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Tariffa R.O.C.: Poste Italiane spa - Spedizione in abbonamento Postale D.L. 353/2003 (conv. in L. 27/02/2004 n.46) art.1, comma 1, DCB Milano TAXE PERCUE (tassa riscossa) Uff. Milano CMP/2 Roserio - ISSN 1827-4102


Š 2009 Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO









Si n Ce 1921 ‌ An d w e St i l l l o v e i t



For more than eighty years, we at Costacurta, have been constantly and resolutely committed to the development and manufacture of special steel wire and plate components used in many different industrial processes. Every day at Costacurta, we work to improve the quality of our products and services and the safety of all our collaborators, paying ever-greater attention to the protection of the environment. The wide range of Costacurta products also includes PUNCHED AND MILLED PLATES AND WEDGE WIRE SCREENS, generally used as filtering elements in the food processing and beverage industry. One specific application of these products is the beer production process, where they are used as false bottoms for lauter turns. For more information visit our website or contact the division 'A' filtering elements and fabricated parts at punched and milled plates and wedge wire screens

Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO via Grazioli, 30 20161 Milano, Italy tel. +39 fax: +39

Management systems certified by LRQA: ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:2007

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Distributori in esclusiva per l’Italia Hitachi e Matthews e distributore Limitronic

Marcatore ink-jet d.o.d. (Drop On Demand) Matthews - Swedot AB

Codificatore continuous ink-jet Hitachi

Codificatore continuous ink-jet Hitachi

Marcatore ink-jet ad Alta Definizione Limitronic

Codificatore continuous ink-jet Hitachi

Codificatore continuous ink-jet Hitachi

Sistema di Sovrastampa a Trasferimento termico

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Machineries, plants and equipment for food and beverage industry­­­­­­ year XXIV - issue n.6 - December 2012 managing editor Enrico Maffizzoni e­ ditorial manager S.V. Maffizzoni editorial production Sonia Bennati




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Italian Magazine Food Processing An outline of the suppliers of machines, plants, products and equipment for the food industry. Published: Bi-monthly Registration: Court of Milan no. 676 of 20-09-1989 Shipment by air mail art.2 comma 20/b law 662/96 - Milan Panorama dei fornitori di macchine, impianti, prodotti e attrezzature per l’industria alimentare Periodicità: bimestrale. Autorizzazione del tribunale di Milano, n°676 del 20-09-1989 Spedizione in a. p. 45% art. 2 comma 20/b legge 662/96 Filiale di Milano The reproduction of the articles and/or pictures published by this magazine is reserved (the manuscripts and/or photos sent to the Publisher will not be returned). The Editor declines all responsibilities for any mistake of photocomposition contained in the published papers of any magazine by EDITRICE ZEUS.

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CAVANNA 32-34 Cavanna Packaging Group’s innovation goes through Box Motion and Gas Flushing

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AAREST 62-66 Aarest and the imagination of innovation: efficient and money saving technology for wineries

INDUSTRIAL AUCTIONS 86 Online auction of fish and meat processing machinery


the only one in ten languages. Technology for food&beverage industry Check our brand new website

SORMAC 100-101 Compact lettuce drying tunnel delivered to Malasya, high-level lettuce cultivation

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OLI 106-107 New range of vibratory motors for food processing


We’ll exhibit at...


113 34th international exibition for the artisan production of gelato, pastry, confectionery and bakery *SUMMARY FP 6-12.indd 3

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He who seeks for a labelling machine,

finds +600.000 visits a year 177 countries visiting 3428 companies +4000 keywords in the first Google pages

The most visited website of the sector in the world Do you want to be found? Magazines and more

pubblicitaria itfoodonline labelling machine.indd 1

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PACKAGING packaging, labelling, wrapping systems


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A few years ago seemed like a cost, today is a resource


he internal analysis laboratory companies until a

company’s success is due to the experience that the

few years ago was considered primarily a cost

technicians have accumulated over the years in this

that weighed heavily on the budget, and today,

industry, from the ongoing dialogue with the customer,

thanks to the growth of market needs has become a

the ability to solve the most problems and from meet-

key point in the food industry, as it allows to guarantee

ing the needs of the end user. The added value of RG

the quality of the product, to constantly monitor the pro-

Strumenti is that the company considers the control of

duction process, to develop innovative projects to be

the product / process as an investment in the quality,

included in the market. Checks allow both to minimize

and tries to convey this philosophy to anyone who

inventories in warehouses, and to better manage ship-

approaches the world of scientific instrumentation. The

ments, and to detect any problems in the immediate

laboratory is, and should be considered a tool to im-

process to avoid returns and disputes that would dam-

prove the quality, not just an expense to be incurred.

age the company’s image and produce a significant

The company philosophy is realized when RG Stru-

economic damage the company itself.

menti provides turnkey laboratories: the company, in

RG Strumenti is a consolidated reality in the panorama

fact, is able to deal with the design, construction, in-

of supply of laboratory equipment and instrumentation

stallation and commissioning of the laboratory based

for process control products and raw materials. The

on the matrix, the production process and the avail- RG STRUMENTI FP 6-12.indd 1

21/11/12 14.20


able space. Over the years this service has proved particularly useful for companies that provide complete systems, as well as the processing companies decided to create a quality control efficient and innovative. The synergy created between those who provide the facility and who provides the lab becomes a key success factor and an added value to the system itself. During the design phase of the technicians collect the information necessary to devise a first draft of what will be the laboratory: creating a layout of the furniture, one can identify the basic parameters to be measured, it confers a logic sample path to ‘ inside the

ables and chemical reagents that allow the user to

laboratory in order to streamline operations analysts,

immediately start the start of the structure. When the

decisions are essential utilities, and finally we draw up

laboratory is physically realized, RG Strumenti engi-

a quote budgettaria.

neers are able to test it and verify that it works accord-

At this stage it is essential dialogue with the customer

ing to those that were the expectations, at the end of

to understand the analytical requirements and assess

this phase, the laboratory becomes an integral part

the cost and benefits. Now you can view the laborato-

of the process, regulates the fundamental parameters

ry projects in plan and three-dimensional axonometric

needed for obtaining a finished product that reflects

projections, as well as a list of equipment and acces-

the quality parameters required by the Management.

sories for each analysis that complete the final design

In addition, if necessary, the same technicians assist

of the laboratory. During the construction RG Strumenti

and conduct training to analysts during start-up of the

provides the storage, packing and shipping of all the

structure, to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

material that will be the laboratory including consum-

The laboratory generally consists of several sections: a section Chemistry, a section Microbiological, and







more and more often a control section packaging. For each of these section RG Strumenti has specialized technicians, able to suggest solutions, reliable and easy to use.


This is the context of the many representations that RG 

Strumenti has acquired over the years in order to provide cutting-edge solutions and assist customers with a focused and timely aftersale service. The field of action of RG instruments is not limited to the laboratory: the company is in fact able to provide process control instrumentation. Through a wide range of devices RG Strumenti puts in condition the RG STRUMENTI FP 6-12.indd 3

21/11/12 14.20


customer to obtain real-time process data are obtained

Trying to implement a system of hygienic control of the

from them useful information on production (be it initial

environment is a fundamental point that RG Strumenti

sorting of raw materials, thermal, control weights, etc.

proposed as a qualitative tool for achieving the goals.

..). Matched to the data collected from the laboratory

Several times it happens not to understand why a result

or from other points along the production process, the

is not expected, and on these occasions you go look-

Management will control the finished product reflects

ing for problems in machinery, long lines, raw mate-

deciding whether or not the requirements expected.

rials, underestimating the influence of the processing

It will then have the possibility to better manage the

rooms or washing steps have on the product itself. A

production in order to obtain an optimization of the

room or a wash contaminated performed incorrectly, it

yield by maintaining or increasing the desired quality

will make it easier to have a product unsuitable. With


small adjustments, RG Strumenti is able to monitor and

The process and the laboratory are the foundation of

improve the hygiene conditions of production environ-

a product with a high quality standard, but there is a

ments, including the workplace, in fact, are consid-

third point that RG Strumenti has identified as of great

ered to be a fundamental part of what you want to

importance for a good result: the hygiene of the work


and research of critical points (HACCP). There is no

There is no doubt that today the laboratory can be

point in fact have a modern and efficient production

considered an indispensable investment, as shown by

system if the surrounding environments appear to be a

many industries that have seen their market share grow

source of contamination with bacteria or dirt residue.

in parallel to investments related to quality control. RG STRUMENTI FP 6-12.indd 5

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THE ENDURING BENEFITS OF ECCENTRIC DISC PUMPS More Than A Century After Its Invention, Andre Petit’s Eccentric Movement Principle Continues To Set The Global Standard In Efficient And Consistent Liquid-Product Transfer By Christophe Jovani

Nearly 70 years after the company’s founding in 1906, in 1974 Mouvex® relocated its eccentric disc pump manufacturing operations to a 100,000-square-foot facility in Auxerre, France, a suburb of Paris.


s the 20th century dawned, the second Industrial Revolution, also known as the Technological Revolution, was moving ahead full steam. The Besse-

mer steel process had become the first inexpensive way to mass-produce steel from pig iron, which resulted in a building boom. Automobiles were on the way to be-

Originally used in the tar, asphalt and bitumen industries, Mouvex’s family of eccentric disc pumps has evolved to the point where they are ideal for handling any type of liquid efficiently and effectively, from water to slurries.

coming a more common sight on the streets of major cities than horse-drawn carriages. The gas lamp was

water and other produced liquids out of gold mines.By

making way for the more efficient and safer incandes-

1906, he had perfected the answer, which he called

cent light bulb.

the “eccentric movement principle” of pump operation,

At that time, Frenchman Andre Petit had just graduated

which he proved would succeed where other pump

from the renowned Ecole Centrale Engineers’ College

technologies fail.

in Paris with a degree in engineer-

Petit was so confident in the potential of this new pump

ing. Taking a job in the gold-

technology that he formed his own company,

mining industry, he found himself

which he named Mouvex® and head-

traveling throughout central Asia,

quartered in Paris, France. More

even as far as China.

than a century later, Mouvex,

He also found himself wondering how

which relocated its operations

he could improve the operational per-

in 1974 to a 100,000-square-

formance and reliability of the industrial pumps that were used to transfer

Mouvex C Series eccentric disc pumps.

foot manufacturing complex in the city of Auxerre, southeast of Paris, MOUVEX.indd 1

19/09/12 10.26


remains a global leader in outfitting a wide array of

To the Rescue

industries with eccentric disc pumps for use in transfer

Petit identified those challenges that the users of gear

applications that require constant flow rates, leak-free

and lobe pumps were facing in optimizing their opera-

operation and accurate dosing.

tions and found a solution in the eccentric movement principle. Basically, Petit’s eccentric disc pumps feature

Surveying the Field

a disc that is placed inside a pump cylinder. The disc

As Petit began the search for a better pump design, in-

is driven by an eccentric bearing that is installed on the

ternal gear and lobe-style were the preeminent pump

pump shaft, thus creating four distinct pumping cham-

technologies. These workhorse pumps proved perfectly

bers that increase and decrease in volume as the disc

capable of handling basic liquid-transfer operations, but

is rotated by the eccentric bearing, producing both suc-

both styles featured shortcomings that would ultimately

tion and discharge pressures as the chambers move in

compromise an operation’s efficiency, reliability, and

pairs that are 180 degrees apart. This method of op-

cost-effectiveness over time. Gear pumps use the mesh-

eration ensures that the fluid passes through the pump

ing of their gears to pump fluids by displacement. Be-

at a constant and regular flow rate.

cause of this style of operation, from day one the pump’s

In CIP applications, the pumps can be arranged in a

gears are constantly contacting each other as they move

series to take advantage of their unique “disc/cylinder”

the fluid. This causes the gears to wear, which increases

design. Because the pressure at the pump inlet is higher

the clearances between the gear teeth, in the process re-

than at the outlet, the disc lifts from the pump cylinder,

ducing the pump’s flow capacity and volumetric consist-

permitting passage of the water or cleaning solutions to

ency while increasing the probability that efficiency- and

flow through the pump, thoroughly cleaning the pump

energy-robbing product “slip” will occur.

chambers. This unique feature eases the cleaning process and reduces cycle times so the pump can be put back into operation as quickly as possible. In 1997, Mouvex was purchased by global manufacturer Dover Corporation and incorporated as a subsidiary to American pump manufacturer, Blackmer®, Grand Rapids, MI. In 2008, Mouvex, along with

Today, Mouvex eccentric disc pumps are a first-choice component in critical product-transfer applications in the global Chemical, Energy, Sanitary and Military markets. MOUVEX.indd 3

19/09/12 10.26


Blackmer, became a part of the Dover Corporation’s

“sealed” by a double stainless-steel bellows, resulting

Pump Solutions Group (PSG®), a conglomeration of

in a reduced number of pump components and easier

the world’s leading pump manufacturers. In conjunction

maintenance. Volumetric performance sustains high ef-

with these changes, Mouvex has continued to refine

ficiency levels, consistent flow rates and gentle liquid-

Andre Petit’s eccentric movement principle. Today, the

handling over the life of the pump. 3A, EHEDG, ATEX

company offers several families of eccentric disc pumps

and TUV certified.

that have proven reliable in a wide range of applications, including: C-Series – Designed without mechanical seals, packing or magnets, which eliminates

Micro-C Series – Stainless-steel construction meets the sanitary requirements of 3A and EHEDG. Small footprint allows easy integration into existing production setups. Leak-free operation without the need for

product leakage and cost-prohibitive

magnetic couplings or mechanical

maintenance and downtime. Self-

seals. Self-adjusting for mechanical

priming and dry-run capable with

wear with excellent self-priming,

outstanding volumetric efficiency

line-stripping and dry-run capa-

at low linear speed. Output not

bilities. Operation is not affected

affected by variations in product viscosity. Clean-in-place capabil-

Mouvex SLC Series eccentric disc pumps.

ity allows the pump to be flushed and cleaned in place without disassembling. De-

by viscosity and pressure variations. ATEX certified in dry operation.

CC20 – An excellent vehicle-mounted solution

signed per EHEDG recommendations and carries 3A

for loading and unloading road tankers. Constant and

approval and conformity with ATEX certification.

smooth delivery allows total draining of hoses, even

A-Series – Features exceptional self-priming capabilities that enable dry-running and pipe-clearing. Auto-

over long distances. Versatile enough to also be used as a ground-based unit.

matic clearance make-up system maintains initial performance level over time without the need for adjustment.


Constant output maintained even as product viscosities

While the first industries that embraced Petit’s eccentric

and delivery pressures vary. Can handle viscous, non-

disc technology were those that produced tar, asphalt

lubricating, volatile or delicate liquids with no shear.

and bitumen, over the years the eccentric disc pump

S-Series – Zero-leakage operation thanks to a de-

has proven to be a reliable piece of equipment for use

sign that features no mechanical seals, packing or mag-

in a wide range of industries. Today, Mouvex eccentric

netic drive. The transmission is protected by an FDA-

disc pumps are a prominent component in critical prod-

approved tasteless, high-resistance elastomer sleeve.

uct-transfer applications in the global Chemical, Ener-

Designed for clean-in-place or cleaning by hand thanks

gy, Sanitary and Military markets. Andre Petit’s dream

to easy-opening operation. Ideal for base-frame mount-

of developing a more efficient and reliable pumping

ings due to small size and low weight. 3A and ATEX

technology has resulted in the creation of a pump style


that, in some way, continues to benefit the world’s in-

SLC-Series – Totally seal-less design with shaft

habitants more than a century after its invention. MOUVEX.indd 5

19/09/12 10.26




hree decades have passed since in the early 80’s, in

gistic production needs.Since 2011 the continuity of our

a small factory located on the outskirts of Schio, two

work is ensured in a new 6000 m² site also situated in the

eager and enthusiastic engineers began to try their

traditionally hard-working town of Schio, industrially nick-

hand at used packaging machines, with a view to restor-

named “the little Manchester of Italy” since the second half

ing them to an acceptable working condition.

of the nineteenth century. Machine after machine, system

This operation was called an overhaul, a term which has

after system the story continues, inevitably entwined with

now gone out of use in today’s “disposable” world. It

professional and personal affairs without, however, affect-

was exactly this constant disassembling, replacing, modi-

ing the company’s ideological continuity which has been

fying and testing of old machinery that led to the deci-

guaranteed over time by constant investment and commit-

sion to create new and modern machines. In 1985 the

ment in research and innovation, the solid genesis of suc-

first packaging machines of the newly established Tecno

cess which led Tecno Pack to qualify as a full-fledged mar-

Pack were introduced on the market, immediately enjoy-

ket leader. Tecnopack is pleased to inform that during IBA

ing great appreciation among the clientele.

2012 it is presenting the vertical pillow-pack machines on

Thus began the company’s long journey, focused on re-

completion of its already wide range of machinery.

sponding promptly and professionally to the ever more demanding needs of the market, advancing with courage

Tecno Pack S.p.A. the best technology for the

and determination down the challenging road of automat-

packaging of food in CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE

ic packaging systems. These were years of commitment,

The present of food industry offers products as diverse in

sacrifice and constant research, but also great satisfaction

relation to the geographical area of production. Even a

and growth. In the meantime, Tecno Pack moved to a

short distance can ‘determine significant differences pe-

new headquarters in the Schio industrial zone, an area

culiar to the final product. Tecno Pack S.p.A. provides its

better suited for the company’s evolving and growing lo-

technology summit with FP 027 BB create a tailor made TECNOPACK FP 6-12.indd 1

13/11/12 10.42


for each type of food . The packaging system can be ob-

SANITATION: The cantilevered construction of the

tained with flow pack machines Tecno Pack can ‘ensure:

packaging Tecno Pack, also known as cantilever, allows

SHELF LIFE: a long lifetime of the product while main-

a complete separation between the groups in movement

taining the quality ‘initial

of the machine, the motors and the electrical system, this

PROTECTION: an armored box that also protects the

system allows the end user an easy and quick cleaning

product from external shocks and movements such as me-

and sanitizing of machinery

chanical and


TRACKING‘: coding systems of printable film and la-

The wide range of Tecno Pack packaging, and fittings

beling will assure the correctness and completeness of

in various versions, offers the following options:

sensitive data: - Weight, price, barcode, time and shift

Flow pack or classic for all sizes: three seals with

packaging, expiry etc etc.

central fin with or without a vacuum


effect in MAP.

Tecno Pack FP 027 BB

Flow pack or “L” for medium and

ALL SIZES: FP 027 allows a flex-

small cuts, three welds with side fin

ible ‘can range in a few minutes

with or without a vacuum effect in

in the same horizontal packaging


machine totally servo.

Flow pack or open and close:

PERFORMANCES: high speed

three seals with zips recommended

‘and great operational flexibility’

for medium and small cuts in MAP

allows us to depend formats, to

Envelope or “L” thermo retracted: film-

package your product at rates up

to-skin three seals on the product to

to 100 packs per minute.

present to protect the consumer and

COST‘: realizing envelopes per-

not typing MAP.

fectly sealed on three sides by barrier film is packaging has a cost much lower than any other system such as, for example, thermoforming. LONG LIFE TO YOUR PRODUCT: The flow pack packaging in controlled atmosphere tested and proven certainties guarantee long preservation of the product thanks to the preheating of the gas injected into the envelope and the tightness of the welds. TWO DRESSES AT THE SAME PRICE: thanks to the high precision control of the gas temperature Tecno Pack can guarantee the achievement, with the same machine, the packaging is aesthetically usual, that the version with a vacuum effect.

Simply... New Entry FV-025 multi axis TECNOPACK FP 6-12.indd 3

13/11/12 10.42




NIMAC-GHERRI is the result of the union of two major brands: UNIMAC manufacturer of palletisers and depalletisers and GHERRI

producer of fillers, capping machines, pasteurisers, cleaning machines. The merging of the two companies is part of a precise strategy: extending their production range, proposing complete lines and consolidating their presence all over the world by a synergic exploitation of their distributing channels. UNIMAC-GHERRI, capping machines combine simple use and maintenance with versatility and reliability. The range consists of three models with speeds from 3000 to 48000 cph (the speeds refer to caps type RTO with 38mm diameter). They can close glass jars and bottles with metal caps type Regular, Medium, Deep Twist-off, Pry-Twist, Pry-Off with diameters ranging from 27 to 110mm. Capping is effected in a saturated steam chamber with high vacuum level inside the container. The vacuum value is constant. The format change-over is quick and requires only a few adjustments. The screwing strength is constant in any working conditions. The machine hygiene is guaranteed by its high resistance to corrosion and easy cleaning and maintenance. The capping machines are equipped with various models of magnetic cap feeders to be installed directly on the machine or on the floor. The model GG900 can be positioned even far from the capping machine with a significant noise reduction. UNIMAC FP 6-12.indd 1

23/10/12 16.30


A SUCCESSFUL MADE IN ITALY TO WRAP BAKERY PRODUCTS Thanks to high quality levels and state of the art innovations, Eurosicma, an Italian group of companies, spreads the made in Italy all around the world


he more and more sophisticated customers’ needs

tions fruitful to serve the confectionery, bakery, cosmetic

driving from the food industry, have led to a wider

and pharmaceutical industries”, explains Dr Francesco

request in terms of automatic machines able to grant

Redaelli, Area Manager Coordinator and Marketing

a longer shelf-life of the products and a top level wrap-

Communications Manager, one of the member of the

ping. In this contest, Eurosicma, with almost 50 years of

third generation. To achieve excellent product levels, the

activity, designs and manufactures automatic horizontal

company decides to keep the manufacturing process ex-

wrapping machines with a high added value, finding the

clusively in Italy, in order to grant a better quality and

most suitable solutions to satisfy various needs.

a continuous technological development. For example,

From the beginning, the company has been export-

Eurosicma is one of the few companies in the world able

oriented and today the number of installed and running

to offer wrapping solutions both flow and fold style, three

machines reaches more than 4000 items, spread in over

and four seals. Such machines that can be directly con-

than 80 countries worldwide.

nected to full automatic feeding and portioning systems,

“One of the key point that drives our growth is the fact of

suitable also to handle the most difficult irregular and

being a multi-specialist constructor. This is also a distinc-

sticky products at high speed and in a performance way.

tive feature that marks the difference between Eurosicma

Another strength is the employment of the PC based tech-

and its competitors. The developed and developing tech-

nology, a very competitive open source axis control sys-

nologies are various and allow a wide range of applica-

tem compared to the old and obsolete ones usually used by competitors. The corporate strategy has been focusing on a customer-sensitive approach to be always ready to satisfy all the different market needs. A proven example is the recent joint-venture, established in 2008, from which Eurotekna has been started up, to satisfy the growing requests coming from the bakery industry. The new member of the Group is today able to supply, autonomously as the only center of responsibility, integrated wrapping lines and “turn-key” solutions. Thanks to the accurate experience gained by the staff in the biscuits machine field in over twenty years of activity, Eurotekna offers a wide range of machines for biscuits and bakery products. The portfolio includes sandwiching machines wire-cut tech-

Sandwiching Machine SAMA 2 model connected with the EURO 88 flow wrapper

nology, at two or four lanes and automatic feeding systems for biscuits to be wrapped on edge, both Volumet- eurosicma.indd 1

13/11/12 11.00


Twin flight bar conveyor with moving belt

Euro 88 EDG for biscuits and crackers on edge in flow pack style

ric and Counting Versions. The sandwiching machine can be connected to the Euro 88 flow wrapper thanks to a timing transfer device that can be employed both for single and overlapped biscuits. The two machines are connected and synchronized in real-time, granting high level of output. The cream tank is designed to feed the cream to portion and equipped with a jacketed water

version EURO 88 UNIVERSAL which can be con-

circulation system for temperature control, a shaker and a

nected to the “P.W.F” and “V.M.”, two models

pump, all independently servo-driven. The sophisticated

of vertical gravity feeders ideal for biscuits. For

dosing system employed, grants the deposit of the correct

products on edge in flow pack style the version EURO

quantity of cream also in case the filling device has to

88/EDG represents the most suitable solution. This high-

manage many different sizes with very different portions

performance wrapper is able to grant gentle handling of

of cream. The machine is also equipped with automatic

products thanks to the independent brushless motoriza-

self-cleaning system for chains. Another successful result is

tion of the transfer unit and the flight-bar conveyor. Such

the combination of the wrapper Eurofold Machine Model

model includes mechanical servo motorized gusseting

connected with the Automatic portion Feeder Volumetric

device independently driven. It is also available with the

Version, for biscuits on edge in fold style. This kind of

twin flight-bar conveyor and the soft transfer device.

feeding system is an efficient solution to handle both dry

Starting as a small company with 30 employees, Euro-

and sandwich biscuits; it is completely servo-motorized

sicma is today an industrial Group composed of over

and capable of reaching a speed of 25 cycles per min-

than 150 members, employing top level technology and

ute. Thanks to the specific technology employed this slugs

granting an efficient after-sales assistance both from Italy

feeder is able to grant an extreme gentle handling of the

and in-site.

products with an easy and fast change size. For biscuits in stacks, both plain and sandwich, Eurosicma offers the

Eurofold Machine Model combined with Automatic Volumetric Portion Feeder for biscuits on edge in fold style eurosicma.indd 3

13/11/12 11.00


BOSCH PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY BOSCH PLANS TO ACQUIRE AMPACK AMMANN Extension of technological leadership in packaging of liquid and paste-like food


ackaging specialist operates its own research divi-

Extending technological leadership

sion and employs some 250 associates.

