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1 Hp = 288 mm. A smart result.

New integrated mini geared motor

Minimotor XC series. -

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Veripack. Progetti su misura.

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Gli impianti Veripack (100% Made in Italy), sono la soluzione ideale per confezionare i prodotti alimentari. Semplici, resistenti ed affidabili rispondono alle esigenze di qualunque produttore, anche il più esigente e assicurano un’assoluta igiene e sanificabilità.

Frankfurt am Main 4 – 9. 5. 2013

The No.1 for the meat industry Come and visit us at our stand at IFFA! Hall 11.0, Stand A25 -

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R290 propane - R1270 propylene

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ZANOTTI 2-3-54/56 ZANOTTI, 50 years of activity





PIETRIBIASI 61-62 Equipment for the dairy industry and for soft drinks, juices and beverages




65-66 Steel Belts Are Top of the Milk for Tetra Pak

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GSP 82-83 GSP Packaging Equipment: focus on GSP 45 EVO

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uadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) has updated its range of Food Grade Plastics in line with the new European Union Regulation (EU) 10/2011. The move makes Quadrant EPP the first and only engineering plastics’ manufacturer to offer such a broad and fully-tested range of thermoplastic stock shapes complying with the regulation. The portfolio of certified materials, covering PE through to PEEK, gives food producers the assurance of fulfilling the highest safety and quality levels for their food and beverage production systems. New Regulation (EU) 10/2011 is a further development of Directive 2002/72/EC for plastics materials in contact with food, and specifies much stricter test conditions for migration. Within the EU, compliance is required for all food contact materials. All Quadrant EPP Food Grade semifinished stock shapes and customized finished parts are processed and handled according to the new regulation and to the consistent quality control guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Quadrant EPP accompanies each delivery with complete documentation, from choice of raw material to finished parts. This allows

full traceability and also supports customers in reducing their own in-house product testing time and costs. Customers receive a Declaration of compliance with the order (DCO) according to EN 10204-2.1 that ensures the uninterrupted traceability of the plastic product from the stock shape back to the raw material used by batch. Each production step is tested and documented by Quadrant EPP. Quadrant is also ahead of the market in introducing a Declaration of Compliance (DoC) for every delivery – a documentation requirement valid as of 2016 – that includes the complete test conditions together with the migration values of the materials. Tests to determine the migration values of Quadrant EPP’s food contact polymer materials were conducted on the thermoplastic stock shapes by independent external laboratory Intertek. These tests were performed according to regulation (EU) 10/2011. The portfolio of over 30 products was tested per Overall Migration Limit (OML) and Specific Migration Limit (SML) to measure the material inertness and provide a toxicological evaluation of individual substances. By including the pre-tested results with the DoC, customers can more easily calculate migration values for

Quadrant Food Grade semi-finished stock shapes with Food Grade and traceability labels.


Quadrant Food Grade semi-finished stock shapes with Food Grade and traceability labels. their individual applications – a further step in supporting their overall cost-efficiency. As part of its complete Food Grade Program, customers can benefit from Quadrant’s international partner network to select the right material for their application. The material selection and application advice considers the food type in contact with the plastic parts, and temperature and food contact time. “Quadrant is constantly developing innovative production and application solutions to help customers improve their production performance,” comments Ulf Barth, Market Segment Manager Food Processing Industry, Quadrant EPP Europe. “The Quadrant Food Grade Program offers the food market the widest selection of engineering plastic stock shapes and design possibilities. Materials certified to the highest safety level, migration calculation support, and application selection recommendations, assist our customers in reaching the best possible cost-performance ratio for their individual system.”

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uadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) hat seine Palette von „Food Grade“Kunststoffen in Übereinstimmung mit der neuen Verordnung (EU) 10/2011 der Europäischen Union aktualisiert und erweitert. Damit ist Quadrant der erste und einzige Hersteller von technischen Kunststoffen, der bereits eine derart breite Palette von vollumfänglich getesteten und zertifizierten thermoplastischen Halbzeugen anbieten kann. Das Portfolio deckt zertifizierte Materialien von PE bis PEEK ab. Es ermöglicht Nahrungsmittelherstellern, das höchste Sicherheits- und Qualitätsniveau für ihre Lebensmittel- und Getränke-Produktionssysteme einzuhalten. Die neue Verordnung (EU) 10/2011 ist eine Wei-

Quadrant Food Grade -Halbzeuge mit Food Grade- und NachverfolgbarkeitsEtikett

Quadrant Food Grade -Halbzeuge mit Food Grade- und NachverfolgbarkeitsEtikett


terentwicklung der Richtlinie 2002/72/ EG für Kunststoffe im Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln und legt sehr viel strengere Prüfbedingungen für die Migration dar. Innerhalb der EU ist deren Einhaltung für alle Materialien mit Lebensmittelkontakt gefordert. Alle Quadrant Food Grade-Halbzeuge und maßgeschneiderte Fertigteile werden nach der neuen Verordnung verarbeitet, und der konsequenten Qualitätskontrolle gemäß den Richtlinien der „Gute Herstellungspraxis” (Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP) behandelt. Quadrant begleitet jede Lieferung mit kompletter Dokumentation, von der Wahl der Rohstoffe bis zum fertigen Bauteil. Dies ermöglicht eine vollständige Rückverfolgbarkeit und unterstützt Kunden bei der Reduzierung ihres eigenen Zeit- und Kostenaufwandes für hausinterne Produkttests. Kunden erhalten ein Werksbescheinigung (Declaration of Compliance with the Order - DCO) nach EN 10204-2.1, die für lückenlose Rückverfolgbarkeit der Kunststoff-Produkte sorgt, vom Halbzeug bis zurück zur verwendeten Rohstoff-Charge. Jeder Produktionsschritt wird getestet und von Quadrant dokumentiert. Quadrant ist auch führend am Markt bei der Einführung einer Konformitätserklärung (Declaration of Compliance = DoC) für jede Lieferung - eine Dokumentationspflicht gültig ab 2016 -, die die kompletten Prüfbedingungen zusammen mit den Migrationswerten der Materialien enthält. Tests zur Bestimmung der Migrationswerte von Quadrant’s Kunststoffen für den Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln wurden an den thermoplastischen Halbzeugen vom unabhängigen externen Labor Intertek

durchgeführt. Diese Tests entsprechen den Richtlinien der Verordnung (EU) 10/2011. Das Portfolio von über 30 Produkten wurde pro „Overall Migration Limit“ (OML) und „Specific Migration Limit“ (SML) getestet, um die Trägheit des Materials zu messen und eine toxikologische Bewertung der einzelnen Substanzen zu beurteilen. Durch die Einbeziehung der vorgeprüften Ergebnisse gemäß DoC können Kunden Migrationswerte für ihre individuellen Anwendungen leichter kalkulieren. Quadrant unterstützt seine Kunden bei Bedarf bei der Berechnung der Migrationswerte. Als Teil des kompletten Food Grade-Programms können die Kunden vom internationalen Quadrant Partner-Netzwerk profitieren, um das richtige Material für ihre Anwendung zu wählen. Die Auswahl der Materialien bei der Anwendungsberatung berücksichtigt Lebensmittel-Typ in Kontakt mit den Kunststoffteilen, Temperatur und die Kontaktzeit (von Nahrungsmittel und Kunststoffteil). “Quadrant entwickelt ständig innovative Produktions- und Anwendungslösungen, die dem Kunden wiederum bei der Verbesserung ihrer Produktionsleistung helfen”, kommentiert Ulf Barth, Markt-Segment-Manager Lebensmittelindustrie, Quadrant EPP Europe. “Das Quadrant Food Grade-Programm bietet dem Lebensmittelmarkt die breiteste Auswahl von technischen KunststoffHalbzeugen und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten. Konforme Materialien auf höchstem Sicherheitsniveau, Unterstützung bei der Migrations-Berechnung und Empfehlungen bei der Auswahl der Anwendung unterstützen unsere Kunden bei der Erreichung des bestmöglichen Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnisses für ihre individuellen Systeme.”

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Sustainability is demonstrated in practice at BUERGO.FOL


UERGO.FOL, the renowned manufacturer of flexible films, rigid films, reclosable films, skin films, and shrink films for the food industry and for numerous technical applications, is increasingly focusing on sustainable packaging systems. The film manufacturer therefore not only pledges to realize real and verifiable protection of the environment, but also translates this concept into action. Saving resources and recycling while maintaining its renowned product quality are the goals declared by the company headquartered in Siegenburg, Germany, in the lower Bavarian district of Kelheim.

1. Are the current bioplastics really sustainable? Everyone uses the term „sustainable“ today, but due the extremely widespread use of this term, especially in the packaging industry, very few people actually know what is meant by this term. Wikipedia says the following: „Sustainability is the capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship, the responsible management of resource use. In ecology, sustainability describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time, a necessary precondition for human well-being. Longlived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems.“ [1]. All too quickly now - under the guise of „sustainability“ – companies are bridging the gap to the use of renewable raw materials in the production of films, the manufacture of biologically degradable films, and to the natural cycle by subsequent composting of the films or packaging. It is a very

BUERGOFOL FP 2/13.indd 3

good and well-rounded concept that will surely forge its own path in the future. However, in the year 2013 this concept will not yet become complete because when you take a critical look behind the green curtain, you will see numerous corners and edges. For example, the raw material polylactic acid (PLA) is a renewable resource, but it is unfortunately manufactured today in the USA based on genetically modified corn. It is unthinkable to use this PLA in films and packaging in many European countries, and especially in Switzerland. The exact same criticism applies to the heavily advertised compostability of packaging made using biomaterials, which can even be certified according to DIN EN 13432 [2]. Only a few packages and bags land in (industrial) compost – just like before, they continue to be fed to incinerators [3]. Experts in the field of biopolymers also expressly recommend their incineration [4]. Furthermore, there is not any method available for recycling biomaterials. In contrast: If large amounts of PLA were to be sent to the recycling plant, then the raw materials would contaminate the waste stream and make other recycled plastics unmar-

ketable. Based on a report from the experts at Euwid, the Petcore organization views the recycling of PET bottles to be at risk. Even a small market share of PLA could lead to a serious disruption of the infrastructure for recycling PET bottles in Europe.“ [5]. Another setback in relation to the use of biopolymers for packaging arose at the beginning of 2013: Until the end of the year 2012 biodegradable packagings made from renewable raw materials were exempted from the DSD fees. This “promotion” ends from the beginning of the year 2013 [6]. As the European Bioplastics has announced in June 2012, further amendments of the German Biowaste Ordinance lead to restrictions, that not all “biopackaging” may be disposed of in the brown bin [7]. The entire system of biopolymers based on renewable materials is evidently still in its infancy. There are only a few suppliers, and they often have a monopoly in the market. Even in terms of the properties of the materials, films made of biopolymers cannot measure up yet to established products manufactured on a petrochemical basis because in many cases they are still too

15/04/13 12.45


brittle, sensitive to water, temperaturesensitive (below 60°C for PLA based biopolymers), poor-sealing (for cellulose-based), difficult to process, and do not function as a barrier. BUERGO.FOL Managing Director Gregor Schleicher does not see the end of the possibilities for biopolymers by a long shot yet. Without the support of petroleum-based polymers, it is impossible to achieve the properties in films and packaging that customers are accustomed to. In addition, Schleicher also expressed moral considerations regarding the manufacturing of plastics using food intended for humans and livestock. In summary, it can be said that this still does not justify the high price for films made of biomaterials. Very few consumers are willing to pay for them because they are not convinced yet of the advantages of packaging made of biomaterials and are even confused and insecure about their use due to the continuous flood of new organic logos and controversial public discussions. It may take many years before bioplastics, praised as

being renewable and sustainable, and the products produced using them become a serious alternative to petroleum-based plastics. BUERGO.FOL is monitoring these developments very closely, but only after the concept of renewable resources is sensible and consistent in all aspects will consumers be willing to accept them.

2. Real Sustainability In the meantime, BUERGO.FOL is following and realizing a different path to more sustainable products. As a pioneer in Germany, the company has been offering foamed APET films in thicknesses ranging from 300 to 800 μ under the new brand name „BUERGO.PET expanded“ for some time now. These films are produced on the ultramodern facilities available at the site in Ingolstadt, Germany. The weight of the foamed film is approximately 30% lower in comparison to that of conventional APET films. This results in significant material savings, and therefore to a more sustainable use of natural resources. BUERGO.PET expanded has


Black bottom section of a package made of BUERGO.PET expanded (left) with a magnified view of the foam structure (right)

BUERGO.PET expanded is very suitable as package for meat and sausages. In combination with barrier films, an excellent barrier effect is obtained

BUERGOFOL FP 2/13.indd 4

a very high mechanical strength and is perfectly suited for use as a deep draw film on all common thermoforming and packaging machines, even on older models. This means processors of the film and packagers using the film can still use their existing machines without having to retrofit them, and they can even continue working with their standard machine settings. The thermal formability is also much better in comparison to non-foamed films as well. For example, extremely deep recesses can be formed without requiring the use of a stamp. The structures applied to the thermoforming mold are formed precisely and with detailed contours on the foamed film. Furthermore, the foamed APET film can be cut perfectly – sharp edges and sharp corners are a thing of the past now. At the same time, wear on the cutting knifes is minimized. The foaming effect also provides other advantages in addition to the advantage of a reduction in weight: due to the insulating effect, the keeping quality of the packaged product improves as well. Visually, the foam structure is very appealing and attractive, and the film and packaging feel soft and smooth in your hand while still providing a good grip. This provides an additional incentive to the consumers at the point of sale to purchase the product. In addition, BUERGO.PET expanded is also available in various colours, and the film can be printed with excellent results, which means it is possible to realize new and individual packaging ideas as eye-catchers on the shelves and ideal product presentations. The innovative foam films based on polyester are therefore superbly suited for the manufacture of trays, tablets, pans, plates, dishes, and cups for the food area as well as for the non-food area. Their use for packaging foods such as meats and sausages, cheese, snack items, fish and seafood, poultry, baked goods and ready-made meals on the one hand, and for consumer and industrial goods such as hygiene products, household goods, office sup-

15/04/13 12.45


plies, electronics on the other hand, must be particularly emphasized. The combination of stackability and slippage resistance in the packaging is guaranteed.

Composite Films Just like before, the new foamed APET films can also be bonded to a laminate with barrier films from the BUERGO. FOL company in an additional refinement step. The bond is strong and permanent. Delamination does not occur in top films or in bottom films. By selecting suitable laminating films, it is possible to vary the barrier properties for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour as well the opening characteristics of the packaging. The spectrum ranges from tight sealed packaging to packaging that is especially easy to open, i.e. easy to peel. As a whole, this allows the realization of customized packaging, and the film specialists from Bavaria are ready to meet the demands and requirements of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

4. Savings Sustainable development will be part of the future of the packaging market. In times of heavy pricing pressure, the economical use of resources will become more important than ever. The following table shows the potential savings in packaging by comparing the foamed APET film BUERGO.PET expanded with the non-foamed BUERGO. PET film. The table shows how much packaging material weight can be saved when using the foamed film. In addition to the cost savings in material and the lower transportation costs Typical bottom film

resulting from the lower packaging weight, it is also necessary to consider the not-so-insignificant savings in DSD (dual refuse system) fees for the „Green Point“ system. Particularly noteworthy in this context is the fact that the foamed APET sheet BUERGO.PET expanded is mainly produced with recycled materials. This results in a very low value for the carbon footprint (kg of CO2 eq. / kg polymer) in a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and a considerable saving of energy.

5. Summary and Outlook The new, verifiably sustainable concept from BUERGO.FOL, who has already realized the production and sales of foamed APET films in the BUERGO. PET expanded product class, also offers a whole range of advantages on the product side: • Excellent processing characteristics on existing machines • Appealing look and feel • Outstanding mechanical properties In comparison to other plastics, Gregor Schleicher, Managing Director of the BUERGO.FOL GmbH, stated the fol-


Not foamed Foamed APET-Film BUERGO.PET BUERGO.PET expanded APET/PE APET/PE


300 µ/50 µ

300 µ/50 µ

Weight in g/m2



Weight 100.000 m2 in kg



Weight savings in kg



Weight savings %


24,92 %

BUERGOFOL FP 2/13.indd 6

lowing: „In comparison to polypropylene PP, the foamed APET film stands out due to is significantly better processing properties, higher plant effectiveness, and lower energy consumption. Compared to polystyrene PS, BUERGO. PET expanded has significantly better mechanical properties with comparable recyclability.“ One of the reasons why the marketing of foamed APET film is now being advanced is the fact that weight savings of up to 30% are possible in packaging and that the packaging material show a very good LCA-value. This responsible handling of resources is environmentally friendly since it reduces the overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This and other sustainable concepts will be more intensely pursued in the future at BUERGO. FOL because this company is aware of responsibility for the environment and for the living conditions of future generations.

About BUERGO.FOL BUERGO.FOL produces flexible films, rigid films, reclosable films, skin films, and shrink films for the food industry and a number of technical applications at three locations in southern Germany using an ultra-modern machine park, and employs almost 300 people.

About the Author Dr. Kurt Stark studied chemistry at the University of Bayreuth with emphasis on polymer and colloid chemistry. In 1999, he began his professional carrier at Wacker Polymer Systems in Burghausen. As a laboratory head, he

15/04/13 12.45


have the solution The best of rigid and flexible films! Ottimi film rigidi e flessibili! We offer a diverse and advanced product catalogue comprising shrinkwrap films, skin films and reclosable films for the food industry, medical products, pet food, the chemical industry as well as special customized applications. With more than 40 years of experience, BUERGO.FOL provides unique know-how in the development of modern packaging solutions.











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16.04.13 13:48


was responsible for the development new polymer products, the optimization of existing products, and supporting production. From March 2005 to September 2011, Dr. Stark worked at Huhtamaki in Forchheim, a manufacturer and processor of polymer films. In his function as head of the Research & Development Department for the technical film and packaging film market segments, Dr. Stark worked on renewable and biologically degradable films, primarily on those based on PLA. He developed completely new blowing and casting PLA film systems for custom solutions. Since October 2011, Dr. Kurt Stark has assumed a position at the BUERGO. FOL GmbH in Siegenburg as a head of product development for techni-


Dr. Kurt Stark Director Business Development BUERGO.FOL GmbH cal films and as the Business Development Director. In this function, he will also promote the development of new packaging solutions and technical films for the next generation at BUERGO.FOL.

[1] [2] aus_kompostierbaren_werkstoffen.html [3] Jacqueline Brzinzky: „Mogelpackung Biotüte“,, Article from 17th of June 2011 [4] Hans-Josef Endres, Andrea Siebert-Raths, „Technische Biopolymere“, Carl Hanser Verlag Munich, 2009, p. 256 [5] Gunnar Sohn, Biokunststoffe erschweren Abfallentsorgung, 30.04.2008, „Bezeichnung „biologisch abbaubar“ kein ökologisches Qualitätssiegel“; Quelle: pressetext.deutschland [6] Bioplastics Newsflash from 09/18/2012, published by European Bioplastics [7] Infoflyer published by European Bioplastics, June 2012: „Die deutsche Bioabfallverordnung“



UERGO.FOL GmbH from Siegenburg in Bavaria is a company of around 300 employees specializing in the manufacture and converting of rigid and flexible films. We offer a diverse and advanced product catalogue comprising shrink-wrap films, skin films and reclosable films for the food industry, medical products, pet food, the chemical industry, as well as special customized applications. With more than 40 years of experience, BUERGO.FOL provides unique know-how in the development of modern packaging solutions. Our wealth of experience combined with the constant drive to advance the current state of technology has made BUERGO.FOL market leader in the field of high-tech technical films and special-purpose films with content customers in many different branches of business and industry. At BUERGO.FOL we provide a full inhouse service in the development and manufacture of highly customised packaging solutions ranging from the production of advanced rigid films and flexible films to customized printing of

BUERGOFOL FP 2/13.indd 8

the films. We pride ourselves in only providing products of outstanding quality to our customers. Over the last 40 years our unique combination of using only highest quality raw materials, cutting-edge research and state-of the art production facilities has made us a trusted brand as a supplier of barrier films to many branches of industry especially the pharmaceuticals, food, non-food and converting industries. This longstanding business relationship has given us the expertise to help our customers meet their specific needs e.g. production under the very high hygiene standards compliant with HACCP and BRC/IoP. However, we believe that there is more to quality than producing outstanding products: True quality means taking

seriously our responsibility to our customers as well as to the environment and the societies we live in. At BUERGO.FOL we rise to every challenge and always strive to offer innovative, efficient and effective solutions to our customers. In order to achieve this, we draw on our 40 years of experience as a highly successful system provider of standard films, heavy-duty high-barrier applications for MAP, vacuum packaging and flow packs. Furthermore, we invest in the future by constantly improving existent films and developing new film recipes designed to meet specific customer requirements. · Tel. +49 (0) 94 44/97 91-110

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Z.I. 70010 Adelfia (BA) ITALY T. +39 080 459 69 44 F. +39 080 459 68 10

Our customers, our best advertising.




Industrie Fracchiolla S.p.A. progetta, costruisce ed installa serbatoi in acciaio inox di qualsiasi capacità, con realizzazioni in azienda e sul posto (dissolutori, cristalizzatori, miscelatori, fermentatori per birra). Leader a livello internazionale nel settore enologico, chimico-farmaceutico ed alimentare. Industrie Fracchiolla S.p.A. nel 2012 ha raddoppiato il fatturato rispetto agli anni precedenti lavorando su due turni per tutta la durata dell’anno, non ha mai subito crisi, nè è mai ricorsa a cassa integrazione. Il perseguimento di una logica produttiva votata alla realizzazione di un prodotto di prima qualità con puntualità nell’evasione delle commesse supportata dall’assistenza tecnica costante senza incremento dei prezzi ha consentito di centrare l’ambizioso obbiettivo. Industrie Fracchiolla S.p.A. wich designs, manufactures and installs stainless steel tanks of any capacity, with Factory and Onsite realizations (dissolvers, cristalizzatori, mixers, beer fermenters), is a leader in the international wine , food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Industrie Fracchiolla S.p.A. has doubled its turnover in 2012 compared to previous years working on two day-shifts during whole year, has never suffered the international crisis, nor has never resorted to redundancy found. The pursuit of a production logic devoted to the creation of a quality product delivered on time, supported by technical assistance without constant increase in prices, has allowed the ambitious goal.










The food industry focuses on clean energy. Two excellent examples promoted by Energy Resources: Cbm Fileni and Vis Industrie Alimentari


argeting international development trends, Energy Resources’ mission desires to translate the vision into a much more solid approach by designing technologies, systems and products that really mean zero impact for each human activity, from producing energy from renewable and inexhaustible sources to the use of energy to supply buildings and sustainable mobility systems. With more than 110 megawatts of total power installed in plants exploiting renewable energies, Energy Resources is one of the leaders in the Italian renewable energy market. In six years the company has reached a turnover of more than ₏ 350 million. To date more than 600 among the most important Italian companies have chosen ER to create photovoltaic and geothermal plants, Green Buildings and for renovating the energy systems as well as integrated systems for sustainable mobility. Energy Resources is also a green energy producer with 8.5 megawatts of owned photovoltaic plants which open the Italian energy market to foreign investors. Food is converting to renewables. A host of companies in the industry are renovating the energy systems in their facilities. There are two aims: restore old plants, often featuring asbestos roofs which require reclamation, and cut heating and electricity consumption thus reducing costs for the companies. Renewable energy is the answer to


these pressing needs. Vis Industrie Alimentari and Cbm Fileni are two good examples created by Energy Resources in Italy. With Ministerial Decree of 19 February 2007, Italian companies and private individuals were given the chance to make a real contribution to protecting the environment, by installing solar panels on roofs and on the ground. There are not only financial savings involved. Many people and companies jumped at the chance, also considering that photovoltaic panels insulate roofs better, with no risk to their waterproofing. Renewable energy is an excellent investment in terms of communication and green marketing: today’s consumers are more and more

26/02/13 15.20


interested in a company’s impact on the environment in addition to the sustainability of its production chain. This value directly reflects on the end product, increasing the perception of quality and authenticity. «Every plant installed for our customers – explains the chairman of Energy Resources, Enrico Cappanera - is like a tailor-made suit, designed and created on the basis of the real needs and potential of the structures we work on. We are talking about efficient, effective and safe investments».

C.B.M. FILENI This well-known chicken farm conceived two separate projects for energy development at the chicken houses and warehouses located in San Marcello (An), by installing a 200kw photovoltaic system with the Net metering formula (90% guaranteed coverage of the company’s electricity require-

ment), supported by another 1Mw system to complete the transfer of energy produced to the network. The panels almost cover the entire surface of the roofs. The opportunity was seized to replace the now obsolete roof with 8-centimetre “sandwich” insulation panels that provide significant thermal/acoustic insulation as well as an additional overall energy saving of more than 10%. Almost two years from commissioning the panels, the production of “green” energy has exceeded 1,542,888.608 kWh, equalling 819,274.04 kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere, and 336,261.90 litres of petrol not used: the equivalent of 106,000 new trees.

VIS INDUSTRIE ALIMENTARI In 2011 this leading company specialised in the production and wholesale of frozen food decided to transform the roof of the facility in Noale (VE)

into a true solar-power electricity production plant while reclaiming the old asbestos covering. Energy Resources proposed the most competitive bid in technical and financial terms. This allowed Vis Industrie Alimentari to benefit from the incentives to the production of green energy in addition to a further bonus for reclaiming the asbestos. The 292.5 kWp photovoltaic system guaranteed a new source of revenue by producing considerable savings by slashing electricity consumption. Almost two years from commissioning the panels, the production of “green” energy has reached 400,000 kWh, equalling 200,000 kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere, and a saving of around € 90,000 per annum. Thanks asbestos reclamation, the incentive recognised to VIS was among the highest obtainable from the GSE (Energy Services Manager).


Die Lebensmittelindustrie setzt auf saubere Energie. Zwei exzellente Beispiele aus dem Hause Energy Resources: Cbm Fileni und Vis Industrie Alimentari


ereits auf die Dynamiken der internationalen Entwicklung ausgelegt, möchte die Mission von Energy Resources die Vision in einen sehr viel konkreteren Ansatz übersetzen, und dabei Technologien, Systeme und Produkte entwickeln, die in der Lage sind, eine wirkliche Null-Auswirkung für jede menschliche Tätigkeit zu erzielen, von der Stromerzeugung aus erneuerbaren und unerschöpflichen Quellen, bis hin zur Nutzung desselben für die Energieversorgung von Gebäuden und nachhaltigen Mobilitätssystemen. Mit über 100 Megawatt installierter Gesamtleistung in Anlagen zur Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien ist


Energy Resources einer der TopLeader auf dem italienischen Markt der erneuerbaren Energien. In sechs Jahren hat das Unternehmen einen Umsatz von über 350 Millionen Euro erwirtschaftet. Bis heute haben sich über 600 der bedeutendsten Unternehmen des Made in Italy zur Verwirklichung von photovoltaischen und geothermischen Anlagen, Green Building und energetischen Requalifizierungen, nebst integrierten Systemen für die nachhaltige Mobilität, für ER entschieden. Energy Resources ist auch Erzeuger von grünem Strom durch 8,5 Megawatt eigene Photovoltaikanlagen, die den italienischen Strommarkt für ausländische Investoren öffnen.

26/02/13 15.20


Die Lebensmittelindustrie sattelt auf erneuerbare Energien um. Zahlreiche Unternehmen der Branche setzen auf die energetische Requalifizierung ihrer Strukturen. Dabei wird ein zweifaches Ziel verfolgt: Die Sanierung der alten Werke, die sich oftmals noch durch Asbestabdeckungen auszeichnen, die saniert werden müssen und die drastische Reduzierung des Heizungs- und Stromverbrauchs zur Senkung der Betriebskosten. Die Antwort auf diese dringenden Bedürfnisse kann nur von den erneuerbaren Energien kommen. Es gibt zwei virtuose Beispiele, die Energy Resources in Italien verwirklicht hat: Vis Industrie Alimentari und Cbm Fileni. Durch das Ministerialdekret vom 19. Februar 2007 hat sich die Möglichkeit für die italienischen Unternehmen, aber auch für Privatpersonen eröffnet, durch die Installation von Photovoltaikpaneelen sowohl auf Dächern, als auch auf dem Boden, einen aktiven Beitrag für den Umweltschutz zu leisten. Mit Blick auf die Einsparung, und zwar nicht nur aus wirtschaftlicher Sicht. Und sehr viele haben die Gelegenheit beim Schopf gepackt, auch in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass die Photovoltaik für eine bessere Isolierung des Daches sorgt, ohne Gefahren für die Abdichtungseigenschaften der Dachböden. Die erneuerbaren Energien stellen im Übrigen eine ausgezeichnete Investition in Bezug auf Kommunikation und Green Marketing dar: Der moderne Verbraucher wird immer aufmerksamer und achtet neben der Nachhaltigkeit der Produktkette auch auf die Umweltauswirkungen des Unternehmens, einen Wert, der sich direkt im Endprodukt widerspiegelt, und die Wahrnehmung von Qualität und Ursprünglichkeit steigert. «Jede für unsere Kunden installierte Anlage - erklärt der Präsident von Energy Resources, Enrico Cappanera - ist wie ein Maßanzug, geplant und gebaut auf Grundlage der tatsächlichen Bedürfnisse und Potenziale der Strukturen, für die wir


arbeiten. Wir sprechen hier von effizienten, effektiven und sicheren Investitionen».

Erdöl überschritten: Das entspricht 106 Tausend neuen Bäumen.


Das bedeutende, auf die Herstellung und den Großhandel von Tiefkühlwaren spezialisierte Unternehmen hat 2011 beschlossen, das Dach des Werks in Noale (VE) in ein wahres Kraftwerk für die Erzeugung von Solarenergie zu verwandeln, und dabei gleichzeitig die alten Asbestabdeckungen zu sanieren. Energy Resources hat das sowohl technisch als auch wirtschaftlich gesehen wettbewerbsfähigste Angebot abgegeben und der Vis Industrie Alimentari dadurch ermöglicht, nicht nur auf die Fördermittel für die Erzeugung von „grüner“ Energie, sondern auch auf eine weitere Prämie für die Asbestsanierung zuzugreifen. Die 292,5 kWp Photovoltaikanlage stellt eine neue Einnahmequelle dar, da sie für deutliche Einsparungen durch die starke Senkung des Stromverbrauchs sorgt. In fast zwei Jahren nach Inbetriebnahme der Paneele, hat die Produktion von „grüner“ Energie 400.000 kWh, entsprechend über 200.000 kg nicht in die Atmosphäre abgegebenem CO2, sowie eine wirtschaftliche Einsparung von etwa 90.000 Euro pro Jahr erreicht. Dank der Asbestsanierung zählt die der VIS zuerkannte Förderprämie mit zu den höchsten, die man von der Energieagentur GSE bekommen kann.

