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„We have been at your side with know-how and expertise as a sealing partner for many decades“

» PTFE seal without Extrusion and cold flow » For process temperatures from -210 ° C to +260 ° C » Wide range of approvals » Resistance to all known aggressive and corrosive chemicals


Segment Leader Food & Pharma, Stephen Doherty

In the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, down time is not desirable. Sterilization cycles are carried out in the shortest possible time with high concentrations of the chemicals, high temperatures and increased flow through velocities. With these requirements the limits of the elastomer sealing properties are quickly reached. GYLON BIO-LINE® offers a new sealing material for all temperatures and processes.

Leaders in Sealing Integrity | | © 2016 Garlock Family of Companies. All rights reserved. Garlock is an EnPro Industries, Inc. family of companies (NYSE: NPO).


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T E CAlbrigi H NTechnologies, OLOGY food processing plants

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TECHNOLOGY Albrigi Technologies, food processing plants

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Via Tessare 6/A, 37023 - Loc. Stallavena di Grezzana (Verona) - Italia Tel. +39 045 907411 - Fax +39 045907427 email: - INGOMBRO ADV.indd 3

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An outline of the suppliers of machines, plants, products and equipment for the food industry. Published: Bi-monthly Registration: Court of Milan no. 676 of 20-09-1989 Shipment by air mail art.2 comma 20/b law 662/96 - Milan Panorama dei fornitori di macchine, impianti, prodotti e attrezzature per l’industria alimentare Periodicità: bimestrale. Autorizzazione del tribunale di Milano, n°676 del 20-09-1989 Spedizione in a. p. 45% art. 2 comma 20/b legge 662/96 Filiale di Milano The reproduction of the articles and/or pictures published by this magazine is reserved (the manuscripts and/or photos sent to the Publisher will not be returned). The Editor declines all responsibilities for any mistake of photocomposition contained in the published papers of any magazine by EDITRICE ZEUS.

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awer provides products, solutions and services to the industry to increase the reliability, safety and efficiency of dosing and dispensing operations for powders and liquids. Our core market position, that of a leading global product and solution provider together with our aim to set strong standards in all areas of our business, are both reflected in our company motto: “THE TRUE ACCURACY”. We have almost 50 years’ experience in supporting the industry to ensure the highest quality of the products. Our ability to do this is based on the “ITALIAN QUALITY” of our products and services combined with our continuous investment in developing leading technology. As a result, more than 2500 customers put their trust in our company having allowed us to supply them with thousands of systems and solutions during our long history. Via our world-wide presence, we stand beside our customers around the globe and through the whole life cycle of our products, from the assistance with selecting the right equipment, design-in support, installation and after sale service. Lawer is a global automatic dosing and dispensing systems manufacturer based in BIELLA area, providing products for various industries as Textile – Cosmetics – Painting/Coating – Food – Plastic – Rubber. “WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS AND

SERVICES TO INCREASE RELIABILITY, SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY OF PRODUCTION” Quality and Excellence expressed since the preliminary analysis to the commissioning of the equipment, to ensure safe and automated systems operated by high-class software, able to adapt themselves to the changing needs of manufacturing companies. The true Accuracy it is in every small detail that is measured the great value of a Company. Lawer has made a hallmark of accuracy. In research, in the production cycle, in the technical support, every minimum detail is evaluated by the stricter controls. Extreme care is given to staff training. Nothing is left to chance in the choice of materials used to manufacture the various components of

the equipment. Only components of very high quality are selected for the installations, which are able to fully satisfy the requirements of current regulations. “OUR SERVICES” via our world-wide presence, we stand beside our customers around the globe from assistance for selecting the right equipment up to the best after sale support. Engineering Support – ensuring optimal solutions • consultancy assistance for the optimal selection of the right system and the most innovative technical solutions • support for integrating our products and solutions into your production line

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• customisation to suit your individual needs. After sale service and assistance • Flexibility, professionalism, capillarity of the international network with 45 highly qualified Agents. • Ability to analyse, identify, translate the client’s needs in a personalized project. Short time in the projecting, manufacture and installation of the systems. A timeliness after-sales service, able to respond to every request and problem-solving, with qualified technicians, 4 Service Centres, a Web on-line remote assistance. Support services program designed to optimize the interventions and reduce costs. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY • Lawer is one of the first companies in Italy to have joined “Sustainable Technologies”, a project promoted by ACIMIT (Association of Italian Machinery Manufacturers). The associated companies to ACIMIT have to supply equipment and technologies that target to the centre of the manufacturer cycle the reduction of power, water and chemical materials for a more responsible production process and careful to consumption. The /energy/environmental performances are guaranteed by a ‘green plate’ fitted on the systems. • Lawer’s engagement throughout “Sustainable Technologies” do not stop here. The company is equipped with photovoltaic panels to self-produce and use renewable energy, and go on in the research of productive solutions addressed to environmental respect. “OUR MISSION” We provide premium products, solutions and services that satisfy our customers’ need and help them to operate safe, reliable and efficient processes.


“OUR MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES” Lawer Management Principles serve as further guidelines for our daily actions. Lawer shall… • be a company where our employees are proud to work for • earn and preserve the trust of our valued customers • be environmental respectful • promote and contribute to global society “OUR BRAND VALUES” Leading Technology We continuously invest in the research and development of new technologies and products. Trusted The trust that our customers, partners and employees put in our organization, our products and our services, has grown over decades and is the foundation of our company. Through the Lawer brand we aim to strengthen this trust by putting our brand values into practice each and every day. Professional This reflect how we achieve our objectives. When each of us always put our customers at the centre of our thinking and acting, we will increasingly satisfy their needs.

“Partnership” We support our customers in more than 50 countries around the globe. In China and Turkey, we are present with our own service organisation and in all the other countries we cooperate closely with dedicated and qualified representatives. “Company Culture” Our strong company culture together with the quality and attitude of our staff are the basis of our continued success. All of us are proud to be part of Lawer, are passionate about our work, enjoy it and work professionally together as a team. Lawer Management sets a good example as role models, is motivated, shows enthusiasm, has trust in their teams. We develop our people by challenging them, encouraging them to think an act independently and by providing them with professional and personal training opportunities. At the same time, we offer our staff diverse activities that promote a positive work-life balance. Innovation We strongly invest in developing leading technology and new products. To ensure that these investments truly support our customers in optimizing the safety, reliability and efficiency of their processes, we encourage and facilitate a company culture of systematic and sustainable creativity and innovation.

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“At the basis of this culture is our attitude of putting customers at the centre of our thinking and acting.” Our product portfolio • Automatic Powder Dosing Systems with: - single scale technology - double scale technology - multi scale technology • Automatic Liquid Dispensing Systems - Volumetric and Gravimetric • Laboratory dosing and dispensing systems CONCEPT of the Automatic Powder Ingredients Weighing Systems The different models of UNICA have been designed and patented to organize production in an innovative way by automatically weighing the powder ingredient components of recipes and batches in different processes of the food preparation industry. The ingredients are stored in stainless steel silos and the products are dosed using stainless steel screws. The ingredients are dosed into buckets, either manually or automatically and placed on the weighing trolley which has an electronic scale. The weighing trolley automatically positions the bucket under the silo from which the ingredients are to be dosed, then moves it to the final position, where the operator can collect the weighed recipe and the identification label. The management software allows collects all information about the operation reports and statistics. The pc can be interfaced with external systems to export the data. ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS 1. ACCURACY 2. REPEATABILITY 3. TRACEABILITY 4. SECURITY 5. EFFICENCY


6. SAVING 7. KNOW-HOW PROTECTION MORE TIME/LESS COSTS, the automatic dosage system usage reduces the production time with consequently recovering of efficiency and marginality. CONFIDENTIALITY, it is possible to keep secret the composition of the recipe and protect the creativity and your know-how. CONTROL, accessing a protected area, it is possible to monitor and verify the daily production, monthly production, the consumption of each single raw material or each single recipe. REPLICABILITY, in a fully automatic way, the system repeats countless times the error free weighing of the micro-ingredients of the recipes, guaranteeing a constant quality at all times. Less errors, less cost, higher quality of the finished product. TRACEABILITY, all weight operations carried out are saved and made available for a perfect traceability. SAVING, the systems contribute to reduce errors and time in the recipe preparation, thus reducing costs of production and personnel.

For application in small-medium size laboratory we offer differents models of UNICA systems. UNICA TWIN • 100 L. capacity silos • single or double scale • 12-24 or 36 silos configuration • scale 30 kg capacity, 0.1 gr resolution • independent and removable silos • removable top cover on each silo • loading operation by gravity from a rear platform • efficient suction and filtering systems • manual or automatic bucket loading/unloading UNICA HD • 50 L capacity silos • single scale • 8-16 or 24 silos configuration • scale 30 kg capacity, 1 gr resolution • independent and removable silos • removable top cover on each silo • loading operation by gravity from a front platform • efficient suction and filtering systems • manual or automatic bucket loading/unloading

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UNICA MD - SD • 18-36 L capacity silos on MD, 1224 L capacity silos on SD • single scale • max 13 small silos positions • scale 30 kg capacity, 1 gr resolution • independent and removable silos • removable top cover on each silo • loading operation by gravity from the front side • efficient suction and filtering system • manual or automatic bucket loading/unloading • liquid dosage station as optional (water-milk) • scale 2,1 kg capacity, 0.01 gr resolution as option • touch panel 8.4” For application in industrial production Lawer provide systems with high productivity and efficiency. SUPERUNICA Superunica is a fully automatic weighing system, allowing accurate safe and clean powder recipes preparation. The system consists of a number of independent storage silos, installed in line on a modular structure. A


weighing trolley incorporating the electronic scale is automatically transported to the correct silo position. Each module can accommodate silos with different capacities (300, 150 , 100 and 50 L) which are loaded by gravity or by means of a vacuum system. The lower section of each silo is equipped with an efficient combined screw/vibration dispensing device (Lawer patented) which allows the rapid and accurate dispensing of the powder. The bucket loading / unloading process takes place automatically and each bucket is identified by an ID-TAG system. At the end of each weighing cycle the data of the recipe is printed on an identification label. The system is protected by a full enclosure box, designed to connect to an external conditioning system, which ensures complete isolation of the plant, granting the ideal working conditions even in harsh environments (high humidity rate, abrupt thermal changes, air draughts and dust). An efficient suction / filtering device guarantees the maximum safety of

operation and a clean working environment. The system operates by means of dedicated Lawer Software SUPERSINCRO Supersincro allows precise and safe automatic dosing operations of the ingredients required for the food industry preparations in automatic thermoformed bags consisting of tubular films. The modular configuration is based on the number of products used, and the physical characteristics and the packaging used. At each cycle the package container is placed on a moving tray and transported on a U route placing the package under the different dosing units. When the container is in the correct position for the product, the scale lifts up the container and starts the dosing procedure. At the end of the loop the bags are closed and placed automatically in boxes or pallets. Visit:


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ince over 40 years, Agriflex srl is leader manufacturer of installations for the handling of raw materials. Thanks to our inhouse research department, we have successfully conceived, built an patented our innovative system for the flour cooling. Let us introduce it to you as follows: Dough temperature control is a key factor in obtaining constant and ideal quality in the production of bakery products at industrial and small business level. Infact, the cooling process of the flours allows slowing down the rising of the dough and adequately adjusting it to the times of each production line. Among the methods currently used for this purpose, often with high costs and poor results, one of the most common and popular is that of lowering the dough temperature by adding ice. The limitation of this method is in the empirical approach used both to determine the amount of ice to be used in function of the detected temperature and the reduced quantity of water to pour in the dough since it is obtained by the melting of the ice. Some people cool the dough by mixing liquid nitrogen, although this method is quite expensive and therefore impractical. Others mix the flours using lamellar flows of cold air, but this is a poorly

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- complete system automation that, thanks to the reduced thermal inertia and the absence of accumulations, ensures the correct temperature of the dough, compensating the temperature variations of the other components and ambient temperature; - ease of maintenance since all areas can be easily cleaned.

efficient method, due to the reduced specific heat of the air and the risk of changing its humidity.

quently reduced operating costs; - high effectiveness thanks to the considerable temperature reduction;

The Agriflex Flour Cooling System is easily retrofitted on existing installations and it is particularly suggested in various productions. Visit:

Finally, another cooling method uses screw heat-exchangers: while conveying flours to the mixer, their movement mixes them with liquid nitrogen or CO2 that is injected for cooling purposes. Unfortunately, despite being excellent for flour conveying, the screw is not equally effective in mixing flour with the cooling means, which consequently are used in large quantities and increase both plant and operating costs due to the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining such cumbersome heat exchangers in efficient working order. The proposed method offers different, significant advantages: - high energy efficiency thanks to the direct exchange and conse-

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EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS ARE GVF IMPIANTI SRL KEY-WORDS GVF Impianti Srl is a reliable partner specialized in the design, production and supply of machines, equipment and plant for Bulk Material handling since 1964.


ith more than 50 years of experience, GVF Impianti Srl is the ideal partner able to supply quality solutions for bulk material handling and for industrial auto- mation in sectors like food, pharma, chemical, pet-food and construction materials. The wide range of production full of transversal pro- ducts characterizes the company organization, which is divided in 6 main divisions: dense phase pneuma- tic conveying systems, bulk material handling systems and equipment, mixing and dosing technology, filtra- tion systems, recycling systems and foundry machineries and plants. Each company division represents the know-how and the experience gained in each sector of application, making the company become able to design and pro- duce components, complex machines as well as complete turn-key plants. The main feature which distinguishes the company production is the search for the quality, following both the plant’s efficiency and the effectiveness of the adop- ted solution.

quality and innovation, which makes the customer’s job easier and which gua- rantees a fast return on investment.

dustrial ma- chineries’ market, companies need to provide Mis- sion-Driven Machines which are smarter, more functio- nal and easier to maintain.

INNOVATIVE AND EFFICIENT SYSTEMS Together since 1964 to solve bulk material handling problems To be successful in today’s global in-

The market expects maximum durability, not only on a day-to-day basis, but also in the long term, in order to remain productive for years. That is why GVF Impianti’s main objective

GVF Impianti Srl’s objective is to supply advanced solutions combining

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has always been satisfying customer’s needs, even if it requires high levels of product’s customization and quality. The company has a long story of positive results. It was founded in 1964 by three partners, and thanks to the experience they gained in building and designing machineries and plants in the USA, they firstly began to serve the foundry sector. Year after year the company has slowly improved the production range, by supplying products in more and more sectors of application, such as food, pharma, chemical and pet-food sectors, and to different types of customers. In 2000 the company becomes a family-owned com- pany, and with the ownership also the company view changed, in order to become more and more customer oriented. Recently the company has enlarged its target markets abroad, by suppling goods and establishing business relationships in many European countries. For the coming years its main goal is to continue to supply high quality solutions to its customers, with the support of its selected partners. Efficiency and Effectiveness are the key-words. “Ideas, Projects and Solutions in order to provide our customer with the best possible product.”

IN-HOUSE ENGINEERING One of the most powerful strength of the com- pany is its ability to design and produce in-house stan- dardized and customized products, in order to satisfy each possible customer’s need.

simulation systems. Engineers interact with the mechanical production department, and fol- low all the production phases up to the assembling, the start-up and the commissioning of the machine in customer’s premises.

The company studies each production process of its customers, in order to provide them with the best solu- tion, not only in terms of productivity, but also in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. This allows GVF Im- pianti to be able to project the entire systems’ functio- ning and management logic.

PED COMPLIANT PRODUCTS In order to improve the production quality and to control all the production processes internally, GVF Im- pianti Srl has decided to request and obtain the WPS (Welding Procedure Standard) certification.

The engineering department uses the most up-to-date design and 3D

The company is now able to produce PED com- pliant vessels for its pneumatic conveyors, certified by TÜV (CE0948).

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Indeed, the management strongly believes that the in-house production of products is part of the company’s strength, because it allows products customi- zation and quality controls for the entire production system. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT GVF Impianti is also able to provide a complete service of in-house industrial automation, for its machineries and its complete turnkey plants, thanks to an internal software development department, which follows and studies all projects in order to provide the best solutions. The software development department takes care of the software project and the mechani- cal automation project. It also follows the creation and assembly of control, power and monitoring panels. Moreover, in order to offer the best possible solution in terms of industrial automation, our company has established some important partnerships with major global powerhouses such as Siemens. This resulted in a fundamental quality guarantee and improvement. DENSE PHASE PNEUMATIC CONVEYING SYSTEMS The dense phase pneumatic conveying system transports the product at low speed, using a small amount of air and reducing the energy consumption. GVF Impianti’s technology prevents contamination between the transported materials thanks to a process control that executes cleaning cycles every product’s change. DISTINCTIVE MARKS OF GVF PNEUMATIC CONVEYORS GVF Impianti Srl has developed during the years mainly four types of pneumatic conveyors, which sati- sfy different needs: GA, GC, GA COMBO and GA-A. GA type is

suitable for the transport of normal wearing materials, is designed with an inlet butterfly valve and is supplied complete of electro-pneumatical panel in box. GC type has been developed to convey particu- larly abrasive material, thanks to the special inlet cone valve designed by GVF Impianti, which guarantees a high resistance to wear. The conveyor is supplied complete of its electro-pneumatical panel in box too. GA COMBO type has the same features of GA type but it is studied to be compact, economical and modular, really useful if the available space is reduced. Its distin- ctive mark is the electro-pneumatical panel installed on board the vessel. Finally, the GA-A type is suitable if it is necessary to weigh the product before the transport. Indeed, it is equipped with load cells and with a load control unit, which allows to create batches of product just before the transport.

high temperatures and high performan- ce pneumatic conveyors HP type, for long distances and big hourly capacities. Finally, all GVF Impianti’s pneumatic conveyors offer the following advantages: automatic execution, low wear, reduced product breakages and un-mixing, low air consumption, efficient product/air ratio, low opera- tional and maintenance costs. PNEUMATIC CONVEYING COMPONENTS AND EQUIPMENT In the pneumatic conveying systems’ production range GVF Impianti produces also all the pneumatic conveying components (such as pipeline’s boosters, pinch valves and wear-resistant bends) and diverter valves (two-ways diverter valves and multi-ways diver- ter valves).

But, what distinguishes all these pneumatic conveyors from the competitors is the special design of some components and the unique air distribution system. Indeed, all GVF Impianti’s pneumatic conveyors are equipped with outlets made in cast iron, and further strengthen by a thermal treatment. In addition, the out- let unit is equipped with spilt flanges made in cast iron too, which allow to have an easy directing of the outlet pipe.

Indeed, very interesting are the two-ways diverter val- ves which are mainly divided in 3 types: DAS, DP and Y. The two-ways diverter valves DAS type are studied to be installed on the top of the silos, in order to divert the product between more silos or to become a ter- minal box made in a wear-resistant material. DP type allows to divert the material from one to two ways, and is particularly suitable for abrasive products. Y type is equipped with two pinch valves, and allows to select between two ways.

Very important in terms of performance is also the exclusive uniform air distribution system, which di- stributes the compressed air in three main parts of the vessel: in the outlet, laterally and in the central part.

But, if the number of ways in which the product should be sent is higher than two, GVF Impianti has developed a very interesting multi-ways diverter valve DS type, which allows to divert the material flow up to 12 destinations.

GVF Impianti Srl can supply on request also pneumatic conveyors for


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epi celebrates its 30 years of business activity. We manufacture turn-key plants for the storage, transport and dosage of raw materials, serving the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. With more than 100 people working in its seat in Forlì – Italy – and a large network of partners and representation in the five continents, thanks to a sales division that is strongly oriented to consultancy and collaboration, we builds customized solutions for our customers and the raw materials they use. Over 7000 m2 of productive area, more than 4000 systems the world over and a turnover of about 20 millions in 2014, after 30 years we are both different and the same. Innovation and tradition, flexibility, high accuracy, craftsmanship and industrial precision mark out our systems, which are also the result of a profound understanding of the raw materials, decades of experience and the trust we have built with our customers. The design of our systems also allows for their future extension or changes, you can adopt Cepi systems for the food sector to handle both dry ingredients as well as liquids for the production of: bakery products, pizza, pasta, cous cous, confectionary/chocolate products, premix of powders, breakfast foods, snack foods, candies, chewing gum, pet food … The management aggregates competences in the design and mechanics, production and logistics, and a deep knowledge of the raw materials acquired through a steady presence in the market. Nothing we did in the course of our work was wasted, neither the time we took to study a new material,

nor the technology we developed to meet a unique need. No two systems are the same and each one we built has proved to be a chance to stretch ourselves, to learn something, to keep moving. Cepi is always up with changing markets, very demanding from the technical and technological point of view, and invests in new machineries, such as those specific for cutting and welding, or those for automatic cleaning of INOX, or the tower for the building of outdoor silos and many other equipments which purpose is to rationalize the production, be more independent and reduce prices, too. We invest also in people, in order to offer competitive and always better products. To this end, starting from questions raised by our customers our internal R&D

department develops new solutions and perfects those existent. Cepi has patented multiple technologies and has received many awards for the Excellency of our procedures. We partner permanently with the Bologna University in project development, research on mechanical applications and materials testing. The CEPI systems take care of your process entirely, providing highly competitive automation systems for the production control and plant management and full traceability. Stop by Cepi stand A5.251 at IBA in Munich, we can present our best solution for your bulk handling necessities. More in detail, we can offer: • OUTDOORSILOS in stainless steel built in dedicated tower and INDOORSILOS made of panels or in trevira HT antistatic fabric, Atex certified,

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and as optional connection with weighing cells, pump and PH-control device, too; • FLOUR COOLING SYSTEM on silbox silo which allows the constant and controlled temperature of dough 12 months/year. This process occur without the addition of water, nor using any cooling agent (CO2, ...) COSTANT TEMPERATURE => RECIPE = ALL THE YEAR => COSTANT PRODUCT

patented Cepi, built in our internal tailoring. Extraction of product by fluidized bed or vibrating cone, available also with multiple extractions, produced in our factory with proper molds. • WEIGHING and DOSAGE systems in loss of weight, or volumetric, or in continuum; • AUTOMATIC DOSAGE of MINOR-INGREDIENTS through modular and integrated units loaded manually or automatically thanks to direct suction of the product from the sack. High accuracy of metering; • MANUAL DOSAGE OF MINOR-INGREDIENTS through table or ground scale; • Storage, transport and dosage systems for LIQUIDS, double jacket or isolated tanks that could be weighted on cells; water mixing unit and measuring device for liquids;

• DOSAGE of MACRO-INGREDIENTS through Bags and Big Bags unloading stations; • internal production of ACCESSORIES to improve and purify the quality of raw materials, such as sifters, magnets detectors, lumps breakers, filters… • SUGAR MILLING SYSTEM ATEX certified. Automatic feeding of granulated sugar; previous sifting and control of product by means of a sifter and a magnet detector; grinding mill GAS FREE thanks to the air recycling; storage mixer provided with stirrer in order to avoid any lump; • SYSTEMS for the production of INVERTED SUGAR; • FERMENTING TANKS, YEAST MELTERS, BREAD RE-WORK DISSOLVERS with temperature control device, agitator and refrigerating system

• SYSTEMS for BREAD AND BISCUITS SCRAP RE-WORK for the production of bread crumbs, or croutons, or a powder similar to flour which could be re-used in production; • INTERNAL ELECTRICAL and SOFTWARE DESIGN for standard or customized dosages; • INTERNAL DESIGN of COMPUTERIZED SYSTEMS, provided with innovative raw materials MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE to monitor the whole production process and trace back to the origin of the product, all this from your office. You can find all this and more by visiting our web site Cepi is the reliable partner which supports your growth and can offer swift and qualified post-sales assistance, in addition to punctual answers to every and any questions that might crop up.

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ince 1990 Italian Company MIX srl has been developing and manufacturing high quality Mixing Systems and Industrial Components for Bulk Solids Handling, for dust, granules, fibers and pastes. The combination of high-experienced staff and qualified engineers enabled MIX to quickly confirm itself as a worldwide supplier. Supported by constant research, innovation and development, MIX has successfully introduced a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices. Thanks to this continuously growing experience, MIX is able to project and manufacture Batch and Continuous Mixers, Dryers, Reactors, Granulators, Sterilizers, Heaters, Coolers and Blenders suitable for the most complicated industrial processes. During its 25 years, MIX has developed a wide range of industrial components for bulk solids handling. Dust Collectors, Loading Bellows, Butterfly valves, Slide Gates, Level Indicators, Accessories for Silos. Each product has been developed to respond to real market needs and to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. MIX products are commonly used in the food industry and in the chemical industry. In its mission, MIX stands not merely as a supplier, but as a reliable part-

ner; for this reason MIX focuses its research and development activities on the needs of its Customers. Every mixer is tailored and custom manufactured, in order to satisfy every specific requirements. Each mixer is designed so as to be able to optimally perform the productive tasks, for which it has been conceived. Also for the other products of MIX range, Filters, Loading Bellows, Valves, it is always possible to develop customized solutions together with the customer, in order to meet all different needs. MIX firmly believes in the importance of research, development and innovation. Recently MIX enhanced its internal Testing Facility with brand new machineries and is now able to execute trials with harder parameters as: Temperature up to +200°C; Pressure up to +5bar or Vacuum. Powders, Granules, Fibers, Pastes can be tested in the new laboratory, even in classified hazardous atmosphere (ATEX). MIX guarantees that the results obtained during trials in the testing facility are scalable and

repeatable with industrial mixers. Since several years, MIX s.r.l. has been investing in quality system through new certifications on industrial management system. Therefore the company has been working on all levels to obtain the certification to ISO international standards of QUALITY (UNI EN ISO 9001) and ENVIRONMENT (UNI EN ISO 14001). This work continues and remains constant each day to maintain these certifications in accordance with their own principles.