“Ampack Ammann is a technological leader in the area

Division president Friedbert Klefenz: an ideal com-

of low-germ and aseptic processing of pre-formed cups

plement to our existing product portfolio in the area of

and bottles. With the acquisition of Ampack Ammann we

low-germ and aseptic processing of pre-formed cups and

will be able to complement our existing product portfolio


in this segment”, said Friedbert Klefenz, president of the

Bosch, the leading global supplier of technology and

Bosch Packaging Technology division. Klefenz believes

services, intends to acquire Ampack Ammann, located

this will enable the Bosch division to extend its techno-

in Königsbrunn near Augsburg, Germany. Agreements

logical leadership in the packaging of liquid and paste-like

to this effect were signed on July 20, 2012. Ampack

food products.Apart from manufacturing its own machines

Ammann develops, manufactures, and sells filling and

and equipment, Ampack Ammann offers an extensive

packaging machines for liquid and paste-like foodstuffs.

range of after-sales services. These include the mainte-

Employing some 250 associates, the company has gen-

nance and overhaul of used machinery and the supply of

erated average sales of some 35 million euros over the

spare parts. Ampack Ammann also acts as general con-

past few years. The parties have agreed not to disclose

tractor for complete filling and packing lines. Its custom-

the purchase price. The planned takeover is subject to ap-

ers include European dairies as well as producers of food

proval by the antitrust authorities.

and of nutritional products for hospitals and infants. Rainer

Equipment developed and produced by Ampack Am-

Ammann, the executive director and son of the company

mann includes cup and bottle filling machines as well as

founder Siegfried Ammann, regards the planned takeover

dosing systems and peripheral machinery. The equipment

by Bosch as an important milestone in the company’s de-

is mainly used to fill and pack highly sensitive food such

velopment: “Bosch Packaging Technology’s global sales

as dairy products, baby food, and hospital food, but also

and service network will put us in an even better position

dosable products such as cereals.

to market our filling and packaging machines internation-

Moreover, the company has conducted its own research

ally.” In Ammann’s view, exploiting this additional market

in the field of aseptics and run a microbiology test labora-

potential will support the strong further development of this

tory since 2005.

family business, which was established in 1973. BOSCH FP 5-12.indd 1

07/09/12 15.28

FKuR plastics - made by nature!速 Bio-Flex速 - biodegradable resins for clear films!

Multilayer made from Bio-Flex速 A 4100 CL / F 2201 CL / A 4100 CL, content of renewable resources approx. 70%!

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Siemensring 79 D - 47877 Willich Phone: +49 2154 92 51-0 Fax: +49 2154 92 51-51

FKuR Plastics Corp. 921 W New Hope Drive | Building 605 Cedar Park, TX 78613 | USA Phone: +1 512 986 8478 Fax: +1 512 986 5346


New series of Print & Apply systems by LABELPACK


his year, and for the first time, LABELPACK took part

dule completed the

in the most important international trade show for

showcase of the au-

the packaging industry presenting a host of inno-

tomatic labelling so-

vations. The very first one is the preview presentation

lutions. Thanks to this

of the completely restyled new series of Print & Apply

innovative range of

systems deploying renovated technical solutions. Such

products the fair has

innovations focus on the modularity of the application sy-

been a great success and

stem to permit the control of the basic machine complete

LABELPACK obtained high volumes of new qualified con-

standardization hence reducing setting time as well as

tacts from all over the world, setting the basis for further

limiting production costs.

business development and expansion.

An innovative PLC with Touch Screen operator’s panel controls the electronics of the new Print&Apply systems. Together with the new Print & Apply systems, the evolution of LABELX labelers also equipped with


new high-performing electronic driver with

ABELX® WORLD is the result of several years of work

Touch Screen operator’s panel have

dedicated to an idea developed by a team with imagi-

been launched.

nation, expertise and pragmatism who wanted to bring

A system from the MODULAR series

something really innovative to the automatic labeling

is a perfect example to show the


new automatic labeling system

The product series LABELX® is represented by renovated

with the typical “balco-

solutions for the automatic labeling which the LBX MO-

ny” structure suitable

DULAR DS system epitomizes at best as it is realized for

for application of two

applications in the cosmetics, chemical, and pharma-

labels (front and back) onto both plastic and glass

ceutical sectors with ergonomic, reliable and user-friendly solutions.

bottles and jars and other cylindrical or quadrangular

All of the systems of the Modu-

items. The system is equipped with two automatic LA-

lar series are characte-

BELX units, with a stainless steel flat belt conveyor and a

rized by balcony-like

product stabilizer with brushless motor.

structures that grant the

Another system of the COMPACT series, equipped with

utmost accessibility for

a labeling station for cylindrical items, and a labeler

cleaning the floor un-

from series LABELX JR with thermal transfer printing mo-

derneath the machine, LABELPACK FP 5-12.indd 1

12/10/12 11.43


by the control panel equip-

PandA® series has a PLC

ped with a Touch Screen

with a Touch Screen operator

interface and housed in

interface. X-STICKER® is the latest,

a hanging position. For the phar-

introduced during Ipack-ima 2012

maceutical industry, a typical end-of-

that revolutionized the manufacturing

packaging line is represented where a

concepts of automatic labelers. X-STICKER® com-

stamping system mod. LBX MODULAR

bines real low-cost technology with an attractive

TS-PHARMA is ideal.

design and technical solutions able to meet with the

Such a system has been realized in compliance with

request for low-speed label application solutions. For

the pharmaceutical industry needs.

high-speed applications, the new models LABELX® RM e

A print & apply system of the new PandA ®4 also com-

LABELX® PE4 really outstand.

pletes the equipment. PandA® represents the new ge-

The first model is equipped with double motorization to

neration of print & apply systems, originating from the

control applications up to 80 m/min at a rate of more

experience gained in over 20 years of activity. It can

than 900 labels per minute.

also be combined with a complete series of applica-

The second model is provided with an industrial print

tor modules fit for the most diverse labeling and identi-

engine that can personalize labels in line while adjusting

fication requirements. The electronic control of the new

to the most extreme of packaging speeds. LABELPACK FP 5-12.indd 7

12/10/12 11.43



FILLING MACHINES The MPF volumetric fillers deposit par-

MPFSC-120-01 Model Filling machine

faster changeover, tighter accuracies, and increased cleanliness

ticulate products such as: cooked pasta

of fill, resulting in less down time.

(short & long goods: spaghetti, linguini,

The systems can be installed ei-

macaroni, couscous, etc.), cooked /

ther over an horizontal or vertical

IQF rice, various fruits and vegetables,

bagging machine such as vertical

refrigerated salads, surimi, etc. into


many types of containers (trays,

in line or rotary pouch machines

plates, cups, bowls, cans, bags,


jars, etc.) at speeds from 10 to 120

as well as numerous horizontal

containers per minute. It is well suited

pouch thermo-form systems where

to run in the environment found in plants

multiple pockets (pouches) come

producing frozen dinners and entrees as well

up each cycles.

as fresh products.

The Multi-Fill filling systems are the

machines; pre-formed

horizontal pouches;

The filling systems have been developed with the

most versatile and flexible systems on the market

food processors in mind. The compact design re-

both for products handled and for various pouch

sponds to the needs of food processors with limited

equipment manufacturers.

space on their production lines. The systems can be

The systems can be installed either over an hori-

quickly cleaned in minutes, ready to fill a different

zontal or vertical bagging machine such as verti-

product with no or few change parts. The incorpora-

cal form-seal machines; horizontal in line or rotary

tion of new technology into the MPF fillers allows for

pouch machines utilizing pre-formed pouches; as well as numerous horizontal pouch thermo-form systems where multiple pockets (pouches) come up each cycles. Also on display will be our NEW Precision Volume Adjustment Option for the MPF fillers. This enhancement allows 20

MPFMP-060 Model Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

times more resolution thus increasing accuracy by fine tuning the adjustment of the fill volume. Conversions fit all existing Multi-Fill MPFS knife assemblies, and can be done easily in the field. The machines multi-fill FP 5-12.indd 1

11/10/12 15.53









速 C

Makes Light Work of Hard-to-fill Products / Building B, 4343 West 7800 South West Jordan, Utah 84088 USA Phone 801. 280.1570 / Fax 801. 280.4341 See us at Pack Expo, Chicago, IL (USA) Oct. 28-31, 2012, Booth E-7903 EMBALLAGE, Paris (France) Nov. 19-22, 2012, Stand 5a D128


have been redesigned to better respond to evolving

SC fillers or as a stand alone

customers and industry standards to improve sani-

unit in combination with a scal-

tation, cleaning, safety, maintenance, and opera-

ing/weighing or counting ma-

tional efficiency.

chine as an example.



Multi-Fill has recently developed and installed in

The bulk product feeding system is designed to pro-

the UK, France, Ireland, Spain and the USA sev-

vide a method for controlled dispensing of a prod-

eral models, MPFSC-120-01, with 2 and 4-position

uct in bulk, such as a 200 liter bucket, into a fill-

as well as a10-position distribution systems to fill

ing machine or conveyor. It is flexible and can run

noodles, fried rice, surimi and many other products

products from cooked rice, couscous, cooked pasta

into containers in various multiple lanes conveyor

(short goods) at an output of zero to 3,600 pounds


per hour, depending upon the nature of the product. The bulk feeder can be fed with a post dumper, conveyor, or chute from a second floor or high platform supplied by the customer. Coordinated with the filling machine, the bulk feeder system deposits the right amount of product onto the belt. It speeds up and slows down as the filler and whole line increase or decrease in speed, maximizing the amount of product deposited onto the belt. A product level sensor can be positioned in the filler hop-

MPFSC-120-01 with Bulk feeder for cooked rice

per to detect the level of product . Benefits of adding a bulk feeder include: No screws to damage the product Reduction in problems such as tunneling and damage to the product common with augers or convey-

They efficiently distribute the products into the con-

ors and other bulk product transport devices

tainers at up to 13 to 15 cycles per minutes. From

First in, first out product flow through the feeder

one discharge point, the doses are distributed into

Easy-to-clean design with lift out parts, lift off drip

2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 pouches depending on the pat-

pans, swing away safety covers, and major compo-

tern selected. This principle can also be applied to

nents remain attached in cleaning position (no tools

the in-feed supply of a series of vertical pouch ma-


chines. The distribution systems can be used with our MPF-

Quick release components and guards for easy access. multi-fill FP 5-12.indd 3

11/10/12 15.53





YEARS of activity

his year LITA celebrates 50 years of activity thus

improve the product, always focussing on maintain-

priding itself on a further significant achievement.

ing a competitive sale price. The range of palletising

The reaching of this milestone demonstrates the

and de-palletising systems offered by LITA covers the

validity of the industrial policy set and is also satisfy-

needs of the most diverse industrial sectors of produc-

ing for all those customers who have chosen LITA over

tion and the relative requirements of automation.

the years. The quality of execution of the machinery,

Thanks to the 18 models of machines available and

the care with which it is designed and especially its

their extreme flexibility of configuration, the right solu-

reliability are an excellent guarantee for those need-

tion is always close at hand. The fields of applica-

ing to make an important investment.

tion of LITA machines are very extensive. The main

For example LITA is able to boast a large number of

ones are the food and drinks sectors, as well as the

machines installed more than 30 years ago and still

chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.

operating satisfactorily. The staff employed by LITA

In production there are models suitable for low speed

for the design and execution stages are highly quali-

lines, generally used for high value-added products,

fied and constantly committed to applying the most

and others that meet the high production capacities

modern technologies in search of innovative solutions

of mass consumption products.

aimed at making the systems more efficient and long

LITA systems are found installed and working at the

lasting. The streamlined structure with which the pro-

plants of internationally renowned clients throughout

duction system is organised allows the company to maintain a high degree of flexibility to be able to easily adapt its models to its customers’ needs. The market for consumable products is undoubtedly becoming more demanding and consequently production facilities must be able to adapt quickly, even and especially in the case of installations already in place. The design of each model is fully developed with latest generation CAD programs in 3D environment and is being constantly developed and improved in order to LITA .indd 1

19/11/12 12.05


the world, although there is a greater presence in Europe. Currently nearly 80% of sales are intended for the foreign market. In particular the United Kingdom and France are the major references. PASTA IN PALLET-BOX In terms of innovation, LITA always operates at the highest levels and the particular attention to researching solutions that meet the specific needs of customers is once again demonstrated with the realisation of a palletising system for bags of pasta in pallet-box. The system installed at a major Turin manufacturer was specifically designed to handle 5 kg bags

a set of telescopic slides enabling significant move-

of pasta, primarily intended for the catering and as-

ment while minimising bulk height. The system also

sociated sectors in a variety of formats with a produc-

remains rigid with total extension, ensuring excellent

tion speed of 25 bags/minute using an anthropomor-

positioning accuracy.

phic robot. In order to ensure adequate protection

In the basic version, movements are driven by asyn-

during transportation, this type of product is normally

chronous motors controlled by vector inverters, with

inserted into pallet-boxes, that is, into large trays with

controlled axes and positioning encoders. There are

sides of height 700mm, resting on pallets.

several pick-up devices, both with suction and with

In order to be able to fit the packages into the con-

mechanical gripper, possibly also equipped for inter-

tainer at the required rate, a special pick-up system

layer and empty pallet pick up.

was designed to manipulate 2 stacked bags per

Graphic and intuitive operator interface, with the re-

cycle. To obtain this arrangement of the products at

porting of faults and displaying of machine functions.

the pick-up point, the system is equipped with a 2

Ability to program simply new formats from the panel

level conveyor system. A box centring device is also

supplied. Adjustments to the format change are au-

provided to ensure precise positioning during the fill-


ing stages.

Machine configurations executable according to requirements, for service on single lines or with mul-


tiple pallet positions. Production speeds of up to 10

The palletisation robot JOLLY model is a cartesian

cycles/minute, with the ability to perform multiple

axis portal with 4 degrees of freedom. The mechan-

pick-ups depending on the processing format. In the

ics entirely in aluminium, combined with slides on

version, created with synchronous brushless motors

precision linear guides make the system extremely

managed by digital drives, it reaches 15 cycles/

agile, fast, and accurate. The vertical rod is built with

minute. LITA .indd 1

03/10/12 16.24




he European Commission’s recent communication

fossil to renewable. The bioplastic portfolio covers

on industrial policy highlights biobased products

almost everything from short-life compostable to du-

as a lead market triggering sustainable growth

rable engineering applications. „The develoment is

and job creation. „The bioplastics industry represents

driven by leading-edge industry and demand from

an important sector of the biobased products market,

brands which want to innovate and address sustain-

and our industry is playing its part in shaping this

ability issues like climate change“, explains Hasso

century with industrial processes sourced from renew-

von Pogrell, Managing Director of European Bio-

able raw materials and innovative plastic products

plastics. „The most relevant question for EU policy

with a low carbon profile“, says Andy Sweetman,

makers right now is: ‚Where shall these investments

Chairman of European Bioplastics.

take place?’. Market data from European Bioplastics

The European Commission’s communication states

reveal that the bioplastics production capacity shows

that „the biobased markets with high demand and

its highest growth in South America and Asia.

favourable legislative framework could make a sub-

In order to enable a dynamic and well-balanced

stantial contribution to the EU’s transformation into a

development and competitiveness of the European

more sustainable economy. The right legislation and

industry on the global stage, a supportive framework

framework conditions will, however, be needed to

is needed at EU and Member State level. „We call

encourage uptake of renewable raw materials for in-

on the European Commission to implement the pro-

dustrial use [...]“. European Bioplastics warmly wel-

posed Lead Market Inititiative recommendations via

comes the statement from DG Enterprise.

specific policy and market measures. They will fuel

The bioplastics industry has commercialised new

those innovative industries that Antonio Tajani, Vice

biobased polymers like PLA, PTT or starch-based ma-

President of the European Commission, sees creating

terials. In a second wave commodity plastics like PE

the ‚next industrial revolution’ for Europe“, says von

or PET are changing their raw material bases from

Pogrell. BIOPLASTICS FP 6-12.indd 1

18/10/12 16.54






ectra is specialized in manufacturing complete handling and packaging lines, in sectors where packaging is a strategic element in the supply

chain. Mectra has always been able to satisfy the dif-

a société Mectra S.p.A. est spécialisée en propositions et réalisations d’installations innovatives et fonctionnelles capable de répondre à toutes

les demandes de production et toujours en mesure

ferent requests of his customers, always assuring them

d’apporter aux clients differentes solutions demand-

suitable and satisfactory solutions.

ées en leur assurant une complète satisfaction.

Mectra produces a wide range of handling machiner-

Mectra S.p.A. est une Entreprise qui peut réaliser

ies such as traditional palletisers, depalettisers, pal-

chaque type de système automatique de convoy-

letisersdepalletisers, as well as robotic palletisers,

age et d’emballage, comme palettiseurs et depal-

depalettisers, palletisers-depalletisers, and designs in-

ettiseurs pour boîtes en aluminium en fer blanc (vides

tegrated solutions for the packaging lines for handling

et pleines et type aerosol), bouteilles, pots, cartons,

tinplates, aluminium, glass containers, cardboard box-

fardeaux et bidons. Tous les machines Mectra

es and pack containers.

sont caractérisées par un design

All the machines/equipments sup-

solide et fonctionnel et peuvent

plied by Mectra are of a solid design

être utilisées pour differents types

and very versatile so to be adapted

de boites/bouteilles/pots et for-

to the several and different kind of

mat. Dans le cas où les machines

products and formats. In case of dif-

fournies doivent travailler différents

ferent formats to be handled the size

formats, le change-format relatif

change is quick and easy. The prod-

sera très simple et rapide. Notre

uct range includes also automatic or

gamme de production inclut aussi

semi-automatic loaders and unload-

les encageurs et les decageurs au-

ers, rope conveyors, table top, mag-

tomatiques ou semi-automatiques;

netic elevators and lowerators, rubber slat elevators

les convoyeurs à câble pour boites vides et pleines,

and lowerators.

convoyeurs table-top; élévateurs et descenseurs ma-

Mectra designs and manufactures also loaded pallet

gnétiques ou équipés par tampons.

roller and chain conveyors ( powered or idle) and shut-

MECTRA S.p.A. produit, aussi, tous les systèmes de

tle cars.

convoyage palettes pleines à rouleaux ou à chaînes

Buffering conveyors for cardboard boxes and pack

motorisées; systèmes et transports d’accumulation

containers, buffering system in general for tinplates,

des cartons, des fardeaux et des paniers; tables

aluminium and glass containers are also part of Mec-

d’accumulation boites, pots, bouteilles et chariots

tra production range.

navettes pour la transfert des palettes pleines. MECRA FP 5-12.indd 1

12/10/12 11.53




Pagina 1


W. Pharmaline GP & AS White Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber Cover

W. Pharmalex GP & AS Transparent Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber Cover

Stainless steel wire braid Patented Design P.T.F.E Hose Liner smoothbore inside convoluted outside

Allegri Cesare S.p.A. Via Venezia, 6 • 20099 Sesto S. Giovanni (MI) - Italy

Patented Design P.T.F.E Hose Liner smoothbore inside convoluted outside

Tel. +39 (0) • Fax +39 (0) •


Packaging line



t FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany (25-27 September) GEA Food Solutions will use their 110

m2 floorspace in Hall 8, Stand 8-335 to present future-proof concepts around loading, slicing and packaging. According to the philosophy of ‘Lifecycle Performance’ GEA will present tailor-made and very reliable machine concepts how that will cover tomorrow’s

ficiently. Minimum space

requirements. GEA Food Solutions offers a complete portfo-

requirement, flexible, robust in

lio of machines, systems and solutions for the preparation,

design, easy to clean: in this machine

marination, processing, slicing and packaging of primarily

segment it is technically one of the leaders with man-

meat, poultry, fish, seafood and cheese-based products. In

ageable investment. And when it is used in combination

order to present themselves in the future even more as an

with slicing and loading equipment, this will be a technical

overall responsibility line provider, the company now also

and economical solution that quickly pays for itself.

offers end of line equipment that will be attached to the

Technically the optional ‘Bingo Board’ system needs to be

actual packaging process.

stressed. It is a corrective device in the loading area of the thermoformer which is valuable for the line operator.

Flexibility for the customer

Simple design allows the operator to guarantee the ex-

At the fair in Nuremberg GEA Food Solutions will exhibit

act loading weight. On the other hand, a security system

a complete production line, consisting of a MegaSlicer, a

based on RFID chips, which are clearly allocated to the

low-cost automatic loading unit for low cutting speeds and

corresponding employees, improves the access control to

a thermoformer PowerPakXT for small to medium-sized pro-

process-relevant machine parameters. Working with rela-

duction capacities. The integrated line control allows the

tively weak passwords is eliminated.

operation of the whole production line from each machine

A member of the Robotic Pack Line

panel. Each machine can be controlled individually. From

In addition, as a team member of the Robotic Pack Line

a customer point of view this guarantees total flexibility in

(Stand 3-233 in Hall 3) GEA Food Solutions will also

real-time operation.

demonstrate in a special show the role of a thermoforming

With a maximum film width of 420 mm and an index

machine and a lane converger in the synthesis of robotics

length up to 650 mm especially this thermoforming ma-

and automation in the production process. It demonstrates

chine achieves in many standard applications up to 50%

how a thermoformer PowerPakRT and the line converger

more capacity. It has a wide range of equipment options

PowerGuide as an interface to the thermoforming machine

to meet the most demanding packaging requirements ef-

efficiently implement specific customer requirements. GEA Pressemitteilung FP 5-12.indd 1

07/09/12 15.30



Here are our proposal Low maintenance costs, machinery efficiency, easy management, system flexibility, investment return. LITA will celebrate 50 years in business, this year and is the right partner to have by your side that guarantees and offers expertise and experience in order to attain your objective.

LITA srl 10046 Poirino (To) - Italy tel.+39 011 94.31.004 fax +39 011 94.31.900 email




avanna Packaging Group is an Italian industrial group specializing in flow-pack packaging systems, a wrapper applied by enveloping each

and every product, or group of products, in plastic film wrap; the edges are joined together to make easy for the end user to open. With four operating plants (two in Italy, one in Brazil and one in America), the Group plans and manu-

sector are some of the main sectors where flow-pack

factures flow-pack wrapping machinery, automated

wrapping is broadly used.

loaders, conveyor systems, air insertion systems and

During trade fair Salon International Emballage, Pa-

secondary packaging solutions, such as multi-pack

ris, 19-22 November, Cavanna Packaging Group

boxes to contain different numbers of single-dose

will not only introduce its machinery, but it will also

items. The food sector in general (industrial pastri-

try to show that each machine corresponds to a diffe-

es – both single and assorted – biscuits, breakfast

rent packaging concept. Each machine in fact repre-

items, sweet and savoury snacks, bread substitutes,

sents the idea and dream of every customer who has

coffee pods for automatic and semi-automatic machi-

a desired understanding of what the machine has to

nes, and portioned cheese) and the pharmaceutical

achieve. This is what Cavanna calls “intelligent use CAVANNA FP 6-12.indd 1

07/11/12 10.36

dvances have enabled Ca vann gical a o l o a to hn de s Tec ign wr


pin g

saving space sy


m s th


ce spa ce du re

With the use of the latest generation of vision based robotics, Cavanna’s creative engineering team has been able to reduce space.

See us in our stand: Hall 5A, Stand E13

Integrated Flow Wrapping Systems


of resources�. Today, machines have to offer more saving and advanced performances than old labour saving: time, space, money, running cost, power, wrapping material, design cost and time saving. For some years Cavanna has made efficiency the core of its design philosophy. From wrapping machi-

worldwide for some ye-

nes to turnkey packaging lines, every single device is

ars. ZERO5 can be provided

carefully studied down to the finest detail as to gua-

varnished standard or washable stainless

rantee utmost efficiency, in terms of both throughput

steel for application in the cheese, bakery and frozen

and energy saving.

food sectors, with Gas Flushing. By installing gas a

Cavanna Packaging Group, present in the market

injection device and its residual oxygen analyzer it

of horizontal wrapping machines for 52 years, has

is possible to produce packets with residual values

developed a new Box Motion version with sealing

lower than 1%.

head, which has had remarkable feedback so far for its high-speed wrapping for application requiring

Cavanna Packaging Group

high-seal performance.

52 years’ experience

This special sealing head, particularly recommended

314 employees

for those applications requiring airtight packets, is

4 production facilities: 2 in Italy (Prato Sesia and Tu-

applied in the pharmaceutical, cheese, bakery and

rin), 1 in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and 1 in the USA (Atlanta)

frozen food sectors. The jaw group Box Motion is

42 dealers worldwide

usually installed in Cavanna ZERO5 top-quality

more than 5,000 flow-pack wrapping machines

wrapping machine, which has been successfully sold

running worldwide CAVANNA FP 6-12.indd 3

07/11/12 10.36




iversified industrial manufacturer Eaton today introduced a pressure reducing valve specifically designed for wind energy applications. The

additional function of the 1 PDC5 pressure reducing valve is its ability to keep the pressure of an accu-

mulator stored for a long period of time without any significant leakage. Its performance characteristics help improve the energy efficiency of the wind turbine’s hydraulic system. By reducing the number of times that the power pack has to start in order to maintain the pressure in the accumulator, the 1 PDC5 valve helps keep the power consumption of the hydraulic system of the wind turbi-

– and for any industrial application where leakage

ne to a minimum by reducing the number of times the

from accumulators or other pressurised hydraulic sy-

power pack has to start in order to maintain the pres-

stems is critical,” said Maurice Ashmore, Eaton’s glo-

sure in the accumulator.

bal chief engineer Screw-in-Cartridge Valves.