Das bekannte landwirtschaftliche Unternehmen, das im Bereich der Verwaltung von Geflügelzuchten tätig ist, hat zwei separate Projekte der energetischen Requalifizierung von Ställen und Werkshallen in San Marcello (AN) entwickelt, und eine 200 kW Photovoltaikanlage mit der Formel des Stromtauschs vor Ort installiert (Garantie für eine 90%ige Abdeckung des Bedarfs des Unternehmens an elektrischer Energie), neben einer weiteren 1 mW Anlage, deren erzeugte Energie vollständig ins Stromnetz eingespeist wird. Die Paneele decken nahezu die gesamte Fläche der Dächer ab. Man nutzte die Gelegenheit, die nunmehr veralteten Abdeckungen durch 8 cm dicke „Sandwich“-Isolierpaneele zu ersetzen, die sowohl für eine ausgezeichnete Wärme-/Schalldämmung sorgen, als auch eine weitere Energieeinsparung von insgesamt mehr als 10% ermöglichen. In fast zwei Jahren nach Inbetriebnahme der Paneele, hat die Produktion von „grüner“ Energie den Wert von 1.542.888,608 kWh, entsprechend über 819.274,04 kg nicht in die Atmosphäre abgegebenem CO2, sowie 336.261,90 Liter nicht verbrauchtem


26/02/13 15.20

idealplast A4.indd 1

17/04/13 09.55




ood products packaging in thermoformed trays, has been for a long time an established condition in the food market particularly for meat and derived products packaging. To face the enquiry of labeling, identification and traceability, LABELPACK has developed a wide range of labeling systems, able to apply one or more labels onto the package and managing online printing for variable data and barcodes. The labeling systems of MODULAR series represent the solution to top level, designed and manufactured on an “open frame” structure in stainless steel, on which various labeling modules of LABELX series can be integrated for application onto the top and bottom of the product trays. This system is equipped with an electronic control unit positioned in a hanging framework where is housed the PLC and the operator interface Touch Screen, the operation speed are all electronically synchronized and all the adjustments are equipped with numerical indicators to facilitate the exchange format and the consequent repositioning to the previous position. MODULAR sy-

labelpack IFFA.indd 3

stems can integrate different conveyor modules, studied according to the characteristics, size, weight and shape of the container to be labeled, this conveyors are integrated in “balcony” position that allows easy cleaning of the floor area under the machine, avoiding that any liquid drop could reach the parts of the machine which result difficult to be cleaned and sanitizing. The labels application units LABELX which are available for label width 140 -250 mm and can integrate all the thermal transfer industrial print engine, available on the international market,

with a 4 “and 6” printing width made by DATAMAX, ZEBRA, SATO, AVERY, CAB, CARL VALENTIN. The print engine module allows to manage online printing of variable data, bar codes and other information necessary for the traceability of food products. For the entry level application, are available the labeling systems of the COMPACT series, made in stainless steel structures too, they integrate the labeling units of the LABELX JR series, that allow to have reliable solutions with a very competitive price. Very often we are asked also to be able to integrate our labeling modules onto existing packaging machines and new plants, both for end users and OEM manufacturer to which we provide all our technical support and our experience, gained in more than twenty years of activity in this field, and suggesting the best solution among the various models of the LABELX series and the print and apply solutions of the PandA series available in over 30 models and complete of many accessories that allow an easy integration onto all the packaging machines such as: flow-pack, heat sealing machines, thermo forming, vertical bagging, bundling machines, cartoning and case packers.

25/02/13 15.27


MACHINES AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR IFFA 2013 All the news about meat processing and packaging CUTTER TYPE TITANE 120V Exhibitor


Product description › Entirely stainless steel 18-10 › Blade motor power 30Kw ( 40CV) › Variable speed 1000 to 3600 turn/minute › Variable reverse mixing speed of 150 to 300 turn/min › Bowl motor 1.5 – 2CV › Manual cover › Capacity 120 Litters › Digital thermometer › Bowl in moulded stainless steel ( thickness 2 to 3 cm) › Equipped of 6 knives, exchangeable head › Complies with E.C. standards › Made in France

806 SERIES GRINDER Exhibitor

Weiler® | Provisur Technologies

Product description Weiler® is an established leader with best of breed equipment for meat and poultry processors. The company’s reputation for highly productive, durable and reliable equipment is complemented by the following benefits. Weiler® systems provide: › Excellent paybacks times › Lower maintenance costs › Longer wearing parts › Superior quality and performance › Respected customer service

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 3

22/04/13 15.03



Marel hf

Product description Maximise line speed and throughputs The new compact Polyslicer 1000 provides small to medium producers and packers with the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency – at an affordable price. With a large, 3 log slicing capacity, quick, assisted loading, simple to adjust slicing head and a choice of orbital or involute blade for high output, the slicer handles a wide variety of product. Integration of the new compact VBS Vertical Buffer to buffer sliced product groups and re-introduce them into the flow during slicer reload provides a cost effective way of maximising line speed. VBS provides a more consistent flow of product to robots or operators downstream, thereby increasing line performance by up to 25%. The well proven IPL Robot loads portions or groups of meat into trays or thermoformers. It can be integrated with virtually any other machine in a production system, e.g. slicers, saws, thermoformers and tray sealers, and can be adapted and tailored precisely to a client’s needs.

AFOGRILL Exhibitor


Product description Multiple products can be processed with the Afogrill, both bulk and convenience products. The Afogrill combines two methods of heat transfer when grilling or colouring meat products, namely infrared irradiation complemented by classic convective heat. Both methods of heat transfer can be turned on and adjusted separately generating the following advantages: › Short grilling times (between 15” and 60” depending on the product and the desired result) › Minimum weight loss (sometimes less than half compared to conventional systems) › Low energy consumption (approx. consumption of €5.- per hour for grilling 250kg of hamburgers) › Starting up and getting the oven ready for production takes only a few minutes › Multiple products: By setting four parameters (capacity IR, t°, conveyor belt velocity and height) one single installation is capable of grilling a whole range of different products. › The Afogrill combines a high capacity with a small footprint (one third of the length of conventional systems) › The simple removal of the conveyor belt guarantees quick and efficient cleaning. › The use of the Afogrill results in a beautiful, handmade appearance of your product (BBQ effect) › Sensory tests carried out by an accredited research institute (UGent Sensolab) confirm the excellent results achieved as regards appearance and taste

ARP 125 PATTY FORMER Exhibitor


Product description The ARP 125 system produces hand-made style circular-shaped products. The Risco filler makes the portion, a guillotine separates these portions which are subsequently conveyed by a transport belt and gently crushed by a roller system which creates the effect of manual production. The thickness of the product is adjustable, the final product is then conveyed by a transport belt to the packaging machine. The system may include, as an option, the automatic positioning paper underneath the product.

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 4

22/04/13 15.03



Inox Meccanica s.r.l.

Product description The main feature of this new clipping machine is its flexibility. This machine equipped with the right accessories can portion thanks clipping the following product: › Roast in elastic net and edible film; › vacuum product to be cooked in tubular thermo-retractile material, “cooking” system; › vacuum product to be cooked in tubular thermo-retractile material “strip-off” system; › salami in collagen or cellulose casing with the possibility of adding on the stuffing pipe a device that allows to use casing elastic netting at the same time › product in synthetic tubolar, of big dimensions such as mortadella and similar product. The clipping machine has to be connected to a vacuum filler which carries out the portioning operation. In the case the vacuum filler is not equipped with a portioning system, our machine is able to carry out the portioning either thanks to a timing-system or by controlling the length of the product. The finished product is discharged from the machine by a special conveyor belt. The exceptional advantages these new models have introduced are: › strong flexibility : it is possible to process a multitude of products, by only changing the stuffing tube, from Ø50 up to Ø240mm, a fast and easy operation › Stuffing hornes available in these sizes: Ø36, Ø48 and Ø60 standard, Ø60 and Ø90 with aspiration system to stuff big products with an high vacuum level. It is possible to stuff products to be cooked minced or cubed, ham, mortadella and similar products. › Stuffing hornes with the DV 3 cutting system, an innovative and patented system, which, in order to stuff whole muscle pieces, makes a perfect cut of the portion to the end of the stuffing tube, guaranteeing a perfect separation of the product and a production velocity highly superior to other systems available on the market Also these stuffing tubes, with an aspiration system in order to pack under vacuum, are available in the measures of Ø60, Ø90 and 110 mm.


FOCKE & Co. - General Packaging

Product description The multi-purpose case packer from FOCKE & CO – General Packaging The models of range 459 stand for versatility and can be used for a variety of products and case types. Food, hygiene products, confectionery or tobacco products can be reliably packed in cases. The machines are designed for non-stop applications in multi-shift operations. All of the modules can be easily and swiftly converted to a new format (product orientation, case size) without using any tools. The application of the case packer from FOCKE & CO provides: › Trouble-free alignment of blanks › Protective handling of products › Maximum packaging stability › Secure sealing and gluing › Suitable for automatic palletizing with FOCKE palletizer 542 › Stable packaging as protection from external influencing factors › Time-saving case handling – easy and swift filling of shelves › Optimum product presentation at the POS › Good accessibility

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 5

22/04/13 15.03


834 EP SERIE Exhibitor

Deko Holland - Verbas B.V.

Product description Fully-automatic slicing and stacking - ideal for volume production › Easy operation › Large quantities, high speeds › From paper-thin slices to 5 mm thick › Stacked and tiled arrangement possible With a DEKO machine from the 834 EP series, the slice thickness as well as the slicing speed and the manner of stacking can all be adjusted. The machine begins its work with just the press of a button. The cutting wheel of this impressive machine glides through large volumes of meat and cheese with a smooth, steady motion. The result? Perfect slices and virtually no waste. Easy to clean The machines from the 834 EP-serie can be (dis)assembled without any equipment. Because of this it is easy to clean the several components. This makes it simple to come up to standards regarding to hygiene. Models The 834 EP serie contains of the following four models: › 834 SPBS Shaver Slicer without stacking mechanism › 834 EPB Stakcer fully automatic system: stacked and tilled arrangement › 834 EPC Stacker slicer with a conveyor belt › 834 EPBK fully automatic slicer for cheese DEKO slicers, for ease of use, hygiene and a professional appearance All DEKO machines comply with EU health and safety regulations and various ISO standards. Each machine is also provided with the CE Marking. Parts that come into contact with meat and cheese are made of stainless steel. This results in a long service life and low maintenance and service costs. The stainless steel last slice device, combined with the automatic stacking mechanism, minimizes the amount of waste drastically. The machines have an integrated sharpener. Just a single hand movement is required to switch from slicing to sharpening.


Technoclip ZAO, Meatline Ltd.

Product description High capacity, user friendly, low maintenance Bandall equipment automatically places a paper or plastic band, printed in up to full colour, around virtually anything! The unique in-feed system ensures a fast and reliable processing of the banding material. The advantages are numerous: a high production capacity; user friendly operation; very low and clean maintenance. Also, a clean banding process is guaranteed by virtue of the UCS (Ultra Clean Sealing) system installed in all Bandall models. The Bandall is designed to work with very fine banding, considerably reducing material requirements, saving in costs and reducing waste. Variety in arch dimensions and material widths The Bandall is available with very wide ranging arch sizes to accommodate all sizes of products and groups/stacks of products. It is possible to add a thermo-transfer printer to print directly into the band, for example, a bar code, series number, date, etc. Our sales advisors will be pleased to offer you information and advice.

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 6

22/04/13 15.03



Inox Meccanica s.r.l.

Product description Automatic machine for tying in continuous, available in two distinct versions: model “S” for tying salumis already stuffed into casing such as coppa, pancetta, and the model “R” for product in one or more pieces rolled togheater or overlapped like roast and so on. This machine can use for tying various type of elastic and traditional twine: Here are the main technical characteristics of the machine: › This machine can tie products with a minimum diameter from 60 mm. up 200 mm. approx, there are no restriction regarding the length. The cycle phases are as follows: › The operator places the product to be tied onto the loading conveyor belt of the machine. › Once the product arrives in the tying area, the machine automatically initiates the cycle, respecting the distance between one tie and the other one, according to the model, which have been set on the control panel. › Once finished the tying, through the output conveyor belt, the tied product is discharged. › This machine is equipped with a special system that allows to adjust twine stretching. › With the control panel board it’s possible to choose according to the model, the distance of beginning and finish of the tying on the product, the pace of the continous tying on model “S”, or the distance between one tie and the other and the number of twine runs for the model “R”. › The electro-pneumatic installation with low voltage components is controlled by a PLC connected to a touch screen control panel, on which the various cycles according to the product type can be chosen. › The entire structure is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and materials suitable to be used with foodstuff. › The above described machine has been constructed in compliance with the European machines directive about safety, noise and hygiene


Hevel Vacuum B.V.

Product description The main reasons for vacuum packing meat is that it prevents fast dehydration and discolouring, and prolongs the tenability of the product. More and more professionals also use vacuum packing for the process of ripening. If a lower quality bag is used, the product will quickly loose its colour and taste, and therefore its quality. In the market it is a trend to use cheaper and cheaper vacuum bags. After a while it shows that the quality and taste demands of the customer can not be reached anymore. The problem with using cheaper vacuum bags is that the quality of the packed product will go down as well. Many do not realise that using a brand vacuum bag will give good results, without the need for extra investments or changes in the packaging. Because of the very high lucidity of HEVEL Super Export vacuum bags, the perfect presentation for your meat is created. The bags are non-powdered, and together with the high barrier, they slow down the dehydration of the product, and assure a longer tenability, and better taste and colour. After opening, when the oxygen reaches the meat again, the nice red colour will be retained. The small amount of “drip” makes it also possible to save a lot of money with HEVEL vacuum bags. Meat is mainly vacuum packed.

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 7

22/04/13 15.03



Bandall International BV

Product description Bandall banding is a new, unique and innovative way to package and label your products. We offer banding equipment with printed paper or film banding materials: all designs and finishes to your specifications. From simple hand fed semiautomatic models up to fully automatic, integrated in-line total banding solutions - we offer full professional advice from idea conception to finished product. Automatic banding with Bandall offers many benefits, such as: › New and flexible marketing possibilities with lots of printing area - Branding by Banding › Maximum visibility of your product where desired › Banding together of 2 or more products, for example for promotional packaging › Tamper evidence - no undetected opening of products › Reductions and savings in banding materials › Reductions and savings in labour › Reduced waste - a benefit to you and to the environment as a whole › 100% biodegradable printed banding material also available › Shelf Ready Packaging - major reductions in costs and wastage easily achievable At the show we shall demonstrate examples of banding equipment and have many banded products and banding materials to help inspire. And please don’t forget – Bandall banding is GREEN too! Please come along to find out in how many ways Bandall banding can reduce the burden on the environment and at the same time improve brand identity and offer great savings.


Schröter Technologie GmbH & Co. KG

Product description Intensive chilling and rinsing systems from Schröter are the ideal addition to your production flow for quick cooling and direct packing of your goods. Different cooling media such as ice water, cold air and brine are at your disposal for the handling of meat products.



Product description New generation CFS CookStar: Re-defining yield performance and cooking productivity The new generation CFS CookStar spiral oven offers up to 3% higher yield, better quality and up to 15% shorter cooking times than its predecessor. The original was introduced in 1992 and became the benchmark in double spiral cooking. The new generation CFS CookStar Turbo multi-zone roaster adds impingement technology to increase the number and flexibility of applications, speed up cooking and create a crispy product with an extra 0.5 to 1% higher yield. Applications include steamed, coated, marinated and enhanced browned products, roasted bone-in and boneless products and formed products. The machine is available for ‘live’ demonstrations at the CFS Technology Center in the Netherlands.

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 8

22/04/13 15.03




Product description CFS PowerGrind: High capacity grinding of fresh and frozen meat With a history of producing some of the industry’s most respected grinders – Wolfking, Krämer+Grebe and Simo joined the company in the nineties – a totally new CFS grinder is a notable event. Premiered on the stand, the CFS PowerGrind 280 is a very high-capacity grinder suitable for both fresh meat and frozen meat blocks without a tool change. Based on the twin-worm concept pioneered by the CFS AutoGrind, it produces fewer fines when grinding blocks than a single worm machine, leading to a higher cooking yield. The new grinder has an enlarged hopper volume and infeed area, meaning up to10 blocks per charge can be loaded without bridging. The machine is also designed for hygiene, and includes a hinged lining and complete separation of product and drive zones.

DEEP FRYER Exhibitor

M. Serra S.A.

Product description Machine to fry, cook, blanch, braise, mix, and homogenise various types of food products. Description: › Machine with rounded and bowl-shaped inner basin with horizontal wands. › Can be tipped and it is supported on two columns forming a solid structure on adjustable footings. › Basin, lining and bench completely made of stainless steel. › Thermally insulated to ensure a very high performance. › All mechanical and hydraulic parts located on one side of the machine. › Electrical panel built into the interior of the structural columns with control devices properly protected. › Easy to clean and to maint. Heating types: Gas oil with a double jacket, indirect steam, or thermal fluid Capacity and dimensions: Fryers are made starting from 200 liters.


Ollari e Conti International S.r.l.

Product description These machines are suitable for peeling cattle, pig and sheep feet and heads, piglets. The centrifuges are made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel and are equipped with a pneumatic opening system for internal cleaning. They are supplied insulated, with an air-operated product out feed door and an electric control panel with a stainless steel cabinet and low tension 24 V push-buttons.

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 9

22/04/13 15.03




Product description CFS CutMaster: Better control means more consistent results CFS is no newcomer to bowl cutters. Krämer+Grebe (part of CFS since 1989) launched the world’s first propeller cutter with a single-sided knife arm in 1945, and the first the vacuum bowl cutter in 1956. The latest generation CFS CutMaster is still evolving, with achievements like the world’s fastest cutting knives (162 m/s) and the revolutionary TopCut knife system. The cutter on the stand features upgraded control capabilities that help processors attain more consistent quality results. Examples include the latest release CutControl software with a touch-screen operator panel, and renewed CutView software for documentation, analysis and reporting. The story continues with the CookBook, a unique way of sharing CFS expertise to produce products in the most safe and reliable way.


De Jong Engineering Elburg B.V.

Product description Producing a variety of products With our diafragma units we can produce a wide variety of products such as: meatballs, potato balls, noodle portions and various products. One total portion of the stuffer is divided by the pressure dividing system into multiple exact equal portions Benefits: › Wide variety of products. › Easy shaping on the display. › High accuracy in portion weight. › Increasing efficiency by up to 20 percent. › Very high quality. › No damage of product structure. › Product profile stored in program Features: Accuracy and flexibility are the most important characteristics of the system. A number of years ago De Jong Engineering Elburg B.V. introduced its digital pressure dividing system DVS. By means of the DVS-system one flow of product from the vacuum stuffer is divided into several exact equal flows. Every flow has a diafragma for the production of round or oval balls. With the servo-drive it is possible to change the profile of the portion at a certain diafragma opening. The system has a lot of advantages. The most important advantage is: Whatever weight of product you put in, it will all end up as finished product. Moreover there is no water used only for low weight portions. The advantage of this is a clean and dry production. And last but not least is the consistent shape and exact weight repeatedly being produced. Capacity: 0 – 150 cycles / minute Number of heads: 1-15 in 1 to 3 rows Max. diameter balls: 50mm (70mm). Applications Production process in the fastfood or convenience industry: › meatballs › potato balls › ice-cream portions › vegetable products › pastry balls/products

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 10

22/04/13 15.03



Sinteco Impianti S.r.l

Product description Continuous pasteurization is obtained through specific mechanical systems and different thermal fluids, below is a list of the most reliable methods used: › Overlapped multi-line core water pasteurizers and coolers “Coretex” used for processing frankfurter sausages with a capacity of up to 10.000 Kg/h including dripping phase. › Continuous surface water pasteurizers/coolers “Suretex” used for processing hams and cooked products with a capacity of up to 2500 p/h including dripping phase. › Spiral air pasteurizers and coolers “Spiroaertex” used for processing packaged and unpackaged food products.


JBT FoodTech

Product description Double D’s Revoband Char Grilling, Searing and Bar Marking Units are designed to enhance a wide range of finished products, both in taste and appearance. The units can be custom-built to be stand-alone or to integrate with JBT’s range of continuous cookers and ovens. The units offer food processors a whole host of new options for added value products.


Sinteco Impianti S.r.l

Product description Continuous cooking is implemented by choosing an optimized range of reliable solutions guaranteeing high quality and hygiene standards at reduced investment costs: › Conveyor or tank water cookers “Thermotex Free Cooking and Rack Cooking” used to process packaged and unpackaged food products. › Direct steam conveyor cookers “Nastrosteamex” for fresh pasta. › Multi-layered conveyor cooler “Nastrotex” or spiral cooler “Spirotex” with sterile air in a controlled atmosphere.



Product description Designed primarily to stop overworking the product and give you a better finished product the Combo knife will also save you money with lower running costs.

FP 2/13 SPECIALE IFFA.indd 11

22/04/13 15.03




he company B.S. srl manufactures and offers the market the new food slicers AVN140 multislices and AVM250 for bacon, designed and built to deposit the sliced product (cheese, ham, cooked ham, speck and other cured meats, cooked meat, vegetables, fish) with a thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 15 mm. AVN140, the smallest of the series, has an area of cutting of 125mm x 125mm suitable for cutting small calibers such as those used for sandwiches or rolls. Although very compact and easy to handle, the machine achieves very high cutting speeds always ensuring a perfect storage, with the multislices mode too. The loading of the product, in various lengths, is performed continuously and in succession in the cluster. The sliced product is deposited directly on toast, bread, cakes, pizzas, trays that will be moving continuously or rhythmic pace. The machine is also equipped with an innovative system that allows a rapid and complete sanitation, without using any tools. AVM250, mainly suitable for pizza, mortadella and product of large size, reaches sizes up to 250mm x 600mm. The standard AVM250 was renewed for cutting slices of bacon with an output of 160 cuts per minute on 2 rows. Each cut slice will be subsequently divided into two parts, then to obtain a total of 640 pieces perfectly aligned on the conveyor belt. To ensure high precision of the thickness of the slice, the two shear zones will be managed independently by a proper engine and from the operator panel you can adjust diffe-

BS FP 2/13.indd 3

rent heights. On the same line can be connected to each other more slicers, this allows to align the mechanism of the two machines and thus have product rows perfectly in series. The loading of the product takes place continuously and in succession in the cluster. On all BS slicers, while maintaining the same characteristics, it is also possible to install a ribbon to achieve the “portions� with amounts of slices to be chosen that can be stacked or staggered by a programma-

ble distance. The ribbon becomes very useful if you want to deposit more slices on a sandwich, or to prepare the trays with a specific amount of product. All operations can be programmed and stored in order to be able to draw in the shortest possible time data related to a processing previously executed. Finally, the machines are presented ductile thanks to the wheels of which are equipped that allow adaptability to different lines in a short time.

15/04/13 13.10



Consumers should be aware of halal norms to avert contamination, mis-selling


ack to back local as well as international cases of contamination of halal food have brought into focus the need for general consumers to be aware of halal rules and regulations. Last week, in a startling revelation, UK’s Food Standards Agency was informed by the ministry of justice that a number of meat pies and pastries supplied to prisons in England and Wales were labelled and served as halal but contained traces of pork DNA. The scandal came days after a UK super market found its frozen beef burgers supplied by an Irish meat processor to contain horse meat and pig DNA. Closer home, some residents were shocked to find that restaurants in five-star hotels used same kitchen equipment on halal and pork products. Last month, in the US, a global fast food chain and one of its franchise owners agreed to pay US$700,000 to members of the Muslim community to settle allegations a Detroit-area restaurant falsely advertised its food as being prepared according to Islamic dietary law. “Such instances of food contamination and mis-selling are worrying, and at the same time unacceptable, to any Muslim irrespective of

HALAL FP 2/13.indd 3

the country or region. Such incidents would have offended and distressed a large number of Muslims across the world. Several times such instances are reported even when there are clear regulations for food establishments to abide by while handling and selling pork products,” said Mr. Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, Director-General of Expo Centre Sharjah. Mr. Midfa pointed out that the public should be aware of proper halal rules and regulations while buying food items, stressing role of the Halal Middle East trade fair and congress in educating the Muslim community on how to ensure that what they are consuming is genuinely halal. Halal Middle East will be held at Expo Center Sharjah from December 16 - 18, 2013, that includes Halal Expo and along with Halal Congress Middle East. “Consumers need to be aware the halal norms governing the system for preparing and serving food products... for

example, in case of meat how animals are slaughtered, labelled, stored, refrigerated, cooked and served,” said Mr. Midfa. “Not just consumers, but retailers, suppliers and restaurants too need to be aware that people have a right to know what food they are eating and it is their duty to describe their products correctly. They should adhere to halal norms prescribed by respective authorities and should not mess up products or cut corners by padding out food with cheaper meats to boost profit,” added Mr. Midfa. Besides stressing the need for being aware of halal procedures, it also underscores the requirement of common halal standards for food as well as other products and services, reflecting the importance of a show like the Halal Middle East. Moreover, global attention is now on the UAE, as the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) is working on unified standards for halal food and cosmetics, which, once approved by the OIC, will be introduced in all Islamic countries in the near future.

15/02/13 10.28

Senza titolo-1 1

25/03/13 11.04



GEA Food Solutions zeigt auf der IFFA neue Entwicklungen bei Fleischverarbeitungs- und Verpackungsmaschinen, mit denen fleischverarbeitende Unternehmen ihre Leistung steigern können. Hygienische Konstruktion und anwendungs-spezifische Lösungen sind das zentrale Thema dieses Messeauftritts, bei dem sechs Produkte ihre Premiere feiern und viele Verbesserungen bekannter Maschinen vorgestellt werden.

GEA auf zwei Ständen auf der IFFA Wertschöpfung hat viele Gesichter, angefangen bei flexiblen Universalmaschinen bis hin zu leistungsoptimierten Lösungen, die exakt auf spezielle Anwendungen abgestimmt sind. GEA Food Solutions präsentiert anlässlich der IFFA 2013 seine neuesten Entwicklungen bei Maschinen zum Zubereiten, Marinieren, Weiterverarbeiten, Slicen und Verpacken von Fleischund Wurstwaren. Die neuen Maschinen und kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozesse unterstreichen das in dem Slogan ‘Taking you Forward’ formulierte Kundenversprechen. Das Unternehmen ist auf zwei Ständen vertreten: In Halle 8 (Stand D06) präsentiert sich GEA auf einem eigenen 700 m² großen Stand und in Halle 11.1 (Stand D70) stellt das Unternehmen auf dem Robotic-PackLine-Stand eine komplette automatisierte Verpackungslinie vor.

GEA FP 2/13.indd 3

Innovative Slicer-Technologie Als eine der großen Produktpremieren auf der IFFA wird ein neuer Slicer vorgestellt, bei dem viele Pluspunkte der innovativen Technologie und der hygienischen Konstruktion der Hochleistungsmaschine GEA GigaSlicer auf eine Maschine des mittleren Leistungsegments übertragen wurden. Der GEA DualSlicer hat zwei separate Greifer, so dass er zwei Stangen unabhängig voneinander mit minimalem Übergewicht (Giveaway) schneiden kann. Wie sein großer Bruder ist er sehr leicht zu reinigen und bietet für einen Slicer dieses Formats Hygiene auf einem neuen Niveau. Zu sehen ist der DualSlicer auf dem RoboticPack-Line-Stand als Teil einer arbeitenden Komplettlinie mit dem GEAWägesystem Check3000, zwei neuen automatisierten Beladesystemen von GEA, dem GEA PowerPakRT Thermoformer und dem GEA PowerGuide Linienvereiniger. Auch der GEA GigaSlicer wird kontinu-

ierlich weiterentwickelt und hat nun einen noch größeren Schneidquerschnitt (640 mm), so dass sechs Stangen mit 105 mm Durchmesser geschnitten werden können - womit er aktuell die leistungsstärkste Maschine auf dem Markt ist. Dieser Slicer steht auf dem GEA-Stand an prominenter Stelle in Kombination mit einem GEA OptiScan Röntgenscanner, der das Portionsgewicht im laufenden Betrieb kontinuierlich optimiert.

Weiterer Fortschritt bei horizontalen und vertikalen Verpackungsmaschinen Auf dem GEA-Hauptstand feiert eine komplett neue GEA PowerPak TiefziehVerpackungsmaschine ihre Premiere und läutet den Einstieg des Unternehmens in das Segment der anwendungsspezifischen Verpackungslösungen mit optimierter Leistung ein. Mit der vertikalen Schlauchbeutelmaschine GEA SmartPacker CX400 mit kontinuierlichem Folientransportsy-

23/04/13 12.14


stem stellt GEA seine Vielseitigkeit in puncto Verpackungslösungen unter Beweis. Die bei Supermärkten beliebten QuatroSeal-Beutel und Doypack-Standbodenbeutel können samt und sonders nach nur geringen Modifikationen auf dieser Maschine befüllt werden. Auf diese Weise hat der Anwender eine große Auswahl an attraktiven und preisgünstigen Flachbodenbeutelvarianten, die in den Verkaufsregalen und Displays nicht zu übersehen sind. Und bei Bedarf können mit der gleichen vertikalen Schlauchbeutelmaschine auch standardmäßige Schlauchbeutelverpackungen befüllt werden.

setzt neue Maßstäbe bei Präzision und Hygiene und zeichnet sich durch kompromisslose Flexibilität aus.

Ausgelegt für Hygiene und Produktivität Für den Bereich der Produktvorbereitung werden auf dem Stand eine Weiterentwicklung des Wolfs GEA PowerGrind 280 und der Kutter GEA CutMaster V500 gezeigt. Diese Maschinen zählen in ihrer jeweiligen Klasse zu den Hochleistungsmaschinen und wurden kontinuierlich weiter perfektioniert und aufgerüstet. Diese hygienischen, produktiven und äußerst robusten Maschinen haben innerhalb der Branche neue Maßstäbe gesetzt.

Coating, Formen und Garen Präsentation eines neuen Injektors auf der IFFA Die Mariniermaschinen von GEA Food Solutions setzen auf führende InjektorTechnologie. Die diesjährige IFFA ist die Plattform für die Markteinführung eines revolutionären, vielseitig einsetzbaren Lake-Injektors. Der neue GEA-Injektor ist das Ergebnis aus zwei Jahren intensiver Entwicklungsarbeit,

Im Bereich Coating und Formen wird GEA auf der IFFA zwei völlig neue Konzepte vorstellen. Da wäre einmal die perfekte Lösung für die appetitliche Ummantelung von Produkten wie hausgemacht, und zum anderen eine Formmaschine, die hochwertige Produkte bei hoher Geschwindigkeit für große Produktionsläufe produziert. Neben diesen interessanten Neuheiten gilt den aktuellen Frittieranlagen und Öl-Management-Lösungen von

GEA besondere Aufmerksamkeit. Und gleich noch eine Premiere: Ein revolutionäres und hochproduktives Verfahren zur Produktion von schmackhaften durchgegarten Produkten mit Rauchgeschmack in Anlagenreihe.

Unser Kundendienst Global Service Die Reduzierung ungeplanter Maschinenstillstandszeiten auf ein Minimum und die Maximierung des Ertrags haben in der fleischverabeitenden Industrie oberste Priorität. Die Abteilung Global Service von GEA Food Solutions stellt auf dem IFFA-Stand die neuesten Angebote des Kundendiensts vor, mit denen Kunden die Leistung ihrer Maschinen maximieren können. Darüber hinaus haben die Besucher auf dem Stand von GEA Food Solutions auf der IFFA Gelegenheit, mit Vertretern der Schwestergesellschaft GEA Refrigeration Technologies über die neueste Spiralfroster-Lösung für den Proteinmarkt zu sprechen. Während der IFFA besteht die Möglichkeit einer persönlichen Vorführung vieler der neuen und etablierten Produkte in den Technologiezentren von GEA Food Solutions in Wallau und Kempten sowie in Bakel in den Niederlanden.