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he foodstuffs and feed industry must constantly adapt to accommodate the changing requirements of its customers and nutritional trends among end consumers. Key factors are not only how effectively marketing and product development can pick up on new trends, but especially whether production can implement these trends with the necessary flexibility, efficiency and quality. POWTECH 2017 (Nuremberg, 26-28 September), the leading trade fair for processing, analysis, and handling of powder and bulk solids, offers heads of production and users the latest technical solutions covering everything from sorting, grinding and mixing to agglomerating and filling. Another important topic for exhibitors, reflected in the supporting programme for POWTECH, is digital solutions for process control, automation and in-line measurement. The foodstuffs industry is clearly a pioneer in the digital transformation of the process industry. Marijke Vreugdenhil, Marketing Manager at Dutch POWTECH exhibitor KSE Process Technology B.V., describes the demands that plant operators currently place on process control systems: “The biggest challenge is the ever-increasing flexibility that plants, and therefore also the control systems, are expected to offer. It’s a consequence of increasing product individualisation. So, for example, farmers demand their own specially formulated feed mixes, and feed producers respond by flexibly changing their recipes. On this basis we can assume that every farm animal will soon have its own specially formulated food, a phenomenon we can already

see in the pet food industry. Another hot topic, of course, will be the need for absolute traceability (i.e. tracking and tracing) in future, from seed through to the final meat product.” SMEs: expect specialisation and differentiaAround 400 companies with product ranges specifically for tion the food/feed industry are expected at POWTECH 2017 Specialisation and differentiation are a particular challenge for small and to experience technologies covering medium-sized enterprises. Vreugden- the entire process chain of feed and hil observes a lot of consolidation in foodstuff production. Including KSE, the market, and adds that “it will be almost 400 of the approximately 900 difficult for the Davids in the market exhibitors have a focus on the food/ to stand up to the Goliaths. Small and feed sector. Many of these companies medium-sized enterprises therefore will provide live demonstrations of have to offer a highly specialised re- their latest systems and plant at POWsponse – whether it involves the prod- TECH, which will give potential buyers uct, the service or the price.” plenty of opportunity to inspect them thoroughly. Anyone seeking to take Automation for flexible production their knowledge of process technology As a response to these constantly in- to a new level should be sure to take creasing demands for greater flexibility a look at the POWTECH supporting in production, KSE will exhibit a solu- programme. The expert forum in exhition for the in-house transportation of bition hall 2 will host non-stop presenraw materials at POWTECH 2017: the tations on topics relating to bulk solids ALFRA Automatic Container Trans- and production. port. “This new system is an almost universally applicable solution to deal In the outdoor area, the programme with the demand for maximum flex- will also include moderated live demibility in production and also ensures onstrations showing the huge amount contamination free production,” says of energy that a dust and oxygen exploVreugdenhil. “We will also be exhibit- sion can release, and the options availing an innovative automation program able to protect against them. that includes tracking and tracing, a re- Please visit for porting module and other functions.” a current list of exhibitors and additionTrade visitors at POWTECH will get al information on the event.

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The new KTP 590X rotary press sharpens Romaco Kilian’s effervescents profile. Romaco will additionally show Innojet process technology and Kilian services


omaco Kilian KTP 590X rotary press The KTP 590X was designed by Romaco Kilian with three separate compression stations for effervescent products. The powder is first of all tamped to prevent air pockets, then pre-compressed and finally converted into finished effervescent tablets in the main compression unit. The dwell time is significantly longer owing to the use of 28/41 tooling, meaning less risk of capping and the option of harder tablets. The KTP 590X can also be fitted with two standard fill shoe modules at any time and used to manufacture bi-layer formats. The new fill shoe generation processes even poorly flowing or sticky powders extremely efficiently. Thanks to the optimised paddle design, the powder is uniformly distributed in the die and homogeneously compressed. All in all, the Kilian KTP 590X boasts a maximum output of up to 510,000 tablets per hour. The KTP 590X rotary press is the newest model in Romaco Kilian’s KTP series. With its three design features “Cool, Fast & Clean”, the technology is particularly ideal for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. “Cool” stands for process temperatures of less than 30°C, which is an advantage when processing temperature sensitive vitamins or medications. “Fast” denotes the optimised retooling and cleaning times which enable fast product changes. “Clean” refers to the hygienic design, which improves both product quality and process reliability. The compaction, retooling and

Romaco Kilian KTP 590X rotary press service areas are strictly separate for this reason. The patented bellows protect the tablets from contamination with lubricants during compression.  Romaco Kilian retrofit kit: electronic upgrade A comprehensive electronic upgrade extends the service life of Romaco Kilian tablet presses in the following series: E 150 (Plus), LX, RTS, RX, S 250 (Plus), T 100, T 300, T 400 and TX. The upgrade systematically brings all control and regulating components into line with the latest state of the art. The retrofit package includes the provision of an external electrical cabinet and the integration of a modern, ergonomic HMI panel. Installation and validation can be performed directly at the customer’s facility, saving time

and money and reducing downtime to a minimum. The mechanical components can be overhauled together with the electronic upgrade, so that users profit for a much longer period from highly reliable processes on their Romaco Kilian tablet presses. Remote Assist, the new online support system from Romaco Service, can also be implemented on request. Remote Assist permits a support case to be activated directly on the machine, immediately setting up a connection to a Kilian expert. Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 2.5: laboratory-scale processing machine The laboratory-scale version of the Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 2.5 is used for granulating, drying and

17 ROMACO FP 4-17.indd 3

30/08/17 16:19



coating particle sizes from 10 µm to 2 mm. Due to its special design and enhanced processing efficiency, the VENTILUS® V 2.5 allows up to 25% shorter batch times. The homogeneous flow conditions inside the cylindrical product container enable extremely gentle intermixing of the batch. The process air is controlled by the ORBITER booster, an ingenious container bottom consisting of overlapping circular plates. Together with the ROTOJET, the central bottom spray nozzle, the ORBITER booster forms an innovative functional unit that meets all the requirements for linear scaleups. The air flow bed technology ensures accurate control of the product movement and equally precise application of the spray liquids. The resulting formulations can achieve the required release profile with between 10 and 15% less spray liquid. On show at POWTECH in Nuremberg/Germany from September 26 to 28, 2017 (Hall 3, Stand 3-327). THE ROMACO GROUP Romaco is a leading global supplier of Processing and Packaging equipment, predominantly for the pharmaceutical industry. Divided into three business areas, Processing, Tableting and Packaging, the company develops engineered system solutions for the pharmaceutical market, but also supplies the cosmetics, food and chemical markets. Romaco operates from four European locations with the headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company serves the multiple industries through a total of seven brands. The packaging product lines Noack, Siebler and Bosspak are manufactured in Karlsruhe, Germany, the primary and secondary packaging brands Macofar and Promatic in Bologna, Italy. The tableting product line Kilian is produced in Cologne, Germany, while the Innojet product line in Steinen, Germany, is responsible for granulation and coat-

Romaco Kilian retrofit kit: electrical cabinet ing. Romaco’s product portfolio includes primary, secondary and final packaging, aseptic and non-aseptic liquid and powder filling, tablet press technologies, granulation and coat-

ing. Over 12,000 Romaco installations are currently in operation in more than 180 countries. The company’s worldwide customer base is supplied and supported by over 550 highly skilled and committed employees. In 2014 the Romaco Group was voted by “Wirtschaftswoche”, the prestigious German business weekly, as one of Germany’s best 50 innovators among small and mediumsized enterprises. In this corporate benchmarking contest, Romaco was named runner-up in the “Process and Packaging Machinery” category. In the “Pharmaceutical Machinery” segment, the Group was awarded first prize. For more information about the Romaco Group, visit

Romaco Innojet Ventilus® V 2.5 laboratory-scale processing machine

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ithin the markets where Dinnissen operates, customers place high demands on process and technology knowhow and applied solutions. Dinnissen plays a leading role here as a supplier and sets itself goals to safeguard this position. In addition to continuously innovating customer-centred products and solutions, Dinnissen has worked hard in recent months and achieved its goal of full ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certification. Quality “As an organisation we’ve shown continued steady growth for years,” says Operational Director Wouter Kuijpers. “This has convinced us that our success has resulted from customer focus, ongoing innovation and striving for quality.” Among other things, this comes from the long-standing relationships that Dinnissen maintains with its customers. In the past, there were various reasons for not deciding to go for ISO 9001 certification. However, owing to the standard’s new ‘High Level Structure’ (HLS), now is the moment to demonstrate that the processes within Dinnissen meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. For existing and future customers, this certification will endorse the fact that quality and continuous innovation are fundamental to Dinnissen’s DNA. Environment Dinnissen’s environmental management system is an important tool for formalising principles and monitoring

progress. This way of working should lead to the organisation being raised to a higher level in the environmental field. Dinnissen sets a high priority on the environment. This is evidenced, inter alia, by the fact that an environmental management system has been set up in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. However, managing environmental risks and reducing environmental impact are not separate tasks; they form part of Dinnissen’s day-to-day operations. This is why environmental management is integrated within the ‘High Level Structure’ quality management system. Information security The general sharing of information is playing an increasingly important role in our society. The expectations within Dinnissen are that information security will therefore become an increasingly important aspect, not only for our society but also for our business operations. The management of Dinnissen has chosen not to wait until it is forced to take measures by the market but to react pro-actively. “In order to demonstrate to stake holders such as customers, suppliers and employees that we take this very seriously, we have certified our information security management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001: 2013,” says Wouter Kuijpers. Obviously, the Dinnissen

organisation must continuously comply with statutory requirements, covenants and guidelines in the area of quality, environment and information security. However, Dinnissen goes one step further. “As an organisation we want to be and remain a reliable partner for all stake holders. The ISO certification will contribute to this end,” states Wouter Kuijpers. About Dinnissen Dinnissen Process Technology is the specialist in handling and processing bulk materials. Complete processes for the milling, sieving, weighing, mixing, dosing, drying, expanding, extruding, vacuum coating, packaging and transporting of powders, grains and granulates. Developed, tested and manufactured in-house. Dinnissen operates internationally with 180 employees and 70 years’ experience in bulk materials technology, machine development, processing, engineering, control, automation and service. We strive for innovation and market development, aimed at developing (custom-made) products for our customers, wherein the production is under our own management. Improving ergonomics, efficiency and hygiene play a key role in this. Dinnissen is active in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pet food, feed and aqua feed industry.

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Barry Callebaut focuses on the BEUMER packaging line:


The packaging system at a glance: as general contractor, BEUMER Corporation has installed a complete packaging system, conveying systems and a bagging system.


arry Callebaut, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cocoa and chocolate products, required a packaging system at its Eddystone, PA facility that ensured safe transport of the cocoa powder filled in paper bags and stacked on pallets. The packaging of the bag stacks must combine low packaging costs with sufficient weather protection and high stack stability during transport and storage especially when the paper bags are stacked on pallets of two different sizes. Barry Callebaut engaged BEUMER to develop an end-of-line packaging system for these specific requirements. Barry Callebaut AG with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland is a fully integrated company that masters nearly all steps from the sourcing of cocoa beans right up to the finished products sold on store shelves. As supplier of industrial and specialty chocolates, the company serves industrial and artisanal customers. The American subsidiary in Eddystone fills bags with cocoa powder, pal-

The BEUMER robotpac in use: the palletised stacks are characterised by an excellent stack quality.

letises and packages them. The bags are then loaded into containers or trucks and transported to distributors such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs or bakeries in North America or Europe.

baut and BEUMER already cooperated successfully for a French facility. For this reason, the manufacturer of cocoa and chocolate products once again engaged the intralogistic specialist.

High requirements for the packaging system To ensure that the cocoa powder arrives to customers in perfect condition, it must be transported in a safe and protected manner. For this reason, the packaging system must work at a high performance level. The goals for Barry Callebaut were to increase automation and thus process reliability, improve the product presentation and use less packaging material. In addition, the packaging had to be able to protect the cocoa powder against high temperature and air humidity. As both the Euro pallet (800 mm x 1,200 mm) and the GMA pallet (Grocery Manufacturers of America) (1,015 mm x 1,215 mm) are used, the packaging system must be customisable for different pallet sizes. Barry Calle-

Modernisation of the packaging line As general contractor, BEUMER Corporation in Branchburg, New Jersey (USA) installed a complete packaging system, various conveying systems as well as a bagging system. With partner Behn + Bates America, a division of Haver Filling System, Inc., BEUMER equipped the line with the Integra system, a fully automated, completely premounted bagging system for bulk materials in the food industry. This system fills bags with cocoa powder and seals them. As part of the quality control process, the BEUMER belt conveyors transport the bags to a metal detector and a checkweigher. Here, bags containing metal or over- and underweight bags are rejected. After the palletising process, the stack press removes residual air from the bags, thus

20 BEUMER - FP 4-17.indd 3

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increasing the stack stability. When designing the packaging line, the handling of different batches on different-sized pallets was one of the challenges. For this reason the high-capacity BEUMER robotpac was installed providing excellent stack quality and load stability. Commissioning of the high-capacity packaging system The innovative BEUMER stretch hood is also part of the scope of supply. This high-capacity packaging system pulls a stretch hood over the palletised bag stack to protect the products against wind, rain and dust while providing ultimate safety during transport. The bag stack is completely packaged and transported to the take-away post. Thanks to the permanent tension force of the film in vertical and horizontal direction, the bag stack provides high stability - even if the cocoa powder settles in the bags, thus reducing the bag volume. Sensors on the BEUMER stretch hood measure the height of the pallet. This automation allows for the calculation of different stacking heights as well as the optimisation of film consumption. The film is then cut and sealed. The formed hood is pulled over the complete bag stack forming a stable unit. More safety and less film consumption Since the modernisation, the workflow at Barry Callebaut’s packaging facility runs without any problems. The products are protected against wind, rain and dust. Besides the packaging capacity, the stretch hood technology provides improved visibility of the palletised products thanks to the smooth surface of the film hood. The material costs for packaging have been reduced since five to ten per cent less material is required, making this solution not only more cost effective for Barry Callebaut but an important contribution toward safeguarding the environment.

Packaging line of the year In 2009 Barry Callebaut LLC became the fifth recipient of PMT’s annual Packaging Line of the Year Award for its endof-line packaging solution. Companies from the packaging industry, which use innovative and sophisticated packaging lines, are awarded with this prize. The award-winning packaging line designed by BEUMER and Behn + Bates is an example for good cooperation with suppliers worldwide. The result is pioneering technology, environmental consideration and innovative design. Barry Callebaut LLC accepted the award at a special conference at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas. Organiser and sponsor of the prize is the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI). This organisation consists of more than 540 companies, which manufacture packaging systems and packaging-related machines in the United States and Canada.

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TECHNICAL SERVICE KEEPS PLANTS UP-TO-DATE MODERNIZING AND EXPANDING EXISTING PLANTS INCREASES THE EFFICIENCY AND SAVES COST Plants in the food industry can produce high quality products for decades as long as they are regularly updated. Doing so doesn’t always require extensive modernization work; however, it does require a constant dialogue with the plant manufacturer


he After Sales Service department of Zeppelin Systems GmbH looks after most plants for as long as they are in use. The team not only takes care of regular maintenance work but also updates plants for today’s and fu-

ture challenges. These Revamping projects are an everyday challenge and encompass simple tasks like changing mechanical parts such as pipes or valves or even optimizing an entire plant, which can also mean exchanging a complete silo.

Projects are often driven by new legal requirements (e.g. ATEX), changes in the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, new hygiene standards or changes in the EC Directive on Machinery (e.g. energy efficiency). The Revamp-

22 ZEPPELING FP 4-17.indd 3

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ing team also gets involved when a new product or a new recipe is planned to be processed in the plant. Another common case: A plant has been operational for two years already and the daily routine unveils handling bottlenecks. This happened in a cookie production plant in Saudi Arabia where the dosing of glucose/syrup mixture was done by hand – a sticky task that was hard to control. “Of course it doesn’t make sense to redesign the whole plant for that,” explains Martin Faller, Head of Key Components & Customer Service at Zeppelin Systems. “We integrated an automated dosing system instead that added the automated batch tracking as a bonus feature on top.” This application is a good example of how a small customer request can develop into a substantial Revamping order. “We learn through experience that the plant operators are often not involved enough at the planning stage of the plant,” says Faller. Many Revamping projects provide the opportunity to optimize the plants for the local requirements while implementing measures to improve productivity.

tleneck, the buffer vessels were enlarged and equipped with special discharge screws that had an integrated mixer with intermittent operation. This led not only to an increase of throughput but also to a reduction of clotting and sticking, putting an end to the frequent plant downtimes. Another good example are plants in the Middle East, where fluctuations in quality hinder the continuous supply of raw material. This is often countered by an increase in silo capacity which, in turn, leads to Revamping programs. The same tendency is true for Europe, although here the driving factor is fluctuation in price rather than in quality, but the demand for Revamping projects is just the same.

Whole-grain flour presents new challenges Sometimes consumer trends trigger Revamping projects. The Brandt group employs more than 800 people in three locations in Germany. Brandt is the market leader in Germany with a share of 80% of the zwieback business and sells its products worldwide – six million zwieback toasts a day, along with crispbread and chocolate. 60 tons

of zwieback are produced every day in the Ohrdruf (Germany) plant close to Gotha near Erfurt, Thuringia. Zeppelin Systems (formerly Reimelt) supplied this plant twelve years ago and since then, the maintenance team around the technical director Steffen Keichel has been taking care of maintenance, optimization and operation. In 2012,

Simply update the mechanics Many Revamping projects are initiated in order to upgrade the control technology, usually from the Simatic S5 to the S7 system. “Operators are used to software changes, but who thinks about updating a discharge aid? Mechanics can be brought to a whole new level just as well,” Faller claims. There was a project where originally just a recipe change was planned. This required changing the powdered sugar dosing from one line to two. In the end, not only were the old steel vessels exchanged for stainless steel ones but the filters as well to meet the ATEX requirements. In order to eliminate a bot-

23 ZEPPELING FP 4-17.indd 4

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Brandt approached Zeppelin Systems in order to adjust the plant to new demands from the market. “The content of whole-grain flour had increased year after year,” reports Keichel. Until then, the wholegrain flour required had always been weighed manually and added to the dough. This was feasible but very labor-intensive and always prone to human error, requiring additional strict control that used up time reserved for other tasks. Therefore, changing the dosing and weighing of whole-grain flour from manually to fully automatic was necessary. “We designated an existing silo to whole-grain flour and modified it accordingly,” says Keichel, describing the plant integration. The silo is 16 meters high, has a discharge unit and an additional separate sifting machine. Diverter valves were changed and pipes newly routed. “This might sound relatively simple, but on top of all mechanical integration work, the silo and the new diverter valves had to be integrated into the programming and visualized in the user interfaces,” he explains. Brandt gladly relied on Zeppelin Systems for the planning and realization of the Revamping. “Zeppelin Systems knew the plant in and out, making the silo integration a

very fast job,” says Keichel. Thanks to perfect preparation and planning and a very experienced team, the Revamping was completed in less than three days. Today the production planning is done more flexibly and manual weighing is history. “We have not only gained new freedom in planning and are more flexible in production, we also have more time for other tasks now,” he adds while praising the excellent cooperation. “I am sure we will turn to Zeppelin Systems again when another project such as this one arises.”

Trust is everything From a customer’s view, Revamping projects are less time-consuming than rebuilding complete plants, which requires substantially larger investments and often causes production downtime. Zeppelin Systems is convinced that Revamping is the logical consequence resulting from the long-lasting and very close relationship with their customers. “We stay close to the customers from the very beginning of the plant to its end,” says Faller and adds: “We did that even long before the term lifecycle management was coined.” For Faller, Revamping is not just a department

in an organization. “The basis for our Revamping projects is the trust of our customer and our constant dialogue with him. Often enough plant operators don’t know what technology offers today.” Zeppelin has the vast experience of the most unconventional solutions realized in more than 1,000 plants world-wide. Operators can count on getting the best solution possible.

ABOUT ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS GMBH The Strategic Business Unit (SGE) Zeppelin plant engineering with its 1,300 employees at 20 locations world-wide is specialized in the development, the production and the construction of components and systems for the handling (storage, conveying, mixing, metering and scaling) of high quality bulk materials and liquids. In this area Zeppelin Systems supports its customers from the project development phase via engineering, production, job site installation, commissioning to the after sales service. The customers of the SGE plant engineering belong to the chemical industry, plastic producers and processors, the rubber and tyre industry as well as the food industry. For further information.

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here is a lot of investment on the line when you scale a food and beverage application from a pilot plant to a production scale plant. Your small scale liquid process plant should replicate equipment and simulate results of the large production scale liquid process plant. Many times equipment in pilot plant does not scale linearly and something that is an undetected detail at the small scale can have huge impact in a production plant.

more reliable your application scale up: Atomo 3.0. Visit:

Production scale homogenizers are almost always triplex plunger pumps with homogenizing valve. The number of plungers in your pilot plant it is more than a detail. Have you ever think about that? Bertoli designs and manufactures table top triplex homogenizer to make

BERTOLI Brand of Interpump Group


The homogenizer is one of the equipment used in your pilot plant. It is used to create a stable emulsion and an fine dispersion by micronisation of your product through the homogenising valve. This machine has a specific flow pattern related to the number of plungers. The flow pattern is effecting on homogenizing result and on flow pattern in the process line.

Atomo 3.0 is also equipped with homogenizing valve that replicates production scale homogenizing valve. Combining three plungers flow pattern and Atomo 3.0 homogenising valve you ensure perfect scale up to your production application.

