PP; Hyperform HPN-20E nucleating agent for PE; and Hyperform HPR-803i reinforcing agent.

Combining energy savings with excellent transparency: Millad NX 8000 clarifying agent for PP The rapid conversion of 70% of the clarified polypropylene market to Millad NX 8000, considered to be the clarifier of choice for new transparent PP applications, indicates the high value placed on its ability to deliver productivity improvements of up to 18%, energy savings of up to 13% and 10% reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, in addition to giving a fresher, cleaner look to PP-based applications. The clarifying innovation finally makes it possible for PP parts to be made with optical properties until now only associated with more glass-like polymers such as polycarbonate, crystal polystyrene, and acrylics. With its lower density, PP provides a solution that is less costly and with a lower carbon footprint—in short, more sustainable. Polystyrene is already being replaced by PP containing Millad NX 8000 for thermoformed food containers and cups for cold drinks, while some coffee blenders are now using new PP grades instead of polycarbonate. Supporting the general trend towards higher-flow and faster-

processing grades of PP, the solubility of Millad NX 8000 in PP is far better than previous generations of clarifying agents. This is especially important in the production of housewares and thin walled products, where processors are constantly searching for productivity improvements. Over the three years since K 2010, Milliken has been focusing on helping converters to process polypropylenes clarified with Millad NX 8000 at lower temperatures to improve productivity and save energy. It has also been working closely with specifiers to achieve their sustainability targets by replacing materials like polystyrene as well as PET and PC, and it has also been working with resin producers on new developments in high MFR PP injection molding grades. Millad NX 8500E is a variant of NX 8000 that has been fine-tuned for extrusion-blow molding (EBM)

10/06/13 16.46


polypropylene applications. Use of Millad NX 8500E can simplify production of multilayer bottles for example, since the same grade of PP can now be used for the outer layer and for the inner layer. The special formulation of Millad NX 8500E helps improve gloss on the inside and outside of bottles. This is an important feature for products such as bottles for shampoos and detergents, where brand owners strive to have their products stand out on the shelves. ClearTint® polymeric dyes from Milliken are an ideal complement to Millad clarifying agents. Unlike more conventional dyes, they are non-extractable and suitable for food contact applications. Nor do they affect part shrinkage, which can be a problem with pigments often used in polyolefins.

Improving productivity and optimizing properties: nucleating agents for PP Hyperform is the first family of nucleating agents for PP that directs balanced orientation in processed parts resulting in excellent dimensional stability, improved physical properties, and reduced warpage and shrinkage. As a result it addresses many of the critical processing, part-consistency, and physical property issues facing manufacturers. In addition, the effect of Hyperform nucleating agents on PP crystallization temperature results in up to 15% increase in productivity for convertors. Easy to use, Hyperform products disperse well, even in high melt flow resins where traditional nucleation technologies may not. At K 2013, Milliken will demonstrate the benefits of its Hyperform nucleating agents as more effective and cost-efficient alternatives to additives such as talc and sodium benzoate. Hyperform HPN-600ei offers opportunities for better transparency, light weighting and replacement of PET and PS in thermoforming. HPN-600ei can be incorporated into sheet extrusion and thermoforming grades of PP to provide excellent aesthetics, rather

MILIKEN FP 3/13.indd 4


than the yellowish appearance that is common in conventional polypropylene. The overall effect of balanced orientation induced by HPN600ei is the reduction of warpage in the final parts resulting in reduced cycle times and the ability to stack parts without nesting issues. Opportunities to override the nucleation of pigments and maximize production and part quality and consistency can be gained through the addition of Hyperform HPN-20E to injection molding grades. Benefits for typical applications include fine-tuning CLTE (coefficient of linear thermal expansion) in grades for automobile bumpers and instrument panels, cycle time reduction and warpage elimination in the production of pallets and crates, and increased processability and optic enhancement in packaging. Hyperform nucleating agents are also used in profile extrusion, such as pipe applications where they offer improved stiffness, surface smoothness and processability.

…and also for PE Visitors to the stand will also be able to quiz Milliken experts on progress the company has made on improving nucleation in polyethylene. Hyperform HPN-20E enables PE to be used in even more diverse packaging applications than ever before. It increases the crystallization temperature of the polymer, allowing earlier de-molding of parts, cutting cycle times and increasing productivity up to 10 percent

and in some cases by as much as 20 percent. Hyperform HPN-20E is suitable for high barrier high-density polyethylene (HDPE) blown film, industrial blow molded containers, caps and closures, and extruded tubes, as well as in linear low density PE (LLDPE). Performance enhancements for PE include improvements to barrier in film and to the environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) of tubes, an increase in ESCR and top load for industrial containers, and pigment leveling for caps and closures (C&C).

Hyperform HPR-803i reinforcing fibers for a more sustainable automotive industry Milliken’s synthetic reinforcing agent Hyperform HPR-803i allows automotive designers to create parts that are up to 15% lighter without compromising performance. Hyperform HPR803i is added at a lower addition rate than mineral fillers to polypropylene compounds, so the compounds have a lower density. Used alone or with talc, it helps automakers meet weight reduction targets and produce cars with reduced fuel consumption and lower vehicle emission. Hyperform HPR-803i compounds are suitable for injection molding operations originally designed for talc-filled compounds, simplifying testing requirements and reducing implementation costs. PP compounds reinforced with HPR-803i maintain their mechanical properties even after multiple recycling and compounding operations. Part surface appearance can also be improved, and HPR-803i lets processors reduce pigment usage while still meeting color requirements. Scratch appearance is improved, which can allow for further formulation optimization. Compounds containing Hyperform HPR-803i can be processed on existing conventional injection molding equipment, without processors having to make additional investments (unlike with other technologies).

10/06/13 16.46





OCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO) and Inspection Systems, Melbourne, Australia have partnered to establish a certified lab for permeation, seal strength and leak detection testing for food and pharmaceutical packaging structures. Inspection Systems, a respected supplier of inspection and testing instruments and services, with locations in Australia and New Zealand, has created a separate entity, IS Laboratories, Melbourne, to support the partnership. Its mission is to provide food and pharmaceutical companies with fast and affordable testing services using MOCON’s goldstandard instrumentation. IS Laboratories becomes the first MOCON-certified test facility in Australia and the eighth MOCON-certified lab in the world. “Up until now, companies in this part of the world who did not have access to MOCON instrumentation in their own facilities would either have to send their products to other countries for testing or attempt to find a small laboratory which typically has limited capability. We are pleased to announce the establishment of this new laboratory with its wide range of testing options,” said Brad Grubb, director, Inspection Systems. IS Laboratory capabilities include: oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide permeation testing; burst and pressure strength testing, as well as pressure decay. Over the past several years, MOCON has been actively pursuing strategic laboratory partnerships in key manufacturing regions around the world. Its objective is to offer affordable permeation testing services globally at laboratories which have been certified by the company. The MOCON-certified laboratory net-

MOCON FP.indd 3

work targets a broad range of companies ranging from multinational corporations, which would benefit from a local facility capable of duplicating gold-standard testing protocols, to smaller firms which may only have need for a few validation tests per year. Certification means that the state-ofthe-art instrumentation has been installed, inspected and is maintained by a MOCON-factory authorized service technician and that the laboratory staff has been trained on MOCON corporate test lab methods/protocols and record keeping to ensure quality and equivalency. “MOCON certification assures that companies using any one of these facilities will get the same level of service and quality they would find at

any other MOCON-certified location anywhere in the world,” said Alan Shema, product manager for consulting and testing services, MOCON. “This is ideal for multinational companies which can now be assured that their materials or packages are tested using identical standards and protocols on four different continents.”Additionally, for Australia/New Zealand companies interested in purchasing MOCON instrumentation for their own facility, IS Laboratories gives them a chance to demo instrumentation in a geographically-convenient location before committing to a purchase. MOCON certified laboratories can now be found in the United States, Germany, China, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Australia.

07/06/13 17.17





ackaging of food products in thermoformed trays, has been for long time an established condition in the food market particularly for meat and derived products packaging. To face the enquiry of labeling, identification and traceability, LABELPACK has developed a wide range of labeling systems, able to apply one or more labels onto the package and managing online printing for variable data and barcodes. The labeling systems of MODULAR series represents the solution to top level, designed and manufactured on an “open frame” structure in stainless steel, on which various labeling modules of LABELX series can be integrated for application onto the top and bottom of the product trays. This system is equipped with an electronic control unit positioned in a hanging framework where is housed the PLC and the operator interface Touch Screen, the operation speed are all electronically synchronized and all the adjustments are equipped with numerical indicators to facilitate the exchange format and the consequent repositioning to the previous position. MODULAR systems can integrate different conveyor modules, studied according to the characteristics, size, weight and shape of the container to be labeled, this conveyors are integrated in “balcony” position that allows easy cleaning of the floor area under the machine, avoiding that any liquid drop could reach the parts of the machine which result difficult to be cleaned and sanitizing. The labels application units LABELX which are available for label width 140 -250 mm and can integrate all the thermal transfer industrial

LABELPACK FP 6/13.indd 3

print engine, available on the international market, with a 4 “and 6” printing width made by DATAMAX, ZEBRA, SATO, AVERY, CAB, CARL VALENTIN. The print engine module allow to manage online printing of variable data, bar codes and other information necessary for the traceability of food products. For the entry level application, are available the labeling systems of the COMPACT series, made in stainless steel structures too, they integrate the labeling units of the LABELX JR series, that allow to have reliable solutions with a very competitive price. Very often we are asked also to be able to integrate our labeling modules onto existing packaging machines and new plants, both for end users and OEM manufacturer to which we provide all our technical support and our experience, gained in more than twenty years of activity in this field, and suggesting the best solution among the various models of the LABELX series and the print and apply solutions of the PandA series available in over 30 models and complete of many accessories that allow an easy integration onto all the packaging machines such as: flow-pack, heat sealing machines, thermo forming, vertical bagging, bundling machines, cartoning and case packers.