WATLOW® AQUIRES SEMICONDUCTOR TOOLING SERVICES, INC. Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, announced today that it acquired San Jose, CA-based Semiconductor Tooling Services, Inc. (STS) as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The terms of the agreement will not be disclosed. STS is a leader in ion implant refurbishment, elastomer bonding and high-precision cleaning technologies. STS’ primary offering is the development and application of precision bonds between critical components in a process tool assembly. These bonds are responsible for adhesion, as well as to provide specific heat conducting properties. The acquisition will allow Watlow and STS to provide its shared customers a greater product offering and increased capabilities. “We are pleased that STS is now a part of Watlow because it helps us provide even more value to our se-

GEA FP 2/13.indd 4

miconductor customers,” said Tom LaMantia, Watlow’s president. “One of Watlow’s goals is to improve our domain knowledge and elevate our technical expertise in our strategic markets. This acquisition brings new expertise into the company and enables the development of higher quality, higher performing and higher value wafer processing assemblies. The ability to provide more comprehensive temperature management solutions enables our customers to improve their confidence in the thermal performance of a subsystem while also reducing their supply chain complexity.” “We fully support this acquisition,” said John Lilleland, owner of STS. “We have worked with Watlow for many years and have developed a mutual respect. Our complementary capabilities and mutual strengths will allow us to provide industry-leading solutions for our customers.”

14/02/13 15.58


PREMIUM PRODUCTS FOR THE MEAT PROCESSING INDUSTRY “Helping Customers improve and achieve their goals”


s a company PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. we have been successfully operating on the global market for four decades and we are known as a producer and supplier of machinery and equipment for meat processing industry. These are offered individually or as part of complete production lines. Credo of the company is “Solutions for Quality and Quantity”, to which all the activities of the company were subordinated in the last three years, resulting in the production of new machines with the highest performance and quality design. When manufacturing new machines we are primarily focusing on the production of devices that meet all the basic criteria of reliability and top-level quality. Therefore, we have developed new machines that are characterized by failure-free operation, long life and last but not least, by a reasonable price. All these actions were taken in order to provide new options to our customers. We are building on the long experience of PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. as a producer of machinery and equipment for meat-processing industry. We fully utilize the knowledge and skills of our employees in order to create the final products to increase satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, strong elements in the production of the devices are represented mainly by the creativity, knowledge and expertise of our team. Thus,

PSS SVIDNIK FP 2/13.indd 3

the results of the joint work of our employees are the final products - new machines that fully meet the requirements of those who decide to use them in their businesses and operations. “We at PSS SVIDN�K, a.s. help our customers improve and achieve their goals. By supplying premium products and services we ensure and take care that our customers, together with us, experience a pleasure.” In the manufacturing process we are using the latest production technologies, best practices, and modern ma-

chinery - CNC horizontal boring machines, CNC splitting machines (water jet, plasma), CNC brake presses for bending of materials, welding machines for longitudinal as well as for orbital welds and first-class materials in order to add specific properties to our products, which fulfill the visions and meet the demands of customers in every respect. We continually invest in the development, examination and testing of machines in order to check their work, prevent any potential deficiencies and thus avoid possible errors in the further development. We also provide quality and prompt warranty and post warranty customer service as well as assistance during installation and commissioning of the devices. These are commissioned in accordance with pre-agreed terms and conditions. Since we care about engaging with our regular customers continuously but also about encountering and gaining new customers, we therefore participate in exhibitions every year, where we kindly welcome everyone and present our machines to everybody with pleasure. At the IFFA exhibition, where we are kindly inviting you to visit our stand B 84/ hall 9.0, we are going to introduce you three unique products from our wide range. The first of them is PSS SCG 280, Speed Combi Grinder, which is desi-

11/04/13 13.33


Meat processing machinery

PSS SVIDNÍK has been successfully operating in the global market for four decades. The company focuses on the production of meat processing machines and brewery equipment (breweries, fermentation, serving and tapping beer tanks), pressure and non-pressure vessels. These are offered individually or as part of complete production lines. If you would like to know more about PSS products please contact us.

Frankfurt am Main 4 - 9. 5. 2013 Hall 9.0, Stand B84

Breweries and brewing equipment

PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. Sovietských hrdinov 460/114 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia

tel.: +421/54/7862 111 fax: +421/54/7520 904


gned for food industry operations for fast grinding of any kind of fresh and frozen meat as well as whole frozen meat blocks with temperatures down to -25 °C. PSS SCGs ensure an excellent product quality ranging from coarse to very fine cutting. The second type is PSS SFV 721, Speed Filler Vacuum, which is a multifunctional device designed for medium and large operations of food industry. It serves for a perfect filling of meat products and other food products. The device is a guarantee of effective usage and ensures a continual process of batching and filling

of processed materials. The third device is PSS K 200 VF, Vacuum-High-Speed Cutter, which is designed for food industry operations for fine cutting, mixing and emulsifying of processed materials. PSS high-speed cutters master the preparation of fine-grinded as well as coarse-grinded products. Easy and fast loading of the machine is ensured by the highlevel lifting device. The Cutter is supplied with the quality knife system that guarantees a very fast product processing and achieving the desired quality for a wide range of products. The original knives emplacement is also a guaranty for a minimal me-



SS SVIDNÍK, a.s. is a leading expander Slovak company which is successfully operating on the market since 1972. This shows enough experience with processing of stainless steel for the production of food processing machines, equipment and their parts. In 1996 the company underwent a restructure process from a state owned company to a private stock company. Its products include meat processing machines, brewery equipment, custom manufacturing as well as pressure and non-pressure vessels. The

PSS SVIDNIK FP 2/13.indd 4

orientation of the company as a supplier of the equipments enables a consistent meeting of the requirements of our customers. 90 % of production output is exported to countries in West and East Europe, Australia, East Africa as well as Central and North America. In 2004, the Company implemented a quality management system conforming to STN EN ISO 9001:2001. Currently, PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. employs 200 highly qualified and decisive professionals and the power of the company consists mostly of their creativity, knowledge, ability to commu-

chanical wear and a lower machine noise. The PSS unloading device enables a fast and uncomplicated emptying.

nicate with customers and qualified knowledge of production methods and processes. Our philosophy obliges us to provide solutions of a very high technological and creative level, but most of all, they are accessible to people and thus they bring a real contribution for an effective usage by the customer. With a view to improve the qualifications and the individual potential of each of its employees, the Company has established its own training academy. By employing special administration technology, the Company created an organisation that has eliminated obstacles hampering its advance towards increasing productivity and expanding. The results of its continuous market, customer and competition monitoring show that our Company achieves consistent year-toyear growth, including on the global level. Further expansion of our Company is based on our assistance to our customers. PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. Sovietskych hrdinov 460/114 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia Tel.: +421 54 78 62 111 Fax: +421 54 75 20 904 Web: E-mail:

11/04/13 13.33




alumificio Pedrazzoli, eine italienische, im 1951 gegründete Firma aus mantuanischem. Ursprung, ist derzeit eine im Bezug auf Bio- sowie traditionelle Wurstwaren führende Firma. Wir waren die erste italienische Firma, die in Bio-Produktionen Vertrauen bzw. schon im 1996 eine Bio-Produktion entwickelt hatte; die Fa. Pedrazzoli ist ein Betrieb mit geschlossenem Prozess, unserer Stärke in diesem Bereich, bez. einer Rückverfolgbarkeit des Produkts (d. h. von der Zucht der Schweine bis zum Fertigprodukt) ist unser Betrieb nach wie vor zu berücksichtigen. Mit einem jährlichen Umsatz von 14.000.000 € (davon 80 % im Inland) vermehrt Pedrazzoli ihre Anwesenheit auch auf dem ausländischen Markt, wo sie in einigen innergemeinschaftlichen Ländern mit ihren Produkten schon anwesend ist. Ausserdem werden neue Strategien zur Durchdringung der nicht-EG-angehörigen Märkte zur Zeit geprüft. Wir exportieren in ganz Europa, Russland und Neuseeland und unser Firmenname befindet sich in der Liste der ausfuhrberechtigten Firmen im Bezug auf Japan, Südkorea, Hong Kong. Unsere Schweinezucht besteht aus 5.000 Maststück und bescheinigtem konventionellem Vieh, das Management wird mit einer Genossenschaft,


die nach Bio-Vorschriften 8’000 Schweine züchtet, durchgeführt. Jedes Jahr werden 13.000 Schweine geschlachtet bzw. verarbeitet, dadurch hat man eine jährliche Produktion von 1’500 Tonnen Fleisch. 1 % unseres jährlichen Umsatzes werden in Forschung und Entwicklung investiert. Salumificio Pedrazzoli ist seit 2000 ein Mitglied des ASSICA-Verbands (Arbeitgeberverbands des Fleischbereichs, der dem allgemeinen Verband der italienischen Industrieunternehmen untersteht). Bescheinigungen und Genehmigungen Unser Betrieb ist nach Iso 9001:2000-Norm qualitätssicherungsbescheinigt (Bescheinigungsstelle: Certiquality). Im 1996 erhielt Salumificio Pedrazzoli die Bescheinigung als biologischer Viehzuchtbetrieb, solche Bescheinigung wurde von dem Institut zur Überwachung der Bio-Produkte aus Bologna erteilt. Im 2007 erhielten wir die Genehmigung des Nord-Ost-Qualitätsinstituts bez. der Produktion der kleinen italienischen Jäger-Salamis mit geschützter Ursprungsbezeichnung. Unsere besondere Sorgfalt bei der Verarbeitung unserer Produkte sowie anspruchsvolle Markterfordernisse haben uns erlaubt, sowohl mit einer traditionellen als auch mit einer BioProduktionspalette, Produkte für von Zöliakie erfassene Personen zu pro-

duzieren, aus diesem Grund befindet sich der Name unseres Betriebs in dem Zöliakie-Buch. Eintragung in wichtige in- u. ausländische Kreise und Genossenschaften Eintragung in die Genossenschaft der Mantuanischen Salami. Eintragung in den Kreis des Grossen Poschweins mit geschützter Ursprungsbezeichnung. Eintragung in den Kreis mit geschützter Ursprungsbezeichnung bez. der Produktion von Parma-u. San Daniele-Schinken. Eintragung in den Kreis mit geschützter Ursprungsbezeichnung bez. der Produktion von kleinen italienischen JägerSalamis. Mitglied der Genossenschaft zur Überwachung der Bio-Produkte. Eintragung in das Zöliakie-Buch. Salumificio Pedrazzoli - historischer Bericht. Die Fa. Pedrazzoli Spa wurde im Jahr 1951 in San Giovanni del Dosso (Provinz: Mantua), einem bekannten Gebiet der önologischen und gastronomischen Tradition, von Herrn Arnaldo Pedrazzoli, zusammen mit seiner Frau und seinen drei Söhnen, gegründet. Dadurch war sein Wunschtraum von Erfolg gekrönt, da er am Anfang in einer Wurstwarenfabrik als Arbeiter tätig war, dann wurde er Eigentümer der kleinen Metzgerei in seinem kleinen Dorf in der mantuanischen Tiefebene, danach wurde er Inhaber der Fa. Salumificio (auf Deutsch =

27/02/13 15.39


Wurstwarenfabrik) Arnaldo Pedrazzoli, eines Familienunternehmens, das sich mit der Schlachtung sowie der Verarbeitung von Wurstwaren beschäftigte. Übrigens muss man auch sagen, daß der Vater von Arnaldo - der sogenannte “Minghin” - als Schweineschlächter tätig war. Minghin, dessen Name das Ergebnis seines Ruhms war, ging von Haus zu Haus, um Schweine zu schlachen bzw. für die patriarchalischen Bauernfamilien Salamis zu produzieren. Von Schweineschlächter wurde er Arbeiter in einer Wurstwarenfabrik, von Metzger wurde er dann Unternehmer, so erfolgt die Geschichte der Firma Pedrazzoli, bei der nach wie vor die Wurstwarenproduktion als wesentlichen roten Faden zu betrachten ist.

Nun besitzt unser Betrieb eine gegliederte Struktur, die nicht nur aus Verwaltungs- und Personalführungsabteilungen, sondern auch seinerseits aus Fachstrukturen besteht, dieselben sind wie folgt: › Einkaufsabteilung für Bio- und traditionelle Linie, wo sich spezifische Bezugspersonen, die sich mit dem Einkauf von Rohmaterialien, Hilfsstoffen u. Verpackungsmaterialien beschäftigen, befinden; › Produktionsleitungsstruktur, wo sich die für die verschiedenen Linien, für Frisch- und abgelagerte Produkte verantwortlichen Personen befinden; › Qualitätssicherung und HACCP-Management; › Forschungs- und Entwicklungsab-

Bis zum heutigen Tage sind die Enkel von Arnaldo sowie ihre Kinder bei dem Familienunternehmen tätig, wobei die Wurstwarenproduktion traditionsgemäss entwickelt wird. 1984 ist ein Meilenstein für die Entwicklung des Betriebs, da die neue Fabrik in dem handwerklichen Gebiet in San Giovanni del Dosso eröffnet wird. Die Tätigkeit hat eine fortdauernde Entwicklung, sodaß die Fabrik im 1994 nach EG-Normen vergrössert wird. Im 2004 wurde ein neues Gebäude gebaut, dabei befand sich die Stelle für gekochtes Fleisch sowie das Wurstwarenlager und die Nebenkeller zur langen Ablagerung der Wurstwaren.

teilung, die sich aufgrund der neuen Markterfordernisse mit der Entwicklung von innovativen Produkten beschäftigt › Logistik, wo sich die Lagerverantwortlichen für Frisch- u. abgelagerte Produkte befinden; › Handelsabteilung - mit einer Linie für Verteilerketten und Grossisten sowie mit einer weiteren Linie, die sich aus Frisch- und abgelagerten Produkten besteht -, wo sich der Verantwortliche für den Empfang der Bestellungen befindet. Die Schweinerückverfolgbarkeit. Stärke der Fa. Salumificio Pedrazzoli Die Firma Pedrazzoli ist ein eigenartige Struktur, wo sich Zucht, Schlachtung


und Verarbeitung miteinander vervollständigen. Aus diesem Grund produzieren wir exklusive Produkte wie zum Beispiel Wurstwaren aus Biolandbau - Parma-Schinken, Salami, Wurst aus dem Schweinenackenstück, Mortadella u.s.w. - zusammen mit nichtbiologischen Produkten, mit denen es möglich ist alte Geschmäcke wieder zu entdecken. Ein Beispiel dieser Arbeitsphilosophie ist die Padus-Salami (die Posalami). Es handelt sich hierbei um ein exklusives, wie in der Vergangenheit entwickeltes Produkt, das aus gelagertem Fleisch aus ganzen Schweinen besteht: Schinken, Schweinsrücken, Wurst aus Schweinenackenstück, Schweineschulterstück, abgelagertes Hackfleisch, dessen Ablagerung gemäss dem natürlichen langsamen Tempo der ruhigen mantuanischen Keller erfolgt. Zusammen mit der Bescheinigung nach den innergemeinschaftlichen Vorschriften hat unser Betrieb durch eine unabhängige Qualitätssicherungsstelle eine Bescheinigung nach UNI EN ISO 9000:2000-Norm erhalten, damit ist es möglich alle Produktionsprozesse (Zucht, Schlachtung, Wurstwarenproduktion) zu überwachen. 1. Traditionelle und Bio-Zucht Unsere Zucht besteht meistens aus zwei Linien (traditioneller und Bio-Linie), auf die sich die spezifischen entwickelten Produkte beziehen. Die traditionelle italienische und insbesondere mantuanische Schweinezucht (die Schweine werden im Stall gezüchtet und in unserem Gebiet kann man auf dem Lande etruskische Überreste solcher Tätigkeit finden) befindet sich in gut geschützten und isolierten Ställen, wo die Temperatur beständig ist. Die besondere Fütterung ergibt Schweine mit festem Fleisch, das für die Produktion der typischen italienischen Wurstwaren, die wie bekannt ohnegleichen sind, besonders geeignet ist. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine eine aus 5.000 konventionellen Stück be-

27/02/13 15.39


stehende Viehzucht sowie eine bescheinigte, unter Mitwirkung von La Sorgente-Genossenschaft aus Saluzzo (Provinz: Cuneo) verwaltete Zucht, die aus 8.000 Schweinen besteht bzw. sich in einem für solche Züchtungen, nach den Bioproduktionsvorschriften, besonders geeigneten Gebiet befindet (weite Flächen, Strohstreu, Fütterung mit Rohstoffen aus Biolandbau, keine Benutzung von gentechnisch veränderten Organismen sowie keine Benutzung von durch chemische Prozesse erhaltenen Nebenprodukten). Die Genossenschaft - die wichtigste Genossenschaft Norditaliens bezüglich der Produktion von Bio-Schweinen, mit Sauenfläche im Freien, bei einem angeschlossenen Betrieb - benutzt Rohmaterialien aus Biolandbau, einfache aber gleichzeitig Edelprodukte wie Saubohnen, Erbsen, Getreide und Kleien und zur Fütterungszubereitung wendet sie sich an die mit der Genossenschaft verbundene Futtermittelfabrik. Die Fütterung wird aufgrund des Gewichts der einzelnen Schweine zubereitet: für kleine Schweine von 30 bis 80 kg und insbesondere für grössere Schweine - von 80 bis 160 kg - werden Edelrohstoffe (Mais, Gerste, Weizen, Kleie, Soja), die mehr als 90 % der Fütterung sind, sorgfältig ausgewählt. Auch das Alter der Schweine wird streng kontrolliert, da keine Schweine vor neun Monaten Leben geschlachtet werden, sodaß ein durchschnittliches Gewicht von 160 kg erhalten werden kann.


2. Schlachtung von konventionellen und Bioschweinen 13.000 Schweine (davon sind 5’000 konventionelle und 8’000 Bio-Schweine) werden jedes Jahr geschlachtet und verarbeitet, dadurch wird eine jährliche Produktion von 800 Tonnen Fleisch erhalten. Sämtliches bei uns verarbeitetes Fleisch wird aus schweren Schweinen, die für unsere typische Produktion benutzt werden, erhalten. Seit ca. einem Jahr werden auch die verschiedenen Schnitte aus solchem Fleisch durch das GSP-Zeichen (Gran Suino Padano = auf Deutsch: Grosses Poschwein) geschützt; dieses Zeichen kennzeichnet Frischfleischschnitte aus in Italien geborenen, gezüchteten und geschlachteten Schweinen, die für die Produktion der ausgezeichneten Wurstwaren mit geschützter Ursprungsbezeichnung, wie Parma- und San Daniele-Schinken, benutzt werden. Die geschlachteten Schweine werden nach 2073/2005-Vorschriften einer Kontrolle unterworfen, insbesondere den Hälften werden Tampons durch Scheuerschwämmchen aus vier Stellen, d. h. Schweinebacke, Schinken, Lendenstück, durchwachsenem Bauchspeck zur Suche nach Bakterienchargen und Enterobakterien, entnommen. Ausserdem werden Entnahmen den Schenkeln, dem Bauch und der Kehle zur Suche nach eventuellen Salmollebakterien durchgeführt. Einmal im Jahr und bei neuen Zuchten, d. h. bei noch nicht geschlachteten Schweinen, werden die Innereien zur

Suche nach einem eventuellen Vorhandensein von Inhibitoren geprüft. Zur Vermeidung von Kontaminationen mit konventionellen Produkten werden die Bio-Schweine immer zuerst geschlachtet, wenn die Anlagen noch sauber sind. Der Schlachthof ist nach EG-Norm, er darf in alle europäischen Länder exportieren und seit einigen Jahren hat derselbe die Genehmigung zur Ausfuhr nach Japan erhalten. Er darf auch in die Schweiz sowie in den neuen südkoreanischen Markt exportieren. 3. Die Produktion Das wesentliche Merkmal der beiden Linien (der konventionellen sowie der Bio-Linie) ist die Benutzung von italienischem Fleisch aus unseren eigenen Züchtungen (GSP = grosses Poschwein). Die Benutzung von einfachen Rohstoffen und von Qualitätsfleisch erlauben uns keine Konservierungsmittel, Mehle oder andere chemische Hilfsstoffe zu benutzen. Eine andere wichige Eigenschaft ist die exklusive Benutzung von Naturschläuchen, die unserer Salami einen “Hausgeschmack” verleihen bzw. eine natürliche Ablagerung ermöglichen. Die meisten Verarbeitungen erfolgen manuell, insbesondere bei Salamis, wo die Bindung noch handwerklich durchgeführt wird. Andererseits erfolgt die Produktion der meisten gekochten Produkte ohne Produktpressen, sondern mit einem handgemachten Schwartennähen und mit einem langsamen Kochen, um die Entwicklung eines Produktes handwerklicher Qualität, eines Nischen-, zwar keines industriellen Produkts, zu entwickeln. Im Bezug auf die Produktion ist auch die Zeit ein wesentliches, besonders wichtiges Element: mit einer Ablagerung von wenigstens 5 Monaten kann man solche beschränkte Salami- Produktion als wirklich exklusiv betrachten. Die Produktion der Fa. Pedrazzoli besteht aus: › Frischfleisch und verarbeiteter Frischware: Würste, Schlackwürste, gefüllten Schweinsfüssen und anderen Produkten › Wurstwaren: Salamis, durchwachsenen Bauchspecken, Schweineba-

27/02/13 15.39


cken, Würsten aus Nackenstücken, Mortadella, gekochten Produkten sowie gekochten gastronomischen Präparaten Zur Erteilung des Zeichens, das eine geschützte Ursprungsbezeichnung kennzeichnet, an dem Parma- oder San Daniele-Schinken, beachtet die Fa. Salumificio Pedrazzoli alle Anweisungen in den entsprechenden Produktionsrichtlinien. Alle Schinkenproduktionsphasen werden überwacht: von der Schlachtung bis zur Ablagerung und zuletzt bis zum Endphase, zwar die Kennzeichnung mit dem Doppelkrone-Zeichen, das die hohe Qualität des erhaltenen Produkts beweist. Das Schinkenaussehen wird auch sorgfältig geprüft; der Schinken muss der strengen Genossenschaftsregelung entsprechen, die geprüften Merkmale sind wie folgt: Fleischqualität (pH-Abmessung, Jodtiter und andere Qualitätsparameter). Salumificio Pedrazzoli produziert folgende Produktionslinien: Salumificio Pedrazzoli-Linie, die auch konventionelle oder traditionelle Linie genannt wird. Dieselbe bietet traditionelle, typische, mit dem Gebiet, wo die Fa. Salumificio Pedrazzoli gegründet wurde (einem an Kultur und Traditionen reichen ‘Grenzgebiet’ unter den Provinzen Mantua, Modena, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia, Verona und Rovigo), gebundene Produkte. Solche Produktionslinie ist für eine Kundschaft, die sich auf ein langjähriges Zeichen beziehen will bzw. die Zutaten eines Produkts › kleinere Salz- und Konservierungsmittelmenge, Nichtvorhandensein von Kaseinaten und Kindermehlen - sowie die Qualität der Rohstoffe (ausschliesslich aus italienischen Zuchten bzw. in unserem Betrieb geschlachtet) hoch schätzt, besonders geeignet. Primavera-Linie, die erste echte Linie Wurstwaren aus Biolandbau in Italien Primavera-Linie wurde im Jahr 1996 dank unserer natürlichen Suche nach einer Reduktion der Konservierungsmittelmenge entwickelt. Zuerst wurde diese Linie zur Verwirklichung eines Traums, zwar eine Salami-


produktion ohne Konservierungsmittel, nur als Versuch entwickelt. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt beginnt unsere Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Cremona, mit der wir innovative Gärungsmethoden entwickelt haben. Solche Innovationen erzielten einen grossen Erfolg und aus diesem Grund entschied Salumificio Pedrazzoli zu diversifizieren bzw. eine Bio-Linie ohne Konservierungsmittel zu entwickeln. Primavera wird zuerst ins In-, danach ins Auland eingeführt und somit wird unser Betrieb auch weitreichend gut bekannt. Diese Produktionslinie ist für anspruchsvolle Fachkunden, die ein Produkt nicht nur aufgrund seiner Güte, sondern auch unter Berücksichtigung

seiner Sicherheit, wählt, gedacht und bei der Verarbeitung unserer Produkte werden keine chemischen Zusätze dazugegeben. Und das ist unsere Haupteigenschaft, kein anderer Betrieb könnte das behaupten. Salumificio Pedrazzoli war der erste europäische Produzent, der eine Bio-Linie ohne Konservierungsmittel eingeführt hat. Im Jahr 1998 hat Salumificio Pedrazzoli in Deutschland, auf der BiofachMesse, zur Entwicklung und Erzeugung des ersten Bio-Schinkens den ersten Preis ‘Qualität und Innovation der BioProdukte’ gewonnen. 4. Vermarktung der Produkte In Italien erfolgt die Vermarktung unserer Produkte lediglich durch Verkaufsagenten, die sich an Einzelhändler sowie an das Gaststättengewerbe wenden. In Norditalien erfolgt der Absatz durch Alleinvertreter in den Grenzregi-

onen Modena, Bologna, Mantua, Ferrara, Verona und Reggio Emilia; in dieser letzten Provinz werden die Agenten von einer dafür verantwortlichen Person koordiniert. Was das restliche Gebiet Norditaliens betrifft, hat man einen Gebietsleiter beauftragt; er ist für die Implementierung des Verkaufsnetzes durch auf Einzelverkauf spezialisierte Vertreter verantwortlich. Ausserdem werden unsere Produkte auch in Ligurien und Piemont vermarktet, während dieselben in Lombardei in Varese, Como und Bergamo verteilt werden und wir sind schon dabei eine Verteilung unserer Produkte in der ganzen Lombardei zu planen. In Süditalien gibt es einen Gebietsleiter sowie einen Vertreter in jeder Provinz (im Bezug auf die Regionen: Apulien, Kampanien und Kalabrien, Latium und Sizilien). Im Ausland erfolgt die Vermarktung unserer Produkte durch Verteiler, grundsätzlich durch einen Verteiler pro Land, nur in Deutschland haben wir mehrere Verteiler, weil wir dort mehrere Kunden haben. Derzeit werden Pedrazzoli-Produkte in innergemeischaftlichen Ländern und in einigen Nicht- EU-Ländern verteilt.Die Produkte werden in Deutschland, Frankreich, England, Griechenland, Dänemark, Holland, Belgien, in der Schweiz, in Österreich, Schweden, Japan, Russland, Polen, Neuseeland vertrieben. Was ausländische Länder betrifft, haben wir die Absicht, insbesondere auf den nahen und wichtigen Märkten wie Deutschland und Frankreich, unsere Kundschaft besser zu unterteilen. In England wird unsere Bio-Linievermarktungsstrategie an die grossen Verteilerketten/Konzerne wenden. Es gibt auch gute Wachstummöglichkeiten in Dänemark, wo der Markt sehr bioprodutktionsempfindlich ist bzw. Produktionen ohne Konservierungsmittel hoch schätzt. Wir haben die Nicht-EU-Länder auch nicht vergessen; unser Betrieb investiert zur Zeit in eine Erweiterung ihres Verteilungsnetzes sowohl in Japan als auch in Russland.

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We made these floors over 10 years ago, in different companies and with different products and systems. Today they are still so: intact and functional. This is possible because we have designed, manufactured and finished them with competence and professionalism. In all these years, these floors have permitted to manufacture safely, without the need of new and expensive investments. If you want to have more time and money to invest peacefully on growing your business with scheduled and under control maintenance, we can help you to take care of your facilities through intervention and management plans created on your needs. Ask for a free check-Up, we would explain to you how you can save resources to dedicate to your business.

You think about your business, we’ll take care of walls and floors! Pavimentisicuri benefits: quick achievement - joint free - antibacterial - permanent anti slip - waterproof - high resistance to chemical and oil products - longevity heat resistant (-40+120°) - rapid Installation.

APS: since 1991at the service of food industry directly with our staff.


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Tel. +39 0143 882349 - Fax +39 0143 840991


w w w. a p s i t a l i a . i t MASTRO FP.indd 3

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ithin the meat industry the continuous analysis of fresh meat and other ingredients is necessary in order to adapt the recipes to ensure a constant batch to batch quality of sausages and various types of meat products. Moreover, legislation bodies require consistent documentation based on accurate data. Therefore, an increasing demand of fast but reliable analytical tools can be observed which are able to replace the often time and labor consuming classical analyses like gravimetric fat determination or combustion method for protein content. The potential of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy was discovered in the 1960s first for the rapid characterization of agricultural products like grain. Today NIR is widely used in the food industry for non-destructive qualitative and quantitative analysis of raw materials, in-process materials, and finished products throughout the entire manufacturing process. The FT-NIR technology offers a lot of advantages over classical wet-chemical and chromatographic analyses. It is very fast with analysis times below 30 seconds, cost-effective and safe,

since no hazardous chemicals are used. It simply measures the absorption of near-infrared light of the sample at different wavelengths. The recorded NIR spectrum is characterized by absorbance bands of C-H, N-H or O-H groups in the different molecules, making NIR spectroscopy first choice for the analysis of natural materials like meat and sausage products for fat, protein, moisture and other main components. It will help to

homogenizing the meat or sausage by using a knife mill. These types of mill are usually available in the meat analysis lab already. The sample is then put into an open Petri dish and analyzed by placing it on the bench top FT-NIR spectrometer (Figure 1). The use of modern fiber optic probe technology and contactless NIR measurement heads allows even the analysis of carcasses or complete hams without any sample preparation.

- produce a consistently high product quality - make the most efficient use of valuable raw materials - improve product efficiency and reduce downtime.

Analyzing raw meat

The sample preparation step for a reproducible NIR analysis is simply NAME

Meat can be a very complex raw material where small changes in external impacts like animal nutrition can lead to large variation in the final meat quality. The consumer however expects a consistent standard of quality of sausages and other meat products. For the producer it is therefore impor-


















































































FT-NIR spectrometer for the analysis of raw meat and meat products

BRUKER FP 2/13.indd 3

Table 1: Calibration results of different meat types

11/04/13 11.21

WAITING IS OVER. TANGO. ANALYSIS TO GO. Instant Results with FT-NIR Spectroscopy Faster, simpler, more secure - with TANGO your NIR analysis speeds up. TANGO has exactly what users require of an FT-NIR spectrometer suitable for a food and feed analysis lab: robustness, high precision and straightforward operator guidance. An intuitive user interface with touch screen operation makes the analysis of food products available to everybody.

Contact us for more details: • Bruker Optik GmbH Rudolf-Plank-Str. 27 76275 Ettlingen Tel. +49 7243 504 2000 Fax. +49 7243 504 2050 E-Mail:

Innovation with Integrity



tant to know the exact composition of each incoming batch in order to adapt the recipes accordingly. Measuring the fat content of carcasses is also often a criterion for the value-based payment of the suppliers. FT-NIR offers here a valuable tool for assessing the incoming material. The parameters fat, protein and moisture can be determined simultaneously with only one measurement. With the results, decisions can be taken on how to proceed with the production. Table 1 shows typical results of NIR calibrations with RMSECV being the mean analytical error of the method. The NIR analysis can of course not only take place in the laboratory or at-line. Often, the aim is, to measure continuously in the process, e.g. in a mixer, wolf or conveyor screw. The instant results can then be utilized to decide if making adjustments to a batch e.g. for total fat content is required.