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t Powtech, Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH will be showcasing a series of innovations in the field of coating technology for the pharmaceutical industry. The LC series of coaters, specially conceived for coating tablets, has been the subject of extensive redesign. For example, a newly configured airflow now provides a significant boost in efficiency and availability of the machines. Advanced sensors facilitate optimization of the spraying and drying process, and simple and safe adjustment of the nozzle arm makes handling easier. The latest member of the LC coater family will also be exhibited at the trade fair booth: the LC Lab was specially developed for use in the laboratory. With the newly configured air flow, Lödige has significantly increased the throughput capacity for tablet coating. In contrast to the previous forced air feed via an intake boot, the air to the LC series of coaters flows through an air injection manifold over a large circumference of the coater drum in the direction of the tablet bed. This enables even, largely turbulence-free entry of a large a volume of drying air into the drum. The innovative concept ensures a high drying capacity and hence high spraying rates. The undesirable effect of spray drying, resulting in spraying losses during coating, is effectively prevented. This not only extends the intervals between the cleaning procedures; it also significantly reduces cleaning effort. If cleaning is necessary, this can usually be carried out simply and economically, even in the case of highly effective products, with an integrated WIP or CIP system. Reliable thanks to new sensors Accurate spacing of the nozzles from

the tablet bed is critical for optimum spraying results. To accomplish this reliably and simply, the LC series of coaters was equipped with new features: a laser distance sensor carries out the required measurement. The nozzle is subsequently adjusted from the outside by means of a hand wheel. Thus, the operator is – in contrast to previous solutions – not required to reach into the coater. As an option, distance measurement and adjustment can be performed fully automatically. The correct distance is thus adhered to during the entire spraying phase.When it comes to product temperature, Lödige sets great store by precision. Normally, it is determined by exhaust air temperature; however, the latter responds rather sluggishly. Due to the high relevance of product temperature for the drying process, the Paderborn experts opted for an additional solution. An infrared sensor takes a measurement directly beneath the spraying zone. Precise measurement guarantees that the film-coated tablets do not cool down during the spraying phase. High-performance, small scale: the new LC Lab laboratory coater At its trade fair booth Lödige will also be presenting the newly developed LC Lab laboratory coater. The new addition to Lödige’s LC series of coaters is of modular design and can be equipped with the individual modules needed for the coating process or specific application. The engineers oriented the design of the coater fully to requirements in the laboratory – starting with the choice of material for the housing. The latter is made of Corian. The FDA-compliant composite material with outstanding hygienic properties offers a whole series of advantages, particularly in

the laboratory. It is easy to clean, resistant to solvents as well as impact-, scratch- and wear-proof and permits a joint-free finish. Seams that are problematic from a hygienic point of view were thus avoided from the outset in the LC Lab. Simplicity of handling has been consistently pursued with the LC Lab. For instance, the utilizable volume of the entire drum can be halved with ease while retaining the drum geometry. This is made possible by a specially developed, convex partitioning screen and segmented nozzle arm. Trials with cost-intensive materials can thus be initially carried out with low product deployment and the results then applied to larger batches. The nozzle arm was adapted to laboratory needs in cooperation with the experts of Düsen-Schlick. Two standard highperformance nano nozzles are used. These ensure optimum nebulization of the coating fluid, even at low spraying pressures. Four nozzles are optionally available for demanding applications. Due to the use of plastic and titanium, the nozzle arm is particularly lightweight and easy to handle. The innovations introduced by Lödige for the commercial LC coater also offer advantages for the smaller LC Lab. The nozzle arm and its position can be reproducibly adjusted by the operator from the outside and thus geared to product-specific changes to the tablet bed during the coating process. The new low-turbulence supply of drying air flow also ensures an optimum drying process with the LC Lab with minimum spray drying and dust buildup on the nozzles. LÖDIGE AT POWTECH 2017 HALL 1/1-517 visit

26 LODIGE FP 4-17.indd 3

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etmold/Germany, August 2017 – At Powtech 2017, MTI Mischtechnik presents an all-new line of laboratory mixers developed for the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs sectors. The design corresponds to these industries’ very exacting hygiene requirements; the systems can nevertheless be flexibly adapted to the special needs of diverse applications. The model shown at stand 1-254 in hall 1 was configured at the request of an industry leader who will use it for recipe development in dairy processing. A further highlight is MTI’s UT 250 vertical universal mixer having a working volume of 205 liters; this unit, too, is built to a very high standard. In addition, MTI presents the latest capacity expansion of its R&D Center that will provide further flexibility gains in developing customer-specific machine configurations and in implementing pilot production runs. New laboratory mixer for elevated hygiene requirements The MTI laboratory mixer premiered at this year’s Powtech fulfils elevated hygiene requirements, whether in homogenising different recipe ingredients or as a friction mixer for carrying out thermal processes. The energy input is adjustable over a wide range via the machine’s

At Powtech 2017, MTI Mischtechnik premiers its newly developed line of laboratory mixers for the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries. The version presented at the trade fair is tailormade for dairy processing needs on behalf of an industry leader. © MTI Mischtechnik

rotational speed and hence, the peripheral velocity of the mixing tool. Moreover, the mixture can be tempered by water via the mixer’s double jacket. Thus, the application range of the new laboratory mixer covers broadly diverse process tasks, including coating, agglomerating and vacuum drying. The food-grade model displayed at Powtech provides a vessel volume of 10 liters at a working volume of 2 to 8 liters. The laboratory mixer’s

design allows an easy scale-up to industrial operation for recipes and processes developed to volume production standard. Its outer parts and all surfaces in contact with the mixture are made of stainless steel 1.4541, with the latter industrially ground to a grit 1200 high-quality finish. At a drive capacity of 5.5 kW, the rotational speed of the individually configurable mixing tool can be variably selected between 300 rpm and 3,000 rpm adequate to circumferential speeds between 3.7 m/s

27 MTI FP 4-17 - ENG.indd 3

08/09/17 15:22



and 37 m/s. For additional flexibility in the laboratory the mixer can be moved on casters. As has been standard on MTI products for many years, the new laboratory mixer features a clearly structured touch panel and a Siemens S7 control for manual and automatic operation. Still more versatility in developing for and with customers For a number of years, MTI – with its excellently equipped in-house R&D Center – has been on record as a particularly efficient partner in the development of tailor-made mixer technology. With its most recent expansion, the company’s laboratory provides more scope, e.g., for trials on a larger production scale, as well as a dedicated area for testing under ATEX conditions plus special rooms for mixing products subject to a high contamination risk. Since October 2016, MTI’s experienced team has been reinforced by process engineer René Weiffen, who brings additional expertise to the task of resolving R&D challenges for, and with, MTI’s customers. Ulrich Schär, General Manager at MTI, comments: “With the launch of the new laboratory mixer for particularly exacting hygiene requirements

Determined to leave no mixing problem unresolved, MTI Mischtechnik continues to expand its R&D Center (left). In process engineer René Weiffen (right), customers now have a further expert at their service. © MTI Mischtechnik

and the ongoing expansion of its R&D capabilities, MTI emphasises its role as a leading innovator in the mixing industry. Already, our standard line-up of machines meets the conditions for integration into Industry 4.0 environments. But we place an equally strong focus on individu-

al developments addressing highly specific customer objectives. With our ambition not to leave any mixing problem unresolved, we have gained a strong market position among the world’s leading mixer manufacturers in recent years.”

MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH, established in 1975, is an internationally leading manufacturer of mixing and processing equipment for the plastics processing, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. With a staff of more than 50 employees working at its headquarters site in Detmold, Germany, the company manufactures mixer systems noted for their outstanding mixing performance as well as energy and cost efficiency. The portfolio includes vertical high-speed mixers, horizontal mixers, heating/ cooling mixer combinations, universal mixers, laboratory mixers as well as tailor-made systems. With an export rate of around 80%, MTI Mischtechnik is globally aligned and, as an owner-managed family business, relies on quality that is “Made in Germany”.

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he company ZANIN F.lli srl was established in Italy, in 1956 by Giuseppe and Arcangelo Zanin. Initially it was involved in manufacturing dryers for silk cocoons, and further to the realization of drying systems for cereals. The firm, now managed by Oscar and Nicodemo Zanin, has gained a secure position on the market in the Industrial sector, for portual and railway logistic plants and in the Agro-Industrial sector with complete drying and cleaning plants, making constant research one of its cornerstones. Always keeping up to date regarding the latest working systems and new technologies, the firm Zanin produces its machines and plants according to specific criteria aimed at satisfying the different requirements of its customers and guaranteeing efficient, complete service.

Industrial sector • Cereal, Fertilizer and Mineral handling plants

• Dock, Railway and Intermodal Freight transportation • Receiving, Screening, Storing, Fluidization and Bagging With an ISO 9001 TÜV SÜD certified production process, Zanin F.lli delivers quality through its exceptional knowledge of the industry that has been gained in almost 60 years of experience. Our Products: Agro-industrial sector • Cleaning • Drying • Mechanization • Storage and Ventilation

• Personalized Solutions • Accessories and Components • Turnkey Plants Our latest line of products in the Agroindustrial sector is the PSS 200, a sieve cleaner for capacities up to 200 t/h. The new mechanism for forced sieve oscillation with double suspension allows for the finest cleaning process, whilst maintaining the highest output capacity.

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n a country with food manufacturing potentials, food manufacturing has to be set as one of the pillars of technological and economical progress. PIGO set a goal to become an initiating force in technological and consequently economical progress in food processing industry, a leader in country and in the world in manufacturing of food processing machines from its program. Today, PIGO has established itself as a world-class leader in the design and manufacture of high technology freezing, freeze drying and drying equipment, as well as fruit and vegetable processing equipment, with an extensive experience in both freezing and fruit and vegetables processing. PIGO can proudly say that its machines achieve excellent operating characteristics and energy efficiency, while being user friendly, thus guaranteeing many advantages and privileges to the company’s buyers. Main products PIGO has specialized in building fluidised bed freezers, EASY Freeze, the most suitable for IQF freezing all variety of fruits, vegetables and numerous sea, meat and cheese products, redefining IQF Technology With Adaptable Air Flow. EASY Freeze technology is providing perfect shape of IQF product and no clumps - Full controlled fluidisation method keeps the product constantly suspended above the belt in a cushion of air. The result is the immediate crust freezing and efficient core freezing of individual pieces, regardless of type, variety or condition of product.

Maximized freezing efficiency for each unique product, whether the product is heavy, light, soft, sticky or fragile, thanks to Variable speed control of all fans and belts, allowing on-the-fly optimization of air flow conditions. Interior video monitoring allows for real-time supervising of operating conditions, allowing the complete control and adjustments of the entire process from outside, without necessity to entering into the freezer. EASY Freeze is considered as the freezer with the most superior sanitation, giving the possibility to user to freeze different products one after the other without risk of cross – contamination. EASY Freeze is ENERGY SAVING and TROUBLE FREE solution for all your freezing needs. Within the freezing equipment product line, PIGO also manufactures the innovative EASY Freeze SPYRO, the

“Our philosophy is very simple: Give our best for people who expect the best” (D.Z.)

latest generation of spiral freezers giving utmost advantages to the users in terms of energy efficiency, hygienic conditions and advanced technological caracteristics, such as: • Belts gear motors are positioned outside the insulated cabin (no lubrication inside the freezer) avoiding any risks of contaminations due to some oil leakages; • The unit doesn’t have any mezzanine floor and or intermediary platform, to avoid any dirtiness accumulation (presence of any mezzanine floor or intermediary platform are making more difficult the cleaning operations) – the absolutely highest hygienic standards; • Freezer design is made according to max. thermal load and max. surface occupied on the belt by the different products foreseen; • Low maintenance cost and low spare parts cost due to utilisation of high quality commercial components; • Low pressure fans to higher air speed. In order to obtain a quick freezing process EASY Freeze SPYRO is designed for high speed circulation (4 -10 m/sec) of cold air

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in contact with the product, on the whole length of the spiral conveyor; • Very low weight loss, which is two times less then with vertical air flow • Hitting the incoming product with the coldest air; the product is therefore immediately “crusted” and snow formation diminished; PIGO freezers are built in modular sizes and all components are made entirely of stainless steel, capable to provide perfectly frozen product even for delicate products like cooked rice, raspberries, etc. PIGO also designs, fabricates and assembles sophisticated freeze dryers, EASY Freeze DRYER - LYOPHILIZER, product line which includes a broad range of standard and custom units, aplicating low temperature work and shorter cycle time. The freeze drying - dehydration technology allows to save delicate aromas while drying the frozen product under vacuum, producing premium quality product. Premium sensorial properties for finished product, absolutely superimposable to those of the fresh product. Machine execution is entirely in stainless steel (Chamber, doors, hinges, shelf modules, etc). In the EASY Freeze Drying concept Shelf modules and vapour condenser are contained inside chamber, giving as final result much shorter freeze dry-

ing time then any other freeze drying technology. Viewing ports are provided in the doors, allowing observation of both the vapour condenser and product trays during the drying cycle. Each unit is equipped with complete refrigeration plant of corresponding size, including also refrigeration condensing unit is purpose-built with capacity control to allow economical use of refrigerant. Includes condenser unit. Besides EASY Freeze, EASY Freeze SPYRO, and EASY Freeze DRYER – LYOPHILIZER, one of the company’s main machines is automatic Pitting machine PG103 having up to five times higher capacity than other pitting machines on the market. Experience of all PIGO’s clients confirms work with 0,00% of remained stones when adequate quality and

preparation of the fruit (clean, calibrated product with adequate ripeness) is provided. EASY DRY PG 135 multistage belt adiabatyc dryer, with separate zones temperature and humidity control is sophisticated solution for air drying, even for delicate products. For extraordinary blanching results and efficiency is recomended SUPER STEAM Flow blancher-cooker. PIGO systems are concepted to create a “High Added Value Fruit” production plant, which contains dozens of small innovations and a few large improvements for a more reliable system, all together also improving natural fruit characteristics. In the field of different drying technologies, PIGO is aslo providing CONTINUOUS INFUSION TECHNOLOGY and KNOW-HOW to it’s clients, giving possibility to improove also natural furit properties, as well as extended shelf life. To get a better idea of what PIGO does, please visit the website www. or just send an e-mail to info@, they will be very glad to send their detailed offer, and also a presentation with plenty of videos with its machines in the work. Short video clips of PIGO machines in operation are available on, look for PIGOsrl.

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ETECTRONIC is a privately owned company with production facilities based in Denmark. We develop, manufacture and market industrial food inspection systems - including metal detectors, checkweighing systems, multi check systems, X-Ray systems as well as grading and sorting solutions. We have experienced rapid growth and expansion over the last decade. Today, we are present on all continents in the World, which enables us to provide prompt and effective services to meet the requirements of our customers globally. High Quality Solutions DETECTRONIC has been producing metal detectors since the mid 80`s and a vast majority of the first produced machines are still fully operating almost 30 years later.

This underlines our high quality and the great craftsmanship which DETECTRONIC delivers year after year. DETECTRONIC metal detectors are supplied in glass blown stainless steel. The machines are easy to clean and fulfil all the demands set by today’s food industry. The modern micro process controlling system and the newly developed Super Sensitive detecting system makes the DETECTRONIC metal detectors among the most sensitive and effective machines on the market. Also precision and speed is a benchmark for Detectronic check weighers, with speeds up to 260

Metal detector systems

pcs/min and a precision of 0,2 gram they are among the fastest and most effective ion the market. Due to its rational and cost effective construction, the machine has also proven ultra competitive with a very high performance/cost ratio. Providing Higher Standards for Food Safety Working with the food processing industry means having to deal with foreign objects such as bones and metal that can be introduced into the product during processing; such foreign materials can act as choking hazards that can endanger the consumers.Cutting tools used during processing, such as knives, can also find their way into the final product, and are some of the most dangerous contaminants for the products. We aim to help our customers provide higher standards for food safety.

Xray systems

Strong partnership We care about our customers’ food responsibility - and therefore we are very passionate about providing our customers with the best quality solutions within industrial food inspection systems. We believe that strong innovation starts by forming strong partnerships with our customers. Our history proves, and we will continue to keep an eye on the future and provide innovative solutions for our customers that reach into the next decade. Contact We have many years of industrial knowledge, we focus on our customers needs and we can provide you with flexible solutions that will save you time and money. Lean more on

Weighing systems

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OMIP, FRUIT PROCESSING HAS BEEN ITS PASSION SINCE 1971 Research, development and innovation applied to the fruit processing machinery


he company O.M.I.P. SRL, established since 1970, specialized in manufacturing machines for fruit processing, has placed on the world market the latest advanced innovations in the sector of pitters for peaches, plums and apricots. Today, it is proud to present the new revolution in fruit processing: the Avocado Pitter machine. The Avocado Pitting Machine Mod. KAV2 with two cutting lines pre-cuts the Avocado separating it into two

halves and allows its pitting*. The machine is suitable to pit fruit even if not perfectly graded. All parts in touch with fruit are for alimentary

and hygienic purposes and the structure is completely in stainless steel. Avocados are unloaded into the Feeder and, from it, placed on conveyor belts to the Cutting Station that, thanks to special series of three circular blades, divides the fruits. Then they are downloaded on a special chute for further processings. Production rate: 200 fruits per minute. Size fruit: from 30 to 80 mm. * pitting depends on the fruit variety and its ripeness.

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ANDRITZ extractor screens Get a fruitful yield from your extraction process





free operation, we maintain an inventory of

yield and improved profitability with




all common types of drilled and punched

ANDRITZ screen baskets.

They are

baskets in stock. Quick delivery, high per-

available for all leading extractors and

formance, high quality, at a reasonable

finishers. ANDRITZ extractor screens are

price. All backed by exceptional service.

performance driven: accurate, wear-resis-

You will appreciate the difference. Contact

tant, long life, optimized open area, excel-

us today for a quotation!

lent value for money. Designed for trouble-

Visit us at Anuga FoodTec Hall 5.1 Booth D-041 INGOMBRO ADV.indd 3

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hiaravalli Group S.p.A. is a leading company in the production of blades for slicing machines, with state of the art technology and a warehouse with over 250,000 finished parts, in order to satisfy immediately the needs of the customers. Our company is the result of great passion and consistent investment of energies on entrepreneurial projects, for the creation of a wide range of extremely high quality products, 100% made in Italy, able to meet the requirements of a more and more demanding market, in constant evolution.

Chiaravalli Group S.p.A. brings together the great level of know-how of the historic German trademark RASSPE, consistently the most important manufacturer of blades for slicing machines for over a century, and the thirty year experience of their own personnel, together with the advanced technological features of the machines used to complete each production stage. With our historic trademarks: RASSPE BLADES and KLINGER, we have been able to secure a strong presence in all the world markets.

The winning solution for every cut Slicing machines are used to cut an incredible range of products nowadays, the following optionals will always lead you to perfection: THIRD GENERATION patented technology. Thanks to a profile structured on two different levels, the blade’s surface in contact with the product is reduced to the minimum preventing pointless frictions, infact: • avoids the waste that is normal with traditional blades; • enables to obtain extremely thin and perfect slices; • the flavour of the product is unchanged because does not become hot. Especially recommended to cut: cheese, boiled meats, soft ham and vegetables. SAW TOOTHING Particularly suited for bread cutting, but most of all for frozen meat and fish. These blades can be sharpened as normal, using the sharpening tool provided with the slicing machine. TEFLON COATING ensure the blade better sliding properties when in contact with the product, very useful for cheese cutting. -

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new 37,500 birds-per-hour poultry plant created for leading Saudi Arabian food company Almarai has been developed to keep pace both with growing demand and with changing consumer preferences.

Almarai is a dynamic, $3.36 billion turnover food company based in Saudi Arabia. Already the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company and the biggest food manufacturer and distributor in the region, the company entered the poultry business in 2009 with the launch of Alyoum, its brand of premium chicken products. “We became involved after identifying the opportunity to provide consumers with a high quality, premium poultry, which is an important part of the family food basket in Saudi Arabia,” says Larus Asgeirsson, General Manager of Almarai’s poultry division. “There was also an important food security issue: a strong commitment to build local production,” he added. While whole birds are, and will continue to be, an important part of the market, consumer demand is also driving development more in the direction of fixed weight packs of, for example, breast fillets, drumsticks, thighs, legs or wings, or combinations of different pieces. Almarai’s objective was to be able to satisfy such demand with fully sealed, fixed-weight products meeting the highest standards of hygiene and presentation. The launch of Alyoum involved the purchase of a factory and farming site in Ha’il Province, where Almarai first came into contact with the Meyn Ishida alliance. The advanced technical ex-

trussing machines and glazing equipment and also the many associated infeed systems.

per tise and integrated approach of Meyn Ishida was in line with Almarai’s expectations for this sector’s development and, in keeping with the company’s ambitions, the scope of the project increased as the work proceeded. What began as a 21,000 bph (birds per hour) project, escalated over a 3-year period in three phases to become a 37,000 bph facility. The new factory, with its 200 million birds per year capacity, is now one of the largest single output poultry plants in the world. The equipment supplied included rehanging and cut-up systems, deboning machinery, multihead weighers, checkweighers, tray sealers and batching and grading systems as well as X-ray inspection systems and metal detectors. In addition there are scanners, strapping and

The level of integration is exceptional, thanks to a single organisation being in charge of supply and installation. Live bird handling, slaughter, evisceration, chilling, cut-up, deboning, batching and grading, weighing, piece mixing, packing, labelling and crating are all linked by, and contribute to, information exchange that enhances quality, efficiency and speed. Once plucked, eviscerated and chilled, chickens can be sent for grading and packing as whole birds or delivered to one of the plant’s three cut-up systems. For the whole birds, there are separate lines for packing into bags and trays. Special fillet lines pack chicken breasts that have been removed with the greatest precision and then X-ray inspected for bone fragments. There are also separate packing lines for thighs, legs, wings and drumsticks. Little or nothing of the chicken is wasted, with lines also for giblets and for feet.

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Other lines are devoted to producing mixtures of chicken pieces, such as drums, chops and wings, according to availability or market demand. Most of these items can be delivered into fixed-weight trays or bags of high hygiene and appearance standards and as fresh or IQF (individually quick frozen) products. In addition, threaded through the plant are systems capable of collecting any of these parts for bulk packing. Almarai’s view of what has been achieved reflects the reasons that Meyn, the poultry processing systems experts, and Ishida, the weighing, packing and end-of-line experts, came together to form Meyn Ishida as a one-

stop shop for complete-factory projects. “Meyn provided fast and efficient processing systems and machinery, as well as the expertise needed to train staff and production managers. Ishida provided automation of the weighing and packing processes to the same advanced level,” explains Larus Asgeirsson. “The main benefit here, apart from the speed needed to keep up with the Meyn cut-up lines, was the reduction of giveaway to low levels. “We see the new Ha’il plant as equipping us to meet demand far into the future and also of enabling us to serve the market’s movement towards poultry pieces sold in fixed weight packs,”


continues Mr Asgeirsson. “Meyn Ishida provided us with a strong team of professionals to drive the installation. They were well prepared and extremely professional. “The Meyn Ishida lines have now been operating for two years, and I find them robust and reliable: we have had minimal downtime.” Mr Asgeirsson also praised the dedication of the Ha’il workers, whose dedication and readiness to learn enabled them to adapt to the change from a 30-year old factory to possibly the most modern poultry processing plant anywhere today.

news in short

in short



inx Printing Technologies is launching a new opaque yellow pigmented ink that delivers excellent contrast on both light and dark substrates to ensure effective code visibility across a wide range of food packaging applications. In addition, the new Linx Yellow pigmented ink 1079 provides a fast drying time of within two seconds, allowing it to be used on fast-moving production lines or where products are handled soon after printing. The ink can be used with Linx’s Midi plus and Ultima plus printheads on the company’s Linx 5900 and Linx 7900 series printers to code a wide variety of materials including plastics, in particular PVC, PP and OPP, dry glass, card, and steel. For industrial environments, it provides broad chemical splash and rub resistance, as well as excellent

resistance to alkali, acid, water, alcohol, petrol and cutting fluid. Linx 1079 also offers superior lightfastness, making it particularly suitable for products and packs that are exposed to light for extended periods. The ink’s nine month shelf life is

longer than many competitor pigmented inks and enables companies to carry out effective stock management. Using the ink, printers can operate for up to 1400 hours between scheduled maintenance.

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he passion for innovation has always been the driving force behind the Pieralisi Group. This is just as true today as at the outset when Adeodato Pieralisi set up his first workshop in the small town of Monsano in 1888, the start of this family-run manufacturing business. From the postwar period onwards, the Group’s main plant in Jesi has specialized in olive oil machinery and what was once a family-run manufacturing business became an industrial enterprise with a solid organization. In the 1960’s, Pieralisi revolutionized traditional olive oil extraction systems, conquering domestic and international markets with the first decanter for olive-oil continuous processing. Starting in the 1970’s, Pieralisi moved into new sectors of the market. The Group’s large experience and know-how in the olive oil sector led Pieralisi to offer centrifugal force as a rational solution to production processes in a wide range of food-processing and industrial sectors. The Group’s success was so rapid that, in just a few years, it established itself as the world’s leader company in centrifugation.

The key to Pieralisi’s success in the olive oil sector is the continual testing of innovative high-tech solutions aimed at increasing customers’ olive oil yield and quality. This commitment dates back to Pieralisi’s introduction of the first continuousprocessing decanter that revolutionized the olive oil extraction process. Still today the Group provides the olive oil extraction industry with modern plants that are automatically able to handle all processing stages and to keep track of all data for complete traceability of the product.

In 2012 Pieralisi revolutions once again olive oil sector by introducing LEOPARD, the only centrifugal extractor with DMF technology (Multiphase Decanter) which represents the solution of the third era for olive oil extraction, turning a by-product to be disposed of into added value for the miller. The last innovation created by the Pieralisi Group is the Protoreactor®, a unique system for the worldwide olive oil market that revolutionizes the traditional kneading process granting important advantages in the batch and industrial processing. It increases the quantity and the quality of the product with an energy saving due to the reduction of kneading time and heat loss. The result is a significant increase in polyphenol and better organoleptic properties of the produced oil.

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models for harvesting white asparagus • “EIMA Technical mention” awarded in 2004 as first asparagus harvester working on mounds with arches. • First machine in the world equipped with automatic “stop&go” sensors (2003). • 2016 patent for sensor detecting the presence of the operator according to Machinery Directive bagioni A4 12-12-2016 11:49 Pagina 1 2006/42/EC.

• 2016 patent for device aiding in filling the pockets of the protection film. • On-board computer to automatically manage all the machine functions. The first machine in the world to cut runners from field-grown strawberry plants. • Electrically operated with speed adjustment (max speed 1 km/h). • 3 cutting systems. • 2 driving wheels. C

BAGIONI - FP 4-17.indd 3





• Safety systems and devices detecting the presence of the operator. • On-board computer to automatically manage all the machine functions. 6 models for harvesting green asparagus to best suit different cultivation systems: • 2 patents filed • Film lifting system for harvesting in presence of arches and small tunnels. CY CMY


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Developing breakthrough technologies, from automated pomegranate handling, to sulfur-free lychee treatment, Juran continues to innovate and green the food industry


ignificantly impacting agrotechnology and the food industry worldwide, Juran has been coming up with new ideas for streamlining traditional methods of farming, harvesting, and produce handling since its inception in 1966. From automated packing houses to unique technologies for greening food processing practices, Juran’s R&D achievements caught the attention of the Agricultural Engineering Institute of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture, as well as of EU R&D institutes. In thriving partnerships over 40 years, their joint activities have yielded innovative R&D projects and many jointly registered patents.

The pomegranate handling breakthrough A prime example, and a flagship Juran product, is the ArilSystem™, an automated system for extracting the juicy seeds from pomegranates. The pomegranate is one of nature’s most remarkably health enhancing fruits. Higher in antioxidants than wine or cranberries, it promotes heart health, reduces blood pressure, enhances healing, and has even been shown to inhibit tumor growth. Yet consumption of this healthful and tasty fruit has been far from commensurate with its value. This is largely due to the messy and time consuming process of extracting the arils. Consumers find the fruit less than user-friendly.

Even when the juicy seeds are provided ready extracted, consumers do not rush to buy them due to their high cost, based on the labor-intensive extraction process. Hence the general public has failed to avail itself of the health benefits of this remarkable fruit. Juran set out to change all that. Researching the problem, Juran developed the ArilSystem™. It can process hundreds of pomegranates per hour, supervised by just one or two workers. It boasts a 95% efficiency level, bringing aril damage down to 3%5%, compared with previous industry standards of 20% wastage.

