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IAPI has worked for over twenty-five years on the design, production and marketing of top quality two-stage linear Blow Molding Machines for all applications, becoming an international player in providing solutions for the PET packaging industry. Customized applications driven by utmost flexibility have made this company one of the most competitive on today’s market. With over 850 installations in the world, SIAPI is acknowledged as a provider of opportunities and solutions to get competitive advantage on the market, especially thanks to technological and process innovation. As for the reinforced presence on foreign markets, SIAPI has been achieving excellent results, which spur toward constant product and service improvement. Only using linear stretch-blow molding technology, SIAPI machines are able to produce the widest range of PET containers. For over 15 years SIAPI has especially been working on large and extra-large applications: targeted segments are water bottles and coolers from 1 US gallon to 20 litres capacity, and stackable containers for edible oil, detergents, chemical and industrial products. SIAPI 1 to 5 cavity machines for high-capacity containers (also up to 30 litres) can reach productions ranging from 400 to 5000 bph. A useful modern solution is a 25-litre – square container that can be stacked in four layers – made by SIAPI to re-

place HDPE fuel containers with PET, thereby reducing their weight of 50% with big advantage for the customer in terms of logistics and transport. The beer market also recognizes SIAPI as best technology for producing PET KEGs up to 40 litres, leading the conversion from stainless steel to 100% recyclable plastic containers. Thanks to a long experience in the market and constant R&D effort, today SIAPI is able to provide turnkey lines for this specific application. SIAPI’s research is focused not only on producing high-quality PET KEGs: thanks to the collaboration of experienced partners, the company is working on valves and fittings development, shelf-life improvements and transport options in order to offer full service for this growing market. This type of application is having success also among the wine sector, giving the opportunity, even to small producers, to export their product all over the world. Besides SIAPI developed special SW series for Wide-mouth containers: SW1 and SW2 models manage preforms up to 180 mm of neck diameter blowing

jars suitable for a broad range of products, such as sauces, paint, cosmetics, toys, powder and pet food. By anticipating new trends as to meet all customers’ requirements, SIAPI designed and recently supplied a new special platform named WRN – Wide Range Neck – which allows standard series machines to manage narrow neck and wide-mouth containers during heating and stretch-blowing process. This project is an example of SIAPI’s approach with unconventional customer demands: flexibility is a key factor of its experienced team and technology. It is also worth saying that the company pays much attention not only to special containers (oval, square and asymmetric bottles): its blowing machines for standard bottles are equipped of 1 to 10 blowing cavities, achieving maximum productivity of 15,000 bph. As independent entity SIAPI is a unique example of constant presence and innovation through the last twenty years, leading the development of two-stage linear technology for PET projects. Today major accounts, whether converters or large food & beverage brands, address SIAPI R&D for their new PET applications due to customized, high flexible blow molding machines.

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FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  

Technical, bimonthly magazine focused on food&beverage technology. It is in English and German/French/Spanish in according to the worldwide...

FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  

Technical, bimonthly magazine focused on food&beverage technology. It is in English and German/French/Spanish in according to the worldwide...