Monitoring the final product quality In Germany alone, there are more than 1500 different types of sausages available in the shops, including fresh or fresh smoked, dry and cooked sausages. In addition a wide variation of hams is produced, including the famous Black Forest ham. By law it is

























































Table 2: Calibration results of raw and cooked sausages required to determine the maximum amount of water, minimum amount of protein and total amount of fat in every type of sausage. Moreover, the salt content is of interest for the producer as well as for the customer. FT-NIR spectroscopy has proven to be an efficient analysis method for the determination of moisture, fat, protein and salt content in various types of sausages. Table 2 shows an example of raw and cooked sausages, analyzed in the laboratory of a large German sausage producer. Another big topic for the production of sausages is the optimization of shelf life. One critical parameter is the water activity (aw). It is defined as the amount of water available for microbial (e.g. bacteria, mold or yeast) growth. The larger the value is, the more likely the sausage is prone to decay. The Spanish institute for agrifood science IRTA (Institut Recerca Tecnològia Agroalimenta) confirmed in a successful study that water activity in e.g. fermented sausages (Figure 2) can be analyzed by FT-NIR spectroscopy with high accuracy alongside the determination of water and salt. The study further suggested that FTNIR is appropriate for monitoring the dry curing process non-destructively in the production.

Compositional analysis of rendered products NIR analysis fermented sausages using a contactless measurement head

BRUKER FP 2/13.indd 4

Approximately 40-50% of the weight of any slaughtered animal is not fit for

human consumption. This material is mostly transformed by the rendering industry into highly nutritional ingredients for the animal feed production. These include sources of energy like tallow or lard as well as protein rich material like meat and bone meal or poultry meal. FT-NIR is well established for the analysis of edible fats of animal origin where parameters like the total fatty acid content as well as free fatty acids and iodine value can be analyzed simultaneously. For animal meals the classical constituents like moisture, fat, protein, fiber and ash can be determined as well as more specialized parameters like energy values or amino acid profiles.

Conclusion With the growing global demand for meat and meat products it can be a challenge to keep the standard quality requested by the customers. FT-NIR Spectroscopy being able to provide analysis results in less than a minute has the potential to complement or even substitute a wide range of classical test methods for the quality assessment of meat and meat products in the laboratory as well as online. Bruker Optik GmbH Rudolf-Plank-Str. 27 76275 Ettlingen Tel. +49 7243 504 2000 Fax. +49 7243 504 2050 E-Mail:

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FOOD MEASURING INSTRUMENTS MUST MEET THE INTERNATIONAL HACCP STANDARDS AND BE “FOOD SAFE” The food sector’s greatest challenge Raw materials and ready-to-eat foods need to be dealt with in a particularly responsible and correct way. Damaged or incorrectly stored goods can not only cause commercial losses, but at worst may also lead to cases of food poisoning for consumers. Food manufacturers must therefore check goods regularly and be able to prove their duty of care according to strict regulations. To ensure this, supervisory authorities, dealers, logistics companies and foodprocessing businesses use modern measuring technology which helps them perform the daily balancing act between food safety on the one hand and cost-effectiveness on the other. Implementation of the HACCP directives which apply all over the world is mandatory. These form the definitive standard for safe food and are increasingly implemented in country-specific laws and regulations. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) pursue the goal of minimising food-related illnesses. The concept requires systematic checks, most often of the food temperature over the whole cooling chain, but also of pH levels or cooking oil. Technical monitoring, including documentation, is of prime importance in this area.

Measuring technology innovations must meet sector requirements The international measuring technology manufacturer Testo AG from the Black Forest adapted to

TESTO FP 2/13.indd 3

the specific framework conditions of the food sector at a very early stage and in a very comprehensive way. The company’s aim of offering professional, fast, yet safe measuring solutions for food have recently been rewarded by the HACCP International organisation. Testo AG is the only company in its sector to receive an award for its food-safe measuring instruments. The instruments were really put through their paces in testing according to HACCP standards and certified as “food safe”. A series of demanding criteria had to be met for this: from the testing of the material for robustness and for appropriate design, which does not transfer any dirt or germs to food, along with easy cleaning, through to user-friendly handling and the possibility of documenting measurement data. For businesses in the sector, “food safe” means the greatest possible safety when using the measuring instruments and when monitoring the temperature of goods. Testo temperature measuring instru-

ments for contact and non-contact measurement, the cooking oil tester, along with the data logger family and Testo Saveris passed the test and are rated as safe in measurements on food. “Our high requirements in terms of the quality of the measuring instruments are the basis of this success. When developing the instruments, we pay very close attention to fulfilling the HACCP criteria. This means, for instance, that we deliberately involve the suppliers in this area as well, so as to guarantee a universal standard. Certification according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 and 12830 standards goes without saying”, says Stephanie Knill, Product Manager for Testo hand-held measuring instruments, talking about the success.

Everything measuring technology must be able to do The conditions in which food measuring instruments are used are

21/03/13 15.34


very varied. The HACCP criteria must be fulfilled at every stage of the process which foods go through – From Farm to Fork. The requirements involved in doing so could not be more different in each individual area. All areas of the process do however have one thing in common: the working environment is harsh. Work is done under great time pressure. This means a measuring instrument can be dropped, suffer liquid or dirt ingress or be incorrectly used in the hustle and bustle.

Robustness and simplicity Testo AG’s consistent quality policy takes these special conditions into account. The measuring instruments are appropriately designed. This is the case for example with the testo 104, a folding thermometer for core temperature measurement with an extremely robust metal folding hinge. The possibility of being able to fold the probe up after the measurement makes the instrument easy to handle and solid. Or the testo 108, a temperature measuring instrument with standard penetration probe which gets by with only two keys. It is so easy to operate, that the user does not need to have previous knowledge of any kind. Both instruments cannot be harmed at all by the harsh working environment. At the same time, they meet the HACCP criteria in terms of hygiene, as they are cleaned under running water and germs cannot develop at all in the first place. In addition, there are no superfluous functions which would complicate rapid measurement. Also no preparation time is needed for the measurement in whatever form. Even untrained staff can use these instruments intuitively and carry out safe measurements. Handling is literally accessible at the touch of a button.

TESTO FP 2/13.indd 4

Precision In addition to the very high level of toughness, the Black Forest manufacturers also prioritise the precision of the instruments. These must also be able to measure precisely under more arduous conditions, e.g. where there are big differences in the ambient temperature from one minute to the next. Because the question which is posed for instance in a spot check of the temperature is not just whether the goods are at the correct temperature, but whether the measured value really does correspond to the real situation as well. Testo measuring instruments dispel these doubts. They are calibrated, as well as being approved by DAkkS [the German Accreditation Body] - and now also “food safe”.

Documentation Fulfilling the HACCP criteria does not just mean taking regular measurements. When food inspectors check a business, the operator must be able to prove compliance with the directives at all times. This is done through the time-consuming, often manual documentation of measurement results. For this reason, numerous Testo measuring instruments have appropriate data storage resources or even PC software for data analysis and logging. As an option, handy fast printers can be connected and measurement protocols still developed directly on site. This offers users a high level of safety in terms of being able to verify the proper condition of their goods at all times. For instance, data loggers travel with food being transported in trucks and continuously display the temperature at specifically defined intervals. The smallest temperature fluctuations during transport can therefore be proved. Results can later be read out on the PC. Radio probes are installed at the

important measuring points in large cold stores and warehouses and the data acquired is forwarded to Testo Saveris. The system can save 40,000 measuring values per measurement channel and achieves a storage capacity which means a measurement could be taken every 15 minutes for one year. The temperature is continuously monitored and an alarm is set off at the smallest deviation. Maintenance of the cooling chain is not just ensured, it can also be proved. This means goods which are stored in large quantities are optimally monitored at all times.

Only Testo measuring instruments are “food safe” From a purely technical viewpoint, almost every conventional measuring instrument on the market today is capable of fulfilling the HACCP criteria, to the extent that users are aware of their duty of care and act in an appropriate way. Only a small number of measuring instruments also ensure absolutely safe measurements on foods in the process. “The demands on measuring instruments have been constantly increasing over recent years. In addition to many other factors which measuring technology must comply with in this sensitive area, we also pay attention to the easiest possible use of the instrument. We look on this as a basic requirement of the sector. We know that staff can often change and design our instruments to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Because it is only when an instrument can be used correctly that you also get safe results,” says Stephanie Knill and continues: “We are proud of the HACCP International Certification and view this as a spur to make our measuring instruments even safer in the future. We will be a reliable partner for the sector in the future with new innovations all the time.”

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LEBENSMITTEL-MESSGERÄTE MÜSSEN DIE INTERNATIONALEN HACCP-STANDARDS ERFÜLLEN UND „FOOD SAFE“ SEIN Die größte Herausforderung der Lebensmittel-Branche Rohstoffe und verzehrfertige Lebensmittel erfordern einen besonders verantwortungsvollen und fachgerechten Umgang. Beschädigte oder falsch gelagerte Ware kann nicht nur wirtschaftliche Verluste verursachen, sondern schlimmstenfalls zu Lebensmittelvergiftungen bei Verbrauchern führen. Lebensmittelunternehmen müssen daher regelmäßig die Ware kontrollieren und ihre Sorgfaltspflicht nach strengen Regularien nachweisen können. Aufsichtsbehörden, Händler, Logistikunternehmen sowie lebensmittelverarbeitende Betriebe bedienen sich dafür moderner Messtechnik die ihnen hilft, den täglichen Spagat zwischen Lebensmittelsicherheit einerseits und Wirtschaftlichkeit anderseits zu vollziehen. Es ist Pflicht, die weltweit geltenden HACCP-Richtlinien umzusetzen. Denn diese bilden den maßgeblichen Standard für sichere Lebensmittel. Und sie werden zunehmend in den länderspezifischen Gesetzen und Verordnungen implementiert. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points = Gefahrenanalyse und kritische Kontrollpunkte) verfolgt das Ziel, Lebensmittelerkrankungen zu minimieren. Das Konzept fordert systematische Kontrollen, am häufigsten der Lebensmittel-Temperatur in der gesamten Kühlkette aber auch von pH-Werten oder des Frittieröls. Der technischen Überwachung inklusive Dokumentation kommt hierbei eine herausragende Bedeutung zu.

TESTO FP 2/13.indd 5

Messtechnik Innovationen müssen Branchenanforderungen erfüllen Der internationale MesstechnikHersteller Testo AG aus dem Schwarzwald hat sich sehr früh und umfassend auf die besonderen Rahmenbedingungen in der Lebensmittelbranche eingestellt. Die Zielsetzung des Unternehmens, professionelle, schnelle und dennoch sichere Messlösungen für Lebensmittel anzubieten wurden jüngst von der Organisation HACCP International honoriert. Als einziges Unternehmen in seiner Branche wurde die Testo AG für seine lebensmittelsicheren Messgeräte ausgezeichnet. Die Geräte wurden nach internationalen HACCP-Standards auf Herz und Nieren geprüft und als „food safe“ zertifiziert. Eine Reihe anspruchsvoller Kriterien mussten dafür erfüllt werden: von der Prüfung des Materials auf Robustheit, auf sachgemäßes Design, das keinen Schmutz oder Keime auf Lebensmittel überträgt, der einfachen Reinigung bis hin zum nutzerfreundlichen Handling und der Dokumentationsmöglichkeit von Messdaten. Für Betriebe der Branche bedeutet „food safe“ größtmögliche Sicherheit beim Einsatz der Messgeräte und bei der Temperaturüberwachung der Waren. Testo Temperatur-Messgeräte für Kontakt- und berührungslose Messung, der Frittieröltester sowie die Datenlogger-Familie und Testo Saveris haben die Prüfung bestanden und gelten als sicher bei Messungen an Lebensmitteln. „Unsere

hohen Ansprüche an die Qualität der Messgeräte ist die Basis für diesen Erfolg. Bei der Entwicklung der Geräte achten wir streng auf die Erfüllung der HACCP-Kriterien. So schließen wir z.B. bewusst auch die Zulieferer in dieser Sparte ein, um einen durchgängigen Standard zu garantieren. Die Zertifizierung gemäß den Normen DIN EN ISO 13485 und 12830 versteht sich von selbst“, beschreibt Stephanie Knill, Produktmanagerin für TestoHandmessgeräte den Erfolg.

21/03/13 15.34


Was Messtechnik alles können muss Die Bedingungen, unter denen Lebensmittel-Messgeräte eingesetzt werden sind sehr vielfältig. In jeder Prozessphase die Lebensmittel durchlaufen – From Farm to Fork - müssen die HACCP-Kriterien erfüllt werden. Die Anforderungen in jedem einzelnen Bereich könnten dabei verschiedener nicht sein. Eines haben jedoch alle Prozessbereiche gemeinsam: die Arbeitsumgebung ist rau. Es wird unter großem Zeitdruck gearbeitet. Da kann ein Messgerät herunter fallen, bekommt Flüssigkeit oder Schmutz ab oder wird in der Hektik unsachgemäß bedient.

Robust- und Einfachheit Die konsequente Qualitätspolitik der Testo AG trägt diesen speziellen Rahmenbedingungen Rechnung. Die Messgeräte sind entsprechend konzipiert. So z.B. das testo 104, ein Klappthermometer zur Kerntemperaturmessung mit einem äußerst robusten Metall-Klappgelenk. Die Möglichkeit, den Fühler nach der Messung einklappen zu können, macht das Gerät handlich und stabil. Oder testo 108, ein Temperatur-Messgerät mit Standard Einstechfühler, das mit nur zwei Tasten auskommt. Es ist so einfach zu bedienen, dass der Anwender keinerlei Vorkenntnisse mitbringen muss. Beiden Geräten können raue Arbeitsumgebungen nichts anhaben. Gleichzeitig entsprechen sie den HACCP-Kriterien in Sachen Hygiene, da sie unter fließendem Wasser gereinigt werden und sich Keime gar nicht erst entwickeln können. Außerdem gibt es keine überflüssigen Funktionen welche die schnelle Messung verkomplizieren würden. Ebenso muss die Messung nicht in irgendeiner Form lange vorbereitet werden. Selbst ungeübtes Personal kann diese Geräte intuitiv bedienen und sichere Messungen durchführen. Die Handhabung erschließt sich förmlich per Knopfdruck.

TESTO FP 2/13.indd 6

Präzision Neben der sehr hohen Belastbarkeit setzten die Schwarzwälder ihre Prioritäten auch auf die Präzision der Geräte. Diese müssen auch unter erschwerten Bedingungen, z.B. bei hohen Differenzen in der Umgebungstemperatur von einer Minute zur anderen, genau messen können. Denn die Frage die sich z.B. bei einer Stichprobenkontrolle der Temperatur stellt ist nicht nur ob die Ware die korrekte Temperatur aufweist, sondern ob der gemessene Wert tatsächlich auch der Realität entspricht. Testo Messgeräte räumen diese Zweifel aus. Sie sind kalibriert und durch die Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) zugelassen - und nun auch ‚food safe‘.

Dokumentation Die HACCP-Kriterien zu erfüllen, bedeutet nicht nur regelmäßig zu messen. Wenn LebensmittelKontrolleure einen Betrieb prüfen, muss der Unternehmer die Einhaltung der Richtlinien jederzeit nachweisen können. Dies äußert sich in der aufwändigen, oft manuellen Dokumentation von Messergebnissen. Deshalb verfügen zahlreiche TestoMessgeräte über entsprechende Speichermöglichkeiten oder sogar PC-Software zur Datenauswertung und -protokollierung. Optional können handliche Schnelldrucker angeschlossen und Messprotokolle noch direkt vor Ort erstellt werden. Der Anwender erhält dadurch ein hohes Maß an Sicherheit, den ordnungsgemäßen Zustand seiner Waren jederzeit belegen zu können. Datenlogger bspw. reisen beim Lebensmitteltransport in LKWs mit und zeichnen in fest definierten Abständen die Temperatur kontinuierlich auf. Kleinste Temperaturschwankungen während des Transports können so nachgewiesen werden. Die Ergebnisse können später auf dem PC ausgelesen werden. In großen Kühl- und

Lagerhäusern werden Funkfühler an den wichtigen Messstellen installiert und die gewonnenen Daten an Testo Saveris weitergeleitet. Das System kann pro Messkanal 40.000 Messwerte speichern und erreicht eine Speicherkapazität, mit der ein Jahr lang alle 15 Minuten eine Messung erfolgen könnte. Die Temperatur wird kontinuierlich überwacht und bei kleinsten Abweichungen ein Alarm ausgelöst. Die Einhaltung der Kühlkette wird nicht nur gewährleistet sondern ist auch nachweisbar. In großen Mengen gelagerte Ware wird so jederzeit optimal überwacht.

Nur Testo-Messgeräte auch „food safe“


Rein technisch gesehen vermag heute fast jedes herkömmliche Messinstrument auf dem Markt die HACCP-Kriterien zu erfüllen, sofern sich der Anwender seiner Sorgfaltspflicht bewusst ist und entsprechend handelt. Dabei auch absolut sichere Messungen an Lebensmitteln zu gewährleisten, das leisten nur wenige Geräte. „Die Anforderungen an Messgeräte sind in den letzten Jahren stetig gestiegen. Neben vielen anderen Faktoren die Messtechnik in diesem sensiblen Bereich erfüllen muss, achten wir auch auf die möglichst einfache Anwendung der Geräte. Wir begreifen dies als Grundvoraussetzung der Branche. Wir wissen, dass Personal häufig wechseln kann und gestalten unsere Geräte so einfach und selbsterklärend wie möglich. Denn nur wenn ein Gerät richtig eingesetzt werden kann, erhält man auch sichere Ergebnisse“, sagt Stephanie Knill und ergänzt: „Wir sind stolz auf die HACCP International Zertifizierung und begreifen diese als Ansporn, unsere Messgeräte künftig noch sicherer zu machen. Der Branche werden wir auch in Zukunft mit immer neuen Innovationen ein zuverlässiger Partner sein.“

21/03/13 15.34




n line with the philosophy established by the brothers who founded it, Filippo and Francesco Pagani, the company has always been committed to promoting innovation while retaining its competitive edge and respecting individuals. This is the secret of Fratelli Pagani S.p.A., a company set up over a hundred years ago, with a focus on herbs and spices and the ability to grow a business based on tradition thanks to professionalism and good business instincts. Growth has been steady, building on food development and innovation, made possible thanks to the continued work of its inhouse Research and Development laboratory, which is responsible for Quality Control, and is steered by seven experts and new techniques that are constantly being updated. The company has ambitious objectives, which it achieves thanks to the consistent, committed involvement of the shareholders, who span four generations, and to the ongoing professional development of its employees: this is why Fratelli Pagani S.p.A. is able to assess and anticipate its customers’ demands, guaranteeing the most beneficial and appropriate solutions, customised to suit their needs. With these firm foundations, imbued with innovation and excellence, some twenty years ago Fratelli

Pagani S.p.A. decided to expand into seasonings and functional ingredients for the Food Industry, drawing on its own cutting-edge technology: air-conditioned, dehumidified premises, standardised processing times, the highest qua-

lity of packaging materials and consistent quality. This area has grown, and now accounts for around 75% of the company’s turnover. Backed up by a strong infrastructure, with around eighty employees working at the Italian head offices

SKYBRIDGE PROJECT We are already well underway to achieving this ambitious goal thanks to a range of applications: › Cooked ham, injected and reconstituted products; › Mortadella; › Wurstel, Pariser, cooked sausage with an incredibly smooth fil-


ling, smoked or unsmoked; › Dry salami and matured meats; › Sausages, Hamburgers, Fresh Meat preparations using traditional mincing methods; › Ham, Speck and Whole and individual Cuts; › Pagani Chef, for deli and meat speciality products.

› Growth based on tradition and respect for individuals. › Development and innovation thanks to our Research and Development Laboratories and internal Quality Control. › Commitment to international growth.

08/04/13 16.16


in Milan and three subsidiaries in Romania, Slovenia and Croatia, plus a network of distributors in Europe, in 2004 Fratelli Pagani S.p.A. launched the ambitious Pagani Chef project, for ready-to-cook meat products: the initiative enjoyed instant success, and continues to grow at an impressive rate. The goal is to offer customised technical support to every customer, thanks to our network of technical sales representatives and a quick, efficient internal department offering refresher courses to certain

customers using the latest technology for ingredients and seasoning products designed to suit specific needs. Our strategy for future growth is based on three main areas: developing the division dedicated to Functional Ingredients and Seasoning for medium and large companies in Italy, consolidating the Pagani Chef line, and third and most importantly, the concerted consolidation of our international expansion, which is set to represent an increasingly large proportion of the business in

the next few years.Our most important new products. Our products are already able to face the challenges laid down by the markets. For example, in terms of functional proteins for specific uses, we have pork, poultry and beef whose origins are guaranteed. Then there is the new Kutmix for Wurstel and our “kutter” products, together with our mixes for quick maturing salamis, mixes for cooked hams and “bars” for pre-sliced products, which hold the slices brilliantly, even when there is a low sodium content.



nnovativ zu sein und dabei wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben und die Menschen zu respektieren, die unser Unternehmen ausmachen und es erneuern, so haben es uns die Firmengründer, die Brüder Filippo und Francesco Pagani, gelehrt. Das ist das Geheimnis der Firma Fratelli Pagani SpA, die bereits seit über hundert Jahren im Bereich der Gewürze und Kräuter tätig ist und ihre dank des professionellen und unternehmerischen Einsatzes erreichte Weiterentwicklung mit dem Respekt für die Tradition zu verbinden wusste. Ein konstantes Wachstum durch Entwicklung und Innovation in der Lebensmittelbran-


che, die auch durch das stetige Engagement der für die Qualitätskontrolle verantwortlichen internen Forschungs- und Entwicklungsabteilung ermöglicht wurde, die von sieben, sich ständig weiterbildenden Fachleuten und neuen Anwendungstechnikern geleitet wird. Ehrgeizige Ziele, die seit vier Generationen durch die direkte und ständige Beteiligung der Eigentümer und die kontinuierliche berufliche Weiterbildung der Mitarbeiter erreicht werden konnten. Dadurch kann Fratelli Pagani SpA die Kundenbedürfnisse verstehen und diese zeitnah erfüllen, sowie angemessene und vertrauliche, individuelle Lösungen

anbieten. Basierend auf diesem gefestigtem Ausgangspunkt, der sich durch Innovation und Exzellenz auszeichnet, hat das Unternehmen Fratelli Pagani SpA vor etwa zwanzig Jahren beschlossen, seine Aktivität auf dem Gebiet der Aromen und funktionalen Inhaltsstoffe für die Lebensmittelindustrie dank seiner Spitzentechnologie auszubauen: klimatisierte und entfeuchtete Räume, standardisierte Verarbeitungszeiten, hochwertige Verpackungen, Beständigkeit bei den Qualitätsmerkmalen der Waren. Es handelt sich um ein wachsendes Segment, mit dem die Firma heute rund 75% ihres Umsatzes erwirtschaftet.

08/04/13 16.16


Fratelli Pagani SpA beschäftigt am italienischen Stammsitz in Mailand insgesamt etwa 80 Mitarbeiter und verfügt daneben über drei Auslandsniederlassungen in Rumänien, Slowenien und Kroatien sowie ein umfassendes Vertriebsnetz in Europa. 2004 hat das Unternehmen das ehrgeizige Projekt Pagani Chef

für küchenfertige Frischfleischspezialitäten ins Leben gerufen, eine ausgesprochen erfolgreiche Initiative, die derzeit intensiv an Interesse gewinnt. Ziel ist eine individuelle technische Kundenbetreuung, dank eines Händler- und Technikernetzes und einem schnellen und effizien-

ten internen Service, im Rahmen dessen den Kunden auch Weiterbildungsveranstaltungen zu den besten Technologien für Zutaten und Aromatisierung angeboten werden, um deren spezifische Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen. Die Wachstumsstrategie für die Zukunft basiert auf drei Hauptbereichen: der Weiterentwicklung des Bereichs funktionale Zutaten und Aromen für mittelständische und große Unternehmen in Italien, der Weiterentwicklung der Linie Pagani Chef, aber auch einer entscheidenden Stärkung der Expansion auf den Auslandsmärkten, die in den kommenden Jahren einen immer größeren Prozentsatz des Gesamtumsatzes ausmachen werden. Unsere wichtigsten Neuheiten Schon jetzt nehmen unsere Produkte die Herausforderung der Märkte an, wie zum Beispiel auf dem Gebiet der speziellen funktionellen Proteine, die spezifisch für die jeweiligen Verwendungszwecke sind: Schwein, Geflügel und Rindfleisch mit garantierter Herkunft. Oder die neuen Kutmix für Würstchen und andere Produkte, die mit dem „Kutter“ (einer Art Fleischwolf) hergestellt werden, zusammen mit dem Mix für Salami mit schneller Reifung, dem Mix für Kochschinken und Aufschnittstangen mit einer ausgezeichneten Scheibenhaftung, auch bei Produkten mit niedrigem Natriumgehalt.

PROJEKT SKYBRIDGE Dieses ehrgeizige Ziel wird bereits heute für die verschiedenen Herstellungsarten angewandt:: › Kochschinken, injizierte und gepresste Produkte Mortadella › Wiener Würstchen, Brühwurst, Brühwürste mit feiner Masse, geräuchert und ungeräuchert


› Salami und andere Dauerwurstarten › Wurst, Burger (Hacksteak), frische Hackfleischzubereitungen nach herkömmlichen Verfahren › Schinken, Speck, Fleischprodukte im Ganzen sowie einzelne Fleischschnitte › Pagani Chef für küchenfertige Frischfleischspezialitäten

› Weiterentwicklung mit Respekt für die Traditionen und die Menschen › Entwicklung und Innovation dank der Forschungs- und Entwicklungslabore und der internen Qualitätskontrolle › Internationalisierung des Unternehmens

08/04/13 16.16

victorinox - rechte seite - iffa_Korrektur 29.03.2013 17:12 Seite 1

Der neue Standard


„ Ultra Grip“-Ausbeinmesser von Victorinox – die professionelle Wahl Von Profis für Profis – die Ausbeinmesser der „Ultra Grip“-Serie sind speziell auf die hohen Anforderungen fleischverarbeitender Fachkräfte ausgelegt: Sie sind scharf, führig, hygienisch und dank des hausintern entwickelten Fibrox-Griffmaterials und einer speziellen, ergonomischen Griffgestaltung extrem sicher und komfortabel im Gebrauch. Eben genau so, wie man sich das perfekte Metzgermesser vorstellt. Nichts weniger war die Zielsetzung der an der Hand und verhindert so efKonstrukteure von Victorinox, als fektiv ein Abrutschen der Hand in sie sich an die Arbeit machten. Richtung Klinge oder vom Griff. Die Ober- und Unterseite des Das Ausbeinen, also das präzise Her- Griffs, die Seitenflächen und sogar auslösen von Knochen und Entfer- das Griffende sind mit rutschnen von Sehnen und Fett, verlangt hemmenden Kerben und Riffesehr viel Fachkenntnis und Erfah- lungen versehen. Griffanfang und rung und kann enorm anstrengend -ende sind leicht nach unten gesein. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass die zogen, der Mittelteil ist besonders Ausbeinmesser in allen Situationen voluminös. So liegt das Messer imund Griffhaltungen und auch nach mer perfekt und angenehm in der vielen Stunden Arbeit absolut rutsch- Hand. Ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Arbeitssicherheit, den Profis zu schätsicher in der Hand liegen. zen wissen. Mit den neu entwickelten „Ultra Grip“-Messern gelingt dies in vor- Doch Arbeitssicherheit hört nicht bildlicher Manier. Das Fibrox- beim Thema Schnittschutz auf. Kunststoffmaterial klebt dank der Mögliche Langzeitschäden durch speziellen Ausarbeitung förmlich nicht optimal geformte Messer

sind ebenfalls unbedingt zu vermeiden. Nur unverkrampft und in einer möglichst normalen Haltung lässt sich über Stunden (und Jahrzehnte) ermüdungsfrei, sicher und gesund arbeiten. Deshalb unterstützen die „Ultra Grip“-Ausbeinmesser durch eine ergonomisch optimierte Linienführung Schneidbewegungen mit natürlich ausgerichtetem Handgelenk. So einfach ging es noch nie. Doch so einfach muss es sein! Für den guten und präzisen Schnitt sorgen bei sämtlichen „Ultra Grip“Modellen Klingen aus hoch schnitthaltigem und rostfreiem Stahl der Güte 1.4110. Der lässt sich zwischendurch auch mit guten

Abziehstählen in Form halten. Zur erstklassigen Stahlqualität kommt eine sorgfältig durchgeführte Wärmebehandlung, was andauernde Schneidfähigkeit bei fein abgestimmter Flexibilität garantiert. Je nach Anwendungsbereich gibt es die „Ultra Grip“-Ausbeinmesser in den Ausführungen normal, flexibel und super flexibel.

sius sterilisiert werden. Gesundheitsbehörden weltweit messen diesem Punkt höchste Bedeutung zu.

Was für fleischverarbeitende Profis recht ist, sollte für den privaten Haushalt ebenfalls gut genug sein. „Ultra Grip“-Messer sind auch für Hobbyköche eine erstklassige Wahl: Komfortabel, schneidfreu„Ultra Grip“-Ausbeinmesser ge- dig, sicher und hygienisch! Victonügen den höchsten Anforderungen rinox – Qualität, die sich auszahlt. an die Hygiene und sind daher auch NSF-zertifiziert. Keine Selbstver- Hersteller: Victorinox, Schmiedständlichkeit, aber im professio- gasse 57, CH-6438 Ibach-Schwyz, nellen Umfeld praktisch ein Muss: Alle Victorinox-Messer mit Fibrox-Griffen können bei einer Halle 9.0 Temperatur von 150 Grad Cel- Stand C20

THE PROFESSIONALS CHOICE Victorinox AG, Schmiedgasse 57, CH-6438 Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland, T +41 41 818 12 11, F +41 41 818 15 11, SWISS ARMY KNIVES CUTLERY TIMEPIECES TRAVEL GEAR FASHION FRAGRANCES I WWW.VICTORINOX.COM

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anotti Spa celebrates 50 years of activity in the design and manufacturing of installations developed to cool, preserve and transport food products. Zanotti is a world leader and the company’s success is based on the constant research conducted to technologically improve energy saving efficiency and to find customized solutions aimed to meet customer demands.

well as the needs of logistic and storage centers: monoblocks, multi-compressor stations, condensing units and cooling systems for food, but also for the aging of cold meats and cheeses, to refine wines or to dry grains in silos. The diesel unit completes the cooling series with its split battery system or others, which were specifically designed for the medium to long distance transportation of food.

Companies from the Zanotti Group are designing and manufacturing systems for ice rinks, such as the ones in Courmayeur or in the Arena of Minsk. Today, Zanotti Spa is an International Group with production plants in Spain, England, Brazil, China and India and it counts on a strong network of certified suppliers who provide expertise and assistance worldwide.

Zanotti was founded in 1962 and it has developed its potential to become a leader in the field of refrigeration by introducing revolutionary solutions such as the “uniblock� - a complete, autonomous and ready to use cooling device for small necessities. Over the years, the range of its cooling systems has became the most complete offer currently available on the market; entirely able to meet the growing needs of its customers. The products developed by Zanotti cover the needs of small to medium-sized cooling necessities, as

ZANOTTI FP 2/13 FP.indd 3

23/04/13 09.47


Zanotti’s headquarter employs 300 people but in the Zanotti Group are employed more than 650 persons distributed over eight plants located all around the world. The quality of the Zanotti products is the primary concern of the production unit. Actually, the products have been ISO 9001 certified in Italy, they have received the EC marking in Europe and the UL in the US for several years now. These markings and certifications are based on the local standards of quality. The attention devoted to customers and the flexibility of the products are essential characteristics for Zanotti: investing in research and development to better meet customer demand by providing more convenient solutions in terms of energy savings and reliability of use is a priority. The know-how Zanotti acquired over 50 years also concerns the environmental aspects involved since the products are developed to provide low energy consumptions and reduced noise levels; as to meet the current technological trends that aim to contain greenhouse gas emissions.

