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epi celebrates its 30 years of business activity. We manufacture turn-key plants for the storage, transport and dosage of raw materials, serving the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. With more than 100 people working in its seat in Forlì – Italy – and a large network of partners and representation in the five continents, thanks to a sales division that is strongly oriented to consultancy and collaboration, we builds customized solutions for our customers and the raw materials they use. Over 7000 m2 of productive area, more than 4000 systems the world over and a turnover of about 20 millions in 2014, after 30 years we are both different and the same. Innovation and tradition, flexibility, high accuracy, craftsmanship and industrial precision mark out our systems, which are also the result of a profound understanding of the raw materials, decades of experience and the trust we have built with our customers. The design of our systems also allows for their future extension or changes, you can adopt Cepi systems for the food sector to handle both dry ingredients as well as liquids for the production of: bakery products, pizza, pasta, cous cous, confectionary/chocolate products, premix of powders, breakfast foods, snack foods, candies, chewing gum, pet food … The management aggregates competences in the design and mechanics, production and logistics, and a deep knowledge of the raw materials acquired through a steady presence in the market. Nothing we did in the course of our work was wasted, neither the time we took to study a new material,

nor the technology we developed to meet a unique need. No two systems are the same and each one we built has proved to be a chance to stretch ourselves, to learn something, to keep moving. Cepi is always up with changing markets, very demanding from the technical and technological point of view, and invests in new machineries, such as those specific for cutting and welding, or those for automatic cleaning of INOX, or the tower for the building of outdoor silos and many other equipments which purpose is to rationalize the production, be more independent and reduce prices, too. We invest also in people, in order to offer competitive and always better products. To this end, starting from questions raised by our customers our internal R&D

department develops new solutions and perfects those existent. Cepi has patented multiple technologies and has received many awards for the Excellency of our procedures. We partner permanently with the Bologna University in project development, research on mechanical applications and materials testing. The CEPI systems take care of your process entirely, providing highly competitive automation systems for the production control and plant management and full traceability. Stop by Cepi stand A5.251 at IBA in Munich, we can present our best solution for your bulk handling necessities. More in detail, we can offer: • OUTDOORSILOS in stainless steel built in dedicated tower and INDOORSILOS made of panels or in trevira HT antistatic fabric, Atex certified,

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FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  

Technical, bimonthly magazine focused on food&beverage technology. It is in English and German/French/Spanish in according to the worldwide...

FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  

Technical, bimonthly magazine focused on food&beverage technology. It is in English and German/French/Spanish in according to the worldwide...