08/01/14 16.50





NICA and LIBRA represent an innovative concept of equipment/service that is collecting a lot of interest through the operators of gelato, patisserie and food industry generally. The technology of powder and liquid dosage, specialty for more than 40 years of the Company LAWER S.p.A in Cossato, Biella â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Italy has allowed to apply also in artisanal laboratories the concept of automation and management where the informatics use in the weighing operations of the ingredients guide the operator and eliminates every kind of errors and allow to manage in efficient way the production.

LAWER FP 6/13.indd 3

UNICA is the completely automatic system that performs all the necessary weighing operations to prepare the recipes with the assurance of the precision. Since now in the artisanal laboratory the dosage of the ingredients was effected only in a manual way; now with UNICA this phase of the preparation can be automatized with quality vantages but in particular in the replicability of the recipes always the same, with total production know-how protection (the own recipes). For this reason UNICA is placed as a confident partner for all that operators that wish to organize their production in an innovative way

with a careful look to the product quality and to valorization of the most authentic tradition, besides not lose sight of life quality and production cost reduction. With UNICA you can enjoy the benefits of the automatized technology improving the productions authenticity. UNICA, manufactured in the industrial version, could be employed in the food industry where the need of the precision in micro-dosages is still present in some phases of the production of patisserie, bakery, pasta and in the meat and salami pro-

17/12/13 14.29


duction where is required the weighing of the flavoring (recipes with salts and spices). UNICA manages and weighs automatically the ingredients that compose recipes, without requiring the presence of the operator and allows to save time in the laboratory to be spent at the service of the customers. In a fully automatic way, UNICA repeats countless times the error free weighing of the recipes of solid ingredients guaranteeing a constant quality of the final product. UNICA optimizes production time and reduces working hours and costs of the personnel in the laboratory. Using UNICA the personnel could work without knowing and having at their disposal the customized recipes protecting your own production know-how. Accessing to a protected area, it is possible to verify and monitor the daily production, monthly production , production cost, consumption reports and many other useful data that allow to manage with efficiency the production. LIBRA is the semi-automatic version of UNICA that helps and guide in the management of the laboratory and in the preparation phases of the recipes but doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t weigh automatically the ingredients. LIBRA guides and attends the operator step by step in all the operations of manual weighing of the ingredients, showing the right ingredients to be weighed and the required quantity, showing when the weighing has reached the correct quantity and the required precision eliminating in this way all the errors and the waste typical of a manual operation. Through the checking with the management software, LIBRA guarantees the replicability of the recipes increasing in this way the efficiency in the laboratory reducing preparation times. A specific program in LIBRA softwa-

LAWER FP 6/13.indd 4


re is used for the calculation of the mixture balancing allowing a careful evaluation of the final product quality. LIBRA is provided with a software program that manages the laboratory, check every single recipe providing consumption and costs reports of every single ingredient or of complete recipe, allows to constantly verify the effected production and the daily, monthly or in the wanted time period produced quantity. It allows the management of raw

materials batches for a perfect data traceability. Thanks to LIBRA, despite not having the automatic weighing operation you could improve efficiency and control and optimize production times in laboratory. With UNICA and LIBRA the technology and informatics are at the service of artisanal and industrial production improving efficiency, traceability and quality allowing a modern management of operation since now manually executed.

17/12/13 14.29





innissen Process Technology has developed a new version of the classic Dima 200 bag emptier for safely and efficiently emptying bags filled with fine powders, particles or granulates. The new model, which makes it possible to automatically empty bags while releasing less than 0.1 mg of product per m3 of discharged product, is intended primarily for companies that need to create a safe working environment for their operators in a wide range of sectors.

Fully automatic bag emptier focuses on operator safety Governments are applying increasingly stringent standards when it comes to the release of fine and ultrafine particles. As a result, companies are also increasingly being confronted with the challenge of having to prevent the release of even very small quantities of fine particles when bags need to be emptied. In response to these requirements, Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new ultrafine version of the classic Dima 200 bag emptier. The new ultrafine model can automatically empty even large bags containing very fine particles, including those that are extremely light and/or which pose a dust explosion or other type of hazard. The Dima 200 is fitted with a dust-free handling unit, and bags can automatically be fed into the unit if desired. After the unit is sealed, the emptying process is automatically started whereby the bag, which is su-

DENNISSEN FP 2/13.indd 3

spended by two hooks, is cut in half by a revolving knife. The emptying process is assisted via vibration, after which the empty bags are automatically discharged.

Double filter with powerful suction and special air exhaust seal The ultrafine Dima 200 bag emptier was developed by Dinnissen especially for situations in which companies are required to prevent the release of even the smallest quantities of fine particles when bags need to be emptied. This newest version is fitted with a double filter with powerful suction and a special dust-tight seal for the air exhaust. The smoothly polished interior of the unit simplifies cleaning and prevents particles from being left behind in the machine. The design is based on Dinnissen’s easyto-clean-concept which facilitates

quick and efficient cleaning. Finally, the new model works with a fully automated cleaning-in-place concept based on air flow and suction, practically eliminating the need for any human intervention during the cleaning process.

Automated cleaning of bags for improved hygiene In some situations, very strict standards apply in the area of hygiene and the prevention of contamination in the production process. Dinnissen Process Technology therefore also provides clients with an extra option whereby the bags, after being fed into the ultrafine Dima 200, are first cleaned with the help of a special ‘air knife’ before being cut open. After the cleaning process, any dirt and contaminants present are first carefully sucked off and removed, and only then is the bag emptied.

11/03/13 12.53





mcor Flexibles introduces Amcor Vodex Generation II, a unique barrier liner for‘ bag-in-box’ foods offering a blend of moisture barrier, mineral oil barrier and breathability that meet the increasing focus on food protection, environmental awareness and cost effectiveness. This ultimate co-extruded packaging solution provides increased customer satisfaction, enhanced consumer experience when opening the pack and, most importantly, safe consumption. Independent studies have raised that products packed with an internal barrier such as Amcor Vodex protective material are less exposed to mineral oil residuals than products packed in alternative solutions. Amcor has invested significantly in new technologies to further develop the original Amcor Vodex product at its state-of-the-art extrusion facility for HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) products in its Cumbria, UK site. The Amcor Vodex Generation II innovation is the outcome of five years of relentless research to meet the demand for a successor to the original Vodex, already widely used by cereals and dry food producers in Western Europe. The resulting Amcor Vodex Generation II retains all the values of the original Amcor Vodex such as barrier against mineral oil hydro-

AMCOR FP 6/13.indd 3

carbon (MOH) migration, recyclability, breathability, aroma and flavour retention. It also offers improved features of superior moisture barrier for a longer shelf-life, improved easy-opening, better packaging machine performance and increased value for money by providing more opportunities to downgauge customer film requirements. And the new films can be tailored to specific product needs to meet barrier, puncture resistance, breathability and cost requirements. Amy Byrick, Vice President Amcor Flexibles Europe & America’s, Food & Beverage: “We believe Amcor Vo-

dex Generation II is the most complete and cost effective solution to today’s marketplace needs. A barrier liner such as Amcor Vodex, directly next to the food, helps protect it from external sources of contaminant which is a significant advantage over the use of virgin carton board alone.” Thanks to Amcor’s long heritage and proven experience in the bagin-box cereal market, we can offer a large portfolio of packaging solutions for products that provide the ultimate protection for our customers’ products and meet consumers’ needs.

18/12/13 12.08




Committed to developing new solutions


hanks to its twenty years of experience in the packaging sector, CORIMA International Machinery currently boasts a wide range of canmaking technologies and remains highly dedicated to the development of new solutions aimed at optimizing its products’ costs and performance. In fact, it is precisely this research and development that has allowed the company to successfully consolidate itself upon the international market over the years. CORIMA’S current product range includes: automated machinery, quality control machinery, electrocoaters and production lines for producing easy-open lids. Corima is also actively involved in the manufacture of “turnkey” production lines for the production of Easy-Open lids, as well as the construction of robotic systems.

The machines are designed and manufactured at the Ferrara production facility, where an ongoing dialogue between the technical office, the production department and the customer provides for constant product improvement, even during the production stage. In order to satisfy the various demands of the market, CORIMA has even established a division dedicated to second-hand machinery. These units can either be entirely overhauled, or else furnished on an “as is” basis. CORIMA also offers its customers qualified technical support by trained personnel with extensive experience in the industry, both in terms of installation and after-sale service.

FOCUS ON: The Corima unwrapping machine The Corima unwrapping machine,

which is designed for the removal of wrapping paper or cellophane, plays an important role in the food industry. The machine, in fact, allows for the lids of food or beverage cans, which are normally wrapped in paper or in plastic films, to be automatically fed into the filling-machines and seamers. The machine automatically removes the plastic film or paper and automatically feeds the lids into the seamers. This machine allows any company that packages food and beverage products in tin or aluminium cans to save money on staff, or else to reassign any staff normally employed full-time in the unwrapping of bags and the feeding of the seamers to other tasks, perhaps even having them carry out more stringent quality inspections upon the complex filling lines.