ZANOTTI FP 2/13 FP.indd 4

This is how the BESTCOPÂŽ technology was created. It is applied on the motorized condensing units that are manufactured by Zanotti to improve the efficiency and energy consumption levels of the cooling equipment. This basically can be translated into energy savings (from 15 to 20% depending on the different environmental conditions).

unit. This innovative achievement represents the foundation for the potential engineering development of the product in the future; always seeking better performances and applications that are competitive on the market.

Zanotti Spa developed the first Italian magnetic cooling at room temperature prototype, the only one of its kind worldwide, in collaboration with the TEC division of the Mechanical Engineering, Energetic, Production, Transportation and Mathematical Models Dept. (DIME) of the University of Genoa. This enabled Zanotti to acquire the basic elements needed to achieve this technology and to apply it by implementing a one of a kind cooling

23/04/13 09.47




he new slaughter installation of the Gruppo Siciliani, a leading Southern Italian company in the production and marketing of beef, pork and sheep, was inaugurated. EMICONREF, a Division of Zanotti Spa, a company specialized in the production of refrigeration and air conditioning systems for the food industry, especially for the meat and sausage sector, was chosen as the main supplier of all refrigeration elements. It therefore contributed in creating one of the most modern European establishments of the field. Specific objectives were established with a strong desire to achieve maximum energy savings and

elevated environmental hygiene to implement a highly innovative establishment. The highest quality standards and the most up to date installation solutions were used: from the freezing tunnels the installation to preserve fresh meat, from the freezing tunnels to the storage cells, from the deboning halls to the packaging premises. The refrigeration system works with ammonia and innovative management systems and confirmed expectations in terms of reliability and low energy consumption. It was installed in the modern BESTCOP plant. The system was conceived to provide maximum performance in function of both the internal and external environmental conditions. In short, it made it possible to save between 10 to 30% on energy. The specific objectives, innovative decisions, a strong commitment to research, with regards to the appli-

ZANOTTI FP 2/13 FP.indd 6

cation of advanced systems, and constant monitoring of the market needs helped Zanotti - Emiconref become a leader in industrial refrigeration. As far as the meat sector is concerned, Zanotti - Emiconref created installations to preserve fresh meats, tunnels for quick refrigeration and freezing and cells to store frozen products while always ensuring up to date technology for high quality standards. Even in the salami and ham sector, Zanotti Spa implemented and patented installations with technologies and solutions aimed to improve the quality of the products while providing energy-saving solutions.

23/04/13 09.47




Making industrial food attractive: and the lines become TV stars


hat happened in food industry? Now there are two main methods of giving food for people-homemade & restaurants and industrial food production. Restaurant food made from the same components as industrial one but much more attractive and innovative. Why not to make industrial food so much attractive and surprising as restaurant? For that technology at food plants should be flexible and technologists should be innovative as chiefs. Restaurants surprise customers every day-food factories may have the same ability. So excited with this idea we made creative complex for innovative snacks production which is used successfully in many plants in EU, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan... The target customers are sweets, bakery, confectionary producers, dairy, cheese and ice-cream plants, meat, fish, salads, chicken, snacks, convenience food, vegetables, pizza and frozen foods producers. So all food plants worldwide who make industrial packaged ready or semi-ready food.That Neofood line consists of modules which can be used as a separate machines for production of old-style products. For example Intelestamp can be used for production of centerfilled balls and bars from nougat, gingerbread

NEOFOOD FP 2-13.indd 3

dough, halva, meat, cheese... Many customers still want to use the machines just as ordinary forming machines to upgrade their existing lines. We advertise that machines in Classified for certain application. But always remind customers that in future these blocks can be united to obtain combined products – so system upgradeable.

In this issue we will talk about a very innovative company: just a look at their videos and one can realize that - http://www.

23/04/13 12.23



In this issue you will find the innovative machinery for industrial production of Dairy snacks.

Dear Sirs! It is high time for you to expand your product range. You want to launch something crucial which will totally change your current market situation? How? We have got the answer. The first and foremost thing is that we have carried out a market research in many Asian & European countries. According to the data we have compiled, we can come to a definite conclusion that for the next years sweet cheese cakes are to experience a boom of its popularity all over the world. Dairy production in Russia, Hungary, Israel, Baltic sea countries and the CIS countries has already seen this tendency. We are real experts in this field as we have tested the water for five years! The countries and companies which started their cooperation with us in due time took the most advantage by manufacturing sweet cheese curd thus boosting their sales for several times which triggered to generating more and more income. Doctors hold the view that the most

“All our lines become TV stars!” says Alex Solovyev, Neofood CEO. We had a talk with him to bring to you his ideas and his new concepts for the food industry. worthwhile thing about cheese The variety of sweet cheese curds curd is that, this product posyou can manufacture is huge. This is sesses numerous advana real market tool and an incentive that undoubtedly works to attract target customers. tages. It has a very deliSet your imagination free!!! cate taste. It is healthy and contains a lot of calcium. During the last several years cheese curds have been so popular that this product has become an integral part of a daily ration of Find the suitable shape children. and taste to your liking!!!

Round shaped Heart shaped Balls with different fillings Different kinds of fillings: jams confiture condensed milk  soft caramel and a like.

You can go even more further ! Three cheese curd balls with three different fillings and all coated with different color glaze or sprinkled with coconut chips and all in one package.

Chocolate tulip filled with curdled cheese mass !

NEOFOOD FP 2-13.indd 4

Enrobed cheese cusds filled with small biscuit balls.

A product of FANNI, the leading dairy product manufacturer in the Ukraine. Our regular customer!

16/04/13 11.48

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19/04/13 11.12


ARE YOU INTERESTED!! We remain in close friendly contact with all our customers and together with them create and invent new products. That is why we invite all our new or prospective customers to visit factories and see how these products in reality are manufactured and ready to give them the recipe and technology of their production. We help to create new products too for our new customers. There are lot of other milk products, like cheese cake, which can be produced from “Cottage Cheese”, a raw material used for making “Sweet Cheese Curds”. Economically the product is very profitable as production cost varies from 0.06€ to 0.30€, for a 35-


A product of WIMM BILL DANN, Russia’s leading producer of dairy products. Our regular customer and one of the best friends. 40gm packaged product, depending upon the consistency & quality of ingredients used. We can teach, how to decrease the cost of the product from 0.30€ to 0.06€ , where the retail price remains 0.50€. Looking at the given profit margin, the product is one of

the famous milk product among milk product manufacturers and fastest selling milk product because of its popularity among not only children, but adults as in every adult there is a hidden child as well as those who have not tasted it in their childhood, will definitely take the advantage of eating it at older age. It is an healthy product rich in calcium and recommended by the doctors for all age groups.

Competition increases within the dairy and confectionery industry. How do you make sure you keep the edge in such a demanding market? We believe the answer is to offer your customers innovative products made on Neofood highquality equipment which makes your production effective, flexible and gives consistently accurate product weights. Well, well, you want more? Here you are!!! Enrobed sandwich like cheese curd with filling on biscuit base. Cheese curds in a form of a daisy with a filling in the center of it on a biscuit base. Enrobed and decorated.

NEOFOOD FP 2-13.indd 8

16/04/13 11.48

Costruzione macchine per il settore lattiero caseario Manufactures of machines for dairies -





ietribiasi Michelangelo was established between the end 1960 and the beginning of the next decade. From the beginning the family-run company specialized in the construction of equipment for the dairy industry and developed later into the field of soft drinks, juices and beverages in general. Today the Pietribiasi name is among the more well-known in the dairy and beverages sector and the company is internationally acknowledged, particularly in the realisation of “turn-key” projects, and in the specific processing sectors, such as production of cheeses, pasteurisation and packaging ones. Looking more closely at the company’s product ranges, the Pietribiasi division covers the research, project design and supply of complete systems for the process of milk (HTST – HHTST – ESL – UHT), cream – fermented products from milk process (yoghurts in the various known versions, sour cream, Smetana, kefir, leben, etc.), fresh soft cheeses, as well semi and hard cheeses, “pasta filata-pizza cheese” (such as mozzarella, kashkaval, etc.) and other products processed from cow – sheep and goat milks. In this field the company has a wide experience and can cover all equipment needs from small to bigger plants for the production of: pasteurized drinking milk, yoghurt, different kinds of cheese, butter, etc. Pietribiasi designs and produces plate and tubular heat exchanger for pasteurization and thermal treatment (cooling and/or heating) of different liquid foods (milk, cream, ice-cream mix, fruit juice, eggs mixture, beer, wine and many others).

PIETRIBIASI FP 2/13.indd 3

In the beverage field, the range includes pre-mix units, sugar dissolving systems, filters, mixing and storage tanks as well as of course the complete thermal treatment up to the filling. These kinds of plants are “tailor-made” and designed according to customer’s specific demands. The company is also renowned and appreciated for following products: Batch pasteurizers; discontinuous cream pasteurizers; butter churns (available in a wide range of models from 20 L to 3000 L total capacity); semi-automatic butter forming machines. Its fifty-year experience in the food-stuff field, its long lasting cooperation with many European organisations and companies, the specialised knowledge in these processing fields, equipment and technologies, skilled

1. Example of flash pasteurization line, capacity 5.000 L milk/h, composed by constant level tank, centrifugal pump, flow meter group, plate heat exchanger, holding pipe, flow diversion, hot water group, stainless steel control panel, complete of self cleaning separator, homogenizer, round insulated holding pipe 2. Ripening/fermentation tank for yoghurt, cream, kefir, etc.

level of staff operating in Pietribiasi, a flexible and friendly management and lead of company by ownership, are the powerful basis of the success of Michelangelo Pietribiasi company.

Insulated mixing tank with hot/ice water circulation, complete of hot water preparation group, stainless steel control panel, on base frame 3. Example of UHT plant for the high temperature processing of liquid food for long shelf life, in this case for fruit juice with pulp; complete of degassing unit/deodorizer, control panel with PLC control – TUBULAR VERSION

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DAIRY TECHNOLOGIES Dairy production - seamlessly integrated, universally successful Seamless interaction of dairy production-related processes is vital to successful operations. We can provide you with complete dairy technology solutions to meet your production requirements - from milk reception to finished goods, from field level to the ERP level. This breadth of dairy production expertise ensures that your dairy workflow achieves perfect quality with increased flexibility and at reduced costs

Efficient dairy operations with sophisticated engineering tools Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system provides advanced engineering tools for dairies and cheese makers that allow you to meet all technological requirements of the dairy process. In addition to standard functions, our tools handle dairy industry-specific functions in an

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extremely efficient manner -Â ranging from raw material reception through finished products. See for yourself the benefits you can gain from the PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset tailored specifically to dairy operations, and the Advanced Process Functions (APF) engineering tool, a cross-industry functional enhancement. The integrated process control system specifically for your industry The SIMATIC PCS 7 and the dairyspecific software concept let you carry out all the standard functions of dairy operations efficiently and throughout the complete process.

Safe material transfer The Process Line Manager works on a job-specific basis. Therefore, this manager ensures that material transfers reach their goals safely and at the correct quality level. The individual jobs - recirculation, heating/ cooling or mixing, for example - can

be entered manually or run automatically using the SIMATIC PCS 7 recipe archive or a host system. In order to ensure a reliable process, an internal plausibility check is carried out before the start of the job (1.) with the Tank Manager for the source and target tank, (2.) with the Pipe Module and optionally (3.) with the Route Control System. If the Process Line Manager receives the go-ahead, it assigns a unique batch ID for all tanks and valves that are involved (to ensure efficient product traceability) and transfers all order-related data to the archive manager. These procedures conducted by the Process Line Manager ensure the process is reliable and provides support for efficient tracing. Reliable tank management The Tank Manager module of SIMATIC PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset works closely with the Process Line Manager and our SIMATIC IT Unilab laboratory information mana-

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gement system. Together they monitor all the specifics relating to tanks and mixers – physical parameters, contents, all releases,relevant status information And CIP requirements. Traceable material movements The Archive Manager for SIMATIC PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset records each individual material movement within the systems. When a transfer begins, all relevant information about the source - starting time, quantity reference value or destination - is stored in the user archive. At the end, the finishing time, quantity required and status are also stored. The process visualization allows monitoring and tracking of the corresponding material movements at all times. Host IT systems can also use the interfaces of SIMATIC PCS 7 to access this data. The same quality worldwide If you want to bring innovative products to the market more quickly, then you must ensure consistent product specifications worldwide and at all times. The Interspec module acts as a complete product specification database for the company as a whole and creates ideal prerequisites for intelligent Product Lifecycle Management. It also enables product specifications to be exchanged and standardized on a global basis.

Everything for the dairy industry Milk quality is tested and sorted; the milk undergoes a gentle treatment and an equally gentle transport process; then intermediate products are prepared for possible further processing. And of course, quality is guaranteed at every stage. We supply you with the appropriate range of automation products, systems and solutions for all processing steps.

Achieving goals with perfectly coordinated processes Whether it’s milk, cream, butter, soured milk and yogurt, cream cheese and rennet cheese or concen-

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trates and powders, you have to coordinate a large number of process steps en route to the end product. These include heating and cooling, adding cultures, homogenizing and fermenting. You also have to meet numerous simultaneous requirements, which include safe product quality, production optimization, and efficient process line utilization. Throughout all of these responsibilities, we will be there to support you with our solutions that help you achieve your goals safely. Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system and software tools with predefined functions provide you with processes that seamlessly integrate and operate economically. MES solutions also use dairy-specific engineering tools and support you with process expertise requiring minimal engineering effort. Further modules complete the range of offerings from high-speed local area networks to high-end process instrumentation. These allow us to provide you with solutions using optimally coordinated components, and allow you to react perfectly to unanticipated incidents and deal efficiently with all production challenges.

Flexible cleaning-in-place (CIP) system for perfectly clean dairy operations Hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely essential for ensuring your dairy products only contain what they should - and this applies throughout the entire production chain. We have the perfect answer to this challenge with our solution for your CIP system automation. Since CIP systems often vary greatly in practice, our flexible CIP system is a standardized software solution that supports easy creation of individual cleaning programs, automatic implementation, and flexible changes as needed. Your operations staff can define relevant program sequences quickly and

easily, and without any programming knowledge. Cleaning types that are typical for dairies and cheese makers are stored in the Online Engineering Tool, enabling quick processing during operation. This added benefit pays off throughout the complete life cycle of your CIP system for dairy. With precise dosing and capabilty for continuous optimization, a flexible CIP system will achieve optimal cleaning and disinfection while saving time and minimizing consumption of cleaning materials. These capabilities are integrated into Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 system, which means our flexible CIP system for dairy can deliver significant cost savings of between 20 and 30%.

Cut costs with Packaging Line


The filling plant and packaging department represent high cost factors on the path to ready-to-deliver dairy packaging. This results from heterogeneous and isolated solutions. We offer an efficient alternative with our Optimized Packaging Line, the integrated automation solution for dairy filling and packaging lines and machines. The Siemens Optimized Packaging Line integrates filling and packaging systems in a common automation and communication standard. Our packaging standardization and integration of individual machines delivers cost- and energy-savings throughout the entire production line. Integration risks are lower and allow the use of scalable production data acquisition and evaluation systems from Optimized Packaging Line like line overview, diagnostics, OEE, tracking and tracing, and energy recording and management. Moreover, the costs of training, operation, and servicing can be reduced significantly with Optimized Packaging Line. Additionally, dairy packaging line efficiency, productivity, and availability during operation are all noticeably improved.

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etra Pak has recently launched the Tetra Evero Aseptic one–litre – the first aseptic carton bottle for milk. The new carton combines the easy handling and pouring of a bottle with the environmental and cost advantages of a carton. It is initially being aimed at the ambient white milk market, including non-oxygen sensitive enriched products, including flavoured milk and cream. Unlike traditional carton materials, which are aseptically sterilised before they are formed into shape, the Tetro Evero Aseptic is pre-formed and not flat-packed, meaning it requires an alternative approach. The majority of existing technologies for sterilising performed shapes rely on a gas-condensation process. This process involves the gas condensing on the material surface, but this is known to be complex and difficult to control.

MASTRO FP.indd 3

The Tetra Evero Aseptic, however, uses a new gas-phase sterilisation technique which involves the cartons passing through a unique aseptic chamber in pairs where they are exposed to hydrogen peroxide. The gas comes into contact with the whole preformed package – inside and out, removing any contaminants that might have been present before entering the aseptic chamber. The cartons travel on steel belts during this production process. The use of steel belts is a highly hygienic alternative to using traditional plastic and PU conveyor systems. Avoiding the spread of contaminants is imperative in belt technology: steel belts are far easier to clean than their plastic counterparts and do not need to be lubricated in order to transmit power. This is important because germs and potentially harmful bacteria are attracted

to dust generated by lubricant grease, which can potentially contaminate food or other products. Steele belts are not just available as flat conveyors, they can be customised in many ways and offer novel and exciting solutions to a variety of complicated conveying problems. Belts can be perforated with complex patterns for timing, vacuum or dosing applications. Together, the steel belt technology and the new gas-phase sterilisation technique used in the production of the new Tetra Evero Aseptic have resulted in a highly effective means of commercial sterility – an innovative development which should now set the gold standard for the production of aseptic packaging across Europe and the rest of the world. For further information, visit www. and

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PRINGLES SECURES ITS MARKET SHARE WITH NEW FLAVOURS Pringles®, the Kellogg’s -owned snack, is seeking to burst open the savoury snacks category even further, with the introduction of new flavours, Roast Chicken and Herbs for the UK and France, Sweet Paprika for Germany,Cheddar Cheese across the Arabian Peninsula and an upgrade to national flavour favourite, Sour Cream & Onion. The new flavours, delivering a bolder flavour hit, come in response to identified consumer demand, and showcase Pringles® ability to deliver locally relevant flavour profiles, which are essential in continuing category growth.[i][i] The launch will be supported by a significant marketing campaign, covering highly targeted TV and digital platforms which communicates its “Bursting with Flavour” proposition. In addition to TV, the campaign includes the brand’s first foray into interactive video, with a bold series of interactive films entitled Fan Versus Flavour. The videos, hosted on the Pringles®Facebook platform, will show one Pringles®fan go up against the new flavours in a series of daring and humorous head-to-head challenges. Fan Versus Flavour capitalises on the back of a

highly successful Christmas campaign whereby Pringles® consolidated its leadership amongst an energised online community worldwide.Digital marketing marks an important step in Kellogg’s ambitious growth strategy to expand its savoury snacks business and will further enhance the global footprint of the iconic potato snack brand, which tripled the size of Kellogg’s Company’s international snacks business in 2012. Pringles®Vice President Marketing Snacks,Armando Santacesaria comments: “The range of new and improved flavours and the creative campaigndemonstrates our commitment to innovate with the brand. Pringles is an iconic and much-loved brand and the videos bring the brand personality to life in a way that resonates strongly with how our fans engage with us.”

AVERY DENNISON’S WASH-OFF LABEL WINS WORLDSTAR PACKAGING AWARDS 2013 PET recycling solution recognized once again by the industry Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY), a global leader in the label and packaging industry, won the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2013 in the Food category for its wash-off pressure-sensitive label that dramatically improves the recycling of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The WorldStar Awards, hosted by the World Packaging Organization, are preeminent international honors that aim to recognize the continual advancement of the state of packaging art and create a living standard of international packaging excellence. The 2013 competition attracted 316 entries from 33 countries. The awards are presented only to those packages which have already won recognition in national or regional competitions, and are compared by an expert panel of judges to similar packages from around the world.  “We are excited that our wash-off label has been recognized by the WorldStar Awards,” said Donald A. Nolan, president of Materials Group, Avery Dennison Corporation. “We strive to be a responsible label producer and work closely with our customers to develop solutions that minimize environmental impact. We will continue


to support sustainability with our innovative solutions.” Direct printing, paper labels, and standard pressure-sensitive labels applied to PET bottles tend to lower PET recycling efficiency and the quality of recycled PET. Avery Dennison developed a label material using unique technology that makes it much easier to recycle PET bottles. The wash-off label is a label material that releases from PET bottles with no adhesive residue during recycling process. The wash-off label helps enhance the efficiency on the PET bottle recycling, by creating more value added reclaimed PET, reducing CO2 emissions from incineration, and saving incineration expenses.  This is the third such award for Avery Dennison’s washoff label developed in Korea in the past 12 months. In addition to the WorldStar Awards, this product had won two other awards in 2012 – the Eco-package category at the 2012 Asia Star Awards organized by Asian Packaging Federation; and the top honor at the Korea Star Awards 2012 hosted by the Minister of Knowledge and Economy and Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Packaging Technology Center. 

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rigl & Bergmeister, producer of 1-side coated paper for labels and flexible packaging has signed a cooperation agreement with Cham Paper Group. Once base paper production at the facility in Cham, Switzerland, has been shut down, B&B in Niklasdorf, Austria, will take over the production and marketing of their silicone base papers (Clay Coated Kraft paper). Cham will provide its highly specialized technical expertise. The first products will be available during the second half of 2013, giving the Niklasdorf plant an additional pillar to its successful, wet strength label papers. Following this, there are plans to make further investments in ex-

panding capacity at Niklasdorf in 2014. In September 2013, the PM5 in Vevce, Slovenia, will receive a new film press which will increase capacity by 20,000 tonnes. It will become possible to develop new products in the label paper and flexible packaging range thanks to an improved pre-coating process. 2012 was a successful year for Brigl & Bergmeister. The volume of sales increased by 5 % to 155,000 tonnes compared with the previous year, meaning that both plants in Niklasdorf and Vevce were running at full capacity. By acquiring the waste incineration plant ENAGES, B&B in Niklasdorf also has increased its independence from the volatile energy market and improved its carbon footprint.



rigl & Bergmeister, Hersteller von 1-seitig gestrichenen Spezialpapieren hat eine Kooperationsvereinbarung mit Cham Paper Group geschlossen. Nach Stilllegung der Produktion von Basispapieren am Standort Cham, Schweiz wird B&B in Niklasdorf, Österreich die Produktion und Vermarktung der Silikonbasispapiere (Clay Coated Kraft) übernehmen. Cham wird dafür das sehr spezifische technologische Know-How ein-

Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH FP 2/13.indd 3

bringen. Im 2. Halbjahr 2013 werden die ersten Produkte verfügbar sein, womit der Standort Niklasdorf ein zweites Standbein neben den erfolgreichen nassfesten Etikettenpapieren erhalten wird. In weiterer Folge sind für 2014 zusätzliche Investitionen zur Kapazitätserhöhung in Niklasdorf geplant. Bereits im September 2013 erhält die Papiermaschine in Vevce, Slowenien eine neue Filmpresse, die die Kapazität um 20.000 Tonnen erhöhen wird. Ein verbesserter Vorstrich wird die Entwicklung neuer Produkte im Sortiment der Papiere für Etiketten und flexible Verpackung ermöglichen. Das Jahr 2012 ist für Brigl & Bergmeister erfolgreich verlau-

fen. Die Verkaufsmenge konnte im Vergleich zum Vorjahr um 5% auf 155.000 Tonnen gesteigert werden. Damit waren die beiden Standorte in Niklasdorf und Vevce voll ausgelastet. Die Akquisition der thermischen Reststoffverwertung ENAGES macht B&B in Niklasdorf unabhängiger vom volatilen Energiemarkt und verbessert weiter die Ökobilanz.

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rganized by the Confédération Nationale des Charcutiers-Traiteurs et Traiteurs (CNCT - French National Caterer Federation), the International Catering Cup 2013 (ICC) Final - international contest for the best caterer - showed an exceptional young talent on January 26th at the Sirha in Lyon. All professional caterers, 22 candidates from 11 different nationalities faced each other after 20 hours of

practical tests, to an audience of fans and a panel of experienced skilled professionals! The final of this third edition of the ICC was in full swing when the jury rendered its verdict: SPAIN, Alain GUIARD CALLEJA and Oscar ESCANCIANO won the Gold Trophy and the title of “Best International Catering Cup Caterer” and a 6,000€ cash prize! A bold interpretation and a perfect command of their art have attracted a demanding jury of professionals, chaired this year by Christophe TOURNEUX accompanied by Frédéric ANTON, Honorary President..

GOLD TROPHY: Alain GUIARD CALLEJA (team leader) and Oscar ESCANCIANO (teammate) representing SPAIN won the title of “Best International Catering Cup Caterer” and a 6 000€ cash prize.

SILVER TROPHY: Gilles GRASTEAU (team leader) and Sebastien REIN (teammate) representing FRANCE won a 3 000€ cash prize.

BRONZE TROPHY: Jean-Michel BARDET (team leader) and Damien GRANDCLAUDE (teammate) representing LUXEMBOURG won a 1 500€ cash prize. “They dared to excellence! “Joël Mauvigney - President of the CNCT and PresidentFounder of the ICC - was delighted, “All young professionals, amongst the best in the world were able to surprise us, shake our habits and meet the expectations of

ICC FP.indd 3

Joёl Mauvigney - President of the CNCT and President- Founder of the ICC - was delighted a attentive audience and a demanding jury by interpreting the lecture topic that was imposed on them, he says. Presentations were bold and yet perfectly controlled. Today I am extremely proud of the creativity of the young guard, reflecting the pool of talent in our profession. And I thank all candidates and their teams for their involvement as well as our partners.” The 11 selected countries (team leader and teammate) 1 Belgium – Stéphane GRULOIS and Nicolas BOURDEAUD’HUI 2 – Brasil – Alex MEI PIRESand Guilherme BOVINO GERARD 3 – Ivory Coast – Kadjo EBY and Kouakou KANGA 4 – Spain – Alain GUIARD CALLEJA and Oscar ESCANCIANO 5 – France – Gilles GRASTEAU and Sébastien REIN 6 – Italy – Gaetano RAGUNI’ and Giovanni LORUSSO 7 – Luxemburg – Jean- Michel BARDET and Damien GRANDCLAUDE 8 – Mexico – Alejandro FUENTES and Arturo REYES MARTINEZ 9 – Czech Republic – Jan HORKY and Radek DAVID 10 – Romania – Ion TOMA and Gabriela PASCARU 11 – Ukraine – Igor Goliak and Oleksiy TROITSKYI

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CM Engineering, placed in Italy in Bardello (Varese), produces high quality synchronous permanent magnet motors and generators in the following merchandise categories: 1) Compact brushless servomotors 2) Hollow shaft servomotors 3) Direct drive servomotors 4) Torque servomotors 5) Axial shifting shaft servomotors 6) Synchronous permanent magnet roller servomotors 7) Generators for wind turbines 8) Permanent magnet synchronous motors and generators for naval applications 9) Motors and generators for automotive Characteristics: In addition to standard production ACM Engineering is able to produce customized product on customer demand, in limited edition also. The Company is ISO 9001-2000 and UL certified. ACM products could be used in the following fields:

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direct drive torque motor

Hollow shaft motor

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Industrial automation Machines tools Robotic and servocontrols Textile machines Wood manufacturing machines Sewing machines Packaging machines Machines for glass processing Printing machines Flexographic machines Roller brushless servomotors for conveyor belts Machines for gold processing Machines for food industry and farming Machines for plastic processing Machines for marble processing Serigraphic machines Machines for sheet metal processing Generators for wind farms Motors for automotive applications Motors for naval applications.

Torque servomotor

Brushless servomotor


Produces high quality synchronous permanent magnet motors and generators in the following merchandise categories: Compact brushless servomotors, Hollow shaft servomotors, Direct drive servomotors, Torque servomotors, Axial shifting shaft servomotors, Synchronous permanent magnet roller servomotors,Generators for wind turbines, Permanent magnet synchronous motors and generators for naval applications, Motors and generators for automotive DIRECT DRIVE TORQUE MOTOR





ACM ENGINEERING SPA 21020 BARDELLO (VA) - Via Don A. Camera, 25 - ITALY - Phone +39.0332.731088/731064 - Fax +39.0332.730380 Website: - Email: MASTRO FP.indd 4

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ounded in 1989, Tecam design, manufacture and sell systems and equipments to treat feed water, process water, and wastewaters for industrial customers worldwide. Field applications of our engineered plants are in several segments and in each market Tecam made a real add value for customers using competences and experiences treating waters with the right equilibrium in capital and running cost for: › Die casting industry › Painting industry (industrial vehicles, electrical household, components et.) › Mechanical workshop › Metallurgy, cables, bars › Degreasing solution from metal washing industry › Thermal treatment › Industrial units, industrial machines › Plating industry, (zinc, nickel, chrome, copper et.) › Ship and airplane industry › Graphical and printing industry › Glass and ceramics › Chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and detergent industries › Food, drinking and agro industry › Textile › Without forgetting special application as leachete treatment, de-freezing solution in airports et.

All our units are CE marked and the process production of goods, in production factory of the group, is certified ISO 9001:Vison 2000. Hundreds of engineered plants are installed worldwide and confirm the quality of plants, products, and service supply by Tecam srl in last 15 years. Company is strongly export oriented with 50% of is turnover in international market.

WATER TREATMENT PLANTS ION EXCHANGE TECHNOLOGY › Softening › Demineralization › Selective for heavy metals These processes can be use with high flow rate and are able to separate cations and anions from water. Typical applications are in plating, painting and washing low salinity solutions need to be treated.

MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY › Ultra filtration › Reversal osmosis › Nano filtration These processes can be used to remove specifics chemical components from water. Each one is able to separate the cations and anions from water according the type of chemical components.

THERMAL CONCENTRATION TECHNOLOGY › Hot water › Steam › Heat pump › Mechanical vapour recompression These processes are able to separate all high boiling chemical components

TECAM FP 2/13.indd 3

from water by distillation. Units are available in different construction materials as AISI 316L, DUPLEX alloys, Silica Carbide et. To be able to resist for each type of solution from low to extreme chemical corrosion.

CHEMICAL-PHYSICAL TECHNOLOGY › Flotation › Precipitation › Sedimentation › Filter press Products portfolio and applications are very large and change from case to case, environmental laws, technical skills of customer, space et. More the this several engineered systems are realize mixing and integrating the technologies to be able to find the best price/performances to be able to obtain the correct economical result from installation. For the agricultural and food- field, Tecam takes part in the section of the primary water as food, conditioning, treatment of the refuse from grease-working, treatment of the waste waters. Tecam has invested his resources for the plants design for the separation and a recovery of by-products (for example juices) with the aim to allow they economic valorization on the market.

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ISH Aircontec in Frankfurt (March 12th-16th) is the world’s biggest and the HVAC industry’s most important showcase – time for innovation-leader Swegon to present latest technology in the areas ventilation and indoor climate. The Swedes now revealed what visitors can expect to see in Swegon’s booth (11.0 B18): “We have numerous innovative systems and components to exhibit”, says Horst Buschmann, CEO of the German branch Swegon GmbH and adds: “And of course you can expect some surprises!”


wegon is going to present its innovative and prizewinning system TELLUS for the first time in Germany. TELLUS is a complete HVAC and energy plant. TELLUS produces and distributes demand controlled acclimatised air, heating cooling and tap water. All energies can be distributed simultaneously and independent of each other, according to the actual demand. The integration of all modules guarantees optimum control and interactive dynamic energy recovery. “There are no demarcation lines and the user does not have to deal with the complexity of a regular HVAC system”, explains Horst Buschmann. TELLUS integrated design minimises the need of energy supplied to the building by demand controlled ventilation and water (temperatures and flows). The energy that is still needed will hereafter be produced in the most efficient way, e.g. by energy recovery in multiple steps. TELLUS will log the needed external energy and the ratio to the supplied energy is

SWEGON FP 2/13.indd 3

the M-value that shows optimum efficiency. But Swegon promises visitors of ISH Aircontec more news: “Our guests can look forward to see new, high-quality components such as new waterborne climate beams and air handling units for residential ventilation, but also intelligent and innovative systems and com-

munication. We want to lead the industry and its development with our complete systems and innovative components and create a healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate for the end-user. This will be underlined on ISH. And of course, we will present some ground-breaking surprises as well”, says Horst Buschmann.