The extracted arils are gently washed, filtering out peels and fruit membranes. The end result is pure arils, cleaned and packaged, untouched by human hands. ArilSystem™ The pomegranate breakthrough • Labor-Saving - 1-2 workers replace 45! • Minimal waste - 95% efficiency • Better Taste - Tannin-free tastier juice • Higher Quality - Hygienic Food Safety Standards • Industrial capacity - Up to 56 fruits/minute Aside from the obvious advantages of low labor costs and increased output, the ArilSystem™ yields

42 JURAN - FP 4-17_corr_DEFI.indd 3

05/09/17 12:35


a far more hygienic, higher quality product. This is reflected in its significantly increased shelf life. A further benefit is afforded the beverage industry. Most pomegranate juices are obtained by squeezing the whole fruit, including peel and membrane, which gives the juice a bitter taste due to their high tannin and phenol content. The ArilSystem Juicer obtains pure pomegranate juice from the arils alone, producing a far tastier beverage. And as an extra bonus, the seeds, efficiently extracted during the juicing process, are a sought-after byproduct utilized by the cosmetics and pharmaceutics industries, yielding additional revenue.

Today’s ArilSystem™ is available in 4 models handling 10, 20, 28, or up to 56 fruits per minute. A rate of 56 fruit/minute, or 1,680 kg fruit/ hour, can yield over 550 kg/hour of superior quality arils, all from a single production line. Since the first ArilSystem was installed in Israel, there are currently ArilSystems operational in the USA, Spain, Turkey, India, South Africa, Australia and others. Now affordably available, the presence of this wonder fruit is growing in the Fresh-Cut market as well as the Food & Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutics, and Cosmetics.


But the big winners are the consumers. Juran’s marketing director, Avner Galili says, “There is an increasing market demand for pomegranate products. We’re pleased to enable our customers to offer a superior product to the growing number of pomegranate consumers worldwide.” Greener methods for redder lychees Making food processing more natural and putting healthier products on the market is a main Juran objective. Today, fresh lychees are a tricky commodity. Starting out an attractive red, they lose their vibrant color within 2 or 3 days, becoming an unappealing brown. To overcome this marketing drawback, lychees are subjected to a sulfur treatment that helps them maintain their color for a longer marketing window. However it offers the consumer a product that is, literally, soaked in chemicals. “There is an attitude of resignation among lychee growers,” Avner Galili says, “that sulfur treatment is a necessary evil. Sulfur is a toxin, and it may penetrate the flesh of the fruit. Careful testing is then required to ensure compliance with allowable levels. The good news,” Avner tells us, “is that lychees needn’t be soaked in toxins to keep them market-red.”

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Juran has developed a Sulfur-Free Lychee Treatment and Packing House. In a unique process based on nothing more than a temperature regulated water and salt treatment, the beautiful rich red color of lychees is preserved for up to 4-5 weeks!


Today Avner Galili is pleased with Juran’s steady growth.

tional on five continents. It keeps me busy,” he concludes.

“From marketing their equipment to the small local market, Juran has grown into a company with a worldwide presence, whose technologies and systems are opera-

That represents a very significantly extended marketing window and shelf life. This computerized, all natural process maintains the lychee’s delicious flavor along with its vibrant lasting color. The unique natural treatment process is integrated with a sorting and packing system. Moving along a state-of-the-art motorized conveyor, the lychees undergo a sorting & grading process including an automatic sizer with five size/ grading groups compliant with EEC and USA market requirements. With a packing capacity limited only by customer demand, Juran Lychee Treatment Systems and Packing Houses have been installed in China, Thailand, Israel and Australia. Juran’s Sulfur-Free Lychee Treatment & Packing House • Maintains vibrant red color for 4-5 weeks • Greatly increases marketing window • All natural process • Tested and field-proven With the company for over 8 years, Avner Galili is Juran’s Business Development and Marketing Director, and by now like one of the family of this family business. Formerly on the Board of Directors of the Israel Export Institute and the National Agricultural Research Institute of the Volcani Center, he also served as advisor to the Israel Agricultural Ministry’s Genetic Engineering Consortium.

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GEA unifies controls for separators and decanters with their user-friendly IO control generation


n order to reduce complexity and to focus on user-friendliness, the GEA IO control generation will now be available for every separator and decanter. Initially launched in 2014 for decanters, GEA IO has been revised and improved to use it for all GEA centrifuges – for every kind of application. The development of GEA IO has been focusing on user’s needs, aiming to keep the control as simple and userfriendly as possible. Consistently reduced to the essentials, operators are quickly able to understand and handle the control units of the centrifuge. This increases personnel flexibility in customer’s production, and the reliability of the production processes also improves: the system only displays what the user needs, so the error potential declines automatically. On the contrary, GEA IO is able to offer much more than today`s control units – tailored to customer’s needs. This means, that a wide range of functionalities is now available in a much more intuitive manner. Control, display and evaluate GEA IO has been designed as intuitive as possible. Displays have been consistently streamlined, the symbols are self-explanatory, and the color code is based on international standards, either traffic signal colors for statuses or the standard which is used in plant design for identifying pipework. “IO is able not only to control and display, it is also able to evaluate by reliable interpretation of the data. With GEA IO customers are able to see how efficient the centrifuge is running in relation to energy consumption, performance or separation efficiency”, explained Rob-

The control generation GEA IO for separators and decanters reduces complexity and focuses on user-friendliness. (GEA) ert Zeldenrust, Product Group Management Separation at GEA. In view of the wide range of advantages, IO also features remote capability. GEA experts are thus able to access the centrifuges so that they are ready to be deployed again as quickly as possible. “With GEA IO, the entire potential of our centrifuges can be fully utilized: Simple, intuitive, reliable and user-friendly”, Robert Zeldenrust added. Support throughout the entire life cycle of a plant and equipment Excellent equipment or plants are one thing, the right service is another. With several options of the new service concept “GEA Service – For your continued success” GEA supports customers throughout the entire life cycle of their installed systems and components: From project engineering, installation, and commissioning to maintaining and improving the performance of the customer’s plant and equipment. The service level options of GEA Per-

formancePlus, for example, extend way beyond routine preventive maintenance and complement customer digitalization efforts. By combining modern condition monitoring technologies with industry expertise, GEA provides its customers monitoring services, comprehensive analysis reports and reliable optimization recommendations. In turn, GEA customers receive valuable information to make business decisions easier and addressing challenges they face to achieve their specific performance-related goals. GEA PerformancePlus creates transparency about the current health status of the equipment, increases its availability, ensures optimum productivity, brings efficiency optimization potential to light and enables a sustainable equipment utilization. GEA PerformancePlus is initially available for GEA separators; on the mid-term it will be extended to other GEA product groups.

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Agrochemicals and health in good hands

Genetti S.r.l. Via Goldegg 2-A 39011 Lana (BZ) - Italy GENETTI ADV.indd 3

12/01/17 14:09





ARCK Spa manufactures plants for the food and beverage industry with a particular attention to the storage, heating/cooling, pasteurizing and concentration of the fruit juice and milk/whey. FARCK concentration plants can be used with excellent results both for pure and rectified musts and for fruit juices and can be coupled with all desulphurization columns with a very high energy saving. FARCK uses the principle of the Vapour Thermal Recompression and manufactures plants with reduced consumptions (less than 1 Kg. of steam to evaporate 10 Kg. of water). The circulation of the product is “falling film”, with vertical pipe bundle exchangers, condensate separation with elimination of non-polluting liquids and cleaning of the plant by means of forced circulation in short time. The capacity of the evaporators varies from 1.000 or 2.000 lt. of evaporated water to 50.000 lt/h of evaporated water (big plants with 3-6 effects). An important characteristic of FARCK evaporators is the centralization of all controls into a control synoptic board that allows the driving of the plant by one operator alone. All FARCK evaporation plants are realised in monobloc in order to be transported and installed in short time. Thanks to many years of experience in this sector FARCK Spa can design and manufacture plants with very low consumptions thus respecting the environment. FARCK Spa manufactures also plate exchangers, heaters coolers and pasteurizers for food liquids. Our technical office is able to calculate the exact number of plates and sections necessary to guarantee the best energy saving by respecting the product to treat; the plate exchangers are completely manufactured with AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel and have a capacity from 500 to 40.000 lt/hour, with one or

more cooling or heating or pasteurisation sections, with or without holding tubular sections , provided with temperature control board and positioned on bedplates in order to reduce space and time assembly. FARCK Spa is also specialised in the manufacturing of S/steel tanks with capacity up to 200.000 lt. for the storage, cooling or mixing in general. It is possible to add special stirrers for the movement of high density and viscosity products, manholes with micro-switch, breathers, rotating cleaning balls, manifolds, gangways, railings; everything realised following all accident prevention regulations. Thanks to the high level of its technicians. FARCK Spa manufactures also Spray- drying plants for the pulverisation of the concentrated liquids coming

from evaporators and their transformation into powders with a long-life conservation. Compared to traditional dryers, the product coming from a FARCK plants has better qualitative characteristics : lower density, no hygroscopicity, better solubility, no hardening in packaging and so a better use in the industry. Thanks to the high level experience of its technicians, FARCK Spa is able to manufacture and supply complete « turnkey » plants in Italy and all over the world. The transport, positioning and assembly also of voluminous and complex plant’s components are always made directly by its own skilled staff and its means of transport, offering also a good after-sale service.

48 FARCK - FP 4-17.indd 3

05/09/17 12:19


07/06/17 11:31





he three companies from the Schio area exhibited at the 2017 edition of Interpack in a unique exposition area, where the public could experience first-hand examples of technological integration, applied to automation needs in packaging of user companies.


The new products and innovations were numerous. Tecno Pack presented a fully automated line able to pack with primary



nternehmen aus Schio werden auf der Interpack 2017 auf einer Ausstellungsfläche vertreten sein, auf welcher der Öffentlichkeit Beispiele für moderne technologische Integration präsentiert werden, die auf die Bedürfnisse der Automatisierung von Verpackungsunternehmen abgestimmt sind und die hier bestaunt und auch angefasst werden können. Zu sehen gibt es viele Innovationen und Neuheiten. Techno Pack stellt eine vollautomatische Linie vor, die bis zu 72.000

50 TECNO PACK+GSP+IFP - FP 4-17.indd 3

11/07/17 17:23


flow pack and secondary robotised pack machines up to 72000 biscuits/hour. Companies visiting the stand were able to appreciate an application at the top of the current state-of-theart, applied to industrial packaging. In this plant, we integrated the new FP 100 E horizontal flow pack machine, the result of dozens of years of technological evolution, used day after day by Tecno Pack S.p.A. The experience gained by serving the



major players in the global market has enabled the Vicenza company to propose the most demanding users an even more advanced variation of horizontal flow pack machines. This combination provides markets with a fully electronic packaging machine with highly-sanitised cantilever frame, motorised film unwinding calender, side-sealing unit with two separate motors, transversal sealing units, both long dwell (with the innovative, fast changeover system) and high-speed box motion. The box motion version is currently the fastest prolonged sealing system with square motion of this type in the world; it combines the typical operating velocity of traditional D-like motion cut-seal machines, also known as long dwell, with the versatility of translating cut-seal machines, aptly known as box motion.


Diamond Tunnel

Kekse/Stunde bei der primären Verpackung in Schlaubeutel abpackt und anschließend robotergesteuert umverpackt. Unternehmen, die den Stand besuchen, werden sicherlich von einer Anwendung begeistert sein, die auf dem aktuellen Stand der Technik der Industrieverpackung ist. Denn in diese Anlage haben wir eine neue horizontale Schlauchbeutelverpackungsmaschine FP 100 E integriert, das Ergebnis von Jahrzehnten des technologischen Fortschritts, der Tag für Tag bei Tecno Pack S.p.A. gelebt wird. Die Erfahrungen, die den wichtigsten Akteuren des Weltmarktes zugutekommen, erlauben dem Unternehmen aus Vicenza seinen anspruchsvollen Kunden noch fortschrittlichere

horizontale Schlauchbeutelverpackungsmaschinen anzubieten. Diese liefern den Märkten vollelektronische Verpackungsmaschinen mit freitragenden Konstruktionen für zuverlässige Hygienisierung, motorisierter Folienzuführung, Längssiegelungseinheit mit zwei unabhängigen Motorisierungen, Quersiegelungseinheiten sowohl Long Dwell (mit innovativem Schnellwechselsystem) als

auch mit Box Motion mit hoher Geschwindigkeit. Die Box Motion-Version ist derzeit das schnellste Versiegelungssystem dieser Art, mit quadratischer Bewegung; es kombiniert die typische operative Geschwindigkeit der Schneide- und Versiegelungsmaschinen mit „D“ Bewegung, der sogenannten Long Dwell, mit der Vielseitigkeit der Schneideund Versiegelungsmaschinen mit

51 TECNO PACK+GSP+IFP - FP 4-17.indd 4

11/07/17 17:23


Ultimate operational precision, design and solutions studied for high sanitization, ergonomics, mechanic and electronic stability, high-speed for prolonged sealing, controlled atmosphere (MAP), manometric dosing of liquids (alcohol and antimould), integration into advanced print systems, upstream and downstream interaction with any integrated system, easy and user-friendly touch screen, reliability and long service, make the new FP 100 packaging machine, designed to be integrated into automatic lines, the best top-of-the-range alternative for food companies that require the highest


quality and performance standards. Visitors were also able to see a vertical pillow pack machine based on the FV 210 model, a packaging machine completely made in stainless steel, equipped with an innovative cantilever frame, completely driven by brushless motors and able to produce 4-sided sealing bags with double gusset. IFP Packaging revealed the TWIN T 75 N 90 automatic shrink-wrapping machine, which was integrated into the FV 210 vertical system with the task of automatically grouping the

vertical bags and wrap them with shrink film, thus obtaining the socalled “secondary” packaging. A line for the automatic packaging of AFH industrial paper rolls in high-speed shrink film, based on the electronic continuous horizontal packaging machine – DIAMOND BOX – has made the visitor appreciate high technical profile solutions for the tissue industry. General System Pack offered the public three electronic horizontal flow pack machines, including the GSP55EVO INOX L.D., specifically


Translation, auch bekannt als Box Motion. Absolute Genauigkeit während des Betriebszyklus, Design und Lösungen für hohe Hygienisierung, Ergonomie, mechanische und elektronische Stabilität, High-Speed für längere Versiegelungszeiten, kontrollierte Schutzgasatmosphäre (MAP), manometrische Dosierung von Flüssigkeiten (Alkohol und gegen Schimmelbildung), Integration von fortgeschrittenen Drucksystemen, vor- und nachgeschaltete Interaktion mit jedem integrierten System, einfacher und benutzerfreundlicher Touchscreen, Zuverlässigkeit und Langlebigkeit machen diese neue Verpackungsmaschine FP 100, die entwickelt wurde,


52 TECNO PACK+GSP+IFP - FP 4-17.indd 5

11/07/17 17:23



designed for packaging small and medium pieces of cheese in a modified atmosphere and ready to be positioned and to work in hostile environments.

chine with great potential and excellent cost-quality- performance ratio; the excellent solution for worldwide medium-sized and artisan businesses – baking, for example.

The GSP65EVO for packaging food products in trays in a controlled atmosphere, followed by heat shrinking and the achievement of an excellent aesthetic and shelf life result. The presentation finished with the versatile and quick GSP50EVO, an electronic horizontal flow pack ma-

INTERPACK 2017 visitors have received targeted responses, dedicated studies and extremely toplevel solutions from the team of the three companies, to solve all issues with packaging in the most varied application fields. The group of companies headed by Tecno Pack

S.p.A. is confirmed as worldwide leader in the industry of machine manufacturers and packaging plants dedicated as “tailor-made clothing” to companies that entrust their success in this excellent Italian business.


um in automatische Linien integriert zu werden, zur besten hochwertigen Alternative für Lebensmittelunternehmen, die Spitzenqualität und -leistungen verlangen. Die Besucher können auch ein vertikales Schlauchbeutelverpackungssystem auf der Basis des Modells FV 210 kennenlernen. Eine Verpackungsmaschine komplett aus Edelstahl mit innovativer Schwingarmstruktur, die vollständig von bürstenlosen Motoren gesteuert wird und in der Lage ist Faltenbeutel mit quadratischer Form herzustellen. IFP Packaging präsentiert eine automatische Bündelmaschine TWIN T 75 N 90, die in das vertikale System FV 210 integriert wird und die Aufgabe hat, die Beutel automatisch vertikal zu bündeln und mit einer Schrumpffolie, für die „sekundäre“ Verpackung, zu umwickeln. Eine auf der elektroni-

schen horizontalen Verpackungsmaschine Modell DIAMOND BOX aufgebrachten Linie für die automatische Verpackung von Industriepapierrollen AFH mit Schrumpffolie für höhere Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeiten wird das Interesse der Besucher wecken, die hohe technische Lösungen im Tissue-Bereich schätzen. General System Pack bietet dem Publikum hingegen drei elektronische horizontale Schlauchbeutelmaschinen, darunter die GS P55 EVO INOX L.D., die speziell für die Verpackung von mittelgroßem und kleinem Käse unter Schutzatmosphäre entwickelt wurde und auch in aggressiven Umgebungen betrieben werden kann. Die GS P65 EVO dient dem Verpacken von Lebensmitteln unter Schutzatmosphäre in Schalen mit anschließender Schrumpfung, dadurch erhält man äußerst ästhetische Ergebnisse von

hervorragender Haltbarkeit. Die vielseitige und schnelle GS P50 EVO schließt die Präsentation ab. Eine elektronische horizontale Schlauchbeutelverpackungsmaschine mit großen Potenzial und einem hervorragenden Verhältnis von Preis, Qualität und Leistung; die optimale Lösung für den Mittelstand und das Handwerk, wie zum Beispiel für Bäckereien. Die Besucher der INTERPACK 2017 erhalten von den Teams der drei Unternehmen gezielte Angebote, spezielle Studien und hochwertige Vorschläge für die Lösung aller Probleme bei der Verpackung in den verschiedenen Industriebereichen. Die Gruppe von Unternehmen, unter der Führung von Tecno Pack S.p.A., bestätigt sich international als Marktführer unter den Maschinen- und Verpackungsanlagenherstellern, mit Angeboten, die speziell auf die Unternehmen abgestimmt sind, die sich an diese erfolgreichen italienischen Firmen wenden.

53 TECNO PACK+GSP+IFP - FP 4-17.indd 6

11/07/17 17:24





eading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, launches the LINform® PE HSF, the latest addition to its next generation vacuum films range. The high barrier, flexible plain or printed shrink vacuum film, produced using cutting-edge technology at the LINPAC Pontivy site in France, has been created to improve vacuum efficiency and seal performance on high-speed packing machines.

Business Manager Barrier Films at LINPAC, Erwan Cadoret, comments: “The LINform® PE HSF offers production reliability and consistency to our customers, resulting in reduced down time and pack waste. Its high level of integrity also helps to extend shelf-life and supports waste prevention throughout the supply chain.” The solution is designed for use with bulk or case-ready packaging produced on a horizontal flow packaging machine, followed by a vacuum chamber and shrink tunnel. Of benefit to packers and processors, the film removes the requirement for manual or automatic shrink bag loading in the bulk meat, processed meat and cheese sectors. For retailers, the LINform® PE HSF’s superior clarity presents a ‘fresh pack’ look to the consumer and helps to drive retail sales with en-

Excellence) programme to support this strategy. hanced presentation. In addition, LINPAC customers can take advantage of fully-printed branding opportunities to create greater differentiation.

The LINform® PE HSF is a functional, resource-efficient solution that follows the successful introduction

LINPAC made a significant investment in cutting-edge technology at its Pontivy site earlier this year to accelerate its global sustainability strategy. The multi-layer film, which will be produced on a new production line at the facility, has been developed in line with the LINPAC L.I.F.E (Lightweighting for

54 LINPAC FP 4-17.indd 3

28/06/17 16:38



cially created to enhance the per formance and shelf appeal of the Rfresh® Evolve tray.

of a range of LINtop® films earlier this year, including the LINtop® PE HB SKIN range. The high-barrier Skin film was spe-

Following its latest advancements for horizontal vacuum lines, the Pontivy site will continue to develop its complete pack solutions and complement the LINPAC tray offer by expanding its portfolio of PP and PE films for use with all tray sealers, thermoforming lines and vertical MAP thermoforming lines.

Mr Cadoret continues: “We’re extremely pleased to present this latest addition to our range. Our aim is to create innovative, functional and resource efficient complete pack solutions that benefit our customers and help to prevent food waste throughout the supply chain. We continue to drive our sustainability strategy forward and look forward to introducing more exciting developments later in the year. For more information on the LINform® PE HSF or LINPAC complete pack solutions, please visit linpac. com. Visit:

Next Generation Barrier Films

EN_LIN_FOODPRO_ART_MAR-2017.pdf 1 17/03/2017 15:57:02

Next Generation Barrier Films

Barrier Properties


Barrier Properties


Anti-fog Anti-fog

Shape Sealing Puncture Management Performance Resistance

Shape Sealing Puncture Management Performance Resistance









LINPAC Packaging Pontivy Parc d’Activités de Kerguilloten LINPAC Packaging Pontivy 56920 Noyal-Pontivy Parc d’Activités de Kerguilloten France 56920 Noyal-Pontivy tel: +33 France (0) 297 28 70 70 tel: +33 (0) 297 28 70 70

For further information on the LINtop® range of films or any other LINPAC solutions, please email: or visit

For further information on our flexible barrier solutions or tray solutions, please email: or visit

LINPAC FP 4-17.indd 4

28/06/17 16:38





hanks to the countless labelling solutions already developed by LABELPACK, designed for the application of one or more labels onto cylindrical products, managing the in-line printing of variable data and barcodes, the company is able to face and solve many identification and customisation issues. One of the most requested solutions is the labelling system for front and back application onto cylindrical, oval and rectangular products, which also includes the possibility of applying a warranty label. All these applications are now possible thanks to the MODULAR and COMPACT systems.

The highest technological solution is realised with the MODULAR system, an “open frame” modular structure made in stainless steel featuring several automatic labelling systems for top and bottom application. The system consists of a centralised electronic control panel placed on a balcony structure with PLC and Touch Screen operator panel. Moreover, the speed functioning can be electronically synchronized and the fast regulations with numerical indicators facilitate the format change and the following repositioning to previous position.

The MODULAR automatic labelling systems have different conveying equipments according to the dimensions, weight and shape of the relevant container. The conveying systems are placed on the balcony structure making them easy to clean and avoiding spillage onto remote parts of the machine that can be difficult to reach and clean. LABELX labelling units operate with a maximum label width of 140-250mm and can integrate the units designed by MARKEM, VIDEOJET, SAVEMA, ALLEN, etc... for the in-line printing of variable data, barcodes and other relevant information. COMPACT labelling systems are the “entry level” series including 8 standard models and several customised solutions. They are equipped with LABELX JR labellers, which operate with a maximum label length of 350mm and maximum label height of 140/250mm. COMPACT TS, COMPACT TB and COMPACT BS are the labelling systems for top and bottom applications onto trays, cases, boxes, flow-packs and bags. The conveying systems are available in different models (flat belt, plastic chains, stainless steel chains) and can be

customised in length and width according to the dimensions of the product and the requirements of the packaging production line. All COMPACT labelling systems can be equipped with one or more thermal transfer printing units of variable data, barcodes and other relevant information. To complete the labelling system other accessories and options are available: sensors for transparent labels, product spacers and stabilisers, rotary tables for inline loading and accumulation. LABELX and LABELX JR automatic labelling systems complete LABELPACK offer for the beverage sector. LABELX

56 LABELPACK - FP 4-17.indd 3

05/09/17 10:55



aging line and it is available in three different width: 140mm, 250mm and 350mm. Its high technology guarantees the best performance at high speed and with great application precision. The simple and functional Touch Screen operator panel allows managing all operations. LABELX is also available in a RM version with motorized rewinder, suitable for high speed application – it can reach an application speed of 80 m/min. This model is equipped with a 400mm diameter mechanical unwinder.

has proved to be the most appreciated solution, able to face many labelling issues. LABELPACK has already produced thousands of LABELX machines. It is a high-performance and reliable labeller, which disposes of a big range of accessories that ease the installation onto any automatic pack-

LABELPACK - FP 4-17.indd 4

LABELX JR complete the LABELPACK offer – it is an automatic labeller for medium and low speed application, which can be equipped with thermal transfer printing units of variable data and barcodes. LABELPACK offer a wide range of print & apply solutions ideal to be integrated

onto end of packing line and palletization systems. With the PandA and PandA JR systems it is possible to solve many application and printing issues onto bottle boxes of barcodes and variable data on a self-adhesive labels to be then automatically applied on the product to identify. PandA MASTER is the top-quality solution to apply & print the identification labels for pallet with Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC). Thanks to its integral protection PandA MASTER can work in any particular environmental conditions and can apply labels onto one or two sides of a pallet. PandA machines are guaranteed by integrating industrial thermal transfer print units made by major international companies, such as DATAMAX, ZEBRA, SATO, NOVEXXAVERY, CAB, CARL VAENTIN and are controlled by the BarTender software, which is very easy to connect to any management system and control system of the production lines.