Special formats Unwrapping machine

CORIMA FP 6/13.indd 3

17/12/13 16.16




Eurosicma Team at the Head Office in Segrate, Milan.


urosicma is an Italian group of companies playing an important role in the automatic packaging machines’ field. The portfolio of the company includes handling, feeding, wrapping machines and integrated lines for the bakery, confectionery, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors. Founded in 1965, its activity spread over three generations and it is now present in more than 80 countries worldwide with over than 4000 machines installed. Today, Eurosicma’s core business is represented by flow and fold tailor-made wrapping solutions for the horizontal packaging both primary and multipack of a wide range of products such as plain, sandwich and filled biscuits, wafers, crackers, snacks, candies, chewing gums, bubble gums chocolate and sweets in general. Due to the wide range of applications and the expertise acquired in so many fields Eurosicma is today considered a Multi-Specialist Manufacturer, able to grant a completely “handmade in Italy production” with the use of high quality row materials, the most accurate assembling of the mechanical parts and the most up-to dated software applications for the control systems. Machinery flexibility and modularity become key factors to be satisfied in order to provide wrappers able to handle

EUROSICMA FP 6/13.indd 3

and pack a wide range of different products with easy and quick machinery adjustments, ensuring the same features, quality and performance in all the configurations available. To the confectionery industry, Euriosicma proposes two models of flow wrapper: the EURO 77 and the EURO 88. The EURO 77 flow wrapper can be connected to a wide range of different feeding systems, being therefore able to handle hard candies, jellies, lollipops, chewing gum, bubble gums, chewy candy, toffees, slabs. The EURO 77 DS 900 “CANDY Version” is Eurosicma’s best proposal for hard candies and the widest wrapping application developed, thanks to the long tradition and expertise the company acquired in the field from its foundation. The wrapper with the basic configuration can reach 1350pcs/min, but it is able to run at a speed up to 2000 pcs/min, employing an advanced highperformance kit. One of the latest successful developments allows to have a completely new machine’s configuration equipped with two independent disc feeders for the double colour application. The EURO 77 DS 900 “Candy Version” can be easily adapted and used for jellies, lollipops and pellets, changing a dedicated kit of parts. For example,

the EURO 77 DS 900 “LOLLY Version” is equipped with a dedicated execution of the centrifugal disc feeder and able to run at a speed up to 600 pcs/min. The same machine is able to realize both single flow packs and strips of packs, with the number of packs per chain fully and tool-free customizable, thanks to an innovative servo-driven device. Eurosicma Candy R&D developed a patented empty hole recovery function for disc feeders to avoid any eventual empty pack. Such technology allows to feed properly and steadily the wrapper chain and avoid any possible waste of wrapping material. For all the products coming from rope, Eurosicma has specifically designed two different Cut & Wrap flow pack machines, the EURO 77 TIV and the EURO 77 TIR. The first model is able to cut and pack short/medium sized products using a scissor cutter and a 90° pusher, while the second one is the best configuration to handle medium/ long sized products thanks to a rotary cutting unit that transfers “in line” the portion already cut. For laminated gums, coming from the process line as big slabs, Euroscima offers two configurations: the EURO 77 AP, ideal for products with a rectangular final shape, and the EURO 77 DT, more suitable for square products. Both the models are equipped with a dedicated

08/01/14 14.23


loading and feeding unit, in the first case placed at 90° compared to the wrapper, while in the second all the equipment is “in line”. Dedicated feeding systems are also available for chewing gum balls to be wrapped in assorted colours. To serve the bakery industry and satisfy the most various needs, Eurosicma offers several applications from the single machine to complete wrapping systems according to the needs. As for the candies and gums there is one flow wrapper model available in different configurations to handle different products and sizes: the EURO 88. For biscuits in stacks, both plain and sandwich, Eurosicma offers the EURO 88 UNIVERSAL which can be connected to the “P.W.F” and “V.M.”, two models of vertical gravity feeders ideal for biscuits. For biscuits on edgein flow pack style, the most suitable solution is the version EURO 88/EDG, while for biscuits on edge in fold style Eurosicma proposes the EUROFOLD Machine Model, the first and unique fully electronic fold wrapper available on the market. Both machines can be combined with Automatic Portion Feeders, Counting or Volumetric Version. A successful combination widely developed is the Eurofold Machine combined with the Automatic Portion


Sandwiching Machine SAMA 2 combined with EURO 88 flow wrapper

Feeder Volumetric Version. This kind of feeding system is an efficient solution to handle both dry and sandwich biscuits; it is completely servo-motorized, driven and controlled by the wrapper and capable of reaching a speed of 25 cycles per minute. Thanks to the specific technology employed this slugs feeder is able to grant an extreme gentle handling of the products with an easy and fast change size. To strengthen its commitment to the bakery field, Eurosicma decided to set up the company Eurotekna to be able

to supply, autonomously as the only center of responsibility, complete wrapping lines and turnkey solutions. Such strong joint-venture was born after a long collaboration between Eurosicma and Tekna. Thanks to the accurate experience gained by both Eurosicma and Eurotekna staff in the biscuits machine field in over twenty years of activity, the companies are able to offer a wide range of machines for biscuits and bakery products, such as sandwiching machines wire-cut technology: SAMA 1, SAMA/2 and SAMA/4, and automa-

EUROFOLD Machine Model combined with the Automatic Portion Feeder Volumetric Version for biscuits on edge in fold pack style

EUROSICMA FP 6/13.indd 4

08/01/14 14.24


tic feeding systems for biscuits to be wrapped on edge, both Volumetric and Counting Versions. For sandwich biscuits and crackers, the machinery range includes complete line for sandwiching and packaging for biscuits and crackers. The sandwiching Machine Model SAMA combined with the EURO 88 flow wrapper is an integrated line composed of two machines which are connected in real-time. Such synchronization and control system grant high levels of efficiency and output. The cream tank is designed to feed the cream to portion and equipped with a jacketed water circulation system for temperature control, a shaker and a pump. Each system is independently servo-driven. The sophisticated dosing system employed, grants the deposit of the correct quantity of cream also in case the filling machine has to manage many different formats with very different portions of cream. The machine is also equipped with automatic selfcleaning system for chains. Direct connection with the EURO 88 flow wrapper is possible thanks to a phasing transfer device that can be employed both for single and overlapped biscuits. Furthermore, Eurosicma can offer special feeding applications for wafers: the STF, Side Transfer Feeder, a system completely servo-motorized that allows the transfer of products from the multi-

EUROSICMA FP 6/13.indd 5


EURO 77 DS 900 Flow wrapping machine for candies and gums

belts feeder into the chain of the flow wrapper. The most advanced version of the STF is also available: the SSTF, Soft Side Transfer System, having an additional servo motor, is able to feed the chain following its movement at high speed and in the gentlest way. Both the devices can be supplied also in twin version and eventually with selfcleaning unit. To complete all the configurations available for the EURO 88 flow wrapper,

Eurosicma has developed the EURO 88 HSF Noodles, a packaging system for instant noodles, both fried and riced. These high-performance wrapping systems can be equipped with â&#x20AC;&#x153;no cake no seasoning bagâ&#x20AC;? function and with a 3D camera to detect and select the single product in the row with irregular shape. To achieve high-performance results, Eurosicma has studied and entirely developed the feeding system for the sea-

08/01/14 14.24


soning bags, able to cut and place them on the cakes, ready to be wrapped. The Seasoning Bag Feeder is completely integrated in the control system of the wrapper and configurations up to three independent feeders per wrapping machine can be supplied. Regarding enrobed products, healthy sticky bars, nougats, sponge cakes, jellies, chocolate bars, buscuits, wafers and thin products, Eurosicma has developed appropriate distribution and feeding systems, that can be highly customized according to the space available and the quantity of products coming from the production line. This systems transfer products, at a high speed and in a gentle way, to the HSF8, High Speed Feeder and Timing System, a completely pressureless high-performance feeding system, specially designed to handle difficult products such as small cakes with irregular shapes, sticky bars


and nougats. This feeder grants gentle handling of products at an extremely low and monitored pressure and, if required or needed, can also avoid any contact between the products. Such sophisticated feeding system is equipped with auto-tensioning and auto-centering belts’ system. Extremely easy and fast tool-free cleaning for plates, belts and transmission rollers are assured. One of the successful applications recently developed, is the double HSF Feeding and Timing System, with 3, 6 or 8 belts according to the configuration needed, able to grant a safe and continuous feeding at high speed. The EURO88/CF3 is designed to receive long-side leading products, placed in single line. It is equipped with a 3-belts feeding system, placed at 90° or 110°. Each belt is driven by an independent brushless motor. The EURO88/CF3 handles products with extremely low

and carefully monitored pressure. The feeder is able to recover empty spaces on upstream flow, buffer products automatically at controlled pressure, granting a progressive separation of them to make gentle and efficient the loading phase of the wrapper’s infeed chain. The EURO88/CF3 can reach a speed up to 400 packs/min, depending on product’s and wrapping material’s specifications. To satisfy a specific request for biscuits’ wrapping, Eurosicma recently developed a dedicated device that allow to have a new pack configuration: a flow pack style with the side parts fold, that seems to be similar to the fold pack, but able to grant the protection of the flow pack and a better shelf-life of the product. Such new design has been realized thanks to the development of an additional module, that can be added to all the Eurosicma’s flow pack confi-

SMART LINE Distribution system for products coming in rows to be packed in flow pack style

EUROSICMA FP 6/13.indd 6

08/01/14 14.24


gurations. In order to meet the most various packaging needs, Eurosicma Group can also provide a wide range of equipment to handle products from the sandwiching machine or oven end to the packaging line. For biscuits on edge wrapping, star shape stacker allows biscuits turning and it transfers them, already placed on edge, on belts in order to be stored and if requested linked to the automatic portion feeders, available in Euroteknaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s machinery range.


According to customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs, rows multipliers and customized collecting systems are available. Today, Eurosicma together with Eurotekna, is able to offer its clients a wide array of customized solutions to satisfy the requests of the market and relate to its customers with a partnership approach.