1 PDC5 features an intelligent design using a direct

Eaton’s Hydraulics business segment is a worldwide

acting poppet with only two working ports. At low

leader in the design, manufacture and marketing

pressure, the pilot piston keeps the ball away from

of a comprehensive line of reliable, high-efficiency

the valve seat. As pressure increases, the pilot piston

hydraulic systems and components for use in mobile

is forced back against the spring until the ball sits on

and stationary applications. Mobile and stationary

the seat. The inlet pressure can then rise up to the


maximum system pressure. If the inlet pressure is re-

include agriculture, alternative energy, construction,

moved, the ball will remain on the seat, maintaining

forestry, manufacturing, material handling, mining,

the pressure in the accumulator for a long period of

oil and gas, processing, transportation and utility

time without any significant leakage.


The valve was designed considering certain harsh

Eaton’s Hydraulics business segment provides custo-

environment applications. The seat, ball and casing

mer-driven solutions under product names such as Ae-

are hardened, and help provide extended life time

roquip®, Boston®, Char-Lynn®, Eaton®, Hydrokraft®,

to the system. “With these characteristics, Eaton’s


1PDC5 pressure reducing valve is attractive for ac-

SEL®, Synflex®, Vickers®, Walterscheid™, and We-

cumulators in the hydraulic systems of wind turbines



Hydraulics®, EATON FP 5-12.indd 1

26/09/12 12.13




he contents of the trade show defined through con-

focused on innovative packaging solutions; a rich sche-

sultations with makers of packaging and processing

dule of conferences and training on today’s most current

machines and technology and components sup-

themes, for exhibitors and visitors; displays and prizes

pliers. Exact visitors’ target and specific services for faci-

for technological innovations and packaging solutions.

litating the participation of exhibitors and visitors.

The exhibition will also have a main target of visitors:

The organisation of Packology 2013, the exhibition of

end-users coming from Italy, the Mediterranean area, as

technology for packaging and processing, to be held

well as Eastern and Western Europe. To complete the

from the 11th to the 14th of June, 2013, continues.

offering for visitors, Packology will also dedicate a sec-

In past months, the event organisers - Rimini Fiera and

tion of the exhibition to the world of packing materials.

Ucima - have set up work groups with sector busines-

Offers will also include turnkey packages for exhibitors

ses to define a new trade show concept that will spe-

and visitors. For exhibiting companies, these special

cifically and effectively meet the needs of the exhibiting

conditions will include exhibit spaces, setup, accessory

companies and professionals who will visit the show,

services and communication, accommodation and ho-

providing a streamlined organisation with set costs ma-

spitality packages at set rates. In this way, the compa-

king optimum use of the accommodation advantages

nies will be able to count on a virtual facility manager,

offered by the location. On the basis of the needs that

who will make the company’s participation in the show

have emerged, the preparations for the show will be


divided into the following four macro-areas of activity:

Travel and hospitality packages will also be offered to

presentation of already industrialised complete technolo-

Italian and foreign visitors. In addition, all will be given

gical solutions; space for start-up and research projects

networking opportunities during and after the show. PACKOLOGY FP 6-12.indd 1

07/11/12 10.06

2 Exhibition of Technology for Packaging and Processing nd

June 11- 14 2013

Rimini Expo Center - Italy

Organized by


Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association




SP 45 EVO is the result of our machines’ evo-

a twenty year experience in the packaging field. Our

lution and of many experience’s years in the

technical and commercial staff is at your disposal to

field of horizontal products’ packaging.

show you concretely our professional capabilities.

Electronic Horizontal Pillow Pack Wrapper, versatile and reliable, very flexible in the format-change, suitable for food and non food products, both for

OPTIONS Printing unit for expiry date Photo electric cell for print register

single-dose and for multiple packages.

Casters under the machine

Cantilever frame and easy accessibility, together

Gear shift for short/long pitch

with sanitation (sanification) principles, easy maintenance and safety, it has been constructed for, allows this wrapper to distinguish itself. TECHNICAL FEATURES PRODUCTION SPEED: Up to 150 ppm PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Width: 20÷200 mm Height: 1800 mm Length: 50÷600 mm REEL DIMENSIONS: PACKAGING MATERIALS:


Reel width max 520 mm Outside diameter: 350 mm Core diameter: 68÷75 mm Heat-sealable Coated Cold-sealable Polyethylene Length: 3200 mm Width: 890 mm Height: 1800 mm 500 kg

Double reel holder Polythene version Infeed extension Zig-zag knives Euroslot punch No product no bag Automatic feeding Many other solutions can be proposed ELECT. FEATURES AND CONT. SYSTEM Motion control with PLC Interface through 3,7” touch screen Working programs memorization Machine diagnostic Temperature control through touch screen Power 3 KW

Choosing a flow-pack packing machine is an important step and asks for a serious reflection in order to get a machine capable of meeting any requirements. Therefore, it is fundamental to entrust to a dynamic and flexible manufacturer, capable of giving immediate and precise answers. General System Pack has all these qualities together with a skilled staff and GSP FP 5-12.indd 1

26/09/12 14.30




ne of South Africa’s leading

mercial vegetable growers in many

seed companies has installed an Ishida ‘Lilli-

countries across Africa, North and South America,

put’ multihead weigher to increase capacity

Europe and the Mediterranean as well as Austral-

and provide greater control over pack fill accuracy,

ia. The company also has a strong national retail

which is of crucial importance in this highly competi-

component supplying hobbyists with vegetable and

tive business.

flower seeds as well as a range of pesticides and

A single seed often has the potential to produce

plant nutrients.

many kilograms of fruit or vegetables. Yet a Little

Starke Ayres produces a great variety of pack sizes,

Wonder tomato seed, for in-

mainly within the range

stance, measures just two mil-

0.33g to 100g. Packing

limetres across and weighs less

seeds by hand is highly

than 0.002g. This large ratio of


value to weight means that get-




ting products into packs is a crucial part of a seed

1000 hybrid tomato seeds, for example, overweight

merchant’s business and any advance in accuracy

at the level of over 5% is unavoidable in order to be

can directly affect the bottom line.

absolutely sure that the pack contents will measure

Starke Ayres Pty Ltd markets and distributes to com-

up to the declared content. ISHIDA FP 5-12.indd 1

12/10/12 11.48


Knowing that multihead weighing could transform this situation, Starke Ayres looked into the available options and chose an Ishida CCW-M-214W-S/005SS. Known as the ‘Lilliput’ because of its small size (it has a 650mm x 650mm footprint and 50cc (0.05 litre) hoppers), it is designed to handle very small target weights with great accuracy and speed. The Ishida Lilliput at Starke Ayres has brought giveaway down to just 2%, a reduction of 60%. This means that for every 35 packs or so, a given batch of seed will yield one extra pack. Automatic weighing on the Ishida achieves this while practically eliminating the possibility of any underweight packs

ing could never accomplish with such a low level of

reaching the grower, something that manual weigh-

giveaway. Seed is delivered to the top of the Ishida using a vacuum system. It passes through the weigher driven by gravity with the assistance of a powerful vibratory system. To prevent air currents from interfering with the process, the entire machine is enclosed in a transparent case. At the outlet of the discharge chute of the Ishida, weighed product falls into a bagmaker. The filled and sealed bags are bundled and palleted. With manual weighing, the packing process ran at between 15 and 20 packs per minute. The Ishida has increased this by well over 250%, with a typical speed of 52 packs per minute. Apart from the primary benefit of consistent pack weights, the new multihead has speeded up distribution and increased capacity while markedly reducing labour costs. Starke Ayres also believes it benefited from the services surrounding the weigher. “The after sales support and training given by Ishida was outstanding,’’ says Tewie Pretorius, Factory Manager at the company’s vegetable seed packing plant. ISHIDA FP 5-12.indd 3

12/10/12 11.48


News from Cartes LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2012


ince more than 30 years, CARTES has been of-

labels in a short production time.

fering the widest range of label machines whose

CARTES has always been synonymous of quality, me-

success has been confirmed by the over 4000

chanical toughness and high precision, but above all

installations in more than 80 Countries.

it is a company constantly focused on research to al-

CARTES has been the first company to believe, de-

ways offer new and exclusive technological solutions

velop and industrialise the LASER TECHNOLOGY ap-

that can meet the demand of a continuously evolving

plied to the self adhesive label die cutting.

and sophisticated field such as the one of the self ad-

Today, 13 years later and more than 200 Laser ma-

hesive labels.

chines installed in 34 different Countries, the CARTES

These are the reasons why CARTES has developed the

LASER technology is acknowledged and renowned

new machines in partnership with the world leaders in


industrial automation.

The combination of the Laser technology with the print-

At LABELEXPO AMERICAS, Cartes will present the

ing units of CARTES HS series has given birth to the

machines of the NEW SERIES GT 360 that are all

HS COMBILASER SERIES where the Laser die cutting

configurable with hot stamping, silk screen printing,

is combined with hot stamping, silk screen printing,

varnishing, embossing, flat die cutting, LASER and/

embossing and varnishing units.

or rotary die

This typology of machine is really appreciated among

cutting. The NEW GT 360 SERIES will bring to mar-

the label producers as it allows to make various pro-

ket an innovative integrated technology that will offer

cessing in a single production cycle and fulfil luxurious

many advantages: LABELEXPO FP 5-12.indd 1

07/09/12 15.33



ing) between the motors during the operation of the

Thanks to the presence of a single communication bus

machine. Thanks to the IGBT technology, the energy

for all the units it will be possible to invert, replace, or

generated by the motors during the braking phase is

even later add more units to the original configuration

reused or even returned to the network to power other

of the machine.

devices working in the same moment into the factory. It follows a remarkable saving in energy with a special



The NEW GT 360 series is equipped with the recent automatic Multi Head Positioning System that allows


to simultaneously correct, on each printing unit, the

The application of the most advanced security systems

gap irregularities detected on pre-printed materials.

such as STO (Safe Torque Off), SS1 (safe stop), SBC

Each printing unit is automatically centred in order to

(safe brake

be precisely positioned on the label and markedly re-

control) and SLS (safety limited speed) has achieved

duce the material used when starting a job. Therefore,

the most effective protection for the operator and for

this device will allow to optimize the working times

the machine, combining safety to the production needs

and reduce the waste of material.

The human factor as key element and the investment program targeted to the development and the consoli-


dation of the printing and finishing machines, make

The centralized management system of the drives

CARTES the perfect partner for the companies on the

power supply allows the exchange of energy (shar-

cutting edge. LABELEXPO FP 5-12.indd 3

07/09/12 15.33




orealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, is offering a step-up in performance and processing sustainability to the

frozen food packaging sector with the launch of next generation transparent polypropylene (PP) grade Borpact™ SH950MO. Based on Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT), new Borpact SH950MO features a unique combination of transparency and good drop impact properties in low temperatures. Its performance is enhanced by higher flow (melt flow rate of 40) and better processability with improved stiffness (1050 MPa) compared to its predecessor

it was possible to decrease the processing temperature by

Borpact™ SG930MO. The improved properties and bet-

20°C. A reduction of injection pressure was also obser-

ter processing efficiency bring benefits and cost savings

ved during the trials. Borpact SH950MO’s improved for-

throughout the packaging value chain.

mulation and higher stiffness leads to better demoulding

Developed primarily for packaging of deep freeze pro-

properties, making processing easier and contributing to

ducts such as ice cream, frozen desserts and other fro-

an overall more efficient production process.

zen food items, Borpact SH950MO is also an excellent

One of the key aspects of the new Borpact SH950MO

choice for broader consumer packaging and housewares

grade is the opportunity to benefit from its improved pro-

when the combination of good impact performance and

perties to downgauge material use. The high flowability

transparency is a top priority.

and improved stiffness, both compared to the standard

Brand owners can develop visually appealing articles

random PP grades, enable the use of thinner walls and

which offer a clear view of the contents without the fear

more complex designs without compromising product pro-

of damage or brittle breakages. Also due to the good or-

perties or processing performance.

ganoleptics properties, the taste and odour of the packed

“The introduction of Borpact SH950MO is an excellent

product will not be altered. The additional benefits of high

example of Borealis’ Value Creation through Innovation

gloss and very low stress whitening also make Borpact

strategy,” comments Rainer Höfling, Borealis Vice Presi-

SH950MO ideal for special closure designs.

dent Business Unit Moulding. “We have invested in crea-

The higher flowability of the new grade enables converters

ting a next generation grade with improved processability

to use lower processing temperatures which, in combina-

and end product performance that takes the lead in sup-

tion with BNT, support energy and cycle time savings. For

porting the sustainability and differentiation requirements

example in trials of one litre volume ice cream containers,

of the thin wall consumer packaging market.” BOREALIS FP 6-12.indd 1

06/11/12 14.52




igh output and considerably-lower production

540 mm, with a negative/positive formed-component

costs for the manufacture of formed components

height of up to 150 mm and a maximum film-width of

made of PS, OPS, EPS, PP, PE and PET.

810 mm.

The KMD 78 BASIC automatic pressure forming ma-

Tools are compatible to the KMD 78 Speed.

chine has allowed Kiefel to extend its KMD series to in-

KIEFEL is a world leader when it comes to the design

clude a particularly cost-efficient variant, which supplies

and manufacture of machines used to process plastic

just the right amount of forming technology to cover a

film materials. The company offers core expertise in the

wide range of components.

fields of moulding and joining technology. As a suppli-

Advanced technology is the secret. Equipped with HTS

er to reputable manufacturers in various sectors, Kiefel

ceramic heaters for the consistent distribution of heat-

GmbH services customers in the automotive, medical

output, with well proven toggle drive and motorised

technology, refrigeration and packaging industries.

upper-yoke adjustment for both

The head office of KIEFEL GmbH

the forming and cutting stations,

is in Freilassing/Germany. The

KMD BASIC fulfils all the essential

company also runs its own net-

requirements for the cost-efficient

work of sales and service centres

production of formed compo-

in the United States, France, the

nents. Tension bars help ensure

Netherlands, Russia, China, Bra-

both the play-free movement of the

zil, Indonesia and India, and is

drive components and the precise

represented by sales partners in

repeating accuracy of cutting pro-

more than 60 countries world-

cedures. A newly-developed, two-stage cutting system

wide. Kiefel GmbH is a member of the Siegsdorf-based

provides a particularly accurate cut. The fully-adjustable

Br端ckner Group, a world-leading supplier of machines

stacking unit operates from bottom to top, while the

and plant systems for use in the plastics processing in-

formed components are placed onto a conveyor belt.

dustry. The group has some 1,500 employees. Br端ck-

Fast reconfiguration to cope with different product for-

ner is a world market-leader in stretched-film systems,

mats guarantees fast tool-changeovers in the forming

and its range of products also includes production sys-

and cutting stations. Horizontal adjustment of the spin-

tems for the manufacture of extruded and smoothed flat

dle drive permits efficient length-adaptation of the cor-

film materials, with an equally-large range of services to

responding formats.

match. Group member-company PackSys Global is a

The KMD 78 BASIC is equipped with a touch-screen-

manufacturer of equipment for the packaging industry,

operated Siemens Simotion control system.

specialising in production lines for use in the manufac-

The unit can handle a maximum form-size of 760 x

ture of tubes, lids, screw-in adapters and containers. KIEFEL FP 6-12.indd 1

25/10/12 15.14




EMA, specialized in the manufacturing of load

The pallet stability simulation station is a special de-

handling systems for the beverage, food and

vice designed and developed in collaboration with

tissue industries, has revolutionized the concept

the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia for test-

of tertiary packaging with the introduction of the ro-

ing the capacity of a palletized load to withstand

botized technology and of the 1000 mm film reel.

the stresses generated by the means of transport

The result of this innovative approach is SILKWORM,

(ships, cargo trucks, train wagons).

a system capable of conditioning every kind of prod-

This device simulates stresses and impacts on the

uct, from the most resistant to the most delicate, han-

palletized load, offering to the customers the possi-

dling at the same time different products and sizes of pallets, always granting high wrapping quality, load stability, product integrity, film saving and high production speed. BEMA now has an exclusive news for the customers interested in saving and improving the quality of the packaging: BEMA Technological Lab. The company has established at its headquarters a permanent Technological Lab comprising a SILKWORM system with automatic head changeover and top cover applicator and a pallet stability simulation station, both available for all the customers for wrapping tests and packaging analysis.

Pallet stability simulation station

SILKWORM load handling system BEMA FP 5-12.indd 1

12/10/12 11.39


bility to collect information about how to ensure the

load, thus optimizing the storage processes and

delivery of an intact product to the final consumer

truck loading of the pallets. The VDR system calcu-

and how to optimize the packaging material con-

lates in real-time the film erogation speed according


to the pallet size and keeps a constant holding force

Visiting BEMA Technological Lab, customers will

on the pallet perimeter, protecting the corners and

have also the possibility to find out the significant

increasing the wrapping quality.

improvements the company has recently implement-

The FQS (Film Quality Sensing) system is able to

ed in the SILKWORM range (LS line, with gantry

detect the quality of the film used and to automati-

robot for low/medium-speed lines and TURBO line,

cally adapt the applied pre-stretch, in order to keep

equipped with an anthropomorphic robot for high-

the highest possible efficiency of the system by mini-

speed lines, with an output ranging from 50 to 160

mizing film breaks caused by variable film quality

Euro-pallet/hour and from 55 to 190 Euro half-pal-

and to audit the system returning precise information

let/hour): the ANTI-TWIST system, the VDR system

about film consumption related to film quality.

and the FQS (Film Quality Sensing) system.

BEMA operates with a view to constant improve-

The ANTI-TWIST system minimizes the pallet torsion

ment of its technological solutions and services, to

normally generated by the film on the palletized

be the perfect business partner.


12/10/12 11.39


NOW PLASTICS EUROPE – THE VIRTUAL FACTORY YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LIVE WITHOUT Some things in life seem to defy logic, until you go one layer deeper and then it makes complete sense. NOW Plastics (North America, UK and Europe) is such a case. Let me try to explain a bit further.


n the packaging industry, the world has gotten a lot smaller. Today’s technologies (internet, email, universal translators, etc.) makes it possible to have e-mail dis-

cussions between two people who live on opposite ends of the world, are many time zones apart, and speak totally different languages. So, anyone can buy direct from overseas manufacturers all day long, right?. Then, how has NOW Plastics business model, as a global importer/ distributor/supplier and “virtual factory” of various types of


plastic films and certain converted products not only sur-

(with the exception of some slitting and perforating

vived, but has been thriving, in today’s global environ-

equipment in the UK for fast response on certain prod-

ment???? Simple. The secret is that NOW Plastics Busi-


ness Model was designed to take away the uncertainty

core film products (see our advertisement on another page)

associated with Global Importation while opening up the

via our producing partners to provide to our customers,

entire global supply landscape at the service of its custom-

mainly converters in soft as well as tight markets. Our goal

ers. As the experienced procurement manager well knows,

is to bring value to you. We are not worried about filling

buying films is not just about procuring some sheet of plastic

out machines that need to run 24 hours. We are your long

that looks nice and clear at a great price and throw it

arm, ears and eyes. We are globally connected to film

on a machine. All films are not alike even if they appear

producers all around the world, with preferences of course

alike. Films such as polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and

as not all producers are created equal. That is one of our

others are a proprietary chemical formulation of resins and

advantages. You get the benefit of 35 years of supplying

additives, produced on production lines that can be as

overseas products into our domestic markets.

But we do not have equipment

We have a seemingly unlimited capacity of our

long as a football field costing 20 to 50 million euros and their supply must be totally dependable. Converters buy


films as their main raw materials, and perform many differ-

Our experiences and knowledge base began in North

ent processes also involving other chemicals such as inks,

America, an extremely tough market, where changing or

adhesives, applying heat in laminations and bag making.

adding new suppliers is a complicated and time consum-

Wrong films and unreliable supply lead to bad results and

ing task. Perfect education and training for the EU markets

financial losses.

which have different but equally tough requirements. We started Now Plastics UK in 2001 as a prelude to working


in Europe. In 2009, we created local sales and logistic of-

Now Plastics is a virtual factory. We have people and

fices in Italy and Spain with technical support, developed NOW PLASTICS.indd 1

12/11/12 17.03


Your Global Film and Bag Source


Films for Printers & Laminators • PET - corona, chemical, metallized, PVDC • BOPA - corona and chemical • BOPP - heatsealable, plain, metallized • Lidding films - peelable and locked seals for all trays • Aluminum foil • Shrinkable films for bottle labels (PETG, OPS)

LIDDING FILMS: • Peelable or nonpeelable clear films o Clear PET or CPP film based o With or without antifog o Able to provide moderate barrier o Seals to virtually all tray types (PET, PP, etc) • Isotropic Metallized PET – for barrier lidding where balanced film is needed to avoid splitting

PRODUCE PACKAGING FILMS: • Macro-perforated “punched-hole” – available in 5, 8 and 10mm holes; from 2 to 8 lanes • Micro-perforated – available in P1, P8, P30, P60 and P160; full coverage or strips • Laser Perforated – single or multi-lanes available to create the desired respirations • PET or BOPP flow-wrap films – with or without antifog


Converted PP Products for Bakery & Produce • Center Folded Film • Macro Punched Hole Film • Micro & Laser Perf Film • Many Varieties of Bags • Products Available w/antifog, printed

• Nano-coated PET – replacing both PVDC and EVOH structures • Ultra metallized PET – optical densities of 2.8 or higher • Aluminim Foil (Coming in 2013) o State of the art new rolling mills – the best quality o Huge new capacities o Alloys 1235, 8079 and others o 6 micron and up

BOPP FILMS: • Produced on state-of-the-art production lines designed especially to produce commodity products at competitive prices • Superior gauge control • Flame treatment available on plain films • Huge capacities available • Thicknesses from 10 micron (40 gauge) and up • All products – clear heatsealable and nonheatsealable, solid and cavitated white, matte finish, etc

Independent Sales Representatives

May inquire for Europe other than Italy, Spain, France and Poland

Contact -


12/11/12 17.14


a European invoicing system and VAT no’s and in the process learned a lot! Now, with this added experience, we are expanding further with representation now in France and Poland, and soon in Germany and other places. Europe is more complicated

Plastics is not a here today, gone tomorrow phenomenon

but we adapt well and we prefer to do things right and not

(those of you who remember the tight polyester market of

just grow uncontrolled. Our reputation is the most important

2010/2011 know what I am talking about!).


Vetting of factories is a critical function.

Now Plastics is many things. We are an extension of your

sight unseen. We visit factories regularly, typically at least

procurement department with a wealth of experience and

once a year, but sometimes more. It’s a lot of travel but it is

knowledge to share. We have a multiplicity of supply op-

important. Skype is nice but not a substitute for face to face

tions for our basket of film products. We learn your busi-

meetings and relationship building. There is not enough

ness and philosophies and then, based on a variety of

space allotted for a full discussion but some of our criteria

factors beyond price, we marry certain factories who we

are: ISO approval, EU food contact approvals, a serious

know well to certain customers after learning their needs.

management, technical sophistication, a focus toward ex-

And as we assume a more responsible role in your business

port, long term thinking, an expansion strategy, financial

as a primary supplier, we insist of creating certain supply

stability, western thinking, product warranties and honoring

chain programs – such as multiple sourcing per product,

claims, commercial flexibility, and the ability to maintain

local warehousing for safety stock or Just-in-Time stock man-

good relations and mutual support though soft and tight

agement via either a full warehouse program, or consign-

markets. The last item is high on the importance list. The

ment programs or other hybrid supply type programs. We

true test is how a factory behaves when we need them, not

insist because it is our job to manage risks, and buying

when they need us.

We do not buy

films from offshore has huge benefits but some risks and those risks (late deliveries mainly) need to be mitigated.