05/09/17 10:55





he food protection and preservation capabilities of XHance film from RPC bpi protec have been acknowledged in a major sustainability awards programme. X-Hance has been named the winner in the Cutting Food Waste category of the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards, which celebrate innovation and creativity that make significant environmental advances across the supply chain. X-Hance is a 100 per cent opaque but still breathable film. This eliminates light rays in order to protect products, preserve their freshness and quality, and deliver extended shelf life. Equally important the high-impact film can

be printed in up to 10 colours to enhance brand image and deliver effective point-of-sale promotion. The film performs well and consistently on VFFS packing machines, with excellent seal strength integrity. Additional perforations can be included to improve air flow within the pack, without affecting the aesthetics or performance of the packaging. X-Hance has already been adopted by a leading retailer for its potato ranges, preventing the green discolouration that occurs when potatoes are subjected to too much light. This is the main reason why an estimated 730,000 tonnes (5.8 million individual potatoes) are thrown away by households each year.

“We are delighted to receive this significant environmental accolade,” comments Andrew Green, Deputy CEO, RPC bpi group. “X-Hance offers a number of key benefits for food retail markets, ensuring product is well protected and preserved throughout the supply chain while at the same time providing the high quality decoration that creates a premium image on–shelf.”

58 RPC FP 4-17.indd 3

08/09/17 15:25

GSP_FP 3 e 4_ crocini.indd 3

08/06/17 13:53




Iranian representation presents smart solutions for the plastics industry at Iranplast


aumüller’s product portfolio ranges from individual components to complete systems to the associated service. The Iranian representation of the leading German automatisation and drive manufacturer is presenting future-proof solutions for the plastics industry at Iranplast in Tehran from 24-27 September 2017.

Baumüller is the leading manufacturer of drive systems for plastics machines and provides tailor-made drive concepts for extrusion, blow moulding or injection moulding. The Iranian representation will show at Iranplast that they use standard components to offer individual drive systems that are tailored to the application

Baumüller offers the plastics industry a comprehensive offer


Baumüller ist der führende Hersteller bei Antriebssystemen für Kunststoffmaschinen und liefert maßgeschneiderte Antriebskonzepte für Extrusion, Blasformen oder Spritzgießen. Die iranische Vertretung zeigt auf der Iranplast, dass sie mit Standardkomponenten individuelle, auf die Anwendung zugeschnittene Antriebssysteme bietet.

Iranische Vertretung stellt auf der Iranplast intelligente Lösungen für die Kunststoffbranche vor


on einzelnen Komponenten bis zu Komplettsystemen sowie dem damit verbundenen Service reicht das Produktportfolio von Baumüller. Die iranische Vertretung des führenden, deutschen Automatisierungsund Antriebsherstellers präsentiert auf der Iranplast im Teheran vom 24. bis zum 27. September 2017 zukunftssichere Lösungen für die Kunststoffbranche.

Baumüller bietet der Kunststoffindustrie ein umfassendes Angebot rund um die Automatisierung und Antriebstechnik. Beginnend bei der Projektierung und Konstruktion über die Inbetriebnahme, bis hin zu Instandhaltung und Retrofit unterstützt der Vertriebspartner die iranischen Maschinenbauer und -betreiber über den gesamten Lebenszyklus von Maschinen und Anlagen hinweg.

Lösungen für Kunststoffmaschinen Baumüller ist der führende Hersteller bei Antriebssystemen für Kunststoffmaschinen und liefert maßgeschneiderte Antriebskonzepte für Extrusion, Blasformen oder Spritzgießen. Lösungen rund um Antriebe im Materialhandling sowie zur Nach- und Weiterverarbeitung gehören ebenfalls zum Produktprogramm. Für den gesamten Bereich der kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrie bietet Baumüller Projektie-

60 BAUMULLER - FP 4-17.indd 3

31/08/17 15:25


of automatisation and drive technology. Starting with the project planning and design to the commissioning, to repair and retrofits, the sales partner supports the Iranian mechanical engineers and operators throughout the entire life cycle of machines and systems. Solutions for Plastics Machines Baumüller is the leading manufacturer of drive systems for plastics machines and provides tailor- made


drive concepts for extrusion, blow moulding or injection moulding. The product range also includes solutions for drives in material handling as well as for post-processing and further processing. Baumüller offers project planning as well as handling and automatisation systems for the entire field of the plastics-processing industry, from motors to inverters and control technology to control systems and software solutions for motion

functions. With its hardware and software package for servo pump solutions, Baumüller provides its customers with a powerful drive version for maximum efficiency in plastics machines. The servo pump combines the advantages of the hydraulic power transmission with the advantages of electric servo drive technology. The entire drive package consists of a fixed displacement pump, a servo motor, a b maXX 5000 inverter and the

Efficient solution for hydraulic and hybrid injection moulding machines: With the servo pump, Baumüller combines the advantages of the hydraulic power transmission with the advantages of electric servo drive technology. Effiziente Lösung für hydraulische und hybride Spritzgießmaschinen: Mit der Servopumpe kombiniert Baumüller die Vorteile der hydraulischen Leistungsübertragung mit den Vorteilen der elektrischen Servo-Antriebstechnik.

Im Motorenbereich wird ein Drehstrom-Servomotor DSC1 gezeigt. Die verschiedenen Baugrößen der DSC1-Baureihe bieten für nahezu jede Anwendung in der Automatisierung eine passende Lösung.

rung sowie Handling- und Automatisierungssysteme an, vom Motor über Umrichter und Regelungstechnik bis hin zu Steuerungssystemen und Softwarelösungen für Bewegungsfunktionen. Mit seinem Hardware- und Softwarepaket für Servopumpenlösungen steht den Baumüller Kunden eine leistungsstarke Antriebsvariante für maximale Effizienz in Kunststoffmaschinen zur Verfügung. Die Servopumpe kombiniert die Vorteile der hydraulischen Leistungs-

übertragung mit den Vorteilen der elektrischen Servo-Antriebstechnik. Das ganze Antriebspaket besteht aus einer Konstantpumpe, einem Servomotor, einem b maXX 5000-Umrichter und der im Umrichter integrierten Servopumpen-Regelungsfunktion.

Der Fokus bei dieser Reihe liegt auf einer Steigerung der Leistungsdaten zugunsten einer höheren Drehmomentdichte bei gleichzeitiger drastischer Reduzierung des Bauvolumens von bis zu 30 Prozent gegenüber konventionellen Servomotoren. Besonders geeignet ist der DSC1 für Verpackungsmaschinen, Textilmaschinen, Handlingmaschinen und Roboter.

Die umfassende Palette an dynamischen Motoren und Umrichtern in unterschiedlichen Kühlungsvarianten von Baumüller bietet hier, entsprechend des jeweiligen Lastprofils der Anwendung, die passende Antriebslösung für eine optimale und energieeffiziente Prozessgestaltung.

Auf der Iranplast werden zudem die Umrichter b maXX 3000 und b maXX 5000 sowie die Steuerungskomponente b maXX-controllerPLC zu sehen sein. Mit ihren kompakten Abmessungen eignen sich die Steuerungen PLC-01 und PLC-02 perfekt für den Schaltschrankbau. Je nach

61 BAUMULLER - FP 4-17.indd 4

31/08/17 15:25


servo pump control function integrated in the inverter. The comprehensive range of dynamic motors and inverters in various cooling versions from Baumüller offers the right drive solution here for an optimal and energy-efficient process design according to the respective load profile of the application. A three-phase current servo motor DSC1 is shown in the motor area. The different sizes of the DSC1 series offer the right solution for almost any automatisation application. This series focuses on increasing performance data in favour of a higher torque density while at the same time drastically reducing the overall installed volume by up to 30 per cent compared to conventional servo motors. The DSC1 is particularly ideal for packaging machines, textile machines, handling machines and robots.

Anforderung können die unterschiedlichen CPU-Module modular mit bis zu fünf weiteren Kommunikationsmodulen für EtherCAT-Master/-Slave, CANopen-Master und verschiedene Ethernet-Anschaltungen aufgebaut werden. Kombiniert mit I/O-Modulen aus dem Produktportfolio von Baumüller entsteht so eine Industriesteuerung, die optimal auf die Kundenbedürfnisse abgestimmt ist und in das Engineering Framework ProMaster integriert werden kann. Know-how und Service in Kundennähe Die Tavakoligroup, im nordöstlichen Teil Teherans gelegen, ist seit Ende 2015 iranischer Vertriebspartner der Firma Baumüller. Die Vertriebsgesellschaft ist für den Verkauf von Baumüller Produkten zuständig. Mit fundierten Beratungsgesprächen und Know-how unterstützt Inhaber Amir Tavakoli iranische Ma-


In addition, the inverters b maXX 3000 and b maXX 5000 as well as the control component b maXXcontrollerPLC will be on display at Iranplast. The control systems PLC-01 and PLC-02 are perfect for control cabinet construction due to their compact dimensions. Depending on the requirements, the different CPU modules can be modularly assembled with up to five other communication modules for EtherCAT master/slave, CANopen master and various Ethernet interface connections. When combined with I/O modules from the product portfolio of Baumüller, this creates an industrial control system that is optimally coordinated to the customer’s needs and can be integrated in the engineering framework ProMaster.

schinenbauer und -betreiber bei zukunftsfähigen Systemlösungen und bei allen Fragen rund um Baumüller-Komponenten.

Expertise and Service With a Customer Focus Tavakoligroup, located in the northeastern part of Tehran, has been an Iranian sales partner of Baumüller since the end of 2015. The sales company is responsible for the sale of Baumüller products. Based on well-informed consultations and expertise, owner Amir Tavakoli supports Iranian mechanical engineers and operators with future-proof system solutions and in all questions dealing with Baumüller components. Tavakoligroup Iranplast 24-27 September 2017 hall 38, stand D17 Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran.

Tavakoligroup: Iranplast, 24. – 27. September 2017: Halle 38, Stand D17 – Teheran International Permanent Fairground, Teheran, Iran

Baumüller is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative automation and electric drive systems. At six manufacturing locations and over 40 subsidiaries spread all over the world, 1,750 employees plan, develop, produce and install intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering and e-mobility; from operation and visualization tools to Motion Control software as per PLCopen, from software modules to controllers, also including converters, electric drives and the whole service range for ready to use automation solutions. The areas service, installations, fitting, and relocation add to the wide range of Baumüller’s services. In the mechanical engineering industry, Baumüller is one of the leading partners for automation solutions worldwide. Baumüller mit Stammsitz in Nürnberg ist ein führender Hersteller elektrischer Automatisierungs- und Antriebssysteme. An sechs Produktionsstandorten und über 40 Niederlassungen weltweit planen, entwickeln, fertigen und montieren rund 1.700 Mitarbeiter intelligente Systemlösungen für den Maschinenbau; von der Bedienoberfläche über Motion Control- Software nach PLCopen, Softwaremodulen und Steuerungen bis hin zu Umrichtern, Elektromotoren und dem gesamten Dienstleistungsprogramm für Automatisierungslösungen. Die Bereiche Service, Installation, Montage und Verlagerung runden das Dienstleistungsspektrum von Baumüller ab. Im Maschinenbau gehört Baumüller weltweit zu den führenden Automatisierungspartnern.

62 BAUMULLER - FP 4-17.indd 5

31/08/17 15:25


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IAPI has worked for over twenty-five years on the design, production and marketing of top quality two-stage linear Blow Molding Machines for all applications, becoming an international player in providing solutions for the PET packaging industry. Customized applications driven by utmost flexibility have made this company one of the most competitive on today’s market. With over 850 installations in the world, SIAPI is acknowledged as a provider of opportunities and solutions to get competitive advantage on the market, especially thanks to technological and process innovation. As for the reinforced presence on foreign markets, SIAPI has been achieving excellent results, which spur toward constant product and service improvement. Only using linear stretch-blow molding technology, SIAPI machines are able to produce the widest range of PET containers. For over 15 years SIAPI has especially been working on large and extra-large applications: targeted segments are water bottles and coolers from 1 US gallon to 20 litres capacity, and stackable containers for edible oil, detergents, chemical and industrial products. SIAPI 1 to 5 cavity machines for high-capacity containers (also up to 30 litres) can reach productions ranging from 400 to 5000 bph. A useful modern solution is a 25-litre – square container that can be stacked in four layers – made by SIAPI to re-

place HDPE fuel containers with PET, thereby reducing their weight of 50% with big advantage for the customer in terms of logistics and transport. The beer market also recognizes SIAPI as best technology for producing PET KEGs up to 40 litres, leading the conversion from stainless steel to 100% recyclable plastic containers. Thanks to a long experience in the market and constant R&D effort, today SIAPI is able to provide turnkey lines for this specific application. SIAPI’s research is focused not only on producing high-quality PET KEGs: thanks to the collaboration of experienced partners, the company is working on valves and fittings development, shelf-life improvements and transport options in order to offer full service for this growing market. This type of application is having success also among the wine sector, giving the opportunity, even to small producers, to export their product all over the world. Besides SIAPI developed special SW series for Wide-mouth containers: SW1 and SW2 models manage preforms up to 180 mm of neck diameter blowing

jars suitable for a broad range of products, such as sauces, paint, cosmetics, toys, powder and pet food. By anticipating new trends as to meet all customers’ requirements, SIAPI designed and recently supplied a new special platform named WRN – Wide Range Neck – which allows standard series machines to manage narrow neck and wide-mouth containers during heating and stretch-blowing process. This project is an example of SIAPI’s approach with unconventional customer demands: flexibility is a key factor of its experienced team and technology. It is also worth saying that the company pays much attention not only to special containers (oval, square and asymmetric bottles): its blowing machines for standard bottles are equipped of 1 to 10 blowing cavities, achieving maximum productivity of 15,000 bph. As independent entity SIAPI is a unique example of constant presence and innovation through the last twenty years, leading the development of two-stage linear technology for PET projects. Today major accounts, whether converters or large food & beverage brands, address SIAPI R&D for their new PET applications due to customized, high flexible blow molding machines.

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45 th year

45 years of trust in food packaging

Sarten ambalaj San. ve tİC. a.Ş. Balmumcu Mh. Zincirlikuyu Yolu Sk. No: 4 Balmumcu 34349 Beşiktaş - İstanbul / TurkeY Phone: +90 212 275 76 60 INGOMBRO ADV.indd 3

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odern packaging solutions not only offer outstanding product protection; they also impress consumers with their exceptional convenience. Composite films with xtear perforation by Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG make it a breeze to open the packaging – without the need for a knife or scissors. The new technology even simplifies the packaging process for food manufacturers: xtear film is compatible with all conventional packaging machines. For senior citizens or children who need a simple way to open packaging, or for commuters who want to enjoy a quick snack in the car or on the train – more consumers are looking for food products with easy-to-open packaging. Attractive opening solutions thus have a distinct advantage at the point of sale and stand out from the competition. Südpack, a leading supplier of practical resealable packaging and opening aids, recently added the xtear tear-off perforation solution to its portfolio. This high-quality opening option does not require the use of tools. A practical tear-off perforation, xtear allows consumers to open packaging effortlessly. It also reduces the risk of scattering the contents by opening the packaging too roughly: The packaging can be torn open in a controlled way along the perforation. This enables consumers to easily portion their snacks. Südpack Managing Partner Johannes Remmele explains: “xtear is a practical opening solution for a variety of products and packaging types. Along with mini sausages,

cheese sticks and other snack products, the laser perforation is also suitable for pourable products. Thanks to xtear, the product can be dispensed in precise amounts.” Since the introduction of xtear, Südpack has carried out a number of projects with customers, including an easy-to-open tubular bag packaging for Goldsteig mozzarella, and a multiple-chamber tray with chambers that can easily be separated along the perforation. Easy processing on standard packaging machines The laser perforation also makes life easier for food manufacturers. Film that has been enhanced with xtear can be processed on standard packaging machines without additional equipment. This keeps production processes lean, and avoids further investments for Südpack customers. Südpack film specialists support customers in the design, implementation and optimization of laser perforations. Application technicians test sample films on the customers’ equipment on-site.

Laser processing as an additional finishing option from Südpack Südpack technicians use an in-house laser system to perforate film for easy opening, targeted gas exchange, or for valves and other additional features. “We see the laser process as a finishing option of the future, one that will become widely established in the coming years,” says Johannes Remmele. “Our in-house laser equipment enables us to offer customers a wide range of finishing options to attract attention to their products on the supermarket shelf and to convince consumers using the product.” The laser system processes film lengthwise or crosswise in the direction of movement or applies laser contours to the film. For laser processing, Südpack uses composite film consisting of a sealing layer and a substrate. The film’s substrate is removed precisely, the barrier layer remains fully intact.

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anufacturer of a new generation of beverage multi-packing solutions, WaveGrip has launched its latest branding innovation with the availability of its carriers in a choice of different colours, helping beverage producers to create further on-shelf impact and brand differentiation. WaveGrip is the most efficient carrier available and also the most environmentally-sustainable, and it has the versatility to be adapted for all types of drinks businesses, from

smaller artisanal producers to high volume operations. Working closely with OEM partners across the globe, WaveGrip applicator technology is easily integrated into the latest packaging equipment and WaveGrip Colours now provides the added benefit of additional brand impact along with the very latest in multi-packing technology. Initially available in a range of stock colours – Noir (Black), gerine (Orange), Envy (Green), (Red) – bespoke colours can

four TanFury also

be specified to enable co-ordination with a particular brand or design. In line with all WaveGrip carriers, the new WaveGrip Colours are valueengineered to be lighter but stronger and use less plastic than any existing solution, while securely collating cans to the rigorous standards required in the retail sector. “Colour has long been recognised as a high-impact element within a welldesigned packaging solution for any number of beverages, quite often establishing its ‘hero image’. Think Tango. Think Perrier. Think Coke. Think Guinness,” commented WaveGrip Managing Director, Aaron McIvor. “For a consumer in a hurry it can be the guide that triggers the seamless progression from eye, to hand, to shopping trolley. And as part of the way in which it presents itself, outer packaging has a vital role to play in helping to deliver a fully satisfying customer experience. Extending an established colour code with WaveGrip Colours provides a simple yet stylish additional point of branding differentiation, that not only looks in keeping, but also makes perfect branding sense.”

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he story of Tecnopool is one born out from a big idea: design, manufacture and installation of machinery for the treatment and processing of food products. A story that began in 1980 with the patenting of Anaconda: the first conveyor belt conceived by the company’s founder, Leopoldo Lago. A winning and above all versatile product, suitable for all manufacturing processes where food products need to be thermally treated. It was the beginning of a success story that has never stopped, as the results achieved in the last 30 years have been testifying: growth of sales, an increasingly widespread presence on foreign markets, and an ongoing evolution of the products. The story of Tecnopool began in Padua, but today that story has crossed domestic boundaries to be told all over the world. From deep-freezing to cooling, from pasteurizing to proofing, from product handling all the way to baking and frying, the term flexibility goes hand in hand with all Tecnopool solutions. Before developing a plant, Tecnopool thinks of those who will use it, because flexibility for it is not only a

mental factor, it’s above all a work approach. This is precisely the purpose of its design office: it helps to establish an exclusive relationship with the customers, based on straightforwardness, clarity and competence. A relationship built on the meeting and exchanging of ideas that starts early in the planning phase and ends with the construction of the system. This is how Tecnopool develops plants that are truly customized for each customer and for every type of space, plants that guarantee the maximum in terms of productivity and the minimum in terms of maintenance. The versatility of Tecnopool plants is proven by the sectors in which it is applied: it’s no coincidence that its technology is often behind the processing of a food product. Freezing The know-how Tecnopool has acquired allows it to guarantee a method that is absolutely avant-garde for the treatment of packaged or bulk food products, which are conveyed on belt and deep-frozen in cabinets that have insulated walls with variable thickness.

Cooling A system designed for two types of cooling: Ambient and with forced air in room. It is precisely this flexibility that makes it suitable for any manufacturing line and any kind of packaged or bulk food product. Proofing Such a delicate process deserves all attention. This is why Tecnopool has always developed plants that are perfectly calibrated that do not alter the properties of the food products and which therefore respect both the end product and the consumer. Pasteurizing To make the treated products reach the right temperature within the required time, it is essential to carefully cover every detail: it is no coincidence Tecnopool designs complex plants that use insulated rooms to treat the food products in accordance with parameters that are constantly monitored. Diathermic Oil Spiral Oven Tecnopool, faithful to its philosophy of simplifying production lines for mechanical and economic reasons, has completed its range of plants with a spiral cooking system which, thanks

69 TECNOPOOL - FP 4-17.indd 3

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to its configuration, allows for space saving and a smooth production process. In this way, it is possible to avoid the use of row gear up/gear down systems, which are very common in the pan lines used in tunnel ovens. This is not something new; however, this spiral configuration makes it possible to make the best of the heating system designed by Tecnopool for this oven. The absence of forced ventilation and the favourable balance of air/product volume in the cell, compared to a tunnel oven, makes it possible to work with room temperatures between 10° and 15°C lower than those used by tunnel ovens (cooking times being equal). In special cases, according to Tecnopool’s experience, these differences can reach 30°C. Anyway, also in some specific cases in which it is necessary, forced ventilation is also installed in order to increase the convective effect. The technical decision leading Tecnopool to choose a radiator system, together with the special configuration afforded by the spiral, comes from the results obtained after years of trials with all types of products and in very different working conditions, which


show a higher thermal performance, thus improving the results compared with other systems. The thermal fluid that runs through the tubes is diathermic oil, a system that has been chosen on account of its high thermal performance and its very low risk. It must be taken into consideration that the performance of a diathermic-oil boiler ranges between 87% and 91%, compared to 60% of an air-heating system or 30% of a direct-flame heating system. Tecnopool spiral oven makes it possible to save space, simplify the flow of the production line and save energy.

- Increase the rate of response and adjustment of the temperature; - Keep the frying oil as static as possible. Fume extraction hood with fat separation filters, high-efficiency turbine and glazed perimeter fence: - To facilitate the extraction of fumes and steam, prevent any condensation dripping back into the frying oil causing contamination; - To permit the visual inspection of the production; - To separate and condense the oil in suspension present in the fumes, to avoid odour.

Thermal Oil Fryer True to its philosophy of constant evolution and growth, Tecnopool increases its product range with another processing machine that allows it to complete new production lines that meet customer requirements in the areas of meat, fish, bread and sweets, snacks, peanuts and even pet food: Tecnopool fryer.

Frying pan completely removable: - For easy and fast cleaning during maintenance work of the machine; - To permit the elimination of scrap as solids; - To use the frying pan as a decantation filter of the oil.

Why choosing a Tecnopool fryer? Thermal oil exchanger submerged in the frying pan to: - Reduce to a minimum the difference in temperature between the heat source and the required frying temperature of the oil;

In short, the best choice for Tecnopool’s customers.

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ithin the scope of a structural reorganisation of its presence in international markets, I.C.F. & WELKO S.p.A., the renowned company in Maranello, active in the field of industrial plants for different sectors, has renewed its trademark and visual identity to communicate the dynamic approach that is characterising the current stage of its life. The new logo summarises the values of the brand by joining in a single key the two components of the company name, created after the merger, in 2007, of ICF and Welko. Three dots complete the design of the new logo, with a touch of Made in Italy style. The colours are those that have always identified the brand. They symbolise the three business units: red for the food industry, blue for the ceramic

industry, yellow for cookware. Each of these business units, extending also to the chemical, the pharmaceutical and the agricultural sectors, has its own production and sales structure. All units belong to a single group that allows experience, logistic and research activities to be constantly shared. The rebranding project has also involved the website. The new website is much more

user-friendly, easy to browse through, and with numerous new functions, such as for instance the possibility to submit enquiries for customised offers. Visit:

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n 1956 Evangelos Ioannou started his working life in the rotogravure cylinder engraving industry. In 1970 he founded in Athens a small unit for the chemical etching of rotogravure cylinders. Working alone following the latest technological developments and constantly expanding his knowledge leads to continuous improvements in the quality and consistency of the company’s products. In 1990, this continuous improvement leads to growth and expansion and the company relocates to the Industrial area of Inofyta. The company is now second generation and under the direct management of the son of the founder, Mr. Yiannis Ioannou who applying the philosophy of continuous improvement and investment brings to Greece the first electronic engraving installation. Today, ICR-IOANNOU is the largest manufacturer of rotogravure cylinders in Greece and one of the largest suppliers in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and North Africa. The company produces rotogravure cylinders for all sectors of the print market including, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, FMCG, tobacco and the decorative sector. Carrying on the philosophy of the company founder ICR-IOANNOU constantly strives to answer questions ask by our customer by the constant use of R&D. This R&D has led to the development of the unique patented IMS Aluminum cylinder system. By utilizing aluminum and thermal spray technologies ICR-IOANNOU can offer the printer the following benefits: 1: Due to the speed that Aluminum cylinders can be produced the leadtimes to press can be greatly reduced. This gives the printer using Aluminum cylinders a competitive ad-

vantage over the competition; he can reduce the lead times to the end user from conception of design to print. 2: Due to the reduced logistics cost of the Lightweight Aluminum cylinders it is now possible for the printer to move cylinders to different print locations to meet demand rather than move printed product. 3: The reduced weight and better balance characteristics allow the printers to run the press at higher speeds, while maintaining the highest print quality. Because of the fact that the aluminum does not corrode the cylinder remains in this perfectly balanced state for its production life. 4: Due to the lightweight nature of the cylinders one press operator can manually place the cylinder in the press. This leads to greatly reduced lead times on the press and allows an increased number of cylinder changes during the printing shift. The cylinders comply with all European operator-lifting rules, reducing lost days of production due to handling injuries. 5: Due to the lightweight nature of the cylinders it can reduce the amount of wear on the print press bearing and moving parts, allowing increased periods of time between service interventions, reducing the maintenance cost on the machines while increasing productivity and efficiency of the press. 6: The lightweight nature of the cylinders allows greater flexibility in the warehousing of the cylinders. The warehouse footprint can be reduced due to the fact that we can stack the cylinders higher in a racking system. 7: Due to the environmentally friendly production methods, increased numbers of cylinders in shipments and more efficient printing we substantially reduce the carbon footprint of the cylinder and in-turn the printed product.