Eurosicma always invests a lot in developing more and more customized solutions and it has in its internal organization dedicated divisions able to manage every stage of the designing and studying phases with high expertise and know how. Starting as a small company with 30 employees, nowadays Eurosicma counts 160 members with over than 4000 machines, sold and installed in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Fully automatic line equipped with Double Feeding and Timing System HSF

EUROSICMA FP 6/13.indd 7

08/01/14 14.24





VS System Software Company has placed easyto-handle software (“packedia pro” / SAAS = “packedia web-pro”) for the development of packaging at your disposal. “packedia pro” has nearly 500 standard constructions in the fields of folding boxes (cardboard), corrugated board packaging and displays. With imaged dialogs several million different forms of packagings are available. Even the basic user can make a perfect construction in less than one minute. Following an automatic sheet optimization based on storable standard formats (only on “packedia pro”). DXF files are usable for prepress stage and also for the packaging development department with different programs, “packedia pro” supplies optimized results. The user is able to make a quick calculation and offer.


„packedia web-pro“ is available worldwide via internet - installation is not required. With „packedia web-pro“ you can reduce the fixed costs. It is not necessary to purchase expensive expert systems, and payment is calculated according to use. The sales staff can also develop packaging, this gives the packaging developer more time for special packaging projects. “packedia 3D” excels in flexibility and simple handling. Direct integration of „packedia 3D“ in „packesdia pro” is possible. Only with DVS standards without CAD, a clerk is able to make a perfect construction including sheet optimization and can immediately view the 3D construction. Load printing files into “packedia 3D” and get a realistic 3D prototype, which can be put in a 3D PDF format. The advantage of 3D pdf format is the very low file size.

Every customer can also receive a 3D prototype by e-mail. An additional advantage for the user is the possibility to change the view, zoom in/out and check the construction from all directions. “packedia 3D” is available in the DVS CAD application from “AutoCAD” and “BricsCAD” and also as stand-alone with other CAD systems. Conclusion: This allows for the daily work in the packaging development and distribution departments to concentrate on their core competencies. In packaging development and distribution freedom can be developed in order to develop real innovative packaging or to submit an offer within a few minutes. By utilizing optimized business processes, wellthought-out applications and positive cost-benefits, these create added value which can be a key competitive advantage.

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t’s difficult to go a day without seeing or hearing about the health advantages of consuming yogurt. The yogurt industry has been experiencing steady growth, as it diversifies its offering and enters new regions with lower cost production. As part of this industry-wide growth, many manufacturers are pursuing the best packaging option for production of the product.   One such option contributing to progress in this market category is Form, Fill and Seal (FFS). The main reason for the success: FSS is a fairly simple and highly efficient process. The packaging material is formed into a package, then filled with the food product, then sealed. There are two typically types of FFS processes used today: vertical and horizontal. Vertical is typically used for flexible plastic packaging. During this production process a plastic film is fed vertically through a machine. The horizontal process, as its name suggests, involves having rigid sheet fed into a machine horizontally to form a rigid plastic package.   “Manufacturers deploying FSS for the packaging of yogurt have been able to maintain the necessary high production rates, reduce their processing steps, and decrease their need for manual labor,” stated William J. Barenberg, Jr., OCTAL’s COO. “The FSS process also minimizes the risk of food contamination due to reduced contact with equipment and plant personnel. All of these benefits combined have aided manufacturers to yield an overall cost savings compared to other yogurt packaging options.” Additionally, FSS packaging is especially well suited to producing multipacks. Multipacks can eliminate the need for secondary materials such as cardboard or shrink sleeves, fa-

OCTAL FP 3/13.indd 3

cilitating additional cost savings. However, a critical component for additional benefits and cost reductions relies on the material selection for the package. The material options for FSS packaging are determined by many factors including: product, filling temperature, bacteria sensitivity, sterilization method, storage conditions, desired shelf- life and package design. For the sake of this article we will just focus on the advantages of the material PET sheet for the yogurt multipack. PET sheet has many distinct characteristics that give it an edge over other polymers, with one of its principal advantages being mechanical robustness. PET sheet combines rigidity with toughness. Yet, the package is resilient enough to prevent it from cracking, a concern issue with styrene based plastics, which ensures good performance during transportation. Plus, PET sheet has lower permeability for oxygen than other commonly used polymers, which increases the shelf life of yogurt.   Nonetheless, many packaging manufacturers have discovered if the PET sheet material is not manufactured with concern for the upmost quality, they could still find it somewhat difficult to produce the best yogurt container possible.   Some producers have found with the right equipment along with the use of OCTAL DPET™’s sheet, they have been

able to consistently produce a high quality yogurt package. Yogurt packaging systems are some of the most demanding in the world. Consistency and machinability for uptime and productivity is a key performance indicator. OCTAL DPET™ direct-to-sheet manufacturing system is designed to provide the kind of consistency it takes to realize the absolute maximum from Form, Fill, and Seal (FFS) lines. With a typically observed gauge variation of +/- 2 to 3 microns, DPET™ enables FFS operations to run at highly consistent rates day after day. Sealing quality is also optimized with DPET™’s highly planer surface topography. Additionally, DPET™ cuts easier than traditional PET sheets, meaning more uniform cutting, and knives that last longer between sharpening and replacement. DPET™ also delivers a smooth and glossy surface that is perfect for detailed printing designs and process printing or label application, yielding attractive packs with enhanced shelf presence. “As OCTAL establishes itself as the market leader in PET sheet, more and more yogurt producers are finding that DPET™’s physical properties translate directly into advantages for both the yogurt manufacturer,” stated William J. Barenberg, Jr., OCTAL’s COO. “Now, they can now produce a high quality yogurt package, along with reducing cost by ordering a thinner sheet. In addition, yogurt manufacture can gain additional business because DPET™’s meets many new sustainability requirements.”

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he Linx TJ725 thermal inkjet case coder is now better than ever thanks to a software upgrade which adds a host of new capabilities. It means users can print more than before with the same printer – the upgrade will be standard on all new models and can be added free of charge to existing machines, emphasising Linx’s commitment to futureproofing its products. Already trusted for its ease of use and low cost of ownership, the Linx TJ725 now boasts additional features including: Internal dynamic barcode generation capability for quicker customisation Anti ink-bleed feature and new inks, allowing a wider range of substrates to be coded 600dpi printing for better print contrast Rotated text fields Arabic language support Even quicker code editing and creation The Linx TJ725 already incorporates Simply Smart Technology® to offer a high resolution, digital solution for coding onto outer cases, boxes, shelf ready trays and packaging. Supplied in just a few pieces out of the box, the Linx TJ725 is simple to fit without needing a service engineer or specialist installation tools. No training is needed and users can be up and running within minutes. The Linx TJ725 can cut waste and save money because it is ready to print straight away every time and with no hidden service costs, increasing production line efficiency. Linx’s innovative Active Cartridge Care System® saves money and cuts waste by slowing the nozzle drying process, making first prints more reliable every time.

LINX PRINTING FP 6/13.indd 3

The nozzles are covered and protected when not in use and uncovered automatically when the first product is sensed, so the Linx TJ725 is ready to produce high quality prints as soon as they’re needed. It can also sense how much ink is left and forecast the number of prints remaining, so operators can plan to keep lines running without interruption. The replaceable ink cartridge with integral printhead is key to the coder’s efficiency, as there is no risk of expensive printhead replacement or repairs. Installing a new cartridge is a simple process that takes seconds. The machine then automatically detects the type of cartridge fitted, and adjusts for optimum printing performance. The Linx TJ725 also allows easy, toolfree, repositioning of the printhead. So the printer can be set up quickly and easily in the correct printing position during product changeovers, or when moving the printer between lines – saving production time.

The built-in sensors automatically detect the speed of the product, trigger the Active Cartridge Care System and initiate printing, which means no separate encoder or sensors are needed – again making set-up on the line simplicity itself. The touch screen interface offers ease of use and simple, intuitive configuration for easy message changeover. For operators, the colour screen clearly shows the message selected as it will be printed, reducing the risk of coding errors. The Linx TJ725 can print messages up to a height of 12.5mm, with a range of fonts and print densities of up to 600dpi, and line speeds of up to 1 metre/sec. Jason Remnant, Linx Product Manager, says: “Already arguably the easiest to use printer of its type, the Linx TJ725 now has a host of features in addition to the key Linx qualities of being easy to use, reliable and delivering low long-term cost of ownership.”