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REA JET ETIKETTIERTECHNIK WÄCHST WEITER Zum Jahresbeginn wurde der neu geschaffene Produktbereich REA JET Etikettier Systeme personell weiter verstärkt. Zum 1. Januar 2013 wurde mit Gerald Peter (44 Jahre) ein anerkannter Branchenexperte gewonnen. Neben den berührungsfreien Laser-, Ink Jet- und Signiertechnik- Kennzeichnungssystemen sieht REA auch die Etikettiertechnik fest im Produktprogramm etabliert. Mit der stetigen Ergänzung des Produktportfolios reagiert REA JET auf vielfältige Kundenwünsche hin zu kompletten Systemlösungen eines einzigen Geräteherstellers. Neben Etikettenspendern, Paletten Etikettieranlagen, kundenspezifischen Entwicklungen und kompletten Print & Apply-Lösungen aus eigener Entwicklung und Produktion wird den Kunden auch ein breites Sortiment an Verbrauchsmaterial (Etiketten, TTR Folien etc.) und Tischdruckern geboten. Peter versteht die Etikettiersparte als ideale strategische Ergänzung zum bestehenden Produktportfolio der berührungslosen Kennzeichnungssysteme. Entgegen dem Branchentrend investiert REA auch in den Ausbau des Servicenetzes. Kunden

sollen sich bei Bedarf auf kompetente Techniker vor Ort verlassen können. Mit diesem Schritt stärkt REA JET seine Marktposition als Vollsortiment Anbieter im Segment der Industriellen Kennzeichnungslösungen. Bestandskunden und künftige Kunden profitieren von modular aufgebauten und optimal aufeinander abgestimmten Komplettlösungen. Alles aus einer Hand – made in Germany.

USING PACKAGING TO AVOID FOOD WASTAGE Bremen, February 2013 – According to the problem that half of all food produced worldwide is disposed of INCPEN, an institute for packaging and environment, awarded packaging a key role as an avoidance strategy. Without packaging, manufacturing, transport, distribution, supplies and purchases would be impossible for practically all consumable goods. The kind for packaging makes the different. Till now, poor storage, strict orientation toward the best before date, special offers for larger packs and stingy consumer behavior all contribute toward the fact that increasing amounts of food are simply thrown away. The institute claims that packaging can play an outstanding role in this environment in order to develop practical solutions to the problem. High-quality packaging can significantly reduce food wastage along the supply chain if it is capable of considerably prolonging durability and shelf life, ensuring non-hazardous and safe transport, and taking consideration of the changes in lifestyle and consumer habits. With reference to its protective and conserving properties, packaging today can be regarded as the most important “green technology”. Actega DS attributes top priority to avoiding food wastage, promoting environmentally-compatible packaging and packaging solutions capable of meeting the challenges of the future. The following applies for the entire portfolio of seal solutions for the food and beverages industry: conformity with food laws in accordance with the FDA and the EU. For example, PROVALIN®, a compound which is free of PVC

REA JET FP.indd 3

and plasticizers for metal vacuum seals. We already avail of an extensive range of applications for this product. Practically all requirements concerning contents, sealing processes, storage and seal sizes can be complied with. All types of contents can be safely packaged across the entire BBD. There are absolutely no restrictions during the filling and sealing process – including hot- and cold-filling as well as subsequent heat treatment such as pasteurization and sterilization – or in terms of the lid size. For example, Svelon® representing various versions of PVC-free granulate for crown corks and aluminum seals for beer, mineral water, wine etc. The 855 variant is meanwhile the international industrial standard and approved by all major filling companies and manufacturers of brand items. The 880 TC compound is the world’s first PVC-free compound for twist crown corks. For example, Oxylon®, a barrier compound specially for protecting beverages against oxygen and other volatile substances. The 420 version, for example, is recommended by the French Champagne Association while the CS 25 variant applies as the standard barrier compound for beer and fruit juice worldwide. For example, SvelOX®, a scavenger compound which absorbs the oxygen present in the sealed bottle and prevents migration by oxygen into the contents. In pursuit of these seal solutions, the company has been working with the most flexible, low-migration, heatresistant material – TPE – for several decades, thereby dispensing with PVC and phthalates altogether.

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Mexico’s fresh produce sector is confident that a new food safety initiative could help boost the presence of the nation’s fruits and vegetables in European supermarkets


ore Mexican fruits and vegetables could be making their way onto UK supermarket shelves over the next 12 months thanks to a major new agreement signed by industry body Mexico Calidad Suprema and the Mexican government. Mexico Calidad Suprema, which represents some of the biggest producer groups in the country, has been working with the country’s government to certify thousands of hectares of pineapples, avocados, papayas and mangoes for export to Europe. Over the course of 2013, the initiative will be enlarged to include

Mexico calidad suprema FP.indd 3

products as diverse as berries, bananas, prawns, grapes, pork, beef, broccoli and tomatoes. Mexico Calidad Suprema has signed an agreement with Mexican food safety authority SENASICA to promote the implementation of the Contamination Risk Reduction System (SRRC) environmental management programme for fruits and vegetables. Greater SRRC compliance will, in turn, enable greater numbers of growers to achieve Good Agricultural Practice standards MEXICO G.A.P. and GLOBALG.A.P., which are increasingly a prerequisite when it comes to accessing international

markets. As part of the initiative, Mexico Calidad Suprema is helping a number of producers’ groups implement food safety programmes, which include putting in place practices that reduce contamination risks, as well as improving the use and handling of pesticides. The organization, in conjunction with the Mexican government, is strengthening the safety capabilities of Mexican producers through teaching programmes, technical assistance and the monitoring of contaminants to enable growers to comply with export requirements. At the current time, the association is working in several areas of the

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country with leading grower organizations, including 1,505 hectares of pineapples, 185 hectares of papayas, 2,100 hectares of mangoes and 8,900 hectares of avocados. In total, some 13,142 hectares covering the four product areas will be positively affected by the initiative, which will benefit 530 production sites and 33 packhouse facilities. According to Mexico Calidad Suprema, the benefits of the exercise will become apparent not just for Mexican producers and packers who are looking to achieve MEXICO G.A.P. certification, but also for European consumers. “Consumers will have the certainty of knowing they are buying products that comply with the highest standards of food health, safety and quality,” a spokesperson said. “Mexico Calidad Suprema is helping growers to meet international food safety and quality standards and through this supporting the positing


of Mexican products, by giving consumers in Europe a guarantee that the fruits and vegetables are produced under the strictest quality controls, obtained through MEXICO G.A.P. and Mexico Calidad Suprema certification,” the spokesperson added. About Mexico Calidad Suprema Mexico Calidad Suprema is a not-for-profit industry association that brings together the principal producer organizations in Mexico along with the Mexican government, which helps growers to achieve international and national quality and food safety standards. The association was created as a direct result of the need to encourage the consumption of Mexican products both inside Mexico and in export markets through assurances

that the products offer the highest quality and are free of risks to consumer health. Mexico Calidad Suprema, through the MEXICO G.A.P. certificate, has developed diverse strategies to drive compliance with regulations for risk reductions, the environment and social responsibility, through this boosting the supply of safe, high quality products that meet all the demands of the European market.


Mexico calidad suprema FP.indd 4

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FEFCO, the umbrella organisation of the European Corrugated Board Industry, is launching an impactful advertising campaign this spring to reinforce perceptions about the many benefits of corrugated packaging. The campaign is be fronted by ‘Mr Corrugated’, an animated character made from corrugated board. The aim is to engage key influencers on an emotional as well as rational level. Print and video executions emphasise the vast array of advantages associated with corrugated packaging, including its recyclability, its renewability, its versatility and its popularity with shoppers. As well as introducing ‘Mr Corrugated’, the campaign will also drive interested parties back to the organisation’s “Corrugated of Course” website (, which brings together the latest news and stories from

THE CLASSICAL TASTE OF ITALIAN OIL ENCOUNTERS TECHNOLOGY The MONINI oil mill has been bottling and marketing high quality extra-virgin olive oil in Italy’s and the Mediterranean’s major production areas for 3 generations. In the Poggiolo mill, the company is committed to developing the culture of extra-virgin olive oil, raising awareness, examining and controlling all the parameters of the production chain: from the selection of the plants to grow to the verification and adaptation of harvesting, processing, and pressing methods. Over the past few years, P.E. LABELLERS has supplied the Monini oil mill with three cold glue labelling machines for their 8,000, 18,000 and 10,000 bph lines. The P.E. LABELLERS cold glue units stand out for their cutting edge structural and conceptual features: sturdiness, durability, reliability, thanks to the widespread use of low wear materials and almost no maintenance required. Besides the cold glue stations, the last labelling machine, supplied in 2012, is equipped with three adhesive stations, out of which one is for applying the U-shaped seal. The installed adhesive stations are among the most advanced available on the market. All parameters can be adjusted from the control panel with the possibility to store up to 200 different labels.


across the supply chain to highlight how corrugated packaging can bring value in all areas. Ben Blydenstein, Marketing and Environment Director at FEFCO, comments: “Our industry’s corrugated packaging solutions have many benefits: they minimise waste by protecting products on their journey through the supply chain. They reduce the costs of logistics and handling and sell the products they display. All this is achieved using a fully renewable and recyclable material. Also corrugated board’s adaptability means that it’s a great material to innovate with. Our challenge is to get these messages across clearly. With ‘Mr Corrugated’ we have a fun, impactful and appealing way of achieving this.”


Bad Soden in Taunus (Hasselkus PR – January, 2013) – The agency Hasselkus PR organises the press and public relations work for Proexport Colombia, the Colombian foreign trade base for the support of export, investments and tourism with headquarter in Frankfurt am Main, during the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013 in Berlin. We invite you warmly to get to know Colombia and his exotic fruits and herbs. A cook will present the fresh goods and indicate the processing. Test dry and fresh fruits and enjoy the small Colombian Catering at the booth! At the FRUIT LOGISTICA from the 6th to the 8th of February 2013 in Berlin Proexport Colombia presents itself on a subject booth “Colombia” together with seven enterprises that grow and export exotic fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. The aim is to open new markets in Europe. A part of the enterprises present their products afterwards at the fair BioFach 2013 in Nürnberg from the 13th to the 16th of February 2013 in hall 4A/250. Proexport Colombia and the other exhibiting enterprises are available as contact in hall 23/E-01 at the FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin from the 6th to the 8th of February 2013. Hasselkus PR will be present on the FRUIT LOGISTICA. We coordinate with pleasure your interview inquiries with Proexport Colombia and the enterprise representations. From Proexport Colombia Mr. Sergio Calderón, the Manager of Proexport Colombia Germany, is available as your interlocutor.

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hree decades have passed since in the early 80’s, in a small factory located on the outskirts of Schio, two eager and enthusiastic engineers began to try their hand at used packaging machines, with a view to restoring them to an acceptable working condition. This operation was called an overhaul, a term which has now gone out of use in today’s “disposable” world. It was exactly this constant disassembling, replacing, modifying and testing of old machinery that led to the decision to create new and modern machines. In 1985 the first packaging machines of the newly established Tecno Pack were introduced on the market, immediately enjoying great appreciation among the clientele. Thus began the company’s long journey, focused on responding promptly and professionally to the ever more demanding needs of the market, advancing with courage and determination down the challenging road of automatic packaging

MASTRO FP.indd 3

systems. These were years of commitment, sacrifice and constant research, but also great satisfaction and growth. In the meantime, Tecno Pack moved to a new headquarters in the Schio industrial zone, an area better suited for the company’s evolving and growing logistic production needs.Since 2011 the continuity of our work is ensured in a new 6000 m² site also situated in the traditionally hard-working town of Schio, industrially nicknamed “the little Manchester of Italy” since the second half of the nineteenth century. Machine after machine, system after system the story continues, inevitably entwined with professional and personal affairs without, however, affecting the company’s ideological continuity which has been guaranteed over time by constant investment and commitment in research and innovation, the solid genesis of success which led Tecno Pack to qualify as a full-fledged market leader. Tecnopack is pleased to inform that during IBA 2012 it is presenting

the vertical pillow-pack machines on completion of its already wide range of machinery.

Tecno Pack S.p.A. the best technology for the packaging of food in CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE The present of food industry offers products as diverse in relation to the geographical area of production. Even a short distance can ‘determine significant differences peculiar to the final product. Tecno Pack S.p.A. provides its technology summit with FP 027 BB create a tailor made for each type of food . The packaging system can be obtained with flow pack machines Tecno Pack can ‘ensure: SHELF LIFE: a long lifetime of the product while maintaining the quality ‘initial PROTECTION: an armored box that also protects the product from external shocks and movements such as mechanical and TRACKING‘: coding systems of

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LA MIGLIORE TECNOLOGIA PER IL CONFEZIONAMENTO THE BEST TECHNOLOGY FOR MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE PACKAGINGDEI OF SALUMI CHARCUTERIE IN ATMOSFERA CONTROLLATA L’attuale scenario dell’industria salumiera propone prodotti estremamente diversi in relazione all’area geografica di produzione. Anche poca distanza può determinare sostanziali differenze substantially over just a short distance. peculiari del prodotto finale. In order to meet the particular challenges of these products, TecnoPack PackS.p.A. mette aitsdisposizione la propria tecnologia di Tecno state-of-the-art FP 027 packaging vertice con FP 027 per creare un vestito su misura ogni tipo machine to create custom-made wrappers for each typeper of charcuterie. di salumi.








aunlong shelf life ofdithe lungo tempo product, during vita del prodottowhich its initial qualities mantenendo remain unaltered. inalterate le qualità iniziali. •• Protezione: Protection: auna reinforced package that confezione blindata even protects the product che preserva il prodotto from external agents including anche dagli agenti esterniimpacts and handling. quali urti e spostamenti. Traceability: sistemi di codifica del film stampabile e di etichettatura assicurano sempre • • Tracciabilità: and completeness of sensitivedei data as weight, price, prezzo, barcode, packaging time shift,diexpiration, etc. la correttezza e completezza datisuch sensibili quali peso, codice a barre, oraand e turno confezionamento, scadenza, etc..




All the formats:FP the027 FP 027 allows • • Tutti i formati: permette una flessibilità enorme che consente di spaziare dal cacciatore alla “cacciatore in salami” “bologna mortadella pochito minuti con sausage” in just a few minutes using the same la stessa macchina confezionatrice horizontal packaging machine which orizzontale totalmente servo completely power-assisted. • Performances: alte velocità • operative Performance: high flessibilità operating ci speed e grande consentono, a dipesa dei formati, di package your ilproduct, regardless of the confezionare Vostro prodotto con formats, at rates of over 100 packages/ cadenze fino ad oltre 100 confezioni al minute. minuto.

producing •• Cost-effectiveness: Economicità: realizzando buste completely hermetic bags awith perfettamente ermetiche tre saldature da film barriera si ha un cost package than any other costoper confezione nettamente inferiore packaging system such rispetto a qualsiasi altroassistema come, thermoforming. ad esempio, la termoformatura. •• Long for prodotto: your product: Lungashelf vita life al tuo

• Two wrappers for the priceprezzo: of one: • Due vestiti allo stesso withgrazie high-precision control of the al controllo di alta precisione gas temperature, Tecno Pack is able Pack della temperatura dei gas, Tecno to guarantee two packages with the con riesce a garantire l’ottenimento, samelamachine: the conventional stessa macchina, sia della package and the vacuum-packed version. confezione esteticamente abituale,

• Sanitization: the cantilevered che della versione con effetto construction of Tecno Pack, packaging sottovuoto. le confezioni flow pack in atmosfera machines allows complete separation packages guarantee tested and proven • Sanitizzazione: la costruzione controllata garantiscono testate machine’s groups, Tecno long product storage, a sbalzo dellemoving confezionatrici e comprovate certezzeensured di lungaby the of the motorizations and electrical system; hermetic seal obtained and by Pack, detta anche cantilever, consente conservazione del prodotto grazie this makes cleaning and sanitization preheating the gases introduced una separazione assoluta fra i gruppi anche al preriscaldamento dei gas of the easy le into the bag. in machinery movimentoquick dellaand macchina, immessi nella busta ed alla tenuta for the end user. motorizzazioni e l’impianto elettrico; ermetica delle saldature. questo sistema consente all’utente MANY WRAPPERS ARE POSSIBLE: finale una facile e rapida pulizia e The wide range of Tecno Pack, packaging machines in various versions and sanitizzazione del macchinario. TANTI VESTITI POSSIBILI: La vasta gamma delle confezionatrici Tecno Pack, nelle varie versioni ed • Classic Flow Pack all formats: allestimenti, offre le for seguenti opzioni:

• Flow pack classica per tutti i formati: tre saldature con pinna centrale con • L-Shaped Flow Pack forinsmall-medium sizes: o senza effetto vuoto M.A.P. or without vacuum effect in MAP. • • Open Flowand pack “L” per tagli medio piccoli: tre saldature con pinna laterale conand close Flow Pack: three seals with zip, recommended for small o senza effetto vuoto in M.A.P. medium sizes in MAP. • • Heat-shrink Flow pack apri e chiudi: L-shaped bag:tre saldature con zip consigliata per tagli medi e piccoli in M.A.P. in order to show the product to the consumer and preserve from handling, • no-MAP. Busta a “L” termo retratta: tre saldature con film a pelle sul prodotto per presentare al consumatore e preservare dalla digitazione no M.A.P. nuovo eng.indd 1

Via Lago di Albano, 76 · 36015 · Schio (Vicenza) Via Lago di Albano, 76 · 36015 · Schio (Vicenza)

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printable film and labeling will assure the correctness and completeness of sensitive data: - Weight, price, barcode, time and shift packaging, expiry etc etc. WHY ‘PACK YOUR MEAT with Tecno Pack FP 027 BB ALL SIZES: FP 027 allows a flexible ‘can range in a few minutes in the same horizontal packaging machine totally servo. PERFORMANCES: high speed ‘and

Simply... New Entry FV-025 multi axis

MASTRO FP.indd 4


great operational flexibility’ allows us to depend formats, to package your product at rates up to 100 packs per minute. COST‘: realizing envelopes perfectly sealed on three sides by barrier film is packaging has a cost much lower than any other system such as, for example, thermoforming. LONG LIFE TO YOUR PRODUCT: The flow pack packaging in controlled atmosphere tested and proven

certainties guarantee long preservation of the product thanks to the preheating of the gas injected into the envelope and the tightness of the welds. TWO DRESSES AT THE SAME PRICE: thanks to the high precision control of the gas temperature Tecno Pack can guarantee the achievement, with the same machine, the packaging is aesthetically usual, that the version with a vacuum effect. SANITATION: The cantilevered construction of the packaging Tecno Pack, also known as cantilever, allows a complete separation between the groups in movement of the machine, the motors and the electrical system, this system allows the end user an easy and quick cleaning and sanitizing of machinery POSSIBLE MANY CLOTHES: The wide range of Tecno Pack packaging, and fittings in various versions, offers the following options: › Flow pack or classic for all sizes: three seals with central fin with or without a vacuum effect in MAP. › Flow pack or “L” for medium and small cuts, three welds with side fin with or without a vacuum effect in MAP. › Flow pack or open and close: three seals with zips recommended for medium and small cuts in MAP Envelope or “L” thermo retracted: film-to-skin three seals on the product to present to protect the consumer and not typing MAP.

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ANDRITZ screen baskets optimized drilled basket design for high yield

High quality perforated baskets for all

small as 0.1 mm, are symmetrical and sta-

leading extractors and finishers.

ble, yet have a high open area and sharp

ANDRITZ designs and produces excellent

hole edges for drier pommace and opti-

quality screen baskets – drilled or punched

mized yield. This results in a better product

– for all leading extractors and finishers.

quality and helps you to maximize profits.

Drilled baskets are much more stable than

Why not take advantage of our high-quality

punched ones and have more free open

baskets and experience exceptional ser-

area. Our drilled baskets, with holes as

vice? Contact us today for a quotation!





SP 45 EVO is the result of our machines’ evolution and of many experience’s years in the field of horizontal products’ packaging. Electronic Horizontal Pillow Pack Wrapper, versatile and reliable, very flexible in the format-change, suitable for food and non food products, both for single-dose and for multiple packages. Cantilever frame and easy accessibility, together with sanitation (sanification) principles, easy mainPRODUCTION SPEED: PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:



GSP FP 2/13.indd 3

tenance and safety, it has been constructed for, allows this wrapper to distinguish itself. Choosing a flow-pack packing machine is an important step and asks for a serious reflection in order to get a machine capable of meeting any requirements. Therefore, it is fundamental to entrust to a dynamic and flexible manufacturer, capable of giving immediate and precise answers. General System Pack has all these qualities together with a skilled staff and a twenty year ex-


perience in the packaging field. Our technical and commercial staff is at your disposal to show you concretely our professional capabilities. OPTIONS Printing unit for expiry date Photo electric cell for print register Casters under the machine Gear shift for short/long pitch Double reel holder Polythene version Infeed extension Zig-zag knives Euroslot punch No product no bag

Width: 20÷200 mm Height: 1800 mm Length: 50÷600 mm

Automatic feeding

Reel width max 520 mm Outside diameter: 350 mm Core diameter: 68÷75 mm Heat-sealable Coated Cold-sealable Polyethylene


Length: 3200 mm Width: 890 mm Height: 1800 mm 500 kg

Many other solutions can be proposed

Interface through 3,7” touch screen Working programs memorization Machine diagnostic Temperature control through touch screen Power 3 KW

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oday, the SAVE FOOD initiative and Dow Performance Packaging, a business unit of Performance Plastics within Dow Europe GmbH (NYSE: DOW), announce that the Company has become an official member of the SAVE FOOD initiative. This decision is an important next step for Dow, based on the objectives of both organizations to address the global issue of food shortage and food waste. SAVE FOOD is pleased to include a supplier of resins to the food packaging value chain as one of their members, allowing the Initiative to add yet another option to fight food waste. The SAVE FOOD initiative is a joint campaign instituted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH to fight global food loss. “The aim of the SAVE FOOD initiative is to reduce the problem of food loss and food waste by networking

SAVEFOOD FP 2/13.indd 3

the know-how of the participating organisations and enterprises. With its expertise and international scope, Dow can make a major contribution to the success of SAVE FOOD. Ultimately, the most effective leverage points in the food value chain will be always be found „at the workface in day-to-day practice – and that is where industry involvement is essential,” explains Bernd Jablonowski, Director of interpack and SAVE FOOD at Messe Düsseldorf. One of Dow’s corporate 2015 Sustainability Goals is to achieve at least three breakthroughs that will significantly help solve the world’s major challenges, including affordable and adequate food supply. As it is one of Dow’s business objectives to contribute to the development of better packaging solutions, there is a clear fit between the two organizations. “As one of the major suppliers to

the food packaging industry, it is our aim to develop the best possible food packaging solutions to safeguard food,” says Marc van den Biggelaar, Marketing Director Food Packaging EMEA at Dow. “Our membership with SAVE FOOD provides us the opportunity to engage with the industry and contribute to the development of next-generation packaging materials, which will drive the reduction of food waste”. At the same time, the membership of SAVE FOOD will help Dow share its views and knowledge regarding food packaging solutions with other involved parties. “The food waste challenge is a very large and complex one, which requires unique collaboration. By joining SAVE FOOD, we add another option to work across the value chain on the reduction of food waste,” says Marc. “We are looking forward to working with the Initiative and its members and are proud to be part of this organization”.

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The ultimate high production solution in extrusion and blow-moulding technology


Last March 2013, Techne has organized a showroom in Castel Guelfo di Bologna to present its mechatronic rotary extrusion and blow moulding machine ROTAX.

The ultimate high production solution in extrusion and blow-

RX24 is a high capability machine in terms of production and redeployment. The 24 stations in dual parison moulding technology configuration allow to reach very high production capacities (more than 30.000 bottles per hour for 250 ml) with a high repeatability. Possibly the biggest wheel machine available on the market, the robust mechanical ast March 2013, Techne design offers an absolute reliability to thechine endavailable user. on the market, the The machine presented during


has organized a showroom robust mechanical design offers an the showroom was producing 800 in Castel Guelfo di Bologna absolute reliability to the end user. ml co-round jars for food, neck to The range of products which can be produced on this machine wide, from containers (250 ml to to present its mechatronic rotary The range of products which canis bevery neck, 6 layers, for asmall total capacity 500 ml) produced in neck to moulding neck, tomamedium containers (1L istovery 2L) or bigger ones 5L), for food, extrusion and blow produced on this machine of 17.000 bottles per (up hour. to Machine chine ROTAX. wide, from small containers (250 included a complete downstream to appropriate detergent or lubricants. In case of small containers, a chord adjustment system allows to use a high capability machine ml to 500 ml) produced in neck to take out the log, to cut the jars and moulds and toRX24 limitis the production of scrap. in terms of production and rede- neck, to medium containers (1L to to upright them to go on direct filployment. The 24 stations in dual 2L) or bigger ones (up to 5L), for ling process. The machine parison presented during the showroom was producing 800In ml co-round jars for food, neck to neck, 6 configuration allow to reach food, detergent or lubricants. layers, for a total of 17.000 bottles hour. Machine included a complete downstream to take out very capacity high production capacities caseper of small containers, a chord (more than 30.000 bottles per hour adjustment system allows to the log, to cut the jars and to upright them to go on direct filling use process. for 250 ml) with a high repeatabi- appropriate moulds and to limit the lity. Possibly the biggest wheel ma- production of scrap.


The ultimate high production solution in extrusion and blow-moulding technology

Last March 2013, Techne has organized a showroom in Castel Guelfo di Bologna to present its mechatronic rotary extrusion and blow moulding machine ROTAX.

RX24 is a high capability machine in terms of production and redeployment. The 24 stations in dual parison configuration allow to reach very high production capacities (more than 30.000 bottles per hour for 250 ml) with a high repeatability. Possibly the biggest wheel machine available on the market, the robust mechanical design offers an absolute reliability to the end user.

The range of products which can be produced on this machine is very wide, from small containers (250 ml to 500 ml) produced in neck to neck, to medium containers (1L to 2L) or bigger ones (up to 5L), for food, detergent or lubricants. In case of small containers, a chord adjustment system allows to use appropriate moulds and to limit the production of scrap.

The machine presented during the showroom was producing 800 ml co-round jars for food, neck to neck, 6 ayers, for a total capacity of 17.000 bottles per hour. Machine included a complete downstream to take out the log, to cut the jars and to upright them to go on direct filling process.

TECHNE FP 2/13.indd 3 More information at

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ndustrie Fracchiolla srl is proud to show successful plants and machinery, developed by the thirty-year experience of its staff: qualified professionals involved in continuous research of new technologies. High quality products for must fermentation, stabilization of wine, tanks for food & beverage able to match hardiness, functionality and design in the best way, guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. Latest manufacturing techniques, care for details and product reliability are some of the factors that made Industrie Fracchiolla famous worldwide.

OIL – designs and manufactures: Storage tanks with heating coils inside, underground tank coverings in stainless steel. We install tanks on site

FOOD AND BEVERAGE – designs and manufactures: Aseptic storage tanks for vegetables and fruit juice, tanks with mixers to mix products like sweetened syrup, jams, dairy products, concentrates and alcohol beverages; Completely insulated Fermenters with cooling jackets for beer, alcoholic and soft drinks.

FRACCHIOLLA FP 2/13.indd 3

PASSION, INTERNATIONALISM, RESEARCH AND SUBSTANCE INDUSTRIE FRACCHIOLLA S.r.l., ISO 9001/2008 certified, is a leading company in Italy as well a well-established International reality, specialized in design and manufacturing of process equipment for: CHEMICALPHARMACEUTICAL AND FOOD INDUSTRY: Storage and Process Tanks: Beer fermenters, crystallizers, dissolution vessels, heated and refrigerated mixing tanks, for any capac­ ity, for pasty, liquid, semi-.liquid, granulated products and powder products. For over 40 years, passion, in­ ternationalism, research and sub­ stance have been the pillars on which the company has built its success. Industrie Fracchiolla is masterly managed and can count on: Manpower

consisting of 100 employees; 20.000 m² industrial facility; Fleet of machines consisting of 40 vehicles and 4truck cranes; Comprehensive range of tech­ nologically advanced machines; The Company is run by the three Fracchiolla brothers and their sons, who are strongly motivated to develop their family business. Prompt and timely response to all customers’ urgent requirements are the company’s top- priority matters, possible thanks to an efficient and qualified techni­cal assistance assuring maintenance also during holi­ days. Latest processing techniques, care for details and product reliability are some of factors that made “ INDUSTRIE FRACCHIOLLA S.r.l.” worldwide famous and also a continuous increase of export.

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PI GOs r l T e l :+ 3 904449 05 70 9 Vi aPo n t a r o n3 0 , F a x :+ 3 904449 09 77 8 3 6 0 3 0Ca l d o g n o( VI ) , I t a l i a e ma i l : i nf o@p i go . b i z

www. pi go. bi z

EASYFr eez e


TheAr tof

Fr eez i ng&Pr oc essi ng

Compl et es ol ut i ons f orFr ui t&Veget abl e Pr oc es s i ng

Deaer at i on &Fr ui tPr oc es s i ng Sol ut i ons




Ishida multihead weighers are playing a critical role in helping one of the UK’s largest frozen vegetable processors and packers increase throughput by as much as 20%.


he five Ishida weighers at the Pinguin Foods UK site in Kings Lynn include an advanced 24 head CCW-R multihead weigher with three litre hoppers for mixed vegetables and four 5 litre hopper 14-head models for single varieties, which include carrots, peas, sweet corn, beans, broccoli and cauliflower. On the lines where the Ishidas have been installed, along with new colour sorters which check for and reject substandard vegetables, overall weighing accuracies are now running at under 0.7% deviation from the target weight compared to around 1.8% previously. Pinguin Foods UK is part of the Bel-

ISHIDA 2/13 FP.indd 3

gium-based PinguinLutosa group, a global leader in the supply of vegetable and potato based top quality easy to prepare products. Increasing demand, along with Pinguin’s continuing drive for enhanced quality and improved efficiency, led the company to install the new Ishida weighers as part of its target to increase production throughput in the factory by 20%. As Paul Spurrell, the company’s Chief Engineer, explains: “It is vital that we keep up with the times. The high quality standards that we set ourselves and which our customers demand mean we have to invest in the latest and best equipment.”