We manage open orders far better than factories do them-

We bring a multitude of advantages to the table: you can-


We see changes happening in the markets and

not substitute for experience and we have 35 years of it,

do our best to alert our customers to be prepared. We are

a proven track record and reputation, financial stability,

transparent – we do not hide our supply sources and we

a long term orientation, global mindedness, the ability to

transfer our knowledge and our level of confidence to you.

craft customized supply chains, multiplicity of supply cou-

We are your eyes and ears. We find ways to differenti-

pled with full transparency, local support, customer orienta-

ate ourselves and to make a difference in your business.

tion, leveraging of your time by making importation easy

Over the long haul, we deliver the best overall value to

for you, logistics management.

your business. If we didn’t, we would not exist in this highly

And most of all, we are strategic thinkers and business

competitive market, let alone be growing quite nicely. And

people, something you do not get with the normal sales

maybe most importantly – WE ARE HERE TO STAY. Now

representation from most factories. NOW PLASTICS.indd 3

12/11/12 17.03




raiteur de la Touques

and to detect the presence of foreign material (pieces

This production unit of the IntermarchĂŠ group, has

of the product) in the thermoformed seal area.

called on Luceo to help perfect the packaging of

their ready-to-eat salads. Since 2009, Le Traiteur de la

The Luceo solution was selected

Touques has been running a programme to automate

Luceo recommended their ThermoSecure system, a

their end-of-line systems, inspecting and optimising the

computer vision inspection system capable of identify-

quality of the pack seals using three ThermoSecure

ing the product, guaranteeing traceability, and eject-

computer vision inspection systems.

ing any product where the seal had been contaminated or where the appearance of the product did not

Le Traiteur de la Touques employs 92 people and

conform to specification.

specialises in ready-to-eat pre-prepared salads. They

The requirement called for the installation of a number

supply hypermarkets, supermarkets and wholesalers in

of these systems directly into the thermoformer on the

France, Belgium and Portugal.

packing lines in order to inspect two different shapes

The company wished to install a computer vision sys-

of thermoformed tray packs (elliptical and rectangular)

tem on their lines to inspect salads packed in trays,

with a variable height and a printed film. Luceo was able to satisfy all the requirements of Le Traiteur de la Touques using compact ThermoSecure computer vision systems to inspect the conformity of the filled thermoformed trays at rates of up to 90 to 100 trays per minute. The advantages of ThermoSecure Compact machine designed to be built into an inline thermoformer. Excellent image quality, even at high capture rates. A flexible solution capable of inspecting a wide variety of different packs. Seal inspection: Detection of any contamination in the seals, and inspection of the appearance of the seal, including the detection of open seals, creases and bubbles (subject to conditions). Label inspection: Verification of the presence, posi- LUCEO FP 6-12.indd 1

30/10/12 14.12


tion and orientation of the labels, label recognition, readout of regulatory information (UBD, barcodes, weight and price, etc.), and detection of any misalignment of the top film Pack inspection: Verification of the tray dimensions and separation cut with the detection of hang-nails (unwanted material remaining after the separation cut), presence of the product within the pack, and the general appearance of the product in the pack. A winning result for Traiteur de la Touques By installing ThermoSecure systems, Le Traiteur de la Touques was able to improve both quality and productivity by reducing rejects at the packing stage and automating the packing process.

EXTENDO™ RANGE EXPANDS WITH NEW COATED FILMS Taghleef Industries in exclusive partnership with INVI-

for coating films with a total capacity of 12,000 t/y.

CO SA are glad to announce the introduction of new

The first line will be operative from Q4 2012 starting

coated films capacity, expanding its capabilities on

with acrylic coated films.

the market. The coated films will benefit EXTENDO™’s

The latest generation of Swiss technology combined

portfolio. EXTENDO™ is the trademark developed by

with the cooperation of the best chemical companies

Taghleef Industries that characterizes new barrier and

in Europe gives both Ti and INVICO the confidence

high-barrier films manufactured from BoPP as well as

that the products of-

bio-based and compostable BoPLA films.

fered will meet the

To meet the market needs, Ti and INVICO SA decided

highest requirements

to start the production of coated BoPP and BoPLA films.

by the most deman-

The project, which started in 2010, includes the pur-

ding customers.

chase and installation of two modern production lines LUCEO FP 6-12.indd 3

30/10/12 14.12




he range of products of the company Pieri,

sents the winning solution in handling and wrapping

leader in the production of stretch wrapping

palletized loads. That is the reason why one of the

machines and handling systems for palletised

major specialist in meat sector in Europe recently

loads, becomes richer of a new performing wrap-

selected Silver Twin by Pieri as wrappers for its four

per: Silver Twin.

lines plant, reaching up 300 p/h.

Silver Twin is the new double arm wrapping machine

Also an important French manufacturer of corrugated

Pieri, born in order to satisfy customers production re-

cardboards chose Silver Twin to wrap its products;

quirements with top outputs. Added value of this new

high productivity and many different sizes to be

line wrapping machines, is the perfect combination

wrapped, a complex challenge that Pieri won with

of excellent performances in wrapping operations

his experience and technology. Silver Twin is per-

and the well known reliability of Pieri’s machinery.

fect even with light and unstable loads: a faster and

The mission of this Italian manufacturer (first in pro-

reliable solution for any sectors.

ducing rotary arm wrapping machines) has always been oriented to innovation; with the new Silver Twin such direction has been confirmed by proposing an avant-garde solution close to high output customers’ needs. Strong point of Silver Twin is the double rotary arm, whose combined wrapping action ensures

extraordinary perfor-

mances of more than 140 pallets per hour. Two equipped reel –holder carriages with pre-stretch up to 350% allow to a remarkable saving on film consumption, cutting the time for reels substitution by half. With Silver Twin, Pieri bets on


vation, reliability and performances, a winning business model to fulfil its old and new customers expectations and to win one again plaudits for the quality of its products. Actually, Silver Twin repre- PIERI FP 5-12.indd 1

26/09/12 13.48


The new generation of a high-capacity packaging system:


Author: Ulrich Hock, Sales Manager for conveying, loading, palletising and packaging technology


o reliably protect palletised beverage products

For decades the topic of product protection when

against transport stress, dirt, moisture and tam-

transporting and storing palletised product for com-

pering, the BEUMER Group, based in Beckum,

panies in the beverage industry has become increas-

Germany, offers the BEUMER stretch hood , a high-

ingly important. That is why BEUMER introduced

capacity packaging system, which pulls a stretch

an effective solution at the end of the 1980s, the

hood over the palletised beverage products.

BEUMER stretch hood®, a high performance packag-

Leading companies such as Logistic provider Fiege

ing machine that has undergone constant develop-

to provide pallet

ment since its introduction. Leading companies such

loads of branded spirits with more efficient and flex-

as the contract logistics provider Fiege use this stretch

ible packaging. The BEUMER stretch hood i rep-

hooding system to meet the increasing requirements

resents a new generation in the market: developed

for transport packaging.

uses the BEUMER stretch hood




especially for sustainable operating mode, which can be evaluated systematically by BEUMER, using

High requirements for the packaging

a validation system.

In Bocholt, the Fiege Group headquartered in Greven, North Rhine-Westphalia, stores branded spirits for distilleries. Before being dispatched, these products are placed on a pallet and packaged in protective film. Since conventional pallet wrapping systems failed to satisfy increasing requirements, the logistics provider needed to replace the legacy wrapping system with a new end-of-line packaging system. The end-of-line packaging system would need to package

The new BEUMER stretch hood® i provides a sustainable packaging process. BEUMER FP 5-12.indd 1

17/09/12 11.16

Visit us! Salon d’Emballage, Paris-Nord 19 – 22 November 2012 Hall 5a, Booth J130

SOME THINK OPTIMAL LOAD STABILITY COSTS MORE. WE THINK DIFFERENT. At BEUMER we have a reputation for making things a little different. Take the BEUMER stretch hood® transport packaging system. In a sector where energy-intensive shrink hooding or stretch wrapping is the norm, the stretch hood method represents the state-of-the-art sustainable alternative. The result: better load stability, higher throughput and environmental protection, up to 10 times less film consumption and 90% energy savings. For more information, visit

BEU_FoodProcessing_A4_Titel_SH+MH_GB.indd 1

01.06.12 12:04


palletised load units of different heights and contours to eliminate presorting, film changes and unnecessary film consumption. Furthermore, customer surveys showed that the pallet base should be free of film, that the film had to protect the load during transport and against theft, and that it had to be transparent enough to ensure accurate barcode reading. For this reason, shrink hooding was dismissed as a potential packaging solution, as the shrink hood covers the pallet base and becomes milky in appearance due to the shrinking process. In addition, available wrapping technologies fell short of Fiege’s requirements, as traditional stretch wrap-

Dr. Christoph Beumer is Chairman and CEO of the BEUMER Group based in Beckum.

ping involves high film consumption. Now a packaging system consisting of the BEUMER stretch hood®

storage systems - the pallet base is open for the forks

and the upstream and downstream roller conveyors

of the fork-lift truck - and with understretch.

is used. The system packages up to 1,000 palletised

During the understretch process, the film is pulled over

load units per day.

the package base. The palletised load unit is then guided to the shipping area by using roller conveyors.

Technology that gets the job done

This way it is possible to package up to 150 pal-

The randomly palletised beverage boxes are con-

letised load units per hour.

veyed to the end-of-line packaging system. The stack height is accurately recorded by photocells. The pre-

The smooth and hole-free film surface ensures high

viously crimped film is sealed and cut to the length

visibility of the packed beverages. The film reliably

required for the stacking height.

protects the pallets from dirt, spillage and transport

The palletised load unit to be packed can have a

stress. And barcode labelling is quickly and consist-

height of up to 2,400 millimetres. The base surface

ently recognisable.

of the pallet is between 700 by 700 and 1,450 by 1,250 millimetres. After sealing and cutting, the film

The future of stretch hood technology

hood is pulled open horizontally.

BEUMER constantly improves the stretch hood film


The BEUMER stretch hood then lowers the edges of

and the pallet end-of-line packaging method. With

the film hood. This process is defined as biaxial stretch-

the BEUMER stretch hood® i packaging system, the

ing, as the film is stretched both in horizontal and ver-

intralogistics specialist has introduced a new genera-

tical axes. As soon as the packaging system releases

tion of this packaging system to the market and made

the film, the film contracts again and is placed on the

sustainability a priority when developing the BEUM-

palletised load unit to protect and stabilise it. It is pos-

ER stretch hood® i. For comparison: its predecessors

sible to pack the palletised load unit both for high-bay

were capable of handling a minimum film thickness of BEUMER FP 5-12.indd 3

17/09/12 11.16


60 µm – the BEUMER stretch hood® i can handle film

sense of responsibility for man and the environment

that is 40 µm thick. This flexibility significantly reduces

and thereby set a new standard for quality,” explains

consumption costs while helping to reduce environ-

Dr. Christoph Beumer, chairman and CEO of the

mental impact. Energy consumption is reduced by


12.5 % and compressed-air consumption by 53 %,

In order to achieve this, the company group obligated

compared to the two previous models. An intuitive hu-

itself to evaluate its products comprehensively on three

man-machine interface simplifies machine operation.

levels: economics, ecology and social responsibility. The BSI is a points system that records the sustainability of products with regard to these three levels. “Economic performance, market presence, financial chances and risks are known parameters. Our products will only become economically sustainable, when we tailor them and the corresponding production processes to long-term customer use,” says Dr. Beumer. Previously, the total cost of ownership (TCO) was the focus of business activities. Sustainability was defined solely from the ecological perspective. “For us, it is about incorporating ecological social aspects. Therefore, we follow a total value of ownership (TVO) approach. That means we see each product as a whole, not just the costs.”

With the BEUMER Sustainability Index, BEUMER has introduced a standardised validation system. Each of the three areas is evaluated in five categories with up to five points. The sum is entered in the respective circle in a clock-wise direction. The individual values are added up for the total score.

Aiming for the top To evaluate sustainability with the BSI, each of the three levels is divided into five categories. For example, this includes “Efficiency and Effectiveness”, “Service Life”, “Production-Related Resource Consumption” and “Training and Education Standards”. These categories are evaluated with up to five points.

Sustainability is measurable

The sum results in a classification of “excellent”, “very

To find a clear answer to the question “How sustain-

good”, or “needs improvement”. If a product is classi-

able is a system really?”, the BEUMER Group devel-

fied as needing improvement, BEUMER puts it through

oped a validation system, the BEUMER Sustainability

a re-engineering process.

Index (BSI), which experts use continuously and sys-

With the BEUMER stretch hood® i, the Beckum-based

tematically to measure the sustainability of both new

intralogistics specialist offers a system with a sustain-

technologies and existing solutions.

ability index of “excellent” and, as a consequence,

“Our goal is to combine product performance and a

the highest classification of sustainability. BEUMER FP 5-12.indd 5

17/09/12 11.16




nternational paper and packaging specialist Mondi has selected “Discover the world of Mondi” as its slogan

SmartID Bag, an

for this year’s FachPack. The lead-

industrial bag that can

ing trade show for the paper and packaging industry takes place in

be authenticated and tracked. Other product highlights include lightweight solu-

Nuremberg from September 25

tions, such as Modulo, a case design that encompasses

to 27. Visitors wishing to take a closer look at the com-

countless variations. Also on show is EcoVantage, the

pany’s innovative packaging solutions will find Mondi in

new umbrella brand for the lightweight containerboard

Hall 7, Booth 7-266. It will also be represented in the

range. The booth will also be featuring packaging solu-

special show entitled “Unpacking made easy” (Hall 8,

tions for the consumer goods industry that not only pro-

Booth 8-325 b).

long shelf life, but also bring the customer’s brand to the

For Mondi, this year’s presentation is focusing on two

fore at the point of sale thanks to their outstanding print-

themes, namely intelligent and lightweight product solu-

ability. These products are just a few of those that await

tions, and the Green Range product family. Explaining

Mondi’s visitors.

the concept adopted by Mondi, Marketing & Commu-

The key visual of the 243 m² booth is the Mondi globe,

nication Director Albert Klinkhammer comments, “We

which will catch the eye of visitors to Hall 7 even from

are showcasing innovative packaging products for our

a distance. At the centre of the booth is a pond with

customers. Reflecting the importance of sustainability

a bridge, stressing the company’s commitment to con-

throughout the company, we are also highlighting the

serving natural resources. In addition, visitors are being

Green Range. Our topics are sure to prompt some in-

given the fascinating opportunity to interact with Mondi

teresting discussions with visitors to the

from the vantage point of comfortable seating

booth, concerning not only product so-

manufactured from its products. Summing up

lutions, but also the in-

the significance of the event to Mondi, Albert

fluence being exerted

Klinkhammer remarks, “We expect to have

on the packaging seg-

many good conversa-

ment by the changing

tions with customers

social environment.”

at the fair again be-

Among the innovative

cause it has emerged

solutions that can be

as an excellent com-

seen on the Mondi


booth is the intelligent

for our industry.”

platform MONDI FP 4/12 .indd 1

19/09/12 10.34

SCHIB_PP_A4_Layout 1 17/02/12 09.37 Pagina 1

Packaging Machines

DOUBLE YOUR SPEED IN HALF THE TIME Cutting-edge electronics and hi-tech solutions characterise our industrial lines. Technological innovation favours productivity


Una spiccata evoluzione verso l’elettronica e le soluzioni hi-tech caratterizzano le nostre linee industriali. L’innovazione sul fronte tecnologico si mette a servizio della produttività.

Schib Packaging SpA 36030 Monte di Malo Vicenza · Italy · Via Sile, 28

T +39.0445.602.300 F +39.0445.605.510




ecla Schizzarotto President and CEO of Schib

I have chosen to do so with few words and many

Packaging says: “Welcome to the world of

images. Words are not necessary: we must leave


room for sensations, for emotions. When you finish

I would like to help you appreciate all its nuances.

reading this, I would be happy if you said: “It wasn’t

I would like to help you perceive the spirit, the com-

what I expected”.”

mitment, and the enthusiasm behind our work. I would like to be able to accompany you through


the pages of this magazine and pique your curiosity.

Electronic biscuit feeder designed to receive the incoming products and transfer the piles of biscuits into the in-feed conveyor of the wrapping machine. Speeds up to 400 packs per minute.

SCHIB PACKAGING S.P.A. produces horizontal flow-packing machines as well as automatic feeders and automated wrapping systems. They offer innovative and reliable solutions tailored to customer’s actual needs. FOCUS ON: CHOCOLATE BARS Modules with vision system for rows of chocolate bars. They have developed applications for the food and confectionery industry, focusing on candy, lollipop, chocolate, biscuits, snacks, bread and bakery products, through to other food industries such as meat, fish, sausages and cold cuts, cheese and produce. Their range includes Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines. SCHIB FP 5-12.indd 1

26/09/12 14.17



09/11/12 15.50


AAREST AND THE IMAGINATION OF INNOVATION: EFFICIENT AND MONEY SAVING TECHNOLOGY FOR WINERIES All the wineries has bottles with stuck sediments inside which they not able to sell. Riddling machine is the only solution to completely remove those sediments. Manual riddling or other machine usage doesn’t help to solve the problem but our machine will fixed it. System riddle the bottles to remove sediments completely. Use Riddling machine: Save your money, reduce labor cost now, without loosing wine quality/quantity. Tous les établissements vinicoles a bouteilles avec des sédiments coincés à l’intérieur duquel ils ne peuvent pas vendre. La machine à tamiser est la seule solution pour supprimer complètement ces sédiments. Manuel remuage ou autre utilisation de la machine ne permet pas de résoudre le problème, mais notre machine réparée. Système énigme des bouteilles pour éliminer les sédiments complètement. Utiliser une machine à tamiser: Gardez votre argent, de réduire le coût du travail maintenant, sans perdre la qualité ou quantité du vin.

About Aarest


banking on the high quality of its product and com-

he birth of Spirit, The birth of orchestrating the cel-

plete customer satisfaction. Aarest has the experience

lar and the mechanism of simplifying wine indus-

and skill set to minimise winery related machinery that

try’s work gave birth of Aarest. The value of a

could provide additional value to winery owners and

winery is the most hotly contested asset to value in the


wine industry. Industry professionals and executives assume brand value is synonymous with goodwill. Aar-

Focus on Riddling Machine

est innovates to keep up the good work of simplifying

Riddling System Introduction

the work-load of winery. Join us to see the far-fetched

Riddling Machine is a simple, compact, versatile and

effect of Aarest.

a reliable System to process riddling stage of Cham-

Since its inception in the year 2001, Aarest is work-

pagne/Sparkling wine production.

ing relentlessly for the betterment of wine and food

Machine is supporting traditional way “Méthode

industry. All the equipments and machineries offered

Champenoise” of wine development and has mainly

by the company is well-tested and accepted in the

three operations; Bottle Tilting, Bottle Rotation and Vi-

industry. Major goal of the organization is to improve

bration. Wine filled bottles before riddling process to

existing technologies and inventing customer-centric

be placed on bottle holders while machine at “home”

products, which can save valuable time and money

position and Process cycle parameters input into Mi-

for the and reduce the labor cost. The company is

cro Processor Controller as required by wine produc- AArest FP 6-12.indd 1

12/11/12 10.06


tion regulations/traditions. By pressing cycle “Start” button machine automatically detect 0 degree and start process as per PLC cycle preloaded in Controller. Tower green light begins to blinks while Machine in operation mode. After completion of cycle audio sound alarm is buzzed indicating the end of the cycle. At that time bottles will be on 90 degree position. Pressing “home” position button allows to offload the bottles for further wine production stages. Machine Operation Description Power on the machine Ensure the machine in Auto mod Press home (i.e. 45° ) position pushbutto Load the bottle Press Cycle start push button. Machine detects 0° and Starts Cycle as per PLC program

and tower light off To off load bottles, Press Home Position In case of Emergency Pressed and release dur-

Tower light blinks green while cycle Star

ing Cycle, Cycle will continue from where it was

Alarm buzzer indicates completion of cycle (90° )


Machine Auto mode operation functions as follows: Programmable Micro Processor Controller

Feather key pad Programmable Software base controller.

Controller software

Up to 300 commands entry.

Automatic powered bottle tilt rang

Between 0 and 90 degree from horizontal plane with an angular increment from 1 to 90 degrees.

Programmable automatic powered bottle rotatio

Clock wise/ counter clock wise in range between 1 to 360 degrees.

Adjustable vibration frequency

As per requirement of process, Operator can adjust required vibration through A C Frequency Drive pot from 0 RPM to 2800 RPM

Adjustable Vibrations

As per requirement of Process, Operator can adjust required vibration through A C Frequency Drive pot from 0.001” to 0.012”

Adjustable Vibration time frame

In range from 1 minute to 99 minute/each step

Rotation Adjustable speed

As per requirement of process, Operator can adjust required vibration through A C Frequency Drive pot from in range from 1 to 8 RPM AArest FP 6-12.indd 3

12/11/12 10.06



pictures are mere illustrations of the subject.

Simple, compact to operat

Riddling Machine has 5 preloaded programs and 1

Easy Bottle Load/ Off load positio

user defined program
Preloaded programs run the ma-

Process visibility, Inspection during cycle

chine for

Software based Cycle program

3.5 days

Machine test- manual testing facility

4.5 days

Optional Acrylic Cabinet/ cover

5.5 days

Since the development is a continual process, so we

7 days

reserve the right to change any specification and the

8,25 days.

Push Buttons Micro Processor controller have push but- On Penal surface –push button for ton for 1. Cycle start

1. Emergency stop ( machine front and back side)

2. Cycle sto

2. Cycle start

3. Manual/Auto mod

3. Cycle stop

4. Home Position ( Bottle Load/Off Load)

4 Auto/manual mode

5. (for Manual test mode) Rotation motor test (forward/reverse) 5 Vibration motor on-off actuator 6. Tilting motor test (up/down)

6 Rotation motor- actuator-two position (forward/reverse)

7. Vibration motor test (on/off)

7 Tilting motor – actuator- two position (up/down)

8. Page up (screen page up)

8 Home positio

9. Page down (screen page down)

9 Vibration Adjustable pot

10. Set step up (for cycle setting 11. Set step down (for cycle setting) 12. Enter ( final value save) 13. 2 keys for up and 2 keys for dow Focus on Rotary Bottle Washing Machine Rotary bottle washing machine Salient features Geneva Mechanism. Four inner(included one air wash) & one outer. Sequence of washes to customers choice. AArest FP 6-12.indd 5

12/11/12 10.06



Zeus Advertising


Our Riddling machine is the only solution to completely remove the sediments. Even if it’s stuck to the glass and you don’t know what to do - we’ll do Notre machine à tamiser est la seule solution pour supprimer complètement les sédiments. Même si elle est collé à la vitre et vous ne savez pas quoi faire – Nous ferons Aarest, Inc. P.O. Box 245275 Brooklyn, NY 11224, USA Phone:1- 347-713-7021 - Cell:1- 212- 470- 0422 - Fax: 1- 347- 853- 8961 Email:


12/11/12 10.00


Stationary nozzles eliminate contamination of

quence, that eliminates carborr plate and other accessories reduce leakage and maintenance to

water cycles. Individual solenoid valve for each washing se-

minimum. Higher capacity centrifu-

Technical Specification Model




2600 to 6000 Nos.

4300 to 9000 Nos.

No. of Container Holder



Direction of Machine*

Clock Wise

75 Ltrs. S.S. 304(2 Nos.)

Wash Cycle

4 Inner + 1 Outer

Working Height

860 to 910 mm.

Automatic volumetric liquid bottle

bottles(500 &1000 ml.). Pumps and tanks are mounted on portable stand

Electrical*** Main motor 0.5 HP/ 415 Volts/ 50 Hz. Spacificaton Pump Two Nos. 1 HP x 2=2 HP 415 Volts/ 50Hz. Electric Heater 3 Kw. Tank capacity

gal pumps to wash bigger

for easy maintenance. Bottle guide system especially for light weight bottle. Separate panel control to avoid any short circuit due to spraying of water

Salient features

filling machine

Âą 1% Filling accuracy on single dose No bottle no filling system Rigid Vibration free construction for trouble free performance. S.S Elegantly matt finished body. Minimum change overtime, from one size to another container or fill size. Self lubricating UHMW-PE guide profile for ss slat chain provides low friction were surface, smooth and noiseless

Technical Specification Model




2400 to 6000* 3600 to 9000* 3600 to 9000*

Direction of Movement

Left to right

No. of Head/Syringe

4 nos.

Full Size**

5 ml to 100 ml

6 nos.

Electrical*** Main Machine 1 HP/ 415 Volts/ 50Hz. Spacificaton Conveyor


8 nos.

conveying. Pneumatic bottle stopping arrangement. Synchronized two nos. A.C drive for main motor & conveyor belt. Safety guard for conveyor

1.5 HP/415 Volts/50 Hz.

gear box, motor and pneumatic cylinders.

Tank capacity

75 Ltrs. S.S. 304(2 Nos.)

Wash Cycle

4 Inner + 1 Outer

current, Voltage fluctuation, Short

Height of Conveyor

860 mm to 910 mm adjustable.

circuit in

Inbuilt protection against over AArest FP 6-12.indd 7

12/11/12 10.06




Pagina 1


AVERY DENNISON USES THE SCIENCE OF THIN TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND INCREASE SUSTAINABILITY New S7000 adhesive enables film portfolio to outperform on the press and the shelf


very Dennison Corporation has introduced a

been designed with S7000 to offer excellent perfor-

Prime Film Portfolio of BOPP and Machine Direc-

mance in both converting and dispensing even as

tion Oriented (MDO) films, anchored with the

materials become thinner. The S7000 adhesive de-

new, proprietary S7000 adhesive that delivers excel-

livers 50 percent less ooze and best-in-class wet-out

lent clarity, conformability for container squeeze, and

performance across the entire portfolio.

dispensing stiffness for high-speed converting and

“Thin is not simple,” said Tina Hannan, film product


line director, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging

The portfolio consists of clear, white and metalized

Materials-North America.

facestocks on PET liners. In particular, the new semi-

“Thinner constructions typically have trade-offs in

conformable Global MDO constructions enhance

ooze, dispensing and wet-out. However, with our

product shelf appeal and perform without wrinkles or

focus on the Science of Thin, we have created a

peeling on many squeezable containers while pro-

portfolio that reduces the environmental impact while

ducing 40 percent less solid waste and requiring 37

improving performance.”

percent less energy.