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t is testament to the supreme reliability and enduring performance of Ishida mulithead weighers that S Series models from the 1980s are still in daily operation at the Park Royal, London factory of Kolak Snack Foods. But it is equally testament to the ambitions of Kolak and its commitment to product quality and excellence of service that this familyowned business has continued to invest heavily and consistently in new equipment. So over the years, the S range models have been joined by a succession of the latest Ishida innovations, culminating in the last six months in the arrival of the company’s newest snack packaging solution – integrated 18 head R series multihead weighers and Atlas bagmakers, incorporating Ishida’s advanced iTPS software. Established in 1985, Kolak is one of the UK’s leading snack food manufacturers, supplying a wide range of crisps and extruded snacks to the major retailers throughout the UK and Europe, as well as its own ranges of products under the Kolak, Jacksons, Diamond and Dylan’s brands. The company was a pioneer of the more exotic flavours of crisps that are commonplace today – it’s easy to forget that back in the 1980s ready salted and cheese & onion reigned supreme in the UK - with the introduction of varieties such as Barbeque, Paprika and Bolognese. Kolak was also the first to introduce Mini Poppadum snacks in 1986. Such a commitment to new product development requires the best equipment, which is what first attracted Kolak to Ishida and why it remains a customer to this day. In particular, as the business has grown, Ishida has been able to

ISHIDA FP 6/13.indd 3

meet the need for even higher efficiencies and greater output. However, as Kolak Snack Foods Director Rikin Lakhani points out, choosing the right kit is only half the story. “It is not simply a question of buying the most suitable weighing equipment. Yes, speed, accuracy and reliability are absolutely vital but the aftercare is just as important to us. And the service and support that Ishida give us is exemplary. They understand what we want, provide the right solution, and if we do ever have a problem or issue, they respond extremely quickly.” A mutually-beneficial working part-

nership is important to Kolak as the company takes the same approach in its relationships with its own customers. “Our commitment is to match the quality of our products with a fast-response and flexible service,” explains Rikin. “Every retailer is looking for something a little bit different in their product ranges, be that a different type of snack, flavour or pack size, and we have to be able to deliver their exact requirements.” Kolak processes in excess of 100 tons of potatoes each day, producing over 25 million bags of snacks and crisps every week, made up of around 350 different SKUs (stockkeeping units) . In such a constantly busy environment, speed and

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1% of target weight. And with the high number of varieties and pack configurations supplied by Kolak, changeovers are quick and easy to carry out. There is still a role for the existing Ishida equipment in this new facility. Two 16 head RZ series weighers with 7 litre hoppers are being used to produce multipacks of the many different snacks varieties that the company produces. For 12 or 10 multipacks of the same variety, speeds of 40 per minute are being achieved; for 32 packs of four different flavours the top speed is 30 per minute. Ishida also has a huge presence of over 50 checkweighers – mainly DACS-W and the latest DACG models – throughout the Kolak operation. These provide vital final weight checks in line with supermarket quality control requirements. “When it comes to checkweighers, there is no competition,” says Rikin.

accuracy of the weighing equipment are essential to maximise efficiencies and throughput and it is for this reason that the company has continued to invest in Ishida equipment over the years, each new model bringing further enhancements. The arrival of the new Ishida iTPS systems follows Kolak’s latest investment of nearly £10m in a new factory next to its existing Park Royal premises, dedicated to the production of extruded snacks. Even with the luxury of a new facility, no successful business can afford to waste

ISHIDA FP 6/13.indd 4

space so maximising every available square foot was a particular requirement. In their twin configuration, the new Ishida weighing and packaging systems take up only about one and half times the space of a previous single multihead weigher and bagmaker, yet are able to deliver around 220 bags per minutes for crisps and as much as 280 bags per minute for extruded snacks, compared to 80 and 90 bags respectively with the older equipment. At the same time, they are achieving accuracy to within

A key part of the Kolak business philosophy is creating effective relationships that can be built up and developed over the years. It is true of its customers, its staff – of the 750 people employed, many have been with the business for years, some since the very beginning, and there are now second generations of families employed there – and of its suppliers. And that is why, with further ambitious development plans in the pipeline, Ishida equipment will continue to play an important role. “The build quality, reliability and integrity of the kit is second to none – you only have to look at the longevity of our S Series weighers to see this,” confirms Rikin. “Add to this the high levels of service we enjoy and the continuing performance and operation enhancements that Ishida introduce to their equipment and I am certain this relationship will endure and prosper for many more years.”

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s part of ILPRA’s continued enhancement program of its Foodpack line, ILPRA is proud to introduce the new model. FP1485 which concludes the successful FP 1460 tray sealer range. These models are an in-line tray sealing machine with the very latest construction and innovative. Features incorporated, giving advantages both technically and commercially.

High performance and space saving:

nance costs. These machines are also equipped with colour touch screen control panels which are very easy to see, read and use.

Hygiene and maintenance: The FP 1460 and FP 1485 are made from AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum with IP 65 protection class and therefore can be used even in wet environments. All the working surfaces, protection doors and the electrical cabinets

are sited on top of the machines to prevent water or other liquids to stagnate. The front and rear doors of the machines have been designed for increased ease of operation, washing and to give immediate access to all areas.

Customization: On request, a wide range of options are available to be able to meet all the customer’s requirements.

The new sealing area (up to 850 mm) is able to satisfy higher speed productions. Thanks to ILPRA’s small and compact footprint (approx. 3 metres long) and condensed in feed conveyor it makes it very quick and easy to install and to integrate into an existing customer’s production line.

The very latest technology: Both machine actions are based on brushless movements which offer low energy consumption, increased production and reduced mainte-

ILPRA FP 6/13.indd 3

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Presentation of the Sistema SIGEP platform, the program that during the year accompanies companies towards new markets Official: World of Coffee at Rimini Fiera in June 2014 The large events at the next edition of SIGEP already established


he 35th edition of SIGEP, the International Exhibition of Artisan Ice cream, Confectionery and Bakery production, the world’s leading expo, being held at Rimini Fiera from 18th to 22nd January 2014, was presented today in Milan. Eight months before the expo, over 50% of the exhibition space has been confirmed, a figure that is considerably better that that of the same period twelve months ago. As the press conference, Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni and business unit manager Patrizia Cecchi outlined an innovative strategic perspective, based on the careful analysis of the requirements of trade members, who concentrate the majority of their annual promotion on the expo day. The core of the new expo concept is Sistema Sigep (SIGEP System), a platform for the internationalization of enterprises in the artisan confectionery trade in all the countries in the world that show signs of interest in what has become one of the symbolic Italian-made products. In concrete terms, the facility puts a series of services and solutions at clients’ disposal. Training workshop will be organized, as well as forms of assistance and international desks to support the internationalization process. There are also services for establishing the locations: identification and research, analysis, negotiation of rental contracts, a marketplace platform for bringing together supply and demand. Among the facilities, space will be dedicated to financial aspects, with events for training and “customizing” financial services.

SIGEP FP 5/13.indd 3

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Approved Event


The project’s partner is SISTEMA GELATO – Servizi per la filiera del gelato (Services for the gelato chain) – a division of Sistema Leader Srl, which operates in Italian and in an international context supporting major enterprises connected with the world of gelato, as well as being the first company in Italy with a business model aimed at meeting gelato production chain requirements. Chairman Cagnoni says, “Rimini Fiera offers itself as a strategic partner for development programs, with the aim of providing innovative services and solutions, supporting the trade’s globalization and becoming a reference point for trade members and investors.”

SIGEP WORLDWIDE SIGEP has therefore concentrated its investments on the internationality front, to boost the main objective of enterprises’ business development. Patrizia Cecchi explains, “Investments in promotion have been tripled, thanks to the implementation of our network of collaborators on the five continents. The aim is to ensure unprecedented attendance by international buyers, as well as an even greater participation of foreign visitors, who are currently one out of five.” A schedule of participation in large world-level events has also been planned, a road show with dates in Lyon, Dubai, Moscow (already staged) and shortly in Hong Kong (to investigate in depth the potential of rich dynamic markets such as those of South East Asia and the ASEAN Area), Melbourne and Las Vegas. This was the reason for the investment regarding the Gelato World Tour, the travelling event promoting artisan gelato (with the entire chain involved) staged by SIGEP along with Carpigiani, which has just held its inaugural date in Rome.

SIGEP FP 5/13.indd 4


International relations are spotlighted with Top Buyers from 5 Continents Project. This is a platform in six languages that ensures the opportunity of bringing together supply and demand, which then results, according to a schedule drawn up before the expo, in a program of business meetings between trade members from all over the world.

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: WORLD OF COFFEE AT RIMINI FIERA IN 2014 During the press conference, Chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni officially announced the staging at Rimini Fiera in June 2014 of the World of Coffee. This is the most important travelling international event on coffee, organized in Europe by the SCAE. In the context of the World of Coffee, there will also be the World Barista Championship, this year being held in Melbourne from May 23rd to 26th. An exceptional acknowledgement, an event that will attract the attention of trade members from all over the world to a competition that highlights participants’ professional skills.

A.B.TECH EXPO The anticipation to 2015 (17-21 January) of the next edition of A.B.TECH EXPO was confirmed,

with the updating of the previously scheduled triennial program. The following edition will be in 2017. This decision was taken following the satisfaction of bakery trade members, who were able to concretely experience the combination of artisan ingeniousness with the industrial leadership that Italian companies represent along with major European brands, which resulted in them being associated and perfectly integrated.

GREAT EVENTS AT SIGEP 2014 For 2014, SIGEP has decided to create a “Times Square” for artisan confectionery. Like the famous New York location, the area between Halls D7 and B7 will become an enormous crossroads under the banner of internationality and performances by the world’s great masters, a stage with live video streaming coverage, able to be seen worldwide. The numerous events scheduled include the eagerly awaited Gelato World Cup with 12 nations taking part; the second edition of The Pastry Queen, the ladies world pastry championship, with 12 contestants from all five continents; The Star of Chocolate, the International Chocolate Contest; the Italian Barista Championship; the Italian Junior and Senior Pastry Championships.

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radition as an anchor Bread in Russia Tradition is very important for the bakery industry in Russia. New innovations and ideas are unattainable without the valuable background and its approaches. Traditionally, bread is the most important foodstuff in Russia with an annually increasing sales level. The Russian per capita consumption is remarkable in an international comparison and equals around 115 kg. The knowledge of the past is a kind of driver for the future. Modern Bakery Moscow brings these approaches together and thus gives an overall picture of the entire industry. The new satellite topics of the bakery and confectionery are further developed, refined and integrated together with the traditional core topics. Modern Bakery Moscow perfectly succeeds in combining tradition, innovation and modernity under one roof.

Russian market for bakery and confectionery goods The Russian bakery and confectionery market is one of the most exciting growth markets in the world and offers impressive prospects especially for international manufacturers. In 2012 the annual turnover for bread

MODERN BAKERY FP 6/13.indd 3

and bakery products rose by 15.1%, to 11 bn Euros. In 2013 the total investment of the Russian confectionery industry is estimated at 200 million Euros. By 2015, this amount increases further to 215 million Euros. There is also an enormous potential for manufacturers of machines and equipment. In Russia, 50 % of all technical equipment stems from the 1980s, and there is great need for modernization. The Russian government admits the need of modification and plans to invest 2.4 billion Euros in the expansion and renovation of the Russian bakeries until 2020.