In the ICR-IOANNOU customer portfolio there are over 60,000 of these lightweight aluminum cylinders in the daily production workflow. In 2013 ICR-IOANNOU was awarded the much coveted European Rotogravure Association award for innovation. This year the company’s cylinder technology has been recognized by the Gravure Association of the Americas who awarded the company its Golden Cylinder award for innovation. In its efforts to spread this technology ICRIOANNOU also provides semi-finished aluminum rotogravure cylinders to cylinder engraving houses. By applying a policy of total quality to all aspect of cylinder production and customer service and by constant investment in the latest technologies, human potential and internal R&D ICR-IOANNOU has become the internationally recognized multi award winning company we see today. As show of confidence in the future ICR-IOANNOU will be moving into new production facilities in early 2016. This new facility will take full advantage of the latest developments in engineering machinery and thermal spray technology, allowing the company to increase it production capacity by over 50% to meet expanding worldwide customer demand.



ICR IOANNOU S.A Gravure Cylinders - Flexo Plates Inofyta Industrial Zone, 32011 Inofyta - Viotia, GREECE Tel: (+30) 22620 32484 - Fax: (+30) 22620 31874 -

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news in short

in short

Your everyday work is tough enough

Understanding the market’s needs is the most important part of creating the perfect product.


he first step to achieve this is to recognize the threats and demands of the industry. Food processing workplace is a very specific one - constant necessity of quality control, contact with sharp and dangerous tools, food parts and liquids is the everyday struggle of the people working in food processing environment. And yet, the last but not least component - time. Every producer strives to combine these elements in order to achieve the high quality product manufactured in the shortest period of time possible. Everyone who struggles with this challenges sooner or later realizes that the final score depends on every component of the process - it is highly important to use only the tools which were created especially for this kind of jobs. That’s what OHAUS company takes for its first priority - creating the tools that will help their customers become the leaders in their class. When asked about the company’s main foundations in creating new products, Zbigniew Pobocha, General Manager, says:“For more than 100 years OHAUS is trying to make people’s job easier. The first question that we ask ourselves while creating a new product is, who is going to use them. Then we gather information about those people line of work. Creating the scale for Food Processing Industry is one of the most difficult tasks. We have to think about every possible situation that can threaten our scales’ operability. But in the end it’s really satisfying to create something that will make Customers work faster and easier - their everyday job is tough enough and they should not have to worry about damaging

their scale simply by spilling the liquid on it. I trust that after all the years we have finally succeeded - our Customers are highly satisfied with our new Valor 2000 and 4000 scales, created especially for food processing jobs.” OHAUS latest proposal for food industry jobs are Valor 2000 and 4000 Compact Bench Scales, certified and highly resistant. Looking at their features it is clearly visible that they are the perfect tool for the food processing. The designers of the scales have considered the need of Valor’s 2000 and 4000 resistance to the sharp objects, commonly used in the food processing activities - the scales are equipped with polycarbonate knife proof keypad. It prevents damage from knifes, repealing stains, moisture, corrosive fluids and food contaminants. The scales’ Flow Thru Design protects the scales from fluids and condensation that may form inside the scale from constant temperature changes

in typical food processing environments. The Valor 2000 and 4000 scales are NSF Certified and have OIML/EC Type Approval. All those combined features make the Valor Compact Scales safe, fast and highly durable. Designed especially to endure in the harsh food processing jobs, they are certainly the right tool for the toughest jobs. OHAUS manufactures an extensive line of high-precision electronic and mechanical balances and scales that meet the demands of virtually any weighing need. The company is a global leader in the laboratory, industrial, and education channels as well as a host of specialty markets, including the food preparation, pharmacy and jewelry industries. OHAUS products are precise, reliable and affordable, and are backed by industry-leading customer support.

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he company, based in Chiari, near Milan in the northern of Italy, commenced manufacturing packaging machines in 1973! Nowadays the historical brand Colimatic has become COLIGROUP SPA, thanks to the successful collaboration with the leading companies Alfa Service & IO Trading, the sister company COLIMATIC USA Inc. based in California and the subsidiary COLIMATIC ARGENTINA in Buenos Aires. With thousands of packaging machines installed in more than 50 countries, COLIGROUP SPA is a leading company in the packaging industry. Its unrivalled reputation comes after a 40- year experience in designing and manufacturing innovative machinery systems. Thanks to the know-how achieved with its packaging turn-key project management, with the most renowned companies in the foodstuff and medical field,

Coligroup is sure to meet all the most challenging packaging expectations for the retail and food industries as well. THE COLIGROUP packaging machinery range includes: thermoforming machines, which are the Coligroup’s core business, tray sealing machines, vacuum chamber machines and flowpack&vacuum combined systems. Any brand and technology for labeling, printing & product loading systems together with the most modern robotic feeding applications are the accessories, which make the packaging systems offer complete, efficient and unique! The lasagna&ready meals processing and packaging lines, together with several other medical & food turnkey projects managed by COLIGROUP SPA is a step forward to higher reputation, reliability & a new standard of quality! Designed in every details, THERA series thermoforming machine represent the highest level of Italian technology, experience and reliability. The renowned models Thera 250, Thera 450 and Thera 650 are used to pack a wide range of foodstuffs products, to meet various customer layout needs - enabling customers to select the machine

size that best suits them. Additionally within each version there are a number of options available to provide pack size flexibility and different output levels. The main machine’s features are: High production speed; Brushless motorization allows energy saving and controls the engine for the handling of the entire production; Extreme rationalization in film using, with a considerable scraps reduction: due to a different vacuum and MAP technology, THERA thermoforming machines have 10mm lateral scrap only on the bottom film!!; Top security of vacuum level and oxygen residual inside the packaging. Upon request these levels can be controlled in every packaging trough a linear electronic analyzer; Automatic control of possible anomalies in machine automatization through a micro-controller, permitting the complete machinery blocking in case of an incorrect packaging process or a rational discharge of non-conforming packs. Total sterilization of loading area is possible ,according to last European directives concerning foodstuff; A set of specific safety covers and warning alarms are installed on THERA 650, in order to assure the total control of dangerous process. Colimatic packaging machines can work with any kind of packaging material (laminated, plastic, paper or

76 COLIMATIC - FP 1-17_corr.indd 3

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in short

shrinking film) and can be equipped with any sort of automatic loader, dosing system or printing device. The high quality features of COLIMATIC packaging machine allow the company to propose machines which are more reliable, versatile and functional than any other packaging machine. The accurate hygiene level (thanks to rounded shapes and sloping surfaces for water draining during machine washing), their easy functioning and cheap managing allowed COLIMATIC to become market-leader in the packaging industry. The competence in extending the product shelf life, presented with a nice and modern pack, is one of the winning features of COLIMATIC thermoforming and traysealer machines. In this area, considering the close contact of the pack with the foodstuff, it is essential to ensure the highest quality and prevent any external contamination. Recently Coligroup R&D dept has developed a brand new and revolutionary range of traysealing machines, the TDF series. Machines’ frames are completely realized in stainless steel with metal sheets obtained by laser

cutting and electrically welded holding components. The high packaging flexibility is guaranteed by the Brushless servomotor management which optimize the functioning cycle according to the product exigencies. It creates an interconnection between the various elements in motion by means of electronic cam and the energy recovery system generated by the machine motor during braking is used to drive other motors installed in the system (KERS - Kinetic Energy Recovery System). The high level of hygiene is guaranteed by the realization of sloping surfaces and easy dismantling system of the inlet conveyor. Worthy to be mentioned, among the numerous packaging solutions proposed by COLIGROUP is the innovative packaging system mod. OMEGA 800 1C 1200 composed by flowpack machine&vacuum chamber, suitable for long products such as salami, ham or processed meat: OMEGA series machines are conceived for the packaging of products

with long dimensions (up to 1.200 mm) and heavy weight. The machine folds the products in a tubular film and realizes the vacuum into the sealing chamber, only by using a unique film reel which is sealed on 3 different sides (2 transversal sealing and 1 longitudinal sealing in the middle). The product loading can be done by an operator (which manually charges the products on the loading belt) or the machine can automatically receive the products coming from the production facilities. The photocell, positioned on the belt, automatically reads the length of the products and adjusts the belt movement for product introduction into the vacuum chamber. This solution does Not produce any film waste because the “packs” always fit perfectly to any product lengths! Moreover Coligroup’s commitment to preserve our environment by reducing Co2 emissions, is highlighted by the machines features & peculiarities (standard spare parts). The R&D Department is always striving to develop more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, by using components that require less energy consumption and working on new packaging materials. Result of this continuous effort are the paper forming machines & our carton MAP packaging systems. All Colimatic machines are designed and exclusively personalized according to customers exact requirements. The extensive lists of our satisfied customers represent a great number of large and small organizations, which completely rely on COLIMATIC to fulfill their packaging needs!

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in short

BI FREEZER, New Technologies in refrigeration


QF CONTACT FREEZER The contact freezer features a thin polyethylene film conveyor belt. This passes over a high efficiency aluminium plate filled with pumped ammonia or direct expansion gas . On the upper part, inside the insulated cover, the evaporators provides a high speed air injection towards the product allowing one of the fastest and most efficient freezing processes known. An easy to use and fast cleaning device, the throwaway film guarantees high hygiene standards with a unsignificant cost per kg of product. Retention time, air speed and other characteristic can be easily setup with the digital control panel or with the more traditional electromechanical panel. Particularly suitable for thin products, even in consistent weight. Fish, meat, shrimps, sauces drops, vegetables cubes, semiliquid cream layer, PET trayed products and many others. The bigger machine, 12 meter long by 2 meter wide, is usually capable of a production rate between 700 up to 1000 Kg/h, depending on product characteristics.

freezing of sauces drops or lightweight or small products in short times. The high heat exchange capacity of plates (3.5 KW/mÇ) makes it really efficient and perfect for continuous production cycles. The retention time can be adjusted within a wide range, from less than a minute up to several minutes and this allow treatment of high product volumes without wasting too much space. The useful sliding cover makes it hygienically safe and avoids energy wasting. The control panel is totally digital with a touch

screen and proprietary software, access and control can be also made from LAN/Internet. Wide selection of sizes is available.

CONTACT HARDENER The Contact Hardener is a really versatile machine, small in dimensions and with great potential. Tipically used for hardening a thin layer of product (about 1 mm) on production lines with spiral freezers where the bottom layer will result damaged by the circular moving belt. But it is also used for direct IQF

78 BI FREEZER - FP 1-17.indd 3

16/01/17 16:02

ER GreeBuilding FOOD T.pdf














SPX FLOW APPOINTS AVA DRAYTON AS ITS NEW VP, FOOD AND BEVERAGE IN AMERICAS SPX FLOW has announced the appointment of Ava Drayton as the Vice President of its Food and Beverage business in the Americas. Drayton has a strong background in market development and is looking to further grow this core market sector for SPX FLOW


va Drayton is an experienced and well-respected global product and market development leader with experience across multiple process industries. SPX FLOW has appointed Ava as Vice President for its core Food and Beverage business in the Americas to further drive and grow market share. Drayton has previously worked for large multi-billion dollar companies; most recently in a global role in the Power and Water sector for GE. Dwight Gibson, President, SPX FLOW Food and Beverage, commented, “Ava is a strong addition to our Americas team and her joining us is part of our ongoing commitment to provide leading processing solutions to the Food and Beverage industry. With her global experience and understanding of market development strategies she will lead our powerful and experienced America’s team in this area to grow our business and further intensify our customer centric approach to sales and product development.”

The SPX FLOW Food and Beverage team in the Americas is already highly customer-driven with clear focus on customer support, technical excellence and providing solutions that meet or exceed the modern demands of the food processing industry.

Drayton said, “SPX FLOW is truly a global leader in food processing solutions. The organization has tremendous experience in applying technology and finding solutions that offer real benefit and sound return on investment. With the expertise we have in place and the on-going investments SPX FLOW makes in customer service and R&D, I am excited about how much we will achieve by continuing to build on the company’s success in the Americas region.”

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX FLOW, Inc. (NYSE: FLOW) is a global supplier of highly engineered flow components, process equipment and turn-key systems, along with the related aftermarket parts and services, into the food and beverage, power and energy and industrial end markets. SPX FLOW has approximately $2 billion in annual revenues, operations in over 35 countries and sales in over 150 countries. To learn more about SPX FLOW, please visit our website at

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Perfect food packaging begins with the best packaging machinery Have you ever noticed the difference between a tightly wrapped ream of paper and one that is loose or improperly sealed? Maybe you have seen cartons with twisted flaps or rounded folds and wondered about the condition of the interior contents, especially when it comes to food or beverages? Pemco can eliminate such worry. Packaging your products with our packaging machinery will assure you of a perfect finished product. Pemco has been satisfying sharp-eyed packaging customers for over 50 years. That is a long time and a lot of perfect reams and cartons for a demanding market. We work hard to deliver the best machinery available or develop new innovative solutions for diversified markets. Our customers want the best product for their customers. When quality matters to you, when quality matters to your customers, then Pemco is the quality provider that will deliver the type of packaging perfection that matters to everyone.

Pemco Inc. 3333 Crocker Avenue • Sheboygan, (Wisconsin) 53082-1146 - USA Tel.: +1 920 4582500 • Fax: +1 920 4581265 • E-Mail: •


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Tic. Ltd.şti marsinan ul -65 3 tr


i Bölgesi



Currently, it has four plants in Turkey. Three factories are working for the top-quality non-stick coating appliances and one factory is producing trays with its high-tech equipment and technical team. After being very successful in Europe from Turkey, the management decided to open a place in Germany in order to be at close proximity to its biggest customers and serve faster for their needs.

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urbel Company has been in the business of manufacturing industrial baking pans and applying industrial coatings (non-stick Teflon and Silicone) for the past 25 years. It is the first Licensed Industrial Applicator of Dupont in Turkey and the worldwide growth award in year 2008 from Dupont.

trial cake and bread production business. Due to its experience in the sector, Turbel can respond immediately to the individual demands and push on innovations. It can provide tailor-made Turbel supplies special coating sys- solutions for your unique working enOUR PANS & NON-STICK COATINGS, AROUND THE WORLD... tems - developed in their own labo- vironment and keep track of the prodALGERIA ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA BANGLADESH BELGIUM BOLIVIA BULGARIA CYPRUS DENMARK DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - EGYPT - FRANCE In May 2015, first foreign invest- ratory - as well as baking pans and ucts for further development. Turbel- GEORGIA - GERMANY GREECE - IRAN - IRAQ - ITALY - JORDAN - KUWAIT - LIBYA - LITHUANIA - MEXICO - THE NETHERLANDS - NEW CALEDONIA - NIGERIA - NORWAY - PAKISTAN - POLAND - PORTUGAL - QATAR - RUSSIA factory, FEDERATIONis - SAUDI ARABIA -of SERBIA - SOUTH KOREA - SUDAN - SYRIA - THAILAND - TUNUSIA - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - UNITED STATES trays own construction, selling gives highest priority to after sales ser-OF AMERICA - YEMEN ment of Turbel;ROMANIA a coating opened in Wassenberg – GERMANY. worldwide to more than 46 countries. vices because they aim for the happiWith its best location, Turbel serves It has its own tooling department to est and the most satisfied customers very quickly to its customers in Neth- meet with customers’ exact needs, with their products in terms of; quality, delivery time and price. erlands, Belgium, UK and France in upon their production lines. addition to Germany. We will be pleased to show you our Turbel is mainly serving for the larg- quality and performance with your It also became entitled to receive a est cake and bread line producers all own samples so please contact.. government grant from NRW Bank for around the world. In addition, it has many reputable customers in indus- its direct investment in the region. Turbel Europe Gmbh Lehmkaul 5a 41849 Wassenberg Heinsberg-Germany 82 Tel: +49 (0) 2433 458 13 41

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With more than 25 years experience in this field Turbel is the market leader in Turkey and one of the biggest players all around the world.

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Sharing nature’s wonder from our garden to your kitchen. We put our hearts into getting the very best from Mother Nature’s wholesome treasure. Real food ingredients, 100% tomato for taste, texture and colour. Natural food & beverage colours, that look good and are good.

Interested in clean label, all-natural, food ingredients for better colour, flavour and texture? Get in touch with us by emailing:

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news in short

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Ingredients for meat & savoury applications

A white paper by Lycored

Clearly natural solutions for perfect flavour and texture


eyond clean label Clean label has been a major trend in the food industry for the past decade, with food and beverage manufacturers keen to highlight that their products are free from synthetic ingredients and additives.But today’s consumers are looking for more. They want to know what is in their food, not just what isn’t. They want their food to be made of recognisable natural ingredients and they want to know where those ingredients came from. This desire for more transparency is leading to a massive upsurge in clearer labelling. So, while Innova Market Insights found in 2014 that a quarter of all food and beverage launches featured clean label claims, it also identifi ed greater transparency – a shift from ‘clean to clear’ - as the top labelling trend for 2015. In tune with this trend, Lycored offers Real Food Ingredients made from 100% tomato, enabling formulators to label products with reassuringly simple food declarations that all consumers will recognise. What’s more, its verticallyintegrated business model guarantees farm-to-fork transparency and traceability. Lycored uses its own specially bred non-GMO tomatoes, carefully grown on farms in California and Israel. Once the tomatoes are harvested, a proprietary extraction process is used to remove the delicate pigments, fi bres and serum from their pulp as effi ciently as possible. Honest goodness The unique non-GMO tomatoes bred by Lycored are naturally four times higher in lycopene than standard tomatoes. They are also rich in naturally occur-

ring taste compounds, including glutamate, which is an amino acid. Lycored’s Real Food Ingredients range builds on the goodness of these tomatoes to enhance the taste, colour and texture of food, while also providing an inherent nutritional advantage. There are four product types available from Lycored, as follows: • SANTE - this taste enhancer provides a high concentration of the naturalcompounds that produce umami (the fi fth taste) and kokumi (the Japanese word for deliciousness). SANTE accentuates existing fl avour characteristics while remaining taste neutral. • Clear Tomato Concentrate (CTC) a concentrated serum with a savoury character that offers balanced sweetness from 60 brix combined with higher acidty than SANTE, which creates a smooth balancing taste effect. In tomato-based products, it also increases tomato taste intensity. • Lyco-Fibers - these modify the pulpiness, viscosity and mouthfeel of sauces, soups and meat products. The unique, authentic texture they provide cannot be achieved reliably using other texturisers. They lend products a

pleasant pulpy fi bre mouthfeel, without the slimy consistency of formulations that rely on alternative stabilisers such as gums and starches. • Dry Tomato Pulp - this combines a fresh, vibrant and consistent red colour with a stable texture for red sauces, ketchups and soups. Its fi bre content can add to the health credentials of a naturally-positioned product. It also works well as a natural colourant and texture improver in meat-based products such as sausages, in which many food colourants or starches are not permitted. 4 dimensions of goodness, from our tomato

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SANTE - natural deliciousness Available as a liquid or powder, SANTE provides naturally occurring umami and kokumi tastes with a low sodium content. Umami, meaning ‘delicious taste’, is also known as the fi fth taste – after bitter, sweet, salty and sour – and its savoury, meaty character is detected via the taste receptors for glutamate. Kokumi, meaning ‘rich taste’, provides balance and a hearty mouthfeel. Kokumi is delivered by foods with the right combination of amino acids. Importantly, SANTE manages to combine both of these attributes with a clean and clear label. Manufacturers may declare SANTE as ‘tomato concentrate’ or ‘natural fl avour’, according to local regulations. SANTE is taste-neutral, with no overt tomato taste, so it can be used to boost the fl avour of both sweet and savoury products. It is ideal for use in soups, sauces and marinades and in its powdered form it can also be applied as part of a seasoning mix for products such as potato chips and extruded snacks, and in spice blends for meat products. Low dosages of between 0.15 and 0.7% are suffi cient to deliver a highly accentuated taste experience, and SANTE is stable across a wide range of temperatures and pH. As well as providing all these positive attributes, SANTE enables formulators to reduce or eliminate a range of ingredients with negative labelling connotations, such as MSG, ribonucleotides, yeast extracts and hydrolysed vegetable proteins. In addition, thanks to its ability to enhance the salty fl avour of products, SANTE allows a reduction in sodium from salt by 30 to 50% in some applications. The secret of SANTE lies in the high levels of naturally occurring glutamate in Lycored’s specially bred tomatoes. Glutamate occurs naturally at high levels in many delicious foods, such as ham and Emmental cheese, Nori

in short

seaweed and scallops. Lycored’s special breed of tomato is also a rich source of natural glutamate. It has an amino acid concentration of almost 9%, of which 32% is natural glutamate. Clear Tomato Concentrate - smooth fl avour CTC is a clear liquid that acts as a natural taste improver for food, bringing a smoother character to savoury products such as soups, condiments and sauces. It can also intensify the tomato character of tomato-based foods and act as an extender for tomato paste, which can be expensive. CTC can be declared as consumer-friendly ‘tomato concentrate’ and, like SANTE, it gives formulators a way to reduce or eliminate their use of less attractive ingredients. It is stable across a range of pH and temperatures. It is colour-neutral and besides delivering a better taste and cleaner label, it can also produce a browning effect for a more appetising appearance in foods such as pies and pastries. Lyco-Fibers - authentic texture Formulators can modify the pulpiness, viscosity and mouthfeel of sauces, soups and meat products naturally using Lyco-Fibers. Not only do they deliver a cleaner label, but they also carry the positive benefi t of fi bre content. Their high stability means that Lyco-Fibers do not undergo syneresis when used in sauces. In addition, while alternative stabilisers such as gums and starches can lead to a slimy consistency, Lyco-Fibers deliver an authentic vegetable fi bre texture. Lyco-Fibers also improve the juiciness of meat products and prevent burning of the meat when barbecuing. Dry Tomato Pulp - visual appeal with fibre Lycored’s Dry Tomato Pulp is perfect for formulators looking to produce tomatobased sauces, soups and dips with a fresh and vibrant ‘made from scratch’ look, taste and texture that remains stable throughout a product’s shelf-life. It also suits meat products such as sausages. The pulp delivers a fresh, consistent, natural red colour thanks to its high lycopene content, combined with an authentic pulpy

texture. It also contains fi bre and can carry a consumerfriendly ‘crushed tomatoes’ or ‘tomato concentrate’ label within the EU. Conventional tomato pastes can be inconsistent, which may lead to formulation challenges. In contrast, Lycored’s Dry Tomato Pulp provides reliable, consistent, repeatable results. It also permits the removal of starches from sauces, leading to a shorter ingredients list. Benefi ts of Lycored’s Real Food Ingredients at a glance: • Foodstuff label declaration • Cleaner label and a shorter ingredient list in many applications • Stable across a range of pH and temperatures • Allergen-free • Kosher and Halal • Fibre content • No added glutamates • Non-GMO • Vegan Inherent goodness – naturally Lycored is an international company committed to ‘Cultivating Wellness’ by harnessing the nutritional potential of nature using cutting edge science. The result is a growing portfolio of natural ingredients and products that formulators and – just as importantly - consumers can recognise and trust. Lycored’s fi rst ‘hero ingredient’ was lycopene, which has been clinically proven to help support general health and, more specifi cally, heart, skin, prostate and female reproductive health, among others. As global leaders in natural carotenoids for food, beverage and dietary supplement products, Lycored’s experts are constantly developing new fortifi cation blends using lycopene to support relevant health claims. Beyond this, simply including Lycored’s natural tomato ingredients allows customers to provide an ‘inherent goodness’ or betterfor-you positioning for their products. Established in 1995, Lycored is based in Israel, with sales and production operations in the UK, Switzerland, the US, Ukraine and China.

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news in short

in short

De Rigo Refrigeration, Italian leading in commercial refrigeration


e Rigo Refrigeration is an Italian leading manufacturer of high quality commercial refrigeration solutions, meeting professional requirements in over fifty countries of the world. De Rigo Refrigeration started its activities in 1965, when Walter De Rigo established the company Surfrigo Nord at Trichiana (Belluno). In 2005, following the fusion of Trichiana and Pomezia plants together with the historical Detroit company of Monfalcone, active in commercial refrigeration since 1953, De Rigo Refrigeration Group was founded, including also the large industries De Rigo eyewear. In 2014 all the production sites of De Rigo Refrigeration have been integrated into a single production and commercial plant in Sedico (Belluno), optimizing the production capacity and technology.