The Prime Film Portfolio provides significant improve-

For more rigid containers, new BOPP products have

ments in sustainable impact compared to similar films. When compared to the annual production of PE 85 using Avery Dennison™ GreenPrint, a life cycle assessment tool, Global MDO produces the following environmental benefits: 6,943 barrels of oil would be saved 1,225 trees would be saved 378,792 gallons or 3 households worth of annual

Avery Dennison Prime Film Portfolio, including Global MDO, delivers increased productivity, clarity and sustainability benefits. (Photo: Avery Dennison, PR118)

water use would be saved 14,837,041 kWh or 1,275 households worth of annual electricity use would be saved 3,444 tons of CO2 or emissions from 675 cars would be eliminated 1,559 tons of solid waste or 690 households worth of annual waste would be saved These improvements were driven by 31% less material weight and the use of a thinner PET liner. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 22% as well. avery dennison FP 6-12.indd 1

31/10/12 16.15


Closing Report CBB, powered by drinktec



he cooperation with drinktec, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry, has given another strong boost to CBB, China

Brew & China Beverage, China´s largest trade show for the beverage and liquid food industry, especially in terms of international participation. From a total of approximately 700 exhibitors, 269 (2010: 225) came from outside China. These international exhibitors, spanning 21 different countries of origin, took up around one third more space this year than at the last CBB in 2010. Overall the number of exhibitors rose from 583 to around 700, and the exhibition space they occupied also grew significantly from 50,000 to 70,000 m². All of which means that CBB is well on the way to establish-

event, a fact clearly reflected in the visitor survey initi-

ing itself as the leading trade platform for the beverage

ated by MMI Shanghai. Of the 424 visitors surveyed,

and liquid food industry in Southeast Asia.

almost all of them, close on 100%, said they would

On September 22, 2012 CBB came to a close after

recommend CBB to business partners. 97% said that

four days. According to the organizer, Beijing Zhong-

the next edition of CBB, in two years’ time, is now a

qing Heli Machinery Equipment Co., the event attracted

firm date in their diaries; 95% rated the 2012 event as

a total of 51,428 participants from 74 countries and

“good to excellent”.

regions. This 10th edition of the show was held for the

As such CBB is right on track to becoming the Number

first time in the new exhibition center near Beijing Air-

1 trade show for the beverage and liquid food industry

port. This is the first year that the drinktec team, together

for the East Asian market. Wang Xin General Manager,

with MMI Shanghai, Messe München´s subsidiary in

Beijing Zhongqing Heli Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd,

China, has acted as a co-organizer, with responsibil-

praised the intercultural interplay between the participat-

ity for the international exhibitors. These exhibitors took

ing organizers from China and Germany: “CBB 2012

up 15,450 m² of space in halls E1 and E2. Among

is a great success. We had plenty of positive feedback

the 269 exhibitors from outside China were many well-

from the trade visitors and also from the Chinese and in-

known names from drinktec, among them Krones, KHS,

ternational exhibitors. This success is the outcome of the

Heuft, Kieselmann, GEA, Sidel, Sacmi Pall, Pentair,

cooperation between the China National United Equip-

Sipa and Ziemann / Holvrieka.

ment Group Corp. and the Beijing Zhongqing Heli Inter-

CBB´s reputation grew once again with the 2012

national Exhibition Co. Ltd on the one hand and Messe China Beverage FP 6-12.indd 1

31/10/12 15.53


München and its subsidiary MMI Shanghai on the other.

compromise and respect one another. CBB 2012 is a

I would like to convey my thanks for the support from the

model of successful cultural collaboration.”

industry and from our friends and colleagues and for the

Volker Kronseder, Chairman of the Board of Krones

hard work that the entire CBB team has put in.”

AG and President of the drinktec Advisory Board, and

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Messe

as such a representative of the exhibiting industry, also

München International, sees CBB 2012 as the start of

praised the collaboration between drinktec and CBB: “This sets the standard for our sector, especially in such an important market as China. It is important for the international exhibitors that the cooperation with drinktec assures a certain level of quality, including as regards service and infrastructure. In this respect there have already been noticeable improvements at CBB 2012.” In the view of Richard Clemens, Managing Director of the Food and Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (Fachverband Nahrungsmittelmaschinen und Verpackungsmaschinen) affiliated to the VDMA (Ger-

a long-term strategic cooperation. “This CBB has laid

many’s Engineering Federation), CBB has continued

the foundation stone for a Munich-Beijing axis. Every

its record of success by moving to the new exhibition

four years, drinktec in Munich brings together the en-

center, the NCIEC, and has set new standards. “By co-

tire beverage and liquid food industry from the whole

operating with Messe München, CBB now has a strong

world, while CBB serves the most important market in

partner on its side for further internationalization and

Asia over a two-year cycle. This grouping strengthens

professionalization. It has established itself as the most

the two trade fair organizations but above all it offers

important platform for China and is right on track to

benefits to our customers, the exhibitors and the visitors.

become the Number 1 sector hub for Southeast Asia.

Our common aim is to continue to reinforce and extend

In August 2011 Messe München GmbH (MMG), as

this axis. The contract with our Chinese partners runs

the organizer of drinktec, and its Chinese subsidiary

until 2024. This gives us plenty of time yet and a lot of

MMI Shanghai, signed a treaty of cooperation with the

scope for further growth.”

Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Corpo-

Despite all the cultural differences and reservations, the

ration (BZHC), as the organizer, and China National

organizers from Germany and China have never lost

United Equipment Group Corporation (CNUE), as the

sight of their aim, according to Petra Westphal, Exhibi-

license-holder of CBB. Since then, drinktec has been a

tion Group Director at Messe München with responsibil-

co-organizer of CBB. The drinktec team is the contact

ity for drinktec. She says: “In just twelve months two cul-

and contractual partner for all the international, i.e. non-

tures and two trade fair organizers have grown together

Chinese exhibitors at CBB. The area of responsibility

and have achieved something tremendous. This can

comprises the acquisition of these exhibitors and giving

only happen if all concerned pull together, are ready to

them advice and support before and during CBB. China Beverage FP 6-12.indd 3

13/11/12 10.52




oding and marking specialist Linx Printing Tech-

connected over a network via RS232 or Ethernet.

nologies has added remote control functionality

Custom applications can also be created to meet

as standard to the award-winning Linx CJ400

specific needs, and generic printer control packages

continuous ink jet printer, making it even more simple

such as CLARiSOFT® and CLARiNET® can be used.

and cost-effective to use.

Messages created on a PC using CLARiSOFT® can

The new software enables users to control and moni-

then be uploaded either via the network connection

tor one, or several, printers from a single computer,

or the printer’s built-in USB port.

and this means that users can look forward to further

And linking a PLC direct to the printer can automati-

reductions in costly errors and downtime.

cally synchronise printing with changes made else-

It can even accept instructions from other machines in

where on the production line.

the line – for example, a bagging machine can tell

The upgraded software can reduce the risk of costly

the Linx CJ400 to stop coding if there is a problem in

coding errors, by allowing users to develop applica-

the bagging area.

tions to control code content from one central loca-

The Linx CJ400’s built-in remote communications pro-

tion. Downtime is reduced, as printer warning and

tocol allows PCs and other equipment on the produc-

alarm messages can be seen across a network of

tion line, such as PLCs, to “talk” to the printer when

printers simultaneously. Linx FP 6-12.indd 1

09/11/12 13.50


Applications can also be created to give fast and

category at the PPMA (Processing & Packaging Ma-

mistake-free adjustment of printer settings during prod-

chinery Association) Group Industry Awards 2012.

uct changeovers. Printers which may be located in

Offering unique portability, fast set-up and ease of

hard-to-access areas on the production line become

use, it features an Easi-Change® Service Module,

easier to monitor and control.

which can be changed in minutes, meaning sched-

Remote control capability is now standard in all new

uled maintenance can be carried out without the

Linx CJ400 printers. Machines which are already

need for a trained technician or costly service calls

installed can be updated with the software. And be-

– a major advantage for smaller customers or those

cause the remote communications protocol is similar

in remote regions. Other innovations deliver a sig-

to that used in other Linx CIJ printers, the Linx CJ400

nificant reduction on cleaning costs, ink and solvent

can be networked and controlled using existing Linx


remote control applications.

The Linx CJ400’s unique compact design means it

Charles Randon, Linx Product Manager, says: “The

weighs only 13.5kg complete with fluids, making it

Linx CJ400 is already setting the standard for quick

the lightest CIJ printer on the market and well within

and simple code set up on the production line and

health and safety limits for one person to pick up. Its

the remote control protocol means it can now do

easy to use, colour touch screen means users don’t

even more for customers in more applications.”

need complicated manuals or training.

The Linx CJ400 was launched in 2011, following a major global consultation to research the needs

About Linx Printing Technologies Ltd

of end users. The machine was the winner of the

Linx Printing Technologies is a leading global supplier

‘Most Innovative Processing or Packaging Machine’

of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers, case coders, laser coders, thermal transfer printers and thermal inkjet printers. Its printers and coders are used across many different industries where product identification codes, batch numbers, dates and barcodes are required. All Linx products are designed with low cost of ownership in mind and are distinguished by reliability, robustness and ease of use. Linx products code and mark millions of items every day, ranging from bottles, packages and cans of consumer goods to pharmaceutical products, cabling, electrical components and car parts. Linx FP 6-12.indd 3

09/11/12 13.50




ith this new range we aim to get a foothold

premium organoleptic resin is used in the manufac-

on the drinks market where we were less ac-

turing process.

tive until recently.

“The cap is an important component of the packag-

We can rely on our years of expertise in the food

ing and product experience.

industry and the chemical, pharmaceutical and cos-

When a drink needs a cap it is not just an after-

metics sectors and we want to extend this expertise

thought. The PROGRIP is ideally suited to drinks

to the bottled water market”, explains Lionel Bon-

consumed in a family environment while the

valot, PROCAP Product Manager.

PROSPRING is perfect for children and sports enthusiasts or nomad use.

Both the PROGRIP and the PROSPRING are avail-

At product we strive towards total solutions for our

able in six basic colours and comply with today’s

clients”, says Lionel Bonvalot, PROCAP Product

consumers’ strict requirements in terms of ease of



PROCAP is a dynamic and flexible family group that

Thanks to the innovative design of the ‘thumb tab’

specialises in the development, production and sale

(a protective cap that is easy to open with the

of plastic caps and closures.

thumb) and the advanced hinge function, the PROSPRING is easy to open with one

Offering a total service and customer satisfaction is one of their core


values. PROCAP manufactures a

The overcap opens to an angle great-

wide range of caps and closures

er than 180° and clicks firmly into

for the food, drinks, chemical,

its opened/closed position for opti-

pharmaceutical, cosmetic and

mal comfort. The PROGRIP is

DIY sectors. The company, with

extremely easy to open thanks


to its low removal torque



has offices in Belgium,

and specially designed


grooves that provide im-


proved grip.

and Ireland.





Hungary, Spain turnover

manufactured in ac-

amounts to 100 million

cordance with ISO

Euros and employs 400

14001 and BRC/




and PROCAP FP 6-12.indd 1

29/10/12 09.45

World’s Leading Trade Fair for Beverage and Liquid Food Technology

drinktec is the pacemaker for the beverages and liquid food industry. The whole industry comes together at drinktec—companies large and small, regional and global. This is the place to find solutions. Be inspired by innovations, world premieres and new thinking. drinktec—Go with the flow.


16 –20 September 2013 New Munich Trade Fair Centre | Tel. +49 89 949-11318 | Fax +49 89 949-11319

110512 dt13_FoodProcess_210x297_E.indd 1

10.10.11 10:38









Tous les producteurs de produits sensibles le savent : les

As any sensitive drink producer knows, products and

produits et les emballages doivent former un couple rési-

packages require a strong, stable marriage. They

stant et stable. Ils doivent parfaitement s’entendre et ont be-

must get along perfectly, and they need a positive

soin de bases solides pour passer une vie heureuse, longue

foundation in order to achieve a long, safe and hap-

et sans danger. C’est ce qui rend le travail de l’équipe de

py life together. That’s what makes Yann Pernel’s team

Yann Pernel essentiel. Yann Pernel est directeur du labora-

so important.

toire Product Package Interaction (PPI). La mission du labo-

Pernel is the head of Sidel’s highly valued Product

ratoire est d’assurer l’intégrité parfaite entre les produits et

Package Interaction (PPI) division, a specialized team

leurs emballages en PET. «Certains clients utilisent déjà le

that ensures total integrity of products and their PET

PET et veulent simplement pénétrer de nouveaux marchés,

packages. “Some customers are already using PET

notamment celui des produits sensibles», explique Yann

and simply want to enter new markets, particularly

Pernel. «D’autres ambitionnent de passer complètement au

with sensitive products,” Yann Pernel explains. “Oth-

PET pour leurs produits existants.» Pour accompagner cette

ers are looking to make a full transition to PET with

transition, l’équipe PPI mène des analyses de compatibilité

their existing products.”

approfondies et travaille avec les clients pour identifier les

To support these transitions, the PPI team conducts

matériaux d’emballage, formats, formes et bouchons les

extensive compatibility analyses and works with the

mieux adaptés à leurs produits.

customer to find the most suitable packaging materials, sizes, shapes and caps for their products.

Une entreprise faite pour cette mission Grâce à sa grande expertise dans l’emballage et les

The right company for the job

technologies aseptiques, Sidel a toujours su proposer des

Boasting vast expertise in packaging and aseptic

solutions adaptées aux contraintes exigées par la compa-

technologies, Sidel was always well positioned to

tibilité produit-emballage. Que ce soit pour le design de

offer such a critical matchmaking solution. From bot-

bouteille, le choix des matériaux ou les essais industriels SIDEL FP 5-12.indd 1

31/10/12 10.38


tle design to material selection to industrial-feasibility

de faisabilité, l’entreprise a acquis au fil des années un

testing, the company has long possessed broad-

large savoir-faire dans le développement des emballa-

based expertise in packaging development. PPI was

ges. C’est donc tout naturellement que la division PPI a

a natural evolution to these core activities.

vu le jour parmi les activités de l’entreprise. «Sidel offre

“As a company, Sidel offers a unique and complete

une solution unique et complète sur le marché», poursuit

solution to the market,” Pernel continues. “Customers

Yann Pernel. «Nos clients ont le choix : collaborer à la

can work with Sidel for a total packaging develop-

définition d’une solution de développement d’emballage

ment solution from A to Z, or they can leverage our

complète ou utiliser nos services PPI à la carte. Notre

PPI services à la carte. It’s a very flexible offering.”

offre est très flexible.»

Serious analysis leads to a happier future

Des analyses approfondies pour un avenir

Matchmaking isn’t as simple as it may seem. The PPI


team takes on a very complex mission, and one that

Assurer la compatibilité du couple produit-emballage n’est

requires huge expertise. They’re committed to making

pas aussi simple qu’il n’y paraît. La mission de l’équipe PPI

sure that packaging is always defined according to

est très complexe et requiert une très grande expertise. Elle

the customers’ product specifications and life cycle,

consiste à faire en sorte que l’emballage reste conforme

and that the products’ characteristics are never al-

aux spécifications de produit et au cycle de vie définis par

tered in the slightest way.

le client, et à empêcher la moindre altéra-

To achieve their objective, they

tion des caractéristiques du produit. Pour

ensure that the products are

atteindre cet objectif, l’équipe veille à ce

packaged aseptically and then

que les produits soient emballés dans des

tested over time both objective-

conditions aseptiques, puis testés sur la

ly and subjectively: objectively

durée, à la fois de manière objective, par

through physical and chemical

le biais de tests physiques et chimiques, et

testing, and subjectively by sen-

de manière subjective, par des analyses

sory analysis (i.e. taste testing).

sensorielles (ex. : test de goût). Cette ap-

Thanks to this thorough ap-

proche minutieuse permet d’observer le

proach, they can observe how

comportement du produit dans son embal-

the product behaves in the

lage. Elle constitue une simulation des con-

package by simulating real-

ditions réelles de son cycle de vie, depuis

life conditions across its life

l’usine jusque dans le foyer des consom-

cycle, from the factory floor all

mateurs. Les variations de température et

the way to consumers’ homes. They also take into

de lumière sont également prises en compte, et des indi-

account temperature and light variations, and they

cateurs tels que les vitamines, les arômes et la couleur du

measure indicators such as vitamins, aromas and

produit sont mesurés. L’équipe PPI va jusqu’à analyser les

product color. They even analyze organoleptic char-

caractéristiques organoleptiques afin de déterminer les mo-

acteristics, which show how the aroma and taste

difications de l’arôme et du goût au fil du temps. Une fois

change over time.

ces tests rigoureux achevés, l’équipe PPI est alors à même SIDEL FP 5-12.indd 3

31/10/12 10.38


Following these rigorous testing phases, the PPI team

de recommander au client les solutions qui assureront la

is then able to recommend the perfect solutions to

parfaite intégrité de son produit. En outre, une confidentia-

secure the integrity of their customers’ products. To-

lité totale est assurée tout au long du processus, de la pha-

tal confidentiality is guaranteed throughout the entire

se de planification et de préparation à la gestion du projet.

process, from planning and set-up to project management.

Combi Predis FMa haute cadence : Sidel aide ses clients à atteindre l’excellence pour les

High Speed Combi Predis FMa: Sidel helps

produits sensibles en PET

its Customers raise their Sensitive Produc-

En 2012, Sidel renforce son expertise en matière de

tion in PET to the New Standards

technologies de remplissage de produits sensibles grâce

In 2012, Sidel goes further in terms of filling tech-

à la dernière génération haute cadence du Combi Predis

nologies for sensitive products, introducing its new

FMa, dédiée à la consommation nomade. Cette nouvel-

high-speed version of Combi Predis FMa, dedicated

le version, qui est aussi la plus rapide, permet à Sidel

to single-serve bottles. With the latest and fastest gen-

de répondre aux besoins de l’industrie des boissons sen-

eration of Combi Predis FMa, Sidel meets the needs

sibles : diminuer les coûts d’exploitation et favoriser le

of the sensitive beverages industry for reduced opera-

développement durable.

tional costs and higher sustainability.

Sidel a perfectionné la technologie aseptique du Com-

Sidel has refined its aseptic Combi Predis FMa technol-

bi Predis FMa pour répondre à la demande croissante

ogy to answer the growing demand of aseptic filling

de remplissage aseptique pour les thés, jus, nectars et

of teas, juices, nectars and isotonics. The new high-

boissons isotoniques. La nouvelle version haute cadence

speed version is capable of handling up to 48,000

peut produire jusqu’à 48 000 bouteilles par heure pour

bottles per hour for small containers of up to 700 milli-

les petits contenants d’une capacité maximale de 700

liters, used mainly for on-the-go consumption. The new

ml, utilisés principalement pour la consommation noma-

High Speed Combi Predis FMa is the ideal solution

de. Le Combi Predis FMa haute cadence est la solution

for markets that require high output and for countries

parfaite pour les marchés qui requièrent des niveaux de

where water resources are scarce.

production élevés et pour les pays où les ressources en eau sont rares. Predis™ est conçu pour l’embouteillage aseptique de tout type de boissons, avec un PH acide ou neutre : jus de fruits, thés, boissons isotoniques, boissons carbonatées sans conservateurs, produits laitiers liquides, lait UHT et lait de soja. La technologie du Combi Predis FMa remplace le rinçage des bouteilles par la décontamination sèche des préformes à SIDEL FP 5-12.indd 5

31/10/12 10.38


Predis™ is suitable for aseptic bottling of any kind

l’aide de peroxyde d’hydrogène. La solution sèche Pre-

of beverages whether low or high acid: fruit juices,

dis™ ne nécessite pas d’eau et ne crée aucun effluent,

teas, isotonic beverages, carbonated soft drinks with-

ce qui permet d’économiser quotidiennement 250 m3

out preservatives, liquid dairy products and UHT milk,

d’eau et 200 litres de produits chimiques sur une ligne

soya milk. The Combi Predis FMa technology replaces

d’embouteillage aseptique classique. La décontamina-

bottle rinsing by dry preforms decontamination using

tion sèche des préformes permet également de réduire

hydrogen peroxide. Predis™ dry solution does not re-

les coûts d’exploitation de 30 % par an par rapport

quire any water and creates no effluent, saving 250

au système classique de décontamination sèche des bo-

cubic meters of water and 200 liters of chemicals

uteilles. Disponible dans plusieurs configurations, cette

used daily on a traditional aseptic bottling line. Dry

solution permet la stérilisation de tous les types de préfor-

preforms decontamination also cuts annual operating

mes (Predis™) et de bouchons (Capdis™). Les bouteilles

costs by 30 percent compared to traditional dry bottle

étant soufflées à partir de préformes décontaminées, el-

decontamination. It enables sterilization of all types of

les ne subissent aucune contrainte thermique lorsqu’elles

preforms (Predis™) and caps (Capdis™) and is availa-

sont vides, ce qui laisse une liberté totale en matière de

ble in different configurations. Since bottles are blown

design et de forme.

from decontaminated preforms, the empty bottle does not endure any thermal stress and can be given any

Economique, écologique et flexible

shape and design.

Le Combi Predis™ associe le soufflage, le remplissage et le bouchage de bouteilles en un seul système. Cet-

Economical, ecological and flexible

te technologie offre un niveau élevé d’hygiène, car la

The Combi Predis™ technology combines bottle blow

décontamination sèche garantit une stérilisation à 100 %

molding, filling and capping in a single system. The

sans passer par le rinçage habituellement requis dans les

technology ensures high standards of hygiene as dry

méthodes de remplissage classiques.

decontamination guarantees

Outre son retour sur investissement rapide, le Combi

100 percent sterilization without hygienic rinsing, as

Predis™ garantit l’intégrité du produit. Ses atouts éco-

required by traditional filling methods. This procedure

logiques sont également incontestables grâce aux éco-

offers increased cost effectiveness along with high

nomies d’eau et à la quantité minimale de produits chi-

product quality and environmental benefits due to

miques utilisés. Autres avantages de cette technologie :

water savings and minimized amounts of chemicals

économies d’énergie, encombrement réduit, possibilité

used. Further advantages include energy savings, a

de produire des bouteilles plus légères, changements

smaller footprint and the potential for lighter bottles.

de format et de produits rapides et faciles mais aussi

Quick and easy format and liquid changeovers are

une durée de production en continu pouvant atteindre

possible, as well as 120 hours of non-stop produc-

120 heures. La technologie Predis™ pour le remplissage

tion. The Predis™ technology for aseptic filling has

aseptique a fait son entrée au niveau mondial en 2006.

been adopted worldwide since 2006. Over 60 dry

Plus de soixante systèmes de décontamination sèche de

preforms decontamination systems have been sold to

préformes ont été vendus à ce jour, ce qui représente plus

date, equalling more than five billion bottles produced

de cinq milliards de bouteilles produites avec Predis™ à

with Predis™ globally.

travers le monde. SIDEL FP 5-12.indd 7

31/10/12 10.38




a deuxième édition du concours Sud’INNOV

oppement d’une conditionneuse aseptique spéci-

(concours régional de l’innovation en Langue-

fique, implantée sur le site de Trilles à Maureilhan

doc-Roussillon) organisée par LRIA et Midipack a


primé INNO’VO, la filiale innovation du groupe Val

Outre les avantages non négligeables que présente

d’Orbieu, pour sa gamme de jus de fruits bio en

ce type de conditionnement (léger, incassable, facile

poche bag’innov aseptique.

à transporter et à ranger), il n’est pas sans rappeler

Lancé il y a deux ans, ce concours, récompense les

le faible impact environnemental qu’offre cet embal-

entreprises du secteur agroalimentaire pour leurs in-


novations, afin d’initier en leur sein une véritable cul-

Une innovation pertinente, aux nombreux atouts, qui

ture de l’innovation.

permet au Groupe d’apporter une réponse à de nouveaux modes de consommation.

Sud’INNOV 2012

Une démarche innovante et écologique, qui s’inscrit

Fruit d’un partenariat entre un acteur majeur de la

donc dans une “performance avec du sens”, vérita-

filière vin, Val d’Orbieu et un porteur de projet in-

ble leitmotiv du groupe Val d’Orbieu.

novant, Lionel Robert, INNO’VO illustre bien la vo-

La poche est commercialisée en Rosé Pamplemousse

lonté du Groupe coopératif de placer l’innovation au

format 3 litres sous la marque Cap Soleil chez Leader

coeur de sa stratégie.

Price et Gamm Vert et en jus de fruits bio (orange et

“Cette entité constitue un véritable lieu de vie de

pomme) sous la marque Les fées Bio, chez Gamm

l’innovation au sein du Groupe”, souligne Bertrand

Vert également, et en test dans les magasins Leclerc.

Girard, Directeur Général, “notre ambition est de de-

La gamme bag’Innov INNO’VO crée l’événement en

venir un acteur de l’univers des vins et des boissons,

étant la première société en mesure de proposer tous

capable d’apporter des solutions innovantes aux dif-

types de jus de fruits en poche souple, autoportante

férents circuits de distribution tant dans la variété de

(bag’innov), équipée d’un robinet. La technologie de

l’offre mais aussi dans la diversité des conditionne-

conditionnement retenue (flash pasteurisation) permet

ments proposés”.

le conditionnement de différents types de liquides

Sud’INNOV a reconnu le caractère innovant du con-

(jus, vin, sangria, boissons) sans avoir recours à

ditionnement aseptique du bag’innov, qui a nécessité

l’utilisation de conservateurs. Les poches se déclinent

plus de 18 mois de travail, pour aboutir au dével-

sous 3 formats : 1,5L, 3L et 5L. ORBIEU FP 6-12.indd 1

29/10/12 09.51

He who seeks for a bottling machine,

finds +600.000 visits a year 177 countries visiting 3428 companies +4000 keywords in the first Google pages

The most visited website of the sector in the world Do you want to be found? Magazines and more

pubblicitaria itfoodonline bottling machine.indd 1

08/06/12 10.26




xhibitor demand for participation at the next Pro-

nations and regions active in international wine retail

Wein, held in Düsseldorf from 24 to 26 March

are represented in Düsseldorf.