Trade fairs in Russia - Moscow as the center Moscow is the center of business in Russia. All major Russian and international companies are represented here. In addition, the Russian capital is the meeting point between Asia and Europe and is one of the most important exhibition centers in the world. Trade fairs in Russia serve as the most important tool to establish new business contacts. Particularly active product presentations on-site and intensive dialogues with company representatives play an important role for decision making and suc-

cessful contracts conclusion.

Networking in Russia

The business practices in Russia and the CIS differ in some aspects compared to the Western world. In particular, the personal contact is of great significance. Creation of a strong and effective partnership and its regular maintenance are the key factor for successful businesses in Russia.

The bakery of the 21 century at Modern Bakery Moscow 2014 Modern Bakery Moscow takes the traditional elements around the bread and gives an outlook into the future of the entire industry. New topics are highlighted and become increasingly important. Nowadays bakery is not only bread baking, it reflects many facets today: ice cream, chocolate, tea, coffee, store concepts and restaurant chains are no longer outside topics. “In regards of bakery the customer needs have fundamentally expanded within the recent years. The whole industry is changing,” adds Mr. Fichtner. The 20th Modern Bakery Moscow will take place April 23 – 26, 2014 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. The leading trade fair for confectionery and bakery in Russia and the CIS celebrates its anniversary!

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radition als Anker – Brot in Russland Tradition ist für die Backbranche in Russland sehr wichtig. Ohne diese wertvollen Erfahrungen und Ansatzpunkte sind neue Innovationen und Ideen nicht denkbar. Brot verzeichnet als traditionell wichtiges Lebensmittel in Russland jährlich wachsende Umsätze. Beachtlich ist der russische Pro-KopfVerbrauch im internationalen Vergleich. Dieser liegt bei rund 115 Kilogramm. Aus dem Wissen der Vergangenheit speist sich der Motor für die Zukunft. Auf der Modern Bakery Moscow werden diese Ansätze zusammengeführt und ergeben somit ein Gesamtbild der kompletten Branche. Neue Themen, die in engem Zusammenhang zu Bäckerei und Konditorei stehen, werden weiterentwickelt und verfeinert – Kernthemen gepflegt und traditionell eingebunden. Die Modern Bakery Moscow verbindet Tradition, Innovation und Moderne unter einem Dach.

Russischer Markt für Bäckereiund Konditoreiwaren Der russische Bäckerei- und Konditoreimarkt ist einer der spannendsten Wachstumsmärkte der Welt und bietet speziell internationalen Herstellern beeindruckende Zukunftsperspektiven. Der Jahresumsatz für Brot- und Backwaren stieg 2012 um 15,1 % auf insgesamt elf Milliarden Euro. Das Investitionsvolumen der russischen Konditoreiindustrie wird 2013 auf 200 Millionen Euro geschätzt. Bis zum Jahr 2015 steigt dieser Betrag weiter auf 215 Millionen Euro. Gleiches Potenzial ergibt sich auch für den Bereich der Maschinenhersteller. In Russland sind 50 % aller Anlagen aus den 1980er-Jahren und hier besteht ein hoher Modernisierungsbedarf.

MODERN BAKERY FP 6/13.indd 4

Die russische Regierung hat ebenfalls Handlungsbedarf erkannt und möchte bis 2020 weitere 2,4 Milliarden Euro Fördermittel für den Ausbau und die Erneuerung russischer Bäckereibetriebe investieren.

und engen Partnerschaft sowie die regelmäßige Pflege sind der Schlüssel zum Geschäftserfolg in Russland.

Messen in Russland – Moskau als Zentrum

Die Modern Bakery Moscow greift die traditionellen Elemente rund ums Brot auf und gibt einen Ausblick in die Zukunft einer ganzen Branche. Neue Themen rücken in den Vordergrund und nehmen an Bedeutung zu. Bäckerei ist heute nicht nur Brot verkaufen. Bäckerei spiegelt heute viele Facetten wider: Eiscrème, Schokolade, Tee, Kaffee, ganze Ladenkonzepte sowie der Weg hin zur Systemgastronomie sind nicht mehr nur Randerscheinungen. „Die Kundenbedürfnisse an eine Bäckerei haben sich in den letzten Jahren fundamental erweitert. Eine ganze Branche befindet sich im Wandel und in Bewegung“, ergänzt Fichtner. Vom 23. bis 26. April 2014 findet die 20. Modern Bakery Moscow im Zentralen Messegelände Expocentre in Moskau statt. Die Modern Bakery Moscow feiert ihr Jubiläum und ist die Leitmesse für Konditorei und Bäckerei in Russland und den GUS.

Moskau ist das Zentrum für Geschäfte in Russland. Alle wichtigen russischen und internationalen Firmen sind hier vertreten. Zudem ist die russische Hauptstadt als Schnittstelle zwischen Asien und Europa eines der wichtigsten Messezentren der Welt. Messen sind in Russland das wichtigste Instrument, um mit Geschäftspartnern in Kontakt zu treten. Vor allem, da aktive Produktvorstellungen vor Ort und der intensive Dialog mit Firmenvertretern wichtig für die Entscheidungsfindung und erfolgreiche Vertragsabschlüsse sind.

Networking in Russland Das Geschäftsgebaren in Russland und der GUS unterscheidet sich in einigen Bereichen von dem der westlichen Welt. Am deutlichsten wird dies bei der besonderen Bedeutung persönlicher Kontakte. Der Aufbau einer guten

Die Backstube des 21. Jahrhunderts auf der Modern Bakery Moscow 2014

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W W W. K L A U S - O B E R M A I E R . D E





Coffee, Tea and Shopfitting


Ice Cream



Modern Bakery Moscow is not only the leading trade fair for bakery and confectionery since 1995 but has also developed into a major platform for new topics and trends. Modern Bakery Moscow has become a must-be event for all international and domestic companies engaged in coffee, tea, café & shopfitting, chocolate and ice cream.

BE SUCCESSFUL AT MODERN BAKERY MOSCOW 2014 20 YEARS OF SUCCESS › The leading trade fair in Russia and the CIS since 1995 INTERNATIONAL › Over 240 Exhibitors from 22 Countries, German & U.S. Pavilions GERMAN PAVILION

IMPORTANT › Over 14,000 Expert Visitors from over 30 Countries, 87,5% Decision Makers CONVINCING › 96% Satisfaction of Expert Visitors and Exhibitors ESTABLISHED › Supported by the Russian Government & all Major Russian Associations


ENTERTAINING › Extensive 4-day Supporting Programme, Master Classes and Presentations RELIABLE › German Quality in Organisation, Execution and Marketing YOU GET › International Attention & Valuable Contacts

DON‘T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY to exhibit at our Anniversary Edition in 2014. We are looking forward to your inquiry! See you in Moscow.









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ussia continues to provide an environment for the plastics and rubber industry and for the packaging sector. The country’s economy is still growing, and its main strengths are the size of its domestic market and its consumption-focused society. Consumer-oriented industries are therefore showing particularly dynamic growth, e.g. food and beverages, the automotive industry, construction, electrical and electronic goods, medical engineering, the chemical industry and sports and leisure. They all have one thing in common: a strong demand for plastics and rubber and for stateof-the-art functional packaging. As the modernisation of Russia’s domestic industry continues to be in need of strengthening, innovative machinery is just as much in demand as raw materials, packaging, tools, technical components and industrial services. These are good conditions for the international exhibitors at interplastica and UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA 2014. The two leading trade fairs in plastics and rubber and in packaging and process engineering will be held simultaneously from 28 to 31 January. Trade visitors can look forward to an even wider range than at previous events. In all, approximately 1,000 exhibitors will be showcasing their innovative products and services on a net space of about 17,000 square metres. To cater for this increase in demand, more halls will be occupied at Moscow’s exhibition centre EXPOCENTRE in Krasnaya Presnya: interplastica 2014 will be held in Halls 1, 8 and in the Forum, and Hall 3 will be used for the first time. UPAKOVKA/

UPAKOVKA FP 6/13.indd 3

UPAK ITALIA will again be filling Halls 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. For the exhibitors and visitors of both trade fairs the new hall distribution plan will mean an even clearer structure of products and services, while at the same time ensuring the proximity of the two exhibitions which are technically and thematically related. Moreover, stand space will be easier to expand – as requested by a number of exhibitors. Hall 3, which is used at interplastica for the first time, will be the hub of extrusion and injection moulding in January 2014, and trade visitors can look forward to a wide range of innovative equipment. However, an extended spectrum will be on offer not only in plastics and rubber machinery, but also in the raw material sector where many new attractive exhibitors will be represented. The exhibitors at interplastica and UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA will be coming from around 25 different nations. The countries that will be particularly strongly represented at both exhibitions are the host country Russia as well as Germany, Italy and France. At interplastica, there

will also be large delegations from Austria, Turkey, Poland and the People’s Republic of China. The presentations of the interplastica exhibitors will be complemented by a special show entitled “Meeting Point Raw Materials” in Hall 1. The open exhibitors’ seminars with their innovative developments in raw material production and application were very well received by trade visitors in January 2013 and will therefore be continued under the proven partnership with the Russian plastics medium As before, UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA will have an accompanying programme where experts from the packaging industry will be offering additional value. The highlight will be a special show called “Future Forum – Trends for the Russian Market”. This trend show will feature selected exhibitors with detailed presentations and explanations of their technical innovations. It will be a good opportunity for face-to-face chats with users who can then discuss market requirements and solutions and make new contacts.