The Ishidas are handling pack sizes of between 125g and 2.5kg, including mixed vegetables of two, three and four varieties on the 24 head mix weigher. In addition, the weighers can be used for special pack requirements. For example, one weigher in ‘double dump’ format is being used to pack 10kg boxes, where it has effectively doubled speed and greatly improved accuracy over the previous method. While the Ishidas were selected initially for their speed, their superior accuracy and reliability have been equally valuable benefits. “We have had no problems with the weighers

07/02/13 16.47


since their installation,” confirms Packing Hall Manager Steve Walton. “Another major advantage is their flexibility; we can easily switch product from line to line depending on requirements, something that was not possible with our previous volumetric and older multihead models.” Part of this flexibility is thanks to the ease of changeover on the Ishida weighers. Product specifications including target weight are pre-programmed into the easy-to-use remote control unit for changeover at the

ISHIDA 2/13 FP.indd 4

touch of a button. The waterproof construction of each model and easy to remove change parts also mean clean down can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The weighers are part of an ongoing multi-million pound investment in both the processing and packing operations at Kings Lynn, involving the installation of hi-tech equipment throughout, such as the state-of-theart colour sorters that can detect imperfections in the vegetables and reject them at high speeds. Another key focus of the investment is on improvement in energy efficiencies. Again the Ishida weighers are playing an important part in this, along with Pinguin initiatives such as reduced water consumption and the introduction of more efficient lighting. The weighers are in operation 24 hours a day, five days a week, with additional weekend working during busy seasons such as the run up to Christmas. Typical speeds currently are around 75 packs per minute for a 1kg pack, well within the weigher’s capabilities of 90 packs per minute. “We are continuing to work on further developing the performance of the lines,” explains Paul Spurrell. “Our focus is not just on speed but on delivering consistency and ensuring that the weighers are fully integrated so that they work as efficiently as possible with existing equipment.” Indeed, one immediate impact of the weighers was the need to install new checkweighers, also from Ishida. “Our old checkweighers simply couldn’t cope with the higher line speeds,” explains Steve Walton. The DACS-W checkweighers feature Ishida’s unique DSP (Digital Signal


Processing) chip which permits accurate signal processing under a wide range of weighing conditions, together with an Ishida built load cell that delivers high sensitivity, response and accuracy. Speed and accuracy are further enhanced by the light weight conveyor, enhanced direct drive motor and a special low friction belt. Installation of all the Ishida equipment “went like clockwork”, according to Paul Spurrell. “It was literally a question of plug in and play. The weighers are very easy to operate. “In the few months that they have been installed we have already achieved a 15% improvement in throughput so we are well on the way to reaching our 20% target,” he continues. Ultimately a repeat purchase is the best indication of the suitability of any equipment for a job. Pinguin Foods first proved the effectiveness of Ishida weighers with the installation of one model, and this led to them being adopted over four more lines. Now the company is planning to convert its final line to include Ishida equipment. “We are a forward looking company and constantly challenging ourselves to deliver the highest standards to our customers,” concludes Pinguin Foods UK’s Managing Director Nigel Terry. “This means we are committed to continual investment in the best equipment that will help us deliver on these promises. Ishida weighers are a key part of this.”

07/02/13 16.47





hanks to forty years of experience, F.B.L. is now a leading company in the glass and metal packaging industry (jars, bottles and tins) for food products such as jam, honey, tomatoes and tomato products (sauces, pureed tomatoes, tomato paste, ketchup), foods preserved in oil, pickles, fruit juices, mayonnaise, etc… F.B.L. is specialized in the manufacture of the following machine: Automatic depalletizer totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, for empty containers as metal cans, glass jars and glass bottles. Blower machine (universal or twist model) totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to clean by air or water or steam injection, the inside part of empty containers as

FBL FP 2/13.indd 3

metal cans, glass jars and glass bottles. Linear vibrating filler machine totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to fill glass jars and metal cans with food products as olives, small onions, cucumbers, artichokes, capers, mushrooms, cherries, mixed vegetables, fruit salad, etc… Rotative vacuum filler totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 in the parts in contact with food product, suitable to fill under vacuum preserving liquid as olive oil, sunflower seed-oil, saltwater,

vinegar, syrup, etc… Rotative piston filler totally buildup in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 in the parts in contact with food product, suitable to fill thick or semi-thick food products as jam, tomato paste, honey, sauces, cream, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc… Linear capping machine totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to close under vacuum by steam injection, glass jars/bottles provided by twist-off metal caps of different size. Tunnel pasteurizer-cooler totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for the thermic treatment of metal cans, glass jars, glass bottles filled by fruit juice, beer, jam, tomato paste, vegetables sauces, pickles, etc… Vacuum detector suitable to check if glass jars/bottles provided by twist-off metal caps with “safety button” are well closed with vacuum.

22/04/13 15.22





ike all sugar producers in the Philippines, and across Asia, Victorias Milling Company (VMC) has to continually improve the efficiency of its factory output performance in order to compete in the international market place,” stresses Mr. Arcadio “Boy” Lozada Jr., Vice President for Manufacturing at VMC. “This year, VMC achieved higher than normal overall time efficiency for its sugar operations. But we feel there are still issues in operations that need to be addressed. For instance, while the combined planned and unplanned stoppages of the factory are close to 10% of the operating time and can be considered par in the industry, we still feel there is a way for us to reduce further the unplanned downtime and at the same time the maintenancerelated cost of operations.”

The four key factors in order to achieve this are as follows: 1) Properly trained maintenance crew 2) Proper tool for equipment overhauls

3) Reliable condition monitoring equipment 4) Assurance of good quality replacement parts

Enhancing the skills of the VMC crew “People. They are the core that makes up who we are as a company. We value our people and we recognize the need to continually educate and offer them training”, adds Mr. Lozada. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why SKF is valued by its clients. SKF products offered come with training modules that are practical, such as the bearing maintenance and technical courses, condition monitoring through vibration analysis, and mechanical power transmission lessons, to name a few.

Increasing productivity through product improvements Bearings are viewed as the heart of the rotating machinery, and so it is important to protect and take care of these. Mr. Lozada continues that “from experience, unsealed or open bearings are normally susceptible to a variety of issues that can

affect performance. These include the ingress of dirt and water, lubricant loss, and the ingress of juice from the sugar cane. The latter is perhaps the most damaging as this leaves heavy sticky sugar residue on the inner bearing contact surfaces, and causes severe corrosion, both of which result to bearing failure. The SKF sealed spherical roller bearings avoid these and are very effective in extending the bearing life and critical machinery maintenance time, which in turn helps increase our productivity, while lowering our bearing replacement costs.” In addition, the SKF split bearing housings have replaced the single mould housings previously used at VMC. With this, maintenance routines are now made easier because the location part of the housing stays in place at all times; unlike with single moulds, where the housing still needs to be dismounted and removed during shaft/bearing inspection and repair. “Ultimately, this gets our machinery operating again faster, which is another contributor to productivity,” he points out.

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WMC FP 2-13.indd 3

23/04/13 15.04

The heart of business

International Exhibition of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

25 26 27 September 2013 Cesena ITALY





inis Food Processing Equipment B.V. is located in the Netherlands; a country which has set the quality standards for fresh agricultural products. Since our founding in 1924 we have developed and produced peeling and cutting machines for all kinds of products. Finis is a key player in providing complete projects. With the help of computer-aided design, we are able to design complete projects attuned to your specific needs easily and quickly. The capacity ranges from a few hundred kilogrammes to more than hundred tons per day. Naturally, Finis takes care of the entire planning, execution, installation and commissioning and this includes the training of your staff. We are proud to present one of our finalized projects. From small family farmers to large industrial concerns: they all successfully use our machines. We invest a large part of our revenue in developing new systems. No wonder that we have raised the bar in the processing branch. Our team develops machines, which centre

SGORBATI FP 2/13.indd 3

on staff cost savings, yield improvement, cost savings and simplicity. We are known for being able to astonish the world with our remarkable innovations. Finis is not just a supplier of peeling machines. Finis commits itself to meeting its clients’ processing needs and wishes. The need of today is reducing the labour costs, improve the yield and save costs on cleaning and maintainance. With our new peeling machines we have thought of all these needs. We have a full automatic onion peeling machine who can orientate 8 onions in less then 1,5 seconds and with a total peeling capacity of 12.000 onions per hour. We also developed a special potato peeler for the rejects of steam peeled potatoes. With a large range of adjustment possibilities we have raised the bar in potato peeling. Fully automatic, low peeling costs and very low maintainance and cleaning costs, we can turn your rejected potatoes into A quality potatoes.

22/04/13 15.52


SGORBATI FP 2/13.indd 3


27/02/13 09.41





n the modern fruits/vegetables processing industry the need of diversification in order to process various types of raw material is becoming a must. This possibility would decrease considerably the amount of time the machinery would remain idle with consequent improvement of the economic results of the plant. This is especially true when plants are designed to process only one type of fruit/vegetable available only in a limited number of weeks/ months. Typical examples are tomato processing plants where, in the majority of the areas the raw material is only available during two-three months. Another example is tropical fruit processing dedicated for mango, or passion fruit or other available only for a limited season. A system to overcome the problem is to design a flexible and versatile plant in which a number of key equipment are optimized to process various types of raw material (typical examples are the heat exchange equipment, the aseptic filler, the washing / sorting lines etc.) and to include dedicated machines to process specific raw material. The use of dedicated machines is essential in order to maximize the yield and the quality of the obtained juice. This fact is particularly true in the case of tropical fruits where only dedicated machines for pineapple, passion fruit, acerola, mango, guava, just to mention few examples, can assure the level of quality needed by always more stringent standards market. Some examples are described in the following paragraphs. Multifruit plant for the processing of pomegranate, apples, berries and stone fruits to produce both clear concentrate juice for pomegranate, apples and berries and single strength puree for peaches, apricots, plums. In this case the

FP 2/13 bertuzzi.indd 3

key components of the plant (heat exchange, evaporator, aseptic filler, ultrafiltration etc.) have been optimized for the various raw material and dedicated machines have been added to deshel the pomegranate, to destone the apricots etc. The result is a multifunctional plant that is in operation for 7-9 months allowing a smooth deprecation of the fixed capital investment

been used to maximize the quality of the juice and a sophisticated CIP system in order to allow first response to the demands of the market requiring changes of product.

Multifruit plant for the processing of a wide range of tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and guava to produce a high quality concentrates and puree. In this case also to the basic plant equipped with all common (but optimized) processing sections a number of dedicated machines are added for the pineapple, passion fruit juicing as well as for the destoning of mango with great efficiency and the chopping of guava.

Multifruit processing plant to produce chilled juice of high quality, pasteurized or not from orange, lemon, mango, pineapple, pomegranate, carrots, apples, berries etc. Again in this case it is a plant that must operate the whole year round changing very rapidly process and producing product of extremely high organolectic characteristics. In this case too dedicated machines have

Multifunctional plant to process carrots, stone fruits and tomato to produce concentrated puree. Again dedicated equipment have been added to make possible to obtain high quality final product while maximizing the yield.

Multifunction line for the production of fruit preparation for yoghurt and bakery. It can operate with particulates and whole fruits assuring the maximum quality.

All these examples of plants have been designed, built and put in operation by Bertuzzi Food Processing S.r.l., an Italian Company that operate in this field since 1936 and that have supplied plants to process fruit and vegetables to produce juice, concentrates, baby food, jam, ready-made drinks etc.

16/04/13 10.32

CITROEVOLUTION3 For the production of top quality citrus juice Bertuzzi is proud to present the new Citroevolution3

• • • •

high capacity/yield top quality juice compact smooth operation

Citroevolution3 • • • • • • •

Capacity: up to 15.000 fruits per hour Control of pulp content Completely manufactured in stainless steel Equipped with inverter and touch screen Consumptions: electric motors kw 5,5 Dimensions: 91 x 131 x 213 cm Weight: 685 kg

The Citroevolution3 operation scheme is composed by 4 phases: 1. Feeding and positioning of the fruit on the extraction star 2. Closing between the two stars 3. Compression and pushing of the fruit into the refining cylinder 4. Juice extraction and refining

BERTUZZI FOOD PROCESSING S.R.L. Corso Sempione, 212/bis - 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) - Italy tel. +39.0331.356311 - fax +39.0331.356299 e-mail: -



SEASONER/HOLDER CABINET GENERAL FEATURES Monocoque built with inside and outside finishing in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel (Scotch-Brite satin finish) Outside back and bottom in zinc-plated steel Printed inside bottom Insulating thickness of 60mm in polyurethane without HCFC with approx. 42 kg/m3 density Evaporating copper coil with aluminium grilles that protect against corrosion with non toxic coating Condensing iron painted coil with high thermal yield Adjustment of relative humidity (RH%) through appropriate probe and steam generator Air change through automatic and timed by control extractor fan Anti condensate resistance on door frame Magnetic gasket on four sides and counter-magnet on the gasket ledge AISI 304 18/10 Stainless steel door (Scotch-Brite satin finish) Self closing door with opening block at 100° Full height ergonomic knob Stainless steel Ø 2” adjustable feet H 150÷180mm

Forced and controlled ventilation cooling system to guarantee maximum efficiency and uniformity of the generated microclimate in the whole cell Automatic defrosting cycles for energy saving Evaporation system of the defrosting water with overheated gas and thermostat electric resistance The evaporation of the defrosting water for the pre-arranged versions, happens through thermostat electric resistance CoMMANDS, controlS AND SAFETY DEVICES 10 programmes with n.6 phases each to check temperature, humidity, time Control able to maintain the correct degree of humidity inside the cell from 30÷95% of RH Micro processor control equipped with cell probe, evaporator probe, condenser probe and RH% probe for the complete monitoring of the Seasoner good functioning

Intelligent electrical defrosting (activates only if necessary for frozen evaporator) Compressor with automatic re-arm Thermal Protection against overheating or burning Evaporator fan automatic stop when door is opened Alarms signal: HACCP, Door Open, Faulty defrosting, Dirty condenser, Black-out HACCP The new control is in compliance with the most severe HACCP Standards, memorising and signalling high and low temperature alarms, both on board and remotely The alarms and functioning data can be displayed on a PC through Software and infrared Remote Control VersionS / AccessoriES (OPTIONALS) Water condensation Pre-arranged with remote condensing group Right/left door inversion kit Wheels kit

INTERNAL SET-UP AISI 304 18/10 Stainless steel uprights and guides, removable without the use of tools for easy cleaning 12 Meat hangers adjustable on “C” guides (4 x shelf) suitable for hanging cured meats REFRIGERANT UNIT Electrical connection with Schuko 230V1Ph-50Hz plug Water Load connection pre-arranged with .” M fitting Roof top monoblock plant to allow to use the entire refrigerated volume (no max load line) Refrigerated monoblock removable from the top for simple and easy maintenance or replacement Refrigerated liquid R134a

FRIULINOX 2/13 FP.indd 3

Alloows use of 10 different seasoning climate controls, each one programmable with 6 different microclimates to obtain the following phases: › stifling › drying › seasoning › holding

22/04/13 15.56



TROCKNUNGS.-/LAGERGERAET HAUPTMERKMALE Schalenbaukonstruktion intern und extern aus Chromnickelstahl AISI 304 18/10 (Scotch-Breit) fein satiniert Äussere Rückwand und Bodenaussenseite aus verzinktem Blech Bodeninnenseite geprägt CFKW-HFKW-freie Isolierung aus Polyurethanhartschaum mit besonderer Dichte (42 kg/mÑ). Verdampfer-Einheit aus Kupfer mit AluRippen korrosionsfest durch Behandlung mit ungiftigem Lack Kondensator-Einheit aus lackiertem Stahl mit grosser thermischer Leistung Einstellung der relativen Luftfeuchte (UR%) durch Sonde und Dampferzeuger Luftwechsel durch automatischen Saugventilator von der Kontrolleinheit gesteuert Türrahmenheizung Magnetgummidichtung auf alle vier Seiten und Gegenmagnet wo die Dichtung anschlägt Türe aus CNS AISI 304 18/10 (ScotchBrite) satiniert Selbstschliessende Türe mit Öffnungsfesthalter auf 100° Ergonomischer auf die ganze Länge gezogener Türgriff CNS-Füsse Durchmesser 2“ von H 150÷180 mm höhenverstellbar INTERNE EINRICHTUNG Ständer und Schienen aus CNS AISI 304 18/10, ohne den Einsatz von Werkzeugen demontierbar um die Reinigungsarbeiten zu erleichtern 12 Fleischhaken-Stangen auf “C”-förmige Schienen regulierbar (4 je Abstellfläche) geeignet um Wurstwaren aufzuhängen KUEHLEINHEIT Elektroanschlus mit Schuko-Stecker 230V-1Ph-50Hz Wasseranschluss mit Anschluss .“ M Deckenkonstruktion um somit den

FRIULINOX 2/13 FP.indd 4

gekühlten Raum opitmal ausnutzen zu können (keine max. Beladungsgrenze) Kühleinheit von oben herausziehbar um die Wartungsarbeiten sowie den ev. Austausch leicht vornehmen zu können Kühlmittels R134a Kontrollierte Luftkühlung um die höchste Leistung sowie eine gleichmässige Verteilung des erzeugten Mikroklima im gesamten Kühlraum garantieren zu können Automatische Abtauzyklen um den Stromverbrauch zu reduzieren, Tauwasserverdunstung durch Heissgas und thermostatische Elektroheizung Für die Ausführung für Zentralkühlung erfolgt die Tauwasserverdunstung durch eine thermostatische Elektroheizung KONTROLL - UND SICHERHEITSEIN RICHTUNG 10 Programme mit je 6 Phasen um die Temperatur, die Feuchtigkeit und die Zeit zu kontrollieren Die Kontrolleinrichtung ist in der Lage den richtigen Feuchtigkeitsniveau

im Kühlraum zu bewahren von 30%UR bis 95% UR Mikroprozessor-Kontrolleinrichtung ausgestattet mit Kühlraumfühler, Verdampferfühler, Kondensatorfühler und Fühler der UR% für eine totale Überwachung einer einwandfreien Arbeitsweise des Trocknungs-Gerätes Kluge elektrische Abtauung (wird nur wenn notwendig bei bereiftem Verdampfer eingesetzt) Kompressor mit Thermoschutz gegen Überhitzung und Verbrennungen Automatische Ausschaltung des Ventilators bei Öeffung der Türe Alarm-Meldung:HACCP; offene Türe, defekte Abtauung, schmutziger Kondensator, Black-out HACCP Die neue Kontrolleinrichtung entspricht den strengsten HACCPNormen. Die Alamrmeldungen einer hohen bzw. niedrigen Temperatur werden bei steckerfertigen Geräten sowie bei ferngesteuerten Geráten gespeichert und gemeldet Die Alarmangaben sowie die Funktionsangaben koennen mittels eines PC durch Software und Infrarot-Fernbedienung visualisert werden AUF ANFRAGE - OPTIONAL Wasserkühlung Ausführung für Zentralkühlung Kit Türumrüstung von rechts auf links Kit Räder

erlaubt den Gebrauch von 10 verschiedenen Trocknungs- Klimatisierungen und jede davon mit 6 verschiedenen Klimatisierungszeiten programmierbar um somit folgende Phasen zu erreichen: - Schmoren - Trocknen - Lagern - Erhalt en

22/04/13 15.56



FROM TECNINOX INNOVATIVE PASTEURISER FOR BEER AND FILLING MACHINE FOR JARS AND CANS Pasteuriser for beer Since 1975 Tecninox di Aldo Namaziano & c. s.n.c. has been building machines for the food and beverage industry, as well as the pasteuriser for beer, and is willing to examine any customer’s enquiry and request of supply. Tecninox di Aldo Namaziano & C. SNC plants and pasteurisers for beer are built according to the latest manufacturing technologies and are used for the beer heating processing and the pasteurisation lines in full bottles or cans. The strength of Tecninox di Aldo Namaziano & C. SNC is in heat treatment. Tecninox di Aldo Namaziano & C. SNC builds single machines and complete lines. The Tecninox di Aldo Namaziano & C. SNC machines are built entirely of stainless steel and are made to the customers’ requirements. At the basis of the Tecninox di Aldo Namaziano & C. SNC work is the great production flexibility, combined with a high degree of professionalism in order to offer the most advanced technology in realising pasteurisers for beer.

INFORMATION: Main production range: Machines for food and beverage industry. Additional production range: Machineries for tomato processing; machines for fruit processing; machines for jam processing; machine to process vegetables, mushrooms, vegetables with oil or vinegar pickle; pasteurisers for beer – cooling tunnels for any type of container and product; pasteurisers – tunnel coolers for beer and beverage; static sterilizers for any type of container and

TECNINOX FP 2-13.indd 3

product; batch evaporators; cooking vessels; autoclaves; cutters; cooker for snails and other food products, autoclaves, linear filling stations, linear filling stations by water rain, circular and volumetric fillers.

Filling machine Filling machine for jars and cans, suitable for filling with small tomatoes, calibrated cucumbers, fruit and vegetables both whole and cubed. Built entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, the machine is made up of: Receiving tank built with a feed elevator of the vibrating hopper, controlled by a speed-change drive unit. Vibrating hopper for distributing the product in the containers, controlled by a speed-change drive unit. V-belt transporter that transfers the containers under the vibrating hopper, controlled by a speed-change drive unit, equipped with a vibration device for settling the product in the containers. Recovery system of product overflowing the containers, sending it back to the receiving tank in a privileged area to aid priority intake in the containers, controlled by a geared motor. Electric control panel in

a stainless steel AISI 304 box with low voltage controls. Format change is extremely easy, with no need for equipment change-over. The machine can be adjusted for all allowed formats, therefore does not need extra equipment.

Technical charateristics Electrical power installed: 2 kW

19/04/13 11.20


Machineries to process tomato, fruit, jam, vegetables, mushrooms, vegetables with oil or vinegar pickle; pasteurisers – tunnel coolers for any type of container and product; pasteurisers – tunnel coolers for beer and beverage; static sterilizers for any type of containers and product; batch evaporators; cooking vessels.

tecninox di Aldo Namaziano & C. Snc Via Sebastiano Galeotti, 6 - 43038 Sala Baganza, Parma - Italy tel. 0521 831911 - Fax 0521 836919 -

tecninox_pagina eng.indd 1

16/04/13 12.58



AGRICULTURE - A SECTOR GURANTEED TO GROW If there’s one sector guaranteed to grow in both the short and long term, it’s agriculture.


ith the world population expected to grow by 27 percent to 8.9 billion by 2050 and consumers in developing markets increasingly able to afford more and different foodstuffs, demand for agricultural products is certain to rise. “You can’t open an agricultural publication today without seeing references to population growth and rising living standards,” says Joe Woods, Fluid Power Segment Manager Americas for Trelleborg’s sealing products, who himself farms on a modest scale. The amount of arable land available on the planet is limited, so it must be as productive as possible. A number of trends are resulting in greater productivity . In developed markets one trend is the increasing automation of farm machinery such as combine harvesters. Combine harvesters can now be steered by GPS, and subsystems such as the headers that harvest the crops are increasingly computer controlled. “An operator used to throw a lever to manually raise and lower a header,” says Woods. “Now there’s a button controlling the hydraulic cylinder. For its smooth operation you need lower friction and higher precision, which our seals provide.” Trelleborg is experiencing high growth in the agricultural sector. “Business with original equipment manufacturers is booming,” says Woods. “Commodity prices are up in the U.S., and demand is driving when people are buying new equipment.” Another way to increase land productivity is to prevent damage to the soil by tractors and other machinery. “Compression by tires affects the structure of the soil, affecting its ability to absorb


water and nutrients and therefore affecting yields,” says Emiliana Vesco, Product Manager Agricultural and Forest Tires for Trelleborg. Tests show that compaction causes poor root development and disrupts biological activity in the land. “Our aim is to design and produce tires that respect the structure of the soil and preserve its organic life by minimizing mechanical damage,” says Vesco. Agricultural vehicles are becoming more environmentally-friendly, with stricter emissions standards going into effect in the U.S. and Europe. Their engines run hotter to reduce emissions, which demands components that can handle the higher temperatures. “We now supply high-temperature compounds for engine mounts,” says Chris Billinge, Global Markets Director for Trelleborg’s antivibration mounts. “This allows our customers to run their engines in these hotter environments and still have excellent isolation.” With demand increasing in some markets for vehicles fitted with tracks rather than tires – again to protect the soil – Trelleborg is developing new solu-

tions for suspension systems. “Tracks cause a massive deterioration in ride control and comfort, so the focus is on suspension to allow drivers to spend a long day in the field comfortably,” says Billinge. Sustainable farming remains a focus for Trelleborg. In 2011, Trelle-borg launched its TM Blue tire concept, which reduces the use of natural resources in production, is kinder on the soil while reducing fuel consumption and emissions as well as increasing productivity. “Agriculture is destined to play a leading role in future environmental challenges, since farmers, along with leading manufacturers, increasingly demand innovations that meet sustainable requirements,” says Vesco. According to forecasts, 80 percent of the growth in the agricultural industry through 2020 will occur in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). A significant amount of farming in China is still unmechanized, and where machinery is used it is often less productive than in the developed world. In 2011, Trelleborg acquired a facility in Xingtai and became the first manufac-

01/03/13 14.31


turer of agricultural tires from the West to have its own production in China. The factory provides proximity to Chinese customers as well as support to European and U.S. customers in the Chinese market. “This is a new horizon that brings us new possibilities and a new challenge,” says Vesco.

Agriculture in South Africa South Africa grows every kind of food crop, filling most of the country’s domestic needs and exporting on top of that, so it is no surprise that demand for tractors is growing, along with associated markets. “In 2011, sales of tractors in South Africa almost doubled over 2010 levels, reaching 7,963 units,” says Hennie Hattingh, Trelleborg Sales Manager for agricultural tires in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. “Trelleborg’s biggest opportunity lies in affiliation with tractor dealers.” Hattingh says South Africa is the most important market in Africa for now, but opportunities are arising in other markets as well. With rising tractor sales come rising tire sales. “In recent years, there has been an increased focus on precision farming, meaning minimizing soil compaction for maximum agronomic yield,” Hattingh says. One farmer who understands this is Piet van Rensburg, a fourth-generation farmer in Bultfontein, in South Africa’s Free State province. The province, considered the breadbasket of the country, produces 70 percent of South Africa’s grain. On his Mooitoekoms Farm, van Rensburg uses Trelleborg TM900 High Power tires on his Case Magnum 340 and Magnum 225 tractors. “I work in very sandy soil,” says van Rensburg. “And the bigger the tire I can have, the less compaction and more traction there is on the soil. I can’t complain about the life-span of the tires either. I am up to 3,000 hours on the Magnum 225. Trelleborg tires make me more productive and increase the fuel efficiency of my vehicles.”


Mooitoekoms Farm › The word “mooitoekoms” in the name of Piet van Rensburg’s farm means “beautiful future” in Afrikaans. › The Free State province is often called South Africa’s breadbasket. › Mooitoekoms Farm’s main crops are maize and sunflowers. › The total area of the farm is 1,400 hectares (3,460 acres). › Mooitoekoms Farm has four tractors: a Case Steiger 550, a Case Magnum 340, a Case Magnum 225 and a Case Puma 180 for spraying.

South African farming › The top 10 farmed commodities in South Africa are sugarcane, maize (corn), milk, wheat, potatoes, grapes, oranges, chicken, sunflower seeds and beef. › Farming in South Africa accounts for eight percent of the country’s exports. › 12 percent of South Africa’s land is under cultivation, amounting to some 15 million hectares (36 million acres). › 96 percent of all tractor brands imported to South Africa have radial tires. › Trelleborg has had a presence in South Africa since 1995. Its offices there act as a hub for Trelleborg business in other African countries.

India – a thriving market With a population of 1.2 billion that is still growing rapidly, India is a critical market for many global companies. Trelleborg has several facilities in India and another one will be inaugurated later this year. This latest addition to the country is a 30,000-square-foot facility in southern India. It will develop, manufacture and supply industrial antivibration systems with a focus on rail and molded components for a variety of industry segments as well as housing a test laboratory for materials and product testing. “Our operations in India will strengthen our relationships with our key customers and help us develop business with others,” says Rajeev Gupta, Regional Sales Manager


for Trelleborg’s antivibration systems. “The plan is to support the strategy of future business growth in the Indian market.” Agriculture is a big part of that market in India. Some 80 percent of the machines used in agriculture in India are tractors. “The large agricultural market of India is one that we will be watching closely and participating in when technology develops and brings into play the need for our products,” says Chris Billinge who is responsible for marketing Trelleborg antivibration systems globally. In India, Trelleborg develops, manufactures and supplies hydraulic and pneumatic sealing systems for the fluid power, automotive and aerospace sectors as well as industrial antivibration systems and molded components for a variety of industry segments. In addition to this, Trelleborg has a center of excellence for engineering and design focusing in marine fender operations.

The tractor factor The name “tractor”, coined around 1903 by Hart and Parr, developers of a two-cylinder gasoline engine, comes from the Latin roots of “traction” and “power”. This sums its capabilities up as a slow moving, high torque vehicle for hauling a trailer or machinery. Before this tractors were already in use, but not by their common name. Originally, there were steam-powered traction engines, frequently operated in tandem pulling a plow back and forth over a field by a wire cable. In the U.S., steam-powered engines were direct-hauling plows due to more favorable soil conditions. Steam-powered tractors were still in use during the 20th century until a reliable internal combustion engine was developed. Gasoline-powered tractors gained popularity in the 1910s when they became smaller and cheaper. In 1917, Henry Ford introduced the Fordson, the first mass produced tractor, and by the 1920s this type of tractor had become the norm, with Ford controlling 77 percent of the U.S. market.

01/03/13 14.31



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Moving forward: Achieving excellence in maintenance “Although the factory’s maintenance system at present is able to achieve a high level of overall time efficiency, VMC recognizes the value of migrating to a computerized maintenance management system immediately to gain competitive ground. This is to ensure that we achieve the reliability levels being targeted by our group in the next few years,” Mr. Lozada states. “And for this, we are in need of the services of a company with a good track record.” The SKF Client’s Needs Analysis (CNA) provides a holistic solution to the maintenance operations of a company. This service begins with a review and evaluation of the entire operations system; after which, helps determine the appropriate maintenance strategy and plan, including the critical machinery equipment required, and an optimized spares inventory and supply stream.

pany’s operating condition, and is fast to access and maintain, while giving key people and their respective departments the relevant information they need to enable correct decision making. A challenge that VMC currently faces is the monitoring of one of its most expensive and important equipment -- its turbo generators. “These electricity generators must be available during the normal operation of our mills and even when we do our annual maintenance procedures during the shutdown season,” emphasizes Mr. Lozada. With an online monitoring system, VMC can get a clear and accurate picture of the condition of the critical components within the turbo generators, minus the time-consuming and costly manual dismounting and checking of all the machine sub-components.

Future looks good “The future for VMC looks good,” beams Mr. Lozada. The sugar mill in Negros ended the crop year 2012

as the biggest in the Philippines in terms of total annual production of both raw and refined sugar (1 ). “At the end of the day, sugar production is still dependent on the tons of sugar cane milled. Environmental conditions change, and every season is a new season affecting the amount of canes we process into sugar and sugar derivatives. These external factors affect our productivity and are difficult to control. On the other hand, there are factors which also affect productivity and profitability such as our operating and maintenance costs and these we can manage and control. The onus is on us to find the most efficient way to control these.” Mr. Lozada stressed that SKF’s contribution in the areas of maintenance crew training, and the supply of good quality parts and reliable condition monitoring equipment, has helped achieve this. “The Computerized Maintenance Management System services is indeed a very promising endeavor to take with SKF, as it promises to reduce maintenance costs by better identifying and planning our maintenance activity, to enable us in retaining knowledge regarding our maintenance needs for specific equipment, and to provide a continuous ‘health check’ on our equipment’s condition. More importantly, it will help sustain the level of training we require for our people.”