2013, is higher than ever. Thanks to its tried and

Both up-and-coming newcomers and international

tested structure by region and range – now reworked

suppliers of top class spirits use this leading fair to

for 2013 – the leading fair for wines and spirits of-

present themselves to decision-makers in the retail

fers perfect orientation in the sector.

and catering trade from all over the world. Also new

The current level of registrations for ProWein 2013

in 2013 is a joint participation from Tunisia as well

impressively confirms Messe Düsseldorf’s decision

as the English Wine Producers’ stand from Great Brit-

to extend ProWein by two exhibition halls: interna-


tional wine and spirits suppliers all want to be in

Reworked Hall Structure, Extended Catering Range,

Düsseldorf. Registrations from some 50 nations have

New Edition of the Concentrated Organic Segment

already been received and March 2013 will see

ProWein 2013 will see a reworked hall concept –

over 4,000 exhibitors present their ranges to the in-

though it will still be based on its tried and tested

ternational trade audience in now nine full halls. All

structure by region and range so as to ensure contin- PROWEIN FP 6-12.indd 1

05/11/12 16.39


ued optimum orientation. From Entrance South/Süd visitors first reach the newly added Halls 1 and 2 which present the New World and Portugal. Hall 2 is also home to the central tasting zone featuring some 1,000 wines. On the open area located between Halls 2 and 3 “Campo Culinario” will supplement the culinary range on offer at the exhibition centre. Hall 3 will be home to Italian suppliers while Spanish exhibitors can be found in Hall 4. France is also presented in one part of Hall 4 as well as in Hall 5. Germany follows in Hall 6, as do other European wine nations. Hall 7A is the spirits hall. Austria is very much the focus of Hall 7.0 and international suppliers of organic wine are once again given a concentrated platform in Hall 7.1 after the very positive visitor feedback they reaped at ProWein 2012. This area includes exhibitors from France, Spain, Italy and South Africa and also features a special tasting zone for organic wines. The unique international range on offer at the leading

retail and catering from all continents. The past few

ProWein fair is attracting ever more specialists from

years have seen an increasing number of experts, particularly from Europe and overseas, travelling to this fair on the Rhine. Indeed at the last event over one third of visitors came from outside Germany. Over 40,000 trade visitors are once again expected at ProWein 2013. Visitors and interested parties can find all information related to ProWein at www. and the Online Ticketshop for ProWein 2013 should be open from November 2012. Incidentally: In Spring 2013 Germany will be host to not one but two top events for the international wine business. 24 to 26 March 2013 sees ProWein 2013 being held in Düsseldorf and just a few weeks later from 24 to 27 April INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA, the international technology fair for wine, fruit, fruit juice and spirits, will open its doors in Stuttgart. Details: and PROWEIN FP 6-12.indd 3

05/11/12 16.39




he wine and spirit industry have been using PET

a variety of neck finishes ranging from 18mm to

bottles for miniatures and flasks for over twenty

31mm various weight options.

years, initially the drive came from the airlines

The PET phenomenon has now landed on the Re-

when a significant hike in fuel prices focussed the

tail shelves, where customers now want to have their

minds of the airlines to reduce weight wherever they

favourite brands in space saving, unbreakable and

could. Changing from glass to PET bottles for any

fully recyclable lightweight bottles for picnics and out-

onboard consumption was an obvious thought pro-

door events.

cess, which has been endorsed by the airlines and

Simone Gill, Key Account Manager at Graham

the brand owners of all the international players in

Packaging Plastics said, “The Courtauld agreement

the market.

among other things stated that the carbon impact of

Consumers can be wary of change when their fa-

grocery packaging had to be reduced by 10% by

vourite tipple suddenly turns up in a new pack format,

the end of 2012, and to optimise packaging and

after two decades with the majority of consumers ex-

recognise other environmental issues. Our standard

periencing air travel and being able to touch and

and bespoke range of PET miniatures and flasks em-

feel a PET miniature at first hand, the PET bottle is

braces all the aspects of Courtauld, where we can

now very much an accepted and well liked pack-

incorporate an increased use of recycled materials,

age. Graham Packaging Plastics have been supply-

and our lightweight PET bottles significantly help re-

ing the UK and European wine and spirit brand own-

duce carbon emissions.

ers and contract bottlers with a range of PET bottles

A great example of success in Retail, is the launch

from 50ml to 1.75l in a variety of colours, with or

of the Tails Mini Cocktails, which will showcase in

without a quantity of rPET included in the manufactur-

some of the leading Retailers in the run up to Christ-

ing process.

mas. Full details on the Tails Mini launches will follow

The Graham miniatures and flasks are available with

shortly.� Graham solution FP 6-12.indd 1

07/11/12 11.39

Floor s an d coati ngs for food i n dustry S I NCE 1962 24043 CARAVAGGIO (BG) ITALY via Leonardo da Vinci, 88 Tel.0363 50449/049 Fax 0363 350714


in short

in short



n Wednesday 31st of October, an online auction was organized by Industrial Auctions BV. On this online auction fish and meat processing ma-

chines are offered for auction.

Vacuum Machines ‘Henkovac’, ‘Webomatic’ and ‘Multivac’ Batch weighers ‘Marel’ and ‘Cabinplant’ Bandsaws ‘Kolbe’ Meat Pump ‘Wolfking’

Closure of the auction took place on Wednesday,

Brine Mixer ‘Belam’ and ‘Gernal ‘

31 October from 15.00. Bidding was only possible

Traysealers ‘Ilpra’, ‘Ross Industries’ and ‘Tecnovac’

through the internet. Two viewings were organized at

Dicer ‘Holac’ and ‘Food Logistik’

location in Urk, Netherlands.

Cutter ‘Stephan’

The viewings were on Monday 29 October between

Skinning and derinding machines ‘Cretel’ and

10.00h and 18.00h and Tuesday 30 October be-


tween 09:00h and 13:00h. On those days you could

Cutter ‘Scharfen’ and ‘Krone’

check the goods to be auctioned. The address for the

Metal detector ‘Loma IQ’

viewing days was:

Weighing and labelling machines ‘Label-Aire ‘,’

Hoornse Hop 6

Markem’ and ‘Digi’

8321 WX Urk

Vacuum pumps ‘Rietschle’

On this online auction the following machines were

Salmon slicer ‘Geba’



Vacuum Packaging Line ‘Henkovac’

Roller conveyors industrial auctions FP 6-12.indd 1

13/11/12 10.57

Introducing the perfectly portable cow

Barrier for UHT Milk Pouch EVAL™ EVOH adds protective gas barrier properties to UHT milk pouches. 1 mm of EVAL™ has the same barrier as a 10 m wall of LDPE! With such high performance, milk stays fresher longer (without cold chain), reducing waste and saving energy. Light weight and safe in use, packaging materials and costs are reduced without compromising on function. Last but certainly not least, EVAL™ resins are recoverable and recyclable. We may not have created a portable cow, but with EVAL™, the barrier UHT pouch may be the next best thing. Learn how EVAL™ helps optimize packaging at

115599 EVAL ADV MILK POUCH 210X297.indd 1

13/03/12 15:02


in short

in short

REKINDLING AN OLD FLAME: ONE OF FRANCE’S LEADING PRODUCERS OF PACKAGED VEGETABLES HAS RE-EMBRACED THE CAN Rekindling an old flame: one of France’s leading producers of packaged vegetables has re-embraced the can


n the competitive world of food goods for catering

brand, renowned for its packaged vegetables farmed

services, no brand can afford to stand still. To en-

in Brittany, is part of the Cecab group, which got its

sure caterers can keep up with evolving consumer

start as a small Breton agricultural cooperative, and

tastes, while meeting the needs of catering kitchens

has since grown into one of the leading French food

for practical and easy to use food products, manufac-

processing groups.

turers need to regularly change and tweak their offer-

Following trials of some of its catering products in

ing to maintain its appeal. For many manufacturers,

pouches, d’Aucy took the decision to keep packag-

an ideal place to start the process is with packaging.

ing their vegetables in metal cans. The company felt

By making changes to pack styles or even the mate-

that the trials demonstrated that cans were the ideal

rial being used for packaging, brand owners can

packaging solution for storage and hygiene, and

ensure that products are convenient, easy to use and

best met the expectations of the brand’s customers in

perfectly adapted to the environment in which they

the catering sector.

will be used. We recently spoke with Clémence Loy, Market Man-

Q: D’Aucy is one of France’s leading

ager Foodservices, at d’Aucy. This familiar French

brands for packaged vegetables for the catering sector. What role does packaging play in your brand strategy? A: In today’s competitive food market, to maintain your edge, you need to be sure that everything is spot-on with your product. It’s not enough to know that you have the best vegetables available. The product has to have a good reputation, be available in the right places, priced correctly, and packaged in the right style to ensure that it meets your customers’ needs. At d’Aucy, we’re always keeping an eye on new opportunities for packaging, as changes can have a strong impact on the brand. With cans still the dominant packaging format in our sector, we felt a move into plastic pouches might support our brand and appeal to our customers. How- APVD FP 6-12.indd 1

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in short

in short

ever, after trialing the pouches alongside cans, we

quality they expect, just in a different format. We

came to the conclusion that metal is still the optimal

have been working with CROWN Food Europe for

packaging for our products.

many years, and knew that they would be able to guarantee this.

Q: What are the benefits of metal packaging for your customers?

In addition, with the help of Crown, we developed a

A: The shape and rigidity of the can is ideal for our

brochure for our customers. It explained the rationale

customers’ needs, making them highly practical for

behind the return to metal packaging and demon-

transport and storage.

strated to our customers that we were designing our

From contact with our customers, we know that they

products and our packaging around their needs.

feel that cans are better adapted to the needs of the kitchen, as they can stand upright easily, and are

Q: What has been the feedback from your

easy to pour from.

customers so far?

Safety and security are also key concerns that are

A: Positive! By proactively engaging with our cus-

addressed by the robust nature of metal packaging.

tomers, and explaining the changes to our packag-

This reassurance is enhanced, in our case, by the

ing, we feel they have a good understanding of why

addition of traceability labels on our cans. Supple or

we’ve moved back to metal and how this benefits

soft packaging materials can make these labels more

them. This has also been a great opportunity for us,

difficult to scan.

as a brand, to show that we are listening to our customers and are eager to ensure that we are meeting

In this day and age, our customers are also very

their needs.

aware of sustainability. Metal is 100% recyclable and a permanently available material; it can be recycled infinitely, with no reduction in quality. With our move back to metal cans, we can now put more of our products into each can, reducing the waste that our customers have to manage, and enabling them to play their part in protecting the environment. Q: Was it a difficult process to change the packaging of your brand? How did you communicate the change to your customers? A: When changing between packaging formats, you have to be sure that you get it right. The changeover has to be seamless so customers get the product APVD FP 6-12.indd 3

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in short

in short



lready making use of machines Gasti

from and

into the combined lidding and


packing machine. Snap-on


lids are applied and the

Hamba, the English food pro-

completed cups then placed

ducer Premier Foods is now

into preformed plastic trays,

making use of another piece

known as “flimsies”. If a tray

of equipment that handles

is not loaded completely, it is

everything up to final packa-

automatically rejected and tran-

ging, this time from OYSTAR A+F.

sferred to a removal station. In

Kirchlengern, Germany, July 9,

addition, the packaging system also

2012. Almost every family in Great Britain is familiar with custard produced by the Premier Foods brand “Ambrosia”. Founded in 1917, the

allows for the handling of other types of cups, for example cups without a snap-on lid into a variety of tray formats.

company is one of the best known food producers in the UK and is famous for its desserts. Since its launch,

Quality Assured

“Ambrosia Puds” have been filled into cups and sealed

The flimsy trays can then be packed in either shrink wrap

by OYSTAR Group packaging machines at the company

or flow wraps films. To ensure that the product can be

site in Lifton (Devon), England. As of now, Ambrosia Des-

subsequently tracked, the products are automatically la-

serts products will also be packed into trays and palle-

belled and inspected for legibility. Before the trays are

tized by OYSTAR machines, prior to distribution to the

fed into the layer plate type palettizer, a final examination


using an X-ray inspection device ensures the highest pos-

The new, final packaging machinery from OYSTAR A+F

sible product quality.

takes the custard filled cups from an upstream OYSTAR

In addition to the OYSTAR A+F and OYSTAR Hamba

Hamba filling and sealing machine and places them

machines, Premier Foods also plans to make further use of an existing aseptic filling machine from OYSTAR Gasti, which is currently used for the production of the Ambrosia Puds. Based on the positive experience Premier Foods has enjoyed with all three OYSTAR suppliers, a new contract was awarded to OYSTAR A+F in April 2012, namely to develop and supply, as a turn-key solution, a complete final packaging line for new products to market in early 2013. OYSTAR FP 4-12.indd 1

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Santoemma Professional Cleaning Machines Since 1980

FOOD Processing areas cleaning program  A complete range of machines for cleaning and sanitizing in food processing areas  99,9% of bacteria are eliminated thanks to the extended action of cleaningfoam  Rinsing with moderate pressure avoids bacteria re-deposition on the surfaces  Portable machines allowing foaming, rinsing and vacuuming with a single unit

1 Foaming 

3 Rinsing at moderate pressure 

2 Chemical action 

4 Vacuuming 

Santoemma srl - Via Piave 22/C - 20016 PERO (Milan) - Italy


in short

in short



esiccant capsule offers continuous all-round moisture protection / Cooperation expands product portfolio and customer base

Chicago, USA / Bensheim, Germany, 31 August 2012 – Sanner GmbH, a manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging components for pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare products, has signed an exclusive agreement with Berlin Packaging, a leading full-service supplier of plastic, glass and metal containers and closures, for the distribution of Sanner’s “360° Capsule” desiccant capsules to customers in the United States. Strategic and beneficial alliance Berlin Packaging will distribute Sanner’s “360° Capsule” in North America. The cooperation will support Berlin in enhancing its portfolio, especially in the desiccant segment. Sanner USA, the U.S. sub-

innovation in this segment. Unlike other desiccant

sidiary of Sanner GmbH, will keep its office in Marl-

capsules or canisters on the market, the “360° Cap-

ton, New Jersey, to serve its key customers directly,

sule” absorbs moisture through a cardboard disc on

while the agreement with Berlin Packaging will help

the top and a unique grid structure on the side of the

to expand the exposure of Sanner’s services to phar-

capsule. This guarantees moisture absorption wher-

maceutical and nutraceutical companies in the North

ever the capsule is located in the container. Along

American market. “Both companies benefit from this

with excellent drying properties, “360° Capsules”

strategic alliance,” explained Holger Frank, CEO of

ensure maximum user protection thanks to a distinc-

Sanner. “Berlin Packaging can expand its portfolio

tive shape which differentiates the desiccant from the

with our products and expertise in desiccants. For

capsules and thus avoids unintended ingestion of the

Sanner, Berlin Packaging is an ideal partner to com-


mercialize our innovative solutions and to support our

Beyond the distribution of “360° Capsule” in the

growth in the U.S.”

U.S., Berlin and Sanner intend to further expand their

Desiccants protect the package contents by absorb-

alliance to develop new sales opportunities across

ing moisture. Sanner’s “360° Capsule” is the latest

the United States. SANNER FP 5-12.indd 1

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Anuga Foodtec









CUTTING BETTER WITH FAM Listening, customer-oriented thinking, numerous innovative developments and unconditional quality of our cutting machines: 4 unique features that make FAM your best choice for an excellent result.

BESSER SCHNEIDEN MIT FAM Mit Hören und kundenorientiertem Denken, vielen innovierenden Entwicklungen und der unbedingten Qualität der Schneidemaschinen bleibt FAM mehr als je Ihre beste Gewähr für ein hervorragendes Resultat.

TEST BEFORE YOU INVEST At one of our FAM Test Labs - in Belgium, UK, Poland, India, China, Canada, Mexico, US and Australia - all your questions on cutting quality, capacity, operation, maintenance and price will get a clear answer completely free of charge.

ERST AUSPROBIEREN, DANN INVESTIEREN Im FAM-Versuchslabor - in Belgien, England, Poland, India, China, Kanada, Mexiko, den VS und Australien - erhalten Ihre Fragen in Bezug auf Schneidequalität, Kapazität, Bedienung, Wartung und Kosten eine deutliche und völlig kostenlose Antwort.

SERVICE JUST ROUND THE CORNER Our FAM service-engineers are daily at our customers’ disposal. The FAM Total Care Programme guarantees the continuous and carefree operation of your cutting machine.

SERVICE GERADE NEBENAN Die FAM-Serviceingenieure stehen täglich und schnell den Kunden zu Verfügung. Das FAM Total Care Programm gewährleistet die ständige, gute Wirkung Ihrer Maschine.

Visit our stand Hall 10.1 E-60 - F-063 , tell us about your expectations and one of our experts will introduce you to our numerous cutting solutions.

Besuchen Sie unserenStand Halle 10.1 E-60 - F-063 und teilen Sie uns bitte Ihre Erwartungen mit, so dass ein FAM-Experte Ihnen unsere Schneidelösungen vorstellen kann.

Please visit www.fam.befor more information.

Bitte surfen Sie nach www.fam.befür weitere Informationen.

FAM nv Neerveld 2 - B-2550 Kontich - Belgium/Belgien t. +32 3 450 92 20 - f. +32 3 450 92 50 -

Preserving industry vegetable




hanks to forty years of experience, F.B.L. is now a leading company in the glass and metal packaging industry (jars, bottles and tins) for

food products such as jam, honey, tomatoes and tomato products (sauces, pureed tomatoes, tomato paste, ketchup), foods preserved in oil, pickles, fruit juices, mayonnaise, etc… F.B.L. is specialized in the manufacture of the following machine: - Automatic depalletizer totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, for empty containers as metal cans, glass jars and glass bottles.

- Rotative vacuum filler totally build-up in stainless steel

- Blower machine (universal or twist model) totally build-

AISI 304 and AISI 316 in the parts in contact with

up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to clean by air

food product, suitable to fill under vacuum preserving

or water or steam injection, the inside part of empty

liquid as olive oil, sunflower seed-oil, saltwater, vinegar,

containers as metal cans, glass jars and glass bottles.

syrup, etc…

- Linear vibrating filler machine totally build-up in stainless

- Rotative piston filler totally build-up in stainless steel

steel AISI 304, suitable to fill glass jars and metal cans

AISI 304 and AISI 316 in the parts in contact with food

with food products as olives, small onions, cucumbers,

product, suitable to fill thick or semi-thick food products

artichokes, capers, mushrooms, cherries, mixed vegeta-

as jam, tomato paste, honey, sauces, cream, ketchup,

bles, fruit salad, etc…

mustard, mayonnaise, etc… - Linear capping machine totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable to close under vacuum by steam injection, glass jars/bottles provided by twist-off metal caps of different size. - Tunnel pasteurizer-cooler totally build-up in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for the thermic treatment of metal cans, glass jars, glass bottles filled by fruit juice, beer, jam, tomato paste, vegetables sauces, pickles, etc… Vacuum detector suitable to check if glass jars/bottles provided by twist-off metal caps with “safety button” are well closed with vacuum. FBL FP 3-12.indd 1

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Preserving industry vegetable




bo Magyar has extended her range of products with a new metering system.

The new generation is called V 80 SPEED and was already introduced successfully at

positively increased and useful for fuel saving and the-

the market. The measuring equipment has a licensing

refore contributes to the protection of the environment .

up to 1.333 l / Min [80 m ³ / H] for steady pumping

The continuous variable steering by mean of a Siemens

capacity and an upraised priming. Numerous custo-

S7 processor with own developed program offers nume-

mers could make a picture to themselves from the speed

rous costumers tailored extensions such as data acquisi-

increase and the time profit resulting from it. Milk collec-

tion and transfer, automatic sampling system of different

ting trucks with the V80 SPEED measuring equipment

kinds... Driving of the equipment is performed either by

are since now more than ¾ years successfully in service

means of a joystick type touch screen or pushbutton pa-

in Germany and abroad. For priming, the measuring

nel. Sampling bins in different dimensions, heated and/

system is equipped with an air-ejector placed at the hi-

or cooled are also parts of the wide range of our com-

ghest point of the arrangement, so that a foam separator

plementary products. Beside the new V80 SPEED mete-

can be cancelled. Through this technology payload is

ring system, further more reliable equipment’s are offered such as the V1000 S. system equipped with a vacuum pump and Max. Capacity of 1,000 l / min. , 60 m ³ / H. The continuous variable steering by mean of a Siemens S7 processor is also delivered on this system with all parameters registered on a SD chip. The same complementary equipment as for the V80 Speed are also available for this system.

EC-Type examination certificate for the measuring system for milk. Certificate of conformity for the measuring system for milk MAGYAR FP 6-12.indd 1

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PUB ABO:Mise en page 1



Page 1

Technology in motion …

Abo-MAGYAR GmbH Am Glüsig 6 D-39365 HARBKE Tel. +49 (0)3 94 06 92 03 Fax +49 (0)3 94 06 92 04 23 E-Mail :

G.MAGYAR SA 13, avenue Albert Premier F-21000 DIJON Tel. +33 (0)3 80 53 22 22 Fax +33 (0)3 80 45 27 02 E-Mail :

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y FORMIT Foodprocessing Ab is a company that de-

cage machines and FORMIT with its patented combi roller

velops, manufactures and markets equipment used

peeling system. The Combi-3000 is a rotating cage peeler

for peeling and shaping vegetables and fruits.

(also called revolver peeler). Twenty peeling rollers form an

Formit supply’s compact production lines, for capacity’s from

elongated drum. A full length auger regulates the retention

400 to 3.000 kg/h. FORMIT has been active on the mar-

time of the products in the peeler. The rollers, the drum and

ket since 1990 and has gained experience in developing

the auger all rotate separately and their rotation speed are

equipment for shaping and peeling since the beginning

separately adjusted with frequency converters. The rollers

of the 1980s. FORMIT has hundreds of satisfied, Combi-

and the drum are driven by flat belts insuring a low noise le-

peeler customers’ worldwide. EKKO maskiner A/S was

vel. The Combi-3000 is available in several different roller

founded in 1979 and is today one of Europe’s

configurations depended of application, the

leading companies in the design of comple-

estimated main configuration will however

te production plants for carrots and potatoes

be the CK (Carborundum and Knife rollers)

for the fresh market. Ekko is known for their

and the KK( full Knife rollers)

root vegetable Polishers for capacity’s up to

Each roller has a double bearing arrange-

30.000 kg/h The two Companies EKKO and

ment and can be dismantled very quickly with

FORMIT have decided to cooperate and deve-

the use of standard tools.

lop a new generation of Combi and Knife peeler

The Combi-3000 is equipped with a clea-

for the growing fresh produce sector as well as for the

ning device that allows the auger to be pro-

food processing industry. Changes in the market and

perly cleaned. The combination of an abrasive

an increasing demand for big capacity knife peeled

peeling element and a knife peeling element on one

vegetables and fruits, has led the two companies to this

roll gives advantages that cannot be found in any other

common venture. Based on extensive research and deve-

type of peeling machine. The abrasive part of the element

lopment efforts and input from the customers, FORMIT and

removes/opens the outer skin of the raw material. This part

EKKO have together designed the Combi-3000. The most

of the process grants the knife elements a long lifetime. As

revolutionary features of this peeler are the capacity and the

the hard skin of the raw material is partially removed, the

service interval. Never before has the market seen a knife-

knife peeling is easier. The Combi-3000 design allows the

peeler that can produce up to 9.000 kg/h of knife-peeled

peeling of a wide range of products in the same peeler. The

potatoes. The proven durability of the FORMIT knife rollers

unique design with abrasive elements combined with knife

and the renowned robustness of the EKKO polishers guaran-

element and adjustable speed on the rolls makes it possible

tee the users, long service intervals and low maintenance

to peel small potatoes and celeriac with the same machine.

costs. The two companies have participated with their own

Also, very hard products as Swede turnip or long products

expertise. EKKO with its long experience of building rotating

like carrots can be peeled. FORMIT FP 6-12.indd 1

07/11/12 14.14

ANDRITZ screen baskets optimized drilled basket design for high yield

High quality perforated baskets for all

small as 0.1 mm, are symmetrical and sta-

leading extractors and finishers.

ble, yet have a high open area and sharp

ANDRITZ designs and produces excellent

hole edges for drier pommace and opti-

quality screen baskets – drilled or punched

mized yield. This results in a better product

– for all leading extractors and finishers.

quality and helps you to maximize profits.

Drilled baskets are much more stable than

Why not take advantage of our high-quality

punched ones and have more free open

baskets and experience exceptional ser-

area. Our drilled baskets, with holes as

vice? Contact us today for a quotation!