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BRAUBEVIALE 2014: GOOD CONVERSATIONS. GOOD BUSINESS ❱ BrauBeviale looking forward to European beverage experts ❱ Young team skilfully puts the exhibition in the limelight


n reaching the mid fifties there are just two possibilities: the (admittedly late) midlife crisis or a powerful restart, cleverly underlining one’s own strengths with a fresh outfit and charmingly convincing with experience and unexpected ideas. “BrauBeviale (*1957) has decided,” assures Andrea Kalrait, the new Director Exhibitions. “We have thoroughly revised the exhibition concept and the supporting programme. We are, of course, relying on BrauBeviale’s recognized expertise as the world’s most important

BRAU BEVIALE FP 5/13.indd 3

capital goods exhibition for beverage production in 2014 – plus a variety of new features.” The first of these is obvious: in smart natural shades of green, the exhibition in Nürnberg from 11–13 November convinces the approx. 33,000 visitors with money to invest with its comprehensive spectrum of products from some 1,300 exhibitors of raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing ideas. But just a new colour concept is definitely not enough for the Director Exhibitions, who although new in

this function has been closely associated with BrauBeviale professionally for almost two decades, and her young team. “For us and our customers, BrauBeviale is a kind of ‘regular meeting for the sector’ that we look forward to. Friends and business partners meet on equal terms in a pleasant atmosphere to exchange ideas, discuss matters and perhaps jointly draw up initial approaches to solutions. These good conversations are followed by good business,” says Andrea Kalrait. “A look at the ‘inner values’ was naturally more important than

08/01/14 10.16


the visual appearance. We have completely revised the nomenclature, supplemented it in parts and consistently based it on the process chain in beverage production. This is also reflected by the allocation of the nine halls. BrauBeviale remains compact – an exhibition of short distances.”

The exhibitors: world market leaders and newcomers welcome The exhibitors in 2012 – including world-renowned regulars as well as start-ups – came from 50 nations, headed by companies from Germany (over 700), Italy, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. They all appreciate BrauBeviale’s optimum cost-benefit ratio: the concise opening time of only three days keeps the cost


within limits. Attractive starter prices for stand spaces up to 36 m² ensure successful exhibiting at manageable cost particularly for small and medium-size firms. 97 % of the exhibitors (45 % international) reached their most important target groups at BrauBeviale 2012 and 92 % rated their overall success at the exhibition favourably, according to the results of a survey by an independent institute. To make sure this continues in 2014 and beyond, not only the price structure has been simplified. Clearer and better arranged is the motto, which also applies to the reorganization of the product spectrum along the beverage production process chain: Raw Materials ❱ Raw materials and drinks as raw materials

Technologies ❱ Machinery and installations for production, filling and packaging beverages ❱ Packaging materials and supplies, packaging ancillaries and closure systems ❱ Automation and IT ❱ Operating and laboratory equipment, process and auxiliary materials, beer refinement ❱ Installations for energy, compressed air/gases, industrial safety, environmental protection

Logistics ❱ Vehicles, loading equipment, storage systems and transport equipment

Marketing ❱ Marketing and catering equipment ❱ Services, institutes, research, media

The new

Rassegna Alimentare issue is out!

The most important Italian magazine has a bottling technology special and IGUS in the front cover

BRAU BEVIALE FP 5/13.indd 4

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china east europe meeting • events • fairs


russia middle east • asia

семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe SIGEP



19-23/01/2013 RIMINI Salone Internazionale gelateria, pasticceria e panificazione artigianali International exhibition for the artisan production of ice-cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery

4-9/05/2013 FRANCOFORTE Manifestazione Internazionale sulletecnologie per l’industria della carne International Trade Fair for the meatprocessing industry

12-13/06/2013 GOTHENBURG Fiera internazionale & congresso sull’industria degli snack, salatini, noccioline International Trade Fair & Congress for Savoury Snacks and Nut




7-10/04/2013 VERONA Salone Internazionale delle tecniche per la Viticultura, l’Enologia e delle tecnologie Olivicole e Olearie International Exhibition of Technologies for Viticulture, Oenology and Technologies for Olive Growing and Oil Production

ENOMAQ 12-15/02/2013 ZARAGOZA Salone Internazionale del Macchinario ed Attrezzature per Cantine e Imbottigliamento International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment Winery and Bottling

INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 24-27/04/2013 STOCCARDA Fiera internazionale delle tecnologie per vino, frutta e succhi di frutta Technology fair for wine, fruit and fruit juices

21-23/05/2013 PARMA Salone delle Tecnologie per l’Automazione Industriale Trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector

PULIRE 21-23/05/2013 VERONA Mostra internazionale delle produzioni e delle tecnologie per le attività dell’igiene ambientale International exhibition of products and technologies for environmental hygiene

PACKOLOGY 11-14/06/2013 RIMINI Salone delle tecnologie per il packaging e il processing Exhibition of Technology for Packaging and Processing

16-21/09/2013 MONACO Salone Internazionale della tecnologia per l’industria delle bevande International Show for the Beverage Industry Technologies

FACHPACK 24-26/09/2013 NUERNBERG Salone Internazionale su Soluzioni e tecnologie per il confezionamento Trade Fair for Packaging Solutions

PACK EXPO 23-25/9/2013 LAS VEGAS Fiera internazionale delle tecnologie per l’imballaggio International Packaging Trade Fair

MACFRUT 25-27/09/2013 CESENA Mostra Intenazionale di macchinari e impianti per l’industria ortofrutticola International Exhibition of Machinery and equipment for the Fruit and Vegetable processing FIERE EU- RA_2013.indd 1

23/12/13 12.49


Выставки east europe

congressi meeting • events • fairs middle east • asia


семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe ANUGA 05-09/10/2013 COLONIA Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International exhibition of food and beverages


06-09/10/2013 LAS VEGAS Salone Internazionale per l’industria della panificazione e della pasticceria International Fair for the bakery and confectionery Industry


18-22/10/2013 MILANO Salone tecnologico per la panificazione e la produzione di pasta e pizza show for bakery and fresh pasta and pizza industry


03-06/11/2013 CHICAGO Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International food and beverage technology exhibition


12-16/11/2013 MILANO Fiera internazionale sulla filiera vitivinicola e sulle tecnologie per l’industria dell’imbottigliamento International exhibition for vine-growing,wine-producing and bottling industry


05-07/01/2014 BERLINO Salone Internazionale di frutta e verdura International fair for fruit and vegetables


18-22/01/2014 RIMINI Salone Internazionale gelateria, pasticceria e panificazione artigianali International exhibition for the artisan production of ice-cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery


26-29/01/2014 COLONIA Salone internazionale dei prodotti dolciari International exhibition about confectionery


08-12/03/2014 PARIGI Salone Internazionale sulla tecnologia per la panificazione e la pasticceria International Show for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry


23-26/03/2014 ROMA Fiera sulle attrezzature, macchine, ingredienti, formazione, arredi etc. dedicati al food ed alla ristorazione Exhibitions about raw materials, plant, furnishing and fittings for the artisan gelato, bakery, pizzerias and restaurants


31/03-03/04/2014 BARCELLONA Fiera internazionale sull’industria alimentare International show about food industry


06-09/04/2014 VERONA Salone internazionale sui vini e i liquori e le tecnologie per produrli International exhibition on wines and liqueurs and technologies

PIZZA WORLD 07-09/04/2014 PARMA Manifestazione su prodotti, tecnologie e servizi dedicati al mondo delle pizzerie Exhbition on products, technologies and services completely dedicated to independent and chain pizzerias

CIBUS 05-08/05/2014 PARMA Salone Internazionale del prodotto alimentare International food exhibition

INTERPACK 08-14/05/2014 DÜSSELDORF Fiera della tecnologia per imballaggio, confezionamento, panificazione, pasticceria Technology fair for packaging, packing, bakery, pastry

SPS/IPC/DRIVES/ ITALIA 20-22/05/2014 PARMA Salone delle Tecnologie per l’Automazione Industriale Trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector

INTERMOPRO 21-23/09/2014 DÜSSELDORF Fiere internazionali per i prodotti lattiero-caseari, alimenti surgelati, gelati, tecnologia, carne e salsiccia international trade fairs for dairy products, frozen food, ice cream, technology, meat and sausage FIERE EU- RA_2013.indd 3

23/12/13 12.49


Выставки east europe

congressi meeting • events • fairs middle east • asia


семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe MACFRUT

24-26/09/2014 CESENA Mostra Intenazionale di macchinari e impianti per l’industria ortofrutticola International exhibition of machinery and equipment for the fruit and vegetable processing


01-05/10/2014 MADRID International bakery, pastry and related industries show Fiera internazionale sula panificazione e la pasticceria



11-13/11/2014 NORIMBERGA Fiera su materie prime, tecnologie, logistica e processo per la produzione di birra e bevande Fair of raw materials, technologies, logistics for production of beer and soft drinks


17-20/11/2014 PARIGI Salone internazionale dell’imballaggio Exhibition about packaging technology

19-23/10/2014 PARIGI Fiera della tecnologia per l’industria alimentare e del packaging e del prodotto alimentare International exhibition and conference on technologies for food& beverage and food products




21-24/10/2014 PARMA Fiera della tecnologia per l’industria alimentare e del packaging International exhibition and conference on instrumental and process analysis and laboratory technology


01-04/02/2015 COLONIA Salone internazionale della subfornitura per l’industria dolciaria The international supplier fair for the confectionery industry 24-27/03/2015 COLONIA Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International food and beverage technology exhibition


02-05/11/2014 CHICAGO Fiera internazionale delle tecnologie per l’imballaggio International Packaging Trade Fair