Moreover, given VMC’s need to migrate to a more reliable and fast maintenance monitoring system, the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a tool that SKF recommends for the company. With the thousands of machines and machine parts VMC needs to monitor to keep its productivity high, this program is ideal because it makes use of a single system that gives a total overview of the com-

WMC FP 2-13.indd 4

23/04/13 15.04

fenco.indd 1

26/04/12 17.39





BIE is bringing pizza to the 2013 Baking Expo™ thanks to a new partnership with PMQ Pizza Magazine, which includes the PMQ Pizza Village—a unique townhall style pavilion on the show floor featuring pizza related exhibitors, competitions, demonstrations and more. “The addition of PMQ is a natural next step for IBIE. One that our audience has been asking for,” says IBIE Chairman Mike Beaty. Already on pace to surpass 2010’s record-breaking attendance numbers, IBIE 2013 featuring PMQ, will attract an additional segment of the grainbased industry. With pizza and baking in one event, IBIE 2013 will facilitate a dialogue between professionals in two closely related industries for unprecedented networking and new business opportunities. The baking and pizza industries share many of the same ingredients, equipment and business strategies. PMQ Pizza Magazine publisher Steve Green states, “This is something that I’ve seen in Europe and have always wanted to pursue in the U.S.—baking and pizza working together. In 2013, the entire industry will truly unite.” PMQ will offer its vast knowledge of the pizza industry to IBIE 2013 attendees at the PMQ Pizza Information Center—located within the Pizza Village. Attendees who currently offer pizza or are considering adding it to their offerings (frozen or fresh) will have the opportunity to learn from pizza experts who will share knowledge on best practices, recipes, food costs, growth rates, consumer trends, the state of the industry and more. The PMQ Pizza Village will also host

MASTRO FP.indd 3

exhibitors offering everything from flour, cheese, ovens and mixers, to car top signs, direct marketing support, equipment, flour and yeast, and more. In addition to exhibitors and industry experts, the PMQ Pizza Village will feature a demo area to host the American Pizza Championships cooking contest and the thrilling US Pizza Team Trials where ‘Pizzathletes’ will compete in freestyle pizza acrobatics. The winners of these competitions will represent the US at the 2014 World Championship competition in Italy. PMQ is also contributing to six semi-

nars in the IBIE Education Program with topics that speak to all food service businesses. The class lineup includes: › Trench Marketing: How to Grow Your Retail Business from Behind Your Own Counter › Rock Their World! › Driving Restaurant Sales in a Tough Economy › Pizza Art: Not Just for Fun, but Good Business Marketing › Online Ordering—How to Get Started and What it Can Mean for Your Bottom Line › Pizza and Bakeries: the Hidden Link to Profit.

15/03/13 11.39

The World of Baking,

Together Now

At the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), the industry comes together like nowhere else, attracting baking professionals and exhibitors from around the globe. Held in exciting Las Vegas, IBIE features thousands of the newest products and technologies and provides the full range of equipment, supply and ingredient solutions to help you stay competitive and strong in the changing global marketplace.

Where the Industry Unites

Join IBIE’s International Buyer Program by contacting your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate, or visit for international visitor information, travel tips and a Visa application. Find us:


3/27/13 10:08 AM



NUMBER OF GERMAN COMPANIES PRESENTED AT GERMAN PAVILION OF MODERN BAKERY MOSCOW 2013 BREAKS RECORD › 41 exhibitors will be present at the German Pavilion › All market leaders and long-time exhibitors are represented again › The German Pavilion of the Federal Republic of Germany attracts numerous new exhibitors › German Pavilion exhibition space increases by 35% › Topics such as sweets and packaging gain more importance


he 19th Modern Bakery Moscow breaks all records. The German Pavilion of the Federal Republic of Germany has never been bigger. At the request of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology supports companies, which like to present themselves to the Russian market for the seventh time in a raw. Modern Bakery Moscow, the leading trade fair for the bakery and confectionery industry in Russia and the CIS will be held from April 24 - 27 in Pavilion 2 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. The center of the German Pavilion will be located in Hall 2.2. Shortly after the registration deadline it becomes official: 41 companies will represent their “made in Germany” - products at the German Pavilion of Modern Bakery Moscow 2013. German brands enjoy great popularity in the Russian market. They dominate the premium segment of the Russian bakery and confectionery industry due to their high quality and efficiency standards. According to VDMA, Russia is regarded as the most important export market for German manufacturers of bakery and confectionery machinery and ovens. All long-time exhibitors and

MODERN BAKERY FP 1/13.indd 3

market leaders, like Anton Ohlert, Berner Ladenbau, Fritsch, Ireks, Riehle, Wachtel as well as Werner & Pfleiderer are present again. Due to the higher number of new exhibitors, the exhibition space of the German Pavilion increased by 35% compared to 2012. Thus, companies such as AZO, Doja Tec, Fortuna, Hänsel Processing, Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau, Loesch Verpackungstechnik, Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen, Pfalzgraf Konditorei, Whitford GmbH and WD & Partner are represented for the first time at Modern Bakery Moscow. However, the expert visitors can not only enjoy the largest German Pavilion in the history of Modern Bakery Moscow. Apart from the classic

topic bakery, areas such as sweets and packaging gain more and more relevance. With companies like Beldos, Chocotech, Doja Dec, Hänsel Processing, Hebenstreit, Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau, Loesch Verpackungstechnik, Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen, Pfalzgraf Konditorei, Sollich, Winkler & Dünnerbier, Zentis and Zeppelin Reimelt presenting their products, the offer will increases even more.

23/04/13 15.10



FIRMENGEMEINSCHAFTSAUSSTELLUNG DER BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND AUF DER MODERN BAKERY MOSCOW 2013 BRICHT REKORDZAHLEN › 41 Aussteller präsentieren sich auf dem Deutschen Gemeinschaftsstand › Alle Marktführer und langjährige Aussteller erneut vertreten › Firmengemeinschaftsausstellung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland lockt zahlreiche Neuaussteller › Steigerung der Ausstellungsfläche um 35% › Thema Süßwaren wächst


ie 19. Modern Bakery Moscow bricht Rekorde. Die Firmengemeinschaftsausstellung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland wird so groß wie noch nie. Auf Antrag des Verbands deutscher Maschinenanlagenbauer (VDMA) unterstützt das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie bereits zum siebten Mal in Folge Unternehmen, die sich dem russischen Markt präsentieren wollen. Die Modern Bakery Moscow, Leitmesse der Bäckerei- und Konditoreiindustrie für Russland und der GUS, findet vom 24. bis 27. April in Halle 2 des Zentralen Messegeländes Expocentre in Moskau statt. Das Zentrum des Deutschen Gemeinschaftsstandes wird sich in Halle 2.2. befinden. Nach dem Anmeldeschluss ist es offiziell: auf der Firmengemeinschaftsausstellung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland der Modern Bakery Moscow 2013 werden insgesamt 41 Firmen ihre ‚made in Germany - Produkte‘ präsentieren. Deutsche Marken erfreuen sich auf dem russischen Markt besonderer Beliebtheit. Durch höchste Qualitäts- und Effizienzstandards dominieren sie das russische Premiumsegment der Bäckerei- und Konditoreibran-

MODERN BAKERY FP 1/13.indd 4

che. So gilt laut VDMA Russland als wichtigster Exportmarkt weltweit für deutsche Hersteller von Bäckerei- und Konditoreimaschinen sowie Öfen. Alle langjährigen Aussteller und Marktführer, wie Anton Ohlert, Berner Ladenbau, Fritsch, Ireks, Riehle, Wachtel sowie Werner & Pfleiderer sind wieder vertreten. Die flächenmäßige Steigerung des Deutschen Gemeinschaftsstandes von über 35% im Vergleich zum vergangenen Jahr begründet sich jedoch vor allem durch die gestiegene Anzahl von Neuausstellern. So sind Firmen wie z.B. AZO, Doja Tec, Fortuna, Hänsel Processing, Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau, Loesch Verpackungstechnik, Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen, Pfalzgraf Konditorei, Whitford GmbH und WD Part-

ner zum ersten Mal auf der Modern Bakery Moscow vertreten. Das Fachpublikum kann sich jedoch nicht nur auf den größten Deutschen Gemeinschaftsstand in der Geschichte der Modern Bakery Moscow freuen. Neben dem klassischen Thema Bäckerei gewinnen insbesondere die Themen Süßwaren und Verpackung an Bedeutung. Mit Firmen wie Beldos, Chocotech, Doja Dec, Hänsel Processing, Hebenstreit, Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau, Loesch Verpackungstechnik, Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen, Pfalzgraf Konditorei, Sollich, Winkler & Dünnerbier, Zentis und Zeppelin Reimelt wird Fachbesuchern das Angebot rund um das Thema Süßwaren und Konditorei verstärkt.

23/04/13 15.10





ulire 2.0, which will be held in Verona from 21 to 23 May 2013, is the largest professional cleaning trade show in Italy and hosts the entire range of related products, including machinery, chemical products, equipment and components for professional cleaning and hygiene. Thirty years of service to professionals make Pulire a leading event in Europe, ranked second for importance and size, and one of the most influential globally. In 2011, it attracted 300 exhibitors, more than 10,000 visitors on over 16,000 square meters of display space, playing host to the largest international groups, industry pacesetters with the most innovative solutions. It involved foreign exhibitors from 21 countries around the world and visitors from 90 countries. At Pulire, professionals in FMCG, HoReCa, hygiene and industry will find the most innovative solutions

PULIRE FP 2-13.indd 3

for any cleaning need. The 2013 edition of Pulire is based on the Pulire 2.0 concept, a new way to view the trade show: dynamic, interactive, oriented toward building effective relationships. Pulire 2.0 is based on two applications to download to smartphones or tablets, one for exhibitors and one for visitors. Every visitor will be associated with a QR code with all related information including product sector, source, general information, so that the exhibitor can create directly on their table the database of visitors to their stand, in compliance with privacy regulations. They can set up their agendas and appointments with a match-making system. Exhibitors will also be able to view visitor statistics in real time and will know when a distributor they are interested in, for example, a distributor from Qatar, has entered the exhibition center. Every product shown can also have a QR code containing the specific information,

to avoid printing catalogues and make it immediately consultable by visitors. The applications will provide information on the trade fair, pavilions and exhibitors. “The 2.0 applied to a trade show signifies an interactive platform of relationships able to gather consensus across uniform segments on a number of topics related to industry or system themes or simply of the market, many months before the event takes place and for an extended time after,” noted Toni D’Adrea, Managing Director of Afidamp Servizi, the company that organizes Pulire. “Exhibitors and visitors are no longer merely users of services but become an active and dynamic part of the system. Pulire 2.0 means creating a virtual space that is accessible to the market long before the physical event takes place which allows for supply and demand to interact in a multidirectional way.”

23/04/13 15.12



SIMEI 2013, A RESTYLING FOR ITS FIRST 50 YEARS SIMEI, International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition, will be launching its 25thedition – scheduled from 12 to 16 November at Fiera Milano-Rho – with a restyling for all its communication and promotion materials. Target: telling the most significant elements of this trade show in a contemporary and creative way, while emphasizing its role as international protagonist and leader in wine technologies and bottling


iquid flows generated by technological elements that symbolically create the world and, in the middle, a bottle speaking about future. Technology, innovation, internationality. The new image of Simei 2013 is served. In the year of its 50 years SIMEI ( will indeed have a restyling, i.e. a new look for all its communication and promotion materials, telling the most significant elements of this trade show in a contemporary and creative way, to strongly reaffirm its distinctive and founding features. A communication will be activated which can highlight its leading role in the panorama of the world exhibition events and its positioning as an international leader in wine and bottling technologies. “SIMEI – explains Massimo Paglia-

rin, Creative Director of the Agency Yess! ( who took care of the graphic project for Unione Italiana Vini - is a trade show with a very important history, it is an international leader in its sector. Therefore, the first element, on which attention has been focused, was highlighting this leadership. In order to do this, contemporary graphic elements have been used to tell this message and give an immediate communication of it. The earth globe, the world, which stresses the international relevance of SIMEI, is ideally and symbolically outlined by beverages: water, juices and wine”.

The visual – surely a very strong and high-impact communication – seems ideally divided into one upper and one lower part … Yes, the composition indeed consists of descriptive elements in the lower part, represented by pictures of mechanical elements, such as the button “On”, which refers to technology and mechanics, without highlighting a precise product category, in full respect of the extremely varied offer of items shown at the exhibition. On the other hand, the upper part

SIMEI FP 2/13.indd 3

is more symbolic. In the central position, the bottle, made up of a green and blue neon, - a sort of optical fibre -, is projecting into the future, into innovation. Innovation is connected with machines that are a part of today and, most of all, of tomorrow. The bottle calls to mind that this trade show is a meeting point for the beverage production chain, leaving room to the various typologies of drinks that are represented by this symbolic image.

What about the lettering part? How was it managed? With regard to the stylistic choice, we opted for a font called Nexa that, at the moment, is used worldwide and belongs to the sans-serif family. It is a font having an element linked with the past, but at the same time, bringing innovation. Also the lettering is thus recalling a communication of historical past, a tradition that looks into the future, an innovation that is leader, also because it has deeply roots in the past.

23/04/13 15.12



WORLD LEADER IN WINE TECHNOLOGY 12 —16.11.2013 Fiera Milano (Rho) Italy /





ET to grips with upcoming trends and developments in the savoury snacks and snack nut industry at SNACKEX 2013, which takes place 12-13 June in Gothenburg, Sweden’s friendliest city. Registration is open for SNACKEX - Europe’s only professional trade event that is 100% dedicated to savoury snacks. Visitors to the trade show will meet exhibitors offering new ideas, products, technologies and services that snack manufacturers are looking for, while conference delegates can access some of the latest thinking about the snacks industry in the event’s carefully chosen, trendbased conference sessions. These aim to inform and challenge on a wide range of themes. SNACKEX brings together all stages of the supply and demand chain. The event format creates a multitude of opportunities for participants to connect face-to-face and discuss the trends and challenges impacting on the worldwide savoury snack and snack nut business. It is the only European event that is 100% dedicated to representing the entire savoury snacks industry in one location.

ON THE SHOW FLOOR SNACKEX exhibitors include the most prominent companies in the industry, many of which will be making new product introductions at the show. The leading suppliers of snacks processing and packaging equipment, raw materials, flavours, seasonings and other ingredients, frying, baking, drying, sorting, weighing, filling, bagging and other products and services used in the manufacturing of savoury snacks will be exhibiting there.. Snack manufacturers will be there too, exhibiting their latest ranges of products and flavours and looking for new distributors, retailers, marketing partners and consulting services.

ESA Snack Pavilion The 2013 ESA Snack Pavilion, sponsored by Kerry Ingredients, is the central learning and sam-

snakex FP 2/13.indd 3

23/04/13 15.14


pling feature of the show. Visitors will be able to sample snacks, examine packaging and discuss ingredient and flavour profiles reflecting the following themes: › Flavours beyond Borders – demonstrating the shift in tastes across the world and how things are moving on from traditional concepts › Time to Share – snacks for informal and formal sharing including standard versus special occasion or premium


se Extrusion Ingredient choice for extruded snacks - Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients Use of asparaginase in acrylamide mitigation - Novozymes Regulatory Roundup – process contaminants including acrylamide European Snacks Association

Thursday 13 June

› Packing a Healthy Punch – the momentum of healthy snacking driven by new ingredients and flavours

Snack fryer optimization - Rosenqvists Food Technologies Using social media - Focus Business Communications Nut roasting – Bühler Group Regulatory Roundup 2 – advertising to children, labelling - European Snacks Association

WHAT’S NEW AT SNACKEX 2013 Knowledge Centre

Note: Preliminary schedule, topics and timings subject to change, please check at

Introduced for the first time, visitors will have the opportunity to attend a programme of FREE snack production workshop sessions held right on the show floor in our new Knowledge Centre lecture theatre.

Wednesday 12 June Direct extrusion technology - Lales-

snakex FP 2/13.indd 4

Set up a meeting Also for the first time, delegates and visitors can contact exhibitors direct through the SNACKEX website and ask questions or arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time during the event. The conference programme kicks

off with a stimulating presentation from Magnus Lindkvist - one of the world’s foremost speakers on trends and future- thinking and holder of Sweden’s Business Speaker of the Year award. The two day prgramme of presentations include speakers from AC Nielsen, Mintel GNPD, Rabobank International, Euromonitor International, WWF, Oil World, Camara Argentina del Mani, FoodDrinkEurope and PepsiCo International. Conference delegates who register early have the opportunity to see inside Swedish market leading Estrella’s potato chip and extruded snacks plant in Gothenburg on Friday 14 June.

GETTING TO GOTHENBURG COULDN’T BE EASIER Gothenburg is easily accessible from all major cities in Europe and beyond. Star Alliance™ has been appointed as the Official Airline Network for SNACKEX 2013. Registered participants plus one accompanying person travelling to the event can qualify for a discount of up to 20%, depending on fare and class of travel booked.

24/04/13 10.49




Leading trade fair with new visual identity


s of now, companies can register for interpack 2014. The world’s leading trade fair for the packaging sector is taking place at the Düsseldorf exhibition grounds from 8 to 14 May 2014. Eligible to participate are packaging and process engineering companies specialising in foods and beverages, confectionery and bakery products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, non-food consumer goods, industrial goods and related services. What interpack has in store covers entire value chains. These include processes and machines for the packaging and processing of packaged goods, packaging materials, packages and package manufacture, and services to the packaging industry. interpack is distinguished by its unique breadth of products and servi-

interpack FP 2/13.indd 3

ces and the unparalleled internationality of its exhibitors and visitors alike. The last interpack attracted more than 165,000 trade visitors, 84 per cent of whom said they were involved in decision-making processes in their companies. Registration for interpack 2014 is performed online at www.interpack. com. Companies who took part in interpack 2011 can re-use the data stored last time. The official closing date for registrations for interpack 2014 is 28 February 2013.

Every innovation has its starting point In time for the start of registration, interpack has overhauled its visual identity. Following on from the modernisation of the fair’s brand image and logo in the run-up to interpack 2008, this further revamp is

underlining interpack’s claim to be the world’s most important trade fair for the packaging sector and related processing industries by including the phrase “leading trade fair” in its logo. In its advertising from now on, interpack will be communicating informative messages presented graphically in an eyecatching typographic block. This concept is also being adopted in the new image brochure that potential exhibitors will have received in the last few days in time for the start of registration. In this brochure, interpack is appealing individually to its core target groups with powerful messages and an attractive visual language. The campaign is starting with the claim “Every innovation has its starting point”, which spotlights interpack’s role as the sector’s inspirational mainspring.

23/04/13 15.17

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19th Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition

22 - 24 May 2013

Expo Centre • Baku • Azerbaijan

WHERE THE FOOD INDUSTRY MEETS AZERBAIJAN For more information about participating, visit the website, call +44 (0) 20 7596 5086, or email

Senza titolo-1 1

26/03/13 10.34



china east europe meeting • events • fairs


russia middle east • asia

семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe SIGEP



19-23/01/2013 RIMINI Salone Internazionale gelateria, pasticceria e panificazione artigianali International exhibition for the artisan production of ice-cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery

4-9/05/2013 FRANCOFORTE Manifestazione Internazionale sulletecnologie per l’industria della carne International Trade Fair for the meatprocessing industry

11-14/06/2013 RIMINI Salone delle tecnologie per il packaging e il processing Exhibition of Technology for Packaging and Processing

ENOLITECH 7-10/04/2013 VERONA Salone Internazionale delle tecniche per la Viticultura, l’Enologia e delle tecnologie Olivicole e Olearie International Exhibition of Technologies for Viticulture, Oenology and Technologies for Olive Growing and Oil Production

ENOMAQ 12-15/02/2013 ZARAGOZA Salone Internazionale del Macchinario ed Attrezzature per Cantine e Imbottigliamento International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment Winery and Bottling

INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 24-27/04/2013 STOCCARDA Fiera internazionale delle tecnologie per vino, frutta e succhi di frutta Technology fair for wine, fruit and fruit juices

SPS/IPC/DRIVES/ ITALIA 21-23/05/2013 PARMA Salone delle Tecnologie per l’Automazione Industriale Trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector

PULIRE 21-23/05/2013 VERONA Mostra internazionale delle produzioni e delle tecnologie per le attività dell’igiene ambientale International exhibition of products and technologies for environmental hygiene

SIAB 25-29/05/2013 VERONA Salone Internazionale per l’ind. della panificazione e della pasticceria. International Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

SNAKEX 12-13/06/2013 GOTHENBURG Fiera internazionale & congresso sull’industria degli snack, salatini, noccioline International Trade Fair & Congress for Savoury Snacks and Nut

DRINKTEC INTERBRAU 16-21/09/2013 MONACO Salone Internazionale della tecnologia per l’industria delle bevande International Show for the Beverage Industry Technologies

FACHPACK 24-26/09/2013 NUERNBERG Salone Internazionale su Soluzioni e tecnologie per il confezionamento Trade Fair for Packaging Solutions

MACFRUT 25-27/09/2013 CESENA Mostra Intenazionale di macchinari e impianti per l’industria ortofrutticola International Exhibition of Machinery and equipment for the Fruit and Vegetable processing FIERE EU- RA_1-11.indd 1

28/02/13 16.32


Выставки east europe

congressi meeting • events • fairs middle east • asia


семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe



05-09/10/2013 COLONIA Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International Exhibition of food and beverages

08-12/03/2014 PARIGI Salone Internazionale sulla tecnologia per la panificazione e la pasticceria International Show for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

IBIE 06-09/10/2013 LAS VEGAS Salone Internazionale per l’industria della panificazione e della pasticceria International Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

HOST 18-22/10/2013 MILANO Salone tecnologico per la panificazione e la produzione di pasta e pizza Show for Bakery and Fresh Pasta and Pizza Industry

PROCESS EXPO 03-06/11/2013 CHICAGO Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International Food and Beverage Technology Exhibition

SIMEI 12-16/11/2013 MILANO Fiera internazionale sulla filiera vitivinicola e sulle tecnologie per l’industria dell’imbottigliamento International exhibition for vine-growing,wine-producing and bottling industry

BRAU BEVIALE 11-13/11/2014 NORIMBERGA Fiera delle Materie Prime Tecnologie, Logistica e Vendita per la produzione e commercializzazione di birra e bevande Fair of Raw Materials, Technologies, Logistics and Marketing for production and sales of beer and soft drinks

ANUGA FOODTEC 24-27/03/2015 COLONIA Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International Food and Beverage Technology Exhibition

IPACK-IMA 19-23/05/2015 MILANO Mostra Internazionale per l’industria del confezionamento International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry FIERE EU- RA_1-11.indd 3

28/02/13 16.32

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Ever-increasing exhibitors (250 this year) propose original and creative solutions: packaging solutions, but also design, communication, promotional gift, POS, CRM,‌

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east europe

meeting • events





middle east • asia

семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe UPAKOVKA UPAK ITALIA 29/01/2013- 01/02/2013 MOSCA Salone Internazionale delle macchine per imballaggio International Packaging Machinery Exhibition

SINO-PACK/CHINA DRINKTEC 04-06/03/2013 GUANGZHOU Fiera internazionale per il confezionamento, l’imballaggio e le bevande International fair for packaging, packing machines and beverage technology

INTERFOOD 03-05/04/2013 S. PIETROBURGO Salone Internazionale di prodotti alimentari, di bevande e ingredienti International Exhibition for food beverages and ingredients


MODERN BAKERY 24-27/04/2013 MOSCA Salone internazionale delle attrezzature per la panetteria e degli ingredienti alimentari International trade fair for bakery equipment and food ingredients

ROSUPAK 18-21/06/2013 MOSCA Saloni internazionali per l’imballaggio alimentare ed industriale International Food and Industry Packaging Exhibition

PROPACK China 17-19/07/2013 SHANGAI Mostra internazionale delle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare e per il confezionamento International exhibition for the food industry and for packaging technologies


20-23/05/2013 GUANGZHOU Mostra internazionale sull’industria delle materie plastiche International Exhibition on plastic and rubber industries

17-19/07/2013 SHANGAI Salone Internazionale della produzione di bevande e della tecnologia per l’imbottigliamento International Exhibithion for the beverage production and bottling technology



20-22/05/2013 SHANGHAI Fiera internazionale della panificazione e dell’industria dolciaria in Cina International Trade Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Trades in China

WORLD FOOD MOSCOW 16-19/09/2013 MOSCA Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International Exhibition for Food and Drink products

AGROPRODMASH 07-11/10/2013 MOSCA Salone Intern. dei macchinari e delle attrezzature per il settore agroindustriale International Trade Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Agroindustrial industry

WORLD FOOD UKRAINE 30/10-01/11/2013 KIEV Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International Exhibition for Food and Drink products

UPAKOVKA UPAK ITALIA January 2014 MOSCA Salone Internazionale delle macchine per imballaggio International Packaging Machinery Exhibition

10-12/09/2013 MOSCA Fiera Internazionale sulle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare International Specialized Trade Fair of Equipment and Technologies for Food Processing Industry FIERE RU-12.indd 1

15/01/13 10.18

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15th Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Food, Drinks, Packaging & Equipment for Food Industry"

17 - 19 April 2013

Korme Expocentre • Astana • Kazakhstan

WHERE THE FOOD INDUSTRY MEETS ASTANA For more information about participating, visit the website, call +44 (0) 20 7596 5086, or email



ACM 70-71 Via Marconi, 5 21020 Bardello - Varese - Italy

ENERGY RESOURCES SPA 14/16 Via Ignazio Silone, 10 60035 Jesi - Ancona - Italy


ADVANCED NEOFOOD MACHINERY GmbH 57/60 Lützowstr. 63 -65 42653 - Solingen - Germany

ENOVITIS - SIMEI 114-115 Via S. Vittore Al Teatro, 3 20123 Milano - Italy


AFIDAMP - PULIRE 112-113 Via Casati, 32 20124 - Milano - Italy

ESA 116/118 6 Catherine Street WC2B 5JJ London United Kingdom

ANDRITZ FIEDLER GmbH 81 Weidener Straße 9 93057 Regensburg - Germany APS SRL 41 loc. Bessiche, 67/D ZI 15070 Tagliolo Alessandria - Italy AVERY DENNISON 67 Tarpenring 17 22419 Amburgo - Germany BELT TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE 65-66 3rd Floor,Pennine House GB NE371LY Pennine House,Washington - United Kingdom BERTUZZI FOOD PROOCESSING SRL 98-99 Corso Sempione, 212 bis 21052 Busto Arsizio - Varese - Italy BRIGL & BERGMEISTER 68 Prolebestrasse 10 A-8712 Niklasdorf - Austria BRUKER OPTIK GMBH 42/44 Rudolf-Plank-Str. 27 D-76275 Ettingen - Germany BS SRL 28-29 Via Minozzi, 3/A 43122 Parma - Italy BUERGOFOL GMBH 8/12 Jahnstr. 10-14 93354 Siegenburg - Germany CESENA FIERA SPA 95 Via Dismano, 3845 47522 Pievesestina Di Cesena Forli - Italy CHIARAVALLI Group SPA 1 Via Dante, 40 21040 Jerago con Orago - VareseItaly CT PACK 31 Via Argine Volano, 355/D 44034 Fossalta di Copparo Ferrara - Italy

EXPOCENTRE FAIRGROUNDS 119 14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab 123100 Moscow - Russia FBL 92-93 Via Rosa Augusto, 4 43038 Sala Baganza - Parma - Italy FENCO SPA 107 Via Prampolini, 40 43044 Lemignano di Collecchio Parma - Italy FRACCHIOLLA 13-88 Str. Prov. per Valenzano km 1,200 70010 Adelfia - Bari - Italy FRATELLI PAGANI 50/52-IV COVER Via Ennio, 20 20137 - Milano FRIULINOX 100-100 Via Gobetti, 2/A 20063 - Cernusco s/N - Milano - Italy GAUDENZI III COVER Via Marco Polo, 29 35020 Albignasego- Padova - Italy GEA FOOD SOLUTIONS B.V. 32-33 P.O. Box 1, 5760 AA Bakel - Netherlands GENERAL SYSTEM PACK SRL - GSP 82-83

Via Lago di Albano, 76 36015 Schio Vicenza - Italy

IBIE 108-109

420 Walnut Ave San Diego, CA 92115 - USA ICC


Boulevard de l’Europe 69680 Chassieu - France IDEALPLAST


Via Vignazzola, 117 20821 Meda - Monza Brianza - Italy


BP 219 33 Cours de Verdun F-01106 Oyonnax Cedex - France 85

Via Lago di Alleghe, 19 36015 Schio - Vicenza - Italy ITE GROUP PLC 121-127

105 Salusbury Road NW6 6RG London - United Kingdom MESSE DUESSELDORF 120 Messeplatz 40474 Duesseldorf - Germany

ISHIDA EUROPE LTD 90-91 11 Kettels Wood Drive Woodgate Business Park B32 3DB Birmingham United Kingdom

SALUMIFICIO PEDRAZZOLI 37/40 Via San Giovanni, 16/A 46020 – S. Giovanni del Dosso Mantova - Italy SGORBATI VEGETEC 96-97 Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 83 25086 Rezzato - Brescia - Italy SIEMENS AG 63-64 Wittelsbacherplatz 2 80333 Munich - Germany SWEGON AB 73 Frejgatan 14, SE-535 30 Kvänum - Sweden TECAM SRL 72 Via Cavallotti, 24 33170 Pordenone - Italy

LABELPACK SRL 18 Via Ciaikovsky, 29 20092 Cinisello Balsamo Milano - Italy

TECHNE GRAHAM PACKAGING COMPANY ITALIA SRL 86-87 Via della Tecnica, 1 40023 Castel Guelfo - Bologna - Italy

MÉXICO CALIDAD SUPREMA A.C. 75-76 Camino a Santa Teresa No 1679 01900 Col. Jardines del Pedregal México

TECNINOX DI ALDO NAMAZIANO & C. SNC 102-103 Via S. Galeotti, 6 43038 Sala Baganza Parma - Italy

MINIMOTORS I COVER Via E. Fermi, 5 42011 Bagnolo in Piano Reggio Emilia - Italy OWP OST WEST PARTNER GMBH 110-111 Ulmenstraße 52 f 90443 Nürnberg - Germany PIETRIBIASI MICHELANGELO SRL 61-62 Via del Progresso, 12 36035 Marano Vicentino Vicenza - Italy

PIGO SRL 89 Via Pontaron, 30 36030 Caldogno Vicenza - Italy PSS POTRAVINARSKE STROJARNE SVIDNIK, A.S. 34/36 Sovietskych Hrdinov 460/ 114 8901 Svidnik - Slovaquie

TECNOPACK SPA 78/80 Via Lago di Albano, 76 36015 Schio - Vicenza - Italy TESTO SPA 46/49 Via F.lli Rosselli, 3/2 22019 Settimo Milanese Milano - Italy TRELLEBORG AB 104-105 P.O. Box 153 231 22 Trelleborg - Sweden VERIPACK PACKAGING DIVISION OF FNC SPA II COVER Via Maestri del lavoro, 79 ZI via per Gorla 21040 Cislago - Varese - Italy VICTORINOX AG 53 Schmiedgasse 57 6438 Ibach-Schwyz - Switzerland

QUADRANT ENGINEERING PLASTIC PRODUCTS 6-7 Hardstrasse 5 5600 Lenzburg - Switzerland

WATLOW GMBH 33 Lauchwasenstr. 1 76709 Kronau - Germany

ROSA CATENE SPA 45 Via San Rocco, 5/B 23801 Calolziocorte - Lecco - Italy

ZANOTTI SPA 2-3-54/56 Via M.L.King 30 46020 Pegognaga - Mantova - Italy **INDICE FP 2-13.indd 1

23/04/13 16.09

dal 1909

FOOD PROCESSING - 2013 - 2  

Technical, bimonthly magazine focused on food&beverage technology. It is in English and German/French/Spanish in according to the worldwide...

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