Preserving industry



COMPACT LETTUCE DRYING TUNNEL DELIVERED TO MALAYSIA, HIGH-LEVEL LETTUCE CULTIVATION Sormac has become one of the leading suppliers for leafy vegetable processing equipment in the world. One of the major disciplines of leafy vegetable processing is the drying of the leaves


nyone who mentions Genting Highlands in Ma-

During a visit to a lettuce processor in his native coun-

laysia, immediately thinks of the well-known

try, Julian Roe saw a Sormac air drying tunnel. Instant-

Casino, the only place in the country where

ly, he was convinced that this was the ultimate solution

gambling is allowed. However, Genting Highlands

to his problem. Drying using dry air at a low tempera-

has more to offer: at an altitude of 4,000 feet and

ture, also with respect to thin kinds of leaf, achieves

scarcely 400 km from the equator, pioneering spirit,

lower moisture percentages than can be achieved

ingenuity, but above all perseverance have achieved

through mechanical drying. Damage caused by me-

something special. Since 1994, the company Gent-

chanical drying is prevented leaving a fresh looking

ing Garden, under the

leaf, and not a withered

inspiring leadership Julian

one as happens when

Roe, who was born in

heat is used to dry. Ju-

England, has cultivated

lian Roe: “Genting Gar-

various varieties of lettuce

den supplies lettuce that



is served in the first class


of prominent Asian air-


line companies. As far

under tropical conditions

as quality is concerned,

is not exactly common-

no compromise is ac-



In parallel with the culti-

However, there were

vation of lettuce, Genting


Garden also paid much

Air drying tunnels are

attention to processing it.

big and the special

The lettuces grown here

transport route to the

are high-quality, but they

highlands of Malaysia


circumstances. greenhouse


are more delicate than elsewhere in the world. Both

set limits to the width of the tunnel. For this reason,

washing and drying this tender lettuce, therefore, has

Sormac was asked to restrict the width of the tunnel

to be done with the highest possible care. Conse-

to maximum 2.40 m. This was no easy task for the

quently, mechanical drying by centrifuge is not the

Sormac engineers, but they succeeded in building a

obvious option.

compact and yet well-accessible tunnel within the required width. The upper and lower parts could also

Low moisture content and little damage

be separated enabling transport in 40ft containers. SORMAC FP 3-12.indd 1

20/04/12 11.35

Preserving industry



Practice In September 2011, the 1,000 kg/h capacity tunnel, together with a new Pulstar 100 washer and a number of belts, was installed by a Sormac technician. The required cooling equipment was supplied by a local firm. After some modifications to the operating software, the line was put into operation. From the start, the expectations with regard to a low moisture content were fulfilled. Also with light varieties of lettuce such as romaine and rocket, mois-

convenience market with the best quality and we will

ture values under 1% were measured. But certainly

continue this way.” With these convincing words, Ju-

equally important: the lettuce looks wonderfully fresh

lian Roe said goodbye to Sormac Area Sales Man-

and attractive. “This result is the basis for us to further

ager Roy Lemmen at Kuala Lumpur airport.

expand our marketing policy, namely supplying a premium-quality product to our demanding customers.

How does an air drying tunnel work?

The initial reactions from the market were enthusias-

The product is first de-watered on a de-watering belt.

tic, confirming that this risky step has been the right

Then it passes through the drying tunnel in an up-

decision. You can only win over a developing, fresh

wards directed air stream, floating between two mesh belts. Moisture is extracted from this current of air in a cooler. In a second heat exchanger, the air is heated slightly enabling it to absorb water from the lettuce when it passes. Due to the evaporation of the moisture on the surface of the leaf, the lettuce hardly heats up. During the last part of the process, the lettuce is cooled once again, leaving the tunnel at a temperature of approximately 3°C. An external heat pump cools and heats the air. SORMAC FP 3-12.indd 1

20/04/12 11.35

Preserving industry vegetable


PASSION FOR FOOD CUTTING TREIF offers cutting and slicing solutions for industry, supermarkets and shops


s a specialist in weight-optimised portioning of bo-

is developing and manufactu-

neless and bone-in products, the portioning ma-

ring innovative machines for

chine FALCON conti of the German food cutting

the industry, for shop applications, supermarkets and

company TREIF is loaded continuously via a conveyor

canteens. One of the latest slicing solution is DIVIDER

belt, without manual lid opening. Once the operator

orbital. The machine is the perfect solution for anyo-

has placed the products on the conveyor belt, the grip-

ne requiring a compact slicer that takes up little space

per moves down to the product and grips it accurately.

(e.g. as a first step towards professional slicing) while

Wastage is minimal because it requires very little pro-

still maintaining an adequate level of performance. The

duct volume. At the other end of the product, the pneu-

DIVIDER orbital is fitted with circular blade. So TREIF is

matic gripping assistant securely supports the product.

the only manufacturer of slicers which offers both circu-

During the cutting process, the laser guided set-down

lar and sickle blade technology within this category of

holder ensures the stability of the product so nothing is

slicers. The machine uses a continuous slicing mode.

left to chance. The special thing about this is the fact

As a consequence, there are no “blank cuts” that may

that the set-down holder adapts to every product profile,

cause scraps, or “standby” times. With blade speeds of

meaning that goods are perfectly stabilized, irrespecti-

up to 300 rpm and four-row slicing, the DIVIDER orbital

ve of their shape. The product fixing system comprises

achieves a maximum output of 1.200 slices per minute.

gripper, gripping assistant and laser guided set-down

DIVIDER orbital offers the possibility to slice numerous

holder: only product stability - combined with state-of-

products with its circular blade, without the need to

the-art scanner technology (360° high-speed scan) - le-

make any conversions to the machine. Cooked sau-

ads to first-class weight results. The FALCON conti can

sage and salami products, boiled and raw ham, and

work in production lines and can therefore be integra-

even cheese, are especially suitable for this slicer. One

ted into automated production processes. This makes

of the most recent TREIF patents involves combining the

the portioning machine a reliable partner in the chain

SAS system with circular blade technology. SAS is the

of production. Portion cutting is one of four independen-

name of the worldwide unique, patented formula for

tly operating, highly specialised Competence Units that

perfect product presentation. SAS stands for “stacking/

TREIF maintains. TREIF combines the world’s greatest

shingling as you slice”. Both are carried out in one work

range of food cutting technology under one roof. The

step, so the slices cannot fall or slip. The vacuum grip-

three other units are Dicing, Slicing and Bread cutting.

per that is now optionally available for all TREIF slicers

In each Competence Unit there are selected specialists

firmly holds soft products and reduces the rest piece to

who deal exclusively with the solution of problems and

a minimum. It is especially suitable for products such as

fulfilment of requirements specific to their application

cooked and boiled sausage, certain types of cheese,

field. With approx. 280 employees worldwide TREIF

boiled ham and vegetable products, such as tofu. TREIF FP 1-11.indd 1

18-03-2011 12:54:48

flyer_A4_atomizzazione_es.indd 3

12/04/12 15:18

Preserving industry vegetable




isys NV, the advanced sorting technology provider,

25%, yet with far less false rejects”, said Mr. Karel Van

recently announced its new MANTYS® Fusion Sort-

Velthoven, Marketing Manager at Visys. “The fusion tech-

er, a state of the art digital sorting technology that

nology will allow our customers to benefit from significant

is set to raise global sorting standards.

yield increases“. “As such, The MANTYS® Fusion Sorter

The MANTYS® Fusion Sorter is an all-new laser sorter

will definitely lift the global sorting technology standard

dedicated to the food processing industry. It is a revolu-

to a

tionary development in the world of digitalized optical

whole new level”, Mr. Van Velthoven continued.


Visys’ new Fusion Sorting technology will allow major food processors around the world to comply with ever


more stringent safety and quality standards. It will help


them to achieve a more costeffective production and give

The Fusion Sorter brings ground-breaking new power to

them the competitive edge to secure their leadership in

the sorting experience by ‘intellectually combining’ or

their specific

‘fusing’ data from different optics and sensors in one cen-

food processing markets. more

tralized ENYGMA® vision engine. Where existing state

The MANTYS® Fusion Sorter features 3 granted and/

of the art technologies, prior to ENYGMA®, already

or pending patents and complements Visys’ existing

flawlessly combined several sensors in one machine, they

color, laser, smart laser, x-ray and the recently success-

were still individually controlled and hence could be seen

fully launched, bioprint sorter range. “Over the years,

as one sorting device with 2 brains. The MANTYS® Fu-

Visys has proven to shift the global sorting technology

sion Sorter goes further with a revolutionary combination

standards to unparalleled levels to the benefit of our Cus-

of the different vision modules and sensors perfectly fused

tomers”. “Hence teaming with Visys is the winning option

in one sorting brain allowing processors new sorting di-

to a state of the art sorting experience”, comments Frank

mensions such as improved resolution allowing inspection

zwerts President and CEO of Visys.

in the sub-millimeter level, detection of embedded defects and several mechanical improvements. The ENYGMA® platform enables fusing of any light source with any sensor with any sorting dimension. INCREASED YIELD AND COMPETITIVENESS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS “We are very excited about the MANTYS® Fusion Sorter”. “It allows much higher in-feed defect loads, above VISIS FP 6-12.indd 1

08/11/12 12.57

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04/10/12 13.47



industrial electronics



LI Group is the world leader in vibration tech-

In this sense, OLI is proud to present its new

nology, with more than 250.000 industrial

range of vibratory motors, specifically designed

vibrators sold every year, that can be used

for food processing applications.

in numerous fields of application, e.g., vibrating equipment or flow aids systems. Thanks to its global presence with 7 manufacturing plants, 16 trading subsidiaries and 36 warehouses, OLI is able to meet the customers’ needs in terms of quality, availability and support, any

Main features: CLEAN: Special corrosion resistant construction with stainless steel mass covers; SAFE: ExII2D Atex certification for use in hazardous locations; FLEXIBLE: Wide range of voltag-

time, any place. Since its foundation in 1961, OLI

es available in 50Hz, 60Hz and

has been committed to deliver-

single phase; PROTECTED: IP66 enclosure,

ing market-oriented products. The food processing industry has be-

tropicalized; RELIABLE: Class F insulation

come an important business partner, and a good customer base is


involved in research and development of continu-

The new range covers applications that are not

ous improved and specific solutions.

perfectly suitable for the standard range, such as

As a result, valuable OLI products have found

use in salty atmospheres, operation of aggressive

their application on conveying, feeding, screen-

detergents, or applications that require highest hy-

ing and sorting equipment.

giene standards. OLI FP 6-12.indd 1

09/11/12 11.29

food_processing_en_de_tr.indd 1

7/27/2012 5:17:54 PM


industrial electronics



Des moteurs facilement intégrables avec un vaste choix de dimensions de brides, prévus pour aider les constructeurs de machines à accroître les productivités et les performances


oog Industrial Group, une division de Moog

machines par l’amélioration des temps de cycles


dans des secteurs comme la plasturgie, la coulée

(NYSE : MOG.A and MOG.B) a annoncé le

sous pression, les presses et machines de formage

lancement de sa gamme complète de servomoteurs

des métaux, les matériels de traitement des produits

sans balais à dynamique maximale (« Maximum

alimentaires et boissons et d’autres machines de pro-

Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors »), dite gamme MD.

duction industrielle.

La gamme des servomoteurs MD répond aux besoins

De par leur conception flexible, ces moteurs peuvent

en constante évolution de plus dynamique grâce à

s’intégrer facilement dans les machines existantes ce

l’accélération angulaire accrue (ratio de couple de

qui permet ainsi de réduire les études et coûts asso-

pointe à l’inertie/ crête sur inertie) et de meilleures


performances dans les applications industrielles.

Grâce à leur modularité, ces servomoteurs peuvent

Cette gamme de servomoteurs va permettre aux con-

être adaptés aux cahiers des charges des clients en

structeurs de machines et à leurs utilisateurs finaux

terme de bobinages, de brides, de sortie d’arbre, de

d’accroître les productivités et les performances des

types et d’orientation de connecteurs. MOOG FP 6-12.indd 1

07/11/12 12.31


industrial electronics


Ils sont proposés dans un vaste choix de dimensions

de puissances de moteur et la flexibilité de la con-

de brides, avec la possibilité de sélectionner pour

ception, nous avons créé un produit unique en son

une option de refroidissement naturel ou liquide. La

genre, capable de répondre aux exigences des utili-

modularité et les caractéristiques des moteurs sont

sateurs pour un large éventail d’industries ».

proposées pour toute la gamme, ce qui aide les con-

Les servomoteurs de la gamme MD, fabriqués dans

structeurs à raccourcir leurs délais de fabrication.

l’usine indienne de Moog à Bangalore, en Inde,

D’après Andrew Barrett, responsable de la ligne de

sont aussi proposés avec des variateurs adaptés à

produits servomoteurs chez Moog, « les concepteurs

chaque moteur pour optimiser les performances des

de systèmes cherchent aujourd’hui à accélérer le pro-


cessus de conception et à atteindre une plus grande

Cette famille de produits a déjà été testée sur de mul-

efficacité dans les opérations.

tiples applications dans plusieurs secteurs industriels,

En combinant une dynamique élevée, un grand choix

avec des résultats extrêmement satisfaisants.

Caractéristiques techniques générales


Gamme MD à refroidissement naturel

Gamme MD à refroidissement liquide

10 à 2012

64,2 à 2012



2,2 à 629

46 à 1034



1,5 à 575

45 à 1003



Couple crête Mmax

Nm [lb-in]

Couple à l’arrêt M0

Nm [lb-in]

Couple nominal MN

Nm [lb-in]

Vitesse nominale nN


5 500 à 1 400

5 500 à 1 400

kW [hp]

0,85 à 34,6

9,35 à 60.4



0.78 à 1,985

10.8 à 1,985



Puissance nominale PN Moment d’inertie J Options de capteur de positon

Kg cm 2

2 -4

[lb-insec x 10 ]

Résolveur Codeur MOOG FP 6-12.indd 3

07/11/12 12.31



industrial electronics

Robotics Innovation Challenge



weden is ranked as one the most innovative

tion Challenge in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on April 25,

countries in the world, and Robotdalen is Swe-

2013, aiming at repeating last year’s success by

den’s foremost robotics cluster; a successful ini-

bringing people from all over the world together for

tiative enabling commercial success of new ideas

a day about opportunities and challenges for suc-

and research within robotics and automation.

cessful commercialization of robot innovations, pre-

Robotdalen arranges the event Robotics Innova-

senting a number of interesting solutions. Internationally renowned speakers, presentations of new robot solutions at an innovation catwalk, prize ceremony for the international competition Robotdalen Innovation Award, match-making for the manufacturing industry, and vast possibilities to meet new interesting business associates. These are all components at Sweden’s foremost robotics event Robotics Innovation Challenge. Robotdalen is Sweden’s one and only robotics cluster and has an impressive track record of initiatives for successful commercialization of new products and companies. Efforts enabling more investments in the manufacturing industry; increased quality of life and independence through new technology in the health- and elderly care sector; improved working environment through autonomous vehicles and service robots, all shows Robotdalen’s width and focus. There is an enormous force of innovation and potential for new solutions, which is the basis for the event Robotics Innovation Challenge. ROBOTICS FP 6-12.indd 1

08/11/12 12.20




INTERPACK 2014 NOW READY FOR REGISTRATIONS Leading trade fair with new visual identity


s of now, companies can register for interpack

The official closing date for registrations for interpack

2014. The world’s leading trade fair for the

2014 is 28 February 2013.

packaging sector is taking place at the Düssel-

dorf exhibition grounds from 8 to 14 May 2014.

Every innovation has its starting point

Eligible to participate are packaging and process en-

In time for the start of registration, interpack has

gineering companies specialising in foods and bev-

overhauled its visual identity. Following on from the

erages, confectionery and bakery products, phar-

modernisation of the fair’s brand image and logo in

maceuticals, cosmetics, non-food consumer goods,

the run-up to interpack 2008, this further revamp is

industrial goods and related services.

underlining interpack’s claim to be the world’s most

What interpack has in store covers entire value

important trade fair for the packaging sector and re-

chains. These include processes and machines for

lated processing industries by including the phrase

the packaging and processing of packaged goods,

“leading trade fair” in its logo. In its advertising from

packaging materials, packages and package man-

now on, interpack will be communicating informative

ufacture, and services to the packaging industry.

messages presented graphically in an eye-catching

interpack is distinguished by its unique breadth of

typographic block.

products and services and the unparalleled interna-

This concept is also being adopted in the new image

tionality of its exhibitors and visitors alike.

brochure that potential exhibitors will have received

The last interpack attracted more than 165,000

in the last few days in time for the start of registration.

trade visitors, 84 per cent of whom said they were

In this brochure, interpack is appealing individually

involved in decision-making processes in their com-

to its core target groups with powerful messages and


an attractive visual language. The campaign is start-

Registration for interpack 2014 is performed online

ing with the claim “Every innovation has its starting

at Companies who took part in

point”, which spotlights interpack’s role as the sector’s

interpack 2011 can re-use the data stored last time.

inspirational mainspring. interpack FP 6-12.indd 1

19/10/12 15.20

Approved Event

Logotype Institutionnel






odern Bakery Moscow – next year, the leading

19th Modern Bakery Moscow.

trade fair for bakery and confectionery in Rus-


sia and the CIS will already be taking place


in April.

In the course of the last 18 years, Modern Bakery

The 19th Modern Bakery Moscow will be the meeting

Moscow has established itself as a trade fair of in-

point for leading companies and expert visitors from

ternational significance. As such it contributed to the

Russia and the CIS from the 24th to the 27th of April

professional success of a number of major Russian and

2013. One of the most modern and attractive pavil-

international players in Russia.

ions in the Expocentre Fairgounds has been booked

The success of the trade fair, and its development,

for this very purpose.

could benefit from the increasingly positive investment

Numerous exhibitors and leading industry figures have

and growth potential registered in the Russian bakery

reacted positively to the new date and the new pavil-

and confectionery branch. As in the past, the potential

ion, and thus also confirmed their participation in the

for this is still at an extremely high level. In Russia, the MODERN BAKERY FP 6-12.indd 1

08/11/12 15.03



mb_anzeige.indd 2

10.08.2012 11:14:04 Uhr




share of outdated machines and facilities is immense.


The demand for modernisation is, for the most part,

April, as the new trade fair month for Modern Bakery

covered by products derived from European manufac-

Moscow, stands for high investment activities.


Statistics show that in Russia the second quarter of the year registers the highest rates of investments.


What is more, with the fair being held in April, a


time interval to the


other international

Starting in 2013, the most important platform for the

trade fairs is given

bakery and confectionery industry in the Russian mar-

as well as a conti-

ket will be taking place in pavilion 2 of the Expocen-

nuity of the trade

tre Fairgrounds in Moscow. Thanks to its stateof-the-art

fair date, thus en-

technology and infrastructure, the new exhibition hall

suring that it is not

offers exhibitors and professional

shifted in the year

visitors ideal prerequisites for successful trade par-

of the iba.

ticipation, especially when considering the mid- and long-term perspective. In particular, the planning of


the new pavilion serves the purpose of satisfying the


needs of professional visitors, in addition to allowing


an even greater focus on the thematic structure. Spe-

Right from the outset, Modern Bakery Moscow has

cial themes such as shopfitting, tea & coffee, as well

had strong partners at its side. In future, thanks to the

as the production of deep-frozen products can thus be

planned strengthening of cooperation, quantitative

seamlessly integrated into the core areas.

and qualitative growth targets are to be secured. MODERN BAKERY FP 6-12.indd 3

08/11/12 15.03






NACKEX is Europe’s only professional trade show

a packed agenda that includes lively debates, insightful

and conference that is 100% dedicated to savoury

presentations, round table discussions, workshops, spe-

snacks. In 2013 SNACKEX welcomes delegates to

cial guest speakers and great entertainment on the final

Gothenburg - the friendliest city in Sweden!

night, SNACKEX delegates will also be able to enjoy the

The biennial SNACKEX event brings together all stages

city’s many entertainment options just steps away. The lo-

of the supply and demand chain, including exhibitors

cation provides excellent access to additional activities,

offering new ideas, products, technologies and servic-

with just about everything within easy walking distance.

es that snack manufacturers are looking for. SNACKEX

All the best restaurants, bars, shopping, entertainment,

provides the perfect platform for participants to discuss

theatres and other cultural attractions can contribute to a

issues impacting on the worldwide savoury snack and

truly memorable experience.

nuts business. It is a unique networking opportunity for everybody in the savoury snacks business.

The trade show is open to visitors as follows: Wednesday 12 June from 10:00 – 18:00

A place to do business

Thursday 13 June from 10:00 – 16:00

The Swedish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Gothenburg is where all the SNACKEX action takes place. It

For conference delegates SNACKEX kicks-off with the

is one of the very few venues in Europe where exhibition,

welcome reception and networking dinner on the even-

conference and hotel accommodation come together

ing of Tuesday 11 June. This is the perfect opportunity to

under one roof in a city-centre location, making for su-

meet other delegates and exhibitors informally, to renew

premely easy business networking.

old acquaintances, and have some fun.

Gothenburg itself is easily accessible from all major cit-

SNACKEX’s unique location next to Liseberg, Scandina-

ies in Europe and beyond and has a lot to offer. With

via’s largest amusement park, gives delegates something SNACKEX FP 6-12.indd 1

06/11/12 16.45




really special in 2013. Sponsored by Sweden’s market-

combination of relentless curiosity, rock-solid economic

leading snack maker, Estrella, SNACKEX delegates can

knowledge and the energy of a rock star have mesmer-

enjoy the beautiful harbour area where they can eat,

ised audiences all over the world. This is a presentation

drink, mingle and listen to great music.

not to be missed!

On 12 June, delegates will meet for brunch and enjoy a stimulating keynote presentation from the special guest

It’s all about snacks

speaker, Magnus Lindkvist, one of the world’s foremost

SNACKEX features a comprehensive two-day pro-

speakers on trends and future-thinking. Magnus is a

gramme of expert speaker sessions designed to give

graduate of both the Stockholm School of Economics

industry executives a competitive advantage in today’s

and the UCLA School of Film, Television and Theatre. His

challenging marketplace. The extensive conference programme will give industry participants solutions and guidance on the critical issues that will help them more rapidly, efficiently and successfully develop their businesses. The schedule is arranged to allow plenty of time to visit the show floor and to arrange private discussions, all within the same venue. The speaker line-up includes experts from AC Nielsen, Mintel GNPD, PepsiCo International, Rabobank, Euromonitor International, Focus Business Communications, FoodDrinkEurope, Oilworld, and World Wildlife Fund. Speakers will provide detailed insights into the following, key issues for the snacks sector. How are manufacturers responding to the current economic downturn, with specific reference to the impact on product development and innovation? The European market for savoury snacks has performed relatively well during 2012, but will its “recession proof” tag be more challenging to maintain in future? What are the main drivers for the market, including changing consumer behaviour and developing trends? The private label dilemma – how are retailer own brands developing across Europe and what are manufacturers doing to stay one step ahead? How has the export of peanuts to the European market been affected by competition from other crops, biofuels, increased domestic demand and, of course, the weather? What is the risk to future supplies and how is SNACKEX FP 6-12.indd 3

06/11/12 16.45




this being addressed? Sustainability and environmental issues continue to rise up the political and consumer agendas. What are the main challenges being faced by industry and how successful are we in addressing these? We need to understand digital social media and use it to grow our customer base. How can it help us customise products and can it also provide an effective tool for crisis management? What’s new for 2013? Knowledge Centre SNACKEX delegates and visitors will be able access a programme of snack production workshop sessions held right on the show floor in the new Knowledge Centre lecture theatre. Best practice, practical advice, new processes and emerging technologies will be just a few of the topics on offer. Set up a meeting Also for the first time, delegates and visitors will be able to contact exhibitors direct through the SNACKEX website and ask questions or setup meetings during the event. Snack factory tour Market leading Swedish snack producer Estrella is offering SNACKEX 2013 delegates an exclusive opportunity to tour their local manufacturing plant on Friday 14 June. For more information contact the organisers – esa@esa. Registration SNACKEX offers a very generous early bird discount for registrations received and paid for by 31 January 2013. To register online visit and prepare to experience SNACKEX for yourself. SNACKEX FP 6-12.indd 5

06/11/12 16.45






hanks to a solid reputation on the international stage and the food industries’ strong competitive edge rooted in innovation, the exhibition ena-



ne vocation internationale affirmée, une compétitivité des IAA basée sur l’innovation, un salon facilitateur de rencontres pour les ac-

bled actors from this high-potential economic sector

teurs d’un secteur économique à gros potentiel.

to meet. This is the sole viable SIAL trademark.