21-24/04/2015 BARCELLONA Manifestazione internazionale su macchine, impianti e tecnologia per il packaging International packaging exhibition



09-11/11/2014 DUBAI Fiera della tecnologia per l’industria alimentare e del packaging International exhibition and conference on instrumental and process analysis and laboratory technology

19-21/05/2015 VERONA Mostra internazionale delle produzioni e delle tecnologie per le attività dell’igiene ambientale International exhibition of products and technologies for environmental hygiene


19-23/05/2015 MILANO Mostra Internazionale per l’industria del confezionamento International exhibition for the packaging industry


12-17/09/2015 MONACO Salone Internazionale per l’ind. della panificazione e della pasticceria International fair for the bakery and confectionery industry


29/09-1/10/2015 NORIMBERGA Salone Internazionale su Soluzioni e tecnologie per il confezionamento Trade Fair for Packaging Solutions


10-14/10/2015 COLONIA Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International exhibition of food and beverages


23-27/10/2015 MILANO Salone tecnologico per la panificazione e la produzione di pasta e pizza Show for Bakery and Fresh Pasta and Pizza Industry


Novembre 2015 MILANO Fiera internazionale sulla filiera vitivinicola e sulle tecnologie per l’industria dell’imbottigliamento International exhibition for vine-growing,wine-producing and bottling industry FIERE EU- RA_2013.indd 5

23/12/13 12.49


east europe

meeting • events





middle east • asia

семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe UPAKOVKA UPAK ITALIA



29/01/2013- 01/02/2013 MOSCA Salone Internazionale delle macchine per imballaggio International packaging machinery exhibition

18-21/06/2013 MOSCA Saloni internazionali per l’imballaggio alimentare ed industriale International food and industry packaging exhibition




04-06/03/2013 GUANGZHOU Fiera internazionale per il confezionamento, l’imballaggio e le bevande International fair for packaging, packing machines and beverage technology

17-19/07/2013 SHANGAI Mostra internazionale delle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare e per il confezionamento International exhibition for the food industry and for packaging technologies



03-05/04/2013 S. PIETROBURGO Salone Internazionale di prodotti alimentari, di bevande e ingredienti International exhibition for food beverages and ingredients


20-23/05/2013 GUANGZHOU Mostra internazionale sull’industria delle materie plastiche International exhibition on plastic and rubber industries


20-22/05/2013 SHANGHAI Fiera internazionale della panificazione e dell’industria dolciaria in Cina International trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trades in China


24-27/04/2013 MOSCA Salone internazionale delle attrezzature per la panetteria e degli ingredienti alimentari International trade fair for bakery equipment and food ingredients

17-19/07/2013 SHANGAI Salone Internazionale della produzione di bevande e della tecnologia per l’imbottigliamento International exhibithion for the beverage production and bottling technology


10-12/09/2013 MOSCA Fiera Internazionale sulle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare International specialized trade fair of equipment and technologies for food processing industry


16-19/09/2013 MOSCA Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International exhibition for food and drink products

07-11/10/2013 MOSCA Salone Intern. dei macchinari e delle attrezzature per il settore agroindustriale International trade exhibition of machinery and equipment for agroindustrial industry

30/10-01/11/2013 KIEV Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International exhibition for food and drink products


28-31/01/2014 MOSCA Salone Internazionale delle macchine per imballaggio International packaging machinery exhibition


10-14/02/2014 MOSCA Fera internazionale su alimenti, bevande e materie prime per alimenti International exhibition for food, beverage and food raw materials


03-05/03/2014 GUANGZHOU Fiera internazionale per il confezionamento, l’imballaggio e le bevande International fair for packaging, packing machines and beverage technology


19-21/03/2013 S. PIETROBURGO Salone Internazionale di prodotti alimentari, di bevande e ingredienti International exhibition for food beverages and ingredients FIERE RU-12.indd 1

27/11/13 16.10


east europe

meeting • events





middle east • asia

семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe VINITALY

24-27/03/2014 CHENGDU Fiera internazionale su vini e liquori International wine & spirits show


23-26/04/2014 MOSCA Salone internazionale delle attrezzature per la panetteria e degli ingredienti alimentari International trade fair for bakery equipment and food ingredients


09-11/04/2014 KIEV Fiera internazionale per i produttori di alimenti e bevande International trade exhibition on food and beverage producers


23-26/04/2014 GUANGZHOU Mostra internazionale sull’industria delle materie plastiche International exhibition on plastic and rubber industries


13-16/05/14 SHANGHAI Fiera internazionale della panificazione e dell’industria dolciaria in Cina International Trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trades in China


17-20/06/2014 MOSCA Saloni internazionali per l’imballaggio alimentare ed industriale International food and industry packaging exhibition


16-18/07/2014 SHANGAI Mostra internazionale delle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare e per il confezionamento International exhibition for the food industry and for packaging technologies


09-11/09/2014 MOSCA Fiera internazionale sulle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare International specialized trade fair of equipment and technologies for food processing industry


15-18/09/2014 MOSCA Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International exhibition for food and drink products


06-10/10/2014 MOSCA Salone Intern. dei macchinari e delle attrezzature per il settore agroindustriale International trade exhibition of machinery and equipment for agroindustrial industry


28-30/10/2014 KIEV Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International exhibition for food and drink products FIERE RU-12.indd 2

27/11/13 16.10



MILLIKEN CHEMICAL 61-62 Ham 18-24Industrial B-9000 - Gent - Belgium

RIMINI FIERA 82/84 Via Emilia, 155 47921 Rimini - Italy

GEA FOOD SOLUTIONS 20-21 P.O. Box 1 5760 AA Bakel - The Netherlands

MINIMOTORS 51 Via E. Fermi, 5 42011 Bagnolo in Piano Reggio Emilia - Italy

SGORBATI VEGETEC SRL 1-4 Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 83 25086 Rezzato - Brescia - Italy

ISHIDA EUROPE LTD 79-80 11 Kettels Wood Drive Woodgate Business Park B32 3DB Birmingham - UK

MOCON 63 7500 Boone Avenue North 55428 Minneapolis Minnesota - USA

ILPRA SPA 81 Corso Pavia, 30 27029 Vigevano - Pavia - Italy

NUERNBERGMESSE GMBH 89-90 Messezentrum 90471 - Nürnberg - Germany

LABELPACK SRL 64 Via Ciaikovsky, 29 20092 Cinisello Balsamo Milano - Italy

OLI GROUP 47/49 Via Canalazzo, 35 41036 Medolla - Modena - Italy

ADVANCED NEOFOOD MACHINERY GmbH 30/33 Lützowstr. 63 -65 42653 - Solingen - Germany

FENCO SPA 36/38 Via Prampolini, 40 43044 Lemignano di Collecchio Parma - Italy

AMCOR FLEXIBLES EUROPE & AMERICAS 68 Affolternstraße 56 8050 Zurich - Switzerland BS 40-41 Viale Fulvio Testi, 126 20092 - Cinisello Balsamo Milano - Italy BUERGOFOL GMBH 35 Jahnstr. 10-14 93354 Siegenburg - Germany CORIMA 69-70 Via Medini, snc 44049 - Vigarano Pieve - Ferrara - Italy DINNISEN 67 Horsterweg 66 NL-5975 NB Sevenum The Netherlands

LANEX II COVER Hlucinska 1/96 CZ-74723 Bolatice - CR

OWP OST WEST PARTNER GMBH 85/87 Ulmenstraße 52 f 90443 Nürnberg - Germany

LAWER SPA 65-66 Via Amendola, 12/14 13836 - Cossato - Biella Italy

PACKEDIA 76 Freiligrathstrasse 6-6a 58636 Iserlohn - Germany

EUROSICMA SPA 71/75 Via M. Buonarroti, 4/6 20090 Segrate - Milano - Italy

LINX XYMARK 78 Gothenburg Way Sutton Fields Industrial HU7 0YE - Hull - uk

PIETRIBIASI MICHELANGELO SRL 39 Via del Progresso, 12 36035 Marano Vicentino Vicenza - Italy

FRATELLI PAGANI 12/14 Via Ennio, 20 20137 - Milano - Italy

LITA SRL IV COVER Str. Provinciale Chieri, 19/3 10046 Poirino - Torino - Italy

PIGO SRL 5/7 Via Pontaron, 30 36030 Caldogno - Vicenza - Italy

FAMOR 44/46 Via Boccherini, 8 57124 - Livorno - Italy

LOGICON III COVER Via Galileo Galilei, 245 29010 Alseno - Piacenza - Italy

PROTEC SRL 22/24 Via Nazionale Est, 19 43044 Collecchio - Parma - Italy

FBL 18-19 Via Rosa Augusto, 4 43038 Sala Baganza - Parma - Italy

MESSE DUESSELDORF 8/11-88 Messeplatz 40474 Duesseldorf - Germany

RADEMAKER BV 42-43 Plantijnweg 23 - P.O. Box 416 4100 AK Culemborg - Netherlands

ENERGY RESOURCES SPA 15/17 Via Ignazio Silone, 10 60035 Jesi - Ancona - Italy

SIEMENS AG 52-53 Wittelsbacherplatz 2 80333 Munich - Germany SORDI IMPIANTI 29 Via Paolo Gorini, 9 26836 Montanaso Lombardo Lodi - Italy STARLINGER 58-59 Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna - Austria TECAM SRL I COPERTINA/26/28 Via Cavallotti, 24 33170 Pordenone - Italy

TECNOPACK S.P.A. 55/57 Via Lago di Albano, 76 36015 Schio - Vicenza - Italy THERMO FISHER 54 Strada Rivoltana 20090 Rodano - Milano - Italy

TNA EUROPE LTD. 60 166 Clapgate Lane, Bartley Green B32 3DE Birmingham - UK __INDICE FP 6-13.indd 1

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