Driven by strong desire to be closer to its partners and to establish leading position in Central Eastern Europe and Russia, in 2014 De Rigo Group has invested in a new plant in Stara Pazova, Serbia, and has founded De Rigo Refrigeration DOO. De Rigo Refrigeration offers a range of products with a high level of specialization, the result of constant indepth research studies, which have as primary objective an eco-friendly refrigeration system. High automation, accurate verification of the materials and the constant control of the entire production cycle are in support of the quality of the product, a value that only companies of historical tradition in the field can boast of.

The introduction of innovative technologies and the particular attention to research and development, allow De Rigo to successfully respond to an ever more demanding market, presenting itself as an ideal partner able to guide the customer with targeted solutions. The sales network guarantee a worldwide service, but it is in the European Community that De Rigo Refrigeration retains its role as leader, thanks to the efficiency and quality of pre and after sales assistance and services. Thanks to a dynamic organization and a strong sales network, De Rigo Refrigeration is a leading company with its high quality products, conceived and developed after a careful marketing research and looking at customer’s need worldwide. The result is a wide range of products

that reflects our bent to follow the market’s evolution and propose new solutions. De Rigo’s manufacturing strategy is driven by best practice and investment in the latest technology and machinery, with the maximum attention to energy saving. The attention to the environmental impact is an important value that follow all the choices of De Rigo Refrigeration, and that involves the entire production cycle. All the Rigo Refrigeration factories are equipped with photovoltaic panels for renewable energy: the company once again confirms its attention to the issues of ecoefficiency, self-producing most of the electricity needed for the functioning of its own machinery and internal operations.

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Bornemann pumps. For a hygienic production.

Bornemann SLH pumps are available with pump speeds up to 3,600 rpm. This range makes process cycles as well as CIP and SIP procedures possible with just one pump. Furthermore the high speed range increases the flexibility of use with varying viscosities, temperatures, operating pressures or other important criteria where efficient and profitable production are the objective. Like all Bornemann SLH twin screw pumps the 4th generation is EHEDG and 3A certified.

ITT Bornemann GmbH Industriestraße 2 31683 Obernkirchen, Germany Fon: +49 5724 390-0 Fax: +49 5724 390-290





Vision-Tech Srl comes from the desire to create a company highly specialized and focused in the research and development of systems for the automation of quality control of industrial production . The main field of activity of the company is the design and production of artificial vision systems for quality control in the packaging industry, especially for the food and beverage sector, dedicated to the inspection of closures (plastic and aluminum) and of vials/bottles/preforms. These systems, through the use of digital cameras and image processing systems, allow the automatic quality control at the end of the production line, with the ejection of defective parts, on the basis of the control tolerances set by the supervisor/operator.

With a specialized staff operating for years in the field, QVision offers: • Experience, gained over 25 years in the field. • Reliability, ensuring maximum availability and maximum personal commitment at all stages of cooperation, from the initial feasibility study, to the realization of the product, its installation, training to the personnel working on the machines, the after-sale and the possible update of the product over the years, also according to the changing needs of the customer. • Attention to the specific needs of the customer, in the

belief of the fundamental importance of a personal direct relationship, intended to transform the simple supplier-customer duality in a constructive and proactive cooperation, aimed at achieving a common goal. • Willingness to growth and innovation in the search for ever higher quality standards, putting in first place the study and the development of increasingly advanced projects, using the most modern technologies in the field

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VISION SYSTEMS for QUALITY CONTROL Aluminium and Plastic Closures Inspection Vials, Bottles and Preforms Inspection Custom controls Via San Morese, 9 – 50019 Sesto (Fi) – Italy INGOMBRO ADV.indd 3

Tel. +39 055 4216422

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Bottles Inspector Vision systems for the inspections of bottles and vials, in glass and plastic material, and PET preforms, to detect the typical defects of these types of productions. “Standard” modules are available for the inspection of the opening of the bottle, of the bottom external surface of the vial and for the inspection of the external side surface of the vial. This product line includes also a special system for the on-line inspection of bottles bundles, enclosed in heat-shrink film (QVisionHSB). Custom solution In addition to the standard products, QVision offers the possibility to supply “custom” systems, designed according to particular customers’ specifications, to allow performing special requests of inspection.

of images acquisition and processing. QVision also carries on a particular imaging application, dedicated to the Cultural Heritage world, through the creation of a scanning system for infrared reflectography, Scanner IR, of particular interest for art historians, restoration centers, institutions such as museums and cultural heritage authorities. Caps Inspector Vision systems for 100% automatic detection, during production, of the typical defects on aluminium and plastic closures, properly orientated and moved by a handling mechanical system. Caps Inspector is a modular vision system, which

can be equipped with one or more standard inspection modules. Caps Inspector can be installed on existing production lines, or it is possible to offer «turnkey» solutions, supplying the vision system complete of a proper mechanical transportation unit.

Thanks to the know-how acquired in years of activity in the sector of industrial applications of machine vision, the use of the latest technology and a proprietary software completely developed inside our company, we are able to analyze specific issues and offer “turnkey” solutions, innovative and reliable.

Caps Inspector offers an objective and repeatable control, allowing to obtain an improvement of the production quality and an optimization of the production process. The inspection software is fully owned by QVision. It is therefore possible, on request, to provide customized versions, together with dedicated hardware configurations, to meet specific customer needs.

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More than just pumps

Visit u s at the in Düsseld orf I 04/05 nterpack – 10/ Hall 1 3, Sta 05/2017 nd 13 A58

We get the most out of it for you. As a pump specialist we offer a wide range of pump solutions for diverse applications in the food sector. From the classic FLUX FOOD drum pumps and specialised drum emptying systems & accessories to customised solutions. This way various foods, even highly viscous media such as nougat or caramel cream, can be transferred out of drums in a safe, gentle and hygienic manner.


Talweg 12 · D-75433 Maulbronn · Tel. +49 (0)7043 101-0 ·

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amozzi Spa realizes solutions for industrial automation for more than 50 years and has grown throughout the years up to becoming one of the main international companies operating in the sector of pneumatic components for industrial automation. Total quality of products, efficient production processes, flexibility and continuous research in technology are the pillars on which the company is based and which are declined in terms of miniaturization, energy efficiency, plug&play solutions and mechatronic devices that are able to operate in the context of Industry 4.0.

The strategy of Camozzi is based on the development of sector-specific expertise along with a multi-technological approach integrating pneumatics, electrical actuation and proportional technology. Camozzi is a leading multi-technological supplier of industrial automation, starting with the conviction that in automated systems there is no driving technology that is absolutely better than another, but each application has different requirements that can be satisfied thanks to the use of a specific technology which can be pneumatic, proportional or electric. In order to complete its offerring, Camozzi created C_Electrics; a new division dedicated to the development of electric actuation, proposing solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with auxiliary motors, drivers and accessory components, combined in configurable systems in order to guarantee maximum flexibility to the user. As a result of the work of this Division we can name the Series 6E electromechanical cylinders, the Series 5E

electromechanical axes, the Series MTS brushless motors, the Series MTB stepper motors and respective drivers with the newest DRCS driver, especially studied for stepper motors. Using the microstepping technology (up to 1/128 step) it is possible to considerably reduce the natural resonance of the motor. Moreover, eight input modalities are available that allow to realize a table of 256 commands, for each of which it is possible to set position, speed, acceleration and deceleration. The Series DRCS drivers are equipped with a CANopen serial protocol through which you can run commands for motion control and monitoring of the driver’s state. The operation can be configured wireless or through a USB cable, according to the Bluetooth standard (BL-BLE). Part of the C_Electrics range is also the Series 6E which is a mechanical actuator with rod in compliance with standard ISO15552, among which the new versions with protection class IP65 can be found, suitable to be used also in dusty environments or in presence of strong water jets. The wide range available, their high precision and easy assembly make the Series 6E the ideal solution for the most diverse applications, in which control of position and/or of

dynamic movement is required, like for example Pick & Place, sorting, palletizing, tensioning, pressing and lifting. To make the transition from pneumatic to electromechanic actuation easier, Camozzi has developed QSET, a software that allows to easily configure the motor system and the electomechanic actuator. QSET interfaces with the Camozzi drivers and enables to program these very easily, without necessarily knowing complex parameters and options that would increase set-up times, at the expense of other activities with a high added value. The development phase of the man-machine interface has been the subject of a dedicated research: the aim is to have an intuitive program that is easy to use, in order to considerably reduce the configuration times through simple and quick guided choices.

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CM Engineering is an Italian company based in Bardello (Varese), Lombardy. It is a leading company in the engineering manufacturing of the following products:

Features: In addition to its standard production, ACM Engineering is able to produce customized products for any customer demand, also in limited series.

1) Compact brushless servomotors. 2) Hollow-shaft servomotors. 3) Direct drive servomotors. 4) Torque servomotors. 5) Roller table motors. 6) Generators for wind turbines. 7) Permanent-magnet synchronous motors and generators for naval applications. 8) Motors and generators for automotive applications.

The Company is ISO 9001-2000 and UL certified. ACM products can be used in the following sectors: • Industrial automation. • Machines tools. • Textile and clothing machinery. • Wood working machinery. • Sewing machines. • Packaging machinery. • Glass machinery.

• Printing machinery. • Flexographic printing machinery. • Roller brushless motors for conveyor systems. • Jewellery machinery. • Agricultural and food machinery. • Plastic machinery. • Marble processing machinery. • Serigraph printing machinery. • Sheet metal processing machinery. • Wind turbine plants. • Automotive applications. • Naval applications. Visit:







ACM ENGINEERING Srl 21020 BARDELLO (VA) - Via Don A. Camera, 25 - ITALY - Phone +39.0332.731088/731064 - Fax +39.0332.730380 Website: - Email: ACM ENG FP 4-17.indd 3

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apacitive sensors are a fine thing in and of themselves: They can detect levels of liquids, powders and granular materials through non-metallic container walls without the sensor coming into contact with the media. However, conventional capacitive sensors also have a number of disadvantages. The sensitivity of the sensor must be adjusted in a time-consuming process so that the signal is triggered not by the container itself, but by the container wall together with the medium. And if you ever try to accurately detect the level of chocolate, ketchup, etc. using a conventional capacitive sensor, you will discover that these media do not drain without leaving residue, and deposits regularly lead to sensing errors, which make error-free measurement impossible. This challenge was faced also by Gysi, the renowned chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland, when seeking to equip the agitators of various tempering machines for heat treatment of chocolate when retrofitting new sensors for level regulation. The previous level detection system based on measuring the pressure difference was getting up in years and repeatedly had to be checked and cleaned at regular intervals, which incurred considerable effort and downtime. Therefore Gysi looked for a new solution. First attempts with a builtin sensor from the machine manufacturer, however, did not look promising because the ap-

plication could not be left unattended. Then a Balluff sensor with smart level technology was chosen finding an error free solution. Smart level sensors operate at an oscillator frequency significantly higher than conventional capacitive sensors. In addition, the patented electronic processor unit gathers more information than is usually the case with capacitive level measurement. It evaluates not only the capacitance, but also the conductivity value of the medium. Since compact media have high, thin films of the same medium, but only low conductivity values, the new sensors have no trouble distinguishing between thin deposits and the real level. This means that sensing errors with media that do not drain without leaving residue, such as chocolate,

are largely prevented. Gysi now has 6 machines retrofitted with the new sensors and there are already plans to retrofit additional systems. The sensor in the container wall detects the level of the chocolate directly through the end face of the plastic sleeve in the container wall. If the chocolate falls below a certain fill level, the sensor triggers and after 30 seconds liquid chocolate is refilled until the optimum fill level is reached. Unlike conventional capacitive sensors, these fill-level indicators do not have to be readjusted, neither during operation, nor when changing the recipe. Thus the switch point between white and dark chocolate, for example, differs by only three millimeters.

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Quelle: Krones AG

Quelle: Krones AG

CAN YOU SOLVE EVEN COMPLEX PROBLEMS SIMPLY? YOU CAN. With high-quality sensor, identification and network solutions and great dedication we raise your competitive edge. Interpack - Düsseldorf 04.-10. May 2017, Hall 6, Booth A74

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Compact servo motors allow precise positioning


&R is expanding its servo motor portfolio with the addition of the 8WS compact motor series. This makes it possible to implement servo applications that require highly precise synchronization and accu-rate positioning in limited space. Potential applications include gluing and dosing systems; grippers; measurement and testing equipment; filling systems and robot axes. Protection up to IP69K These brushless motors are offered in four different diameters ranging from 17 to 40 millimeters. The robust, compact 8WS-series motors are specially designed for harsh industrial environments and are available in all sizes with IP54 or IP66/67 protection. The 40-millimeter variant is available in a hygienic design with IP69K protection for use in food and beverage production. Full functionality The motors are designed for 60 VDC and cover a power range from 7 to 205 watts of continuous pow-er. The integrated absolute encoder has a resolution of 4096 positions per revolution. The a double-shielded hybrid motor cable – available in two lengths – is connected directly to the motor and can be used in cable drag chains. Direct gearbox mounting All motors in the 8WS series can be shipped with a directly mounted 1- to 3-stage planetary gearbox. The seamlessly welded housing allows for a compact design of the motor-gearbox unit and opens up additional application possibilities.

B&R's 8WS-series motors enable servo applications in extremely small spaces

A PROPOSITO DI B&R Giunta ai suoi primi trent’anni di presenza in Italia, B&R è un'innovativa società di automazione con sede in Austria e uffici in tutto il mondo. Il 6 luglio 2017, B&R è diventata una business unit del gruppo ABB. Come leader mondiale nell'automazione industriale, B&R combina tecnologia all'avanguardia l'ingegneria avanzata per fornire ai clienti in ogni settore industriale soluzioni complete per l'automazione di macchina e di fabbrica, per il controllo di movimento, per l'interfaccia uomo macchina e le tecnologie di sicurezza integrate. Sfruttando gli standard di comunicazione per l’IIoT come OPC UA, POWERLINK e openSAFETY, insieme al potente ambiente di sviluppo software Automation Studio, B&R sta costantemente ridefinendo il futuro dell'ingegneria di automazione. Lo spirito innovativo che mantiene B&R all'avanguardia nell'automazione industriale è guidato dall’impegno nel semplificare i processi e superare le aspettative dei clienti. Per ulteriori informazioni, visitare

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State-Of-The-Art Thermal Solutions That Give You A Competitive Advantage

FIREBAR® Heaters

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)

E-SAFE® Hybrid Power Switch

Watlow offers:

Watlow gives you a competitive advantage through leading thermal products that result in the very best food quality every time.

Deep application knowledge • Design expertise • Support through development and the entire product life cycle •

Powered by Possibility For more information, contact Watlow, or visit our website at European Technical Sales Offices

France +33 1 41 32 79 70

Spain +34 91 675 1292

Germany +49 7253 9400 0



+39 02 4588841

+44 115 964 0777


industrial electronics

Flat Tubular Heaters Boost Efficiency for Fryer Technology By Roly Juliano Watlow

An example of a flat tubular heater – the FIREBAR from Watlow


rom fryers to griddles to ovens, heat is an important component in most foodservice applications. When it comes to the heat source for frying, not all heating elements are created equal. Electric fryer heaters can be segmented into two broad categories - round tubular heaters, and flat tubular heaters. When first introduced, fryer heaters were round tubular. But engineers found that a flat tubular design offered many benefits - the most important being that the shape lifts the oil into the cook zone

far better than round heaters. An innovation was born. Flat Surface Geometry Because of its design and geometry, flat tubular heaters will heat viscous fluids from ambient temperature faster than round tubular elements with the same wattage and at a lower sheath temperature. The benefit of this shape is the enhanced flow of liquid past the surface of the heating element. The round tubular has a much more erratic flow pattern (see graphic). Note the currents swirl around and trap

heat next to the sheath. This is due to the tubular’s round shape, which causes a wider and less efficient flow of liquid around the heater surface. The flow pattern around the flat tubular heater is streamlined; the flat surface has less restriction on the liquid as it moves up and past the heater sides. This efficient and faster flow pattern permits the liquid to move heat away from the sheath very quickly, resulting in the flat tubular heater’s lower operating sheath temperature (see graphic).

98 WATLOW - FP 3-16.indd 3

10/06/16 12:45


industrial electronics

faster than the round heater. The end result – the flat tubular gets the heated liquid into the work zone faster than when using a round tubular. The flat tubular heater has about a 50 percent greater surface area than a round tubular. This surface area design improvement is the key to lowering watt density for the same length heater or reducing the heater size while maintaining the same watt density.

Flat tubular heaters are ideal for fryer applications because their shape lifts the oil into the work zone better than round heaters.

Greater Buoyancy Force This natural convection phenomenon partially depends on the ratio of a buoyancy force to the viscous force of the fluid being heated. The buoyancy force or the flow of liquid up and across the heater surface is mainly determined by the length of the heater sides. The side of a flat tubular heater is typically 1 in. (25 mm), compared to the 0.43 in. (10.9 mm) or less dimension of a round tubular element. The flat tubular heater’s smaller edge and longer side creates a buoyancy force up to ten times greater than a round tubular heater depending on the material being heated.

Faster Heat Up Flat surface technology provides faster heat up and recovery times than round tubular heaters. Their unique shape minimizes coking and oil degradation, and enhances the flow of the oil past the element’s surface, helping to pull heat away from the heater sheath. Compacted magnesium oxide (MgO) insulation transfers heat away from resistance wire to sheath material and media more efficiently, shortening heat-up time. In addition, the heater lasts longer because it runs at a significantly lower sheath temperature than an equal watt density round tubular. This also prolongs the life of the oil which shortens and reduces costs from frequent changing.

Smaller Dimension Normal to Flow This feature refers to the width dimension of the heater that the liquid flows around. Typically, a narrower dimension will give a smoother and faster liquid flow. For example, the round tubular’s wide dimension, nearly a half-inch, inhibits the flow of liquid. It causes currents which disrupt the flow and the flow rate is somewhat slower.

If coking is a problem, it is an indication that the sheath temperature is too hot and is burning the oil. A flat tubular heater will provide a lower sheath temperature than a round tubular element, without reducing wattage or watt density. Coking is also reduced by the wiping action that occurs as the heated liquid flows past the heaters surface. The result is less liquid degradation and longer liquid life.

The flat tubular heater, on the other hand, has a much thinner dimension 0.235 in. (5.97 mm), which reduces the drag forces on the liquid flowing past the heater. This allows the liquid to move past the flat heater

Watlow’s flat tubular heater, called FIREBAR®, has long been a standard in the foodservice industry. An independent study that adhered to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, called

99 WATLOW - FP 3-16.indd 4

10/06/16 12:45


“Prototype Element Performance Test,” revealed that the FIREBAR flat heating element was the first to consistently return the oil to the 171°C (340°F) reload temperature. FIREBAR also maintained the highest average cook zone temperature of the heating elements tested, recorded the fastest pre-heat time and offered one of the lowest pre-heat energy consumption levels ever tested. During the performance comparison test of the FIREBAR heater versus an equivalent kW round tubular heater, per ASTMs test method F1361-7, the FIREBAR heater’s fast recovery allowed cooking of six heavy loads of french fries versus five heavy loads of an equivalent tubular or a 20 percent capacity improvement (see below). Reduced Watt Density Flat tubular heaters can be operated at a higher watt density than a round tubular heating element

industrial electronics

without increasing the sheath temperature. Flat tubular heaters also allow more wattage into the application at the same watt density with a shorter heating element. Both types of heaters can have the same wattage, but the flat tubular will operate at a lower sheath temperature than the round tubular. In tests conducted to demonstrate this phenomenon, both heater types had a watt density of 30 and were immersed in a light liquid shortening. The flat tubular element heated the oil faster from ambient temperature than the round tubular. At 149°C (300°F), the flat tubular element heated the oil to temperature in 11 minutes where as the round tubular took 18 minutes. Plus, the flat tubular heater’s average sheath temperature was

10°C (50°F) lower than the round tubular. Customizable, Easy to Install FIREBAR can be wired 3-phase, making installation easier and cheaper while reducing the size of the heating assembly. FIREBAR heating elements can be formed into virtually any shape for an immersion application. This flat tubular heater can be configured with a variety of wattage and voltage ratings, terminations, sheath materials and mounting options to satisfy the most demanding foodservice applications. The FIREBAR is typically constructed with epoxy or silicone seals to combat moisture contamination from environmental kitchen conditions.

100 WATLOW - FP 3-16.indd 5

10/06/16 12:45

Introduction UK food manufacturing faces the perfect storm driven by flat lining productivity, question marks over labour availability and the introduction of the national living wage. As a result, the industry is set for a robot revolution. Purpose OAL are reimagining the food manufacturing line by placing robots at the heart of food processing. APRIL offers the opportunity to automate both the handling of raw materials and processing together. Simon Lushey, Specialist Food Technical Manager at Marks & Spencer explains more:

Lights Out Manufacturing At the start of the robotic batch manufacturing process, a works order will be fully digitised from its source which could be a digital works order from an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) or a paper works order. The digitally formatted works order will then trigger a series of technological scheduling and manufacturing actions. This approach has the benefit of being able to check and optimise the processes required for every unique "production occasion" and ultimately has the potential for products being “lights out” manufactured.

Such advanced processes will form part of the “Farm to Fork” supply chain as products physically and digitally cross industry sectors. In short; utilising “We are excited by the thinking involved principles from Industry 4.0, the order will first be simulated, running a vast number in the APRIL robotic chef approach. of production scenarios before settling on Modular robotics cells may transform food manufacturing kitchens, by breaking the best option for that specific point in time; ultimately optimising and enabling up processes in a different way, “right-first-time” manufacturing. providing a step change in performance. The trigger for their introduction will be the ability to improve taste, consistency, Product Consistency quality and value of consumer products.” Traditional soup, sauce and other liquidbased product manufacturing typically use large fixed cooking kettles (500 to 3000kg) OAL have modelled a number of requiring pumped and manual handling applications based on 24 years of transfer systems for moving ingredients processing and controls experience, and finished product from process to process. Consequently, this leads to including very close work with major prolonged manufacturing times, variable chilled and ambient soup and sauce product quality, much waste and high businesses. These specific applications will be developed via research work with energy usage. specialists in robotics, engineering and The APRIL system will incorporate a semifood processing systems at the National autonomous system that combines state Centre for Food Manufacturing. of the art cooking and materials handling Expected Results Based upon preliminary modelling, the expected development path of APRIL systems will offer:

*Based on the analysis work of an existing plant. Percentage will differ dependant on manufacturing process & end product.


technologies with automated robotic ingredient loading, currently using vessels between 50kg and 750kg. The integrated system has been developed to produce higher quality food with unprecedented flexibility, and offer increased process consistently at a faster rate. This will greatly reduce ingredient wastage and energy costs while taking up to 80% less factory space*. The system will be further developed and tested in the dedicated "Robotics & Automation" food processing hall at the University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Extended Shelf Life Using APRIL to process food has the potential to be more hygienic than "traditional" methods enhancing food quality and freshness. The lack of human interaction with products and APRIL’s consistent, predictable and accurate execution of tasks will help reduce "contamination incidents", and related product recalls (e.g. due to undeclared allergens or accidental addition of foreign bodies to the product because of operator error). As APRIL can work autonomously, manufacturers can place the system in a sterilised area and / or an optimised atmosphere selected to extend the shelf life of products and reduce food waste. Method The University of Lincoln are supporting OAL’s robotics and automation developments following successful collaboration on previous Innovate UK calls.

How To Explain APRIL Imagine you’re at home with two saucepans and a frying pan. You can freely move, add ingredients and process to your desired recipe. This, in essence, is the flexibility APRIL gives food manufacturers to on an industrial scale; move a cooking vessel from one processing / ingredient station (heat, mix, etc.) to another.

Get Involved OAL are looking for collaborative opportunities with forward thinking food manufacturers. If you are interested, visit our stand at Interpack, Hall5 B28, or contact Jake Norman, Business Innovation and Marketing Manager via: Email: Phone: +44 1733 394 700

07/04/17 11:01





ey Technology introduces its enhanced Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems, which includes its popular Sliver Sizer Remover (SSR), Precision Size Grader (PSG) and Rotary Size Grader (RSG). This family of versatile equipment enables fruit, vegetable and potato processors to size and grade product by diameter or length while con-

new Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems improve sanitation and ease maintenance while improving product quality. veying and removing field debris, slivers, small pieces, fines, seeds, juice and other targeted material. With a new fully welded framework, one piece block pan, improved water and product deflection, new motor mount with catch pan and more, the

The fully welded framework features integral formed mounting flanges, integral welded one piece block pans and blind back standoff bosses for mounting the discharge shear. This new design creates a more rigid frame and enhances hygiene by re-

102 KEY comunicato - FP 4-15.indd 3

07/09/15 18:03


ducing threaded fasteners and eliminating lamination points between surfaces to minimize areas where water can be trapped and bacteria can grow. Improved water/product containment is the result of a higher infeed frame plate with an added deflection flange to help shed water off the plate, sloped deflectors on both sides and a deflector flange on the discharge shear. These four new flanges reduce fasteners and laminations where microbes can grow while moving drip points to within the envelope of the equipment. This makes it easier for processors to mount a drain pan under the system and better captures water and product spillage to minimize spillage to the floor, improving sanitation and worker safety. New top and side bearing/sprocket covers and chain guards are made of punch plate material that enables visual inspection of the bearings, drive sprockets, wear strips and chain without removing the covers or guards, which eases maintenance. The idle side cover hinges down without removal of the top cover to further ease maintenance. Top surfaces are sloped to reduce product buildup and shed water. The covers and guards enhance sanitation by enabling the areas behind them to be cleaned with a high pressure washdown without removing the covers and guards. Solid top covers are available as an option. A new motor mount features a drip pan below the gearbox with integrated standoffs. The single square tube support is positioned at a 45° angle to shed product and water. Mounting fasteners are reduced and blind back standoffs are used to further reduce threads and laminations.