C’est la marque de fabrique du SIAL, unique et

H-1 before the largest food exhibition in the world


– held from 21 to 25 October at the Parc des Ex-

H-1 avant la fermeture des portes du plus grand salon

positions de Paris-Nord Villepinte convention centre

de la planète agroalimentaire du monde qui s’est tenu

– closed its doors. Attendance had risen by 10.2%

du 21 au 25 octobre sur le site du Parc des Expositions

compared with 2010, confirming SIAL’s role as a

de Paris-Nord Villepinte. Une fréquentation en hausse

catalyst for global trade with 150,192 professional

de 10,2% par rapport à 2010 confirme le SIAL com-

visitors (versus 136,381 in 2010), of whom 62.8%

me le catalyseur des échanges économiques mondiaux

were international visitors from 200 countries.

avec près de 150 192 visiteurs professionnels (vs 136

These preliminary statistics clearly affirm SIAL’s posi-

381 en 2010) dont 62,8% d’internationaux venus de

tioning as global leader in the crosscutting agri-food

200 pays. Ces premiers chiffres affirment clairement le

markets. The quasi-tangible effervescence and enthu-

positionnement du SIAL en tant que leader international

siasm in the aisles showed that language was no

sur les marchés transversaux de l’agroalimentaire. Dans

barrier in creating solid business leads. Through the

les allées, effervescence et enthousiasme pouvaient se «

impetus of XTC World Innovation, TNS Sofres and

comprendre » dans toutes les langues, générant des op- SIAL FP 6-12.indd 1

09/11/12 12.53




the 29 SIAL d’Or partners, the Innovations corner un-

portunités d’affaires concrètes. Sous l’impulsion de XTC

deniably consolidated SIAL’s expertise as a labora-

world innovation, de TNS Sofres et des 29 partenaires

tory and observatory of supply and demand in food

SIAL d’Or, le Pôle Innovation a indiscutablement conforté

innovation. For five whole days, SIAL made Paris the

l’expertise du SIAL, à la fois laboratoire et observatoi-

capital of the food planet where all the agri-food

re de l’offre et de la demande en matière d’innovation

channels were food connected.

agroalimentaire. Pendant 5 jours, le SIAL a fait de Paris

In the current gloomy economic climate, the exhi-

la capitale de la planète agroalimentaire permettant à

bition’s strategic dimension – demonstrated by the

toutes les filières concernées de rester food connectées.

200 events and conferences at the heart of today’s

Dans un contexte économique défavorable, le SIAL a

economic and political preoccupations – undoubt-

marqué par sa dimension stratégique à travers, notam-

edly left its mark. Guillaume Garrot, French Deputy

ment, les 200 événements et conférences au coeur de

Minister of Agri-food noteworthy for his daily involve-

l’actualité économique et politique. L’implication quoti-

ment, together with numerous ministers and political

dienne de Guillaume Garrot, Ministre délégué chargé

and scientific personalities, opened the debate on

de l’agroalimentaire, et la visite de nombreux ministres

key issues relating to the future of the food industry in

et personnalités politiques et scientifiques ont ouvert

France: food challenge, anti-waste programme an-

le débat autour de thématiques phares sur l’avenir du

nouncement, Made in France, nutrition, and more;

secteur en France : défi alimentaire, annonce du plan

and all these themes were programmed by SIAL TV.

anti gaspillage, made in France, nutrition…Autant de

The 2012 show, fully attuned to the mainstream mar-

thèmes également au programme de SIAL TV. L’édition

ket challenges, highlighted the dynamism of the agri-

2012 a été en phase avec les grands enjeux du marché

food industry on a global scale.

et a mis en valeur le dynamisme de l’industrie agroali-

A high-performing business arena, the flow of inter-

mentaire au plan international. Lieu de business perfor-

national visitors at SIAL had a global offering at their

mant, le SIAL a permis à son flux de visiteurs internatio-

fingertips. “Our aim was to strengthen the proxim-

naux d’être au plus près de l’offre mondiale. « Notre

ity between the sector players present. It’s now ‘mis-

souhait était de renforcer davantage la proximité entre

sion accomplished’. SIAL played a pivotal role with

tous les acteurs présents de la filière. C’est aujourd’hui

a view to the challenges of today and the issues of

mission accomplie. Le SIAL a assuré ce rôle fédérateur

tomorrow”, remarked Valérie Lobry, Managing Direc-

pour braver les enjeux d’aujourd’hui et affronter les défis

tor of Comexposium’s Agriculture and Food Industry

de demain » commente Valérie Lobry, Directrice Généra-


le Division Agriculture et Alimentation Comexposium.

SIAL connection also means SIAL worldwide.

La SIAL connection c’est aussi des salons à travers

The forthcoming exhibitions are:

le monde, prochains rendez-vous :

SIAL Abu Dhabi, 26 to 28 November 2012

Sial Abu-Dhabi, du 26 au 28 novembre 2012

SIAL Toronto, 30 April to 2 May 2013

SIAL Toronto, du 30 avril au 2 mai 2013

SIAL Shanghai, 7 to 9 May 2013

SIAL Shanghaï, du 7 au 9 mai 2013

SIAL São Paulo, 25 to 28 June 2013

SIAL Sao Paulo, du 25 au 28 juin 2013

SIAL Montreal, 2 to 4 April 2014

SIAL Montréal, du 2 au 4 avril 2014 SIAL FP 6-12.indd 3

09/11/12 12.53






iab, die internationale Fachmesse für Technolo-

ien vor: vom 25. bis 28. Juni wird die internationale

gien, Rohstoffe und Halbfertigprodukte zur Her-

Fachmesse der Backkunst an der 28.

stellung von Brot, Konditorei- und Teigwaren

Veranstaltung des Fispal Food Service teilnehmen,

sowie Pizza wird an der

28. Veranstaltung


einer Messe, die alle Nahrungsmitteltechnologien

Fispal Food Service, der brasilianischen Fachmesse


für Produkte und Dienstleistungen der Nahrungsmit-

tung auf dem brasilianischen Markt und in ganz

telbranche anwesend sein.

Lateinamerika ist.

Der Generaldirektor Giovanni Mantovani: «Mit der

Dank der Vereinbarung zwischen Veronafiere und

Etappe in Sao Paulo investieren wir in die Interna-

Fispal Food Service, hat Siab die Chance, die Sa-

tionalisierung der Backbranche». Im Hinblick auf die

chlage in Brasilien zu testen, insbesondere die Re-

zehnte SIAB-Fachmesse verfolgt Veronafiere weiterhin

alität der Agrarnahrungsmittelbranche, die z.Z. in

den Ausbau von neuen Kontaktaufnahmen.

vollem wirtschaftlichen Aufschwung ist, dies durch

Verona, Mai 2012. Nach dem Erfolg anlässlich der

Treffen mit den grössten Unternehmern der Sparte,

vergangenen Veranstaltungen bereitet sich Siab mit

den einschlägigen Verbänden und den Opinion

Enthusiasmus auf das bevorstehende Event in Brasil-

Leaders aus dem gesamten südamerikanischen Konti-

und auch die bedeutendste Fachveranstal- SIAB FP 6/12.indd 1

09/11/12 13.43




nent, die sich in diesen vier Tagen treffen werden, um

der Metropole Sao Paulo über 6000 Pizzerias zählt

über die letzten Innovationen zu diskutieren.

und sich damit mit Recht den Titel “Pizzahauptstadt

«Mit der Etappe in Sao Paulo investieren wir in die In-

”verdient hat, extrem hoch ; und nicht nur im Piz-

ternationalisierung der italienischen

zasegment, sondern auch

Backkunst und fördern somit die Gel-

dem der Teigwaren: Brasilien ist

egenheiten zu Treffen und Handel-

weltweit der drittgrößte Teigwar-

saustausch unter allen Betrieben, die

enhersteller mit 1.300.000 Ton-

im Mai an der zehnten Fachmesse

nen (Zahlen

Siab teilnehmen werden» behauptet

Organisation, September 2011).

Giovanni Mantovani, Generaldirek-

Seit jeher ist

tor von Veronafiere «desweiteren

rer auf den Märkten, sei es als


der brasilianische

Fachmesse sei es als Bindeglied

Markt unseren Unternehmen beste

zwischen Herstellern und Ver-

Zukunftsaussichten im Business, da

brauchern: aus diesem Grund

er der wichtigste Absatzmarkt

stellt die Teilnahme an der



International Pasta Siab Wortfüh-


ganz Lateinamerika ist».

pal ein wichtiges Element im

Zur Bestätigung der Aussagen des

Aufbau der Kontaktvermehrung

Generaldirektors von Veronafiere

im Hinblick auf die zehnte SIAB-

und der Bedeutung Brasiliens als strategischer Ab-

Fachmesse dar, die in Verona vom 25. bis 29. Mai

satzmarkt für die italienischen Betriebe führen wir

2013 stattfinden wird.

hier nachstehend einige Daten über die brasilianis-

Ausserdem war die Veroneser Veranstaltung schon

che Wirtschaft auf: Brasilien ist weltweit die sech-

immer durch eine starke Berufung zur International-

ste Wirtschaftsmacht und stellt mit einer Wirtschaft,

isierung gekennzeichnet und auch dieses Jahr sieht

deren Wert 2,5 Trillionen Dollar beträgt und deren

die Planung bis zum Mai 2013 die Organisation

Bruttoinlandsprodukt stetig ansteigt, eine der dyna-

einiger Events an den interessantesten Standorten vor.

mischsten Wirtschaften sowie das z.Z. augenfälligste

Die nächste

Ereignis dar.

bition verspricht, reich an bedeutenden Neuheiten

Auch die Zahlen über den Handelsaustausch zwis-

zu sein, angefangen von einem Ausbau des Auss-

chen Brasilien und Italien – mit einem Rekordwert

tellungsangebots mit der Absicht all jene Kategorien

von 11,7 Milliarden Dollar- bekräftigen die extrem

miteinzubeziehen – direkte oder zusätzliche - die die

positive Tendenz der wirtschaftlichen Beziehungen

reiche Palette der Backkunst bilden: Vertriebssysteme,

zwischen den beiden Ländern: Italien bestätigt sich

Retail, Verkaufspunkte für die Verbraucher.

somit im Rahmen der Lieferungen an Brasilien auf

Zielsetzung der nächsten Veranstaltung wird auch die

Rang acht Stelle weltweit und auf ang zwei in Eu-

Stärkung des Siab-Erfolgs 2010 sein, als in Verona

ropa. Bei einer gründlichen Analyse der Branche sind

auf 30tausend Quadratmetern mehr als 400 Ausstel-

die Wachstumsspannen in einem Land, das allein in

ler und 40tausend Besucher zugegen waren.

Siab International Techno Bake Exhi- SIAB FP 6/12.indd 3

09/11/12 13.43



china east europe meeting • events • fairs


russia middle east • asia

семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe SIGEP


21-25/01/2012 RIMINI Salone Internazionale gelateria, pasticceria e panificazione artigianali International exhibition for the artisan production of ice-cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery

27-30/03/2012 COLONIA Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International Food and Beverage Technology Exhibition

PROSWEET 29/01-01/02/2012 COLONIA Salone internazionale della subfornitura per l’industria dolciaria The international supplier fair for the confectionery industry

IPACK-IMA 28/02-03/03/2012 MILANO Mostra Internazionale per l’industria del confezionamento International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry

EUROPAIN 03-07/03/2012 PARIGI Salone Internazionale sulla tecnologia per la panificazione e la pasticceria International Show for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

BIAS 8-11/05/2012 MILANO Convegno Mostra Internazionale dell’Automazione, Strumentazione e Microelettronica Conference International Exhibition of Automation, Instrumentation and Microelectronics

HISPACK 14-18/05/2012 BARCELLONA Manifestazione Internazionale su Macchine, Impianti e Tecnologia per il Packaging International Packaging Exhibition

BTA 15-18/05/2012 BARCELLONA Salone per le tecnologie, i macchinari, le materie prime per l’industria alimentare, delle bevande e del packaging Fair for Technologies and Machines for the Food, Beverage and Packaging Industry

SPS/IPC/DRIVES/ ITALIA 22-24/05/2012 PARMA Salone delle Tecnologie per l’Automazione Industriale Trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector

EUROCARNE 24-27/05/2012 VERONA Manifestazione Internazionale sulle tecnologie per l’industria della carne International Trade Fair for the meatprocessing industry

IBA 16-21/09/2012 MONACO Salone Internazionale per l’ind. della panificazione e della pasticceria International Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

INTERMOPRO 23-25/09/2012 DÜSSELDORF Fiere internazionali per i prodotti lattiero-caseari, alimenti surgelati, gelati, tecnologia, carne e salsiccia International Trade Fairs for Dairy Products, Frozen Food, Ice Cream, Technology, Meat and Sausage FIERE EU- RA_1-11.indd 1

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congressi meeting • events • fairs middle east • asia


семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe FACHPACK


25-27/09/2012 NORIMBERGA Salone Internazionale su soluzioni e tecnologie per il confezionamento International Exhibition of technologies and solutions for the packaging

19-22/11/2012 PARIS NORD VILLEPINTE Salone Internazionale dell’imballaggio Exhibition for Packaging

MACFRUT 26-28/09/2012 CESENA Mostra Intenazionale di macchinari e impianti per l’industria ortofrutticola International Exhibition of Machinery and equipment for the Fruit and Vegetable processing

IPA 21-25/10/2012 PARIGI Salone internazionale dei processi alimentari International exhibition for food processing

SAVE 24-25/10/2012 VERONA Mostra Convegno delle Soluzioni e Applicazioni Verticali di Automazione, Strumentazione, Sensori International exhibition for food processing

BRAU BEVIALE 13-15/11/2012 NORIMBERGA Fiera delle Materie Prime Tecnologie, Logistica e Vendita per la produzione e commercializzazione di birra e bevande Fair of Raw Materials, Technologies, Logistics and Marketing for production and sales of beer and soft drinks

VINITECH 27-29/11/2012 BORDEAUX Fiera internazionale sulla filiera vitivinicola International exhibition for vinegrowing and wine-producing sector

SIGEP 21-25/01/2013 RIMINI Salone Internazionale gelateria, pasticceria e panificazione artigianali International exhibition for the artisan production of ice-cream, pastry, confectionery and bakery

ENOLITECH 7-10/04/2013 VERONA Salone Internazionale delle tecniche per la Viticultura, l’Enologia e delle tecnologie Olivicole e Olearie International Exhibition of Technologies for Viticulture, Oenology and Technologies for Olive Growing and Oil Production

ENOMAQ 12-15/02/2013 ZARAGOZA Salone Internazionale del Macchinario ed Attrezzature per Cantine e Imbottigliamento International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment Winery and Bottling FIERE EU- RA_1-11.indd 3

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Выставки east europe

congressi meeting • events • fairs middle east • asia


семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 24-27/04/2013 STOCCARDA Fiera internazionale delle tecnologie per vino, frutta e succhi di frutta Technology fair for wine, fruit and fruit juices

IFFA 4-9/05/2013 FRANCOFORTE Manifestazione Internazionale sulletecnologie per l’industria della carne International Trade Fair for the meatprocessing industry

SPS/IPC/DRIVES/ ITALIA 21-23/05/2013 PARMA Salone delle Tecnologie per l’Automazione Industriale Trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector

PULIRE 21-23/05/2013 VERONA Mostra internazionale delle produzioni e delle tecnologie per le attività dell’igiene ambientale International exhibition of products and technologies for environmental hygiene

SIAB 25-29/05/2013 VERONA Salone Internazionale per l’ind. della panificazione e della pasticceria. International Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

PACKOLOGY 11-14/06/2013 RIMINI Salone delle tecnologie per il packaging e il processing Exhibition of Technology for Packaging and Processing

DRINKTEC INTERBRAU 16-21/09/2013 MONACO Salone Internazionale della tecnologia per l’industria delle bevande International Show for the Beverage Industry Technologies

FACHPACK 24-26/09/2013 NUERNBERG Salone Internazionale su Soluzioni e tecnologie per il confezionamento Trade Fair for Packaging Solutions

ANUGA 05-09/10/2013 COLONIA Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International Exhibition of food and beverages

IBIE 06-09/10/2013 LAS VEGAS Salone Internazionale per l’ind. della panificazione e della pasticceria International Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

HOST 18-22/10/2013 MILANO Salone tecnologico per la panificazione e la produzione di pasta e pizza Show for Bakery and Fresh Pasta and Pizza Industry

PROCESS EXPO 03-06/11/2013 CHICAGO Salone Internazionale delle tecnologie alimentari e delle bevande International Food and Beverage Technology Exhibition

SIMEI 12-16/11/2013 MILANO Fiera internazionale sulla filiera vitivinicola e sulle tecnologie per l’industria dell’imbottigliamento International exhibition for vine-growing,wine-producing and bottling industry FIERE EU- RA_1-11.indd 3

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east europe

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middle east • asia

семинары • china • asia • middle east • east europe UPAKOVKA UPAK ITALIA 24-27/01/2012 MOSCA Salone Internazionale delle macchine per imballaggio International Packaging Machinery Exhibition

SINO-PACK/CHINA DRINKTEC 07-09/03/2012 GUANGZHOU Fiera internazionale per il confezionamento, l’imballaggio e le bevande International fair for packaging, packing machines and beverage technology

INTERFOOD 03-05/04/2012 S. PIETROBURGO Salone Internazionale di prodotti alimentari, di bevande e ingredienti International Exhibition for food beverages and ingredients

CHINAPLAS 18-21/04/2012 GUANGZHOU Mostra internazionale sull’industria delle materie plastiche International Exhibition on plastic and rubber industries

BAKERY CHINA 10-12/05/2012 SHANGHAI Fiera internazionale della panificazione e dell’industria dolciaria in Cina International Trade Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Trades in China

MODERN BAKERY 13-15/06/2012 MOSCA Salone internazionale delle attrezzature per la panetteria e degli ingredienti alimentari International trade fair for bakery equipment and food ingredients

ROSUPAK 18-22/06/2012 MOSCA Saloni internazionali per l’imballaggio alimentare ed industriale International Food and Industry Packaging Exhibition

PROPACK China 18-20/07/2012 SHANGAI Mostra internazionale delle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare e per il confezionamento International exhibition for the food industry and for packaging technologies


WORLD FOOD MOSCOW 17-20/09/2012 MOSCA Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International Exhibition for Food and Drink products

AGROPRODMASH 08-12/10/2012 MOSCA Salone Intern. dei macchinari e delle attrezzature per il settore agroindustriale International Trade Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Agroindustrial industry

WORLD FOOD UKRAINE 31/10-02/11/2012 KIEV Salone Internazionale dei prodotti alimentarie delle bevande International Exhibition for Food and Drink products

18-20/07/2012 SHANGAI Salone Internazionale della produzione di bevande e della tecnologia per l’imbottigliamento International Exhibithion for the beverage production and bottling technology




11-14/09/2012 MOSCA Fiera Internazionale sulle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare International Specialized Trade Fair of Equipment and Technologies for Food Processing Industry

06-09/11/2012 NOVOSIBIRSK Salone Internazionale sulle tecnologie per l’industria alimentare e del packaging International Food Industry Exhibition

29/01/2013- 01/02/2013 MOSCA Salone Internazionale delle macchine per imballaggio International Packaging Machinery Exhibition FIERE RU-12.indd 1

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AAREST 62/66 P.O. Box 245275 Brooklyn 11224 - NY - USA

EUROSICMA S.P.A. 16-17 Via Michelangelo Buonarrotti, 4/6 20090 Segrate - Milano - Italy

LITA SRL 25-26-31 Str. Provinciale Chieri, 19/3 10046 Poirino - Torino - Italy

ALL GLASS 67 Via Cesare Sarti, 20 43029 Traversetolo - Parma - Italy

EVAL EUROPE N.V. 87 Haven 1053 Nieuwe Weg 1 2070 Zwijndrecht - Belgium FAM 93 Neerveld 2 B-2550 - Kontich - Belgium

LUCEO INSPECTION WORLDWIDE 51-52 Zart des Perrières 35770 Vern sur Seiche - France

ALLEGRI 29 Via Venezia 6 20099 Sesto San Giovanni - Milano - Italy ANDRITZ FIEDLER GmbH 33 Weidener Straße 9 93057 Regensburg - Germany AUTOMA 105 Via Don A. Mazzucotelli, 6 24020 Gorle - Bergamo - Italy AVERY DENNISON 68 Via Tarpenring 17 22419 - Amburgo - Germany BEMA SRL 58-59 Via Marconi, 26 42030 Viano - Reggio Emilia - Italy BEUMER GMBH & CO. KG 54/57 Oelder Strasse 40 59269 Beckum - Germany BIOPLASTICS 27 Marienstr. 19-20 D- 10117- Berlin - Germany BOREALIS 44 IZD Tower - Wagramerstrasse 17-19 A-1220 - Vienna - Austria BOSCH 19 Via M. A. Colonna, 35 20149 - Milano - Italy CAVANNA S.P.A. 32/34 Via Matteotti, 104 28077 - Prato Sesia - Novara - Italy COSTACURTA I COV Via Grazioli 30 20161 Milano - Italy EATON ELECTRIC SRL 35 Via GiovanniI XXIII, 43 20090 Rodano - Milano - Italy EUROPEAN SNACKFOODS ASS. - ESA 76 6 Catherine Street WC2B 5JJ London - UK

FBL 94-95 Via Rosa Augusto, 4 43038 Sala Baganza - Parma - Italy FORMIT 98 Storangsvagen 4 - PO BOX 3 64201 - Napres - Finland FRACCHIOLLA 71 Str. Prov. per Valenzano km 1,200 70010 Adelfia - Bari - Italy GAUDENZI 111 Via Marco Polo, 29 35020 Albignasego- Padova - Italy

GEA FOOD SOLUTIONS 31 P.O. Box 1 5760 AA Bakel - The Netherlands GRAHAM 84 Hall Works, Church RD CO7 0RZ - Brightlingsea - Essex - UK

GENERAL SYSTEM PACK SRL 38-39 Via Lago di Albano, 82 36015 Schio - Vicenza - Italy ICF & WELKO SPA 103 Via Sicilia 10 41053 Maranello - Modena - Italy INDUSTRIAL AUCTION 86 Johannes Verleunstraat 16 5684 TT Best - The Netherlands

MAGYAR 96 13, Avenue Albert 1er 21004 Dijon Cedex - France

MARKING PRODUCTS II COV Via vittime delle Foibe, 20C 10036 Settimo Torinese - Torino - Italy MECTRA 28 Via Galvani, 9 42027 Montecchio Emilia - Reggio Emilia - Italy MESSE DUESSELDORF 112-82-83 Messeplatz 40474 Duesseldorf - Germany MESSE MUENCHEN GMBH 75 Messegelande 81823 - Muenchen - Germany

MINIMOTORS IV COV Via E. Fermi, 5 42011 Bagnolo in Piano - Reggio Emilia - Italy MOMBRINI SRL 85 Via Giovanni XXIII, 29 24043 Caravaggio Bergamo - Italy MONDI 58 Via Balilla, 32 24085 Romano di Lombardia Bergamo - Italy MOOG 108-109 Via Pastore, 4 21046 Malnate - Varese - Italy

ISHIDA EUROPE LTD 40-41 11 Kettels Wood Drive Woodgate Business Park B32 3DB Birmingham - UK

MOUVEX 9/11 ZI la Plaine de Isles, 2 rue des Caillottes F-89000 Auxerre - France

KIEFEL 29 Sudetenstrasse 3 D-83395 - Freilassing - Germany

MULTI-FILL INC. 22/24 4343 West 7800 South Building B 84084 West Jordan - Utah - USA

LABELPACK SRL 20-21 Via Ciaikovsky, 29 20092 Cinisello Balsamo Milano - Italy

NOW PLASTICS 48/50 136 Denslow Road East Longmeadow, MA 01028 - Canada

OLI GROUP 106-107 Via Canalazzo, 35 41036 Medolla - Modena - Italy OYSTAR HOLDING GMBH 90 Lorenzstrasse, 6 76297 Stutensee - Germany OWP OST WEST PARTNER GMBH 114/116 Ulmenstraße 52 f 90443 Nürnberg - Germany PIERI 53 Via Ovada ZI, 65 47020 Pievesestina Cesena - Forlì Cesena - Italy PROCAP 74 Schroeilaan 15 B-2660 Antwerp - Belgium RG STRUMENTI 1-6/8 Via Monte Aquila, 24/a 43124 Corcagnano - Parma - Italy RIMINI FIERA 36-37-113 Via Emilia, 155 47921 Rimini - Italy SANNER 92 Poststraße 48 D-69115 Heidelberg - Germany SANTOEMMA SRL 91 Via Piave, 22/C 20016 Pero - Milano - Italy SCHIB PACKAGING SRL 59 Via Sile, 22/28 ZI 36030 - Monte di Malo - Vicenza - Italy SIDEL 76 Via la Spezia 241/A 43100 - Parma - Italy TECNO PACK SPA 12/14 Via Lago di Albano, 76 36015 Schio - Vicenza - Italy UNIMAC GHERRI SRL 15 Strada Barco, 4/G 42027 Montecchio Emilia Reggio Emilia - Italy **INDICE FP 6-12.indd 1

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Made in the United States of America


· Industrial Line Trays utilize stainless steel

frames combined with high strength perforated aluminum alloy screens · All aluminum trays are designed for use on industrial lines and rack Oven applications. Screens can be welded or riveted to frame · Superior Non-Stick Teflon Coatings exceed 5,000 bake cycles....coating will not peel off · Trays are free of metal debris · Shipped clean and ready to bake · Custom sizes available

Call 001/732.905.0957 MAGNAM.indd 1

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Basic ingredients for excellent production.

MINI IP 67 GEARED MOTORS WITH POWER FROM 31 TO 130 W. High performance with low fuel consumption. Maximum hygiene is provided by: • Totally enclosed motor • No cooling fins • External corrosion resistant coating • Non-toxic lubricating oils • Stainless steel output shafts and screws.

MINI MOTOR - Via Enrico Fermi, 5 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano (RE) - ITALY MINI MOTOR USA - 24-25 46th Street - Long Island City, NY 11103 - USA MINI MOTOR Aandrijftechniek - Wagenmakersweg 8A - 3449 HV WOERDEN (NL) MINI MOTOR GERMANY - Alter Kirchpfad 6 - 32657 Lemgo (DL) -


Technical magazine focused on food and beverage technology


Technical magazine focused on food and beverage technology