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Indeed, the management strongly believes that the in-house production of products is part of the company’s strength, because it allows products customi- zation and quality controls for the entire production system. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT GVF Impianti is also able to provide a complete service of in-house industrial automation, for its machineries and its complete turnkey plants, thanks to an internal software development department, which follows and studies all projects in order to provide the best solutions. The software development department takes care of the software project and the mechani- cal automation project. It also follows the creation and assembly of control, power and monitoring panels. Moreover, in order to offer the best possible solution in terms of industrial automation, our company has established some important partnerships with major global powerhouses such as Siemens. This resulted in a fundamental quality guarantee and improvement. DENSE PHASE PNEUMATIC CONVEYING SYSTEMS The dense phase pneumatic conveying system transports the product at low speed, using a small amount of air and reducing the energy consumption. GVF Impianti’s technology prevents contamination between the transported materials thanks to a process control that executes cleaning cycles every product’s change. DISTINCTIVE MARKS OF GVF PNEUMATIC CONVEYORS GVF Impianti Srl has developed during the years mainly four types of pneumatic conveyors, which sati- sfy different needs: GA, GC, GA COMBO and GA-A. GA type is

suitable for the transport of normal wearing materials, is designed with an inlet butterfly valve and is supplied complete of electro-pneumatical panel in box. GC type has been developed to convey particu- larly abrasive material, thanks to the special inlet cone valve designed by GVF Impianti, which guarantees a high resistance to wear. The conveyor is supplied complete of its electro-pneumatical panel in box too. GA COMBO type has the same features of GA type but it is studied to be compact, economical and modular, really useful if the available space is reduced. Its distin- ctive mark is the electro-pneumatical panel installed on board the vessel. Finally, the GA-A type is suitable if it is necessary to weigh the product before the transport. Indeed, it is equipped with load cells and with a load control unit, which allows to create batches of product just before the transport.

high temperatures and high performan- ce pneumatic conveyors HP type, for long distances and big hourly capacities. Finally, all GVF Impianti’s pneumatic conveyors offer the following advantages: automatic execution, low wear, reduced product breakages and un-mixing, low air consumption, efficient product/air ratio, low opera- tional and maintenance costs. PNEUMATIC CONVEYING COMPONENTS AND EQUIPMENT In the pneumatic conveying systems’ production range GVF Impianti produces also all the pneumatic conveying components (such as pipeline’s boosters, pinch valves and wear-resistant bends) and diverter valves (two-ways diverter valves and multi-ways diver- ter valves).

But, what distinguishes all these pneumatic conveyors from the competitors is the special design of some components and the unique air distribution system. Indeed, all GVF Impianti’s pneumatic conveyors are equipped with outlets made in cast iron, and further strengthen by a thermal treatment. In addition, the out- let unit is equipped with spilt flanges made in cast iron too, which allow to have an easy directing of the outlet pipe.

Indeed, very interesting are the two-ways diverter val- ves which are mainly divided in 3 types: DAS, DP and Y. The two-ways diverter valves DAS type are studied to be installed on the top of the silos, in order to divert the product between more silos or to become a ter- minal box made in a wear-resistant material. DP type allows to divert the material from one to two ways, and is particularly suitable for abrasive products. Y type is equipped with two pinch valves, and allows to select between two ways.

Very important in terms of performance is also the exclusive uniform air distribution system, which di- stributes the compressed air in three main parts of the vessel: in the outlet, laterally and in the central part.

But, if the number of ways in which the product should be sent is higher than two, GVF Impianti has developed a very interesting multi-ways diverter valve DS type, which allows to divert the material flow up to 12 destinations.

GVF Impianti Srl can supply on request also pneumatic conveyors for


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FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  

Technical, bimonthly magazine focused on food&beverage technology. It is in English and German/French/Spanish in according to the worldwide...

FOOD PROCESSING - 2017 - 4  

Technical, bimonthly magazine focused on food&beverage technology. It is in English and German/French/Spanish in according to the worldwide...