An updated spray bar system, available as an option, eliminates U-bolts and bracket mounting laminations. The new brackets, which support both the infeed and side spray bars, utilize blind back standoffs and enable the top bearing/sprocket cover to be removed while the spray bars remain in place to enhance sanitation and ease maintenance. Key redesigned the optional CE cover, which used to be mounted using side plate retainer bolts and had to be removed before the top bearing/ sprocket covers could be removed. The new CE cover is mounted to the spray bar brackets, allowing the top bearing/sprocket covers and side plates to be removed without removing the CE cover, which eases maintenance.

Key Technology (NASDAQ: KTEC) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of process automation systems including digital sorters, conveyors, and processing equipment. Applying processing knowledge and application expertise, Key helps customers in the food processing and other industries improve quality, increase yield, and reduce cost. An ISO-9001 certified company, Key manufactures its products at its headquarters in Walla Walla, Washington, USA and in Beusichem, the Netherlands; Hasselt, Belgium; and Redmond, Oregon, USA. Key offers customer demonstration and testing services at five locations including Walla Walla, Beusichem, and Hasselt as well as Sacramento, California, USA and Melbourne, Australia; and maintains a sales and service office in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico.

An optional CE bearing cover protects workers from an exposed shaft end and features perforations for visual inspection of the shaft/bearing and easy cleaning. A new standard bearing/shaft guard exceeds OSHA standards to improve worker safety. Standard Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems that are adjusted manually now feature a hard stop mechanism that prevents an operator from overtightening the adjustment blocks while closing the gap between the rolls, which prevents the blocks from being damaged. The optional Auto Adjust has also been improved with the addition of electronic limit switches for fullopen and full-closed positions and a mechanical fail safe detent clutch to prevent blocks from being damaged. The new design is 100 percent metric, with metric fasteners, bearings, shafts and sprockets. This simplifies maintenance since the crew now needs only one tool set. Key will continue to support its installed base with imperial dimensioned rolls and components. All sanitation and maintenance enhancements are available on every new Rotary Sizing and Grading System, which includes Key’s Sliver Sizer Remover (SSR), Precision Size Grader (PSG) and Rotary Size Grader (RSG). Featuring on-the-fly tuning, no pinch points, self-cleaning stainless steel rollers, sealed corrosion resistant bearings for low maintenance and easy cleaning for quick product changeover, these systems help food processors enhance product quality while reducing maintenance and improving sanitation. For more information on Key’s Rotary Sizing & Grading Systems, visit

103 KEY comunicato - FP 4-15.indd 4

07/09/15 18:03

Your Partner in Elastomere. Worldwide.




RICO Elastomere Projecting GmbH Am Thalbach 8, A-4600 Thalheim/Wels

iquid silicone (LSR) dosing membranes are frequently used to ensure that viscous fluids can be dispensed cleanly. These membranes are particularly common in the food industry, where they are used to stop products such as ketchup and honey from leaking or dripping. Dosing membranes can also be found in shampoo bottles. Thanks to the technology, bottles can be turned upside down without the contents leaking out. Fluids can be dispensed, usually through a cross-shaped slit in the membrane, by squeezing the bottle.

Simtec Silicone Parts LLC. 9658 Premier Pkwy. Miramar, FL

The production of dosing membranes involves combining elastomers and thermoplastics. In a onecomponent (1K) process, the elastic dosing membrane is molded out of silicon and then modified in a number of stages depending on the required application. Two-component (2K) procedures are used to join the elastic membrane with a solid plastic ring. This makes it easier to work and fit the membrane. Precision mold production technology is the most decisive factor in this process, although considerations such as the right choice of material as well as automation also play

Silcoplast AG Luchten 75, CH-9427 Wolfhalden

HTR Härtereitechnik GmbH Am Thalbach 7, A-4600 Thalheim/Wels

an important part. Innovations such as temper-free materials mean that there is an ever-stronger focus on 2K processes. Based in Thalheim bei Wels in Austria, RICO Elastomere Projecting GmbH has spent years developing the required mold manufacturing technology, and is firmly established as an expert partner for custom elastomer projects. 1K – the standard technique Membranes are still commonly produced using 1K injection molding. This requires complex assembly stages following production, such as attaching the membrane to the bottle closure. The drawbacks of this procedure are clear. After production, the parts drop into a container below the machine. The next step involves postoperational processes such as tempering and talc-powdering of the LSR membrane, in order to stabilize the material, extract excess siloxane and stop the individual parts sticking together. Then the membranes are separated so that they can be positioned and fitted on the closure. This is followed by slitting the membrane.

104 RICO ELASTOMERE FP 4-17.indd 3

05/09/17 13:26


The entire production procedure is time-consuming and also cost-intensive due to the various processing stages. Controlled processing of elastic parts increases the cost and time required still further. 2K processes: unrivalled precision in mold production technology Rico has been producing membranes using a 2K process for more than a decade. Two injection technologies are combined in a single mold: in one half, a ring is produced, from polyamide (PA) for example, using a conventional injection molding approach, while in the other half, the LSR membrane is mounted on the thermoplastic ring using a liquid injection molding or LIM technique. This 2K process demands special know-how in mold design. Precise temperature control and accurate separation of the mold’s cooled thermoplastic side and heated LSR side are essential. Rico has built on the comprehensive expertise of its RICO GROUP partner HTR. The heat treatment specialist advises Rico on the options for refining the various types of high-quality steel that Rico uses in its molds. This guarantees outstanding product quality and long useful lives. Choice of material a decisive factor The choice of materials is especially important when it comes to elastomer processing. Rico has access to materials data collected over the past 20 years, and also works closely with raw material producers, meaning that newly developed materials can also be taken into consideration. When using temper-free materials that comply with food safety regulations, a slit can be made in the LSR membrane immediately after injec-


tion molding. This removes an entire work step, with the slit made straight after the production process. The combination of LSR and a solid plastic ring as a means of support simplifies processing of the membrane during the manufacturing process, right through to the final assembly of the sealing cap. Effective automation concept The PA rings are made using a hot runner nozzle over a sub-runner. An automated rotary mold carries the premolds to the LSR side of the mold, where the components are injected directly onto the PA ring, using a single cold runner nozzle for each component. At the end of each cycle, the 2K membranes are removed from the mold under controlled conditions by a handling system, which allows the form to close again, meaning that production can continue. There is enough time during the subsequent closing and injection process to make cross-slits in the membranes outside the machine. For this purpose, a removal robot carries the molded parts to a special cutting and punching device. After the parts have been centered “online”, the slit is made. This procedure is suitable for both 2K components and pure LSR articles. Finally, the parts are removed from the processing unit on a conveyor belt. This approach removes the

need for assembly and processing later on, as the dosing membrane is ready for application and can be mounted directly in the bottle closure. With a view to further innovation and the interlinking of industrial manufacturing processes in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles, industry leader Rico is also considering connecting the production of sealing caps and dosing membranes. In line with the group’s strong reputation for production efficiency, this would mean that most of the required processes were carried out during production.

105 RICO ELASTOMERE FP 4-17.indd 4

05/09/17 13:26



stone of dosing membrane production. Depending on the number of items, stable and automated processes almost always outperform semi-manual solutions on account of their superior quality standards and by removing the need for subsequent assembly work. Greater investment in such equipment often pays dividends in the short term, if all of the related variables are taken into account.

The use of 2K technology to manufacture dosing membranes makes implementing such a highly automated process far simpler. A number of possible design proposals are already on the drawing board.

to take advantage of the complete service portfolio. Clients can either manufacture parts themselves or have them produced at one of the RICO GROUP’s high-end production facilities.

Development and construction as basis for production In this context, Rico is also concentrating on production-driven serial and assembly construction, providing customers with end-to-end project support in its role as a primary contractor. Shrinkage and distortion can be calculated in advance for a wide range of materials with the help of simulations. Finite element method (FEM) calculations, which are best known for their aerospace applications, are also used. These calculations allow for realistic simulations of parts, such as assembled seals, on a screen, as well as component optimization. All developments are assessed and tested by means of manufacturability checks before the parts are produced. Customers also receive support and training during the commissioning and handover of production plant, enabling them

Favorable outlook in niche market Specialized plastics processing – the automated production and refining of 2K LSR parts – is growing in importance, especially in the packaging industry. The group is focusing on the combination of plastics and conventional elastomers such as silicone and rubber. There are only a handful of processors worldwide with such specialist knowledge. This is an attractive, high-potential market – demand for such combinations is rising in more and more industries, such as the automotive and medical technology sectors, and materials manufacturers are constantly bringing new materials with higher performance standards onto the market. Summary Mold manufacturing technology and top-quality materials are the corner-

About the RICO GROUP The RICO GROUP is a premium, full-service global supplier for custom elastomer and plastics projects. The group forms a powerful international technology and production network with a total of four sites in Austria, Switzerland and the US. Its portfolio ranges from production of injection molds and advice on developing components right through to serial production of customized components. The focus is on processing elastomers, in particular liquid silicone (LSR) and solid high temperature vulcanizing silicone (HTV). Components are produced using one-, two- or multi-component injection molds, including LSR + thermoplastic, rubber + thermoplastic, LSR + metal, LSR + LSR, and thermoplastic + LSR + metal inserts. Molds and molded parts are used in a host of different sectors, such as the medical technology, automotive and plumbing supplies industries. Although the components are not visible at first glance, they are central to product functionality and safety. For further information, visit

106 RICO ELASTOMERE FP 4-17.indd 5

05/09/17 13:26

Approved Event



17/07/17 15:48





s part of our on-going commitment to help you get the most out of your event, we are pleased to include your show details, at no cost, on our online calendar at One of the corporate website’s most popular sections, with online traffic exceeding 300,000 page views during peak season, this is a highly effective and complimentary avenue to generate significant awareness with your audiences. Please provide the information requested below so we can ensure your event is available online as soon as your contract has been signed and information has been provided through our venue sales team. We update content on a weekly basis and would appreciate if material is provided as per our requirements, in order to reduce turn-around-times.

1. Event name (As per the contract with DWTC): Gulfood Manufacturing 2. Event dates: 31 OCT - 2 NOV 2017 3. Current year event or organiser Logo 4. Event hero image (Showcasing previous event or graphics without event logo. Please attach the images in 350(h)x715(w)pixel size or Min 1MB image in the similar ratio. Refer to for an example 5. Additional images (Include 3 to 7 images from previous events if available for the image gallery. Please attach the images in 350(h) x715(w)pixel size or Min 1MB image in similar ratio. Refer to dwtc. com for an example)

6. Event Description (Min 250 words detailing event history/objectives/ targeted audience/or any exciting or new features of the upcoming event. Refer to for an example):

The MEASA region – a global business hub for companies offering solutions to the food & beverage sector The Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region is the world’s


06/09/17 16:22

Ingre die nts

31 Oct - 2 Nov 2017 Dubai World Trade Centre

Pac ka



Proce ssi ng


innovative global solutions for food & beverage manufacturers REGISTER FREE at



a Ch ly pp


Organised by


Powered by

GFM 2017_Ad-generic_FP_210x297mm_AW2.indd 1

So lu

Strategic Par tner

tio ns

Platinum Sponsor

n& o i t Automa

Country Par tner

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8/27/17 5:03 PM



tion profile, showcasing solutions for the complete spectrum of food & beverage manufacturing, starting from the initial formulation of ingredients, to processing, packaging and automation, all the way through to supply chain and logistics when finished products reach end-consumers. For more information about participation at the show, please e-mail:

fastest growing F&B processing territory where demand for output solutions is accelerating. Demand for food processing machinery in the region will reach US$ 1.45 billion in the next two years as buyers in this market seek innovation, efficiency, improved output and production flexibility.

a 97% importance ranking by attendees to their overall business. Unlocking complete integrated end-to-end solutions for the entire F&B processing value chain The upcoming 2017 edition of the show will unveil a much wider exhibi-

7. Previous Event Information • No of Year(s) Event has been taking place including this year’s event 4 years • Mention the year of the previous event: - No. of Exhibitors for the previous year:1,560 - No. of visitors for the previous year:32,499 8. Event website: 9. Organiser contact (eg. PR/Marketing Manager’s e-mail address and phone number): Email:

Gulfood Manufacturing – the core of trading within the F&B processing industry Gulfood Manufacturing is the largest trade show for the food processing and manufacturing sector in the MEASA region. Launched in 2014 and already endorsed by 1,600 international suppliers from over 60 countries, it recognises the region’s ripe business potential as a leading international manufacturing and processing hub to serve domestic and international demand. The show connects global suppliers of the latest ingredients, processing, packaging, automation and logistics solutions to global food & beverage manufacturers who come to the show to source latest manufacturing ingredients and machinery. Last year, 32,499 food and beverage manufacturers from all over the world attended Gulfood Manufacturing with international visitor attendance rising 26% over and above its previous 2016 edition. The show also secured


06/09/17 16:22





t swop 2017, Nov. 7-10 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), a large number of internationally advanced and innovative processing and packaging products for the confectionery and bakery sectors will be showcased. Several leading European confectionery processing and packaging machinery manufacturers have registered for the exhibition with the

goal of supplying Chinese and Asian dessert industries with advanced products and high quality services – among them the German exhibitors Theegarten-Pactec, Chocotech, Winkler+Dünnebier, Hänsel Processing, LoeschPack and Hansa Mixer.

Data also show, that China’s candy and chocolate market has an annual average growth rate, which is nearly 6% higher than that of the global candy & chocolate market, presenting a consumption potential of as high as approx. EUR 2.55 billion.

According to statistics, the total output value of China’s candies and chocolates from Jan-Oct 2016 reached approx. EUR 7.6 billion, with a cumulative growth rate of 17.64%.

In Switzerland, the annual chocolate consumption per capita is 10kg, while only 40-70g in China. This means, that China will become the world’s largest chocolate market as



uf der swop präsentieren vom 7. – 10. November 2017 im Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) zahlreiche international arrivierte und innovative Anbieter von Verarbeitungs- und Verpackungslösungen für die Süß- und Backwarenbranche. Darunter verschiedene führende europäische Hersteller mit dem Ziel, den chinesischen und asiatischen Markt mit modernen und hochwer-

tigen Produkten zu beliefern. Dazu gehören auch die deutschen Aussteller Theegarten-Pactec, Chocotech, Winkler+Dünnebier, Hänsel Processing, LoeschPack und Hansa Mixer. Laut Statistik erreichte die Gesamtproduktion von Süßwaren und Schokolade in China von Januar bis Oktober 2016 etwa. 7,6 Mrd Euro mit einer kumulierten Wachstumsrate von 17,64 Prozent. Die Daten zeigen auch, dass der chinesische Markt für Süßwaren und Schokola-

de eine durchschnittliche jährliche Wachstumsrate aufweist, die fast sechs Prozent über der des globalen Süßwarenmarktes liegt, mit einem potentiellen Konsum von rund 2,55 Mrd. Euro. In der Schweiz liegt der jährliche Pro-Kopf-Verbrauch von Schokolade bei 10kg, in China dagegen bei nur 40-70g. Das bedeutet, dass China dann zum weltgrößten Markt für Schokolade wird, sobald der jährliche Pro-Kopf-Verbrauch 1kg erreicht. China ist somit der Markt

111 INTERPACK OK - FP 4-17.indd 3

30/08/17 15:54


soon as its annual consumption per capita reaches 1kg. Therefore, China has become the chocolate market with the highest development potential and has drawn the attention of all the main chocolate brands in the world. Mondelez has recently announced its decision to officially introduce a new chocolate brand into China, becoming another foreign enterprise entering the mainland Chinese market following Mars, Ferrero, Nestle and Hershey. China’s confectionery manufacturers on the other hand are not as competitive compared to international brands in terms of taste, and packaging. For example COFCO, the largest food manufacturing company in China, has announced its decision to sell the chocolate brand Leconte last year.

mit dem höchsten Entwicklungspotential für Schokolade und hat damit die Aufmerksamkeit aller wichtigen Schokoladenmarken der Welt auf sich gezogen. Der Lebensmittelkonzern Mondelez gab erst kürzlich die Entscheidung bekannt, offiziell eine neue Schokoladenmarke in China einzuführen, und wird damit zu einem weiteren ausländischen Unternehmen, das nach Mars, Ferrero, Nestle und Hershey auf dem chinesischen Festland Fuß fasst. Die chinesischen Süßwarenhersteller sind nicht so wettbewerbsfähig wie die internationalen Marken in puncto Geschmack und Verpackung. COFCO zum Beispiel, der größte Lebensmittelhersteller in China, gab letztes Jahr den Verkauf der Schokoladenmarke „Leconte“ bekannt. Dazu sagte Zhu Danpeng, der in der Forschung für die chinesische Le-


Zhu Danpeng, a researcher in the Chinese food & beverage industry, said Leconte used to rank among the top ten chocolate brands in China, and the announcement of the sale showed that the company was no longer among the ten mainstream chocolate brands in China. Moreover, other domestic chocolate brands have stayed completely out of the mainstream market.

packages, new designs and so forth, in order to enhance market competitiveness. When selecting packaging materials for confectionery including candies and chocolates, the value of advanced processing and packaging technology along with modern production lines cannot be underestimated.

According to research, the inferior position of domestic chocolate brands can mainly be attributed to a lack of investment in production, R&D, processing, manufacturing, packaging, design, marketing and promotion.

At swop 2017, visitors can learn more about these innovative products. In addition, famous candy & chocolate manufacturers such as Ferrero, Hershey, Callebaut, UHA, Meiji, GLICO, Lindt, Hsu Fu Chi, Oishi etc. have been pre-registered to visit swop 2017.

Chinese confectionery enterprises must focus on cultivating their brands, by introducing advanced technology and equipment, strengthening innovation while developing new flavors, new functions, new processes, new

For more information, please visit the official swop website at www. swop- or follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook. com/ to stay updated with the latest exhibition news.

bensmittel- und Getränkeindustrie tätig ist, Leconte sei immer unter den führenden zehn Schokoladenmarken in China gewesen, und die Ankündigung des Verkaufs zeige, dass sich das Unternehmen nicht mehr unter den Top-Ten der Mainstream-Schokoladenmarken in China befinde. Andere heimische Schokoladenmarken spielen zudem auf dem kommerziellen Mainstreammarkt keine nennenswerte Rolle.

neuer Geschmacksrichtungen, neuer Funktionen, neuer Verfahren, neuer Verpackungen und neuer Designs punkten, um ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit am Markt zu erhöhen. Bei der Auswahl von Packmitteln für Süßwaren einschließlich Schokolade ist die Bedeutung moderner Verarbeitungsund Verpackungstechnik im Verbund mit modernen Produktionslinien nicht zu unterschätzen. Auf der swop 2017 können Besucher mehr zu diesen innovativen Produkten erfahren. Zudem haben sich bereits renommierte Süßwaren- und Schokoladenhersteller wie Ferrero, Hershey, Callebaut, UHA, Meiji, GLICO, Lindt, Hsu Fu Chi oder Oishi zum Besuch der swop 2017 angemeldet.

Den Untersuchungen zufolge lässt sich die untergeordnete Rolle der nationalen Schokoladenmarken hauptsächlich auf fehlende Investitionen in Produktion, Forschung und Entwicklung, Verarbeitung, Herstellung, Verpackung, Design, Marketing und Werbung zurückführen. Die chinesischen Süßwarenhersteller müssen ihre Marken daher gezielt durch die Einführung moderner Technik und Anlagen stärken sowie durch mehr Innovationen wie der Entwicklung

Weitere Informationen sind auf der offiziellen Webseite der swop unter verfügbar. Alle Neuigkeiten zur Messe finden sich außerdem bei Facebook (https://

112 INTERPACK OK - FP 4-17.indd 4

30/08/17 15:54




21-25/01/2017 RIMINI Fair for the artisan production of icecream, pastry, confectionery and bakery.


29/01-01/02/2017 COLOGNE Fair for the sweets and snacks industry.





12-13/04/2017 PARMA International food exhibition.


06/04/2017 ROME Exhibition on Energy efficiency.


08/10/02/2017 BERLIN International fair for fruit and vegetables.

19/04/2017 MILAN Exhibition on solutions and applications for automation, instrumentation, sensors.



14-17/02/2017 SARAGOZZA Fair of wine and oil, for innovation and internationalization.


19-22/02/2017 MADRID Bread baking, confectionery and related industries show.


09-12/03/2017 ANKARA Fair for bread, patisserie machinery, ice cream, chocolate and technologies.


09-12/04/2017 VERONA International wine & spirits exhibition.

19/04/2017 MILAN Exhibition on technology for the Food&Beverage industry.


04-10/05/2017 DÃœSSELDORF Technology fair for packaging, packing, bakery, pastry.


08-11/05/2017 MILAN International B2B show to food & beverage.


10-12/05/2017 RIMINI Exhibition of machinery and equipment for the fruit and vegetable processing.



08/06/2017 PORDENONE Fair on design and production management of glass bottle and containers.


21-22/06/2017 VIENNA International savoury snacks and nut trade fair.

mcT COGENERAZIONE 29/06/2017 MILAN Conference and Exhibition on applications of cogeneration.


11-15/09/2017 MUNICH International exhibition for vine-growing, wine-producing and bottling industry.


26-28/09/2017 NUERNBERG The trade fair for powder processing


07-11/10/2017 COLOGNE International exhibition of Food& Beverages.


20-24/10/2017 MILAN Show for bakery, fresh pasta, pizza industry.

23-25/05/2017 PARMA Trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector. FIERTUTTE_ING_2017_07.indd 5

06/09/17 14:57




20-24/01/2018 RIMINI Fair for the artisan production of ice-cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery.


28-31/01/2018 COLOGNE Fair for the sweets and snacks industry.


03-06/02/2018 PARIS International show for the bakery and confectionery Industry.


07-09/02/2018 BERLIN International fair for fruit and vegetables.


20-23/03/2018 COLOGNE International food and beverage technology exhibition.


04/2018 ROME Exhibition on Energy efficiency.


15-18/04/2018 VERONA International wine & spirits exhibition.




09-11/05/2018 RIMINI Exhibition of machinery and equipment for the fruit and vegetable processing.


22-24/05/2018 PARMA Fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector.


mcT COGENERAZIONE 10/2018 MILAN Conference and Exhibition on applications of cogeneration.


14-17/10/2018 CHICAGO International packaging trade fair.


26-29/11/2018 PARIS Exhibition about packaging technology.

29/05-01/06/2018 MILAN Exhibition for the packaging industry.


06/2018 MILAN Exhibition on technology for the Food&Beverage industry.


13-14/06/2018 BRESCIA Fair on design and production management of glass bottle and containers.


26-29/06/2018 SÃO PAULO Exhibition for product from packaging materials industry.


07-10/05/2018 PARMA International food exhibition.

15-20/09/2018 MONACO Fair for the bakery and confectionery industry.



08-11/05/2018 BARCELONA Exhibition for the packaging industry.


25-27/09/2018 NUREMBERG International packaging trade fair. FIERTUTTE_ING_2017_07.indd 6

06/09/17 14:57




26-02/02-03/2017 DUBAI Fair for food and hospitality.



31-10-02/11/2017 DUBAI Fair on processing and packaging technology and Food&Beverage plants.

24-27/01/2017 MOSCOW International packaging machinery exhibition.


18-22/02/2018 DUBAI Fair for food and hospitality.

28/02-02/03/2017 MOSCOW International trade fair for the beverage industry.



09-12/04/2018 ALGERS Fair for companies operating in the agro-food sector.

13-16/03/2017 MOSCOW International trade fair for bakery equipment and food ingredients.

10-13/04/2017 ALGERS Fair for companies operating in the agro-food sector.






07-09/03/2017 DUBAI Fair for the beverage industry.


29-31/03/2017 UZBEKISTAN Fair for suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and professionals.


17-19/05/2017 LAGOS Fair for food, beverage&packaging technology.


23-26/05/2017 TEHRAN Fair for food, beverage&packaging technology.

14 -15/04/2018 DUBAI MARINA Café & Restaurant show in Dubai. 24-27/06/2018 TEHRAN Fair for food, beverage&packaging technology.


10/2018 DUBAI Fair for processing and packaging technology and Food&Beverage plants.

2019 2019 INTERSICOP

23-26/02/2019 MADRID Bread baking, confectionery and related industries show.


06-09/05/2019 MILAN International B2B show to food & beverage.


12-14/09/2017 KIEV International packaging machinery exhibition.


23-26/01/2018 MOSCA International packaging machinery exhibition.


27/02-01/03/2018 MOSCOW International trade fair for the beverage industry.


12-15/03/2018 MOSCOW International trade fair for bakery equipment and food ingredients.


09-12/05/2018 SHANGHAI Fair for the bakery and confectionery industry. FIERTUTTE_ING_2017_07.indd 7

06/09/17 14:57




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FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  
